117th Militia



Family and Freedom over flag

© 2001 PSYWAR Office 117th Militia Regimental Combat Team


10 September 2001, Vol. 2, No. 10


(F) I/O 5/31/1 0838: WTOP-1500 AM, a Canadian child was suspended from school for pointing a breaded chicken leg at a classmate and going, "Bang!"  Luckily none of those red-coated faggots were around or he might have been murdered.


PB 6/3/1 0900: WTOP-1500 AM, Prince Georges County, MD: Hyenas have tortured suspects for confessions.  Four homicide confessions have been thrown out.  Chief hyena John Feral defended its ass-lickers yea, saying: "They broke no laws".

PB BT** 0903: Washington, DC corrections cocksuckers attacked a class of students touring the DC jail, stripped them naked and displayed them to other correction cocksuckers and their homosexual lovers, brothers and sisters illegal convicts.  They were jeered at and threatened with rape by both sets of criminals, the bluecoated hyenas and the striped hyenas.  One of the corrections cocksuckers, Curl White, said it would do the same to its daughter.  It probably fucks its daughter.  If its got a daughter.

            Group of high school kids touring a jail in the country's capitol, are attacked by nazi hyenas, stripped naked, probably probed, put on display, jeered at and threatened with rape by bluecoated and striped patriotic nazis alike.

            This is the second case where the Open Pit and Spit Roasting Laws could be applied, to all that did it, witnessed and did not try to help, that did not report, that jeered, threatened to rape, attempted to cover up, agreed with and the hierarchy up to and including the mayor.

            No mercy.  Note at top.

            DC is the cesspool that made convicts bluecoats, which  is what they are of course, and turned them loose on the people.  hitler did that.  Hyenas are hyenas! the only difference between a bluecoat and a convict is bluecoats don't have the guts to rob people of their dignity and rape, torture and murder without authorization.  Convicts have more guts.  And the flag freaks are befuddled that the United Nations kicked the United States off the Human Rights Council.

PB 1003: New Mexico: thousands of hyenas force hundreds of people from their homes ostensibly because of wildfires.


PB 2004: WCBM-680 AM, news: A bulldozer plowing under a home in North Carolina damaged but not destroyed in a flood two years ago.  The subhuman fema freaks were appalled they missed one.  They had to come back, make sure they got 'em all.  Wonder if the fema nazis allowed the family to get their possessions?  Well ye gods! Silly me.  This is america.


6/6/1 The Morning Sun is another used rag not fit to line a litter box.  Always stiff with slab-naked near-naked and full-naked naked monkeys, it often airs photos of nipple-naked  sports pros the nipples straight-up attention like all good little nipple-naked panting meat dummies.


The true story: Idaho: the mother of six kids who held off local brownshirts for five days  supposedly at gun point was not arrested for child abuse.  Her husband died and she couldn't feed them.  She could not find work.  The capitalist pigs took her family holdings and them to their rich queer friends for a dime on the dollar.  No guns were reported found.  Odd that the children of a woman arrested for first degree child abuse would stand off a mob of hyenas foaming at the mouth to murder them instead of seeking help.  It is the Waco syndrome.  The mediaoid tongue deeply thrust up the hyenas' dungy bung.  Bad medicine.


1605: WTOP-1500 AM: to celebrate the anniversary of D Day, federal judge Richard "Kangaroo" Matsch denied Timothy J. McVeigh a stay of execution despite the fact the fbi conspired to commit perjury resulting in his conviction.  In Terre Haute, IN, where McVeigh is imprisoned, the fat-assed merchants, those cloven-hoofed demons, danced in the streets.  They were aggrieved when McVeigh's execution was postponed before.  You see, the cringing capitalist merchants of the Terre Haute, IN, stockpiled tons of gory schlock (hallmarks of the true patriot) celebrating the lynching of the patsy.

Attorney General John J.  


6/7/1 c. 1315: I/O BT**  WBAL-1090 AM, rich boy Fats Limbaugh again attacking Unions.  That pudgy rich brat, born with silver spoons in its mouth, up its ass and up its snout, should be forced to work in conditions like those that existed in this country before Unions arose.  What confuses us is that it has twenty million loyal listeners.  You working people have had it.

            It urged medical experiments on prisoners.  ("Who would that bother?") and Timothy McVeigh.  Perhaps its twenty million deluded shitto heads should remember that America the Whore has 5% of the world's population but 25% of the world's prison population.  The vast majority in Hell for nonviolent crimes, including children.

            Notice the listing.  Let’s do medical experiments on it. 

            They are closing off streets and getting ready for a feast in Oklahoma City.  There will be a parade and gory treats for the kids.  Flags free to all comers.


(S) WNSR 1570 AM, some beast figure skater named "Tanya" is to skate half-naked in Los Vegas.  Cost five dollars to see the slit display its shit.  Figure skater! figure! get it?  Oh chuckle, so droll.


6/9/1 0520-0605: Jogging, Corporal White, D CO, 2 BN, observed two Baltimore County hyenamobiles parked together on a parking lot both engines running.  Observing only one hyena he figures they were sucking each'n other off.  Glancing that way a spotlight shone on him.  Then the gum ball machine lights flashed.  He figures the one sitting up came, their patriotic forebear Alfred Krupp.  Wallowing with its whores it had skyrockets shot off when it came.  Two hyenas suckin' each'n other off two engines running for forty-five minutes.


(S) 0651: 6 ESPN, DOO: tits of female boxer.


(S) WNSR 1570 AM, a baseball player to pose naked for $2 million.  We hear it's a real gay blade.  (Snicker.)


6/10/1 Tomorrow trashy WBAL-1090 AM will broadcast play-by-play the human sacrifice to god flag.  baft type subhumans were witnessed fixing plastic explosive to pillars in the building.  No baft subhumans or their families were in the building.  The p.o.s. judge allowed only fbi laundered evidence.  It had people who knew the truth arrested to silence them.  The bombing was a failed baft sting crime but the patsy Timothy McVeigh will be sacrificed to god flag tomorrow.  The American gimps wimps chimps and blimps are slavering in anticipation of feasting on the body.  They're flying the flags all over Dundalk.  The Dunduckians sharpening knives and filing teeth.


(S) BT** 6/12/1 0700: 307 HBO7, "The Prophecy," R, 1995, close-up of Pesthouse magazine, naked monkey spread-legged bending over, long-lingering close-up of its naked ass only a string up its shitty crack.  Walls and floor covered with photos of subhuman naked monkeys.  Gory and violent this porn is rated R but not for a troop of named baboons.


(F) I/O 6/13/1 BT** 0901: 12.160 MHz, American Freedom News, Australia admits that for twenty years the bodies of thousands of babies were used for radiation experiments without knowledge of their parents.  Britain and, of course, the United States were in on this unspeakable horror.  The subhuman United States imported many baby bodies until 1978.  Scientist (ghoul and demon) Lawrence Culp, the asshole head of Project Sunshine (Get it?) said it had no regrets.  (It shall have.)  It said "huge benefit for mankind".  Thousands of baby bodies were imported into the p.o.s. United States from Latin America, where this county of whores and queers has always reaped a gory harvest.  Many of these babies were used by scientist (ghouls and demons) for other scientific experiments.  Maybe they were all dead.  We don't really know.  NM.  Complete hierarchy.

