Pig Fire

2000 PSYWAR Office 117th Militia Regimental Combat Team


Note: Data between ♥♥♥ used in PSYWAR 1, Pig Beat. This data is in a slightly different format.


Publication File #2


(P) 5/30/00 0633: 105.7 FM WQSR, news: Baltimore City pig fired at a man fleeing.


(F) 5/30/00 0840: 12.160 MHz, WWCR, Nashville, TN, informative: Newswatch. The announcer compared nazi Germany with America. People were herded into a village square. The brave pigs set to on the women and children cursing, spitting on them beating them. A sickly old woman tried to hide her sons. The pigs drug her down the street by the hair. The flesh was scraped off her back. The pigs pulled out most of her hair.


PB 5/30/00 0840: 12.160 MHz, WWCR, Nashville, TN, informative: BT** Newswatch.

This is the test case. The very first. A note has been placed at the top of the PB file. Regardless of how many thousands, all pigs, support, well-wishers, judges and juries involved are to be slaughtered.

Pittsburgh, PA, March 11, 1989.

A group of Christians were protesting at an abortion clinic when double-decker pig busses with opaque windows pulled up. The first person arrested was a woman. She was drug across the sidewalk and up the bus steps by the hair and beaten. All were beaten. Only women were drug by the hair. The women had their dresses pulled over their heads. Their panties and bras were ripped off in public. This was by boars.

At the sty many women were drug down the long steps of the buses, by the hair, across the concrete and up the steps to the sty. Many had had their clothing ripped off. They were drug up the steps in the sty, by the hair, and through a gamut of thirty pigs that beat, kicked, spat on and cursed them. The sty warden kicked each in the head.

Some men and women, naked or not, were drug by the feet. Their heads bounced resoundingly on steps steel, concrete and wooden steps.

The women refused to strip before boars and prisoners. Boars and sals ripped off their clothing. They were fondled by boars, sals and prisoners, jeered at and threatened with rape.

Nothing was ever done about it.

It sounds like the Japs in China.

Nothing was ever done about that.

The only good pig is a dead pig.

Quid pro quo.


1213: 680 AM WCBM, Baltimore, Conference Call. The usual rich flag-waving cowardly cop-suckers as usual sucking off the cops. "They're only human," excused the Fairy-in-Chief of the perfumed pansies Shank Grubber. They've even got the station's shrill female agreeing with them. Although she prays to photographs of cockroaches that are pasted onto boards, she has shown flashes of integrity, more nuts'n guts than the males there. Demons possess the chinless trash of hate radio. I bet psychiatrists can prove each not only wants to suck off pigs (if they don't already), and lick shit off their anuses (which they do), but that they crave to torture babies to prove what tough patriots they are.


1231: WBAL 1300 AM, Baltimore, The G. Gordon Liddy Show.

Washington, DC, Memorial Day.

Bad-ass motorcycle kings displayed their true colors in a parade called Rolling Thunder. Many blood, shit and come stained rags flew from thousands of roaring motorized sex machines as the peace-disturbing terrorists passed in review. The DC pigs, gangsters and terrorists of unparalleled depravity, welcomed their anti-family anti-God anti-order brothers with open arms (and probably assholes).

Liddy, a cop-sucker of consummate alacrity, wagged in tongue slobbering. Licking pig ass with an up-slurp, he licked motorcycle bad-ass with a down-slurp. There are those who think this ex FBI and ex-con (the terms equate) is a man. There's not a nickel's worth of nuts on all of AM radio.

This Rolling Thunder terrorists parade reminds me of the Vietnam era when pigs and Hell's Queers (they don't see anything wrong with it) teamed up to beat senseless skinny teens whose crime was they were suspected of wanting peace


1424: 680 AM WCBM, Baltimore, The Zoh Show.

In Congress a law taking the few rights we have left. In suspected drug cases, on the say-so of a pig, the dubious formality of a court order will be unnecessary. The bluecoats will be able to seize your home on mere suspicion and you will not be able to get it back. Seventy percent of the humans who have had their homes and lives destroyed by the subhumans, whose homes were stolen, that have even been murdered, are never charged with a crime.

All that supported this law.

The usual wimps aired the rag Memorial Day. The usual wimps are still airing it. They think the pigs will see them and like them.


End of PSYWAR 1 Pig Beat. New format begins.


Begin PSYWAR 2 Warrants and Issues 12 July 2000. Data slightly different.


