117th Militia



Family and Freedom over flag

© 2005 PSYWAR Office 117th Militia Regimental Combat Team


18 July 2005, Vol. 6,  No. 25



            Terrorists alert! The Prophet warns!  Don't let them herd your families together into Oliver North's concentration camps or anywhere else.  Do not let them herd you together.  Do not let them take you from your homes!  Be armed! Be ready! Refuse! Assemble to defend your families and your homes!  They are psychologically primed to mass murder your families.  Those who die quickly will be the lucky ones.


6/29/4: PERIODICAL (S)BT**  Maxim, July 2004, naked ass of subhuman pesthole on cover, etc.  Note at the top of the file.


7/1/4: PERIODICAL (S)BT**  Best Buy at Whitemarsh, Nottingham Square: Sync June/July 2004, one nearly naked in SS, another with prominent nipples.  Both beasts same listing.  Note at the top of the file.


7/3/4: (S)  “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers”, Copyright 2002 New Line Productions, N6504, Special Extended DVD Edition.

Part Four: The Battle for Middle Earth Begins

Title 3, Chapter 3

1) BT**  full and deep ass-slit?

2) BT**  ass-cheek and -slab of stunt cunt Lani Jackson.  Note at the top of the file.

Chapter 4

BT**  Stunt cunt Lani Jackson: "For 16-17 months it was the best time of my life.  Every morning and evening I got naked and into custom with 25 of the most gorgeous bodies in New Zealand."  They lived in a barracks like cattle.  The entertainment corporations do not recognize the difference between men and women.  Guess that's because they've never known any.  It proves what we've already said.  Actors' dicks don't work.  That's why they're actors.  Note at the top of the file.

                  Other smut was listed.


7/3/4: BOOK  Retribution, Stuart M. Kaminsky, Copyright 2001 Double Tiger Productions, Inc., Forge Books, 175 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10010.  Fiction.

p. 222: I/O  Ref. to the many offices of urologists.  Piss tasting is a booming business in police state America the Whore.

p. 248: (S)  Ref. Florida, I75 North, many ads for clubs airing naked monkeys twenty-four hours a day.


7/5/4:  I/O  two of the men and their families celebrated the Fourth at the home of one OF THEM who lives on the shore.  Their fireworks were rudely interrupted for twenty minutes when the dreaded DNR, the Maryland Department of National Resources, came sniffing around in one of their boats.  Why?  Fireworks are legal in this county.


7/18/4: PERIODICAL (S)BT**  Maxim, August 2004, cover, Anna Kournikova, 99% naked, full-slabs, etc.  Note at the top of the file.


7/19/4 0737: I/O  WTMD-89.7 FM: Calling them drug dealers, Baltimore County pigs have waged a war against kids riding bicycles on sidewalks, even detaining them.             Not an Ingram of effort to curb the thousands of loutish YPs (young patriots) riding unlicensed MSSBs (motorized sex substitute machines) of all descriptions, without mufflers, all hours day and night, in all weather, in alley and street without lights, at excessive speeds, endangering decent children.  No!  The merchants that sell MSSBs bribe them to look the other way.


7/20/4 0901: I/O  WTMD-89.7 FM: North Los Angeles: the pigs drove hundreds of families from their homes using as an excuse a brush fire.


7/21/4: PERIODICAL (I/O)BT**  The Baltimore Sun, Doonesbury by Gary Trudeau: Rupert Murdoch, a foreigner that owns Fox broadcasting, every day sends Fox "reporters" an edict telling them what to say and how to say it.  This is the same policy it uses in its chicom news operations (ibid. 7/20/4).  Murdoch is a Bush ass-licker.  That's why you have another war without victory.  The rich cannot win.  Even if the rich win they lose. 

                  Comic strips filed.


7/22/4: 5.085 MHz

2111: Preacher: "I hope George Bush bombs Hell out of every nation the harbors terrorists".  They call that Christian compassion.

2) c. 2210: I/O  On the next program Preacher Norman Morris said that several attempts were made on his life after he recently wrote a book exposing the oil crisis as a sham.  Also threats were made on the life of Congressman Hansen of Idaho for contributing to the book.


7/25/4: "Backbeat", Universal DVD #21233.

1) BT  many 1/2-n dugs in SS on parade.

2) (T)  CU of 1/4-n dugs et al. dancing in nightclub.

3) dugs of club singer, check for other violations.

4) BT**  Two naked in shower making out.

5) BT**  Completely naked Finola Geraghty.  Rated R for strong language and sexuality (naked masturbating, fucking sucking and rucking).  Note at the top of file. 

            Entire movie not viewed.


7/28/4:  Our Delaware correspondent informs us:

1) I/O   The federal government surreptitiously dumped thousands of gallons of nerve gas into the Delaware River.   The demons have done this before so claim that it gives them the right to continue to do so.   The moronic demons are also spending millions of your dollars to tag sturgeon to learn if any remaining Atlantic sturgeon will grow old enough to reproduce, if and when they return to the Delaware River.

2) I/O   Naturalized South Korean journalist (Delaware State News 7/16/4) Aye Soon Chung will be subject to deportation for criticizing the government  under the next Patriot Act.

3)  (I/O)BT**  Our man was attacked by a bad-ass that said it served at Da Nang.  Receiving resounding clouts about the face and gut, the Vietnam War hero phoned the VA that then forcibly piss tested our man.  Using the taste test he was found to have a trace of THC in his piss.  As punishment the pig state removed his medication.  He now writhes in severe back and arm pain. 


7/29/4: PB  WTMD-89.7 FM: Democratic Convention, Boston: Pigs arrested two men and "drug another away in handcuffs".  There was a shoving contest between the Humans and the subhumans.  Doubtless Humans were injured but this was not reported. 

I/O     This is the last day for demonstrations there, although the convention begins tomorrow.  And the flag queers have gall enough to call this a free country.  The only freedom in this piece-of-shit country is enjoyed by the rich and the richer still.  There are no excuses.


7/30/4: PERIODICAL (CA)BT**  The Baltimore Sun, p. 3A: Bukowski's gritty life of art and adversity by Stephen Kiehl.

1)  Poet Charles Bukowski's subhuman-piece-of-shit patriotic father would beat him if he missed a single blade of grass when he mowed the lawn as a boy.  "Naturally, then, his [subhuman-piece-of-shit patriotic] father beat him every time he mowed the lawn."

2)  Besides that, his subhuman-piece-of-shit patriotic father beat him three times a week from the ages of 6 to 11.  Other horrors were alluded to.

            We, of the 117th Militia Regimental Combat Team, dearly hope, and pray, the Mr. Charles Bukowski's subhuman-piece-of-shit patriotic father is yet existing when we get power.

            You want atrocities like these to end?  Elect us!

            Article filed.  Note at the top of the file.


7/31/4: BOOK  Ross Perot In His Own Words, Copyright 1992 Tony Chiu, Warner Books, Inc., 1271 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020.

ix: (F)I/O  Mr. Perot sent a commando team to rescue employees in Iran.

xii-xiii: I/O(BT**)  Ref. White House employees used government jets for private purposes.

xiii: 1) (I/O)BT**  Ref. Judicial wrist-slaps given to white-collar criminals.   2) (PB)BT**  Ref. [1991] The unspeakable beating of black motorist Rodney King by bluecoated Los Angeles cocksuckers.

xv:  Jury of white asshole-lickers acquit the "white police officers" that patriotized Rodney King.

p. 9: I/O  Mr. Perot, working on commission, earned more than his supervisor.  His supervisor, a despicable, jealous individual, forced Mr. Perot to take a cut in commission.


The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.


p. 11: 1) (I/O)BT  Mr. Perot forbade manly facial hair and hair over the collar.

