117th Militia



Family and Freedom over flag

© 2005 PSYWAR Office 117th Militia Regimental Combat Team


July 20, 2005, Vol. 6, No. 27



            Terrorists alert! The Prophet warns!  Don't let them herd your families together into Oliver North's concentration camps or anywhere else.  Do not let them herd you together.  Do not let them take you from your homes!  Be armed! Be ready! Refuse! Assemble to defend your families and your homes!  They are psychologically primed to mass murder your families.  Those who die quickly will be the lucky ones.



4/11/5 0840: WZBA-100.7 FM presented a long and salacious spiel for the 51 walking exhibitions of the national shame that are going to be eating crabs Sunday morning at Bo Brooks restaurant.


BOOK  Howl-o-ween © 1996 Gary L. Holleman, ISBN 0-8439-4639-3, Leisure Books, 276 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10001, fiction.

p. 59: ATROCITY  ref. to human skin lamp shades made by subhuman germans in Bergen-Belson and Auschwitz concentration camps.

p. 159: PB  San Francisco: “A two-tone cop car suddenly rounded the corner of Lombard and immediately transformed the animated street scene into a still life”.


4/6/5 0832: I/O  WTMD-89.7 FM: Anne Arundel County has installed cameras in school buses so the pigs can spy on the students and take what remaining shreds of dignity they have left.


4/15/5: Univercity Magazine, February 2005, Volume 9 Issue 6, no publishing address given, phone: 410 321-9400 or 202 387-6500. 

            You know how the pigs are always yellin’ that they’re so poor they can’t afford their porn and their whores?  Dig this from the recruitment ad for fledged pigs and pigettes placed by the Baltimore County pigs on p. 17.

            Baltimore County offers excellent benefits including health, dental, vision and life insurance, paid leave/vacation, military leave, tuition reimbursement and promotional opportunities.  Sworn officers receive a minimum of 50% after 20 years of faithful service.  Baltimore county offers a competitive salary and a rewarding career.  Call a recruited today.

            Do that.  Join the damned.


BOOK The Silicon Boys, © 1999 David Kaplan, ISBN 0-688-16148-0, William Morrow and Company, Inc., 1350 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019.

p. 183: In the 60s army generals on duty in Europe received free of charge, among a lot else, these things: huge houses, an upstairs maid, a downstairs maid, a cook, a chauffer and a gardener.  Among much not specified, in the states they got the largest houses on the post and, of course, the officer’s club.   You’ve heard of the officers club.  You can’t go there of course but it’s in the back of your mind.  Check it out.  Knowing the oppression you suffer at the government’s hands and the depravity of this country, I’m sure that you can imagine what those what those places are like.  They were treated like royalty and had their asses licked by the government in the 60s, imagined how those fat murderers are pampered, feted and spoiled now, 45 years later, in 2005, in a country raped by the republicans.

pp. 226-227: Most academics infesting cyberspace bemoaned (if not worked actively against) developments broadening computer accessibility to cyberspace because it opened it to the masses.  That’s you, asshole.

p. 227: A student working at the University of Illinois, National Center for Supercomputer Application developed the groundbreaking browser software called Mosaic.  When he became staggeringly successful the NCSA ran a scathing hate campaign against him.  Under a Larry Smarr the management of NSCA and other detractors attacked him like rabid dogs, lying, yea, saying, that he misappropriated (stole) the software, yea even say, that up to forty people developed the Mosaic program.  In one paragraph after another in a 1997 GQ Magazine article entitled “Imposter Boy”, The University of Illinois’, National Center for Supercomputer Application drug his name through the mud calling him everything but a white man.

p. 230-231: NCSA seemed intent on marginalizing the engineers behind Mosaic.  A long New York Times article noted Mosaic but featured a photograph of the self-acclaimed director Larry Smarr that praised mosaic but without giving its creator X any credit at all, depressing him even more. 

p. 232: Another Silicon Valley high-roller (no, these guys deserve praise Militia style) another Silicon Valley leakin’ freakin’ fuckin’ genus left a professorship at Stanford University because academe seemed so irreverent.  He entered academics to make the world a better place.  But when he got into it he saw: “it was mired in politics and backstabbing and grubbing for money.  People grabbed your ideas, took credit for things—it was the most political environment that I’d ever been in.”

p. 236: NCSA legally whined over the original name of Netscape: Mozilla.

p. 238: The University of Illinois criminals waxed ballistic pissing themselves and, yea, say, moaning, groaning, pining and crying that, yea’n say, their intellectual property had been stolen.  They demanded an exorbitant amount of compensation for something they did not develop in the first place.  The girlie men at UI were marketing Mosaic through its own company but wanted a piece of Netscape as just compensation for being wimp assholes, i.e., the University of Illinois.  It argued its case publicly to the press and privately in ominous cease-and-desist orders to X, now a zillionaire Netscape bigwig. 

p. 238: The geniuses at the University of Illinois rejected 50,000 shares of Netscape stock taking $3,000,000 in cash.  Nine months later they had an abortion.  The diplomaed morons had cost themselves $8,700,000 and over the years possibly tens of millions in donations because UI’s alumni was the brains behind Netscape.  Several years after that Mosaic was dead.  The browser went the way of Bowser,  almost nobody used Mosaic.

p. 296: X²: “...we ought to work to that end rather than do what Larry Smarr did at NCSA ... which was try to take away the glory and bring it on himself.”         


4/13/5 PERIODICAL  Glamour April 2005

p?: (T)  ad: American Beauty lipstick, ¼-n or ½-n dugs.

P?: BT**  ad: Sublime Slim diet medicine, full-page color CU of a black’s ass in 

      panties, full ass-slit.  Note at the top of file.

p. 284: This page aired nipples, an entire page of subhuman Hollywhores airing their filthy nipples.

  a. blonde that received an award airs its stark prominent nipple.

  b. a brunette with “the floppies”, airing its two stark prominent nipples.

            The magazine has filth on almost every page.  Note at the top of file.  


4/15/5: PERIODICAL (F) ATROCITY  The Baltimore Sun, p. 6C: Almanac: In 1998 shit pot, known as pol pot to its cia suppliers, died rich and happy.  The patriotic subhuman shit pot was leader of the khmer rouge that murdered 2,000,000 Cambodians by patriotic means even the nazi subhumans did not use.  It nor any of its homosexual asshole suckers were ever punished.

            We will be chopping off relations with Cambodia until justice is served, if it ever is.  We will determine what justice is.  Everybody already knows what justice is when it comes to patriotism.  Why weren’t shit pot and its subhuman ass-lickers if not fed their balls and burned at the stake, at least slaughtered?



            We have books detailing the unspeakable Christian atrocities the Spanish put the Amerindians to.  We will detail later.  They chopped off both hands of hundreds of men for no reason.  It seems the Christian subhuman Desoto itself did this.  They strung people up by the wrists with hundreds of pounds tied to their feet.  They burned hundreds more at the stake.  They patriotized men, women and children.  All because the Conquistadors were Roman Catholic Christian Spanish subhuman-pieces-of-patriotic-shit.  Their legacy of cowardice and homosexuality was inherited by franco the fascist freak and yet lives because, of course, none of its subhumans (franco the fascist freak) were ever punished. 

            The Christian Spanish patriotic subhumans did things to innocent and defenseless people, families, that had worshipped them that rival in patriotic ferocity tortures suffered by innocents under stalin, America’s and england’s foxhole bung buddy that patriotized up to 70,000,000 of its own people; hitler, the second greatest patriot that ever lived, a choir boy compared uncle joe; those nasty nips, Cambodia’s shit pot, what the yukkaslobs did in Bosnia; in  Rwanda, and all the patriotic filth throughout of history: etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.... 

            Religions are not about spirituality.  Patriotism is a religion.  Religions are about the acquisition and use of power by any means at all.  That’s what religions are.  Religion’s are the Devil’s shit.  Patriotism is a religious flag that only a subhuman piece-of-shit coward/queer would wave which is to serve.  And they serve their flags and religions bending over barrels, their assholes bloody from being reamed by the barbed dicks of their masters, and their wives and their children, and their children’s children, and they love it!  Religions are all the same: Devil shit.

            What say next time they have a patriotic parade nobody show up?        


4/17/5: BOOK (I/O)BT**  Leonard Maltin’s 2003 Movie & Video Guide © 2002 Jessie Film, Inc., ISBN 0-451-20649-5, Signet, 375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014.

p. 543: “The Good Fight” (1983): The up to 3,200 authentic American heroes that voluntarily fought franco the fascist freak in the Spanish Civil War were harassed by their own government, i.e., the coward/queer fbi under the homosexual j. edgar hoover.  America does not now nor has it ever stood for Freedom.


4/19/5: PERIODICAL (PB)BT**  The Baltimore Sun, p. 1B: Handling of inmate defended by state by Greg Garland.    

