117th Militia



Family and Freedom over flag

© 2001 PSYWAR Office 117th Militia Regimental Combat Team


5 December 2001, Vol. 2, No. 13



            Terrorists alert! The Prophet warns!  Don't let them herd your families together into Oliver North's concentration camps or anywhere else.  Do not let them herd you together.  Do not let them take you from your homes!  Be armed! Be ready! Refuse! Assemble to defend your families and your homes!  They are psychologically primed to mass murder your families.  Those who die quickly will be the lucky ones.


11/12/1 An official blew an overtime call at a Major Indoor Soccer League game (Baltimore Blast at Philadelphia Kixx) on November 3rd.  The MISL commissioner admitted the flub which cost the Blast the game.  He would not order that overtime be replayed at the beginning of the next Blast/Kixx game saying, "We cannot change history".  Fuck history! Fair is fair!  Justice is justice!

            The official was to be disciplined.  True to its rich owners there is no mention in the Baltimore Sun article of 11/8/1 that an official was to be disciplined.


WZBA 100.7 FM: These twitches are praising the surly patriots that card people at clubs.  They throw people against walls and search them and steal private property.  Those losers even humiliate the elderly.  To WZBA they are heroes!  Can you dig it?  I've come across some lowlife ass-lickers but WZBA is cesspool-bottom patriotic.



BT** I/O September eleventh, two-thousand-one, a day the rich fear you'll forget.

            These are some of the Executive Orders Baby Bush, son of Papa Bush, rich coward, has signed since:

Executive Order 10995: Federal seizure of all communications media in the United States [TV, radio, etc.].

Executive Order 10997: Federal seizure of all electric power, fuels, minerals, public and private.

            (A) Executive Order 10998: Federal seizure of all food supplies and resources, public and private, and all farms and equipment.

            (A) Executive Order 10999: Federal seizure of all means of transportation, including cars, trucks, or vehicles of any kind and total control over all highways, seaports and water ways.

            (A) Executive Order 11000: Federal seizure of American people for work forces under federal supervision, including the splitting up of families if the government so desires.

Executive Order 11001: Federal seizure of all health, education and welfare facilities, both public and private.

            (A) Executive Order 11002: Empowers the Postmaster General to register all men, women and children in the United States of America.

Executive Order 11003: Federal seizure of  all airports and aircraft.

            (A)  Executive Order 11004: Federal seizure of all housing and finances and authority to establish forced relocation.  Authority to designate areas to be abandoned as "unsafe", establish new locations for populations, relocate communities, build new housing with public funds.

Executive Order 11005: Federal seizure of all railroads, inland waterways and storage, both public and private.

            (A) Executive Order 11051: Provides FEMA complete authorization to put above orders into effect in times of increased international tension or economic or financial crisis.

Executive Order 11310: Grants authority to the Department of Justice to enforce the plans in the executive Orders.

Executive Order 11049: This assigns emergency preparedness functions to federal departments and agencies, consolidating 21 operative Executive Orders issued over a fifteen year period.

Executive Order 11921: This allows the Federal Emergency Preparedness Agency to develop plans to establish control over the mechanisms of production and distribution of energy sources, wages, salaries, credit and the flow of money in U.S. financial institutions in any undefined national emergency.  It provides also that when a state of emergency is declared by the president that congress cannot review the action for six months.


            Thus, rich boy Baby Bush, believer in all-American patriotic war criminal Colonel Oliver North's Continuity of Government contingency.  This provides for martial law to be declared and for you to be drug to concentration camps.  The grounds are prepared.  Anyone that would compose, draft, contemplate, approve or sign such incipient atrocities as these against anyone should be tried for aiding and abetting war crimes.

            We would rather die than live under FEMA and the odious apparatus of democratic rule for a second.  What say we put them in those concentration camps?  Classic Haman's gallows scenario!  My people! Elect us and you will be free.  Elect us and you will be safe from the worst subhumans of all, your own government.  They have your bodies, they have your minds, they have your children and they are a helluva lot closer.

