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Family and Freedom over flag

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10 October  2002, Vol. 3, No. 17


All the news fit to spit.

All the news fit to shit.



            Terrorists alert! The Prophet warns!  Don't let them herd your families together into Oliver North's concentration camps or anywhere else.  Do not let them herd you together.  Do not let them take you from your homes!  Be armed! Be ready! Refuse! Assemble to defend your families and your homes!  They are psychologically primed to mass murder your families.  Those who die quickly will be the lucky ones.



6/22/2 c. 1803: WWLG-1360 AM: "The leader of the free world lead his staff on a three mile jog this morning".

            Thus she the media monkey spake referring to Richy Rich.  There are a number of problems with this parroting.  1) We were under the impression that ring-ass reagean beat the commies.  Therefore the whole world is free and the adjective free is redundant, which is a problem because Popin Fresh is not the leader of the world.  2) If the rest of the world were free we are not.  The democracies are the oppressed if not slave states, especially America.  3) We don't believe Richy Rich could jog three miles.  But the mediaoid did not say he actually jogged three miles but that he merely led his staff on a three mile jog.  He may have jogged thirty feet on an intended three mile jog before collapsing, or he may have rode in a golf cart ahead of his staff for three miles, or he may he have stayed in the Oval Orifice and told his staff to jog three miles.  And his staff may have behaved as described for him.

            People applying for work in summer camps, mostly foreigners, are bled, pissed, shat, photographed, fingerprinted and the local nazis run a criminal background check.  (That's what they should do to priests and nazis.)  A female with a British accent said,              "Right now I feel like a criminal."

            "Are you a criminal?" thus asked he the mediaoid.


6/23/2: Landlords are subhumans.  The POS indeed believe they are lords.

I/O A woman moved from Mitten Apartments, 826 South Bradford, Dover, Delaware 19904-4155.  The cringing demons kept $400 of the security deposit asseverating the carpet was damaged.  The carpet was not damaged.  There was nothing she could do about it.

I/O At the government subsidized housing for veterans, 18998 Wesley Church Road, Bridgeville, DE 19933, a man paid his rent.  The bawdy slattern in charge refused to give him $100 change.  He left a few days later.  It kept two weeks rent.  There was nothing he could do about it.

            The government also contracts for meals.  There is little food to be had.  Management leaves food on the counter for days then serves it to the men.  The bawdy slattern that owns this federal  rip-off demeans the men with its gutter mouth and humiliating ways.  What you fought for men.

            Here's something else you fought for.  Your fingerprints are on record with A.S.R.I., Armed Services Records and Identification.  They are  automatically checked by any nazi subhuman at all, federal, state and/or local whenever there's a crime.  Now the military morons are forced to give their blood so their DNA can be put at the disposal of nazi subhumans and who knows what other suhuman pieces of patriotic shit.  Do you ever get the feeling that, maybe, somehow just a little, you've been used?

            Seems the uniformed thugs enjoy singling out World War Two vets and for special random routine abuse at airports.  They take their wives' canes.  You patriots ever get the feeling you're living in the House that Jack Built?  Guess who Jack is?

            The more devoted to the government you are the less they trust you.  Its most slavish ass-lickers, military women and boys, are suspected the most, trusted the least.  Thus America the Whore.


6/27/2: Government subsidized housing, like at federal property, are prisons without walls.  You live there you have no rights.  Where they want to put all you disenfranchised whites.  There and in Oliver North's concentration camps.


6/28/2: America is the first country to use its poor as scapegoats.  Only in a morally bankrupt country like America would spending money be considered patriotic.  There's several reasons they lie to you telling you that.  Can you figure them out?



(CA) BT** 2004: WCTR-1530 AM: Detroit: a beast had its hair done leaving its children in a locked car for three hours.  They suffocated.


          WJFK-1300 AM: This is a sports network.  Listening to a race from Richmond International Raceway they cut to commercial.  Before coming back they aired that World War II "war hero" John Wayne swearing Satan's Pledge.  They had to.  Otherwise sports fans would forget where they were and have a moment's fun.  We turned it off.


6/30/2: In the Baltimore Sun the insulting and disrespectful comic strip Dennis the Menace airs Satan's Pledge.  That figures!


1159: WQSR-102.7 FM: aired that World War II "war hero" John Wayne swearing Satan's Pledge.



(A) FOREIGN 1630: WBIS-1190 AM, Afghanistan: one of your cowardly fly boys dropped a bomb on a wedding party murdering thirty Human Beings.  They do this on purpose.  Note at top of file.

            Did you notice that the mediaoids never say a US pilot bombed innocent people or anything similar?  Media monkeys always say that a US plane bombed innocent people, as though the plane had no pilot, as though the plane acted alone.  The media must be controlled.  It must be dictated to.


