117th Militia



Family and Freedom over flag

© 2001 PSYWAR Office 117th Militia Regimental Combat Team


30 April 2001, Vol. 2, No. 8


(3/26/1) We mentioned that bureau-rats lie automatically answering any question no matter how harmless.  They balk not at breaking the law disobeying the Freedom of Information Act.  Laws generally don't apply to them.  We reported that Slave State bureau-rats were caught at this.  Hey gang! Guess what they caught the wimp gimp chimp blimp simps of Washington, DC at lately?

            Elect us and the laws will especially apply to them, even their secretaries.


3/14/1 c., 0731: WWLG-1360 AM, a eastbound Jarrettsville Pike near Stansbury Mill is closed so the hyenas can play Boston Blackie at the scene of a former fire.

0900: The road is still closed.


(S) BT** 1412: c. 31 TBS, "Mars Attacks", close-ups of huge ¾-n tits of black Cleopatra throughout.  Note at top.

BT** 1417: lingering close-up of ½-nipple rings of black whore bending over, with two other whores.  Note at top.

1418: nipples (?) of "Natalie" through garment.

(T) 1450: close-ups of ½-n tits of fat brunette throughout.

BT** 1457: naked subhumans in Playmonkey.  Full naked dugs, etc.  Note at top.

BT** 1535: many near naked show sluts.  Note at top.

(I) 1538: ass slit of one in gray slacks.

1600: ass slabs of the nearly naked black actress/whore Cleopatra, full naked shitty ass slabs, its dirty dugs covered only with a strip of rag.  Note at top.

1604: ass cheeks and tits of "Natalie".

Carefully check for filthy monkeys in various stages of nakedness throughout.


(IO) 3/15/1 1702: WTOP-1500 AM, news: Massachusetts man released after serving twenty years for a murder he did not commit.


3/16/1 0722: WRNR-103.1 FM, the hyenas are closing down York Road later for a hyena's funeral.  This should not be allowed.  They do it to spite the people.  Just throw the decaying hyena in a hole and cover it up.  (It's better to cremate it and use it for fertilizer.)

            This was the only report we heard on any station.  (In DC roads were closed long after cleanup so the hyenas could play Charlie Chan.)  Think it's getting obvious?


(NL) 0911: 12.160 MHz, "American Freedom News," in Germany 16,000 men were forcibly DNA tested because of the rape of an eleven-year old girl.  A twelve-year old girl has been raped and murdered.  The nazis want to DNA test every German male.

            In England an 81-year old World War Two veteran has had an electronic tag punched into his ankle to tell the hyenas when he leaves his home.  This is routine for the British subhumans.

            Many Americans have traditionally looked upon the British as wimps.  Looks like they were right.  This unit no longer has any respect for the British, the Australians nor the New Zealanders.


(CA) 1106: WTOP-1500 AM, news: Briana Blackman was murdered by her subhuman parents when a Washington, DC foster barracks forced her to return to her house.


(F) Turkish turds stormed an airplane murdering a passenger, a hijacker armed with a big bad knife, and wounding other scum passengers.


1142: WWLG-1360 AM, Ken Jackson the disk jerk spent four minutes slobbering over what a good boy he was and licking shit off the assholes of Baltimore City's hyenas.  Another has been exterminated he stopped in the funeral house yesterday wanted everybody to know what a good little ass-licker he is.  "I wanted to pay my respects and those of the community."  He wasted his time.  They were packed in assholes to elbows.  It was dog heaven.  Bones were everywhere and you couldn't turn around without your tongue going up another ass-licker's asshole.

            There were scores of hyena honor guards, loafing when they should have been terrorizing the public at large.

            We're glad it's dead.  Every hyena that is exterminated the closer we come to Freedom.

            Forty-two hyenas were exterminated last year.  Bad news is it's the lowest body count in a lustrum.

            Ass-licker Paul Harvey praised hyena terror at University of Iowa basketball games.  Swearing in student thugs to keep enthusiastic students off the floor.

            "You bet they listen... or else!"  Oooh!

            These radio ass-lickers must be controlled.


PB BT** 1751: WNUV-54, news teaser: A Baltimore City hyena murdered a man on the street.  Holy moley!  The empty headed jerk called it a "gruesome murder."  They are might even take it to trial.  Why bother?


