117th Militia



Family and Freedom over flag

© 2003 PSYWAR Office 117th Militia Regimental Combat Team


10 May 2003, Vol. 4.  No.20



            Terrorists alert! The Prophet warns!  Don't let them herd your families together into Oliver North's concentration camps or anywhere else.  Do not let them herd you together.  Do not let them take you from your homes!  Be armed! Be ready! Refuse! Assemble to defend your families and your homes!  They are psychologically primed to mass murder your families.  Those who die quickly will be the lucky ones.


            New York: The remains of the victims were scooped into Dumpsters and hauled to the city dump.  They gave a dead dog from the brutal Port Authority an honor guard!  The bodies of our people they trucked to the city dump in Dumpsters.  They looted the dead and who knows what else?  They pissed and moaned for the astronauts for months.  This is the high regard the government and its uniformed subhumans hold you in.

Whatever happened to the tens of thousands of Humans the hyena subhumans have arrested and hold incognito?  What tortures have they suffered?  Many have attempted suicide.  Care to guess why?  How long before Americans themselves disappear into federal concentration camps?  Does anybody know?  Does anybody care?  Would anybody care were it you?

            September 11, 2001, the day the rich fear you'll forget.

The Prophet Mastodon reminds you those moronic craze-eyed police terrorists will murder dozens of you to get at one suspect.  Police terrorists are the same everywhere and Humans who have had a run-in with them in a stressful situation scarred or dead.  Police terrorists recognize no difference between suspect and victim.  Elect us! and we will end it in no uncertain terms.


2/18/3: Origins of the American Revolution, ©1943 John C. Miller, Atlantic-Little, Brown Books, pp. 500-503:

            Tory fears that the Revolution would lead to a democratic upheaval were not altogether without foundation; certainly some Americans regarded the principles of the Declaration of Independence as presaging a new social and political order.  They were not content with the mere name of republic; in their eyes, the Revolution was a struggle not only against British tyranny but against those aristocrats at home who longed for the power exercised by "Turkish Bashaws, French Grandees, and the Romish Clergy."  They were resolved to sweep away all "Foreign and Domestic Oligarchy" in America and to establish a society in which every citizen would enjoy equal rights and receive his "just share of the wealth."  There was a growing insistence that the doctrine of no taxation without representation be applied in America as well as against Great Britain; and some even decried all government as "a combination among a few to oppress the many."  Evidences of class hostility multiplied as the revolutionary movement progressed.  As early as 1773, it was observed that "both employers and the employed no longer live together with anything like attachment and cordiality on either side: and the labouring classes instead of regarding the rich as their guardians, patrons, and benefactors, now look on them as so many over-grown colossuses whom it is no demerit in them to wrong."  Even titles were called in question.  Charles Lee denounce the practice of using "tinsel epithets" as "his Excellency and His Honour, The Honorable president of the Honourable Congress, or the Honourable Convention."  "This fulsome nauseating cant," said Lee, "may be well enough adapted to barbarous monarchies; or to gratify the adulterated pride of Magnifici in pompous Aristocracies, but in a great free manly equal Commonwealth it is quite abominable."  Some Americans began to demand that all institutions be subjected to the test of reason.  There was, as one radical put it, "a great deal of contemptible, but superstitiously worshipped rubbish, both in Church and State, which had been swept down to us from heathenism and popery, by the great net of time.  It is now high time to examine the net, cull out the good fishes, and cast the bad away!"

The demand that the revolution be directed against abuses at home as well as tyranny abroad was strengthened by the efforts of many American merchants to pile up fortunes during the war at the expense of the people.  Profiteering was rife: the price of many necessities soared beyond the reach of the common people; and the merchants grew rich by speculation and conferring commodities.  "If affairs continue any time in their present condition," exclaimed a Philadelphian in 1776, "they (the great Whig merchants) will have the whole wealth of the province in their hands, and then the people will be nearly in the condition that the East India Company reduced the poor natives of Bengal to."  When refugees from Boston and Charlestown began to stream into Connecticut, they found themselves at the mercy of landlords who promptly doubled their rents.  To the patriots, these profiteers were "the rankest Tories of America."  Did Americans "flee from the rage of Fire and Violence of bloody Men," it was asked, "to be plundered" by exploiters who called themselves Whigs but who in all but name were Tories?  It was believed that the Tories opposed independence because it would mean that "their visions of golden mountains, and millions of acres of tenanted soil, will all vanish, and themselves, remain in the despised rank of their honest and contented neighbours."  Americans did not propose to allow Whig profiteers and speculators to despoil their fellow citizens behind the screen of patriotism.

            Resentment against these profiteers was particularly strong among the mechanics and laborers of the towns who were pinched more severely than any other class by their exactions.  The town workers were the first to recognize that while Americans were engaged in defending their liberties from tyrants overseas they were in danger of losing their liberties to monopolists at home.  In their eyes, the greatest threat to American freedom was that wealth would be concentrated in the hands of a few and that American farmers and workers, victorious against the British and Tories, might find themselves under the hell of new masters.  The profiteers, they declared, were as great enemies of revolutionary ideals as were the Tories and they merited no better treatment; unless they were struck down, it seemed certain that the common people of America would shed their blood merely in order to exchange the rule of one oligarchy for that of another no less oppressive and self-seeking.

            The town artisans were also the chief sufferers by the property requirements placed upon the suffrage in the new state constitutions.  Few of them possessed sufficient property to qualify as voters and so they remained an unrepresented group, keenly aware that the Revolution had passed them by.  In vain they demanded the recognition of their "inalienable Right" to ratify all laws enacted by the assembly and to pass upon the proposed state constitutions, and protested against the system whereby in politics a workingman was no better than "a Jew or a Turk."  When they declared that "every man in the country who manifests a disposition to venture his all for the defense of Liberty, should have a voice in its Councils," their voices were drowned out by their opponents' denunciations of "this cursed spirit of levelling."  The conservatives who held the reins were determined not to trust themselves on a runaway democracy; on the contrary, they recognized that it was "time the Tradesmen were checked.  They take too much upon them.  They ought not to intermeddle in State Affairs.  They will become too powerful."  These measures were taken in time; although the town workers grew increasingly restive and radical in their demands for reform, they were unable to break the grip of the aristocracy.

            While kicking against the pricks of Old England, conservative patriots had never overlooked the menace of New England; and the Declaration of Independence by no means extinguished their fear of New England levelism.  Particularly dreaded were the New England soldiers, the most democratic element in that hotbed of democracy.  It was suspected that these men spread subversive ideas wherever they went, thereby causing Americans to become social revolutionaries instead of God-fearing patriots whose energies were wholly taken up in combating British tyranny.  Southern gentlemen who frowned upon democracy and all its works considered the New England army to be a horrible example of the effects of the popular delusion that one man was as good as another.  There were, they pointed out, too many officers in proportion to men in the regiments and the pay of officers and men was too nearly equal.  New Englanders, on their part, warmly defended their equalitarianism and branded Southerners' demands that the pay of officers be raised and that of privates lowered as "incomparable with freedom."  The absence of gentlemen in the New England army was also distressing to conservatives: some even looked upon the minutemen with apprehension because they were "composed of people of the smallest property, and perhaps of the least virtue"—and might therefore be tempted to turn their arms against the land owning gentry.           Although skittish Whigs found a few men of good family and "decent breeding" among the higher ranks in the New England army, they reported that "anything above the condition of a clown, in the regiments we came in contact with, was a rarity."  As for General Nathaniel Ward, a New Englander who had risen to high command in the continental army, he was held to be merely "a driveling deacon." 

—George Washington.


I/O  2/19/2 1504: WWLG-1370 AM: Baltimore, MD: thousands of samples of urine were found in a court building.  Forcibly taken from Human Beings but not tested, this is a landfall, nay, waterfall for politicians and pigs, enough urine to slake the thirst of the driest patriot, and aged.

1704: The British Man was given three months for decapitating the head of subhuman flag-whore Margaret Thatcher with a cricket bat.  They should knock down Nelson in Trafalgar Square and place his statue there.



I/O  1304: WWLG-1370 AM: Virginia: five babies have mysteriously died.  Coroner ghouls are to hack the bodies up.  The families might be given the bodies when the coroner ghouls are finished with them.  The desecration, mutilation and even rape by of the bodies of our loved ones by coroner and medical ghouls will end and be punished ex post facto.

            Elect us!

(F)  1703: Philippines: the rich have sent hundreds of your military morons into combat supposedly against terrorists.

(CA)  1704: Florida: a SPOBRS gave a transsexual the custody of an innocent child in a divorce case.  It said: "He is a male though he dresses like a woman."  That's the problem!

            Only in America can singles and queers adopt innocent children.  Artificial insemination, surrogate mothering, cloning and other atrocities against Humanity shall stop.

            Elect us!

I/O  ?: Virginia: In a child murder case the pigs confiscated "20,000 pieces of evidence".  Will it be returned guilty or innocent?  No! it will not!  Destructive investigation includes scorched Earth policy and looting.  The pigs loot for their owners SPOBRS judges and rich politician subhumans.

Elect us!


BOOK  Thoth Architect of the Universe, © 1998 Ralph Ellis, Edfu Books, PO Box 3223, Dorset, England, kena.edfu@virgin.net.

P. 30: In Russia: "The shop assistants would either curse or ignore their customers and passersby would knock me into a gutter..."


pp. 136-139, 199-204: Random House made a capitalistic, chilling, concerted, disconcerting and disruptive and effort to steal the author's manuscript.