PB 5/31/001604: WWLG, 1360 AM, news: two Baltimore City pigs murdered a man cowering in a bathroom. They alleged he had a knife.


(S) BT** 6/7/00 1138: 12.160 MHz, WWCR, Nashville, TN, informative: The Larry Nichols Show, hosted by Pastor Sanders, an anti-abortion activist in Newbury, Ohio. Protesting at clinics the lesbian animals that support abortion go naked from the waist up before him on the street and even fondle their dirty dugs. The pigs do nothing.


PB 6/8/00 0903: 12.160 MHz, WWCR, Nashville, TN, news: DOO: because of the alleged spill of a thousand gallons of oil in Minnesota thousands of people have been drug from their homes. It will be days before they will be allowed back in their homes, if ever.


(IO) BT** 6/8/00 0905-1000: America's Hope, informative: DOO: the war criminal Oliver North is the one that designed the concentration camps they've built.


(IO) BT** 6/8/00 1327: WBAL 1060 AM, Rush Limbaugh, DOO: when speaking of a retired tennis champion the rich-coward-queer patriot (Republican of course) added, for no textual reason: "a long-haired maggot infested type".

These also heard locally: Tom Maar, Frank Groober, Ron Smith, Les Kensolving. No further explanation is necessary.


(S) 6/8/00 c. 1730: WB 54, news teaser: Stan Stoval, the station show nigger: "Why is this New York woman the butt of jokes for trying to improve her bottom line?" Hahaha. Oh, so drool. I wonder what that's about?


(S) 6/8/00 1956: ENC 69, ad: (movie) Summer of Sam, DOO:

-n tits and others variously exposed.


The following three The Road Warrior listings are the very first to be executed. There is a note at the top of the Smut file to this effect and the listings are in bold. As in all Smut listings the punishment is for the complete hierarchy of production, distribution and finance.


(S) BT** 2000-2200: The Road Warrior, rated R for brief nudity, DOO:

2022: A long-haired dirty-blonde lying on the ground. In broad daylight two lingering close-ups of the dirty-blond pussy hair of this unspeakable ugly subhuman lesbian beast-whore naked monkey, a typical actress. Only its putrid pesthole slit is covered and you could almost see that. Also the naked subhuman beast-whore, a typical actress, aired its completely naked nipple-hard dirty dugs in two long-lingering close-ups

But this wasn't enough for the maggoty subhuman queers that made this piece of shit called a movie.

2027: A blonde subhuman playing a medic for no reason opens its top to show it completely naked dirty dug. Actresses don't like clothing. I'll tell you why.

2051: This one is the very first naked subhuman (actress) of all to be slaughtered, even before the magazines.

An attractive, shapely long-haired brunette is suddenly revealed on its knees straddling a queer laying on the ground. In broad daylight this completely naked actress (there's no other kind) subhuman naked monkey is airs its completely naked ass jacked up in the air as though waiting for a dildo. The queer the naked monkey, naked animal, naked subhuman, lesbian/whore (a typical actress) straddles holds one of its ass cheeks. The actresses' slimy pesthole and maggoty muff are clearly visible in a long-lingering close shot between its dripping thighs. You could smell the dead fish. Then, without changing the position of its asshole and pesthole, as the camera passes, the naked animal/actress raises up to air its large, shapely completely naked nipple-hard dugs in a long-lingering close shot.

The naked lesbian-subhuman/actress beast-whore was lovely, shapely, had large shapely breasts. The animal's shapely ass was jacked up in the air waiting for its dildo, pesthole clearly visible in broad daylight, pesthole slit and pesthole hair, as well as large shapely completely naked nipple-hard dugs.

This is the natural state for this beast. Naked in public. For men are less than shit to them. It hates men. It is a subhuman. It is an animal. It is a naked monkey. It is an actress. Actresses have a thing about clothing. They don't like it. By being naked in public, on stage, screen, magazine and the street (just so nobody can touch them or say anything about them) these pestholes can humiliate uncountable men and incite the rape, torture and murder of countless decent women. This Hell-bound witch-whore is an actress but only because it is allowed to be an actress. Every war crime, rape, brutality and injustice committed on a woman or girl was incited and inspired by an actress.

Actresses are naked animals and must be exterminated. These "long-haired maggot infested types" must be purged from the Universe along with their complete hierarchies of production, distribution and finance. The sooner the better. It is time to flush the toilet and it must be a thorough flush. Nothing can stick to the sides.

