117th Militia



Family and Freedom over flag

© 2005 PSYWAR Office 117th Militia Regimental Combat Team


17 July 2005, Vol. 6, No.  24



            Terrorists alert! The Prophet warns!  Don't let them herd your families together into Oliver North's concentration camps or anywhere else.  Do not let them herd you together.  Do not let them take you from your homes!  Be armed! Be ready! Refuse! Assemble to defend your families and your homes!  They are psychologically primed to mass murder your families.  Those who die quickly will be the lucky ones.


            New York: The remains of the victims were scooped into Dumpsters and eventually dumped in the Atlantic.  They gave a dead dog from the brutal Port Authority an honor guard! but the bodies of our people they trucked off in  Dumpsters to be dumped.  They looted the dead and who knows what else?  Yet they pissed and moaned for the astronauts for months.  This is the high regard the government and its uniformed subhumans hold you in.

            Not all are happy with the capitalist utopia.  At the former site of The World Trade Center, they had to sneak the names of the exterminated pigs onto the memorial plaque.  Those same brutal pig subhumans that rescued their own, but left innocent Humans to die.

            And while the rust belt widens, the masked cowards build monuments to their brutality, and you're standing behind X-ray machines revealed naked to the world.

Whatever happened to the tens of thousands of Humans the hyenas have arrested and hold incognito?  What tortures have they suffered?  Many have attempted suicide.  They lease them out to patriotic subhumans to experiment on them with drugs.  How long before Americans themselves disappear into federal concentration camps?  Does anybody know?  Does anybody care?  Would anybody care were it you?

            "Land of the free, home of the brave!" pure myth.

            September 11, 2001 the day the rich fear you'll forget.

            The Prophet Mastodon reminds you: those craze-eyed police terrorists will murder dozens of you to get at one suspect.  Police terrorists are the same everywhere, and Humans who have had a run-in with them in a stressful situation are scarred or dead.  Police terrorists recognize no difference between suspect and victim.  Elect us! and we will end police terrorism and rule by the rich  in no uncertain terms.

Thank you.


3/20/4: (S) BT**  "Full Metal Jacket," © 1987 Warner Brothers, DVD #21154, R.

Pinups of naked subhumans in tent and on "Stars and Stripes" bulletin board.

½-n dugs of Vietnamese subhuman.  It lifts its dress to let out stink by airing its shitty near-naked ass.

Full erect nipples of another Vietnamese subhumans.

Note at top of file.



0746: (CA) BT**  WQSR-102.7 FM, Sunday Morning: Reference to a little baby being shaken so hard she did not make a noise until she was two, and mention of a baby blinded by shaking.

            Earlier, some lick-spittle working for the navy, in an oft repeated ad, told us how lucky we are living in Satan's nation, a country that took the boys and women of the navy 200 years to build, where we can criticize anything we want (in a government-approved corporate manner), and ended by cursing in the face of God Almighty, by asking a false god, to bless Satan's nation.

1220: Twice this filth was heard: "They've been asking 'Is Stacey's mom Rachel Hunter' as hot as she is?'  She is!  April Playboy."

            There are up to four generations of naked subhumans that must be exterminated.


3/22/4 1500: WQSR-102.7 FM, The Brian and O'Brien Show:  The bellicose buffoons are beginning every program with Satan's Song.


1503: I/O (CA)  WWLG-1370 AM: A SPOBRS dropped assault charges against Priest Maurice Blackwell filed by a Mr. Dante Stokes, who was sexually abused by the believer when he was sixteen years old.  The subhuman piece of black-robed shit judge barfed: "statute of limitations, clearly run out".  The child sexual abuse charges also filed by Mr. Stokes against the true believer will probably go the same way.

1700: (F) (M)  Israeli subhumans murdered a Palestinian leader.  The media monkeys, ass-lickers supreme, are calling it a "killing".  The Administration's ass-licker is calling it a "killing" and making excuses got the Israeli subhumans.



1944: (S) BT**  Unknown channel: "Enough", ¼-n dugs, full ass-slit.  Note at top of file.


2006: (S) BT**  2 WMAR-ABC: 8 Simple Rules, exercise room: full deep ass-slit of blonde in purple shorts.  Others variously exposed.  Note at top of file.

Other beasts variously exposed.


3/26/4: (S) BT**  The Baltimore Sun, p. 1C: ad: "The Company", male laying its head on female's ass.  Note at top of file.


3/27/4 0830: PB  WTMD-89.7 FM, Baltimore County pigs murdered an Arbutus man who might have been armed.

0858: Baltimore, MD: Major streets are closed for bio-terrorists drills.  They're probably stripping citizens naked on the street and filming it for later viewing.


3/30/4: "Apollo 13", © 1995, Universal VHS #82418, PG.

BT**  Beast-whore Kathleen Quinlan airing itself naked in the shower.  Its naked dug, nipple.  Note at top of file.

            PG rated movie and they had to shit on it.  I guess K.Q. couldn't afford water at home, or walls.  It aired its tits elsewhere, and there was other filth, including an ad at the beginning.


PERIODIC  Ancient American, Volume 9 Number 55, (ISSN 1077-1646), PO Box 370, Colfax, WI  54730.

p. 25: Commentary: Michigan Artifacts Fakes or History? by David A Deal.  Concerning academia, which the United States governments rob you hard working people, at gun point if necessary, to lavishly support.  "These students later matriculate to go onwards and regurgitate the same hierophantic flummery they consumed in university ... ad infinitum ... ad nauseam.


4/4/4: (CA) BT**  WBAL-1090 AM: Deana Laney, the God Almighty damned Texas subhuman that murdered two of her babies by scalding, will not be slaughtered.  She told them that “God told her to run the bathtub full of scalding water and drop her babies into it”

            Her female lawyer shit out its mouth, yea, saying: "From this point forward, she'll suffer for the rest of her life, far more than if she'd been put to death".

            How does female lawyer genus know that?  How does she know what the next life is?  Also, since the subhuman was declared not responsible for its actions, why makes female lawyer genus think it will feel anything at all?  Hell! female lawyer genus doesn't feel anything."

            Justice! take a powder!.

            Note at top of file.


4/13/4 1004: WWLG-1370 AM: Janet Jackson was on Saturday Night Love last night.  Highest ratings since Al "Lurch" Gore was on in March 2004.


1717: WQSR-102.7 FM: Bellicose buffoon Brian Wilson just read his editorial defending porn, in which J.J. was mentioned.  Then these champions of depravity at WQSR spun America the Great.  After that the all-American Brian Wilson attacked the kids of Dundalk High School.


4/19/4 1702: (F) (M)  WTMD-89.7 FM: The Israeli subhumans have murdered another Palestinian leader.  The US government subhumans stand firmly behind the murder.


4/23/4 1613: (I/O)BT**  WQSR-102.7 FM: A child has been suspended from school and may face criminal charges for bringing peanut butter cookies to school.  His teacher was allergic to them.  Stout-hearted Brian Wilson, Baltimore's own subhuman piece of patriotic shit, carpet knight par excellence, called the child a "twit, brat, little, snot-ball" and summed with, "I'd expel the little jackass."  What say we get together and expel Baltimore's premiere badass bellicose buffoon Brian Wilson? in no uncertain terms?  Let's do it!

            Elect us!

            Kid brought peanut butter cookies to school.


4/24/4: The Baltimore Sun, Doonesbury by Garry Trudeau.  Baby Bush, a billionaire bellicose buffoon, wants constitutional amendments criminalizing the sacred duty of flag desecration and outlawing abortions.


4/26/4 1702: (F)(M)  WTMD-89.7 FM, Iraq: Two American civilians were murdered when marines (not stated) searched a "building" for chemical weapons. 


4/27/4 0731: (CA) BT*  WTMD-89.7 FM, Baltimore: Edward Shabbot, art teacher, is accused of sexually abusing an eight year old.


4/29/4: (S) BT**  Add to "Spiderman" DVD, Copyright 2002 Columbia Pictures, PG-13.  Wrestling scene: subhumans in rink 99.99% naked in light blue thong.  Note at the top of file.


4/29/4: BOOK  Different Seasons, Copyright 1982 Stephen King, ISBN 0-451-13968-2, New American Library, 1633 Broadway, New York, NY 10019.  Fiction.


Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption.

p. 30: I/O BT**  Naked asshole searches when Men are thrown into prison.


Apt Pupil

p. 115: (F)(A)  nazi subhuman lesbian-whore Ilse Koch had lampshades made of Human skin.  Also it had glass tubes pushed up Men's penises then broken.

p. 199: (F)(A)  nazi subhuman queers torturing Women with blazing pokers, the pokers were shoved into their vaginas.

p. 120: (F)(A)  1) Chairs with spikes sticking up through the seats.  2) Pulling of gold teeth with pliers while the Humans were alive and conscious.  3) Poison gas coming out of shower heads.

p. 124: (F)(A)  Ref. to 'old boy network' in subhuman brazil, paraguay and santo domingo, to aid patriotic nazi queers in escaping "justice".  You may add argentina, chile, el salvador, guatemala, honduras, nicaragua, uruguay, venezuela and the rest of those cesspools on the South American continent.

p. 125: (F)(A)  The subhuman patriotic mafia helped subhuman patriotic nazis escape and take refuge in this country.  The subhuman patriotic mafia was employed by the subhuman patriotic cia. 