            This is homosexual law one.  Upheld by the Supreme Queers, it is a gross violation of rights on a basic level.  If a man can't even have hair on his face, the most natural of things, he is certainly going to entertain no illusions about being Free.  It is a faggot law.  Created, upheld and enforced by faggots, the purpose of faggot law number one is to turn men into faggots.  When elected, we swear to God Almighty that the Supreme Queers and all those responsible for faggot law number one will be hauled before a people's tribunal.

2) (I/O)BT  Women were forbidden to wear slacks except in deep winter and men were given a dress code.  This was because "many Vietnam veterans were being hired".

            With that kind of clear thinking, Mr. Perot ran for President of the United States.


p. 16: “We don't like government business.  We don't do any business direct with the government.  Because to the government a horse is an animal with four legs, a head, and a tail, whether it's a jack-ass or a race horse.”

—Ross Perot, The Dallas Morning News, May 3, 1970.


p. 22: "The cowards never started, the weak died on the way...only the strong survived." 


p. 30: "I'm not a living legend.  I'm just a myth." 

—Ross Perot

            Todd Gold's Perot: An Unauthorized Biography


p. 33:

1) NL  Mr. Perot gave the New York City bluecoats 20 purebred Tennessee walking horses.

2) (CA)I/O  Elizabeth Morgan of Washington, D.C., was jailed for over two years after refusing to surrender her daughter to her child abusing ex-husband Eric Foretich.  All responsible.


p. 36: "You don't have to buy a dairy to get the milk."  

—Ross Perot, The Washington Post, July 7, 1985.


p. 38: "Revitalizing GM is like teaching an elephant to tap-dance.  You find the sensitive spots and start looking."   

—Ross Perot, Business Week, October 6, 1986.


p. 56: Nixon thug and ass-licker H.R. Halderman refused to allow military bands to march in a parade of returning POWs because it would "steal thunder" from a White House reception.         


p. 57: "The whole process is like making sausage.  It may end up tasting good but you don't really want to watch it being made."  

—Ross Perot, Life, February 1988.


p. 61: (F) ATROCITY  Private groups approached Mr. Perot about donating massive amounts of money to the contras, i.e., the rapers, torturers and murderers of many thousands of men, women and children, including whole classrooms of school girls.  This doubtlessly means others aided the Reagan's subhuman contras.

            Note at the top of the file.

p. 62: (F) ATROCITY  (1) Concerning patriotic subhuman arms merchants before Iran-contra: "It's the same team of beautiful people selling arms around the world.  This is not a new experience for them to be selling arms at a profit.  I mean some of them got caught once, in Australia.  They got caught again in Hawaii.  Edwin Wilson got put in jail.  And if you go back and follow the trail, these guys have been working together since the Bay of Pigs...",  RP.

(2) (F) ATROCITY  Mr. Perot believes that subhuman Admiral John Poindexter and subhuman marine Colonel Oliver North were bit players in Iran-contra.  That the major subhumans had been in the weapons business for years, some with cia connections.

p. 107: I/O  Junk-bond king Michael Milken drew time in federal prison but was allowed to keep its ill massive gotten gains.  It was not mentioned that it actually served time in federal prison.

p. 134: I/O  Ref. to "Rubbergate" in which rich members of the House of Representatives bounced multi-millions of dollars worth of checks and nothing was ever done about it. 

p. 169: (F) ATROCITY  In 1987 ronald "ringass" reagan blocked Mr. Perot's efforts to locate MIAs in Southeast Asia.

Monika Jensen-Stevenson and William Stevenson's "Kiss the Boys Goodbye".

p. 173: I/O  George Bush Sr. calls a hotel in Houston, Texas, his primary residence so he can cheat the state of Maine out state taxes: $59,000 in 1991 alone.

p. 174: (1) (F) ATROCITY  Mr. Perot to Papa Bush: "Well, George, I go in looking for prisoners, but I spend all my time discovering the government has been moving drugs around the world and its involved in illegal arms deals....  I can't get at the prisoners because of the corruption among our own covert people."

Monika Jensen-Stevenson and William Stevenson's "Kiss the Boys Goodbye".

(2) (F) ATROCITY  Papa Bush (who headed the cia for two years in the mid-1970s) revoked Mr. Perot's access to the White House files.

p. 176: (F) ATROCITY  On July 25, 1990, U.S. Ambassadress to Iraq, April Glaspie, knelt before His Majesty Saddam Hussein with written instructions from the Secretary of State, approved by Papa Bush, Republican, yea, saying: "We will not become involved in your border dispute with Kuwait and we take no position on this dispute".

            Thus began Oil War I.  Why not?  There was nothing stopping that patriot.


p. 178:  Never cozy up with tyrants.  They'll always turn on you.

                                                  —Winston Churchill.

            But, remember World War II.  Who were the Big Three?  Who was America’s and England’s good ol’ wartime foxhole bung-buddy?  Why good ol uncle joe stalin, murdered 70 million of its own people.  Those that died quickly were the lucky ones.

            If Hitler invaded hell I would make at least a favorable reference to the devil in the House of Commons.    —Winston Churchill.


p. 179: (1) (F) ATROCITY  At the time American women and boys were fighting Oil War I, that fat effeminate subhuman motherfucker, the Emir of Kuwait, had 70 wives, seven personal 747's, and half the oil that came out of the ground.

(2) (F) ATROCITY  That fat effeminate degenerate motherfucker, the Emir of Kuwait, also had (has) a minister of sex that procured it a virgin every Thursday night.  By any means necessary you can bank your scrimped savings on that.

p. 180: I/O  Ref. to rich Congress trash check-kiting and rich White House trash using government planes for private trips—degenerates all.

p. 181: (I/O)BT**  The rich government subhumans allow foreign lobbyists to come into this country and pour hundreds of millions of dollars into political campaigns so that they can get all the laws they order.

p. 185: Vice-president Dan Quail used a government airplane to go play golf.  This cost you whip lashed cowards hundreds of thousands of dollars.


8/1/4: Some of the men report that their pre-teens are serving some of their their community service sentences working at the Baltimore County elementary schools this summer.  They get no pay for this.


8/4/4 0758: PB  WTMD-89.7 FM: Baltimore County police closed down a section of 295 South for hours to investigate for the insurance companies.


8/7/4: (S)  “Matrix Revolutions”, Warner Brothers DVD 33209 (the actual DVD is listed):

Disk Two

A. Revolutions Recalibrated

 1) Carrie-Anne Moss, dugs throughout.

 2) Dugs in light purple.

 3) Mass dance scene, check closely.

 4) BT  CU of 1/2-n dugs, et al.

 5) Nightclub-fight scene

  a) BT**  Completely naked asses, some quite large.  * Note at the top of the file.

  b) (T)  1/4-n dugs of stunt cunt.

  c) BT**  CUs of many 1/2-n dugs.

  d) * Much filth throughout including aired asses, variously exposed dugs and the

       unusual filth.

 6) BT  CU ½-n dugs C-A.M.

 7) BT**  Many variously exposed dugs in nightclub-fight scene.

B. Future Gamer: The Matrix Online

 1) BT**  Long-lingering CU of huge ½-dugs in red.

 2) In background: ½-n dugs on poster.



 1) * Photo #13: nightclub-fight scene, huge ½-n dugs, etc.

 2) * Photo #17, nightclub-fight scene.

 3) * Video clip: nightclub-fight scene.

            Check all materials thoroughly.


8/8/4: (S)BT**  “Along Came Polly”, Universal DVD #23843, among other filth on the box, box back: ½-n ass-cheeks under skirt of one in male’s arms.  Note at the top of the file.


2206: (F)I/O  5.070 MHz WWCR, Power of Prophecy, Reverend Tex Mars: The Israeli Kismet passed a law declaring that if someone in a foreign land does not believe the holocaust happened that they have the right to abduct that person.  (And that person would be raped and/or tortured and/or murdered.  That’s how they do things over there in the Hebrew police state.)  The Israelis, largely controlling American policy, are nothing other that nazis in sheep’s clothing.