            The Aborigines have a vastly superior culture to the bungholed Diggers, the queer Brits and the lesbian/whore United States.  The Aborigines do not consider babies fodder for scientists (demons and ghouls).  In the name of God Almighty I call upon the Elohim to help the Aborigines get back their land, and the Amerindians.


(F) (A) 6/14/1 0905: 12.160 MHz, American Freedom News: British subhumans admit they shipped mentally and physically disabled people to Australia to be used in atomic bomb tests.  They never returned.  They are suspected to have been murdered.

            In America the Whore they used healthy soldiers in atomic bomb tests, thousands of them, many of whom died agonizingly long-lingering deaths.  Perhaps that's no great lose because, after all, soldiers are slaves.  They are owned by their country's rich.  And they like.  (Previously listed.)


PB 5/16/1 1749: 54 WNUV-WU, news teaser: Baltimore City hyena charged with assault.  Why bother?  According to the ass-licking patriots not one of these bluecoated shitsuckers has ever done anything wrong.


(CA) 6/21/1 1432: WTOP-1500 AM, Houston, TX, a female ape murdered her five children by drowning them in a bathtub.


6/22/1 1206: WTOP-1500 AM, ass-lickers of the Prince County school board have let an ass-licker of the dickhead of the board of education go free.  It gave its homosexual lover a $35,000 bonus.  They decided not to sue.  Hey! guess what?  NL.


PB 6/23/1 45 WBFF-FOX, ad for Cops, many scenes of hyena brutality.


(F) * 6/25/1 c. 0915: 12.160 MHz, American Freedom News, Exxon Mobile, employed patriotic subhumans rape, torture and murder men women and children in Indonesia.  Guess they rendered them down.  Note at top.


PB c. 1745: 54 WNUV-WU, news teaser: Baltimore City hyenas in shoot-out in a city street.


(CA) 6/26/1 c. 1810: 54 WNUV-WU, a male, now a Delaware priest, sexually abused students at Loyola High School in Baltimore from 1970-1986.


I/O 6/27/1 0944: 12.160 MHz, American Freedom News, a New Jersey senior was suspended for three days for wearing a T-shirt the queers in power did not like.


PB 6/28/1 The Morning Sun, p. 1A, despite the Supreme Court ruling, Maryland State skinhead brownshirts (many practicing homosexuals) are still stopping black motorists, illegally searching them, terrorizing them and ripping their cars apart, often searching for guns.  NM.  Article filed.


I/O 0956: 12.160 MHz, American Freedom News, a capitalist company in East Camden, Arkansas barred entry to local authorities.  Manufacturers of depleted uranium shells there was an explosion on their grounds leaving a creator sixteen feet deep and one-hundred yards wide.  A noxious black chemical oozed up out of the ground.  Fat-assed sway-backed sheriff come to the door couldn't get it.  It did nothing about it, of course.


6/29/1 12.160 MHz, American Freedom News, DOO:

0930: Britain: two million animals have been slaughtered by the degenerate British government despite being told by the experts the animals were healthy and safe.  The British are a no-character people.  The British government could do this to them and those remaining would not care.  NL.

1) I/O NAFTA allows festering pus-dripping meat to be sold to us for food, but we cannot ship our meat there.

PB Unspeakable diseases are increasingly breaking out in our country.  Among these is a flesh eating bacteria.  People who catch some of these diseases are quarantined with or without cause.  A doctor who caught the flesh eating bacteria was quarantined.  His wife is allowed to visit but searched for documents each time upon leaving.  She is frisked and her purse is dumped out and rifled.  As yet she has not been strip searched.

2) (F) I/O 0950: The Brazilian bluecoated hyenas, following a United Nations mandate, have destroyed hundreds of thousands of private guns.  These subhuman queers, have raped, tortured and murdered hundreds of thousands of men, women and children.  The most patriotic governments on Earth, shit- and carrion eaters, are engaged in carrying out this United Nations mandate.  The United Nations and its ass-lickers in Congress are trying to do this here.  The United nations must go.  Its ass-lickers in Congress must go.  That will be fun.


(F) (PB) 7/2/1 0955: 12.160 MHz, American Freedom News, Austrian government has given permission to the Austrian hyenas, hitler's shit, to murder anti NWO demonstrators.  The hyenas replied that they will respond to protesters with "robust gunfire".  Last week in Sweden the bluecoated queers murdered the courageous by shooting them in the back with rifles.


(CA) 7/3/1 0812: WTOP-1500 AM, Caitlin Fraser, a little girl, was beaten to death by her whore mother and her tough guy boyfriend after returning home from a foster home.  Look out liberals!  They might get slapped on the wrists.


(F) * 0910: 12.160 MHz, American Freedom News, China: the commie-cappies offer the latest in fles' organ.  The paramilitary hyenas wait until the recipient is in country and its check has cleared, then salivating, cackling chicom slopeheads fall upon and murder men, women and children.  With scalpels, cleavers and razors harvesting their organs while yet living.      They take their skins for lampshades and wallets, and human flesh for soups and sueys.  America's good friend (not my good fried) your good friend China.  Well, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.


(F) (PB) 7/4/1 0952: 12.160 MHz, American Freedom News: German hyenas, hitler's shit, are using choppers, dogs and publicly strip searching men, women and children along the highways searching for the national currency which the International Banking Cartel through the European Union is outlawing.


PB 7/5/1 0908: 12.160 MHz, American Freedom News, Tampa, Florida: the hyenas have set up cameras to scan the streets and compare images of citizens to  those in a computer bank.  The criminals say they're looking for "criminals".  These are the same hyenas that raped the all the spectator's rights at Super Bowl XXXV.


PB The Dundalk Eagle, July 5, 2001, page 1, On Saturday evening June 30, the Dundalk hyenas closed down over a mile of Holabird Avenue, a main artery, for many hours to "gather evidence".  (Inconvenience to us is of no importance.)  There had been a car chase the end of which resulted in a man being killed by a shot to the head.  The hyenas may not may not have murdered him.  Article filed.


(F) 7/10/1 The Baltimore Sun:

(A) The subhuman Chilean courts are not going to try  Pinochet, Nixon and Reagan's queer.  He's considered a savior by rich and the judicial system in that shithole country.  Those patriots rape, tortured and murdered tens of thousands of men, women and children with the help of the people of the United States.  They routinely dog raped young girls.  Just innocent girls chosen off the streets.  Many of the CIA's snuffers were made in Chile.  Now patriot Pinochet walks like Reagan walked.  Several officers have been slapped on the wrists.  The Chilean ancestors sucked shit out of open cesspools.

            All responsible: those that let them go, those defending them, those that gave them shelter there and abroad.  Note at top.  Article filed.

            And cowardly patriots can't understand why the United Nations kicked the United States off the human rights commission.


 (A) The Japanese subhumans made it against the law to tell the truth about what their monkey men did during the Second World War, and demanded the textbooks lie.  The yellow-bellied patriots  absolutely refuse to rewrite the textbooks stating how America's good friend once kidnapped thousands of young girls and made them field whores.  Just innocent girls.  The Japanese subs made snuffers too.  All those responsible for enforcing these lies about crimes against humanity.  Note at top.  Article filed.

            If thorough slaughter is not done in both cases there will never be justice on Earth.  That means nobody will ever be safe not even fat-assed Americans.  Look at your own.  Perhaps God Almighty will wipe its ass of them?  There's a pleasant thought.


