117th Militia



Family and Freedom over flag

© 2004 PSYWAR Office 117th Militia Regimental Combat Team


12 April  2004, Vol. 5, No. 23



            Terrorists alert! The Prophet warns!  Don't let them herd your families together into Oliver North's concentration camps or anywhere else.  Do not let them herd you together.  Do not let them take you from your homes!  Be armed! Be ready! Refuse! Assemble to defend your families and your homes!  They are psychologically primed to mass murder your families.  Those who die quickly will be the lucky ones.


            New York: The remains of the victims were scooped into Dumpsters and eventually dumped in the Atlantic.  They gave a dead dog from the brutal Port Authority an honor guard! but the bodies of our people they trucked off in  Dumpsters to be dumped.  They looted the dead and who knows what else?  Yet they pissed and moaned for the astronauts for months.  This is the high regard the government and its uniformed subhumans hold you in.

            Not all are happy with the capitalist utopia.  At the former site of The World Trade Center, they had to sneak the names of the exterminated pigs onto the memorial plaque.  Those same brutal pig subhumans that rescued their own, but left innocent Humans to die.

            And while the rust belt widens, the masked cowards build monuments to their brutality, and you're standing behind X-ray machines revealed naked to the world.

Whatever happened to the tens of thousands of Humans the hyenas have arrested and hold incognito?  What tortures have they suffered?  Many have attempted suicide.  They lease them out to patriotic subhumans to experiment on them with drugs.  How long before Americans themselves disappear into federal concentration camps?  Does anybody know?  Does anybody care?  Would anybody care were it you?

"Land of the free, home of the brave!" pure myth.

            September 11, 2001 the day the rich fear you'll forget.

            The Prophet Mastodon reminds you: those craze-eyed police terrorists will murder dozens of you to get at one suspect.  Police terrorists are the same everywhere, and Humans who have had a run-in with them in a stressful situation are scarred or dead.  Police terrorists recognize no difference between suspect and victim.  Elect us! and we will end police terrorism and rule by the rich  in no uncertain terms.

            Thank you.


PERIODIC (S) BT**  12/19/3: The Baltimore Sun, p. 10 D: ad: Advanced Laser Hair Removal Clinic.  This (American) family newspaper has done it again.  Printing hundreds of photographs of naked and near—naked female subhumans over the years, here we have a CU of the ½-n turd pincher of a beast, fatty ass-cheeks sagging, walking on a beach with a male wearing a gunny sack.  In an insert the faggot has its hand on the pesthole's naked ass.  The nakeder the beasts get, the more clothing the limp-dicked and -wristed Macho Men wear.  Ad filed.  Note at the top of file.


12/20/3 0817: INTERNET (S) BT**  lyrics.com/frank-loessler, ad: united.com (United Airlines), Win a vacation.  Full ass-slabs in red SS.

0820: musicnotes.com, "Top Hits 2003", ¼-n dugs of one.  Another beast in G-string.

Note at top of file.


12/20/3: INTERNET I/O  World News, AP/UPI:

 A six-year-old boy was charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate.

Teens were suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch.

Schools are required to get parental consent to administer aspirin to a student but can not inform the parents when a student becomes pregnant and wants an abortion.


12/20/3: INTERNET (email) (S) BT**  The 13th Annual Burning Man Project, an exhibit of extreme art (filth), was held in the Nevada desert 120 miles north of Reno over Labor Day week.  About 40,000 subhumans drug their knuckles to this year's orgy.

The so-called art is filth.  Our correspondent stuck his head inside the asshole of a giant wooden goat.  Looking down, just below his chin, there was a naked subhuman laying on a bed that leered at him and stuck several gummy bears in his mouth with its filthy hands.  (He survived.)

            Among the attendees it's mostly the pestholes that are naked.  Naked on the hoof like the animals they are and like pestholes are wont to do and greatly enjoy doing the females fuck suck'n ruck in public.  A millionaire pitched a circus tent and pestholes naked and naked from the waist up flocked to the tent like the menagerie once did.  The tent was packed like a barn in a storm and it was canvas-to-canvas orgy throughout the Burning Man bacchanal.  These all-american girls (and some fags) fucked 'n' sucked 'n' rucked 'n' showed the world and the Creator what art and females and a few fags are in america land of the depraved.

            They never really close that outdoor open cesspool down.

            Most of you people have been reduced to walking sex organs.  There's your freedom in the stinking p.o.s. of a country.

            Note at top of file.


12/21/3: INTERNET

 0649: BT**  AIM Today, popup ad: Sexy 2004 calendars, two subhumans one in blue and one in white G-strings, one from possible Maxim magazine.


0820: BT**  burningman.com, naked beast.

0837: BT**  burningmaneventcalendar, beast near-naked.

0851: BT**  lasvegassun.com, line of near-naked show sluts, full-naked slabs.

Note at top of file.


12/22/3: WAMU-88.5 FM: Advertised the Spy Museum in Washington, DC.  Here in the off season is a good time to visit the Spy Museum, avoid the throng.  In that shit pile in that shit pile the patriotic trash brags about the horrors and cover-ups they have perpetuated under the eyes of God Almighty.  The subhumans of the cia and other armies of federal degenerates have reduced you people to vassals and you flock to their subhuman Spy Museums.  Not a good move.  Hell! take the kids.  They probably use baby skins for lampshades.  There they rub the shit of your "manhood" and freedom in your face.  Some of you people deserve what you get but that doesn't mean you get what yap deserve. 


12/23/3: (S) BT**  Seen in a gutter, a magazine page featuring beast Barbara Moore, naked bending over, CU of pestholes area, CM, naked dugs, leering.  Note at the top of file.


12/23/3: Electric sign hung across 695 before exit 36, Eastern Avenue: REPORT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY.  Bad idea! Pig state!  We've heard patriotic trash on CB radio call the pigs for kids parked aside the road, walking in a group, using language.  Why is it against the law to park beside and/or walk on their roads?  We have to get our roads back from the pigs, career politicians and subhuman pieces of rich shit that own them.  Let's put them someplace extremely uncomfortable.  Let's just do it.


12/25/3: PB BT**  On Christmas eve our man in Smyrna, Delaware was arrested for walking at 1830 hours.  He was forced to empty his pockets onto the roof of the pigmobile and was handcuffed until the subhuman ran a computer check.  He is a disabled Vietnam era veteran.  That's the thanks this subhuman p.o.s. of a country gives its veterans.  He says, "A white man can't walk after dark".  There are no excuses.  Note at the top of file.



I/O   The commie-nazi pigs in Delaware have arrested a candidate for governor thrice.  They come into his bar with a smoke detector to see if anyone's been smoking.  Some people are calling the Governess of Delaware that subhuman whore Ruth Ann Minner a "nazi terrorist".


I/O BT**  In this stinking p.o.s. state of Maryland if an open container of alcohol is found in a car everyone in the car including mother and baby is charged with open container violation, automatic 12 points and loss of license for all.  There are no excuses.  Note at the top of file.


I/O BT**  Also in this stinking p.o.s. state of Maryland if someone considers herself too drunk to drive and is caught walking, they are arrested for public drunkenness.  We've got to get our streets and roads back from the subhuman cocksucking blue-coated patriotic pigs and the subhuman cocksucking rich pudgy monkey-suited career politicians that own them.  There are no excuses.


(S)  12/25/3: "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines", Warner Brothers, no. 27723.

BT**  Kristannia Loken naked.  Not much of this scene was viewed.  They made sure this naked subhuman was aired though.  They had this naked beast right up front behind the menu.  Note at the top of file.

1) BT*  Huge ½-n dugs on Victoria's Secrets billboard.

2) BT**  Variously exposed dugs and asses in nightclub.

3) BT  Ass-slits and dugs at party.

4) Dugs of Claire Danes.

5) Slight dug exposure in research lab.

5) BT**  CUs of KL's full ass-slit (throughout).

6) Check throughout.


BT**  Terminator 2, Linda Hamilton's nipples on display throughout, and it's ass-slit.  Note at top of file.


INTERNET  12/30/3: e-newsletter, Publisher's Lunch Tuesday, December 30.

Are You Now, Or Have You Ever Been, An Almanac Reader?

It has come to this: the FBI has warned law enforcement organizations across the country to beware of anyone carrying almanacs, particularly if the books have been annotated in suspicious ways. The FBI noted, "The practice of researching potential targets is consistent with known methods of al-Qaida and other terrorist organizations that seek to maximize the likelihood of operational success through careful planning." They did at least acknowledge that some almanac toting may simply be "the product of legitimate recreational or commercial activities."


