117th Militia



Family and Freedom over flag

© 2006 PSYWAR Office 117th Militia Regimental Combat Team


November 23,  2006, Vol. 7  No. 31



            Terrorists alert! The Prophet warns!  Don’t let them herd your families together into Oliver North’s concentration camps or anywhere else.  Do not let them herd you together.  Do not let them take you from your homes!  Be armed! Be ready! Refuse! Assemble to defend your families and your homes!  They are psychologically primed to mass murder your families.  Those who die quickly will be the lucky ones.


3/15/06: (S)  From Record and Tape Traders, 1409 B Merritt Blvd, Baltimore, MD 21222.

1) BT**  Postcard sized handout, “Friday Nights at One”, Club One, 300 E. Saratoga St., Baltimore, MD 21202-3500.  A depraved subhuman cuntmonkey with long black hair, in a postage stamp airing its grubby stinking body; airing its huge grubby duds; one of its hot, hard, filthy tingling nipples; one of its turd-cutter slabs; and playing with its cesspool naval.  Note at the top of the file.

2) Many Betty Paige products, the depraved subhuman cuntmonkey is near- naked in all.

3) BT** CD by the band Hinder, CU of huge nearly naked dugs in a red shred.


3/16/6: I/O (B)  Sam Spade: The Case of the Crazy Scientist, originally broadcast January 25, 1948 on CBS.  Reference to mental patients bound in straightjackets and wet sheets.  This was heard on 88.5 FM WAMU, March 12, 2006.


                The manner in which coroners butcher the deceased, our loved ones, is baseless barbarism.  They butcher our bodies as if we were cattle in a slaughter house.  We wonder if they do the bodies of our children...  Of course they do.  This butchery of the bodies of the deceased further reduces us to animals in the eyes of the rich that own and run the country. 

                From cradle to grave...


3/19/6: PERIODICAL  The Baltimore Sun, Baltimore Sun Co., 501 N Calvert St., Baltimore, MD 21202-3660.

Comic strip: (A) (M) I/O  Doonesbury by Garry Trudeau.

                Oyez, oyez.  The President of the United States, George Walker Bush, a.k.a. Baby Bush, a.k.a The Billionaire Bum, a.k.a.  The Billionaire Brat, a.k.a. Knickerbockers Bob, stands accused of the following crimes against humanity, and other heinous crimes:

1) On false premises, initiating an unprovoked attack on Iraq and Afghanistan

resulting in a bloody, costly, and unending war;

2) Approving covert policies of illegal detentions;

3) Maintaining kangaroo courts;

4) Extraordinary renditions;

5) Ordering and approving gross humiliations and tortures by his subhumans;

6) Ordering warrantless wiretappings of thousands of Americans.

                Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, there can be but one penalty.

                (In law, rendition is a "surrender" or "handing over" of persons or property, particularly from one jurisdiction to another. 



3/23/6: 1370 AM WWLG: R.C. Allen: “If you don’t think money can buy love you have never been down on the Block”.




Happiness is not in having what you want but rather in wanting what you have.


Comfort zones are most often expanded through discomfort.


—Chinese fortunes.


3/25/06 c. 0815: 103.1 FM WRNR: Counting Crows, Round Here:

...She walks along the edge of where the ocean meets the land

Just like she's walking on a wire in the circus

She parks her car outside of my house   Takes her clothes off,

Says she's close to understanding Jesus

She knows she's more than just a little misunderstood...



3/27/06 0900: 103.1 FM WRNR; The permanently publicly in full-color close-up fucking and sucking rich actress naked cuntmonkey Sharon Stone, a subhuman unfit to live, will be on David Letterman tonight bragging up its latest piece of pornography Basic Instincts 2.  WRNR deems this vitally important information.  This is one of the reasons I have practically given up listening to them and radio in general.


3/31/06: PB BT PERSONAL LETTER #17,041.  A television station reported that in Texas, the fat-assed bluecoats are arresting people for being “drunk” in bars.  We are trying to learn if they are coming into these private public establishments and giving them Breathalyzer and/or piss and/or blood tests. 

                All responsible shall pay the penalty.


4/1/06: BOOK  Everything’s Eventual, © 2002 Stephen King, ISBN: 0-7434-5735-8, Pocket Books, 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10200.  Fiction.

1. Autopsy Room Four

p. 11: Butchers that perform autopsies use a Gigli saw to cut off the top of the skull of your loved one.  They then pull your face off like a Halloween mask, hair and all.

p. 12: The lower blade of butcher shears is jabbed and slid into the gut.  They snip up through the nerves at the solar plexus and into the clutch of muscle and tendon above it.  The bone is cut with a crunch and the rib cage pops apart like wings freeing the lungs and inner organs so they can make haggis for their consumption.  This was the method of field “autopsy” used in Vietnam, probably still in use. 

p. 21: Huge thermometer’s are rammed up the assholes of your loved ones. 


2. PB  The Death of John Hamilton

p. 90: BT  The FBI murdered a man suspected of being John Dillinger from behind as he ran down an alley.

p. 91: (T)  FBI cowards poured quantities of bullets into a lodge from which the suspects had fled.

p. 92: Wisconsin pigs tailed an automobile because one of its occupants had a rag tied around his head.

p. 93: BT  In a reckless and dangerous manner to Human Beings, the Wisconsin pigs opened heavy fire at a motoring car because an occupant had a rag tied around his head, having no clear idea who the occupants were.

p. 108: (T)  In the Michigan City, Michigan, jail the Warden was a subhuman named Henry Claudy.  The conditions were patriotic.  A man was thrown into the hole for walking on his hands.

p. 109: (T)  Allusion to the patriotic conditions in the Michigan City jail. 

p. 112: I/O (T)  A kid was given three years by a judge of stealing a pair of shoes.

p. 119: BT**  In the reformatory at Pendleton, Indiana, the boys were forced to strip naked except for socks in the guardhouse and stand on a 2 X 2 foot mat all day.  If they stepped off once, the subhumans beat their naked buttocks with a paddle.  If they stepped off a second time, one subhuman patriotic bluecoat held you while another bluecoat patriotic hero beat you with its fists.  Step off a third time they threw you in solitary for a week.

p. 123: BT*  At a bank robbery in Mason City, Iowa, the pigs poured bullets at the gangsters in reckless disregard to the safety of hostages. 

p. 129: BT  At a bank robbery in South Bend, Indiana, the pigs poured fire at the gangsters.


3.  In the Deathroom

p. 141: I/O BT**  Neurologists brutally give patients electric shock torture treatment despite federal law.


4. (S)  Everything’s eventual

p. 256: BT**  During TV’s soap operas, much fucking happens on Mondays.

p. 257: Mention of porn mags Variations and Pesthouse

p. 320: Mention of porn mag Forum


5. L.T.’s Theory of Pets

p. 339: BT*  Reference to TV’s Lifestyle’s of the Rich and Famous as Lifestyle’s of the Rich and Topless.

pp. 346-347: BT**  Whoredom is legal in Nevada.  Two places these subhumans ply their all-american patriotic trade are the Green Lantern Trailers and the Mustang Ranch, where they keep them naked in corrals, slop ‘em down, and hose ‘em off when a lusty patriot, that cannot get a piece of ass otherwise, wants to use one.


6. The Road Virus Heads North

p. 356: BT**  Reference to “two beautiful young people” (rich filthy Hollywood animals) on television, about to have “deeply unsafe sex”.

p. 359: BT**  Reference to the two “lustful young people” (rich filthy Hollywood animals) on television.


7. That Feeling, You Can Only Say What It Is in French

p. 442: (CA)  Reference to Catholic nuns sadistically bashing children’s knuckles with a rod for looking out the window. 


8. Riding the Bullet

p. 515: PB  In Maine, the State Pork Chops boot people off of I-95 and the ramps to I-95.  They may leave a Human Being unscathed to hitchhike on Route 68, but it is not for sure.

p. 532: Morticians (a ghoulish profession no stable person would assume) saw off the top of the skull and remove the brain. 

p. 544: The cannibals also remove the guts and organs for their gustatory delectation.  Mmmnm mmm!   Woman parts.


4/2/6: PERIODICAL The Baltimore Sun, ibid, TV Week, April 2 – 8, 2006.  

p. 1: (S) BT  The cover is a full page color photo of the beast Rebecca Romijn  airing its ½-n dugs.  Some of the font referring to it is the second largest on the cover. 

p. 2: FROM THE COVER.  Rebecca Romijn makes news as WB’s ‘Pepper Dennis’ by Jay Bobbin.  Bobbin’s swill about this rich, publicly permanently naked cuntmonkey is four of five columns.  The rich and famous actress and model degenerate Rebecca Romijn, it that ran around naked in blue paint filthifying the two X-Men movies, is going to shit on a third X-man movie by airing its smutty self.  Bobbin describes the fish-lipped gangly grimy slut as “the ever attractive Romijn. 

                It was the leading role in Pepper Dennis premiering on the WB Network.  In the first episode, it is splashed with blue paint as an allusion to its depravity in X-men where it was naked in blue paint.  Also in this WB shit will be another rich and famous permanently publicly naked actress Kathy Brooke Burns of the infamous North Shore.

                “As corny as it sounds, I think Pepper Dennis is a great role model for younger girls,” Romijn said.

                It says playing a journalist often serves actresses well, like rich and famous publicly and permanently fucking Candice Bergen (Carnal Knowledge) referring to its role in Murphy Brown, and it mentions beast Sally Field for its role in Absence of Malice.   

                It is all innocent when it comes to being naked on a 50 X 70 foot movie screen in full color before the world.  This was not its fault.  It was the fault of the big mean mens who owned the movie, yes.  Playing Mystique has meant it “basically was being paid to get painted...and I had to surrender to that.  That was my job.”

(S) Black and white photo of the nasty thing lying on a table airing ¼-n dugs.


                Also on the cover, we read in large type ‘All Aboard!  Rosie’s Family Cruise’.  “New documentary on the 2004 Bahamas cruise organized by Rosie and Kelli O’Donnell for 500 same-sex couples and their children.”  Keep in mind these are entertainment families, not Human families. 


                On page 1 is 2 and 5/16 inches of type ballyhooing this sewage barge cruise, that debauched lesbian, and its debauched lesbian lover.  Rated TVPG, a degenerate named Sandra Cookson filmed it.  I would not let a dog watch this bilge, much less an innocent child, and I hate dogs.  Think of their poor children.  Those poor unfortunate children.  We pity those children.  Why does not anyone think of the children?  They will never know what it means to be truly loved or fully Human.

                Articles filed.


INTERNET I/O  http://www.primitivism.com/zerzan.htm


Interview John Zerzan

1. Because Mr. Zerzan’s writings influenced the Unabomber Ted Kaczynski, prior to Mr. Kaczynski’s arrest, his home was broken into, an address book and old gym shoes (DNA testing) were stolen, while portable and valuable items were left alone.  That summer, three letters mailed to him never arrived.

2. Ted Kaczynski did not get a fair trial.  He was forced to accept a plea agreement for life in prison after the judge denied his attempt to fire and replace his attorneys and his attempt to defend himself.  The ensemble of legal and political coteries locked ranks in their refusal to allow him to stand trial.  The system proved his views dangerous by making clear that the death penalty was a lower priority than denying his right to be heard. 

3. The main examining shrink found him delusional precisely on the grounds of his indictment of the emasculating and depraved technological system enslaving us and its effects on people.  “An astounding political finding, needless to say.”

4. His lawyers told those who wanted to try to organize understanding and support to desist.

5. His lawyers lied to him keeping him unaware until time ran out on his options that they were in fact doing just what they said they would not do, namely portray him as insane. 



God is Conscious Law.

The Great Spirit is Conscious Law.


4/7/6: PERIODICAL  The Baltimore Sun, ibid., p. 1W.  Lexus launches luxury high-performance Great Spirit 450 hybrid sedan by John Peige.  Driving to an automotive test route near Hoover Dam located 30 miles southeast of ground zero Las Vegas in nasty Nevada, old boy rounds a bend and suddenly (and dangerously, they position them like that on purpose) there is a roadblock personed with two armed guards.  A long and single line of vehicles, the occupants quaking, slowly crawled past the mercs.  Old boy was told the last time such security checks were in place was during World War II when irrational and convenient fears of Japanese saboteurs ran rampant through the western states.   


4/11/06: A correspondent in Idaho said that when he had the photograph taken for his driver’s license he was told to take off his hat and smile.  When he went to have his photograph taken to get a permit to carry a concealed firearm he was told to put his hat on and do not smile.   What we want to know is who are these fat spoiled bureaucratic bums to anyone anything of that nature, notwithstanding the fact that he was ordered to remove his had and smile.  We guess the soulless slaves of the Idaho bureaucracy want people in the future to know us as a bunch of silly grinning geeks.  It is deceptive and nobody’s business whether somebody smiles or not for a bureaucratic document, especially not bureaucrats. 


4/15/06: BOOK (F)  Mother India, Katherine Mayo, © 1927 Harcourt Brace and Company, Inc., New York.

                What ye shall read applies to all castes and economic levels.  Brace thyself.


Chapter II “Slave Mentality”

p. 22: (A)( CA)   “The Indian girl, in common practice, looks for motherhood nine months after reaching puberty or anywhere between the ages of fourteen and eight.  ...  The husband may be a child or a widower of fifty when he requires her for his [subhuman] “conjugal rights”.  ...  the child mothers are often destroyed by pregnancy.”

pp. 23-24: (S) BT**  Filthy images of every conceivable aspect of sexual contact are present everywhere, carved, painted, embossed, intaglio, sculpted and large photographs.  The songs the women sing are filthy.  Their print media is laden with photos of filthy naked fucking sucking subhumans.  The excellent Hindu gentlemen are often photographed fucking little boys and girls, etc., also these modern and mature photographs are likely posted in public billboard sized.                Note at the top of the file.

p. 25:  1.  (A) (CA)  If a little boy is physically attractive, he is likely to be drafted for the satisfaction of grown so-called men, the aforementioned excellent Hindu gentlemen, or to be attached to a temple as a prostitute for use by the subhuman Hindu priests, excellent Hindu gentlemen.  Fully adult liberated sophisticated enlightened modern and mature, neither of the innocent child’s excellent depraved Hindu parents see any harm in this.  Indeed, the depraved parents are flattered that their son has been found pleasing, and that the excellent liberated, sophisticated, enlightened, adult, modern and mature subhuman Hindu priests are fucking him up the asshole and that he is sucking their dicks and who knows what else.  Those Hindu gentlemen, the excellent Hindu priests, thoroughly enjoy raping young children. 

2.  NL  the excellent Hindu mothers teach sons and daughters alike how to masturbate.


Charter III  Marbles and Tops

p. 39: (A) (CA)  little girls are married at three years old.  Some are wives before they are born.


Chapter IV Early to Marry and Early to Die

p. 47: 1.  (A) (CA)  Hindu parents give some of the baby girls they let live to their shit gods, or a particularly lovely child, held superfluous, is presented to those excellent gentlemen the Hindu priests at the local sexual child abuse center and whorehouse, the temples of their shit gods.  The frightened little creature is delivered over unto their foul and shit-reeking hands into the care of the temple whores, her predecessors along the route.  Often at the age of five, and doubtless younger, the excellent Hindu gentlemen the priests, are sexually abusing her in a most patriotic manner. 

2.  (A) (CA)  If she survives, in later years in the whorehouses around the temple she is held ready, at a price, for use by the excellent Hindu gentlemen, every one a devout worshipper of at least one of their six million shit gods, during their devotional sojourn at the sacred holy whorehouse temple whether for a week,  or just a few minutes to pay their respects to their shitty gods.  After that she is turned out on the public with a small allowance and the right to a beggar’s livelihood.  The excellent Hindu gentlemen fiercely defend this sexual child abuse of war crime proportions, this subhumanism, as a religious right.  Their shit gods demand this, not the Great Spirit.  Little girls used as whores of their shit gods is recognized as “essential temple equipment”. 

                “A province can be roused to madness [they are mad] by the forcible withdrawal of girl-children from the gods.”

                Gods they call them, shit gods and demons, yea I say, over unto thee.

p. 50: (A) (CA)  The fat Rajas and the rich rape the little maid servants of their wives.  That excellent Hindu gentleman Mr. B. N. Misra, member of India’s Legislative Assembly from the excellent province of Orissa, said about the rich procuring prostitutes:

                “They have existed from time immemorial....  They are regarded as necessity even for marriage and other parties, and for singing songs in invocation to God.  ...  Much has been said about girls being disposed of to Zemindars [fat rich landlords]  and Rajas [fat rich royalty].  ...  Zemindars never get any girls from procurers.  What happens is this.  When Zemindars and Rajas marry, their wives or Ranis bring with them some girls as maidservants.  ...  Such a thing as procuring of girls does not exist and no gentleman whether he be a Zemindar or Raja or an ordinary man, would ever adopt such a nefarious means to procure girls.  ...  Why should we think so much about these people [minor girls] who are able to take care of themselves?”

                Excellent, excellent Hindu gentlemen that Mr. B. N. Misra subhuman, the toast of the rich.


Chapter V  Spades are Spades

p. 53: (A) (CA)  The thirteen year old wife of a Hindu official was brought to a hospital at the onset of her second confident.  Her first baby was stillborn.  She suffered from heart disease, asthma and a broken leg.  She gave birth to dead twins.  She was an internal wreck from infections—keep in mind these people are born crawling with venereal disease—and could never give birth again. 

pp. 53-54: (A) (CA)  A wan-faced child whose bird’s-claw hands clasped a paper toy.  She was a bright pupil in a Government primary school, a merry wee thing, so bright she won a prize for scholarship.  Five months ago, her brother took her out and sent her to the fifty year old excellent Hindu gentleman to whom they had married her.  Yes, it was an “excellent Hindu gentleman beyond reproach”.  What that subhuman did to her was too terrifying to tell.  Mentally she blocked it out.  She suffered atrocity for weeks then went crazy.  Her sister stole her away and brought her to the hospital.

                “I have never seen a creature so befouled.  Her internal wounds were alive with maggots.  She lay for days staring at nothing with terror in her eyes.  She did not speak,” said the doctor.

                A happier child with a fractured arm was put in the bed beside her.  Her mental balance began to mend but her body was sick.  She fortunately could not remember what the excellent Hindu subhuman did to her.  Her immediate past was gone.  She lay with her toys looking at them.  Meanwhile that excellent gentleman called her husband, a devout worshipper of the Hindu shit gods, sued her to recover his “marital rights” and force her back into its possession.  She was twelve years old. 

p. 54: (A) (CA)  Many of the little girls go crazy.

p. 55: (A) (CA)  Another girl was married as a baby and sent to an excellent Hindu gentlemen of unimpeachable repute, thoroughly adult and enlightened, sophisticated to the nth degree.  At ten, she went crazy with the shock of incessant rape.  Then the excellent Hindu gentleman took to beating her as he would, all the poor little thing could do was crouch in a corner, a little twisted heap.  The excellent Hindu gentleman beyond reproach slung her over his shoulder and carried her out to the edge of the jungle and cast her among the scrub thicket, and left her to die.  Said she was “not worth the keep”.

                The child was saved, last seen hugging a doll. 

p. 56: 1.  A child of nine gave birth by Caesarean section to a 1¾ pound boy.   

2.  (A) (CA)  Many of these babies of babies are born dead.  That open sewer the Ganges river fairly bobs with their tiny bodies.  Almost every Hindu is rife with venereal disease.  They are predisposed to any infection that comes along.  Even when a girl is not born with VD and the parents know the husband is rife with VD, they see no shame in giving their virgin girl children to walking disease-ridden corpses. 

p. 57: (A) (CA)  Many of the little girls are not only crippled by childbirth, and infection but by cruel handling.  A doctor treating thousands of gynecological cases did not find one female free of VD.  The little girls also suffer from tuberculoses; displacedment of organs; softening of immature bones, due to weight on spine and pelvis, presently causing disastrous obstructions to birth; hysteria and pathological mental derangements; stunting of mental and physical growth. 

                The little girls are raped from two to three times a day.  These macho Hindu gentlemen, subhuman pieces of devout shit, they know how to use a dick, hey?

p. 58: (A) (CA)  Referenced:

Appendix I

Medical Evidence

                In 1891, the western women doctors then practicing in India united to lay before the Viceroy, in a petition for intervention on behalf of the children of India, the following list of cases.  It is made up, they affirmed, entirely of instances that have come under the hands of one of another of their own number, and whose like are continually revealed in their ordinary professional experience.

                A.—Aged 9.  Day after marriage.  Left femur dislocated, pelvis crushed out of shape, flesh hanging in shreds. 

                B.—Aged 10.  Unable to stand, bleeding profusely, flesh much lacerated.

                C.—Aged 9.  So completely ravished as to be almost beyond surgical repair.  Her husband had two other living wives and spoke very fine English.

                D.—Aged 10.  A very small child, entirely undeveloped physically.  This child was bleeding to death from the rectum.  Her husband was a man of about forty years of age, weighing not less that eleven stone [154 lbs.].  He had accomplished his desire in an unnatural way.

                E.—Aged 9.  Lower limbs completely paralyzed.

                F.—Aged about 12.  Laceration of the perineum extending through the sphincter ani.    

                G.—Aged about 10.  Very weak from loss of blood.  Stated that great violence had been done to her in an unnatural way.

                H.—Aged about 12.  Pregnant, delivered by craniotomy with great difficulty, on account of the immature state of the pelvis and maternal passage.

                I.—Aged about 7.  Living with husband.  Died in great agony after three days.

                J.—Aged about 10.  Condition most pitiable.  After one day in hospital was demanded by her husband, for his “lawful” use, he said.

                K.—Aged 11.  From great violence done her person, will be cripple for life.  no use of her lower extremities.

                L.—Aged about 10.  Crawled to hospital on her hands and knees.  Has never been able to stand erect since her marriage.

                M.—Aged 9.  Dislocation of pubic arch, and unable to stand or to put one foot before the other.

                Again brought forward as applicable and timely in the Legislature of 1922, the list will be found in the Legislative Assembly Debates of that year, Vol. III, Part I, p. 919.  See also p. 882 of the Debates.

                Ah, these excellent macho Hindu gentlemen of India, they know how to use a dick, hey—the subhuman pieces of Hindu shit!  Maybe it’s eating all that cow shit.  They will not eat a cow, but they will eat its shit washed down with its piss.


p. 66a.  (CA)  Photograph of Hindu mother holding her infant.  Caption: She feeds it opium when it cries.

p. 66b.  (A) (CA)  Photograph titled Husband and Wife.  This you would have to see to believe.  The subhuman is twice as large as its wife, aged maybe ten.  And the motherfucker is cross-eyed.  An excellent macho Hindu gentleman who knows how to use a dick, hey? And his small child-wife.


                Some of these children are married before they are born into the Hindu Hell—rape, venereal disease, brutality, butchery, insanity—with the full knowledge and approval of their shit-eating parents.  There is a foul and fell Hindu institution called purdah, i.e., harem for the seclusion of wives.  Introduced by macho Mussulman conquerors, the Hindus took it to the point of insanity.  They lock up little baby girls for their entire lives.  They never see anything outside of four walls. 