            Pigs at Western Correctional Institution near hell town Cumberland, Maryland, murdered Ifeanyi A. Iko during “cell removal”.  The cowards sprayed three cans of pepper spray in his face then covered his face with a mask.  His hands were then cuffed behind his back and barefoot he was put in shackles.  The pigs left him lying face down on a cell floor and barred nurses from treating him.  Inmate letters to The Sun say Iko was unconscious and the subs. drug him from the cell.  He was seen in a wheel chair and unconscious if not already dead. 

            Of course the hierarchy of prison pigs, male and female, has been lying and covering up the truth yea, saying, that he was alive and well up until found dead by unknown means in a cell.  Videotapes are routinely made of “cell extractions” at prisons and the aftermath.  Of course the pig Maryland prison employees refuse to release the tapes to legislators and the press.  The rich Department of Public Safety Secretary, Mary Ann Saar, denied request by The Sun and a legislative oversight committee to review videotapes and related reports.  The SPOPS involved are pigs Warden Jon P. Galley, Lt. James Shreve and 10 other pigs.

            Of course nothing will be done about it.  There is no freedom in Maryland.


4/22/5: PERIODICAL  The Baltimore Sun:

p. 1C: (S) BT**  Among other filth Jennifer Garner displays its nipples.  Note at the top of file.

p. 6C: Almanac:

  1. (F) ATROCITY  1995: 2000 Rwandan refugees were massacred by rwandan troops at a camp in Kibeho.  2000 innocent and helpless men, women and children.  We guess those subhuman niggers ran out of human Tutsi to butcher.  Of course, nothing was ever done about it.

  2. (PB)BT**   2000: In a “dramatic” pre-dawn raid masked fat immigration subhumans armed to the teeth with automatic weapons seized Elian Gonzalez, 6, in his home.  The IMS subhumans even pointed a loaded machinegun at the child’s face from inches away.  Never know about those dangerous 6 year olds in the arms of their relatives.  Talk about cowardly!  Note at the top of file.


4/25/5: (S)BT**  DVD “Shrek 2”, © 2004, Dreamworks, no. 90871.  Disk 2: Bonus Material: Previews [05:15]: “Thunderbirds”; prominent nipples of a slut-beast in this movie for adolescent boys.  Then a CU of its half-naked dugs.  Note at the top of file. 


4/26/5: (S)BT**  DVD “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”, © 2004 Warner Brothers, no. 28447.  Among other obscene parts of animals airing to some respect on Disk Two: Bonus Material are:

1. Head to Shrunken Head, The Dursleys: aired are the large prominent nipples of slut-beast Fiona Shaw in blue top. 

2.  Hagrid’s Hut, Care of magical Creatures: full ass-slit of slut-beast in gray. 

            Note at the top of file. 


4/27/05: PERIODICAL SCHO-OP  Ancient American, Vol. 10, No. 62, ISSN 1077-1646, PO Box 370, Colfax, WI 54730.  www.ancientamerican.com

            Wisconsin Lamp is Roman Artifact, by John Friedman: 

p. 17: One such lamp, confirmed authentic by the Museum at Cambridge University, England, has gone missing.

p. 17: NL  An archaeologist who discovered a Roman site in Connecticut refuses to reveal its location for obvious reasons.

            North African Impact on Ancient America, by Patrick C. Chouinard:

p. 18:  Concerning the Burrows Cave discovery in southern Illinois with its thousands of pre-Columbian artifacts, professional archaeologists repeatedly refer to them as hoaxes. 

p. 18: NL  Mr. Burrows’ refusal to reveal Borrows cave have led government archaeologists to declare them fakes.  

p. 18:  Government archaeologists pronounce the 3000 artifacts of the Michigan tablet assemblage fakes, probably without ever having seen one, despite the fact they have been found throughout the state by hundreds of different people, and the facts that the soil that composed the mounds was virgin, and that trees of Herculean girth grew upon the mounds where many of them were found. 

p. 20:  Ancient American Bookstore:

1) NL  American Antiquities, Discoveries in the West, by J. Priest.  Reprint of the 19th Century classic of dramatic finds over-looked by modern scholars.  400 pp, $24.95 (+3.95 s&h).

2) The Hidden History of the Human Race, by Michael Cremo & Robert Thompson.  Learn about the deliberate suppression of American prehistory, and the amazing discoveries that are shattering consensus reality.  320 pp, $15.00 (+$2.00 s&h).


4/28/5: SCREENPLAY (PB)BT**  The Usual Suspects © 1994 Christopher McQuarrie, fiction, download, p. 21: reference to a pig shoving her finger up a guys’ asshole during a naked cavity search.  Note at the top of file.



5/2/5 0744: (S)BT**  WHFS-105.5 FM; Howard Stern: Springfield, Ohio: Six high school degenerates, young all-American women and boys, made a “sex video”.  Stern’s quotes.  It was a porn movie featuring fuckin’n suckin’. 

            The famous rich pesthole Paris Hilton, heiress of the Hilton Hotel billions, is making “sex videos” or porn movies.  It’s not enough that this filthy rich filthy bitch is rewarded for its shit-sucking depravity (animals of its ilk are always rewarded in america) with mega money for airing airs its obscene parts on its reality TV show with the independently rich tramp naked cuntmonkey Pamela Richie.  (It fucked a gearshift or something.)  There were references to naked depraved Hollywhores on (and in) magazines. 

            In London the pestholes and their limy fags are “fascinated” with porn.  Mention of specific porn whores, something about one’s cunt falling off because it fucked so muck.

            Note at the top of file.

1405: Josh Speagle: A woman ran to Las Vegas rather than marry a man.  She was reported as kidnapped; nationwide manhunt.  Speagle and the other station weenie want to “punch the bitch in the face” and generally commit the brutalities on her (Jennifer Wilbanks) that should be done to pestholes in military prisons and themselves. 


1702: (F) ATROCITY  WTMD-89.7 FM: The female beast subhuman of Abu Ghraib prison, Lynndie R. England, was also photographed holding a leash that was around a naked MAN’S neck.  A select board of Sam’s slaves are preparing to sentence it.  The max it can get is eleven years.  It should be at least hung.  Note at the top of file.


5/1/5: PERIODICAL INJOPP ATROCITY  The Baltimore Sun, p. 5A: Report said to confirm mistreatment at Guantanamo, New York Times News Service.

1) “Detainees* [Italics ours] were mistreated or humiliated, perhaps illegally, as a result of efforts to devise innovative methods to gain information”.   

            Perhaps illegally?  When is it legal for the filthy excrement of this faggot-whore country to legally mistreat and humiliate prisoners?  You knew this happen from the moment you heard they were going to unchain the subhumans to experiment on the prisoners.  You cocksuckers have subjected defenseless prisoners, not detainees, whose crime was defending their country against your homosexual armies, to experimentation, torture and humiliation. 

2) “Detainees were subjected to several forms of harsh treatment.”

3) The report was not meant to be disclosed to the public.

4) Investigators watched pesthole interrogators torture MEN by squeezing their balls.  Other pestholes stripped and MEN and shackled them together for many hours. 

5) Your military subhumans, especially your lesbian/whores, have done this in Iraq and Afghanistan also.

6) The brass-hatted queers and female trash in the Pentagon have absolved high-level officers of this in previous investigations, doubtless their homosexual lovers.

7) There have been camp-wide hunger strikes.

8) Guards threw the Quran, their holy book, into piles and stomped on them.

9) The Pentagon mili-queers claim soldiers have been disciplined for abusing prisoners.  You don’t discipline them; you slaughter them and the hierarchy over them.

10) A human rights group wrote: “at least since 2002, the united states has been engaged in systematic psychological torture” of Guantanamo detainees.     

11) Also the human rights group believes that the practices of soldiers have “led to devastating health consequences for the individuals subjected to them”.  They are soldiers, that they surely are.  What they are not are men much less warriors.  Any piece of female shit can be a soldier.  It take  a MAN to make a warrior.  The last place to go looking for a man is the military.

12) Patriotic pestholes flouted their sexuality to humiliate devout Muslims.  This means the subhumans strutted around naked airing their pestholes, that they frigged, fucked and sucked each’n other.  Sounds like what they would do doesn’t it?  You don’t have to be a genus to figure any of this out.  Just think of the mindset of the trash that would be in the military.  They’re not MEN, not women, not even women and boys.  They come from a depraved and perverted country and they are turned loose on people far better than they are.  It doesn’t take a genus.

13) Your subhuman flowers of american womanhood also smeared menstrual blood from their reeking pestholes on MEN. 

14) In the photo is one of the patriotic pestholes escorting a shackled and MAN to a torture chamber.

15) Before it is released the report must be approved by the rich Gen. Bantz J. Craddock.  Much to the relief of the press we take it.  This article was bird shit.  The lapdogs of the media howl again.         

