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2000 PSYWAR Office 117th Militia Regimental Combat Team


February 12, 2001


Publication File


PUBLIC: Publication File, these listings are intended for Publication.

NL: No Listing, (may be omitted).




BT (S) 1/23/00 1431 hrs. : WJZ/CBS, ad: Dr. Pepper, DOO: -n tits, tits and cleavages of many huge dugged slugs sliming a gym. The general nature of Dr. Pepper ads (pepper, get it?) is wormy.


BT* 1/30/00 1900-2100 hrs.: WCBM 680 AM, 21st Century Radio, interview:

1) NASA lies to reporters as a matter of course on all subjects. Keeps all information to itself if it wishes. Clinton supports this. Reporters are tightly controlled. The government has given a billion dollars to the Russian space agency. Millions of this has been used to build mansions for the Russian mafia subhumans. Recently a man reporting this was threatened by a Russian assigned to NASA with the Russian mafia subhumans. Reporting this to NASA the rich military queers did nothing. Reporters came to interview a Russia general assigned to NASA about the stolen millions. The Russian ring-ass complained to his homosexual lovers in NASA about it. They denied reporters all access to the ring-ass. Clinton refuses to acknowledge anything is wrong.

2) Area 51 commits gross environmental violations even causing deaths of workers. Surviving families sued. Clinton signed an executive order making them exempt from any culpability, any responsibility, and any public accountability.

Note: learn what they did, make it public, and punish all responsible with execution.


(IO) 2/2/00 1213 hrs.: WWLG 1360 AM, commentary: Paul Harvey, DOO: manager of "Chic Filet" ? will not hire men with pierced ears.

BT* (F) * Sierra Leone, unspeakable atrocities continue despite presence of 6,000 UN troops.


(IO) BT* 2/5/00 c., 0900 hrs.: WBAL or WJZ, news: A dust mite pesticide has been recalled because of allegoric reactions. The authorities came to one woman's home who reported this, and wearing white suits and respirators, all their furniture, rugs, clothing and who knows what else was ripped out and dumped.


(S) BT*: MSG: 30 Years, 1999-2000 MSG Newark Guide, MSG Network, 4 Pennsylvania Plaza, New York, NY 10001, DOO: page 166, a Soviet gymnastie its legs widely spread in quite an unladylike manner doing handstand, only a string up its stinky pussy crack. Its cunt mound is wet and bulging

The Olympics are a naked pagan ritual. It might take a lot of stink to be a naked monkey it the Olympics, it takes a lot of animal attributes, what it doesn't take is modesty or any sense of propriety or respect for men. We will have nothing to do with these naked monkey rituals until all concerned are punished according to the criminal law of the United States, nor the cesspools they crawled from.


2/12/00: Super Bowl: the Game of their Lives, 1997 Danny Peary, Simon & Schuster Macmillan Company, 1633 Broadway, New York, NY 10019-6785, ISBN 0-02-860841-0:

(IO) p. 351, Super Bowl XXV, Tampa Stadium, on Media Day security would not let players in at first, media had cameras opened, "nobody allowed in with anything other than what they said they had". On game day "They checked everybody who came in".

p. 413, at Super Bowl XXX (get it?) Vanessa Williams sang the Star Spangled Banana.


2/15/00 Forty, 1987 Jack Saunders, Popular Reality, ISBN 0-945209-01-0.

p. 39, all-American girl Linda Lovelace on Phil Donahue

p. 116, ref. to its two ghostwritten books, Ordeal and Out of Bondage. At least somebody can get published.


2/17/00 2000-2300 hrs.: FOX WBFF 45, movie: Independence Day, although they censored Will Smith urinating, and when he said bull [shit], they prominently featured close-shots of Vanessa Fox's naked ass naked-dancing, and close-ups of it when it was in the dressing room.

The V-chip does not consider a beasts' naked ass as sex.

2/21/00: R.C. letter 11/8/99,


2/21/00: R.C. letter 11/8/99 [12/2/99 3820], reverse of page one, photocopied newspaper clipping, "...the official mascot of XV Olympic Winter Games welcomes Fawn Hall with a kiss at an opening reception..."


(CA) 2/21/00: R.C. letter January 2000 [2/8/00 3825], reverse page two, photocopied article, ref. male on LSD cutting a child's head off while sleeping in his pajamas, then it raped his mother.


