117th Militia



Family and Freedom over flag

© 2004 PSYWAR Office 117th Militia Regimental Combat Team


10 April  2004, Vol. 5, No. 21



            Terrorists alert! The Prophet warns!  Don't let them herd your families together into Oliver North's concentration camps or anywhere else.  Do not let them herd you together.  Do not let them take you from your homes!  Be armed! Be ready! Refuse! Assemble to defend your families and your homes!  They are psychologically primed to mass murder your families.  Those who die quickly will be the lucky ones.


            New York: The remains of the victims were scooped into Dumpsters and hauled to the city dump.  They gave a dead dog from the brutal Port Authority an honor guard!  The bodies of our people they trucked to the city dump in Dumpsters.  They looted the dead and who knows what else?  They pissed and moaned for the astronauts for months.  This is the high regard the government and its uniformed subhumans hold you in.

            Whatever happened to the tens of thousands of Humans the hyena subhumans have arrested and hold incognito?  What tortures have they suffered?  Many have attempted suicide.  Care to guess why?  How long before Americans themselves disappear into federal concentration camps?  Does anybody know?  Does anybody care?  Would anybody care were it you?

            September 11, 2001 the day the rich fear you'll forget.

            The Prophet Mastodon reminds you those moronic craze-eyed police terrorists will murder dozens of you to get at one suspect.  Police terrorists are the same everywhere and Humans who have had a run-in with them in a stressful situation scarred or dead.  Police terrorists recognize no difference between suspect and victim.  Elect us! and we will end it in no uncertain terms.


(S) BT**  5/10/3 1558: 56 ESPN 2, Triathlon.  Beast Bella Comerford did what nobody else did.  At the finish line it turns around to show to the world in close-up the ass it was airing, a filthy piece of shit ever there was one.  No other runner we saw was half-assed naked.  If stinking up the course wasn't bad enough it just had to rub its shitty ass in our faces.  DOO: half-naked ass-cheeks sagging, full reeking ass-crack.  Note at top of file.


5/11/3: The Baltimore Sun, Section 1, p. 1: The Boondocks by Aaron McGruder.  According to the Department of Justice, one out of every three black men will go to jail sometime in his life.


(S) 5/13/3 13 USA: c. 1632: "Private Parts," Hollywhore/subhuman sucking off a Bratwurst.

BT**  1634: completely naked huge-dugged blonde Hollywhore/ subhuman ("Mandy") fucking Howard Stern in busy radio studio.  Certain portions blocked out.  Note at top of file.


1558: 54 WNUV-WB: oft repeated PSA ad.  Many Maryland pigs, boars and sows, threatening "click it or ticket", (clever).  But it's not the fault of the pork bellies though.  Oh, no no no!  They don't want to do it.  They have to do it.  A despicable display of rejects from Humanity.


(S) BT**  5/15/3 1827: 54 WNUV-WB: ad, "The In-laws", long lingering close-up of a 99% naked actress/subhuman's shitty ass covered only by a strip of red rag up its shitty ass-crack, as it is unnecessarily bent over climbing from a pool.  Cunt mound.  A pair of actor/queers are in the pool.  Note at top of file.



PERIODIC  Ancient American, Volume 7, Number 49, ISSN 1077-1646, PO Box 370, Colfax, WI 54730.


DNA Test Reveal Early Americans Were Caucasian? by Frank Joseph.

SCHO-OP  p.7: The physical evidence for Caucasians in pre-Columbian America is being destroyed in the name of political correctness.

SCHO-OP  p. 7: In six cases Amerindians are responsible for the disappearance of skeletons even though displaying Caucasian features.


Letters to the Editor.

SCHO-OP  p. 15: from Ms. Gloria Farley re "Vikings in the Midwest, The Kensington and Heavener Runestone Hoaxes" by J.D. Haines, M.D., Volume 7, No. 48.  Five runestones have been discovered in Oklahoma to date.  Four of them (including the Heavener Runestone) are aligned along a fourteen-mile line.  There is evidence that Poteau Mountain once had even more runestones, which were destroyed by treasure hunters in the 1930s and 1940s.

NL  p. 16: from Barry J. Hanson, ibid.  Among the evidence proving the authenticity of the Kensington Runestone are eleven previously unknown medieval runeforms.  Dr. Haines pathetically ignores these pre-Columbian runes.

SCHO-OP  p. 16: Ives Goddard of the Smithsonian Institution embarrassingly denies these runes and makes ten other claims all known to be false to upright Men.

SCHO-OP  p. 17: "The Smithsonian Institution claims that 'scholars today universally consider the KRS to be fraudulent'.  Asked to name one such scholar and cite their published work; they have been unable to do so."


The American Committee for the Preservation of Archaeological Collections: Kennewick Man/Court Decision by A.L. Schneider & P.A. Barram.

SCHO-OP  p. 23: The Army Corps [of Engineers] violated the National Historical Preservation Act by burying the grave site of the Kennewick Man's skeleton.

The court ruled Kennewick Man Caucasian.


The Lost History of Ancient Michigan, Part I by Daniel J. Wood.

SCHO-OP  p. 27: As the 20th century progressed ordinary people continued to report strange sites and turn over strange artifacts to once respected institutions like the University of Michigan and the mother whore of institutions the Smithsonian Institution.  These pits of vice and corruption (which we are robbed to support) "dismissed the reports and lost or destroyed the artifacts that failed to fit the established paradigms of Michigan's prehistory".

SCHO-OP  p. 27: The government's archaeologists have suppressed evidence and adhere to an outmoded framework for interpreting Michigan's prehistory.  They are "guilty of criminal malfeasance in their mishandling of irreplaceable artifacts".

            They should be entrained for the camps.

NL  p. 28: "...anytime I see hostility between the academic community and interested lay people, I begin to suspect people are protecting their theories and, more importantly, their sources of funding: a sinister and crass commercial perversion of research.  Why else would an established academician feel compelled to trash interested people?"


Canada's Rock Art Enigma by Iudhael Jewell.

(F) SCHO-OP  p. 30: The Peterborough Petroglyphs are revealing of truth and therefore dangerous to the rich subhumans owning Canada, America and the world.  First Canadian park pigs restricted viewing of the "shamanistic" aspects of the rock art.  This is a violation of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion, assuming they have rights.  Now photographs are banned and they have covered some threatening symbols with a walkway.  These empire-threatening symbols are old world ships predating Viking ships by millennia, symbols that look like men in space suits and triangular UFOs.


BOOK  The Ultimate Rush © 1998 Joe Quick, St. Martin's Paperbacks, 175 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10010.  Fiction.

(S) BT**  p. 21: In San Francisco's Fear Queer Day Parades Dykes on Bikes ride half-naked.  They're the modest ones, their desire to be male perhaps.

PB  pp. 25-27: Young hackers are dangerous to the rich.  At midnight on April Fool's Day eleven secret service subhumans with the Federal Computer Investigation Committee attacked a teen's home like he was a citizen of Vietnam living in a straw hut.  All the first floor windows were smashed and the doors simultaneously splintered.  The monkey-suited heavily armed subhumans raided every sanctum of their home with nazi swiftness and professionalism.  His parents were yanked from bed, thrown on the floor and cuffed face down.  An ss burst into his room and thrust a gun, the first he'd ever seen, between his eyes.  The subs looted all electronic devices: computer, printer, ham radio, floppies, phone line, broken Atari, wristwatch.  This was before the FCIC was unchained in the reign of terror on teens called the Great Hacker Witch Hunt.

Patriots and the rich fear nothing more than the young.  The FCIC trash show the fear the rich have for intelligent and informed people especially the young who are courageous.  They call it computer terrorism.  There is no such thing as computer terrorism.  Terrorism is a violent or potentially violent act against the people themselves, not the rich, not the pigs, not the military.  It is another invented crime, a fiction to protect the rich from inquisitive, intelligent people who believe in Freedom and thirst for Justice, and to spread the terror of their subhuman nazis among the people.

To show how frantic the rich are to spread terror and therefore oppress, repress, suppress the people, consider that in this account the subs were eleven of the 1,900 effete elite secret service trained to protect the President.  What do the ss queers have to do with pseudo computer terrorism?  Their job is to protect the chief oppressor.

The rich so fear Justice and the young they had their ass-lickers form the Federal Computer Investigation Committee to terrorize them.  Renegade and unchained, the terrorist FCIC is composed of scrapings from the ss, fbi, irs, Department of Labor (go figure that one), offices of staggeringly rich federal attorneys, state pigs, air force degenerates, demons from military intelligence and thickly stirred with shit from corporations, the very corporations screeching for an end to all computer freedom and our rights across the board.

            Supposedly the subhumans of the FCIC pay for this, and millions of miles of travel, out of their own pockets.  This could not be true.  Pig patriots are the greediest and most hypocritical kind.  They're not going to pay for anything.  You're going to pay for it.  And how could they afford it on that pittance they earn?  Those that propagated this lie will be brought to justice as well.

            (Pittance? massive amount of dollars.  They begin with pay and bennies we can't dream of retiring with.)

            Freedom has always hung by a thread in this capitalist country, by the rich for the rich.  Considering there is no demarcation between federal mobs, federal and state mobs, law enforcement mobs, corporate mobs and the military morons all primed to butcher, Freedom hangs by a frayed silk fiber.


