117th Militia



Family and Freedom over flag

© 2002 PSYWAR Office 117th Militia Regimental Combat Team


1 April 2002, Vol. 3, No. 15



            Terrorists alert! The Prophet warns!  Don't let them herd your families together into Oliver North's concentration camps or anywhere else.  Do not let them herd you together.  Do not let them take you from your homes!  Be armed! Be ready! Refuse! Assemble to defend your families and your homes!  They are psychologically primed to mass murder your families.  Those who die quickly will be the lucky ones.


I/O 1/7/2 c. 1710: WTOP-1500 AM: Washington, DC: the City's twenty-one nursing homes are subhuman.  The prisoners get no medicine, poor food, bedsores, which they should not have, are not treated and a poor old blind woman whose hands are crippled is forced to lick her slop from a plate.  Even a dog deserves better treatment than our People get at the hands of a government.


1/13/1 The National Football League is flooding the country with wimpy propaganda ads which sound like something a first grader would believe.  Based around your "heroes" defending our basic Freedoms, I call attention to the adjective basic.  Since those queers find it necessary to modify Freedoms with basic, it means you're less Free than you thought you were, doesn't it?  They did not mention what these basic modified Freedoms are.  Freedoms are given by God Almighty.  They cannot be modified, only suppressed.  Professional sports players are bellwethers and their leagues are slave owners.  They are owned by the leagues they play for.  They have no Dignity, no Honor, no Freedom.  Their basic Freedom is that they can swallow their pride or starve... same as yours.

Those trying to sell stuff and the media are bad with this wimpy, lying and intelligence- insulting propaganda, but all sports including sports networks and talk shows are far the worst  and they're so pampered and deluded that not only do they believe themselves Free in their chains, but they think they are brave soldiers fighting a war when they are on the field.  By God Almighty! they really do.  They're like little boys who never grew up.  Bellwether sports!

            September eleventh two-thousand-one, a day the rich are afraid you'll forget.

            Speaking of propaganda the critics are raving about Twenty-four, a series about the mass murdering, mother murdering, fbi.  There's also a program on about the subhuman commie-nazi cia.  Now there's one about those subhuman pieces of black-robed shit the Supreme Court.  Your tax dollars are involved in producing this shit.  They rob you to lie to you so they can rob you.  There's a series coming up about the nazi-subhuman kbg.  You're doubtless paying for this as well.  Why Hell! girl! it's the New World Order.  Those rich Republicans would starve your Children to air that shit.  Any and all of it!  Why! it's just one big happy he-row protected family.

In New York City they scoop the remains of the victims into Dumpsters™®© and haul them to the city dump.


            The anti-drug ads those freakin' do-gooders broadcast on sports networks and everywhere else are demeaning, intelligence-insulting and not designed to help youth but to play upon America the Whore's hate for its young by firing up the patriots.



PB 0905: WWLG-1360 AM: A Baltimore pig begins trial for murdering his girlfriend and "her boyfriend".  Quick! What's the verdict?


1000-1004: WTOP-1500 AM:

(CA) BT** A Boston priest is charged with eighty counts of sexual Child abuse by people it molested decades ago.  The bleary-eyed Bishop apologized for keeping it secret.  Complete hierarchy.  No mercy.

The news shill began by calling these acts of patriotism sexual Child abuse then changed it to abuse.

(CA) A Texas patriot begins trial for murdering his Wife and three Children.


(CA) 1601: WWLG-1360 AM: Mexico: an American accused of murdering his wife and three Children has been arrested by 20-30 heroic fbi and Mexican subhumans.


            Rich Republican Richy Rich is spieling that free trade will pull the economy out of its nose dive.  8.2 million Americans are out of work and Richy Rich says free trade will save us.  Free trade is costing you people your Freedom and your way of live.  Free trade might someday help the economy but it's never going to help you.




            Demonstrating the slavery and terror we live under, and the depravity of the capitalist free enterprise democracy system of justice law, think about this: in sports if you are struck, beaten to the ground, that's OK but if you strike back you get penalized.

Now think about school.  In school the school patriot(s) can beat the shit out of your Children.  The school patriots are uncaged and encouraged to knock their books out of their arms, kick them over the hall, pound your defenseless Children to the floor and kick their faces in.  The homosexual teachers will watch this.  But if your Child should defend his or herself the least that will happen is that he will be expelled.  He could even go to jail.  Teachers and administration don't like that.  They are flag-waving liberals, whores and queers.  Want to know why Johnny can't read?  It's dangerous being intelligent.  Want to know why suicide is the leading cause of teen deaths?  Who wants to live in a slave state?  Who wants to live in a county where patriots rage uncaged?  Betrayed by their parents Children look through the nightmare tunnel of life in America in stark terror.  Who wants to live in a piece-of-shit county like America?  And they parade those bluecoated fascist-hyenas coward-ass shit-lickers before them many times a year.  Woe be to the Child that, overcome with emotion and sports and media propaganda, should touch one.

            Now here's the part that might cause you women and boys a twinge of trouble.  It's the same on the streets.  Your he-rows will watch you women get your clothes ripped off and raped and not lift a pudgy finger to help you, but if you swing your purse to protect yourself you'll be defending yourself in one those dens of inequity before a subhuman piece of black-robed shit for assault.

            Your he-rows, those bluecoated cowards, will watch you wimpy boys get beaten to death and dead or alive as soon as the patriots are done with you they'll call the black Maria.

            Savage beatings on the streets are routine and sought after when it comes to your Children.  It's the highlight of a bluecoat's day.  Your he-rows hate your Children more than anybody or anything...  Your spoiled brat Children who want peace and never have to work a day in their lives.  Vigilant in their duty to terrorize they pounce upon anyone attempting to help your Children (or you) during the beating, or tending their wounds, with consummate violence, clubs and guns.