BT*: Movie on cassette recorded from c., AMC: Tarzan and His Mate, 1934 Metro Goldwyn Mayer, DOO: Maureen O'Sullivan, -n tits without bra; full naked ass slab with flap of cloth covering only the ass crack; donning nylons cunt hair only covered by flap of cloth and full naked slab.

Hollywood always thought monkeys should be naked in public. What say we teach the rich subhumans some manners?


2/25/00 0835 hrs.: WAMU 970 AM, Paul Harvey, news: buzz is, cuz, that Jennifer Lopez kept its obscene and filthy dugs covered at the Grammies by using double sided tape. But it's not revealing, it's secret that is.


PB BT* 1500 hrs.: WMAU 970 AM, news: Twenty L.A. pigs have been slapped on the wrists for "shooting" people they did not have to, beating them and stealing their possessions. One got five years for murder this. It was cheerful, waving to the crowd.

PB BT* 1700 hrs.: news: The last of five New York City pigs (street commandos) that murdered the unarmed Amadou Diallo, a West African immigrant, who'd been sitting on his stoop by shooting him 41 times as he lay on the floor inside, has been found not guilty of mere second degree murder charges. The verdict was unanimous and read by a washed-out middle class white slut.

Jury is guilty as the pigs. Baltimore Sun, Feb. 27, 2000 article filed.


INJ-OPP, SCHO-OP 2/27/00 1900-2100 hrs.: WCBM 680 AM 21st Century Radio, interview: guest Loren Coleman, DOO: CIA's Robertson Panel Doctrine, 1951 or 1952, requires those reporting unapproved phenomena to be ridiculed.


PERSONAL 2/28/00: A friend got a ticket for not having a tag light. He did not get a ticket but when it was fixed he had to take it to a pig sty so they could verify it.


PB BT* 3/5/00 1850: WCBM, ad for Conference Call, black female said of Tom Marr, "There hasn't been a cop killer yet that you haven't defended". DOO: aiding and abetting pig atrocity.

Tom Marr is a US Government grade A professional pig sucker. May it join them in Hell.


(IO) BT* 3/10/00: local black talk station about the middle of the AM dial. A black man served 18 years for rape. DNA testing proved he did not commit the rape.


PERSONAL: A man was pulled over for drunk driving. They found two rifles in the car. He was sentenced to three weekends in jail and a $500 fine. He cannot drink alcohol for two years, nor can he be seen in a liquor store nor bar. They kept the two rifles.

Since no one was pressing charges it is way too much especially the keeping on the rifles.


(IO) Baltimore County police are searching for a Joseph Palczynski accused of four murders, shootings, kidnapping and other crimes. So far the pigs have frightened and harassed hundreds of people, trashed an empty motel room with tear gas, and arrested a woman who supposedly bought him some weapons. BAFT subhumans are in on it.


In California some homes were destroyed by a mud slide. The helpful pigs came and shot out the windows so they wouldn't get hit with flying glass, a thoughtful precaution in case the windows should break. Think about it.


(IO) (T) 3/11/00 1803: WBAL, news: pigs are checking all cars leaving Carroll Island even the trunks.

Arrogant nazi degenerates. They think Palczynski's hiding in the trunk. No! It's a opportunity to terrorize and see what they can find.


BT* 2102: USA, movie: The Fabulous Baker Boys, DOO: completely naked nipple of T.T. in bed, then it is presented as topless.

This is rated TV-PC. Completely naked nipple of a beast in bed, but the Hollywood whores rate it TV-PC. No cussin' though. Oh no no no no! The moral marauders would have a fit. They might even neglect a wave or two of the flag.


PB BT* 3/16/00: WMAU 970 AM, news: DOO: LA pig chief ordered its pigs not to cooperate with prosecutor. The prosecutor was nearing the truth.


3/18/00 morning: WJZ, special report: the pigs have Joseph Palczynski trapped in a house in Berkshire. Berkshire is locked down and Bowley's Quarters is still locked down (under vicious pig control). The subhumans can lock down square miles until every square inch has been combed for match stems. To Hell with the slave trash that have homes there.


3/20/00 1345: WJZ, special report: the pigs have two blocks in Berkshire locked down (under vicious pig rule). They are not allowed to go to the windows. SWAT vans are unmarked. Death could erupt from one at any minute.

