117th Militia



Family and Freedom over flag

© 2005 PSYWAR Office 117th Militia Regimental Combat Team


March 12,  2006, Vol. 7  No. 30



Terrorists alert! The Prophet warns!  Don’t let them herd your families together into Oliver North’s concentration camps or anywhere else.  Do not let them herd you together.  Do not let them take you from your homes!  Be armed! Be ready! Refuse! Assemble to defend your families and your homes!  They are psychologically primed to mass murder your families.  Those who die quickly will be the lucky ones.



1045: (S) INTERNET  amaxon.com.  Along with an ad for some filth called “Sexualization” air the face of a sneering cuntmonkey where these book covers:

1) BT**  Sexual Intelligence by Kim Cattrell airing a completely naked cuntmonkey its turd-cutter cheeks stinking before the world.

2) Mary Mary by James Patterson, airing two naked lesbian cuntmonkeys about to kiss.

                Note at the top of the file.


1452: 89.7 FM WTMD, Towson Tiger Football.  Disrespectful talk from a jock in the joint about Reverend Jerry Falwell.  It could be for nothing else.  This unsolicited attack is in retaliation for Reverend Falwell’s anti naked cuntmonkey stance.  Being a Christian Falwell is, of course, for war, and so are college/media ass-lickers.


                At http://www.carpenoctem.tv/military/tamerlane.html the authors wrote, as ruthlessness goes, tamerlane ranked between adolph hitler and saddam hussein.  There was no mention of america’s old World War Two foxhole bung- buddy joseph stalin.  American academics are embarrassing us before the world. 

They are so painfully obvious I do not see how they can stand themselves.

.... ...

Vision is the art of seeing what is not there.

Kentucky Explorer, P.O. Box 227, Jackson, KY 41339.



                We, the Men of the 117 Militia Regimental Combat Team, wanted to share with our fellow freedom lovers our view of the fast-talking, small-print, grindingly-annoying, corporate-cowardly, asinine and nationally embarrassing caveats you hear on radio commercials. 

                Thank you.


10/12/5: The Urbanite, Issue 15, September 2005, P.O. Box 50158, Baltimore, MD 21211.

                We figured that eventually they were going to unchain the cuntmonkeys at Urbanite and, of course, we were not disappointed.  Among one other ½-n dugs airing, two ¼-n dugs airings, seven slight dugs airings and many borderlines was the following filth.

p.8: (S) BT**  ad for the play, The Awesome 80s Party, ¾-n dugs of longhaired brunette. 

p. 12: ad: Studio 921 Salon & Day Spa, naked male having its ass kneaded.


p. 26: I/O  Rowhouse Redux by Alice Ockleshaw.  Ref. “The answer lay with a successful urologist who’d purchased the property in the 1980s...  ‘He had forgotten he owned it.’”


p. 40: Branding Baltimore by Elizabeth A. Evitts: “Las Vegas recently redefined its brand with its successful ‘What happens here stays here’ tagline.  After a misrouted marketing campaign targeting family travelers throughout the nineties, Las Vegas came to realize its true identity was that of a city steeped in ‘sin, sex and fun,’ [Margot] Amelia says.

                “They had to do something really difficult,’ she says.  ‘They had to go back to their target audience and say we can’t focus on [families].  Our messaging is going to be what Los Vegas really stands for, and what brings us the most money.’”

                The brand: “Only Vegas.  What happens here stays here™.”

p. 47: Strike a Pose, Baltimore Fashion at Street Level by Cara Ober.  Not that we Men would mind, i.e., not that decent people would mind, not that we can tell the truth to these subhuman naked model cuntmonkeys, but over the past few years, near-naked fashion shows have been held on the very streets of Baltimore, actually out on the busy streets of Baltimore.  Among those responsible are J’david Cook that organizes Fashion on Charles and LG Concannon of Sonic Soul Productions organizer of Strut.  They hold these near-naked cuntmonkey struts regularly around town at clubs like Sonar and restaurants like Red Maple and Mosaic Lounge.  It is a growing concern.  The fifth Strut will be held September 17.

p. 47:

  1) ¼-n dugs of braless black.

  2) BT** Inner thigh of black-haired white not wearing a pesthole cover.  Note at  

       the top of the file.

p. 48:

  1) BT**  A brunette model subhuman cuntmonkey wearing black net nylons,  

       panties and bra, see-through shorts and T-shirt, its ass-slabs and ½-dugs. 

       Note at the top of the file.

  2) Cunt area on one in low-cut raggedy jeans.

  3) Slight dugs airing of two. 


p. 50: Urban Jungle by Ellen Lupton.  Switzerland is known for its seemingly impeccable social order (jaywalking is serious crime, for instance), in contrast with the visible social inequities of the U.S. cities.”

p. 54: In Review, Music, by Robbie Wheaton.  Now these prim priggish smarmy prudes, having made us unclean with their near-naked strutting cuntmonkeys, et al., published America’s sacred word thrice like this, F--k.  Ooo, they are so moral at Urbanite.


Love is the May-day of the heart.

—Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881).



Notes to Shoats

                Why aren’t the millionaires and billionaires that own and run this country piss tested daily?  Their decisions affect the lives of many millions of people unlike themselves, good decent people.   The rich, depraved, homosexual bums that own and run this country should be piss tested every morning of every day of their foul and wicked lives, or else. 


10/15/5:  The Baltimore Sun, TV Week October 16-22, 2005, Baltimore Sun Co., 501 N Calvert St., Baltimore, MD 21202-3660.  Rich and famous bull dyke Melissa Etheridge pollutes the this week’s cover.  


10/16/5 1204: (S)  1370 AM WWLG.  Because of their naked shitty turd-cutters, nurses at a hospital had to be forced to wear skirts.


                It apparently became so obvious that the media quit calling those opposing its depraved and atrocifing government, America the Naked Cuntmonkey, in Iraq terrorists.  They have begun calling them insurgents.   What they are is Freedom Fighters, Men.  The media will never call them that for two reasons.  The fist is that it is the truth.  The second is that their government would not like it.  


10/19/5: (S)  Sin City, Dimension Home Video #40860, © Buena Vista Home  Entertainment, Inc., Burbank, CA  91521.

1) BT**  Front of the slip jacket:  In a proactive  pose, the top of subhuman rich actress naked cuntmonkey whore Jessica Alba’s shit-smeared ass-cheeks: and its ½-n dugs.

2) BT  Back of the slip jacket: CU of huge dugs of another rich actress whore.

3) DVD case:

    a) BT**  Sub. J.A. as posed on front of slip jacket

    b) BT*  Another rich actress whore’s ½-dugs.

4) Back of DVD case: Repeat of back of slip cover.

5) BT**   Insert:  Filmed from the front: CU of leering naked cuntmonkey subhuman rich actress whore Jessica Alba in a provocative pose, the animal’s shitty ass-cheeks sagging far beneath a narrow strip of cloth barely concealing its slimy reeking ugly pesthole:  and its huge ½-dugs. 

                Note at the top of the file.


10/23/5: PERIODICAL  The Baltimore Sun, ibid.

1) (A) I/O  Comic strip Doonesbury by Garry Trudeau: among ref. to the endless horrors, atrocities, injustices and oppressions committed by the rich republican subhumans that own and run our country, is ref. to the republican policy of torture, i.e. “Torture—your policy!”. 

                Also mentioned is “traitorous liberal media”.


(2)  Along with two other mentions of naked feminine filth in the comic strips (one a ref. to their nakedness in high schools; Zits by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman), are two mentions of that naked piece of corrupting filth Angelina Jolie.   

In Berkeley Breathed’s Opus it is assumed the publicly practicing whore’s engagement to actor/queer Brad Pitt is important.  In Greg Evans’s LuAnn it is assumed the naked animal is lovely.  

                All ye cuntmonkeys,  give ear.  All you have to do to become rich and famous forever in america, if you are  a cuntmonkey, is to become a moralless publicly naked cuntmonkey, and publicly, and/or permanently on a 50 X 70 foot movie screen or otherwise, in full-color close-up intimate action detail, widely splay your stinking slimy glistening pesthole and/or have another lesbian splay the putrid pink puke.  (A girl’s pussy is ugly as a nest of dead baby birds.)  Yea, say, all ya gotta do is splay, air your pestholes, large and/or small shitty pesthole, and/or have them splayed, and air your shitty turd cutter and your figure and jam your hot hard tingling sexually aroused nipples on your gigantic filthy dugs before a world that wants them not, and/or fuck, suck, ruck, and/or when it licks dicks, splits and/or shits of both sexes.  And to Hell with happens to decent women around the world because of what you do.  Right?


1720: (S)  BT**  102.7 FM WQSR.  Ad: The depraved billon dollar patriotic republican Coors Corporation is on a nationwide search for the next Coors-Maxim magazine “girl”.  They should not have to look hard in america for one of those.  They are merely searching for your average naked nasty girl.  Those shameless sneering naked dingleberries are hanging everywhere, even in Men’s locker rooms.  Their search for a common girl, a sneering naked cuntmonkey to publicly and/or permanently air its naked figure, to publicly and/or permanently air its stinky slimy pesthole, and/or have another lesbian and/or queer splay her putrid pink puke (Girls’ pussies are ugly as nests of dead baby birds.), and/or her shitty little pesthole in intimate close-up full-color detail, and/or its shit stained turd-cutter who needs to search?  Girls enjoy bending  over before cameras  for a double-naught siring, splayed by itself or others, looking back or between its legs sneering at all decent, holy people and families.  Always the naked nasty girls’ huge ridiculous dugs tipped with hot hard sexually aroused nipples will be filmed in repulsive close-ups.   Finding a naked nasty girl to do these things, to be the animal she is before cameras or even live will present no difficulties for the rich republican patriots of the Coors Corporation.   Not if the girl shall be photographed fucking, sucking, rucking, and/or if she  licks dicks, splits and/or shits of both sexes on stage even in college.  Girls are common as dirt.  Hell man! That’s the all-american girl-next-door Coors is looking for.  There is a problem with finding one? 

                Yea’n say, it is child’s play finding a sneering leering jeering publicly and/or permanently naked cuntmonkey even when it is considered dressed, its purpose and right by law to demean Men, degrade Men, denigrate  Men. 

consider animals.  No, lower than animals.  At least animals get to fuck them and get sucked off by them once in a while.  Cuntmonkeys and the rich that own them have reduced us to the level of machines, considered totally devoid of sensibilities and feelings.  It is the rich and their naked cuntmonkeys that have brought this slavery upon, Men.

                What say we give them their worst fears, and act like the machines they always accused decent honest fellows like us of being?  What say we get together and power punch those subhumans, the subhuman naked cuntmonkeys and their rich subhuman owners back into Hell where they came from?  And confiscate their wealth for the public good?

                Elect us.

                And we’ll it under law.


10/24/5: BOOK   The Dragons of Eden© 1977 Carl Sagan, Ballantine Publishing Group, ISBN: 0-345-34629-7.

p. 106: (F) (S) BT**  Photograph by Nat Farbman from Life magazine: about a score naked African natives, including one female from the waist up.  These people may have already been naked or not.  National Geographic requires native peoples, whom they see as animals, to strip.  Hierarchy only if this is the case.           Note at the top of the file.

p. 202: two naked native African males from behind.  Ibid p. 106.


p. 205: (CA) (A)  Dr. Sagan about infanticide: “And it is widely practiced today.

There are many parts of the world where one out of every four newborn babies does not survive the first year of life”.


10/27/5: BOOK Spreading Fires © 1974 by John Knowles, Random House, Inc.  ISBN: 0-394-46915-1.  Fiction.  

p. 17: (F) PB (A)  reference to French pigs in Cannes arresting and murdering “hippies”.

p. 85: (S) BT**  ref. to many young French whores hangin’ in doorways lak bats along yer Rue dee Ant-tib-bees.

p. 147: I/O  ref. to cunts in charge of male psychiatric wards where the patients are sometimes naked.


10/28/5 1224: 102.9 FM WLIF.  The female DJ praised the naked cuntmonkey rich actress Madonna for its business acumen.  Also, it has landed yet another major role on yet another major television program.  I think its the Miami CSI, about Miami pigs, brutal and depraved subhumans of the lowest mark.  Then she played of its sickening songs.  I do not know which one.  They all sound alike to me.



2038: PB BT**  45 WBFF (Fox)  Cops.  Wearing a black uniform like the ss, a large Los Angeles pig/subhuman illegally searched a motorist for drugs.  The sub. pig suddenly fantasized that to was a dentist.  It grabbed the Human’s face with his filthy hand, squeezed,  and looked into his mouth.  Then the nazi cocksucker put his shitty finger into the Human’s mouth and pulled his cheek wide.  Then, hepped-up on its own brutality, the nazi subhuman animal illegally assaulted a suspected drug dealer by running and taking a dive and knocking him off his bicycle, which was in motion, onto the sidewalk.  Then another black uniformed subhuman pounced upon the Human and, lying face down on the sidewalk, he was brutally and illegally handcuffed behind his back and searched. 

                Nothing to get upset about folks.  It’s just a matter of routine.  We have no Human Rights living in slave state america the whore.

                In a group of three males, when the pig tackled the Human on his bike, one fisted the air shouting “Yeah”.  Another was in agreement. 

                What is a media camera crew doing there?  What are the particulars of the camera crew?  Why are they there?  Why have the victims of the pigs no rights in the matter?  Not that what the fat-assed bluecoats do should be kept hidden.  They are subhuman you can see that right here.  What gives these media monkeys the right to capitalize on the misery and travail of others?  Do the victims of these pigs receive money from the media monkeys to be filmed as the fat-assed subhumans brutalize and humiliate them before the country?  What gives them the right?  Do the battered and scarred victims of these subhuman bluecoats sign releases? 

                Pigs are subhumans.  They can only relate through violence.  They see themselves as these big patriotic heroes with their flag and their guns.  Cameras incite these weak-minded pig subhumans to acts of outrage.


At a party:

215o:  (S) BT**  MAX  “Eurotrip” (2004).  When supposedly the loveliest female (subhuman), the lead rich actress cuntmonkey slut/whore was introduced, Ned said, “There’s money in that bitch.”  Here is how the animal makes its money.  Airing itself in naked fuck scenes, done in full-color, close-up, intimate action detail.  Therein the naked nasty girl, (they are all naked nasty girls), the naked subhuman cuntmonkey girl, the depraved lead rich actress subhuman naked cuntmonkey slut/whore, the naked nasty girl farted out of its mouth cries and moans as it was being publicly and permanently fucked.  “Ned quipped: “I knew Bob would be watchin’ that.” 

                This pornography is rated NR.  NR means not rated.  It was made in 2004.  We have seen the NR rating on naked cuntmonkey liberal forth before.  Is the NR rating a wicked ploy to attract the unwary viewer?

                Note at the top of the file. 

1) (S) BT**  There was reference to a subhuman naked cuntmonkey slut/whore girl-next-door named China that, in a pornographic Playboy video, not only did the naked nasty girl air its rancid, putrid, slime-dripping pesthole in close-up, but they rammed the camera up the depraved subhuman’s filthy rancid ugly slime-dripping pussy to fully air it clitoris.  “You can see its pink nub really well.”  Check throughout.   Note at the top of the file.

                (All subhuman naked cuntmonkey Playboy videos, chock full of naked nasty girls, are maximum listed.  Note at the top of the file.)

2)            “Hey Bob!  This isn’t a titty bar.  It’s okay to have fun.” 

                Who would have expected the truth from the average american male?


The countless generations go by:

Love only is eternal, love only does not die....

—Harry Kemp.