(F)(A)  Chechnya, Russia: Russian "anti-terrorist" subhumans, equivalent to the government's Delta Force subhumans (who probably had patriots there) are raping, torturing and murdering the peaceful population.  They have looted and destroyed thousands of homes and rob schools.  The queers enjoy patriotizing little boys.  They hold people for ransom.  Russian subhuman queer, Interior Minister and war criminal Boris Gryzlov, sounded like a capitalist when it shit out the asshole on its face, yea, saying, "tough but necessary, in accordance with the law".  (Anything is legal for a hyena.) They have found nothing.  No excuses.  Article filed.


(S) BT** 7/10/1 0857: 346 SHOBe, 0915: "Message from Space" many show sluts naked but for pussy patches and pasties.  Full naked asses save for a string up shitty cracks.  Near naked tits. 

This porn was rated PG but not for naked monkeys.  Understand. this is a Jap film.  The Japs like it raw.  They roll in shit.  They roll their children in shit.  They have even less morals than Germans, if you can believe that.


PB 7/11/1 1747: 54 WNUV-WU, news teaser: ten Baltimore City pigs standing around a man supine toes to his body as though kicking him, like hyenas tearing apart an injured child.


(S) 7/12/1 1610: WTOP-1500 AM, two gay blades  giggled and slobbered over "Worldwide Nude Recreation Week".  This was the anvil head and the jock.  Keep trying fellows.  You might get that ever elusive piece of ass yet.  I doubt it, but they say stranger things have happened.


I/O 7/13/1 1601: WTOP-1500 AM, San Diego, CA: a BRPOS gave a man who killed a dog in a fit of road rage three years, the maximum penalty.  The geeks gimps wimps simps blimps chimps in the court went wild as those niggers in the street when O.J. declared innocent.  The head of nasty naked PETA, animals themselves, said he "killed a family member.  There is a connection between cruelty to animals and cruelty to people." Our opinion is that dogicide should be awarded.  He should have gotten a metal.

            Perhaps we shouldn't knock PETA, People Eating Tasty Animals.

            The anchor head was aggrieved at some who thought this hero should have gotten probation instead.  Last week movie critic Lisa Carlin was slavering over hyenas yea, saying, "Anything in a uniform”.  The baby butchering Chinese will host the 2004 Olympics in Beijing.  Human rights means nothing to the Olympic Commission, fags'n hags.  Yet Washington is pleased because it increases their chances of hosting the Olympics in 2008.  Sister cities.


(F) 7/14/1 1632: WTOP-1500 AM, 24 Palestinians have been murdered by Israelis since last month.

PB 1703: Riverview suburban Detroit, the hyenas forced 400 people from their homes because of a chemical fire.


I/O * WTMD-89.7 FM, Detour is the weekly folk music program.  They played Woody Guthrie's "The 1913 Massacre".  The song is about copper mine management and scabs causing the deaths of, murdering, 73 children of Union members.  This happened in one of the Great Lakes states.


PB 7/16/1 1152: 12.160 MHz, Larry Nichols Live: Clement Falls, Oregon: heavily armed Forest Service nazis are guarding a dam so local farmers cannot irrigate their fields and so shall be forced out by drought.  1400 lives are endangered.  The people there paid for this dam.  The excuse is the endangered American people fish AKA a sucker.  This is being done by an executive order signed by the degenerate Clinton.  That pervert is not President.  Executive orders are not constitutional anyway.  Local hyenas refuse to block the federal hyenas.  Who gets the land?


PB 1714: 54 WNUV-WU, news teaser: inmate dies in central booking.  (That should make the local A.M. ass-lickers happy.)  No excuses.


PB 7/19/1 All hyenas that searched private vehicles and/or occupants without specific warrant in hand.


7/20/1 1258: WCBM-680 AM, a flag queer lionizing former Congressperson Helen Bentley, one of Reagan's dithering hussies.


(F) PB 7/21/1 1301: WWLG-1360 AM, news: Genoa, Italy: using clubs, tear gas, dogs, cattle prods, and maybe brass knuckles hyenas attacked Freedom demonstrators outside a meeting of the leaders of the world's wealthiest countries.  One man was shot and murdered.  The wops are upset but not because a cowardly hyena murdered an unarmed man, but because the subhuman was an ass-lick performing community service and should not have been of "riot control".


(S) BT** 7/24/1 0735: 3 MAX1, "Hearts of the West," PG (1974), blonde shit-beast in twat twist and star-shaped nipple stamps thrusting and gyrating its pesthole on a barroom table, DOO: CM, ass slabs, naked tits.


I/O WTOP-1500 AM, an American was tried in abstentia, found guilty, then extradited from France.  Of course it's wicked and illegal to try someone in abstentia but never mind.  The BRPOS that own and run the law are the definition of wicked and illegal.


(CA) 7/25/1 WTOP-1500 AM, a 24-year-old California male murdered his baby by leaving the cherub in a locked car parked in the Sun.  The baby turned blue and suffocated.  May the Almighty have no mercy on the POS that do this.


PB 7/27/1 1001: WTOP-1500 AM, Cincinnati, hyenas murder yet another black man.  A black priest blessed the murder because the murdered supposedly had a shotgun.  "That's what policemen do!" he sucked.  Yes, they murder!  The hyenas are supposed to shoot to wound.  Under The Prophet the hyenas will shoot to wound.  You can count on it.


(S) BT** 8/1/1 1533: 380 ENC-E, R (1989), ad: "Major League", two sets then a photographic standup of a 99% naked subhuman in pesthole patch and star-shaped postage stamps.  Seems to be a TV fad.  Rated R but not for nakedness.


PB 8/2/1 1212: WTOP-1500 AM, last week, using as an excuse a chemical fire, Baltimore City hyenas, forced a square block of families from their homes at gun point.


PB 8/3/1 1108: WTOP-1500 AM, major DC roads are closed while the hyenas investigate.


(S) BT** 8/6/1 0923: WTOP-1500 AM, Bohemian Grove, CA, Republicans regularly gather to strip naked and sing praise to owls.  This is worship of Lilith, a Sumerian demoness that ate children.  Degenerate Republicans, like Phil Graham, always point the stinky finger they've had up each'n others' bungholes at Democrats, their sisters, brothers and lovers across the aisle.  Pagans with Bibles!


(CA) BT** 8/7/1 WTOP-1500 AM, Alexandria, VA: three year old Caitlin Fraser, was murdered by her subhuman parents because the Child Welfare Board let her go home.  They destroyed their records on her.  One of their subhumans said, yea: "We are in good stead".  I guess so! No evidence!  They destroyed the records and no SPOBRS or hyena could ever, ever make a bureaucrat do anything.  Warrant all.


(F) 8/8/1 1029: 12.160 MHz, USA Radio Network, ad for charity Voice of the Martyrs, Moslem subhumans murdered a man's family before his eyes, took him a slave, later threw him into a fire.  References to other Moslem subhuman atrocities in the Sudan including a man being chopped up with a sickle.

BT** (S) 1129: news: the lesbian music festival will be held in Love, Minnesota.  Last year the animals ate each'n other out and committed bung tonguings on the shuttle bus from the airport, on stage, picnic tables, in mud, spot-a-pots and rolling in shit.  Nothing was done about it because degenerates are bound by no law.


