117th Militia



Family and Freedom over flag

© 2003 PSYWAR Office 117th Militia Regimental Combat Team


21 December 2002, Vol. 3,  No. 18


All the news fit to spit.

All the news fit to shit.



            Terrorists alert! The Prophet warns!  Don't let them herd your families together into Oliver North's concentration camps or anywhere else.  Do not let them herd you together.  Do not let them take you from your homes!  Be armed! Be ready! Refuse! Assemble to defend your families and your homes!  They are psychologically primed to mass murder your families.  Those who die quickly will be the lucky ones.



BOOK  I Ain't Got Time to Bleed, © 1999, Jesse Ventura, Villiard Books, New York, NY 10022, ISBN 0-375-50332-3.

p. 8, I/O  Minnesota: a "Metropolitan Council" levies taxes over seven counties although they are not elected and there's no way to get at them.


p. 65, (F) (A)  Subhuman SEALS carried out murders and other atrocities of Humans in Vietnam and other countries (and still do so).


p. 70, (F) PB BT**  Whites could not walk the streets of Tijuana because of Tijuana peegs.


p. 71, (F) PB BT**  Tijuana peegs routinely arrested Humans for nothing.  They routinely stole their possessions and routinely stole the money they put up for bail.  Military men were arrested and commanders notified by the peegs so bail money could be extorted.  Scores were crammed into stinking cells.  Subhuman guards routinely hosed them with fire hoses.  They were fed only cabbages boiled in a garbage can.  Nonmilitary American youth were jailed for months.


p. 74, (A) SEAL subs trained to murder, ambush, kidnap civilians.


p. 76, (S)  Spent time at the Starlight and the Moonlight Ranch in Reno, Nevada.  These are whore ranches were the meat is on the hoof.  Whores looked like Playmonkeys and Pesthouse pests.


p. 77, (S)  Ventura buys a subhuman slut for $10 and change.


p. 78, (S)  Philippines, Olongapo: nightly SEALs jump up on tables, balance balls on their noses, clap, bark and all pull down their pants, bend over and spread their cheeks.  SEALs do not wear underwear as they shit themselves a lot.


p. 79, (S)  Philippines, Olongapo: massive prostitution.  They bought the beasts for bananas on many occasions.


p. 81, (F) (A)  Ordered to keep quiet about the atrocities it committed in Vietnam.


p. 88, I/O  Working as bouncer with two hyenas  Ventura checked a woman's ID after a hyena already had.


p. 89-90, PB BT**  Four Minnesota bluecoat terrorists burst through a barroom door, yanked a man off a stool and beat him unconscious with clubs before the cowardly patrons... all except Ventura who agreed with it.  Complete hierarchy.  Note at top of file.


p. 50-51, I/O BRUTALITY BT**  Ventura watched a friend wrap a choke chain around his fist and "explode" a smaller boy's face with it.  The child's teeth would have to have been broken and knocked out.  But this was OK.  It is merely how things were done in knuckle-dragging blue collar Minnesota in the 60s.


p. 94, I/O BRUTALITY  Ref. to wrestlers beating up and punching people.


p. 97, PB BT**  Dozens of Sioux City, Iowa peeg terrorists axing down a door and viciously beating wrestling fans trapped in a corridor.  Complete hierarchy.  Note at top of file.


p. 101, PB  Minnesota bluecoats looking for "terrorists-looking individuals", i.e., Ventura and his son on a boating excursion down the Mississippi.


p. 117, (CA)  MURDER  A child nearly died because of forced government vaccinations.  The government forces children to be vaccinated well knowing that many will sicken and/or die.


p. 141, I/O BT**  Fat rich Minnesota politicians purchased a monstrous clubhouse beside an exclusive golf course with millions of dollars of taxpayers money.  Called the Edinburgh Club it is for fat rich queers only.  Humans not allowed!  Complete hierarchy.


p. 145, I/O BT**  Edinburgh's books are an accounting travesty.  One-quater of all checks were cut blank for sums of $800-$2,000.  Top notch  accountants reported the books unauditable.  Complete hierarchy.


p. 145-146, I/O BT**  The Minnesota State Auditor, Democrat Mark Dayton, said he wasn't worried about the missing millions.  Why should he be?  It's the people's money, not his.  Millions disappearing into a black and the books have never been audited because the fat rich patriotic queer politicians won't investigate each other, their tongues deeply into each'n others' assholes, blinding the serfs by waving the sacred rag.  The cowardly people of Minnesota, ass-licking flag wavers, don't have the guts to do anything about it.  Well, after all, they're rich bums.  They got they war on drugs, they war on terrorism, they war on the impoverished, they purple mountain majesties, they flag.

Complete hierarchy.


p. 168, I/O PB  Union thugs blocked a candidate's access to Hibbing Community College where he was to speak.  Where were the pigs?  During the candidate's speech the union subhumans created a disturbance so loud the candidate could not be heard, and of such tenor that many students were frightened away.  Where were the pig?


PERODIC  Princeton University Press, Fall 1989 Catalog, 3175 Princeton Pike, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648.


p. 28, (F) (A)  Cambodia, 1975-1978, edited by Karl D. Jackson.  Ref. to the unspeakable atrocities committed by commie patriots.  The Khmer Rouge, [supplied by the cia], raped, tortured and murdered three million Human Beings, hundreds of thousands of families: men, women, children, babies.  This will upset you, even their dogs.


p. 57, (F) (A)  Policies of Chaos, Lynn T. White III.  Ref. to chicom subhumans legitimizing violence in political campaigns.  This institutionalized patriotism mobilized the subhumans and drove the Humans away.  On this patriotic foundation millions later patriotized each other in their bloody and depraved cultural revolution.  What changed nobody knows.  Patriotism is practiced in China to this day.


PERODIC  World Explorer, Vol. 3 No. 2, 403 Kemp Street, Kempton, IL 60946, ISSN: 1062-0103.

p. 25, SCHO-OP NL  Dinosaurs and Men Lived Together by Dr. Hans J. Zillmer: Glen Rose Texas: Despite scads of incontrovertible, overwhelming and compelling evidence, including a steel hammer with petrified wooden handle, Nature magazine pompously pronounced, without examining any of the evidence, that the scores of Human footprints, some overlaying dinosaur footprints, in the rock bed of the Paluxy River were forgeries.


p. 47, (F) SCHO-OP  Mysteries of Central Europe by Jana Hanka: Zdar, Czech Republic: Ten years ago a skeleton of a giant woman dressed in armor was uncovered.  It has disappeared without a trace.


PERODIC  Solidarity, October 2002, Solidarity Magazine, UAW, 8000 E. Jefferson Ave., Detroit, MI 48214, ISSN 0164 856X.

p. 20, I/O  Veterans: VA offers medical benefits.  We didn't know that.  Let me tell you why.  The Bush administration has instructed the VA it is not to advertise its services in order to keep its costs down.  They are experiencing increased enrollments.  The reason for the increased enrollments is that the government is classifying cowardly federal trash as veterans.  Federal trash like "Commissioned officers of the Public Health Service, the Environmental Services Administration and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration".

We, personally know veterans, some of us wounded in combat, who have been given the run-around even about operations to remove lumps from backs (other than the government itself).  Article filed.


BOOK (F) (A)  Union Now © 1940 Clarence K. Streit, Harper & Brothers Publishers:

p. 36: (F) (A)  Ref. German Republic oppression and hitlerian purges.

p. 36: (F) (A)  Ref. atrocities of French bluecoats during franc crisis in 1926, the Paris "riots" and 1936 strikes.

p. 108-109: (F) (A)  Switzerland and Austria kept subhuman Italy's communications open to subhuman Germany during the unspeakable patriotizing of Ethiopia, a defenseless country.  The atrocities were hitlerian and stalinesque.

p. 112: (F) (A)  Italy used poison gas against Ethiopian men, women, children and babies.


            Disappointing is the author's attitude toward the subhuman stalin, the greatest patriot that ever lived, the subhuman that murdered up to 70,000,000 Human Beings, mothers with babies in their arms a specialty.  His attitude is one who forgives a child's unknowing mistake.  Those murdered quickly were the lucky ones.  The rape of millions of little girls.  This is when Pavlov's two-headed surgical dog experiments that served no scientific purpose (or maybe they did), were done on Human Beings, even children.  Not a patriot was ever punished.  stalin became America's bosom bung buddy in World War Two.


