117th Militia



Family and Freedom over flag

2000 PSYWAR Office 117th Militia Regimental Combat Team


30 December 2000, Vol. 1, No. 5



PB 10/11/00 2026: WBAL 1090 AM, a Baltimore County (Belair) boar K.W., patriotized a robbery suspect. Nine years with the sty and they're just learing it.


10/12/00 1037 EST: 12.160 MHz, WWCR, informative: "Larry Nichols Live", hosted by Pastor Ernie Sanders: The United States has 5% of the world's population but 25% of the world's prisoners. America the Whore's prison population is 2,071,686, equal to the population of Alaska, North Dakota and South Dakota combined. This is more than any other country. There's a reason for this beside the obvious police state mentality. Stay tuned.

In government schools teachers have begun asking children if their parents have guns.

For those who requested it the hours for "Larry Nichols Live" are 1500-1700 GMT



(F) * BT** 10/12/00: the Israelis have murdered hundreds of Palestinians. The subhuman pieces of cowardly shit even murdered a savage 12-year old boy sheltering behind his father. His father was wounded. Israelis are cowardly shit. They think they can murder people for merely hurling stones or on any pretext at all. They stink to high heaven. Let it be known that before their god Yahweh died even he washed his hands of them. No excuses.


(IO) BT** 10/13/00 0757: 5.070 MHz WWCR Nashville, TN, "News Watch Magazine", David J. Smith: Senate resolution 91 of 1975 cleared the ground for the civilian concentration camps later designed by the subhuman marine Oliver North. The rich queers at that time also legalized mass searches and mass arrests.

Warrant all. Camp Sunny Bun. The Prophet shall enjoy this. He will personally oversee justice.


(F)* BT** 10/17/00 0839: 5.070 MHz WWRC, "The Free American", host Cray Roberts: during World War II the jap subhumans, whose ancestors without exception were moralless monkeys that fucked each'n other up the ass, ate shit and sucked dicks, and still do so in Hell, performed biological experiments on thousands of POWs, many of them Americans, and countless Chinese civilians. They injected them with sewer water like the germans did children. Likewise with diseases. They performed vivisections on them while they were alive, without anesthesia. They called them logs. The nip monkeys murdered 270,000 Chinese civilians by germ warfare.

A CIA subhuman, an all-American patriot, went to the turd islands after the war and sought out the subhuman monkeys that did this. The CIA subhuman offered a deal from your precious government. If all the information gathered from this patriotism (which was in the university of tokyo, and they knew that) was given to america the whore, the whore would not press charges. This was done.

The patriotic jap subs became rich and famous working in the jap medical industry. That cia and other american patriot/subhumans involved became rich and much decorated.

And these boys, young, dumb and full of come, serve their subhuman masters. No rights, no dignity, no nothin'. Only crocodiles cry for them. You'll be a Man someday boys. They might let you know when.

Warrant all. NM.


(IO) BT** A male in the military has always been considered by the military as a subhuman piece of shit and freely experimented upon. Now your precious government has the right to perform experiments on the public as individuals or at large, on millions at a time, without telling us.

Warrant all. This goes back to the early sixties at least.


(S) BT** 10/17/00 1328: TOON, ad for video: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat, PO 1660, Atlanta, GA 30301. DOO: many tits and check for cunt hair of all dancing sluts. "If you liked Katz you'll love..."


(F) 10/20/00 0832: CNN, in addition to the hundreds of murders committed recently by the Israeli soldier/pigs, here the camouflaged subhumans were beating unarmed men with clubs.

The right-wing pansy Rick Wilds later said he didn't care how many Palestinians the Israeli subhumans murdered because "they were throwing stones".

It is good that the UN condemned Israel for the hundreds of recent murders. The camouflaged cocksuckers think that they can fire into a crowd because somebody throws a rock. The cowards wear thick armor and helmets. Well, they're going to have to be made uncivilized. Rubber bullets are regular bullets with a coating of latex. This does nothing to lessen lethality. Maniacal patriotic subhumans coat bullets with latex so they can say they fire rubber bullets and the asshole American people think they're being bombarded with rubber duckies.