PB 1751: WTOP-1500 AM: nazis of DC, Maryland and Virginia are coagulating on CHECKPOINT STRIKE FORCE!  These nazis remind us of the dire things they'll do to us if we don't use seat belts.  CHECKPOINT STRIKE FORCE! warns you that you and your families had better be patient when pulled over at a roadblock ostensibly for a DUI (driving under the influence) check.  Roadblocks across supposedly free roads in a supposedly free country.  CHECKPOINT STRIKE FORCE! warns you, and your family, that you had better be patient while you and them are being threatened, embarrassed and humiliated.  CHECKPOINT STRIKE FORCE!  STRIKE FORCE!  Get it?  Patriotic war he-roe murder rape!

            The insurance corporations and all their CEOs past and present should be exterminated.  While the nazis of DC, Maryland and Virginia are terrorizing motorists and their families, who's protecting us from savage kids smoking marijuana?  Who?  Think of the children!  Will somebody please think of the children?


          The Supreme Queers OK'd the use of vouchers so public moneys can be used for the religious education of some people's children, who probably smoke marijuana.  Bet those gay friars are glad to hear that.  Fresh meat!  Fresh meat supplied by gay friars.


          Government nazis are letting some people in Arizona and Colorado return to the smoking ruins of the homes they forced them to abandon.  Had they been there they could have defended their homes.  Oh! That's right!  The government's nazis do not call them homes.  They call them structures.  You know why.


(S) BT** 7/4/2 1549: 27 AMC, Behind the Screen: The Making of Spiderman, in this three minute filler the nazi-commies, of course, aired the large and prominent nipples of that stinky little beast KD.


I/O 7/5/2 1032: WTOP-1500 AM: the FBI peeled a READ THE KORAN sticker off a suspected murderer's door.  For a week the media monkeys on radio did not mention this man was killed possibly murdered by the subs.

            Fat happy pooting consumers in Michigan, probably Detroit, reportedly sang America the Beautiful at a parade yesterday.  The media monkey made it seem like seething masses turned out to worship.  We know otherwise.  The bluecoated terrorists are doing their work well.


7/7/2 WTOP-1500 AM: It was hot and a man shopping in a department store laid down and went to sleep on a piece of display furniture.  He was, of course, arrested.  The WTOP media monkey, picking fleas off itself and dingleberries off the assholes of the rich and their hyenas and eating them, paused to quip, "Now he's cooling his heels in the county jail".  Chortle, chortle.


Short-wave: California was fined $1,000,000 for killing a garden snake.  EPA subhumans arrested a man for moving a frog from the road, also in California.



Ancient American Volume 7 Number 44 (ISSN 1077-1646) PO Box 370, Colfax, WI 54730.

A Caddo Burial Site at NAtchitoches, Louisiana, by Winslow M. Walker.

page 9, unspeakable atrocities done to little babies by Natchez and other southern Indian tribes to lengthen their heads to the shape of a miter.  Eyewitness account:

            "What a mother does to the head of her infant in order to force its tender bones to assume this shape is almost beyond belief.  She lays the infant on a cradle which is nothing more than the end of a board... one extremity of this board has a hole where the head is placed and it is lower than the rest.  The infant being laid down entirely naked she pushes back its head into this hole and applies to it on the forehead and under the head a mass of clay which she binds with all her strength between two little boards.  The infant cries, turns completely black, and the strain which it is made to suffer is such that a white, slimy fluid is seen to come out of its nose and ears at the time the mother presses on its forehead.  It sleeps thus every night until it..." looks like the pinhead in a sideshow.


p. 10, Natchitoches were starving because of failed crops but had to ask French subhumans permission to change locations.


p. 12, French and Spanish subs hire Indian tribes to massacre Natchez.


SCHO-OP p. 13, ad for America's Pre-Columbian Monroe Doctrine, Its Orgins and How It Works as Illustrated by the Burrows Cave Saga, by James Scherz.  Ref. to corporatee academicians suppressing evidence of pre-Columbian visitors to America.


            Lost Monuments of the Mound Builders, originally published as "The Mound Builders: A Plea for the Conservation of the Antiquities of the Central and Southern States", in Records of the Past, Volume X, Part IV, November-December, 1911.  Hundreds of Indian burial mounds destroyed by scholars, farmers, businesses and other vandals.  In 1876 it was a Sabbath pastime to open Indian burial mounds in the forenoon, and in the afternoon, after preachin'n screechin', to shoot the skulls thus obtained full of holes... healthy Christian activities.


Ancient Florida's Ais Indians by Robert I. Davidson.

p. 21, Spanish slave raiders such as Juan Bono de Quejo, one of Ponce de Leon's subhumans, devastated the Taino Indians of the Bahamas.

p. 23, subhuman Spanish destroy subhuman French colony.

A fort established by a Spanish sub failed, the people resorting to cannibalism.  Probably whites eating reds.