1/2/4: We will have no dignity and therefore no freedom until the pigs as they are presently constituted are utterly destroyed.  Say your car overheats or you get a flat and you've made an emergency stop alongside the road for repairs and a state subhuman or a local subhuman pulls up behind you don't think they're checking to see if you need help.  They're not there to help you.  They're there to hurt you.  They are the state's terrorists.  Since you are in trouble the brownshirts or bluecoats are seizing the opportunity like hyenas to hurt you.  They're checking you out on those multi-million dollar computer systems.  Anybody who'd get a flat or need help is profiled a criminal.  Who else would their shit goddess America the Whore curse?  And all the while young patriots or future pigs endanger children and disturb our peace at all hours of day and night on scooters, mini bikes, mopeds, racing bikes, dirt bikes, three wheelers, four wheelers, go-carts, etc.

            As long as the pig subhumans control the roads they control our movement, while they control our movement we are slaves.  They must be destroyed and we'll be taking their computers.  There are no excuses.


1/3/4 1743: WQSR-102.7 FM: NFL: Baltimore Ravens and Tennessee Titans AFC Wildcard Playoff.  Maryland's Governor rich republican Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr. and the Lieutenant Governor are in the broadcast booth.  The Governor is using the opportunity to spread its disease.  We knew it was coming.  One of the announcerettes thrust his tongue up The Pig's shitty bung.  "There are a lot of state troopers here to day," slobber slurp.

            They rob us so they can protect professional politicians with battalions of brownshirts while digging for ways to hurt us, especially when we are in trouble.

1750: announcerette: Well, Governor, do you think the playoffs will help the local economy?

            Ehrlich: Yes, they're going to be spending lots of money.  It's very patriotic to spend money.

            That's what those pudgy republican faggots said about the World Trade Center.  They have you in debt and chains and they intend on keeping you in debt and chains.  They are subhuman.  Professional politicians must be purged.

            And having cursed us like Ehrlich did, the Ravens promptly lost and the season ended.  Good!


PERIODIC (S) BT**  1/4/4: Stuff Magazine, January 2004.  On cover close-up of Brooke Burche 99% naked, CM, etc.  And inset of Rachael Hunter 99% naked.  Note at top of file.


INTERNET  1/5/4: e-newsletter, Publisher's Lunch January 5, 2004.

World Almanac: Pro FBI.  Following up on another story from our last Lunch, the World Almanac issued a brief release saying that it, "Fully supports and endorses all efforts of the FBI, and all government agencies, in thwarting illegal activities including terrorism. It is the sincere hope of everyone associated with The World Almanac and Book Of Facts that our product is used only for the purposes that it is intended—research, learning, education and fun."

            The pigs don't have to worry about buying toilet paper with the tongues of the owners, CEOs and employees of The World Almanac handy.


1/10/4: WZBA-100.7 FM: New Orleans, LA: Ray Davies of the Kinks was shotgunned in the legs while trying to apprehend two thugs that stole his girl's purse at gun point.  The pigs said, "He showed poor judgment."  Pigs are cowards, therefore they can conceive of only cowardice.


1/14/4 WQSR-102.7 FM: Former Secretary of the Treasury under Baby Bush, Paul O'Neill, said in his book The Price of Loyalty that the billionaire bum was planning to attack Iraq from its first day in office, that it was casting about for a way to do it and that weapons of mass destruction were never mentioned.  (That was because the Republican shit-eaters knew that Hussein didn't he any WMD.)

            WQSR-102.7 FM just lied to the American public yea, saying: "Mr. O'Neill alleged that planning for the invasion of Iraq began up to eight months before the actual invasion."  They said nothing of the weapons of mass destruction omission, nor that the rich Republican scum were looking for an excuse to invade.

1733: Now the ass-lickers at WQSR have sunk to the depth "... alleges the government may have planned the war with Iraq long before 911."

The American media does not deserve Freedom of Speech.


I/O BT**  1/13/4 1638: WQSR-102.7 FM: "You may not like them but...."  The Supreme Queers and Lesbians have legalized roadblocks just so the pigs "are looking for clues to unsolved cases".  Well that just about did it.  Now the Supreme Subhumans have legalized that pig terror.  Never mind that the pigs have never solved a case following clues.  There is no Freedom of Movement.  We must get our roads back.  We will never be Free as long as the rich sit in judgment.  There must be retribution/justice.  Note at top of file.

            They also said the federal subhumans have done nothing wrong in arresting and holding incognito and indefinitely thousands of Humans after 911.

I rest my case.


BOOK  12/13/3: The Mayan Factor: the Path Beyond Technology, ISBN 0-939680-38-6, © 1987 and 1996 José Argüelles, Bear & Company, One Park Avenue, Rochester, Vermont 05767.

(F) (A)  p. 32: Taltelolco, Mexico: In 1968, monkeying the conquiesdor subhumans, Mexican subhumans slaughtered 400 "rioting" students.  Mr. Argüelles says they were "killed", not that they were herded together and slaughtered when cowering like at My Lai and Attica, etc., or when fleeing, or that they were rape tortured and murdered by the Mexican subhumans, not that those murdered straighway were the lucky ones.

With the help of the shiteating Mexican media and subhuman judges the federale subhumans, of course, got away with it ... until now.

Note at top of file.




1/15/4: PERIODIC  World Explorer, Vol. 3 No. 6, ISSN 1061-0103, 403 Kemp Street, Kempton, IL 60946.


p. 2: (A) (S)  Table of Contents, Coneheads Revisited: ½-naked African female holding the baby she horribly deformed.


News Roundup.

p. 9: (F) I/O BT  Sitting in the Boss Chair.  New York state prison subhumans have a new humiliation toy to play with in their crazed search for contraband called the Body Orifice Security Scanner.  Developed and sold by a capitalist corporation, instead of guards probing assholes and/or vaginas with their tongues, or sucking dicks to see if needles are concealed up urethras, they force prisoners to sit on an X-ray machine.  The demons say their prisons are safer.  That's a lie.  They don't care about rape torture and murder.  Minors are atrocified in their prisons.  Don't be fooled.  It's ... marijuana the subs fear.  We wonder if the subhumans still make them strip naked before sitting on the deadly X-ray machine....?  Silly us!  What a dumb question.  This story came by way of the Toronto Star, Oct. 16, 2003.  Why didn't it come by the way of the New York Times?

p. 9-10: I/O BT  GM Mistakes.  The European Union's environment commissioner claims that US biotech demons lied to Europe to force genetically modified (GM) crops on it.  The US is waging a legal action through the World Trade Organization (snicker) at American taxpayer expense, benefiting only billionaire bums (like Monsanto of Bob Dole fame) charging that European countries are too slow in approving GM killer crops.  That's it girls! sterilize Europe!

p. 10: I/O SCHO-OP BT  The USDA reported research universities and biotech firms violated federal regulations on planting GM death-crops more than 115 times since 1990.  Many violations are undetected and/or unreported.  (The Independent-UK, Oct. 14, 2003, Reuters, Oct. 18, 2003.)

Spermicidal food for scrambled genes: only in America the Whore!

p. 10: I/O BT  This Little Piggy Went to Kempton.  The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign sold as food the offspring of experimental pigs.  De mad scientist of de University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign she say de pig she be de all yummy-yum an' rub de tummy-tum.  De FDA she say mon de pig she be all yummy-yum an' rub de tummy-tum.  (AP, Oct. 10, 2003)

Ovacidal food for fat wacky babies.

p. 11: SCHO-OP BT  NASA Releases Kecksburg Documents.  NASA  agreed to produce 36 pages of documents regarding the Kecksburg UFO crash (Ohio, Dec. 5, 1965) one day after the Sci-Fi Channel threatened to sue for the records.

p. 11: SCHO-OP BT**  In violation of federal law the queers of the Department of Defense and the US army are ignoring a Freedom of Information Act order filed months ago.  (New York Post, Oct. 27, 2003)

[INTERNET Source] SCHO-OP BT**  The Ohio state shit-shirts (and all officials) lied about search results.

PB BT**  Then the cowardly military flushed onto the scene sealing off a gigantic area to the Humans that lived there and terrorizing them.  The Ohio shit-shirts were in on this.  Note at top of file.

