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Family and Freedom over flag

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19 February  2003, Vol. 4, No.19


All the news fit to spit.

All the news fit to shit.



            Terrorists alert! The Prophet warns!  Don't let them herd your families together into Oliver North's concentration camps or anywhere else.  Do not let them herd you together.  Do not let them take you from your homes!  Be armed! Be ready! Refuse! Assemble to defend your families and your homes!  They are psychologically primed to mass murder your families.  Those who die quickly will be the lucky ones.



PREVIOUSLY LISTED on  5/12/2 (Vol. 3  No. 18.)  "Spider-man" DVD Columbia Pictures 09661, DOO:

Previews approved for all ages:

1) "Spider-man", of course used the scene with cunt monkey Kristen Dunst's huge hard scene-stopping dug tips.

2) BT  "XXX", ½-n tits.

3) BT*  "Men in Black 2", close-ups of huge ½-n tits in  flimsy black dug strap, possibly nipples.

4) "Steward Little 2", partially exposed dugs.

There are many near naked pesthole slavering ring monkeys and at 00:24:06.  In a high school hall close-ups of popping nipples of a brunette actress/cunt monkey in blue and a black actress/cunt monkey in green.  Note at top of file.

            Kirsten Durnst doesn't know the meaning of clothing.  Her nipples are featured in the musical video Hero by Chad Kroeger and aired in three of the eleven TV spots.  Where its nipples aren't in a TV spot its wet ½-n tits from that scene often are.  A dance she did in pussy patch and pasties "before an open window" was cut out.  Cunt monkey Laura Ziskin (producer) said, "It was cute".


12/25/2 1855: 54 WNUV-WU: A cunt is kicking field goals for the University of New Mexico a first division college team.  Man! were the studio eunuchs excited.  With perpending forefinger: "Just for the fact she was on the field history was made."  Oooo, history.  For those that have never known dignity there is no dignity.  For those that have ever known manhood there is no manhood.  It is sick and good thing the government has all those billion dollar weapons.  The field goal was blocked.


12/26/2 1856: 54 WNUV-WU: The news eunuchs or network nitwits are still erecting over the cunt kicker for the University of New Mexico.  "Although [Kunt] missed the field goal," a fag enthused, "and although they lost the game they still have plenty to celebrate."  What?


1/4/3: To survive in America you must surrender your dignity and your morals.  To become successful in America you must become one of them.  If you want Peace, Security, Dignity and Freedom kill all the lawyers.


            Those that bear the cross are really waving the Whore's rag.

The Prophet Mastodon.


1/4/3: 2 WMAR-ABC: Anti drug PSA: A cop type is talking to a young person.  It spieled a litany of horrors that a drug purchase supports, none of them near the magnitude of horrors the United States government commits, aids and abets as a matter of course.  "If you do drugs, you support drug cartels who do things to people we haven't even thought of".  That is a significant phrase, but as far as them having not even thought of the patriotism, that filthy trash in the cia, dea and drug enforcement likely invented them.

(S) BT**  1822: ad: Bachelorette, close-ups of the huge ½-n dugs of a nearly naked long-haired brunette cunt monkey.  The cunt monkey is "ready to rock" and "kicks of sizzling Wednesday".


1/5/3 1711: WYPR-88.1 FM, All Things Considered: Having given a tax break of billions to the rich two years ago, Richy Rich wants to do it again.  The rich are in dire straits.  She is proposing emergency legislation that will save the rich billions in taxes.  Every millionaire will save $74,000 per year.  People like us, real people, will save $76.  Why is he being so generous to us? Is it because he and his rich friends are planning to maim and murder thousands more American males in a war?  They refuse to keep their promise (laws) to the disabled vets we already have.  Veterans hospitals have been ordered not to advertise their services.  The rich are always willing to maim and murder more though.  Not to mention the innocent civilians atrocified when they unchain those perverts in uniform.


1/11/3 1116: 38 DSC, ad for "Los Vegas" on the TRAVEL channel: they are boasting that Sodom west is "Sin City".  Heard they cleaned it up for family traffic.  Whose families?


11/12/3: (S) BT**  Baltimore Sun p. 3E, close-up of full deep dungy ass-crack and ass-cheeks sagging and some tit of Serena Williams .  Note at top of file.  Photo filed.


WJFK-1300 AM: ad for movie "fear.com".  It contains scenes of "violence, grisly torture and nudity".  Just a patriot's cup of tea but also it contains "profanity!"  Profanity! "That's why its rated R" for mature, sophisticated, enlightened, modern audiences.



BOOK  As Time Goes By, ISBN 0-446-51900-6, Michael Walsh, © 1998 Warner Books, Inc., 1271 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020.  Fiction.

I/O  p. 124, p 416: The Hague Convention of 1907 established as international law that belligerents could not attempt the assassination of each other's heads of state or government, "a principle the United States still observes today".  That's bullshit! blithering red-eyed patriotic bullshit!  and we're going to see to it that this little ditty is erased from the psyche.

            Behold the wickedness of this country.  It supposedly won't kill the head of state of a country it is at war with, but it tried to kill castro.  If it did not participate, which is doubtful, it knew of the extermination of ngo dinh diem President of Vietnam in 1963.

Under rich republican richard nixon it ordered the navy to aid and abet in the murder of the elected President of Chile Salvador Allende thus setting up the patriotic subhuman pinochet! an american approved nazi-queer.  Patriot pinochet's bluecoated subhumans raped and tortured to death thousands, some Americans.  The all-american patriots routinely raped and routinely dog raped and tortured all females including little girls, an old nazi trick, many chosen for patriotic benevolence walking on the street or waiting to attend class.  Protected by british lesbian/whore the margaret thatcher creature and the homosexual british government, the patriot pinochet was finally returned to the scene of its crimes against Humanity and was, of course, exonerated of crimes against Humanity rivaling hitler's.  The chilean Supreme Queers exonerated the pinochet patriot of acts of patriotism that would gag a republican on a truck load of dead babies.  It's par for the course.  Al judges are the same.  We do not have to tolerate it! in no uncertain terms.

And what about kennedy, King, kennedy?  You see, it's ok for a government to kill a country's leaders, even its own, just so the government's aren't at war because it might end the war and the rich that own and run the world don't want that.  The rich want war because war is great business.


p. 138: (F) (A)  Patriotic nazi subhumans kidnapped all the young blondes in Czechoslovakia for their patriotic lebensborn or "field whore" program.  Those nazi heroes, like all heroes, relish nothing more than cold beer and hot pussy.  The younger and more helpless the better for nazis were/are patriots.


p. 139: (F) (A)  In the Balkans when Freedom Fighters would swat a nazi bug, the subs murdered  hundreds of innocent Humans in response.  kurt waldheim, austrian, Secretary General of the United Nations Jan. 1, 1972 to Dec. 31, 1981 is famous in war criminal and/or "intelligence" circles for this, those same circles that relish turkish delight.  A message to the Universe from the subhuman kurt waldheim was carried on Voyagers One and Two, along with familiar porn.


p. 189: (F) PB  Ref. to french pigs c. 1926, beating a suspect unconscious then beating his victim unconscious.  The french subhumans still do this and at demonstrations they bravely beat those they've beaten unconscious lying on stretchers: french pigs equal nazis, trash, shit, patriots.  All cops, especially american, consider the victim guilty of the crime.  This is why governments freely massacre their people in hostage situations.  If hostages aren't guilty what are they doing associating with terrorists?

            For another example look at the Battle of Columbine High School.

