117th Militia



Family and Freedom over flag

© 2004 PSYWAR Office 117th Militia Regimental Combat Team


11 April  2004, Vol. 5, No. 22



            Terrorists alert! The Prophet warns!  Don't let them herd your families together into Oliver North's concentration camps or anywhere else.  Do not let them herd you together.  Do not let them take you from your homes!  Be armed! Be ready! Refuse! Assemble to defend your families and your homes!  They are psychologically primed to mass murder your families.  Those who die quickly will be the lucky ones.


            New York: The remains of the victims were scooped into Dumpsters and hauled to the city dump.  They gave a dead dog from the brutal Port Authority an honor guard!  The bodies of our people they trucked to the city dump in Dumpsters.  They looted the dead and who knows what else?  They pissed and moaned for the astronauts for months.  This is the high regard the government and its uniformed subhumans hold you in.

Whatever happened to the tens of thousands of Humans the hyena subhumans have arrested and hold incognito?  What tortures have they suffered?  Many have attempted suicide.  Care to guess why?  How long before Americans themselves disappear into federal concentration camps?  Does anybody know?  Does anybody care?  Would anybody care were it you?

            September 11, 2001 the day the rich fear you'll forget.

            The Prophet Mastodon reminds you those moronic craze-eyed police terrorists will murder dozens of you to get at one suspect.  Police terrorists are the same everywhere and Humans who have had a run-in with them in a stressful situation scarred or dead.  Police terrorists recognize no difference between suspect and victim.  Elect us! and we will end it in no uncertain terms.


PERIODIC  8/17/3: Nexus Vol. 8, No. 1, January-February 2001, ISSN 1039-0170, 2940 E. Colfax #131, Denver, CO 80206.


Editorial by Duncan M. Roads.

I/O (M)  p. 2: The media and the government have intensified their campaign to scare, intimidate and/or penalize those who refuse to inject toxins called vaccinations into their children.


Letters to the Editor.

Alarm at Los Alamos by Cherubim.

I/O BT**  p. 4: Secret Service and other federal conclaves of demons are injecting microfibers (a federally funded program) into the walls of homes, businesses, automobiles, baby buggies, etc.  This is done to anyone they label a "subject under surveillance" without warrant or notification of any kind to any law enforcement organization or even court authority, certainly not to the Humans.

I/O  p. 4: The subhumans are intercepting all mail from the US to international destinations.  This is also illegal.  Those responsible shall be punished.


Global News.

I/O  p. 7: Declassified US government documents show the US intelligence community (a foul and despicable community) campaigned through the '50s and '60s to build a united Europe.  It funded and directed the European federalist movement.  cia subhumans under the donovan demon were largely involved.  The rich boy queers of the Ford and Rockefeller foundations and business groups (of course) provided funding.  The State Department in a memo dated June 11, 1965, advised the Vice-president of the European Economic Community, Robert Marjolin, to pursue the monetary union by stealth, and to suppress debate until a point at which "adoption of such proposals would become virtually inescapable".

(Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, The Telegraph, London, 19 September 2000, www.telegraph.co.uk.)


I/O  p. 8: FDA Advisors Tied to Pharmaceutical Companies.

More that half the experts hired to advise the government on the safety and effectiveness of medicines are paid by the pharmaceutical corporations that will be helped or hurt by the decisions.

            Federal law prohibits the FDA from using tainted experts but the FDA has ignored the law 800+ times since 1998.

            The FDA is charged to reveal when financial conflicts exist, but it has kept details secret since 1992, so it is impossible to determine how much the drug companies are paying the experts.

(USA Today, 25 Sept. 2000, usatoday.com/news.)


(F) (M) I/O  p. 9: Vaccines Contaminated with Mad Cow Disease?

Capitalist pigs in Britain, the Medeva Corporation, have sold eleven million doses of polio vaccine containing material from British cattle since BSE (mad cow disease) vaccine guidelines banned its use in 1989.  The 11 million doses were administered to children and adults.  The Medeva demons have a capitalist history of contamination and production blunders.  Many capitalist shortcuts were taken to foist their filth off onto    Human Beings under the guise of medicine.

            The capitalists did not:

         clean, maintain and sanitize equipment;

         maintain systems preventing toxins and bacteria contaminating the production process;

         ensure batches of vaccines "conformed with all established standards, specifications and characteristics";

         prove that vaccines are free from bacteria and fungi.

Instead of dealing with the problems the capitalist managers of Medeva asked to raise the level of contamination deemed to be acceptable.  The ass-lickers at the British Department of Health and the Medicines Control Agency "have completely failed to act in the interest of public health".

            Medeva also makes vaccines against tuberculosis, tetanus and hepatitis B and the demons make Fluvirin flu vaccine used by 20 million Americans and a million-plus British's, many of them elderly.

(The Observer, 22 Oct. 2000, newsunlimited.co.uk.)


de Briefings.

mi6 and The Princess of Wales © 1999 Richard Tomlinson.

mi6 is the British equivalent of the cia.  We believe  mi6 murdered Princess Di, Dodi Al Fayed and Henri Paul.  The author had inside information on the murder and was investigating in France.

(F) I/O  p. 12: mi6 are trained to fire strobe flash guns into people's eyes to blind them.

(F) PB  p. 12: Investigating the murders in France, just before an appointment with Judge Hervé Stephan, the directorate de surveillance terroitoire subhumans without a shred of manhood equivalent to mi6, the cis, kbg, etc., assaulted his hotel room and arrested him.  Holding him at gun point the dst queers beat him and broke one of his ribs.  At the dst dungeon he was interrogated for 38 hours.  Despite repeated requests he was given no justification for the depraved brutality, his arrest, or shown a warrant.  The French-lick fags stole his laptop and Psion organizer.

            Those who know the history of the French pigs, yea, even they that wear perfume instead of bathing, with their faggoty capes and caps, that are called in whispers the goddamns by their terrorized people, know that if the French fags did not actually inspire the gestapo, that they at least think that they are still working with the gestapo.

(F) I/O  p. 12-13: Boarding a Qantas flight at Auckland International Airport, New Zealand, en route to a television interview in Australia, a Qantas official ordered him off the  plane, yea, saying, a fax was received from Canberra  attesting a problem with his travel papers.  Requesting to see the fax the Qantas ass-licker barfed "not possible"—if there was a fax.

(F) PB  p. 13: Back at his hotel room in Auckland common New Zealand street pigs and the New Zealand Secret Intelligence Service, the nzsis assaulted his hotel room.  The nzsis are the New Zealand subhumans equating to mi6, the cia, kbg, dst, e-t-c.  [We hear these heavily armed and unchained mobs of subhumans mutually practice the quaint patriotic custom of circle bung-tonguing, they make like Olympic rings and stuff.]  Detained and searched for three-hours the new zealand subhumans stole the rest of his computer equipment.

PB BT** I/O  p. 13: After presenting evidence to Judge Stephan, Tomlinson was invited to talk live on NBC.  He flew from Geneva to JFK.  After arrival at JFK the captain of the Swissair fight told all passengers to return to their seats.  Four US immigration subhumans entered and went straight to his seat, asked for his passport, then frogmarched him off the plane.  At the immigration service jail he was photographed, fingerprinted, manacled by the ankle to a chair for seven hours, served with deportation papers then deported.  (This should happen to the rich.)  He was not allowed to make phone calls to representatives of NBC awaiting him at the airport.  The immigration ass-lickers (who relish sucking dicks) were acting under instructions from the cia demons.

(F) PB  p. 13: In 1999 he booked a chalet on the village of Samoens in the French Alps for ten days snow boarding with his parents.  His family flew to Geneva.  At the border French dst, reeking of officialdom despite dousing themselves with perfume, arrested him and interrogated him for four hours.  Then, having smeared him with shit making him unclean as all bluecoated queer-cowards do, they deported him.  (You can never wash cop-touch off, they make one spiritually unclean.)  The dst gay blades knew his exact destination, information only obtainable by wire tapping his parents phone in the UK, done by the sisters of the dst the mi6 faincy paints quars, to put it in Appalachian idjit.

(F) I/O  p. 13: His banning from France is illegal under European law.  He has a British passport and is entitled to travel freely within the European Union.

So much for European Union law.


de Briefings.

The Greatest "Scientific" Fluoride Fraud Yet? from Health Action Network Society, Canada.

            Fluoride is a deadly byproduct of silver mining, that the rich dispose of by pumping into our drinking water.  What it does to children, to aid the rich, is a war crime.  It rots children's teeth, causes thyroid cancer, Kaschin-Beck disease, iodine deficiency, autism, slipped epiphysis, Down's syndrome and thyroid dysfunction.  The deadly poison fluoride can do these things to adults and it causes Alzheimer's disease.

(F) (M) SCHO-OP  p. 14: On 12 October, six days after most major world newspapers ballyhooed the results of a scientific review reporting fluoridation of public drinking water to be a safe public health measure (British Medical Journal 2000; 321:855-859, 7 October, www.bmj.com), CKST-1040 AM Vancouver broadcast the atrocious truth.  The "scientific" review undertaken by the UK National Health Service's Center for Reviews and Dissemination at the University of York, is considered the "final word on fluoridation".

            The York Review deliberately falsified vital information and deliberately misinformed the public on the adverse health effects the vile poison fluoride has on people especially children.

(F) (M) SCHO-OP BT**  The York Center changed wording in the study protocol to avoid inclusion of truthful results.

The York Review is yet another example of endless "severe and gross scientific criminality".

(F) (M)  p. 14: In China entire villages are being abandoned because of fluoride poisoning.

(F) (M) SCHO-OP  p. 14: In the 1920s hyperthyroidism was caused after iodine was pumped into public water supplies.

(F) (A) SCHO-OP  p. 14: Sosnivka, Ukraine: Mothers of 3,000 sick children have tried for five years to get their children's ill health properly addressed by the rich trash in charge after they pumped fluorides into their drinking water.  This has happened in Pakistan.  Fluorides are destroying the health and lives of scores of millions of Human Beings in 25 countries.  Severe fluorsis is observed in China from breathing airborne fluoride.