                Many girl babies are murdered by their parents, the Ganges sewer bobs with their tiny bodies.  Those the excellent Hindu parents keep are often abused, maltreated, beaten and/or starved.  Child brides become slaves to the subhuman’s subhuman mother and relations who beat her and starve her just for the sheer Hindu religiosity of it, as demanded by their six million shit gods.  It is not uncommon for the excellent Hindu gentleman’s excellent mother-in-law to murder the child.  It is okay though; there are plenty of them in that foul cesspool country. 

                Widows, whether old or not yet born are considered subhuman pieces of shit and the excellent Hindu people, true disciples of their shit gods, hate them.  There are 27,000,000 widows in India.  The poor little things are convinced they deserve the horrors heaped upon them by the Hindu subhumans, devout worshippers of the Hindu shit gods.      

                Despite their ballyhooed regard and love for animals, Hindus are the cruelest so-called humans to animals that ever existed.   With religious sanction, the sanction of their six million shit gods, the Hindus treat animals almost as bad as they do their little girls and women—almost, but not quite. 

                The gods of the Hindus do not exist.  There is but one God and that God is the Great Spirit.  The Hindu religion is spiritually related to shit.  There are no excuses.  Throughout history, like everyone else, they have told themselves otherwise.  Like everyone else they realize something is wrong then look for an excuse to make it right.  there are no excuses.  If Human compassion and decency is not instinctive, if it is not born into us, then Christ was just as great as stalin and hitler,  and the Hindu religion is morally equivalent to a real mother’s love.

If something is wrong, it is wrong, everybody knows it is wrong so it is wrong.  But they tell themselves that their subhuman ways are right, but they know that their subhuman ways are wrong. 


Chapter VI The Earthly God

p. 69: (A)  Hindus regularly murder their baby daughters.  One excellent Hindu gentlemen said “I have had twelve children.  Ten girls, which naturally did not live.  Who, indeed, could have borne that burden!  The two boys, of course, I preserved.” 

p. 70: 1.  (A)  A family of ruling subhumans had eleven successions from father to son, for two hundred years.  In all this time all the girl babies were murdered.

2.  (A)  The murder of girl infants is still practiced in India.

p. 71: (CA) I/O BT**  A woman’s earthly god took her away from a hospital bed where she watched over her unconscious five year old daughter in great agony.  She had fallen down a well, received a bad cut across her head, contracted tetanus and was in frightful agony.  Although the daughter would die if the mother were not there, the excellent Hindu gentlemen came to take her away “for my proper marital use”.  She threw herself prostrate on the floor, clutched his knees, kissed the subhuman’s feet, and with her two hands, Indian fashion, took the dust from his feet and put it upon her head.  “My lord, my lord,” she wept, “be merciful.” 

                “Come away, I need you, I say.  You have left me long enough.” 

                “My lord—the little child—my Master.”

                The excellent Hindu gentlemen gave her a thrust with is foot.  “I have spoken.” 

                The woman arose.  The child screamed.  She followed the excellent subhuman Hindu gentlemen away.

p. 76: 1.  (CA) I/O (B)  The mother-in-law is often hard, ruling without mercy or affection; and if by chance the child is slow to bear children, or if her children be daughters, then, too frequently, the elder woman’s tongue is a flail, her hand heavy in blows, her revengeful spirit set on clouding her victim’s life with threats of the new wife who, according to the Hindu code, may supplant and enslave her.

2.  (A) (CA)  There are many suicides of women between the ages of fourteen and nineteen.  The commonest caused assigned by the Indian pigs is “colic pains, and a quarrel with the mother-in-law”. 


Chapter VII Wages of Sin

                This chapter is about Hindu widows.  Again is revealed the hate insanity of the Hindu shit gods. 

p. 81: I/O  “Be she a child of three, who knows nothing of the marriage that bound her, or be she a wife in fact, having lived with her husband, her case is the same.  By his death she is revealed a creature of innate guilt and evil portent, herself convinced, when she is old enough to think at all, of the justice of her fate.”

                Better a dog in America than a woman in India.


Chapter VIII Mother India

p. 94: Filthy vermin crawling, shit-smeared hags called midwives, during cases of difficult births, thrust their hands up into the young mother and pull the baby out in pieces; an arm, leg, head, etc.

p. 95: The midwives literally beat mothers in the abdomen to aid delivery.  They walk and jump on their abdomens, ripping them to shreds with their long shitty toenails, trying to force babies out. 

p. 96:

                During childbirth mothers are confined in filthy pigpens without ventilation.  Cow shit or goat shit is burned for heat.  They are confined in their own filth and live in their own shit.  They are allowed nothing to eat or drink despite how long it takes.  They have naught but filthy rags that are never cleaned to lie upon, rags designated and used solely for the filthiest act the demented Hindu mind knows, childbirth!  The rags are never washed.

                The umbilical cord is cut with shards of glass, the lids of tin cans found in sewage-running gutters, butcher knifes, anything that will cut it.  The ragged severed end is dressed with mud made with piss or holy cow shit.

p. 97: The excellent Hindus, in wisdom magical far exceeding the knowledge of medical science or even common sense, feed babies sugar mixed with their own piss.

p. 99:

1.  (A)  Modern medical care is available to save the lives of millions of mothers and children and to stave off much suffering, but it is often denied by the husband or by the elderly women of the family—their shit gods would be displeased.

2.  NL  Filthy midwives, crawling with vermin, rub their hands in the dirt on the floor of the pigsty preparing to make a second effort at pulling the baby out.  The girl’s vulva is swollen and torn from the brutality of these hags.  They push on the girl’s abdomen, beat oh her abdomen with their smelly fists, they walk on her abdomen.  Hollyhock roots are pushed into the girl’s uterus, and quince seeds tied in a shitty rag.

p. 102: (T)  In a case of difficult childbirth (these subhumans actually do this) scripture provides for the building of a fire on the stomach of a mother, in this case an eleven year old girl.

p. 104: (A)  Pepper is rubbed in the eyes of a dying mother to blind her.  She then has her palms outstretched and nailed to the floor, which is how she expires. 

p. 105:

1.  (A)    The older females of the family insist that all these atrocities, whenever applicable, be performed on the mother least their shit gods be offended.  (I will offend them.  I hereby shit in the face of their shit gods.  The Prophet Mastodon.) 

2. NL     The pigsty where the mother gave birth has been defiled by the birth of a little baby.  It is purified by rubbing, with the hands, a thick wholesome layer of refreshing maggoty holy cow shit on walls and floor—make it nice and sanitary for the next Hindu birth. 

                 2,ooo,ooo Hindu babies die yearly.  It is a miracle any live at all.  The open-sewer Ganges is awash with their bodies.  The fishing is great.  2,000,000 dead babies a year and yet the lust of the Hindu shit gods for baby flesh is insatiable.


Chapter XI Less Than Men

p. 155: (S) BT**  Prostitution is big business in the land of the shit gods.  (They even keep prostitutes in cages out in public.)  Note at the top of the file.

p. 162: (CA) BT**  Hindu mothers think cleaning their babies is beneath them.  They keep their babies coated in fresh and dried shit.  Only, baby shit is not sacred like holy cow shit, which is why they will not clean their babies.  Can’t take a chance on pissing off the sacred Hindu shit gods.


Chapter IX Behind the Veil

pp. 111-112:  I/O BT**  The notes on purdah are here. 


Chapter XXIII Prince of India

 p. 310: (A) (CA) (S)  Snot-nosed rich brat princes have concubines—glorified whores.


Interlude Into the North

p. 322: (A)  Muslim tribes live by raiding.  They enjoy kidnapping Hindu moneylenders and torturing them to death so they can listen to their screams. 


Chapter XXIV Firebrands of Straw

p. 330: (A)  The Moplahs, a macho Mussulman sect, went nuts raping, torturing and murdering thousands of Hindus.  Thousands of women and girls were brutally circumcised in public then kidnapped.  Thousands of Hindu men and boys were brutally circumcised in public, some were skinned alive, others cutlassed and tossed down their own wells.  Rife with intestinal parasites instead of intestinal fortitude, feeble from the manner of their births, sickly from thousands of years of shit god worship, vile and unsanitary the Hindu men, so-called, offered no resistance.      

p. 331: (A)  In the Ernad Taluk district where these obscenities of the Moslem shit god occurred, over nine hundred men and boys were brutally circumcised.

p. 332: NL  Hindus eat cow shit washed down with a refreshing quaff of cow piss.  Yummy yum yum yum, a bracing Hindu repast ever there was one.

p. 333: 1.  (A)  3,000 Hindus went nuts on February 4, 1921, and surrounded the police station at Chauri Chaura in the Punjab.  The devout murdered a few cops and wounded the rest.  They collected the wounded into a pile, poured oil on them, and fried them alive.  Must have been some sort of sacrifice to their shit gods.    

2.  (A) (B)  Reference to the Punjab disorders of 1919.

p. 334

1.  (A)  Ref. to scores of grim contemporaneous parallels relating to #2 above.

2.  (A)  In the District of Bulandshahr in 1924 the Ganges threw up.  Whole villages were swept away.  The Hindus seemed to have owned most of the boats.  No Hindu boatman would rescue a drowning Moslem; man, woman or child.

p. 336: (B)  A Mohammedan mob pummeled a Hindu mob sweeping the field or, in this cast, the park.  Should not have been too difficult.  It is a wonder they can even stand up, born of little girls.

p:337: (B)  Mobs of the Hindu and Mohammedan shit gods ambushed individuals of the other side and beat them senseless in the streets.


Chapter XXV Sons of the Prophet

p. 334: (M) I/O  In 1926, Mussulman and Hindu mobs clashed in the United Provinces in religious riots.  Because they grossly failed in their duty, several people were murdered, and Hindu pigs were brought before the District Magistrate who was Mohammedan.  (Grossly failed in their duty means they were too cowardly to act, the usual with pigs.)  “They richly deserved a severe sentence.”  In a twist, fearing the charge of religious animosity, the Mussulman judge let the Hindu pigs go “with a sentence so light as to amount to an unjust award and an offense against public service”.

p. 351: (A) (M) (T) I/O  Reference to terrorists (religion unspecified) “throwing bombs”, murdering Englishmen from behind, razing and looting homes of unsuspecting and defenseless Indian villagers, and of torturing and murdering them. 

pp. 351-352: (A)  1926: Ref. to the Calcutta Riots.  By midyear, 31 murderous explosions had occurred with heavy causalities.   


Chapter XXVI The Holy City

356: Native health agents charge the people exorbitant fees for what was intended to be provided to them free. 

p. 359: The Ganges is a smorgasbord of dead babies.  That open sewer is fairly choked with wee little dead folk.

p. 364: The Madras filtration plant filters 10,000,000 gallons of water a day, but Madras needs 14,000,000 gallons of water a day.  Therefore, the problem is solved Hindu style.  They run 4,000,000 gallons of untreated sewage into it.  This makes it warmly sweet.  And the shit gods are pleased with their children whom they love so well.


Chapter XXVII The World-Menace

p. 363: Instead of using sanitary latrines built to Health Officers’ specifications, Hindus prefer to shit in their wells, on the streets and even on the floors in their homes.  Shit runs down the walls of their houses and shit flows mere inches below stacks of food, kept out in the open.  Rats shit in the food, dogs piss on it, eat it, flies pollute it, mm mm good.  

 p. 366: ((CA))  Mothers lay babies out by the polluted pools they draw their water from and leave them to be eaten alive by mosquitoes.  They later return and retrieve what is left.  This pleases their lusty shit gods.

p. 375: Native health agents are murdered by the devout of the shit gods.

p. 377: Native health agents charge the people exorbitant fees for what was intended to be provided to them free.  This pleases the Hindu shit gods.


                It is better to sit than to walk, to lie down than to sit, to sleep than to wake, and death is the best of all. 

—Braham proverb.


                It is better to lie than to sleep, it is better to sit than to lie, it is better to stand than to sit, to walk than to stand, to jog than to walk, to run than to jog.  It is better to live than to die, sometimes.

—The Prophet Mastodon.



4/16/5: PERIODICAL (A)  Comic strip Doonsebury by Garry Trideau.

                On January 23, billionaire bum, major owner of Halliburton, President george bush about saddam hussein: “He was a state sponsor of terror.”

                That is a capitalist war criminal’s lie.  Al Qaeda called the hussein subhuman “the butcher of Baghdad. 


4/16/06: INTERNET (S) BT**  http://www.nextdayanime.com/cgi-bin/search. cgi?keywords=ghost&OVRAW=ghost%20in%20the%20shell%20dvd&OVKEY =ghost%20in%20a%20shell%20dvd&OVMTC=content. 

                Searching for Ghost in the Shell on DVD I was assailed with a naked cuntmonkey, a long-haired oriental subhuman in G-string, slimy naked lips, full naked slabs, ½-n dugs.  Image filed.  Note at the top of the file.



                Many of your children are vengeful little cowards than sneak around at night, litter, tip over garbage cans, smash booze bottles, throw rocks, slit tires and otherwise destroy personal property.

—The Prophet Mastodon.


4/21/6: I/O BT  An oriental man who shouted truth at the Chinese ambassador at a propaganda meeting was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and interrupting a foreign diplomat.  What kind of charges are those for a free country, especially the last?  But american is not a free country is it?  Nor has it ever been.


4/21/6: PERIODICAL I/O  The Dundalk Eagle, 4 N. Center Place, P.O. Box 8936, Dundalk, MD 21222. 

pp. 1, 28: Tenants who obey law decry relocation.  York Park Apts. residents feel they’re forgotten by Marge Neal. 

                Twenty buildings purchased by Baltimore County are to be bulldozed dispossessing seventy-nine families.  Soon, thirty-two more buildings will be bulldozed and 120 more families will be dispossessed.  The rich that own and run Baltimore County deal with crime by bulldozing people’s homes.  Baltimore County Executive James T. Smith, Jr. follows in the footsteps of that rich tub o’ lard Dutch Rupplesberger in that he solves crime by bulldozing people’s homes and giving the land to the rich, i.e., themselves. 

                Rupplesberger bulldozed the Village of Tall Trees in 2003 and was rewarded by being elected and reelected to Congress, where it could do more damage, y healthy majorities. 

                “The community’s jubilation over the imminent demise of their homes,” has some people upset.  This is asshole-licking Dundalk understand, the most cowardly community in america.  You see here the infamous Dundalk patriotic psychology.  The patriots figure that if they hate the victims of the rich, the rich will see them and like them and their sties, etc., will not be bulldozed, nor will they be arrested or have their tires slit.  

                Residents were not notified of the looming doom to their homes until reporters shoved obscene phallic microphones into their faces.  A man who was resident of The Village of Tall Trees when the Fat Man Rupplesberger had it bulldozed in 2003 had to live in a motel for six weeks at $235 a week. 

                The Dundalk police chief said 4,000 calls were logged for police service in 2005.  The Eagle did not make clear where these calls were from the York Park Apartments area or all of Dundalk.  (It divides out to an average of eleven calls a day.)  The few criminals that lived in York Park Apartments will now take their crime elsewhere, one vainly hopes to the rich neighborhoods of cancers like Smith and Rupplesberger so their sties will be bulldozed by a future administration. 


pp. 5, 26:  Treatment, laws needed, panel on underage drinking concludes.  County officer says, ‘Do away with PBJ’, by Marge Neal. 

p. 5: I/O  An automobile accident caused a woman to “lose everything but her kids”.

p. 5: I/O  Pig gives obscene and filthy breathalyzer test to youth.

p. 26: The pig’s name that thinks there should be no PBJ or probation before judgment is Terence Mills.

                Let’s acquire perspective here, ye rich subhumans that own and run this   County and country.  We want what you fear most, commonsense laws reasonable enforced?  Can you millionaire queers remember that?  I think you had better.


4/22/06: (A) (F)  Mailing of 3/4/6 #17,031 from Amnesty International USA, 5 Penn Plaza, New York, NY 10001.


1.  Amnesty International has only been able to help 45,000 victims of patriotism.  We’ll give you odds that these atrocities were committed by patriots hired by the shitty and depraved united states of america.  The rich rob you to do these things, and you wave their bloody rag.

2.  A man named Constantino was caged in a dim cell with mice and roaches and tortured for eight months.  His hands and feet were tied for the eight months.

3.  Christine Anyanwu, a journalist in Nigeria—a country of queers and america’s asshole-lickers—was long-imprisoned for opposing the government’s depraved policies.

4.  Mock executions by patriotic firing squads are common.

5. Children’s eyes are gouged out before their parents.  This act of patriotism was done for or by the United States of America no doubts about it.  This is cia all the way.  This act of patriotism is probably in cia manuals.  

6.  Humans being buried alive by patriots.  This act of patriotism was done for or by the United States of America no doubts about it.  This is cia all the way.  This act of patriotism is in cia manuals.  

7.  Prisoners spending weeks blindfolded then the blindfold is removed so he or she can watch family members raped.  This act of patriotism was done for or by the United States of America no doubts about it.  This is cia all the way.  This act of patriotism is probably in cia manuals.  

8.  Naked and handcuffed to bedsprings, as uniformed patriotic cocksuckers [Subhuman Turkish turds hired by the United States], electrocuted a woman, the shiteaters taunted her and mocked the Great Spirit by yea, saying, “We are God in here.”  Wait until the Great Spirit gets hold of your greasy Turkish asses in Hell, and those that aided and abetted you patriotic subhumans.

9.  Serious violations happen here in America the Bloody Whore.

10.  Rape, torture, murder, imprisonment and government kidnappings are occurring at an increasingly accelerated rate.  This is because of the  so-called war on terrorism and the so-called war on drugs prosecuted by the rich that own the united states of america.


1250: (S) BT**  INTERNET  http://www.cduniverse.com/browsecat.asp?style=movie&cat =832&cart= 332745134.

                In CD Universe’s “Adult” Video Universe we clicked on Girl’s Locker Room, one of many filthy Japanese animé—this one depicted a naked cartoon cuntmonkey surrounded by other naked cartoon cuntmonkeys, lifting its leg and airing its cartoon pestholes—to learn more about its content.  Instead of learning about its content, there was a photograph of 90% naked subhuman cuntmonkey Sofia Ross.  Under the beasts’ name was printed Club Jenna.  It wears a pesthole patch, the animal’s ass is completely airing, half its huge dirty dugs are airing, and it wears knee-high black boots.  Image filed.  Note at the top of the file.


4/23/06 0723: (S) INTERNET  http://www.cduniverse.com/browsecat.asp

?style=movie&cat= 832&cart=332745134.

                Returning to CD Universe’s “Adult” Video Universe, Carmen Luvana/ Adam & Eve is photographed airing portions of dirty itself. 


0948: BT**  Next on the chopping block, subhuman cuntmonkey Mari Possa/Seymore Butts.  This animal is leering at Man and the Great Spirit and all decency while airing its putrescent body in see-through pesthole patch and pulling ups its dug cover.  It airs its completely naked turd-cutter slab, its pestiferous pesthole mound, maggoty public hair, and a CU of its huge ½-dugs which it is airing by pulling up its see-through dug holder.  Image filed.  Note at the top of the file. 


4/23/06: PERIODICAL  Comic section, Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller.  Mentioned is cuntmonkey Sarah Jessica Parker that publicly and permanently aired its reeking body, and the first names of other rich and famous actress animals that have even fucked and sucked permanently in public.  In a country like The Unites Shits, that is how you get rich and famous.


4/29/06: INTERNET  I was searching for the ancient Greek word for hair.


Free Ceramic Flat Iron  Want Hair Like Jennifer Aniston. Take Our Survey And Get It Free!  Sedu.PersonalCare-Offer.Com


4/30/6 1100: (F) (A)  1370 AM WWLG: In Sudan, patriots, i.e., shit-eaters and cocksuckers of the government, owned by the rich, have murdered tens of thousands by rape and torture and outright slaughter, and are continuing unabated.  It is good old patriotic genocide.  We wonder, what part is The United Shits of Americas is playing in it?


5/6/6: 1370 AM WWLG.  Yet another chopper “crashed” in Iraq killing ten.  This is media speak.  All these aircraft you hear about “crashing” in Iraq are being shot out of the air.  You have heard of Iraq?  That’s the county the United Shits invaded without justification, where its depraved youth, rapes, tortures and murders, where it has murdered 100,000 Iraqi civilians and not a single image of a slaughtered baby has been shown on television.  The billionaire bum Baby Halliburton Bush gives you your Oil War II, bloodless as a Star Wars movie.  The subhuman piece of patriotic coward-ass shit, CIA Director Porter Goss is resigning.  Despite the puke licked up by the media, does anyone know why?


                One of the men called his bank for a banking card so he could shop over the Internet.  The young female informed him that “due to the war on terrorism” he was, in effect, to chat with her.  He did not know what to say to a girl young enough to be his granddaughter.  They did not send him a banking card and he subsequently took his funds to another bank. 


5/7/06 0715: (S) INTERNET  http://b.casalemedia.com, screensavers.  Trying to connect with music at http://windowsmedia.com/radiotuner/MyRadio.asp we were assaulted with this filth:

1.  BT  Longhaired brunette, CU ¾-n huge dugs.

2.  BT**  Longhaired brunette, ½-n huge dugs, CU of its huge ¾-n turd-cutter.  Note at the top of the file.


5/9/6: INTERNET 

1. (F) (A) I/O BT**  http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/12646394/  NBC News.  

CIA Director Porter Goss resigns, has headed the agency since September 2004.

                CIA Director Porter Goss resigned unexpectedly Friday, leaving behind a spy agency still battling to recover from the scars of intelligence failures before America’s worst terrorist attack and faulty information that formed the U.S. rationale for invading Iraq.

Since December, Hayden has aggressively defended the Bush administration's warrantless surveillance program.  He was one of its chief architects.

                He has led ably,” the billionaire bum Bush said, Goss at his side. “He has a five-year plan to increase the analysts and operatives.”


2. (F) (A) I/O BT**

http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A12296-2004Jun3.html Washington Post, Thursday, June 3, 2004; 2:54 PM, by Staff Writer William Branigin. 

                CIA Director George J. Tenet, dogged by controversies over a string of U.S. intelligence setbacks, has decided to resign for personal reasons and will leave the agency in July, President Bush announced today.

                Baby Bush lauded Tenet, 51, as a dedicated public servant who has fought hard in the war on terrorism.

                Italics ours.





5/11/6: (S) PERIODICAL The Dundalk Eagle, Volume 37, Number 52, ibid.

                On the front page is the leader: PAGE 10.  Patapsco High grad shows up in Playboy.  There is a facial of the beast.

p. 10: BT.  Under the headline Patapsco classmates’ judgment bares out, 14 years later.  Best body for Class of ’92 is in May ‘Playboy’.  We find a half page of print by Bill Gates praising this unscrupulous publicly and permanently naked cuntmonkey that splayed and aired it pesthole in full color close-up before the world.  There is a large color photograph of it leering at the Great Spirit and us and airing its ½-n dugs.  It is quoted: “The photographers and crew were so very professional.  It was like I wasn’t even naked”.


p. 7:  Under the banner No performance of ill repute at DCT’s ‘Whorehouse’.  Chicken Ranch to open one more weekend.  In over a half page of print Marge Meade praises this dirt and tells all women about themselves.  We quote: Dundalk Community College Theater is closing its season with The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, a musical comedy about girls who make a living doing what comes naturally.

                There is a large b&w photo of these five heavy-duty ‘girls’, one airs ¼-n dugs, maybe another.

p. 35:  We find the rest of the article, about 250 words, under the repeated banner Patapsco classmates’ judgment bares out, 14 years later.

