117th Militia



Family and Freedom over flag

© 2007 PSYWAR Office 117th Militia Regimental Combat Team


April 25,  2007                                                                            Vol. 8  No. 32



                                             Terrorists alert! The Prophet warns!  Don’t let them herd your families together into Oliver North’s concentration camps or anywhere else.  Do not let them herd you together.  Do not let them take you from your homes!  Be armed! Be ready! Refuse! Assemble to defend your families and your homes!  They are psychologically primed to mass murder your families.  Those who die quickly will be the lucky ones.



11/26/6: DVD Road Warriors, W Home Video, WWE93884.

O5:50: (S) BT**.  The “Wall of Fame” an area of photographs of near-naked muscular hormone scrambled female beef animals.  Note at the top of the file.

c. 06:00: I/O.  Tales of base brutality committed by the superman god heroes Road Warriors when they were bouncers.

                                                           Entire DVD not viewed.


PERIODICAL (S) (T).  The Baltimore Sun, Baltimore Sun Co., 501 N Calvert St., Baltimore, MD 21202-3660, TV Week.  Bladder airing by one leering Jordana Spiro, and mention of the permanently publicly naked rich and famous actress/animal Alicia Silverstone playing a young mother, pretending to have morals.


11/27/5 1700: (S) BT** INTERNET.  2nd Edition of E-Tiger Newsletter (Towson University, Maryland).  Naked turd-cutter slabs of sassy animals called gymnasts, or, as we like to say, gymnasties.  Note at the top of the file.


11/28/06 1034: (S) BT INTERNET.  http://www.baltimoreravens.com/.  Crystal B. , cheerleader, CU of the sneering animal’s huge filthy ½-n bladders.  It is studying to do social work, of course.  Naked depraved animals seem to be social workers, studying to do social work in some capacity, or involved in the veterinary field.  It is a sort of curse remover or something.


(F) (A) PERIODICAL.  Volume Nightclub Nine-Thirty, October 2006, Nightclub Nine-thirty, 815 V Street Northwest, Washington, DC 20001.  P. 2: Band Refugee All Stars, ref. to patriotic atrocities in Sierra Leone.  Newsletter filed.   


11/29/06: (S).  Fletcher’s, 701 South Bond Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21231.

1. Many beasts airing bladders, short brunette ½-n bladders. 

2. BT**.  Male often squeezing a pesthole’s ass. 


                                                              People who complain that they don’t get all they deserve should congratulate themselves.

——The Irish Digest.


11/29/6 1215: BT**.  89.7 FM WTMD: The recent edition of The City Paper reports teen sex parties in Carroll County. 


11/30/06 0916: (S) BT** INTERNET.  http://www.flicklives.com/; A Salute to Jean Shepherd: on the cover of Punch Magazine, a naked subhuman whore clutching its outsized and grubby bladders.  Note at the top of the file.


NFL channel: Ravens at Bengals. 

1954: The capitalist orgy begins with an asshole-licker commanding “Rise and remove your hats for the national anthem”.  What would happen to one if he refused to rise and remove his hat for Satan’s Song?   

1955: (S) (BT).  Lingering CU of huge ¼-n cotty bladders of leering blonde Bengals cheerslut, deep cleavage.


2001: BT**.  Ad for NFL Thursday Night Football, Bengals cheersluts in white airing shit-slicer slabs and ½-n bladders. 

2027: BT**.  Close-ups of the many cheersluts airing their huge jiggling ¼-n cotty bladders; turd-pincher cracks; and pesthole patches visible through black spandex.

                                                           Note at the top of the file.

2155: (BT)  Successive leering sneering cheersluts airing huge ¼-n bladders.


2246: BT**.  Successive leering, sneering, cheersluts airing huge ¼-n cotty bladders and hot hard pestilential nipples in the rain. 

                                                            Note at the top of the file.


12/3/06: PERIODICAL.  Volume Nightclub Nine-Thirty, November 2006, Nightclub Nine-thirty, ibid, p. 2: mention of the depraved rich and famous actress Paris Hilton.  Newsletter filed.  


12/7/06, 1404:

From the Office of the Prophet Mastodon


                                             Sixty-five years ago Pearl harbor was attacked, and some of the bravest Men known set forth to war from this nation.


1628: (S) BT** Internet.  http://wwwa.accuweather.com/forecast.asp? zipcode=21222& partner=.  Victoria’s smelly Secrets, snarling, longhaired brunette subhuman, presented as naked, the tops of its huge bladders airing.   

                                                           Note at the top of the file.


12/9/6 0001-0030: PB.  A pig chopper circled low, with its searchlight on, awakening many people who have to work for a living.


                                                           The first crop of hemp grown for use in Kentucky was in 1775.  Peak production was 40,000 tons in 1850 with a value of $5,000.


12/10/6: (S) BT**.  FHM magazine, August 2004, 99% naked syphilitic spider on the cover, full turd pincher-slab, -cheek, slimy pesthole mound, ½-n bladders. 

                                                           Note at the top of the file. 


12/10/6 1300-1613: CBS (WJZ 13), Ravens at Kansas City Chiefs:

1517: (S) BT**.  Ad: Izod clothing: beast in bikini airing shit-slicer slabs, rancid pesthole mound and ½-n bladders.  Note at the top of the file.

                                                           Other females aired their filth during this time period.  Check throughout timeslot thoroughly throughout.


12/10/6: (S).  DVD, Narnia, Disney/Walden, L2225: preview of Glory Road, deep ass-cracks of basketball players bending over.  Note at the top of the file. 


12/11/6: 2245-2304: PB.  A pig chopper circled the neighborhood low and with the search light on awakening many people who are forced to work for a living.


                                                           Because of corporations, every time I spend a penny, I feel like I am tightening a noose around my neck.

—— The Prophet Mastodon.


12/12/6 0843: PB.  103.1 FM WRNR: Baltimore County pigs again have a major artery blocked off during rush hour to investigate for the rich insurance companies.


12/12/6: (S) BT** PERIODICAL.  As per previous listings, despite repeated warnings from the Prohibitory Order Processing Center, United States Post Office, PO Box 1500, New York, NY 10008-1500, concerning these shitty magazines, members of our militia have received, unsolicited, the December 2006 Playboy ISSN 0032-1478 , “compliments” of AdamEve.com, PEI, PO box 2007, Harlam, Iowa 51537. 

                                                                                                                      Federal law means nothing to subhuman pornographers, nor to their naked monkeys, of course.  Note at the top of the file.



Baltimore Sun, ibid., January 14, 2001, Nonsequitor by Wiley Miller: “Politicians are the best and the brightest of their generation!  They’re public minded saints who sacrifice personal gain for the benefit of all citizens”.

                                                           It’s a joke, folks.


The world stands aside to let anyone pass who knows where they are going. 




The American people are like mushrooms, they are kept in the dark, fed shit, and they

like it.

—— The Prophet Mastodon.


                                                           A Section 8 czar that owns 16 depilated houses in our neighborhood, was quoted at a recent Community Improvement Association meeting thusly: “I got my money.  I don’t care what they do”.


12/14/6 0704: I/O BT**. 89.7 FM WTMD: Gonna Be Some Changes Made from Halcyon Days by Bruce Hornsby, released August 2004:  Ref. to watching a friend “grabbed by the hair and drug around”. 


12/15/6: (S) BT INTERNET.  https://webauth.comcast.net/auth/login?action=

Check_Logout&url=http%3A//mailcenter.comcast.net/.  Ad: Jessica [Simpson], ½-n bladders.  This ad also aired some shit about this publicly and permanently fucking and sucking animal getting stage fright, flushing, and running off stage.


12/15/6: (F) (A).  89.7 FM WTMD, NPR News.  Iraq: 20 subhumans “wearing stolen police uniforms” kidnapped 30 men, doubtless to suck their dicks and torture them to death.  Does anybody besides these liberal patriotic asshole-lickers at NPR and those subhuman pieces of cowardly shit in the White House believe this?  (Dick Cheney had “other priorities” during the Vietnam War.  The rest of those multimillionaires are asshole-licking cowards as well.)  Do you? 

                                                           Recently, NPR aired that some elected patriots in Washington were investigating “injustices” in Iraq.  A illegally served parking ticked is an injustice. 

We will never be free, the patriots were never be punished as long as the media is permitted to use mediaisms.


12/16/6 1940:  680 AM WCBM.  Baltimore Blast (MISL) announcers Paul Mittermeier and Gary Stein thanked a soldier in Iraq for “supporting us”.  You know, if we can get rid of these snot-nosed adolescents in radio, especially in sports and talk radio, and the median in toto, we might maybe perhaps someday enjoy a measure of freedom in this baby-butchering war criminal country.


2230: The Ardennes, Belgium:  the germans counterattacked.  Coming when it did, at the time of war and time of year, it was like being sucker punched by a professional prizefighter.  The Americans were knocked silly.  The American lines broke.  Clerks learned the uses of hand grenades and rifle butts.  Cooks surged forth with bayonets.  Pushed so far they yielded no farther.  It was up to guys like Joe Wilson, some guy I met.  They rallied and sallied forth.  They met the germans face-to-face.  They pushed the germans back.  They swept them past their former lines.   They swept the germans back and kept pushing.  They came to Remagen.  They swept over the Rheine.  The rest is history.


12/17/6 1303:  (S) BT**.  http://www.windowsmedia.com/Mediaguide/Radio.  Ass- slab of black singer, possibly Ciara.  Note at the top of the file.


I can remember way back when a liberal was one who was generous with his own money.



12/18/06 0629: (S) INTERNET.  http://www.real.com/player/?src=guidebar. 

Ad: Real Player SuperPass (an internet media player), airs a blonde beast sitting on a beach naked in a thong.  The subhuman animal,  mocking the Great Spirit and man, airs, in CU (close-up), its turd pincher-slabs, turd pincher-cheeks, and its rancid slimy pesthole mound, and ½-n bladders. 

Note at the top of the file.


12/18/6 0614: PB.  89.7 FM WTMD: music news: New York: Trey Anastasio, front man for rock band Phish, was stopped by a New York state pig and failed a forced field sobriety test.  Those pigs love words like field, squad, swat,  tactical, i.e., they are quaking cowards thinking that they are acting like men.


0632: I/O BT**.  89.7 FM WTMD: local update: Baltimore County: 

                                                           Following a national trend, because of demolition of low rental housing, Baltimore County homeless shelters are overflowing with families who need a place to stay.  Many other Maryland counties are also experiencing an upsurge. 

                                                           Baltimore County is owned and run by rich subhuman politicians, subhuman bankers, subhuman corporations, and their gutless asshole-lickers. 

Why are the rich allowed to blow up the homes of the poor? 

                                                           The rich want the land!  Why else? 

                                                           Also, people are being forced out of their homes because governor Robert L. Ehrlich of Maryland and its rich republican asshole-lickers and dick-suckers unchained the Baltimore Gas and Electric Corporation to charge whatever fees they feel like charging.  Heating bills and/or electric bills are as much as $500 per month.

Food bills are driving families to shelters to eat.

                                                           From The Best of Times, © 2001 by Haynes Johnson, ISBN 0-15-100445-5, Harcourt, Inc., 6277 Sea Harbor Drive, Orlando, Florida 32887-6777.

                                                           The results of surveys taken in 1999 showed:

p. 42: 90% of the increase in national family income was going to 1% of the households.  Incomes of the richest Americans were rising twice as fast s those of the middle class. 

p. 43: CEO’s were earning 419 times as much as industrial workers.

Merry Christmas from  the rich, the republicans, corporations, Robert Ehrlich and the United States government that nurtures this patriotism.

                                                           The first time this was broadcast other counties were specifically mentioned.  The second time they were not. 

                                                           Oh!  Never let it be said that we will not say, “We told you so!”

Note at the top of the file.


1139: (S).  89.7 FM WTMD: female DJ: “Alice Smith shows quite a bit of herself on her new album”.


89.7 FM WTMD, World Café w/ David Dye.  Today’s guest is musician Aaron Neville.  Mr. Neville has not returned to his home in New Orleans since the government forced thousands of families out after hurricane Katrina.  He has asthma and fears all the poison gasses in the air.  We do not believe that there are any poisonous gasses in the air around New Orleans.  The poisonous pollutants scare is a government lie intended to terrorize the people into compliance with their wishes.  The rich wanted that land.  Millionaires and billionaires wanted that land.  Nothing must sand before the desires of the rich, especially not the dignity, comfort, safety and/or property of the people of the United States.


We are all born for love.  It is the principle of our existence, and its only end.

 ——Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881). 


BOOK (S).  So Long and Thanks for All the Fish, © 1984 by Douglas Adams, ISBN 0-671-52580-8, Harmony Books, One Park Avenue, New York, NY 10016.   Fiction.

 p. 106: Hyde Park, London: males and females lie atop each other, and doubtless in seething, sweltering, squirming piles.



0833: 89.7 FM WTMD.  Because one of the members of the female band Dixie Chicks mildly suggested the truth about Richy Rich, that cowardly billionaire bum we have for a President, and also expressed an honest opinion about that piece-of-shit’s Iraq War crime waged to enhance his family’s vast riches, she and the Dixie Chicks as a group were reviled in the liberal media, received curses on stage and off, and brave shit-sucking cocksucking patriots sent them death threats. 


I/O BT**.    The fact that the working people and the poor have to subsidize the education of the children of the rich is an injustice and humiliation so appalling as to bespeak the direst penalties.  Public monies financing private schools is an anathema to a free and dignified citizenry.  It is not the way to ensure a free and dignified citizenry,  it is  a broad step in the opposite direction.  It is begging to have your assholes reamed out, which is what it is.  It is among the dregs of thralldom.  It grounds rich snot-nosed brats in how things work in america.  Ignoring the tax burden we working people bear, as if we have not tax burden enough, the fat rich politicians, republicans, give us more tax burden and the rich even less.  They remove taxes from the rich, and put them on the poor. 

All those responsible for this must be severely punished.

Elect us!  and this will not go unpunished.

                                                           Note at the top of the file.


12/19/06: (S).  DVD Fantastic 4, © 2005 20th Century Fox.  Rated PG-13.

                                                           At the beginning of the DVD which you cannot fast-forward or skip over, is an insulting 48 second clip warning good honest people of the draconian penalties they will suffer if they copy the filth they are airing.   We have been assailed by these insulting and annoying threats before.   They use them often.  Elect us! and we will clean up DVD’s.  There will be nothing in the way of the movie. 



1. BT**.  Mr. and Mrs. Smith:

  a. CU of the huge, grubby, ½-n bladders of rich and famous actress,   

       permanently publicly fucking, in full color whore, Angelina Jolie.

  b. A.J. airs its ½-n obscene bladders in CU; other shots of its reeking aired

       bladders; the bladders of others variously aired.

  c. Subhuman actress/animal A.J. and the rich and famous faggot Brad Pitt   

      actor/animal undressing together.

  e. A.J.’s turd-pincher slab aired.

  d. Check thoroughly.

2. Rebound, bladders in green.

Fantastic 4

0:03: Jessica Alba, bladders.

0:07: BT*.  CU J.A.’s huge ¼-n bladders.

0:23: J.A. ¼-n bladders.

0:29: ¼-n bladders of Laurie Holden playing Deb.

0:30: BT**.  The completely naked ass of the subhuman beast Laurie Holden.  Crossing the street, its dress blows up, and lets out some stink.  Note at the top of the file.

0:34: BT**.  The sans morals a rich actress animal J.A. airs itself 99% naked in bra and panties, grabs her pesthole, ass-slab.  Note at the top of the file.

0:34:10: BT*.  CU J.A.’s huge ½-n bladders.

0:50: BT*.  CU J.A.’s huge ½-n bladders.

0:56: BT**.  The rich actress animal J.A airs itself naked from the waist up.  Note at the top of the file.

1:01: BT**.  Aired in CU are the huge, jiggling, ½-n bladders of three POS cheerleaders.

1:02: BT**.  Nipples of the sans morals, sexually excited, rich actress animal J.A.  Note at the top of the file.

1:02:20: BT**.  CU (2) ½-n cheerleader bladders in crowd.  Various other airings.

1:02:45: BT**.  Other ½-n bladders in crowd behind “Johnny Storm”.

1:03: 1. J.A.’s ass-slit in jeans?  The beast is standing still and aired from behind.

          2. BT**.  Various dug airings with “Johnny Storm”.

1:04: 1. Bladders of blackhead in black in background.

          2. Bladders of one in pink.

1:10: BT**.  Many CU’s of J.A.’s huge filthy ½-n bladders.

1:34: ¼-n bladders of oriental model at a party, (3) other models, other dug airings at the party.  The “lusting models” were played by Mariaina Mah, Tre Verhoeven, Juanita Mirehouse, Stephanie Singer.

• Check thoroughly throughout for feminine filth.


You cannot touch love... but you feel the sweetness that it pours into everything.

 ——Annie Sullivan (1866-1936).


12/20/6 1416: 89.7 FM WTMD, World Café:  Musician Greg Duli tells that he had to sneak into New Orleans, braving roving patrols of military subhumans loaded for bear and drunk on unchained power, and New Orleans pig patrols, armed to the teeth and lusty on the blood of the Men they murdered defending their homes against federal bulldozers driven by redneck hardhat homosexuals.  

                                                           The tapes of Mr. Duli’s latest songs were in a recording studio safe.   The newly released XD is called Powder Burns.

1636: PB I/O BT.  The fbi subhumans spied on John Lennon recording what charities he gave to and who he associated with because they knew he wanted peace.  For 25 years the bloodsucking shiteating subhumans refused to release the file.


12/21/6 0829: 89.7 FM WTMD.  These lyrics are from Amos Lee’s song Freedom

On his Supply and Demand CD.


                                                           We don’t agree with this shit:

don’t wanna blame the rich for what they got …

though the politician and the priest live in the belly of the beast because we fed it


                                                           But this shit is actionable:

PB BT**. 

freedom is seldom found by beatin someone to the ground

tellin em how everything is gonna be now, yeah,

now if the tables were turned tell me how you would feel

somebody busted up into your house tellin you to stay still

while the leaders will deny defeat the innocent they testify by dyin in the street


freedom is seldom found by beatin someone to the ground

tellin em how everything is gonna be

freedom is seldom found by beatin someone to the ground

tellin em how everything is gonna be now


12/22/06: (F) (A) PERIODICAL.  The Baltimore Sun, ibid.  Iraq: Eight marines, shave-headed stiff-dicked homosexuals pretending to be Men, patriotized 24 defenseless civilians.  Their excellent homosexual officers refused to investigate [the atrocity].    

                                                           The ass-licking patriotic rag did not use the words atrocity or murder in the modest leader.


12/26/6 1831-1905: PB.  A pig chopper tight-circled our home low and loud.  One did that earlier but for not as long.



 1. BT** INTERNET.  Kim, a 99.99% blonde beast, a cuntmonkey stripper, naked in red thong, kneeling beside a pool, its turd-squeezer thrust up to air in the breeze.  Note at the top of the file. 

 2. 1500: BT* INTERNET.  myspace.com, CU ½ to ¾-n bladders of at least one beast.  


 3. Video game: WWF Smack Down vs. Raw 2007.  Many CU’s of gigantic nearly naked bladders, and near-naked female animals, some of them probably wrestlers, and beasts in various states of airing their misshapen and reeking bodies in public.  A CU of ½-n dugs of a blonde beast, one of the pesthole tag team Deva.  All of these animals, especially those performing naked in public, airing their reeking bodies, are rich and famous.  Note at the top of the file. 

Here’s a great name for a female tag team: The Flying Pestholes!!  Whataya think?


The love of ordinary people lights the world.

 ——Jenny de Vries, b. 1915.


12/29/06: PB I/O.  X Minus One: The Old Die Young, originally broadcast on NBC July 25, 1956. 

                                                           An old woman was lying on a bed.  She had starved to death.

“The medical examiner was going over her as if she were a side of beef that you had to put a federal grade stamp on.”



• (S).  103.1 FM WRNR: DJ on the morning show praised the artwork with Roxy Music releases as filth.  “As an adolescent boy”, [they stiffened his tiny little ding-ding]. 


97.9: WIYY: Natalie the weather witch has mentioned its “toasty” shit-slicer several times.


CBS-WJZ, Buffalo bills at Baltimore Ravens

1709: (T).  Ad: “CSI”, the deep cleavage of huge bladders is aired.

1722: BT*.  Ad: vonage.com (cell phone service); lingering CU of huge ½-n bladders of a blonde beast.

1748: (T).  Ad: Southwest Airlines, CU ¼-n bladders being aired.


1804: Comedy Central: Friday, long-lingering extreme CU of huge turd-squeezer in blue paint, full deep reeking turd-pincher crack. 

• The reeking brown-stained shit-slicer noted above is aired in several scenes and there is other filth throughout.  Note at the top of the file. 








2007-1-1, 0001 hours: Henceforth digital dating will be used.


2007-1-5, 1256: (S) BT** INTERNET.   http://encarta.msn.com/encnet/ features/dictionary /DictionaryResults.aspx?refid=561507179.  Ad: “MSN Heath and Fitness”; a longhaired brunette beast is airing the top of its shit-slicer.  Note at the top of the file.


2007-1-1: (S) BT** PERIODICAL.  The Baltimore Sun, p. 5D: CU of the naked turd-squeezer slab and pestiferous pesthole mound of Katie Hoff, a so-called world champion athlete.  Clipping filed. 

                                                           Note at the top of the file. 


Time is jealous of you, and wars against your lilies and your roses.

——Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray.



2007-1-6, 0734: (T) INTERNET.   http://www.windowsmedia.com/Mediaguide/Radio.         “Editor’s Picks”; a blonde beast airs ½ of its filthy bladder.  The poor retarded thing’s top is falling down.     



1655: 680 AM WCBM:  One flushed’n lusty sports announcer says to another: “Clinton was the first to buy a commercial Hummer.  It has a big back seat”. 


1830: 1090 AM WBAL:  Westwood One Radio, NFL Wildcard Game, Kansas City at Seattle Seahawks.   Lusty bonehead patriot Bob Trumpy pukes this up: “Kansas City is starting to feel like Wounded Knee”.   


2007-1-7: The Old Farmer’s Almanac 2007, The Old Farmer’s Almanac, ISSN 0078-4516, PO Box 520, 1121 Main Street, Dublin, NH 03444.

p. 16: (S) BT**.  Mention of spectator sections in delivery rooms.  What did we tell you?


p. 254

An Elderly Indiana Farmer’s Best Advice


1. Timin’ has a lot to do with the outcome of a rain dance.

2. Words that soak your ears are whispered not yelled.

3. Always drink upstream of the heard.


There were other witticisms not so witty.


2007-1-8, 0722: 89.7 FM WTMD:

1. One of the reasons we cannot get free from unspeakable patriotism is liberal whackos like those at Human Rights Watch.  They are begging the Iraqi government not to execute two of Saddam Hussein’s top subhumans.  We pray that they empty machineguns in their fat patriotic faces, and if they got some patriotic about it, we are not sure how much we would object.


2. FOREIGN (A).  A rich republican senator, and other rich republican shiteaters and cocksuckers, yea, patriots, they with bloody bungs from reamings by those richer, want to increase meathead strength in Iraq. 


2007-1-9, 0621: PB.  89.7 FM WTMD: Baltimore City pigs have traffic locked down at the intersection of Fairfax and Clifton Avenues investigating an accident for the billionaire insurance corporations.


0800: (S) BT** INTERNET.  Downloading Apple Quick Time media player (© 1991-2006 Apple Computer, Inc.) that came with the Encyclopedia Britannica 2007 Ready Reference; they flashed a 99.99% naked Oriental cuntmonkey lying on an inflatable raft in our unsuspecting faces.  It wears sunglasses; a Caucasian faggot is in attendance.  Naked in thong the Oriental cuntmonkey airs its naked shit-slicer slabs, and its huge ½-n bladders.  We have no choice about the capitalist pig subhumans rubbing their pestilential pestholes (their wives, daughters and mothers), in our faces.  Nor have we a choice about the multi gigabytes of memory their filth consumes.  We cannot delete their massive, redundant and smutty software or the software we purchased will not work. 

                                                           We deleted the filth, did not need it anyway.

Note at the top of the file. 