(F) SCHO-OP  p. 192: Without fanfare English "scholars" released then ignored their own radiocarbon data pushing the date of the construction of Stonehenge back toward 11,740 BC.  The area where the samples were taken, part of Stonehenge, was paved over for the car park.


(F) SCHO-OP  p. 233: A measuring rod found in the Great Pyramid of Giza which could be carbon dated proving the construction date 11,670 BC has been stolen from the British Museum.


(S) BT**  2/22/3 1445: We thought we would enjoy Logan's Run because we've read favorable reviews about it.  It's rated PG for AS and V.  We were immediately humiliated with flashing ass-slabs, -cheeks, full deep slits in Spandex, poinging nipples and ½-n dugs.  Then the American shit pie in the face, of course.  Hollywhore Jenny Agutter, wearing diaphanous strips of cloth, walks on with a queer.  Its diaphanous cloth blows aside airing its fully naked shitty right ass-cheek without a shred of consideration and/or shame.  Half-assed naked beast Jenny Agutter... ah! a gutter, now there's a name that fits!  Note at top of file.

SCI-FI is a depraved channel.  Let not its future be ours.  Like all college grads, the government and military they don't even know the difference between a male and a female.


(S) BT**  2/23/3 c. 2345: WIYY-97.9, ad for Monday morning program, interview with famous Hollywhores from famous naked monkey TV shows: Alexandra Paul and Donna Daniels.  They will be flying to a naked resort.  Everybody on the plane will be naked.  A naked or nudist resort is like a nazi concentration camp without barbed wire, subhuman guards and law enforcement police dogs.


PB  2/24/3 c. 1704: WWLG-1370 AM: The Supreme Queers and Lesbians are reviewing a case where Las  Vegas subhumans axed down a man's [hotel room] door and arrested him for drugs when he was in the shower.  Why bother?  According to TSQAL the bluecoats haven't done anything wrong since 1783.

PB (A)  1705: Under the tender mercies of federal subhumans, another Human Being held in a federal concentration camp has attempted suicide.  You know why.  The mention was brief, something like: "Another held for terrorism has attempted suicide."  How do we know it was suicide?  Note at top of file.


2/25/3: "Face Off", © 1997, Paramount, video, DOO:

BT**  Nicholas Cage squeezing blonde's ass.

BT** ass-slit of stewardess.

BT**  tits and full deep ass-slit of Dominique Swain.

BT**  lingering close-ups of the half naked ass ass-cheeks sagging of DS.  Half-assed  

  naked naked monkey Hollywhores, a disease.  Note at top of file.

BT**  NC grabs another blonde's ass in FBI office.

BT**  NC grabs another blonde's ass.

BT**  first of many shots of full deep  ass-slit of Gina Gershon.

BT  close-ups of huge ½-n tits in black dress.

BT**  close-up of full deep slit of GG climbing stairs.  There are others.

½-n tits of one dying.

Check throughout, much filth.  USED.


2/26/3: 0600-0730: the news crew is mocking all war protesters, their cause and their peaceful methods.  With this the weather jerk held up a sign he made and said: "hell no" NO MO SNO.


2/27/3 1259: WYPR-88.1 FM, NPR News: In New York City the rich have banned smoking from public places like restaurants and bars.

Stew in your own juices cowards!


PERIODIC (S) BT**  2/28/3 #16,444: Key of De February 2002 (sic.) volume 2, issue 5, www.keyofde.com, Delaware's source of entertainment information.

p. 15: G.L.O.O.W. Women's Wrestling.  Billed as Gorgeous Ladies [Goodness gracious! How they throw that word around] Of Wrestling these nine jeering leering 99.9999% naked beasts are all stripped down and greased for Nation Wide PPV Taping, just like pigs for the spit.  Note at top of file.


FLYER: The governor of Delaware PC whore Ruth Ann Minner and her unmanly ass-lickers have banned smoking in public places, and didn't have the guts  to do it until after recent elections.


            Liberty is an empty concept if we are not Free to make choices for ourselves right or wrong.  The state of delaware has crucified our Liberty and Rights on the cross of political correctness. 

            Free to live in liberty, not as the state dictates.


Delaware Freedom Watch

686 N. DuPont Hwy.

PMB #330

Milford, DE 19963


            To his chagrin, one of our members learned that he could not join a wine club because the fascist state of Maryland, owned and run by rich PC queers and lesbians, won't allow the postal service to deliver spirits.


(S) BT**  3/1/3 1438: 35 A&E; ad for Hanes underwear: cuntmounds, ass-slabs, ass-cheeks and variously aired dugs of many leering jeering near-naked cunt monkeys.  Note at top of file.



            Visited with a friend to watch the NASCAR UAW-Daimier Chrysler 400 from Las Vegas Motor Speedway.  NASCAR is depraved as are all sports corporations.  I didn't see it all but I saw NASCAR cunt monkeys airing their dugs.  Courtesy of depraved NASCAR, close-ups of the airing dugs of Las Vegas serving monkeys.  Then some of the famous near-naked showsluts (pesthole patches and pasties) reclining and airing their pestholes by raising their legs in family oriented Las Vegas.  A fucking priest commanded 150,000 slaves to rise for Satan's Song and "remain standing for the invocation" in which they prayed for those jerk astronauts and those women and boys overseas "keeping us safe".  Not a one had the guts to remain seated.  Again, safe from what?  The most dangerous enemies to our pseudo freedom is the federal government, fifty state governments, territorial governments and hundreds of local governments.  Then Tina Walsh with partially naked dugs squealed Satan's Song like a pig.

            I had arrived early hoping to watch some of the race with my friend but when they had finished all this pre-race propaganda and forced ceremony  it was time to leave.

(S) BT**  1430: NASCAR ad, many variously exposed tits.

(S) BT**  1431: NASCAR/Las Vegas ad: close-ups of ½-n tits.

(S) BT**  1431: Near naked showsluts reclining and raising their legs.  Note at top of file.

(S)  1502: Tina Walsh and tits sing the Shit Speckled Banana.



PERIODIC  Newsweek, January 8, 2003, ISSN 0028-9604, PO Box 59967, Boulder, CO 80322-9967.

(S) various listings.


(NL)  pp. 38-39: The Year of "Under God".

            A two page color spread of innocent preschoolers swearing Satan's Pledge to the red, white and blue shit god.  The chinless rich hypocrites in Congress belted out the words like a tone-deaf Mormon Tabernacle Choir while reciting" Satan's Pledge.   Red, for the ocean of innocent blood the American shit god has spilled; white, for the bandages its victims never get and the snow job the media moneys cover the mountains of bodies with; blue, the bruises and contusions the American shit god beats on the little babies who threaten them.


p. 39: Concerning the rape of taxpayers and stockholders by rich republican corporate nazis (Enron, etc., etc.) rich republican Treasury Paul O'Neill said it was "all part of the genius of capitalism'.


Perspectives 2002, a complication of quotes and political cartoons.

I/O  p. 95: "We have to give Tom Ridge a real job."  Democratic Rep. Jane Harman, in support of a bill increasing Ridge's power as homeland-security chief.


I/O (A) BT**  p. 96:

Who knew the World Trade Center was gonna get bombed

Who told 4000 Israeli workers at the Twin Towers

To stay home that day

Why did Sharon stay away?


            Line from Amiri Baraka's poem "Somebody Blew Up America."  Baraka, the poet laureate of New Jersey, was asked to step down.


I/O PB (A) BT**  p. 97: "To be in an eight-by-eight cell in beautiful, sunny Guantánamo Bay is not inhumane treatment."  Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, defending the treatment of Afghan detainees at the U.S. naval base in Cuba.


I/O BT**  p. 103: "When it comes down to his own records, the motto is: 'The buck stops over there'."  Democratic National Committee Chair Terry McAuliffe, on questions regarding President Bush's former business dealings with Harken Energy.


(CA) BT**  p. 104: "The cardinal had some selective amnesia."  Mike Keane, who says he was sexually abused by priest John Geoghan, on why Boston's Cardinal Bernard Law testified he did not remember receiving letters detailing the abuse.  Law resigned in December.



(S) BT**  Verizon Superpages 2002, Area Codes 410/443 Greater Baltimore, p. 653: ad:



Maryland's Premier Gentlemen's Club



45 Gorgeous ladies dancing on 3 stages!

ALL NUDE table and stage dances

Bachelor and Birthday Parties

B.Y.O.B.  Cans only, please

18 to enter; 21 to drink - I.D. Req'd

Proper Attire Req'd; No T-Shirts, No Hats


            Nude means naked!  Ladies! any animal's a lady these days.  Forty-five scabrous whores! evidence! the ad airs two of the scag 45, leering jeering cunt monkeys without a shred of morality.  But they're not those kinds of girls.  Oh no sir! not deem.  Dese your classy sassy subhumans.  McDoogals, get it? McDonald's, do gals... McDoogals that's a one classy pesthole airing pestholes airing pestholes.  Only your classy properly attired gentl'muns gets in dare.  Practical too, those dirty filthy males come in there like that, caps'n T-shirts, no tellin' what they'll do if they think themselves free.  Stars'n garters! there might even be a salami swingin' south!  Upset those gorgeous ladies!

Ad filed.


I/O  1704: WWLG-1370 AM: suburban Chicago: an eighth grader was sent home with a note.  His crime?  He wore a T-shirt with a plane diving at the two towers and the photo image of a Muslim terrorists.  He wanted, in his innocence, to show that all Arabs weren't terrorists.