            Your he-rows!  The capitalist free enterprise democracy system of American justice law!  Hey! we of the 117th Militia Regimental Combat Team flush better shit that your he-rows down our toilets.  We leave better shit that your he-rows in cat-holes out in the field.

            You people are terrorized from cradle to the grave and you are trained like bone-jumping dogs to praise it, to love it.  You don't know friend from foe, good from bad, right from wrong, love from hate.  You don't know a hero from a zero.  You! are in a heap o' trouble.

            It is time for a new government.  It is time for a thorough flush.  No subhuman piece of patriotic shit shall stick to the side.  America is like a huge toilet bowl and together with God Almighty we will flush it.


            Reviewing last ish, Vol. 3 No. 9, we came upon 12/29/1 WJFK-1300 AM, The Lawyer Show.  Those joy boys were also lauding pilots that amble among waiting passengers (with riding crops?) like nazi concentration camp patriots selecting defenseless Humans for death by torture.  The pilots get to humiliate Humans by sending them away.  One lawyer/ass-licker said, "I would certainly feel better seeing the pilot refuse to let someone on because he did not like his looks".

            "Me too.  I certainly want a big strong," drooling he swallowed, "pilot protecting me by throwing people off his flight."

            "Me too.  A pilot should have this right! A god [flag] given right!"

            Do you gutless morons see how patriotism works now?  First you let the bluecoats decide whose life shall be destroyed at a glance on their say-so and nothing else.  Now any subhuman piece of patriotic shit in a uniform decides your fate at a glance.  Are those swaggering pie-eyed jet jockeys clairvoyant now?  What does one of those creeps use as a guide other than its prejudice? the lust to embarrass and threaten hammered into its empty head since it was a boy watching television?  You'll have to be naked before you get on a plane before long.  You're already naked on an x-ray screen.  And you'll still be shot out of the air by another uniformed faggot.  How much of this protection can you take?  Seems your he-rows are confused about where to aim the guns.


PB(CA) BT** 0851: WRNR-103.1 FM: Within a few months in Maryland's juvenile jails there were 114 assaults on children by dick-sucking guards, uniformed, unchained, and lusting for steaming bowls of shit.  The lawyers and ass-lickers call Maryland The Free State.  All! Hierarchy!


BT (CA) 1/16/2 0848: WRNR-103.1 FM: A Howard County teacher has been arrested on "sex charges".  This includes sexual assault on a fifteen-year old boy.  Howard County is Merlin's whipping county.  Very patriotic is Howard County.


1/17/2 0903: WTOP-1500 AM: The rich have dispatched their media monkeys to learn if people minded the new somewhat ridiculous security regulations at the airports.  They asked people standing in a quarter-mile line at a DC airport and how they felt and, lo 'n' behold, they didn't mind.  It's like when those vultures descend on Wall Street asking the pudgy little back-stabbing cowards and cowardettes if they support the current war, whichever it is.  One jolly baker's wife said, "Looks like America is finally catching up on what the Europeans have been doing.  We've been lagging behind on this.  I'd suffer any inconvenience for security."

            Looks like that cow will get her wish.



1/18/2 1254: WTOP-1500 AM: The Osgood File: "There was a time when a security police person or a law enforcement office would have been praised for arresting someone for the way they looked, the way they talked, what they said, even for the way they walked..."  Was?  Where's this bleary-eyes homosexual been?


WTOP-1500 AM: Over there in Limy Land they're bad as those seedy greedy shaved 'n' shorn pieces-of-shit in Washington.  Oxford University did research proving that sex does not kill old people.  Brutes in government, simpletons in academia, cowards for people! the plum is ripe for plucking.


1/21/2 1135: WNST-1570 AM: Bob Hany Show, a quest went to a sports bar yesterday to watch the big game.  Children were playing before the screen.  He was ready to "kill the children".  He-row!

(F)(CA) Russia and Maryland have a lot in common.  They're both Commie and have turned their institutional hyenas loose on children.  In Russia, America's homosexual lover, children as young as five, whose parents were murdered by the kbg and military queers, would rather starve and freeze on the streets than be patriotized in state shelters.  Oooh! big brave modern man.  He be de he-row of de flag.  He be de flag fag.

Sun article 1/20/2 filed.


I/O 1602: WWLG-1360 AM (and Sun article 1/20/2 filed): The Talaban prisoners are kept in cages at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, heavily shackled hands and feet.  This expresses the cowardice of the military because if there's anything those women and boys can get away with doing to somebody those little ass-licks will do it.  They shave and shorn these religious Men by force.  If there's anything the military and the American queer fears, especially the military, it's long hair and beards on Men.  Look at the boys! but thing is, boys only get shorn because the women are better than them.  If a Man has no control over his own hair, he has no Freedom.  If there's anything the patriotic queer fears its long hair and beards on Men. 


            Did you ever see clips or flicks of those poor terrorized civilians rounded up in Vietnam?  Question! why are so many of the Men's mouths bleeding?

            The media monkeys have a field day.  Thousands of mentions in print, television, radio about how the Men in Afghanistan flock to the world's oldest homosexual institution, barbers, to be humiliated.  We don't believe it.


1605: WWLG-1360 AM: A cop "struck by another motorist" on Joppa road December 26 has died.  They neglected to say that the other motorist was a cop driving drunk.


PB 1/23/2 1703: WTOP-1500 AM: Philadelphia: a Man being booked for auto theft hurled himself through a plate glass window and plummeted to his death.  His hands were shackled behind him and he was being escorted by two hyenas.  We're supposed to believe this you see.  There will be a rash of these incidents like in years past when bluecoated New York City subhumans routinely hurled Humans off buildings.


1/24/2 1310: WNST-1570 AM: Bob Hany Show: Bob is slobbering and praising the publicly naked whores in Mardi Gras parades.  With a note of glee in his voice he also said, "You will see some big breasts but it's all good, it's all fun."  Good clean fun, folks.  Y'know, get these sports laid it would straighten sports right out.  They're boys who have never had a piece of ass in their lives.