(F) I/O  pp. 17-20: Mobile Phones: Time to Take Precautions, © 2000 Simon Best.  Mobile phones, cell phones and cordless phones are hazardous and probably cause brain-eating cancers.

I/O SCHO-OP  Although the British government, forehead sloping over its eyes, knuckles dragging ruts to the prisons, are becoming dimly aware of this horror, there is not a breath of reality stirring the fur before the eyes of the US government, not a breath of reality.  The US subs persist in lying or the rich will cut them off.


The Secret Gold Treaty © 2000 David G. Guyatt.

(F) (A)   p. 26: Depraved British subhumans secretly supplied weapons to the depraved Indonesian subhumans that mass raped tortured and murdered tens of thousands of innocent men women children and babies.  Indonesia—turds bobbing on the South Pacific.  Britain—turds bobbing on the North Atlantic.

(F) (A)   The nazi Croatian Treasury was illegally transferred to the subhuman Vatican and elsewhere at the end of World War II where no Human can touch it.  The subhuman Vatican still has it.


The PROMIS Threat © 2000 Michael C. Ruppert.

I/O  p. 27: Created mid-1970s by National Security Agency programmer Bill Hamilton, PROMIS (Prosecutor's Management Information System) allows the subhumans in the American government to download a computer's contents to a satellite.  Promis crossed a threshold in computer programming.  The cia cocksucks stole Promis, use it for their twisted and depraved purposes, and may have cost Hamilton hundreds of millions in royalties.

(A)   p. 27: A dozen people have been murdered in connection with Promis, many sharing a pattern where, within 48 hours of death, bodies are cremated residences are sanitized and all files disappear, like when the government of the rich bulldozed Waco and the federal building in Oklahoma City, etc.

            The media monkeys call those concerned about Promis "conspiracy theorist" (at the least) as they call the enlightened, those who do not agree with them.

(F) (A) (M)  p. 28: Mossad is Israel's subhuman's equal to the cia, mi6, nzsis, dst, kbg, e-t-c., in patriotic depravity.  Those animals modified Promis and sold it to Arab terrorists.  Their salesman, a former WW II Jewish resistance fighter, British publisher billionaire Robert Maxwell, drowned mysteriously in 1991, an Arkancide.

(M)  p. 29: Not long after discovering this, investigative reporter Danny Casolaro Arkancided in West Virginia.

PB BT** I/O  p. 28: Drug-related murders and pig corruption around methamphetamine production surged in northern California in the 1980s.  The investigation led to career politician Tony "Quick Hand" Coelho, Fortune 500 corporations like MCA, to madman/scientist Michael Riconosciuto, and turds like Ted Gunderson, Robert Booth Nichols and other filth.  The trail led to the Cabazon Indian Reservation in the California desert and other cesspools of the Reagan/Bush terror apparatus.

I/O  p. 29: One of the tasks the Riconosciuto beast performed at the Cabazon reservation was to install a backdoor in the Promis version sold to Canada.

I/O BT**  p. 29: "By using treaties between the US government and Native American peoples that recognize Native American reservations as sovereign nations, the cia subhumans have long and frequently voided statutory prohibitions against operating inside the United States."  Note at top of file.

            The financial rewards for these Amerindian nazis have been significant, and the extra security afforded by tribal pigs in remote areas has been a real blessing for the subhumans.

            So much for the nobility of Native Americans with their bloody assholes.  We're going to put an end to this.  All will be made known, and those responsible severely punished, despite so-called sovereignty.  These redskins are threatening our Families, Dignity, Freedom and Security.  They are countries within our country.  Circle the wagons!

            Elect us!

(M) BT**  p. 29: The Riconosciuto creature told a homicide detective that the execution style murder of a father and son were Promis related.

I/O  p. 31: Promis software was smuggled out of Los Alamos nuclear labs in containers labeled as radioactive waste.  According to spy/subhuman Bill Tyree the last place in the world, after an Indian reservation, that one would break into is a nuclear waste dump, like a compost heap and a cesspool.

(A) (M) I/O  p. 31: "Big Shit" Al Carone, a retired NYPD subhuman and a member of the Genovese mafia, was a cia sub also.  [The cia and mafia have been bung-tonguing each other since the creation of the cia.  Learn what the mafia/cia subhumans did for the subhuman Batista in Cuba.]  For over 25-years before its mysterious death in 1990, the Carone subhuman served as a baggy and liaison between Papa Bush, cia Director "Buffalo Bill" Casey, all-American war criminal Oliver North, Richard "Tricky Dick" Nixon and many other prominent and rich Republican subhumans including Robert Vesco, Mañuel Noriega and Ferdinand "Steal-billions-of-dollars-worth-of-gold-bullion-from-the-American-people" Marcos.  [Marcos was lead rapist, torturer and murderer of tens of thousands of its own people, with the blessings and benedictions of America the Whore.]  A Carone-Tyree connection goes back to the mid-1970s when Tyree served with the special forces subhumans, engaged in cia/subhuman directed missions for which the Carone subhuman doled out tens of millions of tax dollars acting as paymaster.

p. 31: The cia William Casey sub was a close friend of the Carone family before the Carone, thingy, died mysteriously.  Snicker.  It's like flushing a toilet with those types.

I/O  p. 32: the capitalist Washington Post would not print the proof that Canadian security had been compromised by Promis software operating in their government computers.

I/O  p. 32: Congressional committees have had their computers infiltrated by "enhanced" Promis software.  [Which probably makes no difference.]

I/O BT**  p. 32: Tyree: "This is how you cripple everything Canada does that you don't like...we toppled the government of Australia".

            The Labor government of Prime Minister Gough Whitman was suddenly unseated after making nationalistic noise and questioning the role of US intelligence subhumans in Australian affairs.  Though it was not explained in the text, the unseating of the Australian government had something to do with the murder of a Frank Nugan, capitalist banker.

I/O BT**  p. 73: The capitalist/pig bankers and financial institutions have gutted American manufacturing through globalization.

I/O BT**  Under Ringass Reagan and Papa Bush the cia and capitalist/pig bankers infiltrated HUD and robbed HUD of $59 billion.  Once the patriotic subhumans had done it there, the cia and banker subhumans realized that they could do it anywhere in the world.  Note at top of file.

(F) I/O  p. 73: The Royal Canadian Mounted Pigs, famed in the intelligence community for their atrocities, suddenly closed its Promis investigation with the shocking disclaimer that it did not have and never had Promis hardware.

(M) I/O BT**  p. 74: America: The investigation onto Promis related murders was suddenly closed.  Note at top of file.


Popularity almost invariably leads to deterioration of quality.

The Way of Zen, © 1957 W. Watts, Pantheon Books, Inc.


Adverse Effects of Adjuvants in Vaccines © 2000, Viera Scheibner, Ph.D.

Not only are vaccines at their purest dicey at best,  dangerous at worst, but the adjuvants the drug corporations spike vaccines with to give them a kick are deadly.

(M) I/O  p.35: Devil docs blame the fell effects of these leprous distillations on the parents.  It's always something the parents have done, never the poisons they force onto an unsuspecting public.  In one case of "shaken baby syndrome", where the baby developed subdural and retinal hemorrhages from the disease whooping cough, doctors accused the father of causing these injuries and vociferously denied that the disease pertussis causes such hemorrhages—ignoring that this was the reason the pertussis vaccine was developed.


Para SETI: Contact via Subtle Energies, © 2000 Gavin Dingley, p. 40:


Electrical capacity is to gravity, as inductance is to  magnetism.

—Michael Faraday


The Excavations of Carlos Ribeiro, © 2000 Michael A. Cremo.

(F) SCHO-OP  p. 53: In 1860 Carlos Ribeiro, head of the Geological Commission of Portugal, found flints proving humankind dated back to the Tertiary (1-65 mybp).  In 1942 Henri Breuil and G. Zbyszewski lied about the artifacts giving them a false evolutionary or Darwinian date.

(F) SCHO-OP  p. 54: Ribeiro's artifacts are stored out of sight below Darwinian dated artifacts in the Museo Geológico in Lisbon.  Of the 128 artifacts identified 107 have been stolen by museum authorities and presumed destroyed.

p. 55: Stone tools and human skeletal remains dating to the Miocene (up to 30 mybp) were discovered in California gold mines in 1880 by Mr. J.D. Whitney.  This overwhelming and compelling evidence was offhandedly dismissed by bung-sniffer William H. Homes of the Smithsonian Institution yea, saying: "Perhaps if Professor Whitney had fully appreciated the story of human evolution as it is understood today, he would have hesitated to announce the conclusions formulated, notwithstanding the imposing array of testimony with which he was confronted".


            The difficulty of describing these things for western ears is that people in a hurry cannot feel.

—The Way of Zen.


Twilight Zone

1) Final Words from Scientist Dr. Michael Wolf, an interview conducted by Paola Harris, © 2000 Paola Harris.

SCHO-OP  p. 57: The Campaign Against UFO Secrecy files lawsuits against the subhuman intelligence agencies.  Despite the law these lawsuits are ignored.

(S)  p. 58: medium shot of ¼-n dugs of Paola Harris.

I/O  p. 58: For 48-years, from the age of ten, Wolf was exposed to toxic substances.  It was part of his work like "that group in Area 51 who want a class action lawsuit, who have suffered from working on "black programs".

I/O BT**  Wolf died from the effects of the leprous toxins and noxious substances that the government exposed him to shortly after this interview.


2) Dr. Wen Ho Lee and Secret Research into Interdimensional Portals, © 2000 Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

I/O  p. 59: Dr. Wen Ho Lee was imprisoned for nine months without bail and defamed by media monkeys.

I/O  p. 59: Fifty-eight felony counts against Lee were dropped and US District Court Judge James Parker apologized to Lee for government "misconduct" which "embarrassed this entire nation".  Nice sentiment but it did not.

