117th Militia



Family and Freedom over flag

© 2002 PSYWAR Office 117th Militia Regimental Combat Team


22 June 2002, Vol. 2,  No. 16


All the news fit to spit.

All the news fit to shit.



            Terrorists alert! The Prophet warns!  Don't let them herd your families together into Oliver North's concentration camps or anywhere else.  Do not let them herd you together.  Do not let them take you from your homes!  Be armed! Be ready! Refuse! Assemble to defend your families and your homes!  They are psychologically primed to mass murder your families.  Those who die quickly will be the lucky ones.




I/O 4/1/2 WTOP-1500 AM: Orlando, FL: as prelude to institutionalizing humiliation for the captive people the Orlando airport has installed x-ray machines that give full body scans.  You'll be projected on the big screen naked for the leering uniformed subhumans.  WTOP's media monkey veered away from this.  With a suspicious giggle in its voice it said, "What else can they see?  Some people say too much."  The government -licker comes on vomiting, "They'll merely see your pocket change and keys."  And cunts and cocks and DVDs.  Now you can be a naked monkey and rot alive with bone cancer but have no fear.  It's worth it!  The buildings of the rich will be safe.



0707: WNST-1570 AM: The traffic slut has got the two studio eunuchs trying to guess the size of its dugs.  The immature boys are leaping like dogs for a bone.  Considering the ads on sports stations and the slobbering attitude of the masturbating hosts, its easy to see these jock sniffers don't get any pussy.  Makes me ashamed to be a fan.  I am embarrassed just thinking about them.  It is to blush.


PB 0834: WTOP-1500 AM: College Park: savage hyena beatings and gassings of students at celebrating NCAA championship victory.


1949: 33 SCI-FI, ad: COURT TV: "Imagine what it's like when they knock on your door and tell you you've got ten minutes to leave your home.  Take our test and see how you'd do."  Then a gleeful  female -licker, grinning ear-to-ear says: "Watch COURT TV and learn the new meaning of safe."

            Now they're training you captive people how to cringe when the bulldozers are lined up around your homes.  The new meaning of safe?  Live on your knees before the bloodthirsty rich and their bluecoated subhumans.  They might see you and like you.  (Snicker.)  When the uniformed subhumans pound on your door shouting you've got ten minutes to get your stuff don't go.  Do not let them herd you together.


4/3/2: BOOK FILE

The Silicon Boys, ©1999 David Kaplan, Morrow, ISBN 0-688-16148-0:

(S) p. 6, half-naked cunt-monkeys dancing at rich party.

PB p. 7, in rich town street hyenas arresting anyone they don't like the looks of.

PB p. 7, in rich town street hyenas arrested man whose horse seemed "travel-weary".

(S) p. 10, wet T-shirt contest for cunt-monkeys at rich party.

I/O p. 12, rich school board lies to media.

I/O p. 48, rich CEO demands lie detector test for employees.

I/O p. 64, late employees forced to sign in with private hyenas.  This is reported.

PB p. 72, private hyenas randomly searching employees.

(S) p. 90, photo in San Francisco chronicle of rich CEO in hot tub with near-naked cunt-monkey.

(S) 93, rich naked parties.

(S) p. 125, rich CEO fucking in public.

I/O p. 253, rich CEO forbids employee use of personalized license plate; forbids them to discuss company stock price.

(S) p. 300, half naked cunt-monkey at rich party.


(S) 0804: WTOP-1500 AM: Colleen Brooks, the mayor of a Colorado town, was recalled office.  A former stripper it was still stripping in bars.  It said being a cunt-monkey was part of its personal life.  Cunt-monkey naked in public and its personal.  Under us those that work for the public will have no private lives, and few rights.  That goes especially for their secretaries too.


(F) (A) 4/3/2 1100: WTOP-1500 AM: In the fighting in Jerusalem the Israeli subhumans won't let the wounded Palestinians be treated.


1139: WJFK-1300 AM: Joy boys Don and Mike cursed a man who won a contest on another network and did not make a fool out of himself expressing joy.  They called a woman a whore for calling a station and playing a contest twice within a certain period.  A national survey showed people to be rude.  Radio is a source.

By the time you get to work these DJs have you so wired want to kill somebody... them!  To note: has not one fascists-hyena ever done anything wrong in the history of this stinking piece-of-shit country?


BT** 4/5/2 0035: 3 MAX, "Private Lies," an ugly naked blonde beast standing and bending over is being fucked from behind by a rich patriot.  Close-ups of the animal’s ugly swinging  huge dirty dugs at it fucks, pestiferous nipples erect!

0045: an ugly black-haired beast in G-string and see-through black bra is being undressed by another rich patriot, close-up of its full shitty ass-slab as its pesthole cover is removed and its stench released.

0046: lingering close-up of the black head's ugly swinging huge dirty dugs as it fuck, pestiferous nipples erect!  The lead cunt monkeys in this porn are the gutter-shit filth rich actresses subhuman cunt-monkeys Elizabeth Pires and Rae Ritke. 

             I do not know what sewer they drug for these actresses but uglier cuntmonkeys would be hard to find.  This Americana was not rated.

Comcast puts its subhuman pieces-of-shit American girls on its default channel where you cannot avoid the pestholes.

            This piece of Hollywhore shit is not rated.

            Note at the top.


(CA) 0903: WTOP-1500 AM: two more Catholic priests in the Boston archdiocese committed massive sexual child abuse throughout their long and wicked lives.  The other vicars of Christ knew about it but, of course, did nothing.


I/O The Baltimore Sun, Doomsbury: The rich punk in the White House has suspended the rules on dumping arsenic in our drinking water.  Marshmallow Man drinks, and bathes, only in bottled water... at our expense.

 Whenever the rich have millions of tons of deadly poisons a year to dispose, they just dump it into your drinking water, charge you for it, and tell you it's good for you.  And you morons believe them ever single time.


1643: WTOP-1500 AM: the joy boy he say TV shit Sex in the City is "on a pregnant pause" (snicker) because a lead cunt monkey is pregnant.  Whether or nor not it happened on the air he did not say.


(CA) 4/7/2 2002: WCBM-680 AM: six gay friars in the New York archdiocese are accused of sexual child abuse.



Baltimore Sun 11/26/1: the second of four installments called The Making of a Snitch.  This is about an egg-suckin' rat named C.W. on the federal witness protection program.  This installment is three pages long with many photographs of the snitch itself gleaming at the camera with salacious eyes.  Trash on the federal witness protection program can have fbi subhumans terrorize your families and destroy your homes on a whim.  They're not questioned.  They can have your home taken from you and you'll never get it back.  On the fwpp criminals on both sides of the so-called law are protected, it's the people (of course) that are sacrificed to flag.

PB       Sun 2/27/2 [article filed]: a half page with many photographs some color, about retired bluecoat C.P.  Its maniacal persecution of youth in an area of Baltimore beginning in the sixties earned it the moniker Wyatt Earp, like Chicago's Two Gun Pete but its aim was off.  A willing bung boy for business, especially homosexual barbers, it was feared by children of all ages, often heroically springing from ambush and physically abusing them.  They could not stop on a corner nor slow down when walking.  To this day the stench of its memory brings chills to those that survived.

Oh! They didn't say it was lily-white now.

To the media monkeys of the Baltimore Sun, owned by a billionaire family of questionable antecedents, these are he-rows.  They are American heroes.  What they aren't is Men.


4/9/2 0908: WTOP-1500 AM: Tony Evans of the Maryland Department of Agriculture said: "Women invented agriculture".  He's a good boy.  they'll hear that and give him something.


            Michael Bloomberg the Mayor of New York smoked marijuana but it's not OK now.  The media monkey said "He'll not let the city go to pot".  (Get it? pot?)  Bloomberg assures its ass-lickers that, against the commoners, the "law will be vigorously enforced".


PB 4/10/2 0803: WTOP-1500 AM: Dover Township, New Jersey: hyena Edward Loots has murdered five neighbors but only wounded its chief.  Last week a Newark hyena murdered its wife.