8/10/4:  (I/0)BT**  One of the men and his wife rent an apartment adjacent to a restaurant.  The apartment is owned by the people that own the restaurant and his wife is a waitress there.  Our man is an electrician.  He had previously done work for the restaurateurs for which they bilked him out of $1,000.  He swore never to work for them again but an emergency arose.  A rat died under a counter and maggots were everywhere.  They ripped out the counter revealing dangerously snarled electrical wiring.  They balked at the estimation.  That night it rained.  Next day the help was getting shocked.  His wife refused to work.  Since America the Whore is capitalist it is therefore lawless so the subhumans threatened to fire his wife, a naturalized citizen, if she did not work.  Our man comes onto the scene.  Discovering the exact nature of the problem he grabbed a wire that was supposed to be safe with one hand and was shocked so severely by 240 volts that it took him ten minutes to recover.  He thought his heart was going to stop.  Had he grabbed the wire with both hands he would have been unable to let go and would have died.  They would not front him money to purchase the supplies he needed yea, saying, they would reimburse him when the job was completed.  Worried about his wife, and her job, and the safety of the other women, he taxied to Home Depot.  He spent $200 of his own money including cab fare.  He walked for 1½ hours with both his arms full and carrying a heavy coil of wire on his shoulder.  He installed all this complicated apparatus, he straightened out and made the electrical wiring save, he did several thousand dollars worth of work for them, charged them a mere $500, and the subhuman capitalist rat-infested shit-eaters would not pay him, not even for the supplies he bought with his own money. 

            Elect us! and the capitalists will not even imagine such a thing.


8/19/4: (F) ATROCITY  Short wave brings word that the patriotic Yukkaslobian subhumans are being slapped on the wrists for doing things like running over women and babies with tanks.



1) (S)  Sharkey’s, at Danville Square on Merritt Boulevard:

  a)  BT**  Miller’s Lite standup ad, leering beast in blue SS, 99% naked, CU huge ½-n

     dugs.   Note at the top of the file.

  b) BT**  Coor’s Light standup ad, leering beast in blue SS, 99% naked.


2) PERIODICAL (S)BT**  FHM magazine, September 2004, two 99% Olympic swimmers in SSs.  Note at the top of file.


2045: PB  Unknown cable channel: Public Service Advertisement; Three different bluecoats shown terrorizing and arresting Humans at sobriety roadblocks.  Don’t we even have a right not to be filmed?


2149: COMPUTER: (S)BT**  myplace.com, local subhumans, one naked from waist up.  Many other violations.  Check thoroughly.  Note at the top of file.


8/22/4 2245: (F) ATROCITY  5.070 MHz WWCR, Power of Prophecy, Reverend Tex Mars.  John Kerry, leading Democratic presidential candidate is a Vietnam was criminal.  Its American subhumans murdered scores of defenseless men, women and children.  It itself admits murdering a teenager in the back.

2253: Israeli Masad subhumans were in on all the patriotic torturing of defenseless civilians and soldiers in the Abu Ghraib prison, Iraq.  It is alleged they taught torture but that is a lie.  The American subhumans needed no teaching.

            There is only one penalty for a war crime and that is death to the complete hierarchy.



1701: WTMD-89.7 FM:  President Bush: “Kerry should be proud of his Vietnam War record”.

1702: I/O  With a stroke of a pen the billionaire bum Baby Bush, the spoiled brat yellow-bellied little Lord Fauntleroy in his faincy paints, has denied six million Human Beings the right to overtime pay.  Another assault against the people courtesy of the Republican Party.

            “The Fraternal Order of Police has strongly backed the change.”  [The Baltimore Sun, 8/24/04, pp. 1D-2D, Changes in overtime law protested by hundreds at Washington rally.  Article filed.]  Of course.


1728: (F) ATROCITY  WAMU-88.5 FM: In 1953 the cia subhumans overthrew the overwhelmingly popular and constitutional government of Iran and installed your subhuman Shah that instituted Hell for Iranians for over thirty years.  With the help of the cia that ass-licking faggot lobbed the limbs off little children while their parents watched.  The crime of the overwhelmingly popular and constitutional government of Iran was to nationalize British Petroleum which had taken over their country.

            All responsible, from bottom to top, despite how old and decrepit will be slaughtered. 

            Elect us!


8/24/04: (F) ATROCITY  The Baltimore Sun, p. 8A: Alleged vigilantes claim Afghan backing.  Kabul, Afghanistan—Three of your cia subhumans; Jonathan Idema, Brent Bennett and Edward Caraballo and four alleged Afghan subhumans have been raping, torturing and murdering for you, so your fat ass can stay fat.  The fbi subhumans are in charge of the operation.

            It reminds us of the subhuman homosexual p.r.u. during the Vietnam War.  Freelance subhuman rapers, torturers and murderers, the p.r.u. patriots strung up pregnant women and disembowel them so that four-legged pigs ate their unborn babies.


8/29/4: PERIODICAL SCHO-OP  Ancient American, Vol. 9, No. 58, ISSN 1077-1646, PO Box 370, Colfax, WI 54730.




ACPAC (The American Committee for Preservation of Archaeological Collections, P.O. Box 1171, Whitter, CA 90609).  Shapely Skulls.

p. 17:   BT**  “Fortunately, by working in Mexico, Dr. Gonzalez-Jose’s team did not meet with the difficulties currently plaguing archaeologists in the United States.  NAGPRA [unidentified] has been abused to stop the study of skeletons so old (and so physically unlike local inhabitants) that they could not possibly be ancestral to modern local people.”


Ancient Michigan’s Solar Eclipse Tablet by David Allen Deal.

P. 29: A Mr. Halsey, Michigan State Archaeologist, delivered a diatribe against invaluable Michigan artifacts placed in his foul, wicked and pudgy hands.  He called the Kensingston Rune Stone, et al., “hated artifacts” and called their study “academic infamy”. 

            “...Why have they worked so tirelessly and for so long to prevent the American people—and the rest of the world as well—from knowledge of the true ancient past of America?  Why have they stood collectively arm-in-arm, almost universally, pitted against all pre-Columbian artifacts and sites that would suggest such a past?”

pp. 29-30: BT**  “This anti-pre-Columbian hatred, was the product of their first ideological master, and head of the Smithsonian Institute’s Bureau of Ethnology during the Victorian Age, John Wesley Powell.  He was a dictatorial man who refused to accept any evidence, and had it all discredited, destroyed, hidden, or swept under the academic magic carpet, and ignored when too much was surfacing, as was the case with the Michigan artifacts.”

p.30: “...American anthropologists, arrogantly pay no credence to these native histories.  They fly in the face of the ‘Powell Doctrine’ which they have been taught—and continue to regurgitate to each new generation of students.”

p. 31: BT**  “These highly-paid [our emphasis], academics have continuously and repeatedly called good people ‘liars and fakers’.  Good honest Americans who have made the mistake of accidentally turning up ancient artifacts in their fields, have been called ‘fools and frauds’ by arrogant, high-handed, overbearing pontificating people in caps and gowns.  No small wonder these honest people are reluctant to show their finds to anyone, not wanting to be called ‘fool’ by such individuals of ‘high authority’.

            The BT** gives our views on peptic cracker crunchers.


8/29/4: PERIODICAL  World Explorer, Vol. 3, No. 8, ISSN 1601-0103, Copyright 1983-2004, 403 Kemp Street, Kempton, IL 60946.




p. 9: I/O  News Roundup. Dutchman claims a water-fueled car was road-tested and ready for production 25 years ago but

the inventors were threatened.  He cannot name the inventors for the same reason.


p. 29: (I/O)SCHO-OP  Wild Men Revisited by David Hatched Childress.  A forest ranger took a series of photos of Bigfoot but is forced to remain anonymous for fear of loosing his job.


p. 38: SCHO-OP  F.R.  “Nick” Nocerino and the Crystal Skulls by Stephen S. Mehler.  A Mr. John Zamora loaned one of the world’s exceedingly rare, puzzling and mystifying crystal skulls to a Brownsville, Texas attorney.  It disappeared.  Why does this not surprise us?


