117th Militia



© 2000 PSYWAR Office 117th Militia Regimental Combat Team


11 October 2000, Vol. 1, No.4


8/11/00, 12.160 MHz, WWCR, informative: The Larry Nichols Show, hosted by Pastor Sanders, DOO:

(IO) 1019: ref. to another false report filed about Waco.  Warrant all that aided and abetted the production and use of false reports about Waco.

BT** (IO) 1021: an Ohio minister is on $500,000 bail for filing a brief questioning a court decision.  The rich queers that own and run Ohio, lawyers, made it against the law to question a court.  The black-robed pieces of shit are basically gods.  Hear that Elohim?  They have been deified.  Warrant all concerning passing and enforcing, aiding and abetting black-robed pieces-of-shit deification laws.

            Ohio is a particularly filthy toilet.  Against the law.  Against the wall!  Ohio must be purged.


PB 1415: 1190 AM, WBIS, sports talk: Nestor Nationwide, DOO:

1) Retired Dallas Cowboy was visiting a New York City friend when the subhumans attacked.  Pigs tore the woman's home apart and arrested Mr. Irving because they allegedly found a roach.

2) Boston Red Sox shortstop Manny Alexander was arrested.  He loaned his car to a batboy.  The bluecoated pieces-of-pig-shit stopped the lad and tore the car apart allegedly finding a syringe.  The batboy allegedly had a drug conviction.


8/12/00 1545: TNN, auto race: ASA/DC Delco 250 from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.             

            The Prophet was enjoying the race until (for no manly reason) the queers began salivating over a brown shirt.  Suddenly at its jackboots tilt-up slowly flabby legs, over its vacant area, ooooooover its paunch, its fat-hanging chest unto its ugly face.  A sway-backed bubble-bellied fat-assed crewcut chief state pig standing like a soldier for the Whore.  Uglier that a baboon drinking vinegar.        

            The Prophet turned off racing because it's all the same when it comes to cop sucking.


PB PERIODIC 8/15/00 Sun: Los Angeles: Democratic Convention, subhuman cowardly pigs injure many activists by charging them on horses, pepper spray and shooting them with rubber bullets.  Clipped.


BT** (S) 8/18/00 0925: 12.160 MHz., American Freedom News, at a White House dinner for mediaoid -lickers a large photo was on the wall.  It was the photo of an actress being fucked by a dog, Clinton's image superimposed in the background smiling.  The media hyenas howled with laughter, clapped and cheered.

BT** An investigation is underway at the White House because thousands of hours of porn videos have been down loaded.  The porn is among America's best and most revealing: actresses, true patriots, fucking and sucking, dogs, hogs, frogs, goats, shoats, colts and a Democrat donkey.  Also lotsa teen  porn: faggot and lesbian porn.


(F)* BT** 8/18/00 0943: 12.160 MHz., American Freedom News; Sierra Leone: tens of thousands of innocent Christian men, women, children and babies have been atrocified by Moslem patriots.  Whether America was involved is unknown but this appears to be an American/capitalistic patriotizing.


BOOK (IO) BT** 8/20/00 Monica's Story, © 1999 Morton and Prufrock, Andrew Morton, ISBN 0-312-24091-0.

(F)(A) p. 19: ref. to gestapo subhumans kidnapping classrooms of Jewish children in germany.

p. 93: beast Linda Tripp worked for the terrorists delta force subhumans.

p. 175-191: Monica Lewinsky was held for twelve hours against her will in a hotel room by fbi and Kenneth Starr's office of the independent council subhumans.  She was not allowed the call her attorney.  The lead queer for the oic was "Mad Dog" Mike Emmick.

p. 179: Starr's subhuman Bruce "Underwear" Udolf terrorized Monica and threatened her with 27 years in naked federal prison.  Crime?  Sex in private.

p. 180: Bruce "Underwear" Udolf, known to the girls as Brucie, was found guilty by a jury of "maliciously and arbitrarily" violating a defendant's civil rights when it was the georgia state prosecutor subhuman.  It was fined $50,000 which the cowardly georgia crackers gladly paid.  It did not cost the subhuman a thing.

p. 179: fbi subhuman "Fast Fanny" Fallon brandished its pistol at Ms. Lewinsky     the one under its panties... coat!  The one under his coat!