            Pigs think victims are criminals.  After all, what are they doing involved in a crime?  Pigs think like that.  Like, when they see someone walking, that person is obviously a criminal or they would be driving.  How the subhuman thinks!


p. 207: (F) (A)  Ref. to german subhumans murdering thousands in revenge for the swatting of one of their bugs.


p. 207: (F) (A)  Ref. to atrocities committed by italian subhumans in Addis Ababa, and patriotism done by spanish subhumans on the Ebro River in spain.


p. 208: (F) (A)  Ref. to atrocities done by the germans in mauthanusen concentration camp.  A castration camp, where thousands of Men were castrated, prisoners were taken to the bottom of a deep stone quarry.  They forced them to carry 55 pound rocks to the top.  The cops beat them all the way.  At the top they were sent to the bottom for a heavier load.  When a Man fell the cops beat Him with clubs.  This was done until the Man was murdered.  Hundreds of American airmen were murdered like this.  The german subhumans were never punished.


p. 215: The Munich Pact of September 29, 1938 signed by the second greatest patriot hitler, chamberlain, daladier and ass-licker mussolini, insured Freedom Fighters in spain would receive no help from england, frogland, russia and america.  In america the government favored the franco subhuman and the rich (republicans) supported franco's subhumans with massive donations and immoral support.


p. 239: (F) (A)  A Czech man was frog marched from a bar and murdered in the street by german subhumans for making a joke (telling the truth) about reinhard heydrich, the nazi patriot in charge of Czechoslovakia.


p. 267: (F) (A)  The nazi subhumans murdered a 17 year old girl in the Sudetenland.  When tearing her family from their home, like cops do in this country, she said no.  The american nazis, that we call bluecoats when we're feeling good, have done and do this here.  You call them heroes.


p. 270: (F) (A)  Feb. 1934, austrian subhuman Chancellor dollfuss atrocified thousands of socialists.  Later that year it was liquidated by german subhumans.  Snicker.


p. 279: Ref. to the tens of thousands castrated by the patriotic nazis.  Castration is an old patriotic trick.  Your patriot/nazi/cop is either a latent or sucking homosexual.  They hate and fear Men because they can never be Men.  It takes guts to be a Man instead of a patriot.  Men are noble.  It takes balls.  In lieu of Manhood patriots worship the cock'n balls symbolized by designs, tattoos on rags like swastikas, sickles and hammers, stars'n stripes, splatters of diarrhea-green shit.  What people don't know is that nazis/patriots devour the testicles they castrate.  Patriots relish swinging steak or street oysters as they fondly call them.  When they castrate a Man they have demeaned a Man and, in their eyes, destroyed him.  When they devour his testicles, often right there without cooking, in their piggy eyes, they have symbolically gained his Manhood, his nobility, his nuts'n guts: his balls.  Perfectly ridiculous, of course, but patriots are subhuman.  Castrating a Man and eating His balls is the highest thing a patriot can do.  The highest thing!

patriot = coward = homosexual  = subhuman

            It's a simple law.  We can't believe you don't know it.


p. 289: (F) (A)  In 1937 at the bequest of the franco and its spanish subhumans the german subhumans bombed the Basque city of Guernica on market day murdering hundreds of Men, Women and Children.  Military pilots rank below cops in the cesspool of patriotism.


p. 337: (F) (A)  1941: Protesting the close of their universities, the german subs murdered nine Czech students in the streets and sent 1,200 to concentration camps from which most never emerged.


p. 391: Despite this, in June 1942, 50,000 czech subhumans protested the extermination of their nazi master reinhard heydrich, tight-pants blond pretty boy.


p. 391: (F) (A)  The nazi subs expressed grief over the swatting of the great patriot reinhard heydrich, author of "the final solution".  Within hours after the attack (the nazi pretty boy lingered for days), 3,000 Jews from Theresienstadt near prague were shipped to auschwitz.  None of these innocents returned.  In berlin, on the day of the great patriot's death, patriot goebbels had 500 of the few remaining Jews arrested.  One-hundred-fifty-two were murdered immediately.  The rest were sent to camps from which they never returned.  They were not told why.  It makes a cop's dick hard just thinking about doing such as this.  They don't want to do it!  They have to do it!  Patriotism, a mental disease of maniacal glee.


p. 398: (F) (A)  Further expressing their patriotic grief the german subs attacked the village of Lidice where some of the Freedom Fighters may have lived, or stayed, or something.  Attacking at night, after the fashion of patriots, an old woman and young boy, obviously guilty of Freedom Fighting because they were afraid and fled, were murdered in the back by lon carlouchi type snipers.  Called the Battle of Lidice it was an atrocity like the Battle of Waco, the Battle of Ruby Ridge, the Battle of Columbine High, the Battle of Wounded Knee.

Every male over the age of 16, 172 of them, were immediately murdered by heroes.

            Seven women were taken to prague and murdered publicly.

Four pregnant women were delivered and then their babies were strangled before them.  The only thing the patriot fears worse than a Man is a Baby.

The four bereaved mothers with 191 other women were shipped like cattle to ravensbrück concentration camp northwest of berlin.  None survived.

The remaining children disappeared in the bowels of the syphilitic whore germany.

You wave a flag, you forfeit your soul.



BOOK  The Death of Outrage © 1998 William J. Bennett, ISBN 0-684-86403-7, Touchstone, Rockefeller Center, 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020.


pp. 5-8: I/O

The clinton creatures proved themselves  patriots.  Consider:

The improper acquisition of hundreds of fbi files on political adversaries.

The mysterious reappearance (in the Clinton's private living quarters) of subpoenaed billing records crucial to a Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation investigation that had been purportedly missing for two years.

Billing records through which the inspector general of the FDIC found that Hillary Clinton had prepared documents used "to deceive federal bank examiners" in their investigation of Madison Guarantee Savings & Loan.

 Payments by Clinton friends and associates of upward of $700,000 to Webster Hubbell, the former associate attorney general and one of the president's closest friends, after he was forced to resign in disgrace and at a time when Hubbell was being asked to provide evidence of presidential wrongdoing to the independent counsel.  The payments, some arranged by Vernon Jordan [lawyer], coincided with Mr. Hubbell's refusal to help investigators looking into wrongdoing by the president and the first lady (after Mr. Hubbell had initially agreed to assist prosecutors).

The crass and unprecedented selling of the Lincoln bedroom to raise reelection money.

♠ Improper fundraising calls made from the White House.

The president's statement to donors, captured on videotape, that he was raising soft money to pay for ads that aided his reelection (an act that  may well be illegal and a statement that was contrary to previous denials).

The White House failure to turn over to congressional investigators videotapes of Mr. Clinton's coffees with political donors until months after they were requested.

Scores of potential witnesses who either fled the country or invoked the Fifth Amendment during  congressional investigations into possible illegal fundraising by the DNC and the Clinton-Gore reelection campaign, including a number of the key  figures who were associates of the president.  FBI director Louis Freech said the only time he faced similar obstacles to an investigation was in prosecuting organized crime in New York.

The failure to turn over subpoenaed notes by White House aide bruce lindsey until the day after the Senate Whitewater Committee's authorization expired.

The fact that when Paula Jones's lawyer's subpoenaed letters from Kathleen Willey, Mr. Clinton falsely denied that he had any such documents, but two months later, after Ms. Willey went public on 60 Minutes with her allegations of presidential groping, Mr. Clinton personally approved the release of fifteen notes and letters in an effort to discredit her.

President Clinton's initial claim through his lawyer that he had "no specific recollection" of a meeting with Ms. Willey.  But during his deposition in the Paula Jones civil case, the president said he has "a very clear memory" of the  meeting.

The improper use of the FBI to bolster false White House claims of financial malfeasance in the  firing of the White House Travel Office.

The admission of the Pentagon's chief spokesman, Assistant Defense Secretary Kenneth Bacon, to orchestrating the release of the personnel information of Linda Tripp, a violation of the Privacy Act.

The efforts to obstruct the Resolution Trust Corporation's investigation of the failed Arkansas thrift, Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan, which was involved in a sham real estate venture.

The administration's misrepresentation about Mrs. Clinton's suspicious 1978-79 investments in cattle futures, in which she made $100,000 on $1,000.  At first the White House said Mrs. Clinton did the trades herself and got out of this "nerve-wracking" game when she became pregnant; when that story proved false, the White House revealed that most of the trades were in fact placed by Clinton friend and Tyson Foods lawyer james blair.

            None of these patriots were ever punished.


p. 20: In marriage one person has been entrusted with the soul of another.  William J. Bennett.


p. 35: The fact that... we live well cannot ease the pain of feeling that we no longer live nobly.  John Updike.

We never did.


p. 39: (F) (A)  The clinton degenerate ignored patriotization in iraq, china, sudan, russia, pakistan, india, somalia, turkey and indonesia.

            [indonesia is a coagulation of islands floating like turds in the Indian Ocean].


pp. 48-49: I/O

The Clinton administration, in order to replace the White House Travel Office with its own people, improperly used the FBI to bolster false claims of financial malfeasance and attempted to involve the IRS in firing travel office personnel.

President Clinton's top advisors and confidants mounted a campaign to help find lucrative employment (totaling well over a half-million dollars) for Associate Attorney General Webster Hubbell after he resigned in disgrace, and before Hubbell began withholding important personal financial documents from Whitewater investigators.

Three Arkansas state troopers have testified under oath that they or their families were threatened by Clinton associates with dire consequences if they revealed the fact that they had procured women for then-Governor Clinton.

Dolly Kyle Browning has said under penalty of perjury that her own brother, a 1992 Clinton campaign worker, warned her that if she talked about her alleged sexual relationship with Bill Clinton, "we will destroy you".

            [Patriots are the scum of the Earth.  The cesspool of patriotism knows no bottom.]

