117th Militia



Family and Freedom over flag


© 2005 PSYWAR Office 117th Militia Regimental Combat Team


19 July 2005, Vol. 6, No. 26



            Terrorists alert! The Prophet warns!  Don't let them herd your families together into Oliver North's concentration camps or anywhere else.  Do not let them herd you together.  Do not let them take you from your homes!  Be armed! Be ready! Refuse! Assemble to defend your families and your homes!  They are psychologically primed to mass murder your families.  Those who die quickly will be the lucky ones.


11/30/4 0728: (PB)(BT**)  WRNR-103.1 FM: A Maryland man served 36 years for an armed robbery he was innocent of.


12/2/4: PERIODICAL (S)  Univercity Magazine, December 2004, Volume 9 Issue 4, no publishing address given, phone: 410 321-9400 or 202 387-6500.  There are smut listings from their various issues.  Purporting to be a listing of full- and part-time jobs for youth Univercity is mostly advertising.  What we want to point out is this:

            “The editorial content on Univercity Magazine is the opinion of the writer and is not necessarily the opinion of Univercity Magazine, its staff or its advertisers.  No part of this publication may be reproduced without the written permission of the publisher.  Univercity Magazine is a free publication limited to one copy per reader.  No person, without prior permission of Univercity Magazine, may take more than one copy of each issue.”

            Who would bother?  Is that all these greed-crazed simpering wimps have to do is sit around and pass moral judgments on the rest of us?  To assume we’re all criminals like the makers of videos and DVDs?  There is no excuse for any of this pig state mentality and if there is we don’t believe it.


America is like a huge toilet bowl and I will do everything in my power to flush it.

—Colonel Silas K. Breeze.


12/2/4: (S)  Van Helsing, DVD 23266, ISBN 0-7832-8492-0, © 2004 Universal Studios. 

1) (T)  Insert: ad for TV Guide, “Loving Los Vegas”, large, ½-n dugs of brunette.

2) BT**  Preview: “Shaun of the Dead”, naked beast on wall poster.

3) BT**  Preview: ad for trilogy “The Mummy, The Mummy Returns and the Scorpion Dancer”:  a) dugs.  b) other dugs.  c) ¼-n dugs.  d) BT**  beast arises naked for a pool, full ass-slab. 

4) ½-n dugs of the three brides of Dracula.  The three brides of Dracula were played by: a) Elena Anaya = Aleera.  b) Silva Colloca = Verona.  c) Josie Maran = Marishka.  Check for exposed dugs, ass-slits and ass-slabs throughout.

5) BT**  CU of full deep ass-slit and ass-cheek sagging of Anna = Kate Beckinsale. 

6) BT  Huge ½-n dugs of a bride.

7) BT**  K.B. straddling Hugh Jackman in eating-out position.  More of shots of its big ass and deep ass-slit.  

8) BT**  Ass-slab of a bride, huge ½-n dugs.  

9) (T)  ½-n dugs of bride E.A.

10) BT** lingering CU of deep ½-n dugs of E.A.

11) BT  ½-n dugs of another bride.

12) BT*  CU of two sets huge ½-n dugs of brides.

13) BT*  CUs of two brides ½-n dugs.

14) BT*  CUs of two brides ½-n dugs.

15) (T)  CU ¼-n dugs of K.B.

16) BT  ½-n dugs of two brides.

17) BT ½-n dugs of bide.

18) BT**  long-lingering CUs of huge ½-n dugs of a bride.

19) BT**  variously exposed dugs at ball.

20) BT**  Many long-lingering CUs of K.B.’s huge ½-n dugs, Richard Roxburgh rubbing between its dugs.  K.B.’s hand on its dug. 

21) BT**  Prominent left nipple of international pesthole K.B.  Then its right nipple.  Note at the top of the file.


Bonus Material: The Legend of Van Helsing: BT**  CU of K.B.’s ½-n dugs, possibly nipple rings.  Note at the top of the file.



            There was never supposed to be been any history.  There was only supposed to have been culture.  If there is an Almighty Creator and if that Creator is good, that is the way it was supposed to have been.  ­­­­­

—The Prophet Mastodon.



1056: I/O  WRNR-103.1 FM, ad: Crest Lock, a local firm, forces its employees to surrender their fingerprints which the capitalist degenerates sent to the state police for checking and to put on file.


(S)  “One Step Beyond,” Television Classics, DVD 65209, address: PMB 421, 991-C Lomas Santa Fe Drive, Solana Beach, CA 92075.  Episode 2: The Clown:

1) dugs; ¼-n dugs.

2) BT**  ass-slab and sagging ass-cheek of showslut with ¼-n dugs leaving a trailer; another showslut same violations.  

3) (T)  ½-n dugs.

4) BT**  CU of ¼-n ass sagging below tutu type skirt.   Note at the top of the file.

5) Check for other violations.


I/O     One of our men had to return a $400+ car stereo he bought last August at Best Buy #159, Whitemarsh, Maryland 21167.  Best Buy’s stated policy is to replace a defective product even up.  In addition to other warranties he bought a four year extended warranty from Best Buy.  They had only a $200+ car stereo in stock.  Despite their warranties and guarantees, despite a purchased warranty, despite their smiles, handshakes and personal assurances they insisted he would have to accept a $200+ car stereo and thereby lose $200.  He quite righteously refused.  Learning what the problem was the store manager became arrogant and snubbed him.  Finally an assistant manager worked out a deal where our friend had to accept $200+ worth of merchandise he had not wanted.  He was inconvenienced over four hours.  So much for the word of corporate America.  A lesson needs to be taught in this regard.  Round up the usual suspects, all those responsible.


12/8/04: PERIODICAL Undisputed Magazine, November 2004, PO Box 843, Glen Burnie, MD 21060.

p. 2: Letter from the Publisher by Joe Baldwin.  FM radio plays only about 35 minutes of music an hour if you’re lucky.


p. 4: Idiot or Pussy? by Gene Barnett.

  1. Baby Bush said: “Dictators are fine, if I’m the dictator”.

  2. Baby Bush and Wild Ass Ashcroft said: “If you question us, you are in with the terrorists”.

  3. (PB)BT  At a peaceful demonstration a pig laughed in the author’s face when he said, “I know my rights”.  The bluecoat snorted telling him that his “civil rights were lessening by the minute”.  Thanks to the Patriot Act.


p. 6:

1.  I/O  Thousands of companies have been allowed to move abroad without paying taxes. 

2.  (I/O)BT**  The author noted regular people do not get tax breaks.  This is true.  82% of corporations do not pay taxes.  Only 6% of tax intake was extorted from corporations. 

3. I/O  The electronics giant Cisco moved to China.  We export $29 billion to China, import $149 billion from China.  Almost all manufacturing jobs have moved to Mexico.  Pay scales are dropping.  Lou Dobbs on CNN has up to day reports on all corporations leaving America without paying taxes.     

4. (I/O)BT** 

  a. Bush is pushing to open the Artic Wildlife Refuge for oil drilling. 

  b. It weakened the law that requires factories to install token pollution control technology. 

  c. It refuses to support principle of “polluter pays” and believes the people should pay. 

  d. It suspended protections for arsenic in your drinking water. 

  e. It opened millions of acres of national forest to logging and the cackling demon, Baby Bush, wringing its hands, calls the razed eroded landscape “Healthy Forest”. 

  f. It has shit over the skies and calls it his “Clear Skies Air Act”.

  g. It has refused to sign the Kyoto Treaty to Reduce International Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

  h. It and its ass-lickers have committed 291 additional atrocities to the environment.

  i. It and its ass-lickers say that global warming is good.


P. 18: (S)BT**  ad: CD Bjork Medulla (Mercury/Asylum), naked dugs shot above its filthy nipples.  Note at the top of the file.

p. 20: (T)  Atlanta Falcon cheerleaders, many ¼-n dugs.


BOOK  News From the Edge: Vampires of Vermont, ISBN: 0-441-00628-0, © 1999 Mark C. Sumner, The Berkley Publishing Group, 375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014, fiction.

pp. 117-118: PB BT  Reference to the fbi in hazard suits taking all the furniture and belongings out of a room, the rug, and the curtains without offering to pay for it.  Then they sealed off the room with pig tape in case someone wanted to use a room in their own home. 


1802: WTMD-89.7 FM:  There was recently a fight between players of the Indiana Pacers and fans.  The police chief of Detroit, Michigan, a swinette, spoke a long time about “severely punishing the fans” not the Pacers that went into the stands and thrashed them. 

            Why is it there are laws that state people can’t walk on a playing field?  That’s private property.

1802: The White House spokesman is whining that baseball players should not use steroids and other performance enhancing drugs because “it sets a bad example for the children”.  What do these rich hypocrites mock others for?  Why, for saying things like “Will somebody think of the children?” of course.


12/10/4: PERIODICAL  The Baltimore Sun, p. 1F-7F:  Top medal guitarist fatally shot by Rashod D. Ollison:

1) PB BT**  Guy went nuts murdered four members of a heavy medal band then fired shots into the crown.  Pig James Niggemeyer arriving with a drift then murdered him.

2) I/O  Security pig Don Steward: “We do full pat-downs and check people’s ankles and do bag checks, which is standard everywhere....”  That’s a lie.  It is no standard everywhere.  Security pig-shit Don Steward lied and we want to know why.


12/12/04. RECORDED BOOK (CA)BT**  Beyond the Darkness, © 1995 Angie Fenimore, ISBN 0-553-47371-9, Bantam Doubleday, Dell Audio Publishing, 1540 Broadway, New York, NY 10036.

1) A.F. suffered child abuse.

2) Her father and siblings had to cut switches everyday so that their subhuman father could whip them with.

3) A.K.’s mother suffered tortures as a child.

4) Her paternal and maternal grandparents are subhumans.

5) A child named Billy in Bear Creek therapy camp near Los Vegas was starved and kept in solitary confinement.  He was allowed only rags to wear.  His parents members of the camp and present.

6) (S)BT**(CA)  Naked swimming was allowed.  Male and female degenerates forced children to do this.  Social pressure was put on visiting children to do this.

7) Billy tried to escape.  His shoes were then taken and his head forcibly shaved.

8) At Bear Creek A.F. was starved for feeding a child named Paul in solitary confinement.  Her depraved mother agreed with this.

9) A subhuman friend of A.K.’s father showed her and her little sister porn.

10) A.F. was sexually abused by her father’s “friends”.

11) A.F.’s stepmother Jo-Anne was abused as a child.

12) (I/O)BT  A.F. was punished by the subhumans that ran her school for defending herself.  According to the POS America you are never to defend yourselves.  They teach it to your children in school.

13) A.F. savagely verbally abused by stepmother J-A.  J-A threatened to murder her.

14) Child named Richard abused and savaged by demons in school.  Schools refuse to stop this because it is against the law for your children to defend themselves. 

15) I/O  In the Air Force there is a pecking order of officer’s wives.  If they do not jump like monkeys on a string when the lead slut snaps its fingers their husbands will suffer for it. 

16) BT**  Ref. to a child kidnapped and sexually mutilated, “the worse that I have ever heard about”.  With a PAC she heard many reports of sexual child abuse. 

