117th Militia



Family and Freedom over flag

© 2002 PSYWAR Office 117th Militia Regimental Combat Team


5 January  2002, Vol. 3, No. 14



            Terrorists alert! The Prophet warns!  Don't let them herd your families together into Oliver North's concentration camps or anywhere else.  Do not let them herd you together.  Do not let them take you from your homes!  Be armed! Be ready! Refuse! Assemble to defend your families and your homes!  They are psychologically primed to mass murder your families.  Those who die quickly will be the lucky ones.



I/O 12/5/1 c. 0830: WTOP-1500 AM: Cape Canaveral: Oh poo! The air force missed a chance to murder an old Man flying a private plane within several miles of the space shuttle.  The space shuttle, that humongous cock America shoots into orbit in lieu of the lack of balls of its Men.  Like vestigial wings.  A symbol of manhood but it's polluted too of course.  Seems the gentleman had a medical problem while flying and momentarily lost his way.  The "space ahuttle was in no danger".  Whew!  Maybe next time fellas.


(CA) 1208: Washington, DC: a Cameroon couple kept a fourteen year old Girl like a slave.  They kept her naked and she was raped often.  Their lawyer/jackal said they  "treated her like family".  For one of them I guess.


I/O 12/6/1 1201: WTOP-1500 AM: fat cat Senator Pat Leahy, Democrat, Vermont, says Baby Bush should use secret military murders because it would "legitimize them".  Typical bloodthirsty patriotic  thinking.  Legitimize war crimes by war crimes.


12/9/1 The plot to mass murder you in the sky is called Operation Noble Eagle.  Noble Eagle.  You are the shit to be flushed down the toilet of the rich en mass, the government and its gutless morons sans morals are "Noble Eagles".  They'll be decorated and when they die, buried in Arlington Cemetery.  The remains of you and your families will be taken to the city dump in a Dumpster™©® and forgotten with the rest of the trash that got in the way of the rich.


12/9/1 Large photo in Baltimore Sun of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld holding out his hands to show that they were clean.  Yesterday Attorney General John Ashcroft said: "Taking peoples rights in gradual steps is not violating their civil rights".  Typical bloodthirsty Republican thinking.


PB 12/10/1 1305: WTOP-1500 AM: Washington, DC: a verdict is to be pronounced on hyenaette Stephanie Moore for unleashing its bloodthirsty German shepherd law enforcement police dog on two homeless men.  Why did they bother to take it to court?  You already know the verdict.  And the all-American morons whine and pine, "Why, oh why did the United Nations repeal Americas' civil rights certification?"   They can't figure it out.


12/12/1 1855: WQSR-102.7 FM: Big ol' fat Don O'Brien had a contestant call in.  "What's the first rule of live radio?" he asked.

            "Don't say anything nasty," the fellow replied, humiliated for the asking.

            O'Brien, like the rest of these DJs, (dirty jerks), are so afraid someone will get on the air and speak the truth.  He's insulted and hung up on Men who called in answer to an off-color question fatty itself asked.  Further proof that the media, especially its radio ring-asses, are doing a bang-up job of protecting you from the proof.


12/13/1 0850: WRNR-103.1 FM, news: Maryland and Virginia are going to build yet another bridge over the Potomac.  Baby Bush refused federal funding because Governor Glendening wanted Union labor agreements enforced.  He backed, of course, pissing himself.  Recently the Supreme Creeps, in a rare display of Manhood/justice, ruled that Baby Bush, a piece of Republican shit, rich nazi-commie, did not have the right to dismiss Union contracts with an executive order.

The tide has turned, people.  This is the storm.  The Tribunals follow despite the bang-up job the media does in protecting you from the truth.


I/O PERIODIC 12/16/1: Baltimore Sun: It says here in the funny papers, The Boondocks by Aaron McGruder, that Baby Bush has signed a "finding" unchaining cia subhumans to RT&M.  Not that the subhumans weren't already unchained, but this enables that shit to brag about it.  What's that rich coward (like his father) going to sign next? a grocery list?  Then the patriotic shit will be unchained to murder Humans for buying pencils.  Hotcha! Yeeeeeeee-ha! Ride 'em cowgirl!

Comic filed.


WJFK-1300 AM, (et al.): Our opinion is that the Partnership for a Drug Free America is a pie-eyed coagulation of bung-sniffers, drips that had they lives they would not know what to do with them.  Their anti-drug PSA aimed against youth is designed to hate not help.  For years the twitches have been exposing lies, prejudice, ignorance and hate mongering about youth to the public, little better than pie-eyed twitches themselves.


12/17/1 WNST-1570 AM: Boy worried about people cussing on his sports web site.