9/5/4 1105: WQSR-102.7 FM: Public service announcement from the Parent Teachers Association bragging about the system of servitude they had the Supreme Queers instill for America’s school children.


(PB)BT**  1837: WAMU-88.5 FM, All Things Considered: At the Presidential campaign in Ohio a brownshirt flags down the press bus.  He tells the bus to follow him that he will get them in.  He leads them miles out of the way and they stop at a church.  The Secret Service asked his what was going on.  Turns out the uniformed shit-eater thought they were protesters.

            Land of the free!

            Some subhuman, maybe the war criminal Jim Kerry itself, said it should be proud of its Vietnam War record.  And you cringing cowards cannot figure out why the world hates your guts.  That other war criminal John Curry lamented that the “wrong war” was being discussed.



1)  Heard over shortwave recently: “Way to end this terrorism, use daisy cutters on ‘em.  Tried to tell ‘em.  They didn’t want to hear it.”

            Can you make sense out of this statement?  We can’t.  It is typical patriotic insanity.


2) PB  WTMD-89.7 FM: Police are forcing families from their homes in five Florida counties.


3)  President Bush said he was proud of his National Guard record.


9/27/4: WTMD-89.7 FM

0734: The Country Music Awards awarded Steve Earl their Free Speech Award.  We don’t know what the rest of his work is like but he wrote a love song for Condoleezza Rice, Baby Bush’s butcher bitch.  Seems to us they are giving their Freedom of Speech Award for kissing ass.  Just what you would expect from ass-licking country music.  It’s tantamount to giving the Freedom of Speech Awards to that wimp that performed “as long as that flag waves,” or for some cringing coward singing “My country ‘tis of thee....”


0802: (F)(A)  Your cowardly barbarian flyers are yet indiscriminately murdering and wounding scores of innocent Iraqis with air attacks.  The depraved and cowardly country that sent them forth has no respect for human life, or any life.


9/30/4 0702: (I/O)BT**  WTMD-89.7 FM:  Because of this weekend’s International Monetary Fund meeting, DC pigs are closing down large sections of residential areas.  People will have to show IDs before they are allowed to get home.   There are no excuses.

(I/O)BT**   The rich subhuman cocksuckers in Congress recently lowered tariffs.  This was cause further greed-sourcing, and the suffering and breakup of decent American families.  The DC shit-eaters are afraid the message has finally been understood.

0731: PB  The Baltimore City School Police Chief said that pepper spray had to be used to break up a fight at Thoroughgood Marshall High School.


10/1/4: PERIODICAL (I/O)BT  The Baltimore Sun: Harrowing Ordeal for a ‘man of peace’: 

            Pop singer Cat Stevens adopted Islam and is now called Yusuf Islam.  On a flight from London to Washington with his daughter the captain, without a shred of dignity lied announcing that the flight had been diverted to Bangor, Maine because of “heavy traffic”.   Six fbi thugs abducted Yusuf and his daughter from the plane.  He was arrested by fbi and imf subhumans for 33 hours.  They questioned him without benefit of council.  The subhumans would answer none of his questions.  They took his cell phone and refused to tell him how or where his daughter was.  Finally Yusuf and his daughter were allowed to fly back to London.  Crime? He expressed sympathy for the victims of the rich everywhere.


10/3/04: PERIODICAL  The Baltimore Sun: Doonesbury by Garry Trudeau: After viewing photos of the atrocities at Abu Ghraib Prison, Iraq, the terrorist president Baby Bush said, terrorist Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld had done a “superb job”.


10/2/4: WTMD-89.7 FM:  In an ad for their program Clear Reception, a woman spoke for about thirty seconds describing the endless lying done by filthy politicians, their filthy political parties and their filthy cooperate media.  But she concluded by saying: The Spinning of Political Truth, on “Clear Reception”.  It illustrates how perverted and cowardly these Americans are.  The truthful way to conclude would have been: “The Spinning of Political Lies on Clear Reception”. 


10/4/4 0731:  WTMD-89.7 FM:  (PB)I/O  Two Baltimore city pigs have been searching cars without warrants.  Two cases have been thrown out, a dozen cases are pending, maybe 70 more will be affected.  This is surprising because we did not know the pigs needed a warrant to search a car.


10/6/4: PERIODICAL (S)BT**  Arthur Magazine, September, 2004, © 2004 Lime Publishing Company, 13104 Colton Lane, Gaithersburg, MD 20878.  Among other filth:

p. 35: ad: Low Skies’ CD “Make Believe” on Flame Shovel Records; CU of huge naked dugs of subhuman pretending to sleep.

p. 55: ad: Three Shams’ CD “Please Yourself”, on Fat Possum Records; CU of the dugs of a turd naked wearing G-string. 

p. 56:  same as above only blacked out. 

            Note at the top of file. 


Here and Now: Regarding Crop Circles by Daniel Pinchbeck:

p. 9: (F)SCHO-OP  Depraved hoaxers have usurped the credibility of serious nonacademic researchers and have helped to create an atmosphere were one man cannot witness without another man’s mockery, and the mockery of the rich man’s media if not government.  Some are claiming responsibility for the amazing crop circles, to parlay lucrative contracts with corporations and music video producers.  Some of these drifts of maniacal devils can be found at www.circlemakers.com.

p. 60: (F)SCHO-OP  Mr. Pinchbeck met with some of these hoaxer degenerates and seems to have come out unharmed. 


Playing to the Forgotten by Michael Streissguth:

            Folsom Prison was begun in 1878 by the state of California to provide convict labor for a power company—owned by the owners of the California state government—wanting to dam the American River, in an era when convict labor was the accepted form of punishments and rehabilitation....”

            What about the capitalist prison camps in Texas?  Seems the queers of Texas are upon us, they never got the word.

p. 16: I/O  Subhumans called guards perched on gunwalks ready to murder anyone who would disrupt the prison routine.

p. 16: (I/O)BT**  Convicts not hardened to endure the slave racking toil and tortures deliberately faced the guns of “their eager executioners”.  They have hurled themselves in the American River to drown.

p. 16: I/O TORTURE BT**  Subhuman shit-slurping guards, nazi queers, handcuffed

a man and hung him by the wrists in the “derrick”, a torture chamber (now called white rooms), for seven days.  To “wheedle” a confession from him they beat him with clubs and later burned lime around his cell, a torture that inflamed his eyes, nose, mouth and internal organs.   Note at the top of file.

            This man witnessed the subhumans murder two men who jumped into the American River to rescue another.

p. 20: (I/O)BT**  In the 1960s men were given ridiculously long sentences.  American prisons, hellholes run by demons, fostered slave-like working conditions and riots.


p. 20: I/O TORTURE BT**   In the 1960s in Arkansas’s prisons a torture device was used by the subhumans.   Consisting of a crank telephone and a generator wired to an inmates big toe and scrotum.  It had seen heavy use.   It was invented by a prison doctor of the Dr. Mengele type so your contras can no longer claim it as their own.  Note at the top of file.


p. 20: (I/O)BT**  In Folsom Prison the subhumans allowed murder, “prostitution”, and racial and personal hatred to thrive.        Notice how these twisted little things draw no distinction between regular depraved prostitution and subhumanly depraved homosexual prostitution.

p. 20: I/O  Prisoner: “My sex life is different than yours, but you get used to that.”

            Spoken like a true American subhuman, a credit to its country and its prison system.

p. 20: (I/O)BT**  Sometimes young prisoners were sent elsewhere because of the fights the old depraved subhumans (possibly guards too) would get into fights eager to rape them or claim them for pimping.

p. 20: (I/O)BT**  An innocent man was murdered as a sacrifice by one gang to appease another.


p. 22: (I/O)BT**  The subhuman guards allowed a vibrant trade in “prostitution”, drug dealing, gambling, extortion and porn.  They allowed gangs to exist.

p. 22: (I/O)BT** (A)  Subhuman guards often fired into crowds.  Note at the top of file.


p. 56: ad: CDs by Locust Music:

1) (F)(A)  “Agitation”, ref. to the subhuman repression in Turkey land, a subhuman friend of your stinking country that it supported fang and claw.