NL  p. 85:

God gave man a dick and a brain but only enough blood to run one at a time.

—Joe Quirk.


PB  p. 163: Searching for a burglar the San Fran stinkeroos awoke every person in every building on a block and assaulted them with questions.  At all hours pigmobiles prowled the streets stopping and searching all cars without warrants, carding pedestrians without warrant, searching alleyways for kin and a cold one.


I/O  p. 213: Pigs sealing off the homes of people suspected of committing what the rich call a crime; not allowing them access to their homes.


I/O  p. 214: Pigs looting absolutely everything owned by people allegedly accused of murder.  No matter how trumped up the charges this happens.  If a person is found innocent they get none of their possessions returned.


(F) (A)  p. 233: American sponsored subhumans napalming villages in El Salvador.


I/O BT**  p. 238: fbi patriots want to install Clip Chips on all the peoples' computers.  The Clipper Chip is a thumbnail-sized device that will reveal encryption codes thus  allowing the horny subhumans access to our computers.


NL  p. 325: Ref. to SF pigs too cowardly to break up a gangland gunfight, letting them murder each other instead.


PB  p. 323: San Fran pigs arrest skateboarders at will.


PB  p. 331: In an FCIC attack a kid is yanked off a chair by the collar, thrown onto the floor, rolled over, and with a subhuman's knee pressed in the back of his neck is cuffed.  A  cripple is yanked from his wheelchair onto his teeth busting his lips.  A girl is held in the murderous pig choke-hold, thrown face first onto the floor and cuffed.


PB  p. 334: The shit-eaters drag the girl out by the legs.


I/O  p. 338: If a pig gathers evidence illegally it [allegedly] thrown out of court.  If a citizen gathers illegal evidence the court has a party.  We don't believe the first is true.  We question the morality of the second.


            What's sauce for the goose must be sauce for the gander.  Private pigs and businesses can abuse you in ways public pigs allegedly cannot.  You can sign your rights away by making a contract, i.e., agreeing to humiliating piss, shit, spit, blood and hair tests.  Standards that apply to American goods do not hold for imports.  So why are we supposed to revere the Constitution?  It's not like it means anything.  Every case is a special case.  It's not worth the paper it's written on.  Every law they want they get some ex post facto.  The Supreme Queers rape every Freedom and Right, ok every indignity, brutality and atrocity.  A roll of toilet paper has more value.  Their laws would not be obeyed by a reasonably prudent people.  This country is a country of the rich by rich for the rich.  The economy is top heavy like a lead mushroom.  It's all for the rich, nothing for us.


PB  The use of tear gas and other chemical weapons by the bluecoats is going to be severely curtailed if allowed at all.  The bluecoats use chemical agents in ways outlawed by the Geneva Convention.  This is an area where ex post facto justice will be applied.


(S) BT**  5/22/3: Civil War Times Illustrated, August 1998, ISSN 0009-8094, 741 Miller Drive SE, Suite D-2, Leesburg, VA 20175.  P. 20: completely naked beast.  Note at top of file.


5/23/3: Internet: Yahoo! Audience Boos Dixie Chicks at Academy Awards of Country Music.  This is because one of them, not all of them, criticized that piece-of-shit in the Oval Orifice for Oil War II.  What's wrong with those pyorrhea-mouthed hicks?  The US Senate is not known for guts but even a US Senator (Byrd of West Virginia) is asking, where's the beef?  Claims he was tricked, implied the POSITOO lied.  Are the pyorrhea-mouths going to boo him?  Hell! West Virginia is a veri-table pigsty of patriotism, Hicksville USA!  Oh! that's right, patriots are illiterate.  That can be expected from someone that likes country and western music.


5/24/3: Letter to Lesloid Callvonale:

            You mentioned the black pig harassing you for lighting up on the street [Delaware].  The Baltimore pigs arrest kids they see smoking.  That people chip in for the fine money in bars that allow smoking shows the level of discontent about that nazi/commie law.  How long they will is another matter.  Americans are afraid to get angry.  They're basically terrorized and 911 had nothing to do with it.  They've been terrorized for centuries.  You said it Lesloid muh man!  "Freedom isn't free."  No siree Bob! Freedom ain't free and what little we've got the rich want.  They act like the government and/or the Constitution grants rights.  Bullshit! God Almighty gave rights and there are no excuses for the usurpation of rights.

            It's worse than that.  In the commie/nazi state of Pennsylvania children are arrested for eating snacks in subways...


Obstacles are what you see when you take your eye from your goal.

— Johnny Airtime.


5/27/3: "Bruce Almighty", DVD Universal 22823:

• Inside ads:

1) (T)  "Weird Science", ½-n dugs.

2) BT**  "Undercover Brother", full deep ass-slit.

• BT**  Brunette's blue dress blown over its head, 99% naked ass in blue bikini cunt cover, full ass-cheeks, etc.  Note at top of file.

• BT  Jennifer Aniston, long-lingering close-ups of its huge ½-n tits and its dugs throughout and   other tit exposure.

• Cocktail party: many ½-n tits, etc.

• BT**  close-ups of huge ½-n tits of "Susan".

• BT**  Full deep -slit of one in blue paint shepherding children.

• Check throughout.


(S) BT**  5/30/3: "Popular Reality Multi-hour Mind-reprogramming Acid Party Video", from Suzy Crowbar, 1116 Shepard Street, Lansing, MI 48912.

            A special note has been placed atop all others at top of the Smut file.  All in these scenes and hierarchies of production, distribution and finance to be executed.  Arrest priority bold, underlined italics.  Check this video thoroughly.


*Porn movie in color:

• One black and one while queer massaging naked white Hollywhore subhuman's shit-pincher, airing its massive pestholes in extreme and lingering close-ups, finger fucking it.  The female subhuman beast is rich  actress subhuman cuntmonkey Wendy O. Williams.  The Supreme Degenerates say this is not prostitution.  It's worse.


• Newsreel, ½-n dugs of one dancing.  Check thoroughly.


* Porn movie (as above): Each male beast fucking it in turn while it sucks them off in turn.  Full exposure, reeking pestholes aired for most of scene.  The Supreme Degenerates say this is not prostitution.  It's worse.


• Dugs of "decapitated" one.

• Dugs of many and maybe ass-slabs at dairy festival.

• PB  Newsreels of pig violence in different localities.  Some of this may be foreign.

• Movie, Ό-n dugs of one surfing.  Check it thoroughly.

• heck ballet dancer for dugs and other exposure.

• ½-n dugs in western movie.


• Two naked beasts crawling from view.  "We'll show you what bad girls do."  Closet doors open.  Beast in heels jacks legs open and airs shit-pinching and slimy pestholes.  The subhuman rubs its slimy pesthole in extreme close-up as it rubs a nipple, both its pestholes aired in extreme close-up thus airing its IQ.  Then a long-lingering close-up of naked dugs.  The Supreme Degenerates say this is not prostitution.  It's worse.  The Supreme Degenerates say this is not prostitution.  It's worse.


* Porn movie (as above): Three males and blonde cowgirl, possibly Hollywhore subhuman rich actresscuntmonkey  Sharon Mitchell.  The actress is the only naked subhuman.  It is dressed in boots, chaps, vest and hat.  They thoroughly massage its turd-cutter and repeatedly air its pestholes in lingering close-ups.  One massages its slimy pesthole.  The animal rubs its own ass.  Its dugs are exposed and nipples rubbed.  Total of five beasts in this scene.  The Supreme Degenerates say this is not prostitution.  It's worse.


• Female subhuman handles dick in bit about circumcision.


* Porn movie (as above): Having sucked off one, blonde Hollywhore subhuman beast, possibly actress S.M, sucks off one and jacks off another with its legs spread wide, pesthole aired on full display.  American femininity aired on full display.  The Supreme Degenerates say this is not prostitution.  It's worse.


  From a movie, color: Four 99.99% naked Hollywhores, a blonde actress in pussy patch, in latrine scene strip and brand another's ass while one kisses it, lingering close-ups of its flaccid ass.


• On stage: Four queers in skeleton masks disrobe and massage a dancing naked blonde's pesthole and turd-cutter, slapping its ass and displaying its pestholes in lingering close-up.  This is possibly actress Snow White Jung.  The Supreme Degenerates say this is not prostitution.  It's worse.


  From movie above: Blonde Hollywhore subhuman from latrine, nearly-naked in boots, tiny top and G-string with only string up its ass, climbs to top of bus with long-lingering extreme close-ups of its naked ass and CM.  It leaps from the bus, close-up of its ass and CM.  This be a stunt cunt.  Check for naked others running and in a group.  Extreme close-up of blonde subhuman's huge Ύ-n dugs and maybe nips, naked ass also seen.  Others, check thoroughly.


• Film clip of two clothed but blackhead pushes male away by a spike-heeled boot in the balls.


• Home video: One showing its naked dugs from a moving car. to passersby.  Long-lingering close-up of its naked dug and hard nip.  Then to passersby again.  Back inside the animal rubs a nipple saying: "That was stimulating.  That was nipplelating."  Hollywood awaits!


• Postcard: brunette beast fully naked from behind.


Movie, Roadshow Attractions "Marijuana", black and white.

• Check to here then three subhumans undress; naked dugs, CM in panties.