This piece of shit is rated R for brief nudity. Again we come across ratings and definitions for entertainment families. I.e., close-ups of the slimy reeking pestholes, cunt hair and completely naked dugs of naked "long-haired maggot infested" types, actresses. Their kids are weaned on actress filth.

Rated R for brief nudity. Wasn't any cussin' in it though.

The Prophet turned off the TV for good.

Note at the top of Smut File.


PB BT** 6/9/00 a ladyfriend said:

Some close friends of hers went to Six Flags Amusement Park. A large family waiting together in line for the roller coaster, the woman's ten year old son wanted to ride with his cousin and stepped a few places up. The niggers behind them started yelling. The security pig came and handcuffed the boy to throw him out. This "good Christian woman" tried explaining but the rent-a-pig cursed her with very foul language. Then she told the nazi pig that it need not talk to her like that. The cop grabbed her in a choke hold and drug her to a cage for hours. During this the child was drawn to his mother and the cop, a true American patriot, knocked two of his teeth out. They threw the boy outside alone.

The capitalist queers that own and run Six Flags would not divulge the name of its nazi. She went to the Prince Georges County pigs, child murderers, convicts to a queer and lesbian, to have their brother arrested. They refused yea, saying that it was only doing its job. She is suing.

Listed for death is the pig, the entire hierarchy of ownership and management of Six Flags, and the Prince Georges County pig and hierarchy unto and including the cocksucking county executive, and all that aided and abetted.


6/13/00 1220: 12.160 MHz, WWCR, Nashville, TN, Scriptures for America Worldwide, hosted by Pastor Peter J. Peters. Concerning that American lad caned by greasy Singapore subhumans (patriots) it said: "I say beat the Hell out of him. He sure had enough Hell in him. Discipline them!" It wants children caned. Yet another good Christian patriot that wants children caned, whipped, castrated, etc.

Hey! Just a thought. Maybe the only good Christian patriot...


PB 6/16/00 0601: WWLG: Colorado; people have been forced from their homes for a week by the pigs and military because of brush fires although the fires are not even near most homes. Of the dozens of homes destroyed, had the people been allowed to stay they probably could have saved them themselves.


PB 6/17/00 1101: WWLG: Colorado; the subhumans still will not allow the people to return to their homes and it may be days before the subhumans allow this. Those homes belong to the people, not the pigs, not the military, not the state. There will be supreme punishment for this.


6/00 Book File. Friends in High Places, 1997 Webb Hubbell, William Morrow, ISBN 0-688-15749-1.

BT** PB, p. 209: It is against the National Security Act to mention Delta Force. Death to all that aided and abetted this law.


In the federal prison corporation men and women are publicly strip searched many times a week on the mere say-so of a prison subhuman be it guard, secretary or other. The strip searches are done by any sex guard be it queer or lesbian.


BT** p. 320: During air emergency prisoners kept chained in airplane and uninformed. Strip searched, forced lice shampoo and kept in tiny cell before court appearance in Atlanta, GA.

p. 321: pigs harassed released man. Watched him at all hours of the day and night. Young black man released picked up once a week for lineup.

p. 324: harassment of family and friends by FBI.

p. 325: Woman threatened with jail and deportation. Death to all responsible. Harassment of friend. Ken Starr and FBI subhuman Freech using intimidation on family and friends.

p. 327: woman broke from fighting off investigators.

p. 333: publishers threatened and harassed by FBI subhumans. Refused to give up manuscript for this book and won. Death to those responsible.


BT** PB 6/19/00 0941:12.160 MHz, Newswatch: the 9th US Court of Appeals ruled FBI subhuman "Lon Horouchie", the patriot that murdered Victoria Weaver, acted reasonably thus unchaining the subhumans to murder at will. Death to all responsible.


BT** PB 6/20/00 0748: 12.160 MHz, Newswatch: the federal government in a practice emergency school evacuation took all the students of a midwest school to an undisclosed location whether they had permission of the parents or not. Death to all responsible.


BT** (F)* 6/20/00 0930: 12.160 MHz, America's Hope, informative: Indonesia: subhuman Moslems murdered by rape and torture 187 Christian villagers on a remote island. America the Whore supports the Indonesian subhumans.


