117th Militia



Family and Freedom over flag

© 2001 PSYWAR Office 117th Militia Regimental Combat Team


12 February 2001, Vol. 2, No. 6


(S) 12/31/00 2142: TOON, "Tex Avery Show", a cartoon features the bulging tits of a leering near naked blonde beast, repeated for the "tired business man".  What is that supposed to mean?  Are businessmen more depraved than working men?  Or are businessmen more mature, and therefore better able to handle depravity?  And what about your busy business lesbian?  And what does being tired have to do with it?  Is a near naked beast suppose to give them superhuman powers like Green Lantern's ring or what?


1/1/01 0001: Thus ended the most subhumanly depraved and unspeakable century yet, the 20th Century, The Hell Century, The Century of Patriotism, from Turds to Serbs.


0824: WQSR-105.7 FM reports that Johns Hopkins research revealed that for a burst of energy if you're in a bicycle or foot race, etc., visualize "your favorite X-rated scene".  I guess naked monkeys are a degenerate's yellow sun! an American's spinach!  The governments rob us at gun point to fund depraved egghead wimps like the staff of Johns Hopkins.  This is what we work for.  We're suppose to want to die for this.  (The Supreme Court, fatigued with raping our rights, doubtless enjoys thinking of that flower of American womanhood, that paragon of maidenly virtue, Linda Lovelace, getting fucked with that giant dog dick.  Thanks to them they used to show that at the drive-in.)

Switched over to WOLT-104.3 FM and the talking monkey's telling saying I can win a trip to the Super Bowl accompanied by a Pesthouse pest.  Wowie zowie!  We turned off the radio.


PB 1/2/01: WWLG-1360 AM, news: for the second year straight Baltimore City hyenas confiscated "hundreds of guns" that were fired into the air at New Year because "dozens of people are injured when the bullets come down".  Lie!

            Yet another new law went into effect.  To cut down on youth smoking cigarette machines now take only tokens.  Those liberate degenerates that own and run this state call it the Free State because it is the Slave State.


PB BT** 1/6/01 0601: WWLG-1360 AM, news: NY State, Attica Country, New York State Hyena Murder Grounds: A New York State hyena has been forcing women to strip naked at gun point in public for "failing the [obscene and unsanitary] driving while intoxicated test".  The hyena sty said it was "somebody that looked like a [subhuman hyena] law officer".  Warrant all including those that told lies.  Note at top of file.


PERIODICAL (IO) 1/7/01: "Atlantis Rising" Number 25, © 2000, Hilly Rose Off Mike, page 17:

BT** FP (A) reference to patriots in Sierra Leone cutting off the hands and feet of their enemies.


1) BT** Department of Defense using Agent Orange then lying about its unspeakable effects.

2) BT** The subhuman Department of Defense using Anthrax vaccine during the Oil War, nearly half a million people received two million doses, lying about its horrible effects.

3) BT** The cia giving LSD to unsuspecting American citizens.

4) BT** The Atomic Energy Commission sending subhuman J.N. to inject the Yanomami people  of Venezuela and Brazil with small pox to study the effects when a large portion of a population is wiped out, reasoning that it didn't matter because rich patriotic gold miners, loggers, cattle ranchers, and the Venezuela and Brazil governments were genociding them anyway.

5)s BT** The Atomic Energy Commission and subhuman J.N. injecting unsuspecting Americans with plutonium.


            Let us not forget these wonderful atrocities committed on us by the rich man's patriotic government:

1) BT** The Tuscaloosa Atrocity.

2) BT** The Atomic Energy Commission subjecting tens of thousands of military men to A bomb tests.

3) BT** The Atomic Energy Commission spreading "safe" nuclear power by any means.

4) BT** Chemical, biological and nuclear tests by the Department of Defense.

5) BT** The moron army spraying anthrax around their southern bases where the population is patriotic beyond recognition as human.

6) BT** The rich man's government's "safe" dumping of chemical, biological and nuclear waste.

7) BT** The pollution of rich patriotic corporations particularly regarding places like Love Canal, etc.

8) BT** The Federal Food and Drug Administration's irradiated food.

9) BT** The Federal Food and Drug Administration's genetically altered food.  The rich man's patriotic government will not tell us which food is poisoned, which is not, or what these fell poisons are doing to us and the environment.

10) BT** The Department of Agriculture's stickers on fruit.

11) BT** The fluoridation of our drinking water without our permission.