p. 179: among the score joy boys assembled (bet that smelt shitty) was fbi subhuman Jackie Bennett.  Lovingly called "The Thug" by its -lickers, the lusty subhuman (who'd dress out to 195 pounds) threatened to prosecute Ms. Lewinsky's mother who, as a result of persecution by these subhuman pieces of patriotic bluecoated shit, suffered a nervous breakdown.

p. 183: "Fast Fanny" Fallon's call to the then closed office of Ms. Lewinsky's lawyer, enabled the prurient puritan prick Ken Starr, that hasn't got the guts to be adventuresome, to lie saying Ms. Lewinsky's rights had not been violated.

p. 187: pig subhumans have no honor, no dignity, no character and even less nuts'n guts.  fbi ghouls gave their word to Ted Kaczynski's brother that if he reported on his brother the death penalty would not be sought.  The subhumans immediately charged Kaczynski with terrorism, a catchall category for which the penalty  on conviction is death.

p. 214: the subhuman Starr withdrew Ms. Lewinsky's immunity from prosecution after the eagle scout gave its word.  It, like all pig subhumans, believes you can tell if a person is guilty by looking at her.

p. 215: fbi barbarians opened the Lewinsky family's packages and threatened them and their friends for months.

p. 221: Starr's ass-lickers published personal and private letters of the families of Ms. Lewinsky's friends, letters unrelated to the subhuman's investigation.

p. 239: deceived into believing she was free, Ms. Lewinsky flew to los angeles.  At great expense to the wimp people, the united states government flew "Mad Dog" Mike Emmick to los angeles on the same plane to help terrorize her.

p. 239: Ms. Lewinsky was treated unconscionably by fbi subhumans in los angeles when she was booked.  At great expense to the wimp people, the united states government flew "Fast Fanny" Fallon to los angeles to help terrorize her.

p. 254: despite pledges from two oic cunts, prurient puritan bitches Karin Immergut and Mary Ann Wirth, who, because of their ugliness and stench can't get men, and contrary to practice, Starr's subhumans, published the most private of Ms. Lewinsky's testimony in detail.  Starr's subhumans leaked details as a matter of course.  This is illegal.

p. 256: the Tripp beast doctored its illegally made tapes.  This was known to the oic subhumans.  It also otherwise lied to the very same subhumans terrorizing Ms. Lewinsky.

p. 274: harassed and terrorized by the fbi and oic subhumans, Ms. Lewinsky's family and friends were barred by court order from speaking out in her defense.  A violation of Freedom of Speech.

p. 275: as a witness Starr's subhumans forced Ms. Lewinsky to fly repeatedly across the cesspool (at great expense) but refused to pay for it.

p. 276: the Lewinsky's are stuck with horrendous legal, security, hotel and travel bills.  Not to mention time lost, trauma and things evil.  And whenever they see a pile of dog shit in the road, they see Ken Starr's face.


(IO) 8/20/00 1900-2100: 680 AM WCMB, 21st Century Radio, information: DOO:

1) BT** Several years ago in a report on UFOs the cia admitted it made those who reported UFOs successfully to look ridiculous.  If that didn't work they went after them with criminal charges.  These are the dread MK Ultra subhumans.

            Warrant all.

2) BT** The same report said the cia had a minimum of one thousand subhumans writing columns and articles for the american media.  The Prophet knew this.  Three decades ago it was said that suffers, those modern enlightened sophisticated adult porn movies where women and/or children are tortured to death and/or butchered were made by the cia and your latin american allies, i.e. in argentina, brazil, chile, el salvador, guatemala, nicaragua, etc.  An unsigned article appeared in the newspaper ridiculing that truth.  The Prophet had no doubts then.  The cia and america's subhuman allies (you give them trillions of dollars) are still making snuffers.  More than ever.  How many tens of thousands of innocent people have died suffering beyond suffering, for your dining and dancing pleasure america?  How many more women and children will be raped and tortured to death?  Where do you think you're going when you die?

            Of the highest priority.  Warrant all.

1) BT** Hundreds of people witnessed TWA flight 800 get hit by a missile.  When journalist Jim Sanders attempted to publish the truth, that the navy was testing a secret missile, the subhuman government prosecuted him.  Nary a wimpy repeater backed him up.

            Warrant all.