            As I stand aloof and watch there is something profoundly moving in great masses of men

 following the leadership of men who do not believe in man.

Walt Whitman.


Man is man's high and only title, and a higher cannot be given him.

—Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776.


p. 197: We have too long forgot that freedom and love were born together, and we have yet to learn that they can not live and grow without each other.  As a child sometimes sees deeper than a man, so Man, when he was making words for those ethereal solid things that he has never touched and always reached for, saw into them more deeply than we do, and he and he made his word for love his word for free.  We have too long forgot that we began to free with the Gothic frijon and the Sanskrit pri, which means, to love; we have yet to learn that not simply through the Gothic frijonds up from the Sanskrit priyon for beloved but from the very nature of things stem together friend and freedom.                                                                                                            —Clarence Streit.


p. 226: The question facing the efficient majority in each democracy is simply this: Shall we continue to pay more and more to protect this parasitic, loudmouthed minority, or shall we definitely free ourselves from this burden...                                 —Clarence Streit.


p. 233: In June 1918 I was transferred to the Intelligence Service  (G. 2, O.S.S) and in December was attached in a confidential position to the American Peace Commission in Paris where I remained for six months.

(F) I/O  I had access there to many highly secret official documents, not only the daily record of the secret meetings of Wilson, Lloyd George, Clemenceau, etc., but daily dispatches between the  President and American generals on all fronts, our diplomats, and Washington (on the home and Senate situation).  I was in an unusual position to see daily what was really happening, and how little the press knew of this, and to see, too, from the inside how propaganda was being handled abroad and at home...


p. 234:

March, 1918. [Letter published in the Missoulian, Missoula, Mont.]


            "I can not understand the wave of intolerance,  with its determination to suppress the least expression of nonconformity, which seems to have spread over the country which has always acclaimed its freedom of speech and press," writes Private Clarence K. Streit, formerly of the Missoulian staff, from "Somewhere in France."  "I suppose the country is only through the same psychological stage as that experienced by England and France at the beginning of the war.  May they pass through it quickly.  When they have, they will realize that in a country fighting to make the world safe for democracy, intolerance, hate and forced conformity are among the enemies of the cause."


March 14, 1918.  [Letter]


            A good many of our newspapers understand the President's policy about as well as the German Junker class...  They have not caught that spirit of democracy which is abroad in the world...  The American who wants to know what our war aims and those of our Allies are is denounced as a pacifist.  The newspapers are keen to know more of our military operations over there —— they don't give a continental damn, apparently, as to where we are going but they want to know how fast we're getting there...


pp. 234-235:

March 23, 1918.  [Published letter]


            ... The Russian revolution at one stroke removed the primary raison d'être for German militarism.

            By its publication of secret treaties it showed how imperialistic were the aims of the Allies—making the Adriatic an Italian lake, giving France German territory to the Rhine, parceling out supposedly neutral Persia, in fact, sowing the seeds of future wars on every hand...  I have noticed very little about these secret treaties in the American press...


pp. 235-236:

Nov. 8, 1918.  [Letter]


            From what meager news we have received of the election results in the States, it seems that the Republicans are in the lead.  That's a pity.  You know I'm no Democrat, but in a time like this I want to see the President's hand strengthened in Congress.  And electing republicans now is no way to help the President or democracy with a little "d".  Of course, the Republican and Democrat parties are hardly different, except in name.


p. 238:

Jan. 9, 1919.  [Diary, Paris]

            ... No doubt German historians will prove the war was a victory for Germany or, at least, that she was not beaten.  And millions of Germans will be brought up to believe that.  Just as millions of other children will be brought up to believe another "truth".  Each group of belligerents used its press for four years to instill into the majority of its people its own particular "truths", these "truths" being as absolutely opposed to each other as the soldiers of two camps during a bayonet charge...


pp. 238-239:

Jan. 25, 1919.  [Diary, Paris]

            The grand conference of Paris has at last opened, ushered in with some well chosen platitudes from the mouth of President Poincarè...  Surround the peace conference with a halo of high and noble thoughts, and then do your dirty work behind closed doors.  Same old scheme that they worked in Vienna in 1815...  Read the stenographic  report of the afternoon's session.  What a beautiful frame-up.  Everything done unanimously after the slate prepared in advance.  How long will that continue?"

[Sounds like the same old conspiracy the IMF is working now.]


pp. 238-239:

Jan. 25, 1919.  [Diary, Paris]


            Gave the peace conference the once over... from the outside.  Populo is not popular with the peace commissioners.  He is useful as a background  for splendid limousines which roll by and up to the door of the Quai d'Orsay, carrying his "servants."  ...  There were two or three hundred of populo, representing most of the Allied nations, many soldiers anxious to see the "fathers of victory", the 'premier poilus", the select few who "won the war."  ...

            [Reminds us of the Gulf War where the only heroes were fat-assed oil rich politicians and generals.  The Civil War had the same he-roes, fat rich evil dangerous queers.]


Feb. 19. 1919.  [Paris, Letter to a French girl]


            President's Wilson's speeches were all that reconciled me in the least toward this war as a war.  The patriotic speeches only disgusted me.  The men who were the strongest supporters of the United States entering the war "for democracy", why, they were all the worst reactionaries in America, men who all their lives had bitterly opposed democracy at home.  And the men, most of them at least, who protested against our entering the war and were called traitors and maligned in the press  —— they were the men who had been abused for years by the same press because they advocated democratic reforms.

            I detested the German government and the German idea, wherever I found it.  And I found plenty of Prussianism in the U.S.  I put little faith in the Allied protestations of democracy.  And, in the last three months, I have seen enough of the secret inside workings to know that the heads of the Allied Governments are not sincerely democratic, they are only as democratic as compelled to be by public opinion.  Some of them are cynically undemocratic, though in their public speeches they usually hide this.


PB BT**  1615: WTOP-1500 AM: Massaponax, VA: A sniper murder at about 0930 prompted an invasion of  commie-nazis of every stench: federal, state, local.  For eight hours this community of fat happy consumers experienced de facto martial law.  For eight long hours this community of American mutes lived under police terror.  No traffic dared move.  WTOP did not say that I 95 was blocked off.  But this is WTOP.  Because those enemies of Freedom did not mention I 95 being blocked off does not mean that it wasn't.

            Police terrorists arrested motel guests for eight hours.  Even then they were released only after being brutally identified.  WTOP did not say anyone was held after this.  Every business in the area was savagely searched without warrants.  WTOP did not mention the searches were warrantless.  No mention was made about the people being stripped naked or their autos and possessions being ransacked and/or stolen.  Police terrorists attacked and laid waste an ornamental garden of exotic trees with chair saws, ever dangerous green things.

            This may have been one in a series of sniper murders in the area.  There are no excuses.  The subhuman pigs have been reluctant and arrogant in talking to the media monkeys.

            Under us destructive investigations will be punished by death ex post facto.

            Note at the top of the file.


            More bad news.  The Stock Market rose 316 points closing at 7850.


The Prophet he say:

            They teach our defenseless children Satan's Pledge and the Star Speckled Banana as soon as they get their clutches on them, in kindergarten or sometimes preschool.  If they know nothing else when they graduate college they'll know Satan's Pledge.

            The naked lead the blind.

            If you want to Free America kill all the lawyers.



(S) PERIODIC BT**  Sun Television Week, Oct. 13 - Oct. 19, 2002: p. 21, ad: for Ripley's Believe It or Not on TBS, a filthy program on a filthy network.  Close-up of the full naked ass of a cuntmonkey shooting a bow with its toes.  Only a twist of stained rag covers its reeking dripping pestholes.  Family newspaper.  Photo filed.  Note at the top of file.  USED.


1235: WQSR-102.7 FM: ad: Saab, mocking cunt's voice, "Get your hot pants wearing hinny home".


(S) BT**  "Sixteen Candles," DVD, Image Entertainment, © 1984 Universal Studios, rated PG. DOO: among other filth close-ups of M.R.'s dark nipples through a thin top.  Note at top of file.