We heard that recently a Philadelphia hyena went into a elementary school an shot a girl at her desk.


Baltimore Sun:

I/O [Article filed] Baltimore: A retired steelworker was convicted of murder.  Serving six years he died in prison.  He pleaded with the jury but the selected ass-lickers had their tongues up the assholes of the psychotic hyenas.  Now the murderer has confessed.  NM.

PB [Article filed] Cincinnati: A plan to end pig profiling had to be approved by the Cincinnati pig union.  Seems a federal judge is overruled by the pig boys.

September 11, 2001 the day the rich fear you'll forget.


The Sun is going to a smaller format.  Among the reasons given is the smaller size will "make it easier to handle".  Giggle snort hoot.  Did you hear?  They have to give that Republican propaganda away now!


1724: WZBA-100.7 FM: ad: That 80s' Show, salacious actress/slut talking about greasy exercise monkeys, stinky and sweaty, their asses and dugs her mouth waters her nipples are hard.


(F) (A) 4/12/2: WTOP-1500 AM: Venezuelan military subhumans murdered thirteen Humans at a demonstration.  We remember in the sixties when they murdered those Peace Core volunteers coming into their pig sty at an airport.


            Concerning electric shock torture treatment that has continued for decades despite the Supreme Queers decisions against it.  This sociopathic behavior must be channel into socially acceptable channels.  Therefore all those that have given it will suffer it... to ensure they are no longer a danger to others and/or themselves.


4/18/2 WTOP-1500 AM: The Osgood File; A vicar of Christ pines because the Archbishop of Boston was called before the Pope because of the ravaging of children by the gay friars.  He's crying because other vicars of Christ may be called for same thing.  Not because of the atrocities the children  have and are suffering.  A cunt monkey nun was on recently saying essentially the same thing.  How's that for Christian love?


1545: 31 TBS, ad: Ripley's Believe It or Not; "What deadly weapons are these beauties packing?"  Then the pesthole, her voice dripping cunt juice, "It... makes... me feel like I'm... naked."  Ooo! we're just turnin' to stone out here.


PB 4/26/2 0824: WIYY-97.9 FM, ad for WBAL (NBC) local news; there was a bomb threat to the University of Maryland.  Seems the subhumans can interrogate and/or arrest anybody on whispered word of mouth, certainly without warrant.

(S) Playmonkey is going to photograph ten Enron subhumans for beat-off material.

By increments the state legislature finally passed an open container law.  The rock'n roll kings made excuses for them: "They had to do it".


The Don and Mike Show (the two famous patriotic shit-eating radio queers): some poor woman held up traffic on I 95 when she jumped off a bridge.  The cringing wimp radio queer Mike cursed her out, calling her a "bitch" and saying how happy it was that she jumped.  Distraught enough to kill herself, who knows what she suffered? and this pencil-necked geek, a typical patriot, curses her until it's blue in the face because she held up traffic.  We want this one flogged with cat-o'-nine-tails people.  At least a hundred lashes.  The Prophet must insist.


(S) c. 1930: WIYY-97.9 FM, cunt-monkeys are going to be photographed naked in a contest before the Preakness on May 18.

The evening squat held a contest wherein several bona fide pencil-necked geeks won "lap dances" from several bona fide  stripper cunt-monkeys in the studio there.  PU!


(CA) BT** 5/3/2 1201: WTOP-1500 AM: an Atlantic City, NJ judge ruled that two brothers raped by a Catholic priest when young boys did not have the right to sue because: "I cannot believe that they did not know it was wrong".  The SPOBRS held them responsible for it.  Then the SPOBRS puked shit yea, saying, "the two-year statue of limitations ran out".  Translation, I'm a queer myself.  You don't think I'd do anything to harm a fellow faggot do you?

            A two-year statue of limitations on child rape.  Can you imagine that?  New Jersey is called a pig state by its citizens.  I knew they were right.

            This Atlantic City SPOBRS reminds us of the SPOBRS a few years ago that found a patriot not guilty of raping a five-year-old because the baby was "sexually aware".  [(AL) of the highest priority.

The lives of your children aren't worth a plug nickel under the present government.  The government consider your children  meat.  It is time for a new government.

            NM.  Note at the top.


(S) BT** 5/6/2 2000-2205: 3 MAX, "Swordfish", DOO:

            We tried to avoid the worst of this filthy movie, which we recommend to degenerates and their families, but as usual it was sprung on us, i.e., shit was slung in our faces.  There is much filth and various nakedness from subhuman whores in this piece of poop, including H.J. getting a blow job.  There is a nightclub scene and you know how naked those animals are in clubs, some times they don't wear clothes at all.  A close-up of some beast's huge ½-n tits, and tits w/ nips in a business meeting.

            But the Oscar goes to Oscar winner H.B.  With no connection to the script, (Not that that would excuse it.  There are no excuses.), black beast H.B. removes a Sun reflector for several lingering close-ups of its naked dirty jiggling dugs, hot hard nipples tingling, completely uncalled for and totally unexpected.  (Since the animal was reclining it had to work to make its dung piles seem to be jiggling naturally.)  Then they show us that the leering cunt-monkey's naked except for a pesthole patch; cunt mound and full slabs.  This animal got an Oscar for something, porn most likely.

            One of the endless things wrong with this piece-of-shit country is that it rewards depravity.  The number of porn whores and/or cunt-monkeys (or just plain everyday nipple- popping ass-slab and -crack flashing trash!) that are rich and famous in this country are uncountable.  America the Whore puts pestholes on a pedestal.

            Meanwhile decent women jump off bridges to  kill themselves and are cursed for holding up traffic in a public forum.

            Note at the top.


5/7/2 WTOP-1500 AM, DOO:

PB 0801: The uniformed subhumans are randomly searching people at airports.  Mostly pretty women and girls we take it.  Profiling has never been more fun.

(CA) BT** 0900: Massachusetts: vicar of Christ Paul Shanley is standing trial for child rape.  The subhuman Catholic clergy knew this but sheltered it all its patriotic life.  Slaves of Christ, sans dignity and mercy, have flushed to the court to defend it.  A cunt wrung its hands in grief, to Hell with what it did.  A man who was raped by the faggot father from the age of six to thirteen, as well as another, forgave the beast.  They were glad that it was safe.

            So why bother with a trial?  Look at what that SPOBRS in New Jersey ruled.  It's settled that children aren't Human, in America they are not, which is part of the foundation of that depraved religion, but they think a law might have been violated!  Not that's important, especially to a cross waver.


(S) BT** 5/12/2: "Spiderman," © 2002, Columbia Pictures, DOO:

1) bits of tits and clad ass-cracks throughout.

(T) 2) many close-ups of Kirsten Dunst's large ½-n tits, maybe ass-slab.

BT 3) four near naked ring sluts.

BT** 4) lingering close-ups of Hollywhore cunt-monkey K.D.'s large and prominent dark nipples in wet shirt.

            Typical filth from Marvel Comics. Those girls got sidetracked somewhere.  Note at the top.

            Additional listing 12/24/2, 19 PSYWAR.


(CA) BT** 5/14/2 1601: WTOP-1500 AM: Washington, DC: a vicar of Christ named Blackwell, that raped dozens of little boys for many years and was shielded by the Christian Whore was shot by a man he raped in 1993.  All the other black-robed queers are praying for the subhuman.  Not even a word of compassion for the man raped as a child or any of the countless others, innocent children destroyed forever but then to, according to the courts, they weren't really Human, they were little boys.

          We learned the penalty for attempting to exterminate an ex-fbi hyena is death.  Don't you think it's more consummate with the times that the reward should be a Freedom Medal?  We do.