                                                           This particular capitalist filth arrived with Famous Museums of Europe (two disks) and Masterpieces of Painting (two disks), a lousy presentation.  Although the four disk consume over eight gigabytes of storage, the disks must be inserted in order to see the sparse content.  Very fucking few paintings are presented and the format is annoying, inconvenient, maddening.   Our consumer tip: avoid Britannica products like the plague, as you should capitalists’ females airing their nasty bodies in public permanently, and often their pestilential pestholes in close-up full-color gagging detail.


2007-1-10, 0817: (S) INTERNET.  Quick Time Media Player site:

1. BT*.    The rich and famous Shakira beast airs CU huge filthy ½-n bladders.

2.  Nelly Furtad airs its diminutive bladders. 


Seen in Dollar Tree:

1.  The subhuman butcher of old men, women and children, rich republican all-american senator John Kerry, has written a book called A Call to Service.  It won a Congressional Medal of Honor for its brave, patriotic, Vietnam War baby butchery.

2. An audio CD cover features the grinning corpse of a waddle-necked turkey.  This capitalist propagandas is titled An American Idol: Ronald Ragan Remembered.  This rich republican subhuman, an actor bum, by definition without morals, committed its patriotism on the highest level.   This one raped, raped and/or tortured to death, and otherwise butchered hundreds of thousands of innocent and defenseless Human Beings, i.e., men, women, children and babies —— schoolgirls were its specialty. 


2007-1-11, 0630: 89.7 FM  WTMD:  The rich bum, cappy-commie, County Executive of Anne Arundel County, James Leopold, wants a smoking ban.  With it the slaves of Anne Arundel County would join five other Slave State (Maryland) counties and the District of Columbia (Slave City) in a ban on smoking.   The rich bums in Annapolis are considering a statewide ban on smoking, so the rich bums in AA County are awaiting the outcome.

                                                                                                                      The Slave State of Delaware has a ban on smoking.  The bluecoat pigs come around with smoke detectors and arrest establishment owners if traces of smoke are found. 


The wheel was man’s greatest invention until he got behind it.

——Bill Ireland.


2007-1-13:  BOOK.  The Best of Times: America in the Clinton Years, © 2001 Haynes Johnson, ISBN 0-15-100445-5, Harcourt, Inc., 6377 Sea Harbor Drive, Orlando, Florida, 32887-76777.


Dust Jacket

Front dust jacket: PB I/O BT**.  Two big fat pampered cowardly rich ins subhumans, fully armed and armored wearing bulletproof helmets over bullet-shaped heads and bulletproof vests, pointing machineguns at a terrified little boy in the arms of his uncle.  The little Elian Gonzalez child was drug out of american and flung into commie cuba.  Justice under the depraved William Jefferson Clinton subhuman.

Back dust jacket: (S) BT.  ½-n dugs of brunette beast, one of the stars of television’s fake and phony Survivor series. 



Book One: Technotimes

Chapter One : Deep (RS /6000 SP) Blue

p. 14: Mention of Victoria’s slimy Secrets.

p. 18: (S).  Mention of the “most explicit pornography . . . in vibrant color”, on the Internet.  Pornography on the internet is an ocean-sized cesspool.  Destroyed it must be.

p. 42: In 1999, according to data complied by the Congressional Budget Office, four of five American householders, about 217,000,000 people were doing poorly compared to 1977.  Meanwhile, the richest 1% of households [mansions and penthouses], were raking in more than 90% of the increase in national family income.  Incomes of the richest Americans were rising twice as fast as those of people forced to work under humiliating and less than civilized conditions for the richest 1% of households [mansions and penthouses].


p. 43: At the Nineties’ end, a light-year of disparity separated top and bottom of the economic strata.  The rich heads of corporations were earning 419 times as much as industry workers stripped of their dignity and therefore security by rich republicans.  The Economist called it “the greatest peacetime transfer of wealth in history”.  What the Economist did not call it is the rape of the american people, the result of rich republican subhuman Ronald Reagan, thankfully now in Hell, and all his rich republican and democrat asshole-lickers.

p. 43: The rich are responsible for this message appearing on your computer: You have preformed an illegal operation; this program is being shut down.


Chapter 3: Nerd Nirvana

p. 62: The newly deregulated U.S. financial markets produced trillion-dollar [international] banking empires whose assets exceeded all but a few of the resources of the world’s largest nations. 

p. 68: Public opium polls repeatedly show a large majority of Americans would vote against passages of rights spelled out in the Bill of Rights.       

p. 71: The Bill of Rights had to be forced on the founders.


Chapter 4: Seeding the Future

p. 103: (F) (A).  Mention of the unimaginable patriotism committed in the Balkans by the subhuman Yukkaslobs.  A noted geneticist described the mediaism ethnic cleansing as “It’s very disturbing for us to be doing this work . . . when this horrible new term of ethnic cleansing has been introduced into our language.  It’s such a grotesque term.  The same things that happened fifty years ago are happening again [They never stopped.  Americans do not know this.] and they’re only reported on the third and fourth pages of the newspapers now.  It’s somehow socially ethical.  It almost sounds like a good thing.”

                                                           The rich man’s media at work!  The rich man’s media makes ethnic cleansing sound socially ethical, like scrubbing a pigeon-shit covered statue of some freaking rich patriotic pig that lived so long ago, nobody remembers it atrocities and inequities, its depravity and foreclosings .

                                                           We will put a stop to it!

                                                           Elect us! 



Book Two: Teletimes

Chapter 5: Trial of the Century —— Part One

p. 109: PB I/O.  Instead of arresting O. J. Simpson, the Los Angeles, California, pigs pulled innocent motorists over, and blocked access to the freeway every stage along the way for several hours.

p. 109: I/O (A).  Blaming them for the slaughter of 80 Branch Davidian family members who were murdered by homosexual homicidal fbi subhumans, the subhuman piece of black-robed shit (judge), sentenced eight [surviving] members of the Branch Davidian church to forty years in prison.  It should have been the other way around.  Indeed, the federal subhumans (and the aforementioned Angel of Mercy) should be tried and executed. 

                                                           All that aided and abetted.

                                                           It is not too late.

                                                           Elect us! 

p. 111

1.                                                                                                PB I/O.   The day after the murders Nicole Simpson and her boyfriend, after finding copious quantities of blood all over the Simpson mansion and on its palatial grounds, Los Angeles pigs illegally and sneakily release damaging information about the O. J. Simpson murders to the press.  Simpson is informed it is a suspect, but the press is not so informed.  The pigs do not arrest the rich nasty individual.

2.                                                                                                In Brentwood, where the savage lives and murders, also live many rich and famous naked monkeys and powerful political asshole-lickers including Angela Lansbury, Meg Ryan, Michelle Pfeiffer, Meryl Strep, the rich mayor of Los Angeles, et al.

3.                                                                                                O. J. hired an off-duty LA pig to mislead the press as to its whereabouts.


Sympathy is what one girl offers another in exchange for details.


p. 115

1.                                                                                                I/O (M).  The assignation of Lee Harvey Oswald mentioned.

2.                                                                                                (S).  Mentioned are the “popular chase movie” [used toilet paper] Bonnie and Clyde, and popular porn Thelma and Louise.

p. 116: Rich and famous naked monkey Marilyn Monroe is mentioned. 


p. 117: Heavily armed Los Angeles SWAT subhumans, bluecoats without leashes, smothered O. J.’s Brentwood mansion like stink on shit.  (SWAT, strategic weapons assault team.  What do you swat?)  One of the subhumans, a rather rotund and laughable chap, which proves that even publicly hired murderers are not without a sense of humor, playfully disguised itself as a surprisingly chubby bush, crouched, and kept its machinegun steadily aimed on its betters’ automobile, a Bronco.  It lent a Hollywoodish Keystone Kops note to the celebrity festivities, well intended for cubby america’s dinning and dancing pleasure.

p.121: O. J. was interviewed in Playboy (we calls it Cuntmonkey) in 1976, and spoke of its terrorist days as a San Francisco gang badass.     

p. 122: Rich and famous naked cuntmonkey actress Marilyn Monroe mentioned.


p.125: PB I/O BT. 

1.                                                                                                In Los Angeles County Men’s Central Jail and Celebrity Resort Hotel, the Minotaur is incarcerated with 6,400 lucky guys.  The beast lives alone in a row of seven cells.  The other inmates are crammed two to six in a single cell.  They wait in line to use pay phones.  The lusty Minotaur does not.  The other prisoners are forced to bath in common showers.  The Minotaur does not.  He dint wont nuffin ta do wid nonna dem street niggers.  The other prisoners are limited to visits of only 20 minutes a day.  The beast sees his lawyers and 40 specially designated people for up to 10 hours a day. 

2.                                                                                                When day be axin’ about this special treatment, a sheriff’s deputy-pig squealed, “O. J. Simpson was living in a Brentwood estate worth $5,000,000.  Now he is incarcerated in a 9-by-7-foot cell . . .   It’s all relative.”

                                                                                                                      Like Hell it is.  This pig and all other pigs, even those retired, are

                                                           relative, and expendable.  Elect us!  And we will follow the money trails.


1.                                                                                                p. 126: PB I/O (B) BT.  The Minotaur once grabbed his wife’s crotch at a dinner party crying out like a liquored up sharecropper, “This is mine”.  He demonstrated to people that don’t know him anymore how easy it would be to kill someone by slashing their neck with a knife.  Before witnesses, the Minotaur raged that if he caught Nicole and her boyfriends driving his cars he would “cut their fucking heads off”.  Over the years, Nicole Brown Simpson made innumerable calls to pig emergency numbers, both during her marriage to the beast, and after her divorce when she was unleashed from the beast.  Viciously beaten by the subhuman often, the pigs and the courts failed to take effective action.  “Not that such failure is unique”, said the author.  The cops and the courts, “routinely fail the battered wife”.  And the pigs and dens of inequity did nothing because “of the circumstances of the O. J. case.  O. J.’s a superstar; superstars receive different treatment”.  Our ikes.  Where are those nasty naked lizard-tongued feminist nazis now?                                                            Where are they when needed, when they can do some real good?  Yea’n say, your bra burnin’ bitches, your women’s lib pieces of shit, where are they?  The only thing they liberated was their publicly naked, nasty, obscene, nipple-poppin’  selves.


Too often when you tell a secret it goes on one ear and in another.


pp 126-127: PB I/O (B) BT.  Pig Report, New Year’s Day, 1989

                                                           The Minotaur rages this night.  The report describes Nicole, wearing only a bra and sweatpants, running from bushes where she was hiding in fear of her life.  Badly beaten, her lip cut, one eye blackened, she keeps telling the pigs, “He’s going to kill me, he’s going to kill me”.  

                                                           The pigs axed if it had any guns.

                                                           “He’s got lots of guns.”                               

                                                           She complained to our fat little porcine buddies, “You never do anything about him.  You talk to him and then leave.  I want him arrested.” 

                                                           At this point, the beast sticks its bloody muzzle out the window and shakes its gory locks.

                                                           “I don’t want that woman in my bed anymore,” he screams at the blue bellies.  “I got two other women, and I don’t want that woman in my bed anymore.”  That is something only a nigger would day, a nigger, not a black man.  “The police have been out here eight times and you’re going to arrest me for this?”


p. 127: This was reported to the american people but, as was remarked by people at NBC Sports, the fat happy pooting consumers, of course, did not care.  And the money from rich corporations just kep’ oan po’rin’ in, yea, say,  1,000,000s of dollars from corporations jes’ kep’ oan po’rin’ in.  They could not give it to him fast enough.  NBC soon signed him to an annual contract of $400,000, and it got another contract for over $500,000 from Hertz rental car, sponsor of his commercials.

pp. 127-129: PB I/O (B) BT.   A transcript was made of her call to the police on October 25, 1993, after the divorce.  She reported the Minotaur had broken the backdoor down.  Yea, sayin’, “He’s fucking nuts”.  The pig operator drug its feet.   “So basically you guys have just been arguing.”  The pig operator heard the Minotaur raging in the background.  It com thru de do’, mon, snortin’n shit.  The pig operative heard Nicole plead, “—— the kids.  O. J. —— O. J., the kids are sleeping”. 

                                                           The mighty lusty Minotaur was bellowing’n shit.  The LA pig operative interjects with yet another question: “He’s there now, is he?”

                                                           The conversation ends with Nicole pitifully pleading with the shaggy headed beast, “O. J. O. J. O. J.  Could you please leave.  Please leave.”

                                                           “You’re sure that’s him?”


p. 129: PB I/O (B) BT.  This is entered into the public record. 

                                                           She made a tape recording and kept a diary details her fears and describes the beatings and humiliations she suffers, including a vivid account of how O. J. once “beat me for hours”.  On the tape she describes the nigger during its rages.  He “gets a very animal look in him, his veins pop out and his eyes get black”.  The Minotaur!  “Looking at” the subhuman”, she fears that, “if it happened once more, it would be the last time”.  Eight months later she and a male friend were hacked to death by the sports celebrity champion Heisman trophy motherfucker——the ravishing strides of the mighty Minotaur.


p. 133: I/O BT**.  Reference made to a Wyoming concentration camp, one of scores, where innocent Japanese-American families were incarcerated during World War II.  They were drug from their loving and lovely California homes by military subhumans and slammed behind barbed wire by armed barbarians without judicial hearing or evidence of wrongdoing or any legal recourse.  This was the result of the legal actions of California republicans, fat pieces pf patriotic shit that were not forced to exist in barracks behind barbed wire under the psychotic watch of armed patriotic all-american guards.  Hum.

p. 136: PB BT**.  Los Angles pig-shit Mark Fuhrman is recorded boasting about Los Angeles pig-shits beating blacks.  It boasted that it planted evidence at crime scenes.  It boasts, “We could have murdered people and gotten away with it.”

                                                           Could have?  That is exactly what the pigs have been doing since before the First Revolution!

                                                           Do you want to  be safe from the bluecoat crab back pigs?

                                                            Elect us! 

p. 136: PB BT**.  “Not since the says of racist sheriffs and policemen in the Deep South during the bloody civil rights revolution of the Fifties and Sixties had Americans been exposed to such naked evidence of institutionalized police racism. . . .”


Flattery never hurts a man unless he inhales.


p. 141

1.                                                                                                (F) (A).  Passing reference to the unspeakable patriotism committed by german nazi subhumans.

2.                                                                                                Mention of the rich and famous naked cuntmonkey Marilyn Monroe.

3.                                                                                                footnote: I/O BT**.   Maniacal, cringing, “TV executives fighting for the right to telecast executions such as Timothy McVeigh”.  Our ikes.  Timothy McVeigh was a patsy.

                                                           Elect us!


p. 143: Mentions of:

1.                                                                                                PB BT**.  Lying defenseless on the ground, four subhuman Los Angeles crab backs, eaters of shit, suckers of dicks, viciously and patriotically beat Rodney King with clubs.

2.                                                                                                (S) BT**.  Mention of Operation Tailhook where the airmen with pestholes danced naked on tables in crowded venues.

3.                                                                                                (CA) BT.  Michael Jackson sexually abuses a young boy.

4.                                                                                                (CA) (M) BT**.  Subhuman slut Susan Smith drowns her two children.

pp. 143-144: (CA) (M) BT**.  JonBenet Ramsey was the innocent and pathetic six-year-old, painted up by her subhuman parents and taught to act like an american whore, before they murdered her.    

p. 144: Mention of these exquisite homo sapiens sapians:

1.                                                                                                I/O (M) BT**.  Louise Woodward, the British nanny that murdered one of the babies in her care.  When this subhuman was unjustly pronounced not guilty, patriotic British subhumans with ghastly snaggly smiles, cheered and sang and danced in the streets.  This beast was also filmed savagely shaking a baby.

2.                                                                                                (S).  Dick Morris, Clinton’s loudmouthed obnoxious pollster, sucking the toes, and doubtless the asshole, of at least one whore in a hotel room within site of the rich man’s Capitol.

3.                                                                                                (S).  Marv Albert, rich and famous sportscaster, biting a whore’s ass in a hotel room within sight of the rich man’s Capitol.


p. 148

1.                                                                                                (F) (A).  The rich and famous Minotaur attracted more TV coverage than the unspeakable patriotism committed by the Yukkaslob subhumans in Bosnia.

2.                                                                                                I/O (A).  Reference to the “terrorist” bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City where 168 people were killed, many children murdered.  Suspicions are strong by those who are awake that this unspeakable atrocity was done by the cia.  We think that it was.

p. 151

1.                                                                                                (S) BT**.  Beast Faye Resnick, Nicole’s so-called best friend, wrote a sleazy tell-all memoir about Nicole, than aired its ludicrous and rank body naked in Playboy magazine.

2.                                                                                                (S) BT**.  The Minotaur’s last girlfriend, a beast called Paula Barbiery, a filthy “model” accustomed to airing itself in public in Victoria’s slimy Secrets catalogs, in the words of the liberal wimp that wrote this shit, “the sexy lingerie label”, wrote a book about the butchery for which it received $3,000,000 in advance.  Then it “naturally” aired its preposterous and mucky body in Cuntmonkey.  Uncle Sam smiled upon it.  It then landed the leading role in a major motion picture called Dangerous, wherein it played a battered mistress.  However, not all was bliss in the capitalist-corporate utopia.  Later, having trouble airing its filthy body in public, its manager complained about the injustice of it all.  “It’s been tough on her financially this past year.  She could have sold out like everybody else.”  Instead, it turned down money from the tabloid press, “because she has too much integrity”. 


Conference is a meeting of the bored.


p. 153: (S) BT**. 

1.                                                                                                Tracy Hampton, Minotaur juror, dismissed by the judge because “she couldn’t take it anymore”, turned up airing its absurd grubby body in public in Cuntmonkey. 

2.                                                                                                One of Nicole’s sisters, Dominique, sold a series of photos of Nicole airing its filthy body naked from the waist up during a vacation in Mexico to a scandal journal (pornographic magazine) for $32,000.


p. 154: (S) BT**.  A lawyer named Robert Shapiro became rich and famous defending rich and famous entertainment subhuman degenerates, including that all-american girl Linda Lovelace of the classic Deep Throat.  That flower of femininity, that Angel of american Virtue, was recently rewarded for her capitalist endeavors and lifestyle by arising from the dead.  It even publicly and permanently fucked and sucked dog dicks in full-color close-up intimate action detail.

p. 157: I/O.  Reference to Court TV:  Elect us, and cameras will not be in court.  In america, unless you are rich you are guilty until proven innocent to begin with.  One has enough to worry about.  Who feels secure being judged by their so-called peers, people that have the gall to brag about voting?  People, so-called, that believe that shit taught them in school, that learned by terror when young, and the rancid propaganda broadcast by the media.  It is not what you did not do, but who you are, what you have, and what  you look like.  You have enough to worry about without the additional burden of what a few 1,000,000 bloodthirsty pinheads are thinking.  Why does the defendant not have the right to refuse cameras in the court?  And, since things are as they are and the stench shall linger decades, i.e., what I mean to say is, they shall be grimly forbidden to bring up the subject in the first place.


p. 158

1.                                                                                                Jubilation rang out in the courtroom when the black jury pronounced the Minotaur, the butchering beast not guilty.  Hosannas arose unto the firmament, on their knees they thanked their alien god.  Lacking only a pot, cannibalistic niggers danced in the streets in black neighborhoods of Los Angeles.  Christ-fearing niggers in a black church began a jubilant celebration.  Other Los Angeles niggers took to the streets amid wild cheering and jubilation.  Euphoria was the drug of choice that night.  A nigger had murdered a white woman, and white man, and gotten away with it. 

                                                           “You’ve come a long way baby.” 

                                                           Martin Luther King, Jr. would be proud.  

                                                           “Free at las’.  Free at las’.  Good muvvafuckin Gwaw almighty, free at las’.”

2.                                                                                                In black neighborhoods of Washington, D.C., niggers jitterbugged in the streets in site of the Capitol of the capitalist utopia.  That’s where the rich people make the laws to govern you, not them.  At intersections muvvafuckin black yoots gleefully leaned out of cars high-fivin’ each’n other, shouting “The Juice is loose”.

3.                                                                                                At Howard University, niggers, future lawyers, politicians and other scum that will be ruling you, spontaneously burst into prolonged cheers when the niggers on the jury pronounced “not guilty”.  The Minotaur was pure as the driven snow.  Notwithstanding the Minotaur would not wipe his ass on a street nigger.


p. 159: Across America there was a uniformly jubilant reaction as hundreds of thousands of wild, jubilant, uncivilized, savage niggers danced in the streets of america the Whore, smackin’ they lips, looking for a tasty missionary.  


p. 160: Mentioned are:

1.                                                                                                I/O (M) BT.  The murder of civil rights worker Emmit Till, murdered down South by a gang of pyorrhea-mouthed redneck red-state commie subhumans —— whatcha call yer white niggers.

2.                                                                                                 PB BT**.  The vicious beating of Rodney King by cowardly shit-eating dick-sucking Los Angeles pig people. 

3.                                                                                                PB I/O.  Allusion to the tens of thousands of black men who white blue-belly crab-backs framed and/or railroaded and/or beat into a confession and/or were put at the scene of a crime when far away at the time. 

                                                                                                                      The author, a proper patriot, which shows where his true sentiments lie, did not                                                            mention the tens of thousands wounded by the pigs, or the thousands murdered by them.


Chapter 6: Cult of Celebrity

p. 167: PB BT**.  In 1992, an all-white jury in suburban Simi Valley acquitted the four subhuman white shiteaters.  The video recorded by that brave man with a camcorder showed King laying helpless on the ground while four white Los Angeles pork bellies struck King 56 times in 80 seconds, as he lay helpless on the concrete, the sound of the clubbing beating the staccato of capitalist oppression thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack.  Kinda like when they beat off.   

                                                           Note at the top of the file.  This includes the jury as well.


p. 168

1.                                                                                                PB (A) I/O.  In the rioting that followed 56 people were murdered and more than 2000 hospitalized.  Although the author did not state it, likely almost all the murdered and injured were pacified by subhuman pigs and national guard cowards.  The cowardly media never gives details on “riot” statistics. 

2.                                                                                                1,500 buildings were destroyed.

3.                                                                                                There was more than $1,000,000,000,000 worth of property damage.

4.                                                                                                PB I/O BT**.  In the civil trial, two of the crab-back cocksuckers were unjustly released.  The wrists of the other two cops/shit-eaters were viciously slapped.


Conceit is God’s gift to little men.



p. 171: I/O (M) BT.  The nigger got away with it.  At the Minotaur’s civil trial, in the den of inequity called a courtroom , niggers licked the black beast’s asshole.  A stunned Human said, “Everybody knows he’s a murdered, and everybody’s kissing up to him.”


p. 179: Mark Fowler, rich republican, Chairpolitician of the Federal Communications Commission under rich republican Ronald “Scum Bum” , merely following orders, released capitalist television and radio from standards of community public responsibility.  Under the Reagan/Fowler conspiracy america was “privatized”.  Privatized is a mediaism meaning sold down the river and bought up by the subhuman rich corporations.  Profits not public interest became the law.  Fowler struck down guidelines banning the broadcast of false, misleading and deceptive advertising.  If you have ever bought anything advertised on television or radio you know first hand. 


p. 181: (S) BT**.  Because the trashy capitalist stockholders wanted more profits, the cable Arts & Entertainment channel, by real standards filthy from the first, was told by its capitalist owners for intensify the filth.  Producer Dana Millikin  was told “We’ve got to tits-and-ass it up, man”.  Plenty of all-american girls out there, so that was no problem.  “We’ve got to get some younger viewers in here.  Now T & A is second to action.  That’s still the real hotrod —— real action.”

p. 182: (F) (A).  Ref.  to the unspeakably subhuman Yukkaslob patriotism committed in Kosovo.

p. 183: I/O. The Los Angeles Times entered into a secret deal with a commercial sports center featured in a major, favorable, article in the newspaper’s magazine. 


p. 184: (S) BT**.  George, a political magazine edited by John F. Kennedy Jr., put a rich and famous naked cuntmonkey on its covers.  Among these subhumans were: 

1.                                                                                                A rich and famous naked cuntmonkey model Claudia Shiffer aired itself in nothing but a Clinton/Gore sash.

2.                                                                                                A rich and famous naked cuntmonkey named Kate Moss (whoever in america, I mean in Hell, this animal is) aired its putrescent and ridiculous body naked “in shadows”.