            In cuba, under your queer batista, the flag-waving mafia subhumans, also smuggled nazi war-shit into cuba, sheltered them, then when the present subhuman defeated the rightist subhumans and took power, they smuggled the nazi war-shit out of cuba and sometimes into this country. 

            In america's cuba, you remember your batista's cuba under that wimp eisenhower?  Of course you do!  You're informed!  You're concerned!  That's where the mafia branch of the cia raped, tortured, broke the limbs of and raped and tortured to death countless Women and Girls.  You americans remember your cuba? surely? the camps?  Bo-ba-loo?


p. 127: (F)(A)  1) Men were forced to dig their own graves then stand at the ends so they'd fall into them when murdered.  2) Ref. to the unspeakable examinations even worse than asshole searching and probing.  3) Ref. to the unspeakable scientific experiments.  3) Ref. to 3,500 per day murdered in some concentration camps.

p. 128: [Subhuman pudgy patriotic american politicians] "speak of morality while they douse screaming children and old women in burning napalm.  Your draft resisters are called cowards and 'peaceniks'.  For refusing to follow orders they are either put in jails or scourged from the country.  Those that demonstrate against this country's unfortunate Asian adventure are clubbed down in the streets.  The GI soldiers who kill the innocent are decorated by Presidents, welcomed home from the bayoneting of children and the burning of hospitals with parades and bunting.  They are given dinners, Keys to the City, free tickets to pro football games."  And all the dicks they can suck.

p. 128: (F)(A)  1) german subhumans raping Women with law enforcement police dogs.  2) Putting identical twins in ice boxes to see whether they'd die simultaneously.  3) Electroshock torture.  4) Scientific "experimental" operations without anesthetic.  4) german subhumans raping all the Women and Girls they wanted.

p. 128: (F)(A)  Those that tried to execute the second greatest patriotic that ever lived, adolf hitler, were strangled slowly with piano wire (an old patriotic trick since piano wire was invented).  Their death agonies were filmed for the dining and dancing pleasure of the subhuman german public, and shown in theaters.

p. 129: (F)(A)  russian subhumans, crossing into germany, slit the throats of prisoners and drank their blood.

p. 130: (F)(A)  The german subhumans tattooed millions of Men, Women, Children and Babies with unsanitary tattoos, no anesthetic.

p. 135: (F)(A)  A nerve gas called Pegasus was used to murder naked people.  Like the Zyklon-B it came through the shower heads.  Some screamed.  Some laughed insanely.  They vomited and defecated helplessly.  They collapsed and lay on the concrete in their own filth.  The gas did not kill so the patriots murdered them with rifles.  Pegasus was called Yodeling Gas because of the sound the innocents made.

p. 147: (F)(A)  1) a nazi subhuman forcing Men to look at a photo of its naked beast girlfriend.  2) Ref. to doctors and their scientific experiments.  3) The brain waves of Men, Women, Children and Babies dying in screaming agony were recorded for science.  4) Induced physiological retardation for science.  5) Allusions to hundreds of different types of scientific patriotism done to innocents for science.

p. 154: The german subhumans, of the lower orders, living around Auschwitz, thought it was a sausage factory.

p. 154: (F)(A)  Men, Women, Children and Babies were sent to the vivisectionists that cut out their organs and/or off their limbs while conscious and without anesthesia.  (Somewhat after the manner of modern china and america's iran where your boys lobbed arms off little children, and then you got upset when they overthrew your precious subhuman shah.)  2) Alive or dead innocents sent to the knackers where their bodies were chopped up for parts.  (Somewhat after the manner of modern china.)

p. 155: (F)(A)  Trustees probing the anuses of Men, Women, Children and Babies with their cowardly fingers.

p. 155: (F)(A)  Psychological torture by offering prisoners food to inform on and/or lie about fellow prisoners.

157: (F)(A)  Young boys being made to scream and the patriotic nazis enjoying it.

p. 187: (F)(A)  Torturing young girls with electric dildoes that deliver a searing shock.  We've found other nonhistoric references to this.  Science and patriotism knows no bounds.

p. 191: (F)(A)  1) Soap made from Human bodies rendered into tallow.  2) Scientific experiments with forced homosexuality.

p. 202: The americans would have released the german subhuman rudolf hess.  "... if they had sole custody of him—the Americans who let killers go with a spank on the wrist —they would have let him go.  Are the Americans going to allow the Israelis to extradite an eighty-year-old man so they can hang him as they hanged Eichmann?"

            We're for it!  But capitalists look out for their own.


p. 263: (F)(A)  Ref. to america not cooperating with nazi hunters during the oil embargo.  Capitalists look out for their own.  May God Almighty light the path of the nazi hunter and afflict with leprosy all those that oppose them.

p. 264: I/O BT**  Ref. to the humiliating and obscene robes only Men are forced to wear in hospitals.

            Note at the top of the file.


            nazism is the patriot's best friend, the greatest thing since abject cowardice.  Of course, nazism is just a recent term for patriotism and it follows therefore that all patriots are nazis.  It's just a matter of degree,

even those so-called sweet little old ladies waving flags at Fourth of July parades are nazis.  All acts of patriotism are unspeakable.  The Pledge of Allegiance and Star Spangled Banner are unspeakable.  Waltzing Matilda is unspeakable.  It is unspeakable to wave the American flag.  Horror beyond! wimps! flag fags! give their little babies those filthy rags to wave. 

            Take a famous nazi trick never done before, patriotic dog rape.  In chile, courtesy of your queer navy, republican subhumans nixon and republican subhuman ronald "ringass" reagan, all women and girls arrested, even those arrested for littering or something like that, including those not wanted for anything but just snatched up off the streets because a patriotic saw her from a passing car, were routinely raped and/or dog raped.  None of the patriots were ever punished, and thanks to subhuman british lesbian-whore margaret thatcher, The Beast of Ten Downing Street, pinochet, the shitiest and most maggoty patriot of them all went unpunished.

            Governments know their own.

            The Beast of Ten Downing Street, british subhuman lesbian-whore, bane of argentina, margaret thatcher, leapt to the defense of the pinochet subhuman like a real Woman to the defense of her baby.  Hundreds of young girls raped by bluecoated and/or four legged dogs, the Dogs of Democracy, and that repulsive british slug with a pussy dry as parchment fought denture and false nail to kept her hero out of the hands of "justice".  It was successful.  That's aiding and abetting war crimes. 

            Governments know their own.

            Complete hierarchies.  No mercy.

            You saw to it that the rich batista subhuman escaped "justice" and you supported it in a style to which a subhuman potentate is accustomed to unto the remainder of its days—just like your most recent haitian subhuman, and all the rest of your flag waving queers overseas doubtless cuddly subhumans like idjit amen of uganda and shit pot of cambodia.  The pinochet subhuman even murdered people in this country, a scab of a country, amounting to little more than the crust on Sun dried shit.

            Governments know their own.

            Makes you proud to be an American doesn't it?

            Elect us!


The Body

p. 292: (CA) BT**  Child #1: subhuman burned his son's ears off by holding his head against a red-hoot cast-iron burner plate.  Pigs nor juvenile authorities did anything.

p. 302-303: (CA) BT**  Child #2 often savagely beaten about the head and face by his patriotic father and the school and juvenile authorities refused to so anything about it.

p. 303: (CA) BT**  Child #2 teacher frames for stealing milk money.  The child's POS father broke his nose and right wrist because of this.

p. 383: (CA) BT**  female teacher kicking a child in the head so hard he almost went blind.

p. 425: (CA) BT**  Child #3 beaten savagely in the face by a teen that kicked him in the testicles, broke his nose and stomped on his hand breaking two of his fingers. 

p. 427: (CA) BT**  Child #2 savagely beaten about the head and face by his teenage brother.  His arm was broken in two places so that the bones grated together.  A steel pin was needed to set the elbow.  He was found walking along the road bleeding out of both ears.

p. 428: (CA) BT**  Child #4 beaten unconscious by length of pipe with by his teen age brother.

p. 428: (CA) BT**  Child #1 savagely beaten about the head and face by three young patriots, his glasses were broken.

p. 430: (CA) BT**  Child #2 humiliated by his subhuman father because he wanted to go to college, his subhuman father broke a long neck beer bottle on his head, required four stitches.

            Note ate the top of the file.



            Commence au festival!  Play Satan's Song!  Swear Satan's Pledge!  Force your tottlers to do the same.  Release the balloons!  Ignite the skyrockets!  Your all-American queers and lesbian-whores have been torturing, sexually abusing and humiliating POWs and civilian prisoners in Iraq.  But you instinctively knew that.  No mention was made of rape and murder but you bloated ass-lickers can sleep easy knowing it's happening.

            Your whore-lesbian subhuman daughters are enjoying themselves by humiliating naked and defenseless MEN, reminding one of the patriotic nazi lesbian-whore Ilse Koch, great patriot.  These were their goals:

            1) Being naked, and/or fucking, sucking rucking in public, and that those speaking against it and/or staring would be arrested.  They have been naked on the streets, and have even fucked on the streets, since 1967 when the Supreme Queers detonated the dam holding back the sewage of American femininity.

            2) Being naked among men, like in a barracks, a firehouse, locker rooms, and the men can't touch them, say anything nor even look.

            3) Being clothed among naked men in locker rooms and prisons to humiliate them.

            4) Perpetuating indignities and atrocities upon defenseless and naked men.