I/O  p.11: I Spy With My Little Eye.  Applied Digital Solutions [to your Freedom] of Florida is pioneering an effort to have their subdermal microchip, Verichip, implanted  in Humans [voluntarily or involuntarily] to act as a Radio Frequency Identification tag to replace credit cards.  Already used by subhuman corporations like Exxon-Mobile (oil bums) and McDonald's (poisoners) the technology is being eagerly sought by Mastercard (robber barons).  (Wired.com, Nov. 25, 2003; Worldnetdaily.com, Nov. 21, 2003)

p. 11-12: SCHO-OP  Bush Renews Area 51 Secrecy.  Baby Bush renewed an exemption to federal, state and local laws that allows the air force to refuse to provide information about its Area 51 in response to lawsuits filed by workers who were  injured [and dying] because of hazardous materials on the site.  (AP, Sept. 18, 2003)

We have a God Almighty given right (not privilege) to see and learn about that sentient plasma motor, etc.


Coneheads Revisited by David Hatcher Childress.

p. 27: (F) (T) (S)  Half-page CU photo of a ½-n Mangbetu woman and child from Belgian Congo, circa 1925 (Ref. p. 2.)

(F) (T)  The child has been mutilated beyond recognition as Human.  His head is so horribly deformed that his face is distorted, his eyes are bugging out, and he appears in horrific pain—which is how coneheads spend their lives.

p. 28: (F) SCHO-OP  Two gold prospectors found a 14-inch tall mummy of a male near Casper, Wyoming, in 1932 when dynamiting a mountain.  The mummy was stolen.

Guess it was what they call a leprechaun.


p. 52: (S)  photo: Tikal, Guatemala, slight dug airing.


1/16/4 0730: (CA) BT**  WQSR-102.7 FM: Maryland: a subhuman named Anthony Flake beat to death the fourteen month old baby of its girlfriend.  It had already been charged with severely beating her two sisters.  Note at top of file.


1/17/4 1626: INTERNET (S) BT**  images.google.com/images (cat + woman) ad for poster 07_flashers, huge naked dugs of blonde with male.  Note at top of file.


1/18/4: NL  1545: WJFK-1300 AM, ESPN Sports Radio, The American Football Conference Game: Indianapolis Colts at New England Patriots.

There's a new piece of shit on the block, a new piece of actress/shit on pornographic Showtime called The L-Word, heavily advertised everywhere.  It's all about lesbian degenerates (actresses).  "The critics [degenerates] are raving [masturbating] about it."  One of the subhuman actress/whores says, "I love her because she has the best nipples in town.  She is nipple confidant."  These actresses implied all females are lesbian.  (Where's women's lib now?)  "Imagine  the girls of Sex in the City [HBO porn] sleeping with each other." (In real life they probably do.)  There was more filthy and salacious talk from potty-mouthed actress/whores, douche bags of depravity.

            They aired this shit and these pieces-of-shit about six times during the AFC game.  Obviously intending to repeat the assault during the National Football Conference game, we switched the dial to soccer.

            Before that Boomer Esiason remarked about the thick, suspicious and overbearing security at the pagan/patriotic festival there.  Marv Albert pointed out that it was no different than a regular season game and Boomer agreed.

The naked lesbian/actress Vanessa Williams laid down for Geek City, Radio Shack.  VW is used  a lot to sell shit for the Larded Gentry, including their way of life ... for us.  (You have to give name and address at Radio Shack, even to pay cash for something.)


1/19/4: (S)  WQSR-102.7 FM: Many ads for the 45th Annual World of Wheels at the Baltimore Convention Center whereat aired will be "stage shows by the Texas Bikini Team all weekend".  Bet that smells good!  Texas Bikini Team, you know what that means.


1/21/4 1736: I/O BT**  WQSR-102.7 FM: The federal courts is allowing the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) to try and convict people of recording piracy without even informing them they are being sued and without identifying them to the court.   They have no opportunity to prove that they are innocent.  This is so like the Whore's Latin american allies that even we can't believe this one.  Only in america the Syphilitic Whore!  This is called mass trial sans habeas corpus by capitalist subhumans, their subhuman pieces-of-black-robed-shit  and their hyena lawyers.  Note at top of file.

Followed by "panties are getting cheekier".  Droll, droll, O! so droll.


1/22/4: WTMD-89.7 FM: Baby Bush is visiting Area 51 to see the UFO.  Of course its visit to "Roswell has nothing to do with seeing the downed UFO".


1/22/4 1635: (S)  WQSR-102.7 FM: Because of "fuzzy" "nudist" laws, until now the naked monkeys have illegally polluted Assateaque Island, MD, like sewage from an overflowing sewage treatment plant.  Now the naked monkeys want to polluted Assateaque Island like sewage from an overflowing sewage treatment plant legally.

I/O  Eastern Airlines shared personal data with federal subhumans in violation of federal and state laws and their own regulations.  They are being sued.  Why isn't the federal Whore being sued also?


1/23/4 1301: WWLG-1370 AM: The monkeyette said, "... Bush defended the Patriot Act".  Then we heard  the Bush defend the Patriot Act (fuzzy thinking Bush!)  But which Patriot Act?  "What good's intelligence if you can't share it?"  Patriot Act I which the rich career politicians passed? or Patriot Act II which the rich career politicians need to complete their takeover?

            The rich career politicians aptly named the Patriot Acts.


1/26/4 1301: WWLG-1370 AM: Lionel Tate, the son of a Florida State pigette, is the boy that murdered a little six-year-old girl wrestling with her.  It was 12 when it murdered the little child.  It is being released having served three years of a life sentence.  It is 16.  The little girl is bones.  This one stymies us.

(CA) BT**  More that any other state the cesspool Texas has slaughtered and has pending slaughter scores of minors in both instances.


1618: WQSR-102.7 FM: Don O'Brien: "We love our police!"

Brian Wilson: "Get yourself elected and you're immune to everything".  Meaning the laws pudgy career politicians pass to bind us.


1/27/4: SCHO-OP INTERNET  Downloaded 9/20/3, address unknown.  Extraordinary Research Part I by Dr. David Ash.

1) BT**  Joseph Newman found energy could be obtained from the vortex motion of fluids.  In 1987 Newman had his generator operating as the engine of a car built on a Porsche chassis.  Started with a battery the car ran without any input of fuel.  However, the American Patent Office refused to grant him a patent on his invention on the grounds that it was a perpetual motion machine.  Denied a patent his desire to capitalize his invention was killed.

2) BT**  Adam Trombly attempted to patent his uni-polar generator but was denied a patent on similar grounds.  Nonetheless, the cackling Defense Department queers filed a court order against him and threatened him with ten years imprisonment for infringing secret government research into uni-polar generators.

3) PB BT**  Victor Schauberger, Austrian, developed a vortex generator that provided more energy than put into it (the output is unlimited in these generators) called the trout turbine.  His research was discouraged by the allies.  After the end of World War II a gang of American military personal assaulted Schauberger's home in Vienna, stole his inventions and arrested him.  The American subs forbade him to resume his research under threat of prison.

(F) PB BT**  What was left of his possessions were destroyed when Soviet subhumans blew up his apartment.

(4) (F) BT**  Britain: In 1952 John R. Searl developed vortex generators of unlimited output.  His first experiment broke its mornings and shot out of the atmosphere.  One, that was thirty feet in diameter, shot out of the atmosphere leaving a 30-foot hemispherical hole in the ground, as they did.  These things are anti-gravitic and Searl developed many flying saucers.

PB       In 1982 in the middle of an experiment in his home in Mortimer, Berkshire, the subhumans assaulted his home.  They stole his inventions and ripped the wiring out of the walls.  He was prosecuted for stealing electricity and fined.  [Not mentioned here, he was supplying the neighborhood with electricity from a generator the size of the box for large wooden matches.]  The British subhumans refused to returned his inventions so he refused to pay the fine.  A SPOBRS (wearing a wig like a faggot) sent him to prison for contempt of court.  [Considering what a court is in any country it would be difficult for a dignified person not to show contempt.]  They then torched his home and his remaining apparatuses and records were destroyed.  This episode led to the breakdown of his marriage.

(5) BT**  Dr. Wilhelm Reich, Austrian emigrant, was working with a form of energy he called orgone energy.  He discovered this orgone energy had a beneficial effect treating cancer.  Because of this discovery the nostrils of the American Medical Association and Food and Drug Administration flared and their assholes expanded to receive the rich.  Somebody was attempting to actually help people and without their permission (bribes and kickbacks).  Reich was cast in prison.  Federal subhumans burnt his books and destroyed his equipment.  Though the subhumans branded him a quack and destroyed his credibility, Reich's discoveries were employed in secret research programs and he was encouraged to continue his anti-gravity research while in prison.