• Huge naked dugs of subhuman stripper in pussy patch, CM, naked ass.


Movie, "The Smut Peddler", black and white.

• Subhuman massaging another's huge Ύ-n dugs.

• Subhuman naked save hat.

• Subhuman kneeling in chair naked below waist and lifts shirt to air more.

• Subhuman drops top airing huge Ύ-n dugs.

• Beast naked save stole removed by male.

• "Publisher" massaging one.  It is not clear what the beast is doing.

• Lesbian Hollywhore (CU of Ύ-n dugs) kissing another lessie Hollywhore.

• †Extreme CU of near-naked shit-pincher and others from between its legs.

• Long-lingering close-up of blonde subhuman's huge naked dugs lying on floor.

• Two scantily clad Hollywhores wrestling, ass-cheeks, -slabs, dugs.

• At least two beasts struggling.  (Beasts listed above?)

• Gyrating near-naked ass with garters and nylons: -cheeks, etc.  May be †.  In background at least one naked beast seen on right.

• Topless beast bounces on bed, hikes skirt airing pesthole, the prime qualification for an actress.

• Brunette Hollywhore lifts top revealing huge dugs.

• Close-up of Ό-n dugs in bra.

• Shit-pincher exposed when two females and male wrestle.  Check scene closely.

• Ass-cheeks, -slabs, CM of beast wrestling with male, nipples through shear top.

• Close-up of Hollywhore's naked dugs in scene with lessie "writer".

• Close-up of naked dugs of Hollywood "bride".  Wearing only a stole a male removes this.

• Lingering close-up of long-haired blackhead actress massaging dugs and squeezing nips.

• Topless sub. being fed phallic cake by male.

• Dugs of beast in horse cart.  It's dress is lifted by male.

• Subhuman naked, close-up of dugs, drinking cocktail.  Then close-up of the actresses' huge dugs.

• Blonde actress Hollywhore topless in mirror.

• Naked actress pirouetting, CU of dugs, ass-cheeks.

• Close-up from below of sub. actress's naked ass covered by a flap.  Maybe it's major   pesthole.

• Two naked subs polling a boat.


Movie "Strange Rampage", about lesbianism, black and white.

• Close-up of naked actress blackhead massaging its dugs and pesthole area.  Close-up its huge dugs throughout ten seconds.

• Two young actresses, a blonde and blackhead, daughters of Hollywood, undress in hotel room.  Blonde subhuman removes top airing huge dugs.  Its ass-slabs and CM.  Laying down on bed the blackhead animal airs dug, and naked ass and back.  Its pesthole is aired.

• Naked beast on couch its legs jacked up.  Naked ass, etc. Difficult to tell what the actress doing.

• Male kissing subhuman/actress lying on its back.  CU of its filthy dugs.  Male massages it.  It wears panties, CM.

• (Faded) male kissing naked brunette.


Movie "Just for the Hell of It," color.

• (Faded) Redhead actress near-naked in bra and panties.  CU of its 2/3-n dugs.  Others in scene.

• Brunette actress beast in bikini bottom in gang rape on beach. Its CM -slabs and -cheeks.

• Naked dug flashes as it falls.

• Rape scene: its pesthole is flashed, CU of naked dugs.

• Lying face down on sand it is naked, full naked ass.

• Dugs of long-haired brunette.  Dugs in bra of another.  CM of another?


• B&W, Long-lingering CUs of beast's huge jiggling dugs covered with pasties as it writhes.  Below wears micro cunt cap, ass-crack, -slabs, CM.  Scene lasted 55 seconds.

• Color, dugs in rock video?


Movie, "Glen or Glenda?" B&W.

• Ό-n dugs when male rips off female's top.

• Ό-n dugs when it removes its top.


Movie, "Bela's Bondage Boutique", B&W.

• ½-n dugs of one on couch.

• Beast's nipple ring then ½-n dugs and nipples through top.

• Beast rips off dress, CM, ass-slabs, and nipples through top.

• Above in different costume, CM, ass-slabs, ½-n dugs, nipples through top.  It rubs hands across its cunt.  It rubs dugs.

• Both subhumans in scene.  Both nipples through top, ½-n dugs.


The Supreme Degenerates say this is not prostitution.  It's worse.



6/4/3 1830-1900: 54 WNUV-WB, news.


1) I/O  The chinless wonders in the House Representatives, the seedy greedy, have approved a ban on flag burning for the fifth time in eight years.  That will not get them votes.  Things have changed and people are awakening.  Since every law is a special case when it comes to rape of rights, how about here?  Flag burning is disapproved of, how about flag shitting?


2) (CA) BT**  1834: Baltimore County, MD: Kaazim Moore murdered his two-month old daughter.  It claims that it shook her too hard but her head is bashed in.


3) I/O  As result of a hot tip from a flit the Maryland state pigs arrested a Carroll County man for making and detonating explosives on a farm.  Whose farm?  What farm?  Exactly what was the assault against Humanity here?


4) I/O  Chief of Staff of Baltimore City pigs is going on bar raids with the common street pigs although it is not a cop.  But there's nothing illegal with this!  Oh! nonononononono!  Of course not!  There never is!  The fear from the media monkey was thick enough to cut with a knife.  And the not-a-problem is easily resolved.  The rich shall simply make it a pig with a stroke of a pen.  Yet another crime perpetuated on the people by reverse discrimination.

            Bar raids are the vogue among pigs (like throwing kids through store windows once was, later hurling them off roofs) because they are rehearsing for prohibition.


An oil lamp starts to smoke before extinguishing.




You gotta know when to hold 'em.  You gotta know when to fold 'em.

 —The Gambler, Kenny Rogers.


Ya gotta know when to bet.  Ya gotta know when to get.

—Colonel Silas Koole Breeze.


            In "Meet the Titans" a young male has to be humiliated with a shorning before the patriots will let him join a high school football team.  In "Child's Play 2" a young male must be humiliated with a shorning before they allow him to join a military academy, the character cunts with hair to their waists.  Think of the humiliations aired in "Full Metal Jacket", and life.




The Prophet yea, saith:


            You get wisdom if you, a) want knowledge and, b) want knowledge for the right reason.  You might not become wise, or a psychogist, but you will be loved.

Convenience and plenty encourages waste.


(S) BT**  6/8/3: Glossy handout: Adega Lounge, Ferry Street, Newark, New Jersey 07105. 

            "On the Rocks," Thursdays -n- Saturdays.  Pookie Johnson  [Various musical styles] (And anything else to make you shake your ass.)

            Marcell Whitehead [Various musical styles] (And anything else to make you feel sexy.)

            No cover all summer!!!  Free CD giveaways all night.  Free martinis for the "ladies" [our quotes] 9PM-10PM.  21 and over only!!!  Doors open 9PM...  Clothes come off at 12AM...  You go home happy 3AM.

            Don't get left out.  Pook&Lewd guestlist:


lewd500@aol.com [Marcell]

            Handout filed.


6/10/3 1638: WZBA-100.7 FM, ad: When you buy an airline ticket you have to pay a "Federal September 11 security fee".  Can you believe it?  They're charging those wimps a direct fee to abuse them.  This is better than reverse discrimination.


2124: WBAL-1090 AM, Chicago Cubs at Baltimore Orioles: The game is held up because a Baltimore City pig is sauntering across the field.  Good boy of the sheltered fairies Jim Hunter working for the enslavers immediately drops to its knees and licks shit off'n the pig's asshole.  "They do a nice job here at Camden Yards keeping the people safe."  I, I feel so safe and secure with these big strong law officers of police persons keeping me safe.

            From what?  They're the biggest cowards that ever existed.  That's why they're pigs.  If there's danger the swine run.  If anything's going to happen they would not or could stop it.  The pigs are there to spread terror of the uniform.   That is all.

2126: Now that queer's bung-buddy Fred Mantra is pointing out players with facial hair and apologizing for them.

            Never give a microphone to a patriotic queer.  Sports in this stinking POS country is a propaganda arm of the federal government.  Why they're loosin' money.


6/11/3: A member's granddaughters is young, pretty, at risk.  A seedy looking 35 year old male has been sniffing around her.  He'd went to the Maryland Sex Offender Registry site where are photographs and information: 226 pages many listings per page for Maryland alone.



            He's got the list of sites of convicted child sexual abusers up when overrides is a list of porn sites hundreds of pages long.  The list begins with "If you enjoyed this site you'll also enjoy..."  At the top of the list are ads for sites beginning "Free porn in your home."


PB BT**  6/15/3: Smyrna, Delaware, January 2003:

A disabled Viet vet left the Salvation Army where he'd been shopping for clothes.  Suffering severe back pain because of pinched nerves he momentarily leaned against a stop sign to relieve the pain.  Two subhuman pigs pulled up in their shitmobile.  One of the surly subhumans snarled: "I've caught you holding up a stop sign".  Consequently, for breaking Delaware's "No holding up the stop sign law" the pigs forced him to show many pieces of identification and to empty out his pockets.  The disabled Viet vet was in such excruciating pain that as the police subhumans humiliated and terrorized him he had to sit on the ground.

            These two pig subhumans are the execution list.  We, the 117th Militia Regimental Combat Team believe in a little  something called Freedom.  Note at top of file.

Elect us!