BT** Naked monkeys in Mardi Gras parades.


I/O 1/27/2 The subhumans have arrested 735,000 Humans for alleged marijuana related offenses.  No stats on how many the subhumans have patriotized: humiliated, injured and/or murdered.  The amount of people addicted to marijuana and cured: zero.

Remember? “It rots your teeth”.


BT** 1/28/2 2015: 35 A&E, ad: "The Bold Look of Kohler", DOO: one strips to white bikini briefs; full ass-slabs and -cheeks, cunt mound,  ¾-n tits.

BT** 3138: ad: Mexico travel, close-up of nearly naked ass in blue SS; other ass-cheeks and -slabs,  ¾-n tits, etc.


1/29/2 In Baltimore County schools the degenerates are actually teaching elementary children, this is no lie, to invite homeless people into the bosom of their families, and that stripper is a viable career option.


1/29/2 Ancient America Volume 6 Number 42, DOO:

PERIODIC (SCHO-OP) p. 16, Establishment Professionals Fake Evidence by Frank Joseph: "Jana Schulman, an associate English professor at South East Louisiana University, Kari Ellen Gade, Chairperson in the Department of Germanic Studies at Indiana University, and three other as yet unnamed coconspirators confessed, to having made a bogus runestone in 1985 to discredit any pre-Columbian provenance for the Kensington Runestone and cultural diffusion generally".

            This type thing is by no means uncommon.  It is never punished.  Fakers, so-called debunkers and hoaxers should suffer dire punishments.  They bar the door to truth.  The government robs us to pay them to do so.

            Because of the unmitigated and unrelenting rage and hate unleashed by academia and patriots on the family of the farmer that found the Kensington Runestone, his daughter committed suicide.  A century-plus later the rage and hate have not abated toward that farmer's descendants.

Minnesota Vikings OK doh!


2/2/2 WTOP-1500 AM: WTOP's designated ass-licker said: "The fbi and nsa want even more power to collect information even though than can analyze only a small portion of that they collect now.  This is only human."


Baltimore Sun, Feb. 4, 2002: Bung boys Richard L. Hubbell and Paul Williams in an article inflated to nearly a half-page with a drawing of a soldier balancing the scales of justice on its shoulders are slobbering on the virtue of jailing thousands incognito without trial and figuratively licking shit off the godly and virtuous military commissions that may torture and murder them in putrid camps and stinking basements, and those that brought this specter about.  They say al-Qaida yielded its rights with its acts of war.  Since when?  These joy boys are among those eggheads that don't give a fig about the fate of our POWs in North Vietnam, from Korea or World War Two.  If al-Qaida has no rights, why do those Yugoslav subhumans have rights?  What about the Chilean subhumans like Pinochet, that other South American patriotic shit? the nazis?  As you'd expect Hubbell is son a of Sam and the other shit-nose, Williams, a law professor, and you know about lawyers.

            Because someone is accused of something does not mean that they did it.  There is no such thing as military justice.  It's an oxymoron.  What goes around comes around.






(F)(A) 2/4/2 1201: WWLG-1360 AM: news: The subhuman cocksucking special forces murdered twenty innocent and defenseless Men, Women and Children in an Afghanistan village.  The cia has tried buying off the next of kin at a thousand dollars a head paid in, the repeater's voice was cheery: "crisp new one-hundred bills!"  That comes to $20,000.  Compare that to the millions the government is giving the next of kin in the terrorists attacks of September 11, 2001, plus the multi-millions given to businesses allegedly affected.  You know the terrorists attack I'm referring to.  It's the one where they're scooping the remains of victims into Dumpsters™®©PSM  and hauling them to the city dump.

            These innocent Villagers did not shoot back.  They had no weapons.  They were asleep.  Had there been any danger of them shooting back the special forces ass-lickers/dicksuckers would not have been there.  Special forces, like SEALS, etc., are not soldiers, they are cowardly murderers.  The Men, Women and Children are always asleep when, wearing night vision goggles, America's brave girls sweep down upon them.  The all-American special forces nazis raid at night when everyone is asleep like the homosexual murderers they are.  It's military!  Has nothing to do with bravery.  They murder families in their beds.  Sometimes they and torture then murder them.  In Vietnam they raped.  When it comes to a standup fight with equals, these special forces queers shit themselves and run away.

            Meanwhile that rich Christian Baby Bush, a.k.a. Richy Rich, in Florida tells its uniformed women and boys that "The Forces of Freedom will prevail".  Other than us there are no forces of Freedom, unless he means the forces of Freedom are filthy lucre.  If the terrorists hated Freedom they would never had attacked America.

            We have other ideas about Freedom.  This is another atrocity.  NM.              Complete hierarchy.  Note at the top.

            Their report was not carried on WTOP.               

Never in history have governments had such a bottomless cesspool of ignorant, depraved and cowardly males to draw upon for soldiers.  The only good patriot is a dead patriot.

            In Bush's State of the Union Address he described Iran as coveting weapons of mass destruction and exporting terrorism.  Sounds like Little Lord Fauntleroy was thinking of America.

            Yet when one repeater for the Wall Street Journal gets killed the State Department calls it an "outrage".  Baby Bush called it a "barbarian act".  Those rich shysters did not call murdering reporters such when it happened in Chile and elsewhere.


(F) 1633: WSFI-107.9 FM, "Family Radio," news: Israeli cowardly spy subhumans, like their Palestinian brothers, planted a bomb in a car murdering four.  The Israeli spy subhumans admitted this.  And we're supposed to care about their fate.


Insights #204: The Right Honorable Reverend Dr. Joel Neederhood (needer set) slobbered over the tongue-lashing Attorney General John Ashcroft, a rich Republican and sorry excuse for a Human Being, gave US Senators.

