117th Militia



Family and Freedom over flag

2001 PSYWAR Office 117th Militia Regimental Combat Team


3 OCTOBER 2001, Vol. 2, No. 11


9/9/1 WAMU-88.1 FM: The Big Broadcast hosted by Ed Walker aired The Golden Age of Radio, hosted by Dick Bratel and Ed Corkren. Bratel and Corkren interview radio entertainment pioneers like William M. Robeson, writer, director and producer. During the thirties Robeson was in Los Angeles writing a show called The Los Angeles Police Department until he saw a demonstration. A small group of people were carrying signs and shouting slogans. A convoy of hyenamobiles converged on the scene hemming them in. A large pack of howling hyenas exited cursing them. They turned up radios loudly so passersby could not hear their slogans.

The Man had integrity. Something long missing from radio in the days of Mush Limburger. He quit writing that program and went to New York. "I mean, here I was making these guys heroes when they would not allow a handful of people to speak their minds."

So help us God Almighty! The wimps hosting the interview program found it necessary to apologize for this atrocity against the subhumans that took place fifty-five years ago yea, puking such as:

Bratel: "Bill sure is crotchety isn't he?"

Corkren: "Yes he is." Followed by nervous laughter.


PB BT* 9/10/1 1751: 54 WNUV-WU, news teaser: Howard County cowards have "shot" yet another Man. "Shot" is mediaese for murdered.



Heroes are Zeroes


We've tried to be accurate in the quotes but it's going down too fast to catch every word. Thankfully the media, drunk on its own importance, heavily records itself.


1347: There has been terrible terrorists attacks. The twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York have each been destroyed by crashing a hijacked airliner into each. A hijacked airliner was crashed into the Pentagon and a fourth crashed in Pennsylvania, destination unknown.


WTOP-1500 AM: They are panicking and overreacting declaring states of emergency in Maryland and Virginia as well as Washington and New York City. In Baltimore roads are closed, children released from school. Of all things work places are closed. Sports events are canceled. Ridiculous! Doubtless the National Guard and military are aching to atrocify the captured civilian population.

Already the heroes are leaving people to die... our kind of people. The New York City fire chief boasts he's not letting his employees search "Even though there's certainly people trapped alive". As it played out they seemed to have searched only for firemen and hyenas because they were the only ones pulled alive from the wreckage. How many of our lives did that cost? How many of us were left to die, even children like at Columbine High, because our conquerors saw "No visible signs of life?".


These seedy blustering politicians are as sickening as these terrorists attacks. A sickening spectacle was given by Newt Gingrich, author of the most horrific crime bill in American history. She wants the CIA, NSA, FBI, DIA, DEA, military spies and other subhumans unchained totally and is using this horror as an opportunity to remove the few chains on them and put them on us. Every phone is tapped. Spies are everywhere. You have to watch what you tell your neighbor. SPOBRS and ass-licking juries back them no matter what they do. I guess that Republican queer wants them to rape school girls like his god in Reagan did in Nicaragua.

Baby Bush and his blustering blowhard -lickers are calling the terrorists faceless cowards. A man who sacrifices his life no matter how bizarre his believes is not a coward. Considering the Chinese/spy plane incident, we feel Bush is a faceless coward. Heroes come crawling from the woodwork when their purses are threatened. Just so everybody else takes the chances.


I/O WTOP-1500 AM Why has Amtrak, those corporate nazis at Greyhound, and others ceased operation in the northeast? Why has transportation closed in the northeast? People who fled Manhattan to New Jersey can't get home. This has no purpose other than instill fear of authority in our conquered population. It is routine hyena policy to cause the maximum amount of discomfort, inconvenience, humiliation and terror to as many of the conquered civilian population as the situation will warrant.

WTOP is screeching for buying and waving flags, church congregations have sung the blasphemous Star Spangled Banner. Sixty-six percent of the people surveyed favor a military response even if innocent people are murdered. Our sympathy seeps away. They take these bloodlust surveys on Wall Street, at the American Legion and down the corner castration parlors where the girls drink the health of the bluecoats that terrorize them.

The FBI scum is treating the World Trade Center as a crime scene. It will take even longer to find someone. Rescuers won't be able to move certain things. Only in a police state is evidence is more important than people. Fuck a crime scene! Save the people not just hyenas.