17) I/O  The problems of a spouse appear on the records of Air Force personnel. 

18) I/O  A.F. attempted hari-kari.  She did not seek treatment when she came to because the Air Force would forcibly separate her from her husband and send her back to the states, and it would be a black mark on her husband’s permanent record.


            Maryland Governor Erlich and entourage attended the Ravens vs. New York Giants game.  Was he and his entourage frisked?  Did the women have their purses searched?  Were they frisked like our women?  What?

            Why is the intellectual property of corporations on postmarks?  We’ve seen Disney characters.  The ones in question are from Dream Works  Pictures’ animation “Shrek 2”.  The characters are Shrek and Donkey.  We are certain these have been used before.   Does anyone see what this is doing to the children.  The children! the children! will someone please think of the children? 


12/13/4: PERIODICAL I/O   The Baltimore Sun, p. 11A:

1) The case for a draft by Gregory D. Foster.  The rich no count bum Democratic Representative Charles B. Rangel is a maniac for the draft.  There are others, likely as rabid.

2) Reality intrudes on mythology of Iraq war by Cynthia Tucker.

  a. The Bush administration is deflecting attention from the 10,000 American causalities.  [Certainly not mentioning the 100,000 innocent Iraqi citizens murdered.  Many more have been wounded.]

  b. BT**  When reporters want to speak to the maimed they are “shuttled away to military hospitals [prisons for the injured] for additional treatment and rehabilitation”.  

3) (S)  You decide, we report by Leonard Pitts, Jr.  Prophetic article.  Fits Americans to a T.  Ref. to filth.


(S) 347 SHOx  Tombstone” © 1993.

1902: BT  CU of huge ½-n dugs in red.  Others in barroom scene.

c. 1904: CU of 1/4 -n dugs brunette lying on of Doc Holiday

1911: BT**  Long-lingering full frontal of a completely naked subhuman piece of rich actress/whore shit being photographed.  The pesthole hair of this whore, this naked cuntmonkey, that has long curly brown brunette with hair is airing in our faces.  There is no purpose in the plot for this Hollywhore subhuman to be airing itself in public.  Not that that would be an excuse, but the Hollywood degenerates yell about social relevance and socially redeeming values. 

            Note at the top of file.  Check throughout. 


12/14/04 0633: (CA)BT**  WRNR-103.1 FM: Kevil Linsey, Principal of Pine Groves Elementary School has been charged with sexual abuse of two little girls when he was an elementary school teacher.  This happened in the late 70s.  It is good to know that the statue of limitations does not apply.  Other good news is that, since it is not a Catholic priest, it might have its wrist slapped.

0633: Outside a California court when the death penalty was announced for a male that murdered his pregnant life, the yokels went bananas high-fivin’ and hand jivin’, Adam’s apples bobbin’.  Yuk yuk!  Considering the attitude of patriots, factoring in professional wrestling, Ultimate Fighting Challenge, and that the Republicans have won, we feel it advisable to predict that the coliseum is just around the corner, oan ova to duh rite.


12/15/4 0600: (F)(A)  WTMD-89.7 FM: The marine subhumans have been torturing and among other things shocked people with electricity, poured burning chemicals on them (probably tortured their genitals), and staged fake executions.  The military and the marine subhumans don’t consider any of this torture.  Torture us not torture to a military and/or marine subhuman.  All those that are responsible, complete hierarchy, bottom of the cesspool to top in reverse order.


12/17/4: PERIODICAL The Baltimore Sun, p. 6C: Almanac:

1986: (F)(A)  [SHPOPS] American Eugene Hasenfus, convicted by Nicaragua for running guns to the [SHPOPS] contras, was pardoned, then released [by a SHPOPS court].

1992: I/O  [SHPOPS] President George Bush, Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and Mexican President Carlos Salinas de Gortari signed the North American Free Trade Agreement [the unspeakable NAFTA] in separate ceremonies.


0853: WTMD-89.7 FM: Target Department Stores has banned Salivation Army Santas from collecting money outside their stores.  “Merry Xmas from corporate America, Ho ho ho!”


            There have been 15 separate spy agencies working fang and claw to steal our Freedom from us.  Like a scarab the billionaire bums in Congress passed a law rolling all this shit into one big ball.  That makes 16.  These SHPOPS costing us billions will be much more efficient at stealing our rights from us.


12/19/4: PERIODICAL  The Baltimore Sun, December 19, 2004, Doonesbury by Garry Trudeau.  Baby Bush is responsible for: 1) massive deficits, 2) record job greed-sourcing, 3) the assault on our environment, 4) the assault on our civil liberties [Human Rights], 5) the bloody, bungled, unnecessary Oil War II.


12/24/4: WIYY-98.1 FM: The director of “reality” TV programs Survivor, Survivor 2 and Combat Missions said, paraphrase “The Baltimore SWAT is out there with their weapons protecting people.  What a suck! An ass-licker for the pigs.



1)  (S)  DVD “Spider-Man 2”, Columbia Pictures, 05149

 a) Dugs of “Ms. Grant”.

 b) dugs of skinny blonde in a kitchen, Ursula or Megina Tovah.

 c)  “Rosie”, ¼-n dugs.

 d) BT**  Kirsten Dunst, ½-n dugs and left nipple.  Note at the top of the file. 

 e) Check many posters near theater.

 f) BT*  CU of black in red top & brown slacks, long black hair.

 g) BT*  Society ball: many digs from slight airing to at least ½-n.

 h) BT**  Full deep ass-slit of secretary in black.  Note at the top of file.

 i) (T)  Ass-slit of M.T. 

 j) BT**  Upper ass-cheeks of M.T.  Note at the top of file.

 k) Dugs of K.D.

 l) ¼-n dugs of K.D.

 m) BT**  The naked ass of K.D.’s stunt double’s ass as its dress flies up.  This scene

     is aired switching to DVD menu.

 n) (T)  CUs of ½-n dugs in red dress on train.

 o) BT**  Long-lingering CU of K.D.’s left nipple.  Note at the top of file.

 p) BT**  Several CUs of K.D.’s prominent left nipple.  Note at the top of the file.

 q) BT**  Shots of K.D.’s ass-slab.  Note at the top of file.

 r) BT*  Various exposed dugs in wedding scene.  K.D.’s ¼-n dugs.



 2) (S)BT**  Maxim, January 2005, naked on the cover.  Note at the top of the file.


12/26/04 0818: PB  WQSR-102.7 FM, “Elvis Only”: once in filthy Florida, thanks to the actions of an alert and courageous voter, the pigs came on stage and pressed against Elvis Presley so that he could not move when he sang.  Whew! Dodged a bullet there.  Thanks voter.  It’s people like you who have made American what it is today.


12/27/4: (S)  Marvel Comics Group, 575 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10022.  Dazzler #13, March 1981, Bullpen Bulletins: reference to 99% naked sluts delivering Strip-o-grams. 



0902: PB  WTMD-89.7 FM: People have been driven from their homes by Montanan fire fighters supposedly because of a factory fire.


12/29/4: PERIODICAL  The Baltimore Sun:

p. 6E: Almanac.  In 1890 “The Wounded Knee massacre occurred.  At least the did not call it the Battle of Wounded Knee like the government.  But the I Sun said 300 Sioux Indians were killed.  The word is murdered, slaughtered, butchered.  You kill bugs, not Human Beings.


p. 3G: (S)BT**  ad: for Larry Flynt’s Hustlers Club.  The first couch wallow, or dance of the year is “on Larry Flynt”.  Julia Ann and Kaylani Lei, some of the subhuman trash that air their reeking bodies at the Hustler whorehouse, are aired in the ad.


12/30/4 1626: PB  WBJC-91.5 FM: Arizona: pigs driving people from their homes supposedly because of a flooding stream.


12/31/4: Among the lowest forms of patriotic filth are bounty hunters, shit-suckers from the bowels of Flag.  Bounty hunters will be rounded up.  The pigs obey little law, bounty hunting subhumans even less.




1/1/4: PERIODICAL  Ancient American, Vol. 9, No. 60, ISSN 1077-1646, PO Box 370, Colfax, WI 54730.




p. 10: SCHO-OP  Pre-Columbian Indo-European Civilizations of the Americas by Tom Finn.  Because of the “politics of prehistory” and “political correctness” our students are being massively lied to.  Consult with The Settlement of America by Thomas D. Dillehay. 


p. 12: SCHO-OP  Topper is Fifty Thousand Years Old by Frank Joseph.  Topper is an archaeological site in South Carolina.  The Siberian land bridge scenario is myth.  It is an unproven hypothesis like the theory of evolution accepted as Gospel by scientists, the high priests of ignorance.  50,000 year old Topper artifacts are ignored by academic devotes like Theodore Schurr, anthropology professor at the University of Pennsylvania.  “Why, you would almost have to [veri-tably] hope for instantaneous expansion”.  Why, the very notion of ancient man being as good as us is absurd!  They drug their women and children around by the hair.  You never see you modern patriots doing anything like that.

            Shurr said more confirming evidence, like the artisans’ names and addresses, needs bringing forth before anyone can take the discovery seriously.  More confirming evidence has to be brought forth before we can take Theodore Shurr seriously.


p. 14: (SCHO-OP)BT** DEVIANTS  “Attention all our readership”, by Wayne N. May.  Ref. our notes of 11/8/4, Ancient American, Vol. 9, No. 59, page 18, Egyptian Knife Removed from California’s Giant Sequoia.  The story is a hoax perpetuated by cackling cringing demon deviants as yet unknown.  Our penalties for academic hoaxing will be draconian.


p. 20: SCHO-OP  Bat Creek Stone: Is It Really Cherokee?  Or is It Actually Hebrew? by David Allen Deal.  Those asking to see the Bat Creek Stone with the paleo-Hebrew writing at the Smithsonian Institution Washington, D.C., are humiliated.  The ass-licking employees of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., condescendingly smile at them and/or burst out in a gut buster.  Mentioning that the inscriptions are in paleo-Hebrew they will arrogantly turn up their smeared and clogged noses at you and pass an erudite snigger.   


p. 26: SCHO-OP  Algonquian Traditions and Other Ancient American Enigmas by Pat Morgan.  The characters on the Michigan Tablets almost exactly match those used in the Middle and South American and the Illinois Kinderhook languages.  The problem for the unteachables is that the characters almost identically match the characters of Egyptian, Old Semitic North and South, Byblos (Phoenician) and the northern Mediterranean languages of Cyprus and Crete.  The academic asshole-lickers, who are lavishly paid by this brutal government that extorts the money from the people, brand all finds with this type script found in the Western Hemisphere “fake and fraudulent”.  Now you know we’re not going to let this rest.

            The plates/tablets found and collected by Father Savage and Daniel Soper are known as the Soper/Savage Tablets or Michigan Tablets.  This collection contains more than 3,000 artifacts, all considered “fakes and fraudulent” by the pudgy ass-lickers of American academia, and the, ah, how shall we put it? scrawny turkey-necked peptic cracker-crunchers of capitalistic scholarship.

            The unteachables rule.  The unteachables teach.