                There is other filth between its pages, including two bimbos in Acapulco, airing dugs, leering, and holding up “their favorite hometown paper”.  The Dundalk Eagle bills itself as a family newspaper.  Must be a family newspaper for entertainment families, although we did not realize any of them lived in Dundalk.   Reading it is like opening a library book and finding boogers. 

                Articles filed.


5/13/6: (S) BT**  Wargames MGM CD 907056.  CUs of Ally Sheedy’s full deep ass-slit, etc.  Other ass-slits.  Note at the top of the file. 


5/14/06 0945: (S) BT** INTERNET

http://www.onelook.com/?loc=pub&w=sapient.  Ad for MSN Travel: two brunette beasts with ponytails from behind in white and blue shorts: CU of deep shitty turd-cutter cracks and turd-cutter cheeks sagging.  Note at the top of the file. 



1. PB INTERNET http://baltimorecrime.blogspot.com/2005_10_16_baltimorecrime_archive.html

                Baltimore City cops arrested a woman’s 15-year-old son for loitering on his own porch and charged her daughter with disturbing the peace.    


2. 2018: I/O (A) BT**  91.5 FM WBJC.  The CIA classified 25% of the documents relating to Vietnam that other government agencies would have released.   


5/15/06: I/O BT**  CONSUMER WARNING Baltimore metropolitan area:  Home contractors William Webb, 6710F, Richie Highway #12, Glen Burnie, MD 21001, prey upon the elderly.   Canvassing neighborhoods, they claim to find devastating problems with homes at a glance. 

                On September 21, 2004, they singled out an elderly couple sitting on their porch.  Spieling tales of dire consequence, they got themselves hired to waterproof

an end-of-row home externally by spraying what appeared to be a clear acrylic substance.  It took longer to talk them into it than it did to do the work.  It took about an hour to complete the job, if that.  The work is shoddy and esthetically displeasing.  The coating is thick, it is thin, it sags and they even sprayed over windows.  For this, they charged a couple in their nineties $900.00.

                They returned March 23, 2006.  A new roof was installed on the home January 6, 2004.  Although the roof was but two years old, they claimed to have noticed, from the street, loose tiles.  They informed the couple the guarantee given with the roof would not cover tiles blown up by the wind.  In their dotage, they did not bother checking the guarantee and hired the scurvy knaves to repair the roof.  During an 18-minute period, William Webb contractors delivered 5 to 7 extremely hard hammerings on the roof, doubtless to ensure the hammering was heard.  They likely used naked nails.  They charged nonagenarians $500.00.  They did not work half an hour. 


5/15/6 0800: PB I/O  1370 AM WWLG.  Cops have forced people from their homes in New Hampshire; excuse, flooding.


5/18/06 1317: (S) BT**


                At CD Universe we were searching for animé and came across this reeking feces.  

                Linda Lovelace For President, DVD Regular Price:  $16.59; Sale Price:   $14.17.  Starring Linda Lovelace, Catman Crothers, Mickey Dolenz.  

                “Here comes that Deep Throat girl.  See her razzle that elephant.  See her dazzle that donkey.  Vote for Linda.  Swallow your pride.” 

                The media informed us this subhuman piece of patriotic shit that lives in Kentucky was dead.  We cannot believe anything the media reports.  This rich and famous actress, this modern and mature, adult sophisticated enlightened all-American girl, sewed its wild oats by publicly and permanently, on 50 by 70 foot screens, in full-color close-up intimate-action detail,  fucking, sucking and rucking even German shepherd law enforcement police dogs.  In this digital shit, we guess it does the same thing with those washed-up pieces of shit Catman Crothers, Mickey “Monkey” Dolenz, and innocent elephants and donkeys. 

                In the photo the subhuman animal, carrying Satan’s rag, the American rag,  leers ear-to-ear at the Great Spirit, families, and all that is decent and holy, and particularly Men.  In CU it airs its reeking huge ½-n dugs.  Photo filed.  Note at the top of the file.


5/21/6: PERIODICAL I/O BT**  The Baltimore Sun, ibid., Beatle Bailey, by Greg & Mort Walker.  Allusion to Men made to bent over placing their palms on the floor for homosexual rectal probing during physical exams. 


5/22/06: BOOK  Where Wizards Stay Up Late: The Origins of the Internet, © 1996 by Katie Hafner and Matthew Lyon, ISBN-10: 0-684-83267-4, © 1996 by Katie Hafner and Matthew Lyon, Simon & Schuster Paperbacks,  Rockefeller Center, 120 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020 . 

p. 23: I/O  Beginning in the 1960s, the Pentagon’s Advanced Research  Projects Agency engaged in behavioral research and command and control experiments.  What horrors the subhumans committed are not mentioned.  What did they do?

p. 27: I/O  Reference to a “new” program in “behavioral sciences” in 1962.

p. 28-29: (CA) BT**  Psychologist B.F. Skinner of Harvard raised his son in a box to test behaviorists theories.  Other psychotic psychologists did similarly.  The government allowed it to go on, nothing was ever done about it, and they were never punished.  The fact that subhuman ghouls at Harvard did and allowed this is of no surprise.  How is the kid today?  Are similar things going on?  The penalty for doing this type thing shall be death.

p. 52: I/O 

1. BT  Licking AT&T’s asshole, the Federal Communications Commission banned a mouthpiece called a Hush-A-Phone, that enabled a person to talk on the telephone without being overheard. 

2. AT&T, corporate nazis, sued a Midwest undertaker for giving away plastic covers for the Yellow Pages, yea, saying, it obscured and therefore reduced the value of paid advertising on the cover.

p. 155: I/O  Although clearly not exceeding the speed limit, a pig gave a man a ticket on the George Washington Parkway.  Although he was a scientist and could prove he had not exceeded the speed limit, his friends advised him it would be wiser to drop it, which he did. 

p. 231: I/O BT** 

1.  In the late 1960s, Pentagon subhumans gathered information on American Humans whom they deemed “troublemakers”. 

2. In 1972, the Army subhumans were ordered to destroy the files.  They claim to have done this but no rational person can believe them.  Did they?

p. 254: This is about network control protocols.  Our evil government immediately adopted the foreign Open Systems Interconnection protocol conjured up by the foreign International Standards Organization, seeking to replace the organically and home- grown Transfer Control Protocol/Internet Protocol.  It did not work.  A veteran of the TCP/IP-OSI  War said: “Standards should be discovered not decreed”. 

                We have discovered standards, protocols for behavior, elect us.


1000: (S) BT**  123.partyfm-50s Generation.  Despite disabling pictures, depraved capitalists subhumans assaulted with these old piles of shit (ref. 8/2/5) plopped out.  Free Screen Savers:

1) A tanned long-haired brunette subhumanmodel cuntmonkey of tremendous dugs and ass is 99.5% naked on a beach, its pestholes and nipples covered by thin blue strips of cloth.  It is upon its elbows and its knees with its huge naked shit-splitter cocked high.  Its huge shit-splitter is naked save for a thin strip of blue cloth up its shit-reeking crack.  Its ass-cheeks are naked.  The subhuman’s huge dirty dugs are in CU and 99.9%-aired. 

2) 2) A leering redheaded subhuman model cuntmonkey, in red top, leaning against something and airing its gigantic ¾-n dugs in CU. 

                Note at the top of the file.


5/23/6: (S) BT** PERIODICAL  The Baltimore Sun, ibid., p. 12A: ad for Hecht’s department stores (part of the Macy family): 12” X 18” color photo, CU of a sneering brunette model cuntmonkey, 95% naked, airing its reeking fully naked shit-slicer slabs and ¼-n dugs.  Photo filed.  Note at the top of the file.


(S) BT** PERIODICAL  In Staples’ advertisements (the national chain of office supply stores) and damn good ones, often are found cuntmonkeys airing various portions of their smutty anatomy, CUs ½-n dugs, etc.  In the Technology on the go catalog SKU: 395590, we find:

p. 17: Sun Disk memory cards: a rock climbing cuntmonkey assaults us with its “completely naked” turd-pincher coated in purple paint.  It is a profile.  Females will go to any length to air their reeking bodies, and capitalist pigs will go to any lengths to sell us their junk.

p. 22: Lowrance 1Way Multimedia Navigation devices: beach motif; a leering subhuman assails us with its naked shit-slicer cheeks and slabs.  There is another leering sub., but it is not aired to the camera.  Two geldings are present.

Clippings filed.  Note at the top of the file. 




Official UFO Investigations

1. Project Sign was established to evaluate UFO phenomena by the Air Force on December 30, 1947.  Because much to it supported the E.T. scenario, Chief of Staff General Hoyt Vandenberg rejected the findings of the Estimate of the Situation report, thus destroying morale in Project Sign.  This paved for the “debunking” Project Grudge.

2. Vandenberg summarily ordered two paragraphs be removed from the EoS report, both referring to the UFO crashes in New Mexico.

3. Project Blue Book followed Project Grunge.  “Moreover, despite all the hype that continues to surround Blue Book, it was never anything more than an exercise in public relations and received minimal staffing from one officer, two clerks and a number of typists. 

                “Reports of unidentified flying objects which could affect the national security are made in accordance with JANAP 146 of Sir Force Manual 55-11, and are not part of the Blue Book system.”  From a 1969 memorandum prepared by Brigadier General C.H. Bolender, the Air Force’s Deputy Director of Development.

4. The CIA has made released documents nearly illegible.

5. Project Snowbird was established in 1972 to research and test-fly a recovered alien spacecraft.  To date, attempts to resolve this claim by the [vapid and nearly useless] Freedom of Information Act have availed nothing.

6. (F) SCHO-OP  Canada’s Department of Transport established an Operation Magnet to detect UFOs.  It detected some and two days later was shut down.  It was closed with such haste to continue studies on a nasty and filthy covert level.

                Dr. Robert Sarbacher, a Canadian, said the U.S. had in its possession both crashed UFOs and alien bodies.

7. The Freedom of Information Act has shown that official interest in UFOs continues on a far more sneaky level than Operation Blue Book.

8. The Roberson Panel, 1952-53, composed of laughably obvious and ridiculous asshole-lickers, analyzed motion-picture film taken over Tremonton, Utah, on July 2, 1952 and Great Falls, Montana, on 15 August 1950.  It concluded that the images on the Tremonton film were caused by sunlight reflecting off seagulls and the images at Great Falls were sunlight reflecting off two Air Force interceptors performing their accustomed right-angle turns at rifle bullet velocities. 

9.  The Roberson Panel concluded:

  a. That UFOs presented no threat to national security, nor that the sightings might be extraterrestrial origin.

  b. That continued emphasis on UFO reporting might threaten “the orderly functioning” of the government by  clogging the channels of communication with irrelevant reports and by inducing “hysterical mass behavior” harmful to constituted authority.  Note at the top of the file.

  c. I/O BT** The commie-nazi panel recommended that private UFO groups like the Civilian Flying Saucer Investigations in Los Angeles and the Ariel Phenomena Research Organization in Wisconsin be monitored for subversive activities.  

10.  The nazi-commie cia subs. got knowledge of any Agency interest in UFOs tightly restricted, noting that not only was the Roberson Report classified, but that any mention of cia sponsorship of the panel was forbidden. 

11. The Air Force published a report on the Roswell UFO crash in 1994.  The commie-nazis concluded that what was found was a Mogul balloon, whatever the Hell that is, and crash dummies, whose brains are of less dense than Air Force and cia brains.    

12. BT**  The nazi-commie Army destroyed all administrative records of Roswell Army Air Field from March 1945 to December 1949, and all outgoing messages from the base from October 1946 to December 1949.  Note at the top of the file.


BOOK  Forrest Gump by Winston Groom, ISBN 0-7434-5325-5, © 1986 Peach Creek Realty and Investments Corp., Washington Square Press, 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New Your, NY 10020, fiction.   

Allusions to:

p. 17: I/O BT**  c. early 60s.  Men during Army induction being anal probed. 

p. 106

  1. PB BT**  Washington, DC pigs beating peace demonstrators senseless with clubs.

  2. PB I/O BT**  DC jail subhumans shaving off women’s hair.

p. 108

  1. PB BT**  Gangs of subhuman bluecoat shit-eaters beating nonresisting peace demonstrators senseless with clubs, shaped like they dicks that doan work.  

  2. PB I/O BT**  Then charging them with resisting arrest.

p. 111

  1. I/O BT**  Cuntmonkey psychiatrist having men forcibly stripped naked by thuggish subhumans, and making salacious remarks about their appearance. 

2. I/O BT**  Doctors in mental institutions striping men naked and giving them physical exams.

p. 157: PB I/O  Indianapolis, Indiana pigs arresting people for loitering. 

p. 191: PB I/O  Nashville, Tennessee pigs arresting people for loitering. 

p. 195: I/O  A man having to strip naked before two Hollywood makes whores.


1102: PB BT**  1370 AM WWLG: Because of a power failure, an Amtrak train was stalled in the tunnel below Baltimore harbor.  Some people justifiably wanted to get off.  The commie-nazi Amtrak pigs threatened them with arrest if they did.  There must have been some balls aboard.  The news report was the usual misleading asshole-licking corporate reporting, but next, the nazi-commie Amtrak pigs threatened them with arrest if they were not be quiet. 

Yet further proof that the pigs and the rich whose asshole they lick, regard us as the civilian population of a conquered country.

Note at the top of the file.


5/26/06: (S) Ghost in the Shell, PloyGram DVD M5529-2 WR03, animation, unrated suggested 17+.  PolyGram Sampler:

1. Dugs of ballerina.

2. Check chorus line for -slabs and dugs.

3. BT**  Ballerinas, ass-cheeks and dugs.

4. BT**  Pricilla Queen of the Desert. 

  a. Long-lingering CUs of a blonde rich actress/whore subhuman’s     

       naked shit-slicer twitching and wriggling as it walks away.   

  b. Many wriggling naked asses.

  c. The actress-subhuman’s many dugs variously aired. 

                Note at the top of the file.


Shark Tale, DreamWorks DVD 91955, animation. 

                Permanently publicly fucking and sucking rich and famous actress/whore Angelina Jolie voices a character in this.  Had we known this we would not have bought it.  It is not as great as cracked up to be regardless.  The plot is not that absorbing.  During the running, a starfish alludes to rich and famous actress-porn whore Jessica Simpson (Jessica Shrimpson) by voice, and its name is printed in the digital concrete at its feet.  Dirty dugs variously aired pollute the bonus material.  The incidents are listed with appropriate designations.  The Music of Shark’s Tale is particularly stinky with many cuntmonkey singers airing variously exposed dugs, particularly many long-lingering CUs of the huge grody ½-n dugs of depraved cuntmonkey Christina Augilera.


5/26/6 1049: (S) BT** INTERNET 123party.fm 50s Generation (32K);

We wanted to hear some fifties popular music but we were assaulted with an ad for the Mate 1 dating service.  It airs a naked sneering leering longhaired oriental subhuman whore/lesbian cuntmonkey prostrate, airing its prominent reeking turd-splitter and half of a huge grimy pus dripping dug.  The capitalist pigs and their subhuman cuntmonkeys must pay the ultimate price for these incessant humiliations.  We do not wish to be accosted by their filthy sneering leering depraved and naked mothers, daughters, wives sisters  and/or  lovers airing their diseased and ridiculous bodies.    

We are sick of these rich subhumans rubbing the shit of their naked relatives in our faces.  So far, we are powerless to make them stop.  But we of the 117th Militia Combat Team know how to make them stop.  We know how to make them stop, how to keep them stopped and how to establish justice.  Elect us.  Note at the top of the file.


5/27/06 0457-0524: PB I/O  A Maryland State pig helicopter of the Blackhawk kind circled low over our homes with its searchlight on.  Likely searching for a vagrant or a speeder on I695, they think nothing of awakening thousands of people on a whim, for unimportant and insignificant reasons.  The rich rob us to buy them their toys, many of them deadly, and by Flag, they will use their toys despite what it does to the rest of us.  Pig force choppers (County, State, etc.) of various types and marks disturb us several times weekly almost invariably at night and usually for a half-hour sometimes longer.  We honestly believe they train pig pilots by buzzing our neighborhoods.  A continual nuisance and threat, further proof that the pigs and the rich whose asshole they lick, regard us as the civilian population of a conquered country.


0947: (F) (A) INTERNET


                Last November the subhuman marines, the shit of the Earth, cowardly offspring of America the Capitalist Cuntmonkey, slaughtered two dozen Iraqi men, women and children.  (Imagine the fear, especially of the children.)  The jughead subhumans lied about it yea, saying, the murders were caused by a roadside bomb.

                No quarter.

                “Military investigators probing the deaths ... of about two dozen Iraqi civilians have evidence that points toward unprovoked murders by marines.”

                What do they do to military investigators who report the truth?  What happens to them?  How does it affect their careers?



Those that forget their mortality become patriots.

—The Prophet Mastodon.


5/31/6 1709: (F) (M) BT** INTERNET  comcast.net.  The depraved cowardly and Great Spirit spurned spawn of America the Whore, murdered a pregnant woman in Iraq.  They have atrocified over 100,000 Iraqi civilians thus far.  Woe unto thee America, the atrocifier of countless babies, yea, America the publicly permanently sexually performing blood-drinking guts-eating whore. 


6/2/06 0909: (S)  123party.FM-50s Generation, two-part ad for a dating service

Part 1. BT**  This featured a close-up of a prominent shit-splitter on an exerciser in jeans, airing it full and deep ass-slit, asking the appalling question, Whose legs are these:  a Angelina Jolie.  b. Jessica Simpson?  Both of these subhumans are rich and famous actresses, or publicly and permanently fucking, sucking and/or rucking, in intimate-action, full-color, close-up, 50 X 70 foot detail, cuntmonkeys.  Note at the top of file.

Part 2. (T)  This featured a CU of huge ¼-n dugs being aired asking the sneering question: Who is this actress: a. Halle Berry.  b. Salma Hayek.  c. Jessica Simpson?  We do not know anything about Salma Hayek, but the other two are, of course, famous and rich actresses, or publicly naked and/or fucking, sucking, rucking cuntmonkeys.



Notes on Experimental Aircraft




                We heard that recent/y the military was experimenting with an airplane with forward swept wings.   This is not as bizarre as it sounds.  In airplanes, thrust is the force that overcomes drag, or air resistance, and lift is the force that counteracts gravity.  We have not heard anything about this marvelous idea of forward swept wings lately.  Why? 

                Wings give you lift.  Seems to me, if you had an airplane with its arms reaching out before, even with the nose or forward of the nose, to hoist itself up rather than with its arms swept back waiting to be picked up, that if you stood before it and sneezed it would jump off the ground. 

                They probably killed the project because it did not look like a real airplane.  That is supposedly what happened to the flying wing, and it sounds about right.  To see one in flight, view the 1954 production of War of the Worlds.  The flying wing had no drag because it had no fuselage.  It was all wing but there were problems with it.  There were two models, a prop job and a jet.  They maximized thrust on the prop job by putting the four props behind the wing to push it through the air rather than pull it.  These were placed with 8 turbojets.  But we heard, which does not seem to be true, the brass hats did not like it because it did not look the airplanes they were used to.


Flying wing history:







                The push type propellers were later used on the largest plane that ever flew (as far as we know), the B-36 Peacemaker.  The B-36 was a monster.  A trolley enabled crewmembers to get from the front to the back in reasonable time.   It was powered by 10 power plants, six props and four jets.  Its wingspan was 230 feet.  The longest flight of the Wright brothers on that first day was 120 feet. 

                We can thank the Great Spirit that the B-36 never dropped a bomb in anger.  I know I do.  The B-52 replaced it. 





6/3/06 0906: (S) INTERNET  What the Hell is this, a plot?  At


we clicked on Apollo Stamps, Maryland U.S.A. - U.S.A searching for a seller of the 1994 USPS Vietnam Veteran Commemorative and got this website

http://www.searchmeup.com/search.php?aid=36585&q=paris+hilton&said=wt1000, with links to shit concerning the horrible animal Paris Hilton including:

                $1 for the Paris Hilton Sex Tape

                Unable to find the Paris Hilton sex tape yet? Get your Sex Tape pass for only $1 where you can watch Paris ride and suck cock like a pro. TONS of other celebs as well!  www.pornpass.net

                This was also our lot clicking on: Apollo Stamps, Maryland U.S.A. - U.S.A.


1026: (S) (T) INTERNET  123party.FM-50s Generation, ad for Bridgestone tires, ¼-n huge dugs of leering brunette. 

                This site is appallingly filthy and the advertisers have so little regard for the listeners, that they even play annoying, snickering clown laughter over the music.  They have software to defeat popup blockers that pop the naked filthy bodies of their mothers, sisters, daughters and wives up in your face when you are working. 


6/3/06 1030: (F) (A) INTERNET  http://www.comcast.net/home.html. 

GIs Cleared of Misconduct in Iraqi Village

                The U.S. military said Saturday that it had found no wrongdoing by American troops accused of intentionally killing civilians during a raid in a village north of Baghdad that left up to 13 Iraqis dead.

                No quarter.


6/5/06 0822: INTERNET  http://www.listenhos.com/index/index18.php.  Links: Nude Girls.  Hardcore Fuck.  Nude Cam.  Hearts of Space on WYPR recommended this site as where you can listen to their program.  No thanks.


6/6/06 0648: (S)

1. BT**  http://www.onelook.com/?loc=pub&w=rashtafarian

MSN Travel: two brunette beasts on a beach, one animal is naked wearing white half-shorts, the other animal is naked wearing blue half-shorts,  CU of the beasts’ ½-n turd-pincher slabs sagging below the half-shorts.  Note at the top of file.   

2. (T)  http://www.onelook.com/?w=rastafarian&last=rashtafarian&loc=spell1

MSN Travel,   ¼-n dugs of brunette leering beast in black.


I/O BT**  Here is one of the things that has made America the lovely piece-of-shit that it is today.  One of the men complains about a creep named Ed Pissonatrotski.  This creep, a carpenter, retired now, has worked with power tools in its yard since about 1985.  In 1995, when it retired, it build a shop in the backyard of its row house in a crowded neighborhood and has gone at it ever since, often from before dawn to after sunset.  On rare pleasant, the piece-of-shit’s neighbors cannot enjoy open windows for the noise the patriot makes.  Like all patriots, since it is a flag freak, it thinks it can do anything it wants to do.  We advised our man to report the subhuman to Baltimore County Code Violations, found the address on the Internet for him.  Also, the freak is violating, and has been violating, disturbing the peace laws.  Disturbing the peace laws are laws, not polite requests.      


6/7/6 1616: (CA) BT**  WVIE AM 1370, Dr, Laura Schlessinger: 30 year old female admits being sexually abused by a cousin when she was 5 years old.


PB PERIODICAL  Strange Tales, Vol. 4. No. 2, Wildside Press, P.O. Box 301, Holicong, PA 18928-0301.  Fiction.

p. 25:  The Lord of the Rails by J.J. Travis: ref. to a private corporate railroad pig subhuman knocking a man out with a club just when he awakening.   


6/8/6: (F) (A)  Patriotic dick-sucking Indonesian subhumans, suckers of shit, are again with American funds, raping, torturing and murdering thousands of unarmed and defenseless families in East Timor, savage babies included.