            Thanks to that lesbian-whore naked monkey Gloria Steinem, and others, the American pesthole has come of age.  What is described in the three articles is the type thing their sisters, daughters, mothers and lesbian lovers do to defenses MEN in the jails, prisons and juvenile correctional camps across this POS (piece of shit) country.  Here is proof that all the goals of the "sexual revolution", the "new morality" and "women's liberation" have been accomplished.

            1) Under us the penalty for whore-lesbians seeing naked men (and vice versa) when they have had no choice about it, and/or in authoritarian situations, shall be death.

            2) Under us the penalty for asshole/strip searching anyone, anywhere for any reason is death.

            3) Under us the penalty for crimes against Human Dignity is death.

            To include:

            All those that ordered it.

            All those that did it whether ordered to or not.

            All those that knew of it and did not try to stop it.

            All those that knew of it and did not report it.

            All those that attempted or were successful at a cover-up.

            All those that suggested a news blackout or stonewalling.

            All those that wrist slapped.

            All those that should ever suggest strip and/or asshole searches.

            The complete hierarchy.

            These are ex post facto laws. 

            Elect us!


4/30/4 PERIODIC (F) ATROCITY  The Baltimore Sun:

p. 1A: Families of 372nd tormented by stories of POW abuses in Iraq, by Ariel Sabar, Gus Sentementes and Jeff Barker.

            These particular acts of patriotism were committed at the Abu Ghraib prison where Baby Bush's subhumans have replaced Saddam Hussein's subhumans.

Almost all the acts of patriotism were committed by the patriotic queers and lesbian-whores of the nazi 372nd Military Police Company, a national guard unit stationed in Cumberland, Maryland.  When vying for the job with other military pig units, the propaganda office of the nazi 372nd Military Pig unit said, "We are relying heavily on our soldiers with correctional [officer] experience".  They did that all right.  Theirs is the cop mentality.  Some are correctional subhumans and others doubtless common street pigs.  If you've got the stomach to read this (at least you don't have to see those freaks, your queers and lesbian-whores, in the pictures) keep in mind these are cops.

            Witness your heroes at work. 

            Inset: Cumberland [Maryland]:  372nd Military Police Company a source of pride.

            Exactly what you would expect from a malodorous herd of inbred Appalachian hicks that fuck their mothers, grandmothers and daughters, but prefer pigs, yea even they that lick the nazi 372nd as "hometown heroes".  Most of these subhumans are facing mere "administrative charges".  The prisoners were POWs and civilian detainees.

            * MEN were kept in cold damp cells.

            * "military intelligence" put MEN into "isolation cells" naked. 

            * They had no toilet, running water, ventilation or window for  extended periods of time. 

            * MEN were kept outside exposed to the elements.

            * A mentally derange MAN was shot with rubber bullets (regular bullets coated with rubber) for singing.

            * One of the subhumans, Ivan "Chip" Frederick, claims military intelligence ordered this.  The demons probably did.  The filthiest slimiest shit on the bottom of the patriotic cesspool is military intelligence.  No excuse. 

            The subhumans' families knew of these atrocities for months but like good subhuman Americans would not report it.  The father of subhuman queer Ivan "Chip" Frederick is upset that his subhuman son, that is a correctional pig in Dillwyn, VA., you can imagine what it is like there and what your prisons are like, we've been telling you, was ordered to guard prisoners of war.  "They put him in there with no experience taking care of enemy prisoners of war".  No excuse.  "It's really upsetting to me that the military is doing this.  I don't think he did those things unless ordered to do so."  No excuse.

            The Frederick queer claims they "were like improperly supervised children in an unfathomable land".  Like no children that I ever met.  No excuse.

            "I have had training and dealing with convicted felons of the U.S.  I have never had any training dealing with POWs, civilian internees or detained persons.  The prisoners here are from a completely different culture."  1) No excuse.  2) So what?  3) It used its training!  The attitude that produced the patriotism these subhumans committed upon the MEN of Iraq, is the concept at the root of the training these God Almighty damned cocksucking subhumans that run (but do not own) American prisons get.  Don't forget what Republicans keep yelling.  "Prisoners have no rights."

            To us everybody, with the possible exception of a patriot, has dignity. First your dignity, then your property, then your clothes, then your body.  Elect us and we will stand firm against the subhuman, and bury them deep.  Elect us!

            * A photo is described in which honor student and bad-ass he-man he-roe soldier Lynndie R. England (lesbian-whore) is smiling before a group of naked and defenseless Iraqi MEN.

            * It was ordered not to tell what was going on.                    

            In a photograph its mother Terri England is wearing a T-shirt bearing a design of heart-shaped American flags.  It laments, chastising your POS government, yea, saying, "Now the government turned their back on her, and everything is a big joke."

            Oh boohoo.  The government turned its humped and pimpled back on its Hell spawn.  There are no excuses.

            "At most, the 372nd's alleged abuses of prisoners were 'stupid, kid things— pranks,'" said Terri England.  Oh, God Almighty, may this beast suffer these pranks.  Further, "'The rules of the Geneva Convention, does that apply to everybody or just us?'"  Well, patriot's mother, your POS country is probably the main violator of the Geneva Convention in recent history.  The United Nations removed its Human Rights certification.  Does that make you suspicious?

            A La Vale Wal-Mart has Terri's repulsive daughter's photo on its "Wall of Honor".   Wall of Dishonor is more like it.  The Mineral County courthouse in Keyser, WV., posts its photo and those of other subhumans under a banner saying: "We're hometown proud".

            * (S)(T)  In the photo picturing its mother, its sister, Destiny Goin, airing 1/4-n dugs, lamented, "It's just unjust, is what it is".  What is unjust is that members of that unit are still living.  They will eventually be tried according to our laws.  Looks like they'll all be standing before the machine-gun.

            * MEN were left naked or in humiliating panties.  (You can see why. These are Moslems.  This patriotism was racially motivated.)

            * MEN were handcuffed naked to cell doors so that they couldn't sit or lie down.

            The camel's back is broken.


p. 6A: Cumberland stands behind 372nd by Reginald Fields.

            To the tunes of banjo and nose pickin the inbred Appalachian idjits of Cumberland, MD (who also enjoy fucking their closest kin, when they can't rundown a pig) are standing by their subhumans.

            Becky McClarran-Mizak said: "We still have to support our troops".  Why? Your troops! slut, not a decent person's.  nazis are nazis despite the color of the rag they worship. 

            Residents of that gritty shitty city say they are unwilling to change.  These God Almighty damned inbred subhumans are unwilling to stand for God Almighty and Human Dignity.  They'll get no government contracts under us.  These syphilitic spiders decided long ago to support the queers and lesbian-whores of the nazi 372nd Military Pigs when the unit was flushed overseas.  "N, by Flag! dems air quars'n lezzie-horas n we aint a-changin now!  Dang de allygators er whatever dem were," said beast McClarran-Mizak, in so many words.

            Another patriotic whore, Adrienne Ottavaiani, a Cumberland resident and former Allegany County commissioner, a bureaucratic leech, said: "It's war, and war is not always pretty.  It is the ugliness of war.  But I don't think any of them should go to jail because of this."

            God Almighty, may this and all these ass-licking subhumans experience this "ugliness of war", and let those that do it "not go to jail", but be awarded metals instead.  May all these patriotic lesbian-whores suffer the same, along with all the subs. defending this homosexual trash in uniform, and that those that did it will not go to jail.  And since these ass-licking wimps wish to lie, guarding prisoners is not war, and they know that.

            * On CBS's 60 Minutes II was shown a film of Iraqi Humans being tortured by army queers and lesbian/whores, mostly of the nazi 372nd military pigs, laughing and giving thumbs up.

            * Kerry Shoemaker-Davis, lesbian-whore formerly with the nazi 372nd, said: "We've been hearing rumors for quite some time now...."  Shoemaker-Davis did not report the rumors.

            The McClarran-Mizak beast organized a rally at the town's pedestrian mall with posters, flags, banjo and nose pickin, wife and pig swappin and cheers for the nazi 372nd.  They gather on Saturdays to support their queers and lesbian-whores overseas.  The nazi 372nd receives letters and care packages from local pyorrhea-mouthed hicks.  The care packages contain hard to get items like chewing tobacco, New Testaments, suspenders, scabby medicine, pin-ups of pigs, bib overalls, gingham dresses, sprigs of timothy and delicacies like fatback'n grits, chitlins'n shit. 

            Last Christmas each of the more than 160 members of the 372nd was adopted by a family of gap-toothed inbreds and were sent gifts after the fashion of the aforementioned.  You wimpy ass-lickers better watch it.  They might show up and demand your pig.

            Not everyone here is sure that what they have seen or read purports any wrong doing by their U.S. army queers and lesbian-whores.

            What does it take?  One picture is worth a thousand words.  These trashy patriotic cowards of Cumberland, MD, disbelieve the evidence of their own eyes.  They're even proud of their patriotic subhumans.  Is the nazi 372nd patrolling the streets of that filthy little burg?  Some of its subhumans will return to doing that.  Maybe that's it?

            Robert Hutcheson, another Cumberland resident and the Allegany County Commissioner, a shit- and bloodsucking bureaucrat, and patriotic coward and ass-licker to boot, shit out its red, white and blue mouth yea, saying: "I'm sure there is more than one side to the story, and we don't have the facts."  One picture is worth a thousand words you shit-eater.  There are no excuses.  It continued: "In my mind, this is no blemish on their record."  That's because Robert Hutcheson mind is worm ridden, he's a subhuman piece of patriotic shit that, like all patriots, should be flushed.  What would constitute a "blemish on their record?  And why is that important?  It doesn't take us long to decide a blemish on a record, since that is what counts.  We don't have any problem with it at all.  And whatever we do purging this horrible shitty country of its patriotic subhumans, will be legal!

            Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 172 in Cumberland has been a crazed supporter of the nazi 372nd at the rally arranged by the McClarran-Mizak creature. 

            "The little bit I have read about, it seems to me that it is being completely blown out of proportion," said Roger Krueger the chapter's president that served in Vietnam. 

            We're not sure whether ol' Roger Dodger read anything or whether it was read to him.  But there are pictures.  The war criminal's reply is exactly what we'd expect from that lot.  Those baby burners and little girl rapers, terrorized at the prospect of their eventual judgment, recognize no standards of behavior for a subhuman in uniform, as they recognized no standards of behavior in Vietnam where they murdered 2 million Vietnamese civilians.  (Those that died quickly were the lucky ones.)  Roger Dodger further shit out the asshole on its face, yea, saying: "When a person is in combat, they have to do whatever they have to stay alive."

            No excuse.  And what's that got to do with it?  What the fucking Hell is that supposed to mean?  They're guarding defenseless prisoners, not facing the maniacal hordes of Japan and Korea.  Ladies and gentlemen, do you see how the subhuman mind works?  This reeking POS nation has invaded another country, it sends its trashy and cowardly scum military to war, so for the patriotic subhuman, anything goes!  This is how the subhuman acts. It does not think.  Mark our words, heed the warnings of the Prophet Mastodon, because of their cowardly insanity, your color televisions are at risk!

            And here's to ol' Rodger Dodger and his queers at the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 172 in Cumberland, MD: May you all suffer the same.

            Jesus Christ can always be counted on to bless an atrocity.  Christians worship Flag, not God Almighty.

            Reverend John Herbst of Winifred Road Church of Christ, who has sent care packages to the subhumans of the nazi 372nd, said it wasn't convinced the accused have done anything wrong. 

            What's it take to convince the flag-waving cocksucker?  To a Christian there are no crimes when serving their god Flag.  It is "Render unto Caesar" with those degenerates. 

            "I know from being in a semipubic position, there's lots of accusations out there."  As a cleric and therefore suspected pederast, Reverend John Herbst of Winifred Road Church of Christ would be intimately acquainted with accusations of the most depraved and vile sort.  "Let's wait until we get all the facts before we jump to conclusions.  Maybe it's much ado about nothing.  We're standing behind our boys."

            He's probably used to standing behind boys.

            There are no excuses.  One picture is worth a thousand words.  You simpering wimps may stand behind your queers and lesbian-whores, but I dare you to bend over in front of them.  Not if you do not want a taste of your own.  And, yea, may you die behind them.  May your queers and lesbian-whores be turned loose upon you.  One picture is worth a thousand words you pie-eyed suspected pederast patriotic standing behind boys motherfucker.

            The nazi 372nd is due to be rotated on a spit....  Home! the nazis are due to be rotated home to its pigsty community and their inbred relatives.  The depraved subhumans of the 372nd will be unleashed, the Dogs of Democracy, will be unleashed upon the young and unemployed.  Cumberland has planned a homecoming rally, with banjo and nose pickin, American flags, marching bands and a shit wallow. The comeliest pigs in the area are being rounded up and kept in special pens with thick pillows and clean silk sheets.  Said the McClarran-Mizak creature, "We're just a small community that sticks together".  We noticed.  Incest and rickets form a strong bond.  Translation:  Aw shucks! We doan care bout nuffin.  We aint smart or nuffin lak them quar city folk, but we luv our flag'n our pigs.  We aint nonna dese comma quars wif our har hangin down to our ears.

            The camel's back is broken.


p. 7A: Lack of training, stress are blamed in abuse of Iraqis by Tom Bowman.

            What stress?  They're guards.  They're not getting shot at.  There are no excuses.  These are military pigs, some are common street pigs, some will become common street pigs and some are or will become prison pigs.  Don't forget that.  They are soon going to be unleashed upon the young and the unemployed.     

            One of the subhumans "facing court-martial for allegedly abusing and humiliating" Iraqi POWs and civilians is the subhuman Javal S. Davis, a Morgan State graduate.  Its wife, Zeenithia, tough seafaring lesbian-whore owned by the navy, said he was in "a very stressful situation.  We're not over there.  We really don't know how these prisoners are behaving."  No excuse!  "There's a fine line between heinous war crimes and maintaining discipline." 

            Bullshit! That line is as broad as the highway to Hell and those subhuman pieces of patriotic all-American shit crossed it, the entire nazi 372nd Military Pigs.  As many as 15 of these American nazis may be slapped on the wrists.  Some were even "temporarily suspended from their posts".  That'll teach em!

            * There are pictures of naked prisoners huddled together and forced to simulate sex acts while American queers and lesbian-whores from Cumberland, Maryland, grin and give a thumbs up.

            * A hooded prisoner attached to wires is shown standing on a box.  He would be electrocuted if he stepped off the box.

            A piddling few army dicksuckers and lesbian-whores, including Chippy Frederick and that other queer, Javal Davis, a church going Christian and college graduate, are charged with:

            * Aggravated assault

            * Indecent acts

            * Nonphysical abuse stemming from photos of naked Iraqi prisoners

            * Battery

            * Conspiracy to maltreat prisoners

            * Desecrating a corpse of an Iraqi that died [or was murdered] in their custody.

            These are military pigs, some are common street pigs, some will become common street pigs and some are or will become prison pigs.  Don't forget that.

            Under us any of these crimes committed by a subhuman in authority carries the death penalty.  But the army is cracking down.  You can rest easy.  Some of the nazis might be punished with a letter of reprimand, loss of promotion and loss of command.  Whoa! that'll teach em.  Human Dignity at stake here!  A small price to pay for a staggering loss of dignity to MEN who actually had the guts and gall to sally forth to defend their country against the invading godless American subhumans.

            Colonel Jill Morgenthaler (It's hard to keep from laughing.  How about Field Marshal Daphne Angelina Pinkmeat  Morgenthaler?) said three nazi subhumans were "temporarily suspended" from the prison.  These were General Janis (There's a meaningful name for one of those things.) Karpinski; a civilian contractor (rape, torture and murder specialist, we told you, remember?); and a third person.  Jill honey refused to identify the last two subhumans. 

            The army, already making excuses for their subhuman trash, said the nazi subhumans "were not trained to handle prisoners of war under the Geneva Convention".  What's that got to do with it?  What about the civilian prisoners? What's the Geneva Convention got to do with that?  What's the excuse there? 

            * 8000 Iraqi Humans, civilian and military, are being held in American hellholes in Iraq.  What about those who have disappeared in the American archipelago?  Whatever happened to them?  What have they suffered?

            * Under Saddam Hussein, Abu Ghraib prison was a patriotic rape, torture and murder center.  The nazi subhuman guards sicced American supplied attack dogs on prisoners, and used American invented, manufactured and supplied shock torture equipment.

            Siccing four-legged dogs on people is an old patriotic trick with a long and honored history.  The conquistadors and nazi subhumans were fond of it. You see it used by your common street pigs here in the belly of the Whore.  None of Sadman Insane's guards nor its nazi pigs were ever punished.  Why they blow up police stations! 

            * There is video of U.S. nazi subhumans, i.e., queers and lesbian- whores stacking naked MEN like chord wood, like you see in concentration camp photos.  The youthful shit, squeezed out of the asshole of America the Whore, owned and run by the rich, are laughing, cheering and giving a thumb's up.  Said thumbs to be inserted in their assholes.  Such pranks as these carry the death penalty under us.

            * Photo one: Two naked Iraqi Humans are hooded (no eye holes) with their hands on their heads.

            * Photo two: A naked Iraqi MAN is bent over with his legs spread.  Above his buttocks is the head of combat war he-roe Lynndie R. England grinning like a possum eatin shit.  Behind her is combat war hero Chip Frederick, naked from the waist down and grinning like a possum eatin shit.  The Lynndie beasts' hands are not seen.  Since these are modern sophisticated enlightened adult American youth of the homosexual military in the double-naught years of the 21st century no less, and for those who have studied patriotism, it is obvious what's happening. The Lynddie beast has the anus of the HUMAN spread and was patriotically probing the MAN's anus for bazookas when someone said cheese! and up pops her head.  Occasionally she'd turn her head and suck off ol' Chippy boy's dicky. 

            It reminds us of the Japanese subhumans in China, the Yugoslav subhumans with their rape camps in Bosnia.  Doesn't it all make you proud to be an American?

            Note at the top of PERIODIC [(F)(A) 25 counts] for all but the (S) listing.

            There are no excuses!

            The only good patriot is a dead patriot.

            Governments know for their own.

            All articles filed.  Note at the top of file.

            The camel's back is broken.

            Elect us!


5/1/4: "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen", DVD, Copyright 2003 20th Century Fox, no number, special features, A Special Message:

            This special message was more government propaganda and oppression.  They never let you forget for a minute.  The many words and minutes of threats before the features on DVDs and VHSs isn't enough.  We're not criminals!  Why do we need this?  You can't even fast forward the subhuman fbi and subhuman foreign pig (INTERPOL) filth on a DVD.  Elect us and we'll have it removed. We'll also make them give an ad warning complete with the amount of minutes on the ads, to be listed on the box and carrier itself, and also the percentage of purchase you are saving with the addition of the ads, or vice versa.