Reelection avarice appears to have compromised  national security by permitting the transfer of sensitive satellite technology to China; allowed a  man described by the president's own National Security Council as a "hustler" to make more than fifty visits to the White House; enabled Roger Tamraz, an international fugitive and a major donor to the Democratic party, to be invited to the White House on numerous occasions over the objections of the NSC; led to the president's raising illegal "soft money"; and led to the misuse of a White House database.

Highly improper, and highly suspicious, acquisition of more than nine hundred raw FBI files on political opponents came to light (two Secret Service agents contradicted White House claims that the files were obtained inadvertently by a staffer who unknowingly used an outdated list of White House employees supplied by the Secret Service).


p. 59: I/O  Under betsy wright's supervision in the 1992 clinton campaign there was an operation funded with over $100,000 of campaign money, which included federal matching funds, to hire private pricks to investigate the personal lives of women alleged to have had sex with the sex monkey clinton, to develop blackmailing material and coerce them into signing affidavits saying that they did not have sex with the sex monkey clinton.


p. 60: I/O  clinton established a "kind of secret police" going back to the "1992 Democratic primary campaign".  This rape of rights if not women was run by patriot jack palladino a San Francisco lawyer that heads one of the country's most successful private prick firms.  (Good job for a lawyer.)  The last thing one of those rich ass-lickers cares about is people's rights.  They hate people's rights.  People's rights get in way of their high-heeled knee-length python boots traipsing the highway to Hell.

            Elect us! and there may well be no private investigative firms, and guaranteed very few government investigative firms.  Elect us! and we will be Free!  Elect us! and we may realize the American dream of "kill all the lawyers!"


p. 60: I/O  A principal figure (a zero) in this secret operation was subhuman terry lenzner of investigative group, inc., one of the most powerful and dreaded private pricks in the world.

            Not when we get power.  Like bounty hunters that crash doors and murder families in their homes, that shit on people's beds and pistol whip their children, the few laws that apply to the bluecoats (that have done and do all of the above) do not apply to bounty hunters.  Elect us! and bounty hunters will be exterminated.

            Another injustice we shall flush is this idea that businesses can do anything they want to you on their property: curse you, threaten you, puncture your tires if you drive the wrong way, spy on you,  spy on you in rest rooms and changing booths, search you, strip you, cuff you to heavy objects, separate you and your children, beat you and/or your children and/or murder either even from behind.  None of you are safe.  They even confiscate canes from old ladies.  There are no excuses.  Elect us! and this scum will be flushed.


p. 60: I/O  Sex monkey clinton denied that either the White House or any of his private lawyers hired or authorized any private investigators to look into the background of investigators, prosecutors or reporters.  (But clinton did not deny that he hired private lawyers to hire private lawyers to hire private lawyers to hire investigators to investigate investigators.  The snooper trooper state! what a piece of shit!)  The next day the lenzner creep said his firm, investigative group, inc., had been retained by the law (injustice) firm representing the sex monkey in the Starr investigation to investigate the background of Starr's staff, "there was nothing inappropriate about that".  Poetic maybe.


p. 61: I/O  Whore House ass-licker george stephanopoulos warned they would apply the ellen rometsch strategy.  The patriotic queer that formed the fbi like shit from its fudge-packed asshole, j. edgar hoover, gave birth to the ellen rometsch strategy before Congress.  e.r. was one of jfk's whores and an east german (bad guys) spy.  robert kennedy hustled the whore out of the country.  hoover told the seedy greedy chinless wonders, "Don't investigate this, because, if you do, we're going to open up everybody's closet".  Head queer of the fbi, ladies and gentlemen, head queer of the fbi.  Where was your justice and respect for law them?  Where is your justice and respect for law now?  Don't forget, laws are made for blue collar gimps and the poor.


p. 68: I/O  nixon said that (nixon type) burglaries occurred in the three kennedy years and the three johnson years on a very large scale.  The height of wiretaps occurred in 1963 under Attorney General robert kennedy.  "I don't criticize him, however," nixon said.  Guess not.  Be like the pot calling the kettle black.  rfk scagged over 250 in 1963 and the average under the United Fruit dwight eisenhower and the nixon Administrations was 110.

            Every phone in the country was tapped illegally for years.  Now every phone in the country is tapped legally.  Legal, illegal it makes no difference.  Elect us! and we'll put an end to government terror in no uncertain terms.


p. 107: I/O  Many if not all legal scholars (cackling shysters) believe it is unconstitutional to indict and hence possibly subject to criminal punishment, a sitting president.  Well, there's another little ditty we're going to end.  It's toilet flushing time by jingo!


p. 117: The Book of Romans tells us that government was established to restrain evil and punish wrongdoing.  It speaks of God's "righteous judgment" and warns us not to show contempt for the riches of God's kindness, tolerance and patience... but not for patriots, bureaucrats, etc.


p. 122:

            When tolerance becomes the virtue of people who do not believe in anything it paves the road to injustice. 

—G.K. Chesterton.


In the view of many people today, it is imperious to be judgmental.  But judgment is not bigotry; and tolerance may just be another term for indifference. 

—William J. Bennett.


p. 134: Those are to be praised who are angry at the proper things and the proper people, who are angry as they ought, when they ought, and as long as they ought. Aristotle.


p. 143: I/O RAPE BT**  Juanita Broaddrick a nursing home operator accused sex monkey clinton, sorry as a broke dick dog, of raping her when it was governor of cesspool Arkansas.  It looks real.  Elect us! and, if so, we're confidant a confession will be forthcoming.


PERIODICAL  Adventures Unlimited, Winter/Spring 2003 Catalog, PO Box 74, Klempton, IL 60946, www.adventuresunlimitedpress.com.

Note: We are not paid to advertise for Adventures Unlimited or anyone else.  Wake up!


p. 4: I/O  Acid: The Secret History of LSD by David Black.

LSD is a mind-bending illegal drug and its widespread use today has a bizarre background.  Startling evidence shows that scientists and psychiatrists have helped to promote its use—with more than a little help from the CIA and the British secret service.  This book investigates the mysterious people who turned LSD-tripping into a popular pastime, including the buccaneers who double-dealed, double-crossed and became overnight  millionaires.  A pivotal role in this fascinating story was played by the shadowy figure Ron Stark who emerges as one of the Godfathers of the acid business in Britain and the US—but who, exactly is Ron Stark, and who controlled him?  Chapters include: The Bad Trip Tent; Big Brother's Brain; A CIA Front; Psychedelic Templars; The Revolution Trip; Political Addiction; Leary and the Weather Underground; The Great British LSD Plot; Operation Julie; Black Italian Farce; The Acid Alchemist; more.

202 pages.  6x9 paperback.  Illustrated.  Index.  $14.95.  Code; ACID.


p. 5: (A)  Psychic Dictatorship in the USA by Alex Constantine.

Bombing minds rather that bodies is the warfare of the new millennium.  Constantine's explosive book uncovers the terrifying extent of electromagnetic and biotelemetric mind control experimentation on involuntary human subjects in America today.  Funded under the euphemism of "Non-Lethal Technology", the Pentagon has developed the ability to transmit voices, and inflict pain, madness, even death, with the push of a button.  Chapters include: Telemetric Mind Control; Blue Smoke and Lasers; The False Memory Hoax; Ray Buckley's Press Corps & the Tunnels of McMartin; E. Howard Hunt's Death Squads; the GOP's Pink Triangle; Funny Money—Johnny Carson, the CIA and the S&L Crisis; The Swirl & the Swastika; The Holocaust Gallery; more.

221 pages.  6x9 paperback.  Illustrated.  Bibliography.  $12.95.  Code: PSU.


p. 8: (CA) I/O (M)  Secret Weapons: Two Sisters' Terrifying Story True Story of Sex, Spies and Sabotage by Cheryl & Lynn Hersha with Dale Griffis, Ph.D. & Ted Schwartz.

            They were programmed to become America's ultimate covert ammunition to thwart domestic terrorism and foreign crises.  Against their wills they began their careers before the age of seven, trapped in a series of top secret heinous experiments authorized by the intelligence [sic] community.  Hidden under the covert names of Monarch, Artichoke, MKULTRA and Paperclip they became the perfect spy/soldiers: a Blackhawk helicopter pilot who flew covert missions into Mexico; an elite team leader who was sent to subvert a terrorist plot in the American underground; a seemingly wealthy and sophisticated Washington, DC partygoer whose hosts were unaware that each man she targeted would be seduced, paralyzed and possibly eliminated before the night was over.  A fascinating and disturbing book.