1357: American Red Cross spokeswoman said: "Like in Kosovos last year which was a very sensitive situation the Red Cross stepped in with aid".

PB BT* 1420: WJZ, The subhuman pigs are brutally and senselessly dragging people from their homes. At two AM Saturday morning across the street from the house where Palczynski has the three hostages the SWAT subhumans broke down the door. They threw around furniture and made barricades with it. A woman and her mother lived there. Both pairs of their eyeglasses were broken. The SWAT pigs then drug them from their home. The old woman is sick.

These subhuman pigs and complete hierarchy shall be warranted. But this ain't all of it.

The co-anchor, a black named Pat Warren, like a real tomette, began sucking pig ass, yea, saying: "It's for their own good. It's for their own good. I'd certainly feel safer if they were in my home."

PB This slave almost made me puke. She'd feel better if pig-nazi home wreckers attacked her house and drug her and her sick mother out at 2 AM and smashed their glasses. Typical media black. Good citizen black.

PB The media monkey anchor, Sally Thorner said, "I'm sure they're doing the best they can".

Of course they are, you turn those fat-assed all-American cocksuckers loose then let these queers and lesbians on television suck shit out their assholes there's no atrocity that's not a hum job. They are held to no standards but their own.

PB Richard Shear, the albino monkey coward that gave the report squeezed in the last word and, so help me God Almighty, made it look like that poor woman (whose house was attacked by these bluecoated nazis), was lying.

(S) Add to that the half naked tomette near the scene Yokenda McGahee, "It's for their own good. It's for their own good". This slave was half naked on the streets. Probably would enjoy the auction block.

PB 1608: Now the pigs have cordoned off four blocks. The black cunt has been replaced with a corresponding black cock named Vic (?) slobbering with praise for the pigs, sooo alacritous to lick pig assholes. "It's for their own good. It's for their own good."

When the Thrid Revolution is over these media monkeys will sing curses at the executions of SWAT/pig subhumans, and they'll sing loud and they'd better sing them well, in curse-ive.


PB BT* 3/21/00 0721: WJZ, the pigs murdered a dog in the living room of one homes they drug the family from and destroyed. The pig subhumans said they "neutralized" the dog.

PB The subhuman pigs are still brutally and senselessly dragging scores more families from their homes. They're dragging families out so fast they can't even take their pets. But we do not control our homes anymore, the pigs do.

1154: God Almighty, slaughter now and torture to death in Hell forever all the pigs that ever lived and let it be known. Those that wear their stench and those that are retired.

PB BT* 1712: A tie-wearing shaved-faced faggot pig in a unguinous voice oozed shit out its mouth saying that the pigs murdered the dog on orders from "command post" to "neutralize" it because it was barking. The father said all he got from the pigs was "arrogance, pure arrogance". The wife was crying, the son upset.

BT* c., 1710: A man was arrested at the shelter at Berkshire Elementary and charged with "trespassing" and "disorderly conduct" for threatening to return home. His home is one of the homes they took over and trashed. Arresting pig, hierarchy and most there, to the camps.

Now the pig subhumans are yelling about the safety of the hostages coming first. Guess that shit out their mouths about protecting the people got thin.


PB 3/22/00: Baltomore Sun paper: The two adult hostages jumped from a window and the SWAT subhumans stormed in and, being judge, jury and executioner murdered him while he slept on a couch. The media monkeys are having a feeding frenzy licking shit off the assholes of their heroes.

Dozens of people reported Palczynski in the Berkshire neighborhood prior to the hostage taking and standoff but the subhuman pigs refused to do anything about it. Now they and the Sun subhumans are blaming the citizens themselves for calling in reports that where allegedly not timely enough. The Sun lesbians and queers show pictures of lonely misunderstood pig cocksuckers on armored vehicles in the rain.

Baltimore County spokespig Bill Toohey, and insensitive piece of shit without character, I can tell that by looking at him, and the Sun (as well as subhuman patriotic trash on WFMD 930 AM, Frederick, MD) are shifting the blame for atrocifying many homes onto the families themselves and Palczynski. The trashing of homes and atrocifying a huge neighborhood is being described in the most exquisite of euphemisms.

The pig subhumans are heavier armed than nazi storm troopers. All this will be taken from them. There will be a thorough purge of all SWAT pigs ex post facto.