            The "special message" was that chilling and ridiculous anti-marijuana PSA propaganda "Paid for by The Office of National Drug Control Policy", i.e.: "In a roadside study, one of three reckless drivers tested for drugs, tested positive for marijuana.  It's more harmful than we all thought."

            The Office of National Drug Control Policy did not pay for shit.  You the people paid for this shit.  You were robbed from your ever decreasing pay checks and job base to pay for this shit.  The Pentagon recently cancelled weapons programs on which it had spent hundreds of billions of dollars of "its money". 

            The rich that own and own this county have more respect and regard for the shit they flush down their toilets than for you the people of the United States of America.  You are the civilian population of a conquered country.  Your country is a slave state, and you deserve it.


5/1/4: Baltimore Blast vs. Milwaukee Wave, 1st Mariner Arena, Baltimore, MD:  Several members attending the game report:

1) (S) BT*  A dozen shameless scantily clad cheerleaders airing 1/2-n dugs (as embarrassingly obvious as scores of their sisters among fans) airing 1/2-n dugs, CMS, shitty ass-slits, etc., doing cartwheels, handstands, exposing themselves by gymnastics.

2) I/O   A ridiculous amount of security, both Baltimore City pigs and private pigs.  A Baltimore City pig stationed itself on the steps leading to the beer garden.  Leaning against the railing it partially blocked the stair and refused to move.


5/5/4 0829: (CA) BT**  WTMD-89.7 FM, Baltimore: A teacher that had sex with a 13 year old student will receive probation instead of 15 years in prison.

            Governments look out for their own.


5/7/4: The Baltimore Sun, p. 2E: in today’s birthdays these craven degenerates that own and/or publish The Baltimore Sun, have included the subhuman porn whore Traci Lords, their soul sister.   Why is it prostitution is legal, but when the subhuman film and/or photograph it for mass distribution it is art?


5/10/4 2019: (S) BT**  21-WBAL NBC, Fear Factor, female beast 99% naked in lime-green SS.  Long-lingering close-ups of its horrid nearly naked ass with only a string up its shitty crack, its reeking cunt mound and its nearly naked dugs from various angles.  Note at the top of the file.

            Other filth was listed from ads on this network at this time and other channels.


5/13/4: BOOK (F)(S)BT**  Mrs. 'Arris Goes to Paris, Copyright 1958 Paul Gallico, LCCCN: 58-12498.

p. 116: Once, instigated somewhat in a spirit of mischief by Natasha, they took Mrs. Harris to the "Revue des Nudes," a cabaret in the Rue Blanche, but she was neither shocked nor impressed.  There is a curiously cozy kind of family atmosphere at some of these displays: whole groups, including grandmothers, fathers, mothers and the young, come up from the country for a celebration or anniversary of some kind, bringing along a picnic hamper; they order wine and settle down to enjoy the fun.

            Sounds like the French.  And they wonder why the rest of the world call them depraved.  Can't figure it out.

            Note at the top of the file.


5/14/4: WWLG-1370 AM; Entertainment reporter Eddie Applefelt ragged Dundalk implying it was more violent that the cesspool community he lives in.


I love beauty.  I don't care about pretty.

Frank Miller, graphic artist/writer


5/14/4: PERIODIC  Adventures Unlimited, Summer/Fall 2004 Catalog, One Adventure Place, PO Box 74, Kempton, Illinois 60946.  www.adventuresunlimitedpress.com

p. 4: (F) I/O  The Earth Chronicles Expeditions: Journeys to the Mythical Past by Zechariah Sitchin.  Ref. archaeological cover-ups concerning Olmec origins in Mexico and ancient UFO artifacts in Turkey.

p. 5: (A)  Fleshing Out Skull & Crossbones, investigations into America's most Powerful secret society.  Ref. Prescott Bush, $1,500,000 and Auschwitz by Toby Rogers.  Note at the top of the file.

p. 6: (F) & DOMESTIC (A) (M) I/O, etc.  The Octopus; secret government and the death of Danny Casolaro by Kenn Thomas and Jim Keith.  Writer Danny Casolaro was on the trail of the Octopus when he was found dead in a West Virginia hotel in 1991, becoming part of the most extraordinary political tale of the '90s.  The slashes in his wrist were too deep to be self-inflicted.  The accordion file with his recent research was missing.  Casolaro had been suicided.  Today, Casolaro's "Octopus"—a transnational power block pursuing its own interest through subversion and overthrow of governments, dirty money and extra-electoral manipulation—has risen again.  The players Casolaro identified in his research, including Iran-Contra spooks, Middle Eastern weapons merchants, double-dealing politicos and terrorists, have reappeared.  The story begins with October Surprise, a trading-with-the-enemy scheme that set the stage for America's quagmire in the Middle East.  The tentacles of The Octopus attach themselves to the Inslaw affair, the theft of super-surveillance software used to spy on criminals and police alike.  The gristly saga continues with Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, both believed to be evading capture through the use of Inslaw's PROMIS software.

p. 9: SCHO-OP BT**  UFO'S and the National Security State: chronology of a cover-up by Richard M. Dolan.  Dolan highlights the development of civilian and anti-secrecy movements, which flourished in the 1950s and the 1960s until the adoption of an official government policy and subsequent "closing the door" during the Nixon administration.

p. 12: (A) (M) I/O BT**  Conspiracy: the Secret History:

* Volume 2: The Secret Heart Beat of America—The C.I.A. & Drugs, which explores the evidence for CIA drug trafficking involving Oliver North; CIA pilot Barry Seal; Mena, Arkansas; the Los Angeles allegations; renegade elements of the military; and other stories.

* Volume 3: In Search of the American Drug Lords which shows that the assassinations and scandals that rocked America in the '60s and '70s were perpetuated by the same people who brought us the cocaine epidemic of the '80s.  Note at the top of the file.

            By your books at Adventures Unlimited.  Adventures Unlimited is the place for you.  Buy your books there.



1) (F) I/O  Dave Brubeck, Once When I was Very Young, Music Masters CD 01612-65083-2, Hungarian gypsies in allied POW camp.


2) 5/19/4: BOOK  The Subway Series Reader, Copyright 2000 by Peter Hirdt, ISBN 0-7432-1808-6, Rockefeller Center, 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020.

p. 19: Introduction by Peter Hirdt.  "To be sure millions of new immigrants have gone to Los Angeles and Chicago and every other large American city, and many are scattered through rural places, the vast majority doing work native born Americans will no longer do."

            This is liberal/conservative shit!  Exactly what you would expect from sports fans with their bloody assholes.  What it is is phase one of the greatest scheme yet conspired and instituted by the rich subhumans that own and run this country to strip Americans of their livelihood and rights, to break up their families and make them indigent.  Phase one: Refuse to pay Americans a decent wage and open the flood gates to the godless barefoot cringing greedy hordes of Latin America and Asia who, without a shred of dignity, with not the vaguest notion of Manhood or Womanhood, for a pittance of what an American would earn, will lick the shit off the assholes of their bosses as they whip their very children.  Phase two: Give the jobs of Americans to the rich controlling those cesspool countries direct.  It's even cheaper!  Their coffers overfloweth.


p. 81: Yankees, Go Home! by John Leo.  About the disinterest for the 2000 "subway series" between the Yankees and the Mets.  "You are thinking the same thing you thought during the Iran/Iraq war: Isn't it a shame that both sides can't lose?"

            We didn't think that!  Only a subhuman American would think that. America's President Ronald "Ringass" Reagan sucked Saddam Hussein's tiny little pee-pee and gave it thousands of tons of poison gas and straightway it attacked peaceful Iran murdering hundreds of thousands of Humans.  We were hoping that, after a glorious victory over Iraq, Iran would come over here and round up all those that agreed with their criminal President.  Fat chance but you can't stop people from dreaming.  Your favorite dick over there at the time, Saddam Hussein, was soundly beaten....  Then it turned and  murdered thousands and thousands of peaceful Kurds in its own country with the remainder of the poison gas you gave it.  It was showing you degenerates, and the world, how ballsy like Halsey it was.  Patriots think like that.


p. 100: (CA)  Peripheral Vision by Joe Klein.  Young Irish patriots beating up children at school yards in New York City and nothing was done about it.

p. 100: PB BT**  At a Gore for President rally, a woman protester falls off a fence face first.  Secret Service subhumans attack her and cuff her arms behind her as she lies facedown on the ground.  He screams were muffled because her face was pressed into the ground.


p. 120: (F) (A)  Game 3: En La Serie Mundial by Marcoa Breton.  Reference to Laotian refugees and Russians fleeing religious persecution.


Dr. Khakoo's Ticket by Jim Dryer.

p. 126: "...the politicians with girlfriends in one luxury box and wives in the other...."

p. 130: I/O (M)  Ref.: Jim Dwyer is the author of Actual Innocence: Five Days to Execution and Other Dispatches from the Wrongly Convicted.


p. 169: Roger and Hillary by Terry Golway. 

            New Yorkers elected a mayor who promised a restoration of order; with the promise fulfilled, New Yorkers look out at a homogenized Times Square, read about [PB BT**] rough and sometimes deadly treatment of innocents, and wonder.  Prosperity came with order, but the newspapers soon noticed a return of [I/O] sweatshop labor.  [I/O] The homeless disappeared; few felt comfortable in asking where they had gone.

            The mayor was, of course, the subhuman piece of homosexual patriotic shit rudolf (snicker) giuliani.