PB BT** 3/19/1 1750: WNUV-54, news teaser: Baltimore City's bluecoated hyenas have "gunned down a suspected car thief".


(IO) 3/22/1: articles filed from the Baltimore Sun:

1) BT** A South Carolina hospital was piss testing pregnant women and giving the results to the hyenas.  Supreme Court said it was unconstitutional until the next time.  Over thirty women were arrested this time.  They ruled on this before.  Of course the right-wing creep Scalia, a thing with depravity matched by its cowardice, said it was A-OK, hunky-dory.


2) BT** The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court has been spying on, wire tapping, bugging, attacking and destroying people's homes and lives since 1978 without even the formality of a warrant.  Merely on the word of a hyena or other piece of shit.


(IO) 3/23/1 0913: 12.160 MHz, "American Freedom News," USDA hyenas attacked a Vermont farm and slaughtered a herd of sheep.  The federal trash wore armored vests.  Only in America would the subhumans fear sheep.  If we can get these cowardly Americans off their fat asses it'll be a cakewalk.


(PB) 3/25/1 WCBM-680 AM, news: Alabama hyenas have drug families from their homes because a tank car of Draino derailed.


(IO) 3/26/1 Warrant all responsible for Cannibal and Echelon.


(PB) BT** 3/27/1 0751: WRNR-103.1 FM, news: Baltimore City hyenas have murdered a suspected car thief they say shot another hyena in the leg.


(S) 3/25/1 1040-1220: 325 THMAX, rated R but not for filth, DOO:

1) BT** ¼-n ass cheeks of dancers hanging below gold skirts.

2) BT** The completely naked ass slab and side of G.M. in bed and exposed by male.

3) BT** Close-ups of the hard nipples and nipple rings of G.M. clearly visible through its sheer top.  USED.  Note at top of file.

            Despite filth and this whore airing itself throughout, it and others in fuck scenes, for Hollywood this movie was fairly clean, but the dirty little queer that directed it had to shit on it at the end.  It had its whore wipe her filthy asshole and pesthole on us.  People arise, and let's use them for toilet paper.


3/29/1 0923: 12.160 MHz, "American Freedom News," DOO:

1) (IO) The rich degenerates that own and run Los Angeles have made it a crime to own a handgun.


2) (IO) The naked mole rats in Congress are conspiring to create a super FEMA agency.  There will be no questions about us having rights then by golly!  The Prophet yea, saith, there must be retribution for those that have had anything to do with this sort of thing from the highest unto the lowest, those that conspired to create it, voted for it, carried it out, enforced it.

            Elect us and God Almighty given property rights will be acknowledged.  Eminent domain will go down the shitter with their red, white and blue flag.  The bulldozing of a home or entire neighborhoods by FEMA and/or state, county, district, and/or city governments, or the rich business queers on the Chamber of Commerce and/or any pieces-of-shit because one home a block away may have had a crack in its foundation, or for any reason at all, so they can grab the land or give the land to their rich dick-sucking friends, or for any other reasons, shall stop and be viciously punished ex post facto from lowest unto the highest, highest unto the lowest.  It's the old shove the aircraft off the deck of the carrier syndrome.  America's slaves paid for it!  They are not men!  They are not human!  Bulldoze that block!  Those are only the hovels of the slaves.  They have not homes!

            Under The Prophet's law all priority will be given to protecting and preserving homes.  Businesses will be allowed to burn to the ground.  Businesses will be bulldozed but the patriotic subhumans will die protecting the home next door no matter how humble or they will be executed.  When nature rampages people will have until forever to move their things and the property is still theirs.  It is their land!  Those that suggest, vote for, order or carry out the bulldozing, burning, blasting, bombing, undermining and/or damaging and/or destroying people's homes or denying them access to their homes in any way because of flood, fire, plague, volcanic eruption, war, famine, and/or meteor, asteroid, comet strike or for any reason at all will be slaughtered.

            Those suggesting to repeal these laws for any reason along with the hierarchy shall be executed.  These laws, when thoroughly written and properly inaugurated, will be imposed ex post facto.

            Those in authority and/or those with their tongues up authority's asshole that damage or conspire to damage and/or confiscate or deny people's homes and/or property for any reason will be executed from lowest unto the highest, from the lowest unto the highest.

            Elect us!