            Elect us!


(F) (A) 11/13/1 Baltimore Sun [article filed] and WTOP-1500 AM: The Beast/Whore United States is winning in Afghanistan.  Let the atrocities begin!  And the atrocities have begun!  The Beast/Whore's homosexual lovers are robbing, beating and murdering wounded men begging for their lives in the streets.  Groups of men trying to surrender are savagely beaten and/or murdered.  Looting prevails.  Meanwhile their war criminal leaders are crawling into bed with the "leaders" of the American military, faggots all.

            Complete hierarchies.

            Are Taliban soldiers drafted?


(CA) 1206: WTOP-1500 AM: a Falls Church, VA, male has been jailed for sexually assaulting a five-year old girl.  What does sexual assault mean?


I/O 1211: Fairfax, VA: An 83-year old woman has lived in her home for fifty years.  Local politicians who want her land have declared her an undesirable resident and are evicting her.  Bulldozers, driven by patriotic hard heads wearing hard hats plastered with flag decals, are standing by.


I/O 1636: The Supreme Court unanimously ruled that you cannot sue a credit company after two years regardless of its crimes against you, and whether or not you knew it committed crimes against you.  The TRW Corporation of California stole a woman's identify aggrieving her.  This is not uncommon.  Credit companies are out of control.

            Warrant all and credit corporations in general.


(CA) 11/14/1 1013: WTOP-1500 AM: a DC woman stabbed to death her fifteen-month old daughter.


PB 1048: DC hyenas have closed a major road, Route 1 to Route 32.  A hyena chopper flies overhead.  No explanation why.


PB 1128: Whitemarsh, MD, Interstate 95 closed for eight hours so the police could take photographs, measurements and collect evidence for the insurance companies.


I/O BT** 1101: WTOP-1500 AM:

            The rich Republican on the White Horse has authorized military kangaroo courts, death courts, by the stroke of a pen.

            Like the sneaks those patriotic freaks are, after hours yesterday it was released that the piece-of-shit in the oval orifice has signed another Executive Order ordering secret military trails for foreigners who are alleged, in secret, to be connected with terrorism.  One of that Christian crusader's ass-lickers said "their civil rights will be respected".  Was that a joke?  No, it was a crime.  Civil rights! Get it?   No mention of Human Rights.  Civil rights are what they say they are.

            If a Human is suspected of terrorism, or anything, why would the trial have to be secret?  What are they trying to hide?  Why a court of those black-booted shaved and shorn morons?  To the homosexual military mind you are guilty if you are not exactly like them, and they can tell if you're guilty of something just by looking at you.  And they're so perverted they don't even know the difference between a woman and a boy.  There is no such thing as military intelligence nor military justice.  They are oxymorons.

            Rich Republicans are fighting a war on terrorism.  One of the ass-lickers, it might have  been Christian crusader Ashcroft itself, said to regard as prisoners of war.  Are those who are alleged to know something about terrorism prisoners of war?  Even prisoners of war have rights, not those America holds of course, but they are suppose to have rights despite the Whore-Beast.

            Yeeee-ha! Ride 'em cowgirl.  Richy Rich is on a rampage.  Rape the people's rights!  Richy Rich and his rich Republican vigilantes.  Yeeee-ha!

            Complete hierarchies including their liars.


I/O BT** Over 1000 human beings have been arrested by a secret court and are held indefinitely incognito.  Their attorneys, if they are allowed attorneys, are not allowed to present evidence.

            Yeeee-ha! Ride 'em cowgirl.  Richy Rich is on a rampage.  Rape the people's rights!  Yeeee-ha!

            Complete hierarchies including their liars.


            With all the alleged proof those rich Republican queers have against Osama ben Laden, why can't the public see it?  Why can only the British government see it?  How strong is the evidence?  I mean, it's been alleged, in secret, that Osama ben Laden is the mastermind but is it true?  How do we know?