12) BT** In 1963 the government of Houston, Texas switching the water supply from fresh water to desalinated water without the people's knowledge.

            We've came to expect this sort of thing to be done to the cowards of Texas, but it's been nationwide for decades.  This is what happens when men enslave themselves to a shitty rag.  Only a queer would worship a shit blood and come stained rag called a flag.  America is a police state.


1) The Attractions of Magnetism by Jeanne Manning, p. 65, inventor brutalized by thugs from a California power company for developing efficient energy device.

2) Is the Big Bang Dead? by Amy Acherson, p. 39, Astronomer Haltop Arp denied telescope time for disproving the big bang theory.  He was forced out and had to return to Germany.

3) Books for the Gift Season, by Dr. Joseph Ray, p. 51, tax exempt intellectual bung sniffers like the Brookings Institute and others, hired by the government, concluded the people cannot absorb new discoveries.  That they will go insane if told the truth therefore it is OK to lie to and deceive the people.  Aided by the rich patriotic media they do this automatically in any given case.  This is the "War of the Worlds" Syndrome, a contrive excuse for the government's ass-lickers to lie.


1/10/01 WWLG-1360 AM, news, DOO:

PB 1) Maryland state hyenas forced a man to confess two murders.

PB 2) Baltimore City hyenas want $250,000 for secret purchasing.  They do not want to bid publicly.  Watch the fat rich lawyer queers let the hyenas control the purse strings.  Whataya bet?


(IO) 0913: 12.160 MHz, "American Freedom News", DOO: America On Line fired three men for having target rifles in their cars.


1001: WWLG-1360 AM, news: "10" naked monkey B.D. is staring at Bush's inaugural ceremonies.  That figures.


PB BT** (A) 1/11/01 0941: 12.160 MHz, "American Freedom News," DOO: Boston: two mafia subhumans working in close association with their fbi brothers and homosexual lovers have murdered 19 people.  They testified that they were given carte blanch by the fbi subhumans.  Warrant all.  Note at top of file.



            Fancy pants patriots are having others work overtime to usurp what few rights we have left.

            Now Parris Glendening the governor of the Slave State wants to register body armor.  That rich commie is going to make us register our football helmets and penknives next.  What about bicycles and toy guns?

            He and rich cappie George Bush, Jr. have a lot in common.  Both are patriots and neither worked a day in their lives.  Weaned on the public tit, George Bush, Jr. and first ass-licker Rush Limbaugh (and the rest of those narrow-eyed rich Republican cowards) are fang and claw into union busting.  That's expected from brats born with silver spoons in their mouths and noses.       

            You remember Baby Bush's father George Bush, Sr.?  Bad Ass Bush?  So willing to atrocify their enemies and slaughter your deluded boys and women in The Oil War, but abandoned hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children in Bosina to rape, torture and murder by the rich commie Yukkaslob patriot Sloppy Don Milosevic.  Sloppy Don has strong Republican leanings.

            If those rich Republican flag fags get their way it'll be worse than this time last century.  Those all-American flag-wavin' freaks will chain your children to their machines.  NAFTA, GAT, the New World Order and untrammeled immigration are part of this scenario and of course the Supreme Pieces of Shit ruled we did not have a right to unions.

            Only their houses will be save from the hyenas.  Every last tree will be razed.


1/16/01: WAVA-1230 AM, Janet Parcel's America: John Ashcroft, Attorney General nominee, lobbied Congress for a test that would determine if a baby  had AIDS but the mother was not to be told if AIDS was discovered.  Also it supported a test of AIDS medicine to be done on African women.  Although the medicine was somewhat effective, half the women were to be given placebos.  There was obviously no concern whether they lived or died.


BT** (S) 1/17/01 0846: [digital cable] 349 BYD-W (Showtime Beyond West), movie: "The Dunwich Horror", DOO: seems "lousy with virginity" S.D. is a gutter slut after all.  There she is lying on a slab barely covered by a cloth.  It is completely naked on the side, fully naked ass and tit sans nip.


1612: WAVA-1230 AM, "Janet Parshal's America", Christian informative: Janet read a list of actors appearing at Bush's inaugural functions including J.C., yea, even he who lifted a dress revealing the naked ass of a Hollywood subhuman.  Janet didn't mention the filthy animal B.D..  She ended with, "And the list goes on".