            Proper notations have been filed regarding pig atrocities.


5/20/3: I/O BT**  The Glory of Gershwin, Copyright 1994 Polygram Records CD 106040.  In the 1950s, Mr. Larry Adler, musician, misidentified as a Communist Party member with a similar name, was horribly hounded and harassed by the senate un-american activities committee and was forced to flee the shit pot.  Although born an american the suaac revoked his passport so he couldn't return.  Six years later, the ass-licking whores and queers of the Academy Awards still would not be read at Academy Awards.


5/23/4 1221: WQSR-102.7 FM: Public Service Announcement with an undercurrent of terror about buckling up seat belts.  Listening to the mouthpiece barfing this bilge you would think people that don't use seat belts were in a cesspool with child abusers, but pigs seem to favor child abusers.  There's a nationwide "click it or ticket" campaign wherein all the country's pigs are in conspiracy.  Nationwide is the operative term.  This is psychological warfare.  The real reason the pigs are doing this is to demonstrate their power.  If they can do this to you and are willing go to these lengths for something as frivolous as not buckling a seat belt, which is your personal affair, you'd better watch what you say even in bed.  A nation of pigs.  Pigs everywhere.  If they are so powerful that they have the resources to organize against the hundreds of millions of you across the length and breadth of this POS country merely to make you wear seat belts, you're not likely to entertain any ideas about Freedom or Revolution are you? 

            The rich cannot afford to let you think you have a shred of Freedom even for a second.  They cannot afford to get up off your neck for a second.

            Elect us!


5/26/4 2143: (F)(A)  6.012 MHz. Radio Sweden: A Jordanian who suffered horrible tortures in Jordan, where the subhuman faggot prison patriots, homosexuals for the Great Satan America, have been unleashed, was refused asylum by the Swedish government despite international law.


5/27/4 0902: (CA)BT**  WTMD-89.7 FM: Bishop Bernard Law, raper, etc., of little boys, that resigned "at the height of" the Catholic priests little boy raping, etc., scandal, has been rewarded by being promoted to a position in the reeking Vatican.  Note at the top of the file.



1) The Baltimore Sun:

p. 1D: (S) BT  Britney Spears, CU 1/2-n dugs.

p. 6D: (F)(A)/(S)BT**  comic strip The Boondocks by Aaron McGruder: Some atrocities done to the Iraqi MEN have been shown on television.  Described as naked, tied together and forced to rub against each other.  Note at the top of the file.


2) Ancient American, Vol. 9, No. 56, ISSN 1077-1646, PO Box 370, Colfax, WI 54730. 

p. 9: SCHO-OP  Court Ruling on Kennewick Man.  The army corps of engineers deliberately buried the discovery site of the remains of Kennewick Man, a 9,000 year old Caucasian male, under two million pounds of earth.


3) The Baltimore Sun, February 17, 1991, Comstock Revival, Palm Springs, California, by Ernest B. Fergurson.

p. 3E: (S)BT**  Female college subhumans on the streets 99.99% naked, some of them naked from the waist up; for all intents and purposes naked in public.  Male college subhumans running with their asses airing.  This is a yearly thing.  Note at the top of the file.

* (S)BT**  Ref. to rich actress cuntmonkey Cher near-naked on television.

* PB(BT**)  Broward County, Florida: a 52-year-old woman working in her husband's shop was arrested, strip searched and jailed for selling two 16-year-old boys a Playboy.  She could sell them rubbers but not pornography.  After arresting her husband was robbed at gunpoint.  The pig subhumans were nowhere to be found.  Note at the top of the file.

            Broward County, Florida spearheaded the legal offensive against rappers 2 Live Crew.


5/29/4: BOOK  Faces of the Visitors, Copyright 1997 Kevin Randle and Russ Estes, ISBN 0-684-83973-3, Simon & Schuster, Inc., 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020.

Roswell, New Mexico, July 2, 1947.

p. 14: PB SCHO-OP  A man visiting his friend, a nurse at Roswell Army Airfield, was grabbed by MPs, threatened by a red-haired officer, then thrown out of the hospital.

p. 15: PB(M)BT** [I/O SCHO-OP]  His friend the nurse was abruptly transferred overseas.  When he wrote her his letter returned marked "DECEASED".  He was told she was killed with four other nurses in an airplane crash.  [Or murdered.]


Roswell, New Mexico, July 4, 1948.

p. 18: I/O SCHO-OP  Major Edwin Easley had his troglodytes forcibly clear a large area of non-military land of Humans at the UFO crash site, and cordoned it off.

p. 19: I/O SCHO-OP  The UFO was screened from public view.  Then the beasts cleaned up the crash site.

p. 19: I/O SCHO-OP  A team of archaeologists who happened to be in the area were forced to face away from the crash site.  Easley and others interrogated them.  They were forcibly taken to Roswell Army Airfield and interrogated further.

p. 20: SCHO-OP  Some alien bodies were flown to Washington, D.C., where the buffoons that passed for The Whore's leaders could view them, then joined the others at Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio, where the wreckage was also taken.


Part II: The Contactees.

p. 85: PB(M)BT**  1942, Giant Rock, California.  Out of their jurisdiction, two deputies of Riverside County descended upon the desert home of Mr. Frank Critzer.  The local inbreds accused Mr. Critzer of being a German spy because he spoke with a German accent.  Mr. Critzer fled inside his home and bolted the door.  The pig subhumans threw tear gas into his home igniting 200 pounds of dynamite he used for clearing land.


The Brooksville Robot: March 2, 1965.

p. 101: SCHO-OP BT**  Mr. John Reeves turned evidence of his alien abduction over to deputies of Brooksville, Florida.  The pigs turned the evidence over to Air Force trash.  The evidence was not returned.


Hignon Encounter: October 25, 1974.

p. 111: SCHO-OP BT**  Mr. Carl Hignon turned evidence of his alien abduction over to a deputy at Carlon County Sheriff’s Office.  The pigs gave the evidence to a Walter Walker that gave it to a Dr. Leo Sprinkle.  That degenerate later reported the evidence missing.


Part III: The Abductees.

P. 127: "As in so many other areas of ufology, 'we' still lack the evidence 'we' need to prove that aliens from other planets are visiting earth".

            This biased book is poorly conceived and the illustrations, seemingly plagiarized from The Field Guide to Extraterrestrials, Avon, ISBN 0-380-78128-X, must have been done by a moron.  They've called these people liars and, surprisingly, some of them their heroes the pigs.


The Walton Experience: November 5, 1975.

p. 180: PB I/O  Men reported a friend abducted by aliens.  The local lead pig, a sherriff, automatically suspected them of murdering their friend.  They were subjected to lie detector tests.


The Penthouse Photographs of Roswell: July 4, 1947.

p. 232: I/O SCHO-OP  A woman claimed to have been entrusted with a film strip of the UFO crash.  She was threatend by authorities that "If someone learns of the film's existence, it could mean your death".


Another Part of the Roswell Story: July 5, 1947.

p. 236: SCHO-OP  The army has preserved dead aliens from the crash.  [In the case of the craft itself which was returned to Roswell, why has every President since Truman visited Area 51 and then claimed there was nothing there?]


Army Escorts a Small Creature: Circa 1949.

p. 244: SCHO-OP  A photo purportedly of an alien creature in custody of two American MPs.  Poor thing.  Hope it doesn't bend over in its cell.


            Moon on the Water, Copyright 2000 Mort Castle, ISBN 0-8439-5032-3, Dorchester Publishing Co., Inc., 276 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10001.  Fiction.

p. 195: (CA)BT**  Ref. to a sub. mother throwing her baby into an incinerator.

p. 195: (CA)BT**  Ref. to Texas subhumans beating defenseless children in Texas schools.  Note at the top of the file.

            References child abuse throughout, possibly fiction.



1) Track Record, Summer 2004, Vol. 8, No. 2, PO Box 35256, Greensboro, NC 27425-5256.

p. 11: I/O  Awaiting the All-stars by Reid Spencer.  In a cowardly move to scrape in even more money, the rich and depraved owners of NASCAR changed its main sponsor from R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company to NEXTEL.  (Whoever in Hell they are but it doesn't matter because they're rich.  That's the thing, see.)   Employees who pronounce the word "Winston" are fined and have no choice about paying it.  They will either pay the fine or be fired.

            Freedom! Thy name is NASCAR.


2) World Explorer, Vol. 3, No. 7, ISSN 1601-0103, Copyright 1983-2004, 403 Kemp Street, Kempton, IL 60946.

News Roundup.

p. 13: SCHO-OP  Conehead Skulls at the Dollar Store?  Human skulls encased in ceramic were inadvertently bought by an Ohio discount chain.  The skulls showed evidence of binding and looked aged.  An anthropologist was consulted and ordered not to make any public comment.  (AP. Feb. 6, 2004)

p. 14: ATROCITY  Artificial Blood Tested Without Consent.  Paramedics are testing an experimental blood substitute on severely injured patients in an unusual study underway or proposed at 20 hospitals around the country.  The study is similar to a 1998 study that was halted after more than 20 patients died after getting a different experimental blood substitute.  (EMS Network News, Feb. 19, 2004)  Note at the top of the file. 