            The rich director, subhuman John Hughes, then humiliated us by, for us, a new low in a PG rated movie.  Even for Hollywood, land of rich queers and lesbian/whores (copsuckers all), this was surprising.  From the school gym it cut to the beasts' showers.  Suddenly the large, naked, erect-nippled dugs of rich subhuman lesbian/whore Haviland Morris, a naked monkey of unsurpassed depravity, fill the screen for ten seconds.  (Its dungy dugs alone.)  Rich bum John Hughes vertical pans the rich actress beast, airing its filthy self before the public, pestholes reeking.

            It cuts to the subhuman twice in long-lingering close-ups of its naked, shitty, gyrating ass, its dungy dugs and full body shots: it's depravity and its doom.  It must to be great to be rich and not required to be Human much less have morals.

            Not that it makes any difference but this scene was gratuitous and inordinately long, especially the close-ups.  This rich subhuman naked monkey Haviland Morris needs a shower.  It needs to be hosed and scrubbed down with a steel brush and lye.  The showers.  What does that remind us of?  The showers.  Hum.  All Hollywhore cuntmonkeys need showers.  All naked monkeys of stage, screen, magazine and street reekers should be sent to the showers.

            All the all-American girls-next-door need showers.  Let's face it.  We've had to face everything else since the Supreme Queers dynamited the dam holding back the sludge of American femininity in 1967.  We have to face everything else besides their goofy faces  including their nipples, dirty dugs, shitty buttocks and slimy pestholes.  Females are filthy to begin with.  Females have no modesty, no respect, no consideration.  But the worst thing you can call a female is an actress.

            Again it is proven that the rich degenerates that  the MPAA, the Motion Picture Association of America, does not rate movies for normal families but for Hollywood families like their own.  Hollywood families are like Swedish porn families.  They are dysfunctional, wallow in debauchery, sans integrity, courage, and guts.  They know not the difference between male and female, child and adult.  They are subhuman.

            Under the New and Improved Order females will submit to being strictly controlled or be arrested, label actresses, shorn and executed.  Elect us and we'll send them to the showers.  Elect us and we'll have a splendid movement.  Elect us and we'll have a thorough flush.

            A category of utmost immediacy has been inspired by this humiliation.  Complete hierarchies and those that rated this porn.

            Note at top of file. 



Note: The MPAA is considered part of the hierarchy.



An undying truth, the more innocent your life the less you  have to say about your fate.

  Michael Lewis, Trail Fever.


            Let's face it, if you vote for the lesser of two evils either you are the lesser of two evils, or you are not being represented.

—Clutch, Naked Radio.


(F) (A)  10/15/2 0800: 2 BBC AMERICA, news: Indonesia: a subhuman POS country responsible for unspeakable war crimes in East Timor, et al., has allowed Muslim subhumans to atrocify thousands of Christians.  In all cases those that died quickly,  including women clutching babies, were the lucky ones.  Muslim terrorists have bombed a hotel murdering 200+.  The Muslim terrorists groups say they're breaking up.  Don't believe it.  These subhumans have acted with the tacit approval of the subhuman Indonesia government.  They are patriotic.  They will not break up.


(S) BT**  10/17/2: Seen in a local bars which are listed:

1) Pink Floyd poster, seven naked subhuman cuntmonkeys from behind leaning against pool side.  Some may be seated but all filthy naked asses are squashed like piles of shit on a Dog Day sidewalk.

2) "Buttweiser" T-shirt, close-up of the dungy asses of three subhuman cuntmonkeys, with only a twist o' rag up the cracks and over their dripping reeking pestholes.

3) Flyers in the window advertising "38 West, October 19:" DOO: fully naked ass hanging below skirt and huge ½-n tits of leering sneering blonde cuntmonkey.  Note at top of file.


PB  10/21/2: WTOP-1500 AM: In their panic to find the DC sniper, a Keystone Cop in Montgomery County, MD, has murdered a man.


PERODIC (S) BT**  Maxim Magazine, November 2002, PO Box 420705, Palm Coast, FL 32142-8710, DOO: cover, spine, "Maxim rocks" ad, the entire magazine, all depicted.  Note at top of file.


PB  10/22/2 1100: WTOP-1500 AM: The DC sniper has claimed a thirteenth victim in Montgomery County, MD.  The idiot asshole cop pig motherfuckers, treating the people like the civilian population of a conquered country, staged a massive assault on the area, long after it was over at 0600, and still traffic is snarled.  This was not mentioned in the hourly broadcast, only in the blurb.  We would be well served if that sniper were slaughtering bluecoats.  After all, the only good cop is a dead cop.


(S) BT**  "We Were Soldiers', DVD, ©2002 Paramount, ISBN 0-7921-8210-3, DOO: Madeleine Stowe's dirty dugs variously exposed.  It's large stiff erect filthy nipples.  Check throughout.

                  Note at top of file.


Napalm is subhumanly cruel and subhumanly cowardly even for the military.  It must be banned.


10/23/2: Vanessa Williams appeared in car commercials during the World Series leering at all decency, goodness, holiness, families.  Quipped a barfly," I liked her better but naked in Penthouse having her pussy liked by another woman".  It did it to the other beast as well.  Big spread! Spread! Get it?  It sang Satan's Song at Super Bowl XXX not long after that.  It is rich and famous.

            Rita Moreno, subhuman naked monkey star of Old  Calcutta, committed every bestial act you can think of on stage then sang Satan's Song at a Clinton Fourth of July Celebration.


(S) BT**  On the barroom wall a flyer airing the appearance of Narcosis and Reckless Freak Rodeo at Elbow Room, 144 Bleecher Street, airs a naked monkey airing its reeking dugs and lice and crab crawling pussy hair.  It holds a rifle outside a trailer.  E-mail MrQuivers@aol.com.  Note at top of file.


(S) BT**  Appearing around town at the 9:30 Club and other clubs is Genitorturers.  According to witness two males stepped from the audience.  They were stripped and strapped to a wooden X which could be spun.  Their balls were tortured with many things including electrotherapy torture equipment, which is what psychiatrists do in mental institutions although outlawed years ago by the Chinless Wonders.  The rich can do anything they want.

            A "good looking" girl steps from the audience.  It is stripped naked.  Its wrist are cuffed to its ankles.  It is hoisted with its reeking pestholes gaping at the audience.  Its largest filthiest reeking pesthole is then spread so all can see the slime with medical spreaders, as wide as it will go.  Spread! Get it?

A "beautiful blonde who looked like a movie star" stepped up.  It was stripped of its skirt and all but its panties.  It was strapped to the wooden X face down.  Pestholes spun toward the audience, its panties were ripped off, and a lollipop was pulled from its shitty asshole.  The lollipop was flung into the all-American audience where it was greedily eaten by another all-American girl.  Note at top of file.


(S) BT**  In New York (Babylon North) a German band played.  The singer in a flaming spiked suit sang a song afire.  During the next number it pulled down its tights and came in the organ grinder's face.  Stars and garters! Don't those Germans any decency?  Note at top of file.


(S)  A report that in those gigantic publicly funded brothels called colleges (not aircraft carriers), the sluts go to the male's room and, like animals, fuck him there before his roommates.


When approaching a toll booth in Maryland ensure your seat belt is fastened.  If the ass-licker attending the booth sees that it is not it will report it and the hyenas will pounce upon you and your family like you were anti IMF demonstrators.  The blue bellies will fall upon you and your family like gestapo on sleeping babies.


PB  10/24/2 1008: WTOP-1500 AM: Frederick County, MD: at 0330 the bluecoats arrested two men suspected of being the DC snipers at a rest stop.  They closed off a section of I 70 and "locked down" the rest stop.  Dozens of Humans are still under arrest there.  I 70 is still closed.


(F) I/O  "The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring", DVD, disk two A Passage to Middle-earth: SCI-FI Channel Special, The Ringwraiths: Two men and one woman were victimized by having the messages on their T-shirts pixilated by the capitalist pigs that own this movie.  One is a leading actor.


(F) (A)  10/29/2 1635: WTOP-1500 AM: Moscow: Russian subhumans responded to a hostage situation in a theater in depraved Italian and American tradition.  They filled the theater with poison gas murdering 115 Human Beings in addition to the two (two) the suspects murdered.

            The United States Ambassador, in finest patriotic tradition, fulsomely praised and licked shit off subhuman Russian assholes for committing this war crime.  What would the rich queer have said about the concentration camps of the greatest patriot that ever lived?  Good ole uncle joe's concentration camps?  The same thing!