Like all its ilk this cheek-turning cheese-eater, The Right Honorable Reverend Neederhood, is all for the subhuman Ashcroft and the barbarity being contemplated by the Department of Injustice and the military subhumans.

            Cross-toter Neederhood finds Christian virtue in secret military tortures and executions.  It is saintly that (Ashcroft waxing angry at the seedy greedy that his virtue could be impinged), that legal council may not be provided.  It is an act of Christ itself that the military subhumans might not inform Congress of their rapes, tortures and murders, i.e., the Americanizing of these Islamic devils.

            The rich Republican Ashcroft was curt, testy with the Senate committee even though they were afraid of him, licked shit off his rich Republica asshole.  That'll fix those seedy greedy Senators.  Who needs 'em anyway?

            You idiots better wake the fuck up out there.  This relativistic attitude to justice enables them to put you in one of Oliver North's or FEMA's concentration camps if they don't like your looks, if you didn't leap fast or high enough when one of the all-American POS snapped its fingers.


BOOK SCHO-OP 2/8/2: Mystery in Acámbaro, Introduction by David Hatcher Childress, © 2000 Charles Hapgood and David Hatcher Childress, ISBN 0-932813-76-3.

            Concerns the 33,500 art objects found in Acámbaro, Mexico and mentions the 20,000 inscribed Ica stones.  Objects depict Men interacting with dinosaurs, Stegosaurs, Brachiosaurs, space beings, etc.


P. 15, rival Acámbaro collector seeks to discredit collection.

Pp. 16-17, Smithsonian Institution and other corporate archaeological authorities conduct campaign of misinformation, destroys its file on the case.

P. 17, corporate archaeologists demand a retest of  the Acámbaro objects to affirm the 6,400 year antiquity.  University of Pennsylvania sabotages tests.  Another team of experts go dumb after learning the objects originated in Acámbaro.

P. 17, cowardly Mexican scholars refuse to believe evidence before their eyes.

P.18, independent labs cannot be found to test the objects.

P. 57, the Granby Stone found in Granby Colorado, dated 1000 BC by Chinese characters, also featured a Brachiosaur and mammoth, obverse-reverse.  At 66 pounds, 14 inches high, the Granby Stone was stolen.


PB pp. 60-61, Lawndale, Illinois, 25 July 1977, 2010 hours: A ten year old boy was lifted and carried 35 feet by one of two giant birds believed to be of an extinct species called pteratorns, having wingspans of 24 feet.  Corporate experts crowed it was impossible.  The bubble-bellied sway-backed game warden that should be flogged called the boy's mother a liar.  The lad suffered trauma.  His hair turned from red to gray.  The local SOPs, sons of patriots (sons of Sam, trash the sons of trash) began attacking their home and throwing dead birds on the steps.  We suspect it was worse than this.


P. 80, corporate archaeologists refuse to examine Acámbaro collection.  Owned eggheads with a wave of the hand brand the collection a fake.

P. 81, funky debunkers, cowardly and depraved, call all concerned liars and cheats.

P. 81, local Chief of Pigs Acámbaro gives permission to dig in a home on-site even though people were living in the house.

P. 84, Director of the American Museum of Natural History, Inc., declared bones of a suspected large unknown birdlike creature "earthly concretions", whatever the Hell that is.

P. 92, ongoing destruction of adobe homes to "gather evidence".


[2/10/2 1936: WCBM-680 AM, 21st Century Radio: as  suspected the lad attacked by the monster bird in Lawndale, Illinois became the constant victim of  school patriots.  These SOPs, patriots sons of patriots, are so depraved and vicious that school administrators quake before them and no child dare defend herself because of the school administration.]


2/11/2 WTOP-1500 AM: an ATM machine spewed out money on several patrons.  No need to fear.  The rotund banker, swell fat fella, wasn't going to press charges because the money was returned.  You can go to prison for that, you know.


2/13/2 WTOP-1500 AM: Chief Pig for Prince Georges County is retiring.  One of the most cowardly and depraved fully armed mobs of fascist-hyenas to coagulate, violence still rages upon the innocent and defenseless from them but the good citizens are in the streets crying.  Pigboy go bye-bye.

            In Russia when they sought to tell the people of the incomprehensible crimes of the greatest patriot that ever lived, America's good buddy Uncle Joe, (70,000,000, those that died quickly were the lucky ones) they were met with rage and indignity.  Uncle Joe be de he-row.  One old female cannibal wrote, "You want me to throw my life away".  Exactly what should be done, literally, and they should be helped.  There are no excuses.


You can tell America is a culture of death because of its attitude toward crying babies, and only crying babies.


PB 1704: WWLG-1360 AM: Howard County, Sentinel High School, five students 14-17 years old were descended upon by fascist-hyenas and administrators because a child was "lethargic in class".  There were searched without regard to sex.  Allegedly marijuana was found.  Early reports said the subhumans moved on a tip from some dirty patriot.  And the rich queers that own and run this country can't figure out why suicide is the leading cause of death of teens.  Every time a kid OD's it's a suicide.  Wonder what happens if a child falls asleep in class?  SWAT cocksucks attack?


(S) BT** 2/16/2 1441: 44 COM, "Canadian Bacon", PG (1995), DOO: long-lingering close-up of nearly naked ass of beast in blue swimsuit rolling in snow.

1445: "candy striper" T.M., full ass-slabs and cunt mound in panties.

This shit should be rated X unless PG abbreviates pussy good.  Note at the top.


I/O (M) BT** 2/19/2 1200: WTOP-1500 AM: California: Two 120-pound law enforcement police dogs attacked a 33-year old woman in her apartment building and ripped out her throat.  For the first time in history dog owners, a pair of SPOPS the Nolers, are on trial for murder but nothing will be done about it.  This is America and a Human was murdered by a dog, not a dog thankfully exterminated by a Human.  Note at the top.