2) (F)(A)  “The Sweet Soul of Kenya”, ref. to the subhuman repression committed by the subhuman British.


10/7/4:  When we watch a DVD, why do we have to turn captions off?  Why don’t those that need them have to turn them on?  And why do we have to sit through threats from various national and international pig organizations?  We’re not criminals.  And what’s up to 20 minutes of shit doing before the feature anyway?  Why do we take this and why is accessing the material so fucking difficult?  One button morons!  One button!  We have better things to do than press freakin’ buttons because you want to be cute.


10/10/4: BOOK  The Technology of the Gods, ISBN 0-932813-73-9, © 2000 David Hatcher Childress, Adventures Unlimited Press, One adventure Place, Kempton, Illinois  60946.


P. 35:

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.

—Aldous Huxley.


Truth is as one, but error proliferates.

Man tracks it down and cuts it up into

little pieces hoping to turn it into grains of truth.

—Rene Dauman, The way of Truth.


p. 57:

­­Most “scientists” are bottle washers and button sorters.

—Robert Heinlein.


p. 59: For printing the truth about Stonehenge in “Stonehenge Decoded”, British astronomer Gerald S Hawkins suffered scathing criticism from ass-licking charlatans, one R.J. Atkinson in particular.  Those boys just can’t the truth.  The truth enrages the ass-licker.


p. 86: SCHO-OP  A piece of feldspar millions of years old was found with a two-inch metal screw in it.  It was sent to a San Francisco academy and lost.


p. 147:

Man was born free,

and everywhere he is in chains.

—Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778).


p. 151:

God created man, but Sam Colt made all men equal.



p. 264: (I/O)SCHO-OP  Egyptologist of the Cairo Museum snub real scholars, and extort others into buying plane tickets from their friends to far places in Egypt.


10/11/4: WTMD-89.7 FM:

0722: The traffic report is presented by the subhumans of the FBI.

0734: (I/O)BT**  An innocent man served nine years for rape.  DNA results were deliberately kept from his defense.


10/12/04: WTMD-89.7 FM:

0800: The filthy TV show Sex in the City is presenting the traffic report.  Seems filth and scum vie to present the traffic reports on WTMD.

0814: The rich chinless pieces-of-shit in Congress voted to give the big corporations $137 billion in tax breaks.  Meanwhile the tax burden has been shifted onto the middle class and working people while simultaneously giving our jobs to slaves overseas by the millions as fast as they can.  Who’s going to pay taxes corporations are exempt.

0814: (F)(I/O)(M)BT**  The President has been holding “noncombatant prisoners of war” indefinitely.  Some of these innocent people have been held for years.


10/13/04 0653: (F)(I/O)(M)BT**  WTMD-89.7 FM: Eleven members of Al Qaeda, held incognito for years, have disappeared.  Did not we tell you? idiot assholes!

c. 0700: (F)(A)  Iran: a mass grave holding the remains of at least 300 Kurds, victims of Saddam Hussein and The United States of America, has been found.


10/15/04 0651: WTMD-89.7 FM: I/0  The fda has approved a computer chip for implanting in human beings.  The male and female spinning this are speaking in nice soft calm voices.  Nothing to get alarmed about, oh poo poo poo.  Female: They’ve been doing this with animals for years.  Male: Yes, we’ll just have to wait and see.


10/19/4 c. 0715: (PB)BT**  WTMD-89.7 FM: ten subhumans from Western Maryland prison are on trail for brutality.  The Western Maryland subhumans recently murdered a prisoner, and nothing was done about it.  There was but one brief mention of this by the disk jerks.


PERIODICAL (PB)BT**  The Baltimore Sun 10/19/4:

p. 1B: Inmate testifies in prison abuse suit, by Gus G. Sentementes.  Western Correctional institution near Cumberland in Allegany County:

·                    The guards assaulted inmate X and arranged for other prisoners to do so for two years because he complained about being assaulted by guards.

·                    The US Justice Department was investigating these patriotic acts even before the murder of inmate Y.  

·                    Inmate X pleaded to a subhuman, Lieutenant Tommy Riggleman, to make them stop.  The wriggler cursed him and ordered him to shut up.

·                    A Human, inmate Y, was murdered by being sprayed in the face with pepper spray then fitted with a mesh spit mask—hands tied behind him.

·                    The brutalities to Human X were investigated by a grand jury and an internal investigation.  Neither, of course, found anything wrong.  There has not been one case where subhuman pigs investigating their fellow subhuman pigs have ever found anything wrong. 

·                    The guards routinely denied assaulting inmate X.

·                    Such cases rarely go to trial because the black-robed queers dismiss the charges against the pig subhumans.

·                    Nine pigs and one pigette have been charged with patriotic acts against inmate X: Leah Youngblood, Robert Huff, Floyd Farris, James Shreve, Steven Roach, Brian Clise, David Swanger, Gary Knight, Tommy Riggleman and Steven Shaffer.  These subhumans are not, of course, facing criminal penalties. 

·                    These subs ordered inmate X to assault other prisoners.

·                    Inmate X’s lawyer observed him with a bruised and swollen face and an injured back, the result of a drift of pigs attacking him.

·                    All responsible including inmates and those covering this up.


p. 2B: I/O  In Maryland four companies monitor suspects at home.  The Humans are forced to pay $300 a month themselves.   If you want to see what happened when the subhuman courts outsource pig work look at what those “private” subhumans have and are doing to Muslim prisoners—using drugs on them and only the Almighty knows what else.       


10/20/04: PERIODICAL (F)(A)  The Baltimore Sun, p. 1B, Speaking out by David Folkenflik and Stephen Kiehl, continued on p. 5C: Ref. to Vietnam veteran subhumans bragging that they: “...personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies [people], randomly shot at [murdered] civilians, razed villages in fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan.”

            Article filed.


10/22/04: (PB)BT**  0703: WSJT 104.3 FM: Bad-ass fat-assed Metro pigs descended upon and gallantly arrested a pregnant woman for talking too loudly on a cell phone.  Isn’t it great to be free?  Where would we be if e din not have this bluecoated gutter trash to protect us?


c. 0800: (F)(I/O)BT**  The patriotic subhuman, Sergeant Ivan "Chip" Frederick of  Abu of the Ghraib prison (Iraq) atrocity, was given a mere eight years.  It will be released on the public in a year or two.  (A)  Some of the men there were horribly tortured and bloodied.  If our law was enforced, as it should be, the patriotic subhuman would be hung along with the complete hierarchy up to and including the piece-of-shit at the top.


10/24/4: WQSR-102.7 FM:  During the long and boring pre-game show we are threatened repeatedly with what the subhuman pigs are going to do to us if they stop our vehicles and pretend that we have been drinking.


10/27/04: WQSR-102.7 FM: I/O  At the return of a prisoner, a Texas judge threw a party in the courtroom with balloons, noisemakers, hats and a cake.  Then the brassy whore sentenced the man to life.

            The bellicose buffoons are gone.


10/28/04: WTMD-89.7 FM:

0819: I/O  In a song titled Going to be Some Changes Made, by Bruce Hornsby, it is mentioned that a friend of his had a Bowie knife pulled on him and was then drug around by his hair.

0824: PB  Baltimore, MD: a pig at a juvenile correction facility has confessed to stealing from the children.


10/29/4: PERIODICAL (F)(A)  The Baltimore Sun, p. 14A:  Thai premier defends acts that killed (sic) 85. 