(S) BT** 10/21/00

The Prophet cautions men and women (males and females possessing dignity) not to attend indoor performances of rock music. Many witch whore/lesbians attend. These subhumans will be naked even when supposedly clothed. Their ass slits and/or nips will be reeking through thin garments and/or dugs partially exposed, cleavages, nearly naked tits and/or shitty asses exposed in various ways.

At a CD release party for Live Alien Broadcast on 10/13/00 at Fletchers in Baltimore, a tanned long haired brunette pulled up its filthy top. Its huge dugs were naked save for stickers over its nipples. It was photographed.

At another live performance of the same group recently one lesbian subhuman pulled its top over its dirty dugs and another sucked its nips. This was photographed.

Listed in bold with note a at the top.


10/23/00 0757: WQSR warns us that about a grid square of beltways will be jammed about 1300 because of a pig funeral. Why the lie we don't know but the pigs closed down a grid square of beltways as though they owned them. Get this. The pig was shot twenty-three years ago just now dying, twenty-three years ago! Tens of thousands of innocent people inconvenienced, tied up because the pigs are commandeering their beltways to bury another pig, shot twenty-three years ago. Can you believe it? They have absolutely no respect, regard or compassion for the people who are supposed to be their masters. Massive waste of resources, massive indignity to the people to commemorate a pig shot twenty-three years ago and just dying. This is an ongoing insult. Pigs have funerals at the most inconvenient times for the people. They should not be allowed to do so. They should not be allowed to associate off duty. They conspire indignity and atrocity to the people. They brag of the indignities and atrocities they have committed especially to old people.

Other stations warned: beware, beware! Stay out of the area! The pigs will bury another. The pigs own the roads. They paid for these roads. They will get you if you come around.

And you're going to tell the Prophet the pigs should not be broken? Get a set!


(IO) BT** 10/25/00 1005: 12.160 MHz, "Larry Nichols Live"; guest host Clay Douglas reports that military subhumans at Ft. Polk are spraying the civilians of Texas with a kind of anthrax. Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri has been doing this to the citizens of Louisiana for five years.

What has the Prophet been saying? The military subhumans regard you the people as logs. To them you are not a human being. They are dying, praying to flag, telling their officers that they want to be unchained upon you, especially your young daughters, and those of you who are religious.

Don't you think it's time you signed up? Like Thomas Jefferson said, it's time to water the Tree of Liberty with the blood of patriots, only we ain't patriots. The motto of the 117th MRCT is Family over Flag. That's true of all Militia worth its salt.

Warrant all.


PB 10/26/00 1701: WAVA 1230 AM, news: Harford County pig murders motorist. This should be a headline, but it's not news.


PB 10/30/00 0702: WWLG, news: a Los Angeles pig "killed" a man at a party who had a toy guy. It was probably a Halloween party and the word is murdered. You left-wing media dicksuckers get it straight (up your ass). The bluecoated hyenas murder.

(CA) 0703: an Eastern Shore, Maryland patriot is going on trail for "killing" its two young children.


PB 10/31/00: WWLG, news: they're still repeating about Quick Draw McGraw the party crasher out Los Angeles. The Chief Hyena is defending it. This is news to media twits. Not exactly man bites dog is it?


11/2/00 WWLG, news: DOO:

1) (IO) The chinless wonders passed a law making all government documents secret. This is a secrecy act. A federal employee that leaks any document can be sent to federal homosexual rape prison.


2) (IO)BT** Without due process fat crap Baltimore County Executive Dutch Schicklgruber tried condemning masses of old people's homes so it could give the land to its rich contractor owners. This is what happens when the subhuman queers bulldoze neighborhoods after a wind or tremor because one of the homes had a crack in its foundation, as if you didn't know. This is now a referendum on the ballot but the ass-licking Democratic Clubs support it.


3) Chicago city council voted to swear Satan's Pledge before each session. You expect that from a city of cop-suckers. That trash on the Baltimore City Council does it too.