(S) BT**  1005: ad: Shick Intuition, women's razor; CU of huge dangling, jiggling Ύ-n dugs aired by one bending over, near-naked in pussy patch, ass-slabs, cunt mound, etc.  Plus other model/whores airing themselves to various extents.



BT** I/O (PB?)  1821: 54 WNUV-WB: news teaser: a Baltimore City man served eighteen years in prison for a crime he did not commit.  DNA tests proved him innocent.  Those responsible will be severely punished.


(S)  13 USA, "Alien Resurrection", R, 1997.

2004: Sigourney Weaver naked, its arms covering its dugs.

BT**  2006: Its ugly nipple through gauze, dugs.*

2008: Its full shit-slit.

BT**  2030: Long-lingering close-up of the gigantic naked turd-cutter of Hollywood subhuman Kim Flowers, in scene with males, getting a foot massage, making sexual noises.  A rope ran up its crack over its shithole.*

2049: ad: "Meet the Parents", dugs of one in red SS.

BT**  2103, 2107: K.F.'s full deep shit-slit, in close-up, throughout.

BT**  2121: naked dugs of Hollywhore beast on lab table.  Its dugs were smudged out.*

2209: shit-slit of S.W.

            Violations throughout.

            This movie was not rated for the filth of naked monkeys but at USA they do have morals.  They're not those kind of Americans.  All shits, fucks, and asses were deleted.  We can sleep knowing our morals are in the trusted and capable hands of real true red, white and blue American patriots like the shit-sucking scum at the USA network.

* Note at top of file.


6/19/2: 54 WNUV-WB, news teaser: Some twit on the Baltimore City Council wants to ban toy guns again.


(S) BT**  6/19/6 1759: 54 WNUV-WB: ad: "Charlie's Angels Full Throttle".  The lead subhumans (actresses) in this pornography are Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and the ethnic draw Lucy Liu.

2/3-n dugs, ass-slabs and shit-pincher cheeks sagging of subhuman in slightly augmented white G-string, C.D.

2/3-n dugs, ass-slabs and shit-pincher cheeks sagging of subhuman in slightly augmented black G-string, L.L.

Up to six subhumans dirty dancing in pesthole patches, net nylons, boots and near-nothing tops.  Three are in close-up, turd-cutter slabs and cheeks sagging, reeking pesthole mounds, ½-n dugs.  A subhuman rich actress in the back is bent over airing its shit-pincher which reeks so badly it gyrates it, only a black string up the animal's crack covering its pestholes, pesthole mound.

Extreme close-up of two subhumans/actresses airing their IQs, i.e., bent over airing their half-assed naked shit-pinchers which fill the screen, only black strings up their reeking cracks, reeking pesthole mounds.  A possibly male hand rubs the sagging shit-pincher of the beast on the left.

There may be other subhumans bent over airing their shit-pinchers in this scene.

Extreme close-up of an actress-animal airing its IQ, i.e., bent over airing its half-assed naked turd-cutter, which fills the screen, only black string up is shitty crack, reeking pesthole mound.  A hand in a black elbow length glove, possibly its own, rubs its sagging turd-pincher.

Cameron Diaz, the pesthole cuntmonkey whore has its top pulled off airing its naked dugs while dancing

Near-naked actress/whore surfing in slightly augmented white G-string, C.D.

Close-up of ½-n dugs of blackhead L.L. in black.

Dugs aired throughout.

                  Complete hierarchy.  Note at extreme top of file with recent hard porn.


(S) BT**  6/20/3 1317: 54 WNUV-WB, ad, series: Boarding House: North Shore.

Subhumans, the beasts near-naked in pesthole covers.

Male wrestling with subhuman (actress) near-naked in pesthole cover.

Full screen close-up of subhuman/actress's) IQ, i.e., its naked shit-splitter diving under, the animal's pestholes covered by a strip of cloth up its splitter split, pesthole mound.  Note at top of file.

1330: series: "Change of Heart", Ό-n dugs yea, saying, "He's not into oral I can tell you that".  Thisit was repeated.

(T)  Then a long-haired brunette subhuman shakes its  huge-dugs incensing males and some pestholes, "Let's see how he can take this".  This bit was repeated.


I/O  6/22/3 WRNR-103.1 FM: PSA presented by the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

1) You cannot boat closer than 100 yards to their seagoing brothels or shore-based installations and must slow to minimum speed.

2) You cannot anchor under a bridge, within 100 yards of their seagoing brothels or shore-based installations.  If you do the nazis will board you and, of course, humiliate and terrorize you, maybe even beat, rape and murder your families and/or yourselves.

Freedom of movement was banned on land in the 60s.  Now the rich patriotic queers have banned it on water.  They board your boat or stop your car and your lives and the lives of you families will be in the hands of patriots!

            Through the IRS every government Department, Bureau, agency, sub agency and sub sub agency robs us to present its propaganda and terror propaganda.  What's next? a threat from the Coast Guard Auxiliary Auxiliary.

Elect us!


            Sex and the City [HBO], the four lead whores of which have been splattered on the covers of every television guide and entertainment magazine in the country for weeks, which has been shat in every newspaper of the country for the same period, is an appalling piece of shit.  It airs four Hollywhores airing their filthy bodies.  Sans morals, dignity  and character the foul-mouthed tramps with exaggerated moaning and groaning fuck fags before the world.

            The depravity of the insanely popular Sopranos which airs before Sex in the City staggers even us, almost.

            Both shows repulsive shit airing tramps and queers.

            Want a decent country to live in?  Elect us!



            On all networks they still broadcast that humiliating and intelligence-insulting PSA (PSAs are broadcast free) about a "roadside survey at fatal accidents proving marihuana a contributor".  We have to play dum.  We have to pretend the "survey" was real, the information collected by reasonable and respectful people from unafraid citizens who sincerely want to help.  Big mistake!  But what kind of a bluecoat ghoul would collect information of any sort under those circumstances?

            Road side survey?  So if you're in a fatal accident here come these fat-assed nazi pigs with the American rag branded on their hams they're not asking anything.  Those animals have never been chained in this or any country throughout history.  Do they terrorize people and/or rip off their clothes, male or female, and take their blood?  Do they forcibly extract blood from people on stretchers, unconscious, possibly dying?  Do they extract blood from corpses bleeding on the road?  Do they lick blood off the roads like the dogs of democracy they are? what?  Why aren't these patriotic nazi-commie do-gooders of the American Advertising Council forced to tell the truth, or is Big Brother afraid of the truth?  Oh! silly me! of course she is.

            Oh! if you see someone injured in an auto accident in Maryland and other states don't stop to aid them.  1) It's against the law to stop many places.  2) It's against the law to aid the injured.

            If you pass an injured pig not only should you not stop,  but you should pray to the Almighty it dies in excruciating pain forthwith.  Besides if you do stop, and perhaps save its life, it will later arrest you for aiding the injured and stopping in an unauthorized place if possible.


            The patriotic nazis injected children with sewer water to watch them die.  It was like a sport.  The patriotic nazis also drained children for plasma, tore out beards by the roots, guillotined people lying on tables face up, threw children down wells alive, held babies by the feet and bashed their heads against brick walls and trees, threw babies up in the air and caught them on bayonets (an old patriotic trick), raped all ages and sexes like good little patriots.

            The patriotic nazis were supported by industrialists and the rich.  The republicans and democrats are supported by industrialists and the rich, plus the television and radio networks, the newspapers, magazines and Hollywood, i.e., the media subhumans.


Pride is before a crash, and a haughty spirit before stumbling.

            Proverbs 16:18, New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures, New World Bible Translation Committee, Revised 1970 C.E.


Pride goes before the fall.



            For over a thousand years the Roman conquerors returning from the wars enjoyed the honor of a triumph, a tumultuous parade.  In the procession came trumpeters and musicians and strange animals from the conquered territories together with carts laden with treasure and captured armaments.  The conqueror rode in a triumphal chariot the dazed prisoners walking in chains before him.  Sometimes his children robed in white stood with him in the chariot or rode the trace horses.  A slave stood behind the conqueror holding a golden crown and whispering in his ear a warning that, All glory is fleeting.  From the 20th Century-Fox motion picture "Patton".


To do the right thing for the wrong reason is treason.



PERIODIC (F) (S)  6/25/3: The Baltimore Sun, p. 5C, For the Best Gay Fare, You've Got to Pay by David Zurawik: Georgina Beyer, a transsexual cabaret singer and whore, became a member of the New Zealand parliament in 1999.  What you'd expect from those no-character New Zealanders, always aping Australians.

Article filed.


6/27/3: The Baltimore Sun, Doonesbury, by Garry Trudeau: The monster Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense, has set up his own pro-American intelligence unit, a gang of subhumans that  tell their homosexual owners precisely what they want to hear the truth be damned.  Truth isn't worth much to a patriot.

Comic strip filed.


6/29/3: Recently 54 WNUV-WB asked the musical question: "Are the policies of Baltimore City police leaving children in the  hands of abusers?"  The answer is, of course, yes.  Why not state it truthfully, courageously, i.e., "Pig policies leave defenseless children in the hands of patriots!"  We will be neither safe nor free until this trash calling itself the media gets guts.  Media monkeys, aping monkeys, the wimpiest of wimps, i.e., each'n other.