PB 8/22/00 0905: 1360 AM WWLG, Paul Harvey, commentary: in Van Buren, Arkansas, prisoners are forced to wear humiliating stripes.  A man escaped but couldn't find other clothing, dang it.  This gave the toothless wonder an excuse to smirk.  Harvey needs a good hot piece of... Oooh.


(S) BT** 8/23/00 2049: WJC/CBS Survivor, series: DOO: the beast Kelly in pestholes cover.  It's cunt mound, and ˝-n ass.  They featured the nasty thing airing and flexing its ass muscles often.  It didn't know!  Its flaccid tits throughout.  Check throughout


(S) BT** 8/29/00 video: Grease, Paramount, twentieth anniversary edition ©1978 © 1998.

            The Prophet finally saw Grease but was appalled.  Featuring dozens of half-naked tit sets, and scores of dirty dugs in various states of exposure.  Aired were ass-cheeks sagging, ass-slabs flashed a dozen full shitty ass-cracks and cunt mounds a-plenty.  Dresses were up more than down.

            That wasn't bad enough.  The pajama party scene featured a clutch of sluts in their panties showing ass-slabs, ass-cheeks, ass-cracks cunt mounds and cunt cracks.  One sat on the headboard and jacked its legs wide open airing its cunt crack.

            Three laid on the bed and one, its ass-cheeks bulging,  jacked its legs wide to full extension giving a long lingering medium shot of its pussy fur airing.

            Guess those pussies smelt really bad on the set.  It carries a mere PG  rating for entertainment families.  The Prophet has ordered it be giving the most immediate listing, to list it in bold, and put a note at the top of the file.

            The Prophet was alive at the time this movie was set but remembers no such nakedness.


BT** (IO) 8/29/00 0941: 12.160 MHz., American Freedom News; without a warrant fbi subhumans attacked the home of the man who is a witness against Wen Ho Lee who gave your nuclear secrets to the chicom butcher subhumans.  They downloaded his computer files for use against him, the good guy, because Wen Ho Lee, the commie spy, has screamed discrimination.  Janet "Lizard Tongue" Reno ordered this, of course.  Despite the fact the subs had no warrants any evidence will stand.  So much for freedom.

            Warrant all.


(IO) 8/30/00 c. 0708: 1360 AM WWLG, news: Maryland state employees routinely deny public access to files deemed whitewashed enough for public access.  Of all the ignorant and arrogant subhuman pieces of patriotic shit bureaucrats in the land those of the Slave state are the worst.   From the uniformed bull dykes that give driving test to the inspectors that check people's backyards you'll find none more disrespectful crass and deserving of the correction camps.


(IO) BT** Call from Montana: Concerning the wild fires, the government's subhumans are forcing thousands from their homes leaving their homes to burn.  Hundreds of families have lost their homes because of this.  They could have saved their homes were it not for government subhumans threatening them.  Then, to get from A to B in the unnecessarily wide killing zone the government set up, you need a pass or it's Ollie Ollie in free for the subhumans.  They takeover private property to encamp hundreds of the seething time bombs without permission of the landowners.

            Every evacuation of Americans from their homes, and every death zone, at gun point or not, is going to be reviewed.


            Elohim!  Help the Christians of the Sudan.  Slaughter the rag heads and other ring-asses doing it.  Slaughter the Chinese slave holders and all those engaged in slavery.  Thank you.


8/31/00  Elohim!  I guess you know I am displeased.  But you should want to help straighten this out.  It is you who set this system up.  You must know that this is not right.  I really expect your help.  Let us flush the toilet.  They worship an image and I think that ultimately it is yours.  We must SMASH! the image.


(IO) 9/5/00 1403: WWLG, news: the pigs are letting the people of the Bitterroot Valley return to the ashes of the homes they refused to let them save.  The Prophet thought the people had guts out in those parts.


(IO) 9/7/00 0800-0900: 5.070 MHz., WWCR, Nashville, TN, Newswatch, the man who blew the whistle on the FBI for using incendiaries at Waco has been arrested for telling.


(F)* BT** 0908: 12.160 MHz., American Freedom News; the UN, under Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali, armed the patriotic subhumans that patriotized millions in Rwanda.  The World Court is uninterested in prosecuting the subhumans in the UN, or Rwanda for that matter.  Kurt Waldheim was Secretary General of the UN and a war criminal, (a nazi patriot, the very shit of the Earth).  Must be a requirement.  And flag queers wonder why decent people fear the United Nations.