3.                                                                                                A rich and famous naked cuntmonkey named Christy Turlington (ditto) aired its ridiculous and putrescent body with a television between its pestilential legs concealing its maggoty pesthole.  Capitalist caption: “We Like to Watch”.


p. 189: (S) BT**.  In lieu of news, “Americans are turning more readily, and in growing numbers, to other offerings of the Internet —— to gossip, entertainment, and, most of all, pornography”.


Chapter 7: Dream Factories

p. 193:  (F) (A).  Ref. made to the patriotic pogroms done to Hebrews by Russian subhumans before the noble Bolshevik revolution.  America aided the subhumans opposing noble Bolshevik revolution. 


The world is not interested in the storms you encountered, but did you bring in the ship.



p. 194: Ref. made to the rich and famous naked cuntmonkey actor Barbara Streisand.  (From the context, author might have meant Barbara Stanwyck Cattle Queen of Montana, which is quite another matter.) 

p. 200: (S).  During the corrupt rich republican Harding administration, Hollywood produced, among other garbage, depraved “biblical epics whose storylines called for portrayals of violent combat and much bare flesh but in which good always triumphed over evil”. 

p. 200-201: “Nudity could not be shown, and certainly not frontal or —— horrors! —— total nudity”.  This quote is by the author.  He is a liberal.  These liberal degenerates do not get it.  They are mockery to decent people, our families, our way of life.  They are a bane to all that is loving and holy, reasonable, compassionate, and kind.  They are anathema to the Great Spirit, just like conservatives.


p. 201

1.                                                                                                Mention of the rich and famous naked cuntmonkey actor Mae West.   

2.                                                                                                I/O.  The title of one her films was changed by censors from It Ain’t No Sin to I’m no Angel.  In westerns, whores were called “dancehall girls”, like Miss Kitty in Gunsmoke.  I knew it!  Even as a kid I knew they were whores!

3.                                                                                                I/O.  As late as 1959, Chicago censors attempted suppression of speech in movies.


p. 203: Speaking of “the new voluntary grading system” the author said, “It ranged from G (suggested for general audiences), up to R (restricted) and onto beware, X (persons under 16 not admitted)”.  This mocking attitude liberals have toward Human decency, half the clause separating us from their animal   ancestors, has contributed largely to our foul oppression.

p. 203: S) BT**.  TV show Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire aired “50 young women [competing] in beauty-pageant style to marry a mystery millionaire hidden from their sight behind a large screen stationed appropriately on a Los Vegas stage”.

p. 204: The blue ribbon was taken by the now rich and famous naked cuntmonkey Darva Conger.  This cow is mentioned three times.

p.205: (S) BT**.  “Naturally”,  it aired its filthy body permanently in public by “posing nude in Playboy——tastefully, of course——and talked of having a career as a talk-TV host.  The beast is mentioned twice.


p. 207. (S) BT**.  When the Supreme Queers dynamited the damn holding back the deluge of feminine filth: “No human function, however biological or gross, was left unexplored —— or undepicted.  No act, however violent or savage, was left unexamined, with every element of butchery, torture, gore, and mass violence shown.  No body parts, however private, were left to the imagination, and all were seen performing, in color [and groovy new capitalist, close-up slow-motion intimate action detail] as nature had designed them from the beginning.  On film, nothing was out of bounds.  On television, scenes of explicit sex and violence, that never would have been broadcast a decade before [or even a month before] were broadcast daily into 100,000,000 American homes, representing 98 percent of all American households.

                                                           Be not deceived.  The author is a liberal.  This is praise.


p. 209: (A) BT**.  He praises such widely disseminated televised pornography as ER, Law and Order, NYPD Blue, and the Sopranos, (in one episode an actress animal dildoes an actor animal).  He lauds the full-length filth The English Patient and nasty American Beauty as among the “many su-poib” productions to shit out of Hollywood during the Nineties. 


p. 216: Neal Baer, “an award winning-writer for the top-rated prime-time TV entertainment program ER. . . . “  They get awards for writing porn, as well as obscene amounts of wealth.  The pornography ER twice mentioned.

p. 217: ER again praised and, regrettably, lamented.

p. 220: (CA) BT.  Suffering countless savage whippings of patriotic ferocity by the subhuman-piece-of-shit called his father; a child is scared down the center of his back. 


If pleasures are greatest in anticipation, just remember that this is also true of trouble.





Book Three: Scandal Times

Chapter 8: Bill’s Story

p. 228: I/O (B).  A man active in the civil rights movement in the Sixties, lost a  kidney after being beaten by red-state redneck commie segregationists in Louisiana.

p. 238: (S).  Dick Morris, Clinton’s pollster, sucked a whore’s toes.  He probably sucked its asshole to, but modesty would prevent the press from ever. . . .

p. 242

1.                                                                                                (S).  Mention of the rich and famous whore Jennifer Flowers.

2.                                                                                                Rich and famous naked actress cuntmonkey Barbara Streisand, mentioned twice, met with Clinton.

p. 252:

1.                                                                                                (A).  In 1985, rich republican Ronald Reagan, aka Ol’ Turkey Neck, sent three secret shipments of arms to Iran, “specifically transferring 526 U.S.  missiles to that “terrorist state”.

2.                                                                                                (A).  Overcharging the Iranians 38% (unfair sales practices), part of the profit was distributed for the personal gain of the covert U.S. subhuman shiteaters in charge of arms sales.

3.                                                                                                (A).  Part of the patriotic blood money was diverted to buy arms secretly for the Nicaraguan contras, the patriotic subhumans that favored kidnapping classrooms of school girls and raping and torturing them to death in your name, some mere babies.  Satan’s spawn, the shiteating contra subhumans, were aided and abetted fang and claw covertly by fat rich capitalist republicans and the U.S. government through its raping, torturing and murdering rich cia asshole-lickers and dicksuckers.

4.                                                                                                (A).   The $1,000,000,000s going for these atrocities, this war against innocent men, women and children, against families, freedom decency, and the Great Spirit, created a “government within a government”, using other “off-the-shelf” covert operations to rape, torture and murder hundreds of thousands, according to the fat rich Chinless Wonders of Congress.  “Off–the-shelf” is an important term.  Figure out what it means.


p. 253: I/O BT**.  Under leadership of the rich republican skeletal demon Ronald Reagan, the savings and loan scandals, resulted in the failure or merger of some 200 savings and loans, causing a loss to the american slaves, not the bankers that own them, of more than $200,000,000,000.

p. 257: I/O.  The long years of rights raping, nonstop and fruitless investigations by the Office of the Independent Council, and House and Senate Congressional committees, initiated by rich republican subhumans, cost the american slaves in excess of $100,000,000.


What is life without the radiance of love?

 ——J.C. Friedrich von Schiller (1759 – 1805).

p. 258

1.                                                                                                I/O.  An Arkansas state employee (Clinton justly fires) for making nearly 700 phone calls from his official state phone to subhuman leaders and supporters of the patriotically sadistic Nicaraguan contra-cocksucks, created videos  Circle of Power and The Clinton Chronicles documenting “countless people who mysteriously died”, after opposing Clinton in Arkansas. 

2.                                                                                                (A), I/O BT**.  The cia, subhuman demons waving a rag, to be cast in Hell by the Great Spirit, sold hundreds of tons of cocaine and other drugs in america to support their raping, torturing and murdering habit, and to support their shit-eating homosexual lovers the Nicaraguan cocksucks, patriotic demons that even castrated the sons of a priest before him.  The cia demons did their secret drug-running flights at a private airfield over too Faggotville, i.e., Mena, Arkansas.  The mystery author found a connection between Clinton, the cia subhumans, money laundering and many murders some of a gruesome patriotic mafia tenor.

3.                                                                                                PB I/O BT**.  Clinton used subhuman Arkansas state pigs, sway-backed bubble-bellied, coon-assed share-croppin’ brownshirts, to bring an employee, Paula Jones, to a Little Rock hotel room where the then-governor shook his broke-back needle dick at her and told her to “kiss it”.


p. 259: (F) (A).  The TV networks, the offal of capitalist degenerates, buried the Yukkaslob patriotism in Bosnia beneath the crime done to Paula Jones.

p. 264: The liberal author, Haynes Johnson,  believes that the Supreme Court ruling that a shitting president has to deal with civil suits while in office “proved to be one of the most wrongheaded in Supreme Court history, and one that set a terrible precedent for future residents”.  Our ikes.  Just like a cringing liberal.  That decision is one of a few the black-robed pieces of shit ever got right.   

p. 267: I/O.  Clinton fondled the breasts of Kathleen Willey in the Oval Orifice.


p. 279-280: PB BT**.  Monica Lewinsky was abducted and held against her will for 12 hours in a hotel room by the sub. fbi.  She was not allowed an attorney and the subs. objected to the lawyer she got a few moments before they released her.  (Slaves, give ear.  It is none of their business who her lawyer is.)  She was threatened and emotionally tortured.  They were terrorizing her attempting to force her to wear a wire and sneaky-creepy tape and trap lawyer Vernon Jordon, one of Clinton’s cronies.  Told they would give her immunity from prosecution if she cooperated, this was a direct and flat violation of an Injustice Department rule.  They shouted in her face, and threatened to give her 27 years in prison if she rejected immunity and did not cooperate for filing a “false affidavit”.  

                                                           A government attorney may not discuss immunity “with a represented person” without “the consent of the attorney representing such person”.  I guess that means when one of us, who cannot afford to keep an attorney on tap, is in jeopardy, has wound up in their foul and fell hands, maybe accused of being a witness, they can do anything they want.  Oh! That’s right!  They do!


p. 280: PB I/O BT**.  She begged them to allow her to call her attorney.  They would not allow her to call her attorney.  Neither would they let her call her mother.  Mother means family and families are dangerous to pigs, patriots, governments, subhumans.  The Office of Independent Council was behind this assault on our rights.  The Swineherd of the OIC was Eagle Scout straight-shooter Kenneth Starr.  Starr’s top lowlife was Jackie Bennett, Jr., aka Jack-a Jack-jack.  Persecutor Bennett told Ms. Lewinski they were planning to prosecute her mother for the things she, Monica, had (allegedly) said and down.     


p. 281: PB I/O: The official chronicle and log the fbi kept of M. L.’s  mental tortures and physical restraint is surprisingly truthful.  Some new guy musta fucked up.  They admit not reading her rights.  One of masked avengers, Agent Slurpshit will do, “advised the offer to discuss her legal status was not being offered to her attorney, but to LEWINSKY alone”.  Whatever in Hell here that means.  Was her attorney to be arrested also?    

p. 282: PB I/O BT**.  Before the grand jury, when Monica was axked about her abduction by federal agents, lead federal persecutor Michael “Mike” Emmick, attempted to stop that line of questioning.

p. 283: PB I/O BT**.  The Michael “Mike” Emmick creature played a leading role in her abduction and 12 hour mental torture.  Finally, they had to force it, The Michael “Mike” Emmick creature from, the grand jury room.  It went slinking and creeping out.  (Let your guard down for a second, and that is when they get you.)


Fame is the thirst of youth.

——George Noel Gordon.


p. 285: In Truth at Any Cost written with cooperation of Eagle Scout Ken Starr, and his busy-tongued persecutor subhumans, Susan “Silly Goose” Schmidt and Michael “Wimp” Weisskopf, concluded that Monica Lewinsky’s abduction and 12 hours of psychological torture was a very mild affair after all.  That this rape pf our rights “has been spun and distorted.”  Facing all truth, these patriotic bung tonguers arrogantly and vigorously asseverate that Ms. Lewinsky “was not mistreated ...  if anything she turned the tables on the prosecutors and had them rushing around trying to placate her” using “the same theatrics and emotionalism she used on President Clinton”.  Well, that makes their shit clear——murky, and stinky perhaps, but you can see through it like a pane of glass.  They confess that the federal persecutors did not allow her to call an attorney but excuse it because the rich federal persecutors thought her lawyer “was involved in obstructing the Jones case”.  If he were, which is absurd, what does that have to do with it?


p. 286: PB I/O BT**.  Lewinsky’s mother was finally admitted.  She had torn herself from her home in New York city, and trained to the Capital of Inequity on Earth, with her 80 year old mother who has Alzheimer’s and knows nothing of what is happening  and Lewinsky’s sister.  Her mother said “I found my daughter weeping, surrounded by fbi agents and prosecutors, being told she might go to jail”.  Months later, during her own secret testimony, the recollection of that scene caused her to breakdown and leave the grand jury room crying loudly and exclaiming “I can’t take it.  I can’t take it anymore.  I can’t stand it.”

                                                           Emergency medical treatment was administered.


p. 287: PB I/O BT**.  At 12:17 AM, 11 hours and 12 minutes after being abducted and mentally tortured to force her, among other things, to be wired, the federal subhumans allowed M. L. to speak to an attorney, not her original attorney but some inept putz’n klutz’n smutz from California named Bill Ginsberg.  Why was this?  Was it because these submen objected to her attorney of record?  And if so what of that?  Is it not so that we have the right to be represented by whomever we want, if that person is willing?  She spoke to Ginsburg by phone 3,000 miles away for 4 minutes.  What a tiny little number is four. 

                                                           The persecutors tried to block her selection of Ginsberg.  The Emmich creep, affectionately known as “Flea Terror” to his suspected friends, who dare not tell him, told M. L. that “she did not have to accept an attorney she did not select”.  Yet, she was never allowed to speak with Frank Carter, her attorney of record that she did select, because the fbi shiteaters suspected that it might have balls.  From the fbi report, when her attorney called, turd-slurpy Emmick (turd-slurpy is not in the official fbi report, they redacted that as well) spoke with Ginsberg “who advised Ginsberg he was uncomfortable with the relationship between Ginsberg and Monica Lewinsky”.


He that has satisfied his thirst turns his back on the well.

 ——Baltasar Gracian.


p. 306: Los Angeles is described as “the land of the skinny and fake boobs”.  Our research has been unable to define skinny in this usage.

p. 321: The author describes the tidal wave of sludge, the tsunami of turds and feminine filth that deluged america the Barbarian during the Sixties as “. . .  the sexual liberation and experimentation that sweeps much of American [sic] society”.

pp. 339-340: I/O:  Rich republicans subjected the Clinton administration to a barrage of blanket lawsuits throughout its eight long, smutty, oppressive and butchering years.  Witnesses were harassed and intimidated.  They suffer not only personal terror but “financial hardship” —— this we doubt.


p. 340: I/O. 

1.                                                                                                Judicial Watch, a charity funded by the rich republican subhuman Richard Mellon Scaife comma, targeted members of the Clinton administration, some holding low jobs.  (Obscure sentence.  There is no such thing as a low paid job working for the federal government.)  These fat fluffy political sheep, juicy to a ravenous republican wolf’s eye, are compelled to testify numerous times, in hectoring videotaped dispositions such as those conducted by Judicial Watch’s general council, the rich and feared subhuman Larry “Big Balls When They Are Helpless” Klayman.  Get it?  Klay-man.  Klay——man-na!

2.                                                                                                The most peripheral, poorly paid, (sic.) and unknown employees are forced to hire money-cringing “lawyers at their own expense”.  Should we pay for it?  Anyway, they are subjected to hours of mental torture, threats, threats to their families and friends, and abuse about matters which they probably have almost no knowledge.


p. 341: I/O BT.  A 23-year-old black woman, assistant  to an assistant to an assistant assistant in the White House, in debt for college expenses, was subpoenaed before the republican inquisition Judicial Watch and ordered to depose before the rich republican subhuman Big Balls When They Are Helpless Klayman whobegan the inquisition by threatening her poor old mother.  She suffered 6 hours and 59 minutes of subhuman federal intimidation, 7 hours minus 1 minute of psychological torture at his fell and foul, powdery and  pudgy, soft perfumed hands. 


p. 342

1.                                                                                                I/O BT.  The rich republican Klayman, often threatened in a blustering manner to “certify it” whenever an attorney objects to anything, and few and far between are they. . .   Pardon our digression, nonexistent reader, but we were totally unaware there was  a nickel’s worth of nuts in the entire american system of inequity justice flag capitalism for the rich throughout its entire history.  “Certify it” means to refer it to a subhuman piece of black-robed shit, and let His Honor decide on legal sanctions for refusing to answer some craze-eyed persecutor.  Diggith it:  

                                                           Her attorney: I view asking for these names as harassment unless you’ve                                                            established    

                                                           there is some kind of substance.

                                                           The excellent Klayman: “It’s not harassment,” the excellent Klayman fires back not                                                              

                                                           missing a stroke, “and I’ll certify this whole line of questioning and we’ll go to  

                                                           court on it.”  Switching hands again, not missing a beat, “I view your inappropriate

                                                           suggestions as harassment.”

2.                                                                                                I/O BT.  For hour after hour after hour, the rich republican subhuman Klayman rages, soft hands busy.  He reminds her she is under oath, which is a threat, and implies the draconian penalties she might suffer.  Stitching hands, and perpending the forefinger of inequity, and shaking its head, it threatens to certify many sections of her transcript, this, he switches hands and turns the page, without missing a beat, and that, again switching hands he turns the page, without missing a beat, and this section of transcript must be certified.  All the while, a full Human Being would conclude she was trying her level best to be responsive, despite the cowardly manner of the fur-clad fly-buzzy ill-smelling bubble-bellied rich republican Klayman subhuman piece of shit.  Big Balls When They Are Helpless doth verily rant and rave, sometimes using two hands, and the Grand Inquisitor threatens to recall her for another inquisitorial session before the rich republican Judicial Watch inquisition board of director motherfuckers. 

                                                                                                                      The conclusion was that she had nothing to contribute.



p. 344: I/O BT**.  Rich republican president Warren G. Harding’s highest asshole-lickers, the feared and therefore famed “Ohio Long Tongue Gang”, committed widespread graft and therefore treason, for betrayal of the people, not the country.  The top members of its cabinet, among them the Attorney General of the United States, and the Secretary of the Interior of the United States One Hung Low, were involved in massive corruption including some of your most valuable oil reserves at the Teapot Dome and Elk Hills fields.  Of course, nothing was ever done about it.


Hypocrisy is the tribute vice pays to virtue.



p. 351: (S).  American grade school children are taught how to apply condoms and practice “safe sex”.

p. 374: (A).  Franklin Delano Roosevelt, fat rich democrat, refused to let land a boatload of Hebrews fleeing subhuman german nazis, among the staunchest of patriots.  After having sailed around the world, doors closed at every port they were forced to return to subhuman germany were slaughtered within days, men, women, children and babies, except for those used by scientists in scientific experiments.  I think the name of the ship was The Freedom.

p. 378

1.                                                                                                I/O.  Ken Starr and the OIC, the Office of Independent Cocksuckers, illegally leaked explicit testimony about Clinton, and my money’s on explicit since it concerns that degenerate.  Much else was leaked by all accounts, you can give odds on that, they be some leakin’ fools.  The Office of Independent Cocksuckers was tight as a sieve.  Their leaks feed the creeks in fashionable industrial wastelands everywhere.  Nothing was done about it, of course, because rich republicans that own and run the government can do anything they want, and have become quite efficient at changing hands without losing a stroke. 

2.                                                                                                (S).  “Seventh graders in some schools in this country were as early as the late 1970s reading [as school assignment] the Boston Women’s Health Book Collective’s Our Bodies Ourselves, which explained the role of whacking off in sexuality, and the use of foreign objects in reaming out the ole honey pot.  The, cherished goal, of these elementary school children——what the aim of those spinster lesbians the Boston Women’s Health Book Collective was is not obscure, in fact it is painfully obvious you want to think about it.  Yea, back  over  unto, at the time, the cherished goal of these elementary school children across the country, reading this seminal work, Our Bodies Ourselves, was to become a tough, virile and vigorous persecutor like the rich and feared subhuman, rich-republican hired, Larry “Big Balls When They Are Helpless” Klayman.  A lucrative lifetime was in the offing.  A muvvafucka could get rich and enjoy his or her self terrorizing people, and what fun especially, abusing those who have realized the truth all their lives but instead of acting, silently prayed that it would never happen to them, thereby effectively wishing it on everyone else.  Then, potbellied and balding, their government snatches them up,, and they are  drug before a republican inquisition.  Hot diggity damn!  Heee hot diggity damn!


p. 379: In the torrid summer of  ‘98, while the country absorbed the disclosures about their degenerate president —— the Summer of the Turning Over of the Rock —— Clinton’s sex life, the people are force fed exposés of the depravity  of three rich House republicans who have been damning Clinton’s depravity with signal vociferousness and righteous vigor.

p. 393: I/O .  “No one ever asked me to lie and I was never promised a job for my silence,” Monica Lewinsky swore this before a grand jury.  Grand juries are untrammeled and have no respect for man nor Great Spirit.  This pesky little ditty was, through no fault of the OIC, astonishingly omitted from Eagle Scout Ken Starr’s report.  Golly, gosh’n golly!  Gee whillikers whiz!  Twenty-three skidoo. 


p. 393: (A).  Mention in passing of the Serbian subhumans (Yukkaslobs), withdrawal from the “bloody ethnic conflicts that have ravaged Kosovo in the Balkans”.  Here we have the remark of a mediaoid poltroon using the euphemism “ethnic conflict” for patriotization. 

p. 394: Two mentions of nauseating and unholy Hustlers magazine, and one of its founding and guiding turd Larry “Got Her Balls Blown Off On the Streets of Chicago” Flynt.    

p. 401: Self-righteous rich pudgy republican Tom Delay of Texas, crusader for the Shit God (america), supporter of rape, torture and murder; patriotizing patriot, chickenhawked out on Vietnam through (on his part) cowardly student deferments.


p. 402: In the 1988 republican convention, when Vice President-nominee Dan Quayle was asked about his (on his part) commie cowardice during the Vietnam War.  He was, oh, super busy  with the National Guard at the time.  Delay was also asked.  Delay explained his (on his part) cringing cowardice by puking that he and quailing Quayle were the unfortunate victims an unusual phenomenon during the Vietnam era, yes, unusual phenomenon.  It was to their chagrin and anguished misfortune “that so many minority yoots had volunteered for the well-paying military positions to escape poverty and the ghetto that there was literally no room for patriotic folks like himself”. 

                                                           Such arrogance should be purged at the stake!


p. 406: (A).  The rich Clinton subhuman launches a major military strike against targets in patriot Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, your erstwhile patriotic/homosexual lover, in the standard Wag the Dog scenario.  This is a standard practice of rich subhuman dictator oppressors.  This is the second time Broke Dick does this.  Why were the rich so upset about Sadman Insane anyway?  It was not a terrorists to other countries.  The terrorists called it “the butcher of Bagdad”.  The rich of this country in toto were doing worse every month than Sadman Insane did in its existence.  And the rich that own and run this country have patronized, atrocitifed, pacified somebody somewhere since the country was founded.

p. 407: (A).  Rich republican Ken Duberstein, chief of staff in the Reagan White House, feeling sorry for his rich pampered self, referred to Washington as beginning to resemble the bombed-out Beirut of the 1980s, then suddenly shifts his metaphor yea, saying, “It now reminds people of the napalm-bombed Vietnam: total scorched earth.”

                                                           Beirut was bombed out under the Reagan administration.


An apology is politeness too late. 

——Colonial Panning News.


Chapter 9: Trial of the Century —— Part Two

p. 420: PB I/O (B).  Reference to violence caused by patriots, some active duty pigs, and the murders in Selma, Alabama, during the civil rights struggle.  You think about that nonexistent reader.  After nearly 500 years, some of the black people in North America, with the help of a helluva lot of white people, said they were going to be free and that was it!  The country itself was nearly 175 years old.  If you want to be honest with yourself, and it is manifestly obvious that you do not have the guts to do even that, you will have to admit this country is a piece of shit and always has been.  Piece of shit in this case meaning “lie”, that we have been fed, and eat, and breathe, and sleep a lie——if we are not murdered in our sleep.

p. 421: Presidential proof  for you porkish patriots that corporations discriminate against parents.


p. 428

1.                                                                                                I/O BT**.  Senator Inouye lost an arm fighting in Italy in WWII, while his parents were in a languishing in an american prison camp.