            Ais Indians atrocified by English subhumans and "friendly" Indian allies, i.e., patriotic mercenaries.  Spanish would not help Ais after atrocifying them for a hundreds years, considered them "unfriendly" as they had a shred of dignity.

English subhumans began raiding Florida coast for slaves in 1680.  English subhumans purchased Indian children with guns to do horrible things to them.  The ones that died quickly were the lucky ones.

            From strategic hamlets in South Carolina the English and their ass-lickers the Yemassee Indians and homosexual colonists patriotized the Ais, Tequesta and Calusa tribes of South Florida for eleven years in Queen Anne's War.

            A patriot named Captain Thomas Nairne and its "warlike" Yemassee Indian homosexuals, had to raid Florida further and further south for slaves.  They atrocified Ais and Jeaga Indians as far south as Biscayne Bay where they captured the last Tequestas and almost the last Calusas.  As the mass of Indian slaves were driven north with whips they refused to feed them.  Many men, women and children died of hunger.  Children watched their parents and grandparents die unspeakably.  Many men, women and children were raped and/or tortured to death.

            The Spanish subs kidnapped the surviving native Florida Indians, known as Spanish Indians,  to Cuba.


Did the Templars Seek Refuge in Canada by Gerard Leduc.

p. 26, In the Albigensis Crusade the Catholic Church atrocified thousands of Cathars raping and torturing to death countless men, women and children before each other, thus demonstrating their brotherly love, Christian style, murdering their bodies so that their souls might live.  St. Paul, a.k.a. Saul of Tarsus, a.k.a. Josephus the Historian puffed its chest proud in Hell.  Hell! it even murdered one of Christ's sons.

            With the subhuman Pope's approval the subhuman King Philippe Le Bel, a French subhuman, atrocified thousands of Knights Templars.  They were raped, tortured and many burned at the stake.


SCHO-OP Metal chest armor of Templars design, found in the 1950s by a farmer was purchased by Mr. Jacques Boisvert from Magog, Quebec.  The chest armor was later stolen.


PB 7/7/2 c. 1905: WTOP-1500 AM: FBI subs questioned a man's children without his permission and without benefit of a lawyer in a child abduction case unrelated to his children.  This is routine for federal nazis.


PB 7/9/2 1003: WTOP-1500 AM: FBI subs are raiding jewelry shops across the country, herding everybody they find to prison to maybe question someday.


PB BT** 1102: WWLG-1360 AM: An unnamed Englewood, California bluecoat subhuman was filmed beating a boy with his hands cuffed behind.  Note at top of file.


1622: WBZT-107.7 FM: ad for the All-star Game:

            "Why does that pitcher have a bird's nest under his chin?"  Asked the American.

            "Because he's a woman."  Another American could answer.  Coz, y'see, your real true-blue red-blooded all-American thinks women are the ones with the beards, which the Supreme Queers say you have no right to.  In America it is cunts that grow beards.

Take those NASCAR media queers.  They were more interested in Jeff Gordon's beard, an object of supreme jest, than his divorce.  The pestered him so much he cut it off.

            Now the Baltimore County nazis are cracking down on littering.  In ads broadcast often daily they're offering a $100 reward to get people to rat on those illegally dumping trash.            

            While all this pig state activity is going on, who's protecting us from kids smoking marijuana?  Think of the children!  Will somebody please think of the children?


PB BT** 7/11/2 1905: WTOP-1500 AM: The Englewood, California: The media monkey began by attacking the videographer 's character.  He called him everything but a patriot.  Then it said the nazi queer is named Jeremy Morse.  It has a history of brutality and has never been punished.  Its nazi queer chief refuses to talk about it citing protection of law we humans don't have.  Complete hierarchy.  Note at top of file.


(S) BT** 7/11/2 DVD "Multiplicity", © 1996, Columbia: Besides other filth particularly from the animal AM, there are close-ups of it's large, dark and prominent nipples.  The beast is in fuck scenes.  Note at top of file.


(F) (S) 7/12/2: Radio Germany: Berlin had its 14th annual Love Parade.  This is public filth blessed by the rich like gay pride parades.  The pestholes, reeking of disease and crawling with vermin are naked, as well as limp dick gimps.  The media monkey licked it like a dick.


7/17/2 1653: WTOP-1500 AM: Army credit cards have been used to purchase $38,000 worth of lap dancing in naked monkey "clubs".  Can you imagine sitting there in the Champagne Room, where there ain't no champagne, and have a naked monkey squirm the pestilential effluents from its pestholes onto your clothing?  They pay for this!  I swear to God Almighty! They do!  Rather you pay for it.


WBAL-1090 AM: Down on major league sports these days I listened to my first game of the year: Orioles at Toronto.  Leaning over the fence for a foul a fan fell into the field.  The announcers were ecstatic.  The security subhuman might arrest him.  Arrest! why is it that corporations have the power to arrest?  That is not right.  Something that will not be forgotten should be done about it.