0945: In the neighborhood the usual suspects are waving the flag. Several new ones were later added.


1129: WTOP-1500 AM: GM, Ford, Chrysler and Disneyland are open for business. Businesses should not have closed. Ridiculous!


1242: All radio stations are re-purposing the news to prepare the people for an end to Freedom, for Marshal law that never ends. Radio ring-asses are greasing your assholes for the hyena state. A liberal wimp on National Public Radio readies you: "Other countries are used to seeing big policemen carrying frightening machine-guns on the street." All the rage in the Middle East. We don't wanna be last now!


WJHU-88.1 FM, National Public Radio, The Diane Ream Show: a brown-nosed patriot lauds the President's "right" to make war without a declaration of war, a fundamental and righteous safeguard of the Constitution. Why, lo and behold! there hasn't been a declaration of war for the many wars since World War Two, except for the Oil War, which the people fought and paid for not the oil companies. But the Oil War was won, I guess.

This is the kind of flag queer who needs a stint in one of patriot war criminal Oliver North's concentration camps.


I/O 1618: All Things Considered: the FBI trash is ordering rescue workers not to move debris. With the government and its hyenas it's to Hell with the people, those slaves, boys gotta job to do! Shades of World War Two; push the aircraft over the side. Only in a police state is "evidence" more important that people. Elect us and people will have be more important than evidence. People will be more important than property. Your homes will be sacred.


Overt and gross public ass-licking of hyenas in NYC. It is embarrassingly shameless. The serfs wave flags shouting "Our heroes!" to those that would just as lief murder them and/or worse. They're heroes. Sure they are... until you fall into their hands. Then it's too late. Last I checked these "heroes" were paid by public moneys.



0802: WWLG-1360 AM, news: the media monkeys chatter, re-purposing the news for the hyena state. Be prepared for a three hour wait and the rape of rights at airports now and forever but, "The public doesn't mind." Hear that? From a banana jammim' mediaoid. A college trained twitch that doesn't even know the difference between a man and a woman.

You don't mind.

1003: news: Mayor Giuliani of NYC says "We might not be able to find everybody".

Slopehead voters still licking hyena ass.


I/O The Brooklyn Bridge was closed Tuesday trapping hundreds of motorists atop? Why? Why did they have to be trapped?


9/14/1 12.160 MHz, American Freedom News: a patriotic merchant that owns Ready Made Resources urges the mass slaughter of untold thousands of men, women and children. But laments "We probably don't have the stomach for it". Fats sells anti-biological warfare and survival products. It's rich bums like him that have made this country what it is today.


1142: WTOP-1500 AM: The media monkeys, champion repeaters, are veritably screeching for the unfettered hyena state.

1154: Fear not! Fear not voters. There is hope. "There is hope. A huge American flag hangs over the hole in the Pentagon."

Your god cannot save you.



0921: WCSP-90.1 FM: Washington, DC, a patriot named David Field urges vulgar and intrusive hyena searches of luggage and persons at airports. It wants to see "Great big burly cops with dogs and guns" at airports. Probably wants to suck 'em off. That's liberal, y'know. They "accept this in Europe". Don't wanna be last. Fats sells commercial aviation magazines. I think the merchant/patriot just profiteered, I mean prophesied the death of its business.

According to the media they accept fucking on the streets in Europe, sucking on the streets in Europe, and the hyenas raping, torturing and murdering on the streets in Europe.

1024: a female that doesn't mind giving up her rights to random, unreasonable and humiliating hyena searches and seizures, even on the streets, wouldn't mind having her home devastated by them. Wants (get this, important) us to go to war. "I'd give my sons" [as cannon fodder].

The college trained liberal queers are begging for the unchained hyena state. Listen! if you are from the future, they won't let up. They are championing the rich boys' cause. Here's how one on WCSP sounds. The people want modern detection equipment. Ohhh! Why, why even at banks a thumbprint scan calls up everything there is to know about you. Ohhh! I just wuv our wonderful law enforcement law capitalist hyenas not Men! Shove it to us oh penis delecti. We like it! We're as sophisticated as Europe.