PB 6/22/00 1008: 12.160 MHz, What's Right, What's Left, Pastor Ernie Sanders host, informative: DOO: brutality by Cleveland and/or Shakers Heights, Ohio pigs.


PB BT** 6/24/00 I was jogging around an elementary school in the morning when the custodian began smashing out a window which he boarded with plywood. This was done because during the night the window had been broken with rocks. I'm finishing up my second lap when a cop car drives over the curve and right across the grass. He asked if I knew anything about a breaking and entering. I was puzzled. Then he said someone phoned in a report that kids broke into the school and were "Breaking windows and stealing stuff". Then I remembered and explained, concluding "I assumed he was the custodian". The little swine said, Oh! You knew him!"

"I didn't know him."

Wonder what that was supposed to mean?

Another pigmobile passed, right across the grass. As I caught my breath a total of four cop cars each canning a ham gathered at the boarded window.

I should not have finished my lap. I should have went home. But I went around that way and the pig asked me to describe the custodian. I did. I saw two other broken windows standing there. Another pig shone a flashlight on the plywood in broad daylight.

I motioned to leave when the first, polite but hardly human, asked me my name, address and date of birth.

I told him. I had no choice about this. I'm surprised it took my word for it. I wonder if he would have asked my name and address had I short hair and a face like a woman? It was demeaning. I feel dirty. They dirty people. Pigs are spiritually unclean. You cannot get near them without maggots crawling on you. Hence forth forth we shall not cooperate with the pigs unless someone has been endangered. We will never lift a hand to help one, especially if it is being exterminated.

This skinhead pig was half my age if that. They all were. Justice is going to be exacted on this pig and maybe the others. We've listed this with a note at the top of the file.


(S) 6/26/00 0904: News Watch, gay rights parades in New York City where it's war criminal homosexual mayor marched with Hillary Clinton behind two naked cow-queers in hats and boots. Didn't I tell you patriots were queers? Also parades of queers in queer Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco. DOO: These parades of queers are naked and depraved and the pigs won't touch them because they are patriotic as well.


NL PB 6/26/00 1501: WAVA, news: In an incredible decision the Supreme Court voted 7 to 2 to uphold the Miranda decision. A marble-mouthed pig in Talbot County, Maryland was upset. I.e., "For some reason the Supreme Court wants to make our job harder".

We wanna make it impossible.


PB BT** 6/27/00 0800: WWLG, news: a Texas pig stopped a woman motorist for driving herself and two children without seat belts. She was handcuffed behind her back and thrown in a jail cell. No mention of what happened to her children. In slaughter state Texas the subhumans have the right to do this for "routine" traffic stops.


PB BT** 6/27/00 0800: WWLG, local news: because someone near Patterson Park barricaded in a house might have had a gun, in the night the subhuman pigs forced a square block of families from their homes for many hours. Death to all those responsible.


PB BT** 6/29/00 0657: WWLG, news: Hanford Nuclear Reservation, Washington State, 7,000 local residents forced from their homes by pigs because of wild fires. They quoted a pig: "People are doing exactly what they are told". Pigs love that. The voter wants to be told to bend over and spread her cheeks. Wonder what secrets are going to be stolen at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation?


(F)* BT** 6/29/00 0658: WWLG, news: Indonesia, Spice Islands, a boat carrying hundreds of Christians fleeing Moslem subhumans sank drowning hundreds.


(IO) 6/29/00 1203: WWLG, news: a Vermont black-robed turd ruled that a woman did not have the right to put a "SHIT HAPPENS" bumper sticker on her car. The cunt mediaoid repeating said "STUFF HAPPENS". Vermont is the state where the politician queers recently allowed their brothers (and mothers) to marry each other.


PB BT** 6/29/00 1204: WWLG, news: Carroll County, pigs closed down I-95 during rush hour searching for a man they say committed a crime.


PB BT 6/30/00 0801: WWLG, news: hundreds of Californians along the Mexican border have been forced from their homes by pigs as alledgedly endangered by a wild fire.


(IO) BT** 6/30/00 1004: 12.160 MHz, The Larry Nichols Program, hosted by Clay Douglas, DOO: following the national cowardice dozens of California black-robed pieces-of-shit found guilty of diving when drunk (twice the blood/alcohol level in some cases) and even horrendous crimes, have not been prosecuted, have been retained, have been promoted to positions of oppression and pillage far more powerful.

The only good black-robed piece-of-shit is a dead black-robed piece-of-shit.



