117th Militia



2000 PSYWAR Office 117th Militia Regimental Combat Team


8 August 2000, Vol. 1, No. 3


Publication File

Warrants and issues


PB BT** 7/14/00 1011: 12.160 MHz, The Larry Nichols Program. Decrying the unspeakable pig brutality against a black man by Philadelphia subhumans and the media whitewash, Nichols immediately pissed and moaned about how sorry he felt for the pigs, yea, saying, how nobody liked them and how they were out gunned by the alleged bad guys. He called for an investigation.

Nichols gave no details because the media refuses to give details but in this atrocity white and black niggers beat, kicked, punched and attempted to murder a black man.

Nobody likes them? Their own families abhor them. Their families turn against them. Their wives sleep on the couch. Out gunned? Those nazi subhumans have tanks!

The Prophet says this is why these right-wing types are detested. They are diffident, cowardly. They quake before the pig subhumans. The Prophet says they lose because the few who do speak out haven't got the balls to say anything and make it stick.

Warrant all, not Nichols. Whitewash Sun article this date filed in Police Brutality Hardcopy.


7/18/00 WWLG 1360 AM, news:

PB 0701: A Philadelphia pig in on the recent patriotism, has been selling T-shirts announcing the upcoming Republican convention on one side and an image of the pig patriotism on the other. The pig knows its party, that's for sure.

PB BT 0704: an Ellicott City, Howard County, Maryland man arrested for having a "military arsenal" in his "house" is out on million dollars bail. Like at Waco there are no laws against having many weapons. The commies queers arrested him on trumped up charges like "reckless endangerment", etc.

PB NL: Baltimore City chief pig Ed Norris wants video cameras on all "drug corners". It does but I doubt if many others think it's worth the expense or the trouble. "It works in New York," it puked.


7/20/00 0700-0754: NBC, Today, news: during the little I watched they repeatedly announced that the Go Go's were guests on tomorrow's show. They better watch them or they'll strip and run their fingers up their cunts. The Go Go's are public masterbaters, frigging themselves and whackin' off males as well. The simpleminded fans outside the studio were rabid with glee.


(IO) 7/21/00 1623: WTOP 1500 AM, news: media monkey Sam "Mega Mouth" Donaldson defended the government's atrocity at Waco concluding, "Mistakes were made. Those conspiracy types that think the government burned or shot those people are wrong". Somebody throw the patriotic coward a banana. This was in light of yet another Senate investigation concluding the pigs were lily-white. Throw those traitors bananas.


PB BT** 7/25/00 1101: WWLG, news: Florida: a SWAT subhuman may have murdered a hostage held at gun point when it fired through a window. Pigs allege the hostage taker murdered the woman then took his own life. No matter! If the SWAT swine willy-nilly murdered the woman it's shades of Vicki Weaver which the black-robed turds blessed.


PB 7/26/00 0902: WWLG, news: Minnesota: pigs forced hundreds of people from their homes. Excuse: tornado.


PB 7/27/00 WWLG 1360 AM, news: the bail on the Ellicott City, Howard County, Maryland man who had a "military arsenal" in his "house" has been raised to $2 million.


7/27/00 c., 1345 WQSR 105.7 FM, the station cop-sucker Bob Worthlessone shall broadcast from the Harford County Farm Fair. It had a hard-on note in its voice. Barefoot, a tractor pulled it through the mud (mud, get it?) all the way to the "urban assault vehicles". It panted. The highest moment in its pitiful life. The highest thing!


(S) 7/27/00 1819: SHOW c. 04, Star Trek: Insurrection, DOO: deep cleavage.

BT** 1828: The Prophet was offended that two full deep ass slits of actress whore/lesbian subhumans wearing flesh colored baloney skins were aired walking together in an android scene. This was deeply prominent. Many another animal's ass slit was aired but not shown.

The Prophet turned off the television. A Star Trek fan from its beginning, having signed petitions to keep it on the air, he notes that Star Trek has been indiscreet (not to mention unrealistic) from the gitgo but getting progressively nakeder. They had to shit on it. Entertainment perverts have to shit on, i.e., Americanize, patriotize, filthify everything. The actress/animals were "presented as" or morally naked. Sick! Rated PG for liberal/entertainment families. Warrant all. Note at top of file. The Prophet is displeased.


(F) BT** (A) 8/3/00 0914: American Freedom News, WWRC, Nashville, Tennessee, 12.160 MHz. Indonesia: Moslem subhumans have butchered 23 more Christian men women and children.


(P) 8/2/00 Popular Reality, Vol. 436, No. 6, 1116 Shepard Street, Lansing, MI 48912, The Right-Honorable Reverend Suzy Poe, Editor:

(IO) page 9, British internal security subs infiltrating various innocuous American organizations including American UFO groups.


(IO) 8/4/00 0945: 12.160 MHz American Freedom News, WWRC, Nashville: New York and now Maryland are the first states to require a casing to be sent to the state pigs fired in each new gun sold.

(IO) 0951: Arkansas: man arrested for flipping a state pig the bird. The host, a Bible thumping creep named Rick Wildes, called the man a jerk. Wild boy spends an hour a day pissin'n moanin' about pig oppression then calls a man a jerk for telling a pig the truth about itself. This is why the right cannot win! They can't get it straight. We want freedom. Not slavery. They lick shit off'n pig assholes hopin' the pigs will see them and like them, yet wonder why they are considered dangerous. With the pigs and stinking America it's "forgive them for they know not what they do", but with those they don't like it's Hell forever, fire and brimstone cocktails. Who do they want to exact justice on? What do they want to do?

The Prophet sends his greeting to all good people everywhere and prays for them. The last days are upon us. The image will soon be broken. Governments and their ass-lickers will be crushed. Lend a hand. Whatever you can do without taking unnecessary risks. He suggest you arm yourselves with firearms of any sort. Scrounge up field equipment. The pigs will go renegade.