10/30/5: (S) BT**  Maxim, May 2005, sneering leering brunette subhuman cuntmonkey Brittany Murphy 95% naked on cover, cuntmound, dugs, ass-slab.         Note at the top of the file. 


11/4/5 0745: 103.1 FM WRNR.  Hey gang!  Groovy new band The New Pornographers released their super too groovy cool CD “On the Split Screen”.  Split! Get it? 



Periodical  Legendary Times, Vol. 7, No. 2 & 3, 2005, A.A.S. R.A., P.O. Box 6400, Oceanside, CA 92052, ISSN: 1523-4053, www.legendarytimes.com.

p. 5: (F) I/O  London: concerning the July 7, 2005 terrorists attacks on the London subway.  A London subway train stopped in a tunnel.  The driver came on the PA, was about to speak, then was cut off.  A few moments later it came back on and lied to the people saying there had been a power outage.  Why are not the people ever worth of the truth?  Why do the people not demand truth?

p. 6:

I am one of those people who can create a storm,

but does not fly his flag in it.

Books survive the stupidity of generations.

­­—Eric von Däniken.

Happy Birthday, Eric!  Good work!


p. 8: (F) SCHO-OP  Letters to the Editor, from Peter Fiebag.  One-hundred people witnessed a hidden passageway in the Queen’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid.  Mr. Fiebag asked head of the Egyptian Department of Antiquities Mad Dog Zahi Hawass about the passage.  Mad Dog Hawass and his English ass-licker Mark Lehner denied it.  They shouted him down radically and ordered him removed from the conference room.  A dozen people at the conference had seen the passage but did not have the balls to speak up in support. 


World News: Archaeology

p. 10: (F) SCHO-OP  Alien Embryo?  Strange Creature Found in Chile’s La Noria Region.  This one is flipped.  A group of children found a dying humanoid creature five inches high.  It is a humanoid, no doubts of that, if the skeleton photographed is real.  (Minute humanoids have been observed before, and like this one, much smaller than Hawaiian pixies.)  Nonetheless, after examining the tiny skeleton, the “experts at the University of Chile” said that it might be the fetus of local wild life, such as a cat.   Just what you would expect from an egghead, a cat is precisely what it is not.

p. 11: (F) SCHO-OP  In early 2005, scientists from Madrid concluded the skeleton was not of a classical fetus as heretofore assumed.  However, two weeks later the Spanish government had gotten to them and the “scientists” switched sexes yea, saying, yes, it was a fetus.

Sources: rense.com, and Mysteries Magazine, Switzerland (mysteries-magazin.com), unsolved-mysteries.net.

p. 11: SCHO-OP  The Too-Ancient Human Tools at Mexico’s Valesquillo Reservoir.  Thirty years ago the 250,000 years old Valesquillo tools were laughed off stage by government owned archaeologists.

(Source: Van Landingham, Sam L.; “Corroboration of Sangamonian Age of Artifacts from the Valesquillo Region, Puebla, Mexico, by Means of Diatom Biostratigraphy”, Micropaleontology, 50:313, 2004)

Found in: Science Frontiers, No. 159, May-June, 2005.


p. 27: (F) (A)  The Vinland Map — Genuine or Forgery by Hansjörg Ruh.  Ref. to sub. nazis arresting Catholics in Austria [as elsewhere].


p. 33: SCHO-OP  The Peculiar Phenomenon of Debunking by George A. Tsoukalos, Director of Research, Center for Ancient astronaut Studies.  The spring 2005 issue of American Archaeology aired an article on “The Peculiar Phenomenon of Pseudoarchaeology”.  Someone should publish an article called “The Peculiar Phenomenon of Asshole Eggheads Who Believe the World is Flat”.  Because they do.


p. 40: (F) SCHO-OP  The Dictatorship of Intolerance by Eric von Däniken. 

                During primetime, on November 2004, the TV station of the French-speaking part of Switzerland aired a program attacking Dr. von Däniken personally and vilely condemned his eye-opening and instructive Mystery Park as corrupting youth.  The two professors of engineering and a doctor of archaeology made serious accusations against the courageous and learned man.  They said his philosophy was “totally racist” since ancient astronauts kicked monkey man in the ass, gave him a boot up, i.e., instructed those they created.

                A cuntmonkey politician lodged a question about this “racism” at the Federal Council in the Swiss Parliament.


Forbidden Archaeology, Evidence of Extreme Human Antiquity and the Ancient Astronaut Hypothesis by Dr. Michael A. Cremo.

p. 50: SCHO-OP BT**  Virginia Steen-McIntyre’s career was destroyed because she identified 250,000 artifacts at Hueyatlaco near Puebla, Mexico.  She and her colleagues used four dating methods.  No mistake about it.  The principle archaeologist at the sight, establishment cuntmonkey Cynthia Irwin-Williams, was livid with the date.  Steen-McIntyre stuck by her conviction.  She paid a considerable price.  She found it difficult to get her report published, she was branded a publicity seeker within her profession (geology), she lost the teaching position she held at an American university, and found that her career as a geologist was blocked.

                All responsible.  Note at the top of the file.

p. 50: (F) SCHO-OP 

  1) Speaking of Pliocene age finds at Castenedolo, Spain, Italian anatomist Giuseppe Sergi protested: “By means of a despotic scientific prejudice, call it what you will, every discovery of human remains in the Pliocene has been discredited”.

  2) In 1921, British archaeologist R.A.S. Macalister wrote about the Castenedolo finds.  “There must be something wrong somewhere.  ...  It is much more likely that something is amiss with the observations”.

p. 60: Macalister: “The acceptance of a Pliocene date for the Castenedolo skeletons would create so many insoluble problems that we can hardly hesitate in choosing between alternatives of adopting or rejecting their authenticity”.

                Of course, the big-assed Macalister rejected the Castenedolo skeletons and so did all its ass-lickers.  Macalister was instrumental in killing this marvelously important find.


p. 55: (F) (A)  Paleo-SETI Research Pioneers (No. 12), Gérard de Sède by Hans-Werner Sachmann.  In Toulouse, France, World War II, Mr. Sède formed resistance groups, was betrayed, imprisoned, managed to escape and rejoin the resistance.    


p. 58: Paleo-SETI Research Pioneers (No. 14), Eric von Däniken by Werner Sachmann (contributions by Giogrio A. Tsoukalos) .

  1) [DOMESTIC & (F)] SCHO-OP BT**  Out of his 26 books, only 11 have been translated into English.  In the early 1980s, a band of influential scientists in the United States and England sent a collectively signed letter to all the major publishers demanding that no further books by EvD be printed.  If the major publishers would continue to print EvD’s work, the scientists would boycott them.  Interestingly enough, the publishing houses lined up behind the scientists.

                Whoever wrote that last sentence does not know about the american system of censorships, i.e., its major publishing houses.

                All responsible.  Note at the top of the file. 

  2) (F) I/O  Dr. EvD received unspecified unfair decisions in court.


p. 59: Interview: Robert Bauval by Peter Kaschel.

  1)  (F) SCHO-OP  Egypt: there is secret political involvement to prevent dissemination of archaeological truth. 

  2) Since the fake so-called live broadcast by National Geographic of Rudolf Gantenbrink’s robotic investigations suppression of the truth has gotten “much, much worse”.

  3) Mad Dog Hawass continues to attack Mr. Bauval “extremely aggressively and more often than not the remarks are below the belt!”  Mad Dog Hawass is aggressive and insulting toward all researchers not strictly owned by their particular governments.  Gantenbrink experienced Mad Dog’s verbal cowardice back in 1993.

  3)  The fat piece-of-shit coward, Mad Dog Zahi Hawass, treated intrepid researcher Rudolf Gantenbrink in a particularly obscene and threatening manner.


p. 60: The Dogon Mystery by Eric von Däniken.  The Dogons, a primitive central African tribe, have known about the Sirius star system for hundreds if not thousands of years, things so-called scientists did not begin learning until the last century.  As Michael Ovenden, Professor of Astronomy at the University of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, ridiculously explained it:

                “In order to understand the survival of ancient traditions among the Dogon, all we have to remember is that a leading Muslim University was flourishing at Timbuktu in Mali during the sixteenth century.  Therefore the traditions of the Greeks, Egyptians and Sumerians flowed through Timbuktu”.


0857: 103.1 FM WRNR: ad: Forward, “the nation’s Jewish newspaper”. 

                “What do Larry David, John Steward, Natalie Portman and Madonna have in common?’  They are common.  They could not get much less common.  I don’t know about the males, or even who they are, but Natalie Portman and Madonna are subhuman rich-actress naked cuntmonkeys, and therefore P.U., so very common.


1101: (F) PB  1370 AM WWLG.  The media monkeys report “violent street demonstrations” in Argentina where Halliburton Bush is meeting with the other rich subhumans heading their countries.  He wants to make a free trade zone from the top of Alaska to the toe of Argentina.  Good by homes and families.


1246: 89.7 FM WTMD.  Sounds Eclectic will be airing The New Pornographers.

c. 1355: Towson Tigers Football: the naked bootleg is the favorite play of

color man Tom Judd.  Now that! is almost funny.


11/6/5: During the Ravens-Bengals game they aired the lengthy ad searching for the next Coors-Maxim pesthole.  You would think those rich capitalist queers that own and run Coors could find another way to inebriate people that to strip them of their morals.  Maxim and their naked cuntmonkey pestholes are, of course, beyond recall.


11/10/5 1319:  INTERNET PERIODICAL (S) BT**  amazon.co.  Ad for Cargo magazine, cover.    Subhuman cuntmonkey with long black hair poised in a chair: wearing white bikini pesthole cover, white boots, open gray jacket.  Completely naked dug, ass-slab, maybe its pesthole mound, sneering at the decent.  Note at the top of the file.  


The world is going to Hell and I’m driving the bus.

—Sticker on a conga drum.


            During Baltimore Blast games, 680 AM WCBM airs the capitalist-subhuman Coors/Maxim magazine naked cuntmonkey search.


                A mariner must have his eye upon rocks and sands as well as upon the North Star.

—New Farmer’s Almanac 2005.



                The rich degenerates that own and run this state of Maryland have caused hundreds if not thousands of those fascists “Report suspicious activity” signs to pollute our major roads.  Despite that they probably squandered $30 of the money they extorted from us to do this, we ask: How much untold misery has this caused because of asshole-licking patriots with cell phones?  How much humiliation?  How much terror?  Anybody got any data on this?


11/15/5:  (S) BT**  BT**  Club Baja downtown, a “bikini bar” where the cuntmonkeys, the naked nasty girls, are 99% naked in thin sometimes see-through pesthole covers and pasties.  These subhuman cuntmonkeys go to college during the day.  Colleges are breeding grounds for subhuman cuntmonkeys who are allowed to do anything they want, and perambulating turds  like the Baja bikini bar bitch-beasts.  Note at the top of the file. 


11/16/05: (S) BT**  “Batman Begins”, Warner, DVD #59414. 

                Although parts of filthy females are aired throughout, and in the previews at the beginning, this great movie was destroyed for decent people by the subhuman rich actress moralless cuntmonkey Kate Holmes.  The naked nasty girl (there is no other kind), Kate Holmes aired its pronounced hot hard sexually excited tingling obscene nipples three times in lingering CU (close-ups).  That was not humiliating enough.  In the last scene the obscene rich actress whore cuntmonkey Kate Holmes aired its pronounced hot hard sexually excited tingling obscene nipples in lingering close-up profile. 

                It also likes splay with i s hands and air its putrid slime-dripping pesthole, ugly as nests of dead baby birds, and doubtless its ridiculous pus covered clitoris, in full-color close-up intimate detail in magazines.  As well as its turd-cutter, brown eye or little pesthole, full filthy obscene dugs and figure.  Note at the top of the file. 


11/17/05: INTERNET (S)  Special Knives: Images of women in Illicit Clothing What is it about schoolgirl images that are so appealing? ... Now throwing this image's implication of violence into the mix, I have heard people say that ...

www.stonesoup.co.nz/specialknives/archives/004009.html - 12k - 


11/18/5: PERIODICAL BT**  Axcess Magazine, November 2005, Axcess Publishing Corp., AXCESS@aol.com; many naked cuntmonkeys, sluts and shit all, some of them practicing naked subhuman Playboy cuntmonkeys, fully naked asses, etc.  Exterminate the lot.  Note at the top of the file.


There is more to riding than a pair of boots.

—The Farmer’s Almanac 2005.


11/19/5: PERIODICAL (S)  Track Record, Summer 2004, Vol. 9, No. 4, Winter 2005, PO Box 1000, Mailcode 3EMM, Mooresville, NC 28115; p. 14: capitalist pig waste of champagne, two males squirting it upon each other from magnum bottles despite the condition of the Human Race.


BOOK  Sams Teach Yourself Today e-Politics, by Allison Hayward, © 2000 by Sams Publishing, 201 West 103rd Street, Indianapolis, Indiana  46290, ISBN: 0-672-31981-0. 

p. 100: the USDA (United states Department of Agriculture) spends hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to develop terminator seeds.  It holds two patents for horrible capitalistic terminator seeds. 

p. 103:  PB  Photograph of police/demonstrator confrontation.

p. 135:  I/O  “Clinton-Gore Serve Up $60 Million Election Year Sweetener for Large Sugar Producers, Leaves Bitter Taste in Taxpayers’ Mouths.”

p: 137: I/O BT**  Hate and Bigotry: Limits to Online Speech?  The HateWatch site defines a hate site as one that advocates violence against or unreasonable hostility toward a person or group based on race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or disability.  Although the Web has been celebrated as an open forum for views of all kinds, in the eyes of any service providers and Web providers (not to mention Web users), such speech is not a legitimate part of cybersociety.   Moreover, in many cases, it violates the provider’s use agreements.  If you come upon hate speech on the Web (either on a site or in email), drop a note to HateWatch.  Also, if the site or communication involves a big ISP or Web host, you can report it to them for appropriate action.  Note at the top of the file.

p. 144: I/O  The Pentagon violated the privacy of Linda Tripp.

p. 152: Site where you can gorge on the misery of Human Beings and buy dirt cheap their pig-seized goods and belongings.

p. 181: (M) I/O  Arizona’s top death penalty prosecutor Paul McMurdie vigorously asseverates that his body count is much higher than the mere 21% allowed by Columbia University in New York City, after federal court decisions.

                Texas justice, our stench is as shit lying in a Dog Days’ gutter.

p. I/O  Since the 1987 establishment of the Commission on Presidential Debates, minor political parties have been cut out of the picture. 

                “Although excluding minor candidates might not seem entirely fair, the system has delivered regular and manageable presidential debates.” 

—Allison Hayward.


PERIODICAL  Fantastic, Winter (and Spring) 2005, #26, DNA Publications, Inc., P.O. Box 2988, Radford, VA  24123-2988, ISSN 103-7758.  Fiction.

p. 25: (S)  The Drum by Chris Bunch: World War II; ref. to the “flesh pots of London.”

p. 28: (A) Ad for Warfear, A Collection of Strange War Tales, Fiction: ref. to “hitler’s terror labs.”

p. 49: I/O  Wet Cactus by Uncle River: ref. to seat belt inspection roadblocks in the desert.