0921 WJHU-88.1 FM, NPR, Morning Edition: The rich in Congress are slobbering, cackling and wringing their pudgy hands. Hoof over fang rushing to unchain their bluecoated hyenas, those last few links. They champion total electronic surveillance and computer data bases on every American to include but not limited to: thumb- and face-printing of all citizens; retina scans; DNA registers; total drug test including but not limited to piss, shit, blood, spit and hair tests; Florida-hyena cameras; plus National ID cards and chip implants. "Many countries already have these," the liberal wimp assures us. We don't wanna be last! unsophisticated! immature! The he/she happily concluded, "There are signs that the American people are ready to accept a severe abridging of their civil liberties." Civil liberties are human rights.

A Reagonite weighed in slavishly applauding the all-American cowards who feel this way, his god in California insane with the fear of the Hell it is to suffer for eternity for its atrocities.

I/O Note: concerning these spy systems and all others, warrant complete hierarchies of production, distribution, finance (including major stock holders), and use. Those that OK'd their use, those that used them, those that accepted evidence from their use. Be thorough! There is nothing to lose, Freedom to win.

Seedy Representative Richard K. Armey, Republican, Texas, who sounded like he was drunk, said that to gather information on terrorists the CIA would have to roll in the sewer with rats. Where's he been? He must be new to your country! They always did! What is Pinochet? Reagan? etc.? These blustering politicians crying their crocodile tears to inflate their dubious popularity don't know that the courage of a patriot is inversely proportional to its vocal savagery.


I/O 0949: WTOP-1500 AM: The Potomac River has been closed by the Coast Guard. People are trapped up river with yachts. The liberal wimp said "The Coast Guard might let you leave if you call and make an appointment but it will be at their leisure". At our leisure the Coast Guard shall be warranted for I/O.

Why these bloody-bunged radio wimps think they have to help establish the hyena state I don't know. Baby Bush can get all the help he needs from the chinless wonders in Congress.



PB PERIODIC Sun paper, article filed: At airports the hyenas are routinely stealing thousands of items, the majority of them harmless, from unwary people, you people, without a worry about having to return or pay for items like nail clippers. Oooooh! Nail clippers! Savage! The two items photographed among the thousands of extorted goods that might have presented a threat were possibly planted. Media monkeys sabotage truth like that. It's a media thing.


Bush Baby, hotcho macho, ordered unresponding airliners heading for Washington to be routinely shot down. Easy enough for a rich boy. They live in a textbook world where everything is square as their heads. One advantage of the routine shoot-down policy is that the airplanes will crash into your homes and not their buildings. Why not? You are the civilian population of a conquered country. You are cattle to slaughtered at the whim of the rich that own you. You have never made your presence known.


1621: WTOP-1500 AM: the copsucking mayor of New York City called the terrorists cowards, i.e., zeroes, but it calls its 41 shot bluecoated cocksuckers heroes. Terrorists are zeroes. Hyenas are heroes. We're here to tell you otherwise. Terrorists are terrorists. Heroes are zeroes.


9/19/1 1134: WTOP-1500 AM: Bush says that terrorists hate freedom. If that were true they'd love America. When dufous said this the President of Indonesia was present. Indonesia's government is a terrorist government so despicable, depraved, subhuman, homosexual and unholy that it makes the terrorists of September 11 look like choir boys. Now America's terrorists! They hate freedom!

1205: DC firefighters caused maddening snarls by blocking main arteries during rush hour to collect "attack donations". But, cheerily the news numb nuts said, "Their hearts were in the right place". So it's OK. It's OK. You see, people, our civil masters and mediaoid ass-lickers live in a different world than we who work.

Attorney General John Ashcroft speaking outside the Pentagon, which has a big hole in it, said that to catch terrorists, "We will use any tool. We will use any tool." Not only does this Christian crusader consider it constitutional to jail people forever without charges, but there's a whiff of the branding iron and rape rack in her speech.

We going to a democratic Turkish government? Don't forget people. These patriotic bums don't care about terrorism. They use it themselves. It's who's doing the terrorizing that is important to the patriot.


9/22/1 1015: WOLT-104.3 FM, classic rock: children are saying Satan's Pledge every hour on the hour. Rock'n roll! tool of the oppressor!

The amount of gratuitous patriotic tripe on radio is enough to gag a patriot on a gut wagon.