            And no longer will the blue-bellied hyenas stand idly by like the cowards they are and let twelve children be slaughtered, then treat their classmates like the criminals.

"No longer will blue-coated sway-backed bubble-bellied dick-suckers declare adult or child dead because of "no visible signs of life" because they are afraid of booby traps.

            No longer will the blue-bellied cowards, hearing the pitiful cries of even little children buried in rubble, not dig them out for fear of being hurt.  They will not longer forbid others to do so for fear of being sued.

            No longer will the hyenas murder human beings to get at their brother terrorists.

            No longer will coroners lie covering cia/mafia beheadings as suicides like the subhuman coroners of Arkansas.

            No longer will the hyenas bulldoze evidence of their atrocities.

            No longer will corporations be people at the bar.  Their size will be limited.  Corporations will only be allowed to merge when a percentage of people can be hired.  Employers that humiliate and/or abuse employees whether it legal or not shall be slaughtered.  Those that mismanage businesses causing loss of jobs will be punished.

            Elect us! And there will be retribution.  Elect us! And there will be justice!  Elect us! And the Men and Women of America will be respected as the only people on Earth with Dignity!


4/2/1 WTOP-1500 AM, a male is on trial in Alexandra, VA for stabbing to death an eight year boy.


PB BT** 0833: WTOP-1500 AM, Tucson, AZ: hyenas shot defenseless college students with rubber bullets and knocked them out with stun grenades.  Warrant all.


(S) BT** 4/3/1 1010: Dollar Tree, book: All Star Feast, Global Liaisons, Inc., New York.  Among other filth on cover a black beast with only a twist of rag up its pesthole.  Note at top.


PB BT** 1335: WTOP-1500 AM, despite a Supreme Court ruling New Jersey hyenas are still terrorizing mostly black and Hispanic drivers.  It is dangerous for them to drive through New Jersey because of the brownshits.  Warrant all.


(I/O) 4/4/1 0954: 12.160 MHz, "American Freedom News," a federal court ruled a Canadian farmer whose crops were polluted by terminator pollen blowing across the border must pay Monsanto royalties.  Since when does a federal court rule over Canada?  Why is a cringing capitalist corporation allowed to own life?  Meanwhile the US Senate, fat with graft from Monsanto, beats off salivating over the wealth they are reaping murdering life on Earth.

            After the Revolution nobody will be allowed to patent life.  Those that have attempted, do attempt or have cloned higher life forms shall be executed.  The United States will not deal with countries that have not enforced similar laws.


(F)(IO) 4/5/1 2007: 38 DSC, The Bermuda Triangle: the British navy is a disgrace to all who have gone before.  They have pesthole doctors on their ships.  How can they stand the embarrassment?  The snaggletooth limeys don't know the difference between a man and a beast and MEN are suppose to protect them.  That's why that wimpy government leads them with a ring through in the nose.


PB BT** 4/6/1 1504: WTOP-1500 AM: for the second time this year Detroit security hyenas have beaten to death a woman suspected of shoplifting.  Like naked mole rat, like whelp.  These hyenas worked for Rite Aid.  Warrant all.  Note at the top.


4/7/1 1743: WTOP-1500 AM, Adams Morgan, VA, elementary students have been beaten by their patriotic teachers.  One "three year old" was hurled to the ground, another punted a few yards.  USED.


(I/O) 4/10/1 1635: WTOP-1500 AM, Los Angeles: rapper Em N Em was given two years probation and has to take drug tests for carrying a concealed weapon.  Only in a pig state would one not be allowed to carry a weapon.  Why drug tests?  Why does he have to be pissed?  What does that have to do with it?


(I/O) 4/11/1: article from the Baltimore Sun, filed: The commie governor of the Slave State signed into law 101 bills yesterday including one that "will allow prosecutors to tell judges and juries when defendants refuse to take a Breathalyzer test."  Notice how this commie/queer newspaper reported this.  It means that if you refuse to take the obscene and filthy Breathalyzer test the subhumans can use it as evidence against you.

            One of the commie/lezzies behind all this, Delegate Carol S. Petzold, Montgomery County Democrat said they'll push more oppression through next year.  Again. federal dollars will be at stake.  "That'll be the leverage," she said.


