117th Militia



Family and Freedom over flag

2001 PSYWAR Office 117th Militia Regimental Combat Team


29 May 2001, Vol. 2, No. 9


The Dundalk Eagle, April 12, 2001, a family newspaper, airing a -page article with a full color photo front page lead. Ethics Day 2001, a practicing naked monkey dancer named Julia Query showed porn films and lectured at Dundalk Community College. This surprises nobody who knows about the Community Colleges of Baltimore County, nor academia. Nor does it surprise subscribers to the cat box and bird cage liner The Dundalk Eagle. This used patriotic menstrual cloth prints full page photos of local naked monkeys often, like it's something to be proud of. For a Dundalkian... it is! The Dundalk Eagle, a family newspaper. Article filed. Many leads to the naked monkey network throughout the cesspool.

The Dundalk Eagle also airs front-page, full-page full-color photos of proto dykes, hormone scrambled boyless beasts that title nine forces on boys' high school wrestling and football teams. Yea, even they that sue the school when injured. Some graduate to become dyke boxers, basketball players, football players. Fundamentals are stressed. They have to. They can't do anything else. And they're not any good at that.


4/30/1 2035: 38 DSC, Nigel's Wild Wild World: Anaconda: Giant Snake of the Amazon, DOO: close-up down herpetologist's shirt, -n tits.

BT** 2058: naked natives waist up. Hierarchy only. Note at top.

Did you ever notice how the natives are always naked? They're not. This is the National Geographic syndrome. The liberals entice these women to dance naked and as we all know, according to liberals, since dark skinned people are nonwestern savages, it's OK to show the naked niggers. Paul Gauguin is a case to cite. He was almost executed by the men of Tahiti several times. He enticed the women to immorality, to fornicate out of wedlock, he spread the vile scourge of patriot's disease (also called French and Spanish disease) among them. He enticed the women to run naked from the waist up. He nearly destroyed the society of the island he lived on. I wish those noble Tahitians had exterminated that frog freak. It's time to get the job done here.


5/3/1 12.160 MHz, "Free America", DOO:

(I/O) BT** 0811: A childless widow owed $800 taxes. She lived in a $500,000 home. The judge, a true patriotic subhuman-piece of black-robed shit, had the hyenas drag her from her home. The patriotic subhuman-piece of black-robed shit gave her home to its homosexual lover, a cackling real estate agent (unavailable for comment) for $5000. Warrant all.

1) PB BT** The Cincinnati hyenas, some of them black niggers, have murdered fourteen unarmed men this year. Warrant all.

2) PB BT Philadelphia hyenas have planted drugs on hundreds of innocent people recently. Warrant all.

3) PB BT Despite the Supreme Queers and Lesbians the hyenas are still racially profiling.

The only good hyena is a dead hyena.

The only patriot is a dead patriot.

4) A California Jew sang hosannas over the fbi atrocity of scores of families at Waco.

(I/0) 1012: "Larry Nichols Live," Pastor Ernie Sanders host, DOO: Woodbury High School, Woodbury, Minnesota, student expelled for wearing "Straight Pride" T-shirt while queers and lezzies are praised for wearing T-shirts with slogans encouraging depraved acts.


PB 5/5/1 1602: WTMD-89.7 FM, news: Ervington, NJ, hyena William Mildon ("shot") murdered a black motorist. A grand jury is investigating. Why bother?

Following an ad for (Towson University, now) The Hunt Valley Massage Sty featuring, ready? Swedish massages. (And we all now about those bleached out and washed up Swedes now don't we.) Hootchie coochie.)


PB BT** 5/8/1 0901: WTOP-1500 AM, Cincinnati: A grand jury let the hyena that murdered the unarmed black youth go on two misdemeanor charges, two counts of littering, i.e., cartridge cases laying in the ever widening pool of innocent blood of victims sacrificed to the blue-coated cocksuckers. Some mealy-mouthed pubic spokesman openly licked shit off pig asshole. Warrant jury, judge, etc. NM. Note at top.


PB 5/9/1 c., 1200: WTOP-1500 AM, Cincinnati: the cowardly ass-licking lawyer for that murdering hyena is trying to get the two misdemeanor charges thrown out. Warrant all.

Let's face it, if you can stand to face shit, everyone connected with the law is a subhuman piece of shit. Elect us! We know what to do with 'em. It's time to flush the toilet. Our laws are JUST.