PB BT** 6/30/00 1022: 12.160 MHz, The Larry Nichols Program, hosted by Clay Douglas; New York, Central Park, DOO: forty women were fondled and/or stripped naked and fondled. The bad-assed queer, murdering New York pigs watched this. The queer war criminal mayor, the queer war criminal chief pig and other ass-licking queer good citizen war criminals excused the pigs as having done everything possible to prevent this atrocity.

Death to all pigs concerned, all hierarchies all those that aided and abetted including judges, juries and ass-lickers excusing the subhuman queer war criminal pigs.

The New York City mayor recently resigned from its Senate campaign because of prostrate cancer. The queer got prostrate cancer from the decaying pigs fuckin' it up the ass.

What do you say we roast them alive with apples in their mouths, on spits, and we can feed them to those waiting to be roasted? I can live with it.

The only good pig is a dead pig.



6/30/00 [c1030-1100] 12.160 MHz, The Larry Nichols Program, hosted by Clay Douglas, DOO:

(IO) California has an "equal force doctrine" that says if you are attacked by an assailant with a weapon and you kill it defending yourself you are guilty of murder.

Death to all responsible for this insane oppression.


(F) (IO) BT** Great Britain: many people have been given draconian penalties for possessing unregistered firearms. One man was sentenced to life for killing a burglar who he recognized as one who had trashed his place and terrorized his family before.

Death to all responsible for this insane oppression.


7/2/00 1917: WCBM, 21st Century Radio, Dr. Hieronymous was talking to a male on a cell phone.

Dr. Bob: But that doesn't explain the lousy job my pool man did.

Caller: Did you do a urinalysis on him?

Obviously a patriot, doubtless rich Republican subspecies.


7/5/00 [0900-1000 12.160 MHz, News Watch, hosted by Rich Wildes. Mr. Wildes reports that 98,000 people die in hospitals every year because of mistakes. Add to that 17,000 as a result of medical practice (plus the number of those refused entry to medical facilities). At least 115000 died at the hands of medical butchers last year. Zero died because of terrorism. Where were the multi-billions of tax dollars spent? What excuse do the patriots use to rip away the last pretenses of our freedom? You do the math.

PB c1030-1100 12.160 MHz, The Larry Nichols Program, hosted by Clay Douglas, DOO: pig confiscation of private arms in many states including Maryland. Warrant all.

PB BT** 1130: DOO: a man was stopped in his motor home. The pig saw a rifle on the gun rack in the motor home. The man was tear gassed, tasered, and on TV it showed the savage German shepherd law enforcement police dogs chewing him up. The subhuman patriotic pigs forced a square block of families from their homes for this. All because of a 24-year old snot-nosed punk, a bluecoated queer. Warrant all. Note at the top of the Police Brutality File.


PB BT** 7/6/00 1029: 12.160 MHz, What's Right, What's Left, Pastor Ernie Sanders host, informative: DOO: an Ohio prison warden weirdo, a real patriot, was warned and even saw prisoners making harpoons for a riot and did nothing to stop it so he could get more money. Unspeakable atrocities were committed and the rich liberal media would not report it.

Warrant all (which always includes hierarchies and those that aid and abet). Note at the top of the Police Brutality File.

PB BT** The Ohio parole board takes bribes. The patriotic subhumans let rich boys go while dragooning poor men. Without hearings, trials, or prisoner representation, the patrol patriots increase the sentences of model prisoners for the same crime!!! Warrant all. Note at the top of the Police Brutality File.


PB BT 1102: WWLG, news: A Kentucky man served eleven years for a rape he is now found innocent of.


PB BT** 7/7/00 1309: CNN, an eleven year old black girl shoplifted a $4 bracelet. Outside the store five security subhumans, three white and two black, attacked the girl and her mother. The brave father came to their aid but all five bluecoats attacked the him at once. One of the niggers choked him to death. Although all five pig subhumans atrocified the brave father, only the one nigger was charged with a minor offense.

Warrant all, which includes store, rent-a-pig and court hierarchies. Note at the top of the PB file.


(F) PB 7/9/10 1902: 680 AM WCBM, news: Zimbabwe, pigs threw tear gas into crowd of soccer fans. It caused a panic and many were trampled to death.

PB 2003: news: Egan, Minnesota, pigs forced twenty-five families from their homes. The excuse this time was a flood.