I/O 7/21/2 2002: WYPR-FM 88.1, news: Tom Ridge the rich Republican ass of the Department of Homeland Insecurity, is howling like the beast he is to make the repeal of posse comitatus permanent.  "It's unlikely it will ever be used," the patriot said.  If it's unlikely it will ever be used why do they want it repealed?  Let God Almighty give ear.  Let them be building their own gallows, digging their own graves, yea'n say, that they made their own concentration camps.  Let them lie in them.  Thank You!

            Of course only whacko "Human Rights groups" are concerned.  This from liberal pubic radio too.

            What have they done to the thousands they've arrested and are holding incognito?  Anybody know?  Care to guess?  We can tell you.


2340: 6.189 MHz., Voice of Vietnam, The Sunday Show: They're having an athletic event wherein 700 invalids will race wheelchairs.  They mentioned invalids at least once more.  They seem to have a problem with invalids.  Any of you ignorant arrogant wincing mincing milksops out there care to admit who made them that way.


7/22/2 0015: WPOC-FM 93.1: this the local station for pyorrhea-mouthed inbreds who'd rather fuck their mothers than a woman, country as an outhouse.  One of them is singing (for a slight fee) "We're going to cram the Statue of Liberty up your ass".  Where it came from, huh!  Yeah, you go over and do that you corn and porn fed subhuman.  I'd love to see you try.


1705: WAVA-1230 AM: A Montgomery County pig in yet another terror ad.  Boy had trouble with the language but "If you drive aggressively... we'll... get... you."  Oooooohhh!


7/24/2: short-wave broadcasts:

(F) (A) Imitating the subhuman United States that murdered forty Human Beings with a cowardly air attack on an Afghan wedding, Israeli subhumans bombed an apartment house on the West Bank full of Human families.  Spineless monkey see, spineless monkey do.  Note at top of file.  [Nine children and two women murdered.]

(F) (CA) Radio Ireland: The Catholic Church in Ireland has been sheltering and shielding vicars of Christ that raped and perpetrated other horrors on children.


7/25/2: WTOP-1500 AM:

1) A black repeater said Congress passed a bill legalizing "larger fines" for fat cat CEO thugs.

2) The business monkey, said that the stock of a nazi corporation, that manufactured missiles for the military, had "shot up fourteen points".  Big example of media humor.


7/26/2 1617: WBIS-1190 AM: The Stock Doctor Show, "You can say anything you want just so it's clean.  I run a family show."  How prim.


7/27/2: short-wave: Some asshole preacher cited a government report proving that marijuana smoking causes brain damage.  I thought they were already at the bottom of the cesspool with "It rots your teeth".  Well, there is no bottom to the cesspool of patriotism.


7/28/2 1301: 30 TNT, Pocono 500: immediately when I switched it on the two media monkeys were aping Republicans:

1st media monkey: Tee-hee-hee.  If his mustache were darker he and Benny would be buddies.  Tee-hee-hee, tee-hee-hee.

2d media monkey: Yes!  Giggle, giggle.

Guess Benny must be the bearded lady in the circus.


2212: WBCQ 7.415 MHz. Monticello, ME, The Johnny Lightning Show: ass-lick patriotic boy says that not only does he favor racial profiling but many at the station do, and that also many there are racists, bigots and otherwise fit the profile of a Republican.


I/O 7/30/2: At headquarters we recently recorded a temperature of 112° F.  The thermometer is in the Sun because we believe it records the true temperature, the temperature on our heads and the roof... at least!  Imagine the temperature in a boxed-in factory.  At Hulk 'n' Fart one of our Men runs a massive welding machine.  The temperature in that Hellhole is appalling.  At Hulk 'n' Fart the Humans are not provided fans.  The subhuman bosses (capitalist pigs) have air conditioned offices.  The Humans are not allowed a Union.  No Union?  No fan.  The subhuman Republicans won't even give the Men, some who barely drag home, a few extra minutes break.  No Union?  You're a slave.  Simple.


PB 8/1/2 1653: WBIZ-1190 AM, CNN: California pigs murdered an Hispanic suspected of kidnapping.


8/2/2 1640: WJFK-1300 AM: Jim Rome, "He's got that hair on his chin, he's got those goggles, the umpire thought he was a goofoff".  This was about California Angels pitched Gunya.  Then the hero hung up on a boy, but "not for something he said."



          Orioles at Toronto Blue Jays: a fan was ejected for harassing a player.  Now its against the law to razz a gazillionaire spoiled brat.


The Prophet He Say:

Most Americans don't deserve Freedom, not even the little they have.

I think, therefore I worry.


8/3/1 1456: 11 WBAL-NBC: NASCAR, WC Brickyard 400: "Please stand up an remove your hats for today's invocation."