These queers in congress are upset that the United Nations threw the united states off the Human Rights Commission and Drug Control Commission. These queers in congress can't figure out why the United Nations threw the united states off the Human Rights Commission and Drug Control Commission. Can you believe this?


5/10/1 0827: 12.160 MHz, "Free America," DOO:

1) PB BT** The supreme queers and lesbians gave the hyenas the go-ahead to handcuff and arrest people, to throw them in prison, to steal their homes and haul their children off to foster homes for not wearing seat belts.

2) I/O BT** The chinless wonders have passed a law that makes it illegal to use a road 100 years old, and that allows the FEMA subhumans to bulldoze your home and possessions if you live near a road 100 years old.

Why have the american nazis done this? Now it is legal for the government's military cocksuckers to confine you to an area. This is important because it makes it convenient for the gutless all-American patriots to spray you with poison gases and/or spread anthrax and/or other vile diseases among you. They learned this from their great friend and america's erstwhile ally the greatest patriot that ever butchered, uncle joe stalin. That flag queer murdered 70,000,000 human beings, people like yourselves like this. This is what your lawyers plan for you. WAKE UP YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES! The Prophet has said it for years: "They want us dead".

3) I/O BT** After the government terrorist attack in Oklahoma City those rich shitsuckers passed an anti-terrorist bill that allows secret trials, which is what happened to the two fall guys for Oklahoma City. The traitors also allowed the hyenas to throw you in prison if they don't like your looks. The blue-coated hyenas have done this since the Revolution but some supporters of the Vietnam War now realize it's meant for them also.

Warrant all responsible for these listings. Note at the tops of each file.

Your lawyers and judges are whetting their knives for you. They will especially relish raping and torturing your daughters to death. Those patriots themselves cannot stand the system they've have made. Translation? They ain't gettin' none neither.


From a letter to a friend:

Your visit to the Harley Davidson plant was interesting. Eighteen dollars an hour working the assembly line sounds great. Baby Bush is working fang and claw to give all our jobs to Mexico. He wants to erase the southern border allowing the shoeless slavish savage hordes of Latin America who have but the vaguest notion of dignity, if any at all, to overflow on us like a bunged-up toilet. They use these immigrants to take our rights and our livelihoods. My father supported a wife and two kids, we had a house in the suburbs, two cars and lacked nothing. He did this working a factory job forty hours a week. Today american children seldom see their parents and they still can't survive and have no rights in the work place to boot.

To paraphrase the Prophet Mastodon, Bush Baby and friends, i.e., the rich patriotic Christians that own and run this country want us dead, but we deserve better than slavery and death. If there's a God Almighty the greed demons will not be allowed to do so, despite the color of their flag. Hear us, God Almighty?


Sweet La-La Land, Robert Campbell 1990, Pocket Books, ISBN 0-671-73236-6, fiction, ref., DOO:

PB p. 204, Los Angeles hyenas detaining man walking home bleeding profusely from the head, searching him and arresting him on suspicion instead of calling an ambulance.

CA p. 219, truants, mischief makers and innocents turned in by parents to get rid of them being caged in LA's rape and torture chambers for children for long years.

I/O p. 259, bulbous triple-chinned politician getting away with murder because he ate too many Twinkies.



(S) Champion Billiards in Baltimore allows children to play a poker game the object of which is to see a naked pesthole instead of a naked creep. It cost 25. Gambling nor cursing is involved so it's OK to the moral marauders.


Listings from Dover, Delaware


(S) BT 1301: Rt. 13, Gateway South, Food Lion, tall brunette going to fat, full deep ass slit in denim shorts. Fully sucked into its deep shit-wet crack.

The females of Dover are nastier than those of Dundalk.


(S) 371 STARZ, "Detroit Rock Shitty" R 1999, DOO:

Every female in this movie is a subhuman. Accompanying the filthy and disgusting display of these naked monkeys, for which they should be butchered, are aired:

BT** 1448: Hustler magazine with red cover. Close-up of a pesthole's pesthole. Legs jacked up, -open and folded the beast spreads its pesthole airing it out. This is a picture of a picture so OK to the Movie Picture Association of America comprised solely of queers and lesbian/whores.