PB BT**  1705: Anne Arundel County, Maryland: a man who was shot in the face by three fbi subhumans when out on a date with his girl is suing the fbi for $43 million dollars.  Notice that the three subhumans are not being prosecuted for committing an atrocity.  The cocksucking rich queers and lesbians of congress forbade the prosecution of subhumans for anything they do "in the line of duty" and what isn't for an fbi or any pig subhuman?  They're always on duty.  The laughable subhumans themselves say so.  What will happen is we'll have to pay $43 million in damages and those fbi queers will run to their sty and suck each'n others' deeks.

            But there is hope.  Give 'em to us!  We know what to do with 'em!  Hey! Hey! Hey!  We're gonna prosecute those that ever served ex post facto.  Give 'em to us!  There is excuse!  Note at top of file.

            Elect us!


3/5/3 1300-1305: WWLG-1370 AM:

PB  The Denver pigs are gearing up for a peace demonstration at the University of Colorado tomorrow.  Last week they attacked innocent students demonstrating for peace with pepper spray.

I/O  The Supreme Creeps said it was OK to give a man life for shoplifting golf clubs.  One high queer pontificated, of course, "It's neither cruel nor unusual".  And, of course, it is both.  It's the third strike you're out for life law.  Commit three felonies (their definition) and you can be in a prison or federal camp for life.  Lan' o' de free.  Home o' de brave.


The Prophet he say:

            The government and its pigs have turned us into a country of losers.

            Their ignorance is their armor, they have no spirit.

            Governments war against those with transportation, especially the American government.

            A sense of Human Dignity and Worth were to have been our birthright.  We have neither.


3/7/3 c. 1215: WBAL-1090 AM, Rush Limbaugh: the laughable bulbous subhuman railed against the Foreign Minister of Germany for doubting Whore/Beast America's shrieks about "weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq.  The mountain of meat Rush Limpballs called him a "fat little squat".  Accusing him of sounding like a James Bond villain it spent considerable time mocking his accent.  It further cursed the German UN Ambassador for belonging to peace groups in his youth.  Limpballs is, of course, a rich Republican.

            The iron is hot God Almighty, let us strike!


I/O  WWLG-1370 AM: American soldier subhumans are screeching that Iraqi soldier subhumans have been supplied with American uniforms so the Iraqi soldier subhumans can atrocify their people and blame it on American soldier subhumans.  What's happening is that American soldier subhumans are preparing to butcher innocent Iraqis and blame it on Iraqi soldier subhumans.


PERIODIC I/O BT**  The Baltimore Sun March 7, 2003, editorial: Power Grab II.

Baby Bush and his rich ass-licking queers have done nothing to fight terrorism but force nursing mothers to drink their breast milk yank canes from crippled little old ladies and, of course, rape your rights on the rape rack of justice.

            Ashcroft and the rest of those shit-licking  subhumans are hounding after what little of your Freedom remains.  The aptly named USA Patriot Act  that further unchained the bluecoat pig subhumans passed the chinless wonders, those thieves, with little debate mere weeks after The Great Sign from God Almighty.  It was billed as a rather mild affair.  Their ass-lickers the media monkeys, from all segments of the media, and the lawyers lied about it yea, saying, that it was minor tinkering to aid counterterrorism but it made legal sweeping rights-abuses (not that they hadn't always done these things) to spy US citizens down to their book purchases and education records.  The country's lawyers, all of whom should be slaughtered, were delighted.  That should have clued you in right there!

            Now, as anticipated, the rich republican queers want to unchain the bluecoat subhumans and subhuman pieces of black-robed shit further with the aptly named USA Patriot Act II.  Until now Ashcroft and the subhuman pieces of patriotic shit at the Injustice Department lied yea, saying, that there was no such bill until the Bill of Oppression II leaked out.  (But it wasn't really a lie because everybody knew it was a lie.)  The rich lawyer subhumans will love USA Patriotic Act II prodigiously more than Act I.  They're sucking each'n other off just thinkin' about it!

USA Patriot Act II will grease your assholes by:

            Reducing or eliminating judicial oversight of wiretaps and other surveillance.

            Giving the government easier access to many private records including medical, financial, travel, and the right to share them with state and local bluecoat pig subhumans.

            Allowing the creation of a genetic database on suspected terrorists without their consent or a court order.  (Much as they do with the military, all of whom are potential terrorists in the eyes of the rich.)

            Allowing more secret detentions of suspected terrorists with loopholes barring release of information about those held.

            Terminating many state law enforcement court degrees ordered before 911, due to past subhuman bluecoat pig spying abuses.

            Sheltering federal subhumans from prosecution for illegal surveillance, as long as it was ordered by high executive-branch officials.  (I.e., the rspopsic, the rich subhuman pieces of patriotic shit in charge.)

            Last but not least, stripping Americans of their citizenship and subjecting them to indefinite detention or deportation if they support, even lawfully, a group the Injustice Department deems terrorist.

            The rich spops that own and run this country can strip you of your citizenship because it is their country not yours.  You are chattel, the republican under their shoes, which is how they regard your stinking country too.  To them it's a way to make money.

Complete hierarchy including these that lied about and those that conceived these atrocious Patriotic Acts, aptly named.  There are no excuses.

            Elect us!

            Editorial filed.


            Origins of the American Revolution, p. 469: The British Constitution, it was now said, "gives to some to wallow in luxury to destroy themselves, and forces the greater part to live in poverty.  And hence innumerable robberies and executions, which have scarce made their appearance in the Colonies, except imported from the British Constitution."

            Americans, how does it feel to be the object of worship in a religion that demands Human sacrifice?  That's what the rich are doing.  You are the object of worship, yet they have you on your knees, because you are the sacrifice.


            Origins of the American Revolution, p. 470: Rather than follow Paine down "the dark and untrodden way of independence and Republicanism," these authors urged Americans to look back to the happy state they were leaving: the bounties, protection, and security afforded by the British Constitution which made America "the happiest country in the universe."  They pointed out that it was still easy to get rich in America and that the common people enjoyed the highest standard of living of any in the world."


PERIODIC  3/9/3: TV Guide February 15-21, 2003, They're Yellow but They're Not Chicken, Michael Solomon, p. 27:

I/O  In 1990, an Ohio principle banned children from wearing a Simpsons T-shirt emblazoned with UNDERACHIEVER.  Bart, brandishing a slingshot, declares in a cartoon bubble: "And proud of it, man!"

I/O  Among the many excuses Bart used to get out of a test (Marge Gets a Job, November 5, 1992) was that he had Tourette's Syndrome ("Shove it, witch!")  After complaints to the network, the Tourette's reference is replaced with "rabies" in repeats.

Article filed.


3/12/3 WWLG-1370 AM:

(NL)  0601: The air force exploded a bomb in Florida that shook the homes of families for miles around.  But it wasn't dangerous.  Oh! no no no!  Nothing to worry about you ole chattel slave assholes you.  It is to laugh.

            Until recently they tested poison gas at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland (probably still do).  But it wasn't dangerous.  Oh! no no no!  They only developed it to make billions of dollars murdering and blinding young men with poison gas.  Nothing to worry about.  They can be trusted!


(CA)  0602: Brownsville, TX: the bodies of three precious children were found in plastic bags in an apartment.  The parents are being questioned.


I/O  0603: The rich republicans have denied rape victims emergency room contraceptives.


(CA)  0604: Baltimore, MD: Kenneth Jenkins murdered its cuddly little two month old daughter.  It confessed but a Baltimore City pig erased the tape.  Jenkins was probably a pig or had been a pig itself.  Once a pig always a pig.


I/O  3/13/3: The Baltimore Sun, editorial, Restore BACVA's credibility.

The people of Baltimore City are robbed of millions of dollars every year to pay the salaries of the bloodsucking leeches of the Baltimore Area Convention and Visitors Association.  Grossly lying about their success at this, Chairman Clarence T. Bishop conspired with them against the people and the scurvy cutthroats hid a report by a private corporation proving the abysmal truth.  Yet Mayor Martin O'Malley has allowed them to pay themselves yet another a huge salary increase and bonus.  BACVA President Carroll R. Armstrong now consults with the thieves with a bonus you couldn't move in a wheelbarrow and a full year's salary in advance.  In 2001 Armstrong gave itself a salary of $173,250 and a $46,552 bonus.  Recent rape of rights figures are hidden from the public only.

            The editorial author did not have the balls to demand that all responsible be executed.  We do!  And do!  Editorial filed.


(CA) BT**  3/14/3 1105: WWLG-1370 AM: A PAN AM steward drugged a toddler because it did not want to hear her cry.  But it's ok, according to the media, "Because she was not seriously harmed".

            First they make you appear naked on x-ray screens.  Next they yank canes from savage crippled terrorist old ladies.  Then they made dangerous terrorist nursing mothers drink their own breast milk.  Now they drug your dangerous terrorist children because they don't like them being Human.  What else are you lily-livered shit-lickers going to sit for?  Aren't your assholes sore yet?  Ah! that's it!  They'll have to ream out your assholes, or at least your children's, to  ensure there's no dynamite up there!  You'll have to pack your own Biff's Bung Grease®.  Pack each'n others' assholes with it!  You'll consider yourselves macho because you won't have a choice about dropping your drawers and bending over, slappin' that grease on there.  You'll attack that guy who won't.

            Kill all the lawyers.  Kill all the dogs!  Elect us!

            Note at top of file.


(S) BT**  3/15/3 1443: 30 TNT, "Cujo", lingering close-up as a queer pulls up the skirt of Hollywhore Dee Wallace, simultaneously letting out  the stink and squeezing its naked ass.

1555: many lingering shots of barbarian bitch DW's hard prominent tingling nipples poking through its thin top.  Note at top of file.