                Texe Marrs is that mysterious prophet we heard on shortwave radio and could not relocate.  Since we did not know how to spell his name, if he had a web site August 8, 2004, a web search turned up only one reference, insults for the godly and courageous (the words are synonymous) Man from the cum-dripping lips of some patriotic cocksucker.  For all we know, Mr. Mars is right about everything he says.  From out of the blue we received:

Power of Prophecy, November 2005 (VOLUME 2005-11)
Published Monthly and Periodically by Power of Prophecy
1708 Patterson Rd., Austin, TX, 78733
Phone toll free: 1-800-234-9673
Our websites: www.powerofprophecy.com
and: www.conspiracyworld.com

                Usually we cull information and publish only the notes in areas

of (abuse, patriotism, subhumanism,  criminality, sin, depravity, wickedness—that your choice) that concern us but Mr. Marrs made a favorable impression, so we will publish his notes on all that he has documented in his video (VHS or DVD)  “Gulag USA, Concentration Camps in America”.  It is available at the above address for $25 plus 10% shipping and handling.

1) (A)  Congressman Jack Brooks, angering Lt. Col. Oliver North and cronies by exposing the existence of top secret FEMA plan, Rex 84, a scheme to roundup American dissidents into camps and suspend the Constitution.

2) I/O  BT**  The forcible incarceration of innocent Japanese-Americans by socialist President Franklin D. Roosevelt in "internment camps"…and the brutal treatment resisters received.

3) (F) (A)  The 2,000-plus Communist concentration camps in the U.S.S.R., where millions perished. The testimony of a former Soviet persecutor.

4) (A)  Railroad cars, complete with chains and shackles, designed to transport victims to camps—discovered in the U.S.A.

5) (A)  Sightings of actual concentration camps inside the U.S.A., with guard towers and crematoria, prepared for a signal from the elite to begin their heinous operations.

6) (A)  The U.S. Air Force manual (Garden Plot, Plan 55-2) outlining the operations of camps to imprison civilians.

7) (A)  "Operation Cablesplicer"—the secret plan to identify and target resisters to the New World Order and arrest and incarcerate these men and women when the order is given.

8) (A)  The torture tools to be used in tomorrow’s "chambers of horror," to include high tech laser weapons, thumbscrews, chainsaws, electric shock, branding irons, skull crushers, and guillotines.

9) (F) (A)  Historical examples of concentration camp horrors in Hitler’s Nazi Germany, Japan’s imperial regime, Pol Pot’s Cambodia and in colonial Africa.

10)  The Coming Great Day of Purification—in the United States!

11)  The satanic rationale for blood to be shed, the sick religious doctrine of the Illuminati, and the New Age plot to "purify and cleanse" mother earth of "negative karmic influences."

12) (F) (A)  The hidden U.S. history of concentration camp programs and government-sanctioned mass murder and genocide, including the occultic Phoenix Program in Vietnam, in which tens of thousands of men, women, and teenagers, convicted of no crimes, were abducted, imprisoned, tortured, raped, mutilated, and killed. These horrendous crimes were approved and supervised at the highest levels of the U.S. intelligence and military communities, with the express knowledge of our U.S. Congress and Presidents Nixon and Johnson.

13) NL  The inside story of Pastor Jim Jones, his socialist Peoples Temple, and the CIA’s massacre of over 900 in Guyana. Jones prison camp was, in fact, an experimental, mind control death camp, and the victims did not commit suicide—they were ruthlessly murdered by a CIA hit team.

14) (A)  Dozens of former U.S. military installations in over 28 states converted to federal prisons and to "internment camps"—waiting for innocent citizens who refuse to go along with the fed’s plot to suspend the constitution’s Bill of Rights.

15) NL Secret underground bases, subterranean "cities," and miles-long tunnels and caverns in Texas, Kansas, Virginia, and elsewhere, to house millions of pre-identified citizens scheduled to be imprisoned as threats to national security.

(F) (A)  The United Nations role in the genocidal massacre of almost one million men, women, and children.


(A)        Also available for $8 is audio tape:  Are You A Patriotic "Extremist?"

—Why the "War on Terrorism" Has Now Become a Police State War Against Patriotic Americans and Resisters to the New World Order:  Now comes the time for Big Brother’s minions of the Police State to clamp down on resisters to the imminent Global Dictatorship that is planned. Texe Marrs discloses the existence of a hideous and dangerous new database set up as part of Project L.U.C.I.D. Called the "X-File," it allows the FBI, CIA, Pentagon neocons, the NSA, IAO, Europol, and Mossad to keep track of "dissenters."  Targeted are those whom the elite fear are obstacles to the eventual success of their Master Plan, especially patriotic Americans, resisters to the New Order, and anti-war/anti-Big Brother activists. These people are being called "extremists" and their names go into the X-File (for eXtremist).  

I/O BT**  Also, guest Ted Pike gives an update on dangerous, new, pending "hate crimes" legislation in Congress.  If passed, it will make it a criminal act for Christians to preach that Jesus is the only way to heaven.  Speech criticizing either homosexual behavior or the nation of Israel will also be forbidden.

                Those    robber baron congressional cocksuckers, those rich degenerate subhuman pieces-of-patriotic-shit...  You thieves!  Is there no bottom to the cesspool of your patriotic depravity?  Is there none at all?


Broadcast Schedule

                    Day             Station         Frequency                              Time

Saturday             WWCR  5.070  7:00 pm-8:00 pm CST

                Sunday     WWCR                  5.070                   9:00 pm-10:00 pm CST

....... ...........


Two things cannot alter, Since Time was, nor today:

The flowing of water; And Love’s strange sweet way.

—Japanese Lyric.


                If you cannot tell the difference with the eye, you cannot tell the difference with the heart.                                            

                                                                      —The Prophet Mastodon.


11/23/5 1640: I/O  107.9 FM WFSI, Annapolis: antiwar protestors have been arrested for camping on the road leading to Halliburton Bush’s vast estate in Texas.


11/25/5 1556:

                Females have no integrity, no strength, no endurance, no courage, no intelligence, no common sense, and beyond all shadow of doubt females have no common decency.  The have little to recommend them to humanity but perhaps temperance.  They possibly have temperance because if one is totally bereft of those traits that define one as Human, one had better be straight. 

                And there are actually asshole out there than not only think females are equal, but toy with the idea that you can fourteen year old girls can lead.

                Women are nothing.

                Happy Thanksgiving, girls.



1) (S) BT** DVD  Pink Floyd Boxed Set: Shine On, Columbia CXK-53180-S1.  From behind, one in close-up, two completely naked cuntmonkey subhumans airing their shitty turd-cutters, condemned to death, and a lone faggot, that will join them.  Shapely sluts sent to the ruts.  Note at the top of the file.


2) Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith,  © 2005 Lucasfilm, Ltd., Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, P.O. Box 900, Beverly Hills, California 90213-0900.  No serial number. 

                This one was relatively clean, not like the last one, Attack of the Clones, especially from George Lucas, a peopleperson who does not recognize morals.  There were other listings than these.

1) BT*  Huge ½-n dugs of a long-headed (senator) in white, walking up steps.  I reads about this rich actress sub. cuntmonkey, it was in porn and wanted its naked dugs in there.  The site read like: She tried to stick them in there naked but that’s as far as she got.   Famous porn whore naked cuntmonkey splaying it putrid slime-dripping pesthole for close-ups many naked meat magazines foiled in its attempt to spread its disease to Star Wars, which has been filthy enough.   Naked nasty girls are the curse of this cunt-tree.  Naked nasty girls are the curse of all cunt-trees.  

2) BT**  CU of huge ½-n dugs of a green cuntmonkey.  Then a CU of the green cuntmonkey’s ½-n turd-cutter.  In a novel twist, the upper half of the green cuntmonkey’s turd-cutter is aired.  Note at the top of the file. 


11/26/5 0828: 103.1 FM WRNR.  From out of the sewer the DJ Dave Issing, an otherwise pleasant chap of inestimable worth, mentioned “Sarah Jessica Parker starring in Sex and the City”.  Filthy all-american girl porn is what Sex and the City is.  Favored fare for faggots and female maggots.


11/27/5: The Baltimore Sun, ibid., Doonesbury by Garry Trudeau.

(A)  This country is so depraved and cowardly that not only do some legislators find it necessary to draft an anti-torture amendment, but the spoiled rich brat in the White House, rich republican George Herbert Walker Bush, Jr., a.k.a. Baby Bush, a.k.a. Halliburton Bush, opposes the anti-torture amendment.  The subhuman is in favor of “cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment of prisoners”.

I/O  In 1967 screams were heard on the Yale campus as members of the billionaire bum’s fraternity, the DKE fraternity, spoiled rich millionaire brat -faggots all, were branding pledges.  Bush defended this with: “Insignificant!  There is no scaring mark physically or mentally”.

(A)  Reference to the naked pyramids subhuman shit-eating all-american girl military cuntmonkeys are forcing Men to make.


c. 2100: I/O (A)  88.9 FM WEAA, Morgan State University, Two Way Talk.  The rich republican freak George Bush is a war criminal, so is its father and so is its grandfather that smuggled subhuman nazi war criminals into this country to work for the cia.

                The fruit does not fall fat from the tree.  The rich are like that.  The rich are subhuman, especially republicans.


The Baltimore Sun, ibid., Doonsbury, October 10, 2004.  After viewing photos of the tortures committed at Abu Ghraib prison by your subhuman depraved cowardly patriotic military cuntmonkeys  and military queers, the cowardly President of the United States George Herbert Walker Bush, a.k.a. Baby Bush, a.k.a. Halliburton Bush,  a.k.a. the billionaire bum, said former Secretary of Defense  Donald H.  Rumsfeld, “did a super job”.           

                The subhuman piece-of-shit believes that it can do anything it wants to a Human Being; “super job”.  The rich are like that, especially rich republicans.


                The poor have sometimes objected to being governed badly; the rich have always objected to being governed at all.

                When duty and religion are really destroyed it will be by the rich.

—G.K. Chesterton.


11/29/5:  Periodical  The Baltimore Sun, ibid.  Celebrity News by Liz Smith, p. 2C.

1) The rich and depraved authoress praises “Transamerica” which airs depraved Desperate Housewives rich actress naked cuntmonkey Felicity Huffman as a “man” in the last stages transforming from male to female.  Lizzy is quite certain that the beast is probably going to get an Oscar nomination.


2) The animal’s Desperate Housewives costars, depraved rich actress naked cuntmonkeys all, are on the cover of Vanity Fair,” a magazine for snooty rich depraved naked cuntmonkeys. 


3)            Gay roles galore

                “So is it true when it comes to the Emmys, the Tonys, the Golden Globes and the Oscars, nobody loves a straight man?  Catherine Elsworth n L.A. writes

That this year Hollywood is making movies wherein straight actors play homosexual characters (or some other variation on the sexual “norm”) [It is called depravity you pesthole-tonguing asshole-sucking slut.] to gain the attention of Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences and other voters who hand annual prices. 

                Actors playing faggots?  Is not that like peaches pretending to be fruit?

                “We have already praised Huffman’s efforts in [the filth] “Transamerica.  Then there is Phillip Seymour Hoffman who is playing the famously gay [Depraved, you blithering lesbian degenerate; it even let a dog fuck it up the asshole once.] writer Truman Capote in the film “Capote”.  He is a certain shoo-in for an Oscar nod.” 

                At the Depravity Awards ceremonies, all the rich actress lesbian whore cuntmonkeys are practically naked, and shown in close-up whenever possible. 

                With that decent people, Human Beings, let us for now leave the rich, the famous, the depraved to wallow in their cesspool called Hollywood, soon to cease to be.


All in brackets ours.


11/30/5: PERIODICAL  World Explorer, Vol. 4, No. 2, ISSN 1061-0103, Copyright 1984-2005, 403 Kemp Street, Kempton, IL 60946.


p. 19: (CA) BT**  Crypto Corner: News from the Frontiers of Natural Science, 

Lions to the Rescue. 

                Bita Genet, Ethiopia: A 12-year-old girl was kidnapped by seven males and beaten for seven days in an attempt to get to marry one of the perverts.  Kidnapping young girls and beating them is part of the marriage custom in that piece-of-shit land.  The UN estimates that 70% of marriages in Ethiopia are by kidnapping.


p. 40: SCHO-OP  Pittsburg: City of Mystery by E.P. Grondine: seeking to preserve a large and important Indian mound, Northside archaeologist Glenn Hoskins charged County Parks Director Major Henry Hornbostel with neglect.  On the few occasions he was allowed in at all, he was insulted in his office.  Finally  admitted to His Flatulence, the Major lied to him by tendering false promises and saying that all mounds and pits were secure from encroachment by the rich, and that robust measures had been undertaken to see that it remained so.  The Major then countered with a mean-spirited press attack yea, denying the charges and lying. 

                The large mound and other priceless antiquities are totally lost today.

... ... ... ... .

                Life is short, misery is long, love hurts, live, forgive and love with passion.  What is to give light must endure burning.  My mind is full of broken thoughts.



12/1/5 0631: 107.9 FM WFSI.  California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, has no manhood, no honor and no dignity, all of which we already knew.  Schwartzy’s popularity has been slipping.  Voters rejected all eight initiatives on a referendum ballot, including the four promoted by Schwarzy.  To make himself appear more degenerate than he already was, he appointed lesbian degenerate Susan Kennedy, involved in a so—called same sex marriage, as his new chief of staff.  Mr. Kennedy was cabinet secretary to former rich degenerate Democratic Governor Gray Davis, who was ousted in a 2003 recall election that brought Schwarzenegger to power.  Without a hoot for there lives and livelihoods, Davis economically raped the people and. As far as we know, still has not been punished of it.  Mr. Kennedy a former director of an abortion rights group and becomes one of the highest-profile degenerates in state politics.  
                "She's willing to set her Democratic philosophy aside....” Schwarzy said.


                “Schwarzenegger has lost support over the past year from most Democrats and independent voters, relying increasingly on conservatives to carry his message.  Kennedy's appointment could be a way to regain the bipartisan image he crafted.... “

—CBS News.      




                An army marches on its stomach.  The infrastructure runs on oil.  The technology runs on electricity.  Business runs on paper.  Work runs on coffee.  Our lives run on assumption. 

—The Prophet Mastodon.


12/4/5 2225: (F) I/O BT  5.070 MHz WWCR, Texe Marrs, The Gift of Prophecy.  Israel, American Hebrews and other Hebrews, have required other countries to imprison people who question, or according to them “defame”, Hebrews or the shit-reeking putrid country of Israel.  Quaking, cowardly, ass-licking countries like Germany, where cuntmonkeys run naked on the streets, have passed such laws.  An historian named Mr. Irving, a German, was speaking in Austria when arrested and extradited to Germany where he had published a book criticizing two aspects of the Holocaust, maybe something like, five million people were patriotized instead of six million.  The nutless krautheads claim he “defamed dead Jews”.  He could get up to eight years in a German prison.

                Those that feel thus are unworthy to be free.  The New World Order is not free. 



                God is conscious Law.  The Law that is the Universe takes two forms: the laws of morality and the laws of physics.  The laws of morality are to shackle our bodies, the laws of physics were to unshackle our minds.  

—The Prophet Mastodon.


O, tell her, brief is life but love is long.

—Alford Lord Tennyson (1809-1892).




1) BOOK  Practical Soups, © Paragon 2002, Paragon Publishing, Queen Street House, 4 Queen Street, Bath BA1 1HE, UK, p. 4: Al Capone founded and funded the first soup kitchen as a charitable organization in Chicago in the 1930s.

                Al Capone cared but the republicans did not.


2) I/O INTERNET  http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=1464214

                “McGruder doesn't shy away from controversy.  After the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, McGruder drew a series of strips featuring a talking American flag and a yellow ribbon — and they had very critical things to say about the Patriot Act and the Bush administration. Some newspapers dropped those strips entirely.”



0729: (CA) (M)  103.1 FM WRNR.  Arnold, MD: a 17 year old girl murdered her baby by leaving it in a trash can.


(S) BT  INTERNET  guitarltabs.cc.  Ad: “Click on your favorite screensaver”, CU ½—n dugs of leering longhaired brunette.