All that were there, complete hierarchy from lowest unto the highest and the United States ambassador, being a federal employee.  Note at top of file.

            Do you see what we are talking about now?  The tight-pants Italian queers murder everybody in hostage situations.  It is like baft and the poison gas attack on the World Trade Center, baft at the federal building in Oklahoma City, the fbi at Waco.

Do you see now?  Governments are not there to protect you.  Your government is not there to protect you.  Only a simpering wimp believes that.  It's not law that protects you but luck.  It's not you, the people, that count but the rich.  They will not be slowed.  They have passed millions of laws not to protect you! but to protect them!  They demand, and get, instant unquestioning obedience.

            Your government does not recognize the difference between suspect and victim.  You are expendable slaves.  You are expendable as sheep.  Your lives and the lives of your families are as patriotism on the sole of a Republican's shoe, as expendable as your home they bulldoze when they want your land, the lives of your sons when they want to protect and/or expand their interests abroad.

            If you become an impediment to your government the hyenas have the right to murder you.  If you are taken hostage in your own home the cop subhumans have the right to murder you, and your family, to get at the suspect.  This has been passed and approved by subhuman pieces of black-robed federal shit, judge queers that should be roasted alive with apples in their mouths.  fbi subhuman Lon Horiuchi received the coveted expert marksmanship medal for murdering Mrs. Weaver standing in the door of her home clutching her baby to her breast.  A woman hostage was murdered by a bluecoat in Florida recently.  This is how it is in America the Whore, a piece-of-shit country driven insane.

            New York: The remains of the victims were scooped into Dumpsters and hauled to the city dump.

            You! are the civilian population of a conquered country.

            Quit waving the flag!  Don't let them teach your children Satan's Pledge or Satan's Song.


I/O BT**  1636: ad: the nazi queers of Lockheed Martin brag in lengthy ads that they have provided the fbi and other subhumans with spy equipment that enables them to match a set of fingerprints in seconds to their 430 million sets of fingerprints.  That's 160 million more people than the population of this suffocating country.  All Americans are fingerprinted with the fbi subhumans.  This is national defense because you are the enemy.  You are an enemy of your country!  Ask Lockheed Martin.

No matter how much shit you eat it is not enough for the rich.  The rich will not see you and like you.  And if they do see you they will not like you.  You are the civilian population of a conquered country.  America the Whore! a snooper trooper country.


10/31/2 1157: 27 AMC: a salacious ad was broadcast throughout the day.  It is a bit about the cuntmonkeys (actresses), that starred in James Bond movies.  This dripping lesbian's (actress's),  voice says, "Don't judge a Bond girl by her lack of cover".  Slurp slurp.  That bush hog can taste that pussy!


(F) I/O  11/2/2 1403: WYPR-88.1 FM, news: Italy: 8.000 Human Beings have been forced from their homes by tight-pants Italian pretty boys.  Excuse: earthquake.


11/3/2: Baltimore County Executive Dutch Rupplesburger, also known as Fats, is running for Congress where it can maximize disenfranchisement which is proportional to pelf.  During its stench as County Executive it raised its pay $19,000, doubtless to assuage itself over the failed land grab when it wanted to bulldoze scores of homes.  Doubtless its intended victims will vote for it.



To all those in power:

May the wheels of justice leave tread marks on your face.



PB  11/5/2 1625: WZBA-100.7 FM, the cops have closed several major roads while they work for the insurance companies.   It must have been a major snarl because they announced it but once.



The Prophet on the Mount:

Conservatives are the kinds of patriots that will execute a child, but let her make a wish before they fry her.


11/11/2: WXFB-104.3 FM: Muck 'n' Mire the morning morons call Persians (Iranians) rats.

A television morning show was advertised mentioning a restaurant where the customers, like good boys and girls, swear Satan's Pledge each and every morning.  It's a devotional to the unwashed blue collar set.  Question: what happens to somebody if they don't want to say it?

            This will be investigated.


PERIODIC (S) BT**  11/14/2: The Baltimore Sun, p. 7A, ad: Hecht's department stores; besides close-ups of leering cuntmonkeys displaying their half naked dugs, there is a large photo of one leering sneering cuntmonkey airing its maggoty muff in a close-up, also its ass-slab.  These liberal dogs print photos of full-naked all-American girls, their muffs, naked asses, nipples, cunt slits, cunt mounds, ass-slits, etc., as a matter of course in this family newspaper.  They don't recognize that Hollywood families, entertainment familles, families like theirs are not Human families.  They're more like Swedish porn families.  Ad filed.  Note at top of file.

            Family publication.


11/15/2: c. 1630: WTOP-1500 AM: Rich Republican queers, subhumans without scruples, sidewinding snakes, have snuck two riders onto the draconian Homeland Security Act:

1) I/O BT**  The corporations that manufacture vaccine, already mass producing poisonous and unnecessary drugs, will be immune from prosecution.  The drug corporations, owned by rich Republican patriots, were about the only fascist click not exempt from law.

2) I/O BT**  That rich corporations that move overseas to avoid paying taxes will not be penalized by the federal government, which is owned and run by rich Republican patriotic cocksuckers... baby butchers!

A Republican obviously cannot tell the difference between its his wallet and your security.

3) Other bad news is that the stock market is up.


11/16/2: They indoctrinate our innocent children with Satan's Pledge in kindergarten, if not in preschool, before they can read.  If they can ever read or not, they will be able to recite Satan's Pledge and maybe the first verse of Satan's Song.  That is basic education in America.

PERIODIC (S) BT** 11/16/2: TV Guide November 16 - 22, 2002, cover: SECRET, REVEALED!  At last! The naked truth behind [Get it?] The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!  And there in close-up is the leering sneering Victoria's Pesthole subhuman cuntmonkey Heidi Klum airing its reeking shitty ass and its ½-naked dirty dugs.  Photo filed.  Top priority.

Family publication.


11/17/2: The Baltimore Sun, p. 4D, No harm no foul: But the Baltimore Sun is on the front line of morality, fighting the good fight for American families.  Forthright in their noble stance, they will not print an "unprintable comment".  Nosirebob!  How prim.  Article not filed.

PB p. 14D, Sport takes hit where it hurts most: Two men accused of horse race betting wire fraud were forced to take routine piss and/or blood tests like horses.  The pigs say traces of cocaine were found.  Now they are routinely forcibly piss and/or blood tested three times a week.  This is an outrage!  This is an abomination.  All responsible.  Article not filed.


BT**  The Sun Television Week, November 17-23, 2002, p. 21: ad: CBS, The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, the sexiest night on television!, DOO: features subhuman cuntmonkeys in pesthole patches and ¾-n tits, ass-slabs and cuntmounds, close-up of ¾-n tits.  Photo filed.  Top priority.  Other filth throughout.

Family publication.

1150: WQSR-102.7 FM: ad for Bond Girls on E! Entertainment TV.  A faggoty male voice.  See the Bond girls, they will be "oozing sex".  Like their  pestholes ooze pestilence we take it.  And "Get ready to fall in lust again".  We didn't fall in lust the first time.  And there was other verbal feces.


11 WBAL-NBC: Before the NASCAR Ford 400 the excellent gentlemen had arranged some entertaining amusement for the American suckass.  The prize money was supposedly in bags in a Wells Fargo armored car.  And the commentator slipped a stack of bills in his pocket.  Two Wells Fargo subhumans partially drew their sex substitutes the white one voicing a threat.  Oh ho ho.  Drool, oh! so drool.  It is to laugh.  The subhumans reminded us of salt and pepper shakers.  One was white.  One was black.  Both shaped like pears.  Girlie men.  Oh ho ho.  Oh ho ho.

Satan's image was aired and plastered everywhere.



I/O  In federal subsidized housing, if the hyenas arrest you, or jail you on illegal open charges for thirty days, whether guilty or innocent, whether or not you are keeping up payments, the patriots evict you and throw your belongings to the hyenas and other scavengers in the street.  Lan' o' de free!


PERIODIC (S) BT**  Maxim December 2002, DOO: Cover features rich and famous cuntmonkey Christina Applegate and two other cuntmonkeys near naked in nylons and pesthole patches.  Whether these two latter are actress animals or not is unknown.  Also the cover features the bottom half of a naked shitty ass of another subhuman cuntmonkey.  Their slime doth overflow like a toilet bowl unto the spine.  Note at top of file.