5/18/2 1017: 30 TNT, at our expense the Baltimore County police are presenting a lengthy PSA threat on the criminality of not using seat belts.  This illegal law, incrementalized despite the objections of the people, is not being blindly obeyed so the willing tools of the seedy greedy are cracking down.  Unimaginative as you would expect, each individual threat was barfed by a different porker: "It is the law."  "No excuse, no exceptions."  "You can be arrested."  "No excuse, no exceptions."  "We'll arrest you."  "No excuse, no exceptions"  The ugliest, most noticeably pear-shaped pork-belly of the sty points at the viewer like that old hippy on a recruiting poster, yea, barfing, "You could go to jail."  A cell door slams and "No excuses, no exceptions," by yet another terrorist.  Incredible! absolutely incredible! as thought the crime were on a level with counterfeiting or even savage marijuana smoking.  Now they're extorting money from us to pay the terrorists to threaten us for minor and insignificant bogus laws.  It's a police state!


PERIODIC (S) BT** ESPN The Magazine, May 27, 2002, along with other partially naked cunt- monkeys, on p. 104 is an ad for Hydroxycut, a diet medicine.  It airs a leering sneering 9/10-naked subhuman blonde beast in blue pussy patch airing its cunt-hair for the immature geeks that read sports porn. It is accompanied with a faggot.  Note at the top.  USED.


(S) 5/18/2: ?, "Meet the Parents", along with other filth...

 BT** 1354: magazine ad for a breast pump, nearly naked animal milking itself, touching its dugs.

BT** 1405: naked posters on wall; Li'l Kim squatting airing its naked pesthole legs jacked wide open.  Note at the top.


BOOK (F) * 5/21/2: Personal Record, Notes on Life and Letters, Joseph Conrad, © 1938 Doubleday, Doran & Company, Inc.,

p. 127, massive populations of Poles driven deep into Russia and patriotized by Russian subhumans during World War One. 

p. 248, "There is nothing more heroic in being drowned very much against your will, off a holed, helpless, [ship] in which you bought passage, than in dying of colic caused by the imperfect salmon in the tin you bought from your grocer."


(CA) 5/22/2 c. 1945: 14 WNUV-WU, news teaser: two more  Baltimore vicars of Christ have been charged with massive sexual child abuse.  One was black.  These are among the many black-robed subhumans that have ravaged little boys in the Baltimore area.  I always knew Christianity was a homosexual religion.


5/25/2 1130: WTOP-1500 AM;

1) Around the country priests accused of sexual child abuse are slaughtering themselves like flies.

2) FOREIGN (S) A naked beach in Italy has been closed for a NATO meeting.  All the major criminals will be coagulating there including Republican Baby Bush.  The beach is close to the site and authorities fear the naked animals will hurt a major criminal.  In Italy the hyenas are more feared than the mafia.  The mafia only murders, the Italian meatballs open up in crowded airports slaughtering scores of wimps.

3)        The country's giggling hyenas are setting up countless roadblocks as obscene and unsanitary sobriety test sites.  They shall also enforce the laws against the evil and savage illegal war criminals that don't use seat belts.  But the black ka-night's gotta fire breedin' dragon.  What about savage kids smoking Mary Jane when this is going on?  Who's going to protect us from them?

The terrorists' threat of 5/18/2 is broadcast on many channels.  There is a second version featuring a coagulation of their ass-lickers.

4)        The flow of traffic at airports is back to normal despite the rape of our dignity and rights "which is here to stay".  The lapping lapdogs of the media are lauding the rape of our rights.


(S) BT** 5/28/2 2058: 68 TECH TV, Cyber Crime; voyeurdorm.com, features coed cunt-monkeys sucking and fucking live on-line in public.  One of the filthy animals in thong, put on its dug cups in a mirror.  In public it aired its naked dirty dugs and, with lingering footage, its filthy ass, only a rope up its shitty crack.  Cunt-mound prominent and fly-flecked.

            One of the filthy animals said, "Who cares?  We're just living."  If nobody cares why do it?

            The dyspeptic cracker crunchers that run Tampex U, I mean Tampa University, want to close the on-line whorehouse down but not because of the frigging, dildoing, muff diving and bung-tonguing.  It's not integrated!  A war crime in intellectual eyes.  They gotta run some black coed muff diving cunt-monkeys in there.  My flag!  What happened to freedom?

            They aired this filthy animal airing itself often as an ad.  NM.  Note at the top.


5/31/2, ?: 68 TECH TV, Tech Live; The fbi subs have raped us of more rights.  They've nibbled and bitten until there's nothing effectual left by fact or fiat.  It's called incrementalization  Kin  you say thet?  Good! Ye win a date with a hog.  In classic propagandistic style, the dug-airing teckie bimbos, big bosomed wimpettes, are marginalizing "privacy groups" objecting to this latest assault against us.  The media moguls' standard tactic is to marginalize, demonize, neutralize those blesséd few that disagree with the patriotic shit in power.


FOREIGN (M) 6/1/2 1000: WWLG-1360 AM; US forces have murdered three more Afghanis in yet another misdirected mission.  Those cowards can't even read a map.

(CA) 1001: An arch Bishop Weakland admitted to its congregation to sexually abusing a child for many years.  Not only was it never punished, not only was it sheltered, but the Catholic creeps gave it a thunderous standing ovation.  In what other religion but patriotic Christianity are child rapists sheltered, suckled and praised?

            This homosexual network aired several seconds of the thunderous standing ovation.  Another way the media controls you and damns your children to horror (like the bluecoats they want your kids), in this matter is they do not describe the terrorized and/or bloody child.  They present the victims as they are today.  This was an "improper relationship with a graduate student".  Get it?  A rather mild affair after all.


PB-TWO BT** Ref. PERSONAL, In July 2001, an acquaintance of ours, a man in his late fifties, walked home from a bar to get his wallet.  Pig State law says one must have identification on him at all times and present it at the snap of a nazi's fingers.  A Baltimore County cocksucker accosted him asking where he was going.  He replied "Home to get my wallet".  The Baltimore County cocksucker then displayed the reason it will be going to Camp Oliver North: "I want to see some ID".  It was out of the stench of the pigmobile by then and our acquaintance explained that he was a good man and that he even voted.  The bluecoat/faggot asked him how he voted and our friend replied, "Democrat".  That patriot was a Republican.  The bluecoat/faggot began roughing him up.  He pushed the flag-wearing patriot away but two more nazis grabbed him and handcuffed his hands behind him.  They repeatedly banged his face into the hood until breaking his nose.  The first nazi beat his knees with its sex symbol (in lieu of cock and balls).  He spent a week in the hospital.  He was pressing charges so the Dundalk cocksucker came to him in the hospital and threatened to murder him if he did not drop them.  It came to him a second time saying he faced twenty years for assault on an officer of the law (bluecoat-cocksucker a.k.a. nazi).

            The only good cop is a dead cop.

            In Dundalk court where no bluecoat-cocksucker has ever done anything wrong the SPOBRS threw the case out saying he broke the law by not having an ID.

            The only good judge is a dead judge.

            Justice in Baltimore County, home of nationally famous pig subhumans, the prime porkers of Baltimore County.  Only New York State nazi-queers can rival Baltimore County's.   Demanding instant obedience the cocksucker-subhumans get it or else.  No Freedom to worry about here!  No Freedom to worry about in America.  Not a word about it in the media.  And it goes on all the time.      

            They control all transportation.  Public, motor traffic and they closed the highways and byways to walking in the sixties.  The copsucks have the right to make you put your baby down on the wet freezing ground.  The nazi queers have the right to murder you standing in the door or window of your home.  The subhuman pieces of black-robed shit will suck their dicks and lick shit off their assholes no matter what they do.

            Complete hierarchy of pigs and judicial system and those that passed and/or enforced the assault on nazis law, plus all those that passed and/or enforced "Put down the kid laws" (a Maryland State Attorney and other carrion-eating lawyer queers), also all those that passed and/or enforced "The right to murder people looking out of a building laws".  Note at the top.


7/3/2 68 TECH TV, Tech Live:

I/O 0930: A Philadelphia Federal Appeals Court overturned a law requiring libraries to install porn filters on their computers.  A vote was taken among viewers as to whether libraries should install the filters voluntarily.  Surprisingly the result was yes.  The two sluts hosting appeared befuddled by this.