(NL)  3/16/3 0849: 42 TOON, Time Squad.  The characters go back to the Revolution meeting Betsy Ross and colonial types at a fair.   The republican: "Looks like a filthy long-haired convention".


(NL)  3/20/3: Rich republican Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld ridiculously warned Iraqi soldiers that if they burned oil wells they would be punished.  See what this war is about?  Did it warn Iraqi soldiers that they would be punished if they killed American women and boys?  They're not worrying about protecting the American people we know that beyond a doubt.  Despite the deceptively named Operation Iraqi Freedom (This from the ghouls that after 911 told you that to express your patriotism you should spend money) they're not worried about protecting the Iraqi people after you starved to death hundreds of thousands of their children.  After trashing the Kyoto global warming treaty those rich republican women and boys aren't worried about atmospheric pollution.  What are they worried about?  Money! Why Baby Bush and cowardly Papa Bush are rich republican Texas oil billionaires.  There's something your  characterless offspring of is worthy to die for; a billionaire's oil dollars.

            Also with their vaunted "decapitation attack"  they tried to kill Sadman Insane in his palace.  For some rich man's reason it's against international law to try to kill the leader of a belligerent country but The Naked Whore obeys no law.  The Naked Whore makes up law as it goes along.  Whatever suits it at the time The Naked Whore does.  The right thing for the wrong reason is treason to God Almighty.  Well, they're not too disappointed.  They decapitated its family.

            This war should be called by its true name: Oil War II.


3/22/3 1608: 13 USA, ad: "Rudy", a movie about rich bloodthirsty republican (all republicans are bloodthirsty) Rudolf Gagliani the former mayor of New York.  The actor that played it said, "We are about to unleash the dogs of war".  He was talking about unchaining stink bomb New York's subhuman bluecoats, pear-shaped serfs of no physical or social attainment; unmanly, unsavory and unfit to live.  It unchained the beasts and the beast straightway machine-gunned men cowering in corners, murdered at will, raped defenseless men with billy clubs down the sty, atrocified all classes but the rich degenerates that own and run New York City.  Yet the bluecoat subhumans would stand by and watch women get their clothes ripped off, sliced up, raped and white teens beaten to within an inch of their lives.  Gagliani is also famous for marching in depraved naked Queer Day parades which is because, despite what they say, republicans are queers.  Think of the sordid  personal lives of politicians and their pigs, circular bung-tonguers, tongues fitting each'n others bungs like a dovetail joint.  Do they have any real friends?  Those that know them fear them.  We advise that you don't associate with anyone that works for any government in any way except for real people who are forced to pay taxes.

            As the flea-bitten head pariah of the New York City subhumans, Gagliani is listed for all the atrocities committed there and then.

            What these rich bloodthirsty republicans do is throw you a blood sacrifice and while you are howling for more they rake in billions by hook or crook.

(S) BT**  1632: ad: "Happy Gilmore", the USA prigs bleeped out the word shit in "Back to the Future III", but lingered on a close-up of an animal/whore's huge dirty nearly naked dugs that Adam Sandler is signing.


3/24/3 17 CNN:

(F) (M)  0831: a cowardly American pilot fired a rocket into a bus of Syrian civilians fleeing the country.  Five were murdered, ten butchered.

(S)  0832: At the filthy Academy Award ceremony where every syphilitic whore/lesbian was partially naked (a beast in red may have been airing its shitty ass) film maker Michael Moore spoke out against the war.  Rich republican patriotic trash booed the courageous man.

(NL)  One of their monkey monkeys said "Americans support the war because they are worried about terrorism".  Of course we can't expect a mediaoid wearing a woman's face and a tie to know this but most Americans do not support the war and Al Qaeda hates Sadman Insane as much as it hates rich Americans.  They call it the Butcher of Baghdad.


PB  3/25/3 0642: 17 CNN, in America 2,300 war protesters have been arrested since the war began.

(F) PB  Courageous men and women have been arrested in Germany for the same.


(CA)  PERIODIC  The Baltimore Sun Television Week March 23-29, 2003: p. 12: March 24, (40) ANIMAL PLANET 2200-2300 Animal Cops: Dog is shot after attacking a little girl.


BOOK  3/24/3: Genesis of the Grail Kings © 2001 Laurence Gardner, Fair Winds Press, 33 Commercial Street, Gloucester, MA 01930.

When British archaeologists discovered the Temple of Hathor on Mount Serâbit el-Khâdin in Sinai hundreds of iconoclastic artifacts... the dreaded anomalies or erratics government scholars have nightmares about, were found plus a chemical laboratory and many tons of white powder that lay in storerooms.

Mount Serâbit is identified as Mt. Horeb in the Bible.  Mt. Horeb has been identified as Mt. Sinai.

            The white powder has many names.  Let me tell you some.  Manna, shewbread, ambrosia, Mystery of the Phoenix, the Firestone of the Master Craftsman, lapis elixir, lapis ex caelis, lapis philosophorum, The Philosopher's Stone.

Also called white gold or monatomic high-spin gold, it can weigh mess than nothing and sometimes disappears altogether, and the pan in which the substance was placed can be caused to weigh less than nothing also.  It is said to increase longevity to Elohim lengths.

Tradition states that in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid the builders had placed "instruments of iron, and arms which rust not, and glass which might be bended and yet not broken, and strange spells".  In the 9th-century when the explorers of Caliph Al-Ma'mun tunneled into the King's Chamber what they found in the bottom of the dubbed sarcophagus was a layer of white powder.  The legends surrounding the pyramids and all megalithic ruins to which legends are attached say that the stones were floated in place on air.

p. 157: (F) I/O  If you're a regular reader is it any surprise to you that all the eye-egging artifacts, the chemical lab and especially the tons of white gold were looted by British museums and have disappeared?

p. 165: Nothing, it was said in olden times, is obtained simply by wanting, or by relinquishing responsibility to a higher authority.  Belief is the act of be-living, for to be live is to believe, and will is the decisive medium of the self.


To aid in our war for truth, justice, i.e., the un-American way, gander the fruit of the research of *Ralph Ellis, Laurence Gardner, and other nongovernmental scholars of their several countries..

* Abraham = Pharaoh Mam-Aybre

Moses = Pharaoh Akhenaten

Aaron = Pharaoh Smenkhkare

Miriam = Queen Mery-khiba, a.k.a. Queen Mery-amon, one of several wives, Miriam  was Moses' Grail Wife of Dragon Queen.

* David = Pharaoh Psusennes II

*Bathsheba, Queen of Sheba Bathsheba-Maakhah Tamar II, daughter of David

*Uriah, Uriah-Absalom, son of David husband of Bathsheba

*Solomon = Pharaoh Shoshenq I


Jesus Christ = Joshua ben Miriam

Mary Magdalene = Grail Wife or Dragon Queen of ben Miriam.

*Josephenes = son of Mary and Joshua, murdered by St. Paul.

*Saint Paul, Saul of Tarsus, Josephus the Historian.


(F) (A)  3/25/3 1439:  We were expecting for this.  The rich have green lighted the murder of Iraqi civilians.  They are to open fire without question in some cases.  There was a man lying dead in the dirty road beside a truck he had been driving.  A young bullet-headed american murderer standing near the body shitting out his mouth that Iraqis are a sneaky people.  "That's the way these people are."  How would he know?  He's not even dry behind the ears yet.  He can't even grow a beard.  He concluded, "Fertilizer can be used for explosive."  Bullshit! only after undergoing a lengthy chemical process and even then it's low grade, not much more than a fart.  There are no excuses.  And if the rich republican oil barons are concerned with the Iraqi people, why aren't their characterless slaves, your he-roes and hero-ettes, disabling the vehicles instead of murdering?


            White House spokesperson Ari Fleisher said that the Iraqi administration is willing to starve its own people.  A reporter had a ready tongue: "That's a wicked thing to do."  These all-american  wimps don't know about the c.500,000 Iraqis their Naked Whore god america starved to death, or do they?


            There's a web site called "Defend america"  where you can go and lick shit off your the assholes of your he-roes.  Question: defend  america from what?


(F) (A)  3/26/2 0800: WWLG-1370 AM: 12 Iraqi civilians were murdered when a Cruise Missile was fired onto a busy intersection.


            Billboards polluting our state show a mob of fat-assed pigettes and pigs, caption: CLICK IT OR TICKET.  Clever.


The Farmer's Almanac 1803, The Old Farmer's Almanac, PO Box 520, Main Street, Dublin, NH 03444.  Concerning the founding of agricultural societies: No politics fhould be allowed; for every man of found mind muft hate all political clubs.



1) They're like trained seals.  Toss' em a fish and watch them clap their flippers.The Simpsons

2) Once something starts going bad it keeps going bad, it does not get better. Col. Koole Breeze


            Ronald "Ringass" Reagan tried to murder Muammar Qaddafi, after your subhuman cia gave it tons of C4 to terrorize with.  You have a bad habit of murdering and attempting to murder heads of states you don't like.  Why don't you exterminate your subhuman dictators?  Do the world some good.  You still have a comeuppance coming.  The scales are nowhere near balanced.  For what you are about to receive may you be truly grateful.


3/28/3: 17 CNN:

PB  0833:  Yesterday NYC subhumans, the "dogs of war" arrested 250 peace demonstrators.

I/O 0903: The stepfather of a man who allegedly killed two fellow soldiers and wounded fifteen others in Iraq was arrested on federal gun violations.  What is this?  The son is accused of an infraction and the subhumans attack the parents?