2.                                                                                                I/O (A).  Rich degenerated democrat Senator Bob Kerry was praised by rich democrat,  Dale Bumpers before Congress and the nation, as a “certified Medal of Honor winner”.  This patriotic is the subhuman  butcher of babies, the torturer and/or murderer of children, teenagers, men and women, grandmothers and grandfathers.  That stinking medal should be called the Congressional Medal of Medal of Horror.  They give this piece of tin to their beast and brightest butchers y’ know, all starry eyed and full of hope, drooling over how rich he would soon be.


p. 431: The rich and famous naked animal Darva, pleads virtue, that she married the millionaire bum for love, while airing its lubricious and rank body in Playboy.

p. 434

1.                                                                                                I/O (B) (R) BT**.  Juanita Broadderik claims Clinton raped and beat her in an Arkansas hotel room.  They have some really busy hotels down there.

2.                                                                                                (S) BT**.  A mention of Tailgate, where the air force tail danced naked on the tables.  You know, you gotta admit, females are far filthier than males.  Out of the home, a female has but one objective, to display her filthy body to the greatest extent possible before as man males as possible.

3.                                                                                                I/O.  Ken Starr was investigated for abuses of  power.  Nothing was ever done about it, of course.

4.                                                                                                I/O.  It’s chief spokesman, unidentified in the text, was charged with criminal contempt of court for leaking secret information to the press.  Nothing was ever done about it, of course.

p. 436: (S) BT**.  Mention of Hooters, the greasy spoon where the animally depraved waitresses are half-naked on Saturday nights.  They ain’t gonna give you nothin’, boys.  The nakeder they are the more they go for their own kind.  Note at the top of the file.   


A bachelor is a guy who is footloose and finance free.

 ——The Courier-Journal.


Book Four: Millennial Times

Chapter One:  The People

p. 443:  The Darva beast mentioned again.

p. 449: Old people are stripped of their wealth and possessions and treated like shit, meanwhile the fat rich pudgy fudgy soft billionaire and millionaire politicians, cringing and greedy and lusting for the guts of babies, take more and more and increasingly more for themselves.


p. 453

 A.   When Monica appeared on her prime-time interview with Barbara Waters, the corporate sponsors demonstrated their taste, depravity, and insensitively to the sufferings of others, and surged forth in their unremitting war against families  by “airing” the following commercials.

1.                                                                                                Victoria’s Secret cunt covers and pasties.

2.                                                                                                Oral-B Delus toothbrush.

3.                                                                                                Burger King ad with musical number “It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I want To”.

4.                                                                                                Promo for the movie Cleopatra with voice-over: “When she was only twenty, she seduced the most powerful leader in the world”.

5.                                                                                                A Maytag washing machine ad that boasted of its product, “It actually has the power to remove stains”.

                                                                     Give those corporate sponsors a cigar!  They’ll know what to do with it. 

B.   (S).  american fare: Dawson Creek’s libidinous children, and Alley McBeal salivating over naked male models.


p. 454: (S) BT**.  Some capitalist depravity offered in america is:

1.                                                                                                The Erospirit Research Institute in Oakland, California, “which explores and teaches the connection between sex and spirituality through video and other media, employed sex therapists (degenerates) trained in the art of “erotic genital massage” who also taught the benefits of “ritual masturbation”.

                                                           We were unaware there was a connection between sex and spirituality.  But then too we    

        have always said that there is a direct connection between depravity and patriotism!    

2.                                                                                                Shopping and Fucking, a most talked about new play by and for the rich subhumans of stinky stinky Broadway.

                                                           Note at the top of the file.


p. 455: I/O.  George “Baby” Bush mandated ties for men only when entering the Oval Orifice.

p. 458: The Darva beast is mentioned again.

pp. 459-460: Millennial Headlines

1.                                                                                                In the U.S. Nearly 1 in 1o is Foreign Born

2.                                                                                                For the First Time Nuclear Families Drop Below 25% of Households

3.                                                                                                Vast Majority of Teen Mothers Are Unmarried

4.                                                                                                I/O.  Nation’s Prison Population Climbs to Over [2,000,000]

5.                                                                                                I/O.  In Prosperous Idaho, Social Spending Declines as Prison Population Grows

6.                                                                                                Gap Between Rich and Poor Found Substantially Wider

7.                                                                                                PHILANTHROPY: During the 1990s stock-market booms, proportionally fewer households gave to charity.

8.                                                                                               I/O.  New Machine Spies on Everyone.  The Snoopmaster 6000.  Coming Up Your Ass Today.


p. 467: (S) BT**. Website Intrusive Eye is the “home of the uninvited guest”.  There be pleased to find The Dark Room material designed “for the sole purpose of fulfilling your voyeuristic rights!” and “invasion of privacy at its very best!”. 

                                                           Must be those college girls.  Them coed dorms.  Brothels.  Barracks.  It’s all the same in a country insane. 


The most important thing that a father can do for his children is to love their mother. 

——The Reverent Theodore Hesburgh.

Chapter 11: The Markets

p. 468: I/O B T**.  The Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board was illegally given statutory independence from both the president and congress.  The illegally formed and therefore illegal Federal Reserve Board is a secret cartel of fat rich billionaire bum bankers, mostly republicans, that own and run the country and you.  They control your money, they make multi $1,000,000,000s doing it, and they don’t even have to pay taxes on it.  Only you, the slaves, pay taxes.  How do you know if you are a slave?  Do you pay taxes?     


Chapter 12: The Millennials

p. 493: “A record number of freshmen 75.3% performed volunteer work in the last week of high school.”  Haynes, a liberal, of course, chose to lie to you.  They do this volunteer work or they do not graduate.  He knew that.

p. 503: Ally McBeal mentioned twice.


Chapter 13: The Fiasco

p. 52o: PB I/O.  At Baby Bush’s coup celebration, pigs of various subspecies forced idiot citizens seeking to witness the publicly performed illegality, to pass through numerous checkpoints where possessions were rifled.  Surely, the pig subhumans searched their bodies.

p. 522: I/O.  The rich republican supreme court interceded in the close Florida vote count and gave the presidency to the republican George “Billionaire Bum” Bush.  The five rich republican on the supreme court voted for the coup, the four democrats against.  Bush got one electoral vote more than needed, and did not win the popular vote by a long shot. 

                                                           Popular vote: Gore: 50,996,039, Bush: 50,546,141.  Gore’s popular margin was 539,898.

                                                           Now, after the massive number of prison executions Bush presided over as governor of Texas, it would get to practice its methods on the entire species.

p. 526: I/O.  Rich republican Justice Antonin Scalia, a frightening and feared craze-eyed patriot, possessing neither compassion or morals, and the two go hand-in-hand, tongue in groove, pretty much wrapped it up, yea, saying:

                                                           “The counting of votes that are of questionable legality . . . threatens[s] irreparable harm . . . by casting a cloud upon what [Bush] claims to be the legitimacy of his election.

                                                           “It suffices too ay that the issuance of the stay suggests that a majority of the court, while not deciding the issues presented, believe that the petitioner [George W. Bush] has a substantial probability of success.”


p. 530: I/O BT**. 

1.                                                                                                The Florida state election officials, under billionaire bum governor Jeb “Baby Boo” Bush, rendered various and sundry fell and foul rulings that favored its nasty big brother billionaire bum Baby Bush.

2.                                                                                                Florida secretary of state (so-called), rich republican Katherine Harris, was a chief conspirator to steal the election from the people’s choice.

p. 531: PB BT**.  Around the country, subhuman pigs intimidated blacks at the poles but not white bread.


No man is ever a failure until his wife thinks so.

——The Minneapolis Journal.


p. 533: (F) (A).  The liberal author, showing a liberal’s true colors, yellow and red, called rich democratic Senator Bob Kerry, the subhuman senator from Nebraska, a “Vietnam War hero”.  In a way, he is right.  Congress gave that subhuman piece of patriotic shit a Congressional Medal of Honor for the torture and/or murder of scores of Vietnamese babies, children, teenage boys, men, women, grandmothers and grandfathers.  That is what a hero is.  Don’t forget it.   

                                                           Nebraska, one of those corn and porn fed states, a state whose citizenry could be described as, male and female, a field of blockheaded burr heads.  Yes, War Hero represents the blockheads of Nebraska, haywire hayseeds, in the Senate of United States of America.  The cringing creatures of Nebraska that repeatedly reelect this patriotic subhuman to the Senate, could be describe as cinderblock heads I think.  Cinderblock heads.  Dense, yet airy. 

                                                           Kerry even had the unmitigated temerity to not only show its face in public, but to run for the democratic presidential nomination. 

                                                           War crimes are war crimes.  It, and all its subhuman all-american boy hero demons, should be executed for war crimes. 

                                                           Elect us!


p. 539

1.                                                                                                Senator Bob Kerry, of Nebraska, said “We should no longer be on the defensive about being a tax and spend party”.  Yea, it ain’t War Hero’s money.

2.                                                                                                This subhuman was a Navy Seal, subhuman metropolis.  Yes, yes, “A man [sic] hiding his own secrets from the bitter Vietnam experience”.  These media types, like the author, are masters at the use of prevarication and euphemism, or mediaisms as we nail them.    


                                                           From website http://www.counterpunch.org/valentine.html we learned that the rich democratic Senator Bob Kerry, that tortured and/or murdered dozens of defenseless families in Vietnam, was not only a navy seal-subhuman, but working for demon white-eyes devil dog cia at the time.

                                                           How would you like for you family to be in the hands of the american military, for any reason at all?

p. 542: I/O: Linda Tripp worked at the Pentagon for years doing almost nothing for pert near $100,000 a year.  A holdover from the billionaire bum Papa Bush’s administration, Clinton exiled her from the Whore House to the Pentagon for reporting his skullduggery to the media——some shit about Travelgate.  Among her make-a-place duties, and vitally important to national defense I might add (their safety, not yours) was to provide information to funeral directors on how to conduct military funerals.  Whoa!  How could we live without it?  To exile but boot up in pay is standard bureaucratic operating procedure.  They should fire you like that.  You should be so cursed.


p. 543

1.                                                                                                Jesse Jackson, Clinton’s moral advisor and spiritual soul brother, during the Monica Lewinsky national whack-off, was forced to confess that he sired a “love child” with an aide.  You know what politicians are?  Politicians are a mob of exceedingly dangerous psychotic buffoons running down the street without any pants on.

2.                                                                                                I/O.  “Patty Hearst, the heiress turned bank robber. . .”  As a practicing and unabashed mediaoid, the author could say no other, but it is not as if she had a choice about it.  She was brainwashed.  An injustice was done to her.  The nonexistent reader of these missives already knows the LA pigs are long listed for atrocity in the murders of the Symbionese Liberation Army.

3.                                                                                                PB BT.  Susan McDougal, a nonviolent woman charged with a nonviolent crime, was repeatedly drug from one den of inequity to another wearing manacle, leg chains and draped in a humiliating day-glo orange jumpsuit.  Were these privatized pigs or common garden variety public pigs that did this?  Bob Kerry and all his subhuman Seals and all your thousands of war criminals should be treated so on the way to their executions.


                                                           Tobacco, grown since the 1780s, replaced hemp as Kentucky’s major money crop in 1915. 


p. 544: (A) I/O BT.  Clinton pardoned many subhumans foremost among them billionaire bum Marc Rich.  Great name!  This billionaire bum was a fugitive from justice.  It was charged with federal tax fraud violations in the largest tax fraud case in U.S. history, and with trading with the noble Iranians during the hoostage crisis which you brought on yourself and well deserved.  Rich Marc Rich fled America the Whore, renounced its citizenship, and flouted the law and its rich ass in Switzerland, a country long bereft of humanity and morals.  It, and its subhuman partner, that also fled the Bowels of the Whore, in Switzerland continued to amass uncountable $1,000,000,000 by making war crime deals with Russian subhumans.  It flouts the U.S. injustice system, as the rich do, in Swiss comfort.

p. 545

1.                                                                                                I/O.  Clinton pardoned four Hasidic men who set up a fictitious religious school and bilked you for $1,000,000s of aid.  Their politically active sect overwhelmingly backed Hillary Clinton’s victorious campaign for the senate. 

2.                                                                                                I/O.  Hillary’s brother, Hugh Rodham, was given $400,000 to get two convicted felons, a noble cocaine dealer and a prosperous and well-respected business typhoon accused of perjury and mail fraud off the meat hook.  


p. 547:  I/O.  The Clintons received and departed the Whore House with upwards to $15,000,000 worth of pelf and purloin.

p. 548: Barbara Streisand mentioned.

p. 549: Clinton wanted a suite of penthouses forever for which you assholes would have gladly paid $800,000 per year.  Personally, I cannot even think that high.  We have seen no reference as to the sickening amount we pay per year for that subhuman’s present offices. 

p. 556: The author: [americans] “take deserved pride, celebrating diversity as a source of national strength”.  Diversity is a mediaism and liberalism meaning, in big people talk, depravity.  Depravity.  Dep-rav-i-ty.  Bet you can say that.  Dep-rav-i-ty.  Good!  You win a pacifier.

p. 557: The author, a liberal, which means he’s suffering from various and sundry incipient and obvert character flaws, believes in “compulsory public service”.  His ikes. 

p. 559: (F) I/O.  Dr. Ruth R. Faden calls Afghanistan (our ikes) an “evil state” that “control[s] the lives of their women”.  In some ways the lives of women ought to be controlled.                                     


Notes and sources

p. 571

1.                                                                                                Three references to naked cuntmonkey magazine Playboy.

2.                                                                                                I/O (B) BT**.  Documented are 59 incidents of Minotaur violence against his wife.


                                                           The index begins on page 587.



PERIODICAL: The Baltimore Sun, TV Week, the rich and famous naked actress cuntmonkey subhuman Paula Abdul sneers at the Great Spirit, Families and all that is holy and decent on the cover. 


0857: (S) BT* INTERNET.  http://www.baltimoreravens.com/.  Cheerslut Nashanta;  CU of it sneering and airing its gigantic ½-n dugs smashed out like stomped on shit.  It has served two tours in Middle East, Europe and Africa entertaining your hard-dicked soldier boys.


2008: 91.5 FM WBJC, The Book Guys.

                                                           1. (S) BT**.  Mid 70’s, Northbeach, San Francisco: one of the scores of naked monkey clubs was owned by Carol Dota.  Across from a restaurant called Enrique’s, was its huge flashing sign whereon the animal Carol Dota aired its “huge breasts” in public, slapping the Great Spirit, Families, and all that is holy and decent in the face. 

                                                           2. (S).  The New York Library for the Performing arts has on display, like a naked cuntmonkey, rich and famous naked cuntmonkey Gypsy Rose Lee’s 1937 Striptease diploma issued by the rich and famous gelding club Minsky’s.

                                                                                                                      “Is it signed with invisible ink?” axed a gay blade.

                                                                                                                      Much joviality and praise for filth and depravity.

                                                                                                                      Striptease beast Gypsy Rose Lee listed.


When your work speaks for itself, don’t interrupt.


2007-1-15, 1410: (S) INTERNET.  http://weather.msn.com/tenday.aspx?wea

locations=wc:USMD0132.  Ad: Capital One Visa Miles Card; longhaired brunette, slight bladder airing briefly twice to catch attention, then the beast is not repeated.


2007-1-17, 1610: (S) INTERNET.  MSN-Urge site: RBD’s Playlist, a Mexican band, aired two singing sluts airing bladders. 

                                                                                                                      The MSN-Urge site is a CD retailer and has the MTV’, Naked Monkey Seal of Approval.  Microsoft was automatically transferring me there when I engaged Windows Media Player, before I deleted Urge, which I was tricked into downloading.  Microsoft’s stinking Napster was doing the same thing.  I had deleted it but an hour before they sent me one of those annoying messages that pops up when you are trying to work.  I thought I was doing myself a favor when I downloaded Windows Media Player 11.0.  The Napster and Urge software each consumed over two megabytes of storage. 

                                                                                                                      Downloading the stinking Windows Media Player 11.0 was a trick.  The stinking Windows Media Player 11.0 corrupted the drivers for the DVD player.  The picture slows to a stop then jerks ahead.  When panning it ratchets with short jerky motions.  The audio pops and echoes.  It did not do that yesterday.  Video and audio are not in sync.

                                                                                                                      I shall seek help from the $100,000,000,000 rich bums.  I know what to expect, so do you.  (It turned out to be worse.)   


Everybody has a talent at 25.  The difficulty is having it at 50. 



2007-1-20. 1422: At their site Microsoft tried to sell me ActiveX software for + $35.00 that would make communicating with their tech support people easier.  They indicated that this was the only way to communicate with their tech support people.  I found a contact tab.  In a reply email from the bums, it was suggested that I might want to chat with one of their tech support people on a pay-per-issue basis, which I recall is for an exorbitant fee.  I clicked on one of the support links they sent me, and was taken to something called “Geek Squad Task Force”, which had nothing to do with Microsoft. 

                                                           The $100,000,000,000 bum sells you shit, but refuses to stand behind it.  No effective response from the $100,000,000,000 bum and it is his fault!!  This computer was sweet, except for the filth Microsoft has  programmed into it.  (When we deleted Windows Office 2003 60-Day Free Trail, to our extreme chagrin, we learned we had also flushed Microsoft Word Document.  We had to do a destructive reinstall,  which wiped all our files.  Gigabytes of the storage of this new computer is consumed by their shit, and we hesitate to flush it. 

                                                           We purchase something we want it clear and above board, no chains attached.

                                                           Elect us!



1228: 1090 AM WBAL: Hooters, the restaurant where the female animals are ½-n is sponsoring a sports event. 

1241: Hooter is mentioned again. 


1331: (S) BT* Internet.  http://www.amazon.com/Dyslexicon-Dan

delion/dp/B 0092864270002A3L/sr=1-1/qid=1169404118/ref=pd_bbs_ sr_

1/002-2492497-?ie=UTF8&s=music.  Dyslexicon by Dandelion (Audio CD - 1995): blackheaded subhuman beast, nearly naked, CU outlandishly huge ½-n bladders, shit-slicer cheek. 


2007-1-22, 11:46:

From: A Night Out [A_Night_Out@loopconnect.com]



(S) BT** PERIODICAL.  As per previous listings Playboy, January 2007 was delivered.  Note at the top of the file. 


2007-01-24, 0626: INTERNET BT**.  http://www.luckysevenradio.com/.  Ad: Free Screen Savers.  A tanned long-haired brunette with tremendous bladders and shit-pincher is airing itself 99.99% naked on a beach.  Photographed straight on, it is upon its knees and its elbows with its huge naked turd-squeezer cocked high over its tiny head.  Its huge ass is naked save for a thin strip of French blue cloth up its reeking crack.    This thin strip of French blue cloth is all that covers its pestholes.  The subhuman’s huge dirty bladders, only slightly smaller than a cow’s, are in CU,  only its obscene nipples are covered by thin French blue strips of cloth.   

                                                           This filthy degenerate, and its whoremasters, was noted on 5/22/6 @ windowsmedia.com.  We mention it again in public because; the beast is so ridiculous in its proportions that it reminded us of some animal or other.  We imaged a naked walrus on the beach but that was not it.  It is so ridiculous in its proportions, that it reminds us of the Megatherium we saw in one of those nature shows: the extinct giant ground sloth.  Note at the top of the file.


Mission Impossible III, © 2006 Paramount Pictures, , DVD  No. 33987.  Rating PG-13.

0:06:01: (T).  CU ½-n bladders of a blonde and a black female at a party; other bladders in various states of airing. 

0:11:44: BT**.  “Julia Hunt” or Michelle Monaghan aired as naked in bed, some bladder airing.

Note at the top of the file.

0:17:25: (T).  CU ¼-n bladders of “Lensey Farris” or Keri Russell.

0: 21:40: BT**.  Fully molded ass-crack and –cheeks of rich and famous actress animal K. R. bent over being stowed in a truck like a sack of fertilizer.  Note at the top of the file.

0:26:51: (T).  CU ½-n bladders of M. M.

0:29:33: In preparation for fucking, these rich and famous actress animals, Tom Cruise and M. M., rip off each’n shirts.  Some bladder airing.

0:46:29:  Scene: inside the Vatican grounds: ½-n bladders of beasts are aired; CU of ½-n bladders of two beasts one in blue and one in red, and other beasts airing bladders thereafter.

0:47:00: BT**.  Exiting its car at the Vatican, “Zhen”, i.e., rich and famous actress animal Maggie Q, may have polluted our lives by airing an ass-cheek, then it may have aired its shaved pesthole area.  Note at the top of the file. 

0:47:20: Scene: Vatican party: many bladders, slight airings to much worse.

0:54:44: BT**. Shit-pincher of  M. Q. at the party.  Note at the top of the file.

0:55:41: BT**.  M. Q. airs shit-slicer slab getting into her car.  Note at the top of the file.

1:10:07: BT**.  M. M.’s full shit-slicer slit wearing nurse’s uniform.  Note at the top of the file.

1:11:10: M. M.’s finally takes a shower, presented as naked.  Note at the top of the file.

01:35:00: BT**.  Blending montage of rich and famous subhuman piece of shit M. M.: airing, in CU, its shaved and reeking pesthole mound, its naked bladders, and the subhuman fondled its naked bladders, etc.  Note at the top of the file.

1:49:31: nipple of M. M.?  Note at the top of the file.

01:54:00: (BT*).  CU ½-n bladders of M. M. sitting astride and bending over T. C. lying on the floor.

Check thoroughly throughout. 


Sometimes, if you wait, you get just what you had comin’.

——The Prophet Mastodon.


2007-1-25: PERIODICAL PB (A).  The Dundalk Eagle, Vol. 38, No. 37, 4 N. Center Place, P.O. Box 8936, Dundalk, MD 21222.

p. 1 & 24: 

                                                           The headline on page 1: FLEA MARKET PROPERTY IS SOLD.

                                                           A leader on page 1: Virgil marks two years since Noel was killed.  The leader on


page 24: VIGIL: Ceremony marks two years since Noel was killed.  Our italics. 

                                                           The article is written by Joseph M. Giorando.

                                                           When the subhuman crab backs murder, their mediaoid asshole-lickers describe it as a killing.  Sheep are perpetually killed, not murdered, so it takes the sting out of it for you.  Therefore, you already know how this is going to go.  Of course, you know what the verdict was.  It has been two years since Baltimore County pig terrorists have murdered wife and mother Cheryl Noel, and, of course, nothing has been done about it.  Of course, there will be no justice until the Revolution.  Of course, you know, all the pigs that ever lived are not worth what a Human Being flushes down a toilet even once. 


p. 1: (A).  On January 21, 2005 at 4:30 a.m., Baltimore County combat war hero queers, terrorists of the Police Tactical Unit (aka SWAT shiteaters) raided an american home in the 8100 block of Del Haven Road.  They murdered Cheryl Noel, wife and mother, who was sleeping with her husband Charles at the time of the raid.  The patriotic, shiteating, asshole-licking, cocksucking subhumans, your average pigs, murdered Cheryl. 


 (A).  The Baltimore County terrorists are hailed and toasted among bluecoat terrorists and their asshole-lickers throughout your stinking purple mountains majesties.  These crab back shiteaters once evacuated a block of residences for over a week, trashed homes, killed a pet dog, and murdered a man in his sleep.  They were lauded, given decorations, and praised in the capitalist The Baltimore Sun (owned and run by rich cocksuckers) in words and with a photo, but they did not have the guts to name the subhuman murderer in the photo.  Article filed.

                                                           Question: Why do we have to concede even to the paranoid delusions of these law enforcement subhumans, these crab back terrorists, no better than their nazi forebears?  There is nothing tactical in summarily attacking in overwhelming force a defenseless home with motorized battering rams and machineguns and murdering defenseless families.  This is not Iraq. 


p. 24: (A).  The Baltimore County pig-nazi terrorists that murdered Cheryl Noel were these gallows-bound patriotic bad-ass combat war he-roes. 