I/O     Earlier the Supreme Court overturned The Child Decency Act designed to do the same thing.


I/O 1204: Screensavers:  The hosts drooled over the latest rape of our rights by the fbi [5/31/2].  The first host (ass-licker to the senior host), "This unloosing of the fbi has Human Rights groups [Implied: and only human rights groups] frantic, but Attorney General John Ashcroft assures us that no rights will be violated."

            Leo LaPort, (senior ass-licker): "Ooooh! Of course not.  This represents a complete reversal in law enforcement.  It is good they unloosed the fbi.  Before they had to wait for a crime to be committed before they could arrest somebody.  Now they can arrest people who they only suspect of wanting to commit a crime.  This is good."

            Roly-poly LaPork or LaFork got it right.  You can't violate rights if you don't have rights.  Can't violate what you don't have.  The joy boys were much more slavish that this.  It is going down too fast for us to catch it all.  We've listed these wimps, as we have other mediaoids.  Why can't we say what we think on television?  Why aren't decent people, real Men and Women, allowed to counter there patriotic ass-lickers?  Well, we are not.  They have no respect for our Rights and Freedom, we have and shall not have none for theirs.

            The dogs of democracy have been unchained, the media howls with glee.


I/O 6/6/2: Baltimore Sun, article filed: The Man accused of shooting Catholic priest beast Rev. Maurice J. Blackwell, who raped him often when he was a boy, was placed on pretrial home detention and piss tested daily for over two weeks.  He is still being piss tested.  This is wrong.  If this Man did shoot that subhuman, what does whether or not he took drugs have to do with it?  All are innocent until proven guilty.  Just because one has been accused of a crime does not mean she is guilty of a crime and therefore relinquishes no rights.

            They can't stand the thought of anybody having fun.

Drug testing is wicked.  They even drug test high school students on debating teams.  The privacy of the insides of your body is sacred and belongs to no state or corporation.

            Like a strip search, the object of drug testing is to humiliate, demean, degrade and establish dominance over people.  After all, if you have no say over the probing of your body, or right to privacy of even the inside of your body, you have no rights.  You must be a beast.  And you know it.

            The gentleman tested positive.  The Sun hints darkly that the Man was under the influence of  the evil and wicked Mary Jane when he shot the white collar cocksucker.  Snicker snicker.  It is to laugh.

            We have found it necessary to schedule for justice all those responsible for the existence, enforcing and use of drug test type laws, and all those that provided the equipment, aided and abetted.


          On the editorial page a few hundred words of fulsome even sickening praise for "24" one of those taxpayer financed propaganda shows about the subhumans that terrorize and patriotize you, making them appear Human.  The propaganda was not signed.


(S) BT** 6/7/2: 3 MAX, "Stephen King's Thinner", © 1996, R.

1710: close-up of ¼-n tits of gypsy.      

BT** 1703: long-lingering close-up of KW opening its top airing its -n dugs.  Touching itself it removes a quarter from its dug harness.  Then long-lingering close-up as it lifts its skirt over its pesthole covered by a narrow strip of thin cloth.  Pesthole flesh, pesthole hair and cunt-mound are aired, both ass slabs.  It gyrates.

BT** 1714: long-lasting simulated blow-job of RJB by LJ.  Then it beats it off and blows it again.

(T) 1733: Bar scene, ½-n tits of blonde and its ass cheek; ¼-n tits of one in blue top.

1741: SF squeezing the shitty ass of LJ, its tits.     

Check throughout.  Note at the top.


6/8/2: The daughter of one of the Men (in her twenties) mailed a three page letter of inquiry concerning a novel she wrote to a Canadian Zumaya Publications, of Canada.  They invited her to submit via email so she sent 27 pages of manuscript at 1444 hours.  Those publishers read faster than the Warren Supreme Court.  At 1517 came the reply. 


Dear Dignity:

            Thank you for your submission.

            However, Zumaya Publications does not publish controversial material and your book could be viewed as offensive to many.  Therefore, we have to decline."

            That Cultural Trade Agreement only works one way.  You knew that.  This is just another example.  Dignity E-mailed the Canuck commies back.


Dear Zumaya Publications:

            Your attitude is not conducive to Freedom of Speech.  People with your attitude do not deserve Freedom of Speech, which is how it always winds up.  Unfortunately they never know it.


            Couldn't have said it better myself.


(S) BT** 6/9/2 1214: 5 HBO, "Loser" (2000 PG-13). DOO: several near-naked apes gyrating in cages, wearing postage stamps and pesthole patches, twists o' rag up the shitty ass-crack, full-naked cheeks and slabs.  Note at the top.


Nexus Notes


6/15/2: PERIODIC Nexus Magazine, Volume 6, Number 4, June-July, 1999, ISSN 1039-0170.  USA Subscriptions, Nexus Magazine, Central Circulation, PO Box 190, Jenks, OK 74037, Tel: 1-888-909-7474  Head Office for articles and reviews, PO Box 30, Mapleton, Qld 4560, Australia.  E-mail address: nexus@peg.apc.org

            These are not verbatim quotes.


Letters to the Editor:

I/O p.4.  The US Ambassador to New Zealand Josiah Beeman threatened that country saying that companies that label their products non-GMF (genetically modified food) would not be looked upon favorably in marketing their products to the US.  Must be a Republican.


(A) I/O & (F) * I/O p. 5.  A chest containing evidence for the book Alternative 3 by Leslie Watkins of New Zealand was stolen in transit.  It contained documentation proving the cia and mi5 are jointly involved in conspiracies including but not limited to mind control experiments on unwitting people, elitist control, genocide and secret US space programs.


Global News:

(CA) p. 6.  In the USA alone 500,000 prescriptions are yearly written for Ritalin and Prozac even for depression and bed wetting.  Often this is done by extortion of POS authority, i.e., school administrators, SPOBRS, etc.  Although approved by the FDA (doubtless millions in bribes were paid to maniacal politicians and FDA employees), lack of research supports the claims of manufacturers.  These drugs murder the bodies of children and sometimes drives them crazy.  This is what happened at Columbine High School where the country of cowards saw is hero hyenas in action.


Project Censored News, News That Didn't Make the News, compiled by Sonoma State University, California.

I/O p. 11, No. 1: Secret International Trade Agreement Undermines the Sovereignty of Nationals.

The Multinational Agreement on Investment (MAI), a series of protections for foreign investments (the rich) will give corporations rights consummate with nations.

            International corporate capital will have free rein over democratic values, socioeconomic needs of the people, will destroy a nation's legal, environmental and cultural sovereignty.  It  will destroy human, environmental and labor protection.  Measures like food subsidies, control of land speculation. agrarian reform, health and environmental standards will become illegal.  Ditto  community control of forests, bans on pesticides, clean air standards, limits on mineral extraction and bans on toxic dumping.  The rich will be able to dump that shit in your back yard, and they ain't even American subhumans.

Those that negotiate in secret for governments  and hierarchies... death.


I/O (M) p. 11, No. 2: Chemical Corporations Profit from Breast Cancer.

Death corporations that produce carcinogens by tanker-loads also control Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  The demons guide promotional materials and direct attention away from the topic of prevention and the crimes they themselves have, are and will commit.


I/O pp. 11-12, No. 3: Monsanto Consolidates Its Genetically Modified Seeds.

The USDA will earn 5% royalties of net sales on terminator seeds.  For  the first time in US government history the USDA is using government money for research to hurt farmers.  The USDA is increasingly turning to corporations for money, as if they didn't get billions in bribes already.  In conspiracy with the USDA, this subhuman corporation, Monsanto, is putting the Human race at risk.


(A) I/O p. 12, No. 4: Radioactive Metals in Your Home.