9/23/1 WCSP-90.1 FM: Washington, DC: the media has now opened the cesspool. The usual patriotic shit clamors for nuclear attacks. Ol' coon-ass sharecropper said, "Americkee don't git no re-speck. Nuke 'em, git cher respect". The reason America doesn't get any respect is because a Babylon the Whore, a naked monkey doesn't deserve any respect.

One idiot wants the borders mined.

Many bloody-assed liberals proclaim the we, get that? We! are ready to give up our rights. Here at the 117th Militia Regimental Combat we're not ready to give up our rights. We're 100% against giving up our rights We! don't care what happens. We! don't even have to take a survey.


9/24/1 12.160 MHz, American Freedom News: concerning a lawyer defending terrorists suspects Rick Wild-ass wants "federal agents to put a rifle up to his diaper head". The Christian is rabid with hate for Arabs. This boy is really sick, and diffident.


9/25/1 Baltimore Sun: Federal hyenas are having a field day. It's a roundup like hitler's ss or stalin's patriots did, or even the raids during the Red Scares of this piece-of-shit country. Arrested are 352 people, 98 held on suspected immigrations violations. These Human Beings are being held incognito. There have been 324 destructive searches, 392 are wanted for questioning and 3,400 subpoenas have been issued. Dark skinned people are being murdered, beaten, insulted, denied passage, refused service. The -lickers are playing emetic songs and cursing God Almighty by pledging to Satan on ever Station, as much as the market will bear. It's the Glory Days! The Glory Daze have returned! Yeeeee-haaa! Ride 'em cowgirl!


It's obvious that the only ones the alleged rescuers in New York tried saving were hyenas and firepersons. Only in a police state would the people be regarded as shit on a shoe, like Republican you step on in the street, by those that are supposed to serve them.

What we're beginning to miss now is, exactly why should we care?

While they've got you rending your garments, pulling out your hair and rubbing ashes on your face in a grief you do not feel, you could not feel being serfs of this system, the Culture of Death, and licking shit off the assholes of those that leave your family and friends to die, and waving the filthy rag of your oppressors, the CIA calls the terrorists' attack a complex, brilliantly conceived operation near faultlessly executed with uncommon valor. They just wish they had thought of it.

For the first time I agree with Reverend Falwell and Reverend Roberson. God Almighty struck through those fanatics. But being Christians the only reasons they gave were sexual depravity and cupidity. What about the unspeakable barbarity done by this country? You see the Christian way to salvation is to stay poor, terrorized and round on the bottom.

It certainly was not an attack against Freedom. There's no Freedom in this country. Freedom has only been a convenient fiction in America from the beginning. You people have never asserted yourselves. You people have never even had the balls to admit the truth to yourselves! alone! silently! at midnight! in a closet! at the South Pole!

It was not an attack against this mockery of compassion and decency, this barbarism Baby Bush calls civilization. It ain't civilized. Look at your hyenas! Waco! Ruby Ridge! It was not an attack against your sovereignty. Baby Bush himself is dissolving the borders.

It was a strike at the New World Order and their bully boy enforcers, your military.

You must defend yourselves. Protection of citizens is one of the few legitimate excuses for government. It is the first duty of a government and the last they care about depending upon who's doing the patriotizing. To rid the world of terrorism would be a good thing but we do not think that it can be done with war. A dangerous thing, letting your government war without a declaration of war, especially when this war is brought home to you. This war on terrorism may well be like your dubious war on drugs, i.e., the war on our rights. There are people out there that who hate you simply because you exist. They hate the ground you walk on and it's not hard to see why. Even your alleged friends despise your for your ignorance, arrogance, hypocrisy, self-righteousness and cowardice. Now ask yourselves, Why should you be put at risk or give up even a penny to a government that has led you down the primrose path of depravity? Its media strewing flowers before you, as you wade in neck-deep shit. A government that not only atrocifies the rest of the planet but your fellow citizens, friends and family. A government that cannot even protect you at home? A government that has never stopped stabbing you in the back while they've got you looking the other way. A government with a leader that desires nothing more than to dissolve your borders and flush your sovereignty down the toilet. Maybe you should become people instead of patriots? Men and Women instead of good little girls and boys. Maybe you should grow your hair and shit on your flag? You are the ones that will suffer, not the government and the rich that own it. Not their hyenas and bubble-belly bureaucrats.

