117th Militia



Family and Freedom over flag

© 2001 PSYWAR Office 117th Militia Regimental Combat Team


11 November 2001, Vol. 2, No. 12



            Terrorists alert! The Prophet warns!  Don't let them herd your families together into Oliver North's concentration camps or anywhere else.  Do not let them herd you together.  Do not let them take you from your homes!  Be armed! Be ready! Refuse! Assemble to defend your families and your homes!  They are psychologically primed to mass murder your families.  Those who die quickly will be the lucky ones.


10/3/1 WTOP-1500 AM: A man attacked a Greyhound bus driver causing a crash which killed six.  He slit the driver's throat but the driver lived.  It's amazing more Greyhound drivers aren't attacked.  If they were Greyhound's passengers would be treated like human beings.  They are ignorant, arrogant, surly, obnoxious and never smile.  One example: on the afternoon of July 1, 1998 I boarded a Greyhound bus at Pittsburgh heading for Cleveland.  I had a wad of papers in my hand.  The side of my ball point brushed the driver's hand.  "I'm sorry," I said.  It checked my ticket, handed it back to me.  I took the ticket.  Our hands parted then suddenly jabbed me with its pen saying, "Ohhhh! I'm sorry."  I jotted down its name when I sat.  The Open Pit and Spit Laws will apply to conveyance drivers.  Whipping for this one?  No.  That's not enough.


10/7/1 And bloodthirsty ululations rip from the throats of massed pencil-necked geeks at Philadelphia's Veteran's Stadium and football stadiums across the hyena state.  The dignityless howl-owl-owl.  War! War! War!  Give us war!  Hoo hoo hooooooooooooooooooooo!



I/O Baltimore Sun: the Arab scare has now resulted in 600 arrests.  Article filed.


FP (PB) Pakistani pigs murder five unarmed men at demonstration.  Many beatings and gassings.


PB BT** WTOP-1500 AM: Washington, DC:

            A distraught Man refused to pay his ticket fee at the Southern Avenue Metro Station.  Here come the bluecoated DC cocksuckers.  In a struggle with them the Man sprayed passengers with cleaning fluid, and the fascist hyenas fogged the place with pepper spray.  The pepper spray symptoms gave the bluecoats an excuse to say the Man had sprayed a biological agent and to arrest and to humiliate thirty-five Human Beings by forcing them through the entire humiliating decontamination process.  This is ridiculous!  Those DC cocksuckers have fallen beneath even their accustomed cowardice, lunacy and depravity.

            The DC bluecoats love to strip white people naked in public.  You remember the several score Hebrews they did this too on a whim.  DC's SS made them strip naked in the street.  You recall those terrorized school kids at the DC jail, don't you?

            No DC cocksuckers were decontaminated.

            There shall be retribution in any case, but if any of these thirty-five people arrested and decontaminated were in anyway exposed in public: arrested, tried and flushed will include all fascist hyenas, et al., on the scene, all in support, complete hierarchies, framers, drafters, supporters and enforcers of these laws.

            No excuse!

            Warrant all.  Note at the top.

            There is no difference between cops and nazis.  They are the same thing.  Oh! the flag of the bluecoat hyenas has stars and stripes.  The stars you see when they beat you.  The stripes they ache to put on your backs.  Red for the oceans of blood this unholy country's patriots have spilled, blue for the square light years of contusions they've beaten on even babies, white for the come running down their legs while doing it.

            If you were a Free People, these fascist hyenas would not dare think of such a thing as this.  Unless you change and get nuts'n guts and therefore a decent country, you can look forward to this far more often.  It might even happen to you.  They'll broadcast it on TV.

            Later the WTOP -lickers chirped a different tune.  Seems only fifteen Humans were publicly humiliated and, lo 'n' behold! the pepper spray did not cause the symptoms! the cleaning fluid did!  Dintcha just know?

            We're going to have to destroy the cooperate media.  You have no Freedom when the only Freedom of Speech is cooperate freedom of speech.  They cannot be allowed to get away with what they have done.  We have no choice.

            Is there any doubt why we want to roast some of them alive with apples in their mouths?



            We, the officers and Men, of the 117th Militia Regimental Combat Team, want a new government, a government founded on sound moral and financial principles, a new government that respects our dignity and our rights as Human Beings.              We want a new government not the New World Order.  We want a new government, not one that is bankrupt and depraved.  We want a new government that slaughters fascist hyenas not unchains them.  We want a new government, a clean sweep, a thorough flush.