            You knew all this from the moment you heard that the subhumans were going to confine MEN at that stinking place didn’t you.  Guantanamo Bay reeks of capitalism.  You cowards knew all this would happen decades ago when you heard that they were going to pretend that pestholes were “equals” in a military environment.  Any female that would contemplate putting on a uniform is a full-fledged patriotic lesbian-whore by definition.  It is insane and doesn’t know what it is.  They are not fully human for they are not what they were intended to be by God Almighty.  Pestholes should never be given charge of MEN in any situation especially the disease-ridden daughters of a patriotic whore like america.  Pestholes should not even be in the military.  Pestholes should never be in charge of prisoners.  The mere fact those nasty hormone-scrambled frustrated wannabe porn whores are there in a prison situation is a humiliation.  Demented lesbian-whores will do everything they can to make MEN defenseless, to see them naked, to humiliate and torture them.  Like all subhumans they have no limits.  They are the female shit of a perverted filthy piece-of-shit of a country called the united states of america that has striven against Almighty God.  It’s in their perverted depraved she/he nature.  What if one of those gutless hard-dicked burr-headed boys was put in charge of females, even porn whores or porn whore wannabes?  What would america’s embarrassment lesbian lib say to that?  You know.  You don’t have to be told.  I mean, they’ll risk hundreds of men to save a pesthole, but do you think they would do that for a burr head?  Burr heads are considered expendable. 

            The entire hierarchy is guilty of this.  There is but one penalty.  In our proscription we shall include all pestholes who have seem men naked in any military, police and/or involuntary situation.  This includes induction examinations, hospital humiliations, locker rooms, etc.  Both military and civilian institutions and/or situations are included of course.

            Elect us! 


5/11/5: BOOK CD  From Britannica Ready Reference © 2003:

1) I/O  From entry: Lennon, John (Winston): Their political activism [his and Yoko’s] and social ideals were reflected in much of Lennon's early solo work, including the hit "Imagine," and attracted the attention of the U.S. government, which sought to have him deported.

2) Seeger, Pete(r): In 1948, with Lee Hays, Ronnie Gilbert, and Fred Hellerman, he formed the Weavers. Shortly after the group became successful, it was blacklisted because of Seeger's previous left-wing activities. ... Seeger continued to suffer from blacklisting even after the overturning of a 1961 conviction for noncooperation with the House Committee on Un-American Activities.


3) (F) ATROCITY Eisenhower Doctrine: U.S. foreign-policy pronouncement by Pres. Dwight D. Eisenhower (1957) that promised military and economic aid to anti-Communist governments, at a time when Communist countries were providing arms to Egypt and offering strong support to Arab states.

            Part of the Cold War policy developed by John Foster Dulles to contain expansion of the Soviet sphere of influence, the doctrine continued pledges made under the Truman Doctrine.

(4) Truman Doctrine: Pronouncement by Pres. Harry Truman.

            On March 12, 1947, he called for immediate economic and military aid to Greece, which was threatened by a communist insurrection, and to Turkey, which was under pressure from Soviet expansion in the Mediterranean. Engaged in the Cold War with the Soviet Union, the U.S. sought to protect those countries from falling under Soviet influence after Britain announced that it could no longer give them aid. In response to Truman's message, Congress appropriated $400 million in aid.


(S)  DVD, “Flatliners”, © 1990 Columbia Pictures:

1) BT**  Fuck scene.  Note at the top of file.

2) Poster in store.

3) Ass-slit in jeans.

4) BT**  Long-lingering extreme close-up of a pesthole’s dug.  Note....

5) ½-n dugs.  Other filth.

6) BT**  Long-lingering extreme close-up of the completely naked ass of a naked

    subhuman Hollywood whore in mesh stockings a syphilitic beast as they all are. 

    Maybe other filth in this scene.  Note....

7) (T)  CU ½-n dugs of blonde.  Others?

8) BT**  Another fuck scene.  Note....

9) BT  Hands on a clothed dug.

10) BT**  Two or three large photos of naked beasts.  Note....

11) BT**  Another fuck scene.  Fuck scenes are scattered thought-out this filthy

      piece of  shit movie.  Many naked fucking pesthole actresses, i.e. girls.  We are

      in his looking forward to flushing the toilet on this one.   Guys, if you want to get

      one of those filthy things to fuck it’s simplicity itself.  Just set up a camera...and 

      the dirty thing it’s there.


5/12/5: (PB)BT**  DVD, “Elf”, © 2004 New Line Home Entertainment—Fiction: Reference to a herd of mounted New York subhumans called the “Central Park Rangers”, brutalizing Human Beings at a Simon and Garfunkel concert in 1985 and their depravity “still being under investigation”.


0826: (PB)BT**  WRNR-103.1 FM: Pasadena, Maryland: Mistaken for a bank robber,

a man who was shot in the face by an fbi subhuman while sitting in a car in March 2002 is suing the terrorist coward and its supervisor.  (It took three years to get the case to court.)  The car was driven by his sixteen year old girlfriend.  (What does her age have to do with it?)  She is also suing as her “constitutional rights were violated”.  This is a mild euphemism.  Her human rights were raped by those queers and lesbians of the fbi.  Just what hideous sexual abuse and assault did this child suffer at the hands of the subhuman fbi perverts?  They run their filthy fingers up vaginas and anuses.  They photograph them naked. 

            There was no mention of criminal charges because that nazi terrorist shit has the right to shoot us in the face. 

            We will not rest until we have purged the Earth of these pig terrorist subhumans.  We propose to purge the Earth of patriotic shit-suckers with fire and iron.  There are no excuses.  Elect us!  Note at the top of file.


O853: (S)BT  WWLG-1370 AM: With chuckles and snide remarks the station fag  Joe Pachino reports that a California real estate agent, a beast named Heath, is posing nearly naked on a billboard with a bulldog.  Oh, oh drool, so drool.  Now tell me you fossil motherfuckers, don’t you think your boy is cute in his knickerbockers?


(S)BT**  DVD  “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines”, © 2003 Warner Brothers Entertainment, Inc., no. 27723, disk 2, Special Features.

            The opening scene where the animal Kristanna Loken airs its naked body is aired twice.  In one section it crawls on the floor in black paint, on full deep display its shitty ass-crack is aired, its filthy flesh jiggling like a jellyfish.  Its ass was naked for all intents and purposes.  Note at the top of file.


5/13/05: PERIODICAL (S)BT**  The Baltimore Sun, p. 1F: beast Marina Sirtis, that has somehow deceived itself into thinking it’s lovely, and enjoys airing its filthy naked body in public, tells Star Trek fans her true opinion of them by poking a nipple at the camera. 

            Thank Flag that shit is passing.  Back when Star Trek was new a Man could watch it without being embarrassed.  Lesbians, faggots, naked whores and psychotic butchers: is that the military or what?  Note at the top of file. 


5/14/5: BOOK  The Lecturer’s Tale, © 2004 by James Hynes, Picador, 175 Fifth Avenue, New, NY 10010—Fiction. 

p. 11: I/O  Ref. to ass-less gowns given to Men only in hospitals to humiliate them.

p. 80: I/O  Ref. to student speech codes barring free speech on college campuses.

p. 214: ATROCITY  Ref. to the army’s Phoenix Program—patriotic all-american

subhumans snuck into Vietnamese villages and murdered Humans in their sleep, cut women’s fetuses out of their wombs, wholesome american stuff  like that.  (It ain’t over yet.)

p. 307: (F)ATROCITY  Ref. ‘the Butcher of Srebenica’.


5/15/5 2100: (I/O)TORTURE(BT**)  WWRB-5.050 MHz.  Pandora’s Box: a man who published the illegality of Federal Reserve System is being held against his will in a mental institution.  He has been rendered a vegetable by their horrible legal drugs, and is pressuring him to sign a release so that they can hack out portions of his brain, according to the Reverend.



0835: WTMD-89.7 FM: PB  Two Baltimore City pigs have been shaking down drug suspects (anybody at all in practice) and then selling what they stole from them.

0836: (PB)BT**  Another Man has been murdered by Baltimore City pigs, this time at Central Lockup.  Entire hierarchy.  Note at the top of file.  Elect us!  Etc., etc., etc.


I/O  Our Man who works at Bombast Cable was called in by Human Resources.  Those corporate nazis warned him that he was “talking about his band too much”.  Meanwhile the sluts are naked and one black male refuses to do anything at all.  He has cost Bombast hundreds of thousands of dollars.  The sorry motherfucker unjustly got three months off with pay...and they can’t fire him!  It serves them right. Recently he has been filing poison pen reports about his fellow employees to justify its employment. 

            Isn’t it funny how those CEO subhumans don’t care about morale when a black is concerned?  No, it’s not funny.


5/20/5: Fletcher’s, 701 South Bond Street, Baltimore, MD  21213:

1) BT**  Short brunette beast standing on a bench exposed its dirty dug twice to the gawking geeks who have no hope of ever getting a piece of ass in their lives.  Note at the top of file.

            The sluts in attendance were generally dishabille in a sexually provocative manner.

            And they can’t figure it out.