(6) (F) PB BT**  Germany: On May 8, 1992 at 8 a.m. six armed subhumans burst into the home of Mr. June Sievers, the Director and General Deputy of a German company called Becocrafi.  His home was ransacked and all papers linked to the company were stolen.  On June 15th Sievers was arrested in the street and thrown in prison in Koln-Ossendorf.  The subhumans that own and run that filthy country charged Sievers and his company with investment fraud.  The truth is that  Becocrafi was about to develop a free energy device invented by Austrian Stephan Marinov.

(7) BT**  Nikola Tesla, another emigrant who believed the national propaganda and came to this country, as far as the propaganda machine (the media) and the American public is concerned, is an unknown.  Culture, as we know it, would not exist if not for Nikola Tesla.  The rich subhumans that own and run this country stole all that he invented and researched.

(8) BT**  The "Jason Scholars" are an effete group of 51 weasely ass-lickers called scientists that hold the protocol rank of Rear Admiral.  They are the only ones apprised of the real state of science in this enslaved country.

All concerned in all cases.

Americans are like mushrooms, they are kept in the dark and fed dung.


The best way to design the quality out of anything is to mass produce it.

—The Prophet Mastodon.


To obtain the unobtainable you must not wish to obtain it.

—The Prophet Mastodon.


1/27/4: PERIODIC:  The Old Farmer's 2004 Almanac, ISSN 0078-4516, PO Box 520, 1121 Main Street, Dublin, NH 03444-0520.

p. 13. (S)  ad: Tempur-Pedic Mattresses, slight dug airing.

p. 22: (S) BT**  The Fun Factor.  The Naked Truth.

            Don't look now, but nudist tourism is at all-time high [their useless dicks at an all-time low], with membership in the American Association for Nude Recreation having grown 20 percent over the last decade.  Central Florida is the top destination, but the trend (and luxury resorts that invite it) is expanding to Atlanta and other locales.  Who's doing stuff in the buff?  Affluent trendsetters over 30.

            I.e., rootless rich degenerates.  This is a typical media "cute" article.  Naked monkeys without a shred of Human dignity! spreading their disease! cute!

p. 22: Bargain Hunting.  More Americans flock to flea markets than to baseball games, concerts, or golf courses.

p. 30: (S)  mild dug airing.

p. 167: (S) BT**  ad: Sensual Products, male and female model degenerates naked together.  Previously listed, aired every issue.

p. 203: Mystery Message


            Hard work spotlights the character of people: Some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don't turn up at all.   

                                                                      —Sam Ewing (American writer), 1921-2001.


1/27/4: PERIODIC (S) BT**  Pennysaver, January 29/28, 2004, 1220 E. Joppa Road, Suite 118, Towson, MD 21286.  Cover, ad: Sun Chasers Tanning Salon, brunette subhuman 99% naked, ass-slabs, ½-n dugs, etc.

            Issue for February 25-26, 2004 used the same cover.

            Note at top of file.


1/28/4 1404: (S)  "Matrix Reloaded", Warner Brothers DVD No. 28648, ISBN 0-7907-8388-6.  There is a previous listing for the Comcast presentation.  At the very beginning of disk 2, the additional material, beasts Carrie-Anne Moss and Keanu Reeves naked and fucking.  Note at top of file.


1/28/4 1704: I/O  WQSR-102.7 FM: Don O'Brien: "They couldn't sing that song these days.  You're not allowed to stand on the corner.  They roust you out."


1/29/4 1001: (F) (A)  WWLG-1370 AM: Israeli subhumans murdered eight Palestinians yesterday.  Note at top of file.

1003: (CA) BT**  An American in-flight to Brazil threw a glass of water on a baby that was crying.  The Brazilian subhumans arrested it when the plane landed.  Hopefully they'll butcher it like they've butchered countless of their own.  Note at top of file.

1302: (F) (A)  Mexican pig subhumans, dicksuckers of the United States, murdered and secretly buried eleven Humans.  Note at top of file.

1448: ad: female often sells Prosylon, dick hardener for patriotic American males.  Ye buy thet thar dick hardener, boys, 'n' you'll git thet thar poontang a-sellin hit.  Surely! ye surely will.


1/29/4: WQSR-102.7 FM: NAFTA and GATT have disenfranchised millions of Americans.  Unemployment benefits are due to run out for two million Human Beings.  Brian Wilson, demented deejay, called them "losers".  The boy sounds like he's from Dundalk, which he detests.


1/30/4 1401: PB (CA) BT**  Troy, New York: Some stupid git teacher saw her preschoolers playing with balloons and somehow concluded that they had held cocaine.  (This was likely done too lick ass.)  It calls the Troy, New York subhumans.  Police terrorists descended on the school like hyenas on babies.  The uniformed subhumans "tested" (i.e., drug tested) all the children for cocaine.  One four-year-old girl may have tested positive.  This sort of atrocity is routinely done without parental permission.  The bluecoats have been known to strip children naked in the halls of the school/jails.  Here in the trooper snooper state (and I'm sure you've felt the chill from upstate New York of the Attica atrocity [nothing was ever done about it]). You send your child to school they are then the property of that school, slaves without rights or dignity, innocent and defenseless.

1) Why didn't they check the balloons?

2) Did they get parental permission?

3) Did they strip the children naked alone or in a group?

4) Alone or in a group, naked or not, did they draw their blood?  Did they piss and/or shit them?

            This case shall be treated with the most patriotic severity.

            Note at top of file.


1700-1746: Pig chopper circling the area.  We will be taking their choppers.  No more flying pigs.  Fly-fly pigs go bye-bye.


The commissioner of the Women's National Basketball Association wants the girls nakeder.


1/31/3 1538: WTMD-89.7 FM:

a) (S) BT**  During Super Bowl half-time tomorrow other networks will present the filthy naked subhumans of Victoria's Secrets (her pestholes) and

b) a show about loving queers called Queer Eyes for Straight Guys.  All-American fare on an all-American day.


2/1/4:  CBS: The 38th Super Bowl from Houston Texas:

1) (S) BT**/ I/O BRUTALITY  Football player tackles streaker.

2) (S) BT**  The depraved subhuman Janet Jackson aired its filthy dugs.  The nitwit, i.e., network lied saying it was an accident but the subhuman's web site announced it would be doing something depraved days in advance.


2/2/4: (S) BT**  WQSR-102.7 FM: Recently Brian Wilson said he sat in the front row at a Linda Ronstadt concert.  The beast wore a skirt that aired its pussy.  He saw its pussy.


2/3/4: WWLG-1370 AM:

1003: "Super Bowl activities helped Janet Jackson get something off her chest."  It's cute.

1300: I/O  Three Senate buildings are closed down because of a ricin scare, a deadly poison.  The staff is being decontaminated.  How?

1301: PB BT**  The body of a student was found in a Florida high school and the pigs have the school locked down.  Parents are frantic.  Nobody but a pig can leave or enter.  This is called mass kidnapping.  In the American system of education children have no rights.  Note at top of file.


1839: WQSR-102.7 FM: They're still raving about Janet Jackson.  Traffic guy Scott Parker just said, "In most countries that would have gotten about as much attention as an elbow".  That's not true.  This is the kind of the rich have you believing, playing one off against another.


2/4/4 1016: (S)  Baltimore County, MD, "Fantasies", (a bar where the female beasts air their pestholes, billboard, near-naked beast.


2/4/4: PERIODIC (S)  The Baltimore Sun,  p. 1E Two showsluts, ¼-n dugs, and Janet Jackson, ¼-n dugs.


2/4/4 1717: WQSR-102.7 FM:

Caller: ... just the usual, police officers doing their daily rounds of the doughnut shop....

Fat POS Don O'Brien, hanging up, "All right! that's great!"

            Don O'Brien needs a good flogging to clear his sinuses.  They both do.



0800: WWLG-1370 AM: The Massachusetts Supreme Court blessed fag marriage.

The beast J.J. is still in the news.  In volumes of print and stroms of words the network television porn ER is preteningd to be moral by not airing a dried prune 80-year-old dug ... this week.


1640: WQSR-102.7 FM:  Brian Wilson and Don O'Brien, pyorrhea-mouthed patriots are recommending the use of torture in some cases.


2/5/4 2131: (S) BT**  HBOC 305, "Private Parts":

            We were sounding out a man for membership.  He showed us his house.  When we returned to the basement his wife had changed the plasma screen television to a movie.  The movie was "Body Parts" airing Howard "Scum" Stern and a naked dugong.  There, insulting our very souls, was the blonde shiteater "Mandy".  The subhuman blonde beast actress whore shiteater aired naked dugs the size of watermelons, hard tingling misshapen nickel-sized nipples.  Many long-lingering close-ups of its ugly dugs.  We have seldom been more repulsed by american femininity, and american females have the modesty of shit wallowing dogs at best, even pigs are clean by comparison.