I/O  p. 59: When his informant emailed Richard Boylan this information, a subhuman penetrated his cutting-edge encryption and implanted a virus which caused his server to freeze up on his exact message and not download it, and thus blockade all his incoming email.  It cost Boylan several days time and expense to develop a go-around for the freeze-bug.


(S) BT**  p. 66: Reviews, Books.  The Book of Magnet Healing by Roger Coghill:  whore completely naked from behind.


(S)  8/18/3: DVD #87818, Columbia Pictures, "Almost Famous", rated R.

  1) two in SS on loungers.

  2) ½-n dugs leaving store.

  3) ¼-n dugs of groupie.

  4) ¼-n dugs in purple.

  5) many ½-n dugs in hallway, et. al.

  6) ½-n dugs in hat.  Many others in hotel room.

  7) BT**  full ass-slit of one in purple panties.  Various dug exposure.

  8) BT**  ass-slit on one answering phone.

  9) dugs at rock concert.

  10) ¼-n dugs in blue, et al., at buses.

  11) BT**  rape scene.  Note at the top of the file.

  12) many dugs in Cleveland.

  13) BT**  nipples of Kate Hudson.  Note at top of the file.

  15) BT**  KH's naked ass.  Note at top of the file.

  16) BT**  KH and Fairuza Balk near-naked in SS.

  17) BT*  full ass-slit of blackhead in "Rolling Stone" office.

  18) sagging ass-cheeks below stewardess' skirts?  Note at top of the file.

  19) BT**  dugs among the "new girls". 

  20) Cast Notes: Anna Paquin, ¼-n dugs.


            In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.

—Thomas Jefferson.


PERIODIC  8/25/3: Alantis Rising, Number 40, July/August 2003, PO Box 441, Livingston, MT 59047.


Early Rays.  Intelligent Design Theory Puts Darwinists on Defensive.

The Intelligent Design Theory states that a living cell is irreducibly complex, that if any part of it is removed you have a minute blob of protoplasm, not a simpler cell, therefore there is no evolution but life was created as it is.

SCHO-OP BT**  p. 13: Despite the fact that parents voted to include the theory of Intelligent Design in the classroom, the cowardly degenerates that run the Atlanta, Georgia board of education refuse to let it be taught, sticking instead to the chosen faith of Darwinism that has no intelligent design, nor proof of existence for that matter.  Darwinism is a bleary-eyed theory enforced by bilious intellectual bung-sniffers, charlatans, ass-lickers and perverts who are too stupid to think, too wicked and greedy to speak and too cowardly to act.

            We do not control our schools.  (In Baltimore County, Maryland if your child is absent a doctor's excuse must be presented or the child is condemned to detention with  patriotic bullies.  Who can take a child to a doctor every time the child is sick?  It is none of their business in any case.)  Demons and perverts own our schools.  Demons and perverts have turned our schools into prisons.  Elect us and the demons and perverts that own and run our schools will pay for their crimes against our children.  Elect us and the pledges and doctrines of the larded gentry will be consigned to the compost heap.  Elect us and the evil machinations of the rich and their demons and perverts and the demons and perverts in the education systems will be purged from existence.

            Elect us!


The New Heretic by Dr. Eugene F. Mallove.

SCHO-OP  p. 58: After publishing Fire from Ice: Searching for the Truth Behind the Cold Fusion Furor, a major cover story by Dr. Mallove to appear in MIT's Technology Review was canceled by peptic MIT bung-sniffers.

SCHO-OP  p. 58: Dr. Mallove discovered massive fraud performed on a federal contract by MIT ass-lickers.  Of course, nothing was ever done about this.

SCHO-OP (F SCHO-OP)  p. 58: Science (US) and Nature (UK) are publications conspiring with ignorant and arrogant academics screeching, veins popping from scrawny necks and foreheads, domed heads gleaming with sweat, that cold fusion is a "pathological science".

p. 58:

            The eternal challenge of science is not to follow where the worn path may lead, but go instead where there is no path.

—Eugene F. Mallove.


PB I/O BT**  p. 23: ad: Song of Freedom: My Journey from the Abyss (ISBN 1-891824-38-4) by Judith Moore.  Authoress was a victim of nazi type mind control experiments perpetuated on her by your subhuman government.


An Open Letter to the Editors Archaeology by John Anthony West.

SCHO-OP  p. 70: NBC broadcast The Mystery of the Sphinx in which John Anthony West presented overwhelming and compelling evidence for the great antiquity of the Sphinx.  Without even mentioning the proof the peptic bung-sniffers and ass-lickers of Archaeology rabidly attacked Mr. West, his associates and even the viewers.

            This case is considered actionable because Archaeology might be receiving some form of public assistance.

Mr. West this open letter concluded by affirming two things the Prophet thought might be so and, indeed, he now deems himself correct about.

1) Some think the caste system was initially not hereditary, that it no one's state of birth but one's attitude.

2) There is a caste beneath the Untouchables.  You never hear of this caste in the West.  It is painfully obvious why we never hear of this caste in the West.  This class is the Anupadeshi.  The Anupadeshi is a class below the Untouchables.  The Anupadeshi is the lowest class of all.  The Anupadeshi are the Unteachables.  These are your scientists, academia, media, government, corporations, voters.


            To succeed in anything is always to fail—in the sense that the more one succeeds in anything, the greater is the need to go on succeeding.  To eat is to survive to be hungry.

—The Way of Zen.


P. 57: Recordings by Robert J. Resetar.  Reviewed: The New Physics of Healing by Deepak Chopra.

            The New England Journal of Medicine estimates that 36% of patients receiving general medical services are suffering from disease as a result of medical intervention.  Between 1981 and 1987 maybe 4 million people died as a result of medical treatment.


            Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery and Today is a Gift.  That's Why They Call it the Present.



(S)  p. 70: Slight dug exposure of rock'n roll singer Jewel.


(M) PB  p. 74: The Atlantis Rising Catalog.  The Battle of Los Angeles 1942 by Terrenz Sword.  Six Human Beings were murdered by military subhumans that shot down a small plane caught in searchlight beams.  The trigger-happy subs thought they were firing at UFOs.  'Tis to laugh!  'Tis to cry!


PERIODIC  (S) (BT**)  8/25/3:

1) Maxim, September 2003, Maria Carey, 9/10-naked, naked -slabs, CU huge half-exposed dugs.  Note at top of the file.

2) US Weekly, June 16, 2003, ½-n dugs and nips.  Note at top of the file.


PERIODIC (S) BT**  8/26/3: Playboy, July 2003.

1) Front cover: Lisa Marie Presley, 99.99% naked, squeezing its naked dugs.  Note at the top of file.

2) Back cover: ad: Captain Morgan Rum, two near-naked, nips of one in white top, another's dugs on display.  Note at the top of file.


(S)  8/26/3: video home recorded: MTV 11/29/97; Beavis and Butthead Special.  At least three near-naked beasts, fully naked asses except for strings up cracks;  CUs.  CUs of crotch of beast standing on its head scissoring open its legs, fully naked ass-cheeks, cunt-crack, cunt-mound thinly covered.  Check broadcast thoroughly.  Note at the top of file.


INTERNET (S) BT**  2331: adameve catalog, near-naked beast.  Note at the top of file.


INTERNET (S) BT**  8/28/3 1125: Kazaa Media Desktop, ad: How to get cool screen savers.  Beast in white SS, 99% naked.  Note at the top of file.


INTERNET  8/29/3:

0700: Orbital Explorer, link to nakedness.com.

BT**  0831: Yahoo.com, Entertainment News, slut/whore Britney Spears and McDonna open mouth kissing, both ½-n dugs.


9/5/3: WTMD-89.7 FM: Five million Americans were unemployed when Baby Bush took office.  Now nearly 9 million are unemployed.  The nasty little rich boy said: "I feel good about the economy".  Sure it does.  It's an oil billionaire bum that has your meathead sons murdering Iraqis so it can get even richer.  Sure it does.  Its friends the depraved owners of overseas factories are doing swell.  Sure it does.  They have a tighter grip on you people than ever before.  911 was a Satan-send to the rich degenerates that own and run this country.

            Those IMF subhumans have you cowards convinced that this is the postindustrial age, that fewer things are manufactured than ever before and that, since you are worthless, it's natural for you and your families to be driven out to starve.  Saps! more goods were manufactured last year than any year previously, and each year tops the last.

            Knickerbocker Bush and its gangsters of wealth recently loosened environmental controls for energy producers.  Billionaire Knickerbocker Bush is an energy producer.


NL  1457: 13 WJZ-CBS: ad: Southeast Airlines claims to be "a symbol of freedom".  A symbol of Freedom?  Since when?  What did they do for Freedom?  These depraved corporations will say, or do, anything to rake gather pelf: cheat on taxes, cheat on securities, patriotize foreign nations, parade naked girl monkeys before the public, tell you it's patriotic to spend money when faced with the worst atrocity in out history, sell your babies to playboys, in many places make you stand behind screens of naked x-ray machines....  There's no end to it.



            The master in the art of living makes little distinction between his work and his play, his labor and his leisure, his mind and his body, his information and his recreation, his love and his religion.  He hardly knows which is which.  He simply pursues his vision of excellence at whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing. To him he's always doing both.

                                                                                            —Zen Buddhist Text.


INTERNET  (S) BT**  9/9/3 1307: rebooting, a naked beast with shoulder length black hair, frigging itself or with it's hand over its pesthole.  Note at the top of file.


♠ (S)  Professional Wrestling page, dugs.  Check thoroughly.


INTERNET (A) I/O  9/10/3: sunspot.net: in 1962 the Joint Chiefs of Staff planned to murder hundreds of Americans and blame it on Cuba.  This is a conspiracy to commit atrocity.  Arrest all even remotely concerned.  Note at the top of file.