            Thank you.


PB 10/12/1 1203: WTOP-1500 AM, the hyenas have been routinely stopping all trucks going south at the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel, and randomly stopping trucks northbound at the Fort McHenry Tunnel on the off chance one might be carrying explosives.  No authorization for this.  No warrants.  No declaration of war.  The subs just want to do this.  But when have they needed warrants?  The subhumans never have warrants when they routinely rip your cars apart.  Mediaoid said, "We have given up no fundamental rights we're used to so far".  See? See how demonic it is and what's accepted?  We never had freedom from search thanks the bluecoated hyenas, nazi faggots, so now we don't have to give it up! Sick!


10/13/1 1202: WTOP-1500 AM: We are also obviously used to unreasonable search, seizures and arrests.  Baby Bush spoke yea, saying, that we have nothing to fear but fear itself.  According to the nazi laws that will be rubber stamped in that den of inequity where the seedy greedy swelter and conspire, where the effete meet to defeat Freedom, we have nothing to fear but the government itself.  You are sitting on your fat asses and damning your child... yourselves to a fascist hyena Hell.  No Man will walk with a straight back.

            These alleged heroes of yours will watch you Women get stripped naked and/or raped, watch your children get beaten to death and maybe raped and not lift a finger to help anyone.  However, if they think someone is robbing a stinking store they don't hesitate to storm in and murder whoever they can.  And, of course, the subhuman pieces of black-robed shit will lick shit off their maggoty asshole for having done so.  And like naive toddlers you'll stand in right out in public where everyone can see you, wave  flags and call them heroes.

            Your alleged were hired to hurt you, not help you.  They are terrorists themselves.

            Heroes are zeroes.

            Imagine the paucity of a country whose seedy greedy rich politicians tell the people that it is their patriotic duty to spend money.  That country is bankrupt, it has no leaders and it is time for a new government.  In any tragedy you expect this from the cringing merchants who don't care if you all die as long as sales rise.  Where else but America?


10/14/1 1630: WTOP-1500 AM: according to the commander of the carrier Enterprise several hundred innocent Men, Women and Children are not being murdered in Afghanistan.  They are "collateral damage".  He expects this.  Ballsy!  They're good little brave patriots.  They're like, chopping logs.


PB 10/15/1 1604: WTOP-1500 AM: Florida hyenas have shot an escapee in the gut.

A major DC road closed during rush hour for investigation.


PB 10/16/1 1609: WTOP-1500 AM: DC hyenas have another major road closed while working for the insurance companies.


10/17/1 They've closed the House of Representatives because of anthrax contamination.  Terrorists have struck other public offices with anthrax.  Where did this high-grade anthrax used to terrorize the politicians come from?  Why, from them, the politicians, of course, or the scum they replaced.  Your CIA gave Sodom Insane a slew of chemical and biological terror weapons to use against the brave Iranians who threw down the yoke of your rape, torture, murder and baby butchery.  Straightway your buddy Sodom Insane murders tens of thousands of Iranians with your finest products.  Next, it used these demonic weapons against your women and boys in the Oil War.  Now your homosexual lover is using the terror weapons against the government that gave them to it.  Well, well, well, doesn't it come home to roost?


10/18/1 Recently another report of an incident aboard a Greyhound bus.  The uniformed corporate thug alleged an attempted hijacking and forced a man and woman to get off in the middle of nowhere.  That's odd for a hijacking.  What probably happened was a married couple objected to being threatened and cursed out before the bus was underway were forced to leave at gun point.

            We've witnessed a Greyhound nazi force a young man off at a small stop in the desert.  Nobody knew what atrocity he had committed.


I/O 10/23/1

BT** 1259: 12.160 MHz, American Freedom News: for a decade the Navy sprayed thousands of men with biological agents.  This war crime was Operation Shad.  They became sick, some possibly died.

BT** 1007: Perspectives on the Morning: the FBI is urging the use of torture.  This happens when the fascist hyenas are unchained from a country's founding, never curbed, never purged, not a one ever found guilty of murder.  This happens when you let the subhumans mass arrest and jail Human Beings.  Concerning which it appears they quit releasing figures on the number of Humans the subhumans have mass arrested.  They've got about 999,000 Arabs to go.  The media monkeys have neither guts nor nuts to challenge them on it, nor the reeking courts, nor chinless politicians.