PERIODICAL  The Old Farmer’s Almanac 2005, ISSN 0078-4516, PO Box 520, 1121 Main Street, Dublin, NH 03444.

p. 31: (S)BT**  ad: Puranol; cunt presented as naked except for thong, cuntmound and ass-slab.

p. 32: Tastes & Trends of 2005: A Fact of Life: The current generation views surveillance as cool—not controlling.

p. 209: (S)BT**  ad: Xandria Gold Edition Catalog, “discover a wide array of sexual products for giving and receiving even greater pleasure”.  Two naked beasts, male and female, are hugging and kissing, the female’s arms over its naked dugs.  This filth is printed every year. 

p. 215: PB  1955 by Anastasia Kusterbeck, The Power of One: When Montgomery, Alabama, blacks boycotted the city buses the Montgomery, Alabama, pig boy subhumans retaliated by arresting carpool drivers for picking up hitchhikers and by bringing loitering charges against Humans waiting on street corners for a ride.

I/O  Dr. Martin Luther King, Junior’s home was bombed by patriots.



1019: PB  WBIG-100.3 FM: Herdon, VA: for many hours Fairfax County bluecoats closed down major arteries to investigate an accident for the insurance companies. 


DVD “Kill Bill”, Miramax, #32210, Distributed by Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Dept. CS, Burbank, CA 91521.

a) BT**  Vivica Fox, long-lingering CUs of full deep ass-slit.  Note at the top of file. 

b) 51:14: BT**  lingering CU of full deep ass-slit of Uma Thurman in jeans.  Note at

    the top of file. 

c) U.T., dugs throughout.

d) Three women in Japanese band 5,6,7,8’s, dugs.

e) BT**  Ass-cheek and -slabs of female (Julie Dreyfus) whose arm was lobbed off.     

    Note at the top of file.

f) BT**  Full ass-slit of U.T. in yellow suit.


The making of “Kill Bill”

1) V.F. dugs.

2) (T)  CU ¼-n dugs of U.M.

3) (T) Variously exposed dugs band scene. 


1/9/5: I/O  The Baltimore Sun, p. 9E: In sunny Aruba, O’s Ponson still shines.  The pigs once would not arrest a man for beating another man with a baseball bat.  But since the guy Sidney Ponson (Oriole’s pitcher) allegedly hit was allegedly a judge the pigs arrested him as though yeah, saying: “Hey, we treat everyone the same”.

            “They made a big issue of it because he hit a judge that was Dutch, and the prosecutor is Dutch, and the court judge is Dutch.  Unfortunately Sidney hit the wrong person at the wrong time.”

            The Dutch own and run Aruba. 


1/14/05 0829: PB  WRNR-103.1 FM; Maryland state porkers stopped a semi for speeding and, as a matter of routine, illegally searched the vehicle allegedly finding controlled substances.


1/15/05: (S)  DVD “Mission Impossible”, © 1996 Paramount No. 154977.

1. (BT)  On the cover and on an insert CU ½-n dugs of Emmanuelle Beart.

2. BT**  The Hollywood beast rich actress cuntmonkey Emmanuelle Beart airs its shit-reeking completely naked ass lying on  

    a bed. 

3. Dugs in the background.

4. BT*  Lingering CUs of animal E.B.’s  3/4-n dugs, only a thin strip of cloth covering them.

5. BT  Various dug exposure at “embassy party”.

6. ½-n dugs of E.B.

7. (T)  E.B.’s dugs felt during a frisk.

            Although the shit-reeking naked ass of beast had nothing to do with the plot you must remember that the director Brian de Palma is an, ah, a gay blade so it had to parade one of its whores naked before the public.  Therefore, it slammed us in the face up front. 

            Note at the top of the file.


1/15/5: PERIODICAL I/O  The Baltimore Sun:

p. 2C: Burke suspended for positive drug test.  A swimmer named Rachael Burke was suspended two years after testing positive for a banned substance, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency said.  Does the federal government have a bureau to piss athletes now?  How are these creatures tested?  Driven into a corral and striped?  What department does these perverts of U.S. Anti-Doping Agency work for, Health Education and Welfare?

p. 3C: Feds ordered to return drug-testing results.  The IRS raided a drug testing lab and took the drug testing results and piss samples which they drank toasting America.  Why are the IRS subhumans doing the job of the FBI subhumans?  Aren’t they worried about it?  They like to drink that good piss too.


p. 2D: (S)BT*  Ice skater Tanith Belbin in the arms of Ben Agosto, cuntmound, ass-slabs and dugs.



1) PERIODICAL (S)BT**  The Baltimore Sun, p.12 E: Kimmie Meissner, prominent cuntmound, ass-slabs and dugs. 


2) PERIODICAL (S)BT**  Maxim, February 2005, nearly-naked subhuman beast on cover.    Note at the top of file.


1/18/5: (PB)BT** DVD  “The Usual Suspects”, © 2002, MGM No. 1003332.  Reference to strip searching and to a pig running its finger up a man’s anus during a strip search.


(F)I/O DVD  Indiana Jones the Complete DVD Movie Collection”, © 2003 Paramount No. 06758.  Bonus Material: The Making of the Temple of Doom.  India reviews all movie scripts of movies that are filmed in their country.  They are psychotic about what is filmed in their country.


1/20/5: I/O  WRNR-103.1 FM: Large sections of Washington, DC, are closed down by thousands of subhuman pigs and thousands of military meat heads armed to the teeth and dangerous.  It would be humiliating and dangerous for a working man to be in Washington, DC.  It is the second inauguration of war criminal and moron Baby Bush.  America, for what you are about to receive may you be truly grateful.



0816: NL  Salacious comment from the broadcast bitch about Princess Leia’s (the “Star Wars” character) ass.


BOOK  Hawaii © 1959 James A. Michener, Fawcett Crest Books, CBS Entertainment and Professional Publishing, ISBN: 0-449-23761-3, fiction.

p. 760: I/O {2}  French Guiana: outgoing luggage was ransacked for pineapple plants.


p. 771: I/O {2}  Hawaii: rich Republicans spied in election booths, used treats to make people vote against decency, fairness and justice.


p. 772: I/O  Rich Republicans fired everyone suspected of voting for decency, fairness and justice. 


p. 784: [(F)I/O] I/O  Oriental labor was viciously abused by Orientals.  The Japanese embassy was depraved in the treatment of Japanese workers.


p. 792: I/O {2}  1) Rich Republicans refused to allow the Chinese proper housing.

2) Women arriving from the Orient were quarantined for three days.


p. 806: I/O BRUTALITY  1) Subhuman German foremen freely beat and whipping Oriental workers. 

2) Ref. to subhuman German foreman dragging sick Japanese from bed and whipped him while he lay on the floor.


p. 808: I/O BRUTALITY {2}  The Japanese man was then kicked by the German subhuman.  His wounds festered.


p. 816: I/O  1) Law forbade the Japanese from becoming citizens.

2) (F) I/O  The Japanese consulate never acted on behalf of the Japanese workers.  Consulate officials were from a class in Japan that exploited Japanese workers as though they were beasts. 


p. 820: (CA)  In Japanese schools the teachers beat the children in the head with their knuckles.


p. 822: I/O BRUTALITY  1) Labor leaders were not allowed to talk to workers.  They were routinely beaten up by sub. German foremen. 

2) I/O  People listening to labor leaders were threatened with dispossession by sub. German foremen.


p. 823: (F)I/O  Japanese consulate refused to support or aid Japanese strikers.  The consulate advocated the quick breaking of strikes.  The Japanese leadership was obviously Republican.


p. 824: 1) PB  Reference to pig brutality. 

2) (F)I/O  The Japanese consulate refused to act on behalf Japanese strikers in regard to depraved pig brutality.   The Japanese government was responsible to the rich Republicans that owned and ran Hawaii.  Hawaii was under typical republican rule.

3) [(F) I/O] I/O  Japanese consulate would not give starving strikers food.

4) If phrases appearing in strikers’ documents were used in Japan those responsible would be jailed for life or executed.

5) The Japanese consulate was always instrumental in forcing Japanese strikers back to work.

6) I/O BRUTALITY  Republicans evict Japanese strikers and their families from the hovels they were forced to live in by the subhuman Republicans.  Strikers and their families lived ten to a room or under trees when an influenza epidemic erupted.  Five-thousand strikers and their family members were struck down, many without beds to lie in or food to eat.  The death toll was tremendous.  Republican rule!  This is what the Republicans want to happen here but on a biblical scale.


p. 828: 1) I/O BRUTALITY PB  Strikers and their families evicted from the hovels and abandoned buildings they huddled in.  The republicans declared the structures fire hazards.

2) (F)I/O  Committees representing the Japanese strikers appealed to the Japanese consulate.  The committees were deceived with: “The Imperial government is protecting Japanese interest with studious care.  Only yesterday His Excellency protested to the Chief of Police against keeping the Japanese from holding legal meetings.   

3) PB  Republican subhumans have pig subhumans breakup legal meetings.


p. 829: PB  Subhuman pigs stage swift raids and arrest of all labor leaders.


p. 838: I/O  Republicans owned the legislature.  Only their oppressive laws were passed.


p. 843: I/O  1) Orientals who wished to visit the mainland had to get permission.

2) No labor leader was allowed to leave.

3) Republican subhumans branded anyone favoring unions as communalists and incited the mob against them.

4) Despite federal law, Republicans refused to let labor organizations talk to the brutalized workers on the plantations.


p. 846: (CA)  Japanese teachers viciously beat and brutalized their students at the slightest provocation or none at all.


p. 849: (CA)  Subhuman Japanese teachers viciously flailed students with rods even as they cowered on the floor.


p. 851: I/O  Republicans turned down all Oriental applicants to higher education in publicly funded schools.  Orientals were barred from higher education by Republican subhumans.


p. 854: (F)I/O  Japan: if a teacher reading an Imperial Rescript mispronounced even one word he would be required to commit hara-kiri.


p. 866: I/O  Hawaii: high school athletes were jailed for “corrupting the fabric of our sports world”, while the adult gamblers that framed them went free under Republican rule.


p. 844: (F)I/O  The money the abused Japanese workers saved at the Japanese consulate was sent without permission of the Japanese workers to help fund the unspeakable subhuman Japanese invasion of China. 


p. 890: I/O  FBI and local subhumans began arresting Japanese after Pearl Harbor.


p. 891: I/O  Military patrols roved the streets announcing through loudspeakers: “All Japanese are under house arrest.  Do not leave your homes.  I repeat.  Do not leave your homes”.


p. 893: 1) (I/O)BT**  [Under a Republican administration] Californian subhumans were energetic in rounding up Japanese civilians. 

2) I/O  Hawaii: the Japanese regiment of the army was surrounded by a reinforced white unit with extra machinegun crews.


p. 894: I/O  The Japanese regiment was ordered to do only menial jobs like cleaning latrines.


p. 895: I/O  1) Japanese boys in ROTC were thrown out.