(IO)(T) 1604: near a mile of major thoroughfare Harford Road to Moravia Road is closed until 2200 because a recently executed hyena is lying in state. The Governor attended and gave it a promotion and medals. No respect for the people. The hyenas, their owners and ass-lickers regard the people as slaves, mats to wipe their shitty shoes on. The people are considered the civilian population of a conquered country. The hyenas are unchained to do anything they want.


(IO)(T) 1638: If that ain't bad enough, the hyenas are closing John F. Kennedy Expressway tomorrow from 1200 onward for its funeral. Cop-sucking host Wayne Blewem is sad at the hyena's demise. It sounds like its Viennie weenie has crawled back up inside her. She's peeing himself with grief. The hyenas make us suffer anyway they can. The hyenas hate humans because humans hate them, with righteous and just cause. Al Gore might drop in for a cold one.


(IO) 11/5/00: World Explorer Vol. 2 No. 7, p. 16, a subhuman Chilean regiment may have captured a chupacabra. A male was killed in the operation. NASA was called in but humans and media were barred from witnessing. The Chilean subhumans closed the airport for several hours to extract the creature.


PB 11/6/00 0654: WRNR, news: the hyenas forced 500 people of Scots Bluff, NV from their homes allegedly because of a benzene spill from a train derailment. They were forced out for many hours.


(S) (IO) BT** 11/9/00 1031: 12.190 MHz "LNL", hosted by Pastor E.S., Cleveland, Ohio:

1) At an abortion mill in a mall the liberal lesbian whores were naked from the waist up. The hyenas did nothing.

2) At another abortion mill at night the liberal lesbian whores were naked eatin' out each'n others pestholes by candlelight (romantic). The hyenas did nothing.

Warrant the hyenas as well.


PB 11/10/00 Sun paper article filed: A Baltimore hyena was given a desk job for attacking and beating an inmate in the lobby of the Southern District Court. The inmate was handcuffed behind his back and escorted by two correctional hyenas.


PB BT** 0807: WWLG, news: An atrocity was done to a young girl by a probation officer. The hyenas' union got it off on the plea of "overburdened system". Though this was repeated the cowards refused to state the atrocity.


PB 0927: 12.160 MHz "American Freedom News": Florida hyenas set up road blocks around polls and searched cars without warrants. The Republicans call it a fair election.


(IO) BT** 1404: WWLG, news: a defendant in a Wisconsin trial fainted and hit his head on a table. Lying unconscious on the floor the subhuman piece of black-robed shit refused to stop the trial and/or call the paramedics, yea, saying, "The defendant is unavailable".

Did anyone try to help the fellow? If so what happened to them?

The Prophet Mastodon said he was going to enjoy this. He has some exquisite little piece of patriotism in mind.


(IO) BT** Recently its eight sisters on the Supreme Court declined to hear a case where a man was tried and found guilty by the flip of a coin. That's going around it's officially legal.


(CA) 11/11/00 1406: WTMD 89.7 FM: A Maryland teacher invited a 14 year old student to a supposed Halloween party. When she learned she had been tricked and tried to escape it assaulted her. She reported this to the guidance councilor the following school day, a Monday. The Prophet wonders why did she not report it to her parents, if she did.


PB 11/15/00 0630: WWLG, The hyenas closed a long stretch of the Jarretsville Pike without explanation.


PB/(IO) 11/16/00 1103: WBAL 1090 AM, news: for the second time the black-robed pieces-of-shit of a Maryland appeals court, have let Baltimore City pig Piggado go in the murder of an unarmed young man. The head of the local Fraternal Order of Hyenas hyena Fairy Mackerel-Hinny lamented to an exaggerated extent for the subhuman and its family yea, pining: [Oh, boohoo hoo] "Officer Piggado and his family will probably never get what's happened to him behind him," [Oh boohoo hoo].

Warrant all. NM. No excuses.


11/17/00 0810: 5.070 MHz, "The Free American," Clay Douglas: Clay began with an update on the subhuman jap biological experiments (unit 731) and the subhuman americans that got the japanese monkey-men homosexuals off without a wrist slap. They are all rich, many of them naturalized americans.