1.                                                                                                Subhuman Carlos Arston

2.                                                                                                Subhuman David Sweren

3.                                                                                                Subhuman Michael Giddings

4.                                                                                                Subhuman Mark Crump

5.                                                                                                Subhuman Robert Gibbons


(A).  The Baltimore County flea-bitten crab backs, aka the pigs, conducted a so-called investigation but took statements only from the bluecoat subhumans in on the attack themselves, those lusty shiteaters and suckers of dicks listed above, They  murdered a wife and mother sleeping at the time of the assault on her home, and he was not questioned about it.  How can they sleep at night?  Why are these make-believe big time Iraq war he-roes taking no prisoners?  Because they know in their filthy maggoty hearts that the Baltimore County judiciary will not prosecute them if they crucify babies.  The terrorists, the judges, and the judiciary in Baltimore County eat shit out of the assholes of the rich with a spoon.  The report was, of course, whitewash, and the shit-faced cocksuckers, i.e.,

1.                                                                                                Bad-ass combat he-row subhuman Carlos Arston

2.                                                                                                Bad-ass combat he-row subhuman David Sweren

3.                                                                                                Bad-ass combat he-row subhuman Michael Giddings

4.                                                                                                Bad-ass combat he-row sergeant subhuman Mark Crump

5.                                                                                                Bad-ass combat he-row sergeant subhuman Robert Gibbons

                                                           . . . were justified, chaste and innocent as the driven snow.  Why, they are even virgins.  Their little ding-dings have never been wet, in any woman other than their mothers.  Notice they never name the specific bluecoat dicksucking murderers. 


(A).  On February 21 2005 the rich and degenerated subhuman shiteaters of Baltimore County State’s Attorney Office, ruled that the pig faggots who shall rue the day they became pigs were, of course, justified in their actions.  Did you expect anything else?  No bluecoat shiteater that ever lived has ever done anything wrong according to the rich and their asshole-lickers.  The old rich capitalist whore listed below, so ugly she had to steal her name from a repugnant republican, was then make-believe Baltimore County State’s Attorney.


                                                           “Sandra O’Connor has been the since 1974.  Sandra O’Connor retired in January of 2007.”



Necessity never made a good bargain.



(A).  Hoofed and gluttonous, horned and greedy like their owners, oily and unclean each with its own psychotic gleam, these bluecoated Baltimore County nazis were allegedly operating on a tip they received.  The patriotic cop criminals, terrorists, do not have to identify the tipster, of course.  And, of course, the demon subhumans did not.  Any scum bum whose dick they are sucking at the time, can give them a tip, on a whim is all it takes.  The bigger the tip better.  They relish big tips.  How can you sleep at night? 


(A).   The Baltimore County pig subhumans do not have to release more details, of course and, of course, refuse to release any more details about the raid on an american home and the murder of the lady of the house.  Matter of fact, they do not have to do anything they do not want to.  Baltimore County, a county that once tolerated slavery, is of the Free State, which with the possible exception of New York City is likely the least free metropolitan area in de home o’ de free, lan’ o’ de brave.  Therefore, in america that means the pigs are free and nobody else.  The Baltimore County pigs are out of control, and have a backbreaking comeuppance coming.


(A).   The most reaction that the subhuman pieces of rich shit that own and run Baltimore County will allow the bereaved to muster for this atrocity is a paltry civil lawsuit for a mediaism or legalism called “excessive use of force”.  The crime was unmitigated and inexcusable first-degree murder.  Elect us and they will pay the price they should pay. 


(A).   Matthew Noel, the bereaved son and his friend Sarah Betz, 20, were arrested during the raid and charged with possession of harmless marijuana and drug paraphernalia.  The terror and burning indignities they and Mr. Charles Noel, bereaved husband of the murdered wife and mother, were forced to suffer were, of course, not mentioned.  The Baltimore County patriotic terrorists trashed their home (shitters have not yet been reported in Baltimore County),  eventually charged bereaved husband Mr. Charles Noel with (Freedom Fighters here it is) two counts of possession of black powder.  Also he allegedly, though we have no proof of this nor for the charges against his son and son’s friend, was in possession of drug paraphernalia and harmless marijuana.  These charges look like something the nazi subhumans tacked on, do they not? 

                                                           We want to know why this search and destroy attack happened.


(A).   After the court’s bluecoat terrorists, mentally defected psychotics by act of will, and motherfuckers, murdered Mr. Noel’s wife, likely working for this very judge, a grade-A subhuman,  the piece of black-robbed shit, that did not have the guts to be named (no matter, we will find out) sentenced the bereaved husband to two years supervised probation.  It will be a pleasure to see this judge hang.  It will be a pleasure watching the hierarchy hang. 

                                                           (Any all-american that becomes a bluecoat terrorist would fuck its mother up the ass no doubts there, you can bet on that, and rape your little daughters on a lark.)


Executive ability is deciding quickly and getting somebody else to do the work.



(A).  We are trying to learn when and where five medals for bravery and one for marksmanship were awarded, the names of  the fat subhuman pieces of shit that spoke, and what was said.  All those that aided and abetted.  The complete hierarchy shall go down as in all similar cases.  To be tried will be those guilty in any phase of the assault on the Noel home up to and including  the Baltimore County Executive.  He is the chief Baltimore County terrorist.  All pigs, judges, juries, the Baltimore County State’s Attorney and the Baltimore County State’s Attorney’s Office, those conducted the “investigation” of the atrocity and/or were involved perhaps including asshole-lickers.  If a score or more go down to the killing grounds, so much the better.  The more the merrier when it comes to authority.  The only good pig is a dead pig and the only good rich politician is a dead rich politician.  Heroes are zeroes.        


                                                           Just another routine murder by the terrorists crab backs, no reason to get upset, good citizen, but we are not good citizens.  We are Men.  These subhuman pig terrorists playing their cowboy games with the lives of our families and friends have no trouble sleeping at night or on duty because they are not Human Beings and should not be regarded or treated as such.  Any country wherein this can happen does not deserve to exist.  Law does not protect us, merely luck.  Elect us!  And we will do something about it hard to forget.  Ostensibly, these unending atrocities are done to save us from drugs.  (And to keep the price high, but we won’t go into that.)  To the rich subhuman pieces of patriotic shit that own and run Baltimore Country, Maryland, murdering people in their sleep is worth it, and an insignificant matter not worthy of their refined capitalist attention.  And to their asshole-licking shiteating cocksucking cringing crab-back cop terrorists shit-eaters it is worth it, and it is worth it to the rich Baltimore County judges glancing up at us from the gutters where they are dining, shit smeared over their faces.  But we who think on matters with heart and humanity and therefore justice instead of law disagree. 


It is not worth it!

The rich are not worth it!

It is sin!

It is wicked!

It is cowardly!

It is wrong!

It is patriotic!

It is depraved!

It is frightening!

Cops are terrorists!

Complete hierarchy!

All responsible!

No excuse!

No mercy!

Thorough flush!

Elect us!


                                                           Article filed.  Note at the top of the file.


                                                           Here is the present Baltimore County State’s Attorney, who, of course, has done nothing. 


Mailing Address: Scott D. Shellenberger, S.A, 401 Bosley Avenue Rm. 11,Towson, MD  21204, phone 410-887-6600. 


                                                           Here is one of the ways they get rich.


Mission Statement

                                                           The Office of Law is the legal advisor to the County in all civil matters, including matters involving forfeitures of property seized by the Baltimore County Police Department during a search incident to arrest or pursuant to a search and seizure warrant, and violations of the County Code. . . .


A psychiatrist is a man who doesn’t have to worry as long as other people do.



p. 24: Below VIGIL: Ceremony marks two years since Noel was killed, Dundalk Spread-eagle plastered this leader: They love a parade, attached to a color photo of some bleary-eyed jerks in early 19th century military uniforms rehearsing for the incredibly expensive Governor’s Inaugural Parade in Annapolis January 17.  Photo filed. 


p. 25: (S).  On page 25 opposite VIGIL: Ceremony marks two years since Noel was killed, we find the top half of the page comprised of color photographs with the leader: Chamber Gala attracts over 100.  The article begins praising the hardihood of these rich degenerates.  “About 110 hearty souls donned evening clothes and braved freezing temperatures. . . “

                                                           Here we have the behind the scenes criminals, the beneficiaries of unremitting atrocity and oppression, color photos and captions of the larded gentry that owns and runs Dundalk, Maryland, the mighty and majestic, the loathed and feared, Dundalk Chamber of Commerce.  I must have misplaced my invitation.  Sorry I missed the fifth annual Snowball Gala at the exclusive Sparrows Point Country Club.  It was a lavish feed where those that should starve off a few dozen tons, gorged their rancid and cotty bodies, doubtless at the expense of us their taxpaying slaves.  A bunch of pampered fat old people, many leering ½-n sluts; former Governor Robert L. Ehrlich attended, just a republican’s cup of meat.  Many females airing dugs in various degrees.

Photo not accredited, filed. 


p. 1:  Immediately to the left of Virgil marks two years since Noel was killed, is a color photograph, leading to page 2, where the article and two more color photographs consumes half a page.  Time to tear down is the leader on page 1.  Ceremony signals beginning of the end for Yorkway is the leader on page 2.  The article was written by Bill Gates.

                                                           Here we witness the two of the leading criminals for Dundalk, Maryland, Baltimore County (7th District) Councilman John Olszewski (page 1), and Baltimore County Executive James T. Smith (page 2), pretending to be heavy equipment operators.  These pampered politicians cannot tie their own shoes, it is doubtful that they can even wipe their own huge assholes and here we are to believe they have magically gained the monkeylike dexterity of their soul counterparts, subhuman hardhats.  They are pretending to demolish the Yorkway apartment complex.  There the land was grabbed costing us, so far, $14,500,000, they have more homes to go, and not counting the cost of relocating the pathetic Section 8 indigents into our neighborhoods.  This is to seed decay, so they can condemn our homes, grab our land for themselves and their rich friends, force us out and repeat the process.  This is like the blockbusting of old only much worse.

The larded gentry of the Greater Dundalk Alliance are singing hosannas but I say we follow the money trail.  In 2000 then-County Executive C. A.  Dutch “Caviar” Ruppersburger, the big fat rich jolly bankers buddy, tried to grab these homes and hundreds of others by condemnation, which would have given him and the rich subhumans that own and run Baltimore County a free ticket to drag us from and bulldoze our homes.  Fats is presently plying its criminality for the halls of the Den of Inequity in the Washington, D.C.  

                                                           In one photo some poor misguided soul was waving a flag about this criminality.


Paradise is to believe in it.



                                                           The article is continues on page 7 immediately under the top half of the page polluted with: Toporovich elected president of police assistant fund.  The article is by Joseph M. Giordano.  On page 1 immediately left of FLEA MARKET PROPERTY IS SOLD is a teaser and photo of this freak Tom Toporovich, telling you where you can find this propaganda praising a terrorists asshole-licker newly elected president of the Baltimore Police Terrorists Assistance Fund.  They give the animals money. 

                                                           “These are not loans.  No one has to pay them back,”  said a big fat important liaison pig (for 13 years) between the terrorists and their chief asshole-lickers pig.

                                                           The Baltimore Police Terrorists Assistance Fund meets monthly at Baltimore County Terrorists Headquarters in Towson.  How much is this costing us?  Big rich corporations donate obscene gobs of money to the terrorists.  Subhumans like Comcast, purveyors of pornography, being lauded at one of their upcoming big breakfasts, which you are not invited to;  Wal-Mart, destroyer of small 10,000 small business; and those laughable losers the Baltimore Orioles. 

                                                           “We keep things anonymous so there’s no embarrassment,” said Tom Turkey. 

                                                           “Because of that promise to keep details of the group’s assistance secret,

Toporovich couldn’t reveal any information about specific cases. 

                                                           They must buy them bullets for off duty murders and atrocities, booze, syringes, stuff like that. 

                                                           Article filed. 


p. 8: Photo taken by Bill Gates of high school cheerleaders titled Scenery.  Incredibly, they seem to be wearing clothes.  Who would have believed.


2007-1-25: The capitalist pigs at Microsoft capitalist-pig arrogance to begin badgering me by popping up on my screen asking if I wanted a Windows Media Player update.  Although three people at Gateway have tried to help me, I have not recovered from the damage they did to my DVD player.  All the aforementioned symptoms are worse, and a loud crackling sound has been added.



(S) BT** PERIODICAL.  The Baltimore Sun, p. 1C: Kimmie Meissner, pesthole mound, turd-pincher slabs, bladders.  Note at the top of the file. 


It is better to give than receive when it comes to ulcers.

——The Prophet Mastodon.

1959: WWRB 5.050 MHz. Republic Broadcasting Network

 1. Freedom Jihad Radio

   a. I/O BT**.  Under the Patriot Act, all the billionaire bum in the Out House, George “Baby” Bush, has to do is call you a terrorist and you disappear forever in a prison camp.  Many people have disappeared this way.  Complete hierarchy to be arrested and tried.  There are no excuses.  There is but one penalty fit.  There are no excuses!  Elect us!  Note at the top of the file.                    


   b. I/O (A).  According to Freedom Jihad Radio, Flight 93 was shot down by a pampered, panty wearing, fat-bottomed air force pilot, that are without exception homicidal homosexual cowards, and that the cowardly subhuman/patriot ,shiteater was recently given a medal for bravery for this mass murder of innocents, this act of patriotism, this atrocity.  There were children aboard that plane. Heroes are zeroes.           

                                                           Note at the top of the file.   


      i. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A50745-2004Jun17.html


The Day of the Attack

Cheney Authorized Shooting Down Planes


By Dana Milbank

Washington Post Staff Writer

Friday, June 18, 2004; Page A01


                                                           At 10:39 on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, Vice President Cheney, in a bunker beneath the White House, told Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld in a videoconference that he had been informed earlier that morning that hijacked planes were approaching Washington.


                                                           “Pursuant to the president’s instructions, I gave authorization for them to be taken out,” Cheney told Rumsfeld, who was at the Pentagon. Informing Rumsfeld that the fighter pilots had received orders to fire, Cheney added, “It’s my understanding they’ve already taken a couple of aircraft out.”

                                                           Notice that this billionaire republican shiteating patriotic coward queer Cheney used the euphemism “taken out”.

                                                           Note at the top of the file.   


       ii. http://www.spursreport.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-24149.html


                                                           During his surprise Christmas Eve trip to Iraq, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld referred to the flight being shot down —— long a suspicion because of the danger the flight posed to Washington landmarks and population centers.

                                                           The rich republican rumsfeld subhuman cocksucker also said this again later. 

                                                           Note at the top of the file.   


       iii. I/O (A).  It is reported in many formats that eyewitnesses on the ground saw an air force jet attack the airliner and that it blew up in the sky.  They were ignored in all official reports.  Debris was scattered for miles.  There was no crash site.  The rich government cocksucking dicksucking shiteaters, cowards to a queer and lesbian, said the plane buried itself in the ground on impact.  This aids and abets a war crime.  There is no excuse.   Complete hierarchy from the highest to the lowest.                                                             Note at the top of the file.


                                                           This a war crime, to be expected from rich republican draft dodging subhumans, billionaire bum draft dodging shiteating republican cowards, yea, even they that fuck their dogs up their assholes, born with silver spoons up their noses.  The fact that the air force coward queer should get a medal for bravery should surprise nobody.  That is patriotism.  The more cowardly the act, the bravest the act.  It will receive a medal for marksmanship too.  You, the american slaves, go for this sort of thing.

                                                           We feel differently.  This is an war crime.  All that are responsible will be tried and executed from the highest until the lowest.

                                                           There are no excuses! 

                                                           Elect us!


2001: I/O BT**.  An ad stated that legally registered rifles were being confiscated in parts of the country.  These is no excuse for this.  This is punishable by death also, from the highest unto the lowest.  Note at the top of the file.

                                                           There are no excuses! 

                                                           Elect us! 

                                                           We will bring you justice.  You will e honored in your own land.  You government, police and military will fear you. 

                                                           Do yourself a favor.

                                                           Elect us!


From the Prophet Mastodon

                                                           A woman turns from a cruel man, now reduced to pleading on his knees.  “I’m no longer afraid of you,.” She spat.  “You exist because of fear and I am no longer afraid.”  Her words devastated him, destroyed him and when she turned her back he vanished, like religion, in a puff of logic.

                                                           Religionists say proof of God is in the Bible, and the Bible is divinely inspired, the infallible word of God.

1.                                                                                                If there are alien life forms on other worlds God did not make man in his own image. 

2.                                                                                                If this is so, the Bible is wrong in a particular.

3.                                                                                                If the Bible is wrong in any particular, then it is not the infallible word of God.  If it is wrong in any particular, it could be wrong in others. 

4.                                                                                                God cannot make mistakes. 


                                                           For those that need proof of the Great Spirit there is no proof.   Try this on for size:


All things in the Universe are presupposed.

Thought is in the Universe.

Therefore, thought is presupposed in the Universe.


Thought is presupposed in the Universe.

Thought is the activity of a thinking being.

Therefore, the Universe is the activity or thought of a thinking Being.


Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.



I/O PERIODICAL.  The Baltimore Sun, Doonesbury, by Garry Trudeau.

 1. BT**.  The war criminal Baby Bush is raping the american people for a Baby Bush library that will cost $500,000 more than all the other lying presidential libraries combined.  

 2. (A).  It has also signed an executive dictatorship-type order making it legal to withhold any papers it deems incriminating.


1031: INTERNET.  http://www.batterystation.com/predator.htm.  “This page is dedicated to the men and women of the 46th ERS Hellfire Predator Squadron currently based in Iraq.”  

                                                           Hellfire Predator Squadron! 

                                                           There is  a composite mug shot of  about 50 of these big fat and sassy war all-american moral less war criminals.  They look like they could not fight their way out of a wet paper bag.  They are barbarous eating machines.  The males are sexually frustrated by being exposed to naked lesbians all the time.  The Great Spirit, Creator of the Universe, hates them.  Is this american offal with their embarrassingly obvious Hellfire Predator Squadron!  referring to their murder of countless gallant and brave Iraqi Men fighting to free their country from the subhuman gutless american aggressors who do not even know the difference between a man and a woman?  Or are they referring to the more than 100,000 Human Beings they have murdered, including 10,000s of babies and children?  Their much vaunted and snickered-art “collateral damage”.

                                                           Hellfire Predator Squadron indeed.  A Pillsbury doughgirl army.  I think these big fat pampered spoiled brats better get use to the concept of hellfire!


From the Prophet Mastodon

                                                           There will never be another moment like this.  If this moment has happened an infinite number of times before and shall happen an infinite number if times hence, how does that make you feel?  Is life unique, or worth living for its own glory, for its own sake, to be enjoyed for the impossible gift that it is?          

                                                           Think about it.

                                                           All the religions of the world are as dung.  They are imposed.  They are not about spirituality, they are about the acquisition and use of power.  Empty ritual designed for those who, by whatever cause, are less than what they should be.  I worship the Great Spirit.  It that created the Universe and all that is beyond.  It that is its own creation.  It that created Itself. 

                                                           I love Earth.  I do not worship it.  Any phenomena manifested in this realm is unworthy of worship. 

I love my Parents.

I love my Family.

I love my Friends.

I love Freedom.


1628: 101.9 WLIF FM, Adult Contemporary.  “We would like to honor the parents of men and women overseas.”

                                                           This is called, ready?  Propaganda.  Propaganda.  Which one of the three multi $1,000,000,000 corporations that owns radio owns WLIF, Baltimore, and the bleary-eyed bitch that barfed this untreated sewage?   


1908: (S) BT** INTERNET.  Seen at a personal website myspace.com. 

1.                                                                                                Ad: Happy New Year Comment Group, airs seven longhaired subhuman shiteaters airing themselves.  The subhuman animals are photographed from behind.  All airing naked turd-pinchers, all with their arms around each’n other’s waste lezzie like, three air their slimy and reeking major pestholes (pussy and asshole) by standing wide-legged, and behind these beasts four air their two slimy and reeking major pestholes by kneeling wide-kneed.   Image filed.  Note at the top of the file.

2.                                                                                                Old movie slut photos air subhuman beasts airing their repulsive Hollywhore feminine bodies in varying degrees.  One, Superstock 1035-1033, features a Hollywhore airing its rancid shitslicer cheeks splurging from beneath it as though the pesthole bearer is sitting on shit, which it is, and ¾ of its huge reeking bladders are aired.  Image filed.  Note at the top of the file.

3.                                                                                                BT**.  CU of a huge repulsively fat slut’s naked ass.  Boy! I bet that balcony smelt good.  Phew!  Note at the top of the file. 


Your words are my food, your breath my wine.

——Sarah Bernhardt (1844-1923).


1. I/O:  Prisoners in the Metropolitan Correction Center, 71 West Van Buren Street, Chicago, IL 60605-1004, are forced to suffer the indignity of having their mail read before it is posted. 


2. BOOK: The Last and First Men and Starmaker, by Olaf Stapledon, ISBN: 486-21962-3, Dover Publications, Inc., 180 Varick Street, New York, NY 10014.

p. 432

1.                                                                                                (F) (A).  “To the north, the iron-hard Artic oppressed the exiles in their camps.”  This cryptic remark refers to some of the 70,000,000 Human Beings the subhuman stalin, Uncle Joe, america’s ol’ wartime foxhole buddy, murdered.  The lucky one died quick. 

2.                                                                                                (F) I/O (A).  “Further still, where Dutch and English profit by the Negro millions, those hosts were stirred by vague dreams of freedom.”  This remark likewise, referring to the colonialism committed by the English and the Dutch (and numerous others).  Colonialism was the grueling straits and unspeakable horrors with which subhumans like the English and the Dutch patronized innocent people for whatever they could get even their very bodies. 



PERIODICAL: The Baltimore Sun, Doonesbury, by Garry Trudeau.  Ref. to rich and famous, naked cuntmonkey, moral less Paris Hilton being paid $1,000,000 to attend a party.  It is mentioned by name twice, and it gets paid more if it goes without pesthole and bladder covers. 


1155: PB BT**.  88.5 FM WAMU, NPR, A Prairie Home Companion.  In a joke, mention of corporate SWAT teams.  It these exist, they are surely composed of the same scum on the bottom of the cesspool that regular pig forces are .  Other possible corporate perpetuated humiliations and abuses were mentioned. 


1813: 1090 AM WBAL, Super Bowl XLI, Dolphin Field, Miami Florida.  Boomer Elision was escorted from the sidelines to the broadcast booth by a team of private pigs.  What’s going on with that?  Hope he walked before them than behind them.


2007-2-7, 0817: (S) BT** INTERNET.  www.myspace.com/221212... Girls in Lingerie and See Though Clothes, Sushi and Robata, Water Views, ... William Gibson. Michael Crichton. Greg Bear. Neil Stephenson. ...  profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID

=221212 - 158k - Cached - Similar pages


0902: (S) BT** INTERNET.  http://www.american-buddha.com/ wintermark.htm.  The American Buddha Online Library: the (6) naked Pink Floyd subhumans airing their laughable squishy shit-pinchers around a swimming pool.  Photo filed.  Note at the top of the file. 

2007-2-7, 0943: (S) BT** INTERNET.  http://www.drugs-plaza.com/forums/


                                                           Web searching to learn what a ferroresonate transformer was, we were slammed in the face with a longhaired black-haired shiteater cuntmonkey airing its repulsive naked body, leering at all that is decent and holy, shitting in the face of the Great Spirit, it airs its nauseating and diseased watermelon-sized bladders in CU. 


Drug Professor

Joined: 18 Jun 2005

Posts: 574

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

                                                           Photo filed.  Note at the top of the file.


The spirit that endows all things with life is love.



2007-2-7: (F) (A) INTERNET.  In 1986: In the wake of political unrest, Haitian Dictator Shiteater Jean-Claude Duvalier fled his country, with U.S. assistance, for France.


2007-2-9, 1400: (S) INTERNET.

                                                           These Victoria’s nasty and smelly Secrets degenerated began smelling up our mailbox with this naked shit.


-----Original Message-----
From: Be an Angel For Valentine’s [mailto:Tem@clickaway2get.com]
Sent: Friday, February 09, 2007 12:52 PM
Subject: [SPAM][FREE bras, panties...Packs From Victoria’s Secret]


If you can’t read or see this email, Click Here

An e-address goes here.


Repeat of e-address.  


Repeat of e-address. 

Claim Yours NOW!

Repeat of e-address. 


Unsubscribe Here Repeat of e-address. 

Repeat of e-address.


2007-2-10, 1131: (S) BT**.  http://www.seeklyrics.com/lyrics/House-Of-


                                                           On the right was an ad for pornography composed of a column of several photos of subhuman cuntmonkeys airing themselves.