2) Reference to a Japanese woman attacked on the street, pushed around and her clothing ripped.


p. 896: (I/O)BT**  Japanese were thrown into hastily improvised jails.  When the jails were jammed ships came to haul them to concentration camps in Nevada.


p. 897: (I/O)BT**  [Because of a Republican administration] in California “families of the greatest rectitude and patriotism were uprooted; their personal goods were stolen; their privacy was abused; and their pride as full-fledged American citizens outraged.  Note at the top of file. 

            Our italics, read on.


p. 899: I/O  Hawaii: the rich Republicans condemned labor leaders and had them spirited away at night to concentration camps on the mainland.  Requests for increased wages ceased.  This was during World War II, a time of increased wages.


p. 901: I/O  The FBI subhumans would not let the Chinese move to the mainland although Japan was at war with China, and although they would be atrocified if the subhuman Japanese actually did invade Hawaii.  Orientals were not allowed on the mainland during World War II.


p. 902: I/O  Ref. to FBI not allowing Chinese to move to the mainland during WWII.


p. 905: (F)I/O  Fiji: England forced Indians to live apart and oppressed them.  They were not allowed to buy land.  They were not allowed to vote.  It was the same with those born on Fiji.  None were allowed to participate in civil government and they were not allowed to be government clerks.


p. 908: (F)I/O  The French oppressed the people of Tahiti.


p. 910: (F)I/O  Tahiti: The French did not allow the Chinese to own land, were forbidden to enter many kinds of businesses, were severely spied on by currency control, and were oppressed in other ways. 


p. 922: I/O  After Pearl Harbor the Japanese were removed from combat units and ROTC.  “No Japanese can be trusted...” a General said.


p. 928: I/O  Allowed to form, an Hawaiian Japanese unit training in Mississippi was ordered to accept the vile racism the southern subhumans of Mississippi shoveled upon them.  They were threatened by their commander not to say anything back.


p. 929: The Japanese unit commander: “...are you willing to put into jeopardy the future of three hundred thousand Japanese?”


p. 931: I/O  1) In California the Japanese could not own land, become school teachers and government employees, they could not go to the best of schools and they were kept separate.  These are not the prerogatives of full-fledged citizens.

2) [Because of a Republican administration] Japanese on the mainland were herded into concentration camps and their possessions stripped from them at five cents on the dollar. 

3) In Hawaii many Japanese were rounded up for the concentration camps.


p. 935: I/O  Hawaii: FBI and naval security degenerates maniacally repressed Japanese newspapers while on the mainland Japanese newspapers could say anything they wanted.


p. 937: I/O  Military officers were dispatched to warn Japanese families not to allow their daughters to marry GIs.  Ref. to one such seeing about twenty families a week.


p. 938: I/O  Japanese were forbidden from assembling even in their homes.


p. 939: I/O  Shore patrols harassed mixed couples parked on lovers lanes, humiliating them by demanding identifications.


p. 940: I/O  1) Japanese were not allowed in the navy.

2) Ref. to a navy officer “intervening” in 300 romances of mixed couples.


p. 947: I/O  The Hawaiian Japanese unit was sent to fight the Germans in Europe because they were not trusted.


p. 969: ATROCITY  France: The Japanese unit was sacrificed to save a few Texans. 


p. 971: 1) ATROCITY  800 Japanese were murdered to save 341 Texans. 

2) The hardest fighting at Salerno, Italy, was forced on the Japanese.


p. 974: Seventy-thousand Japanese civilians died in the fire bomb raid on Tokyo.


p. 983: I/O {2}  Hawaiian pigs closely spy on a Japanese and five other groups after WWII.


p. 1010: 1) I/O  Blacks could not get a place to sleep in Salt Lake City.  

2) NL  The Mormons believe: “In heaven there are only white people”.


p. 1017: I/O  1) In Japan the peasants were not allowed to own land.

2) ATROCITY  Ref. to depraved land measures in Mexico and bloody reprisals against the people.


p. 1019: I/O {2}  Republicans forbade labor unions in Hawaii.  The Republican owned pigs beat up and threw in jail those that tried to organize labor unions.

p. 1037: I/O  1) Ref. to Republicans “beating back” the “communists”, or unions, in 1939 and 1946.

2) Hawaii: Republicans wage a maniacal war on unions in 1916, 1923, 1928, 1936, 1939 and 1946.


p. 1038: I/O  1) The Republican subhumans and the press they owned referred to honest, upright and necessary unions and those making any demand for fair treatment as “communists” and attacked accordingly.

2) The Republicans refused to allow mainland labor organizations into the islands.  If leaders tried to talk to plantation hands they were bodily thrown off the premises.  They were not allowed to rent halls or office space.  The Republican subs. intimidated, vilified, abused and harassed them with charges of communism.


p. 1041: I/O  As usual the Republicans refused to be Human.  When a major strike came, the islands were crippled, food diminished to the one week mark.  They refused to help anyone.


p. 1047: I/O  1) During the Occupation of Japan the MPs enforcing the no-fraternization law “had the right to intrude at any moment”.  Our italics.

2) American soldiers who wanted to marry Japanese women faced ridiculous difficulties.


p. 1080: I/O  c. 1952: Japanese were still not allowed to become citizens.


p. 1102: I/O  1) Wealthy native Hawaiians were not allowed to manage their own affairs.  Trustees were appointed.

2) BT**  Republicans owned the judges and the courts and appointed the trustees.


p. 1115: I/O  The decayed specter of “Ol’ Tail-gunner” Joe, i.e., Republican Senator Joseph McCarthy, the “Ol’ Coconut Buster”, reached Hawaii and the “communist” witch hunt began.  McCarthyism, the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), the anticommunist crusade: Glory! Glory! Rich patriotic glory!  It is the greatest day Republicans have ever known.


p. 1118: I/O  Because they owned the judges and the courts, Republicans paid only trifling taxes on their vast wealth, indeed, they owned Hawaii, while Humans were taxed to near poverty, and all manner of depravity existed.


PERIODICAL (S)BT**  Pennysaver January 19/20 2005, Book #21, Dundalk: Two 99% naked on the cover. 


1/22/5: PERIODICAL  Xposure Magazine, Issue 1/fall 2004, ben@decentxposure.com.

p. 9: I/O  The Last Dispatch by Paul Dryden.  Boston, Massachusetts:

1) The night before the last Dispatch concert fans tried to camp out on the grounds of The Hatch Shell, the public park where it was to be held, but “they were kicked out by local police”.

2) The day of the concert, 100 bluecoats in full riot gear were on the grounds lest anyone should forget what piece-of-shit country they were living in and have fun.


p. 20: PB(I/O)BT**  Oval Opus, Stories from the Road: Strange but True by Trick. 

A matter of routine.

            South Bend, Indiana: At the Heritage Inn a fellow gets up in the morning and goes to the latrine in his pajamas and socks.  He is met in the lobby by two subhuman pigs pointing pistols at him.  The subhuman-pieces-of-pig-shit arrest him “for his own protection”. 

            In the room with the rest of the band they looked out the window to see twenty feet away at a Burger King two SWAT subhumans with shotguns.  Behind a squad car were two more SWAT subhumans with M16s, i.e., automatic rifles, and on the roof were pieces-of-pig-shit snipers with scopes focused on their room.  The hotel was surrounded by pigmobiles and fire trucks. 

            The moralless subhumans beat on the door bellowing “Police!”.  The band opened the door and were faced by many SWAT subhumans routinely pointing M16s in their faces and a battering ram (costing more than a month’s pay for most people).  The yellowbellied bluecoated cocksuckers routinely forced these kids to raise their hands.  Then the shit-slurping cop cowards routinely forced them to walk backwards down the hall with their hands behind their heads to the lobby whey they were routinely frisked.

            Nothing to worry about, it was just a matter of routine.  There had been a rumor that a bank robber was in the area.

            Under us the penalty for all the subhumans on the scene and the hierarchy, et al. will be execution.  Note at the top of file.

            Those corn and porn fed hicks from the sticks go for this sort of thing.  It be makin’ day dicks harder’n Viagra.  Ain’t that right Indiana?

            We’ve been saying it since we formed, and it is one of the reasons we formed: all cops are subhumans, including those retired.  We have no rights because they are arbitrary, and the only good cop is a dead cop.  Cops have no honor.  Cops have no dignity.  Cops have no morals.  Cops have no courage.  Cops are subhuman cowards and queers unfitted to share the Earth with us Humans.  With dicks doubtless the size of cocktail weenies, long ago their ancestors were slime-suckin’ slugs slithering through the primordial ooze at the bottom of the Suckass Sea.  And their generations progressed downhill from there. 

            It would be a pleasure to exterminate them.


1/22/5: (S) DVD  “M:i 2”, (Mission Impossible 2), © 2000 Paramount, No. 33487.

·                    Dugs of blackhead on airplane.

·                    (T)  Five Spanish dancers, ½-n dugs.

·                    BT  Party scene: CU ½-n dugs of blackhead in black.

·                    BT  Party scene:   at least (2) sets ½-n dugs, one of them CU.  Many variously exposed dugs.

·                    ¼-n dugs of Thandie Newton playing Nyah Nordoff-Hall.

·                    BT  CU ½-n dugs of brunette in black.

·                    BT**  Full deep ass-slits of other Spanish dancers. 

·                    BT**  Ass-cheeks and cuntmound of TN.

·                    BT*  Lingering CU of TN’s huge jiggling ½-n dugs.

·                    BT*  Lingering CU TN’s ½-n dugs in tow obscene poses with Tom Cruise.

·                    BT*  Lingering CU TN’s ½-n dugs.

·                    BT*  Lingering CU TN’s ½-n dugs.

·                    BT* TN feels its dugs.

·                    Long-lingering CU of TN’s huge ½-n dugs.

·                    BT*  Many LL CUs of TN’s huge ½-n dugs throughout.

·                    BT**  TN presented as naked in bed.

·                    BT**  TC lying on TN.

·                    BT**  TN presented as naked.

·                    BT**  Horse race: LL focus and CU of prominent nipples of the huge jiggling dugs of a black-haired subhuman in pink. 

·                    BT**  Left nipple of the main whore TN. 

·                    Other dugs at race track, check.

·                    BT**  LL CU of large prominent nipples of the lead subhuman TN’s jiggling dugs as it walks. 

·                    The subhumans cut to the large-nippled dugs of the TN beast again. 

·                    They cut to the TN beast for the fourth time.

·                    BT*  TN’s ass-slit.

·                    BT**  They cut to the beast’s filthy nipples again. 

·                    BT**  ¼-n dugs and deep ass-slit of subhuman twirling batons. 

·                    BT**  LL CU of a blonde’s huge prominent nipples on its huge flopping filthy dugs.  It wears red and whit stripped paint. 

·                    Check crowd for ass-slits and airing dugs.

·                    BT**  Ass-slit of beast in gray in background. 

            May God Almighty damn to Hell all those that brought this filth forth.  Australian females are obviously filthy hormone-scrambled individuals without knowledge of decency, soap and water or any of the moral amenities that separate Humans from the beasts.

            Nipple notes at the top of the file.