BT** 1023: in New York City a former Deputy CIA Director under Clinton urges suspension of Freedom.

            Right-wing radio pinkos, limp-wristed champions of the police state, are ecstatic.  Senator Hillary Clinton, speaking at a public function in New York City, was loudly cursed by wild fascist hyenas and fire fascists.  They nearly had to be curbed by the Secret Service.  When a United States Senator cannot speak in safety because of bluecoats and fire fascist. it is time for a thorough purge.  All civil servants (masters) must be broken anyway.  Let's get it done.

            We're to die for this?

            Heroes are zeroes!

            Elect us!


            Jaever notice how these rich mama's boy Republicans, short-haired shaved-face maggot-ridden tie-wearing draft dodgers, jam their noses up everybody's assholes?  Bleary-eyed they rave about how people look, how they live, how they think!  (They should have to work for a living.)  The American patriot!  A piece of shit!  We're supposed to die for them?  It's time for a new government.  It is time for new laws.  It is time for a purge!  Elect us!


PB       On September 11, 2001, a day that the rich fear you will forget, federal prison nazis drug the high-profile Men to solitary confinement.  Men who answered a higher calling.  Men who worship God Almighty instead of flag.  Really dangerous Men like the pacifist Philip F. Berrigan jailed for alleged parole violation (originally sentenced for allegedly violating one of their contrived laws).  A prison nazi said it was for their own good, to protect them from other prisoners, who are supposed to be under control.  Actually the prison pigs are afraid of them and God Almighty.  Then too, none are more patriotic than convicts and cops.  Two of a kind!

            The prison nazis were, of course, unresponsive to inquiries.

            Baltimore Sun article 9/21/1 filed.


PERIODIC 10/22/1: World Explorer, Vol. 2 No. 9:

The Phantom Power of the Gobi Desert, D.H. Childress:

(F) * p. 29, ref. to Russian army running amok in Mongolia in 1929.

(F) I/O p. 33, Chicom police search Americans' compartment on train.


I/O p. 37, dress-wearing porn-reading shave-faced maggot-ridden homosexual J. Edgar Hoover leaked letters destroying the presidential candidacy of Vice-president Henry Wallace.


(F) * p. 39, savage commie purges in Mongolia in 1930s.


SCHO-OP p. 59, ref. to Chile/Chupacabras article WEX Vol. 2 No. 7 [11/5/00] filed I/O: alleged Chupacabras one of three NASA genetic experiments gone amok.  Witness were intimidated by Chilean soldiers.


(F) * p. 75, A Gate to the Kingdom of Agharti: ref. to nazi experiments in Czechoslovakia.


PB BT** 10/24/1 Baltimore Sun: Los Angles: Sur-prise! Sur-prise!  An internal fascist hyena review board found fascist hyena Tarriel Hopper innocent of murdering... excuse us.  Ahem! innocent of "shooting an actor" who had a fake gun at a party.  Why, Chief fascist hyena Bernard Parks herself recommended that the law enforcement police officer should not be slapped on the wrist.  Sur-prise! Sur-prise!  Warrant complete hierarchy.  Sur-prise! Sur-prise!  Article filed.



(F) * Baltimore Sun [Article filed.]  In Chechnya the Russian subhumans have raped and tortured scores of thousands of Men, Women and Children and murdered 30,000 Men, Women and Children.  Those that died quickly were the lucky ones.  These are called war crimes! War crimes!  Those God Almighty damned Russian patriots now have the blessing of White House spokesperson Ari Fleischer, its idol Flag's prophet Baby Bush and your piece-of-shit country.  The looting is endless, the extortion merciless, countless thousands of homes destroyed, hundreds of thousands of refugees.  These are called war crimes! War crimes!  These are the "unsavory characters" those rich bums in power were talking about.  And Uzbekistan that you now suck off.  There rape, torture and murder is the patriotic order of the day (as usual), and the fascist hyenas are devout!  They even beat women on the street with their substitute dicks, i.e. clubs and rifle butts.  Brave patriots!  Subhuman is the Northern Alliance, Pakistan and the rest of that unfeeling patriotic trash over there.

            Now you flag-wavin' wimps are gonna tell us that this POS country was not slapped by Almighty God?  The government does the crime, the people pull the time.  Russia is damned.  Your are damned.  The tide has turned and for what you are about to receive may you be truly grateful.  Woes shall dog the wicked like crows.