5/22/5: PERIODICAL(NL)  The Baltimore Sun, Television Week, May 22 – 28, 2005.  On the cover is the naked Playmonkey porn whore Jenny McCarthy.  For being an all-American girl the rich have rewarded the nasty animal with its own television show called The Bad Girl’s Guide.  It is leering from ear-to-ear at God Almighty and the rest of us.


5/22/5: COMPUTER(S)

            The Internet is the filthiest place on Earth.  These degenerates got right to the point; no head.  After all, that’s all this trash is.

1) (T)  thelab.com, local music reviews, York. PA; singles ad: “Sexy and Single, True; “We’re busting at the seams”.  CU of ¼-n huge dugs and deep cleavage.           

            Among the filthiest place is myplace.com where your everyday common average female cuntmonkey trash air themselves naked, pestholes too.

2) (T)  myplace.com; banner ad for True, noted above; CU huge ½-n dugs of one in black, no head. 


5/26/5: PERIODICAL  The Baltimore Sun:

p. 1A: (S)(T)  Megastar status eludes even Idols by Stephen Kiehl and Abigail Tucker.  A lengthy page one article on the winner of the American Idol contest.  The beast winner airs a portion of its huge dug.


p. 1A: Claims of detainee abuse shown in records by Gail Gibson.

            (Note the use of the word detainee for prisoner.  This is called an euphuism.  These Men whose only crime may have been defending their country are prisoners.)

1) BRUTALITY(BT**)  Guantanamo Bay: The brutalities and filthy cowardice of American eunuchs and lesbians has been going on for at least three years.

2) A Koran was flushed in a toilet.

3) (B)BT**(I/0)  About five months ago, the American eunuchs beat the detainees.  The eunuchs flushed a Koran in a toilet.   Like faggots the eunuchs danced around the detainees when they were trying to pray.  None admitted to wearing a tutu.

4) I/O(BT**)  The American civil Liberties Union had to sue the government under the Freedom of Information Act to release 300 pages of heavily redacted documentation on the all-American brutalities and humiliations.  All publicly released reports are heavily redacted.  Redact means to edit or censor.  Redacted is an euphuism for censored. 

5) (B)BT**  White House queer Scott McClellan called the charges made by Amnesty International “ridiculous and unsupported by the facts”.

6) (F)ATROCITY  Afghanistan: An article in Newsweek about the humiliations and abuses suffered by prisoners added fuel to demonstrations two weeks ago.  American trained and inspired subhuman pigs murdered 15 unarmed demonstrators. 

Doubtless under threat of his life or worse the source recanted.  Under Pentagon pressure (Eunuch City) Newsweek then retracted the story.

7) I/O(BT**)  Afghanistan: FBI subhumans desecrated the Koran.

8) I/O(BT**)(B)  Guantanamo Bay: all-American eunuchs threw the Koran on the floor and cursed the detainees.  The eunuchs pushed the detainees around.  Waste buckets, sometimes containing shit, were thrown into the cells.  The saucy eunuchs kicked the Koran to each’n other like a hockey puck.  A big ol’ hard-dicked fag threw a detainee’s prayer cap into the trash for no apparent reason.

9) (B)BT**  Afghanistan: An all-American eunuch kicked a man in the face who was prostrate on the ground knocking out a filling.

10) I/O(B)  Eunuchs take Korans from detainees to force them to implicate somebody—anybody.

11) I/O(BT**)  Iraq:  American eunuchs repeatedly desecrated the Koran.  Military dogs (four-legged) picked up Korans in their filthy mouths.  Your geldings desecrated the Koran before detainees to demean them and degrade them, including throwing the book [the Koran] on the floor and stepping on it. 

12) (B)BT**  One man was beaten and choked by an American army eunuch until he passed out.  The flag-lusty eunuch told the Man it was because he was a Muslim and he, the all-American eunuch, a Christian dog.


p. 11A: (S)BT**  Ad: Value City, swimwear buyout.  Naked ass-slab of leering animal and its huge ½-n dugs.


p. 12A: (F)brutality  U.S. Offensive targets Sunni City in West Iraq.

            Pictured is a blindfolded Iraqi Human with his hands bound behind him.  A marine eunuch writes on his forehead with a Sharpee; not that he’s a person but like he is a unisex patriot like the faggot writing on his head with a Sharpee.  Bet that makes those corporate cocksuckers at Sharpee proud.  The idea of America the Whore is to reduce the world’s Men to the same state of the girly boys in uniform, so cowardly they even murder families terrified of them.


p. 12A: (S)BT  Ad: The Brazilin Girls, a surrealistic New York quarter; one beast, three males.  The beast is braless wearing a wide open top.  It is covered with but a bandage around its pestholes, its ass-slabs doubtless aired from behind.&&



PERIODICAL(S)BT**  Verizon Greater Baltimore Suburban, March 2004 East Edition Super Pages.  p. 499: ad: Two cows are photographed.  Our italics.


The Famous McDoogals Maryland’s Premier Gentleman’s Club.

All nude lap dances.  (Bet that smells.).

“Always better than the block”.

45 gorgeous *ladies dancing on three stages.

ALL NUDE table and stage dances.

B.Y.O.B.  Cans only, please.

Proper attire Req’d; no T-shirt, no hats.*


            Gotta wear a tie to watch subhuman cuntmonkey whores dance naked.  It is to laugh but par for the course in a country of girly males.


PERIODICAL(S)BT**  Verizon Greater Baltimore Suburban, March 2005 East Edition Super Pages.  p. 865: ad: Hollywood Tans.  A tanned beast 95% naked removes its pussy patch to release the stench.  Display of ass-slab.


0804: WRNR-103.1 FM; The Daily Planet: “Sharon Stone in a food fight?  Say it isn’t so.”   This is the second time they’ve spoken of that capitalist public whore.  It is in England making more porn: “Basic Instincts II”.  In “Basic Instincts” it fucked fag Michael Douglas before the world.


5/28/5: BOOK(PB)  Light in August © 1959 by William Faulkner, Random House, Inc.  —FICTION.

p. 217: Ref. to Southern pork bellies beating an innocent Negro in the back with a belt buckle for information.


6/3/5: PERIODICAL  PB  The Baltimore Sun, p. 1C: If it didn’t pull its punches, Depression-era boxing picture ‘Cinderella Man’ could have been a contender by Michael Sragow.  Ref. to how “local police cracked down on dissidents and the homeless”.  Cracked down?!  Meaning how they once terrorized the defenseless?  Meaning that the pigs don’t do it anymore?  Wake up Sragow!  Smell the flags burning.  That aint soda pop and chewing gum that makes theatre floors so sticky.


BOOK  (PB)BT**  The Nancy Drew Files Case 1: Secrets Can Kill © 1986 by Simon & Schuster, written by Carolyn Keene, Simon & Schuster, Inc., 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020.  —FICTION. 

p. 70: Ref. to the subhumans destroying a school’s video lab: “...they were some real slobs”.

            They’ll dump food out of your refrigerator and grind it in with their jackboots.  There have been consistent rumors of shitters among them especially on the federal level.  The bluecoats (usually) only destroy people’s homes on their search and destroy missions.  It’s only people’s homes that are denied to them for years because a crime may or may not have been permitted therein or nearby.   Tour wicked government offices, your evil corporations and businesses have nothing to fear from capitalist justice.


6/3/5 0903: (F)(A)  WTMD-89.7 FM; NPR News.  Iraq: In the 18-month guerilla war that has occurred since the country was declared secure, 12,000 have been “killed”.  This was “caused by insurgents”.  Also the subhumans are mass arresting 700 Humans.  How many of those murdered do you think were actually insurgents fighting to free their country?  What your women and boys do is murder everybody in the area.


6/5/4 2115: (PB)BT**  5.070 MHz. WWCR, Cliff Scott: As a routine matter masked irs cocksucking subhuman cowards raided a home at 0500 catching the family naked in their underwear.  The father/husband is in prison.


6/6/5 1837: PB(BT)  13-WJZ ABC: News.  Anne Arundel County: Over the weekend Maryland state pigs have used night vision goggles to arrest over 100 people for driving without seatbelts at night.  Can you believe this God Almighty damned cocksuckin’ state?  The Slave State, not the Free State.  Governor Ehrlich made them stop but not because our rights have been raped again.  It was abundantly clear from hearing it speak that our rights were not of any importance in this matter.  Goodness gracious no: it was a misuse of technology.  He’s afraid of those turd-colored nazis too.

            This is interesting.  After the report was over an announcerette said: “Okay, the state police have stopped using the night vision goggles and over 100 people were arrested”.  

            Why did she add this?  I have never heard such a summary before.  Did it dawn on those billionaires that often we cannot tell from their reporting what is going on; exactly what phase the governments’ war against us is in?  I detected a note of sarcasm in her voice.  Maybe it was because they learned that we found them out, that they, the media monkeys, have their tongues thrust so far up the shitty bungs of the pigs that they don’t even have to lie themselves.  They just open their mouths and a media tongue wags. 