(S) (T) 0842: 41 FX; ad, series: The Test, a quiz show to test Hollywood naked monkeys on their "sex quotient".  DOO: close-ups of ¼-n tits of leering beast J.B.  "Turn your head and cough it's time to be tested.

(S) BT** 1212: ad, series: Son of the Beach, many near naked beasts on beach, many close-ups of monkeys 99/100% naked with but stamps over pestholes and nasty nipples.  Note at top.

            This porn was shown and cut to without warning sex-seven times from 1200-1430.  These prudes   went to barbaric extremes with "The Fabulous Baker Boys" that we watched in the day room however.  To delete words like God, Negro, fucking, shitty, maybe cock, the prudes cut meaningful lines of dialog.  To avoid saying shit twice at the end they butchered the ending.  They ruined it.  They left the nasty naked nipple of that whore at the beginning though, plus other.  There were numerous naked beach motif ads and nasty sluts in ads for "Breaking the Magic Code 3: Secrets Revealed.  Day be moral at FX dough.  Nasty hos in patches'n pasties but day be moral dough.  Day be moral!


The chicom submons gave up the crew of the American spy plane.  They'll be allowed to keep the billion dollar airplane though.  The slaves paid for it so it is of no concern.  Push it over the side.


PB BT** 4/12/1 0702: WWLG-1360 AM, news: Cincinnati: riots because of "the shooting of an unarmed man".  This means the shit-sucking hyenas have murdered yet another unarmed man fleeing for his life.  The queer mayor beats off yea, saying: "I will do whatever I can to protect the people, even call out the national guard".  Joy boy would begin by slaughtering the hyenas if he really meant that.  If the ass-licking media would tell it like it is peace, safety, freedom, yea dignity would be within sight.  The only good hyena is a dead hyena.  Warrant all.

            Joy boy declared a curfew.  This matter of curfews is going to be looked into with a stern eye and hangman's intent.  Cities like Baltimore  have long had permanent curfews against minors. Now queer mayors want them for adults as well.


(I/O) 2204: WWLG-1360 AM, news: New York: a woman was sentenced to two years for spending United Nations money mistakenly deposited into her account.


PB BT** 4/16/1 0804: WTOP-1500 AM, Cincinnati is still under curfew.  The hyenas fired canister shot into a peaceful group of people.


(S) 4/17/1 1102: 110 SCI, Connections, opening shot of full ass slit of female archaeologist bending over.  Why is it that every time they show a female archaeologist the camera is jammed up its asshole?  Do they walk like that or what?  And whenever they show one of the hairy things from the front it is functionally naked from the waist up.


(S) BT** 1232: 44 COM, Saturday Nipple Nite Live (1993), DOO: four covers of Vanity Fair each featuring a rich and famous naked monkey pressing its dirty dugs; Sharon Stone (active in taking our weapons, supporting draconian penalties for "stalking"), Janet Jackson and two other beasts.


4/18/1 0753: WRNR-103.1 FM, a man goes on trial in Harvard County for exterminating a hyena working as a security guard.  Since it was not executed as a common street hyena, why do they keep saying the man is on trial for "murdering a police officer"?  The media ass-lickers do it always.  It is enslaving.

            Also media monkeys have dehumanized us a step further.  They quit referring to our homes long ago.  They replaced homes with houses.  Now they use the work possessions.   We lose our possessions.  We strive to save our possessions, at least from nature.  You see human beings, beings that have rights and dignity, that have to be considered and asked permission of have homes.  Slaves have no homes.  They are kept in hovels or better yet cages!  Yes, yes, that's it! Cages! Slaves have but few possessions and those easily taken by the hyenas and other patriotic dick-suckers.  We believe the cia is behind this.  It is their style.


BT** 1430-1600: 322 MAX3, "Damnation Alley" (1977) PG, DOO: lingering close-ups of two naked Playmonkey centerfolds plus others.  Warrant all.  Note at the top.  USED.

            This porn is ranked for mild violence but not for nasty naked monkeys, neaks! leering like possums eating a rich man's shit.  These are pictures of pictures.  To a limp-wristed Hollywood degenerate that means it doesn't count.  They're like that.  The also believe the blue-bellies are their friends.  Sure they are.


4/20/1 1215: WBAL-1090 AM, Mush Limburger: an ass-licker said Earth Day was a day of wusses.  The fat rich subhuman piece of Republican shit chuckled in its fake baritone and repeated the vocal diarrhea.