            Don't forget! You're supposed to want to die for this!  The government does the crime, you pull the time.  Let's switch the table on them!  It is time for new law, a new government, a thorough flush.


I/O Baltimore Sun [Article filed.]  The seedy greedy cowards of Congress, nearly unanimously almost totally unchained the subhumans.  Upshot is you lost two more rights you were "unaccustomed to", according to that limp-wristed champion of the hyena state.  You have lost the right to privacy and freedom from unreasonable search and seizure.  That rich punk in the White House said "Your constitutional rights are safe".  Yes, your constitutional rights are safe.  Your constitution rights are what those rich degenerates say they are.  Well fuck the Constitution!  It means what those seedy greedy twitches say it means.  What about our God Almighty given Human Rights?

            Keep your head and eyes straight to the front, keep moving and pray no dark person has or does cross your path.

The article is headlined Senate easily approves bill to bolster security.  You will be exceedingly secure in a cage.  Except, of course, from the guards.

            Did you ever think of the trash that decides out fate?  There's at least one war criminal in Congress, a porn queer, regular queers, other perverts, possibly a murderer and without exception rapacious pieces-of-shit (but they all wear ties) that should not be paid by the federal government if at all.

We're suppose to die for this!  The government does the crime, you pull the time.  Let's switch the table on them!  It is time for new law, a new government, a thorough flush.

            Even as I write, smacking their lips and hiking up trousers, lusty to commit hot new indignities, injustices and atrocities, them big ol' girls rush from their sties reeking of the last supper they dined on, a bracing repast in the latrine, fit for a fascist hyena.


PB 1158: WTOP-1500 AM, DC hyenas have a tunnel closed for one of their hyena investigations.


PERIODIC 10/27/1 World Explorer Vol. 2 No. 8:

(S) p. 7, News Roundup, ˝-n tits of Russian media monkey that strips during newscast.  No cross ref.

(F) * p. 36, The Lost City of the Kalahari, 1904- 1907, Namibia, Africa: German subhumans attempt genocide of people living there.  At least 76,000 Human Beings unspeakably murdered by German subhumans.

I/O * p. 69, Dispatches from the Field, 1944, reference to the deliberate detonation of a nuclear weapon at Suisun Bay near San Francisco.  Most of the USS E.A. Bryan and a locomotive on a pier were vaporized.  Many sailors were court- martial and workers were fired for refusing to return to the scene of the devastation.

I/O PB p. 69-70, ibid., attorney attempted to sue three federal agencies, former CIA directors, former attorneys general, and former CIA and/or "intelligence" subhumans for smuggling drugs into the country.  She has been threatened and attempts have been made on her life.


10/29/1 The US Senate is more cowardly that the House of Representatives.  Not only did they vote 100 to 0 to create another rapacious bureaucracy by federalizing airport hyenas, but those seedy greedy degenerates wanted to include a clause in the anti-terrorism bill that would allow their ass-lickers to buy and use "intelligence"  obtained overseas by rape, torture and murder.  Imagine what would have happened to innocents abroad if the House would have approved of it!  Imagine it!  You can!  Your Contras!

            They wear ties though.  That's because they don't have balls.  They won't let their -lickers seat 'em unless they wear the symbolic garrote around the old nut sack.


PB 10/31/1 1236: WTOP-1500 AM, six men riding in  two cars were detained in the "midwest" because of the color of their skin.  Learning they were released the chief of the FBI was furious.  Oh poo!  Did the hyenas have arrest and search warrants?


11/1/1 1202: WTOP-1500 AM: Oh poo! The government had to delay its patriotic macho dream of shooting down an airliner full of you.  An airliner took off from Reagan International.  A passenger found a threatening note in a magazine.  The flight was diverted to Detroit and escorted by two F-16s fully armed and loaded, bullet-headed brainwashed boys without an iota of compassion at the controls, trigger fingers itchy on the joystick.  The threat was a hoax.  Oh poo! They'll have to wait to murder a plane load of you.

            Militaries love shooting down airliners crammed with defenseless people.  Recall flight 007 shot down by the Russian ring-asses.  Recall the Iranian airliner the ring-asses of the USS Vincennes murdered in 1988.  Recall the flight out of New York recently, murdered by a navy missile out on the testing range when men went to jail for telling the truth.  Recall the Russian ring-asses shooting an airliner out of the sky in the Ukraine on October 4th.  Military morons dream about defenseless babies tumbling through the air thousands of feet to the Earth.  Scions of a death culture, not having viable families themselves this pleases them.  They won't want to do it thought.  Flag forbid!  They won't want to murder a few hundred of you at a time, but they'll have too. Macho!