INTERNET  9/11/3: Comcast High-speed Internet, Entertainment: "Bail in Diaz Photo Case Set at $250,000.

PB (S)  A man who obtained undisclosed photos of Cameron Diaz.  The pigs raided his apartment.

(S)  Cameron Diaz, ¼-n dugs.


PERIODIC  (F)  9/11/3: Dundalk Eagle, 41 North Center Place, PO Box 8936, Baltimore, MD 21222.

Family Claims Soldier Abused.

I/O  p. 18: A soldier was given seven years for reckless driving.  Another boy was killed in the vehicle he was driving.

PB BT**  p. 18: He was caged with Iraqi POWs.  He was tortured and scarred with a Taser.  He was starved and not given water.  In Kuwait he was caged with tubercular Iraqi prisoners.  An American nazi cursed him and slashed his uniform with a knife while he was wearing it.  Note at the top of file.

(M)  p. 24: An Iraqi pig walked up to a Human and murdered him in broad daylight on the street before witnesses.  Of course, nothing was ever done about it because in Iraq the subhuman pigs now work for the subhuman United States.  These are the same subhuman pigs that worked for Saddam Hussein.

            With our knowledge of the patriots that clog the military like a bunged up toilet we tell you that all the above is true, probably more, and we are thankful the man is still alive because you will find your most cowardly, depraved and dicksucking subhumans in the military penal system.


            Seven blunders of the world that lead to violence: Wealth without work; pleasure without conscience; knowledge without character; commerce without morality; science without humanity; worship without sacrifice; politics without principle.

—Mahatma Gandhi.


9/13/3: INTERNET (S) BT**  hatsofnewyork.com, Naftali, completely naked -slabs and -cheeks.  Note at the top of file.


(F) (A)  9/13/3: WTMD-89.7 FM: Iraq: marines ambushed a truck slaughtering eight Iraqi pigs.  Good!  The Iraqi pigs have not been punished, or they would not be alive.  Indeed they still carry on their trade.  Yet another atrocity brought to you by your friendly neighborhood leatherneck subhumans.


INTERNET  PB (CA)  9/14/3: WAMU.org, If I Get Out Alive, ref. to murdered children in adult prisons and the horrors of "health care" for children in adult prisons.

And the Republicans wonder why the United Nations revoked America's Human Rights accreditation.  They can't figure it out.


PERIODIC  9/16/3: Adventures Unlimited Catalog, Winter/Spring 2004, PO Box 74, Kempton, IL 60946.

PB I/O SCHO-OP  p. 4: Unlocking Alien Closets by Leah A. Haley, $22.00.  People are threatened and harassed by black helicopters and threatened at gun point by military subhumans.  People have lost families homes and jobs because they related their unusual experiences.

(A) DOMESTIC  p. 10: Virtual Government by Alex Constantine, $14.95.  Relates the integration of nazi subhumans into the american intelligence community and the subhuman cia's experiments on children.

(S) BT**  p. 10: The Book of Magnet Healing by Roger Coghill:  a whore completely naked from behind.

PB (A)  DOMESTIC  p. 12: The Truth Behind September 11 by Mike Ruppert, $19.95.  Presents compelling evidence that the attacks of 9-11 were known about and allowed to happen in a Pearl Harbor-style "wake-up call".

I/O BT**  Author discusses the role of the drug trade among the intelligence community subhumans, and all things hidden in the "War on Terror".


Choosing is absurd because there is no choice.

—The Way of Zen.


            Each book purchased for motion pictures has some individual quality, good or bad, that has made it remarkable.  It is the work of a great array of incomparable writers to distinguish the quality, separate it, and obliterate it.

—Evelyn Waugh.


McDonald's or Burger King?

—The Prophet Mastodon.


PERIODIC (S) BT**  9/16/3:  For Him Magazine, October 2003, cover: Jenny McCarthy, nearly naked, full ass-slabs  and another in white pussy patch and pasties, slabs.  Note at the top of file.


(S) BT**  9/16/3: "Old School", Dreamworks DVD 90626.  On the back of the box, two sneering subhumans, a blonde beast and a brunette beast, pulling tops over their empty heads, topless.  Both wear pesthole patches, one with 10 on it, full ass-slabs and cunt mounds.  DVD not rated.  Note at the top of file.


I/O  9/16/3 1701: WTMD-89.7 FM, Langley Air Force Base is already forcing families from their homes because of a possible hurricane, not due for days.


INTERNET (S) BT**  9/17/3: Warnerbrothershipclips:

1) Holly Palmer naked but for rag over pesthole.

2) ad: "You may never get a date with a swimsuit model", CU of a model/whore's naked ass in sheer pestholes cover.

 Note at the top of file.


PB  9/19/3 0823: 13 WJZ-CBS; Baltimore: City Operations Center.  Hurricane Isabel has flooded areas of Baltimore City (and County).  Because personhole covers "may have been blown",  Mayor Martin O'Malley is having its brutal pigs arrest people out walking.

Its monkeys ranted all day about the dangers of drowning by falling down a personhole.  Bullshit!  It's doubtful any personhole cover at all was "blown", unless they did it themselves, and if so how many people would step in one?  It was a convenient excuse to terrorize so the Big Monkey jams a banana up his asshole and its little monkeys follow suit.


PERIODIC (S) BT**  9/20/3: Maxim, Oct. 2003, nearly naked on cover.  Note at the top of file.


9/21/3 1540: WQSR-102.7 FM: Don O'Brien, local dee-jerk, radio moral marauder and gutless patriot, says the naked monkey clubs in San Diego are "fantastic" and you can step over the border to Tijuana.  Perhaps you'll see him there in a pissy alley, down on his knes.



(S)  13 WJZ-CBS, Ravens at San Diego Chargers:

BT  1633: ad: Dr. Pepper, CU huge ½-n dugs and various others.

BT**  1445: ad: series: CSI Miami, many 99.99% naked in pesthole patches, close-ups of naked ass-cracks, ass-cracks through cloth, CMs, near-naked dugs.  Note at the top of file.

(T)  1449: ad: America Online, dugs.

BT  1715: ad: Castrol Syntec, CU huge ½-n dugs.

1716: ad: Nextel phone service, dugs.

(T)  1748: ad, series: The Handler, ¼-n dugs.

1806: ad: Miller Lite, dugs.

(T)  1807: San Diego Chargers cheerleaders, ½-n dugs.

BT*  1818: CLs, CUs huge ½-n dugs.

BT* 1829: CL, CU huge ½-n dugs.

BT* 1830: many CLs, one CU, ½-n dugs.  Fan in blue, check for others.

BT* 1839: box ad for series Survivor, several near-naked.

BT* 1847: CLs, huge ½-n dugs.

1852: ad: Wendy's dugs.


BT**  1992 Baltimore Thunder (lacrosse) poster, many in pussy patches and ½-n dugs, full slabs, CMs.  Note at the top of file.


(CA) BT*  9/26/3 0829: WTMD-89.7 FM: Prince Georges County, MD: a subhuman named Matthews was given 18-months for viciously shaking one of her babies and throwing the precious little thing onto a couch.  It was witnessed doing this often to both her babies—a mere wrist slapping.


9/27/3 1100: WTMD-89.7 FM: Baby Bush said the turmoil "in Iraq takes lives in America".  Unless she's referring to what they're doing to 5,000 incognito prisoners that's a bald-faced lie.  All liars in public office should be purged.

(F) (A)  1101: Iraq: subhuman marines have murdered 4-5 defenseless people trapped into a vehicle at a roadblock.  Shitty-assed cowards!


9/30/3 (S)  BT**  "A Perfect Circle," CD by The Thirteenth Step, Virgin Records, inside a naked blonde airing fully naked ass-slabs and ass-cheeks.  Note at the top of file.


(S)  Ollie's Bargain Outlet, 1403 Merritt Blvd, Baltimore, MD 21222.

1) Totalburn Software, dugs.

BT**  2) Transistor Radio, recorded novel by Chris Bohjalian, completely naked subhuman on box, full naked ass, etc.  Note at the top of file.

3) Check all literature.


PERIODIC (S)  9/30/3:

1) BT**  Playboy, February 2003, nearly naked on cover.  Note at the top of file.

2) BT**  Playboy, August 2003, two in pussy patches.  Note at the top of file.


3) (S) BT**  1997 rubric cube advertising Playboy Network, many near naked.  Note at the top of file.

4) (S) BT  © 1998 Titan Sports, WWF Attitude air freshener, ¼-n huge dugs of blonde.


10/5/3 1629: WJFK-1300 AM; Star! It's Star! Rita Moreno star of the subhuman filth Old Calcutta!  It's doing PSAs for the blind.  The beast is going to wish everybody had been blind when we get elected!  There's but one place for subhumans.


PERIODIC (S)  10/13/3: Inside, October 2003:

1) cover: Ashley Judd, ½-n dugs.

BT**  2) back cover: Intuition, feminine product, presented as naked.  Note at the top of file.


(S)  10/13/3:  "Jerry MacGuire, 1996, Tri-Star DVD, ISBN 0-8001-4174-1:

BT**  a) athlete, full naked ass-slabs, ass-cheeks hanging, CM, dugs.  Note at the top of file.

BT  b) ½-n dugs in red.

c) slight dug airing of "Dorothy".

BT**  d) Tom Cruise and another subhuman fucking, the female beast naked from behind, it is standing, its legs wrapped around it, dug airing, female beast: "Stop fucking me!  Stop fucking me!"  Etc.  Note at the top of file.


(S)  10/18/3 1958: 45 WBFF-FOX, ad: Joe Millionaire:

BT**  (1) many variously exposed dugs.

BT**  (2) beast in white pesthole patch, -slabs, CM.  Note at the top of file.


(S) BT**  "Old School", DreamWorks DVD 90626,

1)   The blonde and brunette beasts from the back of the box, sneering from ear to ear, are naked running toward the camera for an extended period.  Many CUs of the actress/subhuman's filthy bouncing dugs.  Shiteaters! actresses thy name is shiteaters.  Note at the top of file.