            Elohim!  How about a little help flushing the toilet in the Hell you made?  Thank you.


PB BT** 9/9/00 0810: 5.070 MHz., WWCR, Nashville, TN, Newswatch: Thanks to Ronald Reagan and its ass-lickers in congress, posse comitatuis does not exist.  All over the country pigs and military subhumans are teaming up to humiliate and terrorize the people.  The American people are regarded as the civilian population of a conquered country.  Therefore anything done to them to liberate them is legal.  We are allowed no dignity.  We have no property rights.  The military is champing at the bit to get at the people.  Especially young girls.  Otherwise they don't know the difference between male and female.

            In terrorized Texas alone forty-two counties have the shit-sucking pigs and shamefully shorned military morons integrated.

            In Templeton, Texas a pig-military terror squad (the military slopeheads from Ft. Hood) waylaid a Greyhound bus for nine (9) hours while the subhumans searched the passengers' luggage.  A mediaoid happen by.   The people were too terrified to speak.

            Note at the top of file.  Warrant all, complete hierarchies.


NL 9/11/00 1602: WWLG, news: a Michigan man got 2-15 years because a kid took his gun and killed another.  The news whore concluded, "This sends a clear message to the public."

            Article filed 9/12/00.


(S) BT** 9/6/00: video cassette, movie: © 1998 20th Century Fox, Office Space, DOO: intended for entertainment families it is rated R for mild violence, adult contend and adult language, and not much of it.  It is not rated for naked monkeys.  After three .99% ass-naked blonde monkeys stinking up a beach, framed in a close shot is a naked subhuman with shoulder length black hair.  Perhaps of oriental extraction, this animal is aired massaging its dirty hard-nipple dugs for a very long time.

            Warrant all.  Note at the top of the file.


(CA) BT** 9/22/00 0808: 5.070 MHz. Free America, Clay Douglas, informative: Council Bluffs, PA: In a government school all the  supplies of a class were stolen by a teacher and divided up among the pickaninnies.  One parent complained.  An Og Ogglebee, the commie principal, whose name sounds like a bubble in a bathtub, leapt to the commie teacher's defense.

            The local cat box liner, the Council Bluffs Patriot Observer, called the complaining parent petty.

            Pennsylvania is the state where teachers and custodians, ex cons among them, have the right to rip the clothes off students for extracurricular "medical exams".

            Warrant all.  The latter was already listed BT**.

            Schools in America, government and private, do not educate they indoctrinate.  They are modeled upon the schools of those  Prussians, much admired by patriotic subhumans.  And like the schools of those military mice the job of American schools is to mass produce good little gutless nutless citizens, Puritan-Prussian robots for the rich, their states, their countries.  They are not taught to question.  They are not taught to think.  They are not taught to feel.  They are taught to hate.  They are cut out with the cookie cutter of fear.  The Prophet believes in God Almighty and agrees that prayer should not be allowed in government schools.  Under no circumstances should Satan's Pledge be allowed in schools or anywhere else.  Especially not in schools.

            Thus spake the Prophet.


9/23/00: One of our men was in an accident with an employer owned vehicle.  Since nobody was injured three state pigs (brownshirts) were immediately on the scene.  Getting the registration, one poked its snout through the window peering into the glove box while the other two poked their snouts through the back windows.  When he returned to the corporation no inquiry was made as to his health.  He was, however, immediately piss and blood tested.


PB BT** 9/30/00: A sergeant brought us word of a Los Angeles pig that masterminded a yacht theft ring.  The pig had been a rapist, torturer and murderer in Operation Phoenix in Vietnam.  Those were the subhumans that patriotized humans that the Vietnamese government, the American government and/or they themselves did not like—or any girl they wanted regardless of age.  They murdered entire extended families.  These all-Americans were never punished.  The Los Angeles pig was found guilty of grand larceny.  On the side it was murdering for hire and it was also found guilty of that but it got off with a wrist slap because it's wife is a Los Angles  assistant district attorney.

            So where's your justice now?


10/2/00 0735: WWLG, traffic report: The pigs have a major road blocked off for investigation/recreation of an accident.  What is so important about an accident that these brutes inconvenience thousands of us during rush hour?  Who owns the pigs?  Us? or the rich that own the insurance companies?  No brainer!  This shall end also, and soon.