                Patriotic dick-sucking Iraqi subhumans, suckers of shit, some with American funds and some without, are butchering scores of their unarmed and defenseless brothers and sisters, including savage babies. 


6/9/06: I/O   To jail a material witness is further proof that we do not and have not lived in a free country.  Elect us and we will correct this grievous injustice in no uncertain terms.



                There has been an influx of Section 8 people into our neighborhood.  These are political refugees from Yorkway Apartments, that Baltimore County politicians condemned and bulldozed to grab the land, a modern form of blockbusting practiced by politicians.  The Section 8s have little discipline.  Our peace and peace of mind were instantly destroyed.  There are cosmetic problems as most of their houses they have already trashed.  They keep not regular hours, their kids are wild knowing no restraint, they are worst during the night than during the day. 

                Corporations, owned and run by fat rich cowardly politicians, bought up many houses in our neighborhood and refused to sell to respectable people because selling to the US government’s Section 8s guarantees them their money, and more.  Politicians can have their cake and eat it too.    Section 8s never go to term.  As it is in this neighborhood, so it is in every decent working class neighborhood.  Elect us and we will hang those responsible.

                Follow the money trail.


6/12/6 1025: (CA) BT** WSFI FM 107.9.  This Christian radio station with gleeful alacrity reports on a scientific experiment.  In a scientific experiment 40 hospitalized babies were experimented upon.  The babies were divided into two groups, the experimental whelps and the control whelps.  The experimental whelps were cuddled and stroked 15 minutes a day for 10 days.   They recovered much from their illnesses.   The control whelps that were not cuddled were left to perish.       

                Whose infant consumer units were these?  Did the scientists/demons have permission to experiment upon these consumer units?  Not that it matters.  What happened to these demographic units?  Who authorized, took part in, aided and abetted this horrible experiment?  Where is the prophet’s power to execute? 

                From cradle to grave....


1031: I/O BT**  Two Human Beings, prisoners in the subhuman united states navy concentration camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, after suffering unending torture, humiliation, defiling and degradation at the syphilitic hands of hormone-scrambled american military cuntmonkeys, patriotic subhumans with pestholes, after witnessing the mocking of the Great Spirit at the hands of all-american girls-next-door patriotic lesbian-whores without excuses to live, hung themselves in their cells.

                Did they hang themselves?  How do we know?  The media reports this, not Men, and the media, dingdong to a pesthole, are shitsucking cocksucking subhuman pieces of patriotic shit at a depth with the government. 

                Elect us.

                Death to all, the hierarchy miss none, from the lowest unto the highest: hallelujah hosanna.  


6/13/06 1245: (S) BT** At one or two houses the next block up , the 3800 section,  long brunette ponytail, talking to a shave-headed geek in the alley sanding a board, the beast in light gray paint, full and deep ass slit.  No mercy.   Note at the top of file.


6/14/06: (S) BT**  INTERNET


Ad: Mate 1.  Intimate Mating.  Come and see what you miss.   This ad airs a leering brunette cuntmonkey presented as naked airing its huge ½-n bladders. 


Also: Who is Will Smith married to?  Jada Pinkett Smith, or Jennifer Lopez the rich and famous actress that airs its slimy pesthole permanently in public, or,

Halle Berry, another rich and famous actress, a Miss America (Why do we not find that surprising?) that airs its filthy body permanently in public on 50 X 70 screens and in magazines in full-color close-up detail? 


                Some of us received yet another open mailing from the subhuman pornographers Playboy. 

1. It airs a sneering naked blonde shiteater in two different photos in close-up, airing its completely naked shit- splitter and bladders with arching nipples. 

2. There is two shots of the cover of Wet Hot airing a sneering naked brunette shiteater airing its completely naked shit-splitter and bladders with arching nipples.   

3. Another photo of a piece of shit is the cover of Playboy: Sex and Music Issue airing mocking rich subhuman Paris Hilton airing its shit-slicer slabs and ½-n bladders.

4. Inside the Sex and Music Issue rich and famous actress/beast named Debbie Gibson airs its entire putrid body and pesthole in full-color CU detail inside its reeking pages.

                Suddenly several of us began receiving this shit last year.  We had ordered and/or requested nothing.  These filthy mailings have not ceased despite the several of us filing Form 1500, Application for Listing and/or Prohibitory Order with United States Postal Service, Prohibitory Order Processing, PO Box 1500, New York, NY 10008-1500.  These whoremongers and their filthy animals, all of who should be executed in concentration camps, have no respect for federal law.

                We have advised the men to submit these psychologically pieces of used toilet paper as evidence. 

                Elect us.

                Note at the top of file.


6/15/06 0726: INTERNET

(S) BT* http://www.azchords.com/b/blueoystercult-tabs-537.html.

1. Ad for True, a service whereas one pays to talk to a pesthole, I guess, but why anybody would want to do so is beyond us.  Single and Sexy, love is blind we know that you’re not.  True.  Chat now.   Extreme CU of brunette cuntmonkey model shit-eater airing its huge ½-n bladders and licking its lips with its long pointy lizard tongue.

2. (S) (BT) http://www.azchords.com/b/blueoystercult-tabs-537/godzilla-tabs-101573.html.  Ad for True.  Take  your True compatibility test endorsed by Psychology Today.  (3) CUs of ½-n bladders of a brunette beast on its hands and knees.


0725: (S) BT**  http://www.azchords.com/d/dylanbob-tabs-069/honestwithme- tabs- 105112.html.  Ad: Mate 1; airs the naked turd-terminator of brunette model cuntmonkey.  Note at the top of file.


6/21/06 0932: (S) BT**  http://www.paragonsports.com/Paragon/Shop. 

            Beast swimming underwater in red rags, CU naked shit-slicer slab.  Note at the top of file.   


22 June, 2006: (S) BT** PERIODICAL 

                Despite filing complaints and documentation with United States Postal Service, Prohibitory Order Processing, PO Box 1500, New York, NY 10008-1500, some of the men received a “complimentary” July 2006 issue of Playboy.  On the cover, is a naked pesthole/subhuman sneering at the Great Spirit and us and airing in CU it reeking shit-splitter.  Neither these whoremongers, nor their naked whores, have any respect for the Great Spirit, Men or federal law.  Elect us.  Note at the top of file.


25 June 2006, 0757: (S) BT**  PERIODICAL  Science Fiction Chronicle, Issue 265, Volume 28, Number 2, February/March 2006, ISSN: 0195-5356, DNA Publications, Inc., P.O. Box 2988 Radford, VA 24143-2988.

p. 4: Headlines, Naked Prose: Authors Without Covers.  (That is a cute title, in case you do not know.  Oh hoho.  Chuckle chuckle.  Oh, so droll.) 

                November 11, 2005, John Ordover, editor-in-chief of Phobos Books, and a member of a depraved clothing optional dining group, herded a clothing-optional dinner/reading hosted by the degenerates of Calienté/Eden Bay Nudist Resorts   

At New York’s Mercantile Grill.  Photographed naked (from ½-n bladders up), in CU color is depraved authoress Sephera Giron.  Beside it is performance artist/poet Rain Graves airing its ½-n bladders.  In a second similar photograph is depraved “author” Ann Tonsor Zeddies.  Both photographs are by degenerate Jack Cargill. 

                This was Veteran’s Day.  On an upper floor, marines were having a marine corpse birthday party.  When they broke up and descended the stairs, the degenerates called them in.  The degenerates went in and the naked monkeys

exposed themselves to them, sang Happy Birthday to the marine corpse, hugged and kissed the lusty lads, patted ‘em on the ass and sent ‘em on their way.  Nothin’ bothers them.   

                Note at the top of file.            

p. 74: SF Cinema.  The permanently publicly pesthole airing Madonna, modest and demure, slightly airs its reeking bladders in a large color photo.  It is mentioned in the front of the magazine but there is no caption, only the M word.  Sandra Bulloch and other rich and famous naked cuntmonkey actresses are mentioned in the article.

p. 76: Bladders partially airing behind David Bowie.


6/28/06 0859: (S) BT** INTERNET 

1. http://www.weather.com/maps/news/

forecastsummary/ uscurrentweather_large.html?from=wxcenter_maps. 

a. CU of three shit-splitter slits and six shit-splitter slabs hanging of three cuntmonkey cheerleaders in red micro-minis.  Note at the top of file. 

b. CU 1/4-n dugs.  Click to:

2. BT*  http://www.inklineglobal.com/adsales/weather/tvo_offer_468_cpm_

monaxp. html?mcp=US.  CU huge ½-n dugs. 


6/29/06 1117: (S) BT INTERNET  http://thesaurus.reference.com/browse/bolt.

Ad: MSN Search.  Most Popular Searches: aired are the ½-n bladders of Jessica Alba in see-through top.  “The most popular searches” on Microsoft Network are for rich and famous naked cuntmonkeys (actresses) Jessica Alba, Demi Moore, Katie Holmes, Jennifer Anniston, Linsay Lohan, Angelina Jolie.”  These are pieces of shit without morals and therefore dignity.


6/30/6 1630: (F) (A)  WBJC 91.5 FM.  Five all-American subhumans raped a young Iraqi girl, murdered her entire family,  and burned her body with gasoline. 

                Have no fear Republicans.  These perambulating turds, the offal of perambulating turds, will get away with it.  They are your patriotic heroes, and you have trained the moronic people well.  Why, they will drag their knuckles whatever way you tell them to.


7/1/06: WRNR FM 103.1 is broadcasting “God bless America”.  Anybody that says that is damned to Hell, and know it.


7/1/06: BOOK  Hearts in Atlantis, © 1999 Stephen King, ISBN: 0-671-02424-8.  Fiction.  Pocket Books, 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020.

p. 32: (S).  Reference is made to the rich and famous naked French cuntmonkey Bridgette Bardot, the filthy contents to its “adult only” movies like And God Made Woman, and the filthy posters outside advertising same.   This is referred to centrally also on pages 174, 291, 430, 646.

p. 291: (S).  A life-size cardboard standup of the beast dubbed “the French sex kitten” by the press, standing beside a ticket booth.

p. 329: PB BT**.  Reference to the shit-eating pig atrocity committed in Chicago, 1968, with ref. to the merciless bluecoat shit-eater clubbing of cowering defenseless Humans marching for peace, etc.  Note at the top of file.    

p. 369: I/O BT.  Ref. to peace demonstrators on campus being cursed by patriotic subhumans like jocks and frat boys (Skull ‘n’ Bones type cowards), then egging then stoning them, all of which happened. 

p. 381

1. (A)  Mekong, Delta, cowardly U.S. gunships  sank 120 “Viet Cong patrol boats” which contained large numbers of refugee children, their families already murdered by armed turds of America the shit god.

2.  (F) I/O BT**.  Ref. the corrupt and subhuman administration of Nguyen Cao Ky, kept in power by fat American capitalist subhumans.  

p. 383

1. PB BT.  In Greenwich Village, NYC, pigs broke up a peace march because the marchers had no permit, or so barfed the pigs.

2. PB BT**.  San Francisco, California: peach marchers wearing white face and carrying skulls on sticks were attacked by patriotic bluecoat cop/subhumans with tear gas.

3.  PB I/O BT*.  Denver, Colorado: bluecoated shiteaters tore down thousands of posters advertising an antiwar rally.   The shiteater Chief barfed that advertising [dirty] movies, lost dogs, etc., was okay because they were not political.

p. 399-400: PB I/O BT**.  Peace demonstrators were attacked by a mob of hardhat queers, i.e., construction workers, that began by cursing them (which the shit-eating media never reported), then the subhumans pelted the Humans (who had more guts in their shit that all the hardhat construction workers that shall ever live) with objects.  The pigs then arrested the demonstrators for not having a permit.  The bluecoated patriots could not have cared less about the right to peacefully assembled, given by the Great Spirit.  In New York City, etc., the pigs joined in the savage beatings.

                Arrested shall be the hardhat cowards and pigs.  Note at the top of file.

p. 404: PB BT**.  Lunchroom sit-ins were broken by savage and cowardly bluecoat shiteater violence.  Note at the top of file.

p. 424: (F) (A).  Some corporate war criminals: McDonnell-Douglas, Boeing, GE, Dow Chemical, Pepsi.

p. 456: PB BT**. 

1. Chicago queers teargassed peaceful Humans marching for peace. 

2. Ref. to bleeding on one’s jacket.

p. 465

1. (S) BT**.  Popular Photography aired the public hair of naked cuntmonkeys.

2. I/O.  Newspapers refused to print information about fat rich politician’s sex lives.

3. I/O.  A comedian was arrested for saying fuck in public.

p. 468: I/O.  ROTC chanted “Kill Cong! Go U.S.”, while drilling on campus, preparing to rape, torture and murder defenseless families in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, etc.

pp. 495-496:  I/O.  ROTC assholes were taught lies about the peace symbol.

p. 509: (F) (M) BT**.  French lick queers blew up Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior in an Australia harbor killing several Human Beings.  Nothing was ever done about it.  Note at the top of file.   

p. 515: I/O (B) BT**.  Cowardly hardhat/dicksuckers (unchained by the shiteating patriotic pigs, on numerous occasions), viciously beat young men and women, Humans, then the pig cocksucking cowards, faces smeared with rich men’s shit, disregarding the Human Rights of beaten and broken Human Beings, drug them off to jail.

p. 576: I/O BT**.  Ref. to the cowardly rich man’s media not giving a shit about what those homosexual lovers, the pigs and the hardhat construction workers, did to peaceful Human Beings who wanted peace.  The media shiteaters do not care now.  The media monkeys, all of who lick shit off the assholes of the rich, neither need nor deserve rights.     

pp. 519-520: (A) (M).  Chicago pig patriots beat uncounted hundreds of Human Beings into bloody pulps.  Some never regained consciousness.  Some were murdered. 

p. 520: PB (A)

1. Sixty Humans brave enough to demonstrate for peace in America, were crammed in a cell designed for 15. 

2. Humans were gassed, Humans were held by other all-American shiteating pig subhumans, patriotic hero bluecoat queers, and punched, clubbed, kicked, choked and pistol-whipped.  Some were murdered.

                Nothing was done about it.  We recommend death to all those involved in any way including the National Guard. 

p. 524: (M) BT**.  Ref. to the National Guard murders at Kent State, Ohio.

p. 547: (CA).  In Catholic schools, the cheek-turning nuns viciously rapped students on the knuckles with wooden rulers.  (Then they turned them over to the Catholic pederast priests.)

p. 562: (S).  San Francisco Veteran’s hospital was known as the Pussy Palace because of the sans morals trash it had for nurses. 

p. 581: (CA) BT** (B).  A subhuman patriot, navy scum, a wife beater, pushed his baby son over in a high chair.  The penalty for that shall be death.  Elect us, and all this will go away.  We will see to it.  Together we! will flush the toilet.    

p. 586: (A).  Mention of the atrocities at Mai Lai and My Khe.  This was the patriotic pacification by patriotic subhuman American filth, the depraved and shitty offspring of a depraved and shitty people, most especially their parents. 

From the worst country on Earth, still those bullet-headed snot-nosed gutless subhumans receive not a shred of moral training. 

p. 606: (A).  Ref., perhaps fictional, to an atrocity at A Shau village in Dong Ha Province, Vietnam, i.e., the murdering of unarmed and innocent families, children, bayoneting old women——very dangerous to a big bad all-American fighting man.

p. 614: (A).  After an American hero shot a little boy, his old grandmother came out of her hut with her hands raised, jabbering.  The American hero bashed her in the face with its sex butt, knocking her down.  [P. 637: the subhuman straddled her and stabbed her a few times to make her scream, the all-American boy, a coward and a queer, one of your heroes, jabbed the bayonet deeply into her as she screamed. 

p. 632: (A).  Mention of the big hairy-chested shiteating all-American patriotic subhumans Calley and Medina, war heroes of My Lai and My Khe respectively. 

p. 641: (S) BT**

1. Ref. to naked cuntmonkeys airing themselves in Victoria’s Secrets.

2. Ref. to eighteen-year-old cuntmonkeys airing their pestholes and bladders on the Internet.   Many are younger than 18, but it makes no difference as far as The Purge.  Some are on live, or filmed, frigging and/or dildoing all holes, and/or fucking, sucking, rucking, and/or tonguing assholes and pestholes, etc.  Note at the top of file.

                For this your subhumans atrocity millions of innocents, and the number keeps on growing.  The next time they have a Fourth of July parade do not show up.


7/3/06 1309: (S) BT** INTERNET.

Bad Cinema - DeaLet's just watch Barbi Benton get her clothes ripped off. ... It is sort of cute, but the humor's so childish that it isn't funny unless you're already too ...  www.cathuria.com/bcd/bcd02.htm - 36k - Cached - Similar pages.



                We found two pair of 3D Fireworks Glasses manufactured by American Paper Optics., Inc., Bartlett, TN 38133 . 

                “WOW!  3D Fireworks Glasses are terrific souvenirs, gifts, and a great way to build American pride.”

                I do not know what that American pride shit has to do with it, but these things work.  Brilliant thin rainbows radiate out from the explosions of fireworks, bright lights, airplanes and eve n the Moon.  Interesting effect.



                Surfing the Internet is like being attacked by hyenas on the plains of Africa.  The Internet is the plains of Africa, the ravening hyenas are the advertising businesses, companies and corporations.

—The Prophet Mastodon.


7/7/6: (S) (T) PERIODICAL.  Arrived in the mail.  Coupon Clipper, Essex/Middle River Edition, July-August 2006.  Cover: Extreme CU of large ½-n bladders of a sneering beast in black.  Photo filed.     USED  


7/8/06 1154: (S)

                As advertised on WBJC FM 91.5 beginning at least yesterday, and many another place, on air and in cyberspace, and real-time space, etc., Towson University Center for the Arts is presenting, through July 22, Gypsy, a musical about a rich and famous publicly naked cuntmonkey. 




Mainstage Theatre, Center for the Arts

                Desperate to keep her dream of stardom alive, overbearing stage mother Mama Rose pushes daughters June and Louise into the limelight and over the edge. As the curtain begins to rise on Louise and her bittersweet success, Rose must face the end of an era and the demise of her dreams. A musical fable, based on the life story of burlesque entertainer, Gypsy Rose Lee. Gypsy has been hailed as one of the greatest musical ever written and includes songs Let Me Entertain You, Little Lamb, Everything’s Coming Up Roses, Rose’s Turn, Together Wherever We Go and many others.


13 July, 2006, 0716: (S) BT** INTERNET.  http://www.alphadictionary.com/

index.shtml.  Ad: Fight to Be Tight.  Leering at all decent and holy, rich and famous publicly and permanently naked actress, Susanne Sommers, airs its naked shit-pincher slabs and ¼-n bladders.  Note at the top of file. 


15 July, 2006: (S) BT** Despite a notification from the Prohibitory Order Processing Center, United States Postal Service, PO Box 1500, New York, NY 10008-1500, on 10 July 16, 2006 that the whoremongers and pornographers at Playboy had been warned, one of our Men received a complimentary August 2006 issue of Playboy.  We find it anything but complimentary.  Magazine filed.  Note at the top of file. 


July 20, 2006 1256:  I/O  When fat people get on a bus, especially a flea bitten Greyhound with it ignorant and arrogant driver, that tub of lard can commandeer any seat on the bus.  This is federal law.


July 22, 2006: PERIODICAL The Dundalk Eagle, July 22, 2006, ibid. 

p. 1: Photograph of two nasty looking state pigs participating in Maryland’s latest terrorization campaign against aggressive drivers.  One is white and the other black.  The black looks like it would eat a baby.


p. 1: PB.  Gaining Respect—in not love.  Abuse of prisoners at the hands of subhuman U.S. Marshals on their “con air” flights in 1994.  “Con air”, that’s a joke.  With indications like that, I am sure patriotic subhumans were shocked and amazed when learning that the subhuman U.S.  Marshals were brutalizing defenseless men and women. 

p. 24: I/O.  The pig this long front-page article is about, replete with color photograph, “commandeered a young man’s car” to chase a suspect.  We want to know about this.  Do bluecoats have the right to summarily steal our possessions, even on the street?  Did the pig threaten the young man in anyway?  Did it draw its substitute sex and/or point it at the young man?  What happened to the young man’s car?  Was it damaged and if so was he amply compensated?  If his car was not damaged, would the young man have been compensated if it had been?

                Items filed.


July 21, 2006 1021: (S) BT** INTERNET.  www.DI.FM, (Digitally Imported).  Ad: 7.90 DJ Rap. Would you shag on not?  Airing its reeking body, a completely naked longhaired brunette cuntmonkey subhuman is photographed glaring over its shoulder. 

                At http://www.wouldyoushagornot.com/browse.php?image=782 there is a close-up of the same naked cuntmonkey, its filthy shit-splitter airing in CU.

                Note at the top of file.


July 22, 2006

(F) (A) MAIL received June 30, 2006.

                Human Rights Watch, 350 Fifth Avenue, 34th Floor, New York, NY 10118-3299.

                Our own opinions and evidence from other sources are used in this abstract of the mailing from Human Rights Watch.  All opinions are ours.  You may applaud us.


Cover letter

1.       Children as young as 9 are forced to be “soldiers” in wars fought by allies of the United States.

2.      Ref. to women raped and seeking help through one of America’s governments and the only response is silence.

3.      Ref. to Human Beings being imprisoned and tortured for years because they spoke out against injustice or expressed a different political view.               Sometimes for telling the truth about you yourselves.



Page 1

1.       Millions of men, women and children are atrocified, often by the subhuman government supposed to protect them.  A patriot is a subhuman, not a man.  Whole families are dragged from their homes, often at night,  and murdered.  Entire communities, ripped up and driven out, never return.  Millions of Human Beings (families) are raped and tortured.  The only good patriot is a dead patriot.  Many pigs are patriots.  The only good pig is a dead pig. Millions are jailed for stating their opinions. 

                                In some way, the United States of America is responsible for every bit of this.

2.      Alluded to were the:

    1. Atrocities your subhuman patriotic sons and hormone scrambled daughters, et al., are committing in Iraq.
    2. Mass patriotism in Sudan.
    3. Mass patriotic sexual violence against women and girls in the Congo.
    4. Abduction of children in Uganda by flag-waving capitalist patriots of particular taste.
    5. Discrimination against people with AIDS in that pesthole country India. 
    6. Indefinite detention of immigrants in the shithole United States of America and Europe.

3.      Photographs of children after fleeing their homes in Darfur in that land of the righteous Moslem queers Sudan.  They now live in squalor out in the open in Chad.

Page 2

1.       After the thousands of rapes of women and girls committed in Bosnia by patriotic Yugoslavian subhuman shiteaters, a whole big seven bad-assed fat-assed patriots were tried at the International Criminal Tribunal, and a whole big three were convicted of rape and slapped on their fat rich wrists.  That’ll teach those naughty snot-nosed brats.  Golly gee whilikers whiz. 

2.      Nothing has been done to slaughter the capitalist subhumans patriotics that raped, tortured and murdered hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children during the patriotization of Rwanda.

3.      In another country inspired and supplied by America the Publicly Fornicating Whore, capitalist conservatives in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, have murdered more than 3,000,000 by the most patriotic of means, and 500,000 have been forced from their homes.  The patriotism they are still suffering is massacres, torture, child abduction (rape, torture and murder by rape and torture) and mass rape.