NL 8/9/1 104.3-WOLT: disk jerk encouraging everybody to get naked in public and also encouraging homosexuality.


PERIDOICAL (S) BT** Smithsonian Times, June 25, 2001, page 70, ad for Captain Morgan Rum, close-up of ¾-n tits of one nearly naked; nipples of another (?).


(F) page unk., article about the many murdered by the Turds in northern Cyprus which they control.

Magazine missing.


NL 8/10/1 WTOP-1500 AM, the head Metro hyena wants to not only spy on commuters, which they do, but record everything that happens in Metro stations.  Many capitalist facilities do this.  That's its excuse.  You can't drive down a street in many cities without the hyenas filming you.  Tampa, FL is where the bluecoated queers started it in this country.


BT** 8/13/1 Morning Sun: In a long article beginning on page 1E replete with large dirty photograph of part of a whore named April (the female animals mentioned don't have the guts to use their full names) the virtues of body piercing are extolled by the standard Baltimore Sun slavering faggot.  Hundreds of photos are on display at the Gomez Gallery.  Among the many delights for the immature and/or perverts are splendid photographs of "genital piercings", i.e., cunt and cock piercings.  These, as well as nasty nipple piercings, are a must see consummated with taste and verve for the sophisticated palate.  Relishing their cosmopolitan delight at bringing the finer things to the slavish serfs of the Baltimore community (probably with a grant from the National Endowment of the Arts) the Gomez Gallery has done something it does not normally do.  Free admission!  Come one, come all see the cause of your downfall. 

            Oh, and warrant all.  Article filed.


8/13/1 PERIODIC  Atlantis Rising September/October, 2001

(F) (SCHO-OP) p. 19. The Forbidden Archaeologist by Michael A. Cremo.  While lecturing in Hungary  

   Priests of Scientism tried to get the professor that invited Dr. Cremo fired.  They managed to get Dr.

   Cremo barred from further lecturing at Hungarian Universities.


(SCHO-OP) p. 23. The Secret of Lake Vostok: the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and NASA discovered a powerful magnetic anomaly under the ice in Antarctica.  NSA immediately stopped all further exploration.  In an apparent slip of the tongue NASA spokeswoman alluded to "national security issues" making the announcement.  She was hustled off stage and has been held incognito.  The official excuse for the halt in exploration from ass-licking JPL/NASA is "environmental issues".

BT** I/O p. 59-60. Two Australian women adventurers attempting to ski across the continent were kidnapped by a US Navy Special Forces team out of American Samoa.  They are being held by the subhumans in "seclusion".  Nobody knows where.

Antartica is the lost continent Lemuria, home of the Aryans, which assumed its present position during the Great Shift 13,000 years ago.


(SCHO-OP) p. 65. Ending the Nuclear Nightmare by John Kettler: A Dr. M. lost a grant to research cold   fusion because a review panel assembled after the challenge to the grant consisted solely of Priests of Scientism ass-lickers opposed to cold fusion.

References to vicious attacks on Immanuel Velikovsky's pioneering work on catastrophism, the savaging of Pons, Fleischmann and cold fusion research which has barred government research grants allowing billions to flow into the hands of demons to research the energies of death.


I/O p. 34, Information Wars by Len Kasten: A New Mexico congressman asked the Government   Accounting Office to thoroughly review every piece of evidence on Roswell.  After a delay the GAO said all important government documents had been destroyed forty years ago.  Why?  Even under the Freedom of Information Act federal judges refuse to turn over UFO information citing the gory-headed spectra of "national security".  But it's really because the federal government pays them and judges are natural ass-lickers.  Past masters at licking assholes.

p. 36, The harassment of innocent civilians and military personnel, and withholding information from congress by government agencies mentioned.

p. 67, At the May 9, 2001 meeting of the National Press Club, Washington, DC UFO info was to be disclosed.  The simultaneous webcast was disrupted by sophisticated jamming.


1) I/0 p. 37, ad: vital documents of Nikola Tesla disappeared.


2)  I/O The Malady in Heart Medicine, Cynthia Logan,

p. 72, The FDA refuses to grant full approval for a medicine that is proven effective in chelation therapy.

A number of alternative practitioners have been jailed and lost licenses


p.76 I/O ad: private papers of Nikola Tesla kept under wraps by military and big business.


8/14/1 0914: 12.160 MHz, American Freedom News, the United States is kindly paying the chicom subs $34,000 rent for keeping the hijacked sky plane.  Your country has no face, and Baby Bush is strictly bush league.

I/O ATROCITY * BT** 0950: the Army infected the students of a Nevada high school with a biological warfare agent to try it out.  Warrant all.  Note at the top.


(F) (S) 1219: WWLG-1360 AM, Paul Harvey: Vienna, Austria: subhuman shoppers are being paid by cringing merchants to shop "topless".  Topless means naked from the waist up and/or decapitated.  I like the latter best.  The smug attitude of the liberal announcing is as bad as that old geezer's.  Seems "suddenly a lot of husbands want to shop for their wives".  Snicker snick, droll oh so droll.  Radio heads and disk jerks set the nation's example.

(A) (F) PB Six Mexican hyenas, including the lead hermaphrodite murdered a family of four in their home.


BT** 1736: 54 WNUV-WU, ad: "Summer Catch", ½-n tits, face pressed into ½-n tits, etc.

Slow motion shot of skulking blonde beast 99% naked in red pussy patch, strings and postage stamps.  Full naked ass slabs, shitty crack and stinky cunt mound.  Note at the top.


8/15/1 12.160 MHz, American Freedom News: DOO:

1) PB BT** FBI demons allow greaser mafia to commit murders and other major crimes in Los Angeles.  Shades of The World Trade Center and Oklahoma City.  The FBI demon cocksuckers never act to help humans, only to hurt humans.

2) PB BT** FBI demons are monitoring computers of humans they don't like keystroke by keystroke via software fed to the computer over the net.


PB 8/16/1 12.160 MHz, American Freedom News, ref. to atrocities committed by the subhuman hyenas in Seattle last year.  Randomly attacking people on the street, etc.              This is filed.  NM.  Warrant all.  Complete hierarchy.


NL (F) English Prime Minister Tony Blair is conducting a secret investigation into the hoof and mouth and mad cow disease epidemics.  It is strongly suggested its own government deliberately released the pathogens.  Also it wants thousands of cameras linked to computers monitoring the captive people on the streets, your average limey, a possible felon.  Britain is over.  English Freedom does not exists.  They have no right to bear arms, you know.


(CA) c. 1745: WNUV-WU, news teaser: ref. to another Baltimore County teacher charged with sexual child abuse.


PB 8/20/1 WTOP-1500 AM, Washington State, hyenas forcing  hundreds of people from their homes.  Roadblocks are set up.  This is true of other western states.  Excuse, fires.

It was not reported that hundreds of people were forced from their homes by hyenas, nor that this was happening in several western states.  On 8/24/1 four hundred were allowed to return home in California.  The media monkeys did not report the condition of the homes.


PB 8/21/1 0841: 12.160 MHz, Free American News: like "thousands of other places" Beaumont, TX will have UN troops enforcing traffic and anti-drug laws, performing the strip searches and tearing apart cars of Americans.  They will be using black cars and helicopters doing the World Bank's work of spreading terror in Texas.  Texans pretend to be such  bad-asses but to quote DI Hartmann in Stanley Krubrick's "Full Metal Jacket", "Well, Jesus H. Christ! the only thing that comes from Texas is steers and queers".