1. A pants wearing black male subhuman, squeezing a naked blonde’s subhuman’s bladders, some white all-american girl next door letting off the reek.

2. CU of a brunette’s huge bladders and nipples in gossamer top, letting out the stench.  

3. Other filthy photographs of average american pestholes.

                                                           These photos linked to a porn site.  We were unable to obtain the web address.  Back at the House of Pain site, the photos were replaced by a column red blocks flashing the names of  rich and famous naked actress subhumans. 

                                                           Check thoroughly.  Note at the top of the file.


A happy marriage is a long conversation that always seems too short. 



2007-2-12, 1147: (S) BT**.  http://www.seeklyrics.com/lyrics/House-Of-


                                                           The all-american girl ad of 2007-2-1o was replaced with an ad for the  porn of the rich and famous naked cuntmonkey, in-public-permanently-fucking Britney Spears.  Watch the best of Britney’s worse .  you’ve never see her like this before.  Below that aired a column of photos of the rich animal airing its putrid and grubby body.    

1. Cleavage Surprise: CU of its huge ¾-n bladders.

2. Exposed bikini: on a bed, this pesthole airing its festering slimy pesthole, shot from between its legs and stinking up the studio.  

3. (CA).  Baby drop: the Britney Spears beast dropping a baby onto the concrete sidewalk.

4. Hot see thru: its naked and reeking bladders, iron hard nipples squeezing hate, disrespect, and possibly  pus.

5. Sexy screensaver: naked from the waist up, and its effectually naked turd-pincher.


2007-2-13, 0830: 89.7 FM  WTMD.

1. Baltimore City Fire Department has stopped setting rowhomes on fire for training purposes.  No word on whether or not the residents, Human Beings, were still living in them. 

2. The subhumans that own and run the City Council are two votes from passing a smoking ban in restaurants, bars and cabs.


The way to love anything is to realize that it might be lost.


2007-2-13: I/O. 

A. Recorded 2006-11-5, on 88.5 FM WAMU, The Big Broadcast.  The X Random Factor by Jean Shepherd, © 2006 Hartwest Productions, Inc., originally broadcast on WOR, New York, in the 1960s. 

 1. He was forbidden to say Sodom, Indiana, on the radio.

 2. He was forbidden to say “adultery” when reading a newspaper article in the London Times.

 3. An unbreakable Hollywood rule was that evil people cannot win, crime cannot pay.  There are states where movies are banned if crime is seen to pay.

                                                           This is 2006, right?  Here in the filthy womb of america the whore, in the pits of worst depravity known, and going lower right?  People complained about things that were said on this episode.  . 


B. Recorded 2006-11-19, on 88.5 FM WAMU, The Big Broadcast. Don’t Be a Leaf by Jean Shepherd, © 2006 Hartwest Productions, Inc., originally broadcast on WOR, New York, in the 1960s. 

                                                           Speaking about a man on the job, he is going through sheer unadulterated Hades”. 

11 + 7

                                                           This computer rig is less than two months old.  Because of Microsoft, we have no Windows Media Player has No Media Center.  Windows Media Player has lost the Save Scene button, which we used extensively.  We cannot delete gigabytes of Microsoft advertisement.  This rig cost nigh $1,000.  Why is it not ours.  It is not ours, because we have no authority over it.  and, if you want help correcting their mistakes, you must pay an exorbitant fee to talk to them.

                                                           Elect us!


2007-2-14, 0802: 89.7 FM  WTMD.

 1. A leading rich republican steer in Congress says you must massively increase you presence in Iraq because you are, “fighting terrorism in Iraq.”  We ought be fighting it here.   “If we leave they’ll just follow us home.”  The first phrase   “fighting terrorism in Iraq” is a war crime lie.  The second,  “If we leave they’ll just follow us home,” reflects on republican management of america the whore.  Have they not taken enough of our liberties?  What would we have to give the rich republican subhumans to keep them out?  

2. Yokelly: The Baltimore City Council lacks two votes to make it a crime to smoke in bars, restaurants and taxis.  The rich liberal oppressors that want this are, if I remember, “looking for a statewide ban”.  This nags me.  She may have reported that they are “hoping for a statewide ban”.


2007-2-14, 1704: (S) INTERNET.    http://mailcenter2.comcast.net/wmc/v/wm/


                                                           Top Fan Videos: Sharon Stone shocks at auction.  There was a photo of the horrible depraved beast, in CU, making a face uglier than usual,

likely airing its bladders in some measure.  We did not click on.


2007-2-15, 1151:  (F) (A) INTERNET.  1989: Under President Mikhail Gorbachev, the Soviet Union withdrew its last troops from Afghanistan after raping, torturing, murdering and butchering the people and blowing apart little children since 1979.  Of course, nothing was never done about it.


2050-2105: PB.  Bluecoat chopper blasted over the area real low and threatening.  We are going to take those helicopters from them, and pretty much everything else.

                                                           Elect us!


2007-2-16: (F) (A).  From a personal newsletter (address redacted to protect the innocent) we have report of an american Vietnam war criminal he-row.  This subhuman brags of the numerous Human Beings, barefoot, unarmed, and fleeing with their arms raised, that it americanized with a machinegun, from behind, from a helicopter, high in the air.  “Shootin’ ‘em in the ass,” as it so warmly puts it.    

                                                           Brave.  american war he-row.

                                                           The neighbors fear for their children.

                                                           Elect us!


This minute, too, is part of eternity.



2007-2-16.  (F).

1626: 89.7 FM  WTMD: I Predict a Riot by the Kaiser Chiefs on their CD Employment. 


I Predict a Riot

 1. PB BT**. 

A friend of a friend he got beaten

He looked the wrong way at a policeman...


2. NL.

I tried to get in my taxi

A man in a tracksuit attacked me

He said that he saw it before me

Wants to get things a bit gory


3. (S)  T**

Girls run around with no clothes on

To borrow a pound for a condom

If it wasn’t for chip fat, well they’d be frozen

They’re not very sensible...


1630: The Guns of Brixton by the Clash on their CD London Calling.



 1. PB BT*.

When they kick out your front door

How you gonna come?

With your hands on your head

Or on the trigger of your gun

When the law break in

How you gonna go?

Shot down on the pavement

Or waiting in death row...

2. NL.

The money feels good

And your life you like it well

But surely your time will come

As in heaven, as in hell...

3. PB BT**.

You know it means no mercy

They caught him with a gun

No need for the Black Maria

Goodbye to the Brixton sun...


2007-2-16: INTERNET. 


1650:  (S) BT** http://artists.letssingit.com/kaiser-chiefs-i-predict-a-riot-wc2q6d1.

                                                           We finally identified the song I Predict a Riot by the Kaiser Chiefs on their CD Employment.  Wanted the lyrics for reference, unfortunately the above website assailed us by airing a photo of an all-american naked cuntmonkey girl airing itself.      

                                                           Ad: singlesnet.com.  A subhuman naked cuntmonkey in blue shoes, lying on and squashing its huge pus bladders, CU of its huge stinking turd-pincher.  Its calves are folded up.  Its repulsive head is not aired in the photo.  This filth is used in two formats at this site.  Image filed.  Note at the top of the file.   


1700: (S) INTERNET.  http://www.sing365.com/music/lyric.nsf/Guns-of-Brixton-lyrics-The-Clash/C2A3732B03DA609A48256D98000F45F6.  We were assailed and insulted here also, but not as horribly, so it gets listed only, no words of wisdom. 



Maybe you girls over there in I-rack might want to give some thought to how o pull proper helicopter maintenance, if you are pulling any at all.  Ever time we turn around the news tells another chopper had crashed.  Can’t figure it out.  


2130-2144: PB.  Pig chopper circling with searchlight on.


2007-2-2o: (S) BT** PERIODICAL.  As per previous listings, despite repeated warnings from the Prohibitory Order Processing Center, United States Post Office, PO Box 1500, New York, NY 10008-1500, concerning these shitty magazines, members of our militia have received, unsolicited, the February 2007 Playboy ISSN 0032-1478 , “compliments” of AdamEve.com, PEI, PO box 2007, Harlam, Iowa 51537. 

                                                           Federal law means nothing to subhuman pornographers, nor to their naked monkeys, of course.  Note at the top of the file.


What does not destroy me makes me stronger.






0738: (S) BT** INTERNET.  Our computer is two months and four days old and  those scurvy knaves Microsoft, a clammy octopus of american greed, has crashed our system twice.  They will not own up to it, much less fix it.  After we were forced to do a second system recovery, we clicked on Windows Media Player  and were taken to a standard filthy Microsoft site, WindowsMedia.com.  There a naked subhuman cuntmonkey brunette named Fergia was squeezing its pus bladders and leering at the Great Spirit, Man, families, and all that is holy.

                                                           May King Midas burn in Hell.  We’d like to help him get there.

                                                           Note at the top of the file.


                                                           Anybody heard anything from the 10,000s who have disappeared into the federal concentration camps?  What unspeakable atrocities are they suffering at the shitty and brutal hands you your military and cia subhumans?  You might have heard some, go on, take a guess. 


2007-2-21: (S).  Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, WB DVD no. 59388. 

Unto 00:18:08: Check for dugs and ass-slits at Hogwarts, etc.  Maybe the ass-slit of Emma Watson (Hermione).

00:18:08: BT**.  Full deep shit-slicer slit and -cheeks of acrobat in French blue.  Note at the top of the file.

01:17:23: Dugs.

01:17:32: (T).  ¼-n dugs of contestant.  ¼-n dugs of E.W.

01:18:00: Many dugs at ball.

01:21:31: (T).  E.M.’s ¼-n dugs.

01:22:18: BT**.  Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid) places his hand on the ass of a giant female.  Mega pussy bitch.    

01:31:31: (T).  CU ¼-of contestant.

01:31:40: pronounced cuntmound and ass-slabs of contestant.  Note at the top of the file.

01:31:49: BT**.  Full-deep shit-slicer slit and –slabs of contestant.   Note at the top of the file.

01:32:18: BT**.  CU of full slit and shit-slicer slabs of contestant.  Note at the top of the file.

01:32:21: (T).  ½-n dugs.



0808: 103.1 FM WRNR.   A  lengthy public service announcement from  Breathe America, a  propaganda arm of The American Cancer Society, advising us to get behind the larded gentry in Annapolis to pass the no smoking ban for Maryland.  We can find meaningful employment for these frustrated nannies  if given the opportunity of doing so.  Meanwhile , we feel better without having this commie rock ‘n’ roll station air in our fair offices.


2007-2-25, 2030.  I/O BT**.  88.5 FM WAMU.  Actor Harold Duff was unable to get work because of the subhuman HUAC, the House Un-american Activities Committee.  The pudgy rich subhumans felt that he might maybe perhaps have thought of the color red, or something, and so the Screen Actor’s Guild, under the famous rich subhuman Ronald Millhouse Reagan, threw him out.     

Fortune favors the bold but abandons the timid.

——Latin Proverb.


2007-2-27.  PERIODICAL.  The Baltimore Sun.

p. 1C.  (S).  CUs of the huge ½-n pus bladders of rich and famous naked actress cuntmonkeys Jennifer Hudson, Tyra Banks and Sara Ramirez. 

p, 2C. 

1.                                                                                                CU ¼-n pus bladders of rich and famous naked actress cuntmonkey Helen Mirren.

2.                                                                                               BT**.  Photo of 54 year old Mirinete Morrison airing itself completely naked.  For some reason this animal reminds me of Darth Vader without his helmet.  Note at the top of the file.

p. 3C.  BT**.  Appearing at the government funded Kennedy Center is the foul Carnival.  Aired here are 7 nasty cuntmonkeys airing shit-slicer slabs, pesthole mounds, and portions of bladders, to let some of the stink out.  Note at the top of the file.


p. 5C.   

PB BT**.  B.C. by Johnny Hart, © 2007 Creators Syndicate, Inc.

Buggy teacher: Who can tell me what an “interrobang” is?

Buggy student: That’s when a “perp” gets accidentally whacked when the interrogator’s gun goes off.

Zippy © 2007 by Bill Griffith.  Zerbina: Angelina Jolie’s lips are huge. 

                                                           So’s her pesthole we hear. 



BOOK.  On the Firing Line: My 500 Days at Apple, © 1998 by Gilbert F. Amelio and William L. Simon, HarperCollins Publishers, Inc., 10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022, ISBN 0-88730-919-4.

Chapter 1: A Winter’s Tale——I AM HIRED

p. 9.  Allusion to Deep Throat by way of Watergate.  Deep Throat, the movie, starred that enlightened, liberated, sophisticated and modern flower of American femininity, Linda Lovelace (recently resurrected) sucking and fucking dogs.   

p. 16.  New York City tap water referred to as, “Giuliani water tasting right”. 

Giuliani is, of course, the rich republican subhuman former mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani that, with patriotic malice aforethought, unleashed, in its loving terms, “the dogs of war” upon the people.  These “dogs of war” were, of course, the bluecoats, or shit-eating pigs as we are fond of saying.  It should have called them the “shit-eating pigs of cowardice “ instead of the “dogs of war”. 


Nothing lowers the level of conversation more than raising the voice.

——Stanley Horowitz.


Chapter 2: Tight-Fisted Homunculus—MY CONTRACT GOES THROUGH HELL AND SO DO I 

p. 30.  The press criticized Amelio for hairstyle, mode of dress, and because he was not thin enough.  One wonders what that press trash looked like.


Chapter 6: Tragedy of Errors——MY MISTAKES BEGIN TO PILE UP

p. 87.  There are those who believe business leaders should ignore the emotional part of complaints about the shoddy shit foisted off upon us business, like doctors who treat diseases as though the patient is a statistic.  we buy expensive items now, and we d not even own them.   

p. 106.  Microsoft CEO Bill Gates, 100 billionaire pantywaist, one of those that has no idea what life is like, one for whom it has always been square pegs and square holes, insults his subordinates and treats in a crass and crude manner.


Chapter 8: Done Well If Done Quickly——SHAPING MY OWN EXECUTIVE TEAM

p. 124.  CEO Marco Landi rants and raves at employees, thinks he can wipe his executive asshole on them.


Chapter 9: Nerd’s Labor Lost and Found——SOLID GUIDELINES FOR NEW PRODUCTS

p. 128.  I/O.  Dealers deliberately sold $1,000,000,000 worth of Apple products despite a timely recall.



p. 183.  (S).  “Dancing girls” are used at Apple sales conferences.



p. 196.  Obscenely rich CEO Steve Jobs treats subordinates like idiots.  He has a personality as pleasant as shit on a summer sidewalk. 



p. 211.  Rich CEO Steve Jobs is so repugnant, that if he does not get his way he whines and throws frequent “Steve-trums”.  A  “Steve-trum” is like a tantrum but worse.   

p. 224.  Steve Jobs lied to his childhood friend Steve Wozniak about a job they took and cheated him out of $5,650 for work that only Woz could and did do.

All acknowledge Jobs is a technological moron, Wozniak was brains of the two. 


Chapter 15: Discontented Winter——A REORGANIZATION I DON’T WANT BUT MUST DO

p. 234.  Rich CEO Marco Landi often explodes in a rage and ridicules and demeans employees before others calling them filthy names.  It stops subordinates during  presentations in crowded auditoriums and humiliates and derides them. 


Chapter 16: A Very Palpable Hit­­­­——STEVE JOBS REVEALS HIS HAND

p. 244.  Steve Jobs is compared to Evita Perón, the dead patriotic Argentine bitch-whore of the Earth.  


Chapter 17: A Pound of Flesh——PEOPLE WHO WANT A PIECE OF APPLE

p. 157.  Mention of actress cuntmonkey Jennifer Jason Leigh.


Chapter 18: Bullets Wrapped in Fire­­­­­­——I AM DISMISSED

p. 265.  By skullduggery, rich CEO Steve Jobs, a thing without integrity or conscience, the moralless wonder, got Amelio fired and itself installed as CEO of Apple, which it had been plotting and then, like it did with Wozniak, lied to him about it.

pp. 270-271.  The author, finding himself seated next to rich and famous war criminal Henry Kissinger at a Booz Allen consulting firm function, was delighted .  He thinks the rich war criminal “an exceptional man”.  They sucked up to each other.



p. 273.  Rich CEO Steve Jobs’ return to control of Apple is marred by despicable outbursts of temper and his erratic mantic style of dealing with people. 

p. 274.  On Apple property, he routinely parks in spaces reserved for the handicapped.  He fired Wozniak, working as an unpaid advisor on a new product, in an insulting and humiliating manner.

pp. 274-275.  To ridicule employees who say things that it does not like, rich CEO Steve Jobs uses a scale, i.e., a remark will be rated a “one-Gil” or a “two-Gil” or worse. 

p. 275.  Eight months later, rich CEO Steve Jobs’ routine ranting and raving has made it impossible to find someone to work with it long enough to take over  as CEO so the board of directors can move it out.  like a bad smell that will not go away, they deserve it. 

p. 280.  Apple trashed its agreement with Amelio cheating him out of many millions of dollars, much less than the $9,200,000 he had been promised.  In p. p. 106..  A Maxwell House Coffee jingle from the forties.  fact, he ended up owing them $500,000.


As you travel on through life, brother

Whatever your goal

Keep your eye on the doughnut

and not on the hole.


                                                           Why does that hole remind us of Steve Jobs and American business in general?


1312.  I/O BT**.   Recently we chipped in and bought a new computer for headquarters.  We paid nearly $1,000 for the computer, but to our surprise we do not own it.  Oh, no no no.  This is America the Naked Butchering Whore, owned and run by rich subhumans. 

                                                           On the computer was a 60 day free trail for Microsoft Office Standard Edition 2003 word processing software.  We had no choice but to sigh up for the trial test, otherwise we could not work.  We consciously did not use this software.  We downloaded 263 files from disks made on our previous computer and worked from them.  We paid no attention to the free trial, which should not have been on there to begin with, since we felt it did not concern us.

                                                           The Microsoft shit-eaters have locked us out of the 263 files.  Nor can we access files on external media.  We cannot afford the $269.00 ransom fee.  If elected, we are going to severely punish those responsible up to and including the billionaire bum Bill gates itself.  The United States Government allows this because it is owned and run, not by the People, but rich subhumans.  So the same will hold true exacting justice there.

                                                           Gorbus, the clammy Octopus of Alacrity, the cackling greed monster, Microsoft, founded by a wimp, owned and run by Butt-hole Lickers.

                                                           Note at the top of the file.

                                                           Elect us!


Deliberation is the work of many men.  Action, of one alone.

——Charles de Gaulle.


0630.  89.7 FM WTMD.

Under dingbat Mayorette Sheila Dixon, the rich liberal commies on the Baltimore City Council have passed a no smoking ban.  Has anybody bothered to ask the employees of bars and restaurants what they think of this.  If so we have not heard the results of the survey. 

Dingbat Mayorette Sheila Dixon wants to combine the street pigs and the school system’s pigs. 

Why doesn’t somebody think of the children.  Think of the children.   

                                                           The Mayorette is the one that, as president of the criminals on the Baltimore City Council,

       gave her cousin $100,000 a year of the people’s money to chauffer her black ass around.      

      Considering the people of Baltimore she is the perfect one to pseudo lead them.


PERIODICAL.  World Explorer, Vol. 4, No. 5, ibid.

News Roundup

p. 9.  (F) (A).  Nepal: In June 2001 a “King” Gyanendra declared marital law.  “Let the atrocities begin!”  (Reuters, 21 Nov 2006; World Explorer editorial)

p. 11.

I/O (M) BT**.  Three subhumans that worked together in 1963 at JM-WAVE, the cia’s pigsty in Miami for its covert war in Cuba, were present at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, California, when Robert Kennedy was murdered.  These baby butchers are Gordon Campbell, George Joannides and a piece of demented foreign shit, Davis Morales.  The Morales subhuman said about their murders of John Kennedy, President of the United States, and his brother Robert Kennedy campaigning for president, “I was in Dallas when we got the son of a bitch and I was in Los Angeles when we got the little bastard”.                             

                                                           Freedom!  Wave the rag you demented cowards.  They will see you and like you.  Sure they will.

                                                           Mention of rich and famous naked cuntmonkey actress Marylyn Monroe.

I/O (A).  cia sties that murder throughout the county and the world are MK Ultra, MK Naomi, and MK Artichoke.  (BBC Newsnight, 20 Nov 2006; Jerry E. Smith, author of HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of Conspiracy)


p. 14.  PB BT.  Celebrants in Minneapolis went on a “zombie pub crawl” until the Minneapolis shit-eaters arrested the six as terrorists.  Said Inspector Janee Harteau “. . .why would they have those [bags] in not to intimidate people?”

                                                           The bags were stereos rigged to carry on their backs.   (Eyewitness News-ABC-Channel 5, 25 Jul 2006)


The Legend of Bigfoot: The Ivan Marx Story by Davis Hatcher Childress.  

p. 28.  (S) BT**.  Beauty and the Beast (Marius Manzanian/Ray Nadeau, 1974) Porno movie about a Bigfoot who chases naked women, allegedly also released as Desperately Seeking Yeti. 

p. 29.

Night of the Demon (James C. Wasson, 1980) Gory ‘video nasty’ (banned in the UK) in which Bigfoot attacks a tasty student expedition.  We dint know what those Brits had no class.  Their cuntmonkeys are naked on the streets. 

(S).  Ape Canyon (Jon Olsen, 2002) Comedy about a Sasquatch who sexually molests women in his search for Brittney Spears(!).  


The Metal Library of Atlantis by Philip Coppens.

p. 34.  (F) (A).  In 1997 patriotic military subhumans took over Ecuador and the hot new atrocities began.


p. 50.  (S) BT*.  Ad: Lost Continent Library.  CU of huge ½-n pus bladders aired by a wide-kneed kneeling sneering blonde beast.


p. 55.  (S).  Photo of July 1957 Man’s Conquest magazine: “STRIP-JOINT  GIRL.  First in an Intimate True-Life Photo Series.


Insanity is often the logic of an accurate mind over tasked.

——Oliver W. Holmes, Sr.

Adventures Unlimited Press catalog.

p. 63.  I/O (T).  The Energy Machine of T. Henry Moray by Moray V. King.  In the 1920s T. Henry Moray invented a “free energy” device that reportedly output 50 kilowatts of electricity.  It could not be explained by standard science of the time.  The electricity exhibited a strange “cold current” characteristic where thin wires could conduct appreciable power without heating.  Moray suffered ruthless suppression, and in 1939 the device was destroyed.  Frontier science lecturer and author Moray B. King explains the invention with today’s science: Modern physics recognizes the vacuum contains tremendous energy called the zero-point energy.  A way to coherently activate it appears surprisingly simple: First create a glow plasma or corona.  Then abruptly pulse it.  Other inventors have discovered this approach (sometimes unwittingly) and created novel energy devices, but they too were suppressed.  The common pattern of their technologies clarified the fundamental operating principle.  The purpose of this book is to inspire engineers and inventors so that a new energy source can become available to mankind. Moray B. King, electrical engineer and systems engineer, is an internationally recognized expert on the topic of zero-point energy and has authored the books, Tapping the Zero-Point Energy and Quest for Zero-Point Energy.

Retail Price: $14.95, CODE:EMHM, Pages:224, Size:6x9 Paperback


2007-3-2, 0746.  BT**.  http://www.sirius.com/servlet/ContentServer?pagename=Sirius/ CachedPage&c=Page&cid=1018209032790.  Ad: Playboy bikini party.  Four leering sneering animals airing pesthole mounds, turd-pincher slabs,  CU of huge ½-n pus bladders.


2007-3-2.  89.5 FM WTMD played Iggy Pop’s Five Foot One.  The refrain and fade is “I wish life could be a Swedish magazine”.  The Swedes are an exceptionally depraved people.


2007-3-4.  PERIODICAL.  The Baltimore Sun, ibid.

p. 1D.  (S).   Here is a large, full-color photograph of what we guess to be a girl.  We guess it’s a girl.  Yes, we’re sure of it now.  Couldn’t be anything else.  The hormone scrambled  thing is airing the top portion of its pus bladders.  The caption: Arundel High’s Nicole Woody can’t free herself from the grasp of River Hill’s Scott Mantua in the Class 4A-3A 103-pound state final.     