            We told the prospect we'd let him know.

            Listed TOP PRIORITY with active porn.


2/6/4 1556: WQSR-102.7 FM: Brian and O'Brien: Turns out the J.J. thing was a "tempest in a C-cup".  Now the joy boys are insane over the kidnapping and murder of an eleven-year-old girl in Florida.  Wilson has the geeks calling in suggesting tortures.  This is called exploitation! exploitation!  Capitalist exploitation like that done by local talk show puke the cowardly Tom Marr.  These subhuman pieces of micro shit refuse to acknowledge the link between public nakedness and what freelance patriots do.  Wilson hates our community of Dundalk for being, in  essence, pyorrhea-mouthed patriots.  So what's the pudgy rich boy and his lover there think he is?


2/8/4 1031: PB *  WQSR-102.7 FM:  Dick Clark's Rock, Roll and Remember: On February 7, 1962, eight college students were massacred by South Carolina shit-shirts at a lunch counter sit-in.  Note at top of file.


All security is al illusion.

The only justice you get comes out of the business end of a rifle.

—The Prophet Mastodon.


2/8/4: WANU-88.5 FM: These liberal faggots even censor the cigarette ads from eighty-year-old radio programs.


2/9/4: WQSR-102.7 FM:

1) The beast Janet Jackson incident is still talked about on the radio.

2) (S)  They were near-naked on the Grammies last night.



            The republicans are saying that to give multi-millions of American jobs to the cringing hordes of Asia is good for Americans.


1734: (CA) BT  WQSR-102.7 FM: A male subhuman that kidnapped a child 30-years ago, has been convicted of trying to buy a boy for $500.



1001: (F) (S)  WWLG-1370 AM: England: A lesbian beast has sold its "virginity" on the Internet for $16,000.

1104: Beast J.J. is still in the news.  "Actually the broadcast industry had a restraint code until 1982 when the Reagan Justice Department declared it in restraint of free trade".


1750: WQSR-102.7 FM: Safeway employees are on strike for medical benefits.  They broadcast an ad, the Safeway corporation broadcasts a counter ad.  Brian and O'Brien, being fat rich joy boys, think you can go get a job anyplace.  Doubtless holding hands, they just told us that if we didn't like our jobs we should quit and find another one.  A sound lashing would serve those ladies well.

J.J. is still in the news.



1001: (F) (A)  WWLG-1370 AM: Haiti: There is an "uprising" against Jean-Bertrand Aristide, a subhuman restored to power by, of course, America the Whore, so far 50 murdered.  Yet again the Media Monkeys, Champions of the Golden Fleece, have lied.  It was not an uprising.  The subhuman's subhumans have murdered 50 demonstrators under the eyes of the subhuman pigs.  Baltimore Sun article filed.  Note at top of file.


1523: WQSR-102.7 FM: Those two fat rich joy boys are still hating the employees of Safeway, and giggling about J.J.


A man will turn over half a library to make one book.

— Samuel Johnson.


2/13/4 1204: PB  WWLG-1370 AM: One Prince George's County pig shot another raiding the home of a family of humans.


2/13/4 1820: (S)  WQSR-102.7 FM: ad: The Big Timonium Motorcycle Show at Timonium Fairgrounds this weekend airs a "Ms. Bikini Calendar Contest".  Bet that's odoriferous.


2/14/4: (S)  WNST-1570 AM: The Gentlemen's Club on Pulaski Highway is airing rich and famous naked monkey "Latino triple X star and Miss Nude Universe Mercedes.  For the best in upscale adult entertainment, The Gentlemen's Club on Pulaski Highway."  Rush right out there ye patriots.  Your country commands.  They serve food at that sty!  It's enough to make you puke.



I/O BT**  1058: WQSR-102.7 FM: Dick Clark's Rock, Roll and Remember: in 1969 a man was sentenced to four years in prison for burning their rag.  Let's see if we can remember, um, red! for the oceans of baby's blood America the Beast has spilled; white! for the millions of miles of bandages its millions of victims never received; blue! for the bruises and drying blood and bodies and freezing children America the Whore has throw out in the cold.


1804: WQSR-102.7 FM: Mention of J.J.


2/16/4 0646: I/O  WWLG-1370 AM: Baltimore, MD: The pigs have closed down a stretch of major artery, Martin Luther King Highway and 395, to investigate for the insurance companies.


0752: (S)  WNST-1570: Baseball player Alex Rodíqueze's whore wife appears in Sports Illustrated wearing only body paint.  One of the boys wants to run out and buy it.

1159: "I can't pick one guy or one lady as who I hate most in sports."  He says it again "guy or lady".


            Last week Paul Simon of Simon and Garfunkel fame was fined for possession of marijuana in upstate New York.  The arresting pig said it never heard of Simon and Garfunkle.  It shows how far New York state shit-shirts are removed from culture, from reality, i.e., from the rest of us.


1635: (CA) BT**  WQSR-102.7 FM: Since 1950 4,400 priests have been accused of sexual child abuse.  Note at top of file.


1751: ad: "Viagra is facing stiff competition but do the others measure up?  Love Potions! Fox 45 at ten."  Cute!


            Dick stiffeners and cunt greases are of paramount importance in America the Whore, the land of the naked beast and patriotic bad ass, the land where the rich and their government conceive of the people as walking sex organs.

            Remember guys! The nakeder they are the less they will do.

            A Niagara of Viagra chugalugged yearly and these boys still cannot get boners.  You know the reason why.


            The Brian and O'Brien Show: Don O'Brien, the chief ass-licker, was just oh! so thrilled to see the President on television from the NASCAR's Daytona 500 yesterday.  He was on the radio too.  Sounded befuddled.  Maybe his massive sins are catching up with him?


2/17/4: I/O  WQSR-102.7 FM: $58 million dollars is missing from the Baltimore City school system.  Nancy Grasmann, head of the Baltimore City Board of Education, was paying its chauffeur $100,000 a year.  Under this the penalty for such as this will be death.  Elect us and the penalty for such as this will be death.

Aside from that, maybe the CIA and their billionaire banker baron owners stole the $58 million worth of tax payer money.  It wouldn't be the first time.


            The bellicose buffoons Brian and O'Brien are railing about children in restaurants.  No suggested tortures so far.


2/18/3 0831: (CA) BT**  WWLG-1570 AM: A 61-year-old American male was deported from Cambodia for sexually abusing boys.  This is the third American patriot to be deported from a foreign country for this horror recently.  It will be tried in this country.  A "new" law allows it to be tried in this country.  It also sexually abused boys in the Philippines. 


            Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested.

—Francis Bacon.


To finish every book you start is sign of a mature and intelligent person.

  —The Prophet Mastodon.


2/18/4: BOOK  On Writing: a Memoir of the Craft, © 2004 Stephen King, Scribner, 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020.

p. 20: (CA) BT**  Huge teenage baby-sitter named Beulah repeatedly tickled and cooed to a child, got him laughing, then slapped him so hard it knocked him down.

p. 21: (CA) BT**  The huge demented subhuman repeatedly threw the child down, hiked up its voluminous skirts, sat on the child's face and farted.

p. 21: (CA) BT**  The demented subhuman fed the child eggs until he began puking then slapped the child off his feet.  The subhuman locked him in a dark closet for hours where he continued to puke until his mother released him hours later, covered with puke.

p. 22: I/O  Single mother forced to leave her apartment because an inattentive baby-sitter allowed a child to crawl out on a second story roof.

p. 25: I/O  Bad-ass cab driver threatens to pull over and throw a mother and child out, the child was terrorized about a doctor visit where he had been subjected to great pain—needles were being stuck in his ears to lance boils.

p. 50: I/O BT  A Maine school teacher, a Miss Hisler, forces a student to return money he made writing and publishing stories on his own.  He lost money because of this.

p. 53: (CA)  A Miss Margitan, lesbian lover of Miss Hisler doubtless, forced girls to kneel on the filthy floor to see if the hems of their skirts touched the floor.

pp. 53-54: I/O  Miss Margitan insisted a student be punished for another publication he wrote and published on his own.

p. 54: When the name of this promising young author came up for the National Honor Society, this dried out old lesbian, the high school advisor for the National Honor Society, vetoed his name.