            The subhuman homosexual patriot Thaksin Sinawatra defended its dicksucking pig subhumans for their recent atrocity yea, saying, the animals used a “soft” approach and did not fire into a crowd of demonstrators.  Seven Humans were murdered by cowardly pig fire—there is no other kind.  1,300 were arrested and jammed into trucks and taken to concentration camps where 78 Human Beings were murdered ‘’most” from suffocation.  The rich queer Thaksin Sinawatra’s subhumans have murdered countless Humans since January.  The subhuman shit-eater Thaksin Sinawatra summarily dismissed its dicksucking pigs’ recent atrocity with an arrogant, “there were some mistakes”.


10/31/4: PERIODICAL (F)(I/0)PB  The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2003, (ISSN) 0084-1382, © 2003 World Almanac Books, 512 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10018: p. 7: Nuclear Terrorism: Assessing the Risk by Richard Hantula.

            Goiania, Brazil: In 1987, using as an excuse cesium-137 contamination, the subhuman, baby-torturing, shit-eating government of Brazil humiliated 100,000 Human Beings, destroyed 85 “houses” (homes), and savagely commandeered 125,000 drums of goods and 1,470 boxes of “contaminated” clothing.


WJZ-13 CBS, Baltimore Ravens at Philadelphia Eagles

1318: (S)BT** prominent cuntmound and cunt-slit of Eagle’s cheerleader.  Note at the top of file.

1510: BT**  ad: “The Madams’ Family”, about depraved whores, much exposed filth including near-naked whores/actresses.  Note at the top of file.


11/2/4 1735: WQSR-102.7 FM: DJ Johnny Dark: Triple X stars are in Times Square handing out copies of their latest DVD to those that can prove they voted.  Kinda makes you proud to be an American doesn’t it?”

Weatherman Scott Hall: Sure does.

            Now that’s funny.


11/3/4: Baby Bush has been reelected.  There goes our ecology, our jobs, and our rights.   Here come unspeakable atrocities for thousands of men, women, children and babies overseas.  Here comes untold suffering for millions of Americans.  Working class forget it.  Your day is done.  Your day has been done.  When an American has a job, she doesn’t care if her neighbors are made destitute and driven from their homes or not.  Frankly, Americans don’t care what happens to anybody.  For what you freakin’ cowards are about to receive may you be truly grateful.

            The republicans have a Mandate from Hell, 53% of the voters.


PERIODICAL (F)(I/O)BT**  The Baltimore Sun, November 3, 2004, p. 18A: Israeli army destroys home of teenage suicide bomber in West Bank.  In three years the subhuman Israeli military has demolished 612 homes of Palestinian militants accused of being involved in attacks on Israelis.  3,900 people have been left homeless.  In this recent nazi attack a family of 12 including six siblings and two parents were driven onto the streets.  The Israeli army nazis also destroyed the homes two senior members of the Palestinian Liberation Front. 

            If any two factions ever deserved each other it’s the Israelis and the Palestinian terrorists.  Once again the Israelis end up looking like nazis.  The Israelis are cowards and are as without compassion and morals as Americans.  Most suicide bombers are young.  Palestinians have no more control over their children than you have over yours.


11/6/4 1329: BT**  6 ESPN: Ohio State at Michigan State, CU under CL’s skirt, its ass squeezed by male. 


11/7/4: Report from the Ravens vs. Browns game at M&T Bank Stadium, Baltimore.

            M&T Bank Stadium employs dozens of crossing guards forcing people to walk between the lines crossing streets.  While tailgating the lines to the spot-a-pots were ridiculously long.  On two occasions Ravens’ trash was rude to and threatened Browns’ fans using vulgar language.  Beasts aired dugs exposed up to ½-n.  This was especially bad in the stands when one was above them.  Ass-slits were on prominent display—airin’ dem ol’ holes.


            (S)(T)  A truck passed with the picture of a long-haired blackhead on the side airing its dugs and perhaps its ass-slab.


I/O BT**  They have begun frisking people.  They did not frisk people last year, they only humiliated the women by digging through their purses.  Had my friends and I known this we would not have come. 

            The trash divided the men and women into separate lines to be frisked.  Then we had to tip our caps to the yellow-jacket trash to insure we did not have any, what some would call freedom devices, like bombs and/or shoulder launched rockets, under our caps.  How the women were searched we do not know.  A female piece of garbage would not let a man enter with a can of beer. 

            Everywhere you looked there was a fat-assed Baltimore City pig, a security pig, or a yellow-jacket.  Among the scores of this trash we saw only one that was white.  Among the 69,781 fans we saw maybe ten blacks.   Among the 64 Ravens 21 are white and 13 of them are coaches—just breakin’ down the demographics for you.


(S)BT**  Before the game near-naked cheerleaders stood around two Ford motor banners unrolled on the field.  On the Smart Vision throughout the game there were countless close-ups (CUs) of the huge ½-n dirty dugs, full and deep cleveages, of these near-naked whores, often while they were dancing dirty.  They plastered those shameless whores up there like they were something to be proud of.  The near-naked beasts dirty danced around the field, and on the field at halftime,  and aired their filthy selves acrobatically by spreading their legs as wide as possible, etc., throughout the game.  The Ravens are the only NFL team to have male cheerleaders so a lot of ass squeezing went on.  And, thanks to the miracle of electronics, we were even slapped in the face with the shit of near-naked whores of other teams.


(I/O)BT**  The morons stood for the sickening song, written by and for cowardly ignorant hillbillies, “God Bless the USA.”  We did not.  They sang along ululating hate on cue like the trained dogs they are but we did not.  Then we were ordered to “Stand and remove your hats,” for Satan’s number one hit The Star Spangled Banner.  We stood not wanting to have to thrash trash, or as many pieces of trash as necessary, but we did not sing or howl hate on cue and we did not remove our hats.   The idiot singing, a black man, drug it out as long as possible.  They don’t order rich people at operas to stand and sing Satan’s favorite song.  Why us who they rob?

            What’s frightening about this patriotic propaganda is the release of visceral lust for blood voluntarily on cue from these sports morons who are too cowardly to think. 


            In our section on two occasions Ravens’ trash were rude and threatening to Browns’ fans using vulgar language to address them. 

            With scant regard for our safety they detonated explosives over our heads, ashes rained down upon is.  The ear-shattering teeth-clattering music, prompts, commercials and threats from speakers big as homes were daunting and unending.  At the two minute warning the rich threatened us several consecutive times orally and verbally, about what would happen to someone if they enjoyed this all-American capitalistic cold-beer-and-hot-pussy goodtime orgy too much.  We had to stand in line to piss and even in the latrines the rich bombarded us with continuous loud and annoying commercials.  The prices are as nauseating as the food.  Only a subhuman piece of patriotic millionaire shit would gouge their slaves in this manner. 


            We saw two people fall, more than that fell.  These people were not drunk.  In their effort to squeeze the last clutched penny from the slaves, Art Modell and his millionaire bum buddies have had the stands built at a precipitous angle, and to further increase profits, by inconveniencing and endangering the slaves, the steps throughout their toilet bowl are too narrow and too steep.  The aisles are so narrow you barely have room for your feet, you have to stand to let people past.  


            The first person to fall was an old man returning to his seat to our left front.  He was in difficulty and some pain.  His son helped him up.  The second was my friend beside me.  He went hurtling forward, the reason was that the person behind him went hurtling forward, and the reason for that was the person behind him slipped off the freakin’ aisle.  My friend caught himself in the nick of time.  It happened too fast to react.


            After the game Ravens’ trash, including female trash, using vulgar language mocked and threatened Cleveland Browns’ fans.  One fellow became noticeably upset.  Yellow jackets and various breeds of pigs directed pedestrian and vehicular traffic.  A Metro pig directing us across South Howard Street wore a tight black SS type uniform replete with the usual out-of–shape issue fat lazy ass and jackboots.  The jackboots got to us.  There you see why those subhumans arrest women for talking on cell phones.  Trash! trash in uniform.