Now comes the really scary part. What are those rich seedy chinless wonders in Congress going to take from us now?

Headline from America Online:

"Oops! Goof in Philadelphia hospital kills eight." Eight what? Laboratory rats?



The Prophet from the Mount:

Nobody else will tell you this. Think of the uncountable and unspeakable atrocities you people have committed around the world. Think of the three million Vietnamese, most of them civilians, you atrocified. Think of your war heroes routinely throwing grenades into grass huts where women, children and babies were heard crying and praying. Your war heroes routinely smashing civilians in the mouth with rifle butts. Your precious Shah routinely chopping the arms off children, arresting girls on the streets and raping and torturing them to death. Think about your contras routinely kidnapping, raping and torturing to death classrooms of school girls. You and the Big Bush sat on your fat-asses and, since the rich themselves weren't raping the country, watched the unspeakable atrocities committed by patriots in Bosnia, but Big Bush fought the Oil War for the oil companies because his investments were at risk.

And what about slavery, the Indians, the history of labor, the Memorial Day Massacre, Attica, Waco?

Do any of you know the meaning of Chilean dog rapist?

Thank you.

For those few of you worthwhile I pray.


PERIODIC PB BT** (S) 9/13/1: Time Magazine, June 25, 2001: X-ray Vision; the security hyenas at JFK airport in New York bought 15 Body Search machines. These enable the queers and lezzies to see people naked beneath their clothing. There is a photo of a pig's ass with cute commie/cappy caption, "In your pants". There is danger of radiation poisoning from these machines. They didn't say how much danger.

These are the machines those ignorant and arrogant hyenas, of no compassion, low intelligence and poorly trained, many of whom don't speak American, are routinely forcing attractive women to stand behind.

The FBI subhumans have been routinely driving along streets in Camp Seattle with heat detection equipment looking for homegrown hemp. Have gotten convictions based on such.

(The hyenas in Baltimore County routinely monitor conversations from hyenavans cruising the streets.)

Article missing.


I/O BT** 9/21/1 1607: WNAV-1430 AM, news: Annapolis, MD: a man was stopped by a red light at a firehouse for an inordinately long time. Someone told him the state house controlled the red light. He became irate and said something like, "They should blow up the state house". The hyenas arrested him for "making an arson threat. The penalty for which is a $10,000 fine and/or ten years in jail." Our penalty for the hierarchies of legalizing, reporting, and enforcement of such atrocious laws will be death. Elect us and you will have Freedom of Speech.

Don't ever loose your temper in this piece-of-shit country. It sets piggy free. The hyenas have arrested and atrocified thousands of defenseless Humans for raising their voices. Anyone who'd raise their voice in a hyena state is a threat to the seedy rich queers and the hyenas whose assholes they bloody. Hierarchies in all similar cases.

We heard about a man arrested at an amusement park because he had firecrackers in his trunk. Firecrackers were once used to celebrate what was though of as Freedom. Ooooooh! Details are sketchy but it's listed.


I/O BT** 9/26/1 Baltimore Sun: Like the alleged war on terrorism the alleged war on drugs is a thinly disguised war on our rights. Waged through their subhuman ass-licking hyenas by the seedy rich degenerates that own and run this country in their bestial attempt to control the drug trade themselves, this unparalleled assault on our dignity has assumed the ferocity and idiocy of a witch hunt, not mentioning the rape, torture and murder done by the DEA, CIA, etc., in South America.

The Supreme Court will decide an appeal from a 63-year-old great-grandmother on the national one-strike-and-you're-evicted policy for drugs in public housing. This allows the cackling ass-lickers in authority to evict entire families if one member is caught once with narcotics regardless of where an arrest was made or whether anyone else in the family was aware of the alleged crime. Only in America, a hyena state, would such a thing even be considered much less come to court. Only in America would a crazed patriot stoop to the cesspool-bottom-sucking level of dragging a 63-year old woman from her home for any reason at all much less for such a frivolous one and one that she had absolutely no knowledge of. Only a lawyer would suck such shit out of another rich man's asshole to increase its pelf even more by prosecuting such a case.

Warrant all, those that drafted, passed, enforced, prosecuted, etc.

We shit in the cream of your country.

Narcotics is a mediaism to cover government rapacity. It also means, marijuana, glue, perscription drugs, etc..