PB 0913: Today thirteen peace demonstrators were arrested in Washington, DC.

(F) (A)  Meathead marines murdered three Iraqi men whose truck backfired.  Then the cowards called Iraqis attacking tanks with small arms cowards.  marines are cowards.  Americans are sick.

(F) (A)  Iraqi subhumans fired machine-guns and mortars into a thousand of their own people fleeing the fighting.  Note at top of file.

(S)  1036: Tits of a Texas collage student pinning a yellow ribbon on a boy soldier.  Yellow is the color of cowardice, i.e., yellow-bellied, yellow stripe down her back, she is yellow.  Governments always war against those with transportation, represent a means of escape symbolic or otherwise, especially United States governments.


3/29/3: Look for this quote to be used a lot.  Former Mayor of New York City Rudolf Gagluani inspired it.  "I knew he was trash, but he was in power."  His horror, yea, even he who "unleashed the dogs of war" on defenseless and unsuspecting people, has been hired by the rich subhumans that own and run Mexico City to spread terror there.


(S) BT**  3/30/3 1819: 33 SCI-FI, "Gremlins 2: the Second Batch", rated PG this sludge features nipples and mild filth but also clips of "Volley Ball Holiday", naked from the waist up beast-whore subhumans playing volley ball, and filth in ads.  Note at top of file.



(F) (A)  1106: 17 CNN, Two Croatian subhumans that committed war crimes in Bosnia in 1990-1992 were slapped on the wrists with maybe 20-year sentences.

            What about the hundreds and perhaps thousands of dick suckers and shit-lickers that like good little subhumans obeyed these patriots and committed atrocities?  Or perhaps just dropped in for an evening's patriotic recreation.  In Bosnia the patriotic Croatian subhumans ran over women clutching their babies with tanks.  Very patriotic them slob subhumans.  Two shit slurpers might get twenty years in a powder puff prison.  Ohhh, mankind, your days are numbered.

            Listing includes judges, lawyers, etc.

(CA)  1108: Catholic devil-priest pleads guilty to serial child abuse.

(F) I/O  1110: United States military tell the people of Iraq they have to pay for provided water.


(S) BT**  1145: Stuck on the web a composite photo of two subhumans fucking standing from behind.  The heads are Eminem and Brittany Spears.  The subhumans are unknown.  Note at top of file.


(F) (A) 1701: 17 CNN, Najaf, Iraq: marine subhumans shot into a van crammed with thirteen women and children that failed to stop at a roadblock.  Seven were, a million times in mediaspeak, "killed".  In Manly Human speak seven women and children were murdered by patriotic cowards and others were wounded.

            Don't those subhumans know people, especially women, panic when confronted with greasy smelling subhumans for a foreign naked and hate-crazed country?  Can't the subhumans even see into a van?  Sure, they don't know the difference between a man and a woman but surely they can recognize an androgynous child?  There are no excuses.

            Note at top of file.


(S)  4/2/3: The Art of the Comeback, © 1997 by Donald Trump, Random House.

p. 36: ¼-n tits of Marla Trump.

p. 95: two ½-n sets and one ¼-n set of Miss Universe contestants.

BT**  p. 103 DT and MT photographed with eight 99.99% naked leering sneering jeering showlsuts, pesthole patches and pasties.  Others in frame of photograph.  Caption: Life isn't all bad.  Note at top of file.

p. 201: ½-n tits of Heehaw Honey Kathie Lee Gifford.


4/2/3: 17 CNN:

0701: In Iraq a raid was staged to rescue POW Jessica Lunch.  They would not have taken that risk for a expendable boy.  They're going crazy over one cunt.  Secretary of State Colin Powell said "We're very pleased with the rescue of Jessica Lynch.  Then a baby-face officer gushed, then others, then it became a circle jerk.  Of course Bush thrust his tongue up their assholes too.  It was not worth the risk.  Udder disgrace.

(F)(A)  0753: Concerning the murder of seven women and children and the butchering of others Najaf in General Vincent Brooks said there were no "rules of engagement" at checkpoints.  It said that "shoot on sight orders" are ok.  No they're not.  For the few Humans out there you go.  It's the good old cowardly all-America free fire zone.  You must understand the military subhuman.  It dreams, fantasizes, it aches to turn their baby-faced murderers loose on defenseless men, women and children.  Then it can stand before others not care and be ballsy.  We're prosecuting this.

            You can forget about the sufferings of the black race in the Belly of the Beast/Whore having in anyway purified the souls of black people.  Some even use skin lightener.

(F)(A) 0803: Concerning the murder of seven women and children and the butchering of others in Najaf ass-licker Ryan Chilcote, CNN media monkey, shit out its mouth for its owners: "It was a failed attempt to target" your women and boys.


            They bewail the atrocities allegedly committed by Huessin's subhumans but where's the proof?  How do we know they're being committed?  How do we know Americans aren't doing atrocities other than those we know?  Where is the actual combat footage like in World War II and Korea?  We only know what the military eunuchs want us to know.  We can only conclude that the rich don't want any witnesses to the cowardice and atrocities of their confused sex crazed slaves.  The military subhumans are controlling the news as tightly as any of their favorite dictators, like Huessin was.  They parade these morons before us at CENTCOM and other official briefings and call it news.  It's propaganda.

            Why aren't American dead ever shown?

            Let's face it!  We have to face everything else.  This country starved hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children to death.  The patriotic rich weren't worried about raping and torturing men, women and children to death in Eisenhower's Vietnam, Nixon's Chile and Greece, Reagan's South America, South Africa, et al. or in Clinton's Indonesia, those turds bobbing in the South Pacific.  The rich weren't worried about patriotizing defenseless children when their precious Shah of Iran was chopping off the limbs of little children before their parents in the name of Christ, democracy and the roly-poly people of the United States.  They haven't cried out about the millions of unspeakable atrocities by any of their other subhuman dictators throughout America's unspeakable history now were they?  (Recall Baby Bush's butchery in Afghanistan.  They threaten to punish the patriotic among Saddam's subhumans.  Despite the blustering of bubble-bellied politicians they will not punish the subhumans.  Governments look out for their own.

Now's the time to remember where that patriot Sadman Insane got the biological and chemical weapons, who gave them to him, under what conditions and what it did with them.  In violation of the law Reagan gave the WMD to the subhuman, a gift from one subhuman to another, so it could attack Iran.  Reagan was happy when it attacked Iran, murdered 100,000 Iranis.  Getting beaten in Iran the republicans were unconcerned when it attacked and murdered 5,000 Iraqi Kurds.  Then feeling ballsy, after the manner of all patriots, with the permission of Reagan's rich bitch ambassadress, it then attacked Kuwait.  Papa Bush and his rich degenerate friends get worried now.  They didn't care about the subhuman atrocities in Bosnia but Bosnia has no oil wells.

This war is a republican curse of subhuman Reagan, a shell duped into thinking it was a man, a patriot that had no respect for truth.  We are not convinced it's necessary.

A CNN media monkey said "You have to have your ID with you at all times in Iraq or it's a crime".  This is why we hate them.  It's also a crime in the Whore/Beast to not have your ID with you at all times.


(F) PB  1803: 54 WNUV-WU: news update: South Korean pigs beating peace demonstrators.


(S) (T)  2028: 6 ESPN: NBA, Sacramento at Wizards, huge ½-n tits of cheerleaders.  Maybe cuntmounds.

BT  2100: close-up from above of huge ½-n tits of cheerleaders.

BT** 2105: ad: Coors Light, many animals in pussy patches and pasties dirty dancing on a yacht.  Fully naked ass-slabs, cuntmounds, close-ups of huge near-naked tits, close-ups of near-naked cuntmounds and asses dirty dancing.  You know what it is? they have no dignity no pride, sort of like animals.



            Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld: "supurb rescue".  The risk would not have been taken for mere boys who your government considers expendable.  It is doubtful any of your boys were there.  When we were young we were deluded.  We thought that to be a soldier was to be a Man.  That to fight for our country like those World War II guys was just about the greatest thing we could ever do.  Were we ever wrong.  Even a girl can do it.  Upside is now they draft those cunts and take the load off our sons.

Why do I need a weather report from Iraq?  It's on the other side of the world?  In Vietnam Armed Forces Television broadcast weather reports from the belly of the Beast.  You people don't even know where you are on the Earth?


            On the door of Maryland state offices is a sign: Shoes and Shirts required.  They hang them on cringing businesses, especially prudish liquor stores: No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service.  All you moral marauders across the land, why not: BRAS AND PANTIES REQUIRED: FEMALES BAGGY BELOW OR YOU BE GO.



0654: 17 CNN: San Diego Padres wore camouflaged shirts to support the slaughter.  Ooo! big heroes.  Bet they're really scared over there.

(F) (A) Many civilians were murdered by Whore/Beast artillery fire and rockets at Baghdad International airport.  Rockets were for your red glare.

(F) (A) A "suicide bus" was destroyer the occupants murdered.

            The chinless wonders have approved $80 billion to pay for this war to protect to protect the rich.  This $80 billion will come out of your pocket before you even see it of course.  Business is getting a big republican tax break.  But you're rich, you'll never miss it.  They laid off over 10,000 of you last month.  Sent to the blithering idiot ronald "ringass" reagan.


(F) (A) 1637: WJFK-1300 AM: seven more civilians were murder, by marines of course, at a road block.  Note at top of file.

All these case will be punished.  There is no excuse!


Now that the war is almost won Turkey wanted to invade northern Iraq.  They wouldn't let Whore/Beast troops pass through their country though.  Just like cop-fearing cowards.