BT** 1442: Many completely naked ogresses, ugly as a patriot loose in a concentration camp, stinking up a pool with their pestholes and assholes. Fully naked dugs, asses, shaved muffs. Naked monkeys lolling like pieces of shit on a cesspool shore. One in a patch and pasties.

Check this movie thoroughly. Warrant all. Note at top. No mercy for any of them. The very first.


2319: The Bottle and Cork, Dewey Beach, Delaware. Broadcast by 96 Rock (Delmar), one of the DJs is called Man Cow, a Howard Stern rip-off out of Chicago whose talk show is broadcast mornings on 96 FM. The pesthole was a long-haired brunette that airs itself and others on a porn site it operates out of Dover. Ugly as a cop smiling, Man Cow lifted its top exposing its ugly dugs. Then it did so itself. The mob was shrill with impotency. It's a gay thing.

Scores of pestholes attending were variously exposed like sardines in sauce.

Warrant all. NM. Note at top. The very first.

The females of the Rehoboth/Dewey area are nastiest of all, near-naked apes dragging their knuckles down the street. Many could peel bananas with their feet. Slabs of meat on the street.


5/17/1 c., 1630: WTOP-1500 AM, DOO: Elaine Shannon, national security adviser to the WTOP nitwit, said that many in the belly of the fbi whore call it a cowboy culture (craze-eyed murderers). Like a true female liberal ass-licker, it pooh-poohed the idea despite that, despite Waco, Ruby Ridge, thousands of other murders and shootings and countless patriotizings.

Then her male counterpart licked shit off Louis J. Freeh's asshole.

And the average asshole wonders why she is not free. Hang in there Shannon, you might get that ever elusive schlong yet. You too male counterpart. It matters not that over 7000 documents pertaining to Timothy J. McVeigh's framing were illegally withheld by the subhumans. A rare and mere glitch in the system. Surrrrrrrre!


5/18/1 0913: 12.160 MHz, American Freedom News, "They should clone J. Edgar Hoover bring him back." (She could suck dicks.) "Hansen [fbi super spy] would never have made it to trial." Rick Wild, good Christian.


(F) (I/O) 1002: WTOP-1500 AM, Montreal, Canada: a seventeen year old girl was stripped naked, beaten and left lying in the street for four hours. Building supervisors advised tenants not to call for help. She is in a coma. Doubtless anyone trying to help her would have been beaten and arrested by the Canadian hyenas. Canada is a cold and brutal country chock full of sluts and queers, whores lesbians wimps cowards and naked monkeys all beaten into shape by the Royal Canadian Mounted Dick-suckers.


(S) BT** 1330-1530: 234 PPV PG-13, "Red Planet":

1339: Hollywhore Carrie Anne Moss steps naked as a dugong from a shower. Ugly as a baboon drinkin' vinegar, we see this filthy beast airing its naked ass fully from behind, then its mammoth hard-nippled dirty dugs from the side. This was in the presence of an eunuch. As usual this scene did not need to be aired and was aired way long.

1440: Long-lingering close-up of the naked mole rat's huge prominent nipples. With the same top it wore a bra in other scenes.

Warrant all. NM. Complete hierarchies. Note at top. The very first.

This porn should have been rated P... for puke. Neaks, naked freaks. Hollywhores have been naked in public from the day the first camera rolled. The dickless geeks at pubic television air this porn because it's OK because it's old. Midterm, take Jean "Hollywhore" Harlow. How it's praised. Look at it now. Better yet, better for your soul, don't.



WBAL-1090 AM, the Preakness: announcers bragging that confiscations and arrests are going well. Not one word about the patriotizing perpetuated in the past by Baltimore's bluecoated hyenas; brutal attacks on Men, the near rapes of Women.


6 ESPN, New Jersey Devils at Pittsburgh Penguins: the announcers jest and boast that before the game the crowd was forced to, "stand and take of your moose horns for the National Anthem".

Pittsburgh lost 5:0. In the Eastern Conference finals they are down 3:0.


(S) 5/20/1 0935: WQSR-105.7 FM, ad: Fox 45 News, Monday at 10 PM, DOO: a "madame" has information in a "little black book" on Frederick, MD patriots. The all-Americans are nervous. Presented as cute entertainment to take the curse off it, as media monkeys always do, instead of "madame", hired cunt-lapper and dicksucker would be more appropriate. Why aren't these subhuman animals, "happy hookers", ever arrested? Why are they above the law? Everyone of the syphilitic spiders... smokes marijuana! Don't look around, you know why. They are like government secretaries.