12/8/05 0824: I/O  103.1 FM WRNR.

1) Glenburnie, MD: the pigs are setting up two “DWI” roadblocks.  No timeframe given.  46 such roadblocks (no timeframe given) have resulted in the arrest of hundreds of Humans who otherwise would have gone about their business unimpeded.  

2) Annapolis, MD: a man was arrested for carrying a crossbow and a hunting knife.  He is charged with weapons violations. 


12/9/5 1031: I/O (A)  107.9 FM WSFI: Secretary of State, the patriotic subhuman lesbian shit-sucker Condoleezza Rice, is defending the rich republican patriotic subhuman faggot shit-sucking cia’s secret rape torture and murder camps around the world.  The announcer used the mediaism “secret prisons”.  She also used the mediaism “detainees”, but some of these Human Beings  may have been kidnapped in the country.   All responsible.  NM.  May it be soon.

                Yesterday I listened to Pastoring Harold Camping gingerly step around question: Were people that fought in an unjust war (the Iraq War or Oil War II) blessed by their god?

                Let us ask all you so-called men of God Almighty: Is Oil War II evil, and if so, are those that participate in it and/or support it evil?  And, if so, should they not refuse to participate in it and/or support it?


Periodical  The Defender, December 2005, In Defense of Truth, 2927 Cub Hill Road, Baltimore, Maryland 12234.  The Supreme Judge by Robert Luthardt, Sr.:

We decide what we want to, the law will just have to catch up.

 —Supreme Court Justice (1967—1991) Thurgood Marshall.



0858: 103.1 FM WRNR airs the filthy capitalist Coors/Maxim ad as does 680 AM WCBM during Baltimore Blast games.


BOOK  Twelve Past Midnight, © 1990 Stephen King, ISBN: 0—451—17038—5, Signet,  375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014.  Fiction.

The Langoliers

p. 195: (F) (A) , (A)  “The United States hasn’t exactly cornered the market on dirty tricks and covert operations/we Limeys have forgotten more nasty mischief than you johnnies ever knew”.  Among the places where the British subhumans atrocified with “dirty tricks” and “covert operations” and “nasty mischief” were India, South Africa, China and Palestine.  “...the fabled MI5 isn’t where it ends but only where it begins.”  Mentioned was the subhuman British armed forces and their subhuman “Special Operations” for which the character did “odd jobs, fabulously nasty”.

p. 196

1) I/O  Allusion to wealthy american living in Boston, a supporter of the Irish Republican Army.

2) (M)  The British subhuman character was to murder the wealthy IRA supporter’s mistress as a warming.

p. 215: Allusion to charter pilots cutting the oxygen to cause revelers to pass out. 

p. 220: (A) Allusion to a sub. British murdering three Irish boys for hurling potatoes.


p. 407: I/O BT**  The Library Policeman.  Ref. to rich republican Hoovervilles being surrounded by club wielding subhuman bluecoats. 


p. 644: (S) BT**  The Sun Dog.  Ref. to two dozen glossy photographs of a modern sophisticated adult enlightened liberated girl sowing its wild oats by fucking a Shetland pony.  Note at the top of the file.

1301: INTERNET (S) BT**  http://real.com/realsuperpass.  Ad for Real Player: blonde cuntmonkey on a beach, 99% naked in G-string, fully naked ass-slab and ass-cheeks.  Note at the top of the file.


1420: 89.7 FM WTMD, Tigers Basketball.  The athletic director elaborated on the acquisition of a new player who stood trial for an unspecified offense but found innocent on all charges.  He spoke on the man’s innocence at length.  Twice he said, “If you believe in the American system of justice there is really no reason why he should not play”.  Twice he said it.  They even formed a panel of 6 people including the resident of the University ad interview the fellow at length.  What we’re trying to say is, it does not look like they have much faith in the American of justice themselves.


12/11/05: PERIODICAL  The Baltimore Sun, ibid.

1) I/O  Doonebury by Garry Trudeau.  Halliburton Bush has been giving out multimillion dollar no-bid contracts, most likely to his corporation Halliburton.  This is against federal law.  It is your money.  Why don’t you care? 

2) (S) BT**  The Boondocks by Aaron McGruder.   Allusion to the depravity of the rich actress naked cuntmonkey, the modern sophisticated adult enlightened liberated girl sowing its wild oats as “Samantha” on Degenerate Housewives.               Note at the top of the file.


12/12/05: PERIODICAL  Univercity Magazine, November 2005, Volume 10, Issue 3, telephone 410 321-940, no address.

                All words in brackets are ours.


Cover: (S) BT  Montage of the rich actress naked cuntmonkey degenerate Madonna.  In one photo it airs its filthy ½-n dugs in CU.  In other photos its filthy dugs are variously aired.  In one photo, it airs a Britney Spears T-shirt, fitting as that subhuman rich actress naked cuntmonkey degenerate is its soul sister. 


p. 12

1) Now this rich actress publicly pesthole airing’ “good Catholic girl” McDonald is trying to sell its dirty self as “a cross between Joan Baez and a singing-dancing Mother Teresa.   (That poor woman, how her name is maligned.)

2) It was a “staple of gossip columns to giggle over the contrast between the sassy [publicly and permanently pestholes airing, in full-color close-up] Madonna and the prim [none publicly and permanently pestholes airing, in full-color close-up] children’s author”.  An author for entertainment children not real children, I’m sure. 


P. 13

1) Reference to it “praying to God and wearing sexy clothes”, i.e., being near-naked in public].

2) Concerning “our collective lust for recognition”, McDonald said, “I’m posing a question to everybody: How far are you willing to go?”  This animal is limited only by the amount it is paid.

3) Not a word about its in-public and permanent 50 x 70 foot full-color pesthole airing depravity, but we read, “All those who’ve winced through films like “Body of Evidence” and “Swept Away”, will be thrilled to know that [it] is not interested in acting anymore”.  It wants to direct.


p. 17: I/O  Ad of job opportunities at Towne Park as a valet parker.  But to be a valet parker you must “pass  adrug test and a background check”.


12/13/05 0827: INTERNET (S) BT**  Apple Quick Time.  Ad for CD Oral Fixation: The subhuman, Shakira, a long-haired brunette, airs its ridiculous  naked body  barely concealed behind a branch, full ass-slab, its pesthole hair is nearly exposed.  Note at the top of the file. 



Give assistance, not advice, in a crisis.

—Chinese Fortune Cookie.


                The Prophet Mastodon asks: Did emotions come about because of language?


12/21/5: INTERNET I/O BT**  http://markcrispinmiller.blogspot.com/

                Have you heard that the billionaire bum spoiled brat Halliburton Bush is using the National Security Agency to spy on us without the consent of any court?  Like mostly everything else he and his rich republican friends do and are doing, this is specifically against the law, and if it were not against the law, what difference would it make?  The kind of law that allows such as they are doing is rule by terror.  George Bush, The Thing from the Upper Tax Bracket, says political appointees (his fat rich jolly chuckling capitalist subhuman homosexual republican friends that, like him, were born with silver spoons in their mouths, up their noses, and up each’n others’ assholes where they dine most snootily) in the Justice Department outlined the legal authority to get around the restrictions in our laws and the Constitution, but classified like all government and corporate documents that reveal the truth those legal memos are.

                Some people are pretending to be surprised at this.

                All that are responsible for this additional rape of our Human Rights from the bottom of the cesspool up to and including the scum floating on the top. 

                Note at the top of the file.


12/23/05  The rich Baltimore Sun says about the above that justice is complicated (which means there will be no justice because those involved are rich), because rich republican leaders of both houses agreed to this recent rape of our rights.  Article filed.


12/23/05: (S) BT**  Sharkey’s, 1525 Merritt Blvd, Baltimore, MD 21222, at Danville Square:

a)      Miller’s Lite standup ad, leering beast in black bikini, airing it reeking 99% naked body: reeking cunt mound, ass-slabs and CU huge ½-n dugs.  

b)      Gigantic 8’ X 4’ “Miller Time” ad, 99% naked leering longhaired brunette cuntmonkey subhuman, on its hands and knees airing its filthy body on a beach: full ass-slab, CU ½-n dugs.  

                Note at the top of the file.  

c)      Other filth.




                Let u pray to God Almighty, the Creator of the Universe and all that is beyond, It that is Its own Creation, It that Created Itself, the Great Spirit, Conscious Law, the Creative Spirit; that in this year, 2006 CE, we will see the beginnings of Peace and, more importantly, Dignity come into the world.  It is a long rough road ahead.  Only when mankind learns to live in fear of its past will the subhuman race become Human.  May God Almighty grant us strength and courage to wage Its war.

                Happy New Year.

—The Prophet Mastodon.


1/1/6: 88.5 FM WAMU?: Reference to a high school band with a dress code for practice.


1/2/06 0816: INTERNET   http://www.randynewman.com/tocdiscography/disc _ trouble_ in_ paradise/lyricstroubleinparadise


Lyrics from There's a Party At My House by Randy Newman


Don't forget to bring that little red-haired girl along
You know the one
Love to watch her jumpin' up and down
Seem like her face gets all red and spotty
Like she's been out too long in the sun

And that little blue vein right beneath her breast
Man, those nipples
Pink as a rosebud
Hey Bobby, get the rope
All right.


INTERNET (S) http://www.randynewman.com/tocdiscography/disc _ trouble_ in_ paradise/lyricstroubleinparadise and


1) BT**  CU of huge filthy ¾-n dug a of blonde holding baby.  Title: Baby Smorgasbord. 

2) BT**  http://www.crazyclip.ws/pictures/79335.html.

                Video clip of rich and famous actress and model, naked whore cuntmonkey subhuman Nicole Richie that, leering at the slobbering rich republican dogs in the audience, pulls down the top of its dress that cost more than the average american family makes in a year, letting out the stink, and before the world forever airing in color its huge, repulsive pus-squirting sexually-excited and hard-nippled dugs on a runway or, as we in the decency trade call it, naked cuntmonkeys walk.  Note at the top of the file.



1) On 88.5 FM WAMU, 1370 AM WWLG many times per day an ad airs for ITT Technical School of Criminal Justice.  Among the perks of this groovy new fastest growing field are that it is a fast growing field (of shit), financial aid is available (of course), and even a moron can do it because classes meet only a few times a week (naturally).  Now why doesn’t that surprise us?


2) BOOK  Nightmares and Dreamscapes, © 1993 Stephen King, Signet, 375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014, ISBN: 0-451-18023- 2.  Fiction.

p. 72: (CA) BT**  The End of the Whole Mess.  Texans sometimes stick their children in ovens and roast them alive.  Note at the top of the file.

p. 96: (CA) BT**  The Night Flier.  Subhuman males chop their children up with hatchets for kindling.  Note at the top of the file.

p. 294: I/O  You Know They Got a Hell of a Band.  A man named Ralph Ginsberg tried mailing a magazine called Eros from Intercourse, Pennsylvania, but the federale subhumans prevented him.

p. 333: (S) BT**  Home Delivery.  A movie called Macumba Love airs nearly naked subhuman rich actress cuntmonkeys airing their smutty bodies.

p. 364: PB  Rainy Season.  Pigs drag Human Beings to pigmobiles by the front of their shirts.

p. 380: (S) BT**  My Pretty Pony.  A book called Model Delights by a rich subhuman homosexual named Foxy Brannigan, airs in full-color close-up stink-pestholes detail, many rich naked subhuman cuntmonkey models.  Note at the top of the file.

p. 480: (F) PB BT**  Couch End.  A British bluecoat subhuman routinely broke the fingers of pickpockets.


p. 583: (CA) (S) BT**  Umney’s Last Case.  The Little Sister by Raymond Chandler, setting c. 1930's-1950, mentions Hollywood whorehouses specializing in “sixteen-year-old-virgins”.  Note at the top of the file.

p. 625: (S) BT**  c. 1994, actress, model and dancer cuntmonkey subhuman animals, dancing naked in naked cuntmonkey club windows in doomed Los Angeles.  Note at the top of the file.


p. 555: The Doctor’s Case.  London c. 1900.  Reference to babies dieing of starvation on the East End, and twelve-year-old children working 50 hours a week in the factories.   The factories were, of course, owned by fat rich jolly chuckling capitalist subhumans, England’s equivalent of republicans.  This is how it was here until recently.  Thanks to Unions, it disappeared for awhile.  However, this is what the fat rich jolly chuckling capitalist republican subhuman homosexuals are working fang and claw to do to your children, who they passionately hate, now.  Moreover, you are letting them do it because you call yourself a man, but you are really a woman, and you call yourself a woman, but you do no know what you are. 

p. 646: (S) BT** (CA)  Head Down.  The nauseating naked beasts, rather dugs, of subhuman naked cuntmonkeys are aired in breast-examination ads in People magazine, C. 1993, routinely attracting the attention of little leaguers.  Note at the top of the file.



Artist: Gorillaz

Song: Feel Good Inc.

Album: Demon Days



Feel Good (x8)


Laughing Gas, these Haz mats
Fast Cat, lining them up like ass cracks
Lay these ponies at the track
It's my chocolate attack
Shoot I'm stepping in hotter this year
Care bear reppin' it harder this year...


c. 1620: 103.1 FM WRNR.  Deejay Bob Wauld could not resist mentioning the rich actress naked cuntmonkey McDonna.  It lives in England, you know, and spends its time exorcising palatial estates of “bad energy”, ghosts and haints but mostly saints because when that beast is around there abounds wickedness—some such flaky new age shit as that.


1/6/6 0649: 1370 AM WWLG.  Deejay RC Allen referenced sheep fucking as normal and healthy in America.  Human Beings do not accept sheep fucking as normal and healthy.  We call it bestiality and punish it with death.

1129: Deejay Joe Pacino mentioned the bestial, subhuman, publicly-naked rich actress cuntmonkey model whore Nicole Richie.  He called the filthy moralless animal a “bimbo,” and said that it was “a real piece of work”.  We could not get his drift.


PB  In the song Truckin by the Grateful Dead, lyrics by Robert Hunter, it is noted that in New Orleans:

1) I/O BT  The subhuman pigs kicked in Jerry Garcia’s hotel door on several occasions.

2) He was framed and arrested for drugs on Bourbon Street.

3) BT**  The history of the injustices and brutalities of the New Orleans bluecoated subhumans is long and gristly.  In the 1960s, the New Orleans pigs in their sties routinely beat to a pulp peace demonstrators before witnesses.  One such act of fathomless cowardice is documented in the book Meat on the Hoof by Gary Shaw originally published in 1972.  Because God Almighty swept that filthy place away with a great and cleansing flood does not mean that anything has been or shall be forgotten.  If anything were forgotten, then the flood would not have been cleansing, and it would have had no purpose, right?


1/7/6: 680 AM WCBM.  Brick Body Builder health spas feature gyms for “women only” but apparently have none for men only.  Men do not want to work out with those naked nasty things.  Think about what it means that they assume that we do.  The way we hear it, when you see one of those things splayed out in a gym exercising, you do not know whether you should recite encouraging slogans, or shout “Push push”.

                In addition, WCBM airs a second type of that smutty Coors/Maxim ad in which these billion dollar capitalist/pig corporations are searching for a groovy new naked cuntmonkey to sell their unnecessary shit.  This one features a real live salacious cuntmonkey, or it was alive when the ad was recorded.  The original has a military motif, which fits the psychologies of capitalist degenerates perfectly, a dovetail joint of the mind.  They play those often during Baltimore Blast (MISL) games.


                On 660 AM WFAN there is a dick stiffener ad caking to those with “erectile problems”.


