117th Militia



2000 PSYWAR Office 117th Militia Regimental Combat Team


11 June 2000, Vol. 1 No. 1

Publication File #2


Pig Beat


(P) 5/30/00 0633: 105.7 FM WQSR, news: Baltimore City pig fired at a man fleeing.


(F) 5/30/00 0840: 12.160 MHz, WWCR, Nashville, TN, informative: Newswatch. The announcer compared nazi Germany with America. People were herded into a village square. The brave pigs set to on the women and children cursing, spitting on them beating them. A sickly old woman tried to hide her sons. The pigs drug her down the street by the hair. The flesh was scraped off her back. The pigs pulled out most of her hair.


PB This is the test case. The very first. A note has been placed BT** at the top of the PB file. Regardless of how many thousands all pigs, support, well-wishers, judges and juries involved are to be slaughtered.

Pittsburgh, PA, March 11, 1989.

A group of Christians were protesting at an abortion clinic when double-decker pig busses with opaque windows pulled up. The first person arrested was a woman. She was drug across the sidewalk and up the bus steps by the hair and beaten. All were beaten. Only women were drug by the hair. The women had their dresses pulled over their heads. Their panties and bras were ripped off in public. This was by boars.

At the sty many women were drug down the long steps of the buses, by the hair, across the concrete and up the steps to the sty. Many had had their clothing ripped off. They were drug up the steps in the sty, by the hair, and through a gamut of thirty pigs that beat, kicked, spat on and cursed them. The sty warden kicked each in the head.

Some men and women, naked or not, were drug by the feet. Their heads bounced resoundingly on steps steel, concrete and wooden steps.

The women refused to strip before boars and prisoners. Boars and sals ripped off their clothing. They were fondled by boars, sals and prisoners, jeered at and threatened with rape.

Nothing was ever done about it.

It sounds like the Japs in China.

Nothing was ever done about that.

The only good pig is a dead pig.

Quid pro quo.


1213: 680 AM WCBM, Baltimore, Conference Call. The usual rich flag-waving cowardly cop-suckers as usual sucking off the cops. "They're only human," excused the Fairy-in-Chief. They've even got the station's shrill female agreeing with them. Although she prays to photographs of cockroaches that are pasted onto boards, she has shown flashes of integrity, more nuts'n guts than the males there. Demons possess the chinless trash of hate radio. I bet psychiatrists can prove each not only wants to suck off pigs (if they don't already), and lick shit off their anuses (which they do), but that they crave to torture babies to prove what tough patriots they are.


1231: WBAL 1300 AM, Baltimore, The G. Gordon Liddy Show.

Washington, DC, Memorial Day.

Bad-ass motorcycle kings displayed their true colors in a parade called Rolling Thunder. Many blood, shit and come stained rags flew from thousands of roaring motorized sex machines as the peace-disturbing terrorists passed in review. The DC pigs, gangsters and terrorists of unparalleled depravity, welcomed their anti-family anti-God anti-order brothers with open arms (and probably assholes).

Liddy, a cop-sucker of consummate alacrity, wagged in tongue slobbering. Licking pig ass with an up-slurp, he licked motorcycle bad-ass with a down-slurp. There are those who think this ex FBI and ex-con (the terms equate) is a man. There's not a nickel's worth of nuts on all of AM radio.

This Rolling Thunder terrorists parade reminds me of the Vietnam era when pigs and Hell's Queers (they don't see anything wrong with it) teamed up to beat senseless skinny teens whose crime was they were suspected of wanting peace.


1424: 680 AM WCBM, Baltimore, The Zoh Show.

In Congress a law taking the few rights we have left. In suspected drug cases, on the say-so of a pig, the dubious formality of a court order will be unnecessary. The bluecoats will be able to seize your home on mere suspicion and you will not be able to get it back. Seventy percent of the humans who have had their homes and lives destroyed by the subhumans, whose homes were stolen, that have even been murdered, are never charged with a crime.

All that supported this law.

The usual wimps aired the rag Memorial Day. The usual wimps are still airing it. They think the pigs will see them and like them.


The end.