426 pages.  6x9 hardback.  Illustrated.  Index.  $25.95.  Code: SWEP.


p. 10: [(A) (R&M) I/O] [F: (A)]  Barry & the Boys: The CIA, the Mob, and American Secret History by Daniel Hopsicker.

            This is the story of Barry Seal, the biggest drug smuggler in American history, who died in a hail of bullet's with George Bush's private phone number in his wallet.  Seal, the most successful drug smuggler in American history, was also a lifelong CIA agent, one of the most famous that ever lived, active in everything from the Bay of Pigs to Watergate to the Kennedy Assassination.  And all this before becoming famous for importing tons of cocaine through Mena, Arkansas in the scandal that won't go away.  Includes almost 60 pages of never-before-seen photos & documents from Barry Seal's archives.  Packed with information, the 38 chapters in this book include; learning to Fly—The Civil Air Patrol Way; Who are "The Boys"; Double-Check Cowboys at the Bay of Pigs; did Barry Seal Fly a Getaway Plane Out of Dallas?; Deep Watergate; Three Decades of the Condor; Who is Richard Ben-Veniste?; Trinity is My Name; The Killing of Barry Seal; more.

518 pages.  6x9 hardback.  Illustrated.  Appendix.  Index.  $29.95.  Code BBOY.


p. 11: (A)  I/O  The Shadow Government: 911 and State Terror by Len Bracken, introduction by Kenn Thomas.

            Bracken presents the alarming yet convincing theory that nation-states engage in or allow terror to be visited upon their citizens.  It is not just liberation movements and radical groups that deploy terroristic tactics for offensive ends.  States use terror defensively to directly intimidate their citizens and to indirectly attack or harm their citizens under a false flag.  Their motives?  To provide pretexts for war or for increased police powers or both.  This stratagem of indirectly using terrorism has been executed by statesmen in various ways but tends to involve pretense of blind eyes, misdirection, and cover-ups that give statesmen plausible deniability.  Lusitiania, Pearl Harbor, October Surprise, the first World Trade Center bombing, the Oklahoma City bombing, and other well-known incidents suggest that terrorism is often and successfully used in an indirectly defensive way to take the offensive against enemies at home and abroad.  Was 911 such an indirect defensive attack?

288 pages.  6x9 paperback.  Illustrated.  $16.00.  Code: ORP.


p. 12: I/O  Wilhelm Reich: Viva Little Man, a documentary by Digne Meller-Marcovicz.

An intimate time-capsule of people and places recalling the controversial natural scientist, Wilhelm Reich, M.D., his trial, imprisonment and the court-ordered burning of his books in America.  Some interviews with English subtitles.  Viva Little Man includes interviews with many of Dr. Wilhelm Reich's former associates, friends, family  members, and scholars who have personally investigated the facts surrounding his life and work.  It also includes a small collection of Reich-detractors in mainstream psychoanalysis and the FDA, who generally make inaccurate and sometimes outrageous unfactual statements about Reich and his work.

90 minutes.  VHS video.  $29.95.  Code: VLMV.


p.13: I/O  Area 51 Base: American's Hidden Spaceport?

Its existence is officially denied by the US Government, but its buildings and runways have been documented in Russian satellite photos.  The perimeter is patrolled by unmarked helicopters and assault vehicles, and signs warn intruders: "Deadly Force Authorized".  A scientist that worked there claims it contains captured UFOs.  What is going in at Area 51?

Approx. 46 minutes.  VHS video.  $19.95.  Code: A51V.

We feel deadly force is authorized on those that put up "Deadly Force Authorized" signs.



BOOK  World War I by David Shermer, ISBN 0 7064 0484 X, © 1975 Octopus Books Limited, Book Sales Inc., 110 Enterprise Avenue, Secaucus, NJ 07094.


            During World War I the turkish subhumans murdered two million Armenians pioneering the patriotic concentration camp.  The turds developed the finer patriotic tricks employed by every major government including rape of all women and girls,  (leaving many draped over fences and barrels with saw bayonets up to the hilt in their vaginas), starvation, crucifixion, swinging babies by their feet and bashing their heads against walls and throwing babies up in the air and catching them on bayonets while their parents look on, etc., i.e., patriotism.  Of course, being patriots, not a turd subhuman was ever punished.  As usual nobody cared.


p. 135: (A)  Photograph of skin covered bones of  two children one a girl, one a boy and a little baby lying on the filthy earth murdered by starvation by the turdish subhumans.


p. 136: (A)  A mass grave in the filthy earth filled with the butchered bodies of families including babies.  Around the rim of the mass grave in the filthy earth filled with the butchered bodies of families including babies stand jolly turds, Santa Clauses from Hell, gay turdish subhuman queers.  I.e., fat-ass sway-back bubble-belly homosexual turd subhumans grinning like cops in concentration camps, faces smeared with turkish delight.  You know what turkish delight is?  The real turkish?  We defined it once but publishers didn't want you to know about that either.

            The turdish patriotism gave occasion for the second greatest patriot that ever lived to shit out its mouth the legacy of patriotism:

p. 251: (A)  I have given orders to my Death Units to exterminate without mercy or pity men, women and children belonging to the Polish-speaking race.  It is only in this manner that we can acquire the vital territory which we need.  After all, who remembers the extermination of the Armenians?adolf hitler, 22 August 1939.

The second greatest patriot's words gave occasion for the Prophet Mastodon to say:

The three Laws of Patriotism,

1) The courage of a patriotic is inversely proportional to the strength of its intended victim.

2) In any situation involving patriots the worst possible thing imaginable is probably the truth.

3) The only good patriotic is a dead patriot.


4) Patriotized populations are always unarmed.

5) Patriotism is a disease of cowards.

Give 'em to us.  We know what to do with 'em.  We shit on flags.  Our code is at the beginning of this newsletter.



PERIODIC  The Old Farmer's Almanac 2003, ISSN 0078-4516, © 2002 Yankee Publishing Incorporated, PO Box 520, Dublin, NH 03444-0520, $4.99.

p. 188: I/O  The Towns that Hosted the World, Shawn Woodford.

On 911 the Federal Aviation Agency diverted inbound planes from Europe past the point of no return to Canadian airports.  "For security reasons, all passenger manifest were scrutinized, and background checks were completed on a number of passengers.  Because of the unique circumstances, the deplaning process, which now involved registration, didn't begin until late in the afternoon.  Despite the aid of Red Cross workers, Salvation Army members, police and customs authorities, it continued 30 hours."

            They were kept grounded until September 15.  The grounding we agree with.  But the rest of it was gross violation of their rights and it will be punished.  Again, again and again! there are no excuses!


p. 207: (CA)  How to Tell When Someone's Lying, Tim Clark.  A dean of school discipline at a middle school thought a child was lying about stealing candy.  It went to a closet and took out a length of rubber hose and threatened to pump her stomach.  The child "confessed".  The subhuman was proud of this.

            This article quotes pigs and SPOBRS that think they know whether you're lying by the way you hold your mouth, etc.  This article is bullshit, what you'd expect in a snooper trooper state.  Bottom line, you can't tell anything about anybody and lie detectors do not work.  We're going to start something new in America.  They'll have to prove someone's guilty.  They'll have to prove it.


PB  1/17/3 1815: 54 WNUV-WU: news teaser: pigs brutalize a man at a routine traffic stop and these mediaoids, wusses, ask the patriotic question, "how far is too far at a traffic stop?"



World Explorer, Vol. 3 No. 3, © 1984-2003, ISSN: 1061-0103, 403 Kemp Street, Kempton, IL 60946.

p. 6: [(F) PB]  News Roundup, Indians Blame Mystery Attacks on UFOs.

Demonstrating for pig protection, the pigs fired into a crowd of 10,000 murdering one and wounding others.


p 7: I/O  New UFO Group Demands Information.

In 1969 the air force terminated Project Bluebook concluding no reported UFOs were a threat to national security.  Yet the military subhumans continue to deny requests for UFO information by chanting the dread curse of national security.  How is UFO knowledge a threat to national security?  There are no excuses.

            At public expense.


p. 41: The Waldemar Julsrud Museum by David Hatcher Childress and Jennifer Bolm.

SCHO-OP BT**  Over ten thousand clay figurines were found in Acámbaro, Mexico, some showing humans and dinosaurs interacting.  Early in the controversy the degenerate Smithsonian Institution chuckled the figurines off as a hoax, yet, using the Freedom of Information Act an investigator discovered the Smithsonian's Julsrud had been stolen.