1/8/6 1850: 1090 AM WBAL, the Cincinnati Bengals-Pittsburg Steelers game.   Like a little child, the announcer retched to the boys and women in uniform: “Thank you for protecting our freedom.”  What freedom would that be Mr. Rich Announcer?  It must be the freedom of you and you ilk to destroy the rest of us, to build your fortunes on the wreckage of our families, our homes, our bodies and our lives.  Because that is the only freedom there is, and the purpose of that trash you thank like a mindless moron.


1/9/06 0633: PB I/O  104.3 FM WSMJ:  For hours the police blocked the ramp  to 95 North before route 100 and diverted traffic to  route 175 to investigate for the insurance companies.  Route 175 was also bunged up because of an accident.  We have got to smash the insurance companies.


                Written by Prince, Raspberry Beret was popularized for many  by Warren Zevon.  Here is the chorus:

She wore a raspberry beret
The kind you find in a second hand store
Raspberry beret
When it was warm she didn't wear much more
Raspberry beret
I think I love her.


1/9/6: (S) BT**  An ugly, schlumpy, brunette about fourteen was reported at a local high school.  It wore a thin sweater.  Although its dugs were smallish, its nipples were on display and its dugs jiggled.  This is how depraved Baltimore County educators raise your soiled daughters.  However, their and your morals are safe.  The schools forthrightly and unhesitatingly seen them home if they if barefoot.  Note at the top of the file. 



0842: 103.1 FM WRNR.  Ad for the Golden globe awards, among other filthy male and female trash, Sara Jessica Parker has been nominated for something.  You’ve see that thing.


1448: PB I/O  1370 AM WWLG:  Anne Arundel police have closed route 214.


1825: BT**  channel unknown:  Starsky and Hutch, CU ass-slabs of cuntmonkey on a poster.

1829: BT**  Two nearly naked subhumans on a beach, ass-slabs airing.

                Note at the top of the file. 




0804: 1370 AM WWLG: Howard County Exe cutive Jim Robey refused to sign an antismoking in restaurants and bars bill because, get this from this rich queer, “It’s not strong enough”.


1/0 BT**  Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich has increased  funding for private schools by tens of millions of tax dollars to help them manufacture, to cut  out with mindless patriots with a cookie cutter, perfect rich citizens, rich little gingerbread boys and women.  The funding of private schools with public tax dollars is so oppressive, so morally wrong that it is sickening to contemplate.  Much of this money goes to Catholic schools where angelic nuns and priests (of the Christian persuasion) brutalize, beat and perhaps rape and sexually abuse the children.

                Governor Ehrlich is rich, you see.  They look out for their own.  Not your own, their own.

                All responsible everywhere.



1035: 1370 AM WWLG.  Allan Field: “...but I miss Tina Turner’s long legs and short skirts”.  How about her quarter-sized nipples?  Do you miss those?


1306: INTERNET (S) BT**  encarta.msn/map.  Ad: Tone Your Buns.  Denise Austin’s Fit Forever!  Online.  CU of full, deep shitty ass-slit of a beast bending over wearing gray paint.


1401: ATROCITY  1370 AM WWLG.  Cowardly American subhumans murdered thirty people at a wedding in Pakistan by air strike, blowing families them into small ragged pieces of flesh.  The american dog subhumans were trying to murder a suspected terrorist who they though might maybe perhaps be attending the wedding.  This is a legitimate reason to murder thirty Human Beings, thirty Men, Women and Children to american war criminal patriotic subhumans.  Remember that wedding in Afghanistan recently.  There subhuman war criminal patriotic americans murdered scores of Human Beings, i.e., Men, Women and Children, by cowardly air attack.  That was by accident, of course, but nobody but another war criminal, an allied government, or an american believes a war criminal.

                There is symbolic.  Weddings, like babies, are a juicy sought-after target for patriotic american subhumans.  americans hate it when decent people, people unlike themselves, get married.  They would support the bombing of weddings in their own country if the rich ordered it.  americans hate real families, families unlike their own.  The newly weds, their lovely hope, obliterated in shards of flesh and gouts of blood by cowardly demonic american subhumans.  Capitalists!

                Real families are a threat to the rich that own them and their country. 

                Need we say it?  Oh, shucks, let’s say it anyway.  All responsible.


If you put your eggs in a rotten basket, you will lose your eggs.

—The Prophet Mastodon.


1/17/06: Super Friends the First Season, Warner Brothers, DVD, 31626; Disk 2, Side B: Saturday, Sleeping Bags & Super Friends: A Retrospective: James Tucker, Producer of Justice League, speaking of a female DC comics character: “She was very hip, very Marlo Thomas, very bad girl.”


1/18/6: 1370 AM WWLG: The weather man Tony Pann is having a Mr. Scott Stevens on his Saturday program Talk About the Weather who believes the weather is being manipulated by the Japanese yakuza, the Japanese mafia.  As different as that sounds, he delights in trashing the man, calling him and others who disagree with himself, names like jerk, kook, etc., throughout several days.  Despite the cowardly and gross rudeness of him, this attitude is why we are living at the bottom of a hole so deep daylight can’t filter down. 

                Deejay R.C. Allen’s dick got hard so he followed it into the fun.


1/19/06 1051: INTERNET (S)  dcrtv.org.  This site reports on Washington and Baltimore area television and radio.  

1) BT*  dcrtv.org/mediaw21.html.  CU of huge, grubby ½-n dugs of brunette subhuman nearly naked  in bikini.

2) dcrtv.org/mb505e.html. 

  a. BT**  blackhead subhuman nearly naked in black thong, nylons and heels airing full ass-slabs, ¼-dugs.  Note at the top of the file.

  b. BT*  brunette nearly naked in white underwear, nylons and heels, airing ass-slabs. 


SternFanNetwork Archive - I need A Little Help
Keep sitting there, pulling on your nougahide nipple scars, somethin will come
ot you. ... Keep sitting there, pulling on your nougahide nipple scars, ...
www.sternfannetwork.com/ forum/showthread/t-22559-p-2.html - 98k - Supplemental Result –


Spider-Man, Columbia Pictures, DVD 09661, ISBN 0-7678-9872-9.  56:66 minutes: A photograph of rich actress permanently publicly naked whore Julia Roberts airing itself in a thong is mentioned.


1/20/5 1325:  (S) BT* INTERNET  http://encarta.msn.com/encnet/features/dictionary/

Dictionary Results.aspx?refid=1861596627.  Ad: for eDiets.com features a cuntmonkey airing its huge ¼-n dugs, in CU and an ass-cheek.              


PERIODICAL  The Baltimore Sun, ibid., p. 6C: People in the News, headline: Kids’ names are legally Jolie-Pitt.  There is a photograph of rich actress whore Angelina-Jolie, followed by three paragraphs by a media propagandist attempting to hose it down, make it look good, make this fucker that strips naked and fucks permanently in public appear human.  Think of it people, they murder trees to print this shit and they print millions of tons of it.  Nobody ever heard of this cuntmonkey before it fucked a designated faggot forever in public on a 30’ x 50’ screen in full-color close-up intimate action detail.  Its husband Brad Pitt was in the background.



PERIODICAL  The Old Farmer’s 2006 Almanac, P.O. Box 520, Dublin, N.H. 03444-0520.

p. 16: I/O BT**  Our Health and Well-Being: Get Fit or Get Out: “Some employee wellness programs are using a stick instead of a carrot by telling workers to quit smoking or lose their jobs.”   

                Not that the capitalist subs care about their workers, of course they do not.  Oh, no no no.  This is a capitalist country.  No good deed goes unpunished.  Workers are threatened with dispossession and starvation in an effort to reduce insurance premiums.  Not that’s important.  Bet you were worried there for moment weren’t you? 

                Corporations and businesses like Okemos, Michigan-based Weyco, Inc.,  have banned tobacco use and eating coaches and eating disorder coaches were hired to slim down the slaves to save money on insurance premiums.  If this does not work, smokers and obese workers will be fired.  Subhuman capitalists, fat rich Republicans, claim the right to control their slaves when at home.  Demon lawyers expect other capitalist companies to follow suit.  Now is this a capitalist pig dictatorship or what?  

p. 144: Toys That Have Withstood the Test of Time by Jeff Baker.  The first time  a toy was advertised on television was in 1952 on The Jackie Gleason Show.  The toy was Me. Potato Head.  Go figure.

 p. 155: Good for What Ails You complied Sarah Perreault.

                Nothing should be thrown away, so long as it is possible to make use of it, however trifling that use may be. 

—Lydia Maria Child, American authoress (1802-1880).

p. 184: Your Kitty’s New Worst Enemy by Sally Roth.  The winner of the Miss New Hampshire cuntmonkey contest is likely to receive a fisher fur coat made from pelts donated by trappers in the state. 

In the Wake of a Quake by Kimberly Green.

p. 217: To revive a woman a hero threw a bucket of water in her face.  To revive her husband he viciously kicked him, and then told them to go back to bed.  Nothing to worry about, just the city falling in a hole.

p. 217: In an attempt to control the conflagration after the San Francisco earthquake of 1906, the military meatheads fell to obliterating people’s homes with dynamite and gunpowder.  One wonders if they detonated any businesses, but they could not even do that right.  Instead of creating firebreaks, these idiots sent the flaming remains of people’s homes into neighboring blocks of people’s homes thus spreading the fire faster and further. 

p. 220: After the disaster, businesses spread capitalist propaganda.  James Horsburgh, Jr., an agent for Southern Pacific Railroad, wrote to California chambers of commerce, explaining, “We do not believe in advertising the earthquake.  The real calamity in San Francisco was undoubtedly the fire.”  

                The San Francisco Real Estate Board passed a resolution stating that “the great fire” should be chanted instead of “the great earthquake” when referring to the disaster.  This is how devious and demonic, how sly these capitalist pigs are.  Earthquakes are Acts of God and cannot be predicted or controlled.  Therefore, real estate prices might maybe perhaps be adversely affected.  Heaven forbid!  Whereas they believed fear of the threat of fire could be minimized by gushing about building codes and emergency preparedness.    


The Baltimore Sun, ibid., comic strip Luann by Greg Evans mentions Hollywood actor/fag Brad Pitt.


1/23/6:  1370 AM WWLG: The weather man Tony Pann and R.C. Allen are not through trashing Mr. Scott Stevens behind his back.  These twits are also mocking his views on your subhuman government’s secret HAARP facility in Alaska and the poison germ contrails your subhuman government has sprayed on you several times.  Many say the HAARP facility is a weather control facility based on the work of Nikola Testla.  Loose-mouth slack-jawed radio trash should be whipped.  They are a big part of the rich subhumans’ propaganda campaign to keep you the ignorant assholes you are.


1/24/6 1316: INTERNET (S) BT**  Doesthisskirtmakemybunlookb2.mpe.  Subject: Does this skirt make my butt look big?  This American girl filth is going around in email.  It is an extreme full-color extreme close-up, short video, of a big fat American cuntmonkey’s shitty turd-cutter as it walks down a busy city street, roles of filthy fat shaking like jelly in a the upcoming massive earthquake; its full-color extreme close-up naked shitty turd-cutter airing.    

                Filed on digital porn file disk.  Note at the top of the file. 


1/25/6 1053: INTERNET (S) (CA) BT**

Nude Children

100,000 Stores. Deals. Reviews.

Nude Children & More!


                Note at the top of the file.


1/27/06: I/O BT**  At New Orleans during the recent flood, pigs and military subhumans bodily tore families from their homes, brutalizing some at gunpoint, so government bureaucrats could bulldoze their homes and give the land to their fat rich Republican owners .  They sent the families to Louisiana Superdome were they were they were beaten, stabbed, raped and murdered and not allowed to leave by army subhumans

                All responsible.  Note at the top of the file.


PERIODICAL (S) BT  The Baltimore Sun, ibid., Life: America’s Weekend Magazine.  On cover: large color CU of ½-n dugs of Heather Graham.  HG is one of those publicly and permanently rich actress whore naked monkeys that demeans, denigrates and sasses men after humiliating them by aring their naked grimy bodies in public.  Cuntmonkey “Heather Graham TV’s sexiest star rocks the weekend....”  Oh!   Life: America’s Weekend Magazine is no my weekend magazine so that statement is false.  It is  a lie.


1/29/6:  I/O (A)  Recently on 1370 AM WWLG we learned that children around the country had been sickened in their schools by the spraying of insecticides over the schools and by spraying bacteria on leaves to recycle them instead of raking them up.  Of course, this is especially notable in Texas. 

                This does not look like routine capitalist barbarianism.  There was at least one high school, in Las Vegas, Nevada, where the united states army infected the student body with a biological warfare agent, as a test, by introducing deadly germs into the air-conditioning system.  Many of the youth were sickened.  There have been chilling brutalities done to convicts in this country with germs, chemicals and drugs, and to military males throughout recent history including deliberately exposing them to massive radiation.  Poison germs have been laid down on our major cities by the patriotic subhuman cia and scientists, demonic meat puppets for the rich.  There was the Tuskegee Institute experiment where, for forty years, the US Public Health Service (PHS) conducted an experiment on 399 black men in the late stages of syphilis, infecting them and releasing them into the community.  Scores of innocent people died unspeakable deaths. Babies of syphilitics are born blind.  None of the rich patriotic subhumans that committed these atrocities on us was even wrist slapped.  One of the big players in the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, a rich subhuman of unparalleled patriotic fervor, arose to a high position in the Department of Health, Education and Welfare under the subhuman queer Bill Clinton.

                We want this investigated now.  We will reinvestigate when elected.  Woe be to those that lie in any way, shape or from.

                Note at the top of the file.


(F) (A)  The main war criminals for Oil War II are Billion Bum Baby Bush; Richard Norman Perle, presidential ass-licker and cowardly war monger, affectionately called by those that eat shit out of his  asshole “The Prince of Darkness”; US Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz; and the mannish Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.  A more wretched gang of villainy and perfumed scum you will not find.

                A main one for The Vietnam War was Robert S. McNamara. 

                The Board of Executive Directors unanimously approved Paul Wolfowitz as the new President of the New World Order’s World Bank on March 31, 2005.




                If men have nothing to live for they have nothing to die for.  Then the rich have to stoop to increasingly depraved means to get Men to obey them.

—The Prophet Mastodon.



107.9 FM WSFI, Annapolis.

1) (F) NL  Baghdad, Iraq: At the subhuman patriotic war criminal Saddam Hussein’s trail, its demonic lawyers are using legal trickery to free the rape, torture and murderer of millions of men, women, children and babies, an ally of the United States of America when most of it happened.  Then the United States of America retaliated by starving even unto death thousands of Iraqi children and babies.

2) I/O  At Baby Bush’s State of the Union Address before a joint session of Congress in the House of Representatives Chamber in the Capitol building, a woman was arrested for wearing an antiwar T-shirt.  This is not the land of Free Speech.

3) (F) PB  There has been a clash between Palestinians and Israeli pigs.

The Old Farmer’s 2006 Almanac, ibid.

p. 1:       In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count.  It’s the life in your years. 

—Abraham Lincoln.

p. 103

1)            He who would travel much should eat little.

2)            Abandon not your old clothes until you get new.

3)            On February 21, 2004, billionaire bum Baby Bush’s dog, Spotty, daughter (bitch) of his war criminal father’s dog, Millie) died, likely costing working people a $100,000. 

4)            I hold it that a little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.

—Thomas Jefferson, third U.S. President.


2/5/6: INTERNET  http://www.lyricsandsongs.com/song/538432.html

                The lyrics of Use It by The New Pornographers from the album Twin Cinema (2005).

The cat calls through the night
and two chicks in the parking lot
crack wise on the price of fame
they stood to gain...