There's never been Freedom in any public school (or private school) in the p.o.s. country.  The vermin of the American education system must be flushed out of the rat holes of education in America! with water! with gas! with fire!   Whatever it takes!  Elect us!

pp. 77-82: Lisbon High School, Lisbon Maine: Reference to two girls and a boy destroyed in high school by the subhuman hate that only demonic subhuman all-American teenagers can barf up from the Pits of Patriotism, like shit out of their mouths, the very essence of this country.  (We're tempted to make an effort at investigation in this regard.  as a matter of fact, the Prophet Mastodon says we will.  [CA] BT**)  One blessed girl child later, living alone, died of an epileptic seizure.  The other blessed girl child murdered herself after giving birth.  No word on the fate of the blessed boy child.  The Prophet Mastodon prays: "May God Almighty bless them forever.  May God Almighty damn their all-American tormentors to the most horrible pit of Hell forever—the Pit of Patriotism!"

p. 80: (CA)  Reference to children who wore the same neck dirt for months, children whose skin festered with sores and rashes, children with "the eerie dried-apple-doll faces that resulted from untreated burns," children "sent to school with stones in their dinner buckets and nothing but air in their Thermoses".

p. 262: I/O  A Brian Smith, fucking with one of its stinking dogs, hit the author at a high rate of speed knocking him over the vehicle leaving him twisted with a broken hip, with many broken bones, bloody and nearly dead.  The p.o.s. District Attorney that part of Maine let the p.o.s. Brian Smith off with a one-year's suspension of its driving privileges.  First thing we want to know is, Did any money change hands?

p. 264: I/O BT**  Central Maine Medical Center forces men to wear those humiliating and demeaning assless hospital robes.  Females do not have to wear them.  The Establishment considers men to be animals without dignity, humility or feelings.  The fact that his ass was hanging out was mentioned to him by a woman.


Always take pain in the present to avoid panic in the future.

—Fundamental principle of research.


1737: WQSR-102.7 FM: A little girl is being sued by billion dollar corporations for downloading a song for a school project.  Both of these rich homosexuals expressed capitalist disgust at the child.  Brian Wilson called her "a little creep".

1811: I/O  Apparently if you know a subhuman in the FBI or NSA, etc., you can't tell anybody.


2/19/4: (S)  WTMD-89.7 FM: The University of Colorado has a female field goal kicker that now claims to have been raped.  What does the pesthole expect sharing a locker room with boys?

Three women later came forward claiming they were raped by the football team at a recruitment party.


WQSR-102.7 FM: To show the tone of this program, one that is mild:

1) An oft repeated ad for television show Friends: "With only     two friends left we know what you're thinking, 'Ross and      Rachel, will they or won't they'".

2) Ad for Ophra: salacious talk from television star Ophra       and other females.

3) Regularly repeated tease material:

a) Salacious female voice: "The hottest place to find lots       of exciting girls.  Ten thousand girls call every day."

b) And, to help the patriots in their war on children, a little girl's singing is cut short by many gunshots.


2/20/4: WQSR-102.7 FM: The bellicose buffoons are praising naked monkey Demi Moore for its airing in the pornographic "Ghost";  drooling over when it is getting fucked dog style; moaning over how much they'd like to do it to it....  But joy boys can't get hard-ons!  Why they watch that stuff!


2/21/4 WQSR-102.7 FM:  0951:

A filthy ad for porn station VH1.

Rouse and crew, male and female, as they work on radio, are all for the homosexual marriages being performed in San Francisco, in stark violation of California law.


1100: WWLG-1370 AM:

(S)  Madison, Maine: degenerate wanted to open a "topless" coffee shop but has settled for a "bikini" [pestholes patch] coffee shop.

Only 18% of those surveyed think that what Janet Jackson did at Super Bowl half-time was wrong.


2/22/4: The Baltimore Sun, Doonesbury by Garry Trudeau.  Seems God Almighty has spoken to Pat Robertson and told him that Baby Bush will be reelected "by a blowout".  Did you ever notice how the Almighty only talks to those religious patriots, and how It's always against the working people?  (Same thing with slavery.)  I think the only blowing going on is between those Bible thumping millionaires and the billionaires that own and run this shithole country.


Surpass and build in beauty.

—The Prophet Mastodon.


2/22/4: PERIODIC (S) BT**  Maxim, March 2004: cover: nearly naked animal, CU of huge 2/3-n dugs.  Three other animals near-naked lower left.  Note at top of file.



1715: WQSR-102.7 FM: The joy boys have mentioned J.J.

1717: The joy boys and Scott Parker, defenders of children, are discussing ways to torture people to death.


1735: I/O  A "girl" entering a court New York as a witness was found in possession of marijuana.  How did the pigs know she had marijuana in her possession?


Seedy greedy Drug City (of Dundalk) places a lengthy ad on WQSR-102.7 FM, a station that every week day trashes their community.  Among the drugs offered are "Viromax for men", a dick stiffener needed by males like the trash of WQSR, and Labia Lip "for women's increased pleasure".  The frigidity of females is directly proportional to the public nakedness they are allowed to get away with.  Dick stiffeners are for patriots, and seldom work.  Males who are not patriots are men and don't need them.


2/24/4 1603: WWLG-1370 AM: J.J. is still in the news.



PERIODIC I/O BT**  The Baltimore Sun, Almanac: [On this date in 1993], A bomb built by a group of Islamic extremists exploded in the parking garage of New York's World Trade Center, killing six people and injuring more than 1,000 others.

Italics ours.  Clipping filed.


0701: WWLG-1370 AM: The Coast Guard intercepted a boatload of Haitian sewage trying to enter this country—pigs and bureaucrats fleeing the righteous revolution there.  They were armed but unfortunately didn't try to use their weapons.  The rich will probably let the sewage in, but they wouldn't do that for decent Humans.

1101: I/O  The FCC fined Clear Channel Communications $755,000 for things shock jock degenerate Bubba the Love Sponge said, and CCC fired him.  CCC also temporarily suspended shock jock degenerate Howard Stern for things he said.  Congress has just discovered that American is a bunged up and overflowing toilet bowl.  They are meeting to stop indecency on the air.  Yet the pornographic Sex in the City with its filthy naked actress/beasts has been given a major award.  This is nothing other than an attempt to stifle Freedom of Speech!  The naked monkeys should be exterminated! but Congress will use its new found morals to stifle Freedom of Speech.  Freedom of Speech! not image!  Elect us!

            J.J. was mentioned.


2/27/4 0800: CA BT**  WWLG-1370 AM: In the last fifty years 4,392 Catholic priests (4% of the total), have sexually abused 10,667 young Human Beings.  These are confirmed cases.  Note at top of file.

1402: (CA) PB BT**  Miami, Florida: A child died in a police station of appendicitis.  The "guards and nurses" thought he was faking.  As he puked his guts out a bluecoat subhuman kept yelling "suck it up!".

1601: The rich are standing behind their Haitian subhuman  Jean-Bertrand Aristide.  A Republican Senator warns, Oooh, there will be a blood bath.  Thousands of people will be killed.  Good! It's the subhumans' turn.


On WQSR-102.7 FM the bellicose buffoon Brian Wilson mentioned J.J.  It also trashed Dundalk again.


2/28/4 0757: (S) BT**  11 WBAL-NBC: ad: Air Jamaica, airing many 99% naked beasts.


3/3/4: WWLG-1370 AM: Just because today is the anniversary of Satan"s Song, -licker Allen Field insults righteous people everywhere by playing Satan's Song.


3/4/4: AUDIO BOOK  And the Waters Turned to Blood, © 1997 Rodney Barker, ISBN 0-671-57559-7, Simon and Schuster, Audioworks, 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020.


I/O BT**  After wading in a North Carolina river during a fish kill (unknown to them), a mother and her three children  began suffering chills, tingling muscle spasms, intense burning sensations, spasms of limbs, electric shock sensations in the legs, violent contractions and sleeplessness.  They also became morose, listless and easily angered.  This lasted for eighteen months.  After this she and her children were left sickly, easily catching colds and flues.  Their depression and irritability continued.

            Other such cases had already been reported to the North Carolina Department of Health after adults and/or children stepped in their waters.  In reply to the mother, the North Carolina subhuman told her that the fish kill was because of low water but went on to say that some rivers were being tested for toxins, preposterous! but they were doing it to satisfy some weenies and environmental whackos.

            The mother asked to be notified of the results of the tests and the North Carolina ass-licker gave its word.  But the North Carolina ass-licker never called her back despite repeated requests for updates.


I/O  A Dr. Edward Noga head of North Carolina State's College of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Poultry and Fish, is concerned only with self-advancement.  He takes credit for the work of subordinates.  This is not uncommon with the trash running research in universities.