(S)BT  On a Ritz Cabaret truck CU of the huge ½-n dugs of a blonde beast.


            In every country on Earth when you’re spending money you are treated with courtesy and respect, in America you have even less rights than you did before.

Like a savage dog we feel professional sports should be neutered.   Do the subhuman pieces of millionaire shit that own professional sports get frisked?  Do they risk suffering injury in their precipitous toilet bowls?  If not why not?  Yea, those subhuman pieces of millionaire shit are those that own and run this country and are those responsible for its insecurity.   Why should we be frisked because people are angry at the government of these rich degenerates for raping, torturing and murdering millions abroad?  The rich are the traitors.  They are the butchers and the ones giving all our jobs away.   They are the ones that own these nazi corporations.

            We have pledged ourselves to taking their country away from them and giving it to the people, making it a free country, a country by the people for the people, where we will not ever be humiliated with their no-character degenerates searching us, their sickening rituals, their naked monkeys airing themselves and/or cavorting in public, or be subject to the whims of their subhumanly brutal and cowardly pigs and soldiers.

            So help us God Almighty. 

            Of course their filth and propaganda is splattered throughout the periodical Ravens Report given out after being humiliated by frisking and then having to tip your cap to the subhuman that did it.


11/8/4: PERIODICAL I/O  Ancient American, Vol. 9, No. 59, ISSN 1077-1646, PO Box 370, Colfax, WI 54730. 





p. 18: Ancient Egyptian Knife Removed from California’s Giant Sequoia.  An ancient Egyptian knife dated c.500 BCE was removed from the rings of a sequoia dating from the same time.  Despite this and much other evidence placing Egyptians in North America in antiquity, Dr. Curtis Johnson Associate Professor of Archaeology at California State University, Fresno, after examining the dagger removed from the fallen sequoia said: “I’m sure we’ll find an explanation that makes some sense sometime.  I really don’t think anyone is going to believe that someone from the Old World wandered all the way to California a thousand years before Columbus”.


11/9/4:  Since the 1950s it has been known the fastest phenomenon is not light but instantaneousness, or superluminal speed.  Particles and antiparticles are created in pairs.  The antiparticle for a photon is another photon.  When particles are created they fly away from each at the speed of light.  While in-flight if photon is spun up say in a magnetic field, the other automatically and instantaneously spins an equal number of degrees in the opposite direction, i.e., down or right or left, etc.  Einstein himself said that the quantum theory was incomplete because it did no describe certain aspects of reality.  How can you stitch together a Universe infinite in space and eternal in time with something as finite as the speed of light? a snails pace.  Mention it not.


PERIODICAL (F)(A)  The Baltimore Sun, November 9, 2004, p. 1E: Got values?  Republicans apparently think they do by Susan Reimer.  Over 100,000 Iraqis have been murdered so far during the unholy and unjustifiable invasion of Iraq.


11/10/04 0651: (F)(I/O)BT**  WTMD-89.7 FM: The male ass-licker said “passengers at London’s Heathrow Airport are concerned that a new x-ray machine is seeing more than it should”.  Then it said, “But passengers are happy with it as long as it makes them safer”.  Which is it ass-licker?  He said it was a “new x-ray machine”.  Does he mean it replaced one that was already there, or is it a new installation?  With these ass-lickers the rich and their government are safe.  Note at the top of file.


11/10/04: PERIODICAL (I/O)BT**  The Baltimore Sun, November 10, 2004, p. 1A: Ashcroft, Evans are first to resign from Bush Cabinet: Attorney general ushered in a new era of justice [our italics] by Laura Sillivan.

            According to the wimp ass-lickers (no upper chest development at all) at The Baltimore Sun this new era of justice included: “Torture memos: Following the Sept. 11 attacks, the Justice Department’s legal division prepared several memos outlining a legal justification for the torture of suspected terrorists.  Ashcroft refused to provide the memos to the Senate Judiciary Committee last spring as it investigated abuses at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

            All concerned from bottom to top including those that wrote the memos, those that knew about them and did not speak out, the Senate Judiciary Committee for not obtaining the memos and pushing all those concerned.

            Note at the top of file.

p. 2A: (F)(A)  Violence continues in Ivory Coast by Robyn Dixon

            French subhumans fired on demonstrators with tanks and armored vehicles murdering five.  The ass-lickers did not mention how many were wounded.


p. 6A: (S)BT**  ad: Hecht’s, 1) three sets ¼-n dugs in bras.  2) BT**  cuntmound and maybe muff. 

9A: BT**  ad: Apple Vacation’s travel to Puerto Vallarta Mexico, a beast 99% naked, CU of the stinky’s full ass-slab and –cheek.  The filthy animal is held on a male’s shoulder, its ass-cheek is being squeezed. 

            Note at the top of file.

            There was other filth.


11/10/4: (S)BT**  previously listed, “Multiplicity”, Columbia Pictures, sexual contact by a brunette held up by the ass its legs around Michael Keaton simulating fucking; and a blonde rubbing its ass into Michael Keaton simulating fucking.  Also nipples of A.M.  aired on printed material inside box.  Note at the top of file. 


11/12/4: PERIODICAL I/O  The Baltimore Sun, p. 1C: ABC affiliates saying no to ‘Private Ryan’ by David Zurawik.  Because of maniacal censorship by the FCC 225 ABC affiliated stations refused to broadcast the truthfully depicted ‘Saving Private Ryan’.  Eight stations owned by the capitalist Sinclair Broadcast Group refused to broadcast it, and it refused to talk to repeaters.  The excuse used this times was the use of the word fuck , a word rightwing fringe religious fanatics consider sacred.  This assault against Freedom began in the Midwest as you might imagine and spread like the plague from there.  Those Puritans in jackboots, the FCC, recently fined NBC because Bono, lead singer of U2, said their sacred word. 


11/14/4: WQSR-102.7 FM: Before and during the game these ass-lickers, without any regard for our Dignity or Freedom, broadcast long and involved threats of two types about sobriety roadblocks and tests and what the unspeakable pigs will do to you if they choose you to terrorize.  Pigs or pseudo pigs weigh in with their fat-asses and foul mouths.  Why not reason with people instead?   


1357: (S)  The bleary-eyed capitalist Coors Corporation (beer barons) is hosting a Coor’s Light Maxim Girl Search Party.  Hey, girls, you too can be a naked monkey in a filthy magazine for legions of wimps that can’t get a girl, and if they could land one like a slimy fish, couldn’t get an erection.  And just think! they can see you but not touch you.  Why, they can’t even say anything to you.

            You know, the dick stiffener industry is a growth industry in this wimp country.


11/15/04 0825: (F)(A)  WRNR-103.7 FM: Concerning the atrocity of Fallujah, Iraq, the WRNS slut said, “About 1000 insurgents have been killed”.  Insurgents? these were mostly civilians; men, women, children and babies.  Their homes are in ruins, their city in ruins.  Why don’t those all-American flag-waving butchers and their ass-licking cocksuckers come right out and say it?  What are the all=American cowards afraid of?  There’s no compassion or guts in America.


11/15/4 0933: WRNR-103.1 FM; Miserly Drug City Pharmacy is pushing home drug testing kits so “You can be sure of your children”.  Also the capitalist degenerates are pushing Viagra,  They have a Niagara of Viagra and other dick stiffeners for you patriots out there.


11/17/04: WTMD-89.7 FM:

0703: (F)(M)  Marine admits to coming upon a sleeping man in a bunker and murdering him.  Took a lot of guts for that shave-headed he-she to do that.  Sure it did!  Patriotic guts!  He-she’ll be bragging about it the rest of his-her life.

0712: (F)I/O  Ref. to an English headmaster (homosexual most likely) forbidding his students to wear Beatle haircuts because they “look stupid” and caused students to “perform poorly”.


