117th Militia



Family and Freedom over flag

2001 PSYWAR Office 117th Militia Regimental Combat Team


12 March 2001, Vol. 2, No. 7


PB 2/14/1 0803: WWLG-1360 AM, news: Brian Catcrap is the first Prince Georges County hyena ever to go on trail for the murder of a human while in uniform. Those bluecoated subhumans have murdered hundreds, maybe a thousand. They once murdered a thirteen year old boy running from his home. So now with blood flowing in the gutters they are trying one for murder. Why bother? You know it's innocent.


2/16/1 1500-1700: WAVA-1230 AM, Janet Parcels America: joyous references to dirty movies and naked monkey actresses. What's a Christian?


2/21/1 WBAL-1090 AM: news: Six murders in Baltimore Sunday night, the city hyenas have been unchained to bug and tap anybody they want if ostensibly drug related, and Mad Dog and ass-lickers are giving them a special commemoration for

cutting crime.


1351: Blush Limburger, unrelated to what it was saying, gushed: "long-haired maggot infested dope smoking FM listeners." This patriotic coward is always attacking someone that can't fight back. Elect us and we'll whip these short-haired syphilitic flag-waving dick-sucking fat rich Republican AM radio haters to ribbons.


(CA) c., 1745: WNUV-54, news teaser: a black male has gotten off from abusing a six year old girl with a plea bargain. Justice in America the Whore. Guess the child was white.


2033: dc 413: click-on-box: naked monkey L.H., getting another lucrative role as a single mother of two, is mentioned as the star of "Terminator 2". Degenerates never mention "Terminator 1."


FP (A) 2/22/1 1000: CNN-1190 AM, news: International Tribunal in the Hague found three Serb subhumans guilty of mass rape and torture in Bosnia, operating rape camps where even preteens were raped and tortured. These conservative patriots even made adult enlightened sophisticated videos. They were slapped on the wrist. Hundreds if not thousands of Serb subhumans patriotized women and girls, three were slapped on the wrist. (The chief conservative dicksucker, Sloppy Don Suckkadicks, lives in luxury like a Republican.) This happened when Big Beaver Bush was President. It refused to help save them. The reason Big Beaver Bush refused to help save them is that it is good friends with those that did it, i.e., Serbian subhumans that patriotized tens of thousands of Jews when the capitalist god Hitler was in charge in those pigsty countries. Patriotized countless endless families in patriotic ways that defy the imagination of a horror writer. The big bad governments bring justice. Oooo, that'll teach the patriots. Governments know their own.

Yesterday grease ball Limbaugh implied war crimes of this type did not happen in Kosovo. Pastor Clay Douglas and other right-wing freaks say the same. Reason? The governments doing it are fascist. Their kind of patriotic coward. Patriots know their own.


PERIODIC 2/22/1 Terra Incognita Number 5, science fiction:

FP (A) p. 19, reference to Honduras: under Ronald "Ring-ass" Reagan's auspices pregnant women being tortured to death and women being tortured and butchered and their children left chained to them until they died also.

SCHO-OP p, 28, interview: an archaeologist chipped evidence off an Egyptian monument because it was the wrong size to fit its theory.


(S) 2/23/1 TMC, "The Thomas Crown Affair", DOO:

1) BT** naked photographs

2) -n tits at dance, etc.

3) Filthy dugs of Rene Roueassu. Long-lingering close-ups of its naked ass. It's cunt hair through its legs from behind. Males hand on its naked ass.

4) Completely naked in fuck scene. Naked nipple-hard dirty dug. Check throughout. This all-American adult porn was only related R. Red on the head like the dick on a vomit-licking dog.

This cringing ogress out-uglied a baboon's ass with diarrhea, actress average.

Note at the top of the file.


(S) BT** 2/25/1 1758: FOX WBFF-45, ad: Ikea, tits and lingering close-up of ass-cheeks bulging from a shitty panties. Outside boys on bikes wait for the beast to open the curtains and perhaps frig on the window sill. Ikea! Ikea! Ikea!


2/26/1 The Free State:

Article from the Baltimore Sun, November 8, 2000 repeats that a young man was arrested for rasslin in his back yard.

Toy guns are sold with caps over the muzzles so that if the bluecoated hyenas see little boys playing cowboys they might not murder them.

The cringing Governor Parris Glendening and its patriotic ass-lickers are conspiring to install draconian penalties for those caught wearing body armor. These degenerates have nearly usurped our right to bear arms.

They are also demanding booster seats in vehicles for children who have outgrown safety seats.

These freaks can't figure out why that fbi subhuman sold out its country to the Russians. 1) the fbi and kbg are homosexual lovers, wallowing in the pissy sheets of patriotism, 2) they don't give that warped scum lie detector tests, 3) the fbi is way busy murdering and terrorizing real Americans to actually catch spies, especially among their depraved selves..