11/19/2 1818: 54 WNUV-WU: Harford County, MD: Whipping Post City: In a major PSA campaign,  cowardly do-gooders have a little girl speaking to grown men in a threatening manner telling them what they will and will not do at little league games, i.e., "You will not smoke".  All those responsible for this insult and law except the child should be tied to one of their whipping post and whipped with nazi whips.


PB  11/21/2 0800: WBAL-1090 AM: Baltimore City pigs have Liberty Heights Avenue, a major artery routinely locked down.  They have captured a few gallons of PCP hallucinogen in a drug bust.  The Chief pig said, "It's enough to level a city block".  That's a fuckin' lie!  A boldfaced lie!  It's not a low yield nuke.  It's a fuckin' hallucinogen.  A thousand pound bomb won't level a city block.  A blockbuster won't level a city block.  Panicky control freaks, the hyenas.  Now do you know what it is to have your intelligence insulted.  By these brutes no less.


I/O  11/22/2:  WBJC-91.5 FM, Under the rich Republican subhumans the Environmental Protection Agency has unchained the oil refineries from pollution restraints.  The rich Republican head of the EPA, Christine Todd Whitman, puked: "This will help the environment".  See how stupid they think we are!  It will help the environment to an earlier grave, i.e., help us to an earlier grave.  According to WBJC only a few wacky "environmentalist groups" are concerned.  We're concerned.  This reminds us of Ol' Ring-ass murdering those forest we paid for.


11/24/2:  We've got a confused report here from an Eastern Shore unit.  Seems that Salisbury, Maryland had to investigate its police chief.  Because of its wickedness the investigation cost so much they can't pay any of their bills.  Those bluecoated criminals are dug in like Alabama ticks but we know how to dig 'em out!  We know how to dig 'em out!

            We're checking on this report and hope to have  answers soon.


I/O  11/25/2 1859: 54 WNUV-WU: A Baltimore City copette confessed to drunk driving.  It had crashed and killed its passenger.  It got six months home detention.  You would have gotten ten years for involuntary manslaughter.


(S) BT**  11/26/2 0929: 33 SCI-FI; Inside Taken: Behind the Scenes Special, DOO: among other filth including a fuck scene and nipples poking through pink, here is a completely naked subhuman cuntmonkey (actress), full naked ass including ass-slit, slab and tits, floating in space with a naked faggot (actor).  This was a fuck scene too.  Not that it makes any difference.  There is only one answer for any of this.  Three top priority listings.  Complete hierarchy.  Note at top of file.



PERIODIC [PB (CA) BT**]  Baltimore Sun Television Week, December 1-7, 2002, movie on COURT TV: "The Interrogation of Michael Crowe", bluecoated hyenas force a confession from an innocent child.


(CA) BT**  WYPR-88.1 FM, All Things Considered; 450 Human Beings are suing the Catholic Church for sexual child abuse.  The Catholic Church is preparing to declare bankruptcy so that they won't have to pay them.  Elect us! We'll make them pay.



BOOK  Trail Fever, ©1997 Michael Lewis, ISBN 0-697-44660-5, Alfred A Knopf, Inc., 299 Park Avenue, 4th Floor, New York, New York, 10171.


xii: Guess what?  This is a new one.  This one's an eye-opener even for us.  A slimy cringing politician is campaigning.  The $19 million  airplane or the billion dollar Air Force One or Two you bought it lands in, oh, say, Brokendick, Nebraska.  It comes to the door and waves to its enthusiastic ass-lickers.  Guess what?  When you see on TV a creep waving to its [athletic?] supporters there's nobody there!  None! nein! nada! zilch! Nobody but a few media monkeys, in on the gag, that are immediately hustled away by the hyenas or military pigs.


I/O  p. 20: Wolfeboro, NH, judge sentence man to anger therapy.


I/O  p. 21: Pat Schroeder, unknown government ass-licker, gets a special $4.2 million government pension.  That means that for every year this POS lives they give it $4.2 million of our hard earned money! just for existing!  We've never even heard of this bloodsucking leech.  No matter what it did to us, it does not deserve a $4.2 million pension if any at all.

E          lect us! We can get it back.


p. 26: Rich Republican presidential primary candidate Morry Taylor refers to his assistant, supposedly a grown man, as "piss-boy".


p. 53: The author concerning activists: "Their lives are living stretches of mind numbing tedium punctuated by ferocious life threatening encounters".  [With patriots in uniform and out.]


[PB BT] I/O (B)  p. 55: On The Today Show, Republican presidential primary candidate, Senator and traitor Bob Dole invited the population of Iowa to his rally at the Hotel Fort in Des Moines.  When a small group of protesters called Expose the Right showed up they were attacked by the traitor's thugs and muscled out of the room.  The hotel manager was called, a ratty little wimp with a shaved face.  Traitor Dole's subhumans did not even allow them to keep warm in the lobby until a taxi came.  They were tossed out into the subzero night with sixty-mile-an-hour winds.  Dole the Traitor, absurdly farted to the Expose the Righters, "In ninety seconds I became your enemy".  Dig it!  Dole wasn't even there.  It spoke to its masochist/-lickers at the Hotel Fart over a phone.


PB I/O  p. 56: Des Moines, Iowa Pork Congress: [Pork! what a word symbolic of Traitor Dole]  The pigs attacked and arrested a group of Expose the Right activists.


I/O  p. 75: Bob the Traitor Dole flies in a $19 million Falcon (made in France) which we paid for.  If we did not pay for it we want to know who did.  Congress voted Traitor Dole a special $4 million dollar pension for every year of its remaining traitorous life.  Traitor Dole is the rich Republican responsible for NAFTA.  He and his rich homosexual friends are disenfranchising you.  Under traitor Ronald "Ring-ass" Reagan, war criminal all-American Oliver North designed the camps for the disenfranchised, i.e., you and your families.  They were prepared also for those who might get the guts to say no someday.  Demon Dole sucks your blood, and the blood of your children, while you increasingly lose the lie of your freedom.

            Elect us and federal pay for politicians  and their -lickers, including the president, will end immediately we take office.  Elect us and we will get what is ours, the billions they have stolen from us.  We'll get it back if we have to physically reach down their throats and rip it out of their reeking maws along with their guts.  We will get back every cent of those obscene pensions from all Congress, active or retired.  We will take back their pay, their emoluments, their benefits no matter how well hidden or far down the generations.

            Elect us and you will be Free, ballooning your lungs with clean air, walking with a straight back even past a bluecoat, able to give honest opinion even before a bluecoat and/or a boss.


PB I/O  p. 85: Manchester, NH: At the final debate of the rich Republican primary, bluecoats arrested citizens and a phalanx of patriotic thugs blocked the doors to the ABC affiliate.


PB I/O  p. 85: A reporter was arrested by the Manchester pigs and taken before the Republican authorities.  Once again we see the hyenas, paid by the public, either working directly for business and/or the rich.  The purpose of the pigs is not to provide security and other services, sexual or otherwise, for businesses and/or the rich that own them.

Elect us and the hyenas will not provide special services to businesses, corporations nor the rich at public expense.  Elect us and the bluecoats will never again report to the rich.


PB I/O  p. 93: Manchester, NH: the fire marshal is summoned to allow all but a handful in to hear Traitor Dole speak, if you call it that.  The rest of the faithful, like the gimps they are, stood in the snow and freezing dark listening to the piped out mumbling and stumbling of their ignorant and arrogant traitor god.


I/O BT**  p. 121: Reference to the IMF/World Bank  trade negotiations where blue collar Americans are nor represented.  Under NAFTA and GATT at these IMF/World Bank negotiations the rich that own and run governments decide which factories they will close in America and where they will open them overseas.  Say they're paying Americans $10 an hour.  When they close the factory here and open it overseas they pay the cringing serfs sans dignity 10¢ and hour.  Are you such a patriotic ass-licker that you don't know where the remaining $9.90 goes?  It doesn't go to you does it?  Hell! you're being disenfranchised.  It doesn't go to the government does it?  Corporations don't pay taxes.  [George Bush's rich Republican queers just passed a law exempting rich corporations that move overseas from paying taxes.]

            The work of Traitor Dole.

            Note at top of file.