PB BT** Then he reported on a school in Tarrytown, NY. A slave school, it has a no-snack policy. Conspiring with the bluecoated hyenas of the local metro system, a teenage girl was arrested and handcuffed for eating French fries on her way home after school. The principal cocksucker said, "We have a zero tolerance policy for snacking". The metro cocksuckers said they had nothing to apologize for.

Part of the free lunch program the food is gross.

This is an important case. Warrant all. NM. Note at the top of file.

The only good pig is a dead pig. QED.


(FP) 1042: 12.160 MHz, "Larry Nichols Live," Pastor Ernie Sanders reports that american military morons helped disarm the australians as a result of which australia is experiencing an upsurge in violent crime.

The military queers were practicing what the rich had the federal government train them to do here.

Only the valiant men of the Militias are keeping it from happening here. We are ready. We are willing. We want retribution.


A state hyena, a drug spy, was exterminated recently. The hero could get the death penalty because the hyena was assigned to the fbi.


BT** (S) 11/21/00 0824: WQSR-105.7*FM, big ads for a subhuman that dances naked from the waist up in bars to be seen on WBAL-NBC this evening.

When they began the daily licking of hyena assholes we turned it off.


1459: WWLG 1330 AM, also advertising for the naked monkey on WBAL-NBC.


PB 1402: WBAL-AM 1090, news: An Ann Arundel County hyena is charged with nine felonies. They won't release its name because "It will identify the victim".


(IO) 2030-2100: WAVA-1230 AM, "Focus on the Family", in the military pussies are sleeping next to men in barracks and tents. This has been going on for decades.


PB 11/22/00 1055: 12.160 MHz "Larry Nichols Live", a woman reports swat subhumans are setting up seat belt checkpoints in her state. The hyenas must be armed. How would she know? In either case why swats?


(F) [Vietnam War], Book File, Black Berets and Painted Faces, 1991 Gary Linderer, Doubleday Books, ISBN 0-8041-819-6:

p. 399, the morning after an NVA attack on a Firebase Jack a mess sergeant found an enemy soldier hiding. It murdered him with a .45. The lifer was supposed to have taken him prisoner.

This is a war crime. Because of unrelenting humiliation by pestholes and patriots, terrorization by the hyenas, assiduous nurturing by politicians and lawyers, this is what the American "man" has become. Anyone standing against America the Whore is not seen as a human, especially a person of color. At Mylai a brave patriot raped a six year girl then blew her apart with a grenade. Of course nothing was ever done about it. Unarmed and defenseless men routinely had their mouths smashed with rifle butts even before their terrorized families. It's a lot worse now than it was thirty years ago. Patriotism has had ample time to fester, the compost heap of patriotism regularly spaded by the media. We wish to remind the American people that the pigs regard them as the civilian population of a conquered country, guilty until proven guilty.

A report is being worked up on atrocities of the Vietnam War. No stone will be left unturned during the Righteous Purge.

This office seeks information on the unmentionable atrocities committed by the shit of the army of the Republic of Korea in South Vietnam. This is to include atrocities done to our own men. In one case the subhumans attacked convalescents at a hospital beating several to death with their own crutches. Of course, nothing was ever done about it. You never even heard of it. Since the Korean subhumans are so bad why do we have 37,000 women and boys over there keeping back their brothers to the north? What does this mean to you: those foreign devils, they hate the American people, but love the American government?


PB BT** 11/28/00 1602: WAVA 1230-AM, news: Three Montgomery County, MD hyenas attacked a Wheaton home and beat a woman and her two sons.


PB BT** 11/29/00 0852: 5.070 MHz, "The Free American", Clay Douglas reports a child in California was descended on by the hyenas, handcuffed and hauled to jail because he walked in a puddle. Walking in puddles is against school law. Warrant all. NM.


PB 12/4/00 1125: WJFK 1300-AM, yet another major road closed while the hyenas root around an accident. This happens almost daily. Once it's over it's over. It is no longer important.


(S) 12/5/00 0625: AMC, filler about inventions, -n tits and others.