1701: I/O  1370 AM WWLG; news: At the commie/cappy Super Bowl, the patrons have to submit to being humiliated by 1) a pat down, 2) a metal detector scan, and 3) an ID check.


2/8/6 0630: (F) PB BT  107.9 FM WSFI.  Afghani pig subhumans murdered four Humans at a demonstration—America’s allied pig subhumans at work.  The Humans were protesting 12 cartoons that appeared in the Danish press, derogatory to the Prophet Mohammad.  The cartoons have ignited worldwide Moslem protest.  


2/9/6: (S)  INTERNET, Spam: Cherry Flint installment of “Meet the Shrink” this time porn star (subhuman depraved animal) Tabitha Stevens....  Investigate all leads. 


2/11/6: (S) BT**  Television Classics, PMB 421, 991-C Lomas Santa Fe Drive, Solana Beach, CA 92075. 


“The Cisco Kid” DVD No. 65149.

1) BT**  False Marriage, Gale Davis is spanked.  Note at the top of the file.

2) BT**  Big Switch, CU one-half of Pamela Blake’s deep ass slit.


“Flash Gordon,” Volume 2, No. 65169.  The Flash Gordon TV series was independently produced in West Berlin (1954) by Inter-Continental Film Productions, and originally broadcast on DuMont Television Network.

A. Akim the Terrible

  1) (BT)  ass-crack of Irene Champlin.

  2) BT**  I.C.’s ass-cheeks hanging below skirt often.  Note at the top of the         


B. BT**  The Breath of Death.  Actress Irene Champlin is apparently naked beneath a see-through dress.  Note at the top of the file. 



PERIODICAL (S)  The Baltimore Sun, ibid., J.C. Penny advertising supplement.

p. 8: (T)  ½-n dugs are aired in a perfume ad.  (You know why they splash on so much perfume do you not guys?  Sure you do.)  Next to this, an ad for publicly- and permanently-fucking and cocksucking, in full-color intimate-action close-up detail, Britney Spears’ perfume Curious.

P. 9: BT**  Six close-up photos of five nearly-naked rich model cuntmonkeys, naked in G-strings, airing ass-slabs, with close-ups of their putrid slimy, stinking cuntmounds, and ½-n dugs.   Note at the top of the file.

p. 32: Three photos of the same subhuman naked female, or animal.  

  1. BT**  Super close-up of the rich naked model beast in G-string, airing its naked ass-slabs and its stinky, slimy, putrid, pronounced pesthole mound.  Note at the top of the file.

  2. Two of it airing its grubby ½-n dugs.

                All photos full color.  All photos filed. 

.... ...

(S) BT** 



                Forum Special Edna (a.k.a. Love And Marking) (episode #298).  Originally aired: Sunday January 5, 2003 on FOX.

                Reference two a subhuman’s nipple in the R rated porn Romeo and Juliet. 

...... .......

BOOK  Bag of Bones, ISBN 0-671-02423-X, © 1998  Stephen King, Pocket Books, Simon & Schuster, Inc., 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020.  Fiction.

Cover: image of naked cuntmonkey standing in water about half-assed.

p. 1: I/O (S)  In Maine, corpses are viewed naked on close-circuit television.  Yesterday they were viewed naked in person.  Animals, animals, you are naught but animals, without a shred of dignity ever—according to your government, not us. 

p. 27: (S)  Reference to the state sanctioned whorehouses in the Burning Man  state of Nevada, a state of whores, lesbians, queers and dickless wonders. 

p. 101: (S)  BT**  Getting blowjobs in Maine massage parlors. 

p. 102: (S) BT** 2000 nearly naked subhuman animal cuntmonkeys on the beaches of Key Largo, Florida, the East Coasts’ answer to Nevada with a like citizenry.

p. 371: (CA)  Reference to murdering a child by holding the lambkin’s innocent head under a hand pump.

p. 592: I/O

The government bugged the men’s room in the local disco lounge...

                Lyrics from All She Wants to Do Is Dance, by Danny Kortchmar, 1984 WB Music Corporation.

.. .. .. .

c. 1200: 1370 AM WWLG:

1)  On this oldies station the hard-dicked never-fucked deejay could not resist referring to the publicly naked, fucking and cocksucking Britney Spears: “Be careful what you ask for.  Britney Spears loves to get attention and boy did she ever get attention.”  We do not know what this specifically referred to. 

2)   PB  News: fbi subhumans stormed a ranch somewhere.

... .... ... ...

c. 1900-2000: 90.5 FM WETA, The Travis Smiley Show.  Permanently publicly- naked rich vocalist subhuman Maria Carey was hosed down spiritually backstage somewhere.  It’s gonna take a hell of a lot more than that.  Mr. Smiley’s program was about the growing obscenity of advertising in churches, although it was approved of.  The money changers and queers have their stands too doubtless.  It reminds us of the Simpson’s episode where Mr. Burns, a white capitalist pig, takes over the town church.  We thought it was a joke.




Burning Photograhs Lyrics

by Ryan Adams


Pretty pictures in a magazine

Everybody is so make believe, it's true

I used to be sad

Now I'm just bored with you

You're doomed to repeat the past

'Cause nothing is gonna last

I burned all of your photographs


And all the time you're so unhappy

And everything to you's so heavy

But oh my word, ain't you pretty now

There's nothing to make up now

No one to wake up now

She's starting to break up



Pretty pictures in a magazine...


2/14/5: (S) The Baltimore Sun, ibid.

Page 1A: Above the headlines in large type: “SHEDDING INHIBITIONS, In class, women learn the fine art of burlesque dancing”. 

BT**      There is a color photo of a cuntmonkey in parts of military uniforms,  upper ass-cheeks aired. 

p. 1C: BT**  Headline: “THE ART OF STRIP TEASE”, by Abigail Tucker.  Here begins a two page spread with one huge color photo and a smaller color photo of many nearly-naked leering patriotic cuntmonkeys airing themselves in bits of military uniforms, some grabbing their pesthole covers to pull them down and let out the stink.  Aired are ass-cheeks, -slabs, cuntmounds, dugs. 

p. 2c:

1. BT**  Headline: “They learned the fine art of stripping to a tease”.  One-half page of print and three black and white photos, but only one shows a cuntmonkey airing itself, its naked upper ass-cheeks and ½-n dugs.  There are others, all in the bits of military uniforms.

2. BT**  “Free expression.   Believe it or not, publicly removing your bra and swinging it, lasso like, above your head can be considered a feminist activity.  So can crawling around on all fours....”

                Of course, you liberal twit with your shit-smeared face.  We could not have said it better ourselves.   That is all feminism ever has been, all it ever shall be, all that it can be, it is what feminism is.  To humiliate, denigrate, desecrate, embarrass, tease and taunt as many Men, helpless to do and say anything about it, that is a given, as possible for as long as possible, particularly and primarily by airing your filthy, diseased and putrid bodies, that is feminism, or woman’s liberation.  And so you can use our lavatories, and we can’t use yours, so you can enter our locker rooms, and we can’t enter yours.  It is an outhouse built on a weak foundation.

                Check article thoroughly.  


2/12/6 0830: (F) (A)  1370 AM WWLG: The International Red Cross has released more photographs of acts of patriotism America’s cowardly military cuntmonkeys and queers did to Iraqi MEN in Abu Ghraib prison.  These “show clear violations of international law”.  What is not clear is whether those photographs image the atrocities that were the flavor of the week in 2004,  or whether of fresh new atrocities America’s (your) gutless queers and lesbians of the military have committed. 



2/18/06: PERIODICAL  World Explorer, Vol. 4, No. 3, ISSN 1061-0103, Copyright 1984-2005, 403 Kemp Street, Kempton, IL 60946.




News Roundup

p. 9: Where’s That Confounded Bridge?  Despite overwhelming and compelling evidence that Australian-Melanesian peoples settled as far north a central Brazil 12,ooo years ago, cringing academic scientists say, the probably crossed the Bering Land Bridge too.  (New York Times, 13 Dec 2005.)

p. 13: Diffusionist Theory Revived.  A recent report conclusively proved Polynesians became the Chumash Indians of California arriving 1,200 years ago.  “Needless to say, the report drew a flurry of criticism.  (LA Times, 2 Nov 2005.)


p. 29: (F) I/O  Cursing on the Devil’s Highway, Arizona’s Most Dangerous Road by David Hatcher Childress.  Mexican pigs throw up special road block, check innocent people.


The Mystery of the Flying Humanoids by David Hatcher Childress. 

p. 45: (F) NL  Mexico: A commercial airline pilot for the Mexican regional carrier AeroCalifornia, saw a “little flying man” but omitted to report his name to avoid problems in his work. 

p. 46: I/O  Monterey, Mexico: Leonardo Samaniego, a cop, was attacked by a flying humanoid.  The flying humanoid was no less vicious that the rich trash that owns him.  He was forced to take “several drug tests as well as other examinations”.  All tests were negative.


2/21/6: PERIODICAL  Adventure Tales, ISBN 1-55742-461-6, © 2005, Wildside Press, 9710 Traville Gateway Drive, #234, Rockville, MD 20850.

p. 27: I/O  Mr. Clackworthy’s Pot of Gold, by Christopher B. Booth.  During World War I, the patriotic subhumans threw “war slackers,” i.e., consciousness objectors, into federal prison camps.  

p. 65: (S) BT**  Reference to Corinth Books, pornography publishers.


2/24/6: PERIODICAL (S) BT**  The Baltimore Sun, ibid., p. 1F.  Full-page color photo of figure skater Sasha Cohen: naked ass-slabs, turd-cutter cheeks, and cuntmound, and another photo of it airing ¼-n dugs.  Note at the top of the file.  


1138: 107.9 FM WSFI.  In the 18th century, the British government used military force to backup the East India Company in selling opium to the Chinese people against the will of the Chinese government.  They murdered thousands of Chinese who were against the legal sale of opium to their brothers and sisters.  Before, when the sale of opium had been illegal, but rampant, some missionaries were in on it. 


2/25/6: 103.1 FM WRNR.  Ad for The Forward, the “nation’s Jewish newspaper”.  Rich actress naked cuntmonkeys Natalie Portman and Madonna are share common traits.  That is all too true.


2/26/06: BOOK  World War II, © James Jones, ISBN 0-345-25126-1-795, Random House, Inc., New York, NY.

p. 13: (F) (A)  japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor; 2,400 murdered, half that number wounded.

p. 14: (F) (A)  japanese sneak attacks on The Philippines, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guam.

p. 16: The per-World War II army was crawling with thieves like all American armies since.

p. 26: I/O  While the poor and middle-class volunteered or were drafted, the sons of the rich, with “fervid patriotism”, avoided serving their precious stinking country and made fortunes from the social and industrial change-over from peace to war, i.e., off butchery.  The rich cowards wrangled jobs or commissions from their senators and representatives, which kept them out of combat and put them where there was high living.  “And high living wasn’t long in coming, as the nation geared up and Washington, D.C., became the officer’s and [rich] serviceman’s Mecca.”

p. 28: (F) (A)  Illustration of the Death March of Bataan.

p. 31: I/O 

1) World War II recruits were treated as shit.  Those wonderful men 

were stripped naked before anybody and stripped of all rights and dignity.  They did not even have the right to defend themselves.  Obscene fat, loud, depraved, maniacal patriotic sergeants under same likewise ignorant officers were unleashed upon them.  They were brutally beaten and suffered other brutalities and endless humiliations.  An episode of the 1952-1953 television series Victory at Sea illustrates this, likely the first one Design for War.  Wholesome Men were brainwashed away from their Humanity by slope-headed subhuman NCOs and sadistic officers to “live as a number by the numbers”.  (You can imagine how those patriotic psychos loved saying that shit.)  The nation itself has ever since believed that a soulless slave was a Man.  The fat rich that owned and ran the country, whose vast fortunes might, maybe, perhaps someday been threatened, demanded this.  They still demand it.

2) NCOs and officers were accorded vast privileges: the idea was to turn a Man into a soldier, a cold, heartless number without brain or notion of individuality or shred of dignity, an unthinking robot slave, one “so bitter he would gladly take on both jap and nazi simultaneously”.

3) BT**  The patriotic humiliations and brutalities inflicted on the Men  by cowardly NCOs and officers were censored from their letters, and God Almighty knows what happened to those that wrote them down in the first place. 

4) There was nowhere to run.  Conscientious objectors were drug to federal concentration camps.  This made Men tremble, terror spread among them.

                All this proves what we have always said.  The rich rule by fear and lies, by brutality and brainwashing, brothers.  They have you more afraid of them than you are of dieing in a horrible manner, certainly you fear them more than you fear of blowing up babies and innocent people at weddings, and machine-gunning families in cars.  They have you people so afraid, your should are consigned to Hell, and you went singing Satan’s Song, chanting Satan’s Pledge.

                World War II was a greater boon to the depraved rich subhumans that own and run this country than the Civil War and World War I combined.

p. 33: (S)  Mention of the filthy fleshpots of Honolulu.

p. 35: (S)  Mention of the whorehouses in scummy Honolulu.

p. 36: (S) Like a drone the author patronized The New Senator Hotel, a famous Honolulu whorehouse featuring some of the finest bipedal pestholes.

p. 41: (S)  At the author’s unit’s position guarding the beaches of Oahu, a Honolulu whoremaster drove up in a pickup with four whore-subhumans in the back, sorta like a load of compost.  The all-american girls fucked and sucked the entire platoon, 37 hard-dicked boys, in “just over 45 minutes”.  The lieutenant timed it. 

                I think Jonseie’s memory is faulty on this.  You got four all-american girls who fucked and sucked 37 all-american boys in “less than 45 minutes”.  Okay, my friends in the math league, total amount of whore time is this: 4 whores X 45 minutes or 180 minutes of whore time.  Now, you got 37 hard-dicked snot noses using the 4 subhuman cuntmonkeys, or: 180 / 37 = 4.86 minutes or about five minutes fuck time each.  Either Jonseie’s memory is in err on this, or that jerk officer could not tell time.  Probably the latter.  Was their any cleanup time for the animal, or was it sloppy slimy tenths in one case?  Probably that, an animal is an animal. 

                Course, I did not factor in the hard-dick factor, the hardness of their little pink ding-dings.  Even back then, their stinking society brainwashed them into believing they were supposed to be lusty gusto macho dicks on two feet who knows who he am.  Keeps them little pink ding-dings throbbing.  Think about it now.  They oversold america’s major product.  They cannot even get it up. 

p. 42: (F) (A)  Mention of the subhuman german’s subhuman treatment of conquered people’s, and their policy to exterminate Europe’s Hebrews.

p. 54: I/O  If a man asked to be relieved he was branded a coward and drug to a federal concentration camp.

p. 54-55:  “Everything the civilian soldier learned and was taught from the moment of induction was...acceptance of his death.  The idea that his death is correct and right.  The training, the discipline, the daily humiliations, the privileges of brutish sergeants, living en mass like schools of fish are all directed to breaking down the sense of sanctity of the physical person, and toward hardening the awareness that a soldier is the chattel...of the society he serves and was a born member of.  And is therefore as disposable as the ships and guns and tanks and ammo he serves and dispenses.  Those are the terms of the contract he has made —or, rather, that the state had handed him to sign.” 

p. 57:

1) Hollywood producers were already famed for their depravity.

2) (S)  A rich and famous depraved movie director was fucking a rich famous depraved actress cuntmonkey behind some screens in Ciro’s or Romanoff’s [nightclubs] when a waiter knocked over the screens.  Dig what the rich subhuman said.  The italics are ours.  It grinned and said, “Now, man, that’s what I’m fighting this war for.  That kind of freedom.  Where could that happen but in the good old U.S. of A?”  Words perfect.