(S) BT** 2/20/2 1258: 42 TOON, ad for game: Jack the Daxter, DOO: three-to-four near -naked leering sneering cunt-monkeys in bikinis.  Gratuitous display of filthy animals.  NM.


BT* (CA) 2/28/2: 44 COM: Saturday Nite Live, DOO:  ref. two Virginia school teachers (patriotic subhumans) that spanked a female student.  They are claiming, and will receive, federal immunity from prosecution as is per usual.


PB BT** 1101: WWLG-1360 AM: the subhuman pieces of black-robbed shits on a federal appeals court have overturned the conviction of three New York City commie-nazis for torturing and assaulting the anus of a Man.  The dicksucking queers, in so many words, said that the jury had been exposed to the truth.  Is anybody surprised?  Now do you all-American cowards know why the United Nations stripped this piece-of-shit of a country of its Human Rights certification?  The message from these rich lawyer demons is that it's OK for the fascist-hyenas to torture Humans, just so nothing is said.  Sound familiar?  It should.  Remember, they are not going to see you and like you.  America, you wimps, I give you your he-roes.

            And guess who paid their astronomically lawyers' fees?

            Complete hierarchies  NM.  Note at the top.

            September 11, 2002, the day the rich are afraid you'll forget.

            New York: The remains of victims are being scooped into DumpstersSM®P© and hauled to the city dump.

            It is time for a new government.  America is a huge toilet bowl.  We must flush it.  Let us be thorough in our flushing of the American toilet bowl, ensuring that no subhuman piece of patriotic shit sticks to the side.

            With the blessing of God Almighty it shall be done.


1511: WWCR 12.160 MHz, Genesis Communications Radio Network, The Midas Report: hosted by Michael Midas, this rich Christian Republican thinks Nixon should have nuked Vietnam because it would "Have saved a lot of lives", as he puts it.  She thinks  it's a jolly good idea.

1532: The queer also thinks suspicious pilots and pigs should randomly murder any and/or all of the passengers aboard a airplane because, "One might be a terrorist".  Surprised?  We're not.


(F) (CA) 3/2/1 1751: WYPR 88.1 FM, Weekend All things Considered: Bucharest, Romania: Filming "Children Underground', a documentary about homeless children and the horrors they suffer, a shopkeeper was filmed kicking a fourteen year girl in the back and jumping up and down on her head.  Passersby (nor film crew), lifted a hand to help.  Double disadvantage for the children.  Not only is Romania a middle European country seething with simpering middle European wimps, but they are the ass-lickers left by the subhuman Iron Guard.  Any manhood or womanhood Romania had was screamed out as they were being raped and/or tortured to death, perhaps beheaded.  Half a century of atrocity and not an Iron Guard patriot was punished.

(A)      Ref. Brazil where the parents were raped and/or tortured to death under the democratic aegis of the United States of America.  Children are murdered wholesale on the filthy streets by patriotic government thugs or other children (young patriots) in the pay of the Brazilian government.

            "Children Underground" documents many cases of young girls and boys physically and/or sexually abused, raped, at home, by shopkeepers, etc.  The  United Nations estimates 150,000,000 homeless children world wide.


BOOK Anti-Gravity and the World Grid, edited by David Hatcher Childress, © 2001 Adventures Unlimited Press, ISBN 0-932813-03-8:

p. 215, SCHO-OP, ref., two films showing Tibetan monks levitating huge stones 250 feet up a shear cliff with acoustics confiscated by The English Society and never seen again.

p. 250, (S) BT** ref., California brewery sells beer with naked cunt-monkeys beneath scratch off labels.


PB BT** 3/5/2 0747: WRNR-103.1 FM: An fbi subhuman shot an alleged unarmed bank robber in the face.


PB BT** 3/6/2 0847: WRNR-103.1 FM: On Friday an fbi SWAT subhuman was relieved from swatting after shooting a 20 year old Anne Arundel Man at a traffic stop, as she put it.  This was an armed roadblock where you yourself could be murdered if you forgot the routine.  You have been trained like monkeys and they expect you to remember it.  The Human, "May have been reaching for his seat belt".  Better wear those seat belts folks.  Dire penalties if you don't.  To say it was relieved fools you into thinking it's permanent.  It is not.  Voters! have no fear for your nazi.  Quick Draw is still drawing a nice fat government paycheck.  You SWAT bugs, you see.  They're fighting a war and you're in the way.  Whether or not this is the same atrocity as that of 3/5/2 the slut did not say.


Baltimore City fascist-hyena Major Donald Healy has "Decided to retire".  This subhuman gave orders to search every black man at a bus stop until a rapist was found.  The subhuman said, "I have decided to retire.  It is best for the police force."  The beast profiled and terrorized Human Beings for 29 years, now, instead of going to prison camp, it has "decided to retire", with great big fat taxpayer benefits and, doubtless, an incredibly expensive ceremony and party the public will be barred from attending though they paid for it.

0921: State politicians and other sexual perverts are meeting to further restrict the Right to Bear Arms.  The limp-wristed disk jerk said, "Hopefully they will.  Guns have but one purpose."  I listen until its program was over but the queer would not give its name.  Liberal nazis (queers and lesbians), have the airwaves.  They have the media.  We can never say anything in rebuttal.  Rock'n roll is a tool of the oppressor.


3/7/2: The WRNR disk jerk's name is Alex.  Lick's hyena ass and won't give his name.  What's that called kiddies?


3/8/2 New York: The remains of victims are being scooped into Dumpsters®™© and hauled to the city dump.  But not the remains of he-rows.  The bones of a hyena and an ex-marine were found!  They were not scooped into Dumpsters®©!  They'll be given state funerals.