WTMD-89.7 FM: The anti-marijuana PSAs are so bizarre anymore sponsors like The Advertising Council of America will not give their full names, only initials.


About airport X-ray machines

            They've got you people reduced to the state of animals.  You are as animals naked on the screens of airport X-ray machines, where the lovely women must stand repeatedly.

            Media monkey: Some people say the machines reveal too much.

            Gov.  sub.: (smacks lips) We're looking for guns, grenades, things like that.


Mankind fears its shear numbers, and its reflection in the cesspool.

—The Prophet Mastodon.


Who is silliest?  The boy afraid of the dark or the man afraid of the light?




            Those who wish to learn please gather in silence, the Prophet Mastodon speaketh!  This will be on the blue book exam.


God Almighty Is!

It Is!

            Think you can remember that?


Evolution, Bullshit!


            When a scientist says there is a missing link he is lying.  You think it's referring solely to Human ancestry but every plant and animal has many missing links.  They tell us there is a missing link then add, "The fossil record in incomplete".  Charlatans! Backsliders! Back-stabbers! Evolution is sham and you know it!  You've had 150 years to prove the unprovable.  You have for decades conspired in destroying research and evidence, character assassination and destroying the careers of those that disagree with you ... on public funds!  The government robs us to pay you to lie to us.  The government robs us to lavish succor and whores upon you!  You! the ignorant and arrogant black-robed priests and priestesses of science.  The government pillages us and carries it to you and kneels, kneels! timorously offering you pelf on a brocaded satin pillow hoping you'll find it acceptable and continue to keep us chained in the fetters of your abysmal ignorance, immorality, depravity and corruption; yea'n say, chained in Plato's cave.

What we see in the fossil record is evidence of punctuated equilibrium.  For millions of years species survive virtually unchanged.  When stressed species rapidly mutate to a different species suited to survive in the new environment but no species ever survives: DNA survives!  If at all possible DNA will don and survive in the envelope of some plant or animal.

            Where do the patterns for these rapid mutations come from?  From DNA itself.  90% of our DNA is deemed, by scientists, rubbish.  It does nothing.  It is the same with all life forms.  All life is locked within us.

            It might be that this mutating can be caused also by undetected and undetectable radiation, that it could be lightning quick.  Perhaps a species can mutate spontaneously?  What we need is a good 10,000 year experiment.

            And what is this DNA that survives?  It is a helical string of atoms but what atoms?  All atoms in our bodies including the atoms of our DNA are replaced every six months.  Paring to the nitty-gritty, we are looking at the survival of a packet of wave forms, a packet of frequencies programmed by a Great Spirit to propagate itself.

What is life?  Life is a radio frequency.  A frequency packet programmed to ensure its continuance in a perishable envelope which is destined to be sluffed off like the perishable envelope sloughs off feces.

            What is your body? a freakin frequency!

            The Elohim taught that the Universe is infinite in space and eternal in time, that spirit and matter are coeternal in the Universe and that life has been in the Universe from the beginning.

            A species that becomes extinct can reappear if a similar species survives and conditions become applicable for that species.  The fossil record is incomplete.  Representatives of all forms have coexisted throughout the Earth's history, i.e., algae, bacteria, worms, crustaceans, insects, mollusks, fish, amphibians, reptiles, bird/dinosaur, mammals, Human, etc.  To further unnerve and enrage the priests of ignorance and arrogance, fungi are animals, and leatherback turtles are mammals.

            Thought is the ability to make intuitive leaps outside of logic and programming.  You have to be alive to think.  You must have DNA.  The DNA envelope is the spirit's envelope.  To have spirit you must have DNA.  What is intelligence?

1) Are all the members of the species surviving with dignity, the spiritual quality?

2) Is the conduct of each member respectful of the dignity of all?  Those without dignity endanger others.  Those without dignity are without Humanity.  Are all children loved?  Is everybody loved and loving?

3) Does it mess its nest?

4) Does the species incite war with other species?

5) If in event of a cataclysm can all the members of a species survive?

            Answers: Yes, yes, no, yes, yes: that's intelligence.  Intelligence and Humanity equate.  Behavior brutal and/or undignified, i.e., contrary to survival of individuals and/or the species, are on a spectrum of depravity.  To strip one of dignity is to strip one of divinity.  Those voluntarily without dignity are subhuman.  Animals are naked, not Humans, the loss of dignity staggering.  The brutal are subhuman.  Public nakedness is subhuman.  Patriots and porn beasts are subhuman.

            There must be justice!

            Elect us!


energy = matter = energy

= matter = energy = life = thought/spirit =

thought = spirit = thought

intelligence = humanity

dignity = divinity


WTMD-89.7 FM: The anti-marijuana PSAs are so bizarre anymore sponsors like The Advertising Council of America will not give their full names, only initials.


7/10/3: "Animatrix", WB, DVD 37316.  Bonus Data, Voices, interview with Mahiro Maeda.  Concerning a realistic portion of The Second Renaissance Part I Mr. Maeda alluded to the atrocities in Bosnia, Rwanda, Beijing and Reagan's South America, Vietnam.  He didn't mention Nanking and China at large, Manchuria, Manila, etc.  According to Nip laws he's never even heard of those places.


PB  BT**  7/15/3 2215:  7.415 MHz WBCQ, Monticello, Maine: Apache County, Arizona: A mob of bluecoat subhumans assaulted the home of a Mr. William Cooper, an amputee.  There was a confrontation.  When Mr. Cooper turned his back to enter his home the murderous cowards opened up shooting him fourteen times in the back.  The queers/patriots left him lying for fourteen hours.

Note at top of file.


7/16/3: "Attack of the Clones", 20th Century Fox, PG, DVD.

BT**  22:15: Nightclub; one completely naked from behind in transparent garment.  Note at top of file.

22:17: ditto; ass-slab of one in dress slit up the side.

BT**  22:31: other variously exposed dugs, perhaps ass-slabs and -cheeks.

(T)  31:47: Dex's Diner, ½-n dugs of blonde waitress in blue.

BT*  54:07: close-up of Natalie Portman's ½-n dugs.

1:28:27: Natalie Portman's prominent nipples.  Note at top of file.

1:29:12: Its right nip.  Note at top of file.

BT**  1:46:31: N.P.'s ass-slit.

BT**  2:03:32: ditto


7/17/3: Millions of Americans are out of work because the International Monetary Fund is closing down factories in America and opening them up overseas.  Millions more Americans will soon be out of work because of the IMF.  The poor knuckle-dragging things are but dimly aware of what is happening to them.


            There is no right to own a dog.  We might forbid the ownership of dogs as pets.  There are utilitarian reasons for dog ownership.  These will be honored.  Dogs will not be used  to control crowds.  No animals will be used to control crowds but the pigs themselves and they will be on a short leash.

            We're going for bullies as well.


PB  7/21/3 1150: 6 ESPN, Sports Center: A protester ran onto the track at a formula one race.

            Media Monkey: Nobody knew what he was protesting [in a stern,  slow, voice] and the grounds crew did, not, care.

            And we were again appalled by yet another subhuman in authority patriot-handling a defenseless person and throwing him to the ground, long after the danger was past, of course.  There are no excuses.

(S) BT**  1159: Sports events have been infested with streakers which was blamed on, of course, terrorism.  Americans cannot think, they are, however, programmable.  A person where we were exclaimed "One's a lady!"  A naked subhuman is not human much less special.  This subhuman whore was actress Brittany Sky.  It was, according to the media monkey, "Topless wearing body paint below".  Like a whore it was hired to be naked in public as an advertising gimmick.  A queer that did this freelance is Mark Roberts.

            Media monkey: [scandalized, shocked] Ms Sky is standing trial tomorrow for creating a public nuisance.

            The subhumans that aired their IQs were hazed-out.

            No mercy.

            Note at top of file.


PERIODIC  I/O PB, etc.  The 2003 Fall Supplement of the Loompanics Unlimited Catalog is out.  Suggested reading is the catalog and all the books in it.  Loompanics Unlimited, PO Box 1197, Port Townsend, WA 98368, www.loompanics.com.


Two examples:

I/O PB, etc.  p. 19: Government Creep: What the Government is Doing that You Don't Know About by Phillip D. Harvey.

            "It should be plain that we have too much government.  Strip searches, confiscated homes, stolen children, denial of due process, war without end.  Sounds like life in a Third World country, doesn't it?  But this is our federal government "for, of, and by the people," invading our personal lives, and, by suposedly for our own good....


P. 23: The State vs. The People, The Rise of the American Police State by Claire Wolfe and Aaron Zelman.  From the Forward:  "Freedom is slipping out of our hands.  In the United States people are losing ancient legal rights.  We are searched without warrants, forced to give evidence against ourselves, denied the right to self-protection, and prosecuted for our points of view.  Our assets are brutally confiscated.  Some of us are denied jury trials, tried twice for the same deed, or imprisoned entirely without charges.

"We are under surveillance whenever we bank, drive the highways, or enter a public place.  Our most private records are available for inspection by authorities, despicable things unworthy to be called Human.  We must get permission to perform ordinary tasks.  Hospitals give government ID numbers to our children at birth.  Schools subject our children to arbitrary searches; they drug, expel and sometimes even arrest children whose thoughts or demeanor don't convey proper submission.