The US government permits the sale of radioactive metal which is used to manufacture knives, forks, spoons, belt buckles, zippers, eyeglasses, dental fillings, IUDs, etc.  Most of this doubtless comes from the AEC's nuclear power plants.  The DOE assaulted us with 7,500 tons of slow death in 1996 alone.  (The DOE subhumans are vague on the exact amount.)  The DOE, NRC, AEC and radioactive metal processing corporations have done this to us.  Now those demons are conspiring to lower the bar more.  They want to dump millions of tons of cancerous death on us a year.  The NRC itself says this will cause 100,000 cancerous murders in the US alone.

            Texaco, Mobile and Phillips shipped 5.5 million tons of radioactive scrap to China in 1993.  As of January 1999, 178 buildings in Taiwan containing 1,573 residential apartments are identified as radioactive.

            It's like fluoride.  When the rich produce millions of tons of deadly poisons yearly what do they do with it?  They dump it in your drinking water and tell you it's good for you!  And you cowardly jerks and jerkettes believe them every single time!  It's incredible!  Fluoride is a deadly byproduct of silver mining.  Oh! Have no  fear for your rich subhumans and seedy greedy politicians.  They drink expensive bonded imported bottle water.


BT** * p.12, No. 5:  US Bio-weapons & UN Sanctions Links to Deaths of Half a Million Iraqi Children.

            For seven years the Great Satan (you) has supported sanctions that have murdered hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children, many more than the Oil War itself.  The Great Queer (you) screeches like a woman hiking her skirts on a table because of a mouse, to "search every structure in Iraq for weapons of mass destruction".  The biological material the UN inspection teams are seeking was supplied by rich subhuman capitalists merchants-of-death queers in this country, and seedy greedy subhuman politicians that received millions in kickbacks and bribes for letting their  homosexual lovers do so.

            The Great Satan-Queer itself engages in sneaky cowardly wars in defiance of the World Court and has left behind a swath of ecological disasters in the wake of its unending geopolitical crusade.  This is called rape of the Earth.  Rape of the Earth includes atrocifying of people.

            Between 1985-1989 under Poppa Bush, a despicable POS ever there was one, and there's been aplenty, paid for by your subhuman government, capitalist subhumans supplied, along with other homosexual weapons; E. coli, anthrax and botulism to the Iraqi subhumans.  The shipments were cleared even though the greedy bloodthirsty patriotic Republicans knew Iraq had murdered millions of Irani with biological weapons since the early 80s when the Great Satan-Queer (you) began supplying it with patriotic biological weapons.

            Some ass-lickers of the Great Satan-Whore, especially Britain (who else?) supplied biological weapons to Iraq.

            The rich greedy subhuman patriotic cowards of the US and its allies, the companies, corporations and government agencies that committed war crimes murdering millions of innocent Human beings, have never been brought to justice... yet!  Elect us and we will bring them to justice.

            And you cowardly jerks and jerkettes wonder (if you can think at all) why God Almighty swats you like a fly.  It is not through with you.  There are curses coming in the form of economic strife.  Richy Rich and his rich demons in Congress are selling your sovereignty down the river.  Your family may be living on the street.  They don't care.  The might say they do but they do not.  They even want it.  The World Trade Organization wants it.  There's nothing you can do about it.  For what you are about to receive may you not be truly thankful.

            Note at the top.


I/O (M) p. 13, No. 7: Gene Technology Link to New Diseases.

At least thirty new diseases have emerged in twenty years and familiar infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, cholera and malaria have returned with vigor.  By 1990, nearly every common bacterial species had developed some degree of resistance to drugs, many to multiple antibiotics.

            Depraved biotechnology corporations use manipulation, replication and transference techniques to connect species which cannot otherwise interbreed.  These demons clone germs.

            Because of the unimaginable wealth of biotechnology corporations, there is no independent investigation into the relationship between genetic engineering and the emergent and recurrent diseases.


FOREIGN * p. 13, No. 9: US Taxes Support Death Squads In Chiapas, Mexico:

            On December 22, 1997 in the village of Acteal 45 men, women and children were shot [murdered] as they were praying.  Their bodies were dumped in a ravine.  In Jalisco more than a dozen teenage boys were kidnapped and tortured to death.  One of them drowned in his own blood when his tongue was cut out.  These and other atrocities were committed by the subhuman patriotic cocksuckers of the Mexican Army Airborne Forces Group (GAFE), homicidal homosexual maniacs in tight pants and lace panties that eat shit out of rich people's assholes and murder and masturbate looking at the Mexican flag because they can't get erections around women, just like the Special Forces that trained them.

            These Mexican subhumans are trained by American subhumans in the United States.  The Special Forces, creatures that resemble Men but are not, trained them in "procedures in fighting drug traffic".  The procedures are standard.  They are alluded to in the proceeding paragraph.  To fight the bogus war on drugs, yearly scores of millions of dollars are given to Greaserland without any strings attached, most of it going to these slimy patriots/queers so like your own.  Trainloads of weapons are shipped south.  But the real reason is the protection of foreign investment rights, mainly American, by terrorizing the people to destroy the movement for social justice.  The seedy greedy chinless wonders of Congress do this in your name, with your money, with your permission, therefore you do it.

            The big greaser commanding GAFE, a cowardly patriotic dicksucker and shit-eater of abysmal depths, nominated for the CPDS Hall of Fame, Lt. Colonel Julian (snicker) Guerrero Barrios, graduated from the United States' School of the Americas (SOA) when Republican subhuman Reagan was President.  At SOA rape, torture and murder of Men, Women and Children are taught from Department of Defense manuals and cia comic books.  This is what they did in all Latin America.  This is what the rich/Republicans want here.

            Nothing was done about it.  Complete hierarchies of legalization, finance, support, training, defense, all that aided and abetted.

            Note at the top.


FOREIGN (A) p. 14, No. 10: Nigerian Eco-activists Gunned Down on Chevron Oil Facility.  One-hundred-twenty-one youth from forty-five communities gathered to protest Chevron's rape and mass pollution of their country and degradation of their people.  Chevron has made areas of Nigeria among the filthiest on Earth.  Chevron's managing director, one Kirkland, canceled meetings with the students.  Chevron helicoptered Nigerian National subhumans to the demonstration where, after an onslaught of attacks against the students, murdered several and wounded others who were, of course, unarmed and defenseless.  The millionaire CEO Kirkland, of course, doesn't know anything about it.  Complete hierarchies Chevron, uniformed Nigerian subhumans, etc.


I/O p. 14, No. 11: Private Prisons Become Big Business.

            Under contract by the government to run Hell holes, the prison industrial complex operates as cheaply as possible.  Services have been cut to the bone, starvation rations, extreme overcrowding and of course indignities, degradation and atrocities by the uniformed shit-eaters are the rule for this exciting new growth industry.

Contrary to what patriots say, even prisoners have rights.  Government workers, hyenas and that scum they have no rights.  Elect us and we'll prove it.


FOREIGN (A) p. 14, No. 13: China Violates Human Rights in Tibet.

            Since China's cowardly invasion in 1959, America's good friend has raped, tortured, and publicly murdered tens of thousands of Women and girls including nuns.


I/O p. 14, No. 14: Political Contributions Compromise American Judicial System.

Anybody surprised?  No, I mean really.


PB p. 14, No. 15: SWAT Teams Replace Civilian Police and Target Minority Communities. 

            In the 25 years since the subhuman Los Angeles pigs created the first SWAT team (you swat bugs, in their little piggy eyes you are bugs) the fascist hyenas have become increasingly militarized and heavily armed.  These paramilitary pig forces (parapigs?) even terrorize small towns.

            Elect us and we will disarm and dismantle the SWAT subhumans.  Elect us and we will purge those that legalized SWATs and the courts that protected/protect.  Elect us and we will shovel meet retribution upon them.  Elect us and Oliver North's and FEMA's concentration camps will be bloated with SWATs.

            Remember how the heavily armed chickenshit Los Angeles SWATs murdered the heroes of the Symbionese Liberation Army on the front step of their home?  Patriots beat-off watching that footage.