            Hey! you can suck our cocks!  Most of us do not worship your stinking gods, especially not Joshua ben Miriam.  Neither your god Flag, case you haven't noticed.  And those of us that do  acknowledge ben Miriam as the Christ do not want their religion forced on others by pederast priests and hypocrites.


PERIODIC 8/5/2: World Explorer, Vol. 3, No. 1, © 1984-2002, ISSN: 1061-0103, 403 Kemp Street, Kempton, IL 60946.

I/O FOREIGN & DOMESTIC p. 10, News Roundup, CIA Showcases Array of Spy Gadgets.  An exhibition of the CIA's rape, torture and murder devices opened Sunday at the Ronald "Ring-ass" Reagan Presidential Library.  Very appropriate.  Said subhuman Lloyd Salvetti, director of the CIA's Center for the Study of Intelligence [sic], "Questions have been asked about why we invest so much money in the intelligence [sic] community.  We thought we should team up with the president's library to get out our message about why we exist."

(A) "Some of the very same techniques used during World War II are being used in Afghanistan today," said subhuman Toni Hiley, curator of the exhibit and of the CIA's black museum at Langley, VA, though she declined to elaborate.  The patriotic pesthole meant rape, torture and murder of men, women and children.

(Associated Press, Feb. 17, 2002)


p. 11, I/O FOREIGN & DOMESTIC, Implantable Chips for Humans to Begin in South America.  Applied Digital Solutions (Palm Beach, FL) is manufacturing chips that are planted in humans and livestock.  ADS will get FDA approval to sell its commie-nazi technology in this country in 2002.  A vociferous advocate of the nazi-commie technology is an English twit, a Professor (figures) Kevin Warwick of Reading University, England.  It can't remember to open its door so it advocates slavery for the rest of us.

(Los Angeles Times, Dec. 19, 2001)


NL The World Becomes a Little Bit More Dangerous Every Day.  Australia: Because of insurance cost coconut trees around resorts are being cut down.  The annual death toll from falling coconuts has not been established.

(The Western Mail, Dec. 2001)


I/O p. 19, James Churchward and His Lost Pacific Continent, by John T. Griffith.  Churchward was ridiculed, then cheated out of his government contract while other steel companies infringed his patent and sold his steel, although diluted, to the War and Navy Departments during World War I at double his price.  He was then drug through a grueling patent procedure.  His patent was denied.


I/O Fat rich Republicans in steel like Judge Eugene Gary, J.P. Morgan and Krupp Munitions conspired against him to deny him his patent.


SCHO-OP p. 44, Revisiting Lake Lahontan.  Most of the skeletal remains proving that giant red-haired  Nordics lived in prehistoric Nevada have been stolen, destroyed or "lost".

            The of remnant of the 4,500 artifacts recovered from Lovelock Cave are either ignored or their validity denied by corporate academicians.


NL 1038: WBIS-1190 AM, Doctor Loren Ritter, selling a bowel purging service, said John Wayne, (whom he was homosexually attracted to), had 44 pounds of shit in him when he died.  Well, he got that right.  I always knew that World War II phony was full of shit.  Seems Elvis was full of patriotism too.  (This is him talkin' now, not us.)  Seems "Elvis died on the throne, that's the rest room, very appropriate for the king of rock and roll.  He was straining so hard he had a heart attack."

            His lengthy spiel was otherwise grossly scatological.  Even talked about examining the feces of children in toilets.  He didn't want to say anything to upset people eating lunch now though.


NL 8/6/2 0704: WBIS-1190 AM, CNN; Richy Rich signed the fast track trade bill yesterday.  The media monkey twice said "Restoring the President's authority", to negotiate trade agreements that Congress cannot pick apart.  Strange! we thought that was their job.

            Trent Lott and other rich Republican ghouls are writhing their hands and slobbering.  It recited a rouges gallery of business that will benefit but no mention of Americans benefiting.  No mention of the tens of thousands of Americans this is going to disenfranchise.

            The stock market soared 230 points.  (It was up 100 points three consecutive days and was up 432 points for the week.)  It's because of the fast track trade authority granted that punk.  Not a word about that though.


8/8/2 0902: WJFK-1300 AM: The Howard Stern Show, guy interviewing some asshole millionaire baseball player: "Where in the Hell did you get those clothes?"

            "Please don't use profanity when talking to me."

            "Hell is in the Bible."


BT** CA 1203: WBAL-1090 AM: Another man has accused vicar of Christ Blackwell of raping him as a boy.  The other vicars of Christ in the Catholic church has hastened to assure Catholics that the mass rape of little boys committed by the subhuman Blackwell had nothing to do with its removal from office.  Bet they're relieved.  Whew! For a moment there it looked like there might be some justice somewhere.  Note at top of file.


WWLG-1370 AM: Snotty and cowardly jokes Wayne "the Pain" Gruen about a man arrested for driving violations in Canada.