1/24/5: BOOK  Bird Watching, Larry Bird with Jackie MacMullan, © 1999 Larry Bird, Warner Books, Inc., 1271 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020, ISBN 0-446-52464-6.

p. 32: I/O  Olympic regulations force athletes to be randomly and humiliatingly piss tested like animals—snatched right off the bench in public.

p. 33: I/O  Repeated “random” piss testing used to harass and disconcert an American player.

p. 36: (F)I/O  Barcelona, Spain, site of 1992 Olympics: whenever a basketball player left the hotel he was “escorted” by four Spanish pigs carrying machineguns.

p. 39: (F)(S)BT**  In Monte Carlo the pieces-of-shit females swim in public naked from the waist up with only bandaids over their pestholes and, of course, it doesn’t bother anybody.

p. 96: (PB)BT**  Boston “could be a tough place for black players”.  The Boston subhumans are among the most depraved cowards this police state has ever produced from September 3, 1783 unto the present.  Boston bluecoats are and always have been among the bottommost shit-scum of the patriotic cesspool.  With dicks doubtless the size of cocktail weenies, long ago their ancestors were slime-suckin’ slugs slithering through the primordial ooze at the bottom of the Suckass Sea.  And their generations progressed downhill from there.  They routinely stop, humiliate and search black people on the streets, even famous basketball players.

p. 97: (PB)BT**  A black player was stopped by the Boston subhumans with his wife and children in the car.  Doubtless he was made to get out was frisked and maybe strip searched on the street in broad daylight.  That sort of cowardly depravity is routine for the Boston subhumans. 

p. 100: (F)I/O  Palermo, Italy: playing in the World University Games of 1977 the basketball court was surrounded by armed, needless to say uniformed, subhumans.


1/24/5: COMPUTER (S) BT**  Email called “Hot Snow” of two subhuman shit-licking rich actress naked cuntmonkeys airing their putrid bodies in snow before a house.  The cow-uddered blackhead pesthole airs its partially shaved maggoty muff and wormy pesthole.  The blonde subhuman is modest as it wears a top and is turned away to better air the pesthole’s shitty ass.  These are two of the first to be excited, along with the hierarchy.  Note at the top of file.


1/27/5: 0753: (I/O)BT**  WWLG-1370 AM: a lengthy public service announcement brought to us by some organization(s) of police-staters: apparently the pigs are piss testing drivers under 18 and then suspending their licenses for the merest trace of alcohol in their piss, or they may be taking their blood.  After all there is no law.  Note at the top of file.


            WWLG-1370 AM also broadcasts a lengthy and ridiculous anti-drug public service announcement.  Its patriotic allurement to stop male teens from using drugs and driving is sex.  The gist of it is that they will not be able to get any pussy if piss and/or blood tested while operating an automobile; brought to us by yet other ass-licking do-gooder pig-staters.  


1703: I/O BT** PB(CA)  An Ohio school board is having children arrested for not doing their homework.  A pig shows up at the classroom and arrests the student hauling them to a judge without their parents being notified and without benefit of council.  The patriotic queer representing the queers and lesbians of the Ohio school board, as you likely expect, laughed about it yea, saying: “We’re not doing it to scare the students.  [Heaven forbid!]  It is merely to make them study better”.

            You can expect this sort of thing from Ohio, a state of whores and queers. 

Ohio’s prison system is from the middle ages.  That POS state’s prison system is a

gulag of naked dungeons, no differences of age or sex acknowledged, no respect for prisoners or visitors.  Ohio pig/queer subhumans are among the filthiest shit-scum along the bottom of the American cesspool, especially the subhumans of Cleveland, ranking with Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, New York City and state and Dundalk, Maryland.  Note at the top of file.


1/28/5 0801: (CA)BT**  WWLG-1370 AM: A seven year old girl was stabbed to death in a New York state Catholic school by the SPOPS (subhuman piece of patriotic shit) that calls itself her father.  The SPOPS was not even charged with murder.


1/29/5: PERIODICAL  World Explorer, Vol. 3, No. 9, ISSN 1601-0103, Copyright 1983-2005, 403 Kemp Street, Kempton, IL 60946.




p. 8: (S) BT  CU of huge ½-n dugs of beast Iris Bristol.

p. 10: News Roundup

1) (F)I/O(M)  Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition.  Mexico: Wal-Mart has built one of its eyesores within sight of the marvelous Teotihuacan Temple of the Sun.  Despite murder and corruption the subhuman politicians and federal Institute of Archaeology screech that they made an unbiased decision in favor of the public.

2) (F)SCHO-OP  Quest for Noah’s Arc Discredited.  Turkish academic Ahmed Ali Arslan has been involved several ark “discovery” expeditions that involved hoaxed evidence.



Traveler there is no path, paths are made by walking.

—Antonio Machado.


BOOK  The Patriot, © 1996 by Gary Hart, Simon and Schuster, 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020, ISBN 0-684-82751-4.

p. 60-61: [Ref. to ATROCITIES]  “The leader might also deploy *democracy’s murkier assets, its covert intelligence and counterinsurgency forces, in the cause of stabilizing democracies like Portugal, or friendly dictatorships like Greece or Turkey, as well as destabilizing socialist states or unfriendly dictatorships.”

            Any so-called human that would say such as this concerning those unspeakable POS subhuman countries like Portugal, a full-fledged patriotic dictatorship, and Greece and Turkey, not even considering the rest of it, would get down on her knees in a mall and suck shit out off the asshole of its owner.

            * Our italics.


p. 69: [ATROCITY]  Ref. to a “smart bomb” destroying a hospital [and murdering helpless humans] in suburban Baghdad.


p. 73: [Ref. to ATROCITIES]  Ref. to the United States and its bevy of ass-lickers not intervening in the unspeakable atrocities in Bosnia and Rwanda.  This simpering wimp gave no reason for this: of course not.  There was no way for that the rich that owns and runs him and this POS country could make a profit off it.  Those rich subhumans don’t care about the hundreds of millions of Human Beings raped, raped to death, tortured, tortured to death and otherwise murdered, most of them at their own pudgy bloody hands.  Hell no!  Where’s profit in that?

            Take note that Mr. Hart is a “lawyer and strategic adviser, providing council to major corporations and negotiating East-West trade projects”.   Figures doesn’t it?


p. 144: The best lack all conviction; the worst are full of passionate intensity.

—W. B. Yeats.


p. 166: I/O  Ref. to a U.S. Senator masquerading as a drug enforcement subhuman.


p. 1280: [Ref. to ATROCITY]  Mexico and Korea are referred to as quasi-democracies.  Democracy does not mean freedom, certainly capitalism does not mean freedom, but a country is free or not.  Therefore Mexico and Korea are full-fledged dicksucking dictatorships, headed by subhuman-pieces-of-patriotic shit dictators.




Americans have filthy hands.  With all their much vaunted knowledge and material facilities

American hands are among the filthiest on Earth.

—The Prophet Mastodon.




c.1315: I/O  WTMD-89.7 FM:  ad: City Paper, the fbi arrested a man for “copying” a satirical magazine.


1625: (I/O)BT**  WBJC-91.5 FM:  A subhuman has placed a bill before the Maryland legislature to give businesses the right to piss and/or blood test any employees at anytime if the subhumans suspect her of using alcohol or drugs.  Get this: “Until now businesses were only allowed to *random test employees”.  Whatever the fuck that shit means.  Our italics.

            Those that passed such laws are to be executed. 




0630: I/O  WBJC 91.5 FM: The Marriott Corporation cancelled a dinner celebrating the liberation of Iran from the American subhumans because they learned the liberated Iranian government was supposedly somehow involved.  Freedom?  What is that to the shit-slurping whores and queers that own and run the Marriott Corporation, or any corporation?

0658: (CA)BT**  Florida pigs are searching for a couple that tortured seven children encrusted to them.  Good luck pigs.  Note at the top of file.


2/4/5:  The Baltimore Sun, p.9:

1) Marine general call war, killing ‘fun’.  The subhuman POS marine is named Lieutenant General James Mattis.  The marine commandant pooh-poohed yea, saying, its comments reflected “the unfortunate and harsh realities of war’.  We’ve come to expect this from those subhumans.  Any coagulation of patriots that would murder families in cars at roadblocks would torture your babies.  Of course, they did nothing to it. 

2) (F) ATROCITY  Sergeant pleads for leniency in abuse-trial sentencing phase.  One of the Abu Ghraib prison subhumans, its name is Sergeant Javal T. Davis.   It was, of course, slapped on the wrist.  Governments look out for their own.


2/6/5: PERIODICAL I/O  Recently (December ‘04?) in The Baltimore Sun it was noted that millions of items have been stolen from Human Beings at airports since the act of God Almighty of 911.  These are called unreasonable searches and seizures.  These items are kept by whatever piece of shit that did the searching or wants them.  They are often valuable, the total value is staggering, and they are never returned to their owners, ergo the verb stolen.


2/7/5: (F) DVD  “Crusade in the Pacific”, Television Classics, No. 65189, PMB 421, 991-C Lomas Santa Fe Drive, Solana Beach, CA 92075.  Original producer unknown.


1. The US and the Philippines.

I/O  The decisions of Philippine courts were subject to review by US courts.  US courts heard appeals from Philippine courts.

·                    (A)  Japs sneak attack Philippines.

·                    (A)  Sneaky Japs bomb Manila.

·                    (A)  Although Manila was declared an open city the subhumans bombed it anyway.

·                    (A)  Many Pilipino rich and government officials collaborated with the Japs.  [Including Manuel Roxas elected president in 1946.]

·                    (A)  An associate justice of the Pilipino Supreme Court Jose Laurel  was made President of the Philippines.

·                    (I/O)BT**  The Japs systematically looted the country of its products while Filipinos starved.  Note at the top of file.


2. The Navy Holds—1942

·                    (A)  Sneaky Japs attacked the Pacific Islands, the Philippines, Malaya, the Dutch East Indies, New Guinea, Guadalcanal.


3. The Rise of the Japanese Empire

·                    (A)  1931: sneaky Japs invaded Manchuria; rape, torture and/or murder of thousands of men, women, children and babies.

·                    (A)  The rich and governmental officials collaborated; one was made President.

·                    (I/O)BT**  The products of Manchuria were systematically looted by the sneaky Japs while the people starved.  Note at the top of file.

·                    (A)  Chinese were made slave laborers or they would be murdered.

·                    (I/O)BT**  Despite their own laws the sneaky Japs sold opium then fined those caught using it.  (Tee-hee).  (The British did this in China also.  It caused the Opium War but the British subhumans won.)  Note at the top of file.

·                    (A)  1935: Sneaky Japs attack China, 100,000s of men, women, children and babies raped, tortured and/or murdered. 

·                    (A)  Major Chinese cities mercilessly bombed by the sneaky Japs.

·                    (A)  Sneaky Japs attack Shanghai.

·                    (A)  The sneaky subhuman Japanese atrocified Nanking.  Tens of thousands of men, women, children and babies were raped, tortured and murdered.  The lucky ones died quickly.  Stacks of people were buried alive.  Women were drug through the streets by their hair then suffered unspeakable atrocities.  Sneaky Japanese subhumans passed laws in the 1980s yea, saying, that these things could not be mentioned in their schools or in public.  Sneaky Japanese subhumans mandated that the populations they did this to were mobilized, mobilized.   What those Jap subhumans did in Nanking was so unspeakable the Chinese changed the name of the city to Peking.