                Does it sound plausible, that the screens were knocked over by accident?  Those Hollywood subhuman-degenerates must have planned this.  Go figure.  With a World War II fuck time of 8.86 minutes, it should have been suck, fuck leave the slut.  In addition, seeing how the male animal was from Hollywood, its hard-dick factor should have been longer that the average boy.  I.e., with the quantity of pesthole it gets, its little pink ding-ding should have been softer.  A director or producer, having herds of moralless actress bipedal pestholes to use like the filthy animals they are, are lucky to get it up at all.  Many become like eunuchs.

p. 71: I/O  [Two listings combined.]  The officers, rich themselves, got all the credit for the victories.  History is written from the point of view of the rich that own and run everything.

p. 76: The people at home grew fat and rich on the war. 

p. 83: Illus.  Grand Central Station crammed with sleeping men, closely watched by armed MPs on patrol.

p. 94:

1)  I/O MURDER BRUTALITY  Federal troops were sent to Detroit to quell “race riots”.  No mention of the brutalities and murders and perhaps rapes they committed, nor the thievery. 

2) Despite the billons given to, grafted and stolen by the rich, pay was poor for many civilians.

p. 98: (F) (A)  japanese subhumans sneak-attacked and invaded: 1) Korea (1910).  2) Formosa and the Ryukus (Okinawa) (1895).  3) Manchuria (1931-33).  4) North and south coastal China (1937-38).  5) Hainan Island (1939).  6) French Indo-China (Vietnam) (1940-41).  The subhumans committed mass atrocities in all of these countries.

p. 104: (F) (A)  japs sneak-attacked and invaded Truk in the Carolinas and Eniwetok in the Marshall’s.

p. 148:

(1) (S)  Like stocks and commodities the morality of this scummy country sought its true level, plummeting through the toilet drain.  “Everybody screwed.”

Even “nice girls” sucked and fucked in crowded rooms, and at “the swirling kaleidoscopic parties”. 

(2) I/O There was massive graft in treatment of the wounded and maimed but “the government could not be blamed for that.  Any more than the government could be blamed for the grafting congressmen and senators the people chose to elect to office.”

p. 150: I/O  Hollywood became the government’s alacritous dick-sucking propaganda machine, giving the slack-jawed slobbering yokels a totally false idea of training and combat.

p. 152: The author went with a “little girl” in Memphis who worked in a defense plant.  Her parents and two sisters worked in a defense plant too.  Nobody cared that he fucked her in her little thin-walled bedroom, just so he did not keep her from getting to her plant in time, for work on whatever shift she was on.  Mr. Jones did not recognize it, but he had fallen among white trash that had never had any morals, white trash, source of rickets, impetigo, alcoholism, child abuse and patriotism. 

p. 165: U.S. First Army Command snubbed accurate British intelligence on the great strength of the germans at Omaha Beach.  First Army Command also refused specialized British armor that would have reduced American causalities.

p. 182: (F) (A)  Mentioned the Battle of Britain which included the Blitz—when sub. germs. patriotically and systematically bombed London civilians.  Much of London was destroyed.  Tens of thousands murdered.

p. 194: I/O  Carts laden with loot stolen by german subhumans overturned and smoking, others left behind.

p. 199: (M)  Eisenhower ordered the execution for a private for “desertion in the face of the enemy”.

p. 205: (F) (A)  At Malmédy, Belgium, germ ss subs. under sub. joachim peiper murdered/massacred 150 american prisoners. 

p. 207: (M)  Illus. of executed german spy tied to a post.

p. 219: (F) (A)  Illus. of living skeletons, the starvation (and there were many other atrocities) of american prisoners at Bilibid prison, Manila.  This was done by the jap subhumans.

p. 221: (F) (A)  In the patriotic concentration camps, mentioned are the skin-covered skeletons with shrunken faces and shaved heads unable to stand or move, and the dead ones stacked like wood to be burned in incinerators.  The bales of human hair, piles of gold teeth and spectacles, clothing counted and separated for recycling. 

p. 222: (F) (A)  Depraved jap monkey-men subs., patriots to a queer,  murdered 100,000 Filipinos by refusing to withdraw from Manila, and by rape torture and murder after the American invasion.

2) (F) (A)  At the Bayombog Hospital, Luzon, jap. subs. murdered all their own men, patients.  No great loss, true, but a war crime is a war crime.

3) (F) (A)  jap. sub. patriots executed and tortured to death thousands of Filipino men, women and children.  On Luzon, a mass grave was unearthed revealing the remains of from three to four hundred Filipino men and women.  Their hands had been tied behind them, and they had been used for bayonet practice. 

p. 224: (F) (A) 

 1) At the sub. germ. concentration camps of Belson, Buchenwald and Dachau unspeakable acts of patriotism were enacted on innocent people.  Those that died quickly were lucky.

2) Here is a list of the patriotic camps in Poland with the number of innocent men, women, children and babies slaughtered by the most patriotic means the cowardly depraved homosexual mind of the patriot, working for the rich, could conceive.   This was done by depraved germ monkey-men subs., patriots to a queer  

a. Auschwitz (3,000,000).  b. Treblinka (731,000).  c. Chelmno (600,000).  d. Belsec (600,000).  e. Buchenwald (63,500).  f. Dachau (70,000).  g. Belsen (50,000).  The men, women, children and babies that died quickly were lucky—mass rape, dissected alive and conscious, death by torture, and death by scientific experimentation even on little babies.  It was the same with the jap monkey-men.

3. german townspeople were paraded past the bodies of Jewish women who died of starvation on a 300 mile march.  The faces of some of the women were battered.  The good little nazi townspeople were angry at being inconvenienced.

4) By May of 1945, the patriotic german subhumans had murdered by patriotic means 6,000,000 Human Beings, i.e., Hebrews, political dissents [and others].

5) America’s foxhole bung buddy, stalin, the greatest patriot that ever lived, had by then murdered by patriotic means a mere 9,000,000 Human Beings, i.e., political dissidents and social undesirables.  (When it died, your bung buddy’s total body count was up to 70,000,000 of its own people.  The second greatest patriot that ever lived, hitler, was a choir boy by comparison.

p. 225: (F) (A) 

(1) [(F) & DOMESTIC]  In 1940 at an international council at Evian, France, germany offered to give away its Hebrews to any nation that would take them: all refused including Britain, France and the United States. 

(2) The subhuman billionaire corporations I.G. Farben invested $250,000,000 in the Auschwitz area using slave labor.   The subhuman Krupp Industries ran similar slave labor concentrations camps at Essen, Germany.  Both multi dollar corporations are alive and richer than ever, getting fatter.

p. 225: (F) (A) 

1) Mentioned the Bataan Death March and the POW slave labor camps run by the sub. japs in Burma.  

2) Mentioned is the subhuman jap treatment of the Chinese people.

3) Mentioned is subhuman jap patriotism in the Philippines: the executions, torture, [mass rape and death by torture] cruelty and starvation of men, women children and babies and POWs.  Those that died quickly were lucky—mass rape, dissected alive and conscious, death by torture, and death by scientific experimentation on even little babies.  It was the same with the germ.  monkey-men. 

p. 226:

1) I/O BT**  Thirty-one multibillion dollar corporations operated half of the government owned $18,000,000,000 worth of new factories.  After the war these factories, which you paid for, were given to these patriotic corporations—usually for nothing.

2) (F) (A)  At Katyn, near Smolensk, the cocksucking russian subhumans, great patriots, murdered 4,143 Polish army officers after invading Poland in concert with the german subhumans. 

p. 227: (F) (A)  Illus. of some skin-covered skeletons at Buchenwald.

p. 241: (F) (A) 

1) The civilians of Berlin, Hamburg and Dresden were patriotically bombed by the allies, hundreds of thousands were murdered.

2) General Curtis Lemay, that died without honor, conceived the fire bombing of Japanese civilians.  In Tokyo 83,700 died, 41,900 injured, a million Human Beings were made homeless.  The fires were such that running people spontaneously ignited in the streets racing on, screaming balls of fire.  People suffocated from the heat.  They roasted alive in shelters.  Charred bodies were found piled three and four deep on bridges, in roads and canals.

3) Firebombed were: a. March 11, 1945, Nagoya.  b. March 16, Osaka and Kobe.  March 19, Nagoya again.

p. 246: (F) (A)  Hiroshima was nuked on August 6.

p.  248: (F) (A)  Nagasaki was nuked on August 9.

p. 250: (F) (A) 

1) Lemay again bombed Nagoya on May 14, and again after that. 

2) Tokyo, Nagoya, Kobe, Osaka, Yokohama and Kawasaki were firebombed.

3) On May 23 and 25 Tokyo was firebombed twice.

4) Lemay firebombed smaller secondary cities.  Sixty attacks, from June 27 to August 14, fell upon fifty-odd secondary cities. 

5) On August 1, Toyama, a city of 127,680 was 95% reduced to ashes.

p. 251: (F) (A)  The sub. monkey-man jap emperor, hirohito, was not even tried much less slaughtered as a “war criminal”.  The quotes are the author’s.  Despite his Human façade, the author several times expressed a marked aversion to trying rich subhuman pieces of cowardly patriotic dick-sucking shit as war criminals.  Heaven forbid that rich patriotic heroes who never take a chance under fire should be butchered.  Mr. James Jones even cast aspersions on the Nuremberg trials. 

pp. 250-251: (F) (A)  This is a quote from the book.  The emphasis is ours.

                Lately, in the 1970s, several well-researched books [proved] at the emperor himself played a much greater part in policy than was formerly recognized.  Whether or no, the statue of limitations has certainly run out for him: and at the time both his ministers, for obvious cultural reasons, and U.S. leaders, for military and political reasons, wanted to maintain the portrait of his innocence.”

p. 254: Mention of the cowards that got rich or richer off the war.

p. 255:

1) I/O  The spawn of the rich, several tens of thousands, rear echelon rinky-dinks, never in any danger, bribed their way out of the military before battered, wounded and nearly used up combat veterans.

2) (M)  At Anzio, eight replacements were sent on a feeling attack instead of veterans.  All eight were slain.  The vets knew that would happen.  That is murder.

3) (F) (M)  At St. Vith, Belgium, GIs murdered a german prisoner to get others to talk.

p. 256:

1)(F)  (A)  Mention of the massacre of Belgium civilians at Stavelot by germ ss subs. under sub. gustav knittel

2) I/O  Veteran’s Affairs was debilitated by graft, bribes, theft, etc.


2/28/06: PERIODICAL  The American Legion, February 2006, Vol. 160, No. 2, 700 N. Pennsylvania St., P.O. Box 1055, Indianapolis, IN  46296.


Going Up or Going Down by Sara Banaszak and Tyson Slocum.

p. 13: I/O  The Federal Trade Commission found conclusive evidence in the Midwest that rich subhuman commie/nazi oil companies were intentionally withholding supplies in order to drive prices up.  And they are going to continue going up. 

p. 14: I/O  Subhuman rich cappie/commie oil companies’ profits are skyrocketing, while the federal government provides these profiteering oil companies with larger profits, giving them more tax breaks.


Nuclear Wasteland by Senator John Ensign.

p. 17: 1)  I/O  Emails from government workers on the Yucca Mountain Quality Assurance Program indicate the science behind the repository may have been falsified.  According to the Washington Post, “emails by a government scientist on the Yucca Mountain nuclear-waste dump project suggest the worker was planning to fabricate records and manipulate results to ensure outcomes that would help move the project forward.”

2) I/O  A recent Inspector General’s report found that the Department of Energy repeatedly gave bonuses to the rich subhuman nazi/commie Bechtel Corp. in spite of poor performance at Yucca Mountain.  The report said DoE’s Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management paid the rich subhuman commie/cappie Bechtel Corp. $4,000,000 in “incentive-based fees” even though “Bechtel did not meet contract specifications”.


p. 22: (A)  Warhead by James V. Carroll.  This article is about post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD.  Twenty-eight percent of the twisted women and boys atrocifing Iraq reported being responsible of a noncombatant’s death.

                One again, the filthiest, most depraved, POS country on Earth has unchained its hormone scrambled, twisted, patriotically psychotic, murderous and torturing young spawn lose upon the defenseless civilian population of another country.  From the Korean War on, this cringing depraved country has fought wars for increasingly flimsy reasons.  This one is the pits.  The Iraqi War is a war of naked aggression.  It is war for oil.  It is Oil war II.  And everybody that serves in it is wicked and damned.

                Yeeee-haa!  Praise publicly splayed pestholes and pass the ammunition.  Dis chere’s ermericky et work.


p. 22: About military cuntmonkeys that had got their rocks off killing MEN, behold what this beetle-browed troglodyte that stepped out of the Victorian Age, Lt. Col. Richard Rael said: “This is what is different about this war.  These little wisps of things are stronger than anyone could ever imagine...”

                Nothing those “little wisps of things” like better than cold beer, hot pussy, and a good shave.  And of course torturing murdering and humiliating MEN>  They would like to do it to you.


1101: (S) BT** INTERNET  Online English to Italian Dictionary


Ad: Make Your Move, Find Love Now.  Longhaired brunette subhuman cuntmonkey, yea,n say, airing its ½-n dugs and airing it hard, reeking turd-cutter.  CU of its -n turd-cutter, full-slabs, -n –cheeks; and it airs its full and deep, shitty turd-cutter crack.  Photo in digital porn file.  Note at the top of the file.  


3/2/6 0950: (S)  1370 AM WWLG, ad: tripadvisor.com; ref. to near-naked showgirl cuntmonkeys in the lobbies of places, likely apocalyptic ground zero Los Vegas.



(S) BT**  In San Francisco there are fleshpots where the cuntmonkeys wear only G-strings and the pathetic queers, for an exorbitant price, are granted the divine right to remove the subhuman cuntmonkeys pestholes cover, letting out the stench, as the all-american girls’ pestholes air, reeking up the sty.  Note at the top of the file.


2052: 680 AM WCBM: Jiffy Lube ad: ref. to pigs making their ticket quota.



1)            The Unites States government has further unchained rapacious capitalist subhumans upon us.  While we are paying near $4 per gallon for gasoline, last quarter the Exxon-Mobile Corporation raped us of $32,000,000,000 instead of their unconscionable $1,000,000,000.  next year natural gas will be deregulated.  Prices will rocket 70%. 

                While little we have left will soon be theirs.

                Cui bono.


1012: (S) INTERNET BT*  http://www.guitartabs.cc/   Guitar Tab Universe.  Ad: MATE 1.  She’s Waiting for You.  Intimate mating.  A reclining animal, its eyes closed, a smirk of smug sexual satisfaction on face, in CU airs it huge ¾-n dugs.



(Emphasis such as italics, bold, underlining and certain wording are ours.)



Thursday, May 26, 2005


By Robert Block, The Wall Street Journal



1)  Before 911 nazi FedEx loaned uniforms and delivery trucks to the federales for undercover operations.   

2)  nazi FedEx has opened the international portion of its databases, including credit-card details, to government officials.  

3)  It has created a corporate pig force recognized by the state of Tennessee that works alongside the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

4) NL  The company has rolled out radiation detectors at overseas facilities to detect dirty bombs and donated an airplane to federal researchers looking for a defense against shoulder-fired missiles.

5) The nazi FedEx Corporation is encouraging its 250,000 employees to be spotters of would-be terrorists.  It is setting up a system designed to send reports of suspicious activities directly to the Department of Homeland Security via a special computer link. 

6)  The division between private commerce and public law enforcement is erased.

7)  The federales are asking companies to act as the eyes and ears of federal law enforcement.