(F) (A) 3/13/2 1601: WWLG-1360 AM: Afghanistan: Baby Bush's boys have murdered fourteen more men, women, and children with air strikes.  No excuse.  Pitiful! it's pitiful!


PERIODIC 3/14/2: Ancient American Volume 7 Issue 43:

p. 6, A Last Visit with Helge Ingstad the Man Who Found the Vikings in America, Jerry Americ.  He discovered Vinland at L'Anse aux Meadows in the coast of Newfoundland.  Corporate scholars accosted him at conferences calling him a fraud and liar and accused  him of forging evidence like they do.

p. 9, Strange Relics from the Depths of the Earth, J.R. Jockmans.  Lawn Ridge, Illinois, twenty miles north of Peoria: December 4, 1871 drilling an artesian well the bit dug up a coin of an unidentified copper alloy from a depth of 114 feet.  This indicates an age of 150,000 YBP (years before present). The coin was machined and covered with undeciperable writing, symbols and a strange animal.  Corporate scholar Professor J.R. Lesley said the coin was a practical joke, obviously dropped in a hole by a passing French or Spanish explorer.  So this egghead believed that the coin was dropped in a 114 foot deep hole so that a hundred years later a drill bit with a four inch tolerance would bore on that exact spot and this for a joke.  The failure of Darwinism was apparent by 1871.  Enough coins have been dug up for the ages to fund a university of truth.

In 1851 in Whiteside County a well-drilling bit brought up a hook and a ring from 120 feet or 150,000 YBP.


            Nampa, Idaho, 1888, a boring bit began to pump sand at 300 feet.  Numerous clay balls some more than two inches in diameter coated with iron oxide were brought up.  At 314 feet a Human figurine made of the same material as the clay spheres was brought up: 2 MYBP.

            In California in the Days of 49 astonishing finds of skulls and artifacts were made mining for gold: 9 to 55 MYBP.

Paluxy River, Texas, Human footprints overlaying dinosaur footprints: 60 MYBP.

In the Uinta Mountains of Utah was found a fossilized Human skeleton.  It had been buried with reverence: 100 MYBP.

Llano River, Texas, an iron hammer encased in stone was found along with a hand print: 135 MYBP.

            At Antelope Springs, Utah, was found a shod Human footprint in stone.  Microscopic examination reveals the fiber the thread was woven from.  Under the left heel, worn on the outside, is a crushed trilobite: 505-590 MYBP.

            We have not even scratched the surface.  The government robs us to pay those cringing corporate scholars to lie to us.

SCHO-OP p. 17, Who Are the Looters, millions of dollars worth of artifacts (some priceless) are looted from museums by government workers and/or corporate scholars every year.  A particular target is evidence of pre-Columbia visits, evidence disproving that Clovis bullshit and evidence disproving Darwinism.  Some of this evidence is looted so it can be destroyed.

Priceless manuscripts are carted from our archives, signatures are cut off others.  This is particularly true of evidence proving the government's endless atrocities and injustices, the existence of unapproved (revealing) phenomena, etc.


p. 18-21, Explorations of Hernando de Soto (1539-1543), Iron Thunderhorse.  Unchained by its king to "conquer, pacify and populate the lands" (from Texas to Florida) for four years the Spanish subhuman:

Used dozens of law enforcement police dogs to rip apart countless Indian Men, Women, Children and Babies.

Threw helpful guides to the law its enforcement police dogs.

Burned hundreds of towns and villages, raped, tortured and murdered tens of thousands of Men, Women and Children.  Destroying their food stocks as well as towns tens of thousands starved in the winters.

Reaching the town of Cofitachequi the Spanish subhumans murdered every Man, Woman and Child they could catch,  

   robbed and shit in the temple.  The Spanish subhumans bestowed the blessings of Christian civilization on all the towns and

   people in a wide area.  The gracious leader of Cofitachequi, a woman and her entourage, were also robbed.  She was

   tortured, kidnapped and used as a shield and interrupter.

The town of Talomico was plundered but the people were spared Spanish patriotism because they were wiped out by the

    plague the Dogs of Christ brought with them.

At the town of Coosa, the most powerful talwa of the Southeastern Ceremonial Complex, the Chief, presented in great

   state, was seized along with his Men, whipped, placed in iron collars and chains and used as beasts of burden.

At the Battle of Mabila the Spanish Christian patriot murdered 5,000 Human Beings.

The Hounds of Hell, the Dogs of Christ raped, tortured and murdered hundreds and burned dozens of towns and villages  in Choctaw Oklahoma.

In the spring the Spanish he-row raped, tortured, murdered and burned south to Anilco in eastern Louisiana where it spread the blessings of Christian civilization by raping, torturing and murdering all the Men, Women and Children in a large area burning all towns and villages.  Its law enforcement police dogs were sicked on many Children and Babies.

The Spanish subhuman continued Christianizing, atrocifying, patriotizing, civilizing, Spanishizing... Americanizing if you will, along the western bank of the Mississippi when it thankfully died, its death like the death of all patriots, a blessing to Humanity, sorta like nature took a shit.  Corporate American considers this subhuman piece of patriotic shot a he-row.  Many things including towns and cars are named after it.


p. 23-26, Sequoyah: The Man Behind the Myth, A Review by Mack Bettis.

In 1750 British patriot Alexander Cumming, a demon in a uniform, got the Cherokee chief drunk so he would appoint a traitor that favored the English as "Super Chief".  Degenerate white playboys had already vowed to usurp the tribe by marrying into them.

By 1779 the English subhumans had raped, tortured, murdered and burned the Cherokee west to a single village, Red Horse Village.

In 1780 the American white subhumans patriotized every Man, Woman and Child in the village except for young Women taken as sex slaves.  The Spanish subhumans had Indian slaves, mostly young girls.  They branded their foreheads with a Christian cross to show ownership and keep out the Devil.