                                The only good patriot is a dead patriot.

4.      Photographed is the festering back of a woman raped and tortured by American funded  patriots in Sierra Leone.

5.      The international gold trade, a trade largely owned and run by the same rich Republican subhuman patriots that own and run America the Whore, provides a revenue stream to patriots responsible for mass murder and mass rape in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  Guilty of mass war crimes but so far unpunished are two rich multinational capitalist corporations; Swiss gold refinery Metalor Technologies that bought gold from cesspool Uganda where Congo gold is smuggled; and South-African-based Anglo Gold Ashanti that pays armed packs of patriots to rape, torture and murder thousands, and to abduct and do the same to thousands of children.

6.      In Afghanistan, America the Publicly Fornicating Whore pays local patriotic warlords to arrest, intimidate, extort, rape, torture and/or murder any and all they want.  It imposed severe restrictions on women.   (Why are all the lizard-tongued feminist silent when it comes to patriotic rape, torture and murder?)  The rich capitalist subhuman coward in charge of Afghanistan is named Hamid Karzai. With American shit smeared on its face, it employed a “highly abusive [patriotic] warlord” in the western province, and was forced to drop as vice presidential running mate another subhuman, a general commanding patriotic queers guilty of atrocities, i.e., acts of patriotism.         

Page 3

1.       An estimated 300,000 children under the age of 18 are fighting in patriotic conflicts in 40 countries.

2.      A photograph of children “soldiers” patrolling the streets of America’s Monrovia, Liberia.  The brats are armed to the teeth.

3.      Western Sudan.  Since February 2003, 2,000,000 Human Beings have been forced from their homes by patriots.  They cannot return to their homes and farm around Darfur because of the ongoing attacks, rape, looting and assault done committed by Moslem subhumans, yea even say, the government backed militia called the Janjaweed.

 Page 4

1.       The “ethnic cleansing”—  I must pause and explain that ethnic cleansing is a mediaism for massacre; mass rape, torture and murder of men, women and children; i.e., massacre, patriotization, pacification, atrocity, subhumanism, etc..   The “ethnic cleansing” or patriotization of the people of Darfur, who are Christian, is done by Moslem subhumans recruited, armed and directed in the American-style pacification program by the rich conservatives that own and run that scab of a country called Sudan.

2.      Uzbekistan.  450 Uzbek refugees facing rape, torture and murder were evacuated to Romania.  They fled an American funded and inspired massacre in May.  The rich that own and run this America have no mercy on anyone.  The refugees crossed the border to Kyrgyzstan.  The cowardly Romanian government wanted to send them back into the loving arms of America and her ally, the piece of shit country Uzbekistan, where they could be raped and/or tortured to death.  It is unclear whether or not they were forced back into America’s arms.  America was all for it.  As a result of the massacre, European donors to Uzbekistan, but not american, imposed targeted sanctions against Uzbekistan, which doubtless, had no effect.

                                Meanwhile America the capitalist whore goes merrily along its way raping,                 torturing and murdering uncounted thousands in Uzbekistan alone, men, women,                 children and babies.

3.      Egypt.  In a crackdown supposedly against gay males, Egyptian subhumans have brutalized hundreds.  For three years conservative Moslem queers of the rich have arrested and atrocified hundreds of men.  Whether or not those brutalized were homosexual makes no difference. 

4.      Iraq.  The billionaire brat bum George Halliburton Bush’s Iraqi government has been busy patronizing the defenseless Iraqi people.  Trained by cia, army and marine shiteaters, and their subhuman British counterparts, Iraqi “security forces” and common street pigs (bluecoats) routinely use torture and abuse, including sexual abuse, especially against Men.  The Anglo Alliance, i.e., the United States, of course (if it is unspeakable, the United States is involved) and the United Kingdom, America’s asshole licker, although, blushing, they vehemently deny it, are rich capitalist countries training their Iraqi brothers to relate to the world like patriots and to especially hate Men, who they fear almost as much as babies.  A patriot is not a man.  A patriot is a subhuman.  The only good patriot is a dead patriot.  American military cuntmonkey lesbian/whores,  all sworn against Men, are experts at as you know, and have many fine patriotic all-american tricks to teach their sisters the Iraqi subhuman  shiteaters. 

5.      (CA).  The publicly fornicating butcher-whore, the United States of America, was one of only six countries wherein the juvenile death penalty was lawful.  The rich of America are responsible for two-thirds of the juvenile executions worldwide since 2002.  (Texans particularly enjoys the slaughter of children.)  The juvenile death penalty remains in effect in these subhuman countries: China (Why are we not surprised?), the Democratic Republic of the Congo (No surprise there either.), Iran, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia.


                Document filed.

.   ...  ....    .... .... ..      .

July 22, 2006

(F) (A) MAIL received July 14, 2006.

                Salesian Missions, 2 Lefevre Lane, New Rochelle, NY 10801-5710.



1.       In the Darfur region of capitalist Sudan, after two decades of government funded patriotism, 50,000 Human Beings, families, have been murdered and 1,000,000 have been forced to flee their homes.  They are living in the open, in desperate need of food, water, medicine and clothing.  

                                We want you freaks to remember that before you throw something away the next       time.  And wear clothes, you whores!

2.      Disease and famine ride like the Four Horsemen.  300,000 people, many of them children, lisp on the edge of the grave.

3.      In Tonj, the Don Bosco Medical Center was attacked and destroyed by patriots.  One of their brave and noble missionaries was abducted and held prisoner by cocksucking shiteating Sudanese government subhumans for 18-months.



Page 2

1.       For two decades the Sudanese queers that own and run that cesspool country have waged rape, torture, murder and slavery against their Christian population. 

2.      For a time, 100 innocent Human Beings a day were murdered while desperately trying to flee the patriotic Moslem subhumans.  500,000 Human Beings have been murdered (families), and 1,200,000 are refugees.    No figures were given for the numbers raped, tortured and/or sold into slavery.

3.      In Tonj, and many other places, schools, hospitals, public buildings [and homes, they never mention people’s homes] have been looted and destroyed.

Page 3

1.       300,000 survivors live in dire poverty out in the open.  They desperately need food, water and medicine, things Americans waste by the millions of tons, not including the water.

2.      The World Food Program says that 3,500,000 may require food assistance.

3.      Schools have been closed for 20 years, a generation has gone without formal education.

Page 5

1.       The Don Bosco Mission Center in Tinj, was forced to close for several years.  Subhuman Moslem patriots ransacked it and destroyed it.   

2.      There is massive destruction and despair resulting from the patriotization wrought by the fat rich queer Moslem subhumans that own and run Sudan and their asshole-lickers..


                Document filed.


July 26, 2006 1650: WTMD FM 89.7.   Dig the lyrics from Shawn Colvin’s groovy new tune Fill Me Up groovy cats and chicks. 

Fill me up

I am a long way from home

I don’t have a lot to say

                And, it is repeated ad nauseam.  Wowie zowie!


July 27, 2006: (F) (M) PERIODICAL. 

                In reference to the article War Head by James V. Carroll in the February 2006 American Legion.

p. 20: A bomb went off.  An Iraqi driver exited his destroyed vehicle waving his hands and yelling.  The meatheads panicky and cowardly Americans almost murdered him, and maybe they did.

                “I almost killed the guy myself when he approached us waving hi shands, but I didn’t because he fell to the ground before I could charge my sidearm.  The poor guy died because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

                This sounds suspicious to us.  We are shall look into this.  It is the statement “I almost killed him myself” that we find that suspicious. 


July 29, 2006 1437: PB.  WTMD FM 89.7.  World Café, The Replacements are guests.  Ref to Minneapolis, MN, pigs breaking up parties.


July 30, 2006: PERIODICAL.  The Baltimore Sun, TV Week, July 30-August 5, 2006.  Angela Landsbury is leering on the cover.  In the article by Robert Osborne, it discusses its career.  We shall not read the article.  There is no mention in the article of the rich and famous naked cuntmonkey’s striptease days we can tell you.  These POS never own up.  they like to hide the truth about themselves. 


July 30, 2006: BOOK.  The Highwaymen, Warriors of the Information Superhighway, Copyright 1998 Ken Auletta, Harcourt Brace & Company, 15 East 26th Street, New York, NY 10010, ISBN 0-15-600573-0.




                We have no eternal allies, and we have no perpetual enemies.  Our interests are eternal and perpetual, and those interests it is our duty to follow.

Henry Palmerston; (1784-1865) English politician.


                That sounds like those marauding British does it not?  Spoken like a rich brat.  No honor, no compassion, no dignity, and no loyalty.  They give you government of the rich, by the rich, for the rich.  In Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein: the Modern Prometheus the monster says to his creator Victor Frankenstein (regrettably, I have to drop most of this magnificent paragraph) “Was man, indeed, at once so powerful, so virtuous and magnificent, yet so vicious and so base?” 

                Thing is, who talks of such anymore?”

xix: (F) I/O.  China is regulating the Internet.  Singapore and Iran license website providers.   


Chapter 4: What Won’t You Do? (The New Yorker, May 17, 1993).

p. 69: Mention of the rich and famous naked actresses Julia Roberts, Michelle Pfeiffer and, of course, McDonna.

p. 71: 

1: (F) (S) BT**.  Rupert Murdock, the rich depraved foreigner that owns a significantly sizable portion of the American telecommunications industry, also owns the Sun newspaper in filthy old England, that prints a naked cuntmonkey on page three everyday.

2: (S) BT**.  Ref. to the filthy rich actress naked cuntmonkey Sharon Stone, and filthy rich actor naked cuntmonkey Michael Douglass, and the publicly permanent fucking the naked animals did in full-color close-up intimate-action detail in the pornographic Basic Instincts.

p. 73: 

1.  (S).  Rich degenerate Rupert Murdocks’ A Current Affair, on Fox, broadcast shit about Hollywood Sex, Topless Haircut, Sexy Calendars, Super Bowl Hookers, Teacher Pervert and Sex Addition.

2.  (CA).  A Current Affair broadcast an installment titled Felony Nannies. 

3.  (S) & B.  Between October 1992 and February 1993, sex or violence dominated more than 90% of A Current Affair’s installments.

4.  I/O.  A story was killed about the swaybacked sheriff of a small Kentucky town filmed “necking” with a woman not his wife.

p. 74:  (S). 

1.  A “sexy show” A Current Affair aired had three segments:  Swaggart Scandal,  Dead Soap Star, Carnival.  

2.  A segment was broadcast on the thirtieth anniversary of the opening of that club for impotents and nasty naked cuntmonkeys The Playboy Club.

p. 75: 

1.  I/O.  People were fined and/or imprisoned for buying Ulysses by James Joyce.

2.  (S).  Director Oliver Stone referred to the filmed filth Bad Lieutenant as an “act of liberation” and added “thank God that Abel Ferrara made it”.

3.  (S) BT**.  Oliver Stone refers to McDonna’s pornographic Sex  book as an “act of liberation”.

4.  Mention of McDonna again.

p. 77: 

1.  (S).  Stone refers to the to the turds Clockwork Orange and Midnight Cowboy “which got a X in 1969, and it was a powerful and original movie”.

2.  (S).  Reference to the depraved television series Murphy Brown, starring Candice Bergen, a naked whore from Carnal Knowledge. 

p. 81:  Author Ken Auletta says: “What does cult leader David Koresh, who killed four federal agents when they stormed his Waco, Texas, compound...”  This piece of patriotic poop makes no mention of the fact that the fbi subhumans murdered over eighty Human Beings, men women and children. 

p. 82: As of publication the filthy naked rich actress Debora Winger had discovered, get this now, morals.  Morals.  And defends the ineffectual and nearly useless MPAA rating system. 

p. 86:

1.  Multimillionaire Michael Ovitz, of Creative Artists Agency that represented McDonna’s pornographic Sex book thinks, “she is brilliant”.

2.  It goes on to say: “This is her vision...  It covered a subject as old as the hills, just in a different way...  I think she is really smart.  Did I agree with all the pictures in there?  It’s not relevant.  I don’t know what was in her mind...”

p. 88:  The movie magnet and recording impresario David Geffen has morals, yea unto say,  licks assholes.  Look what he said about Ice-T: “I’m not going to put out a record about killing policemen”. 


p. 90: (S).  In a video, the rich and famous degenerate Michael Jackson grabbed his crotch and simulated masturbation.  He rubbed, squeezed or pulled down the zipper of his fly thirteen times.  Prince and McDonna do this also.

p. 92:

1.  Talking about your lying pieces of rich shit, Tom Freston, CEO of MTV, said: “We have standards in place for MTV and Nickelodeon that are all the standard no-no’s.  You know, gratuitous sex, gratuitous violence”.

2.  It shit out its mouth yea, saying: “Profanity or nudity are not allowed on MTV    

Or most cable networks...”

                When I watched MTV that’s practically all it was.

3.  (S) BT**.  On MTV Cher was functionally naked dancing around a battleship.

4.  (S) BT**.  On MTV all-American girls simulate sucking cocks and dancing degenerates grind into each’n other and squeeze each’n others’ turd-terminators.

5.  (S) BT**.  McDonna’s video for Justify My Love airs that animal naked.

p. 93:

1.  (S) BT**.  Justify My Love aired on Nightline.

2.  (S) BT**.  Reference to NBC, ABC and CBS rushing to make and airing Amy Fisher/Joey Buttafuoco soap operas. 

                “In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, Amy Fisher was the 16-year-old who had an affair with Joey Buttafuoco and then shot his wife, Mary Jo Buttafuoco, in the head.  Fisher served seven years in prison, and is now out on parole.”

                From Amy Fisher, Journalist? by Jenna Glatzer.  See,


p. 94: (S) BT**.  WNBC aired teasers for a series on teenage sex that made grown men blanch.

p. 95: (S).  Ref. to NBC’s airing an Amy Fisher movie.

p. 96: (S). 

1.  ABC aired an Amy Fisher movie.

2.  Amy Fisher movies are mentioned three times.


Chapter 5: Portrait of a Software giant, Viacom (The New Yorker, January 6, 1995).

p. 122: Mentioned are degenerates Michael Douglass and Julia Roberts.


Chapter 6: No Longer the Son Of, Seagram’s Edgar Bronfman, Jr., (The New Yorker, June 6, 1994).

p. 138: Mention of rich and famous degenerate Michael Douglass as one of Bronfman’s buddies.

p. 140: Mention of rich and famous actress/whore cuntmonkey Joan Collins of the pornographic play Oh Calcutta as a close friend of his father’s.


Chapter 7: The Consigliere, Herbert Allen, Matchmaker (The New Yorker, May 22, 1995).

p. 171: This billionaire bum who drinks $130 bottles of wine has dated rich and famous naked actress Jennifer O’Neill and model Barbara Rucker. 

p. 172:

1.  Naked cuntmonkey rich and famous actress Barbara Streisand is mentioned.

2.  He dated naked rich and famous actress Ann Reinking.

p. 174: A quote by the Carnal Knowledge filth, a longtime friend, rich and famous permanently naked actress Candice Bergen is used.

p. 177: A quote by the Carnal Knowledge filth, a longtime friend, rich and famous permanently naked actress Candice Bergen is used again.


Synergy, the Mantra That’s Bad for Journalism, (The New Yorker, November 27, 1995).

p. 183:

1.  I/O.  Kurt Anderson was fired as editor of New York magazine because he published truthful pieces about the war criminal and felon Bob Dole, and one Felix Rohatyn, friends of the owner Henry Kravis.

2.  I/O.  “Will CBS push news stories on human-rights abuses in China when Westinghouse was bidding for an electronics contract there?”

p. 184:

1. I/O.  Billionaire bum Rupert Murdoch dumped the BBC from its Star satellite system because the chicom subs. hate the BBC for sometimes reporting the truth.

2.  I/O.  NBC apologized to the rich chicom subhumans for Bob Costas’s reasonable mention of human rights abuses during opening ceremonies of the 1966 Summer Olympics (a waste of resources.)  “We wanted to make it clear that we didn’t intend to hurt their feelings”, said NBC.   Nor did NBC want to hurt the business interest of its owner General Electric that has huge investments in Chicom Land.

 p. 185: I/O.  The FCC and Congress debated whether to make a gift of additional frequencies to broadcasters or to compel them to pay for it.  Broadcasters vehemently opposed the auction and advertised against it.  The government claimed it could raise between $40,000,000,000 and $70,000,000,000 from an auction.  This was important as you can see.  Yet, on their newscasts the networks, CNN, and local stations ignored it.   They said that it was too complicated for the mush-headed American people, and that it did not lend itself to pictures.  Meanwhile, their owners had mounted a massive lobbying campaign against the auctions which would have been good for mush-headed Americans.

                That money would have met the federal payroll for a few months.


Chapter 9: The Referee, the FCC, (The New Yorker, February 13, 1995).

p. 202:

 1.  I/O BT**.  NBC petitioned the FCC under Reed Hundt.  Rupert Murdoch’s Fox television network was cutting into its market.  It petitioned the FCC claiming, truthfully, to reduce Fox’s level of foreign ownership, or to allow American networks to seek foreign investment without limits. 

2.  I/O BT**.  The FCC was reviewing the question of Fox’s illegal ownership and issued a confidentiality order.  This is a gag order.  Rich Republican Senator Larry Pressler, a degenerate of South Dakota,  and other rich Republicans, complained about the gag order.  The FCC softened the order to only a few documents.

pp. 202-203:

1.  I/O.  Monkey Man Murdoch, ta-taa ta-taa, then make the rounds meeting with Speaker-designate Newt Gingrich and other rich Republicans.  Two weeks before the November elections TV Guide, the largest circulation weekly publication in America, also owned by the billionaire bum Monkey Man Murdoch, printed as an advertisement the Republican “Contract with America”.            They would have called it Contract with America’s Rich.

2.  I/O .  HarperCollins, also owned by the billionaire bum Murdoch, agreed to pay Gingrich a $4,500,000 advance to write two books. 

3.  Later, Monkey Man visited Reed Hundt.  Subsequently, Hundt bragged up a Christmas card from “my new best friend”, a photo type card from Monkey Man: the super rich, super creep, scourge of Freedom of Speech.

4.  I/O.  The FCC has a program that offers tax breaks to companies that sell media properties to minority firms.  This tax break astronomically enhances the wealth of megalithic corporations and a mere pittance of minority investors who line up wealthy white partners.  Viacom saved $400,000,000 in taxes because of this, to say the least, unjust law.

5.  I/O.  Communications companions infect and putrefy the system by donating millions of dollars to the politician shit in power.


Chapter 10: Localism Confounds Ted Turner’s Global Village, (The New Yorker, August 2, 1993).

p. 206: (F) (A).  Ref. to the chicom subhumans butchering hundreds of defenseless students at Tiananmen Square in 1989, an act of patriotism even media monkeys seem to remember. 

p. 207: (F) (A).  Ref to the subhuman Bill Clinton’s ordering the bombing of Iraq’s so-called intelligence center in June 1993.

p. 211: (F) (A).  CNN’s Christiane Amanpour makes an excuse for the savage Yukkaslob shelling of Sarajevo.

p. 212:  I/O: Billionaire bum Ted Turner fines his employees if they use the word “foreign”. 


Chapter 11: The Magic Box, Interactive TV (The New Yorker, April 11, 1994).

p. 219: Mention of the rich actress cuntmonkey Geena Davis.

p. 227: Mention of the shit Murphy Brown that stars the shit Candice Bergen.

p. 228: (F) (A).  Ref. to “the latest massacre in Bosnia”, committed, of course, by shiteating Yukkaslob subhumans.   


Chapter 22: The Human Factor, Troubles in Disneyland, (The New Yorker, September 26, 1994).

 p. 231: (F) (A).  Allusion to the atrocities committed in Haiti by another of America’s subhuman patriotic dictators.


Chapter 12: The Beheadings, Successful but Unemployed, (The New Yorker, February 12, 1996).

p. 255: I/O:  When AT&T laid off 40,000 employees it was playing to the freaks of Wall Street.


Chapter 14: The Pirate, Rupert Murdoch, (The New Yorker, November 13, 1995).

p. 265: Mention of the piece of shit, the permanently publicly naked cuntmonkey, rich and famous actress Jane Fonda, whom all the Republicans maniac Vietnam War criminal veterans love.

pp. 267-268: I/O.  Murdock removed the BBC form its Star satellite system in China because “The BBC was driving them nuts”.

                The billionaire bum Rupert Monkey Man Murdoch, said this about the favorite rapist, murderer, and little girl torturer of America’s subhuman rich for many decades­­, “The truth is—and we Americans don’t like to admit it—that authoritarian countries can work.  There have been human rights abuses in Chile.  But that country under Pinochet raised living standards.  And now has a democracy.  The best thing we can do in china is engage the Chinese and wait.”

                Only a subhuman capitalist pig would have said that.

                Margaret Thatcher, the Prime Minister of Britain, sucked off and sheltered America’s Republican installed patriot Pinochet.  The Pinochet subhuman that got away with it, of course, it that raped every woman arrested, and the pigs (no different than the pigs here) cruised the streets and campuses and arrested any woman or girl or boy they wanted and raped them all, and raped and tortured come to death.  

                Subhuman Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of Britain, sheltered the Pinochet subhuman.  I do not think our people have much fascination with those turds bobbing in the North Atlantic, the British Isles.  As current events show, the rich who own and run America do.  The British people are powerless as Americans.  And good old Rupert Murdoch, where would we be without this foreigner controlling our media?  He and that British whore, who sold her country down the sewer, licked each’n other’s assholes as you will see.  Well, after all, what do you expect?  They were both of the British Commonwealth.

p. 268:

1.  Billionaire bum Ted Turner, after meeting chicom broadcasting officials,

criticized America the Whore for trying to “tell so many countries in the world what to do” about human rights. 

2.  (F) I/O.  The former prime minister of Singapore, and his son, the deputy prime minister, threatened to sue for libel the International Herald Tribune, which told the truth when it printed an article suggesting that the deputy prime minister was appointed to his post in an act of nepotism.  The paper, owned by The New York Times and The Washington Post, issued an abject apology:  “Oh, please doan beats me massa, please doan beats me.”

                Beat this.

p. 269:

1.  To suck-off roundly the chicom submons, Rupert Murdoch’s HarperCollins dropped out of the bidding for a book by the Chinese-American human-rights activist Harry Wu, who the chicom subhumans fear and despise.

2.  Concerning Murdoch’s dropping of the BBC from his Star satellite, the billionaire bum subhuman Sumner Redstone that owns Viacom barfed: “Being tough is sometimes confused with being immoral.  they are not the same thing.  he’s doing what he has to so to solve his problems with the Chinese government.  he’s being smart to do that.”

                The telecommunications corporations must be smashed.  The rich must be smashed.  There is no two ways about it.

p. 270: (CA).  At the Geelong Grammar boarding school near Melbourne, Australia, homosexual headmasters caned boys.

 p. 274:

1.  (F) (S) BT**.  When the billionaire bum took over London’s Sun, it began printing a naked cuntmonkey everyday.  Gossip posed as news.  The other tabloids followed the lead.  The editorial voice veered to the right.  It became a fight-to-the-death defender of the British shiteater Margaret Thatcher.

2. (F) I/O.  The billionaire bum owned two papers in London and bid for two more.  Although expected the bid would be mired before the Monopolies and Mergers Commission, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, overruled this and the matter did not go before the Monopolies and Mergers Commission. 