            The subhuman cocksuckers in authority, pigs, medics, teachers, etc. have lost all respect for you sorry motherfuckers, you waving your stinking rag.  You are animals to them.  Lab rats.  They do whatever they want to do to you, especially if you are old, down and out and/or infirm.  They even strip you naked en mass on the streets and get away with it, laugh about it, and make jokes.


p. 18: Crypto Corner.  A footprint embedded in rock in jungle between Thailand and Cambodia measures 5'5" long by 2'10" wide.  The chap was 30'3" tall.  Musta played for the NBA.  On a more serious note, this is not the first artifact found of giants towering thirty.  Many were found in Italy.


Inside the Tunnels of Guatemala by David Hatcher Childress.

p. 24: (F)I/O  Until recently freedom of religion was banned by the rich subhumans that own and run Guatemala.

p. 26: (F)I/O  Catholics destroyed an icon of the indigenous religion.


p. 58: I/O(M)BT**  Classified.  Private Investigator seeking factual accounts of private investigators, bounty hunters, etc., who have killed "in the line of duty", for an upcoming book.  Nicholas Cain, Box 91042, City of Industry, CA 91715-1042.  Note at the top of the file.

            Bounty hunters are filth.  The ferocity of their atrocity matches SWAT pigs.  We will purge these renegade subhumans from the Universe.  We will be thorough and final.  Elect us.


6/2/4: PERIODICAL  The Baltimore Sun, p. 8D: New distributor to release Moore film in U.S. theaters, by Gary Gentile.  Walt Disney refused to release "Fahrenheit 9/11", that won top prize at the Cannes Film Festival.  The film criticizes Baby Bush's response to 9/11, and connects that billionaire bum's family with Osama bin Laden's family.  Article filed.


p. 3D: Writing beyond his years by David Folkenflik: Sinclair Broadcast Group pulled an installment of Nightline from its seven ABC stations devoted to reading the names of U.S. troops killed in Iraq, because, the corporation’s CEO shat, it represented a blatantly antiwar gesture".

            For the same reason they won't show photos of US dead.  You might get the idea that it was real and maybe care about somebody or something.  These rich CEO's can't risk that.  Article not filed.


6/3/4: PB I/O  Baltimore City pigs drive around threatening people over  loudspeakers.  One of our men was looking for a parking place on the 1500 block of Light Street when a cop car pulls up behind him and one bellows, "You need to move up and out".  The police state is far advanced.


Mastodon on Artificial Insemination  

            The Prophet Mastodon says artificial insemination is ungodly.  Lesbians do this to have children, children who will never be fully Human.  Children who will grow up to be queers themselves.  Children who will never know what it is to be loved.  The gross wickedness of this Americanism is beyond the pale of Humanity itself. 

            The Prophet Mastodon says homosexuals will be barred from adopting children.  These innocent children will never know what it's like to be fully Human.  The gross wickedness of this Americanism is beyond the pale of Humanity itself. 

            There is no doubts that in the majority of cases it is as though the parents were Catholic priests.

            The Prophet is cogitating whether on not homosexuals should be made infertile.


6/8/4: PERIODICAL I/O  The Baltimore Sun, p. 6E: Non Sequitur by Wiley.  One of billionaire bum baby bush's rich republican government queers referred to the atrocities the national guard commits in Iraq as guys "just blowing off some steam".  During the Vietnam era, when the national guard atrocified peace demonstrators, one of a rich republican pig said, "boys will be boys".  It's time republicans got their comeuppance.  Comic strip filed.

            Elect us!


            A bit of good news.  Ronald "Ring-ass" Reagan went to Hell Saturday the 8th.  It will suffer the atrocities it committed forever.


6/15/4 0700: WTMD-89.7 FM:

(1) (F)I/O  The general in charge of prisoners in Iraq said: "Prisoners are like dogs".  The worst thing you can call an Arab is a dog, a stinking, vomit licking dog, America's favorite animal.  (That figures.)

(2) (I/O)BT**  "Generals have been given permission to order fighters to shoot down airliners".  That's all the news report said.  No who what where when how and why.  Now psychotic generals have permission to shot down airliners murdering all aboard and people on the ground.  Airliners should not be shot down.  Airliners would only be headed for a government building or some institution owned by the rich.  All those responsible for this murdering permission shall be brought before a people's tribunal.  Government slaves and the rich are not sacred as to require the sacrifice of our lives.  We are not dogs, or in the eyes of the rich queers that own and run this country, the civilian population of a conquered country to be butchered and disposed of as they see fit.  Note at the top of the file.



            Why is it that if your vehicle is disabled along the road, and one or more of the pigs, pariahs, pulls up behind you, the subhumans will not offer to call for help (certainly they would never offer to help you personally, you are trash to them) but they run your plate number through a computer? 

            Do you still have doubts about where you're living?


6/17/4 0734: (CA)BT**  WTMD-89.7 FM: Howard County, MD: A subhuman named Marcus Owens, convicted of beating its two-year-old stepson to death, , might go free because one of the jurors "might not have been a citizen".  Justice in America! Elect us.  Note at the top of the file.


2145: I/O(BT)  3.893 MHz [Poor reception because of thunderstorms.]  Somewhere in Georgia there was a supposed emergency and the pigs drove Humans from their homes.  Every time you allow the subhumans to drive you from your homes, your homes are in peril of the bulldozers of capitalism.


c. 2150: Short wave, three meter band: A ham bragged about being a ham.  We didn't know rich people went in for short wave.  The media is their mouthpiece.


6/18/4: PERIODICAL  The Baltimore Sun:

pp: 1A-13A: (F)(M)BT**  CIA civilian contract worker charged with killing Afghan.  (1) To call a cia subhuman a civilian is like calling their soul brothers gestapo subhumans Human.  (2) The word is murder, not kill.  Article not filed.

p: 3C: I/O(BT**)  California sues Enron over energy scandal.  Apparently the Houston based Enron Corporation (Baby Bush's buddies) raped the entire West Coast in search of profits with gouging rates, brown outs and black outs—because they sold the energy to billionaires in other states who were higher bidders leaving the people on the West Coast to swelter, wither and die.  What did hospitals do during this economic atrocity?  People on life support systems, schools. fire departments, pig stations?  How much suffering did it cost?  How many lives?  All responsible.  Article filed.  Elect us!


6/19/4: PB  CD, “Quincy Jones Back on the Block”, #26020-2, Copyright 1989 Qwest Records, track 2, Back on the Block, ref. to cops framing people in drug cases.


6/21/4: PERIODICAL  Fantastic Stories of the Imagination #25, Summer 2004, ISSN 1073-7758, PO BOX 2988, Radford, VA 24123-2988. 

P. 26G: (S)BT**   ad: The Book/The Writer by Zoran Zivkovic, one completely naked.  Note at the top of the file.

p. 49: (F)(A)  Meme by Jeff Carlson, fiction.  Ref to: "politically induced famines in central Africa and North Korea".  Note at the top of the file.


6/23/4 c. 2110: (CA)I/O  5.070 MHz WWRC: A federal program has school districts forcing children to answer identified surveys comprised of questions like: Have you ever forced sex on anyone?  This has depressed students.  One parent complained.  The school board was shocked, yea, saying: "We didn't think we needed anyone's permission".



It's a wise man who refuses to allow his ego to blind him to the truth.


            —Lady Shiva Woosan, Batman: A Death in the Family, chapter 3, page 22, by  Jim Starlin, writer; Jim Aparo, penciller; Mike DeCarlo, inker; Adrienne Roy, colorist; John Costanza, letterer.  Copyright 1988 DC Comics, Inc., 666 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10103. 

            One of the greatest stories ever told. 



            Professional politicians don't work.  They have no compassion and no common sense.  They are cowards to a homosexual.  They have no grace, no style, no personal accomplishments.  They are the scum on the bottom of the patriotic cesspool and you moronic saps and wimps pay them fortunes to destroy your lives and put yourselves under the yoke of slavery.

The Prophet Mastodon.


Everyone's born with a ticket to the freak show, and I'm not cashing mine in.

—George Carlin about voting.


6/29/4: PERIODICAL  Ancient American, Vol. 9, No. 57, ISSN 1077-1646, PO Box 370, Colfax, WI 54730.

p. 8: SCHO-OP  Letters to the Editor, Archaeological Spin-Doctors, correspondent Jay S. Wakefield. 

1) The Michigan Historical Center (www.sos.state.mi.us/history/michrelics/ intro.html) is an unbalanced site foisting capitalist dogma off onto our students at public expense. 

2) The profession has done a lousy job of protecting the mounds.  Corporate archaeologists and academics lie instead of reporting truth.  An authentic eagle-head carving is described as a "Native American object turned to fraudulent purpose by the addition of a 'mystic symbol'".  A bald-faced lie.

3) Many pipes are found with bearded European type men carved upon them.  So many of these pipes have been found that it has become a traditional find.  Amerindians do not grow facial hair.  The devils say: "There is nothing to suggest that these pipes functioned in a Native American society or were developed by an intrusive population".

4) The public-paid corporate devils say: "The verdict of qualified linguists, however, has not changed in over a century".  Bullshit! public-paid corporate devils, many languages, and many previously unknown languages, have been found in this country and deciphered in the last century.  The Kensington Runestone itself is in a transitional type of Norse unknown when the Kensington Runestone stone was found.

5) The devils of capitalist dogma dis evidence because, "the tooth marks of a modern saw are plainly seen".  Their saws are plainly seen.  They have been found.

6) The public paid corporate devils call the Kensington Runestone, and other priceless archaeological treasures, "Archaeological Hoaxes".  The devils devoted several pages to do this, at public expense.

7) "No zodiac or written language was known in prehistoric North America."  That is shit of such rankness that only an academic devil of capitalist dogma could swallow it.