I/O (B)  p. 128: South Side Chicago St. Patrick's Day parade: union subhumans cordon two hundred journalists following Buchanan with a rope and drive them down the bloodstained streets before the rich patriot.  Fat cameramen trip, fall and are trampled by union subhumans.


p. 130:

            An undying truth, the more innocent your life the less you have to say about your fate.

—Michael Lewis.


(F) (A) p. 135: When an American pilot was shot down he was beaten with rifle butts and stabbed with bayonets by the North Vietnamese.  The bones of his arms protruded like broken sticks but he was hung by his arms for hours.  During a torture session a big slant-eyed war hero sliced his knee open with a scalpel.  He was starved so that he looked like a future inmate of one of FEMA's  concentration camps.


I/O (B)  p. 146: A female admirer of Ralph Nader was brutalized by his secretary and ejected.


I/O  p. 147: General Motors' private pig, Vincent Gillen of Garden City, New York, called "the dick" (after his penis preference?) used a hidden camera to snap photos of senators and witnesses during hearings.  During testimony it confessed to traveling the country at GM's expense and questioning Ralph Nader's friends about his sexual and financial behavior.


p. 155: Let's face it, if you vote for the lesser of two evils either you are the lesser of two evils, or you are not being represented.  Clutch, Naked Radio.


PB I/O  p. 162: Redondo Beach, CA: Under the rich Republican rapacity called the war on crime, Hispanics are arrested for all sorts of make believe crimes like carrying baseball bats into a park after 1900 hours for the purpose of playing baseball.  Locals are afraid to speak out because of reprisals by rich Republicans.


I/O  p. 170: Primary candidate Alan Keyes was denied the chance to debate the other Republican candidates at a South Carolina television station.


PB  p. 170: He was arrested at an Atlanta, Georgia television station for trying to gain admittance to a debate.


PB  p. 170: Everywhere he went thereafter the pigs taunted  him and threatened to "drag him away in handcuffs".


(CA) BT**  p. 177: Colorado Springs: babies were eviscerated in the dead of night during orgiastic rituals as sacrifices to Satan/America.


I/O  p. 183: A ghostwriter working in the White House writing a book for Hillary Clinton was stationed a few feet from Hillary's Whitewater land scam files.  [Whitewater was a major felony.]  Learning of this she was hauled before rich Republican Senator Al D'Amato's Banking Committee.  She was hauled before snorting Ken Starr's special prosecution inquisitors.  Then ass-licking journalists accused her of all manner of truth telling.

            D'Amato is probably queer because he favors queers in the military.


(S)  p. 189: Traitor Dole thinks "True Lies" staring rabid rich Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger is a family movie.  It features a near-naked dirty dance by cuntmonkey Jamie Lee Curtis.


(S)  p. 191: Traitor Dole gave unto movie "Independence Day" his full moral blessing.  "It's a good movie to bring your family to."  It features actress (cuntmonkey) Vivica A. Fox playing another cuntmonkey (an exotic dancer) stripping on stage and then a close-up of its naked shitty ass.

            The naked beast airs itself in public and Traitor Dole recommends you bring your children to enjoy the depravity.             

            We conclude political families are like entertainment families.


I/O  p. 191: On June 22, 1997 Clinton had a subhuman Indonesian guest at the White House.  This was rich Indonesian businessperson Roger Tamraz who had donated $177,000 to the Democratic Party.  A few weeks before Tamraz, with an introduction from the State Department, met with a senior war criminal of the National Security Council about building an oil pipeline from the Caspian Sea to the Turkey.  Tamraz's former business partners included patriot Saddam Hussein and the subhuman governments of China and Libya.  What do NSC subhumans have to do with this?


p. 198: Rich Republican Morry Taylor would have drug offenders, "primary minors" kept in glass cages, without privacy of any sort, in malls, etc.  It also thinks they should be publicly whipped, and that public whippings should replace jail terms.

We think those that believe people should be kept in glass cages and whipped should be kept in glass cages whipped.


PB  p. 200: Republican convention, San Diego: M.T. arranged for 7,000 Republican thugs to show up on 6,800 motorcycles.  (There's you Republican party naked! 7,000 patriotic degenerates on 6,800 motorcycles.)  Bluecoats blocked the highway to the convention center.  There the stinky things sat drawing flies and  vultures.  This caused a major snarl for the peons, those that have to work for a living.


I/O  p. 202: Republican primary candidate John McCain was charged with aiding and abetting Republican Charles Keating in the $200 billion dollar savings and loan scandal.  You morons paid $200 billion dollars to bail those cringing capitalists out.  $200 billion dollars came off your table.  Nothing was ever done about it.

One of the Bush buggers was deeply involved but got off because father was President don't cha know.


(S)  p. 211: Rich Republican -licker Diane Templin at their convention naked in American flag pantyhose.


(CA) (A)  p. 211: Convention speaker Ted Gunderson, a former cia agent, testified that the cia kidnaps small boys in the midwest and hauls them to Washington to be used in the homosexual orgies of rich patriots.  Then they are probably disposed of in the cia's and/or Black Budget's "science labs".  Note at top of file.


I/O BT**  p. 211: Candidate Charles E. Collins testifies to the trillions of dollars stolen from the American people and hidden in the Federal Reserve.

            The Federal Reserve is a private bank and illegal.  It was never authorized by Congress.  It controls our money supply.


I/O  p. 217: Chicago: The United Center and Comiskey park, two private sports centers paid for with public funds.


p. 219: Chicago, Democratic convention: Here in Pig City waste and wages to terrible to describe, food waste to gag a patriot on a truckload of dead babies.  Whose money paid for this?  Dishes and unopened wines you can't even pronounce trashed by people who make less a day than what a single bottle of wine cost.


(S)  p. 221: Toe-sucker Dick Morris permitted  whore Sherry Rowland to listen to his conversations to Clinton.


I/O  p. 221: Discovery of microscopic life on Mars was hidden by the White House for six days.

            Whore Sherry Rowland goes on television, writes a best seller, becomes famous.  America rewards it's subhuman-pieces-of-shit, its cuntmonkeys.  We thought prostitution was illegal in all but Nevada.


p. 223: Motorcycle king Morry Taylor says: "If you burn the flag, then anyone who wants to do whatever they want to do to you can do it.  There's no punishment for that.


I/O (B)  p. 224-225: Cape Girardeau, Missouri: Clinton was speaking at a Democratic rally.  In the center of 25,000 -lickers was a tiny knot of Perot supporters.  An old woman had a sign: STOP THE UN.  A Clinton hard hat thug pushes the woman,  grabs the sign and runs.  The thug confessed to being a hard hat homosexual doing what hard hat homosexuals do best.  It was ordered to take signs away from people by its rich Democratic masters.  The mob is waving maybe 5,000 Clinton-Gore signs.


PB BT  p. 225: The husband of the woman wants to press charges.  Now the pig subhumans come.  The porkers humor the hard hat homosexual, as they always do because they're afraid of them, and rudely interrogate the woman's husband.  [The pig routine in America is that the victim is the criminal.]  Enter a young woman-faced Clinton campaign staffer who whispers (A promise of hot homosexual depravity?) in their ears.  The southern fried ham hocks drag away the woman's husband leaving the hard hat dicksucker bragging, "I'm a yellow dog".


I/O (F)  p. 247: IMF policies barring development of some third world countries.


I/O  p. 252: Hartford, CT: The big debate, (If you call them that.) at the Bushnell Theater; security thugs barred a reporter with a minicam.

            The Hartford Civic Center was renamed SPIN ALLEY by the press pool.  Patriotically depraved debate organizers ripped down all the SPIN ALLEY signs.


I/O (M)  266: Ref. to Clinton as the aider and abettor of an international drug ring and the mastermind of a criminal conspiracy responsible for the rape, torture murder of many innocent men, women and children.


I/O (M)  267: Ref. to the Arkanside of aide Vince Foster; reported a suicide by a White House staff before the body was found.


I/O BT**  p. 272: Bill Clinton took $4 million from a subhuman Indonesian.


p. 279: Having previously humiliated the author for filming his shrimp dinner, a Traitor Dole female said, "I'd like to push him out the back of the plane".  This was not the first time she and other Traitor Dole campaign workers threatened the author's life.