4/5/3: 17 CNN: CENTCOM briefing by Major General Renault: "The principal priority being to recover private Lynch."  That's the only reason they conducted that raid.  It's ridiculous.  It is absolutely positively ridiculous.  It is sick!  One fuckin' cunt!  They would not do that for a boy!  The patriotic rich regard your sons as just so much shit to flush down their gold plated toilets.

            No word on why the cowards are allowed to murder civilians.

0905: Walmart has suspended sales of shotguns and rifles in California.


PERIODIC Atlantis Rising #37, January-Febreary 2003, © 2003, PO Box 441, Livingston, MT 59047.

p. 20: inews, The Warlock of Menlo Park.  Thomas Edison, a person with a low moral threshold, invented and promoted the electric chair.

(F) SCHO-OP  p.31: Crop Circle Mystery Intensifies by Len Kasten.  The British Defense Ministry made the BBC cease transmission of the results of an investigation partially funded by Nippon Television.

(F) & DOMESTIC SCHO-OP  p. 64: Colin Andrews, the world's preeminent cereologist, working on a grant from Laurence Rockefeller, lied saying 80% of crop circles are manmade.  The Rockefellers only fund "scholars" that give establishment results.  The funding was probably tax deductible.

(F) & DOMESTIC SCHO-OP  p. 64: Governments' spy subhumans including CIA are involved in crop circle obscuration.

(F) SCHO-OP  p. 65: The British military is suppressing crop circle reports and investigations.


p. 44: "One of the tragedies of life is the murder of a beautiful theory by brutal gang of facts."  La Rochefoucald.


(F) SCHO-OP  p. 52: Videos by David Lewis.  The Secret NASA Transmissions: The Raw Footage by Martin Stubbs.  A video of UFOs taken by astronauts in orbit was popular among Canadian astronauts.  One who testified to the validity of the video was pulled shortly before a shuttle flight.

SCHO-OP p. 52: Televised footage of this space walk was heavily censored.


BT** (F) & DOMESTIC  p.55: Chemtrails, the Video by Clifford Carnicom.  The US navy patented a "sunscreen" that "scatters" sunlight.  Using a devil device owned by Hughes Aircraft the navy subhumans sprayed a chemical over Espanola, Ontario in 1999.  Canadians were made ill by the aluminum particles settling to Earth.  550 citizens petitioned the lackey Canadian Parliament to make their fat naked god America stop the spraying.

            All responsible!

            Why is it that the navy and army demons and scores of government agencies, devil dens, are given billions of your dollars to employ thousands of Dr. Mengeles, devil docs, to work 24-7 fang and claw to find new and improved ways to control you, to rt&m you, to take your dignity and will and leave you a quivering mass of good citizens?  Why are they allowed to experiment on your neighbors, yourselves and your children without your knowledge like lab rats?  What say we haul off them to the camps instead?  But considering this is happening and knowing you people we can't but believe their experiments have worked.


(F) I/O  p. 79: The Atlantis Rising Catalog.  From Prison to Paradise by David Icke.  The Canadian government tried to prevent Mr. Icke's contact with their people: media interviews were canceled, immigration officials turned up at a theater to question his right to speak, pressure was applied to the Vogue Theater in Vancouver, British Columbia, to cancel the event itself.

♠♠ ♠♠♠ ♠♠♠ ♠♠ ♠♠♠


Department of Veterans Affairs


Summary Notice

Effective Date April 14, 2003


How We May Use And Disclose You Health Information

In most cases, your written authorization is needed for us to use or disclose your health information.  However, Federal Law allows us to use and disclose your health information without permission for certain purposes, including the following:



Eligibility and Enrollment for VA Benefits

Research (with strict limitations)

Workers' Compensation

Patient Directories


Law Enforcement

Judicial or Administrative Proceedings

Services Correctional Facilities

When Required by Law

Family Members or Others Involved in your Care (with limitations)

Health Operations

Coroner or Funeral Activities (with limitation)

National Security

Health Care Oversight

Military Activities

Health or Safety Activities

            A more detailed description of each use and disclosure purpose is included in the Detailed Notice of Privacy and Practices, following this summary.

            All other uses and disclosures of your health information will not be made without your prior written authorization.


            All other uses?  The only person who can't see your VA health information is you!  You boys and women in Oil War II, better hope you don't get wounded or otherwise need VA medical because it doesn't exist, at least not for Vietnam vets.  The rich will be too busy crippling up a new batch of cheap meat than to treat the cripples they've already made.


[5/3/3 In pursuant to a request to maintain some  modicum of privacy one of the men received an answer from the  arrogant leeches the gist of which is: "At this time the VA is unable to grant your request.  ...  The VA Notice of Privacy Practices explains which purposes do not require an authorization from you in order for VHA to release your records."  Which is essentially all of them.]


Being soccer fans we tuned in ESPN to watch the WUSA.  It's women's soccer but soccer nonetheless.  Immediately a woman bent over to pick up the ball, they moved the camera and zoomed right up her ass.  Guess that's what that's about?


4/7/3: 17 CNN

1) (F)(A)  In the northeast Congo 1,000 Human Beings have been slaughtered by insurgents.  Note at top of file.


2) (F)(A)  Iraq: Airborne American cowboys attacked a Kurdish convoy en route to battle.  18 Human Beings were murdered, 45 wounded.

3) (F) ATTEMPTED MURDER  Iraq: Americans fired on a Russian diplomatic convey fleeing Baghdad wounding five.  The Russian ambassador was in the convoy.

4) (F) (M)  Iraq: British meatheads murdered a man driving a truck in their direction.  They "think he was a suicide bomber".  Don't the psychic motherfuckers know?


1041: PB  New York bluecoats arrest 100 "war protesters".  "War protester" is mediaese for peace demonstrator.


         Over 2,000,000 Americans are in prison.  This means one out of every 142 Americans in prison. It is the greatest number yet.  It is what happens in a police state when the subhuman bluecoats no longer need proof.


PB BT**  4/8/3 0715: Oakland, CA: Bluecoat subhumans attacked peace demonstrators with wooden bullets, "bean bags" and "stink balls".

I/O  0721: thirty-five South Carolina students were suspended for wearing Confederate flag T-shirts.


(F) (M)  Iraq: Americans attacked the Palestine Hotel, a "media" hotel.  One journalist was murdered, four maimed.

(F) (M)  Iraq: Americans attacked another "media" hotel.  Another journalist was murdered.

(F) (M & MAIMING)  Iraq: Hundreds of civilians have been patriotized by both sides.

I/O  Supreme Court says cross burning a no-no.


4/9/3: 17 CNN

            The boys in the military no more rights than slaves.  They fight a war in a desert in + 90°heat and we have not seen one bare chest.  They are dressed as though operating in the winter.  We have not even seen rolled up sleeves, only once a boy without a helmet.  They are not even allowed to roll up their sleeves.  They'll win this war that's for sure but they're never going to feel good about it.  They'll never feel like men.  Way it is in a police state.


            The murderous marines call the murdered newsmen "members of a volunteer army".  It looks like those attacks on the media hotels were deliberate.  CENTCOM flatly rejects the call for an investigation.  "A war zone is a dangerous place."  Yes! somebody might get sunburned.


(F) (A)  Iraq regime reports 1,252 innocent civilians murdered and 5,103 maimed.  Do not forget that these are Human Beings.  You people have trouble with that.  There is no footage of murdered and maimed babies, children, women, and men.  On Arab television they show little babies with their brains blown out by American subhumans.


(F) (A)  Afghanistan: eleven civilians were murdered and others maimed by yet another depraved American airborne cowboy.  Note at top of file.

(F) (A)  The atrocities done to the Afghanistan people, the rape, torture and murder, the attack on a girls' school and the rape there, etc., is the fault of Richy Rich, that    piece-of-shit in the White House.  This is what the Whore/Beast does around the world.  This is why the rest of the world except those characterless British hate you.  The Whore/Beast crying that she is in Afghanistan solely to deliver humanitarian aid is a lie and were it true no excuse.  There are no excuses.  Note at top of file.


(F) (A)  Israel: In Gaza a cowardly Israeli airborne cowboy murdered six Palestinian Humans and maimed twenty with a bomb.


PB BT**  0848: A New York state subhuman pled guilty to forcing four women to strip naked in public after stopping them for routine traffic violations.  Note at top of file.


PB BT**  4/10/3 0909: 17 CNN, Miami: four pigs conspired to cover up the "shooting" (i.e., murder) of a homeless man.


(F) (A)  4/11/3 0623: 17 CNN, Nasiria, Iraq: cowardly marine subhumans have murdered two more children at a road block.  The marines are up to their old patriotic tricks with its ollie ollie in free fire zone atrocities.  The media is in conspiring with the military masters not to show murdered and maimed Humans.

            Note at top of file.


4/11/3 1422: WZBA-100.7 FM, cunt speaking, "No matter how you feel about the war, support the troops."  We of the 117th MRCT will not be sidetracked in Oil War II like people are and were in Oil War I.  We are against Oil War II.  If that means we are against the troops so be it.



            Question: Why are marines destroying millions of dollars of captured arms and ammunition?

            Answer: Because the rich can force you the people to spend billions of dollars to replace it.  In case you have forgotten you work for that money.  You were abused and humiliated for that money.  Don't you want to be free?