            Whatever the reason it was interesting.


6/8/7: (S)  DVD “Ocean’s Eleven, © 2001 Warner Brothers, no. 22185.  There are more variously exposed dugs in this movie set in Los Vegas than on a dairy farm.  Herds of all-American capitalist cows are on the hoof, polluting the spirit and the air, without dignity or class.  There are dozens of ½-n dugs; ½-n dugs wearing hats, udders utterly unutterable.

1)  BT**  Two whore girls and a male dirty dancing, variously exposed.  When upside down one’s huge dugs are 9/10-n.  Note at the top of file. 

2) BT**  Hollywhore Kelly Adkins dances in a nurse costume; bikini panties and pasties, its ass-slabs are aired.  It lap dances on a panting cumming queer.  Then a CU of its naked ass-slab on the street.  Note at the top of file.

3) BT**  CU photo of naked whore “Sheri” pressing its dugs.  There are hundreds of these.  Note at the top of file. 


6/9/5: PERIODICAL  The Dundalk Eagle, Vol. 37, No. 4, June 9, 2005, 4 N. Center Place, PO Box 8936, Dundalk, MD 21222. 

            What follows is a typical story of oppression, repression and abuse in Dundalk, Maryland, the most oppressed community in America.

p. 1: (I/O)BT**  Tenants question ouster by Marge Neal

  Handicapped tenants of Holabird East Apartments, 1705 Holaview Road, Dundalk, MD 21222, are being turned out because they complained about living conditions.

  By law, management does not have to give a reason.

  Holabird East, owned by millionaire Frank Scarfield denies retaliatory discriminatory policies. 

  Lawyer Mark Wittstadt avowed on a stack of Bibles there were no dastardly “discriminatory practices at Holabird East or any property owned by [that Saint of Capitalism] “Mr. Scarfield”. 

  Lawyer Bill Evans, famed locally for having a very long tongue when it comes to the rich, avowed on his sacred honor that not renewing a lease is “completely within the landlord’s rights and,” it further asseverated, “completely legal”.  When a lick-ass lawyer barfs about rights it barfs about constitutional rights, not Human Rights.

  When a man who complained that his toilet was falling through the floor to the apartment below (it has not been fixed), requested a reason for his turnout from Scarfield’s management at Holabird East, hired a Towson law firm to document lies about the man.  Lawyer Jeffery B. Schultz accused him of following a Ms. Bettina Mabry, Scarfield granddaughter (Is this obvious or what?), into the laundry room where he loudly slammed the door several times in a macho display of hairy chest pounding.  The lawyer also accused him of hurtling up the steps before the rich bum’s granddaughter and slamming the door in her face.  The man in question had a heart attack in September 2003, suffers from peripheral artery disease, and cannot get around without the aid of a cane. 

• Holabird East management told a woman her lease was being terminated because she routinely paid her rent late, that she had a “dirty house” and that she “dresses inappropriately” when outside of her apartment.  Both the former were proven wrong with cancelled checks and a look at the apartment, as for the latter, when did the rich degenerates start caring about that?  In the places they probably vacation the pestholes are naked in public.  The woman is “dependent upon a wheelchair” (confined to a wheelchair) because of cerebral palsy. 

• Lawyer Wittstadt solemnly affirms (he’s a lawyer and can be trusted to tell the truth), that his saintly employer “has spent a lot of time and money making Holabird East a nice place to live.  “We don’t tolerate drugs or drug dealing, we don’t tolerate crime” [they have their own thugs], “we monitor residents to weed out bad apples”.  Our italics.

• Shrewdly observing that there are many legitimate reasons why a landlord would choose not to renew a lease, Wittstadt nobly upheld people’s rights, and would not discuss individual cases because of “privacy concerns”.  (How righteous is the scum of the courts.)  Also, to protect the people’s sacred rights by law justice, it will not allow management’s -lickers to respond to phone calls from The Eagle or to discuss individual issues.

• Wittstadt prevaricated on the subject of “Mr. Scarfield”.  Why, his benevolent boss, that Saint of Capitalism, so treasures seniors that he practically built with his own hands an Eden of a community for seniors called Holabird Manner.  He probably runs it at a loss. 

• Wittstadt gushed about the selfless and saintly maintenance team of Holabird East.  Dedicated to the site, in their crisp uniforms, they stand in ranks with plungers at the ready (and barf bags) twenty-four seven, ready, willing and able to respond to any maintenance emergency in a timely fashion.   Plungers at port arms, or port plungers, halos buffed to a high gloss, ass-cracks aligned behind, they are prepared to dive into any bunged-up toilet, no matter how foul, to alleviate the suffering of their tenants, and to bravely repair or replace any security camera at the check points inside the door. 

            “Security you want, security we got,” said one unidentifiable lump.  “This place makes Orwell’s 1984 look like a nursery: totally corporate.”

• And Mr. Wittstadt, Esq., forthrightly avowed that a special managerial staff was on site to receive recommendations, complaints and the garbage-truck load of praise they regularly receive from the grateful hearts of tearful tenants.  To wit, from ol’ Witty: “The staff welcomes complaints both verbally and in writing.”  So we can be assured tenants’ complaints will be received in a wholesome atmosphere of friendship and community betterment.

• The man whose toilet is falling through the rotten floor was screamed at for mentioning it.  The excellent Mr. Scarfield’s thugs photographed him and his roomy in his automobile in an effort at intimidation. 

• True to their ass-licking calling Baltimore County housing officials treated them rudely and dismissively at a meeting on March 24.  County thugs threw them out.

• A Section 8 entitlement is public assisted housing.  The Section 8 bureaucrats, some of the most cowardly bureaucratic scum on Earth, of course, as par for the course when We the People need help, refuse to get involved.   They wish to issue Section 8 vouchers instead.  In Baltimore County alone there are 10,000 families on a five year waiting list for Section 8 housing.  This is the work of the rich subhumans that own and run this country.  *Our italics.

            True to its calling as toilet paper for the Chamber of Commerce, The Eagle did not specify the number of people being made homeless by Scarfield, with the slobbering alacritous aid of his -lickers, and tacit approval of the governments.

            Below the article on page one to the left is a drawing of the rag flagging with an article called Ceremony for Pledge in the park on Flag Day by Wayne Laufert.  On the right is old boy Dale Grimes (Grimy to his friends) grinnin’ like a possum eatin’ poop holding up the national rag.  The banner reads: ‘Flag Guy’ keeps banners waving.

            At the end of the article on p. 30 is a photograph of four deluded, lost and unloved youths, one woman and three boys, under the banner Patriots stand ready.  In ridiculous military uniforms they tote Big Rag and another unknown rag.  They are with the repugnant commie-nazi ROTC program.  Kids come out of preschool at the age of four.  They did not know the names of close relatives nor can they read or write but they know Satan’s Pledge.  You ass-lickers out there, pretend you see this overseas.  Quick! What is wrong with it?

            Also reported somewhere was a local capitalist merchant giving away flags on a stick.


6/10/5: WRNR-103.1 FM

0803: (F)(S)  A city in Germany is building sex booths where the whores of the world can fuck, suck and ruck during “the World Cup”.  What World Cup was not specified.  An estimated 40,000 whores are expected to descend on Germany like an avalanche of shit.  “Where else but Germany?” the DJ quipped.  True, where else but Germany?

0832: (PB)I/O  Anne Arundel County: The pigs are setting up “’driving when intoxicated’ roadblocks tonight”.  Probably for the whole weekend.


6/11/5 1122: WRNR-103.1 FM.  Odenton, Anne Arundel County, MD, Tifton Airport.  Tomorrow there will be a threatening display, a remind-you of airpower, of death from above.  The Anne Arundel County pigs will threaten the populace by “showing what their dogs can do”.  Of course no DJ can mention the pigs without licking shit off their assholes.  It added, sheepishly, “And those dogs can do some pretty amazing things”.  Probably rip apart some child-sized dummies or something patriotic like that.


6/12/5: Univercity Magazine, May 2005, Volume 9 Issue 9, no publishing address given, phone: 410 321-9400 or 202 387-6500. 

p. 8: Summer Movies.  Rich publicly naked “home video queen” (this means porn whore) Paris Hilton is starring in a remake of “House of Wax”.

p. 10: (PB)I/O  Ice Cube Steady Mobbin’ by Tiffany Hamilton.  Hip Hop musical group NWA’s release “**** the Police” which gained the group public criticism brew attention from the subhuman fbi”.


 6/13/5: COMPUTER (S) BT**  While searching for information about a movie we were continuously assailed by many all-American pestholes (actresses) naked and nearly naked.  Nine of these subhumans pestholes, or actresses, were completely naked in public.  Six of the actress (healthy all-American girls airing their filthy sexuality) were advertising “Benevento”, whatever that is, and three were of the subhuman publicly naked whore Michelle Pfeiffer. 