I/O 12/18/1  0806: WTOP-1500 AM: Richy Rich plans to appoint ass-lickers to high office while the Senate is recessed.  The piece-of-shit in the Oval Orifice appoints its rich ass-lickers with a stroke of a pen, yet the moronic people think they're free.  There's little hope.


(S) BT** 12/19/1 3 MAX, "The Arrival", © 1996: Rated PG-13 but not for depravity a completely naked Mexican animal is aired as well as full ass-slits, a nipple and various tit exposures.  Note at top.


(CA) 1603: WWLG-1360 AM, news: Chicago: female found guilty of murdering her three babies.


12/20/1 44 COM, Saturday Nite Live (Episode with the band Hole), DOO:

BT** 1259: buxom blonde VJ leaps onto a male straddling it with its legs, ass-cheek sagging.  Then it rolls on the floor, jacks open its legs and freezes.  Completely naked ass except for a string over its filthy stinking pestholes and up its crack.  Cunt mound.  Note at top.

BT 1301: Saturday Nite Live (Episode with JD), DOO: close-up(s) of VJ's ˝-n tits bending over.

1337: ad: American Original, scent for women, tits  and dirty dancing.


Tomorrow Congress gives $250,000 to surviving "family members" of the survivors of the terrorists attacks.  Even to queers and cunt-lappers.  The seedy greedy Congress reduces us  to the cesspool of its existence.  They must agree not to sue the World Trade Center and other capitalists greed mongers.  Why?  Why can't they sue if they want to?  Is it their entitlement or not?  Why are there strings attached?  Freedom is but a convenient fiction.  In America, Freedom is like a dog leaping for a bone.


Our Capitalist Utopia


1) We are starved, and beaten with pig clubs.

2) The pigs can tell living from dead, guilty from innocent, at a glance but can't find the murderer of a child in a rich family of four.

3) Federal agencies vie with local agencies to become the most depraved.

4) Defend and mend?  It's divide, bend  and rend.

5) No mediaoid will curse the pigs.  When did they ever?  Media monkeys lick shit off pig assholes.  They wanna suck their dicks and cunts.  The media trivializes, popularizes, neutralizes.

6) They must pay for their crimes against the people.

7) Black-robed turds called judges have always licked shit off'n pig assholes.

8) Domestic man is bound to an image.  That image is a shitty rag called a flag, worshipped by weak willed subhumans who do not have the guts to say no, therefore do not have the guts to be Human Beings.  Sown by the Elohim, tended by the rich, who do not work, the Patriotoids found rank fields of noxious depravity ripe for the plucking.  The compost of patriotism allowed the natural depravity of patriots to luxuriate.

9) Crime against the people including rape, torture and murdering babies is routine.  (In the screenplay but the patriots are working on it.)


12/29/1 WJFK-1300 AM, The Lawyer Show:

You want Dignity, Peace, Freedom and Justice in America?  Kill all the lawyers like Carl Sandburg said.  Here's why.  Four rich lawyers, commie-nazis, took ass-licking and shit-sucking, synonyms for their profession, to a new low if you can believe that.  Ass-lickers first class step forward for your reward.  It draweth nigh.  They devoutly and gratefully licked the assholes of the patriots and system perpetuating the gross and arbitrary humiliations on travelers.  One of the... ah... queers? said they only humiliate those that "look weird".  Wonder what it looks like?  Probably like a girl.  "Where the executioner's face is always well hidden." 

A Hard Rain's A-gonna Fall

 —Bob Dylan. 


            As you already knew, the joy boys overflowed like a toilet with fulsome and sickening praise for secret kangaroo military murders.  They want to suck off Ashcroft and the Injustice Department I have no doubts.  Rhetorical question: How do these jolly joy boys feel about the government mass murdering you in the skies?


I/O     A Baltimore City Man, framed by Maryland prosecutors, has served 27 years for a crime he did not do.  A judge has, I guess, reversed the decision.  The Man's still in jail and might be tried again but the judge figures the State of Maryland should not have told the jury the Man was a dope addict and felon when he was a hardworking college student, etc.

            No cursing of the system that did this, the system that murders so many innocent People and lets the pestholes run naked on the streets.  The lawyers, of course, oozed praise for the system.  Curse? Hell! they didn't care an innocent Man was caged 27 years.  They were overjoyed at the system! the system! the system!  The  degenerates slobbered to suck judges and their fascist-hyenas off.  And the cowards/patriots used this as an example of the fairness of secret kangaroo military trials and executions.  How?  What's the connection?

            As you see by the BT* Injustice/Oppression listing we don't feel this is an occasion for ass-licking but ass-kicking.  Unlike lawyers we do not find this as an occasion for shit-sucking but to flush the judicial toilet.  The purge will include all responsible.  There are none more dangerous and depraved than those in the system!  The purge will be legal!