BT** 0630-0837: movie: "A Face in the Crowd" (1957 G), DOO:

0752: ass cheeks of an animal sagging far below its shitty shorts.

1) Many tits and -n tits. Note at the top.

2) Ass slits, check for other ass slabs. USED.


12/8/00 WWLG AM-1360, the senile idiot Paul Harvey thinks the hyenas should be allowed to murder if someone reaches for a cell phone as in Europe. The wrinkled prick mentioned the FBI, BAFT, SS, DEA and possibly others. Just think, these ass-lickers are not only allowed to vote, but they are encouraged to vote, and they have access to mass media whereas real men who believe in Freedom do not. And the senile serviles can't figure out what's wrong.

In England the hyenas want the power to monitor and record all electronic communications and store the data for seven years. Already those chiness wonders can't own guns. When was England conquered? Is Prime Minister really a fag? What's the servile senile think of that? What does she think of Echelon and Cannibal?


(IO) 12/11/00 1629: WWLG 1360-AM, playing "The Love Boat Theme" host Pain Brewin said "That's what they called one of those ships in the Persian Gulf." That's one of the whore boats your subhuman government owned and operated during The Oil War. Whore boat. Pain Brewin' and its geriatric audience find this sort of thing amusing winka-wink. Like your government's whorehouses in Vietnam. American owned whorehouses. You see the camouflaged creeps must be serviced or they won't rape, torture, murder and/or bury your imagined enemies alive. Who made the money on these whore operations? Country owned and operated by the rich here. Hey rich Boys! All responsible for the whore boats!


12/13/00 0652: WRNR 103.1-FM, news: the nazis of Friendship, Maryland have banned outdoor smoking. Barbecuing and consumer insecticides are next.


(S) BT** 12/14/00 1102: 12.160 MHz, "Larry Nichols Live", Pastor Ernie Sanders host: Ohio: baby butchering lesbian whores demonstrating at baby butcheries, are allowed to be mole rat naked from the waist up because of a ruling by a lesbian/whore judge that said if men can be shirtless lesbian/whores can be naked from the waist up. The animals also lift their skirts letting out the reek and airing their pestholes, and they commit bestiality in public. Warrant all. Note at top of file.


(S) BT** 12/17/00 1043: SCIFI, ad, series: "Black Scorpion", DOO: many cow-dugged high-kicking tumbling ass-naked turds. Close-shots of many -n tits. Close-shot of tumbling ass with only a leather strap up the shitty crack. Fully naked ass slabs. This is the Xena kind of crap. Men being kicked in the balls and butchered except for eunuchs. Only a chinless wonder with his dick in his hand would watch this Wonder Woman shit. Note at the top.


PB 12/18/00 0852: WRNR, news: yet another man has died in hyena custody, this one jailed by the Anne Arundel County hyenas.


PB 12/19/00 0751: WRNR, news: Graceville, MD, fbi subhumans murdered a robbery suspect.


PB BT** 1101: 12.160 MHz, "Larry Nichols Live", caller reported Al Gore had ss hyenas round up demonstrators and put them in cages used for animals. Was not nationally reported. Warrant all. NM.


12/20/00 0937: 12.160 MHz, "American Freedom News", 500 fbi hyenas, about half retired, are demonstrating against a possible presidential pardon for an Amerindian that exterminated two hyenas attacking his home a few decades past. The criminal Louie Friese is against. The Republican pansy Rick Wild is upset about it.


(PB) Various sources: Tornadoes in Arkansas. Hyenas drug people from their homes so they could bulldoze their homes. People took food to the victims. They were turned back. Cash only.

Who got the land? Warrant all. NM.


(S) BT* 12/22/00 0731: WOLT-104.3 FM, pervs talking about Farrah Fawcett's nipples airing in Playmonkey, "as big as a midget's fist".


(S) BT** 0753: WRNR-103.1 FM, news: PETA subhumans to picket a Washington furrier naked. "They aren't afraid of the cold," said the announcing slut. Their spokes lesbian said, "We'd rather go naked that wear fur". Oh, so droll. Warrant all. Includes hyenas that did not arrest and the hierarchy. NM. Note at top of file.