                The dizzy denizens of Britain did nothing about this. 

p. 275: (F) I/O.  Encouraged by the rapine climate Monkey Woman Margaret Thatcher created, Rupert set out to break the newspaper unions.  The billionaire bum secretly built “Fortress Wapping”, surrounded by tall fences topped by razor wire.  He hired scabs to operate it.  When thousands of angry workers paraded outside, the Thatcher subhumans sent over a thousand pigs to threaten them.  The shiteater Murdoch concedes he would not have been able to break unions or the law if Labour had been in power. 

p. 278-279: (S).  Among the myriad sexually raunchy shows the foreign devil shits on the country is Melrose Place. 

p. 279:

1. (S).  Murdoch introduced tabloid television into America in 1986 with A Current Affair.  Other networks, owned and operated by rich degenerates followed suit and pushed the envelope.   

2. (F) (S) BT**.  The naked subhumans appear on page three of the billionaire bum’s London Sun.  These publicly and permanently naked animals are called

Sun lovelies”.    

p. 281: I/) (M) (B).

1. Mad Dog’s New York Post championed the Republican Governor of New York the rich George Pataki, the subhuman war criminal Mayor of New York City Rudolph Giuliani, and rich Republican and Democratic Senators of New York. 

2. Murdoch hosted a meeting so the rich degeerate Pataki could meet corporate millionaires and billionaires.

3. Mad Dog’s Fox-owned station WNYW hired the subhuman war criminal Giuliani’s wife as a reporter or, correctly, repeater.

4. I/O BT**.  Federal law forbids a foreigner to own more than one-quarter of a broadcast station’s stock.  That is when Murdoch became an American citizen, but not an American.  Although the bum had 76% voting control over filthy Fox, his Australian holding company, the News Corporation, indirectly owned 99% of the equity of its stations.   Murdoch lied on his application for a license to the FCC.  The FCC looked the other way. 

p. 282:

1. I/O BT**.  The News Corporation donated $200,000 to depraved rich Republican House and Senate Campaign Committees.  Mad Dog met with 17 bubble-bellied politicians after the election. 

p. 283: I/O. 

1.  It met with House Speaker Newt Gingrich and one month later Gingrich got a $4,500,000 book deal from HarperCollins. 

2.  HarperCollins habitually signs book deals with leaders of countries that the News Corporation has a commercial interest in.  1. The British Margaret Thatcher, he himself negotiated that deal.   2. They published a book by the daughter of Paramount Leader of China Deng Xiaoping.   3.  Mihail and Raisa Gorbachev, again Murdoch, negotiated the deal.  4. Boris Yeltsin.  5. Dan Quayle. 

p. 284: I/O BT**.  Republicans subverted the law in Murdoch’s favor.  Larry Pressler, Republican chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee, and Republican Jack Fields, the chairman of the House telecommunications subcommittee, harassed the FCC with calls and threatened the stability of the FCC if it did not give Murdoch what it wanted.

                The rich conservative Heritage Foundation issued a paper on rolling back regulations and urged the abolition of the FCC.

p. 285: I/O BT**.  The FCC general counsel, William Kennard, announced that although the foreign ownership of Fox did exceed 25 percent, he said that Murdoch had not lied to the FCC.  Murdoch was invited to apply for a “public interest” exemption from the laws that bind the rest of us in such matters, and promptly did so. 

p. 289: I/O.  When Time Warner and Ted Turner decided to replace an NBC cable channel with MSNBC, Murdoch waxed ballistic.  Republicans rushed to its aid.  Among others, these were New York Governor George Pataki, Mayor of New York City Rudolph Giuliani, and the Attorney General of New York State.  


Chapter 15: The Power of Shame, Bill Bennett Takes On Ganstra Rap, (The New Yorker, June 12, 1995).

p. 295: (S) BT**.  Joe Leo, U.S. News & World Report:

                The most degrading commercial picture book about human sexuality may be Madonna’s $49.95 porn book, which, I am told, pictorially indicated that she is game to have sex with everything but babies and folding chairs.”


p. 296:

1.  Time Warner suffered unjust and withering criticism in 1992 for publishing rapper Ice-T’s song “Cop Killer”.  Killing is too good for most of them.  Anybody who would be a cop is unstable.

2.  (CA) & (B).  Ref. to shelters housing “battered wives and abused children”.

3.  Ken Auletta finds defending Ice-T’s lyrics on First Amendment grounds “specious”.

p. 297: (S)

1.  (S).  Ref. to naked Calvin Klein clothing ads.

2.  (S) BT**.  Ref. to naked promotions for the naked and filthy Beverley Hills 90210.

3.  The rich Republican POS Bill Bennett has denounced the National Rifle Association for its “harsh attacks on federal law-enforcement” subhumans, claiming that their cop-bashing sounded very much like the “cops are pigs” talk of the Weatherman and the Students for a Democratic Society in the sixties.  Well, we say may the Great Spirit bless all three of them for their truth telling about the subhuman bluecoats at least.  There is nothing bad enough you could say about a federal shiteater.  The only good federal shiteater is a dead federal shiteater: Waco, Ruby Ridge, etc.

                This fat little shit is also against Mr. G. Gordon Liddy. 

p. 299:

1.  McDonna mentioned.

2.  I/O.  Bill McNulty, general manager of KCKC-AM, a cringing cowardly capitalist with no upper body development, cancelled the popular Gordon Liddy program as too incendiary.  But, as I recall, did not have the guts to tell Mr. Liddy the truth.  Liddy is about the only radio personality in this country that is Man enough to tell the truth.  Go figure.

3.  (S) BT**.  In spring 1989, NBC aired Nightingales, which aired rich actress shiteating whores playing nurses in wet T-shirts. 

p. 301: I/O.  The rich capitalist oppressors, that own and run Singapore, license websites.


Chapter 16: Jumping Off A Bridge: Microsoft, and Michael Kinsley, Enter Cyberspace, (The New Yorker, May 13, 1996).

p. 306: (F) (A).  Ref. to the refugees of Sarajevo.

p. 309: McDonna mentioned.

p. 319: (S) BT**.  The website Naked Pavement (www.razorfish.com/bluedot) airs naked subhumans.


Chapter 17: The Microsoft Provocateur, Nathan Myhrvold, Bill Gate’s Corporate Gadfly, (The New Yorker, May 12, 1997).

p. 336: I/O BT**.  Depraved Japanese pig/subhumans strip-searched Mr. Myhrvold because he was carrying Sudafed.


7/30/6: I/O INTERNET.



shield laws: n. statutes enacted in some states which declare that communications between news reporters and informants are confidential and privileged and thus cannot be testified to in court. This is similar to the doctor-patient, lawyer-client or priest-parishioner privilege. The concept is to allow a journalist to perform his/her function of gathering news without being ordered to reveal his/her sources and notes of conversations. In states which have no shield law, many judges have found reporters in contempt of court (and given them jail terms) for refusing to name informants or reveal information gathered on the promise of confidentiality.



                There are billboards around Baltimore advertising that rich Republican patriotic coward Rush Limpballs, and the sleazy no-name piece-of-shit station it is on, a station for wimps without any self-respect or courage, WCBM AM 680, that is one fat asshole licking dope addict, people.


1810: (F) (M).  WTMD FM 89.7.  John Flynn, The Soldiers Came, from Two Wolves.  American subhumans murdered a 12-year old boy in Iraq. 

We live with the flag over our eyes

No one apologized

                Shit shits shit, what else can we say?


7/30/6 1810: (F) (M) RECORDING.  89.7 FM WTMD.  John Flynn, The Soldiers Came, from Two Wolves.  Patriotic American subhumans murdered a 12-year old boy in Iraq. 



Happiness is based upon being somewhere else.

The Prophet Mastodon.


8/3/06 0845: INTERNET.  http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=ho+ass+nigga.  Image of a leering big bladdered blonde wearing a T-shirt yea, be a-sayin: Sex.  Do It For The Kids. 


8/5/06:  Adventures Unlimited, Summer-Fall 2006 Catalog, One Adventure Place, PO Box 74, Kempton, Illinois 60946.  www.adventuresunlimitedpress.com

p. 23: SCHO-OP BT**.  Man-made UFOs 1994-1994, Fifty Years of Suppression by Renato Vesco & David Hatcher Childress.

                This book takes us from the work of captured German scientist to escaped battalions of Germans, secret communities in South America and Antarctic to today’s state-of-the art “Dreamland” flying machines. Heavily illustrated, this astonishing book blows the lid off the “government UFO conspiracy” and explains with technical diagrams the technology involved.  Examined in detail are secret underground airfields and factories, German secret weapons, “suction” aircraft; the origin of NASA; gyroscopic stabilizers and engines; the secret Marconi aircraft factory in South America; and more.


8/6/6: PERIODICAL.  The Baltimore Sun, Opus, rich and famous depraved naked actresses Meryl Streep and Paris Hilton each mentioned twice.


8/10/6: (S) BT** PERIODICAL.  Despite twice notifying the Prohibitory Order Processing Center of the United States Post Office, and twice receiving replies, the last time acknowledging receipt of evidence, the subhuman pornographers at Playboy sent yet a third unwanted issue (September 2006) of their leering sneering naked turds to certain of our members.  The shit is stuffed in a plastic mailer, the front is black, the rear, clear.  On the back cover of naked Playmonkey, nastily exposed through the clear rear of the mailer, are three naked blonde cuntmonkeys.  In close-up the naked blonde cuntmonkey subhumans air their naked shit-splitters

                Magazine filed.  Note at the top of file.


8/16/06 0839: INTERNET.  http://www.vintageradioshows.com/index.php. 


Supporting Our Soldiers


                We are sending double CD packs of our best OTR shows every week to our gallant troops serving in the Middle East.


8/19/06 1204: (S) BT** INTERNET.


Video clips: 

1. Nearly naked blonde in pink bikini.  Prominent ass slabs, playing with a squirting hose.  Note at the top of file. 

2. Check others.


8/20/06: BOOK.  Wargames, © 1983 by United Artist Corporation, Dell Publishing Company, Inc., 1 Dag Hammarskjol Plaza, New York, NY 10017.   ISBN 0-440-19387-7.  Fiction.

p. 10: PB BT**.  Reference to subhuman pigs tear-gassing (also beating and shotgunning) students on Route One outside the University of Maryland (in the 1970s.)

p. 90: I/O.  Doonesbury was dropped from some newspapers in the early 80s for political reasons.  Lan’ o’ de free here.

p. 110: PB BT**.  FBI assaulted young teen by coming up behind him then twisting his arm painfully behind his back and throwing him to the ground.  Another pins him to the ground by kneeling a knee on his back.   The subs forced his mouth open looking for “cyanide devices”.  They turned his pockets inside out, then handcuffed him.

                Looks like the subhuman pigs have been into forced mouth probing for 22 years at least.  We did not know they trained those subhuman pigs in dentistry.  It went right by us. 

                This is a serious offense against FREEDOM and us.  Do you see the chasm between FREEDOM and this shit we now have?

p. 114: PB.  The subhuman feds handcuffed him so tightly the circulation was cut off in his hands.

p. 116: PB.  Circulation had to be restored to his hands.

p. 152: Rich and famous naked cuntmonkey Brooks Shields mentioned in regard to Calvin Klein.  Then the rich and famous actor is mentioned again.


8/26/06: PERIODICAL.  World Explorer, Vol. 4, No. 4, ISSN 1061-0103, Copyright 1984-2005, 403 Kemp Street, Kempton, IL 60946.

                Exploring the Antarctic Reich: the Final Secret of the Holy Lance by Jerry Smith & George Piccard.

p. 41: (F) (A).  The nazi subhumans shipped slave labor to their Antarctic base.

p. 43:

1. (F) (A).  At their numerous secret bases in germany and elsewhere, where they built the V-2 rockets and jet fighter planes, german subhumans used slave labor. 

2. SCHO-OP BT**.  Reference to the book Man-made UFOs 1994-1994, Fifty Years of Suppression by Renato Vesco & David Hatcher Childress, op. sit. 

p. 44: (F) (A).

1. 20,000 Ukrainian women were forced into whoredom by german subhumans.

2. 500,000 Ukrainians were deported by the german subhumans as slave labor.  Many of these worked in munitions factories.

p. 45: (F) (A).  Poland sent troops to Iraq to help america atrocify the land.

p. 48: SCHO-OP. 

1. Something seems to have happened to Admiral Byrd’s 1946 expedition to Antarctica.  They went equipped for 8 months but returned after only 8 weeks.  There are persistent rumors of pitched battles, massive causalities, planes shot down, and more.  He took a veritable armada and 3,500 marines with him.  Returning aboard the Mount Olympus, he made this remark to a reporter from the Chilean newspaper Brisant: “It was necessary for the USA to take defensive actions against enemy air fighters which come from polar regions.  ...  Fighters that are able to fly from one pole to the other with incredible speed.”

2. The records of Byrd’s debriefing of the President are still sealed.  Why?


BOOK.  The American Indians, the European Challenge, © 1992 by Time-Life Books, Time Warner Inc., 1 Time Warner Center, New York, NY 10019.  ISBN 0-8094-9408-6. 

                We recommend.

                This book, part of The American Indians series, tells what the subhuman european trash did to the Amerindians when they flushed over this way.  I mean, you already know, but this book proves your worst nightmares, i.e., your instincts correct.  The spanish were particularly patriotic subhumans.  They chopped the hands and feet off hundreds of men and women and likely children too.  They poured molten lead down their throats.  The subhumans enslaved hundreds of thousands.  Such was the greed of these holy christian subhumans that they stripped females of their blankets leaving them naked in the snow clutching their babies to their breasts.   The subs raped hundreds of thousands, and abducted countless children to quench the depraved lust of the spainyard subhumans.  Tens of thousands of the loveliest young women (12 years of age and up, sometimes younger) were made into whores.  The subhuman spainyards practiced the subhuman holy roman catholic inquisition on the Amerindians, etc. 

 They rounded up families and forcibly converted them to their stinking faith. 

Mastiffs and wolfhounds were especially bred to tear their victims to pieces.  Attack dogs after the manner of german shepherds and Doberman pinchers     especially for the purpose of throwing men, women and children to them, which they did in abundance, an old nazi trick. 

                Your subhuman spanish, your macho pacho spanish subhuman conquistie  beasties atrocified, patriotized, pacified or commercialized the Amerindians.  All those terms equate.  Certain parts of their pacification program have been adopted by the american military.

                You got your subhuman english massacring hundreds of men, women and children, yea, even say, wiping out the very tribes that kept them alive when they were starving.   They spread the patriotic faith.

                You got your subhuman russians atrocifying the Aleutians and the Northwest.  Got cher subhuman french and, of course, not to be outdone, your american subhumans patriotizing after this piece-of-shit capitalist country came one line.  Patriotization, pacification, atrocification, commercialization, christianization, that is how we have it! 

                The only good patriot is a dead patriot.  Including those that raised such a fuss when this book was published back in 1992.

                We recommend.


8/28/06: (S) BT**  INTERNET.  

1421: http://www.suzannesomersdirect.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-SSD-Site /en_US/Link-Page?id=FunnelLanding-FitToBeTight&PartnerID=FTBT56M


                Ad: Suzanne Sommers Direct.  Two CU of ½-n shit-slicer in blue rag, obscene ass-cheeks hanging 

                Note at the top of file.


1441: http://www.vegansociety.com/html/.  Vegan Society.  CU of baby sucking on a huge bladder.  Note at the top of file.


8/31/06 0804: (S) INTERNET.    

http://video.barnesandnoble.com/index.asp?z=y, Barnes & Noble:

1. (BT**)  Nip/Tuck, Third Season, Warner Bros. DVD, sprawled beast on table nearly naked with butcher knife sticking in it.  Two males looking on.

2. (BT)  Desperate Housewives, Extra Juicy Addition, Season Two, DVD.  Many bladders of depraved actresses variously exposed.  


9/5/06 0738: INTERNET.  Choiceradio.com

                Tell Congress America’s safety is the highest priority, not their fall reelection campaigns.

                Renew the nation’s Bioterrorism Preparedness Law before it expires on September 30, 2006.

                The depraved devil dogs of enslavement never sleep.


9/6/6 0832: I/O BT**  INTERNET.


Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World

by Cori Brackett

                In the 1970s, Donald Rumsfeld was involved in the promotion of a deadly substance called aspartame. As the CEO of G.D. Searle who manufacture the stuff, he was instrumental in getting this artificial sweetener through the an initially resistant FDA even though evidence was mounting that it was a proven neuro-toxin and contained carcinogens, making it completely unfit for human consumption. Rumsfeld's pushing aspartame is really no different than his pushing the war in Iraq. He has used lies and subterfuge to achieve his goals in both cases. G.D. Searle knew full well of aspartame's toxicity, yet seeing the enormous profits to be made went ahead and cooked their own data, even preventing further research done on the substance by independent labs who were still concerned about its toxicity. Thanks to their damage control efforts, aspartame otherwise known as Nutrasweet and Equal is still in most diet soft drinks, chewing gum, protein shake mixes popular with athletes and dieters and approximately 6000 other products with nary a warning label on any of them as to its potential health hazards...


1044: (S) BT INTERNET.  luckyserverradio.com, CU of huge ¼-n bladders of smirking black-haired beast, its arms raised over its head.


1635: WTMD FM 89.7: Guster, One Man Wrecking Machine



I built a time machine

Going to see the homecoming queen

Take her to the Christmas dance

Maybe now I'll get in her pants



I wanna pull it apart and put it back together

I wanna relive all my adolescent dreams

Inspired by true events on movie screens

I am a one man wrecking machine


Inspired by true events on movie screens

I am a one man wrecking machine


9/7/06 0802: BT INTERNET.  http://www.sing365.com/music/Lyric.nsf/One-Man-Wrecking-Machine-lyrics-Guster/753143ED1E8B84E8482571340007D03C

                Ad: Ford, Kelly Clarkston’s win a Mustang contest; ½-n bladders of brunette. 


9/10/06: (S) (BT) PERIODICAL.  The Baltimore Sun, Parade Magazine. 

                On the cover is a large color photo of the permanently-publicly pussy- eating Vanessa Williams, that also did its Pesthouse cunt-lapping in full color.  Leering at the Great Spirit and all honest decent people everywhere, Vanessa Williams, here airing its huge ¼-n bladders, is often chosen to sing Satan’s Song at major sports events.  Good match!  The interview is by a degenerate named Jeanne Wolf, who is probably another one.   

                “Having survived scandal and heartbreak, Vanessa Williams says — I always knew I’d bounce back.”

                Photo and interview filed, interview not read.  Why bother reading it?  Here is want it said.  This rich and famous actress is now a virgin, and a man made it eat out another lesbian/actress before the public permanently, as photographed in intimate detail in Pesthouse magazine.  Accompanying the interview are more photo of its airing bladders, and one caption appeared worthwhile: “In 1983, Vanessa Williams became the first black Miss America.  Her reign ended permanently, but her career was just beginning.”

                Why did her reign end?  Is it not the quintessential perfect Miss America? 

                Other filth splattered throughout the Sun.   Photos filed.


9/11/06 (S) BT**.  Record and Tape Traders, op. sit., CD, Andre Williams Holland Shuffle, two blondes, CU huge nearly naked bladders, nipple ring of one.      Note at the top of file.

                Other filth.


9/14/06 0700

                First on the corporation hit list of is Microsoft.   Microsoft Corporation is targeted for, among other things, disturbing us with dire warnings that we may be at risk because our DOS is not authentic.  Booting up is halted until these warnings are clicked off.  The warning flashes in our faces when we are working.  We cannot continue until clicking it off.  When the computers are in sleep mode these warnings make the computers come on.   This happens even when the modems are disengaged.    At random and wholly inconvenient times, we are switched to this $100 billion corporation’s site.  Here the capitalist pigs inform us we can become whole and honest and redeem ourselves by spending c. $300 for their filthy fare.  Some of our machines have had three owners.  We do not know what was done to them before coming into our possession, if anything. 

                Do they not have enough money?  These greedy, blood-drinking shit-slurping billionaire bums are disrupting America at work so they can extort even more of our wealth from us.  Microsoft Corporation is so Brobdingnagian that, at last count, they had to redesign their personal finance software three times to accommodate the zeros describing the amount of personal holdings of its owner the pariah Bill Gates.  For rapacity, ignorance and arrogance, only the foreign bum Rupert Murdoch matches Bill Gates.  (Guess whose corporation is second on the list?)

                The third targeted corporation is the nazi Fed Ex.  Run by an atrocifying marine subhuman named Fred Smith who was a captain in Vietnam, every package is checked.  (See Psychological Warfare Newsletter No. 30).  The traitorous state of commie Tennessee has given FedEx (they cannot even spell right) their own pig force that investigates all types of crimes, and may break down the doors of the patriotic shiteaters of Tennessee.  Here is a pig force not under public control that can do anything it wants.  One consolation, the people (so-called) of Tennessee deserve FedEx nazi terror.    

                AT&T clocks in at number four.


                These corporations have no more respect for Congress than the shit they flush down their toilet.  They have less for the people of the United States of America.



1428: (T) INTERNET.  http://www.musicetc.com/indexnf.html.  CU huge ½-n bladders of black.

1449: BT** INTERNET.  http://www.download.com/3120-20_4-0.html?tg=dl-2001&qt=MP3%20CD%20burning%20software&tag=srch.  CU of huge ¾-n bladders of blonde. 



9/21/06 1011: INTERNET.  http://www.mp3.com/.  Here they  assailed us with a large color CU of the face of the permanently publicly naked animal, Janet Jackson.  


9/24/06: BOOK.  The Three Worlds of Johnny Handsome, © John Godey, Random House, 1745

Broadway, New York, NY 10019.  Fiction.

p. 32: I/O BT.  Reference to pig spies infiltrating groups of “revolutionary kids” at the expense of investigating crime.

p. 123

 1.  PB (M) BT**.  Pigs shoot down unarmed robbery suspects.

 2.  I/O BT.  Pigs arrest man for standing on a bus stop at night on suspicion.

p. 124: I/O BT**.  A pig bears false witness against robbery suspect.

p. 125: I/O BT**.  The pig asks a bribe of the robbery suspect he falsely accused.    

p. 194: I/O BT**.  State pigs blocked roads and thoroughly searched all cars for bank robbery suspects for days.

p. 214: (CA) BT**.  A child is beaten and cursed for wetting the bed.

p. 218: (F) I/O.  nazi brazil is a refuge for rich scum, i.e., stockbrokers and politicians.   The Brazilian nazis have no extradition.


1623: WIYY 97.9 FM is running an ad for Greenway Farm Bridge, a new planned community in Harve de Grace, Merylin, north of Baltmer.  This ad has a San Francisco connection through the word bridge, as in Golden Gate.  Guess what?  The announcer is a sissy kid of queer.



Fortunes from Cookies


Family is more valuable than money.

Give a hug to someone who needs one more than you.


10/1/6 1509: I/O.  WIYY FM 97.9; the pigs took a man wearing San Diego Charger jersey no. 21, LaDainian Tomlinson from the stands.  Why?

Fortunes from Cookies


People who expect nothing will never be disappointed.

In silence man can most readily preserve his dignity.

For a good cause, wrongdoing may be virtuous.