I/O BT**  p. 279: Morry Taylor let his 3,200 employees off with pay to vote.  Like all governments, Des Moines city hall gives its sycophants election day off with pay.  Des Moines County officials called him to find out what was going on, not that it was any of their business.  The Secretary of State of Illinois also called and told him that it was illegal.  He called the Federal Elections Commission and they told him it was illegal.


I/O BT**  279, 282: The FEC says nothing when every major rich candidate ignores spending laws during the primary.  It has nothing to say when an Indonesian subhuman channels millions to the Clinton campaign through a traitor in the Department of Commerce.  It says nothing when America's thousand rich governments unchains its animals with pay on election day.


I/O BT**  280: Energy Secretary Hazel O'Leary has so far spent over $1.2 million on lavish around the world trips.  [Quite depraved also we hear.]

We'll get it back!  Elect us and we will eliminate, by whatever means necessary, junkets, foreign lobbyists, domestic lobbyists, political pensions, political pay.  We'll get it back if we have to reach down their throats and pull out their putrid guts as well.  Elect us! We wanna to do it!



BOOK  Christine, © 1983 Steven King, Signet, 1633 Broadway, New York, New York 10019, ISBN 0-451-12838-9.  Fiction.

PB  p. 335: Ref. to Pennsylvania state bluecoats capturing a garage and routinely impounding every car in it for as long as they want.


PB  p. 346: Ref. to Federal, New York and Pennsylvania hyenas holding Humans on "open charges", a concept done away with by the Constitution.  "Open charges" means that the subhumans can jail Humans for as long as they want without giving a reason for it.



PERIODIC  Ancient American, Volume 7, Number 45, ISSN 1077-1646, PO Box 370, Colfax, WI 54730.

Geologist Critiques Some Ancient American "Anomalies", Part 1, James J. Shelton, Ponchatoula, LA, pp. 34-35.

            An iron hammer what could not presently be manufactured under atmospheric conditions was found contingent with dinosaur tracks and dinosaur fossils near Glen Rose, Texas.  The hammerhead was encased in stone, the handle petrified wood.  Here's what this corporate scientist had to say about it.

            "Science has much less of an agenda than the proponents of the preconceived and popular misconceptions presently floating around out there.  The author does not see any of their proponents willing to give up the material benefits afforded them by science and technology or offering sound, workable positive solutions for taking its place even though they are willing to use the advancements and conveniences to constantly down science in favor of speculative notions."

            Truth! that's the antidote for science, exactly what James "the Godless" Shelton, dodges.  Bullets of truth!  He further elucidated:

            "The only thing to fear is fear itself."  Take your own advice scientist.  And, "Thrill seeking seems to have become a national escapist pastime... demanding more from the growing number of easy money predatory spin doctors, lecturers and hawkers..."  Also, among much else, "Those conditioned to seeking outward validation through spiritual and divine intervention interpretations for physical and historical events among ancient scriptures and oddball artifacts need look no further than within themselves, a reality check as to where the real mystery lies in the here and now, a highly recommended source for a meaningful "personal experience..."

            There are more of these "oddball artifacts" than cooperate approved artifacts.  Get it?  Old Godless acknowledges the so-called oddball artifacts, which outnumber corporate approved artifacts, but it ignores them, dismisses them and anyone that acknowledges their existence as a religious fanatic.  Scientist are supposed to explain the "oddball artifacts" or get new theories.  But science is a religion.  It teaches dogma.  Why are these dirty little atheists allowed to exist on public funds?  Where is the justice?  People! they have you at the bottom of a deep mine shaft and they are filling it in.  One or two more incidents and you are a cringing slave.  They control everything.

At public expense!



PERIODIC  Ancient American, Volume 7, Number 46.

Archaeological Cover-Ups: A Plan to Control History? by Will Hart.

p. 8: "The scientific establishment tends to reject, suppress or ignore evidence that conflicts with the accepted theories, while denigrating or persecuting the messengers."  Nexus Magazine, Volume 9, Number 3  (April-May 2002).

On public funds!


SCHO-OP [(F) SCHO-OP]  p. 8: In 1993 NBC television aired The Mysteries of the Sphinx proving it was up to 18,000 years old produced by Egyptologist John Anthony West and Dr. Robert Schoch.  Corporate scientists around the world went ballistic.  Egyptian Dr. Zahi Hawass, curator of the Egyptian Monuments, known for his blithering idiocy, who manly chaps refer to as "Mad Dog" Hawass, fired a barrage of scathing criticisms at the scholars.  Egyptologist Mark Lehner, known as "Tail-less Rat" Lehner whose credentials should be checked, called the two scholars "ignorant and insensitive".  (What in the feral fuck! does insensitivity have to do with it?)

At public expense!


SCHO-OP  p. 8: Dr. Schoch, "Mad Dog" Hawass and "Tail-less Rat" Lehner were invited to debate at the  American Association for the Advancement of Science.  Mr. West was not invited because of an arbitrary lack of credentials.  A law of corporate science is that you can't practice science without a license.

On public funds!


SCHO-OP  p. 9: In 1996 NBC broadcast The Mysterious Origins of Man proving we were around with if not before the dinosaurs.  Again world corporate scientists, degreed idjits, diplomaed carcinomas, exploded with rage.  NBC was deluged with letters from mad scientists who cursed the producer calling him a "fraud" and the program "a hoax".

At public expense!


SCHO-OP BT**  p. 9: The pencil-necked geeks went further.  They tried to have NBC banned from rebroadcasting the popular program.  The bloated bleary-eyed bilious faggots requested the Federal Communications Commission ban NBC from rebroadcasting.

            Dr. Allison Palmer, known to real men as "Bloody Bung", President of the Institute of Cambrian Studies, wrote the FCC demanding NBC make lengthy prime time apologies, and that NBC should be fined unspecified millions of dollars to set up a propaganda institute for "public science education".

            We have a new title for Allison "Bloody Bung" Palmer.  We nominate Allison "Bloody Bung" Palmer as Head Ass-licker of the Brain Police.

On public funds!


SCHO-OP  p. 9: This is a conspiracy.  For every case of this kind exposed ten others are successful.  Thousands of artifacts have been stolen and/or destroyed, mislabeled, misdated, damaged.

            At public expense!


SCHO-OP  p. 9: Dr. Virginia Steen-McIntyre of the US Geological Survey proved a dig in Mexico was 250,000 years old.  The lead faggot of the dig tossed "Steen-McIntyre's results in the circular file".

On public funds!


SCHO-OP BT**  p. 9: Steen-McIntyre was fired from her teaching job at an American university.  Many "scientific" publications and others refuse to publish her papers.  Note at top of file.

At public expense!


(F) SCHO-OP  p. 9: The New Zealand government enacted a law forbidding public access to a pre-Maori non-Polynesian site.  An official document showed the intent of the New Zealand government was to withhold archaeological information from public scrutiny.  The homosexual wimps, ring-asses, denied it.

            Artifacts proving culture proceeded the Maori are missing from museums including ancient hair samples and a giant's skeleton.  [Sounds like the Smithsonian.]


(F) SCHO-OP  p. 17: Chinese "scientists" destroy evidence of prehistoric Caucasian cultures in the land of the Human fetus eaters.


(F) SCHO-OP  p. 17: Mexican "scientist" now agree that the Olmec heads are merely "representative of a local tribe".  Talk about insensitive.  That's what they are so the question remains, how did a Negroid tribe come to be established in the corporate scientists' world.


(F) SCHO-OP  p. 17: Britain: Richard Milton wrote The Facts of Life: Shattering the Myths of Darwinism.  He was viciously attacked by mad scientists with blood in their egged eyes and corded veins in their pencil necks.  "I experienced the witch-hunting activity of the Darwinist police at first hand.  It was deeply disappointing to find myself being described by a prominent Oxford zoologist [Richard Dawkins a.k.a. Needle Dick] as 'loony' and 'in need of psychiatric help' in response to purely scientific reporting.


(F) SCHO-OP  p. 17, p. 19: The London Times Higher Education Supplement Commissioned Milton to write a critique of Darwinism.  Needle Dick Dawkins contacted the editor (censor), Auriol Stevens, urging her not to publish the article.  Despite an appeal by Milton the cunt caved.

            Needle Dick Dawkins was rewarded by being appointed Professor of the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford [You know what that lot's like.] and Tongue in Good Standing on the Table of Royal High Ass-lickers.