11/18/4 0734: (I/O)BT**  WSMT-104.3 FM: The state of Maryland sent a man to prison for 27 years for the murder of a grocery store security guard.  This despite eyewitness accounts saying the murderer was seven inches shorter.  He suffered brutalities and humiliations in Maryland’s subhuman prisons. 

            Was this a jury trial?  We are collecting all data.  We shall be maniacal in the procession of such injustices.  All responsible shall stand trial.


11/16/4: From Salesian Missions, 2 Lefevre Lane, New Rochelle, NY 10901-5710. 

            This is a prayer oven-stuffed wimpy Americans should pray before going into the voting booth.


A Thanksgiving Prayer


Oh, God, when I have food,

help me to remember the hungry;

When I have work, help me

to remember the jobless;

When I have a warm home,

help me to remember the homeless;

When I am without pain,

help me to remember those who suffer;

And remembering, help me

to destroy my complacency

and bestir my compassion.

Make me concerned enough

to help, by word and deed,

those who cry out

for what I* take for granted.


Samuel T. Pugh.

* originally we.


11/21/04:  The Baltimore Sun, animated literature strip Mark Trail by Dodd & Elrod: Mark Trail says we should “give thanks to” the women and boys “fighting to protect our freedom and the freedom of others”.  Well, cunts don’t fight, they are incapable of fighting, and if anybody was fighting for anybody’s freedom they’d be in this country fighting the government.  We, and men like us, are fighting for freedom, not them.  Publishing this single copy of our newsletter has done more for Freedom, real Freedom, than all their rape, torture and their murder of 100,000 Iraqi citizens and all the atrocities committed in Afghanistan.  Also, the authors did use the phrase “give thanks to” as though the women and boys were God Almighty.


11/22/04: PERIODICAL  Track Record, Summer 2004, Vol. 8, No. 4, PO Box 1000, Mailcode 3EMM, Mooresville, NC 28115.  Arrogant piggish waste of resources on p. 7 by the Kyle Busch crew and p. 21 by Jimmy Johnson’s crew.  However, seeing how the beverages they were pouring on everybody was Powerade we feel that’s about all you could safely do with it.  Goes for Gatorade too.


11/22/04: BOOK  The Riddle of the Pacific © 1924 John Macmillan Brown, © 1996 Adventures Unlimited Press, ISBN 0-932813-29-1, 303 Main Street, Kempton, Illinois 60619.

p. 16: (I/O)BT** TORTURE  Horrible tortures done to babies on Easter Island (and throughout Polynesia) by mothers and/or midwives kneading baby’s skull into the “fashionable” Polynesian shape; flat back, domed crown and sloping forehead.  The fashionable Polynesian shape is that of a mongoloid freak.


p. 16: (I/O)BT** TORTURE 

Samoa: the head of baby is squeezed between stones. 

Manihiki: a board is used to press on baby’s head for the tasteful mongoloid sloping forehead like an idiot would have.

Borneo: baby’s head is squeezed in a cradle-mould (a vice?).

pp. 16-17: Tomman and Hambi on the south coast of Malekula: Baby’s head is tortured in a “mat-bandage”.

            It is unclear from the text whether these horrors have ended.


P. 17: (I/O)BT** TORTURE  On Easter Island and in Polynesia baby is tortured by having its fingers lengthened by “massage” to their full capacity.  In Easter Island, for one, baby is tortured by having its legs and ankles lengthened by “massage” to some freakish configuration. 

            It is unclear from the text whether these horrors have ended.

P. 17: (I/O)BT** TORTURE  On Easter Island and in Polynesia baby’s nostrils are flattened all over its face by some huge subhuman rubbing them down as soon as baby is born. 

            It is unclear for the text whether these horrors had ended.


p. 63: (I/O)BT**  Polynesians were cannibals.  Some of the subhumans even ate their babies, squeezed ‘em right out into a pot.  Marquesans were the most inveterate cannibals.  Their subhuman cannibalism continues until the day of first copyright.

p. 114: (I/O)BT**  Infanticide and unconscionable abortion are still practiced on Easter Island.

p. 229: (I/O)BT**  Infanticide and unconscionable abortion still exists in Polynesia.

pp. 229-230: (I/O)BT** TORTURE  Baby torture may still continue in Polynesia by clamping, crushing and blocking baby’s skull into a freakish shape, flat back, sloping forehead, and domed crown; and by stretching, racking and bending baby’s fingers, knees and ankles.

            Guess those cannibalistic Polynesians never heard of love.


11/22/04: PERIODICAL  The Baltimore Sun:

p. 1D: Unconscionable waste or resources by Kurt Busch crew: large color photograph.

p. 3D: (S)(T)  Procylon, a dick-stiffener medicine, CU large ¼-n dugs.   “And they drank a Niagara of Viagra every year, my children.”


11/24/4: PERIODICAL  The Baltimore Sun:

p. 1E: (S)BT**  The report on ‘Kinsey’?  It plays like a cartoon  Only Hollywood would make a raving homosexual degenerate look like a hero.  That demon even did sexual experiments on babies and nobody ever said a word about it.  

p. 2E: (F)(A)  Almanac 1985: Uniformed Egyptian subhumans attacked a hijacked airliner parked on the ground in Malta.  The Egyptian subhumans murdered 58 innocent people in this cowardly attack.  There are no excuses and it appears all the homo sapiens sapiens are as cowardly as Americans.


11/27/04: BOOK  Proof of Life, fiction by David Robbins, ISBN 0-451-40986-8, © 2000 Warner Brothers, published by New American Library, 375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014.

            Excerpts from William Prouchnau “Adventures in the Ransom Trade”, Vanity Fair, May 1988.

p.  vii: (F)PB(M) etc., BT**  “Between deployments and settlements, the K&R [kidnap and ransom] men lived in a world of door kickers, ‘bent’ cops and ‘de facto death penalty....”

p. x: (F)(PB)BT**  “In Manila, one expert says that up to 80% of the police force is on the take, and human heists are so routine that kidnappers take personal checks.” 

            Just what you’d except from the subhuman filth the Manila pigs.

p. x: (F)(A)  “But the kidnappers are not just retired revolutionaries.  In many countries, kidnappings are organized by cops and ex-soldiers.  In Nicaragua, retired [subhuman pieces of patriotic c.i.a.] contra(s) [shit] have taken up the trade.  And out-of-work [subhuman pieces of patriotic c.i.a.] soldier(s), cop(s) and guerilla(s) shit have kept the kidnap trade booming in Guatemala.”  Note at the top of file.

p. xiii: PB(M)  Few kidnappers are arrested but of that miniscule number  “few survive the drive to jail.  We call it the de facto death penalty.”—Peter Dobbs.


p. 246: (F)PB  From Tom Hargrove’s Long March to Freedom, Ballantine 1995.   In Columbia there are unending roadblocks at which the pigs and soldier/fags keep men, women and children covered with American M-16 rifles.  These subhumans make people get out of their vehicles, they are frisked and otherwise searched, the must show identification or else.


11/27/04: PERIODICAL (S)  University Magazine, November 2004, Volume 9 Issue 3, no publishing address given, phone: 410 321-9400 or 202 387-6500.

p. 16: (S)  Ad: One nightclub, airing of dugs and perhaps upper ass.   We learn the ladies, or the beasts, get in free before 11 PM, get ½ price martinis, and that boys won’t get in at all unless in “proper dress”, i.e., monkey suits.  But the cunts can be naked.

            Other airings throughout.



11/30/4: (I/O)BT**  Three instances have been reported to this office of young girls in school, on forced photograph day, having their hair forcibly rearranged by the corporate nazi photographer allowed into their schools to suit that corporate nazi’s taste.  With your permission we’ll teach these corporate nazis, and all patriotic shit, to keep their hands off our children in all but emergency situations when the child is endangered.  Goes for the pigs of course.


I/O  Going right along with this POS capitalist/corporate police state, Baltimore County, Maryland, school system has an ROTC program for 14 year-old girls.

            They are scraping the bottom of the barrel these days.