FOREIGN (A) PB p. 14, No. 16: Mercenary Armies n Service to Global Corporations.

            In many countries, multinational corporations hire local military cowards, i.e. torturers and terrorists and/or outside security subhumans to terrorize and atrocify nationals.  Intelligence subhumans like cia and mi5, standing armies and local homosexual homicidal death squads are used like toilet paper.


I/O (M) BT** p. 15, No. 18: Manhattan Project Covered Up Fluoride Toxicity.

            Secret documents show that evidence which proved fluoride was safe to put into drinking water were lies generated by Manhattan Project scientists in the 1940s.  Under orders from the rich evidence of the dangers of fluoride and its levels of toxicity were lost to avoid lawsuits by poisoned citizens.


I/O p. 15, No. 19: Clinton Administration Lobbied for Retaining Toxic Chemicals in Toys.


I/O p. 15, No. 20: Developers Build in Flood Plains at Taxpayer Expense.


I/O p. 15, No. 23: Bureau of Land Management Violates Shoshone Nation's Land Rights.

            The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), renegade and depraved, refuses to respond to documents filed by Human Rights groups supporting Shoshone land rights.

As long as the Sun does shine

As long as the grass does grow


I/O p. 15, No. 25: ABC Broadcast Slanted Report On Mumia Abu-Jamal.  KGO-TV an affiliate of ABC in San Francisco broadcast a scathing attack on the international movement to prevent the murder by the state of Pennsylvania of Mumia Abu-Jamal for allegedly exterminating a Philadelphia pig.  KGO puked an embarrassingly one-sided story that had some station workers blushing.  If Mr. Abu-Jamal did swat the fascist-hyena he should be given the Presidential Freedom Medal with "V" device.


PB I/O p. 17.  The Prison Industrial Complex and the Global Economy, © 1998/1999 by Eve Goldburg and Linda Evans. 

            Over 1.8 million people are behind bars in the United States, the highest per-capital incarceration rate in history.  In 1995 alone 150 prisons were built and filled.  This the commitment of the rich to enslave a sizable percentage of the American people.  This is necessary to destroy our borders and establish the NWO for rich Republicans.  Destruction of the moral of the people, their dignity (sense of self worth) and Oliver North's and FEMA's concentration camps are also necessary.  Most of the people condemned to Hell by the SPOBRS, nazis, lawyers, cringing wimp juries and politicians are nonviolent and many are innocent.  Violence played a part in only 13% of reported crimes, injuries 3%.  You can get more time for possession of marijuana than a serial murder.  Those that rape little girls and cut off their arms are freed by dicksucking ass-licking states like Californicate to rape again...  And yet they live.


I/O p. 17.  The Cold War is over.  Defense giants like Westinghouse are reaping a windfall selling military hardware to the American gulag.  Vultures like AT&T, Sprint and MCI gouge prisoners with phone rates six times normal.  Correctional Communications Corporation owns prison phone systems charging horrible rates with no privacy.  The patriotic queers that own and run the prisons make more on kickbacks than salaries which are exorbitant.


            Investment firm Smith Barney, American Express and General Electric own and/or invest in the slave camps of the Oklahoma and Tennessee Correctional Corporation of American.  (Oklahoma and Tennessee, just where you'd expect it to be located.)  CCA is one of the largest hellhole owners.  It owns 48 slave camps on America and what's jokingly called the Free World.  These fascists institutions are raping the people of the United States of billions, yet starving, overcrowding, exploiting and atrocifying the defenseless in the American gulag.  Severely curtailing public scrutiny allows patriotic rape, torture and murder.

(P. 18)  These fascists corporations are faced with a dilemma.  Profits are leveling.  To continue to grow there must be a steady increase in incarcerations.  Idea! Instead of them filling Oliver North's and FEMA's concentration camps with us, what say we fill them with those who are or have been in positions of authority.  Them or you.  Quick!

            Since the Reagan and Papa Bush administrations established the police state workers in the US have been under siege.  American workers, blue and white collar, are now scheduled to be totally disenfranchised.  Aggressive Union-busting by government nazis, corporate deregulation and especially the flight of capital in search of slave labor abroad have resulted in plummeting of the morale, fortunes and morals of the American Middle class.  The drug economy has rushed in.


FOREIGN I/O p. 18. American rich and their government have been in bed with prosperous and well-respected drug dealers for fifty years.  At the end or World War II the oss (became the cia) allied with heroin traders in France to bust Unions.  The incestuous relationship intensified under the subhuman Reagan.


I/O p. 18.  During the Vietnam War the cia flew tons of heroin from Southeast Asia into America, often sewn up in the bodies of slain American hero soldiers of war death kill.


FOREIGN (A) p. 18.  Reagan, through her subhuman Oliver North, encouraged, supplied and supported atrocities in Latin America (including the kidnapping and the rape and torture to death of classes of school girls) to defeat the heroic liberating Freedom Fighters (who would have ended the drug traffic) and to control the drug traffic.  The cia practiced and taught the patriotic subject.  You bought field manuals and comic books teaching rape, torture and murder, about the only thing Americans are good at.  The cia subhumans flew hundreds of tons of the drugs into the depraved United States.  Proof was published in the San Jose Mercury News and provided by a former drug boss now working for the dea.  Your government's propaganda machine attacked howling.


FOREIGN (A) p. 18.  Presently US military cowards and the usual government trash are propping up the decaying corpses of dictators and crushing farmer protest with unspeakable acts of patriotism.


FOREIGN (A) pp. 18-19.  Mexico: Drug war money is used to arm cia trained subhumans in Chiapas (where the patriotism occurred) and other places in the south.  The drug trade is in the north.  In the south the Zaptista, an agrarian reform movement, opposed to the enslaving of the people by American corporations, costing American assholes millions of jobs, is under attack by rich Republicans.


FOREIGN (A) p. 19.  Freedom Fighters in Columbia, vigorously opposing the drug trade, are the real reason for the focus of the patriotization, a.k.a. atrocification, of tens of thousands of innocent people by the Whore-Beast America which will get its just deserts.


I/O PB p. 19.  This democratic ferocity is being whipped upon primarily American blacks thus feeding the democratic prison industrial complex with slaves, thus feeding the Republicans, thus feeding the drug traffic, thus feeding the drug war ad infinitum.  Behold the prejudiced federal law that shits out the mouths of judges, that it takes only 5 grams of crack cocaine to trigger a five-year mandatory sentence, but it takes 500 grams of powdered cocaine to trigger the same sentence.  Patriotic fat-assed white pigs a.k.a. BAMs, broad-assed males, know your crack cocaine is relished among discriminating black cocaine users.

            Drugs should be taken out of the hands of the Republicans and legalized.  Why are there no mandatory sentences for raping little girls and hacking off their arms?  For pig brutality, for authority on general principle?


I/O PB (A) pp. 19-20.  Prison Labor: A Pot of Gold.

Big fascist corporations, owned and run by rich Republicans, pay only 22¢ an hour for convict labor (slave labor).  For Republican businesses prison labor offers a capital return on invested dollar (extorted from the people) that cannot be resisted.  There are no strikes, no unions, no unemployment, no insurance, no worker compensation, no OSHA, no language problems, no health benefits.  The chinless American people pay for any medical expenses and/or burial cost.

            Huge prisons and concentration camps are being built with thousands of acres of factories inside the razor wire (which you bought).  Slaves do data entry for Chevron, made telephone reservations for TWA, raise four-legged pigs, shovel manure from legislatures, make circuit boards, limousines for Republicans, waterbeds and lingerie for the naked cunt-monkeys of Victoria's Secrets (Republican females), all at a fraction of the cost of "free labor".


(P. 20) The 14th Amendment of the Constitution, which abolished slavery, excludes prisoners from its pseudo protection.  Republicans/patriots believe prisoners have no rights.  God Almighty gave people rights.  Therefore they cannot take them, not even from a terrorists.  Lawyers believe their worthless document gave rights.  Therefore they can do anything with it, and you, that they want.