            And they are hauling the remains of the victims to trash heaps in Dumpsters™®©PSM.


PB I/O BT** 11/16/1 0813: 12.160 MHz, American Freedom News: Maine: A female pacifist tried to buy an airplane ticket for several days.  The fascists refused to sell her a ticket and the machine-gun toting National Guard subhumans roughed her up.

            Complete hierarchies of airline and National Guard.  NM, of course.


            Those rich nazi-commies have always wanted this country locked down.  With their bluecoats and brownshirts they locked down the highways and byways to walking and hitchhiking in the sixties.  Next they declared all motorists and their passengers de facto criminals repealing the few rights they might have had left.  Now this.  There no excuses!  The tide has turned.  We are in the storm but the tide has turned.  We will be thorough.


 I/O BT** Turns out that the military kangaroo courts can murder a Human Being if only of the bullet-heads think he or she is guilty.  Now those all-American subhumans can imitate those commie subhumans that they have always admired.  Now they can rape, torture and murder men, women, girls, children and babies, their families and friends and nobody who cares will ever know.

            Richy Rich the Republican has unchained the howling hyenas of capitalism, the odious apparatus of capitalist rule and you don't have any guts.  The Ashcroft subhuman has uncaged its FBI subhumans, the butchers of WACO, to arrest Humans for pretend crimes like jaywalking.  Secret courts decide who is to be hit.  Thousands of Humans who may or may not know anything about terrorism have disappeared into the American gulag... incognito, indefinitely, without trial or being charged.  Now the Americans can be like the commie subhumans they admire.  They will blind them, rape, torture and murder them and show no mercy on children nor babies.  Richy Rich the Republican has unchained the dogs of democracy and you don't have any nuts.

            Yeeee-ha! Ride 'em cowgirl.  Richy Rich is on a rampage.  Rape torture and murder!  Yeeee-ha!

Remember what Richy Rich's ass-licker said.  The Christian crusader's ass-licker said "their civil rights will be respected".  Civil rights! Get it?   No mention of Human Rights.  Civil rights are what they say they are.

            Those rich Republican commie-nazis are doubtless beatin' each'n other off with patriotic zeal.  Reach arounds'n shit.

            Complete hierarchies to be tried and for aiding and abetting war crimes.  To the guillotine with them!  Off with their heads.  Like the camps, Congress is ordering them, we'll use them.

            And they are hauling the remains of the victims to trash heaps in Dumpsters©SM®P.  But they care about you yellow-bellied pieces-of-shit.  They care about you.  Suuuurrre they do.


            There has been almost nothing from the radio media monkeys on the military moron courts, and even less than that from the Baltimore Sun, a patriotic rag infamous for licking shit off the assholes of fascist-hyena murderers (bluecoats) and publishing pornography.  Matter of fact, if you are rich or in power the Baltimore Sun sees to it that your asshole stays squeaky clean, and you never have to buy toilet paper.  The Baltimore Sun, however, is not even good for that.


I/O 1033: WTOP-1500 AM: National Guard subhumans have been deputized by DC Capitol hyenas.

Those nazi-commies have wanted to repeal posse comitatus posse for centuries and have on many occasions, as those who read us regularly know.  They want to get rid of Freedom.  They hate Freedom.  They are afraid of Freedom.  Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to get rid of them.  Let us have a thorough flush.  Let us ensure nothing sticks to the side.  There are no excuses.

            And they are hauling the remains of the victims to trash heaps in Dumpsters™©SMP®.

            And you're willing to die for this!


I/O 11/18/1 Why is it that the fascist Comcast Corporation can have people arrested and jailed for receiving unauthorized cable service when they had nothing to do with hooking it up, or when it was on when they moved in?  They threaten this often daily on their various naked and cowardly channels.