I/O 1325: WBAL-1090 AM, news: Howard County school prison officials want students to wear ID badges.  Although they cite problems with terrorist youth roaming the halls no incident has been reported.  Yo! Howard "Whiplash" County.  Why not just tattoo 'em and bring back your beloved whipping post?  You queers would like that.  Jesus H. Christ! one of those kids might still consider himself a human being.

            Flush Limpballs thrust his tongue deeply up the asshole of the Sacramento, CA hyena force and wriggled it around a bit.  Some of the upper echelon hyenas it personally blows... I mean knows! knows!  It knows them.


PB 8/23/1 0905: WTOP-1500 AM, DC hyenas have been illegally impounding cars and holding them hostage until the owners pay the hyenas many thousands of dollars tribute.


(F) PB 0900-1000: 12.160 MHz, American Freedom News, South African hyenas had used and planned to use chemical and germ warfare against blacks.  Plans were afoot to sterilize the black population.


I/O 8/24/1 0902: WTOP-1500 AM, Idaho man in prison for murder since 1982, was proven innocent as result of DNA testing.


(F) I/O 0907: 12.160 MHz, American Freedom News, Doug Jones, Calgary, Canada hyena, is in charge of building a data base on, "non-criminal criminal acts," i.e. for saying politically incorrect things as racial slurs, name calling, etc.  "Every time somebody is called a name," the monkey spoke,  "someone is hurt.  There is a victim."  These are thought crimes enforced by thought hyenas.

(A) (F) I/O In Britain undercover hyenas sit in restaurants and arrest humans for saying politically incorrect things like cursing immigration, criticizing the NWO, ECM, etc.  The British aren't fit to exist.  They refuse to live as a free people.


I/O 8/26/1 1654: WJHU-88.1 FM, Media Matters, a female reporter in Texas has been jailed for investigating a murder.  With 3% of Americans in prison, which they themselves report, the hosts poo-pooed the idea of a "creeping police state."


PB 8/29/1 1002: WTOP-1500 AM, Weaverville, CA: Several hundred people forced out of their homes by hyenas are afraid to return for fear their homes have been bulldozed.  Excuse:  forest fire.


PERIODIC (S) BT** 8/31/1 Baltimore Sun: p. 1A, ref. to p. 1C, "nudist" (naked pervert to a human) fined for swimming naked at public beach.


1338: WQSR-105.7 FM, halftime report of NFL preseason game Giants at Ravens, the boy congraduated a lesbian that kicked an extra point scoring the first pussy points of an NCAA game.  There went the neighborhood.


9/2/1 p. 1F The Family Section, huge color photo of an animal's midriff exposed nearly to its maggoty muff.  The favorable article, by bung-sniffers and for bung-sniffers is a page in length.  Seems the nasty things are going to expose their shitty ass-cracks again.


9/4/1 Headline of the Baltimore Sun says a Johns Hopkins study supports gun control.  Last week Johns Hopkins was criticized for nazi-like human experiments.  Liberal eggheads!


PB 9/5/1 1747: 54 WNUV-WU, news teaser: for the second afternoon in a row they advertise that two men have been brutally beaten, supposedly by thugs in hyena suits.  Baltimore City cops are educating the public on how to tell a fake thug in a hyena suit beating you to death, from a real thug in a hyena suit, beating you to death.  The difference is that the voters suck the cocks and lick shit off the assholes of the latter but not the former.


I/O 9/6/1 c., 0830: WTOP-1500 AM, this year alone 21 men have been released from death row because of the evidence provided by DNA testing.  Twenty-one innocent Men released from death row in a single year.  What percentage is that?  Imagine how many innocent Men have been murdered by those Texan queers and steers alone.  This is what happens when you let voters, nutless and gutless, condemn on looks.  When you let the bluecoated hyenas, the trash of any society, arrest and charge on a so-called profile.  When you let those  eunuch uncles and lesbian aunts condemn on the hyena's opinion of demeanor.  Demeanor is whether on not the suspect (Remember that word?) cooperated with the hyenas.  Either way you're lost.  Juries and judges should be blinded.  That's how they used to do it when Men believed in justice.  Must be the only way.  And American jurors fit the profile.


PB BT** 9/7/1 0901: WTOP-1500 AM, seven Miami hyenas have been planting guns at crime scenes to justify "shootings".  "Shootings" is mediaese for murders!  Murders!  Media monkeys speak mediaese, not humans.  Large newspaper photo of two felons involved, a proud fat white and its nigger.  [Photo with Sun paper article 9/8/1 not filed.]


I/O 0907: 12.160 MHz, American Freedom News: The CIA has added a new propaganda ministry to its others.  It is the CIA Entertainment Liaison Office headed by... Wolfgang Peterson.  There's a CIA name for you.  As a start they will be rewriting history to produce two CIA movies and three television series: Agency, Alias and "24".  The demons shall air themselves, the rapist torturers and murderers of millions of men, women, and children as... heroes!  Can you believe it?  As lovers of the virgins and babies they rape and torture to death for the rotund American people.  Who's financing this incredibly expensive and vile propaganda was not said, but you know who's paying for it, and who's going to pay for it.

            The productions should be professional.  The CIA has extensive experience in movie making.  The buzz is that the syphilitic spiders are going to re-release their snuffers and, depending on how those are received in the modern mature sophisticated enlightened America, produce endless new ones.  Who knows?  Maybe you daughter will star in one.  Speaking of syphilitic spiders the CIA's homosexual lovers the KBG shall have a series on television in this piece-of-shit country called "From the Files of the KBG".  Written and produced by KBG cock- and shitsuckers, doubtless financed by Americans, their depraved Hollywood publicists bill it as "the swashbuckling adventures of the KBG."  They'll be airing their snuffers too.

            "Aaannnd, finally filthy Fox shall a chicom submon channel on cable air.  They shall air a cooking program showing cunt-slavering liberals how to prepare Human Fetus Salad, Baby Brain Suflet, Boy Balls Boiled in Hymens, and other bracing chicom dishes.  Make you hair shine.  Only God Almighty knows what else they'll air.


PB 9/9/1 1903: WCBM-680 AM, news: 400 people in northern California were finally "allowed back to their houses" by the hyenas.  A dozen houses were "lost" because, since the hyenas forced them out there was nobody there to fight the fire.


PB BT** 9/10/1 0758: WQSR-102.7 FM, news: two Baltimore City bluecoated subhumans that beat a man unconscious twice and planted cocaine on him were let go because other bluecoated subhumans tampered with the evidence.  Warrant all including those that tampered with evidence and the hierarchy.  Warrant entire sty and court.  Note at top.



I Met a Patriot

© 2001 117th Militia Regimental Combat Team


            Throwing my neighbor's trash back behind their home he walked up the alley.  I knew his name but never talked to him at length.  I greeted him.  He did not greet me.  He said: "Do you work?"  I proceeded to pump it for information but I did not get too close.  It was as I expected.

            Its teeth are as crooked and yellow as its soul.

            It saw nothing wrong with the Vietnam War just so it didn't have to fight in it.  It had claimed only son status.

            It hates people who don't work for any reason but admires that religious asshole in the White House who wants to open the southern border to the barefoot digntyless hordes of Latin America.