(F) I/O  4/15/3 1105: 17 CNN, masked marines, unchained perverts, raided one of the media hotels in Baghdad terrorizing the media monkeys.  An American reporter opens his door there's a "six-foot-three masked marauder pointing a weapon in his face ordering him to put his hands up.  Masks will be  forbidden by the death penalty, face camouflage in some cases, ex post facto.  The cowards kicked open doors and terrorized women.

            marines, baft, dea, fbi, other pieces-of-shit, wear masks so when they murder someone, perhaps rape and torture, and there are witnesses, they cannot be identified.  We've had enough marines in our history.  They are not your friends.  They are your enemies.  They are terrorists.  They are murderers.  They are not even soldiers, much less warriors.


            What happened to the many thousands that have disappeared in the federal gulag?  The reason they won't tell those few of us who care is twofold.  One is that it is unspeakable and you might care which is ridiculous but the rich take no chances.  Two is that it spreads terror.  The United States is and has been for some time the biggest and worst terrorist country on earth.


4/17/3: 17 CNN

1) (CA) BT**   Texas couple beheads their three children.

2) (CA) (M)  Oregon male murders wife and three children.


3) (F) (M)  Iraq: Alleged looter murdered by, of course, marines.



PERIODIC  Atlantis Rising #35, September-October 2002, ©2003, PO Box 441, Livingston, MT 59047.

Early Days

I/O  p.13: From the time Albert Einstein arrived in 1933 until his death in 1955 his phone was tapped, mail opened and trash searched.  A 1950 memo by J. Edgar Hoover opens the file: "Please furnish a report as to the nature of any derogatory information contained in any file your bureau may have on the following person".  J. Edgar Hoover, a homosexual porn worm, hated Einstein because he believed in freedom.

NL  p. 14: Depraved British scientists are hard at work embuggering each'n other and on a camera that can see through clouds, walls and clothes.  You already have to appear naked on a screen to board a flying deathtrap, subject to be shot down by any pilot coward with a wild hair up its ass, what will this mean?


The New Heretic by Dr. Eugene F. Mallove.

SCHO-OP  p. 17: the Department of Energy's ad hoc "Cold Fusion Panel" in 1989 attacked the work of Dr. Martin Fleischmann like howling hyenas with turpentined assholes, aware of the marvelous thing Dr. Fleischmann's and Dr. Pons's research proved.  Craze-eyed, the inquisitors were thirsty for the blood of the intelligent, per usual.

SCHO-OP  p. 17: One bigoted anti-cold fusion zealot with the government, Dr. Peter Zimmerman, a "scientific advisor to the State Department", whatever that is, without having read a favorable navy report, called it "crap".  The monkey, whilst picking and eating dingleberries off the organ grinder, and his own fleas, promised immediate action to cause trouble within the bureaucracy.  This mindless scathing of alternate energy sources has existed for years.  It will have to be dealt with.

We recommend this article.


Alternate Energy.  Energy Revolution Torch Burns Brightly in Countries Behind Iron Curtain by Jeane Manning.

SCHO-OP  p. 23: Alternate energy researchers got into the door at the Department of Energy.  A memorandum of agreement resulted, but the priests at DoE lied.  No government research was funded.  In order to get a grant from the Department of Energy to research and/or develop an alternate energy source you must be a multibillion dollar oil corporation or oil baron, like Papa and Baby Bush, looking for oil.


Video Reviews by Robert J. Resetar.

(F) (M)  p. 52: Space: the Secret History, Part I: Cosmonaut Conspiracy, the Vladimir Ilyushin Story.  Uri Gargarin, who believed in freedom of speech, died in a mysterious plane crash.  Most likely he, and the others in the plane, were murdered by the kbg.

I/O  p. 53: Science Behind Closed Doors, Volume Two: Genetically Modified Foods, Panacea or Poison?  Industry is changing the genetic design of crops and seeds without informing the public.  Warming labels are not required on genetically modified foods but they are in Europe.

            Large chemical corporations own most of the seed companies with the intention of controlling the world's food supply.  In its ass-licking alacrity to serve the biotect industry in the its insane quest to "patent life" while poisoning the food system, the FDA ignores its own priests.  There has not been a study on the Human safety of genetically modified foods.

p. 54: Volume Three: Human Cloning, Scientific Miracle or Crime Against Creation?

Over 50,000 babies have been created through assisted reproduction in the United States alone.  Are test tube babies normally behaved throughout life?

In the early 1900s, 30 states in the U.S. adopted eugenics laws requiring citizens to be sterilized if they had conditions thought to be hereditary such as insanity, criminal tendencies, retardation and epilepsy.  Other countries adopted eugenics laws.  adolf hitler, the second greatest patriot to ever live, believed in eugenics.

SCHO-OP  p. 54: Volume Five: Cold Fusion, Fire from Water.  When Pons and Fleischmann announced cold fusion the warlocks waxed ballistic.  The Department of Energy convened the infamous "Cold Fusion Panel", a board of inquisition under Grand Inquisitor John Huizenga.  Pons and Fleischmann were, of course, condemned, discredited and forced to continue their research abroad... forcing them to share knowledge with foreigners that could be vitally necessarily essential to national defense, national security, the economy and the care and well-being of the rich that own and run this shitty country.

SCHO-OP  p. 54: M.I.T. investigated the claims of Pons and Fleischmann.  The bung sniffers were caught lying about test results.  M.I.T. insiders believe pressure to receive generous government pelf prompted certain priests of science to prevaricate about the results.

            Government agencies are controlled by multinational corporations.  They will do anything to maintain your dependency on fossil fuels, pharmaceuticals and costly electricity, all of which have cheaper substitutes.


Atlantis Rising Catalog.

I/O BT**  p. 55: Death in the Air by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz.  Extensively detailed and referenced in this book are the latest developments in population control and eugenics.  Genetically engineered viruses and bacteria, the latest technologies for biological warfare, combined with exposures to chemicals, toxic metals and electromagnets agents, offer a "Star Wars"-like arsenal for conducting global genocide for "public health", "national security", and "freedom".

(S) BT**  p. 56: Energy Anatomy by Carolyn Myss.  Beast naked from behind; ass-crack.

I/O SCHO-OP  p. 76: The Lost Journals of Nicola Tesla: HAARP, Chemtrails and the Secret of Alternative 4 by Tim Swartz.  Sensational data obtained from the inventor's most private papers and kept under wraps by the military and big business concerns.  This book is for all those that feel that the military industrial complex is attempting to control our lives, our financial affairs and our belief structures.


The Pyramids of Scotland by Jeff Nisbet.

(F) SCHO-OP  p. 68: Late-16th-century maps revealing locations of astronomically aligned megalithic monuments are now missing.


Alternative Science.  The Tip of the Martian Iceberg? by John Kettler.

SCHO-OP BT**  p. 69: NASA stonewalled on proof of intelligent life on Mars.  NASA denied evidence and refused to reimage the Cydonia plain sites.  When pressured NASA grudgingly provided worse images (at our expense) than the originals, making multiple distortions of the face and flattening it.  NASA then released the "catbox" image to feed the morons that watch the six o'clock news.

            We pay for knowledge, not corporate/government lies.  When accused of skullduggery by real scientists NASA tried to cover its bleeding asshole by releasing the now famous image of the face that should have been released to begin with.

SCHO-OP  p. 70: NASA priests pass off huge, right-angle turning crenulated "tubes" with the dogma "trick of light".

SCHO-OP  p. 70: Evidence of ruined arcologies (colossal structures housing cities) NASA priests call "frost heaves".

SCHO-OP BT**  p. 70: In 1959 the Brookings Institute (grade A, government approved, ass-lickers) recommended that NASA "rigorously suppress" any evidence of extraterrestrial life, particularly advanced sentient life, to keep society from collapsing.

We swear to God Almighty that we will vigorously exact rigorous justice on the priest of science and academia.


Astrology.  Solar Fire by Julie Gillentine.

I/O BT**  p. 72: Colorado: The subs in power forced hundreds of people out of their precious homes allegedly because of a forest fire.  They were bullied into taking one bag or box.  Why not two bags? three bags?  Why could they not load up their vehicles?  Who are these uniformed thugs to command anybody to do anything?  The BT** symbol is of high priority.  It denotes a consummate penalty.  When government forces you out of your homes like serfs worthy of no consideration there is nobody to protect your homes.  They let them burn down and roast marshmallows in the flames.  What say we give them ten minutes to get their stuff and guess where they'll be going?

Will you people never take a stand?  What does it take?  God Almighty gave you rights, not privileges.  Your rights come from the Great Spirit, not governments that regard them as privileges.  Rights are the ironbound will, the cosmic solid will of the Great Spirit for Its intelligent beings.  Rights are not privileges.  Rights are inexorable.  Rights are rights! there are no special cases.  There are no exceptions.  There are no excuses.  Your so-called heroes are zeroes!  They! are your worst enemies, not Sadman Insane who Al Qaeda calls the Butcher of Baghdad.  Oil War II has nothing to do with ending terrorism or freeing the Iraqi people.  It has a great deal more to do with ending your rights!


BOOK  4/22/3: The Door to December by Dean Koontz, © Nkui, Inc., 1994, ISBN 0-451-20542-1, Signet, 375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014.  Fiction.

(F) (A)  p. 34: Allusion to electric shock torture treatment in German concentration camps.

(CA) BT**  p. 103: Allusion to using drugs and electric shock torture treatment on children in America.  Note at top of file.

(CA) BT**  p. 104: Allusion to using drugs and electric shock torture treatment on children in America.  Note at top of file.

I/O  p. 111:  Allusion to Los Angeles pigs infiltrating political groups they don't like.