·                    (I/O)BT**  The sneaky Japs systematically looted China while Chinese starved.  The Chinese were made slave laborers or they would be murdered.  Note at the top of file.

·                    (I/O) BRUTALITY BT**  Foremen carrying rods whipping Chinese laborers.

·                    (A)  Sneaky Japs attack Philippines, Malaya, Singapore, Dutch East Indies, Vietnam.

·                    (A)  Vichy French patriots become allies with sneaky Jap subhumans.


DVD  “A Farewell to Arms”, Television Classics, © 1932 Warner Brothers, fiction.

1) (S)BT**  Dugs of Mary Phillips: and nipples?  Note at the top of file.

2) (F) MURDER BT**  Two references to the subhuman Italian pigs, the dreaded jackbooted carabinieri, routinely murdering men they accused of desertion.  (The French subhuman pigs did the same.)


2/10/5 0626: (CA)  WRNR-103.1 FM: Annapolis: an eleven year old girl had a sack thrown over her head, was drug into a car and raped.  The pigs are looking for the subhuman.  Good luck pigs.



BOOK (A)  Strangest of All, © 1961 by Frank Edwards, Ace Books, Inc., 1120 Avenue of the Americas, New York 36, NY.

The Amazing Prophecy of St. Odelia. 

p. 36: Reference to the countless patriotic atrocities committed the patriotic Austrian subhuman hitler and its german subhumans.

p. 37: 1) Little children herded together in the churches of Russia and Poland and burned alive. 

2) Little girls were dragged away from their homes by patriots and hauled away to whorehouses in german-held territories.

p. 38: 1) Lidice ... Dachau ...  The butchery of an entire city.  The gas ovens where millions of helpless Human Beings were rendered into chemical byproducts for the subhumans’  patriotic war machine. 

2) german subs. bombed almost countless cities.

p. 41: In November 1944 the nazi subhumans murdered scores of women in Cologne germany for the crime of holding peace demonstrations. 


BOOK (A)  The Legend of Bagger Vance, © 1995 by Steven Pressfield, Harper Torch, 10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022-5299.  ISBN 0-380-81744-6, fiction.

p. 263: Ref. to wire photos of the bodies of Human Beings stacked outside Dachau and Buchenwald, patriotic concentration camps.



1) PB  One of the men was pulled over for suspicion of driving while impaired.  The pig made him take the humiliating sobriety test and then the obscene and unsanitary breathalyzer test.  Although he is not a violent man he was handcuffed behind his back and arrested.  The bluecoat said that he was disheveled.  He is always disheveled.  He’s a big jovial sloppy guy who wears baggy khaki shorts and flip-flops in the dead of winter, as he was when he reported this injustice.  His fate has not yet been decided by the subhumans who own and/or run the DMV and the courts.


2) I/O  Another of the men works for Bombast Cable.  These vaunted departments of human resources are spy networks.  Two weeks ago he was reported for wearing a wool cap.  His office is cold, he is bald, and he had a cold.  This week he was yanked into his boss’ office because of a wallet chain.  He said: “The women wear dresses up to their crotches, see-through tops without bras and belts made of handcuffs.  I just don’t want to loose my wallet.”

            “Leave the circus outfit at home.  We have guests who come in here.  We don’t want them to see that sort of thing.”

            Men have been caught masturbating at Bombast.  Man’s a supervisor too.  Usual story, the pestholes are naked the Men have to wear overcoats.  Give us the power, we will make Men free.


1/13/5 1138: WQSR-102.7 FM; an oft repeated navy recruitment ad goes something like: “Don’t you wish you lived in a country where you could express your views?  You do, America!”  Right, you believe that shit you sap-suckin’ wet-behind-the-ears morons.  Try expressing a contrary view (the truth) in the navy.  Try expressing the truth at work.  Think about it.  Where’s your freedom now?


1440: PB(T)  45 WBFF (FOX); NASCAR Racing.  Famous driver said that when he went to the Super Bowl XXXIX the pigs commanded him to “assume the position” and he was humiliatingly searched in public.  Why is it that when you step on a rich man’s property you have even less rights than you have on the street?  What good is the Constitution if the rich can set up private kingdoms ignoring its principles, and unleash their subhuman pigs, shoats in blue coats, upon the very ones they are depending upon?  You, me, us!  Talk about arrogance.  Only 229 years of unfettered criminality could produce such arrogance.  The ones whose wallets they are in the very process of lightening.  You would not think that the bankers would want rival duchies within the grand duchy?


2/15/5: PERIODIC  Adventures Unlimited, Winter-Spring 2005 Catalog, One Adventure Place, PO Box 74, Kempton, Illinois 60946. 

p. 2: SCHO-OP  The Energy Machine of T. Henry Moray by Moray B. King.  In the 1920s T. Henry Moray invented a “free energy” device.  He suffered ruthless suppression, and in 1939 his device was destroyed.  Your subhuman government ruthlessly suppressed other inventers who discovered his approach also.

p. 4: I/O ATROCITY  Inside Job: Unmasking the 911 Conspiracies by Jim Marris.

The collapse of building 7 in the complex was later admitted to be a demolition.

Vital physical evidence was either removed or has never been released by investigators. 

Key officials claimed warnings never came, despite massive evidence to the contrary.

p. 4: Welcome to Terrorland by David Hopsicker. 

• PB  Venice, Florida: Concerning the flying school where the 911 subhumans learned to fly; Mohamed Atta, leader of the rag heads, had an American girlfriend, with whom he lived for two months in Venice, FL, who was intimidated into silence by the fbi.   

• I/O(S)  Terrorists, strippers and mysterious German associates mingled together in wild booze and drug fueled party weekends in Key West.

p. 12: DVD I/O BT**  Conspiracy: the Secret History, Volume 2, The Secret Heartbeat of America—The CIA & Drugs, which explores the evidence for cia drug trafficking involving Oliver North; cia pilot Berry Seal; Mena, Arkansas; the Los Angeles allegations; renegade elements of the military subhumans; and other stories.

• p. 14: DVD I/O ATROCITY  The Truth Behind September 11 with Mike Ruppert. 

Compelling evidence that the attacks of 9-11 were known about and allowed to happen in a Pearl Harbor style “wake-up call” to the American public.  We can believe all but the last part.  It was a Reichstag fire, not a wake-up call. 


DVD (S)BT**  “Scarface”, © 2003 Universal Studios, No. 23157.  Disk 2: Bonus Features; Scarface: Creating: lingering medium shot of the ½-n ass of a tall blonde subhuman walking along the street with a faggot, and nearly naked from the waist up.  Its naked turd pincher jiggles below its brief shorts. 


PERIODICAL, AD: I/O TORTURE BT**  Otto Bar, January 2005, 2549 North Howard Street, Baltimore, Maryland, 21218.  www.theottobar.com.  Rock band Rise Against has a social conscience.  Some of the causes Rise Against supports include fighting against racism in punk rock, animal rights, inhuman electro-chock therapy on patients and www.PunkVoter.com.

            Electro-shock torture treatment is against federal law.  But the subhumans in the psychiatry scam (it is not a science) have not slowed down.  Proof again the rich and those that suck shit out of their assholes do not have to obey the laws their ass-suckers in the legislatures pass.  Only we, the people, have to obey their laws.

            Psychiatry and psychology are not sciences.  They are vague collections of half-formed nonsense that the son-of-a-bitch charging some poor troubled sap $100 an hour happens to imply that she believes at the time. 

            Note at the top of file.


The British Empire has always encountered difficulty in distinguishing between its heroes and its monsters.

—Campion Bond from Memoirs of an English Intelligencer (Meeson’s 1908)


            Seems that is contagious among countries.


2/18/5: PERIODICAL I/O  The Baltimore Sun: p. 1C: PBS edits language in war documentary by David Bauber.  The so-called Public Broadcasting System edited 13 curses spoken by women and boys in uniform in Iraq from a documentary for its program Frontline.  Yet further proof that there is no Freedom of Speech in America, that it is a commie country, that conservatives and commies are the same kind of subs. under a different colored rag. 


2/20/5:  COMPUTER (S)BT**  Ad: Pink Floyd rock band; six naked subhuman ass-sucking shit-eating whores sitting on the edge of a pool, their shitty turd-pinchers are splayed out beneath them.  CU of their filthy naked asses.  On each pimply back is the image from one of the queers’ six albums.  Note at the top of file.  


1402: (S)BT**  15 WBFF-45 FOX: NASCAR: The Daytona 500: You can easily tell what this stinking POS country is like.  After the simpering NASCAR wimps slavishly obeyed the order of a possible pedophile to stand and remove their hats to pray to goddess America the Whore, and ordered to continue standing for Satan’s favorite song, Vanessa Williams sang Satan’s Song further insulted the NASCAR wimps and whores, who have no dignity.  You remember V.M.?  It is the animal that had its pesthole, asshole, and filthy dugs photographed in full-color close-up in Pesthouse, where it also ate out another pesthole’s pesthole.  Here they jammed the camera onto its huge ½-n dugs and its huge prominent nipples.  Corporate morality, like national morality, is only skin deep; it is to laugh.  The animal V.M. sang Satan’s Song at Super Bowl­­­ XXX in Tampa.

            They whats gots morals in NASCAR’n yer NFL. 

            Hey! this served NASCAR, and sports fans, fans well.  The dick-stiffener manufacturing Viagra corporation warned the limp-dicked wimps that they “might get an erection for four hours”.  If they did, who would they use it on? 

            A Niagara of Viagra: America is a limp-dicked shame.

            Note at the top of the file.


2/21/5: The filthy United States government does not recognize the difference between men and women.  In veterans hospitals men are treated as hunks of meat without dignity or rights.  Women are always present when they are naked, especially in embarrassing procedures like proctologies.  The government, and all its instructions of rapine endeavor, makes this sort of thing a point, and for men only.  Yet more proof that cappy and commie governments are both patriotic forms of government.   

            The reason we thought of this is that it’s President’s Day.


2/22/5: PERIODICAL  The Baltimore Sun, P. 14A:  Time for Negroponte to be more than dutiful by C. Jefferson Price III.  Baby Bush has appointed an ass-sucker of unparalleled gutless subhuman slavishness as the first director of national intelligence.  Subhuman john dimitri negroponte drips the gore and guts of countless men, women and children like the specter of patriotism it is. 

(F) ATROCITY  It served as a “political officer” in Saigon during your horrible Vietnam atrocity.  No truth was known to come from the united states government in Saigon during the Vietnam War.

(F) ATROCITY  In honduras your cia subhumans trained and led squads of honduran hell hounds, military subhumans (patriots) that kidnapped and raped and tortured to death and otherwise murdered countless men, women, children and babies.  

            Patriotic delusions told your cia and howling unchained honduran subhumans that these Human Beings were evil.  One of their favorite tricks was to tie a man, woman, or child face-to-face with the corpse of a father, mother, sister, or brother already tortured to death and they were left to rot.  Many were murdered this way.  It was routine.  This sort thing is routine rich republican foreign policy.  Of course none of the patriots, neither cia subhumans nor honduran subhumans, were ever punished, and are doubtless living high off your fat and the fat of honduras to this day.