1/22/01 1228: WBAL-1090 AM, talk: the rich Republican subhuman Rush Limbaugh is pleased that naked monkey B.D., all squeaky clean now, is among right-wing  Hollywood trash.  Now don't forget, that rich bum in the White House is a Republican, a moral boy.  Republicans are the patriots with morality.  (The terms patriot and morality are mutually exclusive, oxymorons like military intelligence or military justice.)  So Fats is happy.  Fats, the rich brat that incites hyena violence against people who are chained and is praised for it by 20 million dick-sucking shitto heads is happy.  Fats has never even mildly criticized that subhuman piece of rich Republican shit Senator porn queer subhuman Phil Graham of Texas, often reelected.  It was in an X-rated "adult" movie (porn) with many naked subhuman Republican females.  Graham is from Texas, the Bush Baby is from Texas, Texas trash rules.


1/25/01 c. 0830: 5.170 MHz., American Freedom News, Pastor Clay Douglas.  Already the rich Republicans are up to their usual rape, torture and murder.  Bible Boy talked about how it's bad to always be on the outside.  He's finding fault with the righteous finding fault with the trash crawling forward for office, the Ashcroft boy particularly,  while saying it's wrong to find fault.  These patriots have changed their views about the government's subs and even about Baby Bush, the one-worlder.  The Bible thumper now finds Christian virtue in baft.  Government is now... good!

            Christian virtue is found in a bill introduced to unchain the cia to murder the citizens of foreign countries in their countries, as it was under rich Republican Ronald "Ring-ass" Reagan and again under rich Republican George Bush, Sr. who also signed such bills.  (Not that it wasn't done before, nosirreebob!)  A rabid Christian response to that from ass-lickers you can bet on it.

            Like I told you, the fact that atrocities are committed does not bother these Bible thumping thugs.  It's what ideology is doing it that's important.  Again, they want to do it here!  The Bible boys  forgive and pray for those who are actually doing the patriotizing, the hyenas out on the beat, so they couldn't much care about what people suffer.  Atrocity is not wrong to Republicans, but that the left is leaving them out of the action, that's wrong!  Right equals good; left equals bad.  When the right atrocifies babies it's "God and his precious son Wheezus Jesus are punishing the wicked for their unspeakable sins."  Like being born.  But it the patriots are cappies instead of commies, the conservative creeps always support it, especially when United States' subhumans are raping, torturing and/or murdering.

            The only good patriot is a dead patriot.  QED.


(S) BT** 1/26/01 1142: STARZ, "Diamonds", PG-13, DOO: ¾-n tits of near naked blonde subhuman laying on male playing with its zipper, then pulling its belt (or flaccid peepee) with its teeth.


(S) BT** 1205: COM, Saturday Nite Live, © 1995, lingering close-up of three ¾-n asses twitching in stinkeroos; full sagging cheeks of the beasts.  Note at top.

(S) BT** 1256: many close-ups of prominent nipples of big-mouth large-lipped blonde beast.  Note at top.


(S) BT** STARZ, "Tron", PG, © 1982, DOO:

1418: full deep ass crack of "Laura"

1458: deep slit at bottom of its sagging cheeks

1500: other violations

1502: full ass cracks of two, their full slabs and one presented as naked

 ?: "Laura's" stinky-poo cunt slit squatting on a pipe.

1509: its cunt slit again.  These beasts essentially wear paint.

1520: its full ass crack and full sagging ass slabs

1522: its nipple?



1231: SCI-FI, ad: serial "First Wave," famous all-American girl Tracy Lords is in yet another major production.  This animal has made millions publicly sucking cocks, cunts assholes, etc.  It's special claim to fame is that it was America's youngest understanding lady.  It became a porn animal at the age of thirteen because its subhuman parents said it could publicly sucky-fucky.  America the Whore rewards them while decent people are murdered by the hyenas.  And the rich subhumans that own and run this piece-of-shit country can't figure out what's wrong with it.


(S) SCI-FI, "Reptilicus", Copyright 1962, G, Danish:

(T) 1241: many close-ups of  ½-n tits of singer

BT** 1254: nipples of a blonde beast in blue, "Connie, an American scientist"

BT** 1327: prominent nipples of a brunette beast 9/10 naked in bikini.  No need for its exhibitionism.  Many other violations on beach.

Check for nipples of one in pink.

            Note at top of file.