2) dugs at wedding.

3) check throughout.


(F) (A)  10/20/3 1021: Cowardly Israeli subhumans attacked a refugee camp with jets murdering eight humans and wounding countless more.


10/22/3 1731: WTMD-89.7 FM:

NL  (1) ad: The City Paper is running a bio of subhuman freak John Holmes.  The City Paper is printed once a week, just time enough to use an issue lining your bird cage or cat box.

(S) BT**  (2) The Towson University Departments of Theater, Arts and Dance is presenting that piece of familiar porn Hair.  The student subhumans, actresses and boys, will be on stage naked be thee fairly warned.


NL  10/24/3: The Baltimore Sun, Entertainment:  Big write-up on the movie about the subhuman freak John Holmes called "Wonderland".  It stars Val Kilmer.


(S) BT** PERIODIC  10/24/3: Victoria's Stinking Secrets December Catalog:

· cover: near-naked beast, its full-naked ass-slabs, CU huge ½-n dugs.

· back cover: near-naked beast, CU huge ½-n dugs.

Note at the top of file.


PERIODIC  10/25/3: World Explorer, Vol. 3 No. 5, ISSN 1061-0103, 403 Kemp Street, Kempton, IL 60946.

News Roundup.

(S) BT**  p. 9: Nothing to Hide.  Susan Hallowell, director of the Transportation Security Administration's security laboratory, stepped before an airport X-ray machine and appeared naked on the screen to the delight of slavering bureaucratic subhumans.  It pretended not to know! teehee.

            But you, the people, like these X-ray machines.  You're saying it's "a whole lot nicer than having someone pat me down".

            The title of this article is considered cute by the golden fleecers, a.k.a., the media monkeys.

PB I/O BT**  For some time these X-ray machines have been in use in the Belly of the Whore to expose and humiliate the families of prisoners.

(F) I/O BT**  These X-ray machines are used to humiliate South African diamond miners.


INTERNET  10/28/3: Publishers Lunch (e-newsletter).

Naval Academy Slaps VanDeMark's Wrist.  The Naval Academy has finally rendered judgment regarding accusations that professor Brian VanDeMark plagiarized other works in his recalled book PANDORA'S KEEPERS: Nine Men and the Atomic Bomb. Academic dean and provost William C. Miller, while acknowledging that there was "plagiarism," called VanDeMark's actions "just very sloppy scholarship" and "gross carelessness" rather than intentional theft.  VanDeMark's salary was reduced by $10,000, and he issued a statement "accepting accountability for my unintentional mistakes."

            Robert S. Norris, one of the authors ripped off, said to the AP, "I'm really shocked.  I've never seen more of a systematic effort to cut and paste from half a dozen books and pass it off as your own scholarship."


            Did Brill's After Come Before, Or While, He Was Plotting New Business It Promotes?  Patriot promotes nazi ID cards in Newsweek columns and book, then quits to work for Choice-Point the nazi ID card maker, gave no notice of intentions.


Traditional Orthography—Ask for it By Name.  The German government has changed the spelling of its people's language by law.


PB I/O BT** INTERNET  10/30/3 0705: rense.com, The Jeff Rense Program, the thousands of unknowns in the federal prison camps are being "leased out" to third parties so that they may be used as fodder in drug experiments.  In America the republican subhumans have decreed that people have no rights.


I/O BT**  10/30/3: WTMD-89.7 FM: Humans are forced to stand behind naked x-ray screens before going into the Capitol.

            Do those plump rich homosexual poltroons in Congress have to stand behind the naked x-ray machines?  Where else we wonder?  Why don't you stay away from these beasts?  It's their Capitol, let them stew in their own juices.  They're fat enough.  You demand nothing yet wonder why you can't get any respect.  Stay out of their buildings.  The Great Spirit knows you should not allow your children to be in their homosexual dens of inequity.


(F) PB I/O  10/31/3: WTMD-89.7 FM: Iraq: American soldiers clashed with "rioters".  No word on how many "rioters" were murdered and/or maimed.  But "smoke was seen rising".


INTERNET 10/31/3: Publishers Lunch, October 31, 2003: Likeskind, Cabot, Jordan, and More.

NL  1) A former UN official exposes the organization's incompetence, corruption and anti-Semitism.

I/O BT**  2) The story of a German girl sold into slavery in the US and then found by her parents years later.  Note at top of file.

NL  3) A controversial assertion that a nation's success should be measured by happiness rather than wealth.  (Our italics.)


BT**  11/2/3 1345: M&T Bank Stadium, throughout the game Ravens cheermonkeys on the big screens naked in G-strings, ass-cheeks sagging, ass-slabs, ½-n dugs; CUs.

1445: cheermonkeys, ass-cheeks hanging below G-screens on the big screens.  Sitting on the hands of males holding them aloft, the males hands disappeared into their fat shitty asses; CUs.  Note at the top of file.


NL  11/4/3 1701: WTMD-89.7 FM; billionaire bum Baby Bush called the Iraqi freedom fighters a "collection of killers".  What does that (piece of shit) think its marine cowards are?  Men?


11/7/3: Baltimore Sun, p. 1E:  Her Bet's on the Burlesque Scene by Sarah Schaffer (who seems to have a gender identification problem).  Eighteen year old Kara Mae Harris (who seems to have the same problem) started a magazine about naked cunt-monkeys called Stars and Garter.

            Both tell us in glowing terms that the naked cunt-monkey diarrhea called burlesque is staging a comeback, or a throw up.  (Comeback! get it?)  K.M.H. is overjoyed that her research has meant "contact with a whole new set of lovely ladies" (S.S.) i.e. guttershit.

K.M.H. is "a big fan of the voluptuous tassel-twirling" (S.S.) subhumans.  Both admonish us, this is not filth mind you, this is high art!  We have snot-nosed girls defining filth these days.  Almost as bad as having the Supreme Court defining it.  It is not filth, but "spice and glitter" (S.S.) much to praised and emulated.

            Would it not be well for your daughters to be like this? your sons?  Those are the finest "ladies" (S.S.) in America up there, the cream of American womanhood, the naked girl next door, meaning those not up there, those who are not naked cunt-monkeys, are less than decent.  K.M.H. is as heavily tattooed as a South Sea cannibal so it ought to know all about American ladies.  Typical twist of depravity in the American Twilight.  Article filed.


(F) (A)  11/11/3: Trusetto, Ultraviolet Affirmation, CD, barcode 59057 41802, (c) 2002 CCR (Conglomerate Rock Records.  At the beginning of cut Enough is Enough there is a reference to recent American atrocities overseas.


(S)  11/17/3:

1) BT**  INTERNET  Australian ad: (video) Hahn  Lager, full-naked turd- cutter of full-naked brunette subhuman walking to hot tub.  Long-lingering CU of its ass.  Note at the top of file.


2) BT**  1244: White Marsh Mall before the Bath and Body Works, long-haired brunette, full ass-slit.

3) much other filth ahoof.


Lowe's Theatre

4) BT**  Star Trek Voyager game, nipples.  Note at the top of file.

5) (T) Mafia Movie Madness, prescreening etiquette reminder: ¼-n dugs of black.

6) ad: Chase Manhattan credit cards, dugs.

7) BT**  preview: "Troy", dugs and it removes top before male.  Note at the top of file.


8) BT**  feature: "Matrix Revolution", beasts entering S & M club: two sets ½-n dugs; long-lingering CU of wriggling sagging ass-slabs of the two beast entering, one blonde and one blackhead.  Note at the top of file.

9) BT**  Many long-lingering CUs of huge ¾-n dugs of beast in red.

10) BT**  blackhead in black leather, ass-slabs, muff or tiny G-string.  Note at the top of file.

11) BT**  much filth in club.

12) BT  ¼-n dugs of black.


13) leaving theater, poster for movie "Honey".


BT**  1520: 6 ESPN: ad: Golds Gym, Dundalk, MD 21222; CU of a pesthole's completely naked turd-cutter?  Note at the top of file.

(T)  1550: ad: Samuel Adams, CU ¼-n dugs of blonde.


1534: 56 ESPN 2: unidentified ad, "a cheatin' boyfriend", dugs.

1545: ad, movie: "Something's Gotta Give", dugs and it removes its top before male.  Note at the top of file.


BT**  1615: 61 MSNBC, ad: DVD "X" (X-men 2), several close-ups of character Mystique's naked but painted dugs, obscenely bouncing and swinging, and the subhuman's nipples.  Note at the top of file.

?: Check these three channels fifteen minutes either way.


11/20/3 0834: WTMD-89.7 FM, Maryland: 1,000 pigs crammed a church (bet that smelled good) for a funeral service for a Prince Georges County pig killed in an auto accident that was probably its fault.  They don't feel they have to obey traffic laws y'know.  Regarding Prince Georges County pigs the only good pig is a dead pig.

0903: Baby Bush called Iraqi freedom fighters, "thugs and killers".  What does he think that trash he unleashed on that country is?"  Men?


11/21/3 0801: WTMD-89.7 FM, A British pimp said: "We, who represent the civilized world..."  Subhuman Margaret Thatcher?  Subhuman Pinochet?  Stalin?  Hitler?  What'd that lime suckin' sidewindin' wimp mean?


            The lesson I learned in Cairo still applies.  The only way to deal with bureaucrats is with stealth and sudden violence.

—UN Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali 1993..


11/24/3 0833: WTMD-89.7 FM, Maryland state police, demons of slavery and injustice, will crackdown on drivers that don't use seat belts and child safety seats.  The horrible enforcing the trivial.


11/25/3: Baltimore County recently refused to accept written excuses from parents for their children's absences.  Now they need a documented doctor's excuse.  If this is not produced the commie-nazis that own and run Baltimore County's school system (a penal system for non-convicted juvenile criminals) have them sentenced to detention where patriotic bullies are unchained upon them.