11/19/1 America is indeed pissed.  The people just don't have the guts to admit how.


(F) (A) BOOK 11/20/1: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, © 1989 Stephen R. Covey, Simon & Schuster Sound Ideas, audio cassette.  Ref. to an Austrian psychiatrist who suffered among other unspeakable atrocities patriotic nazi sterilization experiments.


PERIODIC Ancient America Volume 6 Number 41, PO Box 370, Colfax, WI 54730:

I/O (SO) pp. 33-35, Pseudo-Archaeology by Iron Thunderhorse.  Connecticut: The State Archaeologist and Attorney General have "declared war" on native American scholars.  The State Archaeologist sends e-mail barring them from digs, spreads lies about them, screeches hoax in light of incontrovertible evidence to the pre-Columbian antiquity and technological development of native Americans.

            The States Attorney has instigated legal proceedings against them.

            There are no excuses.


I/O p. 36, U.S. Navy Atlantis Cover-up?  On the high seas vessels of The Atlantis Organization doing research for the Spanish government have come upon an amazing find, a columned building on the Atlantic floor.  They tried sending photos of it but the United States Navy jammed their telecommunications.  Then the U.S. Navy harassed them, chased them from the site endangering them.  They were trailed.


(F) (SO) p. 39, Latest Discoveries Show the Maya in a New Light by Frank Joseph.  Honduras: at the First Copan Congress only true-believing establishment archaeologist of the most slavish nature were allowed to speak.  These alleged scholars are the type that scream and pull out their hair merely at the suggestion of the extreme antiquity, advanced science and technology of Humanity in the Americas.


PERIODIC The Old Farmer's 2002 Almanac, Dublin, NH 03444.

(S) This was a decent old-American publication until this year but  its first female editor has brought a feminine touch, a deluge of filth: a cunt covered by a patch and its fully naked ass-slabs; naked beasts hugging, its arm pressing its own dugs; ˝-n tits and other filth.

I/O p. 139, ad: ref. to a doctor being closed down and run out of the country by FDA for allegedly discovering a cancer cure.


(F) (A) 11/26/1 1155: WTOP-1500 AM: Afghanistan: U.S. warplanes were called in to help murder up to 300 Taliban prisoners of war.  These Men supposedly rioted in prison.  Supposedly they secreted weapons into prison under their robes.  Ridiculous!  In no photograph of Taliban, most of Taliban surrendering, did they wear robes to war.  Supposedly they captured a weapons truck in prison.  Ridiculous!  These Men had peacefully surrendered.

            A government ass-licker, that formerly licked asses in the Navy, said in a fake deep voice those he-shes use  formerly with the Navy, "There was sentiment in that area to see them killed to begin with".  What does that sound like?

This was an atrocity.  This was a war crime.  There are no excuses.  Complete hierarchies including government liars.


I/O 1202: The Supreme Creeps, those slime-sucking sewer-spawning patriots, unanimously refused to review a case appealed by the UAW.  Seems the NAFTA bill was not passed by two-thirds of the Senate as required by the Constitution.  So actually it's not a law it's oppression enforced by the gun.  This is old hat for the commie-nazis.  They make it up as they go along.  Witness the Federal Reserve System, among other enforced illegalities.  The Federal Reserve System is a private bank controlling your money.  The bill creating it was never passed by a majority.

            Hell! if it cost Americans jobs and/or their rights no matter what it is it's legal.  Those queers declared we don't even have the right to a union.  The fact is there is no law in this country.  Rather there is no law for the rich, only working people.  When it suits them the rich do what they want.  The rich own and run this stinking POS country.

            And you wanna die for this?  You're gonna wave that stinkin' rag?  Are you crazy?  They are hauling the remains of the victims to trash heaps in Dumpsters™®©.

            Warrant all.  No excuses.

            The Baltimore Sun, outhouse fodder by the rich to the poor, did not care to cover this.