            "Every day we pick up the newspaper, click onto a Web site, or tune in our television to learn of another no-knock SWAT raid, another death at the hands of the police, another act of official brutality or corruption, another outrage going unpunished solely because the perpetuator is a member of the elite.  Laws and regulations choke us until we can scarcely breathe, let alone breathe free...."

            We have been telling you assholes for years that this country is a piece-of-shit, that it sucks dog dicks, that it sucks shit.  Are you ever going to believe us?  Your color televisions are in danger.

Catalog filed.


BOOK (F)  7/26/3: Altai-Himalaya, A Travel Diary, © 1929 Nicholas Roerich, ISBN 0-932813-93-3, Adventures Unlimited Press, One Adventure Place, Kempton, IL 60946.


China under America's bosom buddy subhuman Chiang Kai-shek.

(A) SLAVERY  p. 158: Leh-Karakorum-Khotan (1925).  A merchant suggests: "Instead of hiring help, buy a dozen girls.  The price of a good girl is thirty rupees."


I/O  pp. 160, et al.: Khotan (1925-1926).  The subhuman Amblan or magistrate holds the Roerich expedition prisoners for months.  They are not allowed to communicate with the outside world.  His ill wife needed medical attention.  All guns were confiscated, he was not allowed to paint or draw.  The subhuman soldiers continually extorted money, their employees are threatened, one threatened a woman in the market.  Countless searches, ID checks and interrogations, like America.

(A)  p. 162: The Amblan crucified a man for two days then beheaded him without a trail.  His body discarded like rubbish, like the patriotic mafia.  After two days on the cross the subhuman Amblan murdered the man itself by shooting at such close range it was splattered with blood.  Then the uniformed subhumans opened up.  For this the Amblan was given a decoration by the governor-general of the province.  Like Lon Horiuchi at Ruby Ridge.


PB  p. 199: Takla Makan-Karashahr (1926).  Soldiers whipping spectators at a civil event.

PB  p. 206: Prisoners routinely beaten.  Minor officials beating people in the streets.

(A)  pp. 203: After the noted crucifixion there were many murders.

(A) I/O  p. 209: They show photos of the crucified man to the public, an old patriotic trick.  Crucifixion is normal.  There is generous remuneration for official murderers, like America.

(A)  p. 212: The people are kept in terror and poverty.  Chinese officials extort and pillage the people's wealth and ship it out by caravans and wire transfer.  Rape, torture and murder the norm.  Slavery is legal.  They're working on it here.

PB  p. 212: Prisoners are kept in chains and not fed, they must beg for food, an old patriotic trick.

I/O PB  p. 214: Their families were pillaged of everything they owned.  The earrings were ripped out of the ears of the son's wife.  Photos of the crucifixion were shown to the man's family, an old patriotic trick recently popular in Uganda.

I/O  p. 215: The mullahs whipping people into a masque, backs, shoulders and faces are lashed.

(A)  p. 217: Atrocities of the governor-general: photographs of its justice; rows of people with chopped off fingers or the souls of their feet with cut tendons.  The majority of them were unable to pay extortion on time "to whom was necessary".  This is what the republicans want here.

SCHO-OP  p. 227: A Mr. Prjevalsky discovered the caves of Tun-huang, of archaeological significance, but scientists claimed the honor of the discovery.  Sounds like NASA.

PB I/O  p. 238: Magistrates robbing travelers, like in America.


(A)  p. 265: Karashahr-Dzungaria (1926).  Chinese officials taking vaccine against smallpox not from calves but from people with syphilis and other vile diseases thereby murdering thousands of men, women and children by vile diseases.

DOMESTIC (A)  Sounds like The Tuskegee Syphilis Extermination Experiment.  The government and its -lickers call it the Tuskegee Experiment or Study but it was an attempt at genocide.  Experiment or study in this case is an Americanism like the Battle of Wounded Knee, a fight in school.  Between 1932-1972 399 black men were deliberately injected with a virulent form of syphilis without their knowledge and released into the community in an attempt to murder all the blacks in Alabama.  The men thought they were being inoculated against the disease.  Who knows how many thousands of children were born a babbling syphilitic mess, knowing nothing but pain until they died?  How many virgins were infected with filth?  How many Humans died in abject agony?  Some of the Devil Docs went on to become high assholes in the Clinton Health Department.  Nothing was ever done about it.  Elect us!

SLAVERY (A)  p. 270: A Cossacks family sold their daughter to Dungans (Chinese Moslems) at thirteen years of age.  During the Russian Revolution her family was murdered.  She described the Dungans as filthy beasts.

(A)  pp. 278-279: During the Russian Revolution the regiment of the subhuman Anenkoff committed many acts of patriotism.  Officer V. [No name given] hacked to pieces the families of sixteen officers in his regiment beginning with the women and children, an old patriotic trick.

(M)  p. 280: [1913] A Chinese administrator suspected eight relatives of treachery.  He invited them and all the officials to a banquet.  During the banquet the subhuman murdered the chief suspect itself, and its subhuman guards dining with them murdered the seven others.  This is yet another patriotic trick.  Do not dine with those who have power.  You never know.

(M)  [1918] A Tu-t'u, a chief subhuman of some sort, had an Amblan murdered by being pasted with paper.  The demonic cleverness of patriots is as bottomless as the cesspool of patriotism itself.

(A)  p. 285: Near Ku-ch'eng is the Valley of Death where rise heaps of bones, the traces of the butchery of thousands of innocents.  China is indeed a patriotic land, Doggy Heaven, bones everywhere and one can't turn around without one's nose going up somebody's asshole.

(A)  Guttersnipes are pressed into the military and unloosed upon the defenseless people by the Amblans, like the draft.

(A)  p. 295: [1926] Seventy Buddhist monasteries were destroyed in the Amdoss district by the Dungan subhumans of the Amblan of Sining.  Many Tanguts (Tibetan-speaking Mongol clan which settled in Russia, later emigrating to Sinkiang province) were rounded up and machine-gunned by patriots that fear peace.  The only thing a patriot fears more than peace is a baby.

PB  p. 296: During dinner given by the Tu-t'u which it did not attend, the commander of the fortress got drunk and became offensive.  Like a true soldier, one without a mind, a will or even a soul, it breaks wine glasses, pushes a lady and kicks over the tray of ice cream.  You expect this from a uniformed patriot by now, don't you?  I mean, after 13,000 years of patriotism that we know of you are finally getting suspicious aren't you?

(A)  p. 297: In the Amdoss district Chinese soldier subs oppress monasteries, invade Labrang and destroy an image of Maitreya, the Buddha to come.

I/O (M)  p. 300: [c. 1907] An Amblan sub invited a man recently honored by the Emperor to dinner.  As he ate a soldier sub severed his head with a single swing of a saber.

(A) (CA) SLAVERY  p. 305: Near Manass a Kirghiz (a nomad race of Mohammedan faith widely scattered through Central Asia) man and his nine-year-old daughter stopped overnight at the house of a filthy beast Dungan.  The Dungan subhuman demanded his little girl as payment.  When he refused he was beaten and driven out.  The filthy subhuman Dungan has had the little girl for three years.

(A) (CA) SLAVERY  Roerich: "It is the usual occurrence here to abduct and sell children with the idea of work and more often, for the purposes of depravity.  Why call the hypocritical conferences about the slaves in Africa, when in Central Asia and everywhere in China the sale of human beings is a common practice?  All business organizations of the country [Britain, America, etc.] know of this institution of slavery, yet none demands cessation.  Where are, then, the protests and demands?"

DOMESTIC (A)  Sounds like America.  These days Fortune 500 companies are in on it.  Those CEOs have hearty patriotic appetite.

(A)  p. 319: During the Russian Revolution many thousands of Russians were slaughtered by Kirghiz subhumans.

(A)  p. 329: A traveler witnessed Chinese tortures of a devilishly patriotic nature.  The Chinese subhumans put Humans into hollow poles filled with thorns.  The body is thrust with all its weight upon thorns.  Through the nose and the nasal tube and mouth is drawn a horsehair and they begin to saw, or they draw a horsehair through the eyeball....  And the patriotic "pranks" of the subhuman Kirghiz are related everywhere.


(A)  p. 340: Altai (1926).  Everywhere bears the traces of the [Russian] Revolution. On the highway a Red regiment was destroyed by ambush.  On Katum they drowned the Whites [That were lucky].  On the mountain ranges lie Red Commissars.  Under Katanda, the Kerjak psalmist, an old believer, hacked with sabers.  Many graves on the roads.

I/O  p. 341: Near Trans-Baikal among the Semeiski (Old Believers exiled to Siberia with their entire families) also are added the Temnovertsi, and Kalashniki.  (References could not be found to proper nouns.)

(M) CANNIBALISM  p. 342: A subhuman Mongolian commander in Uliasutai ate a Human heart.


P. 361: Mongolia (1926-1927).  Prince Kurlik Beise molests travelers.

p. 362: Chinese subs for the nth time examine passports and assholes with their noses, extort bribes.


I/O  p. 368: Tibet (1927-1928).  Subhuman General Kap-shΦ-pa detains Roerich's caravan for five months during the worst time of year.  In summer tents at 15,000 feet they remain exposed to the wind.  Temperatures of -70° C are recorded.  They are forbidden to buy food from locals.  Many including his wife are ill.  The subhuman takes their money as extortion but will not release them.  Ninety of one-hundred-four caravan animals die.  Seven Humans die.  They are attacked often by wild dogs.  He is forbidden to paint or draw.