PB NL 7/10/00 1848: WB 54, Baltimore Mayor Mad Dog O'Malley has brokered a conspiracy between Baltimore City pigs, Baltimore County pigs, Anne Arundel County pigs and State pigs. Now they need no court oversight (for the little value it was) to invade other jurisdictions. Where there was once four pig forces there are now five pig forces. Close shots of greasy fat faced pokers standing around, a disgrace to man and God Almighty alike, mincing their lips in anticipation of indignities and atrocities. You could imagine them on spits with apples in their mouths. Kinda made your mouth water just lookin' at 'em.


PB BT** 7/11/00 1303: WWLG 1360 AM, Baltimore, news: DOO: the hard-up Governess of New Jersey Chrisine Todd Whitman rides around in New Jersey state pigmobiles (bet that smells good) because it "wants to frisk some men, see what it's all about", have some fun. There are photos of this patriotic lesbian frisking black men. They were taken by the pigs. Some escaped their control.

New Jersey state pigs vie for the most depraved, rivaling the subhuman scum of New York. NJ state pigs practice "systemic racial profiling". Since you are probably a media monkey that means open season on black people of all ages, sexes and economic class for humiliation and/or patriotism by any sex pig.

The pigs regard the civilian population with utter contempt.

The only good pig is a dead pig.


Warrant all. Note at top of PB file.



The Prophet wants to know why a copyright is but recently good for life plus 50 years, when publishing rights are good forever. Publishing rights are owned by wicked corporations. The Supreme Court ruled wicked corporations were people but the beasts do not die. There is no provision in the law for publishing rights nor making wicked corporations people.

It grieves the Prophet that essentially the American citizen has no patent rights. Only wicked the government, corporations and foreigners have patent rights in America.

The Prophet swears to correct these base injustices in no uncertain terms. The Prophet will leave no doubt as to who has rights in America.


Have a nice day.


Note: Begin PSYWAR 3 or Warrants and Issues 8/9/00. Listing for 7/29/00 not used in PSYWAR 3 but it was used in Back Blast 2/12/1.


PB BT** 7/14/00 1011: 12.160 MHz, The Larry Nichols Program. Decrying the unspeakable pig brutality against a black man by Philadelphia subhumans and the media whitewash, Nichols immediately pissed and moaned about how sorry he felt for the pigs, yea, saying, how nobody liked them and how they were out gunned by the alleged bad guys. He called for an investigation.

Nichols gave no details because the media refuses to give details but in this atrocity white and black niggers beat, kicked, punched and attempted to murder a black man.

Nobody likes them? Their own families abhor them. Their families turn against them. Their wives sleep on the couch. Out gunned? Those nazi subhumans have tanks!

The Prophet says this is why these right-wing types are detested. They are diffident, cowardly. They quake before the pig subhumans. The Prophet says they lose because the few who do speak out haven't got the balls to say anything and make it stick.

Warrant all, not Nichols. Whitewash Sun article this date filed in Police Brutality Hardcopy.


7/18/00 WWLG 1360 AM, news:

PB 0701: A Philadelphia pig in on the recent patriotism, has been selling T-shirts announcing the upcoming Republican convention on one side and an image of the pig patriotism on the other. The pig knows its party, that's for sure.

PB BT 0704: an Ellicott City, Howard County, Maryland man arrested for having a "military arsenal" in his "house" is out on million dollars bail. Like at Waco there are no laws against having many weapons. The commies queers arrested him on trumped up charges like "reckless endangerment", etc.

PB NL: Baltimore City chief pig Ed Norris wants video cameras on all "drug corners". It does but I doubt if many others think it's worth the expense or the trouble. "It works in New York," it puked.


7/20/00 0700-0754: NBC, Today, news: during the little I watched they repeatedly announced that the Go Go's were guests on tomorrow's show. They better watch them or they'll strip and run their fingers up their cunts. The Go Go's are public masterbaters, frigging themselves and whackin' off males as well. The simpleminded fans outside the studio were rabid with glee.


(IO) 7/21/00 1623: WTOP 1400 AM, news: media monkey Sam "Mega Mouth" Donaldson defended the government's atrocity at Waco concluding, "Mistakes were made. Those conspiracy types that think the government burned or shot those people are wrong". Somebody throw the patriotic coward a banana. This was in light of yet another Senate investigation concluding the pigs were lily-white. Throw those traitors bananas.