I/O p. 20.  Prisons charge inmates for necessities from medical care to toilet paper and use of the library at astronomical rates.  States charge room and board.  Berks County Jail, Pennsylvania (owned and run by Republican queers and whores) is charging prisoners $10 per day be there.  California patriots have similar legislature pending.  If they don't work they'll never be released.  This is unvarnished capitalism, the dream of Republicans for all Americans... to help them because they will not be able to find work because they themselves, the Republicans, destroyed Unions and moved all work overseas with NAFTA-GATT, or gave it to slavish ignorant immigrants here.


I/O p. 20.  Some prison enterprises are state run but not state owned.  Prisoners at UNICOR (the federal prison industry corporate) make recycled furniture.  The slaves work 40 hours a week for $40 a month.  The Oregon Prison Industry (owned and run by Republican whores and queers) force the slaves to make jeans called Prison Blues.  They advertise on television.  Small furniture companies are driven out of business by UNICOR which pays 22¢ per hour.  UNICOR is favored by the rich Republicans that own and run the country,  giving it its choice of fat juicy government contracts.  US Technologies sold its electronics plant in Austin, Texas, leaving its 150 employees unemployed.  Six weeks later the Republicans reopened in a nearby prison camp where the prisoners work or starve.


I/O. p. 20.  An aspect of the "globalization of capital" pioneered by the World Trade Organization, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, bolstered by NAFTA-GATT, is to empower nazi corporations by disrupting national governments.  The subhumans call this "structural adjustment".  It requires, in order to help the people you understand, 1) cuts in social services, 2) privatization of state-run industry [good], 3) repeal of agreements with labor about working conditions and minimum wages, 4) conversion of multi-use farmlands into cash-crop agriculture for export (cocaine, heroin and... yes, MARIJUANA), 5) dismantling of trade laws which protect local economies.  Under "structural adjustment" expenditures for nazis and cowardly military subhumans are the only permanent expenditures allowed.

            All responsible for the World Trade Organization, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, et al., and NAFTA-GATT.


I/O p. 20.  The sovereignty of nations is compromised as in Vietnam where trade sanctions were threatened unless the government allowed Camel cigarette billboards to pollute the landscape.  No billboards no billions of US tax dollars to be spent on the phony and orchestrated "war on drugs".


FOREIGN and DOMESTIC (A) (CA) (M) PB I/O p. 20.   Because of Republican democratic capitalists, poverty is growing, ecological destruction is raging, sweatshops and child labor are burgeoning, as well as pornography, child pornography, marijuana use and patriotism.  Worldwide wages are plummeting, indigenous people are forced in slums or exterminated like vermin, the sacred Earth is an industrial dumping ground for rich Republican patriot/homosexuals, and starvation is epidemic.  Americans are poised to become the first people in history to be disenfranchised by their own government... and they like it.

            As a result prison population is rising and undercutting wages.  American nazis, federal and local, are leading domestically and internationally in using and providing cutting-edge repression including rape, torture and murder techniques.  Republicans! The enslavers!

            Structural adjustment is also called The Contract with America... the American rich enslaving you to get richer.  You and your children, save their temple queers and whores, will be confined to ghettos and camps.

            The number of people in US hellholes has more than tripled in 17 years from 500,000 in 1980 to 1.8 million in 1997.  This is the work of Republicans.  [At publication] more than 5 million people were directly terrorized by the shit-eaters of the criminal injustice system in one way or another.  California spends more on prisons than it does on higher education.  Colored people are being jailed in largely disproportionate numbers but whites are getting hot under the collar.  (Catch us loosing sleep over that.)  Over the past decade California built 19 slave camps but only one branch university.  The NWO is focusing its war against humanity on women.


FOREIGN (A) p. 22.  In Nigeria, the Ogoni people conducted a protracted eight-year struggle against [Republican] Shell Oil.  The land was being spoiled, forever poisoned, life was ceasing to exist.  Peaceful demonstrations, election boycotts and pleas for international solidarity were met with patriotic rape, torture and murder by military cowards and common street pigs.  The leader of the humans was tortured and murdered by the American trained, led and fed patriots.  Again Freedom Fighters patriotized and murdered by cappie/commies.


I/O p. 25-30.  The Yin & Yang of HIV, © 1999 Valendar F. Turner.

            We believe this article is true.  There is no AIDS.  We surmise that degenerates are dying because they are degenerate and therefore cannot live in a natural world.  The death of degenerates is programmed into Human genes and into the structure of Universe.  There is no cure for HIV/AIDS because there is no HIV/AIDS.  There is savage suppression of truth by corporate doctors, corporate scientists, corporate universities like Johns Hopkins, the corporate media and of course the good ole degenerate corporate United States Government.


PB I/O p. 44.  Science News, New Digital Technology May Revolutionize Communication, source Sightings press release, 11 April 1999.

            The nazis have a hand held radar that lets them see you in your home before bursting inside and destroying it.  With new technology they can also tell, from a helicopter, if you have one too many lights burning, that might signal hot housing dangerous Mary Jane.  Ooooooh!

All responsible.


p. 47.  Reverse-Engineering Roswell UFO Technology, edited from a lecture by Jack Shulman President American Computer Company.


I/O p. 49.  After reporting inadvertent reception of live messages from a "Sky Station", a Mr. Shulman's offices were broken into and trashed.  All files were stolen.


I/O p. 49.  An Air Force Officer of Special Investigations grilled Mr. Schulman in his offices for a day.  His staff was also grilled and intimidated.


PB p. 51.  The man that reported the transistor as reverse-engineered was savagely murdered.  He was knocked unconscious and set afire in his car.  Family and friends were devastated.


I/O p. 51.  Within days of posting documents proving reverse-engineering and naming Department of the Army turds (one named Ramey) on the Internet, attacks, onslaughts, death threats and assaults began.  Attacks were made on his credibility.  He was publicly humiliated.  He and his family were besieged by a multilateral black project that included death threats, death threats to employees, and pictures of him riddled with blood-dripping bullet holes on the Internet.  They were harassed for months by unidentified subhumans.


I/O p. 51.  After speaking to the Secretary of Defense William Cohen and the head of Air force osi (cia type subhumans) they filed 9001 pages of documentation.  The air force, of course, violated the law by refusing to respond.


I/O p. 52.  Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories, a private lab paid to test some transistors that were allegedly reverse-engineered, double checked other positive findings then refused to admit they conduced the tests.


p. 57.  Military Mind Control and Alien Abductions, © 1999 Helmut Lammer, Ph.D.

BT** I/O p. 57.  Some heavily censored information on government/cia sponsored mind-control experiments has been declassified.


FOREIGN (A) p. 57.  The Swedish government was experimenting on unwitting adults and children 50 years ago in Stockholm.  One mother dropping in unexpectedly at the hospital heard her son's screams.  Rushing into the lab they had her son strapped down and were driving electrodes into the child's skull.  Her son has suffered for 48 years from these patriotic experiments and has spent several years in a psychiatric ward.  (Mind control! why the Swedes are a herd of nasty naked animals.)


FOREIGN and domestic (A) p. 59.  During the Cold War depraved subhumans of the USA and USSR developed implant technology and began experiments with mind control.


BT** I/O p. 59.  cia documents released by the patriots blacked out important words like "Human" and the names of the subhumans originating the document, etc.  We'll have to interrogate that lot.

            Other documents state that that Humans (not subhumans like police) are to be unwitting guinea pigs unworthy of consideration, and that these patriotic techniques are to be used to control Humans (not subhumans) where the problem lies.


PB (A)  p. 59.  On 10 March 1972, a man was arrested by Chicago pigs.  Without his consent the subhumans anesthetized him.  When he awoke the first thing he noticed was a maddening radio signal in his head.  X-rays showed a transmitter had been inserted through his left nostril.  Note at the top.


FOREIGN and domestic (A), p. 59.  Mind-control experiments done on unwitting people in the US, New Zealand, England, Scandinavia and many other countries by patriotic demons.