They are waging war and we are the civilian population of a conquered country. Therefore any thing they do to liberate us, according to subhuman pigs and their ass-lickers, is honky-dory.


c., 1310: WBAL 1090 AM, Rush Limbaugh, the fat piece of patriotic shit, alludes to a recent pig murder in New York City implying it agrees with the pig murder, and also the murder of Amadou Diallo.


3/23/00: The Sun has three pages of praise for the pigs. The sty that murdered Palczynski was photographed. And those terrorized licked their assholes. There is a large photo of the pig murderer. Pig for a day. The terrorist coward stands, its hands in its pockets. Its attitude is Aw shucks tweren't nuffin'. It's smile is smug, bemused, the smile of confidence of a murdering coward beyond the law. But it does not look into the cameras. It shies its eyes aside. For it is a murderer and in the heart of every nazi, it now admits where it goes when it dies. Despite their creep Christ. Retired SWAT terrorist Nick McGowan said: You made us old ones very proud. Hold your heads up and ignore the naysayers".

Despite what this retired butcher says the pigs had better pray to God there is no God.

A characterless bar fly, Thomas Toporovich, slurred "You could go into any bar and people were cheering the police. This is a tight neighborhood, a good community". It's terrorized beyond recognition as human. Dundalk is the land of the flag fairy. Patriotic sties. That's why we're against barrooms.

The terrorists squeal about protecting lives but the terrorists cowards will watch you get beaten to death on the street. The pig terrorist weren't there to protect anybody. The Supreme Court said that. They were there because Palczynski broke some laws.

Photograph of two of them hugging gleefully, nazi queers doubtless.


(S) BT* 3/24/00 1141: 12.160 MHz, WWRC, Nashville, TN, The Larry Nichols Show (Pastor Sanders), DOO: last Columbus, Ohio degenerate parade had a turnout of 20,000. Many of the subhumans were naked and they performed "filth and abominations". None of this is reported mainline. A woman caller spoke saying it was the same at all degenerate parades.


PB 3/25/00 ? hrs: FOX, news teaser: DOO: ref. to yet another pig murder in New York.


(IO) 4/3/00: Aboriginal Science Fiction, spring 1999, p. 11, a federal judge throws out a conviction in an environmental case caused by his own convoluted instructions. "A cluster of children served water from polluted wells had contracted leukemia... increased number of deaths from cancer... two huge toxic waste sites."


(S) 4/4/00 0816: WOLT 104.3 FM, news, DOO: ten Detroit pigettes accused of moonlighting as strippers.


BT 1303: (? TOON), ad: K-Mart, DOO: female, shoulder length curly brown hair, gray slacks, dark top, full ass slit.


(F) "All Things Considered", Northern Ireland: in the past twelve years British and cohorts have murdered 300 people, five have been slapped on the wrist.


(CA) FOX 54, news teaser: DOO: local teacher accused of four counts of child sexual abuse.


4/7/00 0730: WQSR 105.7 FM, Baltimore City Councilman Clarence Mitchell, a black, defeated a bill intended to end racial profiling.


PB 4/10/00 0735: WQSR, news: Baltimore City pigs shot a robbery suspect in the leg. Supposedly he had a gun. Temporary pig chief, a former New York City pig, Ed Norris, covered by saying the murder rate in Baltimore is twelve times per similar population. It said Baltimore is more dangerous than New York.

Tomorrow the dicksucking governor will sign an anti gun law. The butcher of Waco from the White House will attend.

Also there will be a motorcycle parade to commemorate pigs executed "in the line of duty". It will be on the belt way during rush hour though that was not announced.


(CA) 4/12/00 c., 0800: WWLG, news: Howard County teacher D.S. fondled a 14 year old female student and later sexually assaulted her. Other atrocities are suspected.


BT* 1115: WWCR, Nashville, TN, 12.160 MHz, Larry Nichols Show, DOO: FCC jackboots raid peoples homes, steal their radio equipment without pressing charges or issuing subpoena. The people never hear of their radio equipment again.


BT* PB 4/14/00 0704: WWLG 1060 AM, news: a grand jury refused to bring charges against a Baltimore City housing authority pig Kenneth Dean for murdering a man. The pig and the jury are slated for the camps.