8)  The subhuman rich Bush administration and subhuman rich Senate republican leaders are currently pushing an updated version of the Patriot Act that would expand the ability of law-enforcement agencies to demand business records without a warrant.

9)  Rich capitalist companies are voluntarily increasing their level of cooperation with the government.

10)  Subhuman federal agents privately praise Western Union for sharing information with Treasury and Homeland Security investigators about overseas money transfers.

11)  Time Warner Inc.’s America Online has set up a dedicated hotline to help pigs seeking AOL subscriber information and also proffers advice about wording subpoenas.

12)  Wal-Mart Stores Inc., which has a sophisticated supply-chain security system, has been helping U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents figure out how to better track international shipping.

13)  Western Union, AOL and Wal-Mart would not provide details about their cooperation with the government.

14)  NL  “All we are trying to do is to protect our assets...”, says Fred Smith, nazi FedEx’s moralless chief executive.

15) NL  Supporters of an expanded role for business in homeland security note that U.S. industry has often been a government ally in wartime. After the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, U.S. manufacturers responded by retooling factories to produce tanks, trucks, planes and munitions.

16)  Cooperation between businesses and federal law-enforcement agencies generally isn’t advertised and customers are seldom aware of it.  In some cases, people waive their right to privacy when they use a particular company’s service. With nazi FedEx, customers consent to having shipments inspected as soon as they hand over their packages and sign the shipping forms.

17)  The federal freaks want to tap into OnStar and General Motors Corp.’s in-car emergency communications system to track vehicles.

18) NL  The nazi FedEx subhumans maintain a large global security force, currently 500 strong.

19)  Within hours of the 911 attacks, nazi FedEx’s cringing CEO Fred Smith sent a message to his subordinates “to do whatever it takes to cooperate” with federal agents.  This included opening up nazi FedEx’s operations in the Middle East to federal authorities and asking employees there to help investigators.

21)  nazi FedEx’s security team — which includes several former federal law-enforcement officials — took tactics for thwarting drug traffickers and adapted them for use against terrorism.  Among them was encouraging employees to report unusual activity, no matter how small.

22)  In December 2001, according to court records in Illinois, a nazi FedEx driver became suspicious after making a series of deliveries of boxes to an apartment complex in suburban Chicago.  The cartons were always the same size and shape and came from the same address in Los Angeles.  The driver informed his bosses and nazi FedEx called the pigs.

23)  Suspecting narcotics or explosives, the pigs showed up at the nazi FedEx depot with bomb- and drug-sniffing dogs. The dogs didn’t signal there was anything illicit in the boxes.  nazi FedEx then invoked the authority granted to it by every customer,  permitting it to inspect any package without a warrant.

24)  With a porker looking on, nazi FedEx popped the carton.  Instead of anything dangerous, the boxes contained several hundred pre-recorded compact discs.  Local pigs launched an investigation that eventually uncovered a CD-bootlegging operation.

25) NL  At nazi FedEx parcels are sorted by employees armed with pocket guides to help identify suspicious packages.  Security guards keep watch through a network of cameras.

26)  By law, all express courier services are required to provide space for U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents at their facilities.

27)  The rich commie nazi FedEx corporation allows customs inspectors access to the company’s database of international shipments, which includes the name and address of a shipper, the package’s origin and its final destination.  The databases also include credit-card information and other payment details that the government is not entitled to solicit outside of a criminal investigation.  “Our guys just love it,” says one senior customs subhuman (that did not have the guts to give its label) overseeing inspections at international courier companies.

28)  Pat Jones, a spokesboy for Customs and Border Protection, says having access to nazi FedEx’s database has resulted in the seizure of several packages, including forged Iowa drivers licenses sent from Argentina, although nothing related to terrorism.

29)  nazi FedEx CEO rich republican subhuman Smith snubs privacy concerns stemming from his rich company’s cooperation with federal subhumans.  He says people already hand over tremendous amounts of information to the government, including personal-income data and details contained on a driver’s license.

NL          “As far as asking people to identify who they are, I don’t think that’s a real imposition.”  [We do.]  “And to make that information available to the people protecting the public, I don’t understand why that’s as controversial as that has become,” says rich CEO subhuman Smith, it that served two tours of duty in Vietnam as a marine officer.  It says nazi FedEx is willing to cooperate with federal authorities “up to and including the line on which we would be doing a disservice to our shareholders”.

                In a recent article in Chief Executive magazine, Smith wrote that his fellow corporate leaders had a duty to report suspicious activity.  It’s only by “training and empowering our own employees” that terrorism can be contained, he wrote.

                Smith also sees a quid pro quo: In the post-Sept. 11 world, he sees the government sharing more with the private sector.  As the president of the Security Task Force of the Business Roundtable — an association of top U.S. chief executives — Smith is leading a drive to gain access to the government’s secret terrorist watch lists.  He says they would be an invaluable tool to help companies screen employees.

31)  nazi FedEx already has access to some classified information through other channels.

32)  Two years ago, after intense lobbying by nazi FedEx of the Tennessee state legislature, the company was permitted to create a 10-man, state-recognized pig force.  nazi FedEx patriotic pig cocksuckers wear plain clothes and can investigate all types of crimes, request search warrants and make arrests.  

                Note at the top of the file.

32)  As a recognized pig force in Tennessee, it has access to law-enforcement databases.  nazi FedEx also has a seat on a regional terrorism task force, overseen by the FBI, which has access to sensitive data regarding terrorist threats.

33)  The government recognizes nazi FedEx’s potential as a vast human-intelligence network.  The company’s teams of drivers and delivery staff ply regular routes and visit homes and workplaces across the world.  That puts them in a unique position to recognize potentially dangerous activity.

34)  In 2002, the Department of Justice, under then rich republican subhuman Attorney General John Ashcroft, devised a program to create an army of domestic informants.  Operation Terrorism Information and Prevention System, or TIPS, envisioned workers such as couriers, meter readers, utility companies, truck drivers, letter carriers and train engineers organized into a force that would “report suspicious, publicly observable activity that could be related to terrorism”.

35)  After the collapse of TIPS, nazi FedEx pressed ahead with its own program, one that embodied many of the same objectives, much to the delight of the government.

36) NL  In a speech delivered at a law-enforcement conference, then-Assistant Attorney General, rich subhuman Deborah J. Daniels, praised rich republican nazi FedEx corporation (2004 Revenue: $24.7 billion) for demonstrating “the tremendous role that companies like nazi FedEx can play in passing along information about publicly observed aberrant behavior.” 

37)  The rich republican Robert Bryden, the recently retired vice president of nazi FedEx corporate security, says nazi FedEx worked with Homeland Security officials to develop a computer system that simplifies the reporting of suspicious behavior.  The rich subhuman Department of Homeland Security declined to comment on the program.

                “We secure our supply chain and help the country,” says Bryden.  

38)  The rich republican subhuman commie nazi FedEx corporation is one of a growing number of companies that have stepped up assistance to federal law enforcement.  Its cooperation has included:

                nazi FedEx pigs, a 10-man detective force in Tennessee that assists the FBI.

                Encouraging its 250,000 employees spy and rat on family, friends, and their fellow citizens.

                 Developing a computer system to report suspicious activity directly to the rich commie/nazi Department of Homeland Security.

                Radiation detectors to sniff for dirty bombs at overseas facilities.

                Opening nazi FedEx’s international shipping database, including credit-card details, to U.S. Customs.

                All responsible.




NL  Do You Know How to Protect Personal Information?  VS PAM 005-04-2.

p. 1: Overview.  VA has a strong legacy in protecting the privacy and security of veterans’ and employees’ personal information...” 

                Pamphlet filed.


PERIODICAL  The Delaware State News, July 16, 2004, P.O. Box 737, Dover, Delaware 19903.  Guest Opinion: How close is the U.S. to police state? by Aye Soon Chung.

The Nail that sticks up will be hammered down.

—Japanese proverb.

1) I/O (CA)  Americans even allow their children who show a spark of individuality and creatively to be drugged at the demand of the rich nazi/commie/cappie education corporations or risk having them snatched away by the state. 

2) (F) NL  Following some of the biggest antiwar demonstrations in Europe, Spain is considering a law to severely punish people who take part in street pro tests. 

3) (F) NL  Those who “‘circulate factual information or reports with the aim of weakening the morale of the population or provoking disloyalty or an absence of fighting spirit among the Spanish military would face the same punishment of up to six years in prison’”.

                Article filed.




1) The Smoking Gun © 2000 Eve K. Sandstrom, ISBN 0-451-19976-6, Penguin Putnam Inc., 375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014.

p. 25: I/O BT**  Oklahoma bluecoat subhumans jail witnesses to prevent them from discussing what they saw.  Not only have the rich through their pigs erased the difference between criminal and witness, but between criminal and victim.

p. 118: I/O  If an abused mother flees and does not take her kids, the SPOBRS can construe this as abandonment and she may never get them back.

p. 133: I/O BT**  A woman’s daughter was being sexually assaulted by the subhuman she had been married to during visitation.  The SPOBRS (subhuman piece of black-robed shit) behind the bench would not believe her.  She sent her daughter abroad to protect her.  The SPOBRS sent her to prison for years for contempt of court.


2) The Reader’s Digest 20th Anniversary Anthology © 1942 The Reader’s Digest Association, Inc., Pleasantville, New York.

p. 36: (F) I/O  The Talk of the Town, Excerpts from The New Yorker: Souvenir of Mexico.  Two school teachers walking on a street in a Mexican city were arrested by one their greasy pig subhumans for prostituting without a whore license.  These innocent women could not afford the price of a whore license.  The greasy Mexican peeg, leaning back with his soft brown greasy hands on his massive paunch, suggested that since a whore license was [$5.00] and the fine for not having a whore license was [$60.00] that he, the excellent greasy Mexican peeg, would let them go if they each bought a whore license and became licensed whores which is what they did. 

                This is the kind of shit fat greasy peegs sit back and dream up.  This is also the kind of shit the effeminate patriotic Readers Digest finds funny. 

p. 37: Distinction.  A rich bitch was letting her dog drink from a water fountain in an exclusive Fifth Avenue department store.  A manager told her the fountain was for the use of costumers.  “Oh, I am sorry.  I thought it was for employees.”

The Death Detail, condensed from The World Tomorrow by William Pickens.


The Death Detail by William Pickens. 

p. 38: (A)  December 20, 1917, Fort Sam Houston, Texas, out of 64 black men arrested for mutiny the army murdered and committed atrocity by hanging thirteen of them simultaneously.    

p. 39: 1) PB BT**  A fat greasy white peeg brutally arrested a black woman.

2) PB BT**  A passing black soldier protested and the fat greasy white peeg brutally arrested him.

3)  PB BT**  A black MP protested the arrest of the man.  The fat greasy white peeg subhuman attacked him.  A rumor spread that the Houston fat greasy white bluecoat murdered the MP, Corporal Baltimore.

4) PB BT**  Since this “policeman” or cop/subhuman had attacked other soldiers at other times and their protests had fallen on deaf ears, the black men made a rush for the ammunition tend to administer justice themselves.  It does not appear that they ever got to town.  (It is not unusual to be unable to tell what actually happened from an article in Readers Digest.)  Of course, the fat white greasy Houston peeg—all Houston cops are fat greasy peegs for what we have heard—was never punished and doubtless went on beating and humiliating black men who stood up to fight for their stinking piece-of-shit-of a country.


p. 50)  I/O  My Conquest of Scarecrows by Vash Young.  In the New York subway, the guard of a waiting train slammed the door in a man’s face and would not let him on.


Address Unknown by Kressmann Taylor.

p. 92: 1.  (A)  Subhuman nazi pillaging of Hebrews.

2: (A)  Subhuman nazi pogrom in germany.

p. 93:  I/O BT**  Strict censorship of correspondence under the patriotic nazi subhumans.

p. 95: (M)  Patriotic storm troopers murder a girl on a lawn.

p. 97: (T) (M)  Mr. Taylor’s correspondent in germany disappears into a patriotic concentration camp.


p. 101: I/O BT**  Famine Fighters by Paul de Kruif.

                “...she kept taking tablets of nicotine acid as [Dr.] Tom Spies directed.  Then—without her knowing it—tablets of aspirin were substituted.  ‘The doctors  

saved my life, but I’m not so well; I’m slipping, and I’ve given up my job,’ Miss Jones told me.  I upbraided Tom Spies for inhumanity.  ‘Don’t worry, we’ll switch her back to the real stuff and she’ll find another job,’ he said, smiling.  She did.  She knew what he done to her, as they all know when at last they are cured.”

                The incomprehensible arrogance of the dealers in mercy....  We can do something about their godhood.  You know we can.  Elect us.    


3/10/06: I/O  (A) 107.9 FM WSFI: Billionaire brat Baby Bush has signed an extension of the depraved aptly named Patriot Act.



(F)  Mailing from International Campaign for Tibet, P.O. Box 97241, Washington, DC 20090-7241.

1)  (A)  On 7 October 1950, 40,000 chicom subhumans flushed across the border into Tibet from china like a bursting septic tank.  For 56 years, the noble and devout Tibetan people, Human Beings, have been abused, brutalized, murdered, raped and/or tortured to death and/or atrocified by the chicom ape men.

2) (A)  The people cannot speak without being imprisoned and/or raped and tortured to death, or otherwise murdered.

3) I/O  The chicom subhumans appointed an ass-licker as the Panchen Lama, a high official in the Tibetan religion.  The chicom subhumans have no religion but the blood-, shit-, and come-stained chicom flag.

4) (CA) I/O  11 years ago, the subhuman chicom child abusers and baby torturers arrested the 6 year-old boy recognized by the Dali Lama as the reincarnation of the Panchen Lama and his family.  Nobody knows where they are.

5) I/O BT**  The chicom cocksucks, darlings of america’s rich, have destroyed all but 13 of Tibet’s 6,254 monasteries.

6) (A)  For daring to raise their voices in songs and calls for freedom, the cappy/commie chicom subhumans have raped and/or tortured to death many nuns and monks.

7) I/O BT**  The nazi/commie/cappy chicom subhumans have forced 100,000 Tibetans from their homeland.  Many of these Human Beings are children fleeing the baby-raping baby-torturing chicom commie/cappie subhumans that worship a blood-, shit-, and come-stained rag tacked to a pole.

                The chicom subhumans are not even competent apes.  They cannot even do that right.  chicom subhumans are secondhand apes.   Socially inept and so ten-minutes ago, queers most likely, after the fashion of all eminent patriots,  they look in mirrors and see reflections of reflections of apes.  They see a secondhand monkey man, a warmed over World War II Jap.  They no likey-like.  They go ape.  The chicom subhumans are the homosexual lovers of the rich that own and run this piece-of-shit of a country we exist in.  Apes aping apes, no tickee no laundry.  Even one of minimal sophistication such as myself wonders how these chicom slaves of materialism have the effrontery to appear in public, notwithstanding their total lack of dignity, cowardice, and the blood running down the backs of their legs.  Let us rather hope they don’t start swinging from the chandeliers and peeling bananas with their feet, what?

                Mailing #17,024, filed.


(S) 103.1 FM WRNR: Broadcast many times, ad: Glow-Salon Day Spa Café in Annapolis,, “Come to Glow on March 11th for Heartshot, a mind-blowing night of fashion, art, music, and voyeurism.  Original designs from Shine Collective”.  Now you can be like the degenerates in New York and Los Angeles.   


Air and water, being the elements we most use,

have the greatest effect upon health.



                We pray for all, take care, and see if you cannot find some small way, without risking too much, that you can stand up for Freedom, Decency and Justice.

—The Prophet Mastodon.