            On public funds!


p. 41-42: SCHO-OP BT**  Julsrud artifact samples were submitted to the University of Pennsylvania for radiocarbon dating.  The antiquity of the figurines was established.  Science was outraged.  The outcry from the priests of science was deafening in those snooty circles.  The University of Pennsylvania retested the figurines then lied, yea, saying, that it was now impossible to determine an accurate date.  The degenerates University of Pennsylvania then compounded its crime by slapping a modern date on the 6,000-plus year figurines mumbling through a mouthful of shit gobbledygook about "regenerated light signals".  Then another team of charlatans at another publicly funded brothel proved them ancient but fell silent when learning their origin.

            At public expense.


p. 41: [(F) NL]  A top scientist with Mexico's Instituto National de Antropologia e Historia proved the figurines ancient.  Despite the evidence of their eyes, the cowards in charge declared that because of the objects' "fantastic nature", they had to have been a hoax played on Julsrud.  Mexican bung sniffers monkey their heroes American academicians.

            On Mexican public funds.  At the expense of the Mexican public.


p.42: SCHO-OP  Independent labs refuse to test the Acámbaro figurines.

We think public funds might play into this scenario therefore the Prophet ordered it listed.

            And some of you wonder why the rest of you are stupid.  Gotta have a firm foundation before you can build a House of Knowledge.  Science is a closed club and at their best they are mad blithering idiots.



"We Were Soldiers", Paramount, DVD: the comments of director Randall Wallace commented on.

            "Armies that had fought in Vietnam had been faced by courageous, determined soldiers who were not savages.  They did massacre this France group but they did it because they believed that was the way to defend their country."

            Bullshit! No excuse! savages are civilized and  the civilized are savages.  A subhuman is a subhuman is a subhuman and just because the rich tell you to be a subhuman for their piece-of-shit country (surely you don't think your country has any regard for you) will not exonerate a patriot from Hell.  There are no excuses.


            We are to believe a sergeant "cussed his men".  These "men" were officers.  Officers are not under sergeants, sergeants are under officers.  If he had cursed them at the very least he would have been a shadow sleeve.  He could have served time in Leavenworth, famous for its federal brutality.


He believes that it is good to consider your enemy subhumans, the pot calls the kettle black.  He said it "expresses the spirit of [then Lt. Colonel] Harold Moore."


News footage of terrorized little children and people fleeing in terror... caused by your heroes and their subhuman South Vietnamese allies.

"I saw these as a school boy sitting home in Virginia and remember feeling, the unambiguous feeling, of seeing Vietnamese children cry that made us think like so many others thought that this was a duty.

            Only a subhuman would say anything like this at any age.  That duty was to burn, butcher, rape torture and murder Men, Women and Children and murder the very land for their shit god America the Whore.


"That we heard the words of John F. Kennedy about asking not what our country could do for us but what we could do for our country.  And the challenge to pay any price and bear any burden for freedom."

            Only flag freaks don't pay any price or bear any burden other than a cowardly patriotic mouth.  And this much vaunted freedom of theirs is not freedom, not even for themselves.  It is rape, torture and murder of even little children and vile oppression for their own people.


            "I'm not trying to make a political statement here, only to point out through this film that these guys were doing their duty as best they saw it and were not asking primarily what their country could do for them but what they could do for their county."

The answer to that for the patriot is the rape, torture and murder of Men, Women and Children even in and especially including its own land, blindly obeying its owners, unrecognizable as Human.  That's the duty of a patriot, the duty of a soldier.  Since patriots like Wallace don't know, soldiers are not warriors.  Warriors have dignity and nobility, a code they will not veer from.  These days we truly see soldiers: eunuchs.

The best thing you can do for your country is destroy it.  It is the best thing you can do for your family, your friends and yourself.


            Lt. Colonel Harold Moore gave a speech.  Wallace: "I think if you listen to that speech and it doesn't move you you should find some other place to live."

It didn't move me, you ass-licking patriot.  I thought it was a melodramatic self-serving bragging speech that should have been given by somebody like that unfit for service war hero John Wayne.  It was an asshole speech.  I shit in the cream of that speech.  The problem for  you, patriot Wallace, is that I don't feel like leaving.  So, the question is, Mr. Hollywood man, are you patriot enough to throw me are?  I don't think you are.  Patriots are not Men.  They are twisted past recognition as Men.  Not only can they see little children suffering and it not bother them, but they cause that suffering.


            He quoted Kipling: "'When it comes to slaughter you'll do your work on water and lick the bloomin' boots of 'im that's got it'."

I'm partial to water myself, pure water, clean water, but I'm not into boot licking like someone I could name.


            Paraphrased: Wallace said that a typical story of the Vietnam War is that the children of Freedom Fighters whose parents were killed or murdered by the capitalist subhumans were left to starve because the villagers were terrorized of the American and South Vietnamese war heroes of murder torture rape.  Some children were saved by being kidnapped to the Bowels of the Whore, the Bowels of the Beast.  This was the story of many of the actors who played Vietnamese soldiers.  Despite this the punk believes what it does.  It insists on being a patriot.

Patriots have no morals.  They cannot be trusted.

            Hollywood is not liberal, it's full of ass-lickers.


1/22/3: BEMs 'n Bimbos, Vol. 1 No. 13, © January 2003, Kohinoor Books of Baltimore, PO Box 4057, Baltimore, MD 21222-0057.  Fuzzy Innovation: Parts of Animals, a novella by Frank R. Ollihocker, Jr.

            The brag of Sheriff Hugh Hough:

            "I'm the leanest meanest rootinest tootinest patriot this side of Camp Jolly Ollie.  I'm the back-shootinest law enforcement hootinest hero ever to come down the pike.  I'm braver'n a guard in a fema camp.  I'm so good I designed some of the tortures now used.  I'm braver'n Russian subhumans murdering hundreds in theaters.  I'm tougher'n American pilots bombing Afghani weddings.  Braver'n Israeli pilots bombing Palestine apartment houses.  Braver'n Russians downing airliners with missiles.  I got more spunk'n the fbi at Ruby Ridge'n Waco.  More manly than a Yugoslav subhuman running over mothers clutching their babies with tanks.  More gallant than Italian nazis murdering scores with machine-guns at airports.  Ballsier'n a crew member of the old Vincennes blowing up airliners high in the sky.  I'm better'n Russian pilots shooting down airliners.  Nobler'n a Contra rapin'n torturin' a classroom of little school girls.  Greater'n Guatemalan pilots strafing their own women and children.  I'm rougher'n tougher'n braver'n pilots napalming villages in Vet'nam.  More manly'n pigs beatin' up peace demonstrators.  Gooder'n a p.r.u. unloosed in a Vietnamese village.  I'm better'n Lieutenant Calley in the alley.  I'm so good nothing bothers me.  I'm so brave'n good I should be given the Congressional Medal of Honor."

            Nobody knew what he meant.  Everybody knew what he meant.


BEMs 'n Bimbos, publishes adult science fiction and fantasy.  Their philosophy: "They can take their infinite variety and their infinite diversity and cram them up their infinite assholes".


(S) BT**  WZBA-100.7 FM: ad: at the Baltimore Convention Center, "World of Wheels", airing a "stage show by the Texas bikini team".


I/O  1/26/3: Before granting a veteran his disability benefits, the federal government runs eight checks including with the:

4) Bureau of Prisons and Social Security Administration to determine if a beneficiary is incarcerated in excess of 60 days.

8) Federal and state law enforcement agencies to determine if a VA beneficiary is a fugitive felon.

            That wasn't part of the deal this piece-of-shit country made with its disabled veterans.  The veterans did not know what life had in store for them.  The worn out pimps and whores that own and run this country have no honor.  They don't terminate benefits to themselves if they commit murder!  They are going to pay socially challenged veterans or their next of kin every penny they refused to pay (our money) plus interest.  Instead of benefit termination to socially challenged veterans not applying to government workers, it will be the only place it does apply.

            The other six stipulations shall be thrown out also.  Veterans disability benefits shall be inviolate.  If the rich wanna butcher us in their wars you're going to pay for it the rest of their lives.  The government's queers are so engrossed trying to turn tens of thousands of more virile young men into cripples, they can't take of those they already have.