PB 1901: WTMD 89.7 FM, news: protest against the World Bank and International Monetary Fund in Washington, DC, DOO: on trumped up charges pigs raided warehouse used as headquarters for protector. Elsewhere they surrounded and arrested 200 humans. They have blocked 50 blocks from human usage.

Article from Sun 4/16/00.


(S) 4/16/00 1826: The Jewel of the Nile, DOO: tits and slabs of Kathleen Turner.

BT** 2123: lingering close-ups of many natives completely naked from the waist up dancing. Hard erect nipples. Rated PG for SL and BN. I couldn't believe it. How is this rated PG? Then I got it. Not only is that degenerate Michael Douglas in it, but these were naked niggers. You see, blacks are like that. The rich consider them animals and it's OK for animals to run around naked. (Which except for naked mole rats they don't do.) This piece of shit inspired a new category. The first to be arrested. I learned that the movie rating BN means bare naked.

It's the National Geographic syndrome. Neither are they exempt.


PB 4/17/00 1001: WWLG, news: pigs in DC use and using pepper spray and tear gas against peaceful demonstrators.


(S) 4/18/00 WOLT 104.3 FM, jokes about Weslien University that has a "nudie" dorm, porn classes, and puts on filthy plays.

PB c., 0700: news: total of 1,300 arrested in DC.


(S) c., 0907: WWLG 1360 AM, commentary: Paul Harvey: naked monkey stripper Kim Mattis of Lafayette, Indiana, rehearses on its lawn using a flag pole. Neighbors took video. Pigs... "Need more time to study it". Smirk. Smirk.

Next he reported a Florida man arrested for swimming naked in a private pool.


4/19/00 0802: WWLG 1360 AM, news: throughout the day the vampires cried for the Oklahoma City bombing, five years ago today. Not one word about the government massacre at Waco.

PB 1605: news: "as expected" charges (for atrocifying children) against Savage, Maryland (Garrett County) boot camp guard Kenneth Kradock were dropped because their owners "could not prove it beyond a reasonable doubt".

Then the ass-licking mediaoids praised the pigs for Palczynski murder. The mediaoids have not ceased to praise the pigs since the murder.


PB 4/23/00 1003: WWLG 1360 AM, INS assaulted the home where Elian Gonzalez was staying in Miami. Pointing automatic weapon at the child (as per Sun photos, which see) pig shouted "Give me the damn child! Give me the damn child!" No mention of this in the Sun articles.


PB 4/23/00 1652: DSC 38, ad: Angola Prison Rodeo, prisoners forced to wear stripes, brutalized by Brahma bulls. All concerned for the stripes and the rodeo.


PB 4/24/00 WWRC 12.160 MHz, Elian Gonzalez affair: announcer said obscenities were used. Heard elsewhere that the New York Times, Washington Post, Time, Newsweek, etc., would not print the above photo. The Sun had a tiny one on the front page. No warrants of course and after a federal court ruled he could stay.

Mayor of Miami called the family "atheists".

All involved to the top, execute.


1420: WBAL 1090 AM, Rush Limbaugh called the INS subhuman a "jack booted thug", them chickened out and made excuses for it saying that it was only doing what its job.


BT** PB 4/25/00 1446: WBAL 1090 AM, Rush Limbaugh, caller said an NBC reporter was savagely beaten with a rifle butt. He was hospitalized. That tear gas was used. That possessions and idols were smashed.

1453: a pig called in praising pigs.


PB 4/26/00 0758: WWLG, traffic report: pigs have an area in Dundalk near Eastern Avenue closed down because of a manhunt. It is rush hour.

BT** PB news: Boulder, Colorado: the fire fighting subhumans are selling videos they made of the aftermath of the massacre at $25 a pop. It is complete with soundtrack and music. You know firefighters are bed wetters of course.


PB 1446: WBAL 1090 AM, Rush Limbaugh, Butcher Reno says it allowed reporters into the (Elian Gonzalez) home. Lies. The NBC reporter was kicked, maced and clubbed with a rifle butt. The house was ransacked, idols broken. The dicksucking/cunt-lapping media refuses to report most of this.


PB 4/27/00 0805: WWMD 870 AM, news:

Harford County pig stopped a car for a motor vehicle violation, "upon probable cause", searched car and found marijuana and cocaine.