(F) ATROCITY  The tale of this your patriotism never got to congress because the shit-faced subhuman john dimitri negroponte destroyed it.  As ambassador to honduras under your beloved republican subhuman ronald “ringass” reagan, during that rich republican’s war against freedom in Central America, it fashioned lies about the unspeakable atrocities your cia subhumans and homosexual honduran subhumans were committing.  One embassy staff member remarked: “What is this, the human rights report from Norway?”

(F) ATROCITY  republican subhuman thomas o. enders, ringass reagan’s assistant secretary of state for inter-american affairs said to Jimmy Carter’s honduran ambassador: “Whereas human rights abuses had been the single most important focus of the previous administration’s policy in Latin America, the reagan administration has broader interests”.  Yes: rape, torture and murder and tying the living to their dead family members and leaving them.

            Next, the Filipinos, a people of little or no character and courage, accepted it as American ambassador. 

(F) ATROCITY (2)  The john dimitri negroponte corpse was resurrected by the billionaire baby bush to serve in america’s recent republican cause.  It sat silent in the United Nations while that white nigger then secretary of state Colin Powell lied about the danger Iraq posed to world peace.

            This is the third time this subhuman “will have served in the front line of a war in which the u.s. government has lied about.  As in honduras, he will be serving in a position of great influence at a time when Human Rights have been abused in the service of an administration’s broader interests”.  Sheesh! Mr. Price, that’s why halliburton bush gave it to that fat subhuman-piece-of-patriotic-shit.

            You did these unforgivable things america, and the Almighty hates you for it, and you are being made to suffer for it, and it will get worse unless you flush the toilet thoroughly by executing all those involved.  Because you tolerate his sort of thing the rich subhumans that own and run this POS country have no respect for you.  No matter what they do, even to you, you degenerates keep waving their rag.  The rich subhumans have never had any respect for you because you have never had any guts.  Lying is routine for their government.  It is what you want them to do.  Your livelihoods, your families and homes mean no more to those rich raping republican subhumans than the shit they step on in the street.  But of course they don’t walk the streets do they?  They ride in stretch limos paid for with the blood of babies.  Thus the way of the patriot: Hell awaits patriots, and that includes individuals just like you.

            Complete hierarchies.  Note at the top of file.


2/24/5: (I/O)BT**  WRNR-103.1 FM: Annapolis, MD: an old woman was driven from her home in  a housing project because her grandson was accused of committing a rape.


2/25/5: DVD (S)  Star Wars Trilogy, four disks boxed set © 2004 Lucas Film, Ltd., released by 20th Century Fox.  Bonus Material, disk 4:

1) The Empire of Dream: The Story of the Star Wars Trilogy. 

  a. (T)  Flash Gordon serial: CU ½-n dugs.

  b. Other dugs.

  c. BT**  CU of Carrie Fisher’s ½-n dugs many times.  Its full naked ass-slabs were

      aired twice.  During the credits it and its double were nearly naked sun tanning.  

      Only their pestholes were covered below. 

2) Featurettes: The Force is with Them: The Legacy.

  a. (T)  Clip from another film: CU ½ naked dugs of blackhead.

  b. BT**  C.F. airs its near nakedness and its naked ass-slab throughout this bonus                        


3) Stills

  a. BT  CF in “Shampoo”, CU 1/2 -n dugs.

  b. BT**  CF near-naked, full-naked ass-slabs.  Its full-naked ass-slabs were shown

      four times else.

  c. BT**  Big fat mama in “Return of the Jedi”, near-naked.

  d. BT  CU CF’s ½-n dugs thrice.

  e. BT**  The two near-naked sluts tanning, four-naked ass–slabs, only pestholes

      covered below.

  f. BT**  CU of CF airing its two naked ass-slabs and leering.

  g. Check throughout.

4) BT**  Posters: CF airing its naked ass-slabs in many posters. 


2/25/5: BT**  Pennysaver, Book No. 21, Dundalk, Feb. 23/24, 2005, 1342 Charwood Road, Hanover, MD 21076.  The annual filth from these degenerates; ad: Sunchasers Tanning: three broadly leering filthy sluts 99% naked on the cover.  CU huge dugs and ass-slabs.  One whore sits on a fag’s shoulders, its pussy pressed into the back of its head.


3/3/5: BT**  Sharkey’s at Danville Square, huge stand up of 99% naked whore in black Band-Aid advertising Coor’s Light.  Those commies at Coor’s have a thing about naked whore/beast doing their ads.  Note at the top of file. 


3/5/4: PERIODICAL SCHO-OP  Ancient American, Vol. 10, No. 61, ISSN 1077-1646, PO Box 370, Colfax, WI 54730.




Ancient City Discovered in Michigan by David Allen Deal.

p. 7: The remains of a large city recently discovered, and government /corporate archaeologists, purposely deny the vast culture of our past.

p. 9: 1) Government-corporate demons of the Devil keep valuable artifacts hidden from the “innocent public”: you, child.

2) These Devil demons have destroyed and “misplaced” thousands of priceless antiquities.  These priceless antiquities belonged to us, the public at large.  These priceless antiquities are part of our cultural heritage.  One or more of the many governments robbed us to acquire these priceless artifacts.

3) A collection of priceless antiquities called the Soper Savage collection has been placed in the fell and foul hands of the Michigan Archaeology Society which has a long and scurrilous history of magically disappearing priceless antiquities.  Michigan Archaeology Society has unclean hands.  They are wicked.

4) The laughably simplistic Bering Land Bridge yarn requires the homosexual demons of academia to sweep all truth under the scientific rug, to be destroyed, ignored and/or misplaced.  We are talking about priceless antiquities.  This is done with public funds to public property and the pudgy pooting politicians are in on it too.     

5) The Smithsonian Institution, the Devil’s Den, is exhibiting the priceless “Bat Creek Stone” which, although clearly covered with paleo-Hebrew writing, the blithering dipsomaniacs decry as “Cherokee” writing.  The stinky wimps decry all ancient writing found in America as “Cherokee” except that which they refuse to acknowledge as writing.  Question: Did the Cherokee write?

p. 10: 1) The Devil’s Den is still trying to convince themselves and the rest of us that the writing on the Bat Creek Stone is Cherokee. 

            After c.150 years the demons of the Devil’s Den, with their hooves and horns and pointy tails up their assholes (their own and each’n others’ assholes), like a yahoo standing around with her finger in her ear; they are still working fang and claw to convince themselves and the rest of us that not only are all the examples of paleo-Hebrew writing found in America “Cherokee” writing, but that all writing found in America is Cherokee; except that which they refuse to admit is writing at all.  What happened to the media?  Why don’t they apply the Media Fleece to their swollen and jaundiced and bloodshot and drunken eyes?  Hey! media! you are remiss.  Wherefore art thou, with thine Golden Fleece?  

2) The Smithsonian’s demons are bigger cowards than we imagined.  The Official Smithsonian Museum of Natural History’s position on the writing on the Bat Creek Stone is: “Two definite opinions about the inscriptions (sic) are: 1) They (sic) are not Cherokee, and 2) they are not genuine Semitic writing, although some characters appear as if someone were copying a few Hebraic letters from the alphabet”.  Where would the supposed hoaxster(s) see paleo-Hebraic writing?  The Bat Creek Stone was discovered in 1896; Paleo-Hebrew was unknown until like last year or something.

p. 14-15: Michigan’s Prehistoric Remains Imperiled by Frederick Bennett Wright.  The rapacious destruction of Michigan’s priceless cultural heritage has neither abated nor slowed since the article first appeared in 1904; nor in the centuries since whitey came, much to the delight of demon academicians; yea, red and cackling, with horns and hooves and pointy tails but no brains nor guts.  This is the same throughout this evil and wicked land, not to mention our environmental heritage and the rape of our souls.

p. 17: King Crowley of Arkansas by Russell Johnson.  A priceless antiquity was loaned to a journalist from Washington, DC, so it could write a story.   It and the priceless antiquity were never seen again.

p. 19: New Book Release: The Dragon in the Lake by Archie Eschborn.  The cackling demons of the Wisconsin Historical Society idiotically asseverate that the fabled “Rock Lake Pyramids” were built by the ancestors of the Amerindians that lived there before their own ancestors murdered them. 

p. 25: No More “Clovis Moses” by Ancient American staff. 

1) Ref. to abundant suppressed material by demons of government academia.

2) Evidence that settled culture existed in Monte Verde, Chile, 1,000 years before the Bering Sea Land Bridge yarn supposedly occurred has been opposed by the establishment’s demons for almost 30 years.

p. 26: BT**  ACPAC: American Committee for Preservation of Archaeological Collections.  Despite the ruling of a federal court, the SPOPS Army Corps of  Engineers refuses to turn over the skeleton of Kennewick Man to anthropologists.



PERIODICAL  (I/O)BT**  The Baltimore Sun, Doonesgury by Garry Trudeau. 

Some subhuman war criminals that Baby Bush has awarded are: torture advocate the subhuman Alberto Gonzales, Attorney General.  Condoleezza Rice, that misled the Whore into war with Iraq, Secretary of State.  The two appointments were approved by the rich Senate subhumans: all responsible.

            George Tenet, it that built the false case of war, given a freedom medal.  Paul Brewer that bugled the Iraqi occupation is given another. 

            That bad-ass gangster Frank Sinatra got a freedom medal.  It was a republican too.  Ronald “Ringass” Reagan, the insane beast that single-handedly defeated the commies gave it to it. 


1538: WITH-1230 AM: patriotic hate program: The resident asshole-sucker named Elliot is lamenting that the Supreme Queers have ruled that executing 17-year olds is unconstitutional.  Oh! my flag! the horrors that 17-year olds are now going to commit! the unmediated horrors!  Anarchy! anarchy! there will be anarchy!

1601: (I/O)BT**  Now the news asshole-sucker, a Michael Midriff, is baying: “Don’t mess with Texas”!  Why? Because the subhuman cocksuckers and lesbians of texas, through texan queers and lesbians on a jury and behind a cowardly bench, have given a 19 year old kid, 30 years for $20 worth of controlled substance.  Hierarchy to be executed.  Note at the top of file.

            Texans are the worst cowards that ever lived.  They think they are bad-asses but they are asshole-suckers insane with fear of their own pigs, some of their pigs foreigners and don’t even speak English.  They once gave a human child ten years for (supposedly) two joints.

            Shit of the Earth: texas.

            There is a hate radio host named Helen.  A true republican, it calls even the mildest criticism of this country, government, Baby Bush and/or any of his other ass-suckers: “anti-American”. 


3/8/05: PERIODICAL (F) MURDER  The Baltimore Sun, p. 10A: Italians pay last respects to slain agent, from Wire Reports.  Cowardly marine murderers have fired into yet another car at a roadblock, this time murdering an Italian intelligence officer. 


3/9/05: I/O  WRNR-103.1 FM: Annapolis: a priest was given a routine piss test for alcohol.