                  Origins of the American Revolution, © 1943 John C. Miller, Atlantic-Little, Brown Books, p. 425: By remaining within the empire, the propagandists warned, Americans would see their property used "to glut the avarice of half a million swag-bellied pensioners."  British ministers clamored for a colonial revenue in order  to buy up more votes in Parliament and to give bigger and better sinecures to their henchmen; and they were so eager for money that they were prepared "to dig up the very foundations of Pandaemonium, if they thought there were either  gold or diamonds to be found in that soil."  The British ruling class had given itself up to high living and in order to pander to its vices it was necessary "to drain off wealth, as their  patterns, the debauched Romans," did from the colonies.  Every shilling squeezed from the colonies, Americans were told, went to "tyrants and debauchees" and was spent upon vices that would have made Nero blush.  It seemed impossible that so much corruption and luxury should fail to bring the empire down in ruins about the heads of the people.  Yet while tyranny threatened to fasten itself upon the mother country and colonies, the English aristocracy amused itself at horse races at Newmarket, at Covent Garden, riding to the hounds on their country estates, swilling port and frolicking with mistresses—in other words, piddling while Rome burned.  Britain, it was believed in the colonies, had lost its virtue through imperialism.  The desire to seize "the golden groves of Asia, to sparkle in the public eye with jewels torn from the brows of weeping Nabobs, or to riot on the spoils of plundered provinces" had transformed Englishmen from honest patriots to oppressors of the weak and defenseless."  They were willing to sacrifice their  liberties if only they might be permitted to grind money out of the helpless peoples of the East.  As a result, the only champions of liberty left in England seemed to be a handful of horsy peers whose liberalism appeared chiefly to be owing to the fact that they were out of office.

            Oil baron Baby Bush proposed a budget with the largest deficit ever: $300 billion.  Remember, corporations don't pay taxes.

            Elect us!


PB  The restraining devices and methods these pig subhumans use are medieval.  Designed to inflict maximum humiliation, and pain, they are often used when they do not have to be used.  There are no excuses.  This will be purged along with the hierarchies of production, distribution and finance.

            Forget this patriotism they've taught you that prisoners have no rights.  Prisoners have rights!  They spend billions  defending war criminals even when they've butchered their own so prisoners (most of whom are  nonviolent, lotus eaters like marijuana smokers) must have rights.  The only humanoids that don't have rights are those that work for governments.

            The government, this pretended mother, is a vile impostor, an old abandoned prostitute, corrupt and bankrupt, a robber and a murderer, crimson'd o'er with every abominable crime, shocking to humanity.


1/26/3 1815: WJFK-1300 AM: Super Bowl XXXVII: It's not bad enough they were forced to stand for Satan's favorite song, but prior to that aural bilge they were forced to stand for the blasphemous God Bless America.  Well, maybe not blasphemous.  America's triune god, three in one like oil, is a giant vagina, a little biddy dick and inflated filthy lucre, like a big ol' potbelly of gangrenous gas.



The Prophet Mastodon, yea, saith:


All things in the Universe are presupposed.

Thought is in the Universe.

Therefore thought is presupposed in the Universe.


Thought is presupposed in the Universe.

Thought is the activity of a thinking being.

Therefore the Universe is the activity or thought of a thinking being.


The Universe is thought.

Substance is in the Universe.

Therefore substance is thought.


The Universe is thought, thought the Universe.

The Universe is all that makes substance.

Substance exists because of thought-out conceptual and physical laws.


Eat healthy and you will not crave junk food.


PB BT**  1/27/3 1750: 54 WNUV-WU: anti-marijuana ad: "A recent road study" [forced drug tests] "showed one in three drivers tested for drugs tested positive for marijuana.  Marijuana is not harmless."  Yes it is  and compared to these subhuman bluecoats unchained by the Bush administration the redcoats were well behaved and mannerly.


WJFK-1300 AM: Boys talkin' about having a "free hand" so they could "read Hustlers and turn the pages without messin' the 'em up."  Ol' one-handers talkin' sports there.  Got it down pat.



Ever since that bible thumbing disenfranchising oil baron, that hard-right silver-spooned Cheney puppet stole the White House, Richy Rich's Earth-rape contributors have been happy as pigs wallowing in shit, happy as Republicans wallowing in babies' blood.  Under the guise of national security the subhumans have gutted environmental protection.  The rich subhumans have:

Produced new rules to speed up logging in national forests.  We paid billions for those trees.  Logger subhumans get them for a song.

Rolled back protections of 58 million acres from roads and developments.

Eased pollution controls for power plants and factories.

Rejected new fuel-efficiency standards.

Sped up permit-granting for power corporations.

Lifted a ban on snowmobiles in parks.  Peace and quiet, what's that?

Proposed 51,000 new natural gas wells.

Removed limits on coal producers for dumping in streams by 64%.

Opened up Padre Island for drilling.

Halted funding for several superfund sites.

Replaced scientists that didn't support their views.

Rejected the Kyoto Global Warming Treaty.

Hired flag bitch Christie Whitman.

And much, much more.

Above based on Zippy 1/28/3 by Bill Griffith and Doomsbury 1/26/3 by Gary Trudeau.  Comic strips are the only place you can find protest, i.e., Men, these days.

Republicanism must be ripped out by the roots and cast in the fire.  Dig this!


                  Origins of the American Revolution, © 1943 John C. Miller, Atlantic-Little, Brown Books, p. 275: The patriots proposed to overcome the handicap of high wages and scarcity of labor by putting the "idle and indolent" and women and children to work.  Alexander Hamiliton, in particular, impatiently awaited the day when thousands of American children would be happily trooping off to the factories.  The high birth rate of the colonies offered hope that some day America would be able to compete with Great Britain if children were properly utilized.  One colonist deemed it proper that they be employed "from the time they are able to move their hands and feet."  High wages were denounced as the bane of the colonies.  "It is certain," remarked an American, "that high wages more frequently make labouring people miserable; they too commonly employ their spare time and cash, in debauching their morals and ruining their health."  Clearly, to save the American workingman from himself, it was necessary to beat down wages to a salutary level; and many of the advocates of manufacturing were ready to do this service for American labor.

Now more so than ever.  That piece of rich shit in the White House tried to bust Unions first thing in office with an executive order for which there is no Constitutional provision.


1/28/3 1837: 7 CSN, sports news: A basketball player flipped double-barrel birds to the opposing team's fans.  The mediaoids blazed the birds out.  They interviewed an outraged opposing player who spoke darkly of "taking this to the league commission", bleeping him twice.  If it's that horrible why report it at all?  What mealy-mouthed mediaoid excuse for this?  They show everything!  They show Sport's Illustrated's naked swimsuit subhuman, the stink-puckered cunt monkeys.  They show the reeking close-ups of ass-slits and pesthole puckers of female athletes, their erect nipples and near naked bouncing dugs.  And what about those naked swimmers?  And what about those naked ice skaters in thongs beneath, worse than tennis players, an unsavory lot.  And what are those horny whores doing in male locker rooms but not the other way around?

How prim.


7 CSN & 6 ESPN: One of the fell corporations advertising during Washington Wizards and Washington Capitols games is the bea (sic) Corporation.  "bea platforms for government, military and intelligence."

Yes, kiddies, the bea Corporation, serving the rape, torture and murder business with a big ol' greasy capitalist's wink.


I/O  1/29/3: At airports they detain you for interrogation and/or run background checks without warrant.  This is a violation of your Human Rights.


2/1/3: The space shuttle exploded again, upon reentry over Texas.  Not that anyone important is grieving.  The only thing dryer than a patriot's crocodile tears is its courage.  Repeatedly, over and over, millions of times perhaps, people are warned by voice and print not to touch the debris, that it is perhaps dangerous, with the implied threat that draconian penalties will be used on those that touch their stinking debris.  Are you still so stupid as to think they care about you?  They don't care about you.  That's been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.  They were probably doing unspeakable experiments, perhaps on babies and they foolishly think that, if you learn about it, you will care.

Rich republican oil baron Baby Bush calls it a tragedy.  To the oppressed people of the world it is a sign of hope and joy.  The oppressed billions of Earth see it as a sign that they have been heard, that there is a God Almighty.  Oppressed and/or good people the world over are tearfully joyful and grateful for this sign from God Almighty, prayerful that it means that America will soon cease to be.

            Two million Vietnamese civilians murdered by America the Whore's slaves, that's a tragedy.  The unspeakable atrocities done to little children in rich republican Ring-ass Reagan's South America, that's a tragedy.  The capitalistic foreign policy of the Beast from day one, that's a tragedy.  The fact that America the Whore and its ass-lickers exists, that's a tragedy.

            Seems to us you boys ain't liked at all well by the Almighty.


(A)  (F)  2/2/3 2000-2100: WBJC-91.5 FM, The Book Guys, weekly question: "This secret organization was founded in 1950 and had as many as 90,000 employees.  It was dismantled in 1990.  In 1995 a court decreed its 90,000 members could not be sued for espionage committed during the Cold War."

            I thought that was here!  At first I thought this was about 90,000 American subhuman queers but it's not.  It's the East German Secret Subhumans.  It sounds like something the Supreme Queers would have done, they've done it so much.  The Supreme Queers, that's a tragedy, a threat, a disgrace.  This "espionage" is rape, torture and murder of men, women, children and babies, that's a tragedy, an unspeakable nightmare!  Space shuttle blowing up, World Trade Center demolished, those are good signs.