            They are not allowed to communicate with the outside world.  Letters posted are found torn up on the road, others are confiscated by bipedal pigs.  They may not telegraph.

            The subhuman tin soldier/dictator Kap-shΦ-pa refuses to let them communicate with passing caravans.  Many deathly ill.  Exchanging Chinese money they are financially raped.

I/O  p. 370: Roerich attached fifteen wild dogs.

I/O  p. 371: They are driven to other places and in each place they are humiliated, terrorized and robbed.

PB  pp. 388-389: In Lhasa their Mongols were seized and thrown in jail.

p. 389: Another Mongol is robbed and reduced to begging in Lhasa bazaar.


PERIODIC  7/26/3: Ancient American, Volume 8, Number 50, ISSN 1077-1646, PO Box 370, Colfax, WI 54730.


The Pre-Columbian Connection: Ancient Transatlantic Ships by James P. Grimes.

(F) SCHO-OP  p. 8: In 1972 scuba divers found a wreck and heap of North African amphorae off Honduras.  Honduran subs denied a permit to excavate because they feared further investigation would shed light on the truth of that latter day sham Columbus.

(F) SCHO-OP  p. 9: In 1976 Brazilian diver Roberto Teixeira found Roman amphorae on the seabed near Rod de Janeiro.  The rapist, torturers and murders denied a permit to excavate because queer Pedro Alveres Cabral is the "official" Portuguese discoverer of that cesspool Brazil.


Prehistoric Michigan's Lost "Token" from Java Resurfaces by Frank Joseph.

SCHO-OP  p. 35: It had been found two feet down in 1928.  With a seated Buddha and ancient Java architecture embossed on the token there's no doubt about its origin.  When the owner Professor James Scherz showed it to colleagues at the University of Wisconsin (Madison), a disreputable university to say the least, the bung-sniffers flipped patriotic-paranoid yea, saying 'twas but "A coin made by modern Masons".


PERIODIC  7/26/3: Metal Edge, June 2003, ISSN 1068-2872, Sterling/Macfadden Partnership, 333 Seventh Avenue S., New York, NY 10001.


(S)  pp. 23, 107, 114, 118: variously exposed dugs.


Metal Wire compiled by Cheryl A. Hoahing.

(F) PB [(S) BT**]  p. 40: Singer Courtney Love was arrested at London's Heathrow Airport for being "disruptive and verbally abusive" to the cabin crew and for refusing to buckle her seat belt while on a Virgin Atlantic Airway flight from Los Angeles.  While in London it sang "The Bitch is Black" with Elton John wearing a Donald Duck costume before stripping down to its dug and pesthole cover.


Lacuna Coil: The Lighter Side of Dark by Bryan Reesman.

(F) (S)  p. 101: The band including front female Cristina Scabbia was photographed for a CD cover nearly naked in gold paint.


(S) BT**  p. 110: ad: Rockabilia Music Merchandise Superstore, CD boxes with nearly naked beasts:

1) (HED)pe "Sexy Nun" (This might be an illustration).

2) Lynard Skynard "American Girl Flag".  Blonde kneeling knees wide, patriotic strips over pesthole and dug tips.

3) Pantera "Hesher Dream Chick", the beast's filthy dug tips are covered by pentagrams or mullets or American stars, its pesthole by a marijuana leaf.


Metal Edge Mailbag.

PB I/O BT**  p. 121: A man imprisoned in Pontiac, IL, was in medium-security prison due for release  in two months but prison bluecoats hassled him about his spiked-out punk-rocker hair style.  Summarily ordered to cut his hair or be put in solitary confinement he refused.  The subhumans then attacked him and beat him and cast him in the hole in a maximum security prison.


PERIODIC  7/26/3: World Explorer, Vol. 3 No. 4, © 1984-2003, ISSN: 1061-0103, 403 Kemp Street, Kempton, IL 60946.


News Roundup.

SCHO-OP  p. 9: The oldest skull in America believed to be that  of "Buhl Woman" was found in Idaho in 1989.  Said to date to 11,000 BP studies could not be done because the Shoshone-Bannock tribe claimed and reburied the bones.  (Jeordan Legon, CNN, Dec. 4, 2002.)


I/O BT**  p. 12: Airline Safety Report.  The Transportation Security Administration revealed in March that, in the last 12 months, airline passengers had been found by screeners to have tried to board with 4.8 million prohibited items, including 1.4 million knives, 1,100 guns, 125,000 incendiary items and 40,000 box-cutters....  (CNN-AP, Mar. 10, 2003)

            We don't believe a word of it.  This is a government lie.  This data represents more people than have flown in that period.  Have that many people have flown in that period?  Could this be the result of having the loveliest women stand before the x-ray machine at least twice?  And not a word of complaint.  Women again prove they like being naked in public (but not private for reasons we've explained).

            Media monkey: Some say the x-ray machines reveal to much.

            Gov. sub: We're looking for guns, grenades, things like that.


(F) (S)  p. 14: I Am Woman [therefore naked].  Chandragutti village, Karnataka, India worship their naked dungy goddess naked in public like the common whores they are.  One of those deities made of cow shit doubtless.


Crypto Corner.

SCHO-OP  p. 16: Puerto Rico.  A stout wire fence had been ripped away, found dead a rooster, hen and duck's blood had been extracted through equidistant holes, two white rabbits  had their front paws severed, the stench of decay prevailed, there was no trace of blood.  Obviously another attack by the Chupacabra, the goat sucker, an expert was summoned, the verdict? "Mice."  (October 7, 2002, Primera Hora, credit Luiseppi Quinones and Scott Corralles.

            Who was this "expert"?  Who pays its salary?  How much has it been paid if on the dole?


The Coneheads of Peru by David Hatcher Childress.

(F) SCHO-OP  p. 33: A museum charged Dr. Childress a fee before being allowed to photograph unusual skulls.

(F) SCHO-OP  p. 36: In 1933 a number of unusual skulls were found in Italy but these were secreted away by the cackling authorities and not seen since.

(F) (A)  p. 40: These so-called Human tribes practice the unspeakable atrocity of deforming the heads of their helpless little babies, a ghoulish, patriotic practice: Malakula, Vanuatu and Tomman Islands, Fiji.

p. 41: The Bintulu Malanus Dayak of Borneo; the Mangbetu of northeast Democratic Republic of the Congo.

(F) TORTURE (S) BT**  p. 41: close-up of a native with freakish head naked from waist up.  This belle of the Belgium Congo was probably dressed before the media monkeys appeared with their cameras.

(F) (T)  p. 42: Head and foot deforming were forced upon defenseless babies into the 1940s on mainland China, at times the women were freakified to the extent that they could not walk.

NL  P. 44: The Chinook of the Seattle area subhumanly deformed the heads of their innocent babies by keeping them strapped to boards, their heads in wooden vices.

SCHO-OP BT**  p. 49: On the Aleutian island of Shemya during World War II, army bulldozers uncovered the remains of giants the crania measuring 22-24 inches from base to crown.  The Smithsonian Institution immediately reacted with a beachhead of its own commandeering the remains which have been hidden and/or destroyed.  Repeated letters to the rich degenerates were not answered.

NL  p. 49: In 1833, soldiers digging a pit for a powder magazine at Lompock Rancho, California, hacked their way through a layer of cemented gravel and came up with the skeleton of a man about twelve feet tall.  The skeleton was surrounded by carved shells, huge stone axes, and blocks of porphyry covered with unintelligible symbols.  The giant was also noteworthy in still another aspect: he had a double row of teeth, both upper and lower.  When local Indians began to attach a religious significance to the skeleton and artifacts, the authorities ordered it secretly buried, to be lost to science.

So what difference has it made?  It's better than the Smithsonian getting they fell clutches on it.  In the bosom of the Earth the evidence is preserved.  The job of the Smithsonian Institution is to destroy all but the approved lies and keep us in chained in the fell darkness of their horrific god Flag! the dungy idol of their meet adoration.



(S)  p. 58: Discover the sensual beauty of unassisted homebirth*.  Read inspiring birth stories and articles, view stunning pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding* photos, and purchase unassisted homebirth* books and videos.  Bornfree!*  The Unassisted Childbirth Page.



PERIODIC  7/26/3: Ancient American, Volume 8 Number 51.


The Lost "Gridiron" of Ohio "Rescued with ... a $2.00 Map" by Charles and James Hill.

I/O  p. 7-cont. 27: A gravel mining operation savagely and impiously tore up Vera Cruz Church Cemetery so that deteriorating coffins were sliding out of the gravel.

One of the things we're going to kick-ass over is the depraved and impious way the dead are treated.  No cemetery in America is sacred.  If the rich want the land the rich get the land.  The bodies of our loved ones are hacked up and even raped by coroner ghouls worthy only of death.


SCHO-OP  p. 15: ad: Smoking Gun at Last? by Jim Michael.  For seven years the Ancient Kentucke Historical Association has tried to get DNA from a locked vault in the evil Smithsonian Institution.  The DNA was obtained from the bones of a person from Wales who lived 650 to 770 AD.