BT** Harford County pigs chased a woman at slow speed, as slow as twenty miles per hour, for many miles. Stopped her with spike boards. She is retarded. These pigs are going to camp and all for similar spike board endangerment.


PB 1130: 12.160 MHz WWRC, Nashville, TN, the Larry Nichols Show. Caller: In Gainesville, Florida the national guard and assortment of pig agencies in drug bust. Also some terrorist known as NJTS. This is against the law but regularly done.

News, general: Butch butcher Reno's office has been filled with flowers from patriotic perverts.


PB 4/28/00 0800: WWLG, news: they sprayed people outside the Gonzalez home with tear gas.

PB 1203: news: The mayor of Miami fired the city manager. The city manager refused to tell the pig chief, Michael O'Brien that it had been fired by the mayor. The pig O'Brien was fired for not telling the mayor of the impending federal pig raid. The queer city manager told a mob of cop suckers that "I was under obligation by law to tell him but no way was I going to tell him". The ass-licking dicksucking patriots exploded in a bloodthirsty American cheer.


1959: DSC 38, Cannibal Mites, an eight year old girl gave a hair for an experiment. The narrator used the phrase, "with a hair donated by a woman".

PB Also, in Ventura County, CA a rape and murder suspect was identified from a lineup by chigger bites. Drawings were shown of its naked flanks and buttocks. Am I too assume that lineups are naked now? Follow B's rule of thumb.


5/1/00 0807: WWLG, news: a patriotic twit on the Baltimore City Council wants to make it illegal for minors to own body armor.


PB WBAL: the Senate refused to hold hearings on the INS raid.


PB BT**: R.C. letter 5/8/96 [5/20/96 #2961], (obverse third page): Oklahoma City bombing, ten hours after explosion rescue workers were ordered off by the FBI so documents could be removed. Complete hierarchy. What were the documents.


5/2/00 0902: WWRC, news: Concerning the slaughter of hundreds of Korean civilians during the Korean War, veterans interviewed are "being treated with dignity and respect". What dignity and respect did these all-American subhumans have for the scores of families the cowards murdered? None! That's how much. I'm glad they're interviewing.

(F) 0904: Chinese pigs are beating Christians to death. The commie subhumans are atrocifying thousands of religious people.


5/3/00 0822: WWLG, ad: "Isn't It Great the sexy new soundtrack by ? and Vanessa Williams" from Dekka Compact Disks, is advertised scores of times a day. (It was advertised for weeks.) No listing.


PB 1116: 12.160 MHz WWRC, Nashville, TN, The Larry Nichols Show: guest Clay Douglas who publishes The Free American magazine,

PB BT** 1) The pigs raided a Colorado apartment complex stealing 40 registered firearms. All concerned with this get the max.

2) Mr. Douglas has been stopped many times because he used to be a biker. Find the pigs.

3) Phil Graham the naked porn queer Senator from the queer state of Texas said, concerning NAFTA and GATT, "I don't care if all our factories move to Mexico". No listing.


BT* (S) 5/6/00 1620: DSC, ad: for program On the Inside, close-up of leering near-naked show slut from the waist up. Maybe other tits. Something for the young boys on the Discovery channel.

BT** 1643: ad: Sprint, full ass slit of black head in black paint.

BT* 1644: Pyramid Casino, Las Vegas, close-up of -n tits, many others. Oh! The Discovery channel is for entertainment families.


5/9/00 0803: the patriots on the Baltimore City Council unanimously approved former New York pig war criminal Edward T. Norris as chief pig. This pig piece of shit would not even give them its bloody record for review. It will extort $137,000 a year for its pay from the dizzy denizens of Baltimore. It will also murder black youth of all classes, then pepper it with white youth, then be retired with fantastic benefits.


PB 5/11/00 1047: WWRC, 12.160 MHz, Larry Nichols Show hosted by Pastor Ernie Sanders,

BT** 1) Parma, Ohio pigs abused a mother of nine. These subhumans are known for even beating speeders and arresting people for passing out Bible tracts. This whole precinct for as long as it has existed is to be taken out immediately. Use it as a test.

BT** 2) In 1989 the Pittsburgh pigs sexually molested dozens of Christian women. Same as above applies to this precinct.