1788 Sequoyah married a young Shawnee woman who he found raped, tortured and left to die by American subhumans.  The Americanization of the Indians was picked up where the Spanishization and Englishization left off.  There was some overlap.  They would be Christianized or else.

Patriot George Washington, a first class farce, summoned Cherokee chief Dragging Canoe to come see him in Philadelphia, city of brotherly love.  Dragging Canoe and his delegation were made drunk.  Bribed with junk made overseas, combined with threats to mass rape, torture and murder all their Men, Women, Children and Babies and burn   

all their towns and villages, Dragging Canoe was forced to sign treaties he and his delegation were not allowed to read.  The boy who couldn't lie grew up to be a patriot.  His teeth rotted out because of the lies he told.  I mean, any man who'd  wear a wig...

The white demons poured into Cherokee land like an overflowing toilet.  Again a Cherokee delegation went to Philadelphia to meet the first presidential patriotizer of the Indians.  The Indian delegation was told it was protocol to drink whiskey with the President.  Again the toothless wonder who could not tell a lie got them drunk and again sign a self-defeating treaty.

A Governor Blount of North Carolina sent word that it wanted to exchange prisoners.  When the Cherokee brought in the white dogs they were attacked by soldiers, uniformed subhumans.  The bluecoats murdered many of the Cherokee.  Some, mostly young girls, were taken prisoner.  Sequoyah was shot in the shoulder.  His sister and daughter were made slaves.

When the subhuman Blount heard Dragging Canoe was murdered by American he-rows it ordered the military cowards to patriotize all Cherokee towns and villages.  Dragging Canoe's two widows and daughters were raped, tortured and murdered.  All towns and villages were burned and the bluecoats occupied the ashes to prevent the Humans from having a place to stay.

The Americanizing was thorough.  Anyone who could not escape or trusted the Humanity of the bluecoats was civilized.  Among them three chiefs, and countless Men, Women, Children and Babies were raped, tortured and murdered.  Food supplies were destroyed.  Thousands starved and froze to death.  Deportations to federal prison camps began.  Almost all Cherokee historians had been patriotized.  Sequoyah was the only historian left.

Chief Double Head was made drunk, and signed away all but a patch of Cherokee land.  He and hundreds of families were deported to federal concentration camps out west.  He was then murdered by an ass-licking subhuman called John Ridge friendly to the all-American Christians.

Deported west, cholera nearly wiped out Sequoyah's family.  He sent a message to a friend in his own language.  Subhuman bluecoats stopped and searched the messenger.  They beat him with rifle butts, cut off his ears, nose and fingers.  He moaned Sequoyah's name in his dying breath.  Bluecoats are bluecoats, never punished, never purged.... yet.

Sequoyah and his young wife were arrested.  The bluecoated Christians branded them as witches with a Christian cross on

   they foreheads.  Their fingers were chopped off to the first joint and their ears were cut off.  Patriotism is deeply ingrained in the American cop.

The filling of federal concentration camps in the west went into overtime.  The rich pigs that owned and ran the country needed a ringer for Sequoyah.  Its name was George Gist and it was set up as Sequoyah to discredit him with his people.  George "Rotten Mouth" Washington gave it a presidential medal for ass-licking above and beyond normal patriotism.  It was murdered by soldier subhumans several years later.

By 1828 the last Cherokee lands were stolen by the white American Hounds from Hell.  Sequoyah's name was forged by a subhuman named Thomas Maw, a friendly.  It surely was what the rich patriots wanted.  It was son of "Hanging" Maw that murdered scores of Men, Women, Children by hanging after a fair American trial.  Thomas Maw went to Washington to pose as Sequoyah for photographers.

Sequoyah's group were living peacefully in Mexico but that wasn't good enough for the rich.  They began stirring up trouble using friendly ass-licking Cherokee and uniformed subhumans, forebears of today's military.  On the banks of the Brazos River, June 9, 1839 the patriots murdered Sequoyah.


p.28, Bones: Discovering the First Americans, Book Review by James A Nosker:

Corporate scholars propagate beliefs that have no basis in fact.

SCHO-OP The U.S. government interferes with the study of artifacts and propagation of knowledge to accomplish political goals.

SCHO-OP Corporate scientists are practicing isolationism ignoring findings of Canadians, South Americans, Europeans and U.S. scientist who don't agree with them.  Scientific journals refuse to publish contrary findings.  Research grants are cutoff and/or refused to all but corporate scholars.  Corporate scholars savage those who disagree with them and strive to destroy the reputations of those who refuse to believe the world is flat like they do.  All this suppression and repression is perpetrated on public moneys extorted for us at gun point.  The government robs us to generously pay those nearsighted acerbic cracker-crunching cowards to lie to us.


(F) (A) 3/15/2: A few years ago after Chileans voted the pinochet subhuman out of office the Chilean supreme queers sprang into action and pardoned all pinochet's patriots.  Set up in power by the rich Republican subhuman Nixon and the queers of the United States Navy, for over a decade Men, Women, Children and Babies, the Humans of Chile were patriotized.  The bluecoats chose young women walking down the street and on college campuses at random and routinely raped, dog raped and tortured them to death along with their families and friends, i.e., they were secretly executed.  You will be screamingly thorough butchering your patriots Chile, all those that aided and abetted.  Your supreme queers will be burned at the stake.

            Same with Argentina, etc.


3/16/2 Over a thousand Men, Women and probably Children too, have disappeared in federal prisons.  They are not even allowed those ass-licking curs lawyers.  How many have been raped and tortured to death?  What horrors are the bloodthirsty Republicans, rich all-Americans, doing to defenseless people most of whom are innocent of wrongdoing?  Does anyone know?