I/O  North Carolina commercial fishermen stonewall questions by legitimate researchers (researchers who are not North Carolina state researchers) because they are afraid of losing a dollar or two.


I/O  Behind its barbed wire, towers and guards the monstrous Texas Gulf phosphate mine, in the center of a devastated and raped landscape, festers like a Pfiesteria piscicida sore, as an enormous thickly smoking cancer on the face of the Earth.  Its employees suffer from fainting spells, memory loss and other health problems associated with Pfiesteria piscicida.  Texas Gulf ordered its wretched employees not to speak about their diseases or they would be fired.  Since the people can't have unions down south the capitalists subhumans of Texas Gulf would get away with it, and the families of the diseased workers would starve.


I/O  Under rich capitalist Jonathan Howes, the North Carolina Division of Environment Management, part of the Department of Environment, Health and Natural Resources, allows 35 of 42 sewage treatment plants to flush into the waters of North Carolina.  The Division of Environmental Management blamed the massive fish kills, the flesh being eaten off of many while alive, on over fishing and low water.

            North Carolina's Division of Environmental Management, part of the Department of Environment, Health and Natural Resources is in the hands of pudgy rich boys.


I/O  Steve Tedder, head of the Water Quality Section of the North Carolina Division of Environmental Management, waged a cowardly campaign using slanders and lies to destroy the credibility of Dr. JoAnn Burkholder discoverer of Pfiesteria piscicida.  It also said she lied about the results of her research.


I/O  Dr. Ronald Lavine, Assistant Secretary of the Department of Health, a part of the North Carolina Environmental Management, Health and Natural Resources, promised Dr. Burkholder funding if she told him the names of the fishermen she interviewed.


I/O BT**  The bloody-bunged Lavine demon, of North Carolina, contacted these fisherman telling them they were going crazy and that their flesh was rotting off their bones because they were drunks.  It demeaned the fishermen.  Angered at this the fisherman refused to help Dr. Burkholder further.

            The boldness and arrogance of the rich and their ass-lickers can only be purged from among us in one way....  And we wouldn't do it any other way if we could.  Elect us!


I/O BT**  Pudgy bloody-bunged Lavine questioned Dr. Burkholder's credibility saying that she was biased because she was the discoverer of Pfiesteria piscicida, called her work a joke, and refused to release the promised funds because there were no Pfiesteria piscicida illnesses.


I/O BT**  As Pfiesteria piscicida raged, North Carolina assured the public that there was nothing to worry about.  Damage suits were being won costing the serfs of North Carolina millions.  Rich arrogant rogues among Humans, the North Carolina subhumans ignored nationwide evidence proving the case of Pfiesteria piscicida.

            The rich wanted the people dead.


I/O  In North Carolina billionaire corporate hog farmers, hogs raising hogs, are exempt from environmental laws, zoning laws and tax laws.  A giant cesspool at Ocean View Farms in Onslow County broke and ten million tons of hog shit flushed into the waterways and soaked into the groundwater.  Corporate hog farmers, pigs in suits, were in charge of their own environmental certification.  They should be executed by being forced to eat hog shit.


I/O BT**  North Carolina refused to inform Humans living downstream that 25 million gallons of hog shit was flushed into their waterways and wells.  The  corporate hog farmers called it an "act of God".  The pigs-in-suits protested the paltry fines levied.


I/O BT**  A few weeks after the hog shit deluge, the Lavine ass-licker announced it was safe to swim in hog shit rivers.  This was a lie.


I/O  North Carolina waters are also devastated by continuing oil spills, pesticides and illegal dumping.  North Carolina ass-lickers refuse to confront corporate polluters of any sort.


I/O BT**  When the Trent River became clogged with vegetation, Pfiesteria piscicida was eating fish alive, oyster and clam reefs died and dogs died from drinking the water.  North Carolina ass-lickers said that this was good and called environmentalists "scare mongers and extremists".


I/O  In July 1995 the Noose River became clogged with hundreds of thousands of dead fish covered with gaping sores where their flesh was being eaten away.  The North Carolina Department of Environmental Management chirped "low oxygen".


I/O BT**  A Mr. Dove had called the pudgy rich Lavine creature about the alarming conditions on the Noose River.  Lavine lied to Mr. Dove about the Noose River.  Bung boy Lavine promised to get back to Mr. Dove but never did.


            When millions of dead fish with bleeding sores appeared on the Noose River, it was discovered there was plenty of dissolved oxygen in the water.  Pfiesteria piscicida was also identified.  People were eating the fish and becoming sick.

            Mr. Dove knew better than to call the Lavine subhuman.  Mr. Dove had a friend in the North Carolina Department of Health call rich bloody-bung Lavine and bung boy promised to get back to Mr. Dove's friend but never did.


I/O BT**  A Dr. Peter Morris, an environmental epidemiologist with the North Carolina Department of Health, who a year earlier lied to Mr. Dove telling him it (he) was investigating the Noose River for the Pfiesteria piscicida flagellate when it was not, had asked Mr. Dove for the names of people suffering the horrible effects of Pfiesteria piscicida.  (Mr. Dove himself was suffering from the effects of Pfiesteria piscicida.)  The rich North Carolina subhuman Peter Morris had mocked the people calling them "drunks and heavy smokers".  Note at the top of file.

            The Peter Morris capitalist was again given a list of names of people suffering from Pfiesteria piscicida.  The people were interviewed by phone and were asked if they smoked, drank and/or took drugs.  That was the end of the response from the North Carolina subhumans.


I/O BT**  After dipping in North Carolina waters people suffered from ulcerating sores, numbness, tingling, excruciating pain in the joints, whole body fatigue, disorientation, and short term memory loss.  Children were especially savaged.  They became negative and angry and would not eat.

            The flesh was being eaten off North Carolina Department of Transportation Divers who inspected bridges.  There was much sickness among them.  They suffered neurological problems, mood swings, festering sores and temper tantrums.

The divers contacted the North Carolina Department of Environmental Management.  There the ass-lickers laughed off the cause as Pfiesteria piscicida.  Dr. Burkholder was scathed as sensationalistic since she discovered Pfiesteria piscicida.  The problem was "lack of oxygen".  Given no advice at all, the divers took no special precautions.


            The environmental reporter for the News and Observer was skeptical of Pfiesteria piscicida.


I/O BT**  More and more people using the Noose River broke out in festering sores, suffered short term memory loss, inability to concentrate, etc.  North Carolina subhumans refused to warn Humans away from the Noose River or tell them about the horrors that they were being exposed to.


I/O BT**  Rich, bloody-bunged, Dr. Michael Moser, Director of the North Carolina Division of Epidemiology said there was no problem.

            How many thousands of children were savaged?  The rich were not about to risk losing a few dollars.  North Carolina is a state where the rich can get away with atrocities such as this because North Carolina is a state where the rich have the serfs terrorized of the pigs.


I/O BT**  Billionaire corporate hog farmers, pigs in suits, attacked Dr. Burkholder through North Carolina State University.

I/O BT**  The Dean (not identified) told her to shut up about the sacred hog shit.  [The rich needed it for bathing.]

I/O BT**  The North Carolina Department of Health subhumans weighed in savaging her.

I/O BT**  At night she received death threats from inbred patriotic North Carolina pyorrhea-mouthed white trash.


I/O BT**  Onslow County Commissioner Sam Hewlett and Onslow County Commissioners called upon North Carolina  Environmental officials to silence Dr. Burkholder and scientists like her.  "I'd like to take a rubber hose to some of them!" the rich bloody-bunged Sam Hewlett declared.  Note at the top of file.


I/O  North Carolina tests for only a few of the 100 pathogens harmful to Humans found in livestock waste.


I/O BT**  The Hunt administration refused to know there was a problem.  Governor Hunt did not care about children's flesh being eaten off their bones, etc.


I/O  Reminiscent of Mr. Burns attempting to eat the mutant three-eyed fish on a Simpson's episode, at a sparsely attended fish fry, pudgy North Carolina officials ate flounder caught in the Atlantic, but the Humans were told that the fish were caught in North Carolina's Pfiesteria piscicida waters.

            Reports of unspeakable illnesses suffered by people that dipped in North Carolina waters were coming in from around the country.

            Media monkeys made light of the event and refused to report the truth.


I/O BT**  The North Carolina Department of Health was still poopooing the Pfiesteria piscicida horror and ceased all corporation with Dr. Burkholder.  The anti-environmental nazis lobbied the ass-licking scientific panel awarding Pfiesteria piscicida research funds to ensure Dr. Burkholder got as little money as possible.