BT* 5/26/1 1356: "Spacehunter" PG 1983, DOO: ass slab and flattened ass cheek of A.M.

BT** 1400: except for a twist of rag up stinky cracks, three naked asses including close-ups. When scene began the nasty nakeds wore thin panties but no pants.

1) Short-haired brunette's naked ass close-up as it is being lifted.

2) The above being air lifted to a compost heap, its legs spread its naked ass full on lingering camera.

Note at top.


♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

PB BT** 5/26/1

The Prophet is aggrieved at something family and friends have kept from him. Infamous throughout its history for dehumanizing and brutalizing students, Sparrows Point Middle and High School has managed to worm below its own bottom. In October 2000 because of an amateurish bomb scare, assorted shit including Baltimore County, fbi, baft and forensic subhumans flushed onto the school with D Day vigor. The students were forced to stand in rain for two hours. Because of her attendance record it was blamed on the Prophet's niece who was arrested. She asked for her parents but the subhuman queers refused. Her locker, book bag, and purse were searched. She was searched by an old lesbian hyena. The nazis forcibly took her blood because they said blood was found. Where and on what was never specified. The nazi queers fingerprinted her and took a handwriting sample. For two weeks she was under house arrest having to call a subhuman when she left and returned.

A month later another girl confessed to it.

Early this year she had a rash on her arm. Fair skinned, she often gets rashes. A teacher/faggot accused her of doing drugs. She was arrested. She requested her parents but was refused. The principal, a black female, prejudice against white students, even called a nigger by black students, searched her. A Baltimore County hyena (queer not lesbian) took her in a room and closed the door and searched her alone. She was forced to piss for the nazis.

She said that students who have refused to surrender their dignity for any reason are lead to jail in cuffs where they are brutalized and once a boy was almost sodomized by Baltimore County hyenas and/or their patriotic homosexual lovers.

Marked now she is a target for student patriots. She has had to learn to fight. She has been attacked by student patriots several times in school, on the way home and recently and she had to fend off an attacking subhuman at home. This came to the attention of the ass-licking guidance councilor that shit out its mouth, yea, saying, that she will be expelled even for defending herself at home because it is school related. She has been threatened with Sheppard Pratt and boot camp. These are institutions of brutality, sodomizing and rape the Free State of Maryland maintains for youth who might have dignity. Who might respect themselves. State paid queers and lesbians advance their careers by sending children to these concentration camps to be patriotized.

They have imprisoned our children. They have no rights.

Note at top. These patriots will be the first in PB listings to be brought to justice. In this and all similar cases the complete hierarchies of the hyenas and the school system will be executed on school grounds where applicable.

The only good hyena is a dead hyena.

The only good patriot is a dead patriot.


Headquarters is opening debate on framing laws to crucify or roast these types alive with apples in their mouths. The Prophet wants your opinions on these proposed Open Pit On a Spit Roasting Laws to be applied only to those who abused authority whether or not it was legal for them to do so. The types that do these things to children or anyone are not human. They think they are gods. It will take much to make an impression on those that come after.

White meat or dark meat?

♠ ♣ ♦



Summer maneuvers are drawing nigh. It is tough to support a family and fight for Freedom too. The next newsletter may be delayed until fall.


The Prophet Yea Saith:

In softball the count will not start at 1:1. There will be seven innings. Slaughter rule in effect only if agreed. Men of other battalions to be umpires. There will be a roster of those volunteering for umpire duty. Aluminum bats don't sound right. They are not natural.

Pray to God Almighty for the destruction of the government and its patriots and their eternity in Hell. The only good hyena is a dead hyena.

There is no truth to the rumors current in the regiment.

Good luck and keep up the good fight.



Clue for a New Gnu


Twelve and twenty blackbirds

Mud in your eye

Twelve and twenty catch words

Pocket fulla dye

Twelve and twenty latch turds

Bake 'em inna pi

Twelve and twenty snatch verbs.

Shake 'em down to fry

Inna gadda da vida


Daon ax why.

Daon ax why.


Poem from Potsherds 2000 by Regimental Poet Youngman Grant.

♣ ♠ ♦