            We did not think it did that sort of thing.  How foolish. 

            That rich actress lends its leering naked-monkey naked-ass image to promote and sell porn.  On these sites is dick sucking, gang fucking, a blonde beast is shot on an up angle from behind bending and splaying its pestholes to air them in public, and pesthole splaying to insert cocks, etc.  All in full-color of course and close-ups where possible.  It is appalling.  Actresses are animals.


• BT**  h/images?p-michelle Michelle Pfeiffer 3-: CU Michelle Pfeiffer naked from the waist up.  This is possibly from the movie “Frankie and Johnnie” or a magazine.

            Note at the top of file. 

• In-my-opinion.org/michelle%20pfeifferphotogallery: CU Michelle Pfeiffer naked from the waist up.  Same photo above.

• MichellePfeiffernaked@Yahoo.com: Same photo as above only larger.


             At Celebritymovieachieve: Pfeiffer520pfeiffer%201%201nNt; here are four color shots of the subhuman beast Michelle Pfeiffer walking around naked airing its maggoty muff, its public hair.  The naked monkey airs its naked ass from behind, full reeking ass-crack and, as an extra special added naked bonus feature, in one shot it props its leg up on a shitter, bents over, and shot on an up angle from below, its image inflated to 30 feet, with the subhuman’s left hand it finger fucks its foul reeking slim-dripping full-color pesthole which can also be seen, before a billion people. 

            This is from the movie “In the Night.”  We learned that it is digging around in its slimy pesthole which can be seen for jewels so it was okay.  America on display.   

            At celebsmovies-online.com this particular shot is smaller.  There also is a montage of subhumanism in an ad for “Get Access a porn subscription service.  Featured are rich subhumans in color CU: i.e., pestholes, big and little pesthole combo, huge naked dugs kissed by the designated fag, a rich girl on its gut being fucked up one of its pestholes, an animal topless with top hat covering its toplessness. [Ref. 6/22/5.]

            And at michellepfeiffer.celebs.db the subhuman’s filthy dugs are in large color CU.

            There is tons more of its filth, too numerous to mention.

            Notes at the top of file. 


6/14/5: COMPUTER (S) BT**

1. femalestars.com: long black-haired sub. naked form waist up leering

2. search boxxx

  a. shot from below and behind, blonde sub. spreading its pus-dripping pestholes.

  b. brunette in tiny pussy patch and thin top.

  c. two blonde subs. fucking.

  d. naked blonde and brunette subs making out.

3. popup: Best porn sites

  a. Best Overall Site: two blond subs. licking a cock.

  b. Lesbian Lessons: Brunette sub. licking another’s pesthole.

  c. Best Big Dick Site: blackhead sub. sucking a cock.

  d. Best Interracial Site: sub. white brunette sucking a black dick while fucked by

      another black. 

  e. Best Anal Site: sub. blonde being fucked up both pestholes at once.

  f. Best Mature Site: sub. white blackhead sucking a black cock.

  e. Best Reality Site: sub. blonde jerking off a white, while fucked by a black, while

      another black looks on.

  g. Best Teen Site: two sub. blondes fucking.


4. Celebritymovieachieve: MichellePfeiffer520pfeiffer%201%201nNt; the aforementioned four shots of the beast Michelle Pfeiffer walking around naked airing its maggoty muff, its public hair, including full ass shots from behind, including the one where, it props its leg up on a shitter, and filmed on an up angle from below, its image inflated to at least 30 feet, it digs around in its reeking slimy pesthole, which can be seen, before a billion people, for jewels.  There is no essential difference between a rich actress reaming around in its putrid stinky slimy publicly-aired pesthole and finger fucking itself. 

            This is from the movie “Into the Night”.

            [Ref. on 6/13/5.]

5. Celebritymovieachieve: blonde sub. naked from waist up.

6. The above site, a second hit 

  a. CU of sub. with long black hair naked from waist up.

  b. On the left there were three small photos that changed.  There were four different shots in the left one, three in the middle, and four on the left.  In a middle shot there was more than one beast.  All the subs. were airing pestholes and/or dirty dugs.

  c. In a long photo to the right of the screen a blonde animal, legs jacked wide, public hair like a flag, is splaying its repulsive maggoty and pestilential slimy stinking pesthole dripping filth with the two finger overhand method and guiding in a cock with its other claw.

      Another animal’ airs its dugs.

7. MichellePfeifferNudes Gallery.

  a. The sub. is naked from the waist up but covering it dirty dugs with its hands.  This is possibly from the movie “Framkie and Johhnie”.

  b. It wears a g-string and skimpy top; full ass-slabs and CM, ½-n dugs.

  c. ad: Sex.Key: a blackhead sub. naked from its waist up and showing its pestholebelow, has its hand on the G-string of a brunette beast airing its dugs.

8. MichellePfeiffer.celebs-db

  a. CU of the rich degenerate’s dirty dugs.

  b. Two more of the rich public whore naked from the waist up airing its filth.

c. On the next page

     i. Three shots of a Pamela Richie beast naked in CU, and another of it.

    ii. The Pamela  beast, a Gena beast naked from the waist up, and the Paris Hilton

         sub. ½-n dugs.


9. Popup of Hustler web page dialog: a herd of animals airing maggoty public hair and their maggoty pestholes dripping filth, and dirty dugs.  To wit:

a) The rich Carmen Electra actress airing its naked ass but for a twist of rag over it stinky asshole, and its huge ½-n dugs. 

b) The rich degenerate Paris Hilton airing its dirty dugs standing behind and touching another blonde subhuman naked from the waist up.  The Hilton freak wears a red bandage over its pestholes.

c) The dripping filthy rancid pesthole of rich actress subhuman Jennifer Lopez under its micro-mini skirt of the filthy and under a getting out of a car.  The animal will want us to believe it forgot its pestholes cover.

d) Three photos of rich, depraved and disease ridden actress Angelina Jolie.  The Angelina Jolie whore of the Earth was naked and being fucked like the animal it is atop a bed in “Original Sin”, a dreary piece-of-shit movie we are told.

            Doubtless sucking the designated faggot’s cock and airing her 30 to 70 foot pesthole as well while a billion people watching.  America on display.   

            Ever wonder about the reaction of their family’s when they see their daughters splaying their slimy pestholes in full-color close-ups?  See The Naked Monkey Gazette. 


e) Many other diseased rich actresses airing their huge naked dugs in CU, airing their filthy nipples squeezing pus, airing their firm naked asses airing and other filth, all belonging to rich subhuman-pieces of shit rich actresses.

f. Popup: HotelSingle.com Adult & Periodicals: many completely naked subhuman

 girls (girl is the dirtiest word), and a blackhead all-American girl doing what all-

 American girls like to do best in public; sucking a cock.


11) Celebrity Movie Achieve: Two shots of the naked rich actress Michele Pfeiffer naked in bed fucking the designated fag.

12) formen.ign.com/archives

    a. The MP subhuman-piece-of-shit naked in a mirror.

    b. The animal naked in another shot.

13) Seen on a Michelle Pfeiffer site: Three rich actress subhumans: MP, Susan Shandon and Cher naked in pussy patches and tiny dug covers lying on a bed with actor faggot Jack Nicholson.  

            We stand corrected.  We used to think girl was the dirtiest word in the Universe.  It is not.  Actress is the dirtiest word in the Universe.  There might be a decent female someplace, we doubt it but you never know.  But there are no decent actresses.

            Slaughter the lot we say.  Slaughter the lot of stage, screen and magazine.  The sooner the better.  Include the hierarchies of finance, production and distribution.  And why should their heirs be allowed to keep their vast riches, their vast stinky and slimy ill gotten gains.

Notes at the top of file. 

            Elect us.


            We stand corrected.  We used to think girl was the dirtiest word in the Universe.  It is not.  Actress is the dirtiest word in the Universe.  There might be a decent female somewhere, we doubt it but you never know.  But there are no decent actresses. 

            Slaughter the lot we say.  Slaughter the lot of stage, screen and magazine.  The sooner the better.  Include the hierarchies of finance, production and distribution. 



6/15/5: COMPUTER  Rock.com

0603: BT**  Sheryl Crow poster: the beast is naked from the waist, its filthy dugs covered with its hair.  Note at the top of file. 

1033: Changing ad: Join Rock.com:

 1) BT  Huge ½-n dugs of leering blackhead.

 2) Leering dugs in green.


PERIODICAL (S) BT**  The Baltimore Sun, p. 1C The hard prominent left nipple of rich actress subhuman Katie Holmes in “Batman Begins”, large color photograph.  Note at the top of file.


6/16/5 1358: INTERNET (S)BT**  thaipro.com: Portfolio Books, ad: Visit Bangkok: one in yellow reclining on beach, 99% naked.  Note at the top of file. 


6/17/5 INTERNET (S)

c. 0900: Visualization: an ad for movie “Looney Tunes: Back in Action” to be released in November. 