            This listing, of course, includes the court queers for aiding and abetting atrocity, if the germans decide they want to be Humans instead of subhumans.

It's not bad enough the government uses billions of dollars of our hard earned money to make movies and TV series about its subhuman patriotic rapists, torturers and murderers, that subhuman patriotic agency has a massive propaganda ministry, but now they have a Spy Museum, so help me God Almighty a Spy Museum dedicated to those subhuman patriotic rapists, torturers and murderers.  It's located on God's ground zero, Washington, DC of course.


I/O  2/3/3 0933: 17 CNN: Two days later the queers are still warning about the debris from the space shuttle though they won't say why it's dangerous.  The FAA has closed a 160 mile swath of west Texas air space to traffic to facilitate the search of debris.  Perfectly ridiculous, of course.  More so they have closed the schools.  They have "rushed to emergency rooms for examination people who have touched" their shitty debris.  What were they examined for and why?  This was to humiliate them and as a warning to the rest.  We know you and your children are shit to the patriotic subhumans that own and run this country, therefore, what are they trying to hide?  What were those science demons experimenting with?  Elect us and we'll find out.

            Those subhumans are "treating the remains of the astronauts with all the respect due their status" but in New York the remains of the victims, people like you, were scooped into Dumpsters and hauled to the city dump.


I/O  2/4/3: 17 CNN: Now the government is blustering, threatening to arrest people who steal shitty shuttle debris, acting like they have names.  Ol' soft, pampered bubble-belly yea, saying, "We're going to the US Attorney with a list of names for prosecution".  Sure they are.  See?  We were told that, for unexplained reasons, their shitty shuttle debris was too deadly to touch.  Now you can be arrested for possessing it.  Which is it bootlickers?  Make up that foul piece-of-shit you call a mind.


PB BT*  1334: WJFK-1300 AM: Out to Lunch: Underground Live hosted by Bill and Thrill.  Guest was the local band Suzi.

            Baltimore County: Thrill is a black man.  He and two other black men were waiting in a car at the Holiday Inn in Timonium.  Riveting the car with spotlights they were surrounded by pigmobiles.  Twelve carloads of subhumans debouched aiming their guns at them.  Terrorized, Thrill avowed, "Don't f' with them do whatever they ask".  The subhumans "drug us from the car and f'ed us up".  Cursing them the subhumans brutalized them with the legal beat down, when they beat you calling it a search.  "It has to be expected,' said Thrill.  "Then they began giggling saying, 'Oh! we thought you were the shotgun gang'."  The shotgun gang was a gang of blacks that rode around Baltimore shotgunning whites because they were white.

            On the scene was Jason the sound man for Suzi.  He was outraged at the subhumans for "f'ing" up the three men.  Of course, for having guts and telling the scum of the Earth, the truth about themselves they arrested Jason.  "We told Jason the cops were fine.  The cops were trigger happy that night ready to kill [murder] me thinking I was someone else."

            "There's always one guy who ruins it," Bill said, the white freak.

Thrill is still terrorized.  That's why he licked pig assholes.  We don't lick pig assholes.  We ream pig assholes.  BT* is a priority listing.  This sort thing is going to end.  Rights are not a special case.  Rights are utmost always.  Pigs are to die upholding your rights.  There's only one way to do it and you know what it is.  Like politicians, judges and lawyers a fair way of being disgorged of that of all those filthy, grovelling [sic] vermin.

            Elect us!




There is no such thing as martial law.  It is an oxymoron like military justice and military intelligence.  Therefore when we are elected we shall act accordingly ex post facto.  There is much to be punished, redressed, axed.  There will be no circumstances where civilians will be under "military law", i.e., at the mercy of that merciless scum.  Look what the subhumans did after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

A far cry from the first revolution, Marylanders have the longest tongues known to man, world class ass-lickers.  A Maryland pig opens its mouth to lie about its brutality, it does not have to lie.  The tongue of the Maryland voter, inserted up its asshole, will come out its mouth and lie for it.

Lawyers and those they finance should be disallowed from holding positions of public trust. They should be butchered for disagreeing with this.  The legislators of this country are not champions of Freedom, they are impediments to Freedom.  They are oppressors fearing nothing more that Freedom.  Not one cent of public money should go to finance a lawyer's education.

Imagine the psychology of a country with a capitalist government and a corporate controlled media, that has been on war footing since a civil war 142 years earlier, its self-worship cowardice and insanity arithmetically intensifying since World War One and geometrically since World War Two.  That's the country you live in.  That's why you can't walk the streets day or night for the pigs.  that's why subhuman bluecoats are heroes and everything the government is holy although it be contrary to common sense, natural law and those things God Almighty Itself has forbidden.

Remember the Red Scare, innocent Nisei herded into federal concentration camps, The McCarthy Senate Hearings, thousands of alleged Arabs disappearing into federal prisons and concentration camps.

          The first thing a government does when some new technology comes along is find out how it can use it to hurt people.

          Loggers will cut down every tree on Earth if allowed to.



          7/9/84: The British government is doing experiments on 14 day old embryos.  "We will go no further," one of their demons shrieked.  "Human dignity has been upheld."

          10/1/84: The Department of Agriculture uses Human growth hormones to make animals grow twice the size.  In (I) file.

Both listings USED previously.



PERIODIC  Ancient American, Volume 7, Number 48, ISSN 1077-1646, PO Box 370, Colfax, WI 54730.

p. 9: Romans beat Columbus to the Western Hemisphere by Clark Johnson, Globe, Feb. 10, 2000.  An AD 200 Roman artifact unearthed in Mexico City in 1933 has been verified by archaeologists because it was extracted by professionals.   Professional what! is unpleasant.


Who Made the Mounds (Part Three) by John Winston.

p. 10: Powell was armed with a self-created doctrine powered by ample funding, and with a little help later from the one-way door to the Smithsonian's inaccessible catacombs.  The years that followed saw Powell and his underling nearly succeed in the obliteration of the last notions of the legendary, mysterious, and antique class of mound building people, and for that matter, any people that didn't fit into the mold of his theory...


I/O  p. 11: "Some years ago a party of relic hunters, supposed to have been sent out in the interest of the Archaeological society visited the Robinson farm.  After a few days search they removed a great collection of stone hatchets, beads and bracelets, which were packed and shipped to an Eastern institute...  What has become of all this evidence?


I/O  p.13: The commie Smithsonian Institution does not obey the law.  It never has, and worse, those that work for it have no morals.  Under the native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act they are compelled to return Amerindian property to them, including the remains of their loved ones.  The rich charlatans refuse to do so yea, saying, (get this now) "there being too much data to finish analyzing to prepare for repatriation".


I/O  p. 13: Concealing evidence that conflicts with accepted theory is common scientific skullduggery.  The Smithsonian Institution is the bull dyke monastery in this rape of the people's rights.  Ex.: In 1968 two Neanderthal skulls were found in Minnesota.  The university of Minnesota priests refused to test them.  Sent to Smithsonian high priest Lawrence Angel curator of physical anthropology, the rich faggot said they were lost.


I/O  p. 13: In 1868 the Army Medical Museum collected the remains of 4,000 murdered Amerindians to study the effects of modern bullets and other weaponry on Human bodies stolen from graves and "battle" sites.  Much of this ghoulish collection amassed by these depraved grave robbers disappeared in the Smithsonian's collection of 18,000 individuals.  Many of these skeletons are of the first race to people North America after the last Deluge: a massively built eight-foot tall white-skinned red-haired people.


The Discoverer of Burrows Cave tells how he found it, Russell Burrows.

Discovered in southern Illinois, Burrows Cave contains 7,000 stone images, skeletons, 56-ton statues and other artifacts that not only predate Columbus but Christ by several millennia.

I/O  p. 30: He was called a fraud and worse because, as one scientist-priest told him, "Nothing like this has ever been found in America before; therefore it must fraudulent".

Spoken like a true priest of science.  They cannot think, therefore they stink.


I/O  p. 30: In the Grand Canyon such a discovery was made.  The US Government (that rat's nest of priests and rich scum) moved with precipitous speed and closed it down.  They spirited the proof to the Smithsonian Institution where the iron gates clanged shut and the massive collection was lost.


I/O  p. 30: In Arizona such a find was made.  Swords, armor and other objects were found.  Scientists-priests jumped on it like flies on shit  regurgitating, "Fraud! ooooh! foulest fraud!"