In the summer of 1996, Pfiesteria piscicida killed 20,000 hybrid striped bass in a Chesapeake Bay aquaculture facility.  Pfiesteria piscicida was found from Delaware Bay to coastal Florida, around Florida to the Gulf of Mexico, and elsewhere.

I/O BT**  Pfiesteria piscicida induces massive fish kills and Human savaging but rich local governments are covering it up.


I/O BT**  In the fall of 1996, a North Carolina Department of Health ass-licker was quoted by a German television crew saying that Dr. Burkholder and her assistant had fabricated their data to raise research funds.



I/O  North Carolina is still savaging Dr. Burkholder.

I/O BT**  Watermen are afraid to be identified but they are still being savaged by Pfiesteria piscicida.  In one of many "dead zones" a man went overboard and came up covered with sores.  There are massive clam kills.  There are mysterious deaths from infections that started out as scratches.  A waterman died of liver disease but he did not drink.  There are areas on the water where running through it makes Humans puke, a common occurrence.  A 45-foot shrimp trawler passed through an area and everybody fainted.  They were dizzy a long time recovering.  No fish or shell fish lived in the area.

I/O BT**  The North Carolina Department of Economic Management came and accused these watermen of wanting to cause trouble, of wanting to stir things up (like Pfiesteria piscicida from the bottom?), that nothing was wrong with the water.

I/O BT**  The watermen were threatened by the North Carolina Department of Environment Management: "If you keep on about how bad things are you'll only make things hard on yourselves.  We'll come and post your area."  Note at the top of the file.

            "That's why when the state studies health effects they don't find anything wrong," said a commercial dealer.  "They can't get anybody to say anything."

            This threatening of witnesses has been reported elsewhere in the shit state of North Carolina.


            North Carolina is a despicable state to be in.  Making it practically illegal to belong to a union, in the 70s workers flocked to North Carolina to aid and abet in the raping of a once fair state.  But thanks to legislation favoring the larded gentry, as always, i.e., NAFTA and GATT, it became cheaper to rape countries overseas.  Perhaps the rich are paying an American $10 an hour.  Overseas they could pay a shoeless cringing serf with no conception of dignity 10¢ an hour.  They pocket the $9.90 and kick up the prices on the goods sold in this country too boot.  North Carolina industry fled overseas like flies to fresh shit and the same shiteating pudgy career politicians that effectively outlawed unions, that unleashed their IMF owners in an Oklahoma land rush to rape the state of North Carolina and its people's rights, stood staunchly in the road blocking money to retrain the hundreds of thousands of disenfranchised people—and not a thing was ever done about it.  And those cringing assholes, i.e., the people of North Carolina, repeatedly reelect their oppressors.


3/4/4: (S)

1) "Career Opportunities", Hughes Entertainment, Universal DVD 20418, © 1991, PG-13:

BT* On box CU of huge ½-n dugs of Jennifer Connelly.  This much is listed on 1/4/4.

BT*  ¼-n dugs of J.C.

Check "fuck" scene in car.

Long-lingering CU of J.C.'s huge ½-n dugs on its hands and knees.  Long-lingering CUs of J.C. airing its huge ½-n dugs were a main feature of this movie.

J.C.'s dark but not erect nipples.  Note at top of file.

Check exercise video on television of three sets and slits.

BT** Jennifer Connelly's huge erect filthy right nipple.  Note at top of file.

Check pool side scene for filth.


2) "The Professional", Columbia Tristar, DVD 74749, © 1997.

¼-n dugs of hooker.

Check exercisers on television.

BT**  Long-lingering CU of the naked ass of Elizabeth Regen bending over.  There is only a twisty rag up its shitty crack.  Note at top of file.

BT**  Long-lingering CU of E.R.'s naked shitty ass thrusting as though fucking.  Note at top of file.

BT  ½-n dugs of blonde.

BT**  Fuck scene with the blonde.

BT**  Long-lingering CU of E.R.'s naked shitty ass pumping and grinding.  Maybe other long-lingering CUs of its naked shitty ass.  Its naked shitty ass was well aired after this movie.  Note at top of file.

Ass-slits on the street.

BT**  Full ass-slit of jogger in red.  Note at top of file.

Check television exercisers.

Check throughout.


3/4/4 1632: (CA) BT**  WQSR-102.7 FM: A Catholic bishop is being prosecuted for multiple cases of sexual child abuse.

            I must tell you, I knew it all along.

1635: The bellicose buffoons Brian Wilson and Don O'Brien mentioned J.J. earlier.  It is still in the news, its name mentioned several times in that piece, with salacious comments by the bellicose buffoon brothers.



3/5/4 1200: WWLG-1370 AM: J.J. mentioned in the news.


WQSR-102.7 FM: Brian and O'Brien began yesterday's program with Satan's Song.  They're good fat white boys.

1847: I/O  Baltimore, County, MD: The pigs have had major artery Pulaski Highway closed for several hours so far doing investigative work for the billionaire insurance corporations.


3/6/4: The Baltimore Sun, Doonsebury comic strip by Garry Trudeau: mention of J.J. and the "wardrobe malfunction".



The soldier goes to war when commerce is a bud of promise,

and returns to view the faded flower.

—Arjuna, the Mahabharata.



1702: WQSR-102.7 FM, The Brian and O'Brien Show: The bellicose buffoons are licking the ass of business.  Paraphrased:

B.W.: I love businesses.  They give us money, they respect our dignity, they will see us and like us.

D.O.: I love big corporations.  They give us more money.


1738: I/O  A water bus capsized in a sudden storm in Baltimore Harbor.  Six drowned.  The captain and first mate were "voluntarily blood tested", the slut said.

1748: I/O  The police have closed a section of major artery Baltimore National Pike to investigate for the insurance corporations.



1204: (CA)  WWLG-1370 AM: Baltimore, MD: a female subhuman is charged with child abuse for brutally beating a girl at a birthday party.  Child comes to a birthday party, is brutaly beaten and hospitalized by a subhuman.  Happy birthday!

1404: (CA)  A popular singer named Kelly is charged with many counts of sexual child abuse in two cities.  It had many photos taken of the same.


I/O  WQSR-102.7 FM: In Tacoma Park, Maryland, if you smoke a cigarette in your yard and the smoke blows over into your neighbor's yard you can be arrested.


3/12/4: (S)  Fletcher's, 701 South Bond Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21231, In the men's room:

1) BT**  Letter-size color poster: CU of nearly naked ass in thin white material, full ass-crack.  PROTECT YOUR ASSETS: 1 866 687-1473.  Note at top of file.

2)  Letter-size color poster: CU of pesthole area, thumbing red pussy patch away from its body.  Check for cunt hair, ass-slabs.  WALL TO WALL INDOOR ADVERTISING 410 771-4441.


3) I/O BT** DEPRAVITY  The desecration and atrocities performed on the corpses of our people in the hands of the american funeral industry; by coroners and in funeral homes, will be punished by death.  In this club, we overheard a mortician from a prosperous and well-respected funeral home talking about stealing jewelry, cigarettes and clothing from loved ones just before the coffins were sealed.  It told of beating off and cuming on the corpse of a lovely young girl that took an overdose of something.  The stories of the rape of corpses in funeral homes and by paramedics are all too familiar and all too true.  The american funeral industry: don’t you wish you had control?  Don’t you wish you could get at them?  Don’t you wish it did not exist?



1032: I/O BT**  WQSR-102.7 FM: Dick Clark's Rock Roll and Remember: As governor of California brutal oppressor and future war criminal Ronald Reagan pardoned a three year sentence for cowardly hippie hater Merl Haggard for burglary.  Wouldn't you just know it?


PERIODIC (S) BT**  FHM magazine, February 2004: four on cover, one with only sand bucket covering its maggoty muff and tiny top, three 99% naked in lower right.  Note at top of file.


3/18/4: (S)  "Daredevil", 20th Century Fox DVD (no number), © 2003, PG-13.

BT** Jennifer Gardner's full deep ass-slit.  This beast was some exposed in every scene it was in.

BT**  J.C. in naked fuck scene.

BT**  training: CU of J.C.'s full deep ass-slit.

BT**  Many CUs of J.C.'s full deep ass-slit and ½-n dugs in long fight scene.

It filthifies Disk Two throughout.

 Note at top of file.


(CA) BT**  A male subhuman somewhere in this wonderful wide country of ours murdered its nine innocent children.


The Super Bowl streaker is in court for the second time.  Why isn't that naked beast slut Janet Jackson in court for the second time?  Does anyone but us notice something unfair about how males and females are treated for being naked in public?


America is like a huge toilet bowl and I will do everything in my power to flush it.

—Silas K. Breeze