FP 4/22/1 1727: WBAL-1090 AM: Baby Bush is backing the cia murder of a woman missionary and her daughter in Bolivia.  Without warning a big hairy-chested cia-hired macho grease wad shot down their private plane.  Congressional queers, of course, agree.  Murder is murder.  Warrant all. Complete hierarchies.

            Bush Baby, born with a silver spoon up her ass, (Don't forget her daddy in bed with Yukkaslob war criminals), backs a 34-country North and South American free trade zone, a very common market of  the Americas.  There goes national sovereignty down the shitter.  They'll flush everything down the shitter but that stinking rag.  They'll make the shitty rag sacred if they can.  You watch.

            Baby Face said that NAFTA helps the working man.  More Americans than ever are thrown out of work because of imports.  Average Americans are becoming destitute therefore the stock market burgeons.  A few million more Americans will be kicked out of work and those fat rich queers on wall street will gorge on the blood.  This is what America is, was, but doesn't have to be.

            We hear that she believes global warming will help the Average American because he save money on heating bills.


(S) BT** 2100-2200: 220 PPV "What Lies Beneath" PG-13, DOO:

2205: exactly halfway through a movie not too filthy we have the old picture within a picture syndrome that the queers and lesbians of the Motion Picture Association of America think is clever.  On a TV within the movie a huge-dugged  Hollywhore shiteater with long black hair airs its naked diseased dugs hanging out an open robe.  It is standing and talking to a naked queer.  Rated PG-13 but not for nakedness, Robert Zemeckis directed this pornography.  She is famous for totally naked shiteaters totally unnecessary to the plot not that it makes any difference to the Tribunal of The Purge.  Warrant all.  Note at top.


PB 4/24/1 0901: c. 110 SCI, Greater Crime, a fat-assed blue-coated SWAT subhuman sledges open the door to an American home other cocksuckers are ready to shoot inside with machine-guns.  Did we loose a war?  Possibly it was rumored a marijuana seed was inside.  What say we sledgehammer open and rush into their sties with machine-guns, then bulldoze their sties along with their possessions?  Come on.  They do it to us.  Elect us!


(S) 4/25/1 0904: 110 SCI, Egypt's City, lingering shot of ass slit of archaeologist bending over at the waist.  I tell you they walk like that.


1704: WWLG-1360 AM, news: There has been an accident involving a pigmobile and a van.  They gave the medical report on the hyena but not the occupants of the van.  This is typical.


PB 4/26/1 0721: WRNR-103.1 FM, another major artery closed do the pigs can poke around.

PB BT** 0751: news: the four New York City hyenas that murdered that unarmed man in his apartment with 41 bullets have been cleared (after sucking each'n others' peepees) of all charges by a hyena review board.  This is like nazis trying nazis for war crimes.  Twelve eunuch uncles and lesbian aunts and a black-robed piece-of-shit found the hyenas innocent last year.  Why did they bother in either case?  Everybody knows the outcomes beforehand.  Look at the expense!  The blue-coated subhumans are putting the blue-coated subhumans back in terrorization.  "Bad Tactics," the queers ruled.  Was this a joke?  Did we lose a war?  God Almighty destroy a country that allows such to go unpunished.  Warrant all.  NM.  Note at top.

            This was mentioned only once.  WTOP-1500 AM a news station from Washington, DC made no mention at  all.


(A) FP 0905: WTOP-1500 AM, Republican Senator Bob Cary's platoon in Vietnam lined the women and children of a village against a wall and murdered them.  Quote: "I did not know anything about it.  It was an accidental massacre."  Warrant all.  Note at top.

Can you believe it?  The platoon he's commanding murders defenseless women and children and not only didn't the all-American coward know anything about it, but it was an accident.  You must understand.  This a patriotic American war criminal's idea of a joke.  Freaks like Bob Cary get drunk and laugh about atrocities.  Makes 'em feel ballsy because they're fags or eunuchs.  Got day flag dough.  God Almighty destroys countries that allow flag freaks like Bob Cary to go unpunished.  War criminals make American laws.


