117th Militia Regimental Combat Team


         The 117th Militia Regimental Combat Team hails from Baltimore County, Maryland.  Assembled in 1993 we are serious Men dedicated to Freeing Ourselves, our Families, and our Decent Fellow Citizens from the tyranny of the present system of government, the sexually filthy and degrading conditions under which Decent People are forced to live, and to relieve millions of Human Beings  around the World of the horrors the present government of the United States of America has yoked them with. 


          Wherein the United States Government has raped, tortured and/or murdered millions of Innocents abroad by the foulest means, and tyrannizes our own People with all the odious apparatus of capitalist rule, that it has by its fell and foul foreign policy made us the target of terrorists attacks, and oppresses us via the results of said attacks, that it regards our Families, our livelihoods, our Almighty God, our Moral Beliefs, our Freedom, Dignity and Honor as feces to flush down a toilet, and in regard that the United States Government has allowed America to become the foulest example of an open cesspool of naked sexual public filth ever known, We, the Men of the 117th MRCT, are Pledged to its eradication.


          To establish Justice for the People of the United States of America, and for Others where it may have sway, and to ensure our Laws strike deeply in the Hearts of People forevermore, We, the Men of the 117th MRCT, dedicate ourselves to, under Law, punish all those responsible for Our Oppression, the Oppression of Others, the destruction of our Families and their Well Being, and for the foulest and filthiest social conditions that have, to our knowledge, ever existed upon the Earth.


          We strive for Commonsense Laws reasonably enforced.


          May God Almighty Bless You, and all Good People Everywhere. 


          We bid You Adieu.


 The Prophet Mastodon