INTERNET (F) (A)  11/25/3: Flak Magazine, November 2003, flakmagazine.com, Welcome Back, Señor Presidente by Luciano D'Orazio.

Of all the fine, upstanding gentlemen who have presided over military regimes in Latin America, few have such a stellar resume as Efrain Rios Montt of Guatemala.  Taking control in a military coup in March 1982, Rios Montt, a brigadier general and evangelical pastor, began a crusade of his own, launching a new crusade against a purported leftist insurgency, and instituting a state of siege that wreaked havoc on the native Mayan population.  The Guatemalan congress was disbanded; the constitution was annulled.  Villages were burnt and villagers massacred.  By the end of the subhuman Rios Montt's rule in August 1983, anywhere from 20,000 to 60,000 Guatemalans were dead or, in the standard euphemism of murderous Latin American dictatorships, "disappeared."  Note at top of file.

            And in the Nov. 9 election, 16.9 percent of Guatemalans thought he should be president again.  (Notice the POS yet breathes.)

            There was a large photograph of the leering subhuman; fat, rich and happy having never worked a day in its life.  Yes, it is a patriot so it is happy that it even raped and tortured little babies to death.  Your precious ronald "ringass" reagan aided and abetted this patriotization fang and claw.  (The republicans got drugs in exchange.)  It, as all patriotic americans, wanted this to happen.  It makes their tiny little pee pees almost hard.


INTERNET (S) BT**  11/25/3: allposters.com/gallery.  Numbers 1-3 seen at mr.crankey. com/movies.  Posters:

1) Kiss, two near-naked female subhumans lying abed kissing, naked slabs and cheeks.

2) God is a Man, near-naked beasts sleeping.

3) Freshman Girls, near-naked beasts.

4) Female Nude-Torso, naked subhuman.

5) Jeans, subhuman ½-ass naked.

Note at the top of file.


BT**  Bandslocal.com, ad: US Bikini Team, naked blonde squeezing its dugs.  Note at the top of file.


(CA) PB BT**  11/26/03: fark.com/archives (e-magazine).  A tenth grader was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct for picking his nose.


WTMD-89.7 FM: We came into the dayroom from playing touch football.  The news was on and we heard, "It's about time the courts recognized that these people were human".  For an insane moment of felicity we thought a ruling had gone against the Republicans favoring the tens of thousands of Human Beings that have disappeared in the American gulag but no!  The dicksucking state of Massachusetts has legalized queer marriages and the pesthole speaking was a lawyer for the queers.  That's what's important in this piece-of-shit-of a country.


11/27/3 1145: WBJC-1300 AM, The Turkey Bowl: Calvert Hall vs. Loyola, ad: Best Buy Bargains: "We have DVDs and videos to please any adult taste."  That includes CIA snuffers we understand.  This was a lengthy ad mentioning "adult" taste and "adult" entertainment and "adult" DVDs and videos a dozen times. America's "good" kids these days accept the word adult as degenerate.  The "good" kids don't know the difference.



Guest Editorial.

Reality Check

            Freedom in America has always been a convenient fiction, the rich regarding Freedom as privileges they grant unto us as long as we're good little boys and girls.  We wince like children in an orphanage or prison before a guard smiling like Jaws holding its belt in its pudgy paw.  Saddling us with guilt, the corpulent and flatulent have us jumping like dogs for a bone, afraid to say or do anything because they might make it worse, that they'll let us know that even more of what we thought of as rights was illusion.  People, it is going to get worse.  They are working fang and claw to make it worse 24-7.  Now they want to arrest people as terrorists on the mere word of the cops.  After 911 the politicians raved saying the terrorists attacked Freedom.  If they wanted to attack Freedom they would have attacked someplace else.  Then, without pause, they screeched you should express your patriotism by spending all your money.  Think about 911 and think about that last statement.  They hauled the remains of the dead to the dump in dumpsters.  That's what we mean to them.  We've lost our dignity.  Now, consider, when the World Trade Center was attacked on February 26, 1993 and the weapon was cyanide gas, a baft subhuman was undercover among the foreign terrorists aiding and abetting them.  Asked by its master if it could fix the fuses so they would not detonate it said: "If they don't detonate we will have a weak case".  The american and arab terrorists fired the cyanide gas bomb but the detonator did not work properly by accident, not design.  However, six were murdered and more than a thousand were injured.  Federal demons attempted to murder thousands of you to keep you safe.  To them you burn a village, and its people, to save it.  It's known as scorched earth policy.  Their feces is more important to them than any of you.  We are regarded by the government and its enforcers as the civilian population of a conquered country.  Anything the rich do to you in their war to save you is justified.  Now consider that 4,000 Israeli nationals worked in the World Trade Center and they all stayed home that day.  It's not rocket science people.  It's called a conspiracy.  You are expendable.  Indeed, the government loathes and detests you.  Oliver North designed the concentration camps under Reagan.

            Congress gives these federal subhumans billions of our dollars to use for just such atrocities as these.  It's called the black budget.  Not only don't the depraved queers know how the money is spent, but they've made it a felony to ask.

In a hostage situation you can be murdered the doorway of your home and they give the bluecoated cocksuckers metals for it.

            It's not us people, it's them.  They are godless demons.  Our problems are not our own.  The government is a monkey on our back.  One major government, fifty state governments, hundreds of local and municipal governments all armed to the fangs and unchained.  Despite what conservatives rant they're all the same, they're all owned by the rich for the rich.  Many of our state governments, and some of our local governments, are larger that the national governments of foreign countries.  The government is a 500-pound gorilla on our backs, pounding us on the head.  It is the curse of our lives and the ruin of the Earth.  The government commits the crime; we the people serve the time.


Words hurt but silence kills.

—Timbuk 3.

Information is like eggs, the fresher the better.

—George S. Patton.

Those who know do not speak.

Those who speak do not know.

—The Way of Zen.


(F) (A) BT**  12/1/3: WTMD-89.7 FM: Iraq: American degenerates claim to have murdered 84 enemy soldiers in two coordinated attacks.  Eyewitnesses say they murdered mostly civilians.


(F) (A)  12/1/3: Publisher's Weekly, Monday, December 1, e-newsletter.  A man was tortured by patriotic subhumans for 13 years in Uruguay, with the knowledge, approval and tax dollar support of the piece-of-shit people of the United States.  Note at top of file.


PB BT**  12/2/3 0801: WTMD-89.7 FM: Cincinnati: Viewing the video of six cowardly bluecoat shiteaters "beating" a man with clubs the cowardly shiteating Mayor of Cincinnati, Charlie Luken, said, "They acted in accordance with their training".  That sounds about right.  What the cowardly shiteating AP wire service and cowardly shiteating WTMD-89.7 FM did not bother to mention was that the six cowardly bluecoat shiteaters beat the unarmed and defenseless man to death with steel clubs.  Apparently steel clubs are legal in that shithole Cincinnati.  Subhumans in black skins but white souls were in on the fun too.

            In its mild article The Baltimore Sun uses euphemisms like death instead of murder and, as always, the cowardly shiteaters are down on their callused knees eating shit as it comes out of the assholes of the cowardly shiteating bluecoats.

They said the man was on PCB.  How did they know?  And if so, so what?  There are no excuses.  They're got you sublime morons believing that if somebody takes PCB they can lift a hurl a city bus. How fucking stupid can you the american people be?  How credulous?  My fellow americans, you're a bunch of slack-jawed yokels.  Call you Cletis!

When patriots such as these are exterminated then we will be free.

            Elect us!

            Cincinnati, that's the city the pig force recently held hostage, making hundreds of thousands of people late for work, emergency vehicles delayed, arbitrarily arresting them, etc.  Of course, nothing was ever done about it.  Cincinnati, a city of whores and queers.

            Elect us!

            Article filed.  Note at the top of file.


PERIODIC I/O  12/2/3: The Baltimore Sun, Lafayette, Louisiana: a seven year old boy was punished in school for telling a friend that his mother was lesbian.  Is it his fault his mother is a lesbian, assuming she is?


(F) (A)  12/3/3: Publisher's Lunch, Wednesday, December 3, 2003, e-newsletter.

More Deals.  (A book about) an effete reconnaissance unit and the gruesome atrocities the american subhumans committed against civilians in Viet Nam.  Note at the top of file.


BOOK  12/6/3: Inventing Al Gore, © 2000 Bill Torque, ISBN 0-395-88323-7, Houghton Mifflin Company, 215 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10003.

I/O  pp. 16-17: Armand Hammer, oil billionaire bum, the patriot that made massive illegal contributions to Richard "Bloody Dick" Nixon's presidential campaigns, famed raper of the environment and strip miner despite the law, was a commie spy.  It was a Soviet courier, laundered money, recruited spies and worked to slit your throats in the night.  It figures!  Republicans are traitors!  Your biggest patriots are always commies in a manner of speaking, only their flags are different to condemn the innocent.  Of course, the Armand Hammer Benedict Arnold was never punished, is yet honored by the rich beyond death.

I/O  p. 18: Albert Gore, Sr., Al Gore's father, that allowed Hammer to illegally rape the environment on his Senate watch, after being turned out of office, betrayed his people further by hypocritically going to work for the commie spy Armand Hammer at its Island Creek Coal (a Kentucky corporation) strip mining operation, where it helped the enemy of the American people illegally rape once beautiful states.  It said: "Since I had been turned out of office, I decided to graze the tall grass".  Millions of trees, billions of animals, crystal streams magically turned into sewers, rich commie spies running unchained.  Patriots!

(CA)  p. 38: St. Albans National Catholic School, Washington, DC, accompanied by a threatening bulldog, headmaster Canon Charles Martin, always snuck up behind students and squeezed their necks viciously in a homosexual manner.

I/O BT**  p. 60: During the Vietnam Atrocity Era, hundreds of young men burned their draft cards.  In retaliation the patriotic queer, Selective Director Lewis Hershey, ordered local draft boards to draft these principled and exceedingly brave young men, all worthy of life, not death.  They were drafted, some maimed and slaughtered.