SCHO-OP 3/17/2 1900-2100: WCBM-680 AM, 21st Century Radio: NASA derides and destroys the credibility, reputations and careers of those courageous Men who present the truth, then patent the very devices they assaulted others for: things like impulse drives and plasma motors.  NASA, a decaying arm of the military corpse,  never gives credit to those who have discovered what they claim to have discovered, and actively destroy photographic evidence of structures on the Moon and possibly elsewhere in the solar system.


(CA) BT** 3/18/2 WTOP-1500 AM: Operation Candy Man cracked an international kiddy porn ring.  Those raping and buggering the little boys and girls are those you'd expect: clergy, school teachers, school bus drivers and cops.  That's right voters, your gun-totin' unchained fascist-hyenas.  But you voters need not worry about your cops.  If they are taken to trial they'll be released one way or another.  Under us they'd be slaughtered, maybe even roasted alive with apples in their mouths.


BOOK (CA) The Alchemist, Les Whitten ©1983, Zebra Books, fiction, p. 230, reference to baby fat being used in black masses.


(S) BT** 3/19/2 "Christmas Vacation" ©1989 PG-13: Besides animals airing their stench throughout, cunt- monkey J.L-D. hikes up its skirt letting out a cloud of gas and reveals its ass-slab, ass-cheek and cunt hair.  Later it appears nearly naked in a swimsuit.  Otherwise its always near-naked dugs are its only asset.  Actress/animal J.A. puts its hand on a male's dick (pants on).  Later it falls down and its skirt flies up airing its near-naked pestholes.  Note at the top.


PB 3/20/2 1207: WWLG-1360 AM: Baltimore County: dozens of hyenas descended on a school parking lot with drug sniffing dogs.  Without warrants they searched cars.  A dozen students were arrested for possession of the Devil's weed.


(CA) 3/22/2 0943: 17 CNN: a ten year old Wisconsin girl was ripped apart by a dog.  The dogs that owned it were found innocent of second degree murder.  Above the banner "Wisconsin Mauling", an Arizona lawyer (a typical rich homosexual lawyer subhuman) praised the decision.  All responsible including the mouth.


The remains of ten more firepersons and one cunt cop (snicker) have been found in New York.  They haul the remains of Humans to the city dump in Dumpsters®™© but keep the remains of Sons of Sam.


(CA) 0924: WTOP-1500 AM: Kansas City, Kansas: a teacher and principal strip searched third graders before the class, allegedly looking for missing lunch money.

PB 1001: South Bend, Indiana: the subhumans have "shot" (murdered) a man after a car chase.

1101: Yet another Boston priest has been charged with forcing a child to suck it off.  You talk about a nest of gay friars.  It they reminds us of the supreme court.


3/25/1 1231: WTOP-1500 AM: a Massachusetts congressperson want's antiaircraft guns around nuclear power plants.  It squeaks the Cry of the American Wimp: "They do it in Europe.  They do it in Europe.  Oh poo!"

I/O BT** 1236: The supreme queers say its OK for school boards to hire homosexual subhumans.  This latest injustice stems from an Alexandria, Virginia case where a teacher raped girls and sodomized boys.  The supreme queers and all subhuman pieces of black robed shit agree: "They're only kids.  They have no rights.  They are not Human Beings." 

            And you morons can't understand the teen suicide rate.  Why doesn't one of you egghead psychos do a book on the homosexuality of judges?  One SPOBRS recently referred to a five year old girl who had been raped and forced to perform oral sex as, "sexually mature".  Your judges you flag waving cowards!  The depraved American system of justice!



I/O [BT**] 1100: WWLG-1360 AM: without descent the Supreme Queers said that as a landlord, the government can throw whole families out of public housing because of what another does, unknown to them, miles from their home.  Immediately it devastates four families.  Rich and poor patriots are giggling and rubbing their hands together in glee.  This will particularly savage the elderly.  The media monkey did not say, but this was the case of the 63 year old grandmother.  Rich Republicans will probably suck each'n other off at that 63 year old grandmother is kick onto the street and abandoned to the tender mercies of their bloodthirsty fascist-hyenas.

            Why is it if you step on government property you have no rights?  No other landlord can do that!  There are people in this country who have their pets chauffeured to Aspen every summer, now old women are kicked from their homes by bloodthirsty nazis because a relative might have been smoking marijuana miles away.  God Almighty will destroy a country as wicked as this.  This country is being destroyed by God Almighty.  Looks like good ole Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Suckass, you! are going down with it.  You don't have to, you know.

            Bet Rush Limpballs and that other right-wing radio filth ululate with joy, a herd of bloodthirsty pig-cattle.

Only in America.


I/O 1243: WTOP-1500 AM: Dave Ross Reports: In response to a court order Baby Bush's Whorehouse released the report of a secret energy conference: 11,000 blank pages.  Media monkey Dave Ross did not (of course) mention that Enron was present at that economic conspiracy, nor that the Bushs, a blight on the American character, rape the Earth for oil.  This media monkey joked about it throughout, yea, saying: they went long on whiteout, why you can't find it in the market, that gallons were used.  The report obviously would have revealed an energy conspiracy, yet another government institution has disobeyed a court order like the bloodthirsty bluecoated on the beat...  This! is funny to a media monkey like Dave Ross.


The Prophet Mastodon yea, saith:

            If Men and women are equal, why don't females have to resister for the draft?  It's not a complex question.  It is very simple.  Females get all the benefits, such as they are, of this country, but bear none of the responsibilities.  But your depraved government declares us equal.  They are more equal.  Indeed, they are supercitizens, your betters and your gods.  And, of course, you have nothing to say about it.


            Terrorists alert! The Prophet warns!  Don't let them herd your families together into Oliver North's concentration camps or anywhere else.  Do not let them herd you together.  Do not let them take you from your homes!  Be armed! Be ready! Refuse! Assemble to defend your families and your homes!  They are psychologically primed to mass murder your families.  Those who die quickly will be the lucky ones.



Freedom! Not Slavery!