            Those dastardly Republicans have attached a no-sue clause to the House version of the airport security bill.  It means the security hyenas can do anything they want to you, especially you females, because you can't sue them.  These rich pigs take care of their own?


11/3/1 Baltimore Sun [article filed], New York: The remains of victims are being scooped into Dumpsters™sm®©p and hauled to the city dump.  That piece-of-shit mayor said it was going to di this. Remember?  Do you see what you are worth to your owners now?  You're garbage to your government.  The government that owns you.  Your country thinks that you are shit.  Their businesses are worth more than the remains of your loved ones.  What the Hell! they're dead!  Hell! They're standing before progress!  Push that plane over the side.  Bulldoze those homes!  Slaughter those families!  Dis Amurikey, boy!  Business is more important that people.  To the garbage dump with the remains of those slaves.  Trash is trash!  We've got New World Order businesses to build here.

            This is your country?  You want to die for this?  If we were in power every bone would found if it took a century and that copsucking mayor and his faggot lover fascist hyenas had to spend the rest of their lives digging without pay!

            Elect us and the government will be held to  standards.  We'll slow those rich motherfuckers down!  And there will be retribution!


PB Baltimore Sun [article filed], A thousand are detained but not charged with terrorism.  They are jailed as material witnesses.  This allows the nazis to hold people indefinitely without ever trying them.  Cute! Isn't capitalist freedom democracy grand?  It is isn't it?  You'd better say yes!  Or at the very least your neighbors will slash your tires!  Well, we're going to have to look into this.


11/4/1 1030: WJFK-1300 AM, a Hebrew program, ref. to the depraved brutality of Israeli nazis at demonstrations.  The wimp announcer apologized for the outspokenness of his quest, a woman.


11/5/1 2049: 110 SCI, Science Below: First viewing of this program which had nothing to do with science.  It was about the napoleon subhuman.

            The napoleon patriot invaded North Africa.  North Africa had done nothing to it.  In sheer patriotic ferocity its subhumans rivaled those of great patriots like stalin and hitler.  In North Africa napoleon raped, tortured and murdered men, women and children of all ages, none spared.

            At Jappa the subhuman's subhumans threw babies into the air and caught them on bayonets, a favorite nazi trick.  The frog fags bayoneted old men, old women, children and the infirm.  The patriotic frog fags inspired Sloppy Don Milosevic's subhumans by raping little girls in the arms of their mothers whom they had just murdered.  (This inspired your war heroes at My Lai also.)  Once the frogs murdered three thousand POWs with bayonets to save bullets.  It took them three days to do it.  The subhumans desecrated and destroyed mosques.

            The napoleon patriot cast metals to commemorate defeats as victories.  It lied, cheated and stole.  It had the morals of an alley cat.  It butchered its own yet the frogs revere napoleon.  The patriotic subhuman napoleon is the Messiah to them.

            The host of Science Below drooled throughout with "napoleon was a great man," and "napoleon was a genus", etc.  The napoleon patriot regarded its men as shit flushing away hundreds of thousands of their lives through mistakes a moron would not make... but it was "a genus".  The jerk-off excused every atrocity urging that this is how the Middle Eastern peoples themselves behaved so it was, yea, hunky-dory to patriotized them.

            The napoleon patriot spoke the truth once yea, saying: "Give me a hand full of trinkets (decorations) and I can conquer the world".

            Anybody that would call napoleon anything but a homicidal maniac, a patriot, would suck a cock which is where France is today, a scab of a nation tittering on the brink of recognizing its worth.



            "Good even ladies and gentlemen, Dan Blather, WIMP news on location in Balk, Afghanistan.  I am honored to be seated across from the great Genghis Khan in his resplendent tent.  Earlier today I visited the ruins of Herat where over one million people were neutralized at the order of the great man sitting across from me."

            "Excuse me."

            "It is delightful," sniffing.  A fart from the Great Khan is perfume to the nose of a media monkey like myself.  We see no evil.  We hear no evil.  We speak no evil."

            "You are as wise as you are intelligent."

            "Thank you great one.