BT** 10/4/00 0802: HBO, Who's Harry Crumb?  DOO: although rated PG-13 for "adult" situations and language (HBO rated it only for "adult" situations) at the git-go there's a black-haired pesthole slowly stripping, a close-up of its fully naked dungy ass, a close of its naked dugs and one nipple ring.  It lays down naked and gets covered with mud, as it is accustomed to rolling in pig sties at home in real life.

            Movies should be rated for human families, not entertainment families.


PB 10/6/00 0803: WWLG, news: Baltimore County pig Brian Soule may have planted crack on up to twenty innocents.


10/9/00 0754: WQSR 105.7 FM, traffic report: another major thoroughfare closed for a pig accident investigation and recreation.  The insurance companies have the politicians and pigs in their pockets deeper than I had thought.


Prophet on the Mount:


            On August 1, 2000 an asteroid brushed past the Earth.  The Prophet wants to know, why the eggheads did not tell the people of its approach?  It was so close the hair on his neck was singed.  This happened not long ago with a comet that crashed into the Sun.  The Prophet expects answers from the priests of scientism, yea, even they blindly enforcing tenuous theories from the speed of light to evolution.  Science is a bleary theory.  Theorize this!

            While the naked pagan ritual called the Olympics is airing in Australia, a land of pseudo men, where men lost their dignity, and the homosexuals of the world slaver over the contortions of naked monkeys, the Prophet amazes about decent women.  Those bitches even did it to space men. 


            Elohim technology is 500,000 years advanced.  Technology has nothing to do with morals.  The Prophet amazes that Earth women can bewitch males of countless human species but not the subhumanus patrioticus.  It is obvious that patriots are subhuman.  The only good patriot is a dead patriot. 



            Men are of Marduk, women of Earth,  why they're so beautiful.


            Certain ones in the government shit themselves.  The Prophet knows the truth about alien abduction.  What would a people who created a race of humans as slaves need to know?  They could tell the state of health of the human race and its prognosis from a single strand of hair, a drop of sewer water, from reading mind waves or something.  No need to rape anybody.  No need to kidnap women and force them to be surrogate mothers.  They need torture no children.  What might be the last straw?  Why are Namtars being mass produced?

            Only an asshole would believe we're alone in the Universe.  In the Rig Veda it states that there are 400,000 human species in the Universe, and 8,000,000 million others.  That's not counting the planets they have.  This census is 13,000 years old.  Wonder what the count is now?


            The Prophet swears that lawyers will not be allowed to hold office nor any position in the courts.  The penalty for advocating such might be death.


—The Prophet Mastodon




Hey Boy!

© 2000 The Prophet Mastodon


Ode to yet another fan

Desk lamps dead

In these Days of Chinese Junk

In this Year of the Pig

In Kali Yuga Times.


Chicom submon One Hung Lo

You big tough guy coward

Crush noble youth with tank

You big stinker

You suck shit off

Bottom human cesspool.

Me think you yellow

With red osshole




You can do nothing real

Simulacrums of capitalism

Manufactured by mountains

Fastnesses of falseness

Duplicitous doubles

By slaves of the New World Whore

Sparing not children

Mimicking counterfeit parrots

Monkey see, monkey do

You ape ape




You only ape

Shit looking like shit.

Only No. 1 buffalo-shit head

Mates nylon pinions

With steel worms

And expects it to fly.

Only No. 1 Moon Pie face osshole

Hinges burred steel arms

On pivots plastic.



Hey boy!

Ah so!

But you really real

Red osshole!

Donkey dung, monkey punk

Dog poop, poop chute.


Hey boy!

You big baby butcher

Makee parents watch

Big blave chicom suck-cock

Lips all slop-slop.



You No. 1 chicom cannibal.

You big animal.

Eat human fetus salad.

No look pallid.

Make you hair shine

Like baboon's osshole!



No tickee, no laundry.

You plenty big patriot

Big blave Christian butcher.

You big hero.

Butcher American POW

Torture to death

No let go after war

Use for guinea pig.


You No. 1 capitalist.

Murder millions

Gristly harvest

Cropping organs

Fleshness you can count on

Corpses yet quick.



Hey boy!