PB BT** 7/25/00 1101: WWLG, news: Florida: a SWAT subhuman may have murdered a hostage held at gun point when it fired through a window. Pigs allege the hostage taker murdered the woman then took his own life. No matter! If the SWAT swine willy-nilly murdered the woman it's shades of Vicki Weaver which the black-robed turds blessed.


PB 7/26/00 0902: WWLG, news: Minnesota: pigs forced hundreds of people from their homes. Excuse: tornado.


PB 7/27/00 WWLG 1360 AM, news: the bail on the Ellicott City, Howard County, Maryland man who had a "military arsenal" in his "house" has been raised to $2 million.


7/27/00 c. 1345 WQSR 105.7 FM, the station cop-sucker Bob Worthington shall broadcast from the Harford County Farm Fair. It had a hard-on note in its voice. Barefoot, a tractor pulled it through the mud (mud, get it?) all the way to the "urban assault vehicles". It panted. The highest moment in its pitiful life. The highest thing!


(S) 7/27/00 1819: SHOW c. 04, Star Trek: Insurrection, DOO: deep cleavage.

BT** 1828: The Prophet was offended that two full deep ass slits of actress whore/lesbian subhumans wearing flesh colored baloney skins were aired walking together in an android scene. This was deeply prominent. Many another animal's ass slit was aired but not shown.

The Prophet turned off the television. A Star Trek fan from its beginning, having signed petitions to keep it on the air, he notes that Star Trek has been indiscreet (not to mention unrealistic) from the gitgo but getting progressively nakeder. They had to shit on it. Entertainment perverts have to shit on, i.e., Americanize, patriotize, filthify everything.

The actress/animals were "presented as" or morally naked. Sick! Rated PG for liberal/entertainment families.

Warrant all. Note at top of file. The Prophet is displeased.


Below not published as the photograph could be computer altered.


(S) BT** 7/29/00 Seen on the web:

The prophet is sickened by the subhuman display of the filthy little beast Anna Kournikova airing both its pestholes at a tennis match. Two color photos were posted. In the first one it is sitting. Its dirty dugs are half naked. Its black mirco-mini skirt is above its thighs exposing its pouting pesthole mound for all to see. But at least the witch's cunt is covered.

In the second photo we're not so lucky. This photo is a close-up from behind and below of the filthy little animal bending over touching its toes. It is naked in a see-thru pesthole cover. A spectacle for the spectators. Its full naked ass and both its pestholes airing before the world. Its red raw slimy putrid pubes puckered for a tennis racket handle. It's dirty brown dungy bung begging for the same. Its slimy putrid pussy and shitty asshole in full color airing before the world. And drawing flies we might add.

The Prophet is absolutely disgusted with this insult from this slit-slavering little slut. The Prophet will not be humiliated. The Prophet recognizes no excuses, despite the several web sites devoted to it.

Warrant all. This is listed in bold, a note at the top of the file.


(P) 8/2/00 Popular Reality, Vol. 436, No. 6, 1116 Shepard Street, Lansing, MI 48912, The Right-Honorable Reverend Suzy Poe, Editor.

(IO) page 9, British internal security subs infiltrating various innocuous American organizations including American UFO groups.


(F) BT** * 8/3/00 0914: American Freedom News, WWRC, Nashville, Tennessee, 12.160 MHz. Indonesia: Moslem subhumans have butchered 23 more Christian men women and children.


(IO) 8/4/00 0945: 12.160 MHz American Freedom News, WWRC, Nashville: New York and now Maryland are the first states to require a casing to be sent to the state pigs fired in each new gun sold.

(IO) 0951: Arkansas: man arrested for flipping a state pig the bird. The host, a Bible thumping creep named Rick Wildes, called the man a jerk. Wild boy spends an hour a day pissin'n moanin' about pig oppression then calls a man a jerk for telling a pig the truth about itself. This is why the right cannot win! They can't get it straight. We want freedom. Not slavery. They lick shit off'n pig assholes hopin' the pigs will see them and like them, yet wonder why they are considered dangerous. With the pigs and stinking America it's "forgive them for they know not what they do", but with those they don't like it's Hell forever, fire and brimstone cocktails. Who do they want to exact justice on? What do they want to do?


Printed unto here as PSYWAR 3 Warrants and Issues, 8/9/00, except 7/29/00 but published with Back Blast 2/12/1. With file PSYWAR 4 Publication File is dropped. Some slight alterations made.