2/27/1 1628: WAVA-1230 AM, Janet Parcel's America: a guest said, "Euthanasists do not consider infants persons." No reaction. Then it added, "And, and this is disgusting. Ronald Reagan is not considered a person."

"Oh no, no."

These flag-waving cross-dragging freakos keep conjuring up that blithering corpse that raped Central America and hastened enslavement of its own country (by suspending posse comitatus and licking hyena assholes) because that lying bum is their perfect leader, their idea of a man, Old Blood Bath and his two-timing wife the perfect "first couple". Pitiful!


PB BT** 2/28/1 0959: 12.160 MHz, "American Freedom News," in California those wild and wacky subhumans of BAFT assaulted a man's home and stole his guns because "He wasn't a collector and we thought he might sell them". You don't have to be a collector to own guns. Corporations own hundreds of thousands of guns. Arms dealers approved by the government sell them to patriots too. Even bombs, plastic explosive and torture equipment. They teach 'em how to do it too. We say we wipe 'em out.


(CA) c. 1740: WNUV-54, news teaser: a Baltimore woman starved her two year old son to death.


PB BT** 3/1/1 c. 0803: WWLG-1360 AM, news: Illinois: 250 people have been drug from their homes by Illinois hyenas, among the country's most depraved, because a river is jammed with ice and might maybe perhaps flood. Absolute and total compliance is considered so important in the police state, America the Whore, that the governor itself is trying to talk an old man out of his home before it sends in the swat cocksucks, outside to save him, champing at the bit, caressing triggers and each'n others' dicks. Behold the weakness of the governor's statement: "We just think it's not a good place for you to be".


PERIODIC SCHO-OP Atlantis Rising Number 25, 2001, PO BOX 441, Livingston, MT 59047, DOO:

p. 65, How Old Were the Olmecs?, Zecharia Sitchin: evidence has disappeared from the Olmec museum in Jalapa, Mexico. 1) a carved column giving the true date of Olmec arrival (August 13, 3113 BC, 2) proof of their roots (a toy elephant).

The Mexican government should find and slaughter the dyspeptic cracker cunchers that did this.


PB BT** 3/2/1 WWLG-1360 AM: Seattle, Washington: Severe earthquake. Now the hyenas and military subhumans get to terrorize people, drag them from their homes and bulldoze them. A woman cries (a bulldozer roars in the background), but not because her home is badly damaged, but because a government hired thug is bulldozing her home and possessions. The land will be given to the rich patriotic homosexual lovers of those in power.

We are not here to serve the government, the government is here to serve us. Law was imposed over justice. It has made us its slaves. Therefore The Purge.

No excuse. Warrant all.


PB BT 3/4/1 The Baltimore Sun, "Zippy", two young men riding a motorcycle illegally arrested and questioned in a psychotic manner on a charge of murder by a Connecticut state hyena, a brown shirt suspiciously wearing a bedpan on its head. Nothing was ever done about it. Comic filed.


(IO) BT** 3/8/1 1011: 12.160 MHz, "Larry Nichols Live," Pastor Ernie Sanders:

1) In a Cleveland, Ohio women's prison the toilets are in the open and women must relieve themselves before male hyenas.

2) (IO) There is no heat in the cells of men's prisons.

3) (IO) A man was tried in an illegally closed court. All courts are supposed to be open. The subhuman piece of black-robed shit gave the man three years house arrest for asking it its name, said he was trying to intimidate the spobrs. Having served that the subhuman piece of black-robed shit is dragooning the man on the same charges, double jeopardy, the penalty now 35 years in a federal hellhole with the most depraved of bluecoated hyenas.

Warrant all in all cases.


(CA) BT** 3/9/1 0704: WWLG-1360 AM, news: day care provider Kathleen Butcher murdered a 15 month old baby. The cringing wimps on the jury may give it a harsh ten months but not for murder. A right-honorable day care provider in authority would never ever murder. Oh no no no. They found some dirty dishes.

A child in Florida, tried as an adult, may get life for murder of a six year old girl.

In June smoking is forbidden in all Maryland prisons, the result of a secondhand smoke suit. Riot time. You have a right to smoke whether or not the rich dicksuckers that own and run America's system of injustice like it or not.



The Prophet Speaketh, yea, saying:


Why is it that when a veteran runs afoul of the law his benefits are taken, but when those fat rich cringing perverts in Congress, the Executive and Legislative Branches or any branch of the hundreds of governments in this country run afoul of the law which is often, they get to keep everything they've stolen and extorted and, if anything, they get to pillage even more!

Why can pestholes use the men's latrine at PSINET Stadium, but humans can't use the pestholes' latrine? It is the same at other public facilities and with locker rooms. The hyenas, public or private, would beat and/or murder a human for going into the pestholes' latrine. Pesthole that enter a male facility should be exterminated, ex post facto.