PB BT** 9/27/1 Baltimore Sun: Cincinnati, Ohio: The shit-licking flag-waving bluecoated hyena that murdered a man in the back running down the alley, which sparked riots in which 800 were arrested and brutalized by its sister queers, has been acquitted. Now how did I know that would happen? Oh! It happens every time. It's routine. There is no justice in America. You cannot love Freedom and America both.

The hyena's name is Stephen Roach. Roach! seems apt. Something to swat. The SPOBRS's name is Judge Ralph E. Winkler. I bet that nazi is breathing easier. The nazi judge too. It faced a harsh nine months on two charges neither of which were murder. Well, this is our routine. The subhuman piece of black-robed shit and all responsible are warranted. Complete hierarchies, to the camps with them. Hyenas, those that lick their assholes, and those whose assholes they lick. We shit in the cream of your country. Lick that!

The article did not once use the word murder. The liberals did not even use the mediaism kill. The liberal queers and lezzies used the mediaism "shooting death". Note at top. Article filed.

The only good hyena is a dead hyena. The only good SPOBRS is a dead SPOBRS.

And we're supposed to die for this?


Mediaisms are making the news. A mediaism of bottomless cowardice and depravity is intelligence community. Since when are communities composed of flag worshipping subhumans that aid, abet and gleefully pitch in personally to rape, torture and murder countless men, women and children even little babies? Community? Their own families can't stand them. Their children eschew them smelling their stench and their rottenness. They have no friends outside other subhumans. They are instinctively loathed. In lieu of the mediaism intelligence community perhaps intelligence vomit licking dogs? That fits better than intelligence community.


1000-1100: 12.160 MHz, Perspective on the Morning, Jeffery Bennett: Two-thirds of the -lickers in New York City want all Arabs locked in concentration camps. Three-fourths of the -lickers surveyed in Texas want to give up what little Freedom they have for security and shall of course have neither. We can understand this about Texas. Only steers and queers come from Texas. We thought Hew York had some balls.

In New York City the bluecoats are throwing up road blocks to cause rush hour traffic jams of twenty to thirty miles as swarms of heavily armed subhumans randomly tear apart cars and terrorized commuters. They are arresting people in cars with two or less occupants. A fat-assed shit-slurping hyena said "This is how it is because this is how it has to be. It's a police state now." The bluecoat must have just got off the boat. Those faggots have been murdering at will since they wore redcoats... Oh! Now we see! Steers and queers from Texas, maggots and faggots from New York.

Our sympathies are now gone.


Baby Bush wants to bail out airline corporations and management with $20 billion of our money. But there's nothing in the package for the little guy. Rich boy! Only in a hyena state owned by the rich would this happen. But you idiots will keep waving that filthy rag.


I/O 9/28/1 WTOP-1500 AM: Using a perverted interpretation of the law the feds are confiscating student's college records. The demons are using a clause that says "when the safety of the student is in jeopardy they have no rights". Our students' are in jeopardy. From them! Seems they did something like this during the Vietnam War against dissidents. Can't remember though.

Satan's helpers have detained and/or arrested 480 humans so far. Bet the FBI's beatin' off thinkin' about it. La dolce glorioso! Savor it. It is short lived.


PB BT** The Baltimore Sun: The L.A. cocksuckers beat seven journalists (along with scores of others not mentioned) at the Democratic National convention last year. This cost the serfs of Los Angeles $60,000 in damages. No mentioned was made of legal fees, etc. It cost the Los Angeles bluecoated cocksuckers nothing. Warrant complete hierarchies. Article filed. Note in PB.


PB BT** For over a decade Chicago cocksuckers including Hyena Commander Jon Burge and its ass-licker dicksuckers have tortured Men for confessions and sent them to death row. No mention of how many Men were murdered by the sick state because of this. But in order to be released the condemned will have to admit they're guilty of a crime they did not commit and drop charges against the Chicago cocksuckers. Warrant complete hierarchies. Note at top. Article filed. Note in PB.


I/O [Ref. personal correspondence #16,140]: You have always had to surrender your rights entering federal property. The government by the free for the free recognizes no rights nor do the hundreds of state and local governments. Since the attack on the New World Order the VA hyenas have locked down hospitals, patrolling with savage slavery enforcement German shepherd police dogs, checking IDs, not allowing buses onto VA grounds. You talk about a despicable looking lot. VA hyenas wear skin tight black uniforms similar to nazi SS uniforms, big fat useless asses sashaying all over the place. Disgusting excuses for Men. You can look at them and you can tell what they are.