                The Prophet Mastodon choked when he pulled this from his fortune cookie.  (He likes seafood delight, with warm sake, and always a humongous fresh green salad made of  naturally grown vegetables bought from a farmer’s market, or grown in a home garden, with but a light dressing)  “What would the world be like,” he yea sayeth, “if this were true?” 

                The Republicans believe such, he further pointed out.

                We drank to his health.


10/3/6: PERIODICAL (S) BT.  The Baltimore Sun, p. 7E: a leering, nearly naked Washington Redskin cheerleader, a Foreskinette.  Photo filed. 


10/8/6: PERIODICAL (S) (T).  The Baltimore Sun, TV Week, October 8- 14, 2006.  Cover: Tia Mowry, CU of its huge ½-dugs. 


10/20/06: PERIODICAL I/O.  The Baltimore Sun, Sports, p. 1F: Football great Jim Parker denied service in a famous restaurant. 


10/9/6: I/O BT**.  We learned of an elderly woman who lived in Edgemere, Maryland.  They forced her into Baltimore County’s assisted living program.  So these strangers forced their way into her home ostensively to help her, but then declared her unfit to live alone.  They forced her into a home for the elderly.  Sometime later, they declared her fit to live alone and let her go.  We do not know if she had a home to geo to when they released her.  She died recently.



10/10/06: BOOK.   Cyberpunk, Outlaws and Hackers on the Computer Frontier © 1991 Katherine Hafner and John Markoff, ISBN: 0-671-77879-X, Touchstone, Simon and Schuster Building, Rockefeller Center, 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020. 



p. 12: PB BT**.  In the spring and summer of 1990, federal and local law enforcement home-wreckers, assaulted the homes of more than 30 young computer users across the country, followed by a second wave of assaults and arrests on people’s homes a few months later.  Warring on these suspected “criminals”, the patriotic subhumans routinely axed down doors, trashed, spoiled and soiled the insides of homes, and stole computers, modems, answering machines, telephones, fax machines and stereo equipment. 

                The shiteaters and their courts (dens of inequity) never apologized to the innocent, or anyone for their Gestapo behavior, and never returned any of the goods they stole, innocent or not.  This is routine for the shiteating courts and their pigs.



Part One.  Kevin: The Darkside Hacker


p. 16: (CA) (BT).  Here is a reference to an abused and neglected little girl who, at eight-years-old, found solace in calling and talking to strangers on the telephone.  She later became a whore.


p. 22: PB BT**.  A man published an anti AT&T magazine called TAP.  He returned home to find that his two-storey condominium had been broken into and trashed police style.  His computer and disks—all his tools for publishing TAP­­, and only that, were stolen.  Gasoline was poured over the inside of his home and it was torched.  The arson job was amateurish.  He feels, as we do, that AT&T, long feared by many for its gansterism, did this.  He did not press charges because of fear of losing his job, for there is no Freedom in america.  Elect us and this will be investigated.  We will get the answers.  Whatever it takes, in the republican sense of the term. 

                AT&T is added to our corporate extermination list. 


p. 24: (S).  Reference to the Leather Castle, a whorehouse in Van Nuys, California.  (Our prim author and authoress called it a bordello.)


p. 29: (CA).  Reference to a male named Barney that owns a store on Santa Monica Boulevard, using the telephone to meet adolescent girls.


p. 30: Mention of the rich and famous naked monkey/actress Farrah Fawcett.


p. 42: (S).  Reference to listing of page 24.


p. 48: PB BT**.  A Human Being, heading a computer club with anti AT&T leanings, was mailed a faster modem by some Philadelphia “phone phreaks”.  Unknown to him, the modem was purchased by mail using a false credit card.  In April 1981 when he was on vacation, a squad of bluecoat shiteaters from Santa Clara County, sheriff’s office, reinforced by bluecoat shiteaters owned by Pacific Bell, axed down the door of this nonviolent Human Being,  and destroyed the inside of his home.  The public and privately owned pigs stole all his disks and backup tapes whether pertaining to the 8BBS anti-AT&T club or not.  Think about it.   This was a savage attack on a Human’s home by pig home wreckers, reinforced by privately owned Pacific Bell shiteaters, for one modem.  How did they know he had it?  Why were the Pacific Bell pigs in on the assault?  What did they have to do with it?  Were the corporate owned pigs armed?   We strongly suspect the nazi Pacific Bell corporation of sending the Human Being the modem, and of inciting the attack on his home.    Add Pacific Bell to our corporate extermination list.

                Elect us and privately owned corporate pigs will be treated exactly like we are going to treat publicly owned pigs.  There are no excuses.  We will exact justice.  We will wring answers from the great conspiracy of silence.  Whatever it takes, in the republican meaning sense of the term.


p. 52: I/O.  For years a Los Angeles pig named Bob Ewen kept a collection of stolen electronic gear under his desk.


p. 54: PB.  The Los Angeles pig Bob Ewen, arrested a nonviolent man suspected of illegally using the Pacific Bell telephone system, with all the consummate brutality routinely used for murder suspects and peace demonstrators.  The bluecoat pantywaist “thought he had a terrorist” on his hands.  They are all cowards.


p. 72: I/O BT.  Two unauthorized computer users were caught at Cal State-Northridge.  The privately owned pig shackled the lads to a bench.  One got the handcuffs off but did not run.  The private pig searched both of them “thoroughly”, and shackled the fellow to the bench again and snarled, “do this again and I am going to handcuff you to the toilet”. 


p. 73: I/O BT**.  The nonviolent “phone phreak” of p. 54 was sentenced to six months in the infamous (but much lauded by republicans) California Youth Authority’s Karl Holton Training School, a maximum-security juvenile prison in Stockton, California.  (They are very proud of their hellhole in Stockton.)  Violence-prone teenagers who are difficult to control are sent there for armed robbery, rape, murder , etc.  This nonviolent person was subjected to harsh, brutal, demeaning, patriotic conditions.


p. 75: I/O.  To attack the office where a suspected phone phreak phinally phound employment, the cowardly Bob Ewen reinforced himself with three other publicly owned pigs, and a privately owned pig of Pacific Bell’s.  What was the Pacific Bell pig doing there?  Was it armed? 


p. 76: I/O.  From the office, they stole a Xerox personal computer, a printer, a disk drive, a modem, a monitor and various phine phloppy disks.  None of this was ever returned.    


p. 89: PB BT**.  Santa Cruz pigs flew to Los Angeles to attack the home of a Human Being suspected of abusing the sacred Pacific Bell telephone system.  Under direction of Santa Cruz pigette Patricia Reedy, they stole 55 computer disks, a book marked OS Utilities, loose sheets of printed materials, a large quantity of handwritten notes and computer printouts.  The nasty shits also stole a .38 revolver, a shotgun, marijuana and a bong. 

                None of these items were ever returned.


p. 91: PB BT**.  Reedy and the other pigs tore apart the suspect’s apartment.  He was married.

p. 96:  Los Angeles pig Jim Black saw a known nonviolent hacker “as a personal threat”.

p. 98: Two public pigs “got permission” to use a residential driveway as a stakeout point.

p. 98: I/O.  LA pigs often accelerate to 100 miles-per-hour when following a suspect.


p. 99: Jim black did not notify a company that administered disability programs for larger companies of suspected phone phreaking because “Black did not know if the company was involved” with the suspects or not.


p. 126: PB BT**.  To catch a suspected computer hacker, federal subhumans axed into the room of a Middle Eastern man who was savagely watching television at the time.  The federal eaters-of-shit destroyed his apartment.  Set up by a hacker to cover his tracks, the man was innocent.  Whatever they stole they kept.  Routine pig practices, don’t you know.


p. 135: PB BT**.  Reference to a suspected hacker’s apartment being searched many times.  


Part Two.  Pengo and Project Equalizer.

                Note: it is not clear, but hacking may not have been a crime in West Germany when some of this occurred.


p. 148: (F) (S).  A video game arcade in Berlin rents pornographic tapes.


p. 151: (F) I/O.  The West German government regulated all communications closely, including the computer network.   Modems and answering machines had to be registered with the post office. 

I/O.       The authors seem unaware that, in America, answering machines have to be registered with the FCC.


p. 157: (F) I/O BT**.  The West German pigs developed computer-readable identification cards and computer data-gathering systems.  The excuse was these were “designed to sniff out terrorists”. 

                How could they sniff out terrorists with their noses up the assholes of their rich?


p. 162: (F) I/O.  A sanitized version of World War II was taught to German youth, as the Nips do to this day.  We assume nowadays German youth are taught the truth.  There is no way of knowing from the text.


p. 163: (F) I/O.

 1.  West Germany had compulsory military service for males.

 2. BT**.  Hanover, West Germany, oppressed its citizens with an unending curfew.


p. 175: Leaving West Germany, West German pigs searched luggage.  East German pigs searched luggage when entering East Germany.


 p. 193: (F) I/O BT**.  When ripping apart an office, West German pigs “grew discernibly more cordial” when the suspect’s attorney appeared. 


p. 195: (F) I/O.  It was an act of espionage to give a page from a West German phone directory to the subhuman kbg (but not the subhuman cia).


p. 197: (F) I/O BT.  A man arrested for evading his “military obligation”, sat for weeks in a prison in oppressive Hanover.  The pigs kept him until he was broke.


p. 202: I/O BT**.  A Laszlo Janos Balogh, that actually admitted working for the fbi and cia, had information regarding a suspected German hacker that he should not have had.  Sleazy, greasy, the grease wad always carries a gun.


p. 2o3: I/O (T).  A pig sergeant ran an unwarranted search on a man for a patriotic business owner named Howard Hartmann who employed Laszlo Janos Balogh despite knowing of its subhumanism.


 p. 215: (F)  I/O BT**.  A shiteater with the West German army’s secret service branch, whose presence at an interrogation is mystifying, threatened to “flush [a young hacker’s] head down a toilet”. 

                Note the scatological minds of patriotic pig types.  Be they publicly owned, privately owned, foreign owned or domestic grown they are all the same.  The World is going to have to be purged or we will never be safe or free, otherwise we will never know dignity. 


p. 216: (F) (S).  Mention of a Berlin whorehouse.


p. 224: (F) PB BT**. 

 1. West German shiteaters broke down a door to a nonviolent suspected hacker’s apartment as he slept and jammed guns in his face.  His apartment was destroyed.  This is routine among hitler’s spawn in WG as it is here.

 2.  Reference to another young man’s apartment destroyed under similar circumstances. 

pp. 226-227: (F) I/O.  The two suspected hackers referenced on page 224 were denied bail.


p. 227

 1. (F) PB BT**.  West German bluecoat shiteaters attacked fourteen homes of suspected hackers and their friends rousting them brutally from their beds and drug them to pigsties.  Pigs, be the swine West German, American, Russian, etc., are cowards.  They prefer to attack defenseless nonviolent people at night.  It makes them feel ballsy.  Zorro! or some shit.


 2. (F) I/O BT**.  In West Germany, you had to file registration papers with the pigs if you moved residences.


p. 228

 1. (F) PB BT**.  West German shiteaters strip-searched the parents of suspected hackers. 

 2. (F) I/O BT**.  The shiteaters attacked a home of a suspected hacker in a pro forma exercise in destruction. Property was stolen.

 3. (F) I/O.  They also ransacked the offices where he worked.  Property was stolen.


p. 233: (F) PB BT**.  Referenced is a septuagenarian mother whose early life consisted of a series of “unpleasant encounters” with East German shiteaters.


p. 239: (F) I/O (T).  A young nonviolent suspected hacker was kept in pretrial confinement for months.  (Pretrial confinement is a legal form of suspended animation in West Germany called Untersuchungshaft, a fine upstanding nazi sounding word any German, West or East, is doubtless proud of.)  His depression became such that he contemplated suicide.  He never recovered.


p. 240: (F) I/O (T).  His walk degenerated to a shuffle, doubtless from wearing shackles around the prison.



Part Three.  RTM

p. 268

 1. (F) (A).  Reference to the Korean airliner shot down by patriotic Russian subhuman shiteaters in 1983.

 2. (F) BT**.  In 1989, West Germany sold materials to Libya that enabled their subhumans to build a poison gas plant.


p. 313: Mike Royko, acerbic patriotic with his asshole where a mouth would be on a Human, called for a stiff prison sentence for a suspected young nonviolent hacker.  We wonder, does this asshole–licker say the same about his stinking country’s war criminals, pigs, politicians, judges and so-called leaders?  Does he say the same about the Chicago pigs?  Well, we all know how that goes, do we not?

                Jus’ axin’.


p. 316: PB.  fbi pig Joe O’Brien ransacked a suspected hacker’s office at Cornell University and stole several cardboard boxes worth of personal belongings.


p. 318: A prominent lawyer said it is a common but misguided impulse to go straight to the pigs with the whole truth, hoping for leniency in return. 


p. 319: I/O BT.  Cornell University illegally scoured the personal files of the suspected hacker.  Of course, nothing was ever done about it.

                We’ll sing ‘em the good old Cornell fight song.  That’ll teach ‘em.

"Far above Cayuga's waters

There's an awful smell

Some say it's Cayuga's waters

We say it's Cornell."


p. 324: I/O (T).  The government would have reimbursed two witnesses, graduate students, for plane tickets to the trial of the suspected hacker, but fbi agent Joe O’Brien, a jealous and resentful pig, did not inform the two witnesses of this. 

Driving to the trial in the freezing cold in an old beater took six hours.  The heater did not work.  They had to stop to warm themselves often, stopping once to purchase a warm garment. 


p. 328: I/O BT**.  The National Security Agency has been invading computers since there were computers.  No computer has been or is safe from the depraved patriots of the NSA, an ulcerous sore on the face of the nation.


p. 331: I/O.  During the suspected hacker’s trial, government prosecutor Mark Rasch, in an attempt to prejudice the jury, repeatedly mispronounced the defendants’ middle name.  His middle name was Tappan, i.e., Tap-pan, the pan rhyming with ran.  He pronounced Tappan as tap in, as to tap in to someone’s telephone lines or to tap in to their computer.


p. 335: At the trial, one big ol’ lusty hard-dicked boy, a computer manager told reporters, “I hopefully hope he is convicted and sent to prison”.  


p. 340: I/O: The family of the accused played an innocent game of cards during deliberation, until a court pig ordered them to stop.




p. 342: I/O BT**.  Los Angeles pigs rushed to a U.S. magistrate like flies to shit to urge she deny bail to a suspected hacker.  The bluecoats knowingly lied saying that he had once fled to Israel to avoid prosecution and had once altered a judge’s credit rating.  The judge required no evidence for these accusations.  The suspect had never been out of the country, and had never altered s judge’s credit rating.


p. 346: Eugene Spafford, a Purdue computer scientist turned postmodern digital Puritan with a talented tongue, called on the computing industry to boycott the products of any computer company that hired convicted hacker RTM.


10/9/6: (S).  ESPN HD, Ravens at Denver Broncos.

2000-2330: High definition filth: various and sundry pesthole airings bladders and shit-pinchers.

2235:30: BT**.  Ad: Sports Illustrated, many leering, sneering cuntmonkeys in pesthole patches and naked from the waist up.  The beasts covered their large and filthy bladders with their hands.  Barely covered, the shit-slicers of these animals were well aired.  Note at the top of file. 

2256: BT**.  Ravens/Samsung ad: CUs of huge ½-n dugs of Ravens’ cheerleaders, possible ass airings as well. 


10/10/6: Back to the Future II, © 2002 Universal Studios, 10 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, 91608.  (S).

0:08:09: BT.  I/2-n jiggling bladders of blonde and brunette walking in opposite directions on the street.

0:12:38: BT**.  CU of the functionally naked shit-splitter of a long-haired brunette leaving teen hangout; in yellow spandex, a strip of purple spandex over its bunghole, its ass is fully formed and its splitter-slit is deep.  Note at the top of the file.

0:16:32: BT**.  Blonde grabs male by the balls, lifts and throws him over a counter.  Note at the top of the file.

• BT*.  Many bladders variously aired on the street; ½-n, etc., check for variously aired shit-slicers.  Check throughout. 

0:57:19: BT**.  Tamara Carrerat and Tracy D’Aldia naked in hot tub with Thomas A. Wilson.  Note at the top of the file.

1:16: BT**.  Nearly naked animals in Oh Lala magazine; variously aired bladders and turd-terminators. 

1:20: BT**.  More nearly naked beasts in Oh Lala.


10/12/6: PERIODICAL (S) BT**.  Despite many complaints to the Prohibitory Order Processing Center of the United States Post Office, members of our militia have received, unsolicited,  the October 2006 issue of Playboy ISSN 0032-1478 , “compliments” of AdamEve.com, PEI, PO box 2007, Harlam, Iowa 51537.  Federal law means nothing to pornographers.  Note at the top of the file.


10/16/6 0730: 101.7 FM WLIT.  As part of a daily contest a question was asked about the permanently, in public, in full-color close-up, fucking and cocksucking rich and famous animal Britney Spears.  Yeaaaa!  


 10/16/6: PERIODICAL BT**.  Rolling Stone, October 19, 2006:  CU of a 98% naked, huge-dugged blonde beast. 


10/17/6: 89.7 FM WTMD

0803: PB.  The fbi assaulted four homes in Philadelphia and two in Jacksonville, Florida; family and associates of veteran rich congressperson Curt Weldon.  Seems ol’ Cute Curt has used his influence to help his daughter Karen Weldon and a political aide, Charles Sexton, win consulting contracts.

0903: (F) (A).  While cowardly american soldiers watched, Iraqis slaughtered Iraqis in Iraq.  About a hundred were murdered.

• The DJ hosting the morning show, introducing the Guilty Pleasures song, commented on how some musicians but many non-musicians were on the cover of Rolling Stone  “stressing fashions of the lack of fashions”. 


10/18/6: I/O (A).  89.7 FM WTMD.  Heard the daily casualty report from your Iraqi war crime, america.  As all of casualty reports have been from, to my knowledge, Vietnam on, the causality report was grossly understated.  It did not include the roughly hundred Iraqis murdered by their loving, Allah-fearing, Moslem brothers yesterday.  Civilian murders, especially the hundreds of thousands murdered by cowardly patriotic americans, are never included in the causality counts aired by the capitalist media.   The capitalist media is owned by the rich.  The rich also own the government.  That is why cowardly patriotic american soldiers can do anything they want. 


10/19/6: Received an email from Barnes & Noble advertising a new CD, and old CDs, by the permanently, in public, in full-color close-up, fucking and cocksucking rich and famous animal Britney Spears. 


10/20/06: I/O.  The Baltimore Sun, Sports, p. 1F: Football great Jim Parker denied service in a famous restaurant. 


10/21/6: 2807 Edgar Row, The Pound

1. (S) BT**.  Poster: NEW ORLEANS.  SHOW YOUR TITS.  A score or more of naked monkey subhumans (all-american girls) in montage air their filthy bladders in full-color CU.  This is why Big Easy pigsty drowned in a deluge, and the rich trampled the common in gaining relief, and ran rampant, bulldozing common people’s homes, benefiting from the disaster.  

                Note at the top of the file. 

2. (S) BT**.  Color postcard-sized ad for the Baltimore Dance Attack that appeared at Sonar, 407 East Saratoga Street, Baltimore, MD 21202, on Jan. 7, 2006.  How anyone could stand the reek in a small club is beyond me, but hereon the filthy dancing pestholes air themselves.   One, a white animal, is naked except for paint, not spandex, but black paint, pus-squeezing nipples prominently at attention.  Another, a black animal, is naked from the waste up, squeezing its nasty nipples in the folds of an accordion.  There is slight bladder airing of a third, a black animal.  There is yet another pesthole and three assholes in the troupe.  Ad filed.

Note at the top of the file. 

3. (S) BT**  Worn sticker on the mirror in the latrine: “I LOVE SG www.supercult.com”.    A color montage of completely naked all-american girls, full frontals, etc.

alt.porn supercult.com

www.supercult.com · Cached page

usc 257

supercult.com is an adult site containing explicit photography of naked girls, explicit depictions of sexual activity, written content dealing with sexual topics,

Note at the top of the file. 

4. (S) BT** . The Chinese restaurant that shared the front of the building had a whorehouse in back. 


10/22/6: I/O.  88.5 FM WAMU, Sam Spade: The Insomnia Caper, originally broadcast 10/24/48 (AFRS).  Fiction.  Reference to the “autopsy boys” hacking up corpses and sending them to the morgue with parts of their flesh missing. 

                When this happens in real life you can be sure they ate the missing flesh.



0855: 89.7 FM WTMD.  A nanny ignored two baby girls in a carriage for an hour in Central Park, New York City.  Those that are too depraved to watch their own babies set up cameras in their houses to spy on the nannies they hire, to ensure that they do not eat their babies.


• I/O.  The music industry closed down guitartabs.com.  We believe those filthy pornographers Time Warner were behind this.    They are among the corporate subhumans that descent with terror upon eleven-year-old girls for downloading songs by their heartthrobs.


0505: (S) BT**.  INTERNET.  http://supercult.com/.  A color montage of scores of unspeakable all-american girls, airing their filthy naked bodies, naked pestholes, assholes’n bladders, the calling cards of the american girl.  Note at the top of the file. 



BOOK.  Stealing time: Steve Case, Jerry Levin and the collapse of AOL Time Warner, © 2003 by Alec Klein, Simon & Schuster, 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020.  ISBN: 0-7432-4786-8.


Prologue: The Confrontation

p. 2: Mention of the filthy animal Madonna that records with Warner Music Group.

p. 3: (S).  Ref. to the naked-monkey airing Sex and the City and the depraved The Sopranos, owned by HBO, owned by Time Warner.



Part 1.  The Unlikely Rise of an Internet Giant


Chapter One, A Footnote in History

p. 15: (S) BT**.  January 1983: Tropicana Hotel, Los Vega: 99% naked “buxom ladies”, i.e., sneering cow-bladdered whores, escorted potential customers for the Internet video-game service Gameline, which became Quantum Computer Services, which became the cockroach of cyberspace, a.k.a. America Online.

p. 23: (F) (A).  Ref. to the building of an orphanage in Vietnam, most of whose parents were murdered by america on line.


Chapter Two, A Case of Ambition

p. 37: (S) A degenerate male mailed photos of himself whackin’ off to Bonnie, host of sex chat room Bonnie’s Bar of Quantum Computer Services.

p. 41: I/O.  AOL kicks “unruly subscribers” off the system.



Part II.  The Deal of the Century


Chapter Three, The Merger and Caligua

pp. 79-80: I/O.  A Jewish family of suburban Philadelphia was refused a nicer home because they were Jewish.  They were also denied admission to certain country clubs.

p. 98: Mention of Jane Fonda.

p. 98: At an AOL board meeting masses of catered food went uneaten.

p. 99: Gallons of champagne was not opened.

p. 102: I/O.  AOL spies on its employees and tells them what to say.


Chapter Four, AOL Verses the World

p. 125: That cowardly shit-eating patriotic rich republican thug, New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, is described as “feisty” by the author.   

p. 141: The author describes the cia and fbi as having “glamour”.