You comb hair with buttered toast?

What you chop in Suey?


Hey boy!

You picking teeth

Big fat chicom jelly belly

Grinning like possum eating shit.

You draw fancy wallet

You long pork pay

US marine tattoo

What kind of skin that?

Shades of lamp shade?

Ah! You no waste POW

You velly blave.

Here! You mercury drink

Make you hair shine.



You makee confession?

Industrial Revolution

Not solution.

Where you been boy?

You with big red osshole.

You with shinny hair.

But you no so bad

America lick shit off you red osshole

You lick shit off corporate osshole.

Suppression, oppression

Repression, depression

You all lickity split shitty.

You can't even do that right.

I get you priest.


Hey boy!

Land of Enchantment

No Dog Day at beach.

You dog meat pack jam

A clutch in a hutch.

Chinee dog heaven

Bones everywhere

You turn 'round

You nose go up osshole.

Fetch! Fetch!



Hey boy!

You Mandate from Heaven

Has been revoked.

You all same.

You lose something?

How come you no have features?


Hey boy!

Smooth-tongued prophets

Pull media fleece golden

Shade for the spade

Down you river sold

The cup of God's wrath

Brimming with dust

To quaff passing.

The Hammer of God's

Whirlwind strikes

The sickle of you pickle.

Chaff not wheat

Bread of starvation

You cut with cleaver.



Hey boy!

Barbarians suck barbarians

Bridges to phonies only

You Yukkaslob embassy

Pig sty. 

Oh my!

Ah hahahaha!


Hey boy!

You see Chinee?

I show you Chinee.

You findee dog shit.

Put mirror left of dog shit.

Put mirror right of dog shit.

Lookee in mirror.


You really real.

Down through millennia

You image an image

A reflection of a reflection

Echo an echo of manhood.


Chicom travesty man

Sham man! Fake man!

Chicom false human.

You No. 1 capitalist good boy!

Joy boy! Gay blade! Bung boy!

Chicom paper capitalists.

You not even real commies.

Big red osshole!



Hey boy! Hey boy!

Fetch my roast beef

Wine, pipe and slippers.

Kiss my feet.

Banquet full the table laden.

We're not victims

Of your economic success.

Nor shall we be

Not a Chinaman's chance.

You wall will fall.

You bamboo curtain for certain.

Hey boy! Hey boy!

Ah so!





© 2000 The Prophet Mastodon



The Three Laws of Patriotism


1)         The courage of a patriot is inversely proportional to the strength of its intended victim.

2)        There is no atrocity that a patriotic will not commit, even on a little baby.

3)        The only good patriot is a dead patriot.


The Historical Litmus: Would this belief or act have helped the Jews in Germany?  Would it not it is not

worth believing doing.


Reslon's rule of thumb: In any given situation regarding patriots the worse possible thing imaginable is the



1)         Fear incites the pig.

2)        Courage incites the pig.

3)        The only good pig is a dead pig.


The Universe is the physical manifestation of the metaphysical.

Nothing that manifests itself is worthy of worship.  If it is in the Universe it did not make the Universe.



Two Laws of Bob Hieronymus


1)         We are not alone and never have been.

2)        We are not just bodies.  We have souls.


                            To which add:

3)        Just because a creature walks upright does not make it human.



The Three Laws of Mechanics *

(Isaac Newton)


1)         A body in motion will tend to stay in motion until acted upon by an outside force.

2)        A body at rest will tend to stay at rest until acted upon by an outside force.

3)        For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.


Or, mass is resistance to inertia.



The Three Laws of Thermodynamics *


1)         Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

2)        Energy flows from a high energy to a low energy system.

3)        The colder a body the less energy it contains.


The Three Laws of Thought *


1)         Whatever is, is.

2)        What is not, is not.

3)        What is cannot be is not.


* None of these laws holds true on the subatomic level.


The Prophet says:


1) S=1/U, i.e., the pressure of space is inversely proportional to the mass of the Universe.  Newton got it wrong.  Gravity is a pressing not a pulling.

2) If space is the absence of matter then matter is the absence of space.

3) It is not so much that matter is in motion but that matter is motion.  Take all the motion out of a particle and it will disappear.


♠♠♠ ♠♠♠

  ♠♠♠ ♠♠♠♠ ♠♠♠ ♠♠♠