            "Here at Balk, where Zoroaster preached his cosmic battle between good and evil, hundreds of thousands were shown the true path to patriotic devotion.  In this heap of smoldering ruins, the tortured, broken bodies of men, women, children and babies, impaled on stakes up their anuses hang everywhere.  Only a cat remains alive."  Meow.     "Nice kitty."

            "I have found the Great Khan to be a warm and pleasant man, wise and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.  An animal lover.  A lover of the finer things of life.  A believer in human rights and law and order.  Oh illustrious Khan, massa sahib bwana keemasabe, what best brings great happiness?"

            "To crush your enemies, to see them fall at your feet, to take their horses and goods, to hear the crying and see the tears of their women: that is best."

            "Thank you great Khan.  So there you have it ladies and gentlemen.  The reason why the great Genghis Khan is worshipped in Mongolia to this day."

            The only good patriot is a dead patriot.  Quid pro quo.


11/9/1 WTOP: The he-she that aids and abets legal oppression mentioned a high school drug test case pending before the Supreme Creeps.  The prisoners are forced to take drug tests even for debating teams.  It intimated there was no hope for justice yea, squeaking: "...but high school children traditionally have fewer rights anybody else".  That should cause the patriots to sigh with relief.



            September eleventh, two-thousand-one, a day the rich fear you'll forget.

            What gets me about Nine One One is this.  Our rights have been a convenient fiction since Europe pinched this country off, shit this country out.  The rich and their fascist hyenas have always snickered and laughed up their sleeves at our dignity.  They had every phone in the country illegally tapped (legal or not makes no difference), every five years we get humiliated at the DMV for our ID cards, and the cowardly motherfuckers still couldn't stop a major attack within our own country.  They did not even foresee the fall of the Soviet Union but tried to take credit yea, saying, that that blithering craze-eyed air-headed war criminal Ronald "Ring-ass" Reagan beat the Soviets.  There seems to be only one thing they can do.  Remember Waco!  Remember Ruby Ridge!  Remember Latin America!

            And they take their remains to the city dump in Dumpsters™®©psm.

            An atrocity on our own soil conducted by foreigners yet the borders of this country are still open as the legs of a syphilitic whore.  "It's not about immigration," one of Bush's traitors said.  Of course not!  The rich want cheap labor.  It's cheaper, they can pry our few remaining illusions of rights from us, and it keeps us at each others' throats: citizens against immigrants, race against race, man against man, man against woman.  And, as an added bonus, they can kill your illusions about having rights.

            It is time for a thorough flush! a new government! new and few laws!

            And they take their remains to the city dump in Dumpsters™®sm©p.


            Even in death we are humiliated.  Our bodies are desecrated and we are treated like beast.  Suppose we don't want the coroner and its ghouls butchering us and abusing us, sucking us and fucking us?  Suppose we don't want the remains of our loved ones dumped in a city dump, no matter how bad the rich want the land?


            Baby Bush is going to get writer's cramp from the unconstitutional Executive Orders she is signing.  She has signed fourteen since the day the rich are afraid you'll forget.  Executive Orders: 10995, 10997, 10998, 10999, 11000, 11001, 11002, 11003, 11004, 11005, 11051, 11310, 11049, 11921.  Executive Order 11049 activates 21 other nazi-commie Executive Orders signed over the last fifteen years.  All she has to do now is open the hyena cage... and many of you go into one.

            Why is it that in this piece-of-shit of a democratic country that a President, the son of a rich boy yet, can merely sign papers and it is law?  How long has this been so?  Why would those rich nazi-commies take over the media anyway?  They could not possibly be worried about the media.  They don't need to buy toilet paper because of the media.  The media keeps their assholes clean of shit with their tongues.

            One wonders if Congress even knows of this.  Not that the seedy greedy would care.  Thirty-two commie-nazi Executive Orders that demonstrate that they truly regard you people as slaves, as insignificant pieces-of-shit.

            And you want to die for this?  It's close to what they've got in mind.


            We would rather die than live under FEMA and any of the other odious apparatus of democratic rule for a second.



The Prophet Mastodon yea sayeth:

            The united states government has unleashed its subhumans, the clones of capitalism.  Be guarded of what you say but do not let it murder your spirit.  You must communicate to others all the wrong you know of or suspect.  Remember, if you do not care what happens to others they will not care what happens to you.

            Think right, join righteous militias, train hard, eat right, love family and friends, and be strong.


♠♠ ♠♠♠♠♠ ♠♠♠ ♠♠