PB  p. 60: Thousands of demonstrators marched on the Pentagon.

PB  p. 60: 119 Humans were arrested for "blocking the entrance" of Oakland Army Induction Center, California.

I/O  p. 60: At Harvard 70 students were put on probation for the youthful prank of briefly detaining a recruiter of Dow Chemical, in Mallinckrodt Hall.  Dow Chemical was the manufacturer of baby-roasting napalm.  The masters and slaves of Dow Chemical are staunch patriots even unto this day.

(A)   p. 70: Ref. to My Lai where your brave American war heroes murdered 500 Human Beings.  Those that died quickly were the lucky ones.  One of your brave subhumans raped a six-year-old girl and blew her apart with a grenade.  (Must have been from the ghetto.)  Of course, they were never punished.  The media monkeys, touting their bloody assholes, call My Lai a village.  Five-hundred men women children and babies comprises a town! Big difference!

I/O  p. 77: A racist warmonger (coward) William Brock, republican, of course, defeated Al Gore, Sr., in the 1970 Senate race.  In "Operation Townhouse" cackling Nixon operatives channeled $3 million to "Wild" Bill Brock, et al.  Some of the pudgy rich boys that engaged in this were Walter Annenberg, W. Clement Stone, DeWitt Wallace and Richard Mellon Scaife.  Of course, nothing was ever done about it.

(A)  p. 88: Al Gore, and many others, supported intervention in Grenada and aid to Reagan and North's schoolgirl atrocifying subhuman contras.  Of course, nothing was ever done about it.

I/O  p. 92: A student of Vanderbilt's divinity school, Mr. James Lawson, was expelled for leading sit-ins to integrate Nashville's restaurants.  Vanderbilt was controlled by a powerful sty of the most despicable patriots in the Nashville area, slugs like rich Nashville Banner publisher James Stahlman.

p. 96: The Nashville Tennessean supported the expulsion of Mr. Lawson from Vanderbilt.

I/O  p. 96: Ref. to Teamster Union violence in Tennessee.

I/O BT**  p. 96: Reporter John Seigenthaler was beaten unconscious by Montgomery, Alabama patriots while rescuing two Freedom Riders.

p. 107: Joe Crockett, Nashville city councilman, mocked Al Gore for that "laid back hippie look".  "Davy" had that swaybacked fat-assed potbellied pudgy career politician patriot look.

I/O  p. 107: The Nashville Metro Council voted its pudgy self a mega-expensive lengthy vacation in San Juan, Puerto Rico, for all 33 of its patriotic bloodsuckers, while people starved on Nashville's streets and the bluecoats terrorized the populace.

I/O  p. 107: Patriotic councilperson Robert "Dude" Reasoner savagely cursed Gore and threatened to throw him out a window for telling the truth about the subhuman patriotic Nashville Metro Council and his fat rich cowardly self.  Threatened a man's life and nothing was ever done about it.  We think "Dud" Reasoner would be apt.

I/O  p. 110: In the extortion trial of Nashville city councilperson Morris Haddox, the judge would not allow the jurors to hear transcripts of taped conversations proving its conspiratorial cupidity.  The defense played the race card.

I/O  p. 110: The proceedings against the degenerate ended in a mistrial the jury deadlocked 8-3, one undecided.  The black jurors held out for acquittal, which was granted the Haddox degenerate in a retrial a month later.  All this likely cost the taxpayers millions of dollars.  The blacks on the jury cut their noses off to spite their faces.

I/O  p. 126: Rich commie spy republican Armand Hammer used revenues from its Libyan oil concession in the late sixties (which it landed with the help of a multimillion-dollar bribe to federal officials) to buy the Earth-raping Island Creek Coal.  (Need we say it?)

I/O (M)  p. 131: The real America:

1) babies sickened by nutritionally deficient infant formula.

2) families desperately seeking organ transplants for loved ones.

3) communities ravaged by toxic waste dumped on them by the rich.

4) taxpayers ripped-off big time by federal and local subhumans.

5) consumers ripped-off by pudgy golden-rain republican CEOs.

(A) I/O  p. 137: The rich patriots that own Hooker Chemical were the poisoners of Love Canal, Niagara Falls, New York.  Miscarriages and birth defects were common, trees and shrubs turned black, holes burned in children's shoes.  Hooker was bought by rich commie saboteur Armand Hammer's Occidental Petroleum in 1968.  As executive vice-president and director of the Occidental's Earth-murdering Island Creek Coal, Al Gore, Sr., became one of Occidental's top bloodsuckers.

p. 137: Al Gore, Jr., cosponsored the passage of the first Superfund bill, a joint public-private effort to clean up the killing grounds of Love Canal.  The depraved rich commit the crime, we, the people, pull the time.

I/O  p. 153: Gore sponsored legislation that limited a candidate's ability to accept money from political action committees.  Then he "caucused" with business PAC degenerates boasting of his ass-licking votes favoring his masters, like his no vote to expand picketing rights for striking workers.  "I am a strong supporter of PAC participation in the political process," he told PAC MANAGER, a newsletter for administrators of PACs, i.e., conspirators against Freedom for the people.  "I need to raise large sums money, and I have enjoyed getting involved with PAC community."  You can bet that's true from this two-faced liar.

(A) I/O  p. 194: Gore supported the Ring-ass Reagan's baby-raping subhuman contras, its  invasion of Grenada and Papa Bush's flagging of Kuwaiti tankers in the Persian Gulf before Oil War I.

p. 194: For supporting the patriotic baby-raping Nicaraguan contras, The Council on National Defense, a depraved pro-Reagan PAC, gave it 100% or a "Golden Eagle" award.  Golly, we'd like to have one of those.  We could use it for an ashtray.

I/O BT**  p. 199: For three generations the Champion International Corporation ran a paper mill in Canton, western North Carolina, that turned the Pigeon River, once a crystalline mountain stream, into an open sewer that smelled like shit.  This savaged a wide swath of Earth along its banks and stunted growth in downstream communities in eastern Tennessee.§ One town became known by the lovable capitalist sobriquet of Widowville because of the cancer rate.  Sneaky Pete Gore deceived Cocke County residents.  He be de sly career politician.  They thought they had a powerful friend in Gore who, like the white ka-nite, attacked the capitalist beast Champion International and lax North Carolina regulations in the Senate on a courser of righteousness.  Boy! did he ever fool them!  Yea, da black ka-noit had a fire breddin dragon!  Roit up 'is arsehole!  Perpend:

            Gore, "Instead of seeking to protect the Pigeon River, the State [of North Carolina] has unashamedly persisted in dragging its feet and has obstructed the effort to clean the river up".

            The EPA moved to strip NC of its authority to regulate the mill in 1985.  A District judge actually rejected a legal challenge to the EPA's enforcement by Champion and ass-licking North Carolina officials.

            Champion's attorney, multimillionaire Ben Bilus and North Carolina Senator Terry Sanford (a major ass-licker of Champion) then entered into a conspiracy.  Bung Bilus wrote: The bottom for Gore is that he wants to be President and that, where he runs he'll need the help of solid democrats from North Carolina, Senator Sanford.

Representative James Clarke of Asheville then entered the conspiracy.  Janus of the Senate set against the EPA standards with the ferocity of a German shepherd law enforcement police dog on peace demonstrators.  It ran its own people down, stabbed them in the back, slipped poison into their water and always told its lies with a deadpan condescending mug.  The Asheville Times, a local republican propaganda rag fit only to line bird cages and cat boxes, hailed goon boy Gore as a local hero, a ver-i-table "new ally".

            Jamie Clarke of Champion International went public with the conspiracy: "We've educated Senator Gore on the problem and told him we expect him to help us.  It's been my experience in life, particularly in politics (our italics), that you scratch my back and I scratch yours.  That goes for sucking dicks too.

            The payoff Sanford and former North Carolina governor Jim Hunt endorsed Janus Gore and sponsored a fund-raiser where the rich shit-eaters that own and run North Carolina donated $110,000 to Lurch's campaign and piping hot fresh shit was  served the shit-eaters that own and run North Carolina.

            In 1996 the bloody-assed degenerates of North Carolina's environmental protection agency renewed Champion's pollution permit hands down without requiring improvement in the Pigeon River's water quality.  Up until publication, thanks to bloody-assed Gore and the degenerates that own and run North Carolina, the Pigeon River is still a sewer.

            The fruit never falls far from the tree.

(F) (M)  p. 218: Brazil: with Senate colleagues John Hertz and Tim Wirth, Gore held hearings at a cathedral in the provincial capital of Rio Branco, near the rubber plantations where the gallant labor leader Chico Mendez was murdered a few weeks earlier—a victim of pudgy homosexual landowners determined to raze every tree in that stinking country for cattle raising.  (Brazil is not a country, it's a piece of shit.)  Check its recent history.  Where do you think all those orphans came from?)

(CA)  p. 223: A southern patriot named Wheelis forced his son  to spend a summer clearing several acres of grass with a straight razor.

(A)  p. 259: Billionaire bum Papa Bush aided and abetted Saddam Hussein in developing chemical and biological weapons and the patriotization of hundreds of thousands of innocent Human Beings with Iraqgate.  In Iraqgate Bush helped his soul brother with $1 billion in load guarantees (never repaid) earmarked for the purchase of US farm products.

(A) I/O  p. 259: It, of course, hid all this from the people.

(A) I/O  p. 259: The Bush White House interfered with a Justice Department investigation of Iraqgate, into the illegal billion dollar loans made to Iraq by the Atlanta branch of Italy's Banca Nazionale del Lavoro.  Of course, nothing was ever done about it.

p. 274: Ref. to the Somalia debacle where 18 Americans were killed.

(A) No mention of the scores of innocent Humans murdered and/or wounded by the brave capitalists of hero justice.