            Question: If the trials are going to be righteous, why must they be hidden?

            No dignity, no guts, no integrity, no glory, same story.

            Lawyers are why you live in fear of bluecoats and other government queers.  Lawyers are why you have almost no Freedom.  Lawyers are why the United Nations repealed your country's Human Rights Certificate.  You want Dignity, Peace, Freedom, Justice, Guts and Glory?  Slaughter all the lawyers.  Now there's a story.  Fill Oliver North's camps up with them then flush 'em out.  Then fill 'em up again.  Then flush 'em out.  And let's keep doing that until the last patriot is dead and the New World Order is a fart in the Tornado of Justice.


Who is more foolish, the boy afraid of the dark or the Man afraid of the light?

—Maurice Freehill.


            In the conservative region far from the chaotic edge, individual elements coalesce slowly, showing no clear pattern. 

—Ian Malcolm (Michael Crichton).


What you don't use you lose.


Happy New Year!


I/O 1/2/2 0802: WTOP-1500 AM: At airports the crass and ill-bred nazi-commies, incapable of learning and obtaining social grace, many of whom can't speak American, are randomly frisking people and forcing them to remove their shoes.

It's merely a matter of routine.


I/O 1/3/2 1003: WWLG-1360 AM, news: A man was given 21 months for lying to the FBI.  This obscene.  The FBI is not yet a court.  These people are not under oath.  This requires justice.

PB 1403: Dallas, Texas: the fascist-hyenas murdered a Man alleged to have murdered someone.  SWAT subhumans have long been jury and judge.  The people, terrorized by these terrorists, required no proof.  The person murdered by the murdered may have been murdered by the SWAT subhumans.  It's legal for them to murder anybody on the scene y'know.  A SPOBRS said so.

1404: Las Vegas: A woman was hit by a car then hit by another.  Neither stopped.  A third car hit her but stopped.  By now witnesses had robbed her backpack.  How American!  No good Samaritans we! Thet's quar!  The hyenas did not arrest the vultures.  Had they tried to help her they would have been arrested.  We'll have none of that in the land of the free home of the cloven.  It's all her fault too.  She was allegedly jaywalking.


(F) c. 2400 GMT: 5.974 MHz BBC World Service, news: The United Nations has proof that 52 civilians including 25 children and 10 women were murdered when you bombed a village in Afghanistan.  This is called an atrocity.  Atrocity.  Yet another war crime attributed to the American sheeple.



            Why do they hate you?  Let me count the ways.  But I can't count the ways.  Not without help.  I would need a larger staff.  Truman and Eisenhower's Cuba; Eisenhower's Korea, Nicaragua, Guatemala, etc.; Johnson and Nixon in Vietnam, Latin America, South America, Africa, Indonesia, etc.  Nixon in Chile, Greece.  Reagan's contra subhumans, El Salvador, Latin America, South America, Africa, Asia, Cambodia, etc.; Bush's cowardice during Bosnia but it had you fight the Oil War.  Clinton's Burma and the mass murder of students in Korea, etc.  Clinton and Baby Bush's invasion of Columbia atrocifying, patriotizing, terrorizing defenseless people in the "war on drugs" which is a war on poor people and your dubious rights.  For the last forty years atrocities in the Philippines and now Richy Rich has sent twenty-five special forces subhumans to, as a Filipino faggot said, "Help us war on International Communism".  Since Bush, Clinton, Bush have vied with each other to see who can give International Communism the best sucking-off (Those boy could suck chrome off a trailer hitch) we thought Communism was dead.

Will you assholes ever learn?  They fear that you will.  That's why most never get to read this newsletter.  The media is doing a bang-up job of protecting you from the truth.


            September eleventh, two-thousand-one, a day the rich fear you'll forget.


            The most depraved congressperson gets hundreds of times the benefits of the most shattered veteran.  Yet veterans are stripped of their benefits if found guilty of a felony while  congresspersons, who destroy millions of lives, suffer... nothing.  Merely getting elected to that den of inequity makes them and all their families millionaires.  When a chinless wonder is found guilty of a felony or just being a creep, it should not only be tarred, feathered, driven out of town on a rail, perhaps burned at the stake, but it should be stripped of all benefits including retirement.  All of it!  Prior to the crime and after!

            Congress should not be paid by the federal government.  Neither should the essentials of office be provided by the federal government.  Bottom line is, no elected official should be paid.  If anything they should pay for the privilegii based on their wealth.


Dear R.H.:

            What you've come across is a long standing policy of airports.  You don't shit in the shitter unless the loser that licks the toilets clean says you can.  You can be arrested for that as former DC Mayor Marion Barry learned.

            America! No place to poop!  A country as ill suited to human habitation as this one, as uncomfortable, hateful, atrocified, patriotized and terrorized as this one! must fall.  Will fall and my friends we'll all breathe a lot easier when it does.