The Prophet Speaketh:


12/27/00 Elohim, will you please give us the truth about the Deluge? It is, respectfully, not right for you to keep knowledge from us, especially not me. Thank you.


The Prophet Mastodon Answereth:

Q: How can the Elohim tell the state of health and physiological destiny of Homo Sapiens Sapiens from a drop of sewer water?

A: The Elohim came 445,000 years ago. 300,000 years ago they created our race as slaves. They fertilized the eggs of non-sapient Earthlings with their sperm. Planting a fertilized egg in each of fourteen of their females (it is doubtful they had a choice either then or later) the first born was a male. They called him the Adam, i.e., the Earthling. Like hybrids Adam and Eve could not breed until further tinkering with their DNA. They created monsters and giants.

They constructed androids like the golim, those bubble headed bug eyed motherfuckers. Golim means artificial man. And cherubim, hunter-killer robots of the Destructor class. And the dreaded Namtar (terminator) whose glance was death.

After the Deluge, the third in 90,000 years and the worst that ever happened, billions of our people were murdered, the Elohim decided to resurrect our species. As told to Solon when the Greeks were getting their letters (cf. Timaeus) Athene resurrected the Hellenes "receiving from the Earth and Hesphaestus (Enki) the seed (DNA) of your race". This is reflected in the "myth" of the Myrmidons.

In the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures, Second Revision 1970, 1961 Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc., pp. 39-40, Genesis 28:14, Elohim Jehovah said to Earthling Jacob, "And thy seed shall be spread as dust on the ground, spreading west and east and northward and southward; and in thee and in thy seed shall all the communities of the [E]arth be blessed".

Ancient kings claimed descent from this or that god by seed preserved from before the Deluge, i.e., "...distant scion of kinship, seed preserved from before the [Deluge]". Divine Encounters: A Guide to Visions, Angels, and Other Emissaries, 1995, Zecharia Sitchin, ISBN 0-380-78076-3, Avon Books, The Hearst Corporation, New York, p. 67.

Note that Noah was given the seed of all animal species. I have a question for you. Why? What was he going to do with it? And when you answer that, what does that mean about Noah? Guess how old he was when the last Deluge came?


A: The Prophet will not demean or sully himself by voting. He will not be used like that. Gore or Bush, dumb and dumbest, Lurch or Burch? You have one piece of flag wavin' shit or another to choose from. Americans have never had an honest election in any precinct for any purpose and are proud of it. Means they're tough. Politicians use them for pieces of toilet paper and they're afraid to do anything about it. Means they're tough. Every election we hear of voter fraud: ballots forgotten and not counted, ballots lost, ballots complex as VCR instructions, ballots counted twice, voters voting early and often, people terrorized by bluecoated hyenas and afraid to vote, the dead voting, the unregistered voting, the ineligible voting, animals elected to office, dead animals elected to office, sometimes dead rich males are elected but since their true odor is noticeable in death their wives who nobody voted for take office, etc. The flag freaks and their bung boys in the media say every vote counts. The Prophet says no vote counts. It's like broadcasting seed. That which takes root is by accident.

The Prophet will not be seen associating with known voters. You get two or more voters together a minute doesn't pass before they're maniacally conspiring to take somebody's rights, to piss somebody and/or to rape, torture and/or murder millions of people they don't even know, particularly their fellow countrymen. The Prophet wishes to stay clean before the Almighty Creator.

The people were giving the dubious distinction of Lurch or Church and it looks like Church stole it.

However, he did vote in the recent biannual 117th MRCT officer elections. He's proud to say he was reelected Commander by a wide margin.


A: To answer a TV news repeater the Prophet Mastodon yea, saith, not only are people in television moral lepers, but they are so stupid they cannot tell time. They do not know one day from another, when one day ends and another begins. Check your early morning TV listings. After 2400 hours it is the next day. See if you can remember that.


If you are a good person we hope that you enjoyed happy holidays and will enjoy a prosperous new year.

The Prophet Mastodon sends his blessing.


♠ ♠♠♠ ♠♠♠♠ ♠ ♠♠♠