1) BT**  Four rich dancehall sluts in short bodices; ½-n dugs; ass-slab of subhuman with its foot on chair leg jacked high over waist.  Note at the top of file. 

2) ¼-n dugs of Jenna Elfman.

3) BT**  Dancehall scene: One rich actress whore nearly naked in bodice, CM and ass-slab.  Note at the top of file.


6/18/5: INTERNET (S)

1117: BT**  World Famous Rock.com.  Ad: Verizon online: Subhuman rich actress/ whore Pamela Anderson leering and airing its CU of huge ½-n dugs.

1130: windowsmedia.com//1.dot4.fm//popularscreensavers.com.  CU of huge ½-n dugs of a rich Chinese model/whore subhuman leering.  .

1138: BT**  World Famous Rock.com.  Ad: True, dive into love (dating service).  CU of huge ½-n dugs of a rich shit-eating whore/model. 

            Note at the top of file. 


6/22/5: PB  WRNR-103.1 FM

0746: I/O  A major artery is closed while the cops investigate for the insurance companies.

0826: BT  A Montgomery County man has been critically injured by pig fire.  They say he was shooting at him.


6/24/5 0736: INTERNET (S) BT**  windowsmedia.com Radio Tuner.  CU of huge ¾-n dugs of leering brunette subhuman-piece-of-shit.  This rich whore may have been listed before.  They all look alike to us.  Note at the top of file.


6/26/5: PERIODICAL  World Explorer, Vol. 4, No. 1, ISSN 1601-0103, Copyright 1983-2005, 403 Kemp Street, Kempton, IL 60946.   www.wexclub.coms

p. 9: (F)NL  News Roundup: UFO’s Filmed by Mexican Military. 

            On a routine drug surveillance mission, pilots using infrared cameras filmed the heat trails of objects accelerating quickly and changing directions suddenly.  The Defense Secretary General Ricardo Vega Garcia released the film “after determining that it was not a threat to national security”.   This demonstrates the insane degree of control a modern government oppresses its people with.  The Nephilim (and others) can do anything they want, that is obvious.  But governments have to pretend they are bad-asses in all cases.  The Mexican government ridicules the idea that their flyboys filmed UFOs. 

p. 10: (F)SCHO-OP(I/O)  Xinjiang Mummies Proved Caucasian.

            The Chinese government will not allow testing on mummies (some 4,000 years old) because it might give hope to the horribly oppressed Uighur people, and feed their separatist movement, i.e., their struggle to walk the Earth in the dignity that God Almighty gave all Men.  Last thing in the world a government wants, commie, cappie or what have ye, is for Men to have dignity.  Men must be demeaned and beneath cunts for a modern government to exist. 

p. 12: (F)SCHO-OP  Brits Release “Secret” UFO Documents. 

            The British Ministry of Defense (MoD) was forced to release the minutes of a flying saucer research committee recorded in 1951.  That absurd little committee rejected the idea of UFOs in the face of solid evidence, presented by their own military types and others, and disarranged further study of the aerial phenomena.  Reasonable people (people not in the military) are puzzled over why the documents were suppressed.  91 incidents were reported last year by the MoD including such familiar phenomena as: 1) four dull red lights (the glow produced by mercury vortex engines).  2) a jellyfish in the sky (a humongous mother ship disguised with water vapor).  3) a long single black cylinder (a mother ship).  4) a silver disk.  5) two silvery objects pulling apart and moving together.


6/27/5: INTERNET (S)  Popup ad: Aurora, part of ABI Network a Division of Direct Revenue; top wallpaper

1) BT**  Naked brunette slightly covered with towel, full ass-slab, etc.  Note at the top of the file.

2) ¼-n dugs of a black.


6/30/5 0901: (F)(A)(CA)  WTMD 89.7 FM: The Spanish parliament has legalized queer marriages.  Belgium and the Netherlands have already done so.  Now two or more queers and two or more lesbians or any combination of the above can adopt innocent children, even babies, and make them into cocksuckers, cunt-lickers and asshole-tonguers like their mature adult sophisticated enlightened and liberated selves.  The Canadian cocksuckers are soon to join the Big Subhuman Three.

            Those children will never know what it means to be Human.  Imagine a defenseless baby in the clutches of two or more of those slavering subhumans.  Can’t you see the mouths of those degenerates watering?  Imagine what the lives of those children will be like in the clutches of those subhumans—babies and children without a hope or a prayer; condemned by fat rich politicians to a life of depravity and disease.  Why don’t babies and children have a choice?  Is it because they cannot vote? 

            The rich subhuman trash that passed such laws are be executed by those countries.  The subhuman trash that adopted babies and children should be executed.  The children will need massive counseling for the rest of their lives, depending, and doubtless endless costly treatment for AIDS and venereal diseases vile and merciless.    

            The media monkey or cunt commentator said: “This is the latest step in the move for freedom since General Franco left office thirty years ago”.

            Note at the top of the file.


7/1/5 0745: WRNR 103.1 FM BT**  ad: Redeyes.bar “Get crazy” at their bikini contest.  Git oan ova thar git thet naked poontang.  Sure.  The nakeder they are the less they do, with males.  They prefer each other anyway.  That’s obvious too.



The internet is the greatest invention since writing.

—The Prophet Mastodon.


7/6/5: PERIODICAL (S)  The Baltimore Sun:

p. 1C & 3C: ¼-n dugs of Cathy Gallagher that makes greeting cards for adulterers.

            The article Illicitly Yours by Stephen Kiehl: tells of a naked monkey rich actress named Nicollette Sheridan that drops a bath towel on television and, naked and stinking, pesthole sliming, nipples nipping, jumps into the arms of a pro football meathead so demeaned, that its name is not mentioned.  Yea’n say just another nameless and faceless all-American eunuch, worthy of no respect.

            The whore of the Earth Nicollette Sheridan, one of rich actress animals (porn whores) airing themselves before the world on ABC’s famous pornographic network television show “Desperate Housewives” was “chastised” for the indignities it committed to men, and its affront to Almighty God, for its airing its naked filth in public.

            The naked pesthole was chastised?  We doubt that.  We know how to “chastise” ‘em!  Give ‘em to us!  We know what to do the ‘em!  The concentration camp and the gas chamber!  That is the only way there is to “chastise” a pesthole and break them of their filth.  As long as you do it each and every time.  All females are all like that.  There is no such thing as a good girl.

            One thing else, somebody let us know: was this the usual, naked white subhuman piece-of-shit maggoty muff airing, public hair airing, huge naked dug nipple straining animalistic rich actress whore and naked niger penis packdermi or not?

            Note at the top of the file.

            “Seal it with a kiss” indeed.


p. 6C: (PB)BT**  Steward discusses ‘hideous detention’, Associated Press.

            The article is about Martha Steward.  On page six is imaged Vanity Fair magazine.  A blurb thereon reads: The N.Y.P.D. Cops Accused of Killing [read murdering] for the Mob.

            This is news?  You mean people did not know that?  Get real!


US Weekly, July 11, 2005, cover: 1) CU of huge ½-n dugs of Jennifer Aniston, et al. Everywhere you look here is this leering sneering jeering naked animal rich actress cuntmonkey Jennifer Aniston. 


7/7/5 0700: WRNR 103.1 FM: The Daily Planet.  A world important event occured 24 years ago today.  The subhuman naked monkey McDonna aired it reeking filthy pestholes simultaneously in Playmonkey and Pesthouse.  There’s a pun there, see if you can find it.


1507: INTERNET (S)BT**  An Apple Quick Time popup ad disturbed us reading our email.  Airing one of their corporate whores Dildo, or Dido, to sell its CD, a latrine of photos was aired in which the subhuman was naked in red bodice, nylons, heels.

1) Airing an ass-slab and hanging ass-cheeks of the subhuman beast.

2) It is pressing its filthy pesthole with its hand.

3) The stench of its dirty dugs thinly covered in a skimpy top.

4) Others.

            Note at the top of the file.


7/8/5: PERIODICAL  The Baltimore Sun

p. 1D: I/O  News sources cloud the issue by Nick Madigan.  A New York Times reporter named Judith Miller has been sentenced to prison for not revealing the name of her source for the name of a cia pesthole named Valerie Plame.  Miller herself did not disclose the name.

p.1D: (S)  Here is a color photo (there is another photo on p. 2D) of the filthy animal Angelina Jolie leering widely and airing its huge ¼-n dugs, while holding a child en route to Ethiopia to adopt another child. 


            The media tries to play these subhumans as Human but they are not.  The media lavishes great time and expense to make us believe that what we saw these filthy animals these do with our own eyes they did not do.  The media does now want us to know how naked, gnarly and nasty these rich actresses are.

            Using mediaisms like “girly magazine” and “girly stuff”; saying the corporate whore “expressed her sexuality” or “she expressed her sexual liberation” or “she expressed her maturity”, and “she simulated sex”, by calling ladies of the evening, ladies of the night, understanding girls, and prostitutes, etc., the media gets you thinking about body doubles and body putty.  