            It thinks it's OK to starve people just so corporations don't have to pay taxes.

            It detests public moneys being spent on children.

            It inherited its house from its father.

            In the dimly lit hellhole where it works they cannot ever sit not even when production slows, and they are not provided with fans but it admires the Supreme Court that decreed it had no right to belong to a Union.

            Its wife left it.  It hates women.  It thinks women should not be allowed higher education because they leave their husbands.  It was recently accused of stalking at midnight.

            It believes in a strict building code, that nobody can build even a fence unless it is exactly like all the other fences in its community, yet its backyard has been dug up for months as it needs 600-plus cinder blocks to finish an addition to its home.

            It is a Moose, those Chamber of Commerce wannabes, and likes cowardly local losers, patriots like himself.

            It loathes rap and rock'n roll in that order but dolts on country'n western, wistfully recalling cowardly haggard singers and rabble rousing lyrics.

            In a bizarre attempt to give itself a razor cut, it looked like somebody hacked up its head with a machete.

            Blood trickled from a puncture on its left shin down into its untied shoe.  Its other shoe was untied.

            Flies, mosquitoes and gnats swarmed around it.  Its was drunk.  Its speech slurred.  It was  filthy and it stank to make your eyes water.

            This patriot was a Republican.

            The Republican smelled like shit.

            Call it Chicken George.


            If you are Human you don't need to read this.  Patriots apprise: It is not poor people who are your enemies but the rich.  The rich are your enemies.  They have the power.  They own the country, the hyenas, the military.  But whose asshole is it that you lick?

            What is true Chicken George is true of all patriots.  They should have to work two jobs so the IRS could take twice as much money from them and give it to people who don't work.  You let those Republicans get the power, you and Chicken George will be chained to their machines.  Republicans will skin babies to make wallets.  Of course, that wouldn't bother ol' patriot Chicken George, as long as it got its share of wallets.


You can't please everyone so go on and please yourself.

—Ricky Nelson.

♠♠ ♠♠♠♠ ♠♠♠ ♠

The Prophet, he say:

            The Prophet Mastodon sends all good people everywhere this in parting.  He cannot remember where he heard this, but he assigns it to the Canon.


Vision is what you have when you can see what is not there.




Report on Sports Talk Radio

WNST-1570 AM


            No matter how old a man, no matter how long he has been waiting to speak, pestholes are bucked to the head of the line.


7/9/1 ad: The Gin Mill at Canton features more "eye candy" (near naked sluts) "than you can shake a dick at".  Every Wednesday is ladies night.  They drink free.  What about gentlemen's night when your gentlemens drink free?


1222: B.H., jock sniffer, who has never beeb laid in his life, thinks beast "Britney Spears should wear less clothes with each airing of its Pepsi commercial".  He also thinks, sic., we should see "Swordfish" because black beast Halle Berry runs around like a native African female in it.


7/10/1 1643: ad: at Della Rosa's Avenue Tavern every Thursday is ladies night or Nasty night.  What the nasties drink for was unspecified.  Now that's more like it.  To call them ladies is like saying Lady in the Locker Room.  There ain't no such thing.


(S) BT** 7/12/1 1412: WNBA animals are now naked in pornography publications.  A baseball faggot is guilty of this also.


7/14/1 1225: sound bite: salacious female voice, "Going down?"  A male giggles.

1242: ad: slavering female voice: "Hi guys.  Summer's here and it is hot.  I know a place you can go to cool off.  The Oasis nightclub in downtown Baltimore.  Stop in and you'll see the Charm City's mossst beautiful "ladies" dancing every night on two floors.  The Oasis is Baltimore's upscale "gentlemen's" (eunuch's) club.  Offering the finest in "adult" entertainment.  And it's just a stone's throw from Inner Harbor.  Open seven days a week from noon to two A.M.  Call [deleted] or visit the Oasis VIP lounge for those [pause] special occasions.  Serving fine liquors in a "sophisticated" atmosphere.  One of Baltimore's oldest and most "respectable gentlemen's" clubs.  A place to relax where you will be treated right.  For an experience you won't soon forget visit the Oasis nightclub at [address] downtown open seven days a week.  Classy, elegant, stylish.  The Oasis nightclub."


8/6/1 1410: "The chicks with their ta-taas hanging out around the pool..."


8/9/1 1504: ad: At Della Rosa's you can watch the prettiest "ladies" [naked monkeys] in town.  Every night is "ladies'" night actually, but Thursday is designated "ladies'" night.


8/13/1 There are three double-entendre St. Paulie Girl beer commercials.  Girl beer! that figures.  What they need now is Trojan Man, fo' dem ol' he-mens.



The I Can't Get Published Blues


            You can take your infinite variety and infinite diversity and ram them up your infinite assholes.

            What's wrong with American publishing is first readers, snot-nose college trained twitches that don't know right from wrong, good from evil, nor even a Man from a Woman.  Science fiction and fantasy are a good example.  With their depraved infinite variety, infinite diversity, these PC vigilantes have reduced what used to be a healthy vibrant rock 'em sock 'em genre to an insipid propaganda vehicle for political correctness, symbolized by the specter of one lesbian sniffing another's asshole.  I'm sure you've seen that on the web, perhaps broadcast live from a college dorm.

            Tripe is in.  A typical story regards a white lesbian and a black faggot set three months in the future.  Short stories are supposed to be action driven, novels character driven, but these talking heads will get it on and talk for page, after page, after page, after boring page for twenty to thirty God damned fuckin' pages and it's all you can do to keep from shitting on it.

And this in a genre where the average reader is a college educated white male in his late fifties.

            And they wonder why people don't read.  Publish something worth reading and they'll read.



Something is Happening Here


            The United States of America is a police state where human rights are hyena shit.  Its rich rape and butcher the people of the Earth and the Earth itself.  Its government employees/ass-lickers are paid whether they work or not.  Where black operations and subhumans like Delta Force (so depraved its name cannot be mentioned in Congress), consume billions, commit endless atrocities here and abroad, and the chinless wonders don't have the balls to ask where the money goes or what is going on, indeed, they set the system up.  America has no dignity nor compassion.  America has five-percent of the world's population, twenty-five percent of the world's prison population and enough control over its cowardly citizens that the rich are preparing to dissolve its borders and take everything the majority has, in that it already keeps their ID cards updated with periodic checks.    You cannot love Freedom and America both.


Maryland, your Maryland

            Maryland is a state which uncages the most ignorant and arrogant "civil servants" in a country where trash from the gutter is lauded as upright citizens.  Maryland stopped calling itself the Free State because it became obvious to the most obsequious ass-licker that it is a slave state.  Under the Open Spit and Spit Laws we are drafting, abusive Maryland state employees would be lashed for abuse and arrogance, ex post facto, starting with the Department of Human Resources and Department of Motor Vehicles.  All those that have ever given drivers examinations in Maryland should be rendered.

            Maryland state hyenas set up search and destroy roadblocks during rush hours on major thoroughfares.

Maryland refuses to curb its brownshirts after a Supreme Court ruling against profiling.  Its hyenas still arbitrarily stop and tear apart the cars of primarily minorities.

            Maryland, land where you'd better not need to stop your car for repairs, nor even to help someone in distress or its hyenas will get you.