What Man has ever had a good experience at the VA? Government employees are ignorant and arrogant. Many of them are degenerates and the wormy-brained government doesn't know the difference between a Man and a woman. They have absolutely no respect. Ask any veteran how he was insulted and humiliated, left near naked or naked on public display. No choice about doctors nor anything else. It's like we're not Men, we're animals to them, with no dignity, feelings nor rights. They even steal patients' pain killers. Incredible!


9/29/1 The Ashcroft asshole is still raving about "Unleashing the tools" the cocksuckers need. The subhumans have been unleashed since this country was founded and they still couldn't stop it. It's time for a new government. It will require a thorough flush. The fascist hyenas and those that lick their assholes, those whose assholes they lick.


PB BT** 1231: WTOP-1500 AM: The DC cocksuckers are using violence against antiwar protesters. WTOP is whining because a chief hyena "Got a whiff of pepper spray". We'd like to give 'em a whiff of machine-gun slugs. No mention of how many demonstrators, Humans injured by rich boy's perfume, patriotic perfume. How much more are you people going to take from the media? They are cowards, toadies and degenerate. At their best they are is ignorant.


I/O Pilots have been warned that whether they answer the radio or not they and hundreds of you will be murdered in the air by lusty air force pilots, seething for a chance to murder (and other things) for their god flag, if they stray near structures owned by the rich. See, it's a hyena state. See, it's far far better to murder several hundred of you and destroy a hundred of your homes (bulldozing a block per damaged home) than to have one of the government's buildings harmed. See, that depraved raping, torturing and murdering government is by the rich and for the rich and the rich look after their own.

It is time for a new government! Elect us and you will have a new government. Elect us and you will no longer be treated as the civilian population of a conquered country. Elect us and you will no longer live to work, you will work to live. Elect us and the truth will be known and the wicked purged from the realm of the living. Elect us and you will be free.


10/1/1 PB BT** (I/O BT**) 1301: WAVA-1430 AM: The Supreme Court has refused to hear yet another racial profiling case from upstate New York brought by black youth. That's Attica country, home of the homosexual homicidal subhuman New York state brownshirts. Those SPOBRS already outlawed racial profiling so, you see, the fascists hyenas don't have to obey the law and now the Supreme SPOBRS have made it official. Listen to this mediaspeak: "Many see this as related to September 11 if that's the road they want to go down but its now its been pending for months".


Valuable dirt is being stolen from terrorists sites. This is a felony. That's rich boy's dirt. It is worth far more that those the hyenas left to die to preserve it.


Some mediaoids, besides howling for a hyena state (so they can get their assholes regularly reamed out with clubs) are also ranting for small slots in mail boxes to protect the owners, and 500 pound garbage cans to protect you.


10/2/1 WTOP-1500 AM, the Osgood File: former New York City hyena William Bratten now a corporate nazi and others in security are overjoyed. Business is booming. They need more hyenas and dogs and, said a second fascist hyena, "Get used to being frisked entering ballparks and amusement parks for bombs as well as beer for a long time to come".

"Glory Days! Glory Days! Glory Days!"

"The price of security is eternal vigilance said the first fascist hyena." What that means is the price of their security is your slavery.

Since the attack on the New World Order numberless fascist hyenas, waving their repulsive flag, have ranted for roadblocks as a permanent feature of the American landscape, depressing as it is.


♠♠♠ ♠♠♠

It's apparent you people are not acting much different than you usually do. The reason is that you were already terrorized. You've been terrorized since the hyenas changed their coats from red to blue.

♠♠ ♠♠♠

We, the officers and Men of the 117th Militia Regimental Combat Team, are tired of limp-wristed faggots telling us we are prepared to surrender our rights! We, the officers and Men, of the 117th Militia Regimental Combat Team, would not be prepared to surrender our rights if they blew Washington, DC off the fuckin' map! And we didn't even have to take a survey.

♠♠♠ ♠♠♠ ♠

We're to die for this?

♥♥♥ FREEDOM! ♥ ♥ ♥