8) The Smithsonian Institution is on record as destroying over 10,000 prehistoric mounds.  The main people the Indians displaced were a giant red-haired white race.  There were many others going back at least 490 million years.


p. 10: SCHO-OP  The American Committee for Preservation of Archaeological Collections.  Friends of America's Past by Cleone Hawkinson. 

1) In the ongoing Kennewick Man saga the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of scientists wanting to study the 9,000 years-old white man's remains.  The Department of Justice appealed one issue in the Federal District Court's opinion, the Joint Tribal Coalition appealed them all.

2) The Park and the Bible.  The American Geological Institute and seven geo-science organizations called for the removal of Tom Vail's Grand Canyon: A Different View from the park's bookstore because it propounds a biblical perspective on the age of the Grand Canyon.


SCHO-OP  Book review by Sydney J. Turner: America's Stonehenge: The Mystery Hill Story by David Goudsward with Robert E. Stone.

p. 12: Demon scientists allege that the Pattee family built America's Stonehenge hundreds of years ago.

p. 13: BT**  Gary Vescelius from Early Times Foundation claimed eight thousand "post-colonial" artifacts were found on the site.  The artifacts have been "misplaced".


SCHO-OP  Buddhists Priests in America 459 to 748 A.D. by Joan E. Price, Ph.D.  

p. 21: A statue of Buddha was unearthed in Wisconsin in the mid-1800's.  Placed in the State Historical Society of Wisconsin it has been "lost".


SCHO-OP  The On-going Saga of Kennewick Man by George Kadar.

p. 30

(1) BT**  Whenever real scientists made rare finds "their work was interrupted and the fruits of their labor taken from them by corrupt politicians or men in black robes who had neither understanding nor appreciation for the cultural and scientific importance of the issues at hand: men there only to enforce the absurd theory that just about anybody was able to settle on the North American continent in prehistoric times, except Eurasian white men".

(2) "Archaeological sites were controlled by the 'Clovis mafia' to an absurd extent.  Often, when a researcher reached strata older then eleven thousand years the excavation was terminated because there was 'nothing' below the

Clovis level".

(3) BT**  The goals of real scientists are "to discontinue the barbaric destruction of rare [revealing] archaeological finds while securing access to these priceless items for study".

(4) "The government and the Indian tribes state that any skeleton that predates the year 1492 must be handed over to the Indian tribes for reburial, because it must be a 'native American,' meaning (in their terms) an Indian."

(5) BT**  "In other words, we have arrived at the point where bureaucrats make an arbitrary determination on who was living in North America since the earliest times.  And the government destroys all evidence that contradicts this position."

(6)  "Immediately after the bones of Kennewick Man were found, the government agencies involved—from the White House down—had only one thing on their mind: To control and destroy the evidence contradicting their cultivated, artificial, politically correct image of the American Indian...."


p. 31

(1) The government has "done exactly what the Indians have wanted them to every step of the way".

(2) "There were many different skeletal remains located during the 20th Century that have been 'repatriated' or simply kept in forgotten museum vaults, because they contradicted politically correct theories about the early population of our continent."

(3) BT**  Dr. David Glenn Smith (genetics researcher, University of CaliforniaDavis): "We were told not only to stop, but to return the material and all the documents, gels.  All the writing we had that documented what we had done no longer belonged to us but to the U.S. government.  DNA samples were placed within small tubes called Eppindorf tubes and flame sealed so it would be clear if they had been tampered with".


p. 32

(1) BT**  [Kennewick Man] "On August 30, 1996, four days after the radiocarbon results established the age at 9,200 years, the Walla Walla District Corps of Engineers insisted that all studies be terminated, and took possession of the skeleton".


(2) "The Indian groups have never established any facts that would demonstrate any cultural or genetic relationship between their present population groups and K-Man—a requirement of them to legally receive human remains for repatriation.

            "Although the DNA has been well preserved, they uniformly came out against all DNA examination—placing themselves into an indefensible position of questionable intellectual honesty, together with the judges, numerous employees and paid agents of the U.S. federal government, because the DNA examination ... would most likely decide the issue of K-Man's possible relationship to present U.S. population groups.

(3) NL  "It is difficult to calculate the effect that these new facts of history will cause in the present U.S. population.  But think about all the endless welfare programs and privileges, the hundreds of Indian owned casinos popping up in the desert under special permits from the political elite, and all those hundreds of millions pumped back into that very same, corrupted-to-the-bone political elite. 

            Elect us!

(4) BT**  Clinton Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt ruled K-Man an Indian despite the obviously white man's skull and the separation of 450 generations.  Babbitt was licking the asshole of its undersecretary Kevin Gover, Umatilla Pawnee and a major fund raiser after casinos were legalized on Indian reservations in 1988.  The Umatilla tribe has hired lawyers and lobbyists in Washington, D.C. and became a steady source of money for the depraved politicians.   

(5) I/O(BT**)  "Cruz Bustamante, lieutenant governor of California, a prior member of a racist Chicano group that wants to establish an independent Chicano state [on American soil], in August 2003, received a $500,000 donation from the Pechanga Band of Mission Indians who operate casinos in the Temecula, California area, a $300,000 donation from the Sycuan Bank of the Kumeyaay Nation in El Cajon, and $2 million from the Vieajas Band of the Kumeyaay Nation who operate casinos in San Diego County.  All laws were circumvented, and the courts were happily looking the other way by allowing a loophole.  The maximum legal donation is $21,200 from each contributor.  Bustamante was running against Arnold Schwarzenegger for the governorship of California.  Over 60 percent of Bustamante's donations came from the Indian tribes.  Here I am asking the reader to perceive the reality of this process: The judges and the political elite create a new hotbed for corruption and a whole nonproductive industry in California—the "Indian gaming industry".

(6) I/O(BT**)  California Superior Judge Loren McMaster has ordered Bustamante to pay back over $4 million that he has received from the Indian tribes [daggers in our backs].  The order was issued—rather politely— after Bustamante spent ever single dollar (Orange County Register, September 23, 2003).


p. 33

(1) The government has spent between one and two million dollars on the K-Man case.

(2) BT**  "On April 16, 1998, with legislation pending before Congress to preserve the site where Kennewick Man was discovered, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers began dumping tons of dirt onto it from helicopters, claiming this would preserve the site and prevent erosion.  The Asatru Folk Assembly (AFA, of Nevada City, California), denounced the $160,000 helicopter operation as a 'carpet bombing' of the site, saying that destroying the site under the guise of preserving it reflects questionable motives.  Here is a quote on the issue from the August 30, 2002 court decision: "Nevertheless, the record strongly suggests that the corps' primary objective in covering the site was to prevent additional remains or artifacts from being discovered, not to 'preserve' the site's archaeological value or to remedy a severe erosion control problem as defendants have represented to this court.'  The corps was referring to this process—in a rather cynical manner—as the site being 'armored' to provide protection'.


p. 34: BT**  In a "deliberate act of desecration" the Army Corps of Engineers have stolen and destroyed large fragments of K-Man's femurs, important bones for determining genetic links.


p. 35

1) Lovelock Cave, Humboldt, California, 1912: "Along with 10,000 specimens from the cave, of the aforementioned red-haired giants, "The best specimen of the adult mummies was boiled and destroyed by a local fraternal lodge, which wanted the skeleton for initiation purposes". 

2) Spirit Cave Man: At the Nevada State Museum in Carson City, The Bureau of Land Management had an inventory of 145 sets of remains, representing 154 individuals.  Many sets of human remains were given to the Indians.

3) The Fallon Piute-Shoshone Tribe is claiming the rest of the Spirit Cave remains.


pp. 35-36: Hidden Cave Tour (Nevada): A lucid tour guide, when asked about human remains found on the site, showed "the advanced symptoms of severe Alzheimer disease and refused to answer any questions.  (It was like his job depended on the issue—and very likely it did.)"


p. 36: Stillwater Marshes, Nevada: "A total of 4,026 human remains, belonging to about 140 humans, were collected and, after almost no examination, all was handed over to the Indians for reburial".


p. 37: "If a pattern of returning [such] remains without study develops, the loss to science will be incalculable and we will never have the data required to understand the earliest populations in America."

—Physical Anthropologist Douglas W. Owsley.

            That's the way it is.



This Cannot Last


            To be an American is to be nothing.  Anyone can be an American.  You do not even have to be born here.  Americans are as dingleberries around the asshole of the world.   


            Their own government loathes them. 

            Congress is thieves, rapacious enslavers from places foul, cowards and queers of unmanly nature.  The families and homes of the people mean nothing to them.  Foul and unmanly leaders consider the people as shit in the gutter, and flush their dignity, livelihoods, security, tranquility and futures down toilets.

            This cannot last. 

            America is the most powerful country to exist since the Deluge, as far as we know, and nobody has any respect for it.  It is fucked up the ass by all, dictators that should be its enemies but number among its closest friends, and nominally democratic governments as well. 

            Under its foul and unmanly leader, it wages an endless colonial war of the most barbarous nature so the rich can further enrich themselves, its people languish like cowards and like beasts fornicate. 

            Oil war II is as bloodless as a Star Wars movie, the images of the slaughtered babies not shown.

            America’s leering pestholes are naked in the streets, its Men are in chains forbidden to touch them or speak.  It has elevated mere leering naked pestholes over Men, but is befuddled at the barbarity it has unleashed. 

            This cannot last. 

            This cannot last.