Why do hyenas of several sties, even smoky the bear pigs of the INS, have bus stations under tight surveillance; armed subhumans, permanent offices and cameras everywhere. How long before the rich lechers and lecherettes that own and run this piece-of-shit country require permits to travel? No excuses. Warrant all.



Family and Freedom Over Flag


We've been criticized for not printing enough about the men of the 117th Militia Regimental Combat Team and about the unit itself. Our newsletter is primarily intended as propaganda. Needless to say we're not getting into operations. Our meetings are not beer fests though we have bashes occasionally but they are family affairs. We're serious about this. We do not attend social functions where you can't take your family. We're not that filth in power, their bluecoats, their lawyers nor their black-robed pieces-of-shit. We want an America where only homosexuals wear ties and where if neutered corporations can make no man travel away from his family. We're Men and we're proud of it and we grieve for those who do not have loving families. Most of us believe in God Almighty, Creator of the Universe and all beyond. It that is Its own Creation. It that created Itself.

We have maneuvers emphasis on small unit tactics. In class study military subjects. We've studied the First Revolution. We are now studying the Second Revolution, the Civil War. Way we see it strategy is what you want to do to the subhumans, tactics are how you are going to get to do it.

The Prophet sends his blessings to Ann and John (D Co. 3rd Bat.) on the birth of twin boys. Stock up on Visine buddy. You're going to need it.

The Prophet sends his blessings to Nancy and Dick (C Co. 1st Bat.) on the birth of Linda, and blessings to Nora and Ike (B Co. 3rd Bat.) on the birth of their third child first son William.

The Prophet grieves for Eugene (C Co. 1st Bat.) whose father died in January.

Softball sign up men! We look for a good turn out like last year. A significant faction has its dander up because they want a baseball tournament. We voted remember? There's nothing stopping you guys from forming your own teams.


♠♠♠♠ ♠♠♠ ♠♠ God Almighty bless all good people everywhere. ♠♠♠♠ ♠♠ ♠♠♠



January 1970-2/5/00

January 1970 Revisited


There are people out there living

A-doin' their own little thing

There are people out there sans giving

I sigh and feel their pain.


There are people out there loving

At least when not in the rain

Unable to feel for another

Loving pigs hating their brother

Tame by comparison Cain.


Few the lights distant

Though packed like stars in a cluster

Though packed like marks in a crowd

Though packed like yellow in mustard

Though lost like a mite in a shroud

Though packed like ham in a can

Though packed like fear in a shriek

Though packed like hope in a plan

What they crave they need not seek.


There are people out there living

A-doin' their own little thing

They should knell the bell of the walk-in

The bell that makes the world ring

The bell that makes the world sing.



In Conclusion


American, a lousy language for rhyme

Fantastic for poetry

A pedigree with an old saw

A flying swordfish with a pound of stars

Hawgs' jawgs'n potters' trotters

A joker's poker a honeyed quill

Fishy wishy candy swill


Oh! You remember me?

I am family memory

A stranger twixt falling leaves

Hence a wench swinging a velvet wrench

A snack pack crack shack

Two scufflers warming the bench

This happened...


Waving that rag black gold grand

Texas tea guzzles fat rich man

Paid by all but pot-bellied boy

The braggin' dragon drew a line in the sand

A dust storm blowin'

Ghost tracks over the Earth

Wobblin' gobblin' woebegone goblin

Golim a Gurkah kukris cotton upon

Cream Heifer, Sister to Snow

A latent flake, blow blow blow.


She be de sangin':

"Yassuh, thet's muh baby

Arrow Fat got de rabie

No suh, Yassar Error's fat'n, say he

Do mean yussuh maybe

Yassar dat's muh baby,

The coooow!"


'N' day be sangin':

"Knots and bubbles inside out

Double trouble twist'n shout

Keep 'em on the bus but don't let 'em drive

Stout they pout puddin' one-hand jive

Heaped enough on the table

Yes, seat Cain but drink to Able

Kinda like a fairy fable".


Another Band-Aid on your cake

Whether you want it or not

Chokin' on fish bone law

Order the dog

Toothsome they baste it a lot

HID crutch in high briars


Mirabile dictu

Mr. Magoo in Malibu

Shades with spades

Spades with shades

The compass of love

Shit on.


Mint cream puff

Pigs wallow on table

She cut the cheese

In the breeze

In the fossils of their faces

Lawyer's aces


Descend to birth

Ancestral bloodseed sow

Row on row

A line at a time

Origin go so bloodline hoe

Extract a lime, parent a time

With a good nose and long finish

Complex undertones word from Guinness

A diet best served sanguine sans blemish.


These poems are from Potsherds 2000 Youngman Grant.


♠ ♠♠ ♠♠♠