            The Prophet Mastodon's feeling better.  He sends his best wishes for the New Year.  “May it be the year of our liberation.”



The Hammer of the Witch


Lo'n go!

Wafted on a moony beam

In the canoe of destiny

Paddle forbidden on that stream

A yahoo strong the best in me

Churning an augur to ream

Not even an oarlock

Cranes by the flock

Shaman, warlock

Poopy do

Skeleton trees hooty hoo!





Caved beneath barren boughs

In the bosom bowered

I stepped ashore to screeching owls

The huddled witches glowered


Witches sigh and witches groan

Around the cauldron piss and moan

Rings three counterrevolution

Sweetly oiled machined devolution


"Fungus among us."

"Have fun debung us."

"He be de witless witness."

"He be de shitless pissless."


"Coven woven chant'n cant."

"Freaks'n neaks rave'n rant."

"Power powder in the pot."

"Closely gather see what wrought."


The Earth shook and critters booked

Got hat out of town

Caught a plane and flagged a train

No one breathed a sound


She came through the trees

A pleased disease

To show me the world they made

That with ease a redolent breeze

Their graves to grease

That I would even be paid


Hecate fair sprinkled a pinch

Giggled'n wiggled gravy wrench

Sparkles tickle tingle burst

The troubled pot bubbled worst

Blackened melting pot fell curst

Shimmied and shook

Flapping like a fish on hook

Gypsy of the blade: look look look!


Seething soup toadstool rose

Upon the top an ankh it froze

Balm your ears, hold your nose

Say your prayers and touch your toes


Upon the ankh a temple sat

Robes'n smoke'n pus-eyed cat

And a great blue heron cacking

Flew low the trees a-hacking


Little sheeple fat and dumb

For the rotund butcher plum

Breathing in the sludge she raised

Smashed 'em flat to end their days

Flatter'n a flea

Without a thought or single worry

Hurry, scurry, hurry'n curry


They call her the Mushroom Huntress

She hunts by the light of the Moon

They call her the Mushroom Huntress

Those critters with a spoon

And crossbow, Oh no! Ah so!

In a chop suey soon.


Hecate spake:

"An oath forsake

Take a rake

On coals shovel and thank her.


"Creeping banker suckin' onna tanker

Of sludge I drudge

Spitting on a budge or

Reeking corporate nazi

Hotzee totzee

Queer judges packin' fudges

In their pudges with plunger handles

Roto Rooter toot toot tooter

To the camps with black robed scandals

Shellacked'n cleaned

Pilot the big mean Green Machine

Over their prostrate bodies

Feet to head, popcorn worms

Squirm squirm squirms

To lard greasing the asphalt

Historical mob craving power

Brotherhood bitter dregs by kegs

I think you'll need a tower

Creeping Jesus

Up ya trellis tell us

Moses poses with Mahomet

Mahatma with Mahound

Smile as I do frown

An iron bottle of urine

Your foe gives you to drink

A softball and a cricket ticket

For a carnival of flesh

Dropping a quarter in the iron-faced

Fortune telling machine

Squawking materialistic platitudes

Of true love'n crap

Pap about all you're going to have

Enrapt hearing of

All the shit you'll have

To thee free be."


"Let me see if I've got this right.


"The carney's ace devil dog Hobo

Fire breathing barks white bursts

Hoses their hairy knees

And shinny shin shin

N'chinny chin chin

Plastered they drool

When Selene, lady, dances the Seven Veils

Thinking themselves free."


"Yes'n give over unto:

Morpheus came through juggling

Three coconuts and a honey dew

His electronic blizzard

Sizzling snowflakes

Cancers cooperate gizzard

Of fuzz a static buzz

Cuz, static in the attic wuz."


"Dust prevaileth

Music welling between the swelling

Ears for fears

Electrostatic automatic."


"Yea'n say:

Light blizzard

Light blizzard

Scurry behind the encyclopedias

Might wizard

Might wizard

Blinded by colors of psycho medias

Deafened by the bells in Hell's Dells."


"Oh, I get it.

Sermon us down business boys

You bein' so moral'n all

Slave massas

Words to enslave from rappin' corpses

Dummies on the knees of dummies

Hairless'n careless

Get without it

No gravy on you mashy taidy

And a row of icicles

From the awning pending

Now you know that

At long last you know

You slobbered on

A fake baby stillborn

Vapid like a dud."


"Yes'n go:

Per scallop lousy preachers

Leechers in the bleachers

Lechers in the peppers

In breeches on deck, or stiff

As usual in the john

Readin' one-hand magazines

No mercy, Percy

First persecute."



Poems from Potsherds © 2000 by Regimental Poet Youngman Grant.