(F) (A) 8/10/1 2131: 13.720 MHz., Radio Germany English Service: After Sadam Husan murdered 5000 Kurds with poison gas in 1988, the Great Satan, Babylon the Whore, your precious subhuman United States (at a tidy profit to rich Republicans) continued to supply their homosexual lover Sadman Insane with poison gas for twenty months.  Together they murdered tens of thousands of Iranians with it... why they gave it to it.  Papa Bush was chief POS in the Oval Orifice.  Note at top of file.


PB BT** 2240: WBCQ-7.415 MHz., Pocket Calculator: At JFK Airport a forty year old mother had her baby ripped from her arms by a security subhuman.  She was then forced to drink from three bottles containing her own breast milk in public.  Those all-American patriots fear babies that's for sure.  And remember! the commie-nazis cannot be sued.  Well, we think that sucks.  Elect us! We know what to do about it.  Elect us! and you will be respected if not feared.  Complete hierarchy of all subhumans that were there, unto and including the POS on the throne in the Oval Orifice.  Baby Bush is the POS in the Oval Orifice now.  Elect us and the patriotic subhumans will no longer fear babies.  American culture will no longer be a culture of death.  Note at top of file.


The asshole liberal mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg wants to ban smoking in bars and restaurants.  You can forget this shit about New Yorkers being tough.  New Yorkers are cowards with bad mouths when you're defenseless.  If they were bad asses they'd ban that shmuck mayor,


Some Green Peacers were arrested by the federal government for cutting a whale out of a nylon net.  Drowning, the whale came to the boat.  They were supposed to await federal pigs to cut the drowning whale out of the nylon net.  They were in a blessed place.  There were no federal pigs about.  In America the Whore, no good deed goes unpunished.


WQSR-102.7 FM brags about The Lawyer Show on its sister network WBJC-1300 AM.  The lawyer show is a panel of rich patriotic queers, lawyers, gleefully and maniacally aiding and abetting the surrender of what few rights you have left.  And you let them do so.


8/11/2: between 0500-0600 pig choppers disturbed the peace circling the homes of several of our officers' homes.  This happens often.


8/13/2 1104: WWLG-1370 AM, California: people forced by cops from their homes because of a gas explosion.  The explosion is over.  Why are pigs forcing them from their homes?


(F) I/O 8/18/2: WWRC 7.560 MHz.; preacher says german troops brag that in the event marshal law is declared in America, their job is to come here and murder you citizens, arrest you and drag you to patriotic war hero Oliver North's concentration camps where rt&m will be used.  There is a secret treaty between rich republicans and hitler's spawn in germany to supply mercenary butchers to the US government, an old rich trick.  Five-thousand nouveau german nazis are being trained at Ft. Dix, NJ, where there is a concentration camp.

            This training of trash troops and using them against our people has been going on since the dope addict faggot Clinton.  german trash was present at Waco though it doesn't seem they got in on any of the patriotic fun.

Wake up assholes!


(S) BT** 2345: WBCQ 7.415 MHz., The Johnny Lightning Show: two depraved New York DJs, Opie and Anthony, great Americans, sponsored a contest for public fucking.  Two subhumans were taught fucking in a cathedral church.  They got their pictures in the paper and won 25 points.  All responsible including the DJs.


8/19/2: Every commercial news broadcast ten thousand times: Michael Bloomberg, the wimpy mayor of New York, called the terrorists killed on 911 "Our bravest and our finest".  Your "bravest and your finest" are cringing cowards, the worst that ever lived with the possible exception of yourselves.  They're the ones that run billy clubs up people's assholes right?  The SPOBRS New York judges agree wit that.

New York: The remains of the victims were scooped into Dumpsters and hauled to the city dump.


8/20/2 1135: WPHT-1210 AM, The Bob Wine Show: Terrorists have killed some dogs with poison gas.  The media monkey cries over "The innocent little dogs they've killed."  That's it!  They've had it!  Americans rape the Earth but don't you dare touch a noisy, noisome, dangerous dog, thankfully killed.  How can a good God let such atrocity happen?

1153: Now the little queer capped it.  Here it is folks.  What we've been saying all along.

            "Mustaches make me nervous.  I, I don't know why.  Hitler, you see the pattern.  I, I feel so weak and so puny."" 

We see the pattern you little faggot.  Rich Republicans are terrorized of everything manly.

The only good dog is a dead dog.


PB 8/21/2 0943: WTOP-1500 AM: A man goes on trial for trying to recharge a battery by playing a lighter flame under it in an airplane.


1135: WPHT-1210 AM, Philadelphia, PA, The Billy Cummingham Show:

It's no wonder Philadelphia is the murdering pig capital of the world.  I've heard some patriotic fruitcakes in my time but this one might beat out Blush Limburger.  It's doubtful, but Americans like the novel and the new.