            The media praises these female subhumans as sophisticated, sexually liberated, modern and mature, adult and enlightened, meaning those of us who are not naked subhuman animals are none of the above.    

            The media has hoodwinked the people. 

            The media’s biggest contribution to the spread of feminine depravity and girl filth and the total demeaning of Men is that they never tell the truth, they never tell you what the leering piece of subhuman female shit has done.

            They should be forced to tell the truth.

            There is no such thing as a decent actress.  The filthiest ones are those that get the most attention. 

            The media does this for several reasons:

1) Their agents and corporate publicists pay big bucks to scrub the actress animals down and keep their leering, sneering, jeering filthy faces before us.

2) Actresses are depraved and the media loves depravity. 

3) The media has made the country depraved and there’s billions of dollars yearly in keeping it that way.

            The corporate whore rich actress Angelina Jolie sucked and fucked the designated faggot, her beastly image enlarged to 30 X 70 feet, before at least a billion Humans.  But the curse is off of the rich actress now,  It is a good girl.  Witness the above. 

            It will never be greed-sourced like you will.


7/10/5: INTERNET (S)  education.yahoo.com.  Ad: Yahoo movies:

1) ¼-n dugs of brunette.

2) BT**  Ass-cheek of blonde sagging below filthy cutoff jeans.  Note at the top of the file.


7/13/5: PERIODICAL I/O  The Urbanite, Issue 11, May 2005, P.O. Box 50158, Baltimore, MD 21211.

p. 30: I/O BT**  Picking Poppleton by Elizabeth A. Evitts.

p. 30: The Baltimore City Council summarily commandeered 526 homes in the Poppleton area over protest of the families living in 136 of them.  The homes of these 136 families will be sold for a song to the fat rich contractor friends of the Baltimore City Council.  Then the homes of 136 families will be bulldozed in traditional American manner to build malls and important stuff like that.

p. 31: Police choppers circle at night.  It is a high crime area.

            In our vicinity, pig choppers circle the same spot for hours many times a month—they are training pilots, no matter they constantly awaken ten thousand or so people.

p. 35: The Poppleton community organizations are part of the greed-mongering La Cit development team and were not neutral in their decision summarily commandeering the homes of 136 families. 

            The members of the La Cit development team have lost their tongues.  Baltimore Housing will not release the names of selection committee members. 

            People stood in that den of inequity and fought for their homes unaware that their fat rich leaders had already sold them down the river. 

            Their 136 homes were already condemned to the bulldozers.

            “This kind of partnership in not unprecedented.”

            With all the gusto of the rich to suck a cock, the rich are moving the bulldozers of capitalism forward with commutate celerity.


7/15/5: INTERNET (F)I/0(BT)  [7/13/5] London, Leeds: British troops drug 600 people from their homes and dynamited their way into another home.  Why did they not use the door or don’t the morons know what a doorknob is for?  They blew up a car.  The 600 people cannot return home.  Meanwhile the slaves of the British whore in an embarrassingly obvious ploy gave candy and toys to all the little kiddies.

            A mosque has been ransacked.

            Many people have been mass arrested.



            Brussels, 20 February 2003.  According to some independent Russian sources at the beginning of January the Russian military and paramilitary forces have carried out a "zachistka" action in the  Chechen town of Argun; more than one hundred men were detained.  A couple of  days later, eighteen corpses were thrown out of the Russian check-point building, 32 people disappeared at all, the rest except of six were released for ransom—all beaten and tortured—and the last six were taken to Argun-river and have been blown up with a dynamite bar.  On the other end the Russian authorities are dismantling all refugee camps in Ingushetia and sending the refugees back to Chechnya where they will be exposed to such hideous violations and will risk their freedom and their lives, until the international community decide to force the Russian Federation to put an end to these atrocities and finally open genuine negotiations with the legitimate government of President Mashkadov on the future status of Chechnya.

            Question from Olivier Dupuis, Secretary of the Transnational Radical Party and Member of the European Parliament, to the Commission:
            “What kind of information does the Commission have concerning the hideous crime perpetrated by Russian military and paramilitary forces  in the town of Argun and what was its reaction?  What political and diplomatic initiatives does the Commission intend to take vis-à-vis the Russian authorities who while dismantling the refugee camps in Ingushetia forcing the Chechen people to go back to Chechnya are simultaneously carrying out such criminal actions as the one realized   in Argun? Could he Commission draft a proposal for a joint action aiming at the realization of an extraordinary operation—along the lines of the action taken for Bosnia and Kosovo—to receive all Chechen refugees whose lives and integrity would be threatened if they were to go back  to Chechnya?”




Olivier Dupuis

            If these capitalist subhumans want to do business with us, they will do business our way.

            All responsible.  Complete hierarchy including the subhuman capitalist pig at the top.




August 9, 2003


            Check out our war criminal rich boy President’s Rooskie lovers.  Man! there’s a sickening thought.


            Russia's fight in Chechnya part of war on terrorism:

            President George W Bush on Saturday acknowledged that Russia's fight against terrorism in Chechnya is part of the global war on terror.

            Bush said at a 40-minute press conference with Putin at Camp David after their talks spread over two days, “Both our nations have suffered at the hands of terrorists and both of our Governments have taken actions to stop them.”

            “No cause justifies terror," said Bush.  Terrorists must be opposed wherever they spread chaos and destruction, including Chechnya,” he added.

            Bush added that a lasting solution to the conflict would require an end to terror, respect for human rights, political settlement and free elections.

            A delighted Russian President said that the fight against terror continues to be among the priorities of US-Russian cooperation and said, “I agree with the assessment that the President of the United States has just given in this sphere (war against terrorism); we are not only strategic partners but allies.”


            These capitalist subhumans must be taught respect for Human Beings!

Baby Bush and his gang of rich Halliburton Republicans are war criminals.  They perpetuate war crimes and they aid and abed war crimes.  These criminals have taken over the land.  They commit unspeakable atrocities in many countries.  They are in homosexual league with kindred subhuman patriots, like the beast Putin, around the world.

            War crimes are of such cowardly patriotic depravity there is but one penalty and that penalty is execution. 

            It is time for a purge, a thorough flush, and may no pieces of shit stick to the side.

            Elect us!


INTERNET (F)(A): Nov 13, 1966:  Samu'  raid: Israeli troops kill 15 Jordanian soldiers and 3 civilians, & dynamite 125 houses, in an attack on the frontier village of Samu‘ near Hebron; in response to the death of 3 Israeli soldiers by a road mine. Israel is censured by SCR228 (25 Nov 66), but no military response from Amman. This leads to recriminations in the Israeli government, which had intended a smaller scale raid, and Palestinian anger & clashes with Jordanian security forces throughout West Bank, especially in Nablus where the army had to intervene.  The PLO gains support.


7/15/5: (S) BT**  INTERNET mypetjawa  Ad: conservative T-shirt, left nipple of the huge dug of a republican pesthole.  Note at the top of the file. 


7/17/5: INTERNET (F)TORTURE Comcast News: Baghdad, Iraq: 11 U.S. subhumans have been charged with abuse of prisoners.  Abuse is a mediaism used for torture, rape, murder, degradation, etc.

            Why is it that these pesthole-airing subhuman nazi american whore-sluts in the army can strip search MEN, and even probe their anuses with their tongues, and your faggoty sons cannot do the same to the females they capture or arrest? 

            Why are MEN only considered to be machines, without rights or dignity nor any semblance to a living thing?

            The same thing happens every time.

            In every case, in any way shape or form, where a pesthole may have even passed a naked MAN, prisoner or not, in a situation like and/or similar to these, the penalty is death to the pesthole subhuman, and the chain of command up to and including the subhuman piece of patriotic shit at the top.

            Thank you.

The Prophet speaketh, he yea sayeth:


            Ladies and gentlemen, Freedom Fighters everywhere, may God Almighty bless you, listen. 

            As you may know, I have been ailing.  I was ravaged by a mysterious fever that wasted me for a month.

            I have taken emotional hits lately.  I have been sorely tried, but like in days of old in jungles bold I managed to push through the foliage and fight my way to the top of the hill. 

            Things have come together that will soon be cockeyed and awry. 

            It is time to strike. 

            Despite how I feel, we’re pullin’ out and we’re pushin’ forward.  We are going to take hits.  We will be wounded.  We will be blocked.  We will go around.  We will be knocked down.  We will pick it up and go over.  But regardless of what happens we’re moving out and we’re pushing forward.  We are going to keep pushing forward until we power punch these evil subhumans, the patriots and the cuntmonkeys that have enslaved us, back into Hell where they came from.

            See you on the front.

            You will know the time and the place. 

            Be there.


            In the name of God Almighty, Creator of the Universe and all that is beyond, It that is Its own Creation, It that is Itself.

—The Prophet Mastodon







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