Part III.  The Wild Days


Chapter Five, The Skin Game

p. 155: Badass AOL CEO David Colburn yelled “Who the fuck are you?” in the face of a new company official that entered its office.  At a big company meeting it handed a microphone to another company official and told him to “stick it up your ass, it’s safe sex, but you’ll probably like it”.  At one of its many obscenely lavish parties, it questioned one of its underlings, “When was the last time you fucked your wife up the ass?”  The slavish underling’s wife stood by silently in utter shock.

p. 157: Other CEOs used this piece of billionaire shit, David Colburn, to threaten other employees.  Just the tread of its cowboy boots was enough.  “His presence caused a ripple of fear,” said an AOL official.  “You could hear him coming.”

p. 158: (S).  Renounced for depravity, Colburn’s parties even made it into an episode of HBO’s Sex and the City, the one where the lead whore is hired as publicist for a wealthy girl’s bat mitzvah. 

p. 159: During a heated meeting, pos executive Myer Berlow approached pos Colburn with a knife.  This was supposedly in fun.

p. 164: Colburn raged in the face of a new hire in his Brooks Brother suit who dared offer an unsolicited opinion to his majesty: “How long have you been here?  I don’t give a fuck what you think!  Shut the fuck up!”

                It once grabbed the pos Berlow by the throat and rammed it against the wall , screaming, “I’m going to kill you”. 

                The author described this piece of billionaire shit Colburn as “colorful”.

p. 170

 1. (S) BT**.  The naked monkey Gold Club, on Howard Street in San Francisco, was a AOL executive hangout.

 2. (S) BT**.  At a typical AOL party, a “girl” was “lying pantyless on a pool table”.

3. The author describes Las Vegas as an “evolved adult playground”.  How about devolved pigsty for subhuman degenerates? 

p. 171

 1. Sexual harassment including forced fucking and sucking was de rigueur at AOL.

 2. “You’re talking about men who thought they had a right to do anything,” said a woman who accepted sexual harassment as part of the terrain.

                This is a common misconception among wimps and government provocateurs.  Men do not reach the state where they think, “they have the right to so anything”.  Patriotic subhumans thing they have the right to do anything.

p. 172

 1. Females who fucked and sucked in what were called “on-the-desk performance reviews”, along with their dripping cunts, were advanced over their male counterparts.

 2. In mandatory basketball games at Colburn’s palatial pigsty, it cursed subordinates, elbowed them in the face, kicked them and punched them, and committed blatant fouls without surcease.

p. 175: “That’s what we did, we screamed,” said a former executive.  To subordinates they screamed stuff like, ‘Don’t fucking do this!’  ‘How many fucking times do I have to tell you that?’  and the ever popular, ‘Goddamn, I don’t have time for that!” 

                Colburn set the AOL tone for dealing with subordinates.

p. 176: I/O.  AOL executives used insider information to trade securities.


Chapter Six, Who Let the Dogs Out?

p. 194: I/O.  AOL executives filed many false financial reports inflating AOL’s income by millions of dollars.

p. 203: Colburn forced new recruits to sing their good ol’ college fight song before his meetings packed with to barfing with its unchained hyenas of the Business Affairs section.  The pos enjoyed this, doubtless made its li’l ding-ding hard.

                Yep, I heard it at the time and I see that it is true: AOL, Assholes Online.



Part IV.   The Culture Clash

Chapter Seven, The Short-Lived Honeymoon

p. 227: (S).  A former AOL-er listed as a project to produce a Broadway musical on the story of Playboy.

p. 236: Jane Fonda mentioned twice.

p. 237

 1. Jane Fonda mentioned.

 2. I/O.  Ted Turner would not hire people that smoked.

p. 240

 1. Ted Turner gave $1,000,000,000, one-third of his wealth, to the United Nations.

 2. Jane Fonda mentioned.

p. 244: the nasty animal Madonna mentioned.


1. Because of the AOL Time-Warner merger, thousands were fired.   Stock plummeted, and employees lost billions in retirement benefits.

 2. AOL promoted Madonna’s CD Music.

 3. McDonna is mentioned thrice.

p. 252: McDonna mentioned thrice.  I think that maybe perhaps, I am beginning to see a pattern here.



Chapter Eight, The Collapse.

p. 287: I/O.  The author investigated “Unconventional business practices” at AOL

p. 295: Jane Fonda mentioned.



p. 331: Madonna referenced.

p. 332: Madonna referenced.

p. 334: the all-American productions Sex and the City and The Sopranos indexed.



0702: (F) (A).  89.7 FM WTMD: Iraq: United States psychos and their Iraqi asshole-lickers attacked a slum and called in air strikes.  Many homes and cars were destroyed.  The causality report did not mention the number of Iraqi Human Beings that they murdered.



O831: I/O BT**.  The Maryland Aviation Administration has been illegally supporting British Airlines by giving them multimillions of dollars of our money.  A spokesman said that this was not an unusual situation.


0836: They play Shawn Colvin’s Feel Me Up, from her new CD These Four Walls, at least once a day.  There is a reason for it.  She licks pussy and they are liberal.

0845: I/O BT**.  Baltimore medical schools routinely supplied themselves with fresh meat to hack up by robbing cemeteries.


10/28/2006 1529: (S) BT** INTERNET.  Email from Amazon.com [unbox-feedback @ amazon.com].  Ad: “Watch a preview of Jane Fonda's Barbarella, then rent it.”

The subhuman piece of shit, rich actress whore, Jane Fonda, permanently naked in public in full-color close-up, airing its reeking ridiculous body, is here imaged naked from waist up, etc.  Note at the top of the file. 


10/29/6: (F) (A) PERIODICAL.  The Baltimore Sun, Doonesbury by Garry Trudeau; referenced is some Americans [Republicans] “accepting the brutal torture and execution of Iraqi civilians a day”. 

                This is the patriotic work of your subhuman homosexual Unites States of America, and its subhuman homosexual Iraqi asshole-lickers.  Filthy depraved asshole-licking cowards all, anathema to the Great Spirit, this the patriotic shit so soon flushed the toilet of history down.


1311: 97.9 FM WIYY.   A Ravens player got a Mohawk.  Sports announcers are patriotic homosexuals to a flag fag.

                “Yeah, Stinky, if his team mates see that Mohawk, he’ll be lucky if they don’t shave his head.”

                “Yeah, Bung, he’ll go home with a Yul Brenner.”

                “Yeah, Stinky, no eyebrows.”

                “Yeah, swear to it Bung.”

                “Yeah, swear to it, ah, Stinky.”

                One of the patriotic sports faggos said “Six people died here in the [New Orleans] Superdome as a result of hurricane Katrina.

                What the patriotic sports faggo should have said is this.

                “In the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, six people were murdered here in the Superdome.  The murders were aided and abetted by the depraved United States government, that showed interest only in helping its rich friends, and bulldozing the homes of the people.  

                But patriotic sports faggos have no guts, as evinced by the fact that they have no balls. 


10/31/06 0830: (F) I/O INTERNET.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alan_Turing


                For being homosexual, Alan Turing, the founder of computer science, suffered this. 


He and the other were charged with gross indecency under Section 11 of the [British] Criminal Law Amendment Act of 1885.  Turing was unrepentant and was convicted.  He was given the choice between imprisonment and probation, conditional on him undergoing hormonal treatment designed to reduce libido.  In order to avoid going to jail, he accepted the oestrogen hormone injections, which lasted for a year, with side effects including the development of breasts.  His conviction led to a removal of his security clearance and prevented him from continuing consultancy for GCHQ [Government Communications Headquarters] on cryptographic matters.

                Our stand is that homosexuality is an unnatural act of will and immoral, but you do not chemically torture or otherwise abuse people for it.  You seek to help them.

                They should not be allowed access to certain segments of the population.

(M)         Because of his involvement doing secret work for the piece-of-shit British government, Alan Turing may have been murdered by MI5, the British equivalent of the subhuman cia.


10/31/06 1414: (S) BT* INTERNET.

http://www.lyricsdownload.com/laine-frankie-the-cry-of-the-wild-goose-lyrics.html.  Two blonde beasts airing ¼-n bladders and rubbing shit-spliters together. 

                There are red tabs for the following permanently publicly, in full-color close-up fucking and sucking, rich actress subhuman whores  Paris Hilton Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, naked cuntmonkey Jessica Alba and other lesser known rich trash.

                One of the fellows was searching for Frankie Laine lyrics.  He was mainly popular in the 40s and the 50s.


11/1/06 0943: (S) BT** INTERNET. 


                On Kate Bush’s Lionheart CD airing is a longhaired brunette, cuntmonkey subhuman naked in sheer garment, full and deep shit-splitter crack, ass-cheek and ass-crack.  Note at the top of the file. 


11/3/6 1245: I/O.  100.7 FM WZBA.  Ad: “Lancaster Foods is looking for drivers.  Be advised, Lancaster Foods does conduct background test”.  Also piss and blood tests they intimated, and likely shit, spit, hair and skin tests, plus thorough asshole reamings looking for contraband.


11/3/06 1417: (S) BT** INTERNET.  http://www.amazon.com/Med%C3%BAlla-Bj%C3%B6rk/ dp/B0002JUXB0/ref=cm_lm_fullview_prodimg_1/103-7661827-7912652.  CD Medúlla, by Bjork.  CU of the animal Bjork naked for waist up but nipples not shown.  Note at the top of the file.


11/5/06 1423: (S) INTERNET.  http://www.98online.com/.    97.9 FM WIYY (98 Rock) homepage. 

1. BT**.  A brunette subhuman 99% naked on beach, thrusting out its reeking naked shit-splitter slab and –cheek in a provocative pose,  99% naked bladders.

2. Another naked from the waist down from behind.

                Note at the top of the file.

3. BT.  ½-n and ¼-n bladders.


1329: 97.9 FM WIYY; Cincinnati Bengals @ Baltimore Ravens.  The faggots/ sportscasters, Gerry Sandusky and Stan White, are again mocking a player for his hairstyle.  Ooo, in college his hair caused huge problems too.

                “Boy’s got big hair”, unh unh.

                “Swear to it”, unh unh.

                “Wonder what else he’s got big?” unh unh.

                “Swear to it”, unh unh.


11/6/06 1732: INTERNET.  

 1. (S) BT**.  http://music.uk.launch.yahoo.com/release/63792.  Ad: Nokia online music video awards,  brunette beast with shoulder length fur, naked waist up.  Male’s arm between its bladders.  Note at the top of the file.

 2. (S) BT** INTERNET.  http://music.allofmp3.com/r2/Sun-60/Only/group_ 4615/album_1/Mcatalog.shtml?albref=25.  Sun-60 CD Only.  Cloth held over pesthole, ass-slabs.    


11/8/6: PERIODICAL (S) BT**.  Despite many complaints to the Prohibitory Order Processing Center of the United States Post Office concerning these filthy mailings, members of our militia have received, unsolicited,  the November 2006 Playboy ISSN 0032-1478 , “compliments” of AdamEve.com, PEI, PO box 2007, Harlam, Iowa 51537.  Federal law means nothing to pornographers.  Note at the top of the file.


11/9/06: (F) (A).  During a West Bank attack, Israeli subhumans have murdered 18 Palestinian Humans.


11/11/06 1358: (S) BT** INTERNET.  StartLogic ENewsletter -- Volume 2 Issue 4.

                “ We have a link to "Smart FTP" on our website.  Just click here to download the program.”  We went to

http://support.startlogic.com/index.php?_m=downloads&_a=viewdownload& downloaditemid=6&nav=0%20%20After

                Clicking download sent us to:

 1. http://www.download.com/3001-2160_4-10561348.html, where we were humiliated with a Sports Illustrated ad airing a CU of a longhaired blonde subhuman piece-of-shit airing its huge ¾-n bladders and its rock hard tingling pus-squeezing nipples. 

 2.           Clicking http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/mysi/ we were assailed with a 99% naked longhaired brunette on beach airing its pesthole mound, pesthole area, ass-slabs, huge ¾-n bladders.

                Note at the top of the file.


11/12/06: BOOK PB BT**.  Impatient Virgin, Donald Henderson Clarke, copyright 1931 by Vanguard Press, Inc., Triangle Books, 14 West Forty-ninth Street, New Your, N.Y.  Fiction.

pp. 214-215: An armed robber hurled his pistol onto a roof.  A New York City bluecoat subhuman, in a patriotic and vicious manner, clubbed him in the head knocking him out.

p. 215: A Man in the crowd questioned, “Why did you do that?”  The bluecoat subhuman, in a patriotic and vicious manner, clubbed him on the head staggering him and making him bleed profusely.  Bellowing that the Man was under arrest, the patriotic/subhuman hamstrung him with more blows of its patriotic sex-substitute.  The Man howled with pain.  Bellowing for the Man to shut up, the patriot/sucker-of-dicks beat the Human Being on the head with its sex-substitute and he collapsed bleeding on the sidewalk.  Then the cop/coward glanced at two other pig/subhumans, ensuring they were prepared to murder at random, and threatened the witnesses. 


1047: (S) BT** INTERNET.  http://cdbaby.com/: Rachael Arieff & the Smileytown Boys, CD How to be Happy All the Time, a completely naked blonde subhuman, wearing a black man’s hat,  sits at a piano leering, mocking the Great Spirit, men, and all good people everywhere.  Doubtless it leers at the rancid reek of it’s own decaying naked body.  Yes, why else would this animal air its body in public?  Note at the top of the file.


1214: PB.  97.9 FM WIYY.  The DJ’s, licking local pigs’ assholes about their ferocity against those suspected of driving while impaired, began to praise the brutalities of the Dallas subhumans, when we decided we did not want the game spoiled so early on, and turned off the radio. 

                Later, joy boys, Gerry Sandusky and Stan White, praised some hillbilly for its rendition of Satan’s Song, then had orgasms over a huge national ass-wipe that covered the football field, and some marching morons.


11/16/06 0723: (S) BT** INTERNET. 

http://www.m-w.com/cgi-bin/dictionary?book=Dictionary&va=kendo —— Merriam-Webster Pronunciation.  Ad: “Ask Images”, photo montage, many leerin, sneering animals airing their ridiculous bladders, some ½-n. 


11/16/06 1028: (F) (A) INTERNET.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page

                Under the greatest patriot that ever lived, stalin, Russian subhumans committed this act of patriotism, unspeakable horror. 

                The Katyn massacre was a mass execution of Polish citizens by the order of Soviet authorities in 1940.  About 8,000 of those killed were reserve officers taken prisoner during the 1939 Invasion of Poland, but the dead also included many civilians who had been arrested for being "intelligence agents and gendarmes, spies and saboteurs, former landowners, factory owners and officials".  Since Poland's conscription system required every unexempted university graduate to become a reserve officer, the Soviets were thus able to round up much of the Polish, Jewish, Ukrainian, Georgian and Belarusian intelligentsias of Polish citizenship.

                Of course, nothing was ever done about, which does not mean that something cannot be done about it.


11/19/6: (F) (A) I/O BT** PERIODICAL.  The Baltimore Sun, Doonesbury by Garry Trudeau. 

                The rich queer, George “Baby” Bush has approved covert policies of illegal detentions, kangaroo courts, extraordinary renditions, torture, and warrantless wiretapping of thousands of Americans. 

                Suggested is that the billionaire bum, born with a silver spoon up its nose, whose family largely owns Halliburton, be impeached.  We do not have any question about the matter.  Not only should Stinky be impeached, and removed from office, but it and all its asshole-lickers should be arrested in the night, tried and executed for war crimes, crimes against the Dignity of Man, Freedom, Justice, and crimes against the american people.

                Richie Rich has not been acting quite like God lately.

                Note at the top of the file.


11/20/6 1040: BOOK.  Burning Chrome, © 1986 by William Gibson, Ace Books, 235 E. 45th Street, New York, NY 10017.  ISBN: 0-441-08934-8.  Fiction.

p. 33 & 34: (S) BT**.  Mention of porn/shit, Nazi Love Motel, on cable and to rent.

p. 83: (F) (A).  First of several references to a patriotic commie subhuman Russian psikuska, a “hospital” where defenseless Human Beings are tortured with drugs, akin to what the subhuman piece-of-shit united states is doing, the subhuman piece-of-shit united states, the worse country on Earth, a piece-of-shit of a country.


1428: BT** INTERNET.  http://www.m-w.com/, Merriam – Webster Pronunciation, ad: blonde beast naked on beach, leering, pretending to be happy with its pretend family, airing its fully naked turd cutter-slabs, ½-n dugs.  Note at the top of the file.


11/22/6: (S).  Record and Tape Traders, ibid.

1.  BT**.  Standup ad for black Ciara, shit-slicer slabs.

2.  “Postcard ad” for Cocos, 409 Eastern Blvd., Essex, MD 21211.     

   a. BT**.  Proclaiming FREAKY FRIDAYS: black beast, CU of pesthole patch and   

     pesthole area, full turd-cutter slab and –cheek, near-naked dugs.  Note at the

     top of the file.

  b. (T).  Crying WYLOUT WEDNESDAYS: White beast in provocative pose, ½-n     


  c. Numerous CDs, etc.

                Ad filed.  Used.  


11/23/6: (S) BT** INTERNET.  Google Images.


1. Fat brunette beast breastfeeding twins.  Caption: Breastfeeding more than one.  parentingweb.com.

2. Subhuman sitting in purple top and lace pestholes cover, ½-n shit-pincher; adeleparks.com.

3. A liberated all-american girl, a longhaired brunette beast is sowing its wild oats in public forever.  In an act of bestiality, it is naked from the waist up and a horse is licking its all-american bladders.  Caption: So much better than hay.  angelinafan.com.

4. A naked subhuman beast on its side being fucked forever in public by a male monkey.  Caption:  Havoc is more than just a skin.  barthost.com.

5. Naked brunette subhuman wearing black gloves is covering its rancid bladders with its arms.  Caption: Wider than pictures.  wider-than-pictures.com.

6. 99% naked brunette subhuman girl in pestholes patch and bladder cover, pesthole mound, turd-slicer slabs.  Caption: 30 reasons why beer is better than...  allposters.com.

                All images of the modern, matures, adult, advanced, enlightened, sophisticated, liberated all-american pestholes (girls) in color.

                Note at the top of the file.


(F) (A).  A mailing from International Rescue Committee, 122 East 42nd Street, New York, NY 10168, rec. 11/23/6 #17,196.    

1. In Darfur, Sudan, countless families, i.e., men, women, children and babies, savagely, patriotically, driven from their homes by murderous shit-sucking Moslem militias, true followers of the prophet Mohammed, are murdered by hunger and want.

2. Over 300,000 have died in Darfur at the hands of vicious armed mercenaries that have raped and killed, burned entire villages, and sent survivors  —— mostly women and children —— fleeing for their lives.  Over 2,000,000 have been displaced so far. 

      Died is a prim term to use, considering what these Moslem subhuman queers, devout as dogs for vomit, are doing even to innocent little babies.  How about butchered, or slaughtered, or raped and/or tortured to death, or even the skittish murdered?  These words are more accurate than died.

                True scions of the Prophet Mohammad, patriots to a faggot —— patriots must dunk their dicks in babies at least once in their lives or they are not true men.  Yea, over unto say, they be true believers, devout burners of the bodies of babies. 

3. International Rescue Committee runs the only health care clinic tending to patients’ needs 24 hours day, and bringing services and support to victims of sexual violence —— critically important in a society still reluctant to acknowledge the crime of rape.     

                Of course those subhumans refuse to recognize sex crimes.  Sudan is owned and run by Moslem rich, suckers of little boys’ dicks, rapers of little girls, subhuman pieces of patriotic shit.  Why would the devout rich consider rape a crime, yea, they being the Islamic equivalent of republican patriots?

4. The rich men’s media refuses to report the continuing struggle of refugees returning to Afghanistan.  The reason for this is, these innocent men, women, children and babies, were made refugees by your rich-dick and dog-dick sucking country, the united states of america which, with the possible exceptions

of sudan, and turkey, is the worst on Earth, and the least free.

5. liberian families are direly imperiled by food shortages, disease outbreaks, and spasms of patriotic violence caused by the united states of america and its rich-dick, dog-dick, and shit-sucking asshole-licking ally the liberian government.    Which is not to suppose that the united states does not suck rich-dicks, dog-dicks suck shit and lick assholes itself because it does.    


1.            In Sudan’s western Darfur region, over 2 million [2,000,000] civilians are uprooted by a violent campaign of ethnic cleansing.   

                They should use numbers.  Numbers have more graphic presence and take longer to read.  The term ethnic cleansing is a cowardly mediaism for unspeakable acts of patriotism, i.e., the rape, torture and murder of hundreds of thousands of Human Beings including little babies.  This continuing war crime, committed by subhuman Moslem militias, true followers of the Prophet, in the piece of shit country the Sudan, is condoned by the world’s governemnts.  This vile atrocity, committed by subhuman Sudanese dick-suckers, Moslem patriots that know no God except the dicks of the rich that those dogs suck, ranks as a major act of patriotism.

2.            Ruthless Moslem militia subhumans, suckers of dog dicks, continue to terrorize [atrocify, patriotize] men, women, children and babies by the millions.  The patriotic disease of these Moslem subhumans, suckers of all known types of dicks, the shit of the Earth, has spread to neighboring Chad.

3.            Young children cannot wander far from the center of camp or devout Moslem militia subhumans will kidnap them, suck their dicks, rape them, boy or girl, then disembowel them and eat them raw, as per the dietary laws of Islam.  Just so it ain’t pork.

4.            The brave Moslem heroes, followers of Mohammad, dog-dick sucking subhumans, attack, rape and murder women and children as they forage for wood on the outskirts of the camps. 

                One wonders, how is the united states of america involved?


·         In a recent 12-month period, IRC directly aided 15,000,000 war-affected Human Beings, the victims of patriotism, many having suffered horrible atrocities committed by the dog-dick sucking Sudanese.

·         15,000 survivors of sexual violence received counseling and medical aid.

·         8,300 war-separated children were reunited with their parents.   

                How did these children get separated from their parents?  What happened to them when      

               they were separated?  Were they in the hands of the rich-dick dog-dick sucking asshole- 

               licking Moslem militias?

·         Reference to helping former child soldiers, patriotism’s newest low.   How low can you go, ye patriots of the Earth?  How low can you go? 


                One must wonder about the subhumanity, and lust for dog-dicks, manifested by these devout followers traipsing along the One True Path of Righteousness. 

                In a pig’s eye!   

                If you ever come unto the Prophet Mastodon, he will greet you if you are a dope attic, and feel compassion for you.  If you are a homosexual, he will greet you, and feel compassion for you.  If you are a bank robber, convicted of driving while intoxicated, shoplifting, whackin’ off, adultery in privacy, he will be polite and try to help.  Just do not ever introduce yourself as a patriot or you he will curse you inexorably in the name of the Great Spirit.  The mere knowledge of what you are and of what you shall suffer in the next life could kill you where you stand.


1503: (S) BT** INTERNET.  http://www.towsontigers.com/: Towson University, Maryland.  CU of the fat ½-n turd-cutters of two sassy capitalist slut gymnastics.  Note at the top of the file.

•• ••••••• ••


   It has been a rough year for us of the 117th Militia Regimental Combat Team, Maryland.  Beginning last year in May the wheels came off the cart.  It has been a rough year.  Maybe 2007 is going to be rougher, but lovers of Family and  Dignity and Decency and Freedom and Justice keep this in mind, no matter how tough things get, We’re pullin’ out, and we’re pushin’ forward.

——The Prophet Mastodon, Officers and Men.




Happy Thanksgiving

Merry Christmas



Happy New Year