I/O  p. 30: A third mind-boggling find was the Michigan Plates or Soper/Savage material.  The objects unearthed numbered into the thousands.  Like Republican's on a baby's corpse scientists/priests came pearling howling, "Fraud!"  I.e., "Blasphemy! blasphemy! ooooh! basest blasphemy!"


I/O  p. 31: Relinquishing control of Burrows Cave to a priest of science [a mistake], because of peer pressure it refuses to proceed with the study bespeaking the second of the colors of scientist.  These colors are black, yellow, red and pink.

Hi girlsss.  We'll be seeing a lot more of you won't we!


PB BT**  2/5/3 1900-2000: 29 BRAVO, From Page to Screen, L.A. Confidential, fiction, by James Elroy. to drunken L.A. subhumans beating Mexican migrant workers in the pigsty.  Incidents in the book were based on Los Angeles newspaper accounts.


PB  2/12/3: Family Fowlbum, FWL 0012 CD, Fowl Records, PO Box 3617, Annapolis, MD 21403, No. 17, Mickey Cucchiella, Alcohol vs. Weed: ref. to a bluecoat or brownshirt forcing him to take a Breathalyzer test.


Anti-marijuana ad: Now the liars are barfing that one joint has the carcinogens of four cigarettes.  Bullshit!  Next they'll be saying it rots your teeth... oh!  They already have.


(CA) BT**  2/13/3 1820: 54 WNUV-WU: Baltimore: subhuman Kenneth Jenkins murdered his two month old daughter.


(CA)  2/14/3 1859: 54 WNUV-WU: a woman filmed by a parking lot camera "hitting" her four-year old daughter was given one year's probation and fined $500.  USED.


2/15/3 1300-1500: BT**  33 SCI-FI, "Mosquito", 1994, DOO: the beast playing "Meagan" had been properly covered but prior to 1424, 1442, 1458 and after we were humiliated with close-ups of its prominent dug tips.  Also aired were its ass-crack and some dug.  Note at top of file.

1446: they blocked out the word "ass", the only "curse" word in the movie.  See? they have morals at SCI-FI.  They even air series airing porn subhumans like Traci Lords.  Morals, yes, they have 'em.  Get 'em while they're hot.

BT**  1500-1700: "Komodo" 1999, at 1510, 1514, et al., close-ups of the prominent dug tips of the beast playing "Patrick's" mother."  Note at top of file.

1320: ½-n tits of Jillian Hennessy.


2/16/3: The Baltimore Sun, Mark Trail by Dodd and Elrod: To attach themselves to their permanent homes, [barnacles] secrete a glue-like liquid which is stronger than the glue used to hold the spaceship together.

We hope so.


2/16/3 1315: WJFK-1300 AM, NASCAR: driver ol' boy named Jerry Nadeau went over Afghanistan and drove a tank.  We can't go over Afghanistan and drive tanks.  I thought civilians weren't allow to touch their murder machines under penalty of immediate death... oh!  War is a playground for the rich.  He's rich.  To the women and boys he said: "Go get them.  You're keeping us free."

            Free from what?  We're in no danger of invasion and those timid merciless robots are not protecting us from our government.  They don't keep anybody free they do the opposite I can tell you that.  When they "Go get them", they'd better hope "they" don't have equal technology or you'll see their true mettle.

NASCAR! the schiznick mac daddy of ass-lickers.


1548: 45 WBFF-FOX: Ol' boy Nadeau, combat he-ro, was "jes' a few miles from enemy lines".  Golly gee whilikers! he could almost imagine those shots being fired but what enemy?  Which enemy was that?  Was this in Afghanistan where a division was surrounding a cave with maybe somebody in it or was it facing Iraq or Iran?  America's list of diplomatic friends is growing short.  It's list of true friends does not exist.

            Everywhere I turn rich Republicans are telling you that you've been a war for a year and a half.  You have not! wake up! smell the gasoline they douse the faggots at your feet with.


I/O  2013: 45 WBFF-FOX, leader across bottom: Because of the blizzard governor Ehrlich has banned all "nonessential" vehicles from state roads until 1600 tomorrow."  Who does that rich republican think he is denying us use of the roads?  Any excuse to control movement and impose martial law.  Suppose we have to drive somebody to the hospital?  Suppose we have to send a unit to protect an orphanage from an attack by his  state pigs?  Well, guess what?  We'll do it anyway.


2300-2345: WIYY-98.7 FM, Noise in the Basement: host Matt Davis said it's a $1,000 fine for using state roads.  Those are our roads not the state's.  We paid for them, not the state.

Last week Mr. Davis said there was a $10,000 fcc fine for saying a naughty word on the radio.  We're researching this.



            Many Virginia planters certainly did not intend that the revolutionary movement should break its leash and run with that mongrel, democracy.  The rights of property, they insisted, must be kept uppermost and the rights of gentlemen ought never to be subordinated to the rights of man.  "Is it right," they said, "that men of birth and fortune, in every government that is free, should be invested with power, and enjoy higher honours than the people?  If it were otherwise, their privileges would be less, and they would not enjoy an equal degree of liberty with the people."  "We are not contending," said another Southern aristocrat, "that our rabble, or all unqualified persons, shall have the right of voting, or not be taxed; but that the freeholders and electors, whose right accrues to them from the common law, or from charter, shall not be deprived of that right."

            Like the conservative Whigs, the Tories dreaded the effect of revolutionary ideals upon the common people; but unlike the Whigs they did not believe that if revolution broke out in America it could be kept under control by its upper-class sympathizers.  They held a catastrophic theory of revolutions: the plebeians would inevitably turn against the aristocracy and overwhelm all gentlemen, whether Whig or Tory.  The Tories placed no trust in the "giddy-headed multitude": they held the common people to be "damned villains," "like the Mobility in all Countries, perfect machines, wound up by any hand who might first take the Winch."  They suspected that the "loud unlettered orators of the republican tribe" whom the conservative Whigs expected to use for their own purposes would soon set the people to robbing the rich and pulling down the well-born.  "I have seen the same trick practiced in the Play-house," remarked a Tory; "where a set of wretches with a view to plunder, have given the alarm of fire; and while the terrified spectators were scampering over one another's heads, those villains have made a large collection of earrings, watches &c. before the cheat could be discovered."  They deplored that any "crack-brained zealot for democracy" should be listened to in America where the people already enjoyed "the best, the most beautiful political fabric which the sun ever beheld."  Edward Biddle of Philadelphia declared that he "sickened" at the thought of "thirteen unconnected petty democracies; if we are to be independent," he exclaimed, "let us, in the name of God, at once have an empire, and place Washington at the head of it."  "God forbid" they prayed, "that we should ever be so miserable as to sink into a Republick"—yet they believed that the Whigs were headed directly for this slough of despond.  For this reason, the Tories came to believe that they were holding the front line against democracy which, if victorious in America, might sweep across the Atlantic and overwhelm Great Britain itself.  But they made little effort to save the people from the Whigs; for the most part, they were content to enjoy that last gratification of doomed aristocrats—damning the people roundly over their port and Maderia.


pp. 424-425: ...Parliament was composed of "rogues and Scoundrels" who were "bought and sold like sheep in the markets."  So great was its "scandalous prostitution" that Parliament seemed to be "no more to the minister than the footman to the gentlemen.  They equally wear the master's livery, and obey every direction."


p. 467: By its own act, he [Thomas Paine] argued, Britain had become an open enemy and no American could hereafter "love, honor, and faithfully serve that power that hath carried fire and sword into the land."


New York: The remains of the victims were scooped into Dumpsters and hauled to the city dump.  They gave a dead dog from the brutal Port Authority an honor guard!  The bodies of our people they trucked to the city dump in DumpstersTM©SMP®.  They looted the dead and who knows what else?

            Whatever happened to the tens of thousands of Humans the hyena subhumans have arrested and hold incognito?  What tortures have they suffered?  How long before Americans themselves disappear into federal concentration camps?  Does anybody know?  Does anybody care?  Would anybody care were it you?

September 11, 2001 the day the rich fear you'll forget.

            The Prophet Mastodon reminds you those moronic craze-eyed police terrorists will murder dozens of you to get at one suspect.  Police terrorists are the same everywhere and Humans who have had a run-in with them in a stressful situation scarred or dead.  Police terrorists recognize no difference between suspect and victim.  Elect us! and we will end it in no uncertain terms.


            Terrorists alert! The Prophet warns!  Don't let them herd your families together into Oliver North's concentration camps or anywhere else.  Do not let them herd you together.  Do not let them take you from your homes!  Be armed! Be ready! Refuse! Assemble to defend your families and your homes!  They are psychologically primed to mass murder your families.  Those who die quickly will be the lucky ones.