The Prophet


            People have asked about the Prophet Mastodon.  He is the spitting image of Lawrence Fishburn who brought dignity and nobility to the role of Morpheus in "The Matrix".  He is reclusive, intelligent, stalwart, warm and compassionate but merciless to his enemies the wicked.  "Whatever it takes, in the Republican sense of the term."  He is Commanding General of the 117th Militia Regimental Combat Team because after joining the outfit three years ago he has been elected Commanding General consequently twice.  We agree with him mostly, not always.

            Central Command wants him to run for Field Marshal.  He doesn't want to.  He likes to be close to the Men.  Aside from the hassle of secretive training, supply, transportation and quartering his biggest headache as Commanding General 117th MRCT is the softball-hardball flap.

            It would keep him from his family and friends.  He loves family life.  He is polite and serves his friends.  He demands strict hygiene and deplores dirty hands.  "I'd take bullets for my  friends I just don't want to eat anything they've touched.

            "My father supported his wife, two kids, we had a house in the suburbs, two cars and lacked nothing.  He did this working forty hours a week.  How long do you work?"

He is divorced but loves a Woman he should not, a Woman he can never have, a Woman devastatingly lovely, athletic and graceful.  "I don't want a wimp.  I don't want a shrew.  I don't want an egghead.  I don't want an airhead.  I don't want a waste monger.  I don't want a miser.  She's got to be able to cook and above all, or below, she's gotta have a nice ass."

He likes home cooking, stuff like pinto beans,  home fries, green onions and cornbread baked with stone ground yellow cornmeal and drowning in butter.  Grows his own hot peppers.  He likes barbecue, seafood and large fresh salads which he eats with chopsticks.

            He takes two tablespoons of millers bran with two glasses of nonfat dry milk and drinks two mugs of coffee every morning.  Sometimes he skips the coffee.  He takes salt tablets when he exercises or sweats a lot.  He eats one meal a day and snacks on fruit, mostly crisp apples.

            "You put too much food on your children's plates.  Then you trash it.  Why are you crazy?"

            He likes to play sports.  He likes microbrews and wine.  He smokes a pipe, cigars with toasted wrappers, and sometimes a Bugler which he rolls with one hand.  He smokes marijuana and looks forward to tokin' with his buddies in the White House.  "Put that in your pipe and smoke it."Favorite social functions are sitting out back with the neighbors and attending an occasional Blast game.

            He reads like a fish.

            He does not attend church because churches are about power not spiritually.  He worships none of the popular gods.  "Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah, etc., left shit on his ass when he wiped just like everybody else.  He's dead now.  I believe in God Almighty, Creator of the Universe and all beyond.  It that is Its own Creation.  It that created Itself."  If churches did preach Truth he would not go because "I do not pray in the marketplace."

            He is worried about the ecology and it befuddles him that the rich think our Earth is toilet paper for them to wipe their fat asses on.  Unlike the famous right-wing short-haired monkey-suited maggot-ridden freako coward Rush Limbaugh, the Prophet does not consider Earth Day "a day of wusses".  "It is a day when courageous people champion justice for our home."  He prays for them and he prays for destruction of rich cowards of Limbaugh's ilk.

            He thinks the United States is a paper tiger, and that President Bush's apology to the chicoms was yellow-bellied and reprehensible.  "They had that boy jumping for a bone like a broke-dick dog."

            The Prophet does not see what Dr. Kevorkian did wrong.  The hypocrisy of rich Bible thumpers gags him.  hitler, hirohito, eisenhower, chiang kai-shek, syngman rhee, nixon, pinochet, reagan, milosevic, various other shit smears, pass the Puritan smear test while stalin, mao tse-tung, castro, johnson, pol pot, the chicoms, etc., do not.  suharto in, sukarno out.  Patriots thrust their tongues deeply up the bungs of the blue-coated hyenas and beat-off thinking of those they murder, they come imaging the rush to slaughter on death row, but oppose euthanasia.  "It's not butchery that bothers the rich, flag-waving Bible-thumping cowards and their bung-tonguers, but who's doing it.

            "Our lives are in the hands of idiots that hate us."

            About the proposed federal legislation sponsored by the hormone scrambled perverts of the NCAA to ban legal gambling on college games, "You throw the dice you take a chance".

            The Prophet prays for all good people everywhere, especially children.


Some Favorite Sayings


1) Family and Freedom over flag.  —The Prophet Mastodon.

2) Helping a friend is like helping yourself.  —Fortune cookie.