(S) 1253: WJFK-1300 AM:  Afghanistan: the Navy flew out six near-naked Miami Dolphin cheerleaders to taunt and humiliate the women and boys aboard an aircraft carrier, little better than seagoing brothels as they are, by gyrating their pestholes and assholes, tits and nips before them.  That's all the Navy and this country have going for it.  The whore boats have doubtless been on station like during the Oil War.  Guess the only way for those boys to get fucked is to have Aunt Sam supply it free.  Most of them have never been fucked in their lives.  This is the "freedom" and "civilization" that sorry excuse for a man on the White Horse and his -lickers beller about.  Wonder if the near-naked Dolphin cheerleaders will be working the whore boats with their kin?

            Patriotic psychology: dangle those hard-nippled tits, gyrate those pestholes and assholes before 'em, fires 'em up.  It works! They'd rape little girls and boys and babies for Flag now.  What it's all about.

            And you think this is worth dying and/or killing for!  They are hauling the remains of the victims to trash heaps in Dumpsters™®P©SM.


PB c. 1555: WNSY-1570 AM: Jacksonville Jaguars receiver Jimmy Smith was stopped for allegedly DWI and tested for drugs.  Did they have a warrant to test him?  Why, no?  And if they did so what?  What you people can't get straight.  There are no excuses.  It is routine for the bluecoated nazi-commies to cut and bleed Humans accused of almost anything.  Elect us and this sort of thing will end abruptly.  Ex post facto punishment for the pigs.

            [Sun paper article filed 11/27/1.]


PB (CA) BT** 11/27/1 0833: WQSR-102.7 FM: news: At the Victor Cullen Center in Frederick, MD, the Children are routinely attacked and assaulted by the bluecoated cocksuckers in power, and possibly by staff.  This happens routinely at many Maryland prisons for Children.  Because we have a liberal wimp for a governor nobody is even whispering about punishing the fascist-hyenas.

            [Sun paper article filed.]


(S) BT** 11/29/1 1445: WJFK-1300 AM, sports talk: The Jim Rome Show, a female ballerina kicks field goals for a college team.  There is "chest bumping".  Where does the beast shower?  Assuming it does?  If it has a chest it couldn't be much of a ballerina.  Then what is it? exactly.

I/O One of our officers sought to borrow a book on funerary rituals at the Baltimore County Public Library.  His card needs renewing.  They checked his license before filling out the application  then after filling out the application.  There is no excuse for this.  This is nazism.  He had to put his social security number and the long drivers license number on the fucking form.  It is against federal law to require a social security number of anyone for any purpose but, of course, the law is ignored because it helps the rich and depraved.  It says on his card that he agrees to be searched on library grounds.  Hey! Bung-sniffers! he refuses.  We refuse.  We never thought we'd see the day that a library required listing.


12/4/1 1302: A government -licker that attended war crimes trials in some capacity said that secret military trials and executions are groovy-cool for terrorists because terrorists are war criminals.  We were under the impression that military subhumans that conduct secret trials were war criminals.  An accused terrorists is not necessarily a terrorist much less a war criminal.

            How come democratic war criminals are not prosecuted at all?  In the rare instances the subhumans are prosecuted they are given public trials with million dollar lawyers paid for by the very people they patriotized before they are released.  Why?  Governments look after their own.  Hell! the subhuman Pinochet, the Chilean dog rapist, the whipper of little girls, vigorously protected by England and the whore-beast Margaret Thatcher, does not have to stand trial at all, one of the filthiest pieces of patriotic shit to ever come down the tube... Pinochet and Thatcher.

            Governments take care of their own.  If the Taliban had owned oil wells it would be a different story.

            Sixty percent of Americans are blithering idiots.  Sixty percent of these diffident pampered poltroons favor secret military courts and executions.

♠♠♠♠ ♠♠♠

Our children are not educated they are indoctrinated.

—The Prophet Mastodon.