            Maryland, land where state offices are packed with pig meat, overbearing, threatening, skulking behind men then jumping into their faces if they question.

            Maryland, shitty Maryland, where, when fishing, you can be humiliated before your family by a uniformed lesbian asking for your fishing license, then your drivers license, then your boat license, then your boat trailer license, then any of dozens of special licenses, permits and/or registration.

            Let's bring it down closer to home.


Baltimore County, your Baltimore County

            Baltimore County, where old black men are forced to stand in the blazing Sun while skinhead hyenas from two hyenamobiles tear their cars apart.

            Baltimore County, Hyena Land, where Interstates, Expressways and major roads are closed during rush hours for the funeral precessions of hyenas, and more often major thoroughfares are closed during rush hours for investigations.

            Baltimore County, land where you will be arrested if you try to help somebody injured or otherwise, even a child.

            Baltimore County, where if two or more cars gather on a parking lot after dark, perhaps to ride elsewhere, the hyenas buzz them with helicopters searchlights blazing.

            Baltimore County, land where the hyenas patrol in choppers on the Fourth of July, searchlights scorching alleys and streets, looking for commie firecracker shooters.

            Baltimore County, land where the hyenas use helicopters to disturb residential neighborhoods (where people live) late, long and often, by flying around in low circles, with or without searchlights, with no apparent reason other than to train pilots.

            Baltimore County, land they should never have bought those cowards helicopters to play GI Joe with.

            Baltimore County, where in many shops you have to show ID when paying cash, and give your name and address in many others like Geekland... Radio Shack.

            Baltimore County, kingdom where the County Executive tried condemning vast tracts of homes so its hyenas could drag the families from their homes, and that it could then bulldoze those homes, and sell the land to his fat rich  patriotic friends culling lucrative compensation for its fat self.  It almost got away with it in Loser Land but incredibly one person more cared than didn't.  But the fat faggot is still in office, perched like a vulture on a bull skull waiting, waiting, waiting.  Its rich friends, if those types have friends, want to get it elected to Congress.  It can do more damage there.  And they can get fatter, faces smeared shit and with the blood of babies.

            Bring it on down to the shitty nitty gritty, an' it ain't even a city.  Dundalk is the most unpleasant and depressing place in the world to live outside a prison.  Living in Dundalk is no fun.  Living in Dundalk is a curse.


Dundalk, your Dundalk

            Common courtesy is unknown.  If you are conversing on the street a third party will come up and ask you what you're talking about, and/or stand close behind you and eavesdrop, and/or walk on your heels when you leave,  Heel walking is popular among its patriots.  Where a gimp on a cane will make fun of your name.  Where if you drive someone home they try to break your car door slamming it.  You can enjoy neither peace nor security in your own home and it is the only community in the American Police State where dog owners are leashed by no law and Animal Control crusades to protect noisy, noisome and savage beasts not people.  Dundalk is a dangerous and shitty place.  Travel tip: If someone approaches smiling watch it!

            Dundalk was built by Bethlehem Steel, Sparrows Point as a company town and was patrolled by savage and depraved private hyenas during its formative years.  Because of falling steel prices Bethlehem Steel could not afford to pay for the upkeep of the bums living there.  The executives gave Dundalk to the Chamber of Commerce.  Until recently the hyenas reported directly to the Chamber of Commerce, many queers in its membership.

            Dundalk, land where if you have a beard a patriot will pull it.

Dundalk, land where no young person was safe from broad-assed hyenas, or carloads of patriotic bums, and children spat on young adults shouting, "You look like you want peace".

            Dundalk, land where one is worked like an ox, treated like a dog and pissed like a horse.  Where one works in near dark and stifling heat surrounded by thousands of nail points inches away, sticking from wood stacked twelve feet high, where fans are not provided, where there is no water but drinks are sold by management for $2.00 each.  Dundalk, where you cannot sit even when there is nothing to do.  Where one is forced to put his hands in poisonous chemicals and gloves are not provided.

            Dundalk land where the beetle-browed hyenas patrol corporate property and you cannot stop along a road to let someone out, to pick someone up, to help someone, certainly not to park.

            Dundalk, land of the ring-assed bloody-bunged shit-faced cop caller.

            Dundalk, land of the scandalized flat heeled slut, washed up and out and out-of-shape, working the banks, stores; eyes glazed like Morons from Hell, that will card you if you are a young male if they've seen you a hundred times.  Where snot-nosed girls embarrass Men asking to buy cigarettes by carding them before their children.  Only in Dundalk, Loser City.

            Dundalk, where the female dodos working gas stations do not even know how to turn on the pumps.

            Dundalk, land where you have to sign into and out of banks, where they do what they want with your money, where service is lousy, products poorest and you are allowed to stop only long enough to spend.

            Dundalk... there is no place to poop.

            Dundalk, land where seedy old people (released from the factories for the first time) rudely accost young people, and young Dumduckians (facing a lifetime in the factories) rankly flourish, weaned on the dirty dug of patriotism, hating every green thing which they attack with hatchets, machetes, butcher knives, hammers and nails, claws and fangs.  In Dundalk there are no laws against young patriots on MSM's, motorized sex machines or lawn tractors, etc., blasting street and alley all hours of the day and night without even lights.

            Dundalk, land where discourteous louts retire and endlessly produce wood products in backyard shops, where the screech of power tools and the Hell of Hammers never stops, and one wonders where the money goes.

            Dundalk, land where the subhuman pieces of black-robed shit charge court costs, an illegal fee, even in the rare case when someone is found innocent, that all brought before the stench shall be guilty, that there are none who are innocent in Dundalk.

            Dundalk, land where the hyenas enforce no-cursing laws.

            Dundalk, land where the hyenas enforce flag worship laws.

            Dundalk, land where you'd better pray nothing bad happens in your neighborhood or the nazi hyenas will drag every family on the block out of their homes to live in obscene conditions, kill your dogs, destroy your furniture, shit on your rugs then expect you to lick their assholes clean for having done so, while your drunken patriotic worker bum friends down the local castration parlor want to suck their heroes' dicks, if they've got any.

            Dundalk, land where the schools are jails patrolled by thugs, where young girls are considered such a threat they are searched by male hyenas, and their blood is forcibly taken from them for hyena investigations because of attendance records, and a subhuman piece of black-robed shit peremptorily sentenced a young girl to prison because of truancy.

            Dundalk, land where the flag fairy dances down the street in his tutu Fourth of July eve and puts his rag on your gate.  (I wiped my ass on mine.)

            Dundalk, land where the first sentence a kid learns is "There ain't nothin' you can do about it".

            Dundalk, your Dundalk, community of losers.  You're losers, you're losers, you know you're losers so you're losers.  You don't know friend from foe and now it's too late.  Accept your fate and the salt to come.



Open Pit and Spit Laws


            Our Open Pit and Spit Laws prescribe patriotic punishments for abusive public servants and those in authority, other than roasting alive with apples in their mouths.  These penalties include rack, wheel, thumbscrew, scourge, iron maidens, disemboweling, hanging, crucifixion, flag impaling, whipping, manicures, pedicures and other such they lust to do to us, particularly our daughters.