3) The Categorical Imperative by Emmanuel Kant: Act according to that maxim by which you can at the same time will

should become a universal law.

4) Make the big decisions with your heart, the little decisions with your mind.


5) Freedom of speech not image.

6) Expect nothing to happen until it's over.

7) You can't love Freedom and America both.

8) Who is more foolish, the child afraid of the dark, or the man afraid of the light? 

—Maurice Freehill

9) Lawyers and politicians are a class of amoral, vicious leeches with a weakening cover story.

10) Ignorance, arrogance, greed and hypocrisy are cowardice.

11) The Democrats want to take everything you have, the Republicans want to stop you from getting anything, all political parties want to make you slaves.

12) The courage of a patriot is inversely proportional to the strength of its intended victim.

13) Did we lose a war?  —Homer Simpson

14) The only good hyena is a dead hyena.

15) There are no excuses.

            The Regiment pauses in its busy spring training schedule to wish everybody who shall celebrate a birthday between now and the next issue Happy Birthday.  We wish we could do it individually.  We're want to give everybody a card on his birthday.

            The Regiment extends its condolences to RB, A Co., 4th Bat.; AF, D Co., 1st Bat.; SD, A Co., 1st Bat.; DH, B Co., 2nd Bat.

            The Regiment congratulates Mr. and Ms. DL, C Co., 4 Bat.; RS, D Co., 2nd Bat.; LR, C Co., 3rd Bat.; BC, A Co., 4th Bat.; MO, B Co., 1st Bat.; FF, B Co., 2nd Bat.

            Guess we're going to have to order a deuce-and-a-half of baby food.


The Prophet Yea Saith:

            I'm flattered by this interest in me personally.  I assume some of these persons are humans.

I ask that those who pray, pray for Charlie R., Grenadier, 4th Battalion, C Company, and I will pray for you.

Charlie caught pneumonia during squad tactics in January rain.  Get well buddy!  We need you.

Poems from Potsherds © 2000 Youngman Grant



The Lost Manuscripts


The crabbed cabbage of your vision

Hale kale of your lassitude furnish

A cartoon of petrified rattle eggs

A melancholic alcoholic

Lolling among gull dung

On a barren rock shelf belch

Fuzzy explosions to die for

Just you do the dying


Whinkles the starfish

Lucifer's hammer grasping

Freed another guilty ham

Condemned another innocent lamb

Shift in the heat

Smelt silver rain

Yo! Mac Kerini

Wearin' green beanie

Be de big blue meanie

Stuff an apple in yo bikini


Hurricane Mitch an angry bitch

The train could not be switched

And day sang!


Day be sangin' naw:

Catch a falling frog and put it in your pocket

Never let it fade away.

Never let it fade away.

Never let it fade away.





Hangman Jury


Like a patent plow

Shaded by the water tower

Tool of a fool since school

Engorging blood a satyr's sceptre

Picked fruit of flint pens

Electric chisels

Electromagnetic clay

Chips flying

Dogs in pain

A rummy mummy

Wrapped it up

Bellhop dummy


Anchored a spike-tooth drag

Erected a spring-toothed hag

And, the accused on March thirty-second

Selected a wedge under a sledge

Hammered a stony bracelet

Danced the tango'n fandango with

Conchita Durango one spicy mango

While hitching their wives to beams

Like ersatz female trash.


Half-assed naked blown'n bash

In luxury lapped sherbet

Gulls whitewashed the fields

A legacy of silence yields

The pick of the pick on rocky ground

Turning plows, burning cows

Sliced the black magic box with disks

Iced the silky sulky gangs with frisks

Plowed with fish

Owled the wish

Withered with the rose

To the grand jury I submit

Mirth means mockery

Mockery madness


A birth by mirth destroys Earth

Crushed in the coils of TV-elezbub

Their toadies and roadies

Their piggies'n their wiggies

Ladies and boys of the jury,

Your moral'n brave women'n boys

In the video military

Might see you and like you

And want to become you

But those that do

Would buy a watch from a street vendor

Who carries his inventory on his arm

A bridge in Brooklyn

Land in Florida

So Ah be axin'

The verdict please.


"Not guilty by reason of sanity."



Remember Waco!


The Propher Mastodon says:

            Goodby everybody, may God Almighty bless you if you are decent, and don’t forget to write.