1/28/01: WJZ-CBS, ad: Sixty Minutes, hyena snipers, the caliber patriot that will suck three day shit from a Dog Day gutter, are in demand.  "Every town in America wants one."  One of the hyenas said, face smeared with shit, shit between its teeth: "There are people who need to be shot".


1/29/01 0537: WQSR-105.7 FM: wanted news about the Ravens victory in Super Bowl XXXV.  Within a minute the, ah, one at the station there, spoke of celebrants shedding clothes in the streets and strip clubs in Tampa doing a veritable pustule of business.  She's a hyena ass-licker too.  NL.


1/30/01 0950: 12.160 MHz, "American Freedom News":

1) (F) * Zurich, Switzerland: Swiss hyenas attacked anti-globalist demonstrators with fire hoses, urban assault vehicles and shot them with "rubber" bullets.

2) (F) London, England: for decades London hospitals have been saving the body parts of children including their heads without permission of their parents.  This is something the limy degenerates picked up from the germans.  Doubtless they butchered some themselves, beef up that income.

            The only good patriot is a dead patriot.


(S) BT** 1340: COM, Saturday Nite Live, © 1992, seven dancers with Bobby Brown: completely naked ass slabs, only a twisty rag up the shitty cracks,  cunt mounds, many close shots.  The subhumans did a fucking dance.  Note at top.


(S) BT** 2049: SCI-FI, ad, series: Black Scorpion, DOO: whores in leather straps slaughtering males with swords.  This ad is filthier than the last one.  Note at top.


1/31/01 0705: WOLT-104.3 FM, The Muck and Mire Show, or whoever they are: one of the hard-up things is showing around naked photos of its wife, t'other goes to a web site where gay blades post photos of "X-wives" naked.


WWLG-1360 AM: The Baltimore City hyenas expressed their approval of the behavior of "most fans" at the Raven's Day parade.  Oh hohoho.  Good widdle women and boys.  We're so thrilled those subhumans pieces of shit approve.  Oh hohoho.


(S) Switched on an unfamiliar TV and saw:

2058: HBO, "American Beauty", subhuman piece of shit Hollywood guttersnipe (actress) T.B., its legs thrown wide as possible being fucked by a queer.  Its pesthole was covered with the queer.  Ass slabs were displayed here and in another scene.

            Turning it off it switched back to:

2142: Long-lingering close-up of the filthy dugs of the subhuman piece of shit Hollywood guttersnipe (actress) M.S.  This animal has the ugliest nipples we've ever seen.

            This piece of shit film won five Oscars.  Figures.  It's only rated R.  If these filthy animals are beautiful (they're just whores) we need a new definition of ugly.  These glorified whores are as ugly as two baboons touching their toes.  They are uglier than two cops smiling.

            Warrant all.  Note at top.


(PB) BT** 2/1/01 1305: WWLG-1360 AM, Tampa hyenas photographed every person attending Super Bowl XXXV and checked them against a computer data base.  They identified sixteen "minor criminal records".  Tampa hyena J.D. puked, "Anything to help police capture criminals before the fact is OK".

            Warrant all including J.D.  There's only one way to end all this.  These subhuman hyenas will torture babies to death if their owners tell them to.  They have given their souls to flag.

            Perhaps we should remember that sports fans are considered dangerous and stupid.  Dangerous because they are older and have the means and the  gumption to travel to a game, stupid for doing so.  So it is deemed wise to force them to stand for the insulting Star Spangled Banana.  Sometimes, like at the a Super Bowl, the hyenas consider it wise to force them to stand for two ignorant patriotic songs, otherwise they might forget what country they were in.  Can't have that!


WWLG-1360 AM and other local ass-licking stations are pushing for a Fallen Heroes Police Memorial --  quite possibly Hyena Man eating a baby.  Tell you what!  We'll give to "The Heroes Who Slaughtered the Bluecoated Cowards Memorial".


(PB) 2/2/01: The Baltimore Sun: though there is no doubt that it did so, Baltimore City hyena B.S. has been released after planting drugs on an innocent man.  Others were in on it but a Baltimore City subhuman has never done anything wrong yet.  Even a Baltimore County hyena called Baltimore City hyenas "animals in a zoo".

            Article filed.


(S) BT** 1832: SCI-FI, "The Martian Chronicles", long lingering close-ups of ½-n tits and large prominent nipples of rich'n famous Hollywood blonde beast B.P..  There is other filth in "The Martian Chronicles" including a gown fanned to reveal an ass slab.  Note at top.