NL 5/14/00 1856: WCBM, talk program: woman caller replying to gun owners being called nazis by a lesbian at the "Million woman march" in Washington said, "After seeing what happened to Elian Gonzalez I know who the nazis are". CO-host Dave Blumberg, "Now you've lost me. Oh ho ho." The smhucks hung up on her.

(IO) 2002: news: The Forest Service set control fires in New Mexico despite warnings from the NOAA. Forced by pigs from their homes thousands of families are still not allowed back. Some were "allowed in briefly to access damage". What the Hell is that supposed to mean? Hundreds of homes were destroyed. Check bulldozing, etc..

They must want the people's land. This gives them an excuse to drag them out and bulldoze their homes, a specialty of dicksucking United States' governments. The governments should be bulldozed. I'm for it.


BT** (S) 5/18/00 0731: WZBA 100.7 FM, news: Victoria's Secrets is having its second annual on-line fashion show today. It is to last 21 minutes.


(IO) 1000-1200: WWRC 12.160 MHz, Larry Nichols Show hosted by Pastor Ernie Sanders. DOO: concerning the "million mom march" in Washington on the 13th: federal employees were given the day off with pay to attend, and students were let out of school and given extra credit. The federal shitsuckers get paid if they don't work for months. We don't. We have to produce or else.


(F) 5/22/00 1000-1200: WWRC, 12.160 MHz, America's Hope, informative: in Bosnia the UN forces are running the prostitution ring.


(CA) 5/22/00 1748: news teaser: male murdered baby son.


(S) 5/24/00: This listing was found on a cassette. Recorded from The Bob & Tom Show, broadcast mornings on 104.3 FM WOCT, they told of an article in the Harvard Advocate of the Harvard University Cunt Club. Founded by a cunt, on May 11th the subhuman would air "sexologist" Betty Dodson's film Viva la Vulva, an in-depth documentary celebrating the pesthole. The two geeks and attendant neak rolled around in pesthole juice and shit for a while then let it go.


(F) 5/25/00 0900-1000: 12.160 MHz, WWCR, Nashville, TN, informative: America's Hope, DOO: Russia's new president has pardoned the subhuman Stalin's subhumans. Subhumans flock together.


(F) 5/26/00 0937: 12.160 MHz, WWCR, Nashville, TN, informative: America's Hope, host Rick Wilde is upset because American General Berry McGaffy is accused of committing an atrocity. Two days after the Oil War was over it ordered an attack on a withdrawing enemy column and massacred them. The patriotic subhuman/flag queer Wilde is pissing moaning and groaning that the McGaffy subhuman is being investigated by the UN. It calls it an "American patriot". It's right. And an "American hero". Ring-ass Wilde is right again. Why the right-wing cocksucks are hated. Must be.


End of Publication File #1.

(S) BT** 7/29/00 Seen on the web:

The prophet is sickened by the subhuman display of the filthy little beast A.C-H. airing both its pestholes at a tennis match. Two color photos were posted. In the first one it is sitting. Its dirty dugs are half naked. Its black mirco-mini skirt is above its thighs exposing its pouting pesthole mound for all to see. But at least the witch's cunt is covered.

In the second photo we're not so lucky. This photo is a close-up from behind and below of the filthy little animal bending over touching its toes. It is naked in a see-thru pesthole cover. A spectacle for the spectators. Its full naked ass and both its pestholes airing before the world. Its red raw slimy putrid pubes puckered for a tennis racket handle. It's dirty brown dungy bung begging for the same. Its slimy putrid pussy and shitty asshole in full color airing before the world. And drawing flies we might add.

The Prophet is absolutely disgusted with this insult from this slit-slavering little slut. The Prophet will not be humiliated. The Prophet recognizes no excuses, despite the several web sites devoted to it.

Warrant all. This is listed in bold, a note at the top of the file.




Copyright 2000 The Prophet Mastodon


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1) The courage of a patriot is inversely proportional to the strength of its intended victim.

2) There is no atrocity that a patriotic will not commit, even on a little baby.

3) The only good patriot is a dead patriot.


The Historical Litmus: Would this belief or act have helped the Jews in Germany? Would it not it is not worth doing.


Mastadon's rule of thumb: In any given situation regarding patriots the worse possible thing imaginable is the truth.


1) Fear incites the pig.

2) Courage incites the pig.

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To which add:

3) Just because a creature walks upright does not make it human.


The Prophet bids thee adieu.

We bid you adieu.