            "What a great day to be an American," Billy Boy said, like in elementary school.  Its callers are likewise immature.  "God bless America," said the caller wimp.  "Why do thousands of immigrants come here every year?  Because they love the land of the free," Billy Boy Bob Bum said.  People that love Freedom don't come to America.  America is no place to go if you love Freedom.  They come to  take our jobs and get rich.  They Billy Boy said it was Catholic.  If I were Catholic, which I am not, I certainly wouldn't brag about it on the radio.


(S) BT** 8/23/2 0903: WTOP-1500 AM: Portland, OR; the subhuman pigs attacked demonstrators protesting the American atrocity in Iraq.  The cowardly bluecoats attacked them with pepper spray and rubber bullets.  Rubber bullets are real bullets with latex coating.  The media fags did not report the number murdered and maimed.  We're glad somebody is opposing your unending murder of tens of thousands of children.  Complete hierarchy.  Note at top of file.

            In a rare display of courage the people of New York raised an outcry and the two DJs that sponsored the public fucking in the cathedral, Opie and Anthony, were fired.  The WTOP media monkey said, "No need to shed tears for them", and cut to another media degenerate that puked, "They're shock jocks, shocking people is their job and they're good at it.  They'll have no trouble finding work."  Whew! for a moment we thought their might be integrity in America.


8/24/2 13 USA; "Stephen King's The Stand", DOO:

BT** 1807: close-ups of ˝-n tits and naked ass as animal "Dana" straddles a male to fuck it.  Filth throughout.  Note at top of file.


8/25/2 1402: 13 USA; "Stephen King's Return to Salem's Lot", DOO: naked subhuman Hollywhores except for pasties and G-strings, dancing, huge dirty dugs bouncing.  Filth throughout.  Note at top of file.

1717: "Stephen King's The Langoliers"; DOO: many close-ups of the prominent nipples of beast "Bethany" throughout.

1722: close-ups of the animal's nips.

1827: more close-ups of the whore's nips again.  Note at top of file.


(F) (A) 8/26/2 0008: 7.315 MHz., WHRI, World Harvest Radio, news; Peru: a video has been released showing cadets being beaten, electrically shocked, held under water and tortured.  These atrocities occurred in 1995 but wasn't considered important enough to release until now.  There are two reasons for this.  Military types are regarded as slaves by the rich that own them, ultimately the same rich that own you.  Of course nothing was ever done about it.


I/O 8/28/2 1704: WBIS-1190 AM: CNN; like Esau signing away his birthright for a bowl of porridge, the baseball players union supports drug testing its members, to be pissed like animals early and often.  Jocks are like that.  You might believe they are manly but they are bellwethers.  They know the people.  They know the people!  Anything for a buck.


BT** I/O 8/29/2 1632: WTOP-1500 AM: the National Teachers Association (nazi-commies), is sponsoring piss, shit, spit, blood and hair test for students in government schools participating in extracurricular activities.  This includes debating teams.  Richy Rich in the Oval Orifice, of course, wants this.  It probably brought it about.  This is a way to extend fascist control.  Lesson: if you want to excel they own you.  You will do everything their way.  You have no rights, no dignity, no honor.  You are no better than an animal.  You are a slave.

            But not to hurt the kids.  Oh! no no no no!  It never is.  But to help the kids.  Yes, that's how we have it.

Those that serve them the most, and/or need them the most, suffer the most.


8/30/2: WTOP-1500 AM: Much to the delight of WTOP a survey shows Americans aren't all that enthused over Freedom of Speech.  This is encouraging news to the media.


(F) I/O 8/31/2 WYPR-88.1 FM, All Things Considered: Uniformed Israeli subhumans have cordoned off Palestinian villages and will not let water supplies through.  They are trying to murder them by thirst.


I/O 9/3/2 1658: WTOP-1500 AM: the DC cops are causing a massive snarl on Route 50 while they arrogantly investigate an accident.


PERIODIC (S) BT** 9/6/2: Baltimore Sun, p. 1E, KC on American Idol television show squeezing the titty of another lesbian.  Family newspaper!  Photograph filed.  Note at top of file.


PERIODIC (S) BT** 9/9/2: Baltimore Sun, p. 1C, photograph of famous cunt monkey JD, and its ˝-n dugs, holding its book it found easy to publish, featuring a photograph of itself airing itself.  In this family newspaper its pesthole is covered by a pussy patch, and its filthy dugs by its hands.  SUPER MODEL TELLS ALL!  We bet!  The mocking whore looks like it could suck chrome off a trailer hitch.  Photograph filed.  Note at top of file.


2046: WBCQ 7.415 MHz, The Hal Turner Shower:

I/O * Two blacks raped and murdered six people in a family.  The men were forced to perform homosexual acts before the niggers murdered them.  A daughter, bashed in the head with a gun and left for dead, walked a mile naked in the snow to alert the bluecoats.  Not a word of this has appeared on the nigger networks.  Why?  Media listed.  Note at top of file.