                                                           You would expect such from Anne Arundel County, Maryland.  You have heard of  that stinking commie county, surely.   There, the subhuman pigs run rampant, use infrared night seeing devices to catch horrible criminals driving without baby belts, and people are  arrested for smoking in your backyard.  

                                                           We feel sorry for the young boy Scott Mantua forced to demean himself and get slimy  before the world  by grappling with this beast.  Probably like holding on to an eel but somehow he managed.  We feel sorry for all the boys forever polluted by her.  They will never get clean.  No amount of soap will wash off her defilement.  They are forever made unclean by her in her quest to damn her despised sex, grow balls, and be a man.  We neither read nor saved the ass-hole licking propaganda titled: But statement on gender isn’t on Woody’s mind as she rues loss, by Kevin Van Valkenberg, Sun propagandist.  Photo filed. 

                                                           What are they teaching them?  Ooh, what are they teaching them?  Think of the children.  Will someone please think of the children?

                                                           Liberals are vomit lickers.


Comics.  I/O (T).  Fox Trot, © 2007 by Bill Amend.  Hollywood and the music labels are rampaging the defenseless.  They savage single moms, widows, grandmothers, dead people and children.


Every institution is the lengthened shadow of one man.

——Ralph Waldo Emerson.


2007-3- 5, 1635.  I/O.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_King

                                                           Oxford County Sheriff’s deputy Matt Baker recorded that witnesses said the driver was not speeding or reckless.  Baker also reported that King was struck from behind.  King’s official website, however, states that this was incorrect, and that King was walking facing traffic.  In any case, Smith was turned and leaning to the rear of his vehicle trying to restrain his dog, and was not watching the road when he struck King.


2007-3-6, 1541.  I/O.

From: Rusty / SomaFM <rusty@somafm.com>

Subject: New royalty threatens internet radio

Dear General:

                                                           You may have heard, but once again internet radio is facing huge additional  royalties for broadcasting music. These royalties are in addition to the ones that we pay to ASCAP and BMI, and are a royalty that is only paid by internet broadcasters. Over-the-air (AM/FM) broadcasters are explicitly exempt from this royalty; it only applies to internet broadcasters and subscription music services.
                                                           In the past, we paid royalties based on a percentage of our revenues, in our case 10% of our revenue. But the new royalties don’t allow that percentage of revenue factor, and instead charge us for each song we play times the number of people listening. This works out to about $8 per average concurrent listener per month. In 2006, we averaged over 6000 average concurrent listeners per month, and the royalties we will have to pay for 2006 is about $628,000, over 4
times the amount of money we brought in.
                                                           And these rates go up drastically each year, until 2010, where they are 2.5 times their initial rate: by then we will have to pay over $1 million dollars a year in royalties if we want to stay on the air.
                                                           So you can see that this puts us in an impossible position. And to make it even worse, the rates are retroactive to 2006.
                                                           It doesn’t seem fair that a small radio service like SomaFM has to pay all these additional royalties, when over-the-air stations who reach much larger audiences are exempted from paying them.
                                                           If you are in the USA, we would appreciate it if you could sign this online petition which will be pres ented to members of Congress.
                                                           It’s important for us to let Congress know that independent internet radio is
about to be forced out of business.
                                                           We need to keep our existing “percentage of revenue” royalty rate structure, or better yet, have Congress extend the exemption to internet radio stations as well as terrestrial (over-the-air) stations.


                                                           Thanks for all of your support for SomaFM in the past. We will do what we need to do to keep SomaFM on the air and broadcasting. We love you!

Rusty Hodge,
General Manager and Program Director


                                                           Why is this?  We shall find out the real reasons.


To strangle communications is a prime objective of all terrorist states.

——The Prophet Mastodon.


2007-3-9.  I/O.  The men report ghastly utilities bills.  The worst this month is from a fellow’s parents.  Their natural gas bill was $176.00.  Their electric bill was $97.00.  The cost of electricity is scheduled to rise 50% in June, the worst time of year.  It will take all this octogenarians couples’ social security benefits to cover utilities.  The Baltimore Gas and Electric Company was unchained by rich republican subhuman Governor Robert L. Ehrlich and his rich republican asshole-lickers.  All responsible should be marched to the killing grounds at the point of a bayonet and butchered.

                                                           Elect us!




                                                           Those of you who think science god, read the below by the great Jonathan Swift. 

Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift



                                                           They spend the greatest part of their lives in observing the celestial

bodies, which they do by the assistance of glasses, far excelling ours in goodness. For, although their largest telescopes do not exceed three feet, they magnify much more than those of a hundred with us, and show the stars with greater clearness.  This advantage has enabled them to extend their discoveries much further than our astronomers in Europe; for they have made a catalogue of ten thousand fixed stars, whereas the largest of ours do not contain above one third part of that number.  They have likewise discovered two lesser stars, or satellites, which revolve about Mars; whereof the innermost is distant from the centre of the primary planet exactly three of his diameters, and the outermost, five; the former revolves in the space of ten hours, and the latter in twenty-one and a half; so that the squares of their periodical times are very near in the same proportion with the cubes of their distance from the centre of Mars; which evidently shows them to be governed by the same law of gravitation that influences the other heavenly bodies.

                                                           Gulliver’s Travels was published in 1726.  Now, read the this. 



                                                           In 1877, American astronomer Asaph Hall discovered and named the two moons of Mars, Phobos and Deimos, after the god’s fierce dogs. These heavily-cratered dark pieces of rock may have been asteroids of the Asteroid Belt sucked into Mars’s gravitational pull. They revolve about the planet in almost perfectly circular orbits. Their surfaces boast many carbon-rich rocks. Their low densities indicate that they may contain water ice. In fact, a Russian probe found a tiny amount of water vapor on Phobos. Neither moons have an atmosphere.



                                                           . . .  For these reasons, the trade of a soldier is held the most honourable of all others; because a soldier is a Yahoo hired to kill, in cold blood, as many of his own species, who have never offended him, as possibly he can.

                                                           Including civilians, children and even their little babies.  Great Spirit, the homosexual homicidal Americans are among the worst. 


The heart has reasons that reason does not understand.

——Jacques Benigne Bossuet.


2007-3-10: (S) BT** PERIODICAL.  As per previous listings, despite repeated warnings from the Prohibitory Order Processing Center, United States Post Office, PO Box 1500, New York, NY 10008-1500, concerning these shitty magazines, members of our militia have received, unsolicited, the March 2007 Playboy ISSN 0032-1478 , “compliments” of AdamEve.com, PEI, PO box 2007, Harlam, Iowa 51537. 

                                                           Federal law means nothing to subhuman pornographers, nor to their naked monkeys, of course.  Note at the top of the file.


2007-3-11.  (S) BT** INTERNET.  At myspace.com.

1.                                                                                                Two photos of average subhuman female animals airing their naked turd-pinchers culled from SexiLuv.com.

                 a.   One unpeeling its reeking jeans: Happy Hump Day. 

                 b.   A second subhuman with a twist of blue rag wedgied up it shitty   

                     slit: Happy Hump Day.

2.                                                                                                A sub from Iowa, photographed waist down from behind, sitting spread-legged on a stool, wearing super high red heels, red chaps and a thin strip of red cloth up its shit-stained ass-slit: Have a Rockin weekend!  Other markings: Kenjamin 10 March 13:05.

                                                           Note at the top of the file.



1200.  Marvel Comics killed off Captain America today, but they did not say why.   This is apt and fit.  There has never been an America.  The myth of America is like El Dorado but it is the Greatest Whitewash Job.  The title obviously stopped making a profit.  Why did the title stop making a profit?


As a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so a well-used life brings happy death.

——Leonardo da Vinci.


2047.  I/O BT.   INTERNET  http://www.yahoo.com/.  A subhuman piece-of-black-robbed-shit federal appeals judge turned down a dieing woman’s request to use marijuana even though her doctor said that it was the only thing keeping her alive. 

                                                           Captain America should be dead.  He should never have lived.




PERIODICAL.  The Baltimore Sun, comics, Luanan by Greg Evans.   The rich and famous actress, that sucks cocks in public in full color on 30 X 70 foot screens,  Paris Hilton, is mentioned twice.


16oo.  680 AM WCBM.  Major Indoor Soccer League: the Baltimore Blast @ the Milwaukee Wave.  In all other professional sports, no matter how wrong a call, you do not suspect the officials of accepting bribes.  MISL officials are blatantly bribed.  It is apparent that all but one owner, Edwin Hale, owner of the Baltimore Blast, bribes the MISL officials.   Milwaukee Wave goals were allowed to be scored off handballs, tackles, holding, tripping, and elbows.  If a Blast player complained, he was sent to the penalty box.  Official Kelly Mack was the most blatant in prejudicial calls against the Blast.  It is the same against all opponents.  Former Blast coach Tim Whitman was suspended for vigorous protest against the infuriatingly dishonest calls against the Blast.  The Blast lost 10:4, and are yet denied a playoff spot.    

                                                           Although one may not be a fan of the Major Indoor Soccer League, the trashy officials of the MISL should be taken to task in the name of justice and fair play.


1600-1700.  INTERNET.  88.1 FM WYPR, This American Life.  Hosted by Ira Glass, when finishing a song, two pestholes were described as “legally married”.  The degenerated, depraved and liberal audience exploded in raucous applause, cheers and whistles.   On the website http://www.thislife.org/, a cartoon is aired of a pesthole sitting on a man’s chest and beating him in the face. 

                                                           Keep in mind, this is “pubic radio” the official radio of the American people, WYPR, “Your Public Radio”.  To air this kind of shit the wicked, evil and subhuman United States government robs us at gunpoint.  We will end “public radio”.

                                                           Elect us!


2007-3- 20.  Our correspondent in Columbus, Georgia, said that a few years ago, Johnnie Cochran, the filthy barrister that got the Minotaur off the gallows, visited town.  Breathing its filthy fumes, TV news licked its shitty asshole when it passed through on a luxury air-conditioned bus.  Local serfs jostled to get its autograph and be photographed with the tall turd.  As our correspondent observed, he’d take a seat on the back of that air-conditioned luxury bus, a topflight luxury bus, rather than stay where it is now.          

2007-3-21.  INTERNET.

0954.  http://www.luckysevenradio.com/tv/.  Lengthy footage airing a rich and famous actress, the publicly permanently fucking cocksucker Britney Spears.  It got a tiny butterfly tattoo on a paw, and beat (0ff?) a car with an umbrella .  Her friends “have been shocked by her behavior”.  Now they’re shocked. 

                                                           We recently read that another rich and famous actor, publicly permanently fucking cocksucker Jessica Simpson has been having similar episodes.  Get the picture?

                                                           Hurray for america the naked raping, torturing, butchering whore.  Rich and famous actress, publicly and permanently pussy eater Vanessa Williams. has been crowned with a star on Hollywood Boulevard.  Despite, says the slut announcer, “what many said over the scandal” of her appearance in Pesthouse magazine.   


1129.  http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=coochie&r=66.  Ad:

“Win a Trip with Elton John”,  and get a free dick sucking. 

2007-3-23.  (S) INTERNET.

From: Beautiful Women Lounge [mailto:info@serpans.com]

Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2007 5:45 PM

Subject: True 7-Day Pass Lounge - Meet the hottest ladies!


2007-3-23.  (F) (A) INTERNET.  http://www.wingedhalo.com/index.html



Vol. 3, Issue 12


The Walk

© Kari Livingston, 2006.  All rights reserved.


                                                           The rebels come and take children in the night. They cut off their noses. They force them to kill their parents. They make soldiers of the boys and wives of the girls. I do not want to kill my parents. I do not want to be a wife, and so I walk.


                                                           I know every hole and every bush and I know where the older boys hide to force girls to do things that girls shouldn’t have to do.


                                                           There are more children on the path leading into city the closer we get. Some of the other children aren’t nice and pick on the smaller children, like Patrick. He stays close to me, because he knows that the bullies will leave him alone if he is with me. Some of the children are no better than the rebels. They will take girls who are alone and grab them and put their hands places they shouldn’t. Sometimes they pull them behind a wall and I can hear screams and cries. I know what they are doing, but I don’t stop it. I don’t cause trouble for myself.


                                                           She looks glad that we have not been in the army. They come too. The ones who have had to kill babies and their parents and they cry out at night. Sometimes, they seem to forget that they are not in the army and will pick a fight. The more army children that show up, the more trouble there is at the shelter. So the pretty yellow-haired lady is glad that Patrick and I have never been kidnapped.


                                                           The shelter is loud with voices as more and more children come to stay. There is yelling at the door when they begin to turn the latecomers away.


                                                           The Blast (15-12) lost, 12-4, to the visiting Chicago Storm.  The crooked Major Indoor Soccer League officials won this game for the opposition as well.


How sharper that a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child.

——William Shakespeare.

2007-3-23.  (S) BT* MAIL FILE.  From Clipper Magazine, 3708 Hempland Road, Mountville, PA 17554, #17,296, a large glossy postcard airing a snickering brunette cuntmonkey in black bra airing in CU its huge ½-n pus bladders.  It airs its reefing self to advertise Hollywood Tans, Middlesex Shopping Center, 1348 Eastern Blvd., Baltimore, MD 21221-3423.  Postcard field.     

                                                           Confer with 2006-7-7 PERIODICAL.  Arrived in the mail, Coupon Clipper, Essex/Middle River Edition, July-August 2006.  It is the same cuntmonkey in the same photo.  Photo filed. 

A hen is only an egg’s way of making another egg. 

——Samuel Butler.


2007-3-24, 1709.  I/O BT**.  680 AM WCBM.  All Things Real Estate.  The wicked courts have unchained the Baltimore City government to steal people’s homes, drive them out, and trash all their possessions for back land taxes as little as $400, sewage and water bills, and the asshole-lickers are going at it tongue in bung.  The SPOBRS (Subhuman Pieces of Black-robed Shit) and those that own and run The Baltimore City government should drink the sewage.    

                                                           Law requires the title holding companies to inform people that property they purchase is in arrears but they will not do it.  Nothing has or shall be done about it.

                                                           One caller testified that he went to the City bureaucracy for information about property his aging father purchased, and the pampered turds, hormone scrambled degenerates, working for the Baltimore City government would not talk it to him.  Golly gee, we could have told them that.  The caller said, “What they are doing is unbelievable”. 

                                                           All responsible.  Note at the top of the file.


                                                           The officials won another one for the opposition.  Baltimore Blast (15-13) lost, 14-7, to the Philadelphia KiXX (16-11).  I turned the game off before it was over, not for the first time.  The rules say that on a kick in, no player can be closer than five paces.  A KiXX player was within a yard of the Blast player.  He rushed, intercepted  the ball, scored.  Instead of a two-minute power play for the Blast, the KiXX get two points.  The officials are bribed.  Endless illegal calls are made against the Blast.  There should be at minimal flogging for crooked game officials, and the penalties may ascend the scale thereafter.       



PB I/O.  A dangerous Baltimore County pig thrice harassed one of our Men out jogging around a school.  At 0624 hours he stopped our Man asking if he had “seen a gang of kids in black clothing and black bandana”.  Our Man was wearing a black sweat suit, the hood of the sweatshirt over hos head, a black bandana, which he had used once or twice (50° F), rested in the pocket of his sweatshirt.  He answered no.  The bluecoat left by needlessly driving across the soggy school grounds, in true lawless TV fashion.  It returned at o634 hours and 0647 hours, but did not again assail our Man with words.  This is strange.  At 0624 hours it was dark, and foggy.  Surely, nobody could see a black bandana, used but once or twice and wadded in his hand, at that hour through fog unless using binoculars.  He was a distance from a flea market, where patriots had licked assholes using cell phones and sicced the pigs on him before, causing him trouble.     


                                                           With the criminal coalition that invaded Iraq falling apart, the patriotic atrocifiers in billionaire bum Baby Bush’s administrated are yelling that when you pull out of Iraq, the terrorists follow you home, and the asshole-licking american people believe them.  Again, the war is a criminal invasion of another country.  It is a war crime.  Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have been raped and/or tortured and/or murdered.  Before the criminal invasion of Iraq, the terrorists themselves called Saddam Hussein “the butcher of Baghdad”. 

                                                           In this stinking POS country you needn’t worry about imported terrorists.  You pay your own bluecoated pig/subhumans to terrorize your neighbors. 

Adventures Unlimited, Spring – Summer 2007  Catalog, Adventures Unlimited, One Adventure Place, Box 74, Kempton, IL 60946.


New Books

p. 3.  (F) (A).      

Ashes of Faith: A Doomsday Cult’s Orchestration of Mass Murder in Africa by Robert Bwire.

                                                            The “Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments for God,” a Ugandan millenarian cult, proclaimed the end of the world on December 31, 1999.  The cult claimed that Virgin Mary had delivered this message directly to its three leaders: a half-insane failed politician, a defrocked Catholic priests and a former prostitute.     

                                                           When the world failed to end, the disillusioned faithful demanded a refund of property and money generously donated to the cult leadership.  Unable to quell the rising tide of unrest, the cult leaders conceived a macabre plan of permanently stifling dissenting voices.  On march 17, 2000, the cult led its unsuspecting followers through a literal baptism of fire.  Over 550 men, women and children perished in true  flames as they waited for their salvations from a sinful world.  Subsequent investigation uncovered a series of mass graves, bringing the total killed to over on thousand—the largest death toll linked to a doomsday cult in recent human history.

168 pages.  6x8 paperback.  Illustrated.  Appendix.  $13.95.  Code: ASHF.  


p. 8. (A) I/O (M) BT** Note at the top of the file.  PREVIOUSLY LISTED.   

Barry and the Boys: The CIA, the Mob, and American Secret History, by Daniel Hopsicker. 

                                                           This is the story of Barry Seal, the biggest drug smuggler in American history, who died in a hail of bullets with George H. W. Bush’s private phone number in his wallet.  Seal, the most successful drug smuggler in American history, was also a lifelong CIA agent, one of the most famous who ever lived, active in everything from the Bay of Pigs to Watergate to the Kennedy Assassination.  And all this before becoming famous for importing tons of cocaine through Mena, Arkansas in the scandal that won’t go away.  Includes almost 60 pages of never-before-seen photos & documents from Barry Seal’s archives. Packed with information, the 38 chapters in this book include: Learning to Fly-The Civil Air Patrol Way; Who are “The Boys?”; Double-Check Cowboys at the Bay of Pigs; Did Barry Seal Fly a Getaway Plane Out of Dallas?; Deep Watergate; Three Decades of the Condor; Who is Richard Ben-Veniste?; Trinity is My Name; The Killing of Barry Seal; more. 

457 pages.  6x9 paperback.  Illustrated.  Appendix.  Index.  $19.95.  Code: BBOY. 


Nothing is more terrible than ignorance in action.

—— Johann Goethe.

p. 9.  (F) (A) I/O BT**. 

Stone of Heaven: The Secret History of Imperial Green Jade, by Adrian Levy and Cathy Scott-Clark. 

                                                           The incredible hidden history of the world’s rarest and most valuable gem stone.  The Stone of Heaven: the Secret History of Imperial Green Jade by Adrian Levy and Cathy Scott Clark is one of those remarkable travel-cum-history books that manages to combine both glamour and mystery with the exposure of moral squalor and appalling political corruption.  These are the things that gold, silver, diamonds have generated throughout history——and so too, it seems, has imperial green jade.  The facts about the “stone of heaven” sound more like the wildest fictions of swashbuckling storytellers like Rider Haggard, or perhaps even Wilbur Smith.  It is by far the most valuable stone in the world (diamonds are positively cheap compared to this stuff), and in its purest form, it derives from only one source: a remote mine in a valley in the very shadow of the Himalayas.  The authors take us competently through the history of green jade, brought to life most entertainingly of all in the 18th-century skirmishes between the British and the Chinese——in terms of wiliness and cunning, a fine match for each other.  They give us some great “well, would you believe it?” facts (one Chinese Emperor wrote more than 800 poems to his beloved jade collection).  But the book really ignites towards the end, and becomes something very different, when Levy and Scott-Clark finally reach the world’s only jade mine, now in Burma.  Here there are facts to be learned that truly beggar belief.  The mines are worked by around one million men, women and children. They are paid in government-supplied heroin. Needles are shared between around 800 people at a time. 99.9 per cent of the workers are HIV positive. The mine is declared an international disaster zone by the United Nations. Imported from Britain.

430 pages.  6x9 hardback.  Illustrated. Bibliography. Index.  $24.95.  Code: TSOH.


New DVDs

p. 13.  SCHO-OP.  Aztec 1948 UFO Crash: The Government Cover-Up of UFOs and Recovered. 

                                                           On March 25, 1948 a UFO spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin crashed in a place called Aztec, New Mexico. 16 alien bodies were discovered dead inside.  The alien bodies and all evidence of their spacecraft were soon transported by government officials to Wright Patterson Air force Base where all traces of this event disappeared in secrecy.  This program documents the shocking facts around this disturbing mystery and includes interviews with leading UFO researchers, a walking tour of the crash site, a tour of the secret US radar station that tracked the UFO crash and the story of an intensive government investigation into alien biology and space technology.  An award winning documentary!

60 minutes.  DVD in the box.  $24.95.  Code: AZUD.                


p. 13.  SCHO-OP.  Secret Space Special Edition DVD: What is NASA Hiding.     

                                                           This two-part Special Edition presents shocking facts about UFO sightings in direct view of NASA Astronauts, obtained through a private independent study centered on monitoring and videotaping STRANGE activity seen from Space Shuttle cameras during orbital flights high above the Earth, and features the research of Jeff Challender and Project P.R.O.V.E.  The results of this investigation are amazing!  See stunning evidence of UFOs in outer space, as well as unexplained anomalies in Earth orbit.  Additionally, discover the details about NASA protocols designed to obscure observation and analysis of UFOs in space.  Contains two spellbinding programs featuring extraordinary NASA digital video footage of authentic space-based UFOs and strange anomalies filmed during US Space Shuttle missions.  128 minutes.  2 DVD set.  $29.95.  Code: SSPD.


2015-2038.  PB.  A pig chopper circled the neighborhood with its searchlight engaged.


                                                           In the ongoing saga of the corruption of Major League Indoor Soccer officials, said officials gave another game to Baltimore Blast’s opponents. 

2007-4-1.  The Baltimore Sun, Comics

According to Doonesbury, the billionaire bum trash that own and run the country are still screeching that you should “support the troops” by getting them righteously killed.  That’s their little joke from past endless wars you see, you don’t support their barbaric subhumanism, their war!  You support your creamy troops.    


Opus by Berkeley Breathed.  The rich and famous heiress, and permanently public cocksucker, Paris Hilton, is mentioned twice.


There is a road from the eye to the heart that does not go through the intellect.

 ——Gilbert K. Chesterton.

2007-4-5, 0803.  (S) INTERNET.  http://www.last.fm/music/The+Ramrods

/_/%28Ghost%29+Riders+In+The+Sky.  Ad for American Appearl: “In Living Color”.

1.                                                                                                BT**.  Beast in blue short shorts, topless from behind, turd-pincher cheeks sagging and turd-pincher slit.  Note at the top of the file.

2.                                                                                                BT*.  Pesthole in purple, CU huge ½-n dugs.

3.                                                                                                Yahoo in yellow shorts, shit-slicer slit.   


2007-4-5.  (S) PERIODICAL.  With the Baltimore Sun a pictorial advertising brochure from Macy’s, 151 W. 34th St., New York, NY 10001.

1.                                                                                                BT**.  Product Armani Code (scent): blackhead wearing gown cut so low in the back that the top of its shitter is aired.  Note at the top of the file.

2.                                                                                                BT**.  Product: Heiress (scent): sneering blonde, CU huge ½-n bladders. 

 2007-4-8.  PB I/O.



At 0604 hours our man the jogger was nearing the end of his first lap around the school grounds when an unmarked pigmobile rolled onto the lawn like a make-believe TV pig.  It rolled down the window, sat back like they do, and greeted our jogger not unpleasantly.  Our man stopped jogging.  He had to stop jogging or the unmarked pig would have been unchained to do anything it pleased to do, perhaps murder him from behind.  He returned the greeting, not unpleasantly.  No, he had not seen anybody, just got there, he steps off, pig says goodbye, he says goodbye.  The pig slowly drove around the school shinning a spotlight into the windows. 

It is ridiculously obvious what is going on.  Our guess is that the arrogant depraved Dundalk pigs think themselves immune form judgment.  Then again, don’t they all. 