            Actresses are glorified whores that sell their dirty bodies for profit.  Call them Hollywhores.


2/6/1 1608: WAVA-1230 AM, Janet Parcel's America, news: "Arnold Schwarzenegger, star of 'T2', may run for the governor of California..."  The hypocrites did not mention "T1" wherein completely naked duck face L.H. fucked another animal in a long-lingering grinding close-up.  Another so-called American beauty...  The degenerates might be right at that.


(S) BT** 2000-2200: PPV 232 "X-Men": The usual politically correct filth from Marvel Comics Poop.  Despite actresses in various states of exposure, and the regulation beach scene with its near-naked  huge-dugged dugong subhumans, airing their near-naked nippled tits, naked asses like slabs of meat hanging in a butcher shop and cunt mounds like the Rockies there, was something special.  Rich super model R.R-S. naked in paint: full ass-crack, painted cunt mound, naked tits, a nip here and there, in all attitudes of thespian contortion.

            If all that wasn't bad enough, during the tacked on The Making of the X-Men R.R-S.'s aired its full deep shitty crack in very bright light.  The best shot of all, the camera creep lingered on it, flies and all.

            Actresses are mostly animals.  Note at the top of file.

            The fellows here at HQ (including black guys) can't figure it out.  Is H.B. a white black girl or a black white girl? 


2/8/1 Periodical file.  Popular Reality Vol. 436, No. 7, 1116 Shepard Street, Lansing, MI 48912, The Right-Honorable Reverend Suzy Poe, Editor, DOO:

page 3, A Shock to the System:

1) (IO) Without their knowledge dicksucking cia subhumans experimented on Americans by zapping diners with microwaves making them behave in an unseemly manner and putting them at risk of cancer.

2) (IO) (F) The subhuman cocksucking British mi5, fag lovers of the cia, did this to women of Verneys and Greenham, England, causing them extreme duress, excruciating and persistent medical problems.

3) (IO) Acting in the manner of tobacco companies, the navy covered up findings proving the deadly effects of their various radiations, from radar, etc., on civilians.

            Nothing was done about any of this.  Warrant all.  NM.  Note at the top of file.


2/9/1 1620: WWLG-1360 AM, PSA: Maryland schools are having trouble hiring substitute teachers.  Whipping Harford County has an incentive: Free fingerprinting!  Hey! Hey!

The Prophet Speaketh:

            It is the perceived duty of scientists to take all the poetry, beauty, joy and love from our lives, certainly all the mystery.  Scientists should stick to boring details and leave the eternal verities to the real people.  They should not be allowed to espouse theories.


            Civilian courts and courts convened by civilians will be empowered to try, remove and punish military personnel.  The power of the military over the people will vanish.  Courts martial will virtually cease to exist.


            This controversy about TV evangelists in red China is puzzling.  One of those cheek turners, Pat Robertson, wanted to nuke North Vietnam.  It is quite safe for the chicoms to open their sty.  They're welcoming their own kind into the fold.  Christians are hypocrites.  Masochists on the bottom, sadists on top.


            Forgive the Prophet if he is wrong.  Forgive the Prophet if he boasts.  For if the Prophet is right he is indeed boasting for he is one of five United States paratroopers depicted on a 1999 postage stamp commemorating the Vietnam War.  The only five people to ever appear on a postage stamp in their own life times.

            I guess it's just kind of like my destiny.




Desk Pilot1


Desk pilot

Over against the night

Desk Pilot

Make it come out right

Desk Pilot

Profligate with postage

Desk Pilot

Bleeding out your ghostage

Desk Pilot

Ladle full the dosage

Desk Pilot

Throw in the towel

Desk Pilot

Make it later not just now.





Ship o' Paper2


Thoughts long yesters written

Shuffle round the jesters words

Justice body-slammed and smitten

Deal them out by arméd herds

Eye gouge, jugulars bitten

Elbow smash the yellow birds

Eclypt with ye anvil in mitten

Pot asimmer, raise chips to nerds


Sail on ship of paper

Sail the seas of time

Brave the storm of hate scathed faces

Scald the flaggers with boiling rhyme

Chest the flack, note names and faces

Fire your broadsides prime and lime

The branches of derision

With a division of decision

Crush greed nothing sublime.


1,2Desk Pilot and Ship o' Paper from Potsherds © 2000 Youngman Grant.


            We men of the 117thMilitia Regimental Combat Team wish all decent people everywhere a Happy New Year.