            The Institution of Oppression contains c. 40,000 bones many of them of giants, some massive.


Georgia Before Columbus: Evidence for Minoans, Hebrews, Romans in North America by Jim Miles.

SCHO-OP  p. 16: A coin found by a boy originated in Syracuse, Sicily in 490 BC.  It came to the possession of Mr. Preston E. Blackwell.  Hospitalized for a stroke the coin was stolen from Mr. Preston's wallet.


Bronze Age Michigan, Final of Three Parts by Daniel J. Wood.

SCHO-OP  p. 21: The white freaks, religious zealots of fathomless ignorance and arrogance, immediately set about systematically desecrating/destroying the monuments of Amerindians and those that were before, many races.  It has not stopped all join in.  The Devil River Idols stood near Ossineke in southern Alpena County until the 1940s, when local fisherman appropriated them for use as anchors.

SCHO-OP  p. 23: Conventional [i.e., government, corporate] investigators once bristled at the very mention of these inscriptions, even accusing some epigraphers of mental illness for suggesting the inscriptions were made by pre-Columbian visitors from overseas.


ACPAC: The American Committee for Preservation of Archaeological Collections, PO Box 1171, Whittier, CA 90609-1171.

(F) SCHO-OP  p. 25: Afghanistan - The Kabul Museum was ruined during the civil war of the 1990s and emptied of artifacts.  The rest were destroyed in 2001 by the Taliban in its zeal to get rid of "idolatrous" images....


PERIODIC  7/26/3: Prehistoric American, Volume XXXVII, Number 2, 2003, ISSN 1060-0965, PO Box 52, Eva, TN 38333.


The Laird Bison Kill Site by Tom Westfall.

SCHO-OP  p. 32: Mr. Rod Laird discovered the Casper Clovis site in Wyoming.  Corporate/government archaeologists, refusing to acknowledge his contribution, have stolen the credit for this significant find themselves.



1) The Baltimore Sun, Doonesbury: The chicken hawks that created Oil War II are Cheney, Perle and Wolfowitz.  These are draft dodgers.  Richy Rich dodged its last year of national guard duty, where patriots go to dodge the draft.

These rich queers have dodged every war from Vietnam on and, verily, so has Bush herself.  Rush Limbaugh's lame excuse for dodging Vietnam was anal cysts, although in her case it might have been true as anal cysts is a sign of homosexual activity but a draft dodger nonetheless.

            And wouldn't you know it?  After the reams of filth and hate this blithering pie-eyed fatback rich butterball has unreeled on people with a drug problem, it turns out to be a dope addict itself.  This is the boy that puked over the airwaves that it hated protesters, the same fat rich piece of shit that refuses to discuss pig violence and has publicly incited pig violence against demonstrators.  A rich dope addict!

            These are the perverts that still call Vietnam War protesters dirty names, a war crime that has been over for nearly three decades.  It is brave and noble to refuse to serve in a coward's war, a war of materialistic conquest and/or to protest that war.  It acceptable to refuse to serve in said war because one is a Republican, and not scathe others for refusing to serve in said war.  But not only have these rich queers dodged every war since they were of age, and their have been wars aplenty thanks to their rich-man's government, and not only do they scathe others for merely disagreeing with the war, but these pieces of rich shit even make up stories and create wars!

These are the spoiled rich boys, the same lame excuses for Human Beings that after the worst atrocity in American history, told you that you should spend all your money to express your patriotism.  Patriotism is obviously a nasty thing.

            As long as these rich degenerates can send others off to die and atrocify, so that  they themselves won't have to take a chance for their precious country, they feel they're save from taking a chance for their specious country.  They're right.  Those that advocate war by voice or vote should be forced to serve in that war down front center as an infantry solder or be hung by the neck until dead.

            The Republican party is a disgrace to Manhood not mentioning Humanity.  Another word for Republican is coward.  Their totem should be a chickenhawk, not an elephant.  It's the rich, fellow citizens, the rich!  Republicans are scum from the pits of patriotism, and God Almighty hates cowards.  Republicans! thy name is hypocrite.


2) On 3/31/3 1145-hours we noted in our Smut Investigation Arrest File the following:

BT**  Stuck on the web like shit on the side of a toilet a composite photo of two subhumans fucking, standing, from behind.  The heads are Eminem and Britney Spears.  The subhumans are unknown.  Note at top of file.

            According to Spin magazine, August 2003, p. 32 the two are friends with rich and famous subhuman porn beast ("porn/Web vixen") Jenna Jameson.  So there's a chance the subhumans fucking are  them groovy guys'n gals.

BT       With the article there's a photo of rich and famous subhuman porn beast Traci Lords airing ½-n dugs yea, say, it's written a book, stars on Melrose Place and is releasing a recording and not its "virgin voyage into record-making", snicker snicker.

Article filed.

            Spin is another outhouse publication.  Like the rest it should come with a hammer and two nails.  Near naked whores, a completely naked whore/actress from behind shackled spread-eagled, p. 76, etc.

Magazine clipped and filed.  Note at top of file.


(S)  8/1/3: Web site: The Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy Biographies @ http:// www. sadgeezer. com/hhg/hpeople.htm:

1) dugs of one in red.

BT**  2) Leering beast on a beach 99% naked in black pussy patch and nipple nasties, full ass-slab and -cheek.  Note at top of file.


I/O  8/3/3: One of our Men went to the viewing of his Uncle (who died unexpectedly) at Duda-Ruck Funeral Home of Dundalk, Inc., 7922 Wise Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21222.  Duda-Ruck's a particularly shitty American funeral home corporation.  The day was a scorcher.  Our man went for a soda.  The soda machine was downstairs.  He had to pass through a pack of the suited and tied hyenas that worked there.  There are four parlors.  Without slowing when he glanced into the last one, number four, a loud and surly voice boomed behind him: CAN I HELP YOU SIR?"

            "I'm looking for something cool to drink."



            He bought the costly beverage.  Upstairs he sipped it approaching the hyenas.  MOUTH stepped before him then back clearing its throat in a loud and threatening manner and our Man passed through the milling, loud, surly, insensitive and rude vultures of the Duda-Ruck Funeral Home of Dundalk, Inc.  He took another cool refreshing sip of his costly beverage.

            The American funeral industry needs to be flushed.  Now we have a place to start: up close and personal, the way we like it.  Funeral homes, if we allow them to exist, will be places where the grieving can go to say farewell without paying $10,000 to do so.  Your loved ones will be safe in their hands.  The stories of what they sometimes do to them are too repulsive to relate but if you want to know, imagine that are alive, young, want peace, and fall into the hands of the pigs of this country or one of your other country's pigs.  Until we are elected if you go to a funeral home take holy water and garlic.  They're under a cross so that won't work.

The punishment shall be something in their line.


Satan is the King of Lawyers.

—The Prophet Mastodon.


(F) (A)  8/13/3 1002: WWLG-1370 AM: Iraq: Brave American conquerors have fired into yet another crowd of unarmed demonstrators murdering one.  Asked why this keeps happening patriotic General Sanchez yawned: "Oh, well, we've got a lot of young soldiers over here and these things will happen".  Trashy parents trashy kids! it always happens when the sons of trash are commanded by queers.


            Now the whore has invaded Liberia.  This could become Oil War III.



Bull Angel


Road kill along the information highway

Shouldered virtual vultures’ hunkered sigh-way

Clay pigeons on a mass transit bench

Thus was awarded the gold monkey wrench

Pigs, horses, rocks and flocks

Meadows, hedgerows. levees and locks

Lookin' through commemorative glasses

The Redactor redacted their painted asses

Targeted down coon-ass lasses

'N boys bore spore like beeves

Nary a world to remember weaves

Web of hate, fabric of fate

Shocked in hock and bound in sheaves.


Bull Angel! Rollin' up yo' sleeves

Take this spanner and this scanner

Saint you ain't the flag freak grieves

Haint what ain't the flag freak pees.


Lap Load


Cripple crabs on crutches

Prosthetic rabbits spring from hutches

Synthetic spiders kickin' steely legs

Weaving webs among the kegs

Packing roscoes in many holsters

Flapper clapper flies on bolsters

Pussy willow pillow-beaming

Scarabs racing welfare wheelchairs

Cockfights semen slinging

Ergonomic earwigs bare from lairs.


Monocled hoppers in hats'n spats

Ninja cats and plastic bats

Gyring spiraling acrobats

Butt tokin' cheesy rats

Bogus clouding nanognats

Twirling butterfly naked goad

Sat the lap of squat old toad

Shimmied off leaving a load.


Creepy crawly smhoozed the dawn

Stirring master drudging pawn

Slumped'n humped grudging yawn

King he sprang across his lawn

Iron fawn trudging brawn

But today unlike other days

Came tripping flipping changing ways

The King drug to the calaboose

To date with our pal a goosed moose.


From Potsherds, Copyright 2000 Regimental Poet Youngman Grant


From the management:


            We have been busy.

            With the advent of 911 our ranks have grown precipitously.  It's not terrorists we fear.  It's the federal, state and local governments.  They will commit any indignity and/or atrocity for their rich owners.  We are better able to handle any contingency now than we have ever been.  Vigilance is the price of Freedom.  Those in power are held responsible for their crimes.  We truck no patriotic bullshit!




The Men of the 117th.