♠♠ ♠♠♠♠


12/5/1 reference: 11/9/1 WTOP-1500 AM: The he-she that aids and abets legal oppression mentioned a high school drug test case pending before the Supreme Creeps.  Why bother?  They don't consider children Human.  The prisoners are forced to take drug tests even for debating teams.  It intimated there was no hope for justice yea, squeaking: "...but high school children traditionally have fewer rights anybody else".  That should cause the patriots to sigh with relief.

            There have been cases where bluecoated cocksucker-motherfuckers, male and female, conducting search and destroy missions in high schools, herded the youth into the halls and attacked them ripping off their clothes until they were naked.  Of course, nothing was done about it.

            In Pennsylvania, a state of whores and queers,  elementary children were attacked and stripped naked by faculty and administration allegedly looking for evidence of child abuse.

In Chicago they once unleashed convicts to rape and beat students.  Of course...

            No child is safe from being threatened, humiliated, attacked, stripped naked, robbed and/or beaten by the gutter trash running American schools.  Even rape and homosexual attack is par for the course.  And, of course...

            Your children are forced to do voluntary community service.  This is called slavery.  Why can't welfare recipients do this work and we're not beating up on them.

            Like the subhuman fascist-hyenas, those liberal commie-nazis will watch a kid getting beaten unconscious by a school patriot, bloody and losing teeth, and if the child swings back even once, they'll suspend the child who was viciously beaten on her way to the hospital.

            Those are not public schools, those are government schools.  Those are jails, training camps to terrorize your children into being good little bovine prisoners of the New American Pig State, sheeple without dignity, who instantly obey without questioning, morons that don't know the difference between a man and a woman, except when it comes to teams and locker rooms.  The beasts invade the Men's but the Men can't enter the beasts'.

            American schools are training camps for wimps.  Based upon the Prussian example of clock-trained blind-obedience, they are not designed to educate but to indoctrinate.  To mass produce good citizens without the nuts God Almighty gave a gnat, the brains It gave a clam nor the compassion It gave a wolverine.  Wills broken with the whip if possible, the American government destroys their pride, their dignity, their self-respect and their souls in its lust to squeeze out and pinch off willing sacrificial victims for every bully, child abuser, teacher, administrator, bluecoated fascist-hyena, subhuman piece-of-shit judge, lawyer, politician, supervisor and other criminal to slither to the surface from the pit of the cesspool of patriotism.  With no sense of Freedom or Justice they are putty in hands of the government, shit under the shoe of the rich that own and run this country.


            The fascist hyenas get state funerals, the remains of your loved ones are hauled to city dumps in Dumpsters™®©.  The remains of our loved ones mean nothing to them.  Our homes mean nothing to them.  The lives of our families, our children, mean nothing to them.  They regard us as animals.  Elect us and we'll slow them down.

♠♠♠ ♠♠♠♠


The Last Leaf

© 2001 Youngman Grant


To live forever I would not wish on a dog

A bat a cat a shoat a hog

A gnat a rat a goat a frog

I would though, on a foe

Longer to fear death

Wait long enough

And the corpse of mine enemy

Will be carried before me.


Dago Charlie died

Thirteen crazy nuts carried his coffin

He happened a little at a time

Pinning his medals to his chest

Cigarettes rolled in T-shirt sleeve

One in his mouth

He will be sorely missed for the pain he was

Cemetery Hill cockeyed gaped

With a gap-toothed smile

No stiffs allowed


Borne aloft on updrafts of hate

Wings unfurled to the winds of death

Thirteen turkey vultures sailed

Over Cemetery Road

Thick with canned stiffs brine pickled

Dozens of dozens more gyred

Hyena values in hearts clutched

Like an inbred's smile


Dago Charlie died

Thirteen crazy nuts lowered his coffin

The toast came from a bag

Purple Haze the boom box blazed

A reefer passed


The End of Days


A tiny earthquake tickled trees

The last leaf fell.