SCHO-OP  p. 19: Skilled science journalist Forest Mims was invited to write a column for Scientific American, a most pretentious publication, but was fired because editor (censor) Jonathan Piel learned the scandalous news that Mims wrote articles for Christian magazines.  (Who ratted him out?)

            Mims never publicly broadcast his private views or beliefs.  Establishment ass-lickers believe they have orders from their owners to ensure "unapproved thoughts" are never publicly disclosed.


SCHO-OP  p. 19: Forbidden Archaeology by Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson proved that intelligent life was on this planet even unto 2.8 billion years ago.  Ignorant, arrogant ass-licking paleontologists who refused to be identified penned, "Your book is pure humbug and does not deserve to be taken seriously by anyone but a fool".

On public funds!


Who Made the Mounds?, John Winston

SCHO-OP  p.14: "...That great interloper of ancient burial grounds, the nineteenth century Smithsonian Institution, created a one-way portal, through which uncounted bones have been spirited.  This door and the contents of its vault are virtually off limits to any but government officials.  Among these bones [most of giants] may lay answers not yet ever sought by these officials concerning the deep past."

At public expense.


Geologist Critiques Ancient American "Anomalies", Part 2, James J. Shelton.

SCHO-OP  p. 29: Texas A&M University professors found Human remains in Texas dating 50,000 BCE.  The Texas A&M professors (cowards) clamped down a news blackout and never published their findings, not wanting to damage their already worthless reputations or lose their useless jobs.  Their findings were public or taxpayer property.

            On public funds!


SCHO-OP  p. 29:

Sayeth Godless Shelton: "Until verifiable evidence is in hand of a high civilization during late ice age times that might have influenced  later cultures, we must assume at least for the present that none existed, astroarchaeological evidence notwithstanding."

Now that’s the statement of a dyed in the wool academia shit-sucker.

            There is no greater proof os a site’s age.

            At public expense!


            How can one be so ignorant and/or so baldly lie in public and still suck the public teat?  It's hard to believe one of them said that.  There are 400 drowned cities around the world, some out to the edge of continental shelves.  They ignore that too.

On public funds!


p. 29: And Godless Shelton yea, say, it be sayin', "The Author apologizes... if he presented information that might be over readers' heads.  The above factually correct criticism is offered in good fun in hopes of giving future contributing authors some insight into the process and degree of responsible critical thinking and reporting that needs to be addressed prior to presenting evidence on a potentially anomalies artifact and pitfalls that can and should be avoided beforehand."

            There is no evidence these cringing leeches will accept.  That was just proven.  They're academic shit.  As Mr. Hart this issue concluded on page 17, they regard "The unwashed public simply incapable of functioning on [their ethereal] mental plane.

At public expense!


            Elect us and there will be Truth.  Elect us and the search for truth will be unimpeded by the priests of Science.  Elect us and we will flush academia's toilet.  Elect us and we will flush academia's toilet and no academic shit will stick to the side.  The Prophet guarantees a thorough flush and none will stick to the side.  Whatever it takes!  In the Republican sense of the term.  In the cia sense of the term.  No holds barred.  None will stick to the side.  Politicians aren't the only ones whose multimillion dollar pensions are in jeopardy.  Elect us! We wanna do it!


12/3/2 1858: (CA) 54 WNUV-WU:

(1) A Baltimore woman tried selling her baby for $250.

(2) Another Maryland priests has been accused of sexual child abuse.


PB  12/4/2 1859: 54 WNUV-WU: Baltimore City subhumans gassed protesters at an abortion clinic.


BT** 12/6/2 0625: 42 TOON: TOON dildoes gratuitous filth anywhere it can.  In a song titled My Best Friend, Plank, about a piece of wood, a cleavage is displayed then a lingering shot of a leering cuntmonkey 9/10 naked on a beach wearing pesthole patch and bandage airing its CM, ass-slabs and the cuntmonkey’s 2/3-dugs.


(S)  Across from Drug City, local rip-off joint where citizens go to get down, legally there is a billboard with a slut showing some tit: WELCOME TO DUNDALK, SMOKING ENDS HERE.  Sure it does.


NL  Past the exit from Charlesmont motoring southeast is a Highway Administration sign claiming that SWAT TEAM has adopted North Point Boulevard.  SWAT is symbolically in red for the blood of all the innocent bugs the subhuman combat war cocksuckers have murdered.


12/7/2: The schools teach children to waste like bureaucrats.  The less on a sheet of paper the better.  Few people in this bankrupt country know that a sheet of paper has two sides, or even one.


12/9/2: WJFK-1300 AM: An ad for some vapid celebrity TV shoe, cuntmonkey: "I'm not afraid to run around naked".


12/10/2 1852: 54 WNUV-WU: the fbi searching for chickens without green cards, raided 13 local chicken restaurants.  No sign chickens without green cards but dozens of the fat-assed agents all had their hands on their penis substitutes.  At the very end of the line a long-haired fat-assed federal slut, a boar wannabe, that had its penis make-believe drawn.


BT** (CA)  12/12/2 1821: 54 WNUV-WU: Baltimore City female patriot starved a 15 year old girl to death.


BT** (CA)  12/19/2: c. 1845: 54 WNUV-WU: Baltimore City male patriot murdered a girl child.


            When the chinless wonders made it legal for the dogs of democracy to do what they had already been doing, i.e., tap every phone in the country searching for terrorist activity, we prophesied that the subhumans would want to use it for every real and make believe crime imaginable.  For over a year the nazi-commies have been conspiring with rich politicians to do just that.  We have an unconfirmed report that the commie-nazis are "vigorously acting upon" what may or may not have been said... even lies about third parties.  When we confirm this it, too, will be given the highest priority.  The dogs of democracy will be thoroughly flushed.

            Anyone that would allow their kid(s) to have a set of drums and/or other loud devices should be confined to a camp.


            New York: The remains of the victims were scooped into Dumpsters and hauled to the city dump.

            Whatever happened to the tens of thousands of Humans the hyena subhumans have arrested and hold incognito?  What tortures have they suffered?  How long before Americans themselves disappear into federal concentration camps?  Does anybody know?  Does anybody care?  Would anybody care were it you?

            September 11, 2001 the day the rich fear you'll forget.

            The Prophet Mastodon reminds you those  craze-eyed police terrorists will murder dozens of you to get at one suspect.  Police terrorists are the same everywhere and Humans who have had a run-in with them in a stressful situation scarred or dead.  These subhuman governments think nothing of shooting down airliners packed with people, even babies, and murdering hundreds in theaters.  Police terrorists recognize no difference between suspect and victim.  Elect us! and we will end it in no uncertain terms.

Peace without Dignity and Honor is slavery.

 —From the movie "April Morning".


            Terrorists alert! The Prophet warns!  Don't let them herd your families together into Oliver North's concentration camps or anywhere else.  Do not let them herd you together.  Do not let them take you from your homes!  Be armed! Be ready! Refuse! Assemble to defend your families and your homes!  They are psychologically primed to mass murder your families.  Those who die quickly will be the lucky ones.



Anchor Me in Sunday


Anchor me  in Sunday

In sweet water downs

Where words are birds

In trees by herds

And cows splotch by pounds


Anchor me down  in Sunday

Hard aside the wharf of Monday

Where woes are does

In fields by droves

And blues a jay roundelay


Anchor me down in Sunday

Over where the cattails stalk

Down the slope from the thistle

Needling briers and porcine bristle

Time the pathway's wacky walk


Ooh, anchor me down in Sunday

In the ritzy roadstead of your heart

Bobbing on a canvas painter

Quite a bit quirky quainter

Splashing its end to start.



Death Personalized


Silver slugs snap crackle pop

Your name embossed in heavy karat gold

A God's finger on Sinai top

Pissing themselves not so bold

Bullets on crutches bodies mop

Bearing bum bombs on stretchers cold

Custom made designer death

Blackjacked souls decades rolled

Stabbing through with slashing breath


Three dykes on bikes and a trike

Passing on their way to Hell

Tied to a sidecar big fat psyc

Bagged by a nag on muscatel

Bambi sign pinned on his ass

Hoisted high on his pike

Rorschach counting coin in the pass

Paused that way while taking a hike.



Potsherds © 2000 byRegimental Poet Youngman Grant