4/25/3 0739: 17 CNN: Baby Bush is beating her chest about "teaching terrorists a lesson".  What terrorists?  Saddam Huessin wasn't a terrorist, except occasionally to the rich by threatening their trillion dollar oil supply.  Al Qaeda called the patriot The Butcher of Baghdad.  Oh! where's the remainder of the chemical and biological agents, gas and germs America gave its old buddy?

0824: The patriots are, of course, howling for the rape, torture and murder of those that didn't agree with Oil War II or World War IV according to that blithering idiot George J. Tenet dictator of the cia.  One of the Dixie Chicks, an all female country and western band, spoke out against it.  One spoke out but they are all receiving death threats from nutless gutless all-Americans.

            CNN's male and female media monkeys jerked the chain of in-house republican Jack Cafferty who said she was getting nauseous.  Perhaps she smelt herself?  Ms. Cafferty was delighted to read letters from other patriots because no patriot will stand alone.  It's a sign of cowardice.  One saucy lad wrote that she used her Dixie Chicks CDs for coasters.  Placed face down they went with any decor including his training bra and lace panties.

            Ms. Cafferty: "This is my favorite.  'Entertainers should be seen and not heard.  They are but entertainers and nothing more'."  What does this rich queer think about the hundreds of ass-licking entertainers that agreed with Oil War II?  If an entertainer can speak for the current war and not get protest mail read, why are not those against the war afforded the same protection?  We know full well ass-licking entertainers get protest mail.  If an entertainer did not protest once in a blue moon there would be no media borne protest except for comic strips.  The rich do not allow it on the air.  It's that simple.

            Look how those depraved naked monkeys treated that man who spoke out at the Academy Award ceremony.  A college professor in New York desired Iraq to win.  They howled for his dismissal.  Were there justice Iraq should not have won, but this horrible country should have had its asshole reamed bloody.  Indeed, it should not have supported your precious Shah of Iran which engendered these Oil Wars.  Now the question is how are you who have to work for a living going to like paying for this latest installment in securing the wealth of the staggeringly rich and powerful?  They sure got you people by the balls you do not have.  No media protest at all is allowed without cowardly patriotic hate.


(S)  The Baltimore Sun, April 25, 2003, p. 1E: Two long articles and two color photographs one large, and a large ad on page 3E, all airing near naked college lesbian/whores, about the movie "The Real Cancun".  Sixteen real live college students, wild ahoof, were rounded up on a wide open campus somewhere and shipped to Cancun.  Cancun is one of those filthy places in Mexico, a filthy, cringing country, where college animals run naked and orgy in public, which the movie airs.  College females match porn subhumans in depravity.  They live in brothels and don't know the meaning of decency, certainly not modesty.  Coed dorms, cameras, the Internet and women's rights are bad things to have available to females considering how they are.

Articles and ad filed.


38 DISCOVERY already has a movie about Jessica Lynch the girl that went to war, the girl that donned men's garments and thought she was who she wasn't.  They bill her an "American hero".  Victims are not heroes.  Females are not soldiers.  Soldiers captured are not heroes.  And even she were a soldier and a hero, which she isn't, she'd be called a heroine.  But we have to consider the gerund American.  American hero, yes, we guess it's true.  You'd better hope your fancy weapons always work.  Soldiers are not warriors.  They would not have risked rescue for a man.


PB  4/26/3: WBJC-91.5 FM, The Book Guys; ref. to a person at an airport being bashed in the nose with a metal detector.


4/27/3 1503: 45 WBFF-FOX, NASCAR: Winston Cup Auto Club 500 from Fontana, California.

            Again a priest, possibly a pederast, ordered a hundred thousand people to rise, uncover and pray.  They prayed to his false gods.  They prayed for his cringing politicians, trash decent people loathe and want to flush.  They prayed for the murderous eunuchs and hairy chested females the Beast/Whore has unleashed upon another weak country.  When he called for a prayer for Richy Rich a.k.a. Baby Bush the serfs cheered.  If they were shackled and the warlock told they to pray for those that shackled them, the serfs would cheer.    We do not pray to their gods.  We do not acknowledge their gods.  We spit on their gods.  Nobody should be forced to pray to their gods and the only reason to stand for the song of their god, Satan's Song, is because if you don't some patriot might bash you in the head from behind with a bottle.  So be mindful if you value your dignity.


4/28/3 1354: WZBA-100.7 FM, ad: Zits laundry will clean your filthy flags for nothing.  No shits!  You bring it in and Zits laundry will launder your rag.  But there's just one thing.  Your flag is unclean.  No amount of soap will remove the blood stains of innocent babies, the come of your depravity, the shit of you cowardice.  Flag is an unclean god.  The Universe could not hold such soap.


(F) (M)  5/2/3: The Baltimore Sun, p. 10A: Israeli nazis raid Gaza murdering at least twelve Palestinians and wounding scores including many children.




Dear Mr. Smith:


I/O     It's not surprising that a senior couple was evicted  from public housing on a whim.  Or that they throw people out because they don't like their looks.  Or that they inspect people's sinks to see if there are dirty cups and saucers.  The United States government is the Whore/Beast prophesied of old.  Like their pigs the government is not there to help people, it's there to hurt people and to prevent people from helping people.  An 80 year old grandmother was thrown out of public housing because her grandson was caught with drugs on the other side of town.  This happened to other seniors and those gay friars and lesbian nuns on the Supreme Court, subhuman pieces of black-robed shit, said it was hunky-dory with them.  May they suffer worse!  Why is there a problem with visitors in your nephew's apartment?  Government inspectors, pigs?  What's the story there?


Captain Nathan Kincade:


            Despite the testiness of your letter, or was it timidity, we'll attempt to answer.

No Huessin, no WMD.  Let us recall where that patriot Sadman Insane got the poison gas and the germs, who gave it to him, under what conditions and what he did with it.  In violation of the law Reagan "Ringass" Reagan gave the WMD to that great patriot so it could attack Iran.  It attacked Iran, murdered 100,000 Iranians who are never mentioned, got beaten anyway.  Smarting from that, determined to demonstrate to the world how ballsy it was, it attacked its Kurdish population murdering 5,000 of them, with the WMD Ringass Reagan gave it.  We guess world opinion made it stop murdering Kurds.  Still determined to prove to the world what a big brave patriot it was it sidles up to the US ambassadress, appointed by Ringass, and asks her what the United States will do if he attacked Kuwait?  The stupid slut answered "nothing".  Huessin attacks Kuwait.  Then! he's a baaaad guy.  Threatens billionaires' oil dollars, causes Oil War I.  So, Oil War II was a republican curse of Ringass Reagan, a shell duped into thinking it was a man.  They didn't worry about People when Ol' Rape 'n' Torture patriotized Latin America.  The Bush's weren't worried about Human Rights during that patriotic filth in Bosnia.  This country is committing atrocities in Afghanistan.

            Cunts don't belong in the military much less battle.  What they suffer is their problem not ours.  Since the unspeakable onus will fall on us via a gun to the head (the draft if necessary, the fat rich love war) it is an humiliation to suffer their presence in the midst of boys.  They cannot fight, they cannot lead, they cannot work.  They would not have risked all those boys if Jessica Lynch had been male.  No freakin' way.   I guess they see themselves as knights in shining armor?  Oil War II was a victory, but the boys will feel unclean for the rest of their lives.

            That oath you took is the oath the nazi ss took and even if it wasn't so what?  You're right, words don't mean shit and let us tell you since you don't know: ignorance is cowardice and does not make a man.

            There's no sense trying to change anybody's mind about anything important.  Most men are cowards and believe what they think is safe for them to believe.  No sense wasting time with it.  Get yourself into a position of authority, lay down the law, and they'll find Jeffersonian virtue in your very farts.


5/4/3 1700: 56 ESPN2: National Hot Rod Association from Atlanta, Georgia; sagging over their motorcycles like sacks of shit, two big fat motorcycle pigs lead an Army HUMV which leads the Army dragster to the shop for a motor change.  You hard earned money at work.


(CA) BT**  5/7/3 1622: WZBA-100.7 FM, ad for 45 WBFF-FOX news, will feature videos of patriotic high school girls beating other girls and forcing them to eat dirt.              "Who's in charge?" the media monkey asked.  The young patriots! that's who!  We told  you!  Why won't you listen?


NL  1740: 54 WNUV-WB: ad: Jimmy Johnson is NASCAR driver: "Come into Lowe's and sign the board thanking the troops".  For what?


5/9/3: Origins of the American Revolution, © 1943 John C. Miller, Atlantic-Little, Brown Books, p. 505:

            Until the end of the War of Independence, conservatives generally succeeded in stemming the democratic tide and in keeping the revolutionary movement within the narrow channel of resistance to Great Britain.  Their confidence that they had embarked upon a revolution of limited liability was little shaken before 1782.  It was not until after the Peace of Paris when Americans put away their arms and vigorously sought to apply the ideals for which they had fought to conditions at home that the conservative parties saw that the Tories had been true prophets.  The forces unleashed by the Revolution could not long remain under the control of Whigs who aspired to step into the shoes of the former Tory aristocrats and to rule the masses in the name of the rich, the wise, and the good.  The "principles of '76" were a powerful solvent upon the old aristocratic society that the Whig leaders hoped to perpetuate in the United States.  Many years later, Harrison Gray Otis wrote to a friend of revolutionary days: "You and I did not imagine, when the first war with Britain was over, that revolution was just begun."

It has not yet ended.



There's not a nickel's worth of nuts in the nation.


            Americans don't have the brains God Almighty gave a clam nor the nuts It gave a gnat.


            America is like a huge toilet bowl and I will do everything in my power to flush it.

Colonel Silas Koole Breeze.