(A) p. 275: America's European allies, her little whores of Europe, embargoed arms shipments to Bosnian Muslims and refused to join in air strikes against subhuman Serbian positions.  It didn't bother those pudgy European queers that the Serbian subhumans were running over women fleeing with their babies with tanks.  God Almighty, what say Ye visit a brimming measure of justice on that chamber pot Europe, and there homosexual lovers the Serbs?

            Lurch refused to go against the Whore's little whores.

p. 276: Ex-President Jimmy Carter praised the shit-eating subhuman General Raoul Cedras of Haiti.

(F) (A) & I/O  pp. 275-276: The subhuman General Raoul Cedras, raper and butcher of Haitians 1991-1994, was compensated many millions of dollars by you, the taxpayers, for the "home" (palace) it abandoned in shitty Haiti for luxurious exile in shitty Panama where hot and cold running queers, whores and children attend its every patriotic need.

I/O BT**  p. 286: The two-thousand mile border with Mexico has been savaged by factories owned by or doing work for US companies—air water and ground pollution protection is disregarded because of NAFTA, passed by pudgy career politicians to destroy the Freedom of Americans.

(F) I/O; I/O  The number of border sweatshops [and prison camps] yet surges.

I/O BT**  p. 286: The trade agreement Gore championed has given the larded gentry a new way to ignore anti pollution regulations.  In the text a provision allows corporations to sue countries whose laws dilute profits.

(F) I/O  In 1997, when the Canadian government banned MMT, a gasoline additive, because studies proved it caused nerve damage, the manufacturer, the subhuman Ethyl Corporation of Richmond, Virginia, successfully sued to lift the prohibition.  Note at top of file.


            There is a politician in San Francisco that so detests the political left-wing that he will not make a left turn with his car. 

—The Way of Zen.


(CA) (M)  p. 299: Susan Smith, a South Carolina degenerate, drove its car into a lake with its two sons (14-months and 3-years) strapped inside, then reported them missing.  It did this to get some guy to like it.

(A)  p. 301: Ref. to the fall of Srebrenica producing thousand of Bosnian Muslim refugees and a "fresh wave of ethnic cleansing".  "Ethnic cleansing" is a mediaism for atrocifying or patriotizing.  Those Serbian subhumans did things to innocent and defenseless Human Beings, men women children and babies, that New York City pigs have only dreamt about, unspeakable things drug up from the pits of patriotism.

To this day the cringing subhumans of Serbia and Yugoslavia do not care what their patriots did and, of course, nothing has been done about it.

A 21-year-old Muslim refugee woman hung herself beside a road with her belts to avoid the patriotic rape camps run by the subhuman people of Serbia and Yugoslavia.  Of course, nothing was ever done about it.

I/O  p. 381: During Al Gore, Sr.'s ten years heading Earth-raper Island Creek Coal (1973-1983) the corporation was cited  30 times by the state of Kentucky.  The state's division of water pollution called the firm a "major" polluter.



PB  p. 389: Lewis Hershey's directive against Men who burned their draft cards triggered massive protests.

I/O  p. 389: 25,000 Men were indicted for violating federal draft regulations.  9,000 were convicted, 3,250 turned over to the subhuman scum in the prisons, and there were also the patriotic prisoners to contend with.


            Oh! despite his Benedict Arnold personality, Lurch lost the 2000 presidential election to Burch in a flurry of dimpled ballads, pregnant ballads, absentee ballads, bullshit and Byzantine counting methods.


12/6/3: c. 1930: WCBM-690 AM: Some of the men in from the lonely watch switched on the radio to catch the Blast game.  Unfortunately the Blasts are presented on Baltimore's major pig ass-sucking station.  The station faggots have their mouths suctioned onto the pig's assholes praying that they shit.  Anyway this is what they heard immediately on turning it on.  "An officer of the law came to my door and asked me if I'd like to donate to aid all the fallen officers.  And I said oh, yes, to help my heroes in blue I'd do anyth...."  Click!  They turned it off and cursed it in the name of God Almighty.


12/7/3: The Baltimore Sun, Doonesbury, (c) 2003, Garry Trudeau.  In Central Baghdad there is a "Green Zone".  This is where you have constructed four square miles protected by blast walls and concertina wire.  You must like what you are protecting.  The fence alone cost you several lifetimes of taxes.  Under the psychotic eyes of rooftop snipers people entering are searched three times.  The drawing shows a male character being strip searched in public.  Since this is a cowardly military operation you may safely assume that men, women and children of all nationalities especially Americans (who have no concept of dignity) are publicly strip searched three times.  Within the "Green Zone" is "The Bubble".  Here wallows in the shit of Americanism trash, the trash of the Governing Council, the trash rich bloodsucking U.S. officials that have never worked a day in their lives, and the twisted trash of rich Halliburton CEOs and serfs.  Halliburton is a multibillion dollar oil company closely associated with Baby Bush, the billionaire bum in the White House.  They're making billions and billions of dollars off Oil War III.  After all, Halliburton is the reason Oil War III was fought.


(S)  12/9/3: "Me, Myself & Irene", 20th Century Fox, DVD 2000626.

1) ¼-n dugs of Traylor Howard.

2) ¼-n dugs at party.  Check for others.

3) BT  CU of huge ½-n juggling dugs of Shannon Whirry.

4) BT**  Jim Carrey sucking S.W.'s naked dug.  Note at the top of file.

5) BT**  nipple of Renee Zelleger.  Note at the top of file.

6) BT**  R.Z.'s full ass slit.  It was aired often.

7) BT** CU it's -slit.  J.C. squeezes R.Z.'s dugs with both hands.  Note at the top of file.

8) Check thoroughly throughout.


(A)  12/10/3: Iraq: American's gangster sons have murdered 15 children in two attacks.  The rich man's government is concerned because, "This sort of thing might drive a wedge between", the people and their capitalist conquerors.


BOOK 12/13/3: The Talisman, © 1984 Stephen King and Peter Straub, fiction, ISBN 0-425-08181-8, The Berkley Publishing Company, 200 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016.

p. 378: (CA) BT**  Ref. to Indiana, a p.o.s. state that allows patriotic degenerates to inflict physical agony on girls and boys in its juvenile prisons called schools.  The arrests will encompass all those that aided and abetted.

p. 378: I/O PB  Ref.: p.o.s. Indiana imprisons Humans for hitchhiking and the subhumanism of its bluecoats is alluded to.

There is no Freedom of Movement in America.  Elect us and we will correct this ungodly injustice in no uncertain terms.  If they control the roads it means they control your movement and therefore your lives.  It could not be simpler.


12/14/2 1856: WQSR-105.7 FM: Coors Lite and Millers Light are piss beers.  Naked monkeys are a prime ingredient in their ads.  Coors has a prime pussy on the hoof ad— primly called a beauty contest.  [The name of a beast] "is showing lots of skin so let the judgment begin", etc.  We almost feel sorry for those limp-dicks that have never and will never get laid.  Macho Man!

            The billionaire bum in the White House has not enforced the supposed balance in their trade agreement with China.  Expansive textile mills in South Carolina are closing down.

            American Airlines raped their employees of pay and benefits, and gave their pudgy homosexual CEOs a massive pay increase.


12/15/3 0802: WTMD-89.7 FM: Iraq: there have been many attacks on pig sties.  Do any of you ballsy boys out there care to guess why?

            They caught Ronald "Ringass" Reagan's and Papa Bush's homosexual lover                Saddam Hussein.  It was cowering in a hole with other worms, a hypogenum for patriotism.

            You do remember your precious Shah of Iran don't you America?  That patriot sawed the arms off little children for you.  Oh! Excuse please, you do remember The World Trade Center don't you?


I/O BT**  12/16/3 0731: WTMD-89.7 FM: The supreme court blessed and made routine the pig practice of arresting and convicting everybody in a car where controlled substances were found.  This grew out of a case where drugs were found in a car at a routine traffic stop and everybody in the car was given ten years.  The black-robed queer Chief Justice William H. Renquist penned the oppression.  See how it goes?  First it was okay for the nazi-commie bluecoats to make everybody get out of a car at a routine traffic stop, then it was okay for the commie-nazi bluecoats to strip search everybody in the car at a routine traffic stop.  Now it's okay for the nazi-commies to charge and the subhuman courts to convict all the passengers in a car where drugs were supposedly found.  If we take Renquist and the rest of those gay friars and lesbian nuns on the Supreme Homosexuals and lift their robes the stink will arise.

            Some rich pudgy Congressperson has proposed a law banning cursing on television.  Seems somebody said "fucking" the other night.  Where the Hell's this pudgy sheltered rich boy been?  Those all-American girls are naked on television.  Why not do something about something that matters.  How prim!


12/16/3 1430: (S) BT**  INTERNET  email: From Denise, European girls, denise-at-xoticmail.com: many naked and some children doing multiple oral sex; teen smiling licking a dick; CU of subhuman displaying its filthy pesthole and shitty asshole; several teens squeezing both dugs of full-bodied shiteaters.  Note at the top of file.


12/18/3 0741: (CA)  WTMD-89.7 FM, Baltimore: a beast named Judy Gardner attempted to sell her two-year-old son for bail money.


(S)  12/18/3:  "Men in Black II," (c) 2002, Columbia Pictures, home video.

1) BT  CU of huge ½-n dugs of blonde.

2) BT**  Lara Flynn Boyle in Victoria's Secrets Catalog, full ass-slab, huge ½-n dugs.

3) BT**  L.F.B. many CUs of its naked ass with only a string up its stinky crack.  Long-lingering CU of its twitching naked ass as it walks away.  Huge ½-n dugs, CM.  Note at the top of file.

4) Check subway passengers.

5) BT**  CU of L.F.B.'s ½-n dugs.  Many CUs of its ½-n dugs throughout.  Also full ass-slit in pants.

6) Check crowd in post office.

7) BT**  L.F.B. opens top to reveal huge ½-n dugs.

8) Rosairo Dawson slight dug exposure.

9) Check throughout.