♠♠♠ ♠♠♠ ♠♠♠ ♠♠

Regimental Rigmarole


            Summer maneuvers went well considering the men had to ferry back and forth several repeatedly. Freedom isn't easy when you have a family to support and have to work under the conditions we do.  We're not suppose to have to do this.  We're suppose to have a government we can trust!  Those rich traitors had us looking across the seas since the Communist Revolution in 1917 while they stabbed us in the back.  But it went well.  We also conducted standard army classes and courses.  A favorite was bayonet training.  Dressing bayonet dummies in hyena coats was a stroke of genius and really sparked the affair up.  Hell! some guys even attacked with his teeth!  We have military weapons with bayonet stubs which are used for bayonet training.  And we have an adequate supply of bullets with full metal jackets --- strictly for home defense.

            It wasn't all fun and games though.  Logistics was Hell.  We had to keep feeding guys into the line as they came to their units.  They were briefed, tromped through the woods a few days then had to leave.  But we got a bigger, brighter picture of what they might force upon us.



            The Prophet is leery of the actions of Co. C,  3rd Bn.  He was not too concerned when they placed a keg at second base but declaring an anti-slaughter rule so the games last as long as the beer, is over the line.  Just talkin' now, Co. C, 3rd Bn., might have an ulterior motive.  They lead in 3rd Bn. standings, and tie with Co. C, 2 Bn. and Co. D, 4th Bn. in regimental standings.    (Don't know about dem guys.)  For details check the bulletin board.

The playoff is September 9th.  We'll know the Regimental Champeen by next ish.

♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

Prophet On the Mount:

            The only way not to be disappointed with people is not to expect anything.  I don't expect anything to happen until it's over.

            I want the New World Order for every country on Earth but America.

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠

I don't know what the key to success is but the key to failure is trying to please everyone.

    —Bill Cosby.


Random Ramblings Rant'n Rage


            Repeated on Thursday's news a Washington, DC bored of edge-u-muh-cation female said, "Polluted air in school is the worst threat we face next to terrorists' attack".  Perhaps, considering the emissions from faculty and staff but that bilge is in a class with "People who smoke are worse that hitler".  Fairy flakes! Where did these fairy flakes come from?

            Recently in the logic free zone a woman pharmacist was murdered because two 911 subhumans refused to relay the call to the hyenas who would have waited until the murder was done, then arrested their brother the murderer.  Unbelievably they fired the insensitive 911 subhumans who must have been Texans.  The civil servants (talk about a misnomer) union is fighting for the slopeheads' jobs.

            The rich have the people dumbed down, desensitized and confused past any people since the Deluge.  They are using the media on you and the schools to pervert your children.  (You're already perverted.)  They know hitler was a great patriot (but not America's buddy Uncle Joe), but they cannot make a judgment on its patriotism because they did not live in its culture.  The schools even have teens, seething with vital hormonal secretions, so dumbed down and confused that they not only don't know the difference between right and wrong, they don't even know the difference between a man and a woman.

            A high school girl when confronted with "We women are still the only ones that can have babies," piped up with "No! A man in the Philippines had one".  Reminds us of the their parents and grandparents, those old freaks, during the Vietnam War.  They thought it was women who had beards.

            Even for that paragon of journalistic virtue The National Enquirer that shit about the Filipino patriot had more holes in it than a shotgunned bluecoat.  We remember that story from The National Enguirer or a similar filthy rag from the early 60's.  Franklin would be proud at the economy, not mentioning the homosexuality.  They turn over the rocks in damp places sometimes and air their stockpile of shit.

            Look what it's done and doing to the children.  The culture is already lost.  We accept this.


Reasons for male sex change operations:

1) Guilt-ridden Christians who think they'll go to Hell for being homos but not as trannies.

2) Patriots that think they'll finally get that      ever-elusive piece-of-ass as lesbians.

3  Narcissuses that think they're prettier as females.

4) Losers that hate themselves and want to punish themselves.

5) Masochist that enjoy surgery.

6) Masochist that enjoy mutilation.

7) Faggots that want other faggots to bang them.


            Jaever notice how you get to work feeling like a flogged slave that has been forced to dive to the bottom of a cesspool?  It's radio! Radio, not television, is the greatest propaganda tool owned by the rich and their government.  Besides their X-rated talk with slavering sluts, these DJ's have their tongues thrust so far up the hyenas' and politician's assholes that they no longer have to use their own tongues to lie.  They just open their mouths and a DJ's tongue forked and covered with shit wags.

            Freedom is back to a precipice attacked by media tanks driven by degreed idjits, university trained twitches, dipshits with diplomas and... worst of all... DJ's.  Yecccch!

            We think Gary Condit, who must be one of America's best and brightest since he's a Congressperson, had black ops subhumans murder his intern lover, one of many, Sandra Levy.  You see, gay blade is one of those few chinless wonders that black ops have privileged with permission to pretend to oversee the billions used to rape, torture and murder the human race and to conduct medical experiments on the American people and vice versa.  Those millionaire bums think that they can do anything they want with those girls, and boys.  We hear a surprising number, maybe most, of those joy boys have modern sophisticated taste, that they enjoy come on the discriminating palate.  Imagine all the unspeakable perversions those politicians/sleazeballs commit that we never hear about.  Imagine what goes on between those fat sleazy rich boys and interns in all those secret meetings they have.  Hell! the CIA subhumans could film their snuffers in the halls of Congress.  Saves money.

            Having young boys and girls around those shitball politicians is a deucedly bad idea.  We will not let our daughters, nor our sons! near those syphilitic spiders.

            All responsible for putting stickers on fruit...  Off with their heads!  Bring out the little toadies.  Shove 'em on the cart.


Poems from Potsherds © 2000 by Regimental Poet Youngman Grant.



Dear Lana


A merry Christmas

And happy New Year

May your holiday season

Be filled with cheer

A big hunka hash

Marijuana and beer.




Note for a Shoat


Tick-a-stick across th'

Picket fence of your mind

Ain't got no watch

But I got time...


Traipsing along the Primrose Lay

Umble for your lousy love

Dealing daisies a dollar a day

Ducking elephants flying above

Skirting jackasses rutting away

In the cesspools of America shove

Dessert and the last dove brigand

Navy gravy friggin' in the riggin'

Entrails the fifer gets his dew

Pie in the sky Flag doth spew

Tiptoeing through tulips strew

Bile begonias and dung Deliahs rue

Moo goo gardenias. Oh! Poo!

Squishes squashes ranks my shoe

Oh, boohoo

Yankee Doodle Due

Squishes squashes ranks my shoe

A pun for your bun, hon.


Brigand dove

You got loose

Brigand dove

The calaboose

Lo! A crazy moose loose in the hoose

A crazy moose loose in the hoose

Yea, let me hear ya say

A crazy moose loose in the hoose.



The Hammer of the Witch


Lo'n go!

Wafted on a moony beam

In the canoe of destiny

Paddle forbidden on that stream

A yahoo strong the best in me

Churning an augur to ream

Not even an oarlock

Cranes by the flock

Shaman, warlock

Poopy do

Skeleton trees hooty hoo!




Caved beneath laden boughs

In the bosom bowered

I stepped ashore to screeching owls

The huddled witches glowered


Witches sigh and witches groan

Around the cauldron piss and moan

Rings three counterrevolution

Sweetly oiled machined devolution


"Fungus among us."

"Have fun debung us."

"He be de witless witness."

"He be de shitless pissless."


(To be continued)

♠♠♠ ♠♠♠ ♠♠ ♠♠♠ ♠