(F) (A) The Israeli cia, masad, has for decades been unchained to rape, torture and murder anyone the subhumans do not like anywhere around the world.  They were across the river in New Jersey when the World Trade Center was attacked.  The subhumans cheered when the towers fell.

(F) (A) A Washington, DC newspaper published an article the day before 911 proving that the masad subhumans, in this country, had the ways, means and will to carry out such an attack.

(F) (A) When the masad subhumans dropped the 600 pound bomb on the West Bank apartment house, nine children and two women were murdered.  [Notes of 7/24/2 updated.]

(F) (A) Since 1948 the masad subhumans have butchered thousands of Arabs sometimes patriotizing hundreds at a time.

         An Israeli citizen agrees that he/she (in Israel the males are females and the females males) should neither be allowed to possess or carry guns.  The copsucker said, "We have the police to protect us".  Like in america those gutless shmucks don't need protection by the hyenas but from the hyenas.


(F) (A) New Jersey: a nazi concentration camp guard is being kicked out of the country.  Why is the subhuman still alive?


I/O (A) When terrorists rigged the World Trade Center with poison gas a baft subhuman was undercover among them, easy to do for a baft terrorist.  It was asked by its master if it could fix the fuses so they would not detonate.  The patriot said: "If they don't detonate we will have a weak case".  This is what the government thinks of you patriotic pussies.  Note at top of file.

            Reminds us of the federal building in Oklahoma City.  What does it remind you of?  baft subhumans allowed...  Hell! quite likely perpetrated that atrocity.  You're shit beneath their shoes.  They can butcher you al their pleasure.


PERIODIC (S) BT** 9/10/2: Baltimore Sun, p. 1E, a naked cunt monkey its pesthole covered by a strip of hanging cloth, strip around its dugs.  BODY OF WORK! get it?  There's other filth in E section.

They've finally cut this family newspaper down to tabloid size.  What it was all along.  They have to give it away.  Photograph filed.


0742: WTOP-1500 AM: with the willing cooperation of the trash at WTOP, the knuckle-dragging bluecoats are still threatening the livelihoods, limbs and lives of the people with Operation Strike Force".  What say we strike them with a force?

0745: One of the mealy-mouthed wimps said an actor who plays one of the Sopranos "Enjoys playing the bad guy".  The other jumps in "Without being one".  Their opinion of you is that you'll run right and rob a bank if you discover everybody enjoys being a bad guy.


PB 9/13/2 1700: WTOP-1500 AM: South Florida: police tied up I-75 for an hour arresting three men (medical students) of middle eastern ethnicity.  No evidence of terrorism was found.  The head brownshirt shit out its facial anus yea, sayin': "Whether they're guilty of terrorism or not we are to be praised for how quickly we responded".  There are indications that the men were brutalized.

            Vice-president Dick Cheney is released from the hospital yet again.  A hired government liar, that is paid with money extorted from decent people, shit out its facial anus yea, sayin': "Mr. Cheney shall return to a vigorous life".  Return to a vigorous life?  That stiff is on its back more that its feet.  That rich Republican is a rotting corpse! and only 61 years old.


9/14/2 1030: WBIS-1190 AM: The Andy Batch Program: this rich Republican brat polluted my ears with the wickedest, longest, most sickening, cowardly, jingoist speech I ever heard.  Not only does it agree with the Vietnam atrocity, and invading Iraq, but repeatedly threatened the rest of the world with war using phrases like, "We'll take it to them".  It praised this POS country for its personal riches.  Patriotism and Republicans are as summer shit squishing up between bare toes.  If I could have reached the radio to turn it off I would have, despite the fact it would have cost the War for Freedom this evidence.


The last hope of human liberty in the world rests with us.



A frequent recurrence to fundamental principles... (is) absolutely necessary to preserve the blessings of

liberty, and keep a government free.

Pennsylvania's Declaration of the Rights of Man, 1776.


            To announce that there must be no criticism of the President or that we are to stand by the President right or wrong is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.

—Theodore Roosevelt.


            While men accept being governed as children they must be rated as immature.  

—Clarence K. Streit, Union Now, 1940.


            To say that America is strong is to say humiliation and terror nurse bravery, girls are warriors, and that weapons fight without direction. 

—The Prophet Mastodon.


♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥ ♥♥♥

Yea, even over unto say: The Prophet Mastodon Speaketh:

            Give ear all good decent people everywhere, whom The Prophet Mastodon blesses, those that love God Almighty and Freedom give ear.

            The Prophet Mastodon would have ye know that:


Kind ladies and kind gentlemen

Soon I will be gone

But let me just warn you all

Before I do pass on

Stay free from petty jealousy

Live by no man’s code

And hold your judgment for yourself

Less you wind up on this road.


I Am a Lonesome Hobo, Bob Dylan John Wesley Hardin, Columbia





♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