FOREIGN and domestic (A), p. 59.  A New Zealand woman's life was destroyed.  After 17 months of near madness an English doctor analyzed her x-rays and reported, "Lateral projection shows a foreign object implanted in the frontal lobe directly adjacent to the nasal passages.  The object is most probably a radio-transmitter.  Interference in blood circulation is spreading over large areas of the brain, concentrated in the frontal lobe and in particular around the implanted foreign object...  It is highly likely that this blood flow impairment is the result of the radio signal emanating from the transmitter.  This, in turn, causes a depletion in oxygen levels and a reduced nutrient supply to these areas of the brain where changes in neurological activity are inevitable." 

            She disappeared.  It is unknown whether the homosexual New Zealand government, slavish  ass-lickers of America, murdered her.  It seems likely.


FOREIGN and domestic (A), p. 59.  A British man described similar effects to other victims.  He has a brain implant put there and used without his knowledge or consent by mi5, the British counterpart of the demonic cia, that patriotizes the cowardly British people.  Security subs (cloaked and masked demons) engaged in a large scale marginalizing and demonizing campaign against him.  His x-rays were reviewed by doctors in Stockholm confirming a tiny transmitter had been implanted in his left nostril.  The electrodes, placed in his occipital lobe, are blocking blood flow causing oxygen depletion.  This is seen in the frontal lobe above the transmitter.  "[Mr. X] had obviously been anesthetized without his knowledge or this implantation could no have been performed."


FOREIGN I/O p. 60.  The German Science Ministry developed a brain implant for monitoring people.  German doctors, the kind that experimented in the camps raping women and girls with German shepherd law-enforcement police dogs, and injecting children with shit, predict that soon everybody will have one.


I/O BT** p. 60.  Man and woman testified to being abducted by American military demon-cowards.  These are called MILABS, military abductees.  Implants that were put in their ears were later removed by doctors.


I/O BT** p. 60.  Proof that under project MKULTRA the cia began secret field testing of mind implants, etc., on unwitting people.


FOREIGN I/O p. 61.  The patriotic shit-eaters at the author's place of work are harassing him and telling his employers lies about him.


I/O (A) p. 61.  It is proven that the military and cia patriotic shit-eaters performed experiments on unwilling people during the Cold War "although this practice was illegal".  Though what difference legality makes eludes us.


Book Reviews:

I/O p. 68.  Healing Codes and the Biological Apocalypse, © 1999, Leonard G. Horowitz, DMD, MA, MPH and Joseph Barber, ND.  Suggest codes are being used to create prion diseases like Mad Cow Disease, whereby the protein is literally activated into a crystalline form.  (Bad!)


I/O p. 69.  Saucers of the Illuminati © 1999 Jim Keith; the National Security Act enslaves us by suppressing the truth.


p. 69.  The Mind Controllers © 1999, Dr. Armen Victorian.

I/O p. 69.  Proof from US archives that the myriad alphabet agencies that descended like vultures upon us in the 1940s under the Manhattan Project's umbrella of secrecy were doing mind control experiments.


I/O FOREIGN and DOMESTIC (A), p. 69.  The UK Public Records Office has 16,000 document files on psychological warfare until 1948, but stonewall on the powerful UKUSA Agreement that unchains subhuman cia and mi5 demons to savage collectively or separately the citizens of each piece-of-shit country.


I/O p. 69.  Denials by successive British governments over the microwave bombardment of the Greenham Common Women in the 1980s smack of transatlantic psy-ops complicity, the subhuman Americans are implicated in doing the bulk of the torture.


I/O FOREIGN and DOMESTIC (A) p. 69.  Proof of demonic experiments/torture involving radiation and LSD; neural manipulation with implants and microwaves; psychic research, hypnosis and remote viewing; so-called non-lethal weaponry and ELF warfare.


(S) 6/15/2: Viewing disk two of "Star Wars, Episode One, The Phantom Menace", DVD, there seems to be no facility at ILM for males to costume in privacy.  Pestholes costume males.  Supported by other evidence this seems true of that filthy industry.  Evidence from [the making of "X-men"] indicates pestholes are naked and made-up in public, i.e. the beast that played Mystique.


PB 6/21/2 Various sources: In Arizona and Colorado thousands of humans have been forced from their homes by government terrorists.  The excuse is wild fires.  The government terrorists will not fight the fires and since the humans have  been driven out there is nobody to fight the fires so their homes are destroyed and the government can confiscate the land for the rich that own and run the government.  Kinda like a bunghole reach-around.


6/22/2: A new volunteer moved back to Maryland from North Carolina.  He moved to North Carolina in the 1970s because North Carolina had outlawed Unions so businesses (the seedy greedy) coagulated there.  But now the businesses can do better than slavish Americans without dignity.  Now they don't need Americans at all.  Having sucked American workers dry they are going overseas to finish them off.  There they work long and grueling hours for near nothing and they can be beaten, whipped and raped (even children) and they will be grateful for it.  If you work for another you can look forward to seeing your family starve in a FEMA camp under the tender mercies of the subhuman police.

            DRUGTEST Deadly with compound bow and on the bowling lanes as well, working in North Carolina our new Man refused to stand up whenever a subhuman (boss) was around.  The couldn't make him stand up because he refused to stand up so they got even by pissing him once a month.  May bosses (subhumans) have the nightmares soon to be their reality.


            This is not a rhetorical question.  It is real.  Despite health plans we're experiencing trouble getting medical care.  Health care centers are crammed to overflowing dawn till dark.  The waiting list for a dermatologist was nonexistent, for those clawing themselves five months.  A fragment of a news report reached us thus "... is the most recent group of doctors to experience a shortage".  A few years ago the degenerate Bill Clinton signed a law that stopped funding for doctors.  There are a lot of foreign doctors in this country almost all of them from India.  Question: Did he sign that law so immigrants could insinuate themselves in the medical profession?  When it comes to our Freedom we look for one-word answers in this outfit.  Yes or no?


0931: WBAL-1090 AM: The Queer Lawyer Show: Those queer lawyers are astounded by the decision of their he-roes the Supreme Queers that ruled it unconstitutional to execute the mentally retarded.  They think everybody should be slaughtered but themselves.  (Snicker.)

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            The cesspool of patriotism has no bottom.  Patriots, soldiers, cops, feds, etc., are anonymous mindless butchers without compassion or fear, terrorized and humiliated into Homo robopersons, soldiers of god flag, the god of the rich, the god of patriotism.  This includes common street patriots.  A little old waving a flag at a Fourth of July parade is stalin's, hitler's and reagan's wet dream.  She would rather have a good shit that even hear about your family being raped and tortured to death in Oliver North's concentration camps.

            The only good patriot is a dead patriot.

            September 11, 2001 the day the rich fear you'll forget.

            New York: The remains of the victims were scooped into Dumpsters ®TM©SMP and hauled to the city dump.

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The Hammer of the Witch (cont.)


A coal black gull did caw

Burning match in its maw

Anting then fights

A white snow crow

Candy in its craw

Fo' possession o' yall.

Fishy'n wishy.


"This soul woven hand

Take Earth man

Know its named

The Hammer of the Witch

You do not mutter'n

You do not stammer

Birdman, wordman

I herd man, and

Take this gold quill mine son

Plucked from the crown of Thoth

This rod and compass

May it serve thee well."



Cants'n chants'n incantations for the End Time Drill.

Copyright 2000 Youngman Grant


For every person with a spark of genus there are a thousand with ignition trouble.



            Terrorists alert! The Prophet warns!  Don't let them herd your families together into Oliver North's concentration camps or anywhere else.  Do not let them herd you together.  Do not let them take you from your homes!  Be armed! Be ready! Refuse! Assemble to defend your families and your homes!  They are psychologically primed to mass murder your families.  Those who die quickly will be the lucky ones.


I am the angel of vengenance.   The time of purification is at hand.

                                               —The Simpsons.