3/13/5: PERIODICAL (S)BT**  The Baltimore Sun, Doonsbury by Garry Trudeau.  Reference to an animal named Sheralezza that strips naked and airs its reeking body to “help her team” on one of those bogus reality programs called “The Apprentice”.  The program features the New York City billionaire Donald Trump.  Comic strip filed.


3/16/5 1701: CA  WTMD-89.7 FM

1) BT**  Florida: A subhuman female entrusted with a four year old girl to care for her murdered her.

2) Florida: A nine year old girl has been kidnapped.


3/17/5 1801: WTMD-89.7 FM:  Before congress an ass-licking multimillionaire baseball player wants piss testing for baseball players should be the strictest pis testing that ever ever ever can be.  Real patriot there.


3/18/05: PERIODICAL (F)I/O  The Baltimore Sun, Almanac, p. 6C: 1922: the British subhumans sentenced Mohandas K. Gandhi to six years for civil disobedience. 


Dear Lester:

            We can’t agree that the hearing-impaired are a questionable lot of fairyfied pansies and pansiettes.  We are aware of the deplorable condition of captions on videocassettes and DVDs, and checked out the Simpson episode about Thomas Edison.  You are right but it’s not their fault.  Like the rest of us they have little control over what their entertainment dollar purchases.  It’s the pansies and pansiettes that compose the captions.  It’s their fault and those captions reflect their opinion of the hearing impaired.  


3/21/5: PERIODICAL (S)  The Baltimore Sun, p. 3E: ad: The Famous McDoogals, Queers’ Club: “Like a fashion show without the clothes”.  42 subhuman naked cuntmonkey whores are aired, one of their filthy faces pictures in the ad.  Ad filed. 


1801: (CA)  WTMD-89.7 FM: a Florida male subhuman was found guilty of murdering a nine year old girl, guilty of capital murder, whatever that is.


3/22/5: PERIODICAL (F) ATROCITY  The Baltimore Sun, p. 1D: Emotional Rescue by Joe Burris.

            This boy repeatedly used the Americanism or euphemism killed for the terms murdered, slaughtered, atrocified, patriotized, and tortured to death. 

1) A local woman lost an estimated 100 family members including her mother and seven siblings in the patriotism that occurred in Rwanda in 1994. 

2) The patriotism was long planned by the subhuman hutu majority; the signal to begin was the shooting down of an airplane carrying the subhuman hutu president.  It was likely shot down by hutu subhumans.

3) There are organizations in this country to help victims of torture and trauma, often the victims of torture and trauma by your own hand.

4) 800,000 Humans, mainly the human Tutsi were “killed” by the subhuman hutu.  Just think, your rich government has greatly restricted your right to bear arms and wants to finish the job while it has the excuse.  

5) Humans hid in swamps and watched relatives get hacked to death by machete wielding patriotic hutu subhumans.

6) The woman’s younger brother was slowly “killed” over twelve hours.  A pregnant sister-in-law’s unborn baby was ripped out of her womb.  This is an old patriotic trick used by your special queers in Vietnam.  Of course, nothing was ever done about it.

7) Her mother was “killed” by a subhuman hutu (word has it that a subhuman and a hutu equate) that worked on their farm after she saw “him”, i.e., the subhuman patriotic hutu, “kill” each of her children in the village. 

8) “You could drive for miles and miles through villages and see corpses hanging out of doors, hanging out of windows, lying in streets, in school yards.”  (These were children.)  “You would be hard pressed to go anywhere and not smell rotting bodies.”

            Why did they not fight back?

9) The local woman will intern at an orphanage in Rwanda for 169 children.

            Of course, nothing was done about it, like with the patriotism that occurred on that turd in the Pacific Indonesia; in Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Bosnia, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc....  The only justice you get in this world comes out of the business end of a gun.


3/24/5: PERIODICAL (S)  Music Monthly, December 2005, Issue #244, 2807 Goodwood Road, Baltimore, MD 21214.

cover: BT**  Among other listings the beast Sonia, formerly of Disappear Fear; naked, arms covering dugs, one nipple. 

            Two subhuman sluts, ugly beasts, of Disappear Fear appeared full-page in City Paper a few years ago, CU of filthy dugs.  You know why those types do it.

            Note at the top of file. 


3/25/5: PERIODICAL I/O  The Baltimore Sun, p. 1F: Orioles’ pitcher Sidney Ponson was forced to take a field sobriety test.  Article not filed.


3/26/05: (S)BT**  “Godzilla”, Columbia/Tristar, © 1998, video cassette no. 99993.  Preview: “The Mask of Zorro”, slut/beast Catherine Zeta-Jones, presented twice as naked above the waist, quite possibly airing its maggoty muff through thin garment.   Note at the top of file.


3/27/5: I/O  A Charlesmont family lost their home and all their possessions. 

            They were renting from the female that owned the house but the capitalist was not paying the ground tax.  The bank owned the mortgage.  Baltimore County went after the bank for the ground tax and the same day the capitalist subhumans foreclosed and, presumably the pigs, came and threw the family out.  They were not allowed, under dire penalty, to take anything with them.  Who knows what happened to them?  Who cares?  There is no respect for working people, especially not by capitalists and the religious (They are one and the same).  We have no right to peace and quiet.  The capitalist-pigs sent workers to rip, saw, smash, hammer and throw everything out today, Easter. 

            In this POS capitalist-pig county, Baltimore County, Maryland, capitalist-pig exterminators do not even have to inform neighbors when they spray.  If they spray your neighbors, and do not tell you, all the vermin will scurry to your house.  And home repair and improvement type work is done anytime day or night that the capitalist-pig trash doing it desire.  No respect, no respect at all. 


3/29/5 0903: WRNR-103.1 FM: rich actress naked cuntmonkey Courtney Love is starring in “Lovelace” as that subhuman POS dog fucker and dog sucker linda lovelace of “Deep Throat” infamy.  The disk jerk said: “...starring as linda lovelace whose ability to engorge large objects gained her porn fame”.  It went on to make excuses for that animal, like the syphilitic degenerates do for traci lords, another animal.  CL also had a role in “The People”, a movie about the subhuman larry flint the founder of the filthy “Hustler” magazine, yea, even he that cannot get a boner.  (Talk about your poetic justice!)  CL, a scurrilous malcontent, has a penchant for celebrating the shit of this shitty country. 

            The naked monkeys of the Miss America Contest are appearing at Bo Brooks restaurant for a crab feast.  They repeated this ad so often it became sickening, at least fifteen times so far today.  We switched stations.  There was no mention as to whether or not the 51 freaks would be wearing clothing.


3/5/30: PERIODICAL PB(CA)BT**  The Baltimore Sun, p. 1A & 6A: Abuse alleged at 2 juvenile facilities by Lynn Anderson.

1) At the Alfred D. Noyes Children Center in Montgomery County, MD, a subhuman guard, that the rich shit-eating queers that work for the state of Maryland’s Department of Juvenile Services refuses to identify, started a “family”, its members called “soldiers”.  To join the nazi queer’s group, juveniles had to stand with their hands over their heads while other youths stripped them.  Once the youth was naked, members of the family, including the pig subhuman, would punch them in the (“groin”) balls.  After the initiation the subhuman guard, that the rich shit-eating queers that work for the state of Maryland refuse to identify, encouraged its ass-lickers to continue beating the boy in the balls “on a random basis”.

2) Youths who were not its ass-lickers were locked in their rooms without justification for extended periods of time. 

3) The patriotic also had its ass-lickers beat up juveniles at its discretion, “the report stated”.  The wimp lap dog that wrote this report repeatedly ground it in that she was not saying any of this but that “the report said” it.  Why are we enslaved?  You got it!

4) The patriot had its modern soldier types search a youth’s room in the process of which the youth was beaten in the face.

5) Two other pig guards encouraged juveniles to engage in fights and use physical abuse to control weaken juveniles.  These two SPOPS were “disciplined”.  They should be nailed to crosses and disembowel.   This should be done to the complete hierarchy.

6) Juveniles have been hospitalized because of abuses.

7) In 2003 26 grievances were filed at this hellhole, last year none.  Why?

8) Two subhuman guards were “dismissed”, two subhumans were “reprimanded”, and two supervisors were removed.  Noyes Center Superintendent, the beast Clara H. Miley, was given a leave (with full pay and benefits) and transferred to a better position in a new facility.  The Baltimore City facility’s director of detention, the rich subhuman Rodney Pegram, was lightly fined.  No charges have been filed.  In other words nothing was or shall be done about it without our gaining power. 

9) Other than shit-eaters Miley and Pegtram, none of the “disciplined” subhumans were identified in the two reports.  The shit-eating officials of Maryland’s Department of Juvenile Services refuse to release the names.  No matter.  When elected, we’ll find them.

10) Three youths at the Baltimore Juvenile Justice Center were kept in solitary confinement longer than the law allows.  One was forced to sleep on a bare mattress   and given nothing to wear but underwear. (What was the temperature in the hole?)  Two expressed suicidal tendencies and a third smeared shit on his clothing.  

11) The State Department of Juvenile Services lied about this. 

12)  There have been years of complaints and documented abuses by these subhuman patriotic shit-eaters that run Maryland’s Department of Juvenile Services facilities.  

            The complete hierarchy will be tried for a class one offense including those that lied, covered up, destroyed complaints and/or refused to have complaints filed.    Note at the top of file.


3/31/5 0729: (PB)BT**  WRNR-103.1 FM: a Baltimore City pig named Brian Kershaw threw a man against a wall in the pigsty paralyzing him from the waist down.  Note at the top of file.


4/5/5: PERIODICAL  The Baltimore Sun, p. 1D: it’s ... Gerry from Pikesville by Stephen Kiehl.

            The subject confronts hate radio hosts like WCBM’s flag fags Les Kinsolving and diminutive coward Tom Marr, WBAL’s Ron Smith; Bruce Elliot and other patriotic radio trash with the truth and unavoidably the truth about their ass-licking/bully selves.  The cowards hang up on him, won’t let him on.  Flag pinky fancy-pants Ron Smith banned him for life because he asked him a question at a synagogue where he was appearing. 

1) I/O  Ass-lickers have threatened himself and his children with death by phone calls in the night.  His house has been egged.  Where’s the fbi during this?

2) I/O  As a bookish youth he was often beaten by cowards/bullies like those incited by conservative patriotic right-wing hate radio fags.

••• ••• ••• • •••


            We have not had much news of the Men and activities of the 117th MRCT lately.  I apologize to the Men but I’ve got a job just like you and I get very little help.

            We are thinking about starting another newsletter, out of my control, jam packed with such scrumptious goodies about what life is supposed to be about, barring the fact we are forced to bear arms.

            Don’t know yet, cannot say.

            We have been very busy.  We have been recruiting because we had some guys leave.  No hard feelings.  Families are of paramount importance and some fellows have to work exceedingly hard to provide for their families during America’s enslavement of its Men, and greed-sourcing of its jobs.

            The Prophet is recovering from illness and tells everyone not to worry.  He is feeling much better after a near crippling bout with illness and depression, and is looking to being back on the ol’ jogging trail soon.




Brigadier General Killgore P.D.Q Killgore.

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