The Baltimore Sun, Comics

 1.  Doonesbury copyright 2007 by Garry Trudeau.  Check out these latest witticisms from the billionaire bum in the White House.  Come citizens.  Don’t be shy.  Step right up.  Hear your glorious fearless  patriotic leader.  This guy is a barrel of laughs, funnier than a rodeo clown. 

2006-3-21.  “If the Iranians were to have a nuclear weapon, they could proliferate.”

2006-3-22.  “No question that the enemy has tried to spread sectarian violence.  They use violence as a tool to do that.”

2006-6-14.  “I think —— tide turning —— see, as I remember —— I was raised in the desert, but tides kind of —— it’s easy to see a tide turn.”

2006-9-6.  “You know, one of the hardest parts of my job is to  connect Iraq to the war on terror.”

                                                           There is no way.

2006-10-26.  “You know, when I campaigned in 2000, I said, I want to be a war president.  No one wants to be a war president, but I am one.”

2006-12-7.  “Make no mistake about it.  I know how tough it is.  I talk to families who die.”

2007-1-11.  “The best way to defeat the totalitarian of hate is with an ideology of hope —— an ideology of hate —— excuse me —— an ideology of hope.”

                                                           What bogyman is this totalitarian of hate the moron is referring to? 

                                                           George Bush is a blithering idiot.  He cannot even talk right.  Billionaire republican.


Kid City, copyright 2007 Sesame Workshop.  These rich and famous naked cuntmonkey actresses were cheerleaders: Madonna, Paula Abdul, Halle Berry and Mandy Moore, whoever she is, the state of her depravity is uncertain.  These republican males wore the skirt: former president George W. “Papa” Bush, famous billionaire usurper of rights; president Dwight D. Eisenhower (that does not add up); senator Trent Lott (that does add up).  The rich former democratic president Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a cheerleader.  Supreme court injustice, democrat Ruth Bader Ginsburg, was one. 

                                                           It’s embarrassing being a citizen, isn’t it?  These glorious leaders of ours, where will out humiliation end?

2007-4-10:  (S) BT** PERIODICAL.  As per previous listings, despite repeated warnings from the Prohibitory Order Processing Center, United States Post Office, PO Box 1500, New York, NY 10008-1500, concerning these shitty magazines, members of our militia have received, unsolicited, the April 2007 Playboy ISSN 0032-1478 , “compliments” of AdamEve.com, PEI, PO box 2007, Harlam, Iowa 51537. 

                                                           Federal law means nothing to subhuman pornographers, nor to their naked monkeys, of course.  Note at the top of the file.

It is an easy matter for a stingy man to get rich, but what’s the use?

 ——American Proverb.


2007-4-13.  SCHO-OP PERIODICAL.  Legendary Times, Vol. 5, No. 4, 2003 and Vol. 6, No. 1, 2004, ISSN 1523-4053, A.A.S. R.A., P.O. Box 6400, Oceanside, CA 92052-6400.


p. 5.  (F) I/O SCHO-OP BT**.  Astronauts in Ancient Tibet?  Mysterious Relics in China by Alexander Knoör.   

In the museums of Shanghai, China, “various exhibits offer the visitor a broad spectrum on ancient painting technology, calligraphy, old costumes, a rich selection of material brought from Tibet, jade jewelry, pottery and much more.  At best, one should really spend at least two days in these noble halls”.  

                                                           Stealing and/or destroying a people’s culture is a war crime.


p. 6.  (F) SCHO-OP.  Where are the Bayan Kara Ula Stone Disks?

In the 1930s, 716 futuristic disks, with spiral grooves and a hole in center, were found at Bayan Kara Ula in China.  The spiral grooves proved to be engraving and, deciphered, the script allegedly described the crashing of a spacecraft.  For many years the disks were on display in a museum in Xian province.  They have now disappeared.  When Hartwig Hausdorf asked the Chink in Charge of the new museum what had become of them, he was told that “honorable stone disks of which you speak never existed”.  In the A.A.S. R. A. achieves were photographs of the futuristic disks, which were reproduced. 

 The previous director of the Xian museum, a woman, is not available to speak to foreign travelers.  The Great Spirit knows what happened to her. 


The Philosopher’s Corner with Dr. Pasqual S Schievella: The Irrational Response of Scientists to the Ancient Astronaut Hypothesis.

p. 35.  The flatlanders continually attack one of the world’s greatest scientist, Dr. Erich von Däniken, with outrage and abuse.  Many geocentric scientists remain silent, clearly showing a scientific evaluation of overwhelming and compelling evidence is not forthcoming, at least not in the backwards and hidebound, cowardly United States.   

p. 36. 

1.                                                                                                Charlatans called scientist attack the overwhelming and compelling evidence as creations of insane minds or over-fertile imaginations.

2.                                                                                                The charlatans, the magicians, the high priests of ignorance, the scientists, unworthy of their bread, continue to character assassinate Dr. Erich von Däniken and those who do not believe their dogma, myths, bleary theories and controlling lies.  


He who has begun has half done.  Dare to be wise; begin!

——Horace Flaccus.

2007-4-13, 1626.  PB BT**.  89.7 FM WTMD.  Towson, MD:  a pig chase ended in the collision of two cars, one of them innocent if not both.  How many injured?  How many murdered?  Why were the subhumans chasing someone in a car at rush hour?  Great Spirit, please help the innocent who fall into the clutches of American pigs.  Let none be accused of being a witness.

2007-4-15.  PERIODICAL.  According to Doonesbury, the yella-bellied rich republican former murder mayor of the Big Apple with a worm at its core, Rudy Giuliani, is a presidential candidate.   I guess they through the pig sucker out of Mexico.  The rich republican Newt Gingrich is running, and rich republican Senator Bob McCain.  These moralless republicans share five divorces, four of them “really messy”, and all involving adultery.  Of course, Bible thumping, craze-eyed flag-waving Christian preachers like Dr. James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, no longer see anything wrong with divorce and/or adultery.


2007-4-15.  I/O BT.  Typical whacko Maryland weather, we suffer torrential rain.  An improvement has been made.  A man in one of our neighborhoods was drug out of his home by state of Maryland subhumans for being in arrears on his taxes.  The man is called “Crazy Rick” because he is not right in the head.  One of his main diversions was that, before they tore it down, he hung out in front of the drive-in and counted campers.  His parents left him their home.  They loved him.                          

But hey! Gang! The improvement is this!  His furniture and goods had been drug out to the street and trashed, occupying several parking spaces in the torrential rains.  However, the nice state of Maryland subhuman cocksuckers, brought a nice Rent-a-can, a long, open, heavy gauge steel bin and proceeded to trash his possessions in that.

That pantywaist, paltry excuse for a state governor democrat  Martin O’Malley is bemoaning the fact of these capitalistic barbaric dispossessions at the hands of the rich.  He bewails it, but he does nothing.  Is the Governor of Maryland powerless before the rich SPOPS that own and run the state of Maryland as well?   Obviously!  Note at the top of the file.   

2007-4-16.  DVD Nacho Libre, © 2006 by Paramount Pictures, No. 34562.  Among with many seriously exposed bladders in this otherwise fine and innocent movie, we were assailed with the shitty ass of a Mexican female wrestler wrestling two males.  Long-lingering CUs of its road shit-slicer, its shit-slicer cheeks, and shit-slicer slabs.   Note at the top of the file.

2007-4-17, 1120.  http://wbal.com/news/story.asp?articleid=56511.

Police: Classroom Shooter Was VT Student From South Korea

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

WBAL Radio and The Associated Press

Students jumped from windows, and students and faculty carried away some of the wounded without waiting for ambulances to arrive.

Had they been so human and so bold to have done this in this state these noble people would be in jail or out on bail awaiting trial. 

2007-4-18.  I/O.  Our correspondent in Columbus, Georgia, tells us that until a year ago, palm readers were not allowed to practice their trade in that southern berg.  The only charlatans allowed by the rich oppressors of Columbus, Georgia, were scientists and religionists. 

2007-4- 19, 0848.  (S) BT* INTERNET.    http://www.onelook.com/?w=spanial&ls=a.

Ad: True®  Live.  Love.  Learn.  Naughty or Nice?  Find her now.  CU huge ½-n bladders of a sneering blonde.  Attempting to download the image for our arrest files caused serious and long-lasting computer problems.  We were attempting to spell cocker spaniels.    


1700.  89.7 FM WTMD, YPR News.  A lunatic murdered 31 students at Virginia Tech University.  Democrat Governor Tim Kaine announced an official study of the response of all agencies and organizations involved with this atrocity.  He mentioned campus police, hospitals and others.  He implied a thorough scouring of janitorial services.  He mentioned many; he did not mention the ridiculously armed-to-the-teeth pigs.    


Communications is art.  Art is communications.

——The Prophet Mastodon.



Fred Fearnot’s Revenge, or Defeating a Congressman by Hal Standish, Work and Win, No.  787,  January 2, 1914, Frank Tousey, Publisher, 168 West 23D St., N. Y.





The police on duty on the Gare des Invalides, Paris, spent some anxious moments just before the return of the king of Spain from Rambouillet, where he had been shooting.

A man with scarlet hair, bands dyed scarlet, a scarlet muffler around his neck, and a scarlet feather in his gray hat, wandered about the station inquiring when the royal train would return. He was seen speaking to another man of mysterious appearance, who disappeared when he saw the police watching him. The red-haired, red-handed man was arrested, and gave his name as Edouard Rettet. He declared that he had dyed his hair and hands scarlet for a joke.

As he had done nothing, the police let him go; he was not allowed to remain at the station to see the King of Spain arrive, and he is being shadowed by the police until more is learned about him.



Found guilty of having scattered bread crumbs soaked with arsenic in the cemetery where his mother is buried, Walter King, a millinery designer, is now awaiting sentence in the Suffolk County Prison, at Riverhead, L. I. He was found guilty by a jury composed of farmers before Judge Vunk. The District Attorney, it is expected, will demand that the maximum sentence be imposed.

Mr. King, who studied his art in Paris for several years and whose designs for women’s hats are in demand by Fifth avenue milliners, has a fine home at Good Ground, and his mother’s grave is in the Good Ground Cemetery. He has erected a costly shaft above it, and has tried to see that the grass there is always kept green and that there are blooming flowers.

Adjoining the cemetery is the home of John Lane, organist in the Methodist church and superintendent of the estate of Morgan J. O’Brien. He is a chicken fancier and until a two weeks ago had twenty-eight more Taney chickens than he now owns the missing twenty-eight are said to have been poisoned while “grubbing” in the cemetery.

Mr. Lane has been permitting his chickens to wander into the cemetery to pick up what food they might. Relatives of those buried there protested that graves had been made unsightly by chickens scratching about them. In causing the arrest of the millinery designer Mr. Lane accused him of mixing arsenic with bread crumbs and sprinkling the poison upon his mother’s grave. The bread crumbs enticed the chickens upon the grave and they quickly died. Their owner gathered some of the crumbs and a chemist informed him they were saturated with an arsenic solution.

Mr. King, in court, told how he had tried to preserve his mother’s grave against the ravages of the chickens, but the jury, mostly farmers who have chickens of their own, found him guilty.




                                                           Chicago faces a crisis, caused by an army of thousands of unemployed men, according to a report of the committee on homeless men submitted at a meeting of representatives of charitable, organizations. These organizations have been swamped with applications for work and shelter and the report demands instant action by the city to meet the situation. A large number of men ordinarily engaged on railroad construction work are without employment because of the retrenchment policy of most of the roads. Stagnation of the steel industry is another cause.


PB I/O.  In the famous annual Missouri coon hunt at Moberly, Mo., attended by Governor Elliott W. Major and the majority of the State officials, a wild man was captured, who had lived in the woods since 1890. He had a wooden leg, which he had carved from a tree limb, and in a hole in the leg he carried bees which he had captured. He also had bees in a stove-pipe hat be wore. A party headed by Mayor Rolla Rothwell, of Moberly drove the wild man from the brush. He was surrounded and captured by the party and brought to camp. After he had been fed and given liquid refreshments he told the hunters his name was Thomas Siebler. He had taken to the woods, following a disappointment in love. His clothes are of fur from rabbits, foxes, coons and possums. He has lived close to nature so long that he has developed into a bee trainer.


Endeavoring to forget someone is a certain way to think of nothing else.

——Jean de la Bruyere.



[A great moment in telecommunication  history, ed.]


                                                           What the manager of the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company, Baker, Ore., says is the longest long distance message ever sent from Oregon, was sent by Frank Swayne, a young Baker business man, who talked for eleven minutes to Orange, Cal., thirty miles south of Los Angeles. The distance by wire was 1,658 miles. The bill amounted to $27.50, and this Mr. Swayne paid with a smile, declaring that he was more than repaid by the use of the wire and saying that he had made many times the cost of the message, which he would otherwise have lost by not being able to negotiate his business deal by word of mouth.


                                                           Two new fuel ships, the Kanawha and the Maumee, are now under construction for the United States Navy. The former will have two three-cylinder triple- expansion engines of 2,600 horsepower each, and is being constructed at a private yard. The latter, however, will be propelled by two Nurnberg Diesel engines of approximately the same power as the steam engines in the sister ship. Although the hull of the Maumee will be constructed at the Mare Island Navy Yard, the engines will be built at the Brooklyn Navy Yard from plans purchased abroad, and will be shipped to the Pacific coast. These two ships, says Power, will afford an excellent opportunity for determining the relative merits of oil and steam engines under like conditions.





                                                           Leze majesty is always guarded against in Germany. An order just issued by the Ministry of Railways says:

                                                           “Switchmen and gate keepers at crossings on the passing of the royal train must face the train and adopt the military attitude of attention, with eyes to the front and holding a covered signal flag by day on the right arm. During the passing of the royal train assistant switchmen and Watchmen without service caps must also take up the attitude of attention. All night thelantern must be held in the right hand; by day, the cap. railwaymen at stations must do likewise.”

                                                           The Berliner Tageblatt sracastically observes: “After deeply contemplating the new ordinance we are sure the safety of the royal train will gain greatly thereby.”



                                                           Only ten years of age, Daniel Allen Badeker, son of Chief of Police Badeker, of Birmingham, Ala., is a clever amateur detective.He has caused the arrest of all sorts of offenders, mostly thieves of various sorts, leading to the recovery of not less than $10,000 worth of stolen goods. Car robbers, bicycle thieves and shoplifters have come to grief through him. He is also the terror of blind tigers. Even since he was five years old, when his father was chief of the, Birmingham secret service department, he has been much around headquarters, and before he was seven years old he manifested analytical powers, and on occasions gave the detective useful “tips.” Sometimes his father or others carried him along in working up cases.

                                                           He became known among the men as “assistant chief” after his father was elected chief of police. Two years ago he donned the full uniform, including cap and gold band, gloves and leggings and was given special officer’s badge No. 53. Joining the mounted police squadron, he appears regularly on his Shetland pony at the bead of police escorts at all public parades. He is a skillful horseman.

                                                           “I want dad’s job,” Dan says. “To wear his badge is my ambition.”


If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to it!




                                                           The British battleship Emperor of Indian, the last of the four battleships on the 1911-1912 naval construction programme, was launched at Barrow-in-Furness recently. It was at first intended to call her the Delhi. Her construction had been considerably delayed owing to labor troubles at the shipyard, so that the new vessel is not of such modern type as some of the ships already launched. She was laid down on May 31, 1912.

                                                           The British Admiralty departed from its recent custom and invited the naval attaches of the foreign embassies in London to be present at the luanching, its reason for doing this being probably because the details concerning the new battlewhip were already known.

                                                           The Chilian battleship Almirante Latorre was launched at the Elswich shipyards, Newcastle. Her displacement is 28,000 tons and her engines are expected to develop over 37,000 indicated horsepower. The contract calls for a speed of 23 knots.

                                                           The main armament of the new vessel consistf o ten 14-inch guns, placed in pairs in turrets on the centre line. She carries an auxiliary battery of twenty-two 4.7-inch guns.

                                                           The largest oil carrying vessel in the world, having a capacity fo 15,000 tons of oil, was launched at Jarrow the other day. The vessel was christened San Hilario by Mrs. Herbert J. Carr, of new York city. The new ship is onf of ten tank steamers of the same size now being contructed for the Eagle Oil Transport Company.



                                                           History has no parallel to the record of Francis Joseph of Austria, who has just completed sixty-five years of his reign.

                                                           Queen Victoria reigned less than sixty-four years. The nominal seventy-two years of Louis XIV. of France and the sixty-seven years of Pharaoh of the Scriptures began when they wore young boys in tutelage. Francis was over eighteen on December 2, 1848, and he has been an actual ruler every day.

                                                           It is the fashion to cite him as a “Hapless Hapsburg.” Any man, much more any king, who lives eighty-three years must expect sorrow, and in his family life the old Emperor has had his share. But Austria- Hungary has not done so badly. It was near disruption in 1848, only saved by Russian troops. No such menace now exists. It was defeated by Prussia and France; but Prussia, by Bismarck’s, wise insistence, took no toll of territory, and the loss of the discontented Lombards and Venetians was no calamity. Or if calamity it was, it has been recouped by the addition of the equally rebellious Slavs of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

                                                           In political freedom the Dual Monarchy does not lag far behind Germany, in spite of the wrongs of the Southern Slavs and Romanians and the ragings of the Czechs and the Italian Irredentists. In material progress the country has moved with the rest of the world.

                                                           Never was the old ruler more popular with his mixed races than he is now. A natural interest in his length of reign helps him as it helped Victoria of England. But most of all he draws respect and liking from the unpopularity of his successor, except with a small military clique. When the people wish him long life and health they mean just what the say.





                                                           The greatest bit of the season! It consists of a small metal, nickeled tube, with a lens eye view, which shows a pretty ballet girl in tights. Hand it to a friend, who will be delighted with the first picture; tell him to turn the screw in center of instrutment to change the views, when a stream of water squirts into his face, much to his disgust. Anyone who has not seen this kinematograph in operation is sure to be caught every time. The instrument can be refilled with water in an instant, ready for the next customer. Price 25c. by mail, postpaid.

WOLFF NOVELTY CO., 29 W. 26th St.. N. Y.

One does what one is; one becomes what one does.



2007-4-21, 1630.  (S) BT**.  http://www.severalspecies.com/.  Garnishing favorable reviews we checked out the Several Species site.  Several Species is a Pink Floyd cover group.  Guess we will never hear them.  A subhuman piece of blonde stripper-shit, airs its reeking shit-pincher leaning over an unfortunate musician.  Hear tell two leering sneering subhuman girls always strip to one particular song.  Don’t know which it is.  Note at the top of the file.

2007-4-23, 1457.  (S) (T).  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ann_Coulter.  ¼-n dugs of brunette.  This subhuman piece of rich republican shit, Ann Coulter, praises it lawyer as a “union buster”.

 This is mentioned in Nightmares and Dreamscapes © 1993 by Stephen King, Signet.  Chet Atkins, after a fruitless two minutes tuning his guitar before the audience on Austin City Limits: “It took me about twenty-five years to find out I wasn’t very good at this part of it, and by then I was too rich to quit”.


2007-4-24.  SCHO-OP PERIODICAL.  Legendary Times, Vol. 6, No. 2  & 3 of 4, 2004, ISSN 1523-4053, A.A.S. R.A., P.O. Box 6400, Oceanside, CA 92052-6400.


p. 8.  SCHO-OP BT**. 

World News


Ancient Flying Craft Artifact Disappears!

                                                           A ceramic airplane with pilot, on display in a glass case for 10 years at the Legion of Honor museum in San Francisco, has disappeared.  The curator said “she did not know what we were referring to”.  “Never heard of or even seen such a thing”, was the official lie.  When the artifact was on display, highly educated assholes labeled it as follows: Elaborate Double Whistle.  Vera Cruz, Mexico, 600 – 900 AD.    

                                                           Here is an image of the Elaborate Double Whistle.  Vera Cruz, Mexico, 600 – 900 AD.    



In Ancient Skies Vol. 19, No, 6, 1993 and Vol. 20, No. 2, 1993.


p. 10.  SCHO-OP BT**.  Shocking! Man Fired for Running I SETI@home Program!

Columbus, OH – The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, Thursday, fired a computer programmer who admitted to using a state-owned computer server to process data for the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence project (SETI@home), run by the University of California at Berkeley.  Charles E. Smith, 63, told administrators: “I didn’t think loading the SETI software on the server was much of a problem because I run the program only on weekends and on weekdays between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m., when the server wasn’t being used”.  According to a disciplinary report, Department director Tom Hayes disagreed: “I understand his desire to search for intelligent  life in outer space, because obviously he doesn’t find it in the mirror in the morning”.  Hayes said. “I think that people can be comfortable that security has beamed this man out of our building.” Mr. Smith could not be reached for comment.   (AP - Oct. 8, 2004)

                                                           There is no excuse for this.  Firing one for misuse of public property is sometimes justifiable but rare.  All so-called civil servants steal from us to the tune of $1,000,000,000s.  However, the attitude of the POS Hayes is inexcusable and actionable.  


p. 10.  (F) I/O.  Get Well George!  Because George T. Sassoon broke his femur inside a hospital, they forcefully kept him there “for ages” to avoid him suing the hospital.


p. 28.  SCHO-OP BT**.  Paleo-SETI Aspects of the Dead Sea Scrolls by Hans-Ulrich Groth

I. Introduction

                                                           In the period from 1947 to 1956, numerous text scrolls of the highest academic interest were discovered about 15 miles I east of Jerusalem, in the so-called Q’umran ‘caves.  However, the Vatican succeeded in blocking assessment of the find for close to forty years.  Professor Geza Vermes described this intentional obstruction as an academic scandal par excellence, equaling it to nothing less than a modern inquisition.  For all who undertake research in the Ancient Astronaut field, this kind of conduct is nothing unusual, used as they are to intransigent academic consensus against new scientific discoveries which might pose a threat to archaeology’s view of history and the supposed dogmas of anthropology, or Darwin’s bleary theory of evolution.  Highly educated assholes have been allowed to take over knowledge in your depraved all-american culture.  They teach your already well-warped and perverted children.    


p. 35.  The Philosopher’s Corner with Dr. Algund Eenboom: On the goals and Ideas of the A.A.S.R.A.

Scientific Health

(F) I/O BT.  It is also known that like, mad dogs, individual academics fiercely defend their outdated and disproved theses.  Dr. Algund Eenboom was on the applicants’ list for twelve German universities, and my application was rejected everywhere, since people thought I “would make German biology a laughing stock”.

(F) SCHO-OP BT**.  The dirtier side of science is less well known: a merciless competitive battle in which intrigue and calumny, plagiarism and pure forgery are the order of the day.  A battle of scurvy knaves and shiteating backstabbing degenerates, devoid of nobility and in want of human understanding, a battle in which the research findings of younger scientists are simply suppressed if they do not match the views of their elders.  I know what I’m talking about.  And the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung knew it too when, in 1991, it published the headline: “Sloppiness, Deception and Arrogance.”  This commentator noted: “The decline of scientific morals is clearly far advanced.  For many, research has become a lucrative business, with all its consequences right through to scientific criminality.” So much for one’s own errors and those of others.  Professor Jeremy A. Sabloff: “Today’s archaeologists regard former ideas of pure scientific objectivity in researching the past as simply untenable.  They have now acknowledged that archaeological research is indisputably influenced by the theoretical and subjective views of those engaged in it”.


p. 38: (F) I/O SCHO-OP BT.  Sidebar.  Dr. John Mack Killed, Oct. 4,1929 - Sep. 27, 2004.

                                                           Dr. John Mack was subjected to widespread ridicule of his work, at one point even his employment was on the line. 

****** ***** + **** ***

Oaths are but words, and words but wind.



                                                           Ancient Chinese proverb: one picture, they say, is worth a thousand words, but not if you live in the land of the blind and, charitably, america is the land of the cowardly ignorant.  A purge, an good, solid, old-fashioned, healthy, Ex-lax  purge of academia is in order.  Yea, over unto say, a thorough flush.  Behold: 



      Copyright Zechariah Sitchin





           The artifact as shown in Fortean Times.



There are none so blind as those that will not see.

——Ancient proverb. 


